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During the past year through the efforts of some of our members we have been able to offer several new publications for sale. In addition, there have been members who have volunteered their time and energy to helping run the Branch. I would like to thank all of those people.

In March 1992 our Branch will be celebrating our tenth anniversary. If you have any suggestions for this meeting please contact me or write to the Branch. During the past ten years the Branch has accomplished a lot and, therefore, we have a great deal to be proud of.

Election of officers for the Branch for 1992 will be held at the January meeting. Remember that this is a volunteer organization and, if the Branch is to continue providing service to our members, volunteers arc needed to help.

I would like to thank the present Executive for their support and encouragement during the past year.

Wishing you Season’s Greetings and Best Wishes for the New Year.

Margaret Daugharty





May 22 – 24, 1992

Hamilton Convention Centre

Hamilton, Ontario


Bruce County Genealogical Society, Box 1083, Port Elgin, ON NOH 2CO – advises of 3 books dealing with townships of Brant, Greenock, Elderslie, Arran, Saugeen and Bruce. These contain indexed listings of B,M,D from Paisley Advocate weekly newspaper: Vol.1 1871-1900; Vol.2 1901-1910; Vol.3 1911-1920. Are $20 each or $50 per set.


The Ontario Archives has received early vital statistics INDEXES from the Registrar General. They begin in 1869 and end in: 1895 for births; 1910 for marriages; 1920 for deaths. Gaps exist due to failure to register, especially between 1869 and the late 1890’s. The AO and Genealogical Society of Utah are microfilming the records. They will not be open to researchers before next summer. The AO will provide a limited search service. A “Vital Statistics Hotline” is (416)237-1593 which offers recorded updated information 24 hours a day.


The Sask Gen. Society will do basic searches of Sask. sources for a $20 fee. Sources include: Homestead index & file, cemetery index, obituary index & file, newspaper index, local & school histories, Sask. Archives card index, Henderson & telephone directories. If a specific date of an event is known, they will search local papers. You will receive a written report noting all sources checked. Up to $2 worth of copying plus postage is included. The searches are done by knowledgeable volunteers. If you require more in-depth research, the Society can supply you with names of researchers. (CanFed Newsletter Oct. 1991)


The Vital Records of the Dept. of Health of New Brunswick have been released to the Provincial Archives of New Brunswick.    This is all vital records that are 100 or more years old.(CanFed Oct. 91 )


Members are reminded that the Talbot Times will not be sent to those who have not renewed their membership by 29 Feb. 1992. IF YOU DO NOT WISH FULL OGS MEMBERSHIP AND WANT TO BELONG TO THE ELGIN BRANCH ONLY THE FEE IS $8.00, PLUS $5.00 FOR OGS ASSOCIATE MEMBERSHIP (TOTAL $13.00). OGS members send their cheques to the OGS office, 40 Orchard View Blvd, Suite 251, Toronto, On M4R 1B9. Annual membership for 1992 is $30, plus $8 for Elgin OGS, plus fees for any other additional branch you wish to join. Advantages of OGS membership include income tax deduction for the full amount of OGS and branch(es) membership fees, copies of Families and Newsleaf quarterly, discounts on seminar and publications. If your 1992 fees are sent in now, the credit can be for your 1991 income tax deduction.


Did your ancestor operate an inn in Elgin County? Members are likely aware of this theme which OGS chose to recognize Ontario’s “Heritage Years” which the Ontario Government decreed would be 1991, 1992, and 1993. The Society decided to become one of the many organizations planning special projects and events for these years. Interested people, through Branch members, were asked to gather information about a few of the families who operated inns in our communities and and include some stories about them. If vou are interested in this project contact Don Cosens c/o the Branch for further information.


The Annual Meeting of the Elgin County Branch of the O.G.S. with the election of Executive officers and the appointment of coordinators will take place on the evening of January 8, 1992, in the Carnegie Room of the St. Thomas Public Library at 8:00 p.m.


The regional meeting with the election of Director and Secretary for Region 2 will be held in the spring of 1992. Please keep this information in mind.

