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VOLUME VIII                ISSUE ONE            MARCH 1989

MEETINGS: Elgin County Branch, O.G.S.. meetings are held on the Second

Wednesday of each month in the Carnegie Room of the St. Thomas Public Library on

Curtis Street. EXCEPT . June (reserved for cemetery transcription); December (reserved for a social evening) -locations to be announced; July and August NO meetings held.

TALBOT TIMES is published quarterly. (Mar. June Sept. Dec.). Articles and news items are invited. Submissions should be made at least one month before publication, to be published if space allows, or held for subsequent publications. The TALBOT TIMES makes every effort to provide accurate information and disclaims responsibility for errors or omissions. Articles do not necessarily reflect the views of branch officers or newsletter staff.

QUERIES: Elgin County Branch members are allowed two queries published free of charge in each newsletter. Additional queries per newsletter or queries for nonmembers are $3 per query. Queries should be submitted at least one month before publication directly to Mrs. Norma Smith.

Greetings from the Chairman:

I would like to welcome the new members of the executive. Thanks to those who served in the past years and are taking a well earned rest. Their efforts are greatly appreciated. The generous support of the volunteers from the branch is necessary to accomplish its objectives. It is through their efforts that our branch is able to offer the variety of activities and services to our members.

With Spring around the corner I hope everyone is eager to start their researching projects. I would like to invite everyone to the monthly meetings held at the St. Thomas Public Library in the Carnegie Room at 8:00p.m. the second Wednesday of the month.

Bring a friend to share your activity.

Found in an old scrap book in the possession of Neva Edmonds.


“If thou would’st view fair Melrose aright Go visit it by the pale moonlight”

So, if you would see Stanley Heights under nature’s most beautiful adornments, go stand on Liberty Hill and watch the full moon rise of Erie’s waters; listen to the lapping of the waves on old Erie’s strand, which make music monotonous and grand, lulling the sensibilities to rest, while feelings of calmness creep into the soul and vanish all cares till they “fold their tents like the Arabs, and as silently steal away.” In the distance soft music floats over the quiet waters, bright birds sing in the leafy branches of the old oaks that stand like sentinels on the hillside, keeping guard over the cottagers; now and then high, happy laughter of children or subdued voices of strollers break on the ear and dying away leave the watcher entranced with the scene before him.

Slowly the moon rises higher from the orange and silver bed, the water’s brink, the sky above is a deep blue and stars stud it like glittering meteors. A few clouds of palest amber wander to the westward, (unreadable) to the dark orange as they sail along. The waters beneath, as the light shoots across the lake’s surface, shift and vary in color from golden to silver and azure, gleaming like diamonds on the breast of a fair queen. Beyond the river Fraser Heights take a deep, warm violet, tint. In the reeds on the river bank myriads of fire flies shoot through the air like streaks of gold. Away in the distance stretch the cottages, deep in green foliage through which the silver moonbeams play, and from the roof flap Union Jacks like the wings of a great bird lazily sailing through the air. It is a goodly sight and long to be remembered by the writer.

Long Branch, Ontario Beach, Skeneatlas Lake and Look Out Mountain from which the gazer can watch the hazy valleys of three states, may have their beauties, but of non are more fair than Stanley Heights on a moonlight night. Many watering places can boast of better accommodations for amusements, but nowhere has nature none more to make for the weary business man a quiet retreat where he can escape for a few hours in every twenty four from the heat and cares of the city. The lake is magnificent, while the long low beach is beyond compare. But through the accommodations is some respects are rude, much has been done to make the Port a fashionable summer resort. The cottages are all neat and inviting, the hotels are clean and well kept, while the boats and bathing houses are all one could wish. Long piers stretch out into the lake, from which the idle angler may dangle his legs, enjoy the comfort of that “greatest blessing next to heaven itself” — his pipe -— and have his pleasure. There are two great drawbacks, however, which are serious — the want of proper land transit and better parks. One has only to climb those awful hills a couple of times to appreciate the former.

