Talbot Times 1990 December






VOLUME IV                ISSUE FOUR                DEC. 1990

MEETINGS: Elgin County Branch, O.G.S., meetings are held on the Second Wednesday of each month in the Carnegie Room of the St. Thomas Public Library on Curtis Street, EXCEPT June (to be announced) and December (reserved for a social evening – location to be announced), NO meetings in July and August.

TALBOT TIMES is published quarterly. (Mar. June Sept. Dec.). Articles and news items are invited. Submissions should be made at least one month before publication, to be published if space allows or held for subsequent publications. The TALBOT TIMES makes every effort to provide accurate information and disclaims responsibility for errors or omissions. Articles do not necessarily reflect the views of the branch officers or newsletter staff.

QUERIES: Elgin County Branch members are allowed two queries published free of charge in each newsletter. Additional queries per newsletter or queries for non-members are $3 per query. Queries should be submitted at least one month before publication.


My term in office as your Chairman is now drawing to a close. It has been a very interesting and rewarding two years. The support and encouragement I received could not have been topped and I wish to thank one and all. I look forward to 1991 and the opportunities that the new year holds. I know that the incoming executive will receive your support and co-operation to provide another successful year. There are going to be several interesting projects under way. including the Church Inventory Project, the Heritage Year “INNS”, updating cemeteries, Region 2 general meeting and several ideas for new publications.

Please remember that 9 January 1991 is our annual meeting with the election of the branch executive.

I now wish each and every one of you a MERRY CHRISTMAS and a genealogically TERRIFIC NEW YEAR.


The membership at the last meeting requested that members in their own handwriting send the following letter, or a similar letter to:

The Right Honourable Brian Mulroney, Prime Minister of Canada, Parliament of Canada, Ottawa, Ontario KIA OA3

Being a member of the Ontario Genealogical Society. I/we hereby register my/our concern and dismay at the proposed removal of postal subsidies.     All Members of The Ontario Genealogical So ciety receive a quarterly newsletter and journal. We also eagerly seek out the newsletters and journals produced by many other genealogical groups and societies in Ontario, in Canada and around the world. Bv this means we communicate the individual historical identity that we are discovering, and our joy in that discovery.

Should the Canadian postal rates for our newsletters and journals be much increased. we fear that their production will he hindered and in some cases stopped.

Canadian history, its discovery, personal interpretation and preservation, is dear to us. We urge you to find a way to continue to support the use or the Canadian Postal Service by genealogists.


submitted by Kenneth Grant Wells

Dating those old photographs can be a tremendous help in not only identifing possible relatives, but will also help in estimating birth dates and where these people may have lived or been at certain periods of time. The following might prove helpful to you.

Daguerreotype: used between the years 1839-1868. The image is on a silver clad cooper sheet attached to a sheet of glass by a brass decorative frame. The sealed packet is then force fit into a special case made of wood, thermoplastics or guttapercha and padded with velvet or silk.

Calotype: used between the years 1845-1855. First photographs on paper, few portraits can be found due to the long exposure time. Usually large photographs – 10″ x 12″ and up to 18″ x 22″.

Ambrotype: used between 1855-1875. Similar to the Daguerreotype, outer protective case of the Ambrotype is wood, thermoplastics or guttapercha. The packet begins with a backing of black paper, cloth or metal. Then on the glass image, emulsion to front and black varnish on the back, a brass die cut frame and finally a gilt border of thin brass to edge wrap the frame glass and backing.

Tin Type: used between 1855-1900 but did not completely die out until the early 1940’s. Much more difficult to pin point an exact date except for tin types inside of a paper packet which were used between the years 1865 and 1875. Image on a thin metal plate covered with varnish.

Carte-de-Visite: used between 1861-1900. A small paper photo mounted on a cardboard backing, measuring about 2-1/2″ x 4-1/2″. Most of these photos will be marked with not only the photographers name but the place were they were taken (city, town, state, province).

1864-1866 gold border of two lines sometimes a thin inner line, with a thicker outer line with right angle corners on both borders.

