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Volume                 Issue 3            September 1986


Edgar Haight of Union, gives interesting talk before Historical Society. At the meeting of the Elgin Historical Society on Monday evening, at the house of Dr. Coyne, Edgar

Haight, of Union, read a paper on the Friends’ Settlement of South Yarmouth.

South Yarmouth, called the Plains before the white man came, was the favorite home of the Indian, one of the few localities where he raised corn, north of the Great Lakes. It was the first selection by Colonel Talbot, but as Colonel Birby had received it, the Colonel had to select further west at Port Talbot. The fertility of these plains, the beauty and natural wealth were reported to the Friends in Pennsylvania by persons who had visited the north shores of Lake Erie.

Jonathan Doan, born the 16th day of the 3rd month 1765 and his wife, Jane Thompson formerly lived about twenty miles from Philadelphia. Being a N.E. Loyalist, he emigrated to Niagara at the time of the War of Independence and in 1813 he pitched a tent where Sparta now is. He was the fourth white man to settle in South Yarmouth. With him came his grandson, Jonathan Steele, seven years of age. After two years he visited Pennsylvania and his favorable report induced several families to return with him, this being the beginning of a considerable emigration of Friends from the United States.

Jonathan Doan built the first flour mill, also the first tannery.

In 1815 Jesse Zavitz came. He also built a flour mill and in this year Capt. Smith built the first store. In the following year, he built the first distillery, in this year and the first death occurred when Permilla Preffer passed away and was buried on the farm of Isaac Moore.

In 1819 David Burgess, the father of Chancey, David, Nelson, Daniel, and Truman was the first man to thresh wheat on cold water, that is, without whisky. In 1820, Dr Hawkins, the first doctor arrived and this was also the year in which the first meeting house was built of logs. The first Methodist meeting was held at the home of Daniel Burgess. Bud Byerman being the preacher. The first Baptist meeting was held at the home of Anderson Montrose. Calvin Witt was the first male child born in the district.

Abner Chase endeavered to do the impossible, that is, to have a barn raising without whisky, and succeeded. He lived to be nearly 100 years of age.

The Friends had an advantage over others as they could perform the marriage ceremony. Others had to go to Long Point or to Colonel Talbot who had authority to perform the ceremony.

The acknowledged leaders of the Patriots in South Yarmouth was settled amongst the Friends. He, George Lawton, an Englishman who was a hard working farmer of great natural abilities and exceedingly well informed on the platform, being a match for any of his ablest opponents. He raised the spirit of some of the young Quakers to the fighting point.

Dr. Wilson had the first door knocker which was something wonderful at that time. The first store was started by Henry Yarwood, a Friend from Lancashire, who was in the business a short time when he sold the building and lands to John A. Hakins.

On Dec. 1, 1834, at a meeting of land owners held at Yarmouth Corners, the village was named Sparta. One seventh of the land was clergy or crown lands, which the government leased for twenty-one years at $3.50 per acre, doubling every seven years. In 1882 wheat sold at one York shilling per bushel. In the year 1821 lumber for flooring and window frames had to be brought from Norwich, a distance of forty miles through dense forest. Money was very scarce, business being barter and trade: 20 bushels of wheat and 15 of corn, for a cow: 4 bushels of wheat for 6 or 8 yards of cotton. Clothing was made from flax and tow. A few products would demand 1-4 or 3-4 each and in this way taxes were paid, being very light.

The nearest court house was at Vittoria, seventy miles east. Mr. Haight described the religious life, their churches and meetings as one to whom they were very precious, the labors of the leaders, women and men who, in silence of their meetings, individually approached that Power, from whom all life comes, the communication of the Divinity with that divinity in each one of us. He also read a long list of the names of the first families. It was the opinion of the members of the society that the papers should be preserved for as time passes it increases in value as a historical document.

The above was copied as it appeared in the St. Thomas Times Journal on January 5, 1923.