There have been few improvements made at Port Stanley this summer so far. On

Fraser Heights a few new cottages have been erected and many of the old ones repainted. About the same improvements have been made on New Orchard Beach. On Liberty Hill, Mr. John Robinson has built a pretty little club house, with an excellent dancing hall where hops are held twice a week, Tuesdays and Thursdays. He has also erected three new cottages and cut roads up the hill. Just now he is digging a well down on the beach from which he will supply water to the club and cottages by means of a wind mill.

Residents of the place say that there is not more than half the usual number of visitors there this summer compared with last summer. The fact that many of the cottages are still empty would confirm this. No doubt the late season had much to do with it, but now that the hot days are with us many more will be driven to enjoy the cool breeze of the lake.

ON FRASER HEIGHTS. A could of hours were spent climbing up and down the rugged hills, visiting the pretty little cottages almost hidden in trees, or on the water’s front on Fraser Heights and the following visitors were found:

At “Ainsworth Cottage”, Miss Simpson, Mrs. Ferguson, Mrs. Grant, Miss Round, of London, and Miss Nellie Smith, of St. Thomas are staying.

Mrs. Bryanton, Miss Bryanton, and son Fred, of Detroit, and Mrs. Grover, of London and Miss Bessie Veitch, of Montreal are staying at “Lake View.”

“Erie” has for its occupants Rev, and Mrs. G. F. Salton and Mrs. Gordon of St. Thomas.

Mr. and Mrs. Miller and Miss Madden, St. Thomas are at “Chester Villa”.

Mr and Mrs. Adkins, of London have taken their cottage, with Miss Staples as their guest.

At “Holiday Cottage” are Mr. and Mrs. Clinton Watson and Miss Hays, of London, and Rev. R.N. Cunningham and sons Alex, and Jack, of Burgessville .

Mr. and Mrs. W. J. Clark have taken quarters at “Westward Ho”. They come from London.

“fernside” had Mr. and Mrs. Sanburn, the Misses Sandburn, and Miss Wright, of London.

Mr. Henson and family, of London, and Mrs. Sullivan and family, of Windsor are nicely quartered at “Grantham Cottage”.

At “Victoria” are: Mr. and Mrs. Thos. Stuart, and Mrs. Fred Wright with their families. They are from St. Thomas.

Col. and Mrs. Stacey are at “Jubilee Cottage”.

Mrs. John McMillan and family, of London are stopping at the “Kensington” .

Mrs. T. Donley, St. Thomas Mrs. and Miss Gardner of Buffalo are rusticating at the “Columbia”.

Mrs. George Gregory and family of St. Thomas, have moved into their cottage “Woodbine” .

Mr. and Mrs. S. Goodwin, of St. Thomas are in their cottage “Terrace.

Up on the hill, near the Fraser House fifteen boys from the London Y.M.C.A. have pitched their camp.

The schooner Aurora is daily expected from Gore Bay with a cargo of lumber for Robinson’s yard.

There was a little ruffle in marine circles on Wednesday night when J.B. McLeod, an A.B. Seaman of the government patrol boat Petrel, was put ashore for insubordination. During the afternoon he had been loading up with “tangle leg,” and when he went on board he would not obey the captain. His place was filled by Vanstone, who was cabin boy, Alex Hepburn taking Vanstone’s place.

The dredge Ontario, Capt. Garvin, which has been dredging Kettle Creek for some time, completed its work on Thursday. The creek is now fifteen feet deep from the pier to the winding point.

The Minister of Public Works is expected to visit the Port soon on matters pertaining to his department.

July 17, — The Government tug, Sir John having in law the dredge Ontario, left last night for Wallaceburg, having received orders to cease work for the present in the harbour.


WHITE/PENNOCK– Martha. A.(Ann?) WHITE, b ? Ireland ?1836, bd Halliday cemetery, Elgin, South Crosbie Twp, Leeds County, dau of James and Martha. Ann? SCOTT. m Sterling Demming PENNOCK b ? 1832, where? by Rev John Tuke, Parsonage, Elgin, South Crosbie Twp., 19 Jan. 1857. Ch: Sarah Ann PENNOCK, b ? 1857, d ? 1924, m Murphy ?, bd Halliday cem Elgin, Ontario, was dressmaker in Toronto. Alice O.