1860-1881 square corner cards

1870-1891 round corner cards

1864-1870 – .4 mm or less thick

1870-1875 – .5 mm thick

1873-1884 – .6 mm thick

Oct. 1879-1888 – .7 mm thick

1888-1900 – .8 mm or more thick

Cabinet Card: used between 1866-1906. A large paper photo mounted on a cardboard backing, measuring about 4 -1/4″ x 6-1/2″. These photos will be marked with the photographer as well as the place where it was taken.


1866-1880 white card stock of a light weight

1880-1890 different colours for face and back of mount

1882-1888 face of buff, matte finished with a back of creamy yellow (glossy)

1878-1881 card stock light yellow on both sides

1884-1892 card stock light blue, pink and peach on both sides


1866-1880 red or gold rules, single and double lines.

1884-1885 wide gold borders

1885-1892 gold bevelled edges

1889-1896 rounded corners rule of single line


1866-1880 square light weight mount

1880-1890 square heavy board with scalloped sides.

USA photos with US postage stamps – Aug.1, 1864 – Aug.1, 1866.


Material from Cornerstone of Corinth School

– Original held by Board of Education, Bayham



your old school mates invite you to attend the grand reunion at the


Wednesday, August the 2nd, 1922

Do not miss it.       Chance of a life time.

The other school mates will be there.

Our homes are open to you.

D.G. Cook, Pres.  J.C. Dennis, Treas.  Miss C.V. Amoss, Sec.

Dramatis Personae:

Inspector    J.C. Smith, B.A, St. Thomas

Trustees    J.W. Beattie, Sec. Treasurer

J.G. Turnbull, Chairman

Gilbert Anger


Principal    Erie Vining Amoss, Corinth

Assistant    Alice L. Miller, Aylmer

Architect    John T. Findlay, St. Thomas

Contractor    Stephen Scott, Tillsonburg


1844 Henry Berry, A.L. Cook, W.M. Ford

Wallace Denton, Solomon Moore

Harvey McKenney

1889 W.W. Firby

1891 Nelson Anger

Haggai Cook

Christopher Pearson

Earl Ford

J.C. Dennis

J.W. Beattie

J.G. Turnbull

Gilbert Anger


Edward Moore    Aug. 1862 – Dec. I862

Wm.V. Huntsman    Jan. 1863 – Dec. 1863

Warren M. Lyons    Jan. 1864 – Oct. 1865

A.H. Brown        Oct. 1865 – June 1867

Stilwell Aug. 1868 – Dec. 1871

Darius Dean        Jan. 1872 – Dec. 1873

A.M. Springer        Jan. 1874 – Dec. 1873

Alexander Thompson    Aug. 1875 – Dec. 1875

D.J. Donahue        Jan. 1876 – June 1876

James Amoss        Aug. 1876 – Dec. 1910

W.J. Robertson    Jan. 1911 – Dec. 1911

David Knight        Jan. 1912 – June 1914

Myrtle Bole        Sept. 1914 – Dec. 1916

Hazel Small        Jan. 1917 – June 1917

Alma L Blakestone    Sept. 1917 – June 1918

Erie Vining Amoss    Sept. 1918 –


Springer 1874

Miss Taylor

Miss Larksworthy

Lewis Locker

Edward Locker

Daniel Hankinson

Olive Bancroft

Sarah Baker

Violet Curtis

Violet Hockey

Daisy Caven

Emma Ford

Ella Mills

May Ferguson

Alberta Dean

Beatrice Barber

Minnie Evans        1910 – June 1911

Enoch W. Brown    Sept. 1911 – Jan. 1912 Hazel Caron        Feb. 1912 – June 1912

Mabel Cooper        Sept. 1912 – June 1913

Myrtle Robson    Sept. 1913 – Dec. 1913

M.L Phelps        Jan. 1914 – Feb. 1914

W.D. Thorne        Mar.    1914 – June 1914

Hazel Small        Sept. 1914 – Dec. 1915

F.M. Leathorne    Jan. 1917 – Mar. 1917

Hazel M. Brenchley    Mar. 1917 – June 1918

Freda Leathorn    Sept. 1918 – June 1921

Vera Buttery        Sept. 1921 – June 1922

Eleanor M. Lane    Sept. 1922 – June 1924

Jean McKnight    Sept. 1924 – Dec. 1924

Alice L. Miller        Jan. 1925


Submitted by Jeanette Tyson found in a Family Bible

To John Campbell Junior near St. Thomas C W.

