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VOLUME III                ISSUE FOUR            DEC. 1989

MEETINGS: Elgin County Branch, O.G.S., meetings are held on the Second

Wednesday of each month in the Carnegie Room of the St. Thomas Public Ubrary on

Curtis Street, EXCEPT – June (reserved for cemetery transcription); December (reserved for a social evening) -locations to be announced; July and August NO meetings held.

TALBOT TIMES is published quarterly. (Mar. June Sept. Dec.). Articles and news items are invited. Submissions should be made at least one month before publication, to be published if space allows, or held for subsequent publications. The TALBOT TIMES makes every effort to provide accurate information and disclaims responsibility for errors or omissions. Articles do not necessarily reflect the views of branch officers or newsletter staff.

QUERIES: Elgin County Branch members are allowed two queries published free of charge in each newsletter. Additional queries per newsletter or queries for nonmembers are $3 per query. Queries should be submitted at least one month before publication directly to Mrs. Norma Smith.

Chairman                Jean Bircham

Corresponding Secretary    Stanley Daugherty

Membership Secretary        Margaret Daugherty

Query Secretary            Norma Smith

Newsletter Editor.        Brenda Edmonds

Publications            Jean Bircham


As the year draws to a close it is time to reflect on the past year. The branch has accomplished a great deal. The generous support of our volunteers is necessary if our branch is to accomplish its objectives. It is through their efforts that our branch is able to offer a variety of services to our members and visitors over the year. Once again a big THANK YOU to all those individuals who volunteered their services. We couldn’t have done it without you.

Our Annual Meeting will be held on January 10, 1990. We hope to add some new names to the executive. If you are willing to stand for any position or wish to nominate someone please let Norma Smith as Chair of the Nominating Committee know in writing before that date.

Nominations from the floor will be accepted during the meeting.

I wish all the very best for the season and may you find all your missing ancestral links during the coming year.


News of Town and Country – St. Thomas Times Journal – January 8, 1878

The Result in Town

The election of mayor and council for the present year passed off very quietly yesterday. After the polling booths were opened and for some hours subsequently there was exceedingly little public stir, but in the afternoon a greater degree of interest became manifested, especially regarding the contest for the mayoralty. Dr. McLarty’s success was looked upon as a foregone conclusion by many of his friends, but there were not a few people who pinned their faith on Dr. D. Southwick’s return. Betting on the result was generally level for some time before the close of the polls.

The voting, however turned out greatly difference from what had been anticipated by some and feared by others, for the total majority in favour of Dr. McLarty amounted to the very large number of 196. Following are the full returns.

McLarty    Southwick

St. Andrew’s Ward            56        21

St. Patrick’s Ward            141        55

St. George’s Ward            141        55

St. David’s Ward            107        118

Total        445        249

For councillors the vote in the several wards was as follows:

St. Andrew’s Ward –    C.O. Ermatinger    66

T.L. Lindop,     81

Geo. Medcalf     48

  1. Coyne 45

St. Patrick’s Ward –    J.H. Still     155

  1. Roe 136
  2. Hutson 132

J.S. Upper     80

  1. Ellison 54

J. Finney        18

St. George’s Ward –    T. Arkell,    F. Ellison and H. Lindop                 elected by acclamation.

St. David’s Ward –    J. E. Smith     165

Moore 140

Dr. Corlis     120

T. Pullen 105

C. Reid 98

H. Smith 25

The new members are Messrs. Ermatinger, T.L. Lindop, Medcalfe, Hutson and Smith. The absence of Mr. Coyne from the Council board will be regretted for his conscientiousness and sterling ability rendered him one of the most valuable of the municipal representatives.


Dr. J. B. Mills Reeve, and Messrs J. Soper, David McKenzie, W.E. Roche, and David Kenzie, councillors.


Col. Lewis is elected Mayor.


Daniel Stewart reeve and Messrs P.C. Wright, J.H. Arkell, Dr. McLay and J. Yorke councillors.


Mr. Payne elected reeve by 13 majority.


Dr. Smith reeve and Messrs. J. Moody, Z. Watson, C.E. Scane and T. Schenkler councillors.


Mr. Cline was elected deputy reeve.

LAWRENCE STATION – municipal matters – business dull From our own Correspondent.