PENNOCK: b 1859 ? d 1934? bd Plum Hollow Cem, m Clinton D. BOGERT, also bd in Plum Hollow cem. Millicent PENNOCK: b 1859 ? no info . Sterling D. PENNOCK: b 1863?/4 d Gananoque 3 Jan 1926, bd Gananoque; m Luela May RANDALL. William John PENNOCK: b 1867? d 14 y 3 m 26 d, May 15, 1881, bd Halliday cem, Elgin. George PENNOCK: b 1867? no info. Mary Matilda PENNOCK b 1869? d Nov 24, 1941, bd Halliday cem, Elgin, M James W. STANTON, b 1874, d 1956. Hester Irene PENNOCK: b 1871? d 1896? bd Halliday cem, Elgin, Ontario. All info to Mrs Brenda Edmonds.

MASTERSON/KING– Need parents of John MASTERSON, b 1833, m Ann KING at St.Thomas, Ontario 9 June 1851, d 1870 in Kent County. Also bro Michael MASTERSON b 1832 m Eliza KING. Info to Joan Abele Griffin.

DAILEY, John, 2nd husband of Mary Catherine ANGER, b Bayham twp, Elgin co., 1843 – 1935. 1st husband Jesse THOMPSON on 1871 census ae 40 yrs. When did THOMPSON die? Date of marriage to John DAILEY ?. Mary Catherine went to Mich., did DAILEY go or is he bd in Ontario? Info to Mrs Marie MacLeod.

WINTERS – Edward, father of Alfred WINTERS (b 22 Jan 1862, d 8 Jan 1922) Religion Methodist, any info welcomed to Mrs. Marie MacLeod.

ASSELTINE-ESSELTINE– Erastus b Sept 1820, Malahide Twp, removed to Dereham Twp. Oxford Co., whence all info is known. d 1896, interred Old Delmer Cem, Dereham Twp, Oxford co. Married twice, both wives named Jane. The second, Jane Lightboun, m Erastus when he was 70. Any info on the parents of Erastus, his siblings, from where they came to Malahide Twp, (Albany? when? ) All info to Gail Benjafield.

MOORE, William,- b 1820, m Susan Carey in 1844 at Dawn Twp and lived on Highway # 3, near Shedden, Ontario. Require date of Susan’s death, and grave location. All info to Richard Carey.

KERRY, (CAREY), William b 1791 Portsmouth, England, m Susannah ROGERS 1811 and came to Canada in 1812 to Quebec City. Moved to Port Burwell area about 1818 and left for Chatham about 1829 Settled on Talbot Grand in Euphemia Twp, Ontario in 1831. Killed as member of militia near Dresden in 1838. Ch: William, George, Mary A., Susan, Thomas, Charles, Moses, Elizabeth. William was strong Baptist. Require info on location he lived in Port Burwell area and dates ch born. Any info on above family to Richard Carey.

CARTER/McEOWN – Seek any info on Phoebe Ann CARTER, b 28 Mar 1830, on Ontario, d 14 July 1912. She m John Patrick McEOWN b 11 June 1822 in Ont., d 27 Feb 1904 at Charlotteville, Ontario. Need all info on Carter line. Wallace E. English.

BACON/McEOWN– Seek indo on Rebecca BACON d 8 Sept 1860. M to Capt Abraham Gilbert McEown, b 1795 in New Brunswick, d 19 Oct 1852. Bd Burdick cem, Aylmer West, Ont. Her father reported as Thaddeus BACON, UEL from N.Y. USA. Need info on BACON line. Info to Wallace E. English.

DEER, DEAR– Any info on DEER/DEAR in Elgin County from 1840 to 1910. Especially John Dear who married Emeline LAUR on 23 May 1872 in Aylmer West, Ontario All info to Glenn B. Murphy.