Editor’s Note: The following material was discovered in the St. Thomas Evening Journal of September 9 and September 19, 1879. The first part was printed in the September issue of the Talbot Times. What follows will finish the articles.


Some of the Worthies who subdued the Forest, and Made this the Garden of the Dominion. (collated by W.E.C)

WILLIAM FILLMORE was born in Cumberland county, N.S. in 1794. He came to Canada with his wife and family in 1849. He and his wife are living with their son, Henry, on Front street, Southwold, near Burwell’s Corners. The above are Methodists.

DUNCAN CAMPBELL was born in Argyleshire, Scotland, in 1791; married Catharine BROWN about 1820; came to Canada in 1831 and settled on the Back Street, Southwold. He had eight daughters and two sons. The old folks still live.

WELTY WILCOX was born Feb. 25, 1795, in Rensalaer county, N.Y.; married Henry W. GRAWBURGH in 1814; and had eight children. They lived east of Albany till 1837 when they moved to Canada and settled near New Sarum. Mr. GRAWBURGH died Jan. 12, 1859, aged 72, and she lives with her son Leonard.

ANNA BARBER, from Germany, married Christian WEBER, and had seven children. He died some 20 years ago at Port Burwell, and she lives there still with her son John; she is aged 85. These four are Presbyterians.

ISAAC DRAPER was born in Netherhaven, Wilts County, England, on January 13th, 1782. In 1800 he volunteered to meet Bonaparte, who at that time threatened to invade England, and was out on a six months’ campaign. In 1804 he joined the British navy, on board the frigate “Indefatigable”, Captain RODD, in which they cruised off the coast of France, Spain and Portugal for five years. They helped destroy the French fleet in Basque Roads, besides other engagements. At last, after taking a French sloop, they were shipwrecked off the coast of France and became prisoners of war. They were detained for five years and then discharged. Mr. DRAPER then went to London and engaged in business for some time. There he married Amelia, daughter of Captain DONALD, of His Majesty’s Army, in 1816, and in 1819 came to America intending to settle in the United States. But finding much feeling in New York against Englishmen, he pushed on through great hardships, and reached lot 17 in the 3rd concession of Bayham, on the 1st of June, 1819, where he was soon appointed “J.P.” and Collector of Customs at Port Burwell. In 1837 he was captain of militia, and went to meet the rebels on Talbot street. They had ten children, but more than half are gone. His wife died May 26th, 1877, aged 85 years. He still has good health of body but mind and memory are failing. He lives with his son Robert, near Vienna.

MARY WALER was born in Westmoreland, Engl., Dec. 21, 1796; married Thomas PETTIE in 1719(sic)and came to Montreal in 1822. There he drowned in 1823, aged 24, leaving five children. In 1826 she married John DURAND, and had eleven children more. In 1839 they moved to Toronto, where he died in 1869, aged 88, and in 1877 she went to Barrie, and then to St. Thomas. She now lives with her daughter, Mrs. KIRK, near the oatmeal mill and is a hale old lady.

HENRY VAN BUSKIRK was born in Aylesford, N.S., June 13, 1797; married Ruth, daughter of John MORGAN, March, 1819; came to Ontario in 1824 and settled in Yarmouth. In 1826 they moved to London and to St. Thomas in 1845. They has eight children – four died in childhood, and the others grew up and married. One is Dr. VAN BUSKIRK of this town. His wife died Jan. 15th, 1872, aged 73, and the old gentleman still lives in the west end quite hale. His father, who was with WOLFE at the capture of Quebec, died some 35 years ago, aged 100, and his grandfather, Lawrence, was 96 at his death.

EWEN CAMERON, J.P., was born at Fort William, Inverness-shire, Scotland, in March, 1786; married Ellen CAMERON, his cousin, in 1816; came to Canada October 1821, and settle in Southwold the following year; they had eight children. Mr. CAMERON was educated for the ministry, but did not preach. He taught school several years in Yarmouth and Southwold. Both the old folks live on the farm, on the middle road two miles from Port Stanley; they are still quite hale. Mrs. CAMERON is now 86.