Ypsilanti, 2(?), January 1846

My dear Sir

after leaving your hospatable roof & lerning that their was no opening in your healthful village we preceeded immediately to London, not without considerable regret however that we could not settle in St.Thomas a town we thought a great deal of both on account of its hilly pleasant location & also on account of the Scotch manners & population. As you will probably remember the afternoon of that day became stormy and very cold So that London did not look so beautiful as in good weather the late fire having made awful havock in its broad & beautiful streets there are a great may Scotch here & some prodigious large brick blocks going up we went through the Bakehouses here saw some good establishments yet it seems to be hard contended after looking through the principal streets we took the bee line, as the yankee says for Chatam we called on T. Duncan who was very friendly but not such a bright Spriit as we expected his wife being a bear yankee & his farm rather rough the town of Chatham seems to be rather on the decline so that we took the steamer for Detroit and arrived there on Friday night being then only 30 miles from Ypsilanti we got home easily by Saturday night much pleased with that part of her Magestys dominions through which we had traveled After staying about two weeks at home talking about Canada We rented a bake house in Jackson a town about 80 miles west of Detroit on the central railroad for one dollar per week & got on with the busines very well bakeing crackers almost entirely & it was quite profitable but the swamps bogs & foul air of the boasted west was to much for me after staying about 6 weeks I was like to have a pull of the feaver, as the say here & had to return home with the determination never to back to such a place of bad water feaver and smart Yankees. And what I principally write this for John is to see of you will enquire in St, Thomas & Port Stanly if there is yet any chance for a Baker, if you will upon recieveing this send me the price of flour & lard the weight & price of the loaf see if Drake will let his shop or any of them sell out in Port Stanly which place would be better for our busines than St. Thomas espatially in summer. If you will enquire & answer these things it will be an obligation when added to your former kindness that I shall never forget And if you can find a shop (not being very busy now) it may be an advantage for us both. write what kind of a winter you have had is there any good bargins of farms about you we think of all comeing over to Canada together if we could exchange farms with some radical please send a canada paper with your letter which I shall anxiously look for I sent Miss Jane a yankee paper so as not to be forgot was sorry we could not have a crack with Neighbour Ballantine about Straven & (    ) close a little longer I have not got entirely well from my Jackson feaver but the rest of our folks are brawly & hopeing you are all well & will excuse such bad writeing & will most certainly write directly

& very much oblige your Straven freen Francis Lambie Junior

Direct (–) Ypsilanti Michigan US

Farewell Frank

Notes:    Miss Jane – was a younger sister of John. She married Matthew Gilbert of North Yarmouth, 26 Feb. 1846. Neighbour Ballantine – was George Ballantine who lived near the

Campbells on what is now called Bush Road. Straven – is how they pronounce Strathaven, Lanarkshire, Scotland


If you are interested in searching for ancestors who may be buried in Toronto, write. s.a.s.e., to Toronto Trust Cemeteries. 48 St. Clair Ave. W., Toronto M4V 2Z2 – (416) 960-3443

Be specific, name(s), dates (approx). Cemeteries: Toronto Necropolis; Mount Pleasant; Prospect and all Toronto proper: Pine Hills. Scarborough: York: North York: Beechwood, Concord: Elgin Mills, Richmond Hill: Meadowale, Brampton: Thorton, Oshawa.


McNEA – David b ca 1831 – m Susannah BARNETT b ca 1836. Lived on farm in Southwold Twp. Elgin co.. Ontario in 1880’s. Ch: Mary E. b ca 1856: David b ca 1860: William J. b ca 1865: Mark b ca 1867: George b ca 1870: Leslie? b ca 1875: Name was spelled McNA on 1851 census and ? lived with “David GILBERT” family, Southwold. Ont. Need info re David and Susannah. where b., m., d., bd. and any info re prts. siblings of each. Seek any info on this family. Is anyone else researching McNEA? All info to Shirley McNea.