VAUGHN/VAUGHAN-Azariah, b ca. 1839, Welland Co., mason. Prts: Azariah VAUGHN & Eveline. M 1861 in Vienna or Port Burwell, Elgin Co., Ontario to Sarah M. Payne b ca 1842, Haldimand Co. Family living in Elgin Co in 1881, 1891. Ch: James, John, Azariah, Mary, Jane, Harland, Martha. Would like any info on this family. Am willing to share. Karen S. Pendell.

BRADFIELD, Thomas, born ca 1869 Norfolk Cc, fisherman. Prts: Henry Bradfield, Nancy M. Vaughan. Married to Annie Smith. D 1939 at Fairground, Elgin Co. Lived 26 years in Port Burwell area. Ch: Clayton, Clifford, William, Reta Mae. Would like any info on this family and am willing to swap. Karen Pendell.

SIBLEY,DUNHAM,KER– Would like any info on these three names in Elgin Co. Ontario. Info to Mrs Margaret Nagy.

GILLET/PORTER/SMITH/DAR– Join 6 others in proving the following family. Samuel GILLET (Gardner 4, Samuel 3, John 2, Jonathan 1) was born 1759 in Amenia, Dutchess Co., NY, lived in Cambridge and Ft. Ann, Washington, NY, Niagara Falls, Welland, Ontario, Canada then in Middleton Twp, Norfolk, Ontario, Canada. It appears that he married 3 times, 1 Esther PORTER, 2 Sarah SMITH, 3 Katherine (DAR Index.) Ch: John, Daniel,/ Achsah McWhorter, Henry/Eleanor and Mary Kilman, Rosannah dy, Gardner/Charlotte, Charles/Julia, Jeremiah/ Emaline Trask, Catherine/Robert Collard, Esther/Luther Williams, James Hervey/Jemima Coant, Lorenzo D./Adeline Trask, Ann/St.John Skinner, Phebe Abbot, and Alfred/Susan White, Thadeus/ Sophia Roberts, Rebecca/ Reuben Averill, Mary/ David Duncan. JOIN US !!. Patricia W. Lundy.

CULVER– Travel so Moses Bevans, (Marc 1988, page 4) His aged gr prts were Jabez Sr. and Anna CULVER. Was his mother, Phoebe or Hannah CULVER? Neither came to Norfolk but stayed in N.J. and therefore did not receive the land granted to the other children for coming to Canada to live. That was why he was feelng so poor. Mrs Patricia B. Steve.

CLOES– Family Reunions were held each year in the late 1800’s alternating between St. Thomas, Ontario, and East Trumbull, Ohio. When did these Reunions cease? There are people in Ohio who remember attending them but were only young at the time. Patricia B. Steve.

GRAY/MESTON– Seek any info on Nathan E. GRAY, living in Aldborough Twp in 1864, who deeded land in Sanilac Co., Michigan, to Charles N. GRAY. Charles was s/o William H. GRAY and Helen MESTON. Info to Vikki Gray-Cullen.

WHITE/GROVES/BARKER: details wanted on Nancy Groves WHITE, b. where, when? d Westport, N. Crosbie Leed,Grenville, Co., 19 Dec 1914. . Dau of James & Martha Ann? SCOTT. Married Enoch BARKER where/when? Dates for Enoch BARKER? Bd where? Ch: John Wm. H. b.d.bd, ?? went “Out West” where?. Sarah (Sary) b.d.bd? m Alan GIRVEN? William James m Mercy Anne ASSELTINE and Almeda Almindwell WAAELTINE, *Eli B. m Sarah M. Asseltine, bd Napanee, Thomas, S. or U. m Bedore? went out West, where etc., Martha A. or U., unknown. Mary Hughena? m Christopher EATON, lived in Toronto, he had 2 ch. * Annie m Harmonious SICKLER, lvd Peterborough, bd Westport, *Charlotte “Lottie” A. m Nelson Rice bd Westport, Enoch Jr, b 1869, d of Scarletina in 1871 bd ? * indicates some info known about these. All info to Brenda Edmonds, see earlier query!