Mary and Glen Ormerod have been in charge of transcribing West Ave., Cemetery, St. Thomas, this summer, they have spent many hours working in the hot sun. They were in the cemetery every Saturday morning. There were a FEW other faithful workers too, some of them were Max Doan, Toni Hofstee, Irene Soper, Helen Pincombe and a few others who were out one or two Saturdays. If you were a regular worker and I missed your name, I apologise. Our Plea for HELP in the June Issue of the Talbot Times was apparently missed by many local members. Without your help the few who turned out were able to transcribe about 1,300 stones. Just think, if even ten more locals had made an effort to be out Saturday mornings that number would probably have doubled. Many T H A N K S to Mary and Glen and those few who made the effort and spent most of their Saturday mornings in West Ave. Cemetery. Your time and help was appreciated.


We squander Health

In search of Wealth,

We scheme and toil and save;

Then squander Wealth In search of Health, And all we get’s a grave, We live and boast of what we own We die and only get a stone.



… Wendy L. Beaton, Janice N. Bill, Elizabeth M. Bradley, Laurie A.

Chalcraft, Cynthia M. Coulter, Cynthia E. Crawford, Donna D. Edwards, Laurie J.

Fisher, Susan L. Frisa, Catherine E. Gibbons, Jean N. Gower, Debra J. Hill, Laurie H. Howard, Joanne B. Hunsperger, Josepha A. Jansen, Jill M. Julian, Debra L. King, Cheryl L. Kirkwood, Theresa A. Lagrou, L. Pamela Leung, Janine V. Loughead, M.

Bernice MacDonald, Jacqueline A. NcGhee, Teresa A. McLaughlin, Jackie S. Meharg, Sharon M. Murray, Tammie H. Murray, Juliana T. Pattyn, Joanne H. Pennings, Kelly A.

Pinkerton, C. Ann Pogue, Patricia C. Pol, Leslie J. Postons, Julie A. Racz, Elaine N. Reid, Janet L. Reynolds, Patricia L. Sanda, Karen I. Schliewinsky, Mary Beth Stephenson, W. John vance, Jane M. Vandermyden, Rosemary A. Warner.

… Judy Annen, Cheryl Atkinson, Ken Baughman, Susan Bolt, Sylvia Bolt,

Carol Bonnett, Donna Boughner, Maryann Caers, Ruth Campbell, Cynthia Cantarutti,

Cheryl Clyne, Mary Cooper, Bev Doan, Joan Garrow, Christi Hoevenaars, Cathryn

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Margaret McNeal, Andrea Mezenberg, Rosemary Nagle, Sherry Niven, Cary Ostrosser, John Parker, Doris Pump, Sheila Scott, Violet Sliskovic, Barb Tuorila, Catherine Van Mepplen Scheppink, Lynn Watson.

… Jacqueline Aerts, Susan Armstrong, Margaret Ashton, Robyn Barr,

Eunice Beckett, Catherine Blanchard, Richard Borecki, Elaine Buis, Paulette Cahill,

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… Cheryl Buhlman, Cathy Cantelon, Helen Clysdale, Patricia Collins, Mary Anne

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Purcell, Sherri Ranson, Kevin Schliewinsky, Dawn Smith, Tracy Tetzlaff, Lesleigh Turner, Kimberly Weese, Laura Willimot, Charlotte Wilson, Cindy Wilson, Jan Van Herten.


The Fanshawe College Nursing Assistant Program evolved from the St. Thomas Psychiatric Hospital Nurse Aide and Attendant Program which began in 1955. By 1966, under the sponsorship of the Ministry of Health, and with the approval of the College of Nurses, a new Nursing Assistant Program was established with a stronger academic curriculum, but retaining a Psychiatric Nursing emphasis, In September 1973 when the responsibility for Nursing Education was transferred from the Ministry of Health to the Ministry of Education (Ministry of Colleges and Universities) the Nursing Assistant Program became part of Fanshawe College, and physically, became part of the St. Thomas—Elgin General Hospital Campus in December, 1975.