ELIZABETH MITCHELL (JONES) was born in Devonshire, England, April 21st, 1797; married Thomas MITCHELL in 1818, and had five children; came to Canada in 1843, and lived for ten years in London and Brantford. She had lived over twenty years in St. Thomas. Her husband died on Christmas, 1865, aged 70 years and 6 months.

THOMAS PARKIN was born in Devonshire, England, April 6th, 1792; came to this country in 1846; in 1850 married Mrs. BURWELL who died in 1857. He still lives in St. Thomas.

Rev. WILLIAM PETHERICK was born in Devonshire, England, November 18th, 1799; married Elizabeth GREENLAND in 1830, after which he came to the United States and lived in Cleveland, 0., for eight years. He then moved to Ontario, and lived in the county of Kent for one year, after which he settled at Sparta where he lived for over thirty years. His wife died in August 1860; he was again married to Gertrude, widow of John VERCOE, who died March 27th 1869, and he re-married Rachel KETTLEWELL, sister of Rev. Wm. LUND, on March 10th, 1874. They moved to St. Thomas in March 1877, and are in the enjoyment of good health.

JAMES SARGENT was born in Devonshire, England, November 4th, 1797; married Elizabeth WESTCOTT on Christmas, 1827, and had four daughters; came to this country July 1857, and settle in Southwold. His wife died last winter, aged 81, and he now lives with his daughter, Mrs. LUXTON, on the London road, near the C.S.R. bridge.

JOHN SANAGAN was born in Montreal, October 12th, 1793; married Mary Julia SANQUARILER February 10th, 1818, and had eight sons and three daughters. They moved to St. Thomas fifty years ago, and settled near Kettle Creek. His wife died April 3rd, 1873, and he still lives in the enjoyment of good health with his son Edward.

MARY MARA (MARCON) was born in Kings County, Ireland, in 1795; married William MARA in 1815, and had seven children; he died in 1859, aged 57, and she came with her family to this county in 186? She lives in St. Thomas with her daughter, Mrs. KEEGAN, near the oatmeal mill.

MARIANNE SMITH (SIMONS) was born in Vermont May 15th, 17??; went to Wassington county with her parents when a child; married James SMITH from England in 1808, and had eleven children. They moved to this country in 1840, and settle in Yarmouth where he died in 18??, aged 75. She now lives in St. Thomas, her father was 95 when he died.

WILLIAM LETHBRIDGE was born in England April 24th, 1791; married Mary CRIDDLE, and had eight children. They came to this country in 1843 and settled in Southwold. Mrs LETHBRIDGE died in 1873, aged 82, and the old gentleman now lives with a son in Ekfrid.

MARY MILLIGAN (NILES) was born in Maccan, Nova Scotia, in 1796; married Alexander MILLIGAN, and had eleven children; came to Ontario about forty years ago, and settled in Dunwich. He died there March 6th, 1873, aged 78, and she still lives quite hale.

ELIZABETH WELSH (CLARK) was born in Cumberland, Nova Scotia, January 17th, 1796; married John WELCH in 1816, and had sixteen children; came to Ontario in 1837, and settled in Dunwich. He died September 18th, 1864, aged 74, and she lives with her son James, near Wallacetown, still quite hale.

ELEANOR LUMLEY (NELSON) was born in County Down, Ireland, January 9th, 1792; married James LUMLEY May 11th, 1820, and came to Ontario and settled in Dunwich, south at Iona; they had seven children. Mr. LUMLEY died September 21st, 1851, aged 56 years and 6 months, and she now lives with her son Ephraim in the enjoyment of good health.

JACOB BERDAN was born in the United States, and came to this country over fifty years ago. He lives near Paynes’ Mills, Southwold, and is 87 years of age.

SOPHIA CLUTTON (SPARK) was born in the county of Suffolk, England, January 29th, 1797; married Rev. Joseph CLUTTON January 3rd, 1826, and had eight children. They came to this country and settled at Dundas in 1832, removing to Aylmer in 1852; he is her junior by four years. They both enjoy good health.