A large and influential gathering of the yeomanry of this neighbourhood assembled at this place on Thursday evening 3rd. inst. to listen to the candidates for municipal honours define their respective positions. Among the candidates present were Ewen Cameron and Donald Turner, the aspirants for the Reeveship, Mr. Duncan Campbell deputy, and Robert Miller, Councillor, Mr. Dugald Brown, the retiring reeve, was also present and gave an account of this stewardship for the past Year. Messrs. Cameron and Turner explained the position the township stood in at present, although they differed materially on some financial points. Municipal elections in this township create quite an excitement this year, especially the contest between the reeves.

Business is rather dull at present, owing no doubt to the miserable state our roads are in, but Friday’s snowfall changed the aspect.



The next term of this institution opens to-day. It is as prosperous as ever. Its popularity and usefulness are alike on the increase. The number of students entering upon the next term is larger than that of the corresponding periods of any previous year. The teaching faculty is strong and sufficient in every department and specially qualified for their respective causes of instruction.

The aim of the Misses McMillan is to do well and thoroughly what they undertake – to lay board and strong a foundation upon which the students herself can in after years rear her own courses of instruction, even should she be debarred the assistance of teachers to impart to her correct modes of thought and study, to create within her a thirst for useful knowledge, to train her up in the habits of good society and to give her a taste for music, drawing, literature and the refinements of social life. This can only be done by a conscientious and painstaking discharge of the duties of the instructress and educationist, and this is a feature in the curriculum of the St. Thomas Young Ladies Academy not excelled by any similar institution in the Province. Hence it is that the pupil who is in the first instance sent only for a term,- for mere show – for the name of being at a Ladies School, is often continued term after term, through an entire course.

If “blood will tell” so will honesty. In the matter of school keeping as in trade, “honesty is the best policy.” In this case the mere scatterer reaps the advantages if the accomplished scholar and her teacher the benefit of a solid reputation as well as the peace of a good conscience. We know of no institution in the land to which parents can send their daughters with greater confidence in the system of intellectual instruction pursued, and in the judicious and kindly oversight of their moral and religious training.     Of the range of studies forming the course of instruction somewhat may be measured by the following, which is the standing of the best pupils in each class at the close of the last term.


Vanbuskirk     F. Vanbuskirk

Haggart     M. Haight

Haight     J. Haggart

White   F. White


Vanbuskirk    F. Vanbuskirk

Haggart    F. White

Haight    M. Haight


Vanbuskirk    A. Hipp

Haggart    F. Vanbuskirk

Haight    M. Haight


Vanbuskirk    F. Vanbuskirk

White    B. Mickleborough

Mitchell    J. Haggart

MUSIC                        DRAWING

Mickleborough    L. Neil

Neil    A. Claris

FRENCH                     PAINTING (Water Colours)

Katie Roe     L. Claris

Vanbuskirk    L. Neil


The Contest on Friday – St. Thomas Journal Mar. 5, 1878

The St. Thomas Rifle Club met at the range on Friday. Mr. A.W. Graham took 1st prize medal and $2; 2nd, Mr. W.H. Moore, gold badge and $2; 3rd prize Mr. R. Fulton, $1; 4th Major Caswell, 30 cents. Following are the scores:

300 yards        500 yards        Total

A.W. Graham    30            40            70

W.H. Moore        34            36            70

Fulton 28 41            69

Major Caswel    32            37            69

Crosbie 31            34            65

Jas. Fulton    31            33            64

Wm. Eustus        32            32            64

T.A. Parish    34            24            58

W.F. Ellis        33            25            58

Geo. Metcalf    27            30            57

Sharon 28 26            54

Col. O’Malley    31            20            51


GENEALOGIST the world over searching for that one ancestor who may have gained some notoriety during his or her lifetime!

Samuel ROGERS, father of my great-great grandmother, Dorenda (ROGERS) HOSACK, was born in Scotland: immigrated to Canada East, and married a Canadian born lass – named Dorenda. Sometime prior to 1837 the entire family relocated to the Township of Southwold (Lot 39), Elgin County, to farm some 50 acres of land according to the 1841 Province of Ontario, Elgin County, Township of Southwold Census.     It would appear that on an autumn evening, Monday, 28 October 1844, Samuel ROGERS and a companion, one named Brimmacomb, happened upon an Indian and his “Squaw” on the London Road between St. Thomas and Five Stakes (Talbotville). An altercation ensued between the two white men and the Indian, with the red man suffering severe head injuries leading to his death.

The St. Thomas Standard, Page 1, dated 1 November 1844, described the incident as follows:

MURDER — An atrocious murder was committed on the body of an Indian, on Monday night last, on the London Road, between St. Thomas and the Five Stakes.