MATTHEWS, BALE – Dora Catherine MATTHEWS. d/o Harry MATTHEWS and Catherine PILKEY. m Peter BALE. s/o John BALE and Elizabeth BULL, at Sparta, Elgin Co. on 21 August 1901. Correspondence desired with a MATTHEWS or BALE family member. Info to Mary E. Young.

PANGBURN – Martha (Mattie) b 1862, Aylmer, Elgin Co., Ont., c/o Samuel  and Eliza PANGBURN. Last known in 1881 census in Aylmer, single. Need marr and death data, whereabouts, etc. All info appreciated. Info to Mrs Nancy Smith.

HAYWARD, PANGBURN – need help on James HAYWARD and Rebecca PANGBURN of Aylmer, Ont. In 1871 and 1881 census as farmer. CH: Eliza Jane, Alice and Anson. perhaps others. Rebecca b 1841. Ont. marr ca 1865. Interested in land sales, relocation, burial, and desc, and any details on this family. Will exchange data. All info to Mrs Nancy Smith.

McNIECE, HILL – Irvine McNIECE and Ellenor HILL lived in St. Thomas area. Issue: Dorothy McNIECE m Raymond MARTIN, and Ross McNIECE m Maizy TAYLOR. Contact Conrad Johnson.

PYATT, PERKINS – Anthony PYATT and Julia PERKINS lived in Strathroy area. Issue: Harris, Ellen, Maude m William HEAD, and Lena m Charles BAKER. Info to Conrad Johnson.

INGRAM, SIPLE – Searching info regarding persons or relatives of Robert INGRAM. b 1810 Ireland: d 1875 Putnam. Ont., m Rosanna SIPLE 10 Sept 1840. Ch: Rosanna (39), Francis (42) James J. (46), Wellington A. (53), Wm. Henry (55) Robert (58), Sarah E.(60) Frederick M. (61) Emma (63). All info to Robert A Ingram M.D.

HOUSE, CHARLTON, FRANCIS, McGILL – Seek info and desc of Clara, Emma, & Winnie, daus of Henry Colborne HOUSE, who m respectively _ CHARLTON,___ FRANCIS, _McGILL and resided at Aylmer or Yarmouth Twp., Elgin Co. ca 1900. All info to Ross W. McCurdy.

WILKINS – Seek info on Peter and Diantha. They lived in Tillsonburg in 1891 where he was an ice peddlar. Any issue? Interested in hearing from any kin. All info to Ross McCurdy.

GRANT, DRAKE – Seeking info regarding Anne Melissa DRAKE, b ca 1823 in St. Thomas.

Bapt 1825 20 Dec. at ae 2 yr 3 1/2 mos by Alexander Mackintosh., Vol 9, O.H. S reg of St.

Thomas Church pg 144-145, and her father Cpt Richard D. DRAKE, (Library index # 971.334

M584) Richard’s wife Elizabeth? (head stone in St. Thomas Church Yard) Richard’s father

William DRAKE (Memorial in St. Thomas Church foyer) William’s wife? Anne Melissa m

Frederick Dent GRANT. when? Ch: May M. b 1849, Antoinette Louisa Margaret b 1851, Caroline Elenore b 1862. The first two believed to have been b in St. Thomas, or Eastern Canada, and the last in Chicago ILL. Al1 info to Kenneth Grant Wells.

GRANT – Seeking info re James GRANT b 1823? Eastern Canada and his wife Alta Ann b 1828 ? also Eastern Canada. Their son Edmund Oscn (Oscar?) b 28 June 1849 Western Can, bapt 10 Aug 1849 by Rev Mark Burnham in St. Thomas Church Reg., Edmund O. Grant m Antoinette L.M. GRANT in 1875, where? Canada or Chicago ILL. All info to Kenneth Grant Wells.