TRYON TREADWELL was born at Charleston, Montgomery county, N.Y., May 5th, 1791, and came to this country in 1815; married Mary SMITH at Charlotteville in 1818, and had ten children. They moved to Malahide in 1820, and the wife died October, 1846, aged 43; he again married Mrs. Christina SMITH, and she died in 1876, aged 84. The old gentleman has been blind for ten years, and lives with his son Samuel in Aylmer.

JAMES BROWN was born in Schoharie county, N.Y., July 26th, 1795, and came to Canada in 1815; married Sylvia BRADLEY in 1922, and had ten children. He is a miller and farmer, they both live at Aylmer in the enjoyment of good health.

MATTHEW S. HOUSE was born near St. John, N.B., June 18th, 1794; came to Ontario and settled at New Sarum in 1810. He was in the American was at Lundy’s Lane, Queenston Heights, &c; married Margaret McGRAW in 1822, and had thirteen children. Mrs. HOUSE died May 1861, aged 55, and he lives still quite active, with his brother Isaac S; two miles south of Orwell.

JOHN PARTRIDGE was born in Devonshire, England, April 2nd, 1790; married Ann TOWEL in 1816, and had twelve children; came to Ogdensburg, N.Y., where he stayed eight years; then visited England and next year returned and settled at Fingal. He lived there for fifty years. His wife there in 1832 aged 40; he married Kannah GUNN in 1834. Ten years ago they went to Minnesota, where she died September 4th, 1878, aged 74. He came back to St. Thomas last spring, and now lives with his children, hale and hearty.

MARY A. NOBLE (NOYES) was born in New Hampshire, December 20th, 1795; came to Lower Canada in 1804; married Isband NOBLE in 1841, and removed to Yarmouth, two miles east of St. Thomas where her husband died in 1864, aged 76. The old lady lives with her sister, Mrs. C.B. Mathews DRAKE, who is five years her junior, and enjoys tolerably good health. Mr. NOBLE has six children by his first wife, some of whom are living in Yarmouth and Southwold.

JANE HARRIS (HOLME) was born in England in 1795, and came to Canada when quite young; married John HARRIS, from Digby, N.S., and had five daughters and two sons. Mr. HARRIS died in 1871 in his 78th year, and she lives with her son John on the old homestead, Back street, Southwold; she is still quite smart.

CHARLES WELLS WATERS was born in Vermont, June 4th, 1796; came to Canada in 1802, and lived at Longville on the Ottawa; married Diadema WARREN on January 1?th, 1815; and had seven daughter and six sons; moved to Southwold in 1816, and settled on the Front street near Col. Mahlon BURWELL. Mrs. Waters died December 4th, 1878, aged 78, and he lives with one of his sons on the old place, still quite hale.

SARAH NORTON (MUDGE), sister of Rev. John MUDGE and widow of Harvey NORTON, lives with her son Joseph near Mr. WATERS, and is 84 years of age.

WILLIAM WILLIAMS was born in England 1799. He lives on the Scotch road, Southwold, and is still quite hale; he is an old pioneer and a weaver by trade; has had three wives and is now a widower.


Copies of Elgin County cemetery transcriptions are now available on microfiche at $1.00 per sheet, plus postage and handling. Contact the Branch for more details.


Elgin County Branch members are allowed two queries published free of charge in each newsletter. Additional queries per newsletter or queries for non-members are $3.00 per query. Queries should be submitted at least one month before publication.

PURCELL/CAMPBELL – Looking for info on James PURCELL who settled in Aldborough Twp in 1850’s. James (bro of John who settled Aldborough ca 1830) b 1796 Glassary, Argyle, Scotland, m Euphemia CAMPBELL 1823. What became of ch Neil b 1824, Christian b 1827 & Ann b 1835? Archibald b 1829 m Sarah CAMPBELL at Metcalfe Twp in 1860’s. What became of them? Ann CAMPBELL b ca 1852 living with James and Euphemia in 1861 & 1871. Any relation? Any info on the above branch of the PURCELL fam will be greatly appreciated. All info to Mrs. Marie Mitchell.