The inhuman act was perpetrated by means of a bludgeon, by which the head was dreadfully bruised, and the scalp divided. A Coroner’s Inquest has been called, but have not decided on their verdict. In the meantime, a young man named Brimmacomb, has been arrested on suspicion.

The whole Particulars of this horrible affair will appear in our next.

Mr. Brimmacomb, having been apprehended by authorities, must have confessed to committing the crime and implicated Samuel ROGERS as his accomplice. The day after his seizure, Brimmacomb made good an escape leaving Samuel ROGERS to answer for the crime.

Historical data indicates that Samuel ROGERS was tried by a jury of his peers for the horrendous crime: was convicted, and sentenced to a long prison term. He (Samual ROGERS) reportedly died in prison while serving the sentence. Yet to be recovered for my report is the location of Samuel ROGERS’ incarceration and the date of his death.

Submitted Master Sergeant Edward A. Craig, Niagara Falls.


Lloyd R. Tyrell of Tillsonburg passed away on Thursday, November 9, 1989. Lloyd had been a member of the Elgin Branch for the past four years. The sympathy of the Branch is extended to Mrs. Tyrell and the family.


This past summer marked a few changes at the St. Thomas Public Library. Of most interest to genealoqists was the relocation of the Local History Collection. The entire collection including microfilms, books, files and equipment has all been moved to the secone floor of the library. This floor is accessible by stairs or elevator. This room was dedicated to a very worthy local historian, George Thorman. It offers all the contents of the Local History Collection of both the library and the Elgin Branch O.G.S. in its own room, complete with photocopier, 3 microfilm readers, one which will print copies of the microfilm and a staff member. It is open all the regular hours of the Library: Monday to Friday from 9:30 a.m. – 8:30 p.m. and Saturday from 9:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. It is recommended that you phone to reserve a reader if you need one. The telephone number is 631-6050 and ask for the George Thorman Room. Any suggestions to improve the service or ideas about what should be located here will be greatly appreciated.



POLLOCK    Elizabeth ( Begg)    1333

Frederick            1329

Harriett M.        1329

Jack                 1327

Jennie             1331

John                 1332

Joseph T.            1326

Lawayne             1328

Shirley E.            1326

Walter            1331

Sorry for any inconvenience this may have caused.


WILLER !!! Is anyone researching the name of WILLER? If so please contact Michael D. WILLER, California.


The Doane Family Association of America, Inc. announces its Biennial International Reunion to be held in Toronto on July 31, August 1,2,3, 1990. Hosted by the Ontario Chapter. For registration forms contact Mr. Don Brodie, chairman, Reunion committee.


WESTOVER-KILMER-FROST – Catherine WESTOVER m Thomas KILMER 1862 in Malahide, m #2 William FROST, need descendants/ ancestors of her father Horace. Info to Don Erkfr1tz.

PARKER-PRATT – Wish to correspond with descendants of George PARKER, d 1838, and Edward PRAtt, d 1897, both residents of Elgin Co. Don Erkfritz.

DEAN – Seek info of desc. of Andrew & Mary Abigail (MATTHEWS)  DEAN OF Bayham Twp. Believe family lived in Eden area and had son named Harry. Info to Ross W. McCurdy.

ELSWORTH – Interested in this family of Bayham Twp., in particular Harding, Hanford, & Benjamin and their descendants. Is anyone researching this family? All info to Ross McCurdy.

WILLSON/WILSON – On the north half of Lot 6, conc 3, Bayham twp all the following names show up between 1831 & 1860. William WILLSON, William Alvin WILLSON, Alvin GILBERT, Gilbert WILLSON, James WILLSON, Sr., and Simeon WILLSON. I know that William Alvin WILLSON was a son of William WILLSON, also that a William and Charity WILLSON were the parents of Gilbert WILLSON. Would any of our readers be able to help me unscramble the rest? All info to O. George Luton.

SHERMAN – No one seems to know anything of my gr-grandfather John SHERMAN of Vienna area, always very “HUSH, HUSH.” He married Nancy Ann CORLESS under the name of John NATHAN on Dec 6, 1866 at Vienna. Reported dead when she made her will July 30th 1887. I can only assume he was dead when she married Emerson “Doc” HOSHAL in March 1870. Sherman’s daughter, my grandmother has been gone for 60 years, so feel no harm can be done by knowing the truth! Info to O. Geo. Luton.

ELLIS – Seek info on siblings and descendants of David Jacob ELLIS, b 1813, Norfolk Co., lived Southwold Twp Elgin Co after 1818. Info to Margaret Daugharty.