HALSTEAD, FREEMAN – in the 1870’s, a young boy from the Simcoe-Port Burwell area whose family name was HALSTEAD was adopted by the FREEMAN brothers, Joseph and Wesley of Burlington, who ran a dry goods business. HALSTEAD took the adoptive name of FREEMAN HALSTEAD. In 1890 he went to Jamaica. Later he went to the US to become a reporter with the NEW YORK HERALD. He was in Havana when the “Maine” blew up. Later he was arrested by the Spanish as a spy in Puerto Rico and was released after the SpanishAmerican War in 1898. His earlier adoption may have been arranged by the lawyer and reeve of Bayham Twp, Daniel FREEMAN, If anyone has any info on FREEMAN HALSTEAD and his later life, please contact John R. Glenn.

McGUINN – Hugh b Toronto, lvd in Woodstock, then St. Thomas. In 1898 Hugh enlisted for Spanish-American War with 32nd Michigan Reg. His mother was Charlotte McGUINN. His sisters were Charlotte and Nellie. Hugh lvd in London in 1902. If anyone has any info on Hugh McGUINN, please contact John R. Glenn.

CHALMER, HOPKINS, McNEIL – John CHALMERS b 1834 s/o John and Eliza CHALMERS of St. Thomas. He was Baggage Master for London and Port Stanley Railroad. He m Julia Margaret HOPKINS b 29 Aug 1855. dau of Henry HOPKINS and Mary McNEIL. Julia b 1761 Scotland. Ch: Margaret b 1848, Francis b 1843. Eunice b 1846, Mary b 1848, Edward b 1850. All info to Marjo Siano.

HOPKINS – James Henry – photographer, b 1858, had business in St. Thomas. Married Annie ? Ch: Harrison, Chester, Illaerma. Peter b 1859. Sister Julia Margaret HOPKINS b 1855 m Jno CHALMERS. Ch: Lily, Maude, Frank, Rossmer, Julia, Ida, Lillian, Robert. Moved to Pennsylvania. All info to Marjo Siano.

McINTIRE – Donald, b ca 1782, Scotland, and wife Mary (or Margaret) b ca 1783 Scotland settled in Dunwich, Elgin Co., 1820. Ch: all b between 1810 & 1832 approx. Mary m William McLAWS, John m Janet KERR, Donald m Catherine McCOLL, Kate m Richard BURY. Margaret m Duncan McINTYRE, Isabella m John S. McINTYRE, Lazuras m Mary WILLEY. Info to Mrs. Marie Mitchell.

PARKER, PRATT, VanSICKLE, DOWLING, RICHARDS – Wish to correspond desc of George PARKER, a child: Nancy b 1819 m Edward PRATT; George Jr m Lydia VanSICKLE; William m a Hannah: Mary m Peeress DOWLING; Francis m James RICHARDS; John: Patrick Jesse; and James b ca 1829: All info to Donald and Marjorie Erkfritz.

McCOLL – Dugald, b ca 1779, Scotland, & wife Christiana b ca 1782, Scotland, settled Southwold ca 1830. Ch: Duncan. Nicol m (1) Janet, (2) Mary’?, Catherine m Donald McINTYRE, Sarah m John GALBRAITH, Nancy m _ McINTYRE, Susan m Dugald McARTHUR, Isabella m William BLACK? Elizaheth m Alexander McCOWAN? Catherine b 1802. other ch probably younger. All info to Mrs. Marie Mitchell.

WESTOVER, HARRIS, THOMAS, NICKERSON, FROST(ER?), HENDERSHOT, SHINGLER, POWELL, STOVER, PRATT, KILMER – Horace & Catherine (DENNIS) WESTOVER d ca 1850. res Malahide. Ch: Mary Ann b 1825 m Harvey HARRIS; Wm Henry; Elizabeth m Ben THOMAS; Lyman; Philinda m William NICKERSON; Rebecca m Tho FROST (ER?) # 2 Lorenzo HENDERSHOT; Lucinda m Wallace SHINGLER, #2 Wm. POWELL; Horace Jr m Margaret STOVER; Catherine m Tho. KILMER. # 2 Wm. FROST(ER?); Jacob m Nancy PRATT; Joseph MARTIN m Mary_. OR any WESTOVER info! All info to Donald and Marjorie Erkfritz.


“KINGSTON. A Gateway to Upper Canada” – Queeen’s University – May 24-26. 1991.

More details will follow.


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