McINTYRE / McCALLUM – Looking for info on desc of Dugald McINTYRE (1840-1883) and Mary McCALLUM (1840-1910) who lvd on Lot 12, Conc 5, Southwold Twp, Elgin County. Ch: Daniel James b ca 1865, Catherine Ann 1867, George Augustus 1868, Mary Jane July 1870, and John Albert 1872. Who did the ch marry? Are there any desc? All info to Mrs. Marie Mitchell.

ROBERTSON/CAMPBELL – Searching for the adopted ch or ancestors of Annie ROBERTSON (WALLS) (CAMPBELL) of Brantford area ca 1900 to complete the family history back to England 1838 to Can 1873. Elsie, Myrtle, Bertha and Mattie all in her own name ROBERTSON; and Fred, Gordon and John in the CAMPBELL name. All info to Gordon Robertson.

Need info on boat accident on Thames River in late 1800’s with some loss of life and loss of some horses. They could have been travelling to fairs. Any info such as date and place would be appreciated. Contact Mrs. Marg Daugharty.

MARSH – George, James, Reuben, Thomas, Joseph, and Samuel were all bros in a family of 14 ch who came to Can in 1870 to Twp of Charlotteville, Norfolk Co. Reuben was in Port Dover area 1891. Anyone with info please contact Mrs. Glenda Fenlon.

SCRAM/HOWEY – Lawrence or “Loc” SCRAM m ca 1847 Caroline HOWEY of Walpole or Charlotteville Twp, Norfolk Co. On 1851 census listed as a Wagon Maker in Waterford. Have been unable to find his prts, anyone please write to Mrs. Glenda Fenlon.

ROBERTS/KITCHEN – Ben ROBERTS 1862-1935, m Addie Rebecca KITCHEN d/o Lyman Wells KITCHEN and Nancy? Known to be living at 32 Princess Ave., St. Thomas from 1925 – 1934. Also lived at 54 Eliza St. (later Rosebery Place) in 1884 and 4 Hemlock St. 1892-1897. Need all info on Ben ROBERTS. Mrs. Shirley Rimnyak.

ROBINS/GILMORE – Looking for Sarah ROBINS b ca 1856 to Christopher ROBINS and Sara Ann GILMORE in North Townsend Twp., Norfolk Co. With prts on 1861 census. Her sis Alice ROBINS adopted by Mr. COOK, a tailor in Oakland after death of Christopher between 1868-1871. Was Sarah adopted or placed out to work? Any leads on Sarah in Norfolk, Brant, Oxford, or Elgin counties? Mrs. A. Ruth Robertson.

GILMORE/ROBINS – Searching for the marriage of Sara Ann GILMORE of Pelham, ca 1842 to Christopher ROBINS in Pelham or Thorold area or Norfolk Co. Anyone having info on these names contact Mrs. A. Ruth Robertson.

WILLIAMS/NEFF – Gilford WILLIAMS 1845? s/o Gilford WILLIAMS and Catherine RYAN m 1866 Mary Margaret NEFF.    He disappeared in Springfield area 1870-1880. All info regarding his mysterious death and burial place are needed by Mrs. N. Gooding.

NOEL/NEFF/SHAW/MATTHEWS – John R NOEL b 1848 poss Holland, d poss 1901 Malahide Twp., m 1. Caroline NEFF, m 2. ? SHAW, m 3. poss Rhoda MATTHEWS. Need info on prts, siblings, ch: place of burial and desc. Mrs. N. Gooding.

KRISS/LOUKS/POWEL – Seek info/desc of Elizabeth LOUKS of Walsingham, b ca 1873 who m John KRISS. Known issue Walter and Annie. Also seek info on Annie Jane LOUKS who m John POWEL and had Wm. Bruce b 25 Oct. 1889. Send all info to Ross McCurdy.

MILLS/NELSON – Seek desc of Nelson MILLS (1850-1931) & wife Mary E. NELSON, who was s/o Abraham & Sarah (LOUKS) MILLS, res of Walsingham in 1871. Info to Ross McCurdy.


Aylmer Sun 27 Feb. 1890

Miss MONCK, of Poole, is visiting in town, the guest of Mrs. BEST.

Mr. Chas. SECORD, of Crystal City, Manitoba, is visiting friends in town.