ELLIS – Seek info on siblings and descendants of Henry Strongbow ELLIS b May 1812, Norfolk Co., lived in Southwold Twp, Elgin Co, and Strathroy, Middlesex Co. All info to Margaret Daugharty.

JINKS – Robert Oscar, b Apr 1, 1879- where? Midland, Ontario? M Alice SPARROW, May 24, 1904, d June 4, 1959, bd Petrolia. Resided in Clinton, Newmarket, Michigan, Collingwood, and Petrolia. Worked as a Millwright. Would like any info on desc. Mrs Susan Calcutt.

SYKES/WILSON – Hannah WILSON b Aug 2, 1890 in Halifax, England m Hanson SYKES, d 1973, bd Markham, Ont. Resided in Toronto, dau of Zacariah and Frances WILSON (WILLSON). Looking for any info regarding desc. Mrs Susan Calcutt.

KING/CALCUTT – George KING, of Metcalfe, s/o Joseph and Dorothy, m Mary Ann CALCUTT 73 July 1863. In 1913 they were living in Marlette, Michigan. Looking for info on their desc. Info to Mrs Barbara Ferguson.

WHERE WAS GEORGE BORN? – I would appreciate any suggestions on how I can confirm whether my grandfather George FRENCH was b in Elgin Co., May 1878. His parents were John J. FRENCH (b 1845 Antrim Co., Ireland) and Jemima

SHUTLER/SHETLER (1846 St. Lawrence Co., N.Y.) They were m in Huntingdon twp, Hastings Co in Nov 1871 I believe they may have moved to Southwold Twp with John McKEE AND his wife Mary ROLLINS c 1874. Please contact Patricia E. Folkers.

CLARK – Richard b ca 1845 in York, Ont., m Ellen Webster BELL b ca 1848 in Scot on Sept 20, 1869 in Dereham Twp, Oxford Co. Richard was s/o John and Mary CLARK. Ellen was dau/o William and Christina BELL. Ellen and her parents lived in Dereham Twp near Tillsonburg. Need to know where Ellen and Richard lived after their marriage? Do they have any descendants? When they died? Where are they bd? All info to Robert Jeffrey.

BELL – Christina b ca 1848 Scotland, d/o William and Christina BELL. Lived with parents in Dereham Twp, Oxford Co., from ca 1850-1870. Did she marry? Who did she marry? Are there any desc? Where did she move to? Where did she die? Where is she bd? All info to Robert Jeffrey.

PORTICE/WOODRUFF – Marston PORTICE came from England – Ireland, and settled in English Canada, Ontario, maybe around Rodney. Married Charity WOODRUFF from Ont. No dates available. Interested in where or when they died. Had 3 boys that I know of, Marston # 2, Zelotes, and George Edward, my grandfather. All info to Eugene Portice.


Jessie McDONALD, formerly of Lot 7, conc 1, Aldborough, and 162 Huron St., London, and lately in various institutions was born 24 May 1907, died in Kitchener on 20 May 1989, buried in Oakland cemetery, Glencoe. She was the dau of John A. McDONALD and Grace McPHERSON (of Dunwich). Having no will, her property goes to her first cousins who were alive at the time of her death. Two McPHERSON first cousins survive.

WANTED! Surviving first cousins (If any) on the MacDONALD SIDE OF THE FAMILY.

McDONALD, John 1822-1868, was married to Catherine McIntyre (1824-1854) Catherine was d/a Donald and Barbara McIntyre of Aldborough. They had 4 children:

Margaret b 1846 to a. ____ Campbell    Burbank M.C. of Sombra.

dau 1848-1851.

William b 29 Apr 1851, m Ann McMillan, a sister of Mary who m Daniel McIntyre.

Donald 1854 who lived in Chatham and Sombra, d 1886.

John McDonald then m Ann McNab d/o Finlay and Janet McNab of Cowal, Lot 7 Conc 2, Aldborough. Children: Isabella. 1859, John A. 1861- 1943, m Grace McPherson, 1868 – 1932, Janet or Jessie 1863 (census info), Finlay or Philip 1866, m 19 June 1903 to Nina McQUEEN (Of West Lorne?), and son b 1868.

The older John McDonald owned part Lots Y & Z conc 1 Aldborough, and by his will divided it among 4 sons, William, Donald, John A., and Finlay. John A. lost his farm and by 1920 was living on Epworth Ave. in London. Later he and Amy bought 162 Huron St., London. His children were Annie 1895, Bessie, Jessie, Amy (worked for McCormicks) John and Peter (1911-1912). All died and apparently no one married. All info to D. C. McKillop.