The will of Catharine MILLS, who died in Detroit, last Dec., provides for John W. MILLS, son of John MILLS, formerly of Aylmer, $1,000 in cash in the bank and $1,500 in real estate.

James S. WADDELL, of Eden, on Monday pleaded guilty before W.A GLOVER of Aylmer, of allowing cards to be played in his hotel, and was fined $10 and costs.    Charles MALONE, of Aylmer, who also appeared before the P.M. and pleaded guilty to giving a drunken man liquor and was fined $10 and costs.

The residence of Mr. Caleb HUNT, in Malahide, was the scene of a happy event on Tues., when his daughter, Miss Elizabeth E., was united in marriage to Mr. S.W. TRIM, a son of Samuel TRIM also of Malahide. Rev. W. FANSHER tied the knot in the presence of about 40 invited guests, and the presents to the bride were numerous and costly. The SUN and hosts of friends congratulate the happy couple.

Messers. Joseph BLAKE and H. JOLIFFE are leaving this section to take up farming in Iowa.

Aylmer Express 4 Feb. 1892

On Thursday last Mrs. Henry CONNOR, one of the old pioneers of this section, and one of the most beloved and highly respected citizens of Springfield passed away to her reward. She has for years been one of the most useful and successful workers in the Methodist church in Springfield, and will be missed by that church and congregation. She leaves beside her aged partner, six children, George, of Manitoba, Alex, of Dakota, and Matthew, of Aylmer, Mrs. H. JOHNSON, of Malahide, Mrs. COPELAND, of Dakota, and Miss Elenor, who is at home. The funeral took place on Sat. and was largely attended. The EXPRESS extends its sympathy to the bereaved family.

MARRIED: STURK-BENNER: By Rev. T.S. BAKER, on the evening of Jan. 27, 1892, Mr. John E. STURK, to Miss Milla Ann BENNER, both of Malahide.

DIED:  RICHARDSON: At Lowville, ON, on Sat. Jan. 30th, 1892, Mary RICHARDSON, wife of the late Thomas RICHARDSON, of Malahide, aged 62 years, 10 months and 25 days.

St. Thomas Evening Journal, December 26, 1899

Joyous Event on the Joyous Day of the Year

For the second time within the space of two months was the home of Mr. and Mrs. John LEAKEY, 35 Walnut street, made glad at the sound of wedding bells. Yesterday afternoon, (Christmas Day) at 4 o’clock, their daughter, Miss Marian Bearney LEAKEY, was united in marriage to Alfred John MILLER, son of Robert MILLER, barrister, St. Thomas, by Rev. Dr. PHILP, pastor of the First Methodist church. The groom was attended by his brother, Mr. Charles Septinius MILLER, and the bride by her sister, Miss Sarah LEAKEY. A number of the immediate relatives of the happy pair were present and many were the congratulations extended to the happy couple. The gifts were very numerous and beautiful, showing the high esteem and affection entertained by very many for this excellent lady. At the close of the ceremony the company sat down to a rich and bountiful repast.

Rev. Dr. PHILP wished the bride and groom a happy wedded life. Mr. MILLER Sr. voiced his own joy and that of his family in the marriage of    their son. Mr. Walter NORSWORTHY followed in a few spicy words, to all of which the groom very gracefully and feelingly responded.

Amid a shower of rice and many good wishes the bridal party left on the evening train for the west.

Marriage of Mr. Percy L. NEWCOMBE and Miss Ada Louise LEWIS

On Christmas night the home of Mr. E.A. LEWIS, Centre street, was the scene of a very pretty event, the occasion being the marriage of Ada Louise, daughter of Mr. D.J. LEWIS, to Percy L. NEWCOMBE. At 6 p.m., to the strains of Wagner’s Wedding March, played by Mr. J.H. JONES, the bride dressed in white organdie and carrying a bouquet of white roses entered the parlor leaning on her father’s arm. The ceremony was performed by Rev. W. SPENCER in the presence of the immediate relatives of the contracting parties. Miss Louise HAWLEY acted as bridesmaid, while Mr. H.W. WRIGHT, of Aylmer, ably supported the groom, and little Muriel LEWIS was a very pretty maid of honor.

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