STUDENT NURSING ASSISTANT — St. Thomas Psychiatric Hospital … Graduating Class of 

1966 … Mrs. Margaret Cave, Miss Judith Green, Mrs. Susan Gilmore, Mrs. Lois Lincoln, Mrs. Carol Parish, Mrs. Gweyn Powers, Mrs. Elizabeth Sivyer, Miss Lorna Wright, Mr.

John Cini, Mr. David William Erskine, Mr. John Paul Howarth, Mr. Howard James Pratt, Mr. William Harrison Proctor, Mr. Paul Douglas Ruhl, Mr. Edward Frances Skiendzier, Mr. Glen Amos Sweet, Mr. Gentil Vandenabeele.

1968 …    Mrs. C. Calder, Miss C. Charlton, Mrs. M. Marshall, Miss D. Myles, Miss J.

Race, Miss V. Robertson, A. Behie, D. Esson, J. Eveland, W. Fishleigh, J. Irvine, M. O’Neill, J. Proud, G. VanKooten, A. Wiggin.


DICKIE– James b 1859 married Maggie PAPINEAU. ch: Addie, Jessie, Gertrude, &

William. Maggie of Joseph & Jane PAPINEAU. James of Robert & Rachel DICKIE of Bayham Twp, Elgin Co. Need info on PAPINEAU line. Betty Bellous

BROTHERHOOD  OF RAILROAD ENGlNEERS– Div # 529 – Wabash G.T.R.. Would like to make contact with someone who can provide picture of # 3 Express which crashed on the Darling Rd. May 8, 1919. Emery Bellous killed. Advise price, please. Betty Bellous

GEROW– Peter V. GEROW, s/o Daniel Gerow and Mehetabel CHRISTY, m 02 Oct 1860 to Melissa BULL who was dau of Stephen BULL and Elizabeth BREWER. Had daus Mary b ca 1868 and Martha b ca 1874, perhaps other children. Seek contact with descendants. Info to Mary E. Young.

PARKS– Samuel PARKS, s/o Sylvester PARKS and wife Electa, b 1842. m 05 Feb. 1864 to Caroline Minerva BULL, dau of Stephen BULL and Elizabeth BREWER. Had daus. Julia b ca 1869 and Henrietta b ca 1870, perhaps others. Samuel d 1907, Caroline d 1922, Dunwich Twp. Seek contact with descendants. Info to Mary E. Young.

RYALL– Charlotte (Lottie) dau of Thomas and Rachel RYALL- married to Thomas WlLLIAMS, lived at or near St.Thomas, still living in 1907. Any desc? Info to Florence Yori.

KERRY, (CAREY)– William b 1791 Portsmouth, England m Susannah ROGERS 1811 and came to Canada in 1812 to Quebec City. Moved to Port Burwell area about 1818 and left for Chatham about 1829. Settled on Talbot Grant in Euphemia Twp in 1831. Killed as member of militia near Dresden in 1838. Ch: William, George, Mary A., Susan, Thomas ,Charles, Hosea, Elizabeth. William was strong Baptist. Require info on location he lived in Port Burwell area and dates children born. Any info to Richard Carey.

BRENNAN,BRENEN,BREMEN– Looking for BRENNANS descended from Michael and Belle (TALBERT) BRENNAN. Ch: James, Mary m. BURGUA, John, William Edward b 1855, m Elizabeth Anne McRAE, 1887, Henry, Christina m __ MOORE, Anna m PERKINS, Margaret, Joseph, Emma m CAMERON. Info to Miss Lane England.

MOORE, William- b 1820 m Susan CAREY in 1844 at Dawn Twp and lived on Highway # 3 Near Shedden, Southwold Tsp. Require date of Susan’s death and grave location. Info to Richard Carey.

 DIBERT– Wilhwlm (William) b Germany, m 1st wife Christina SUSE in Southwold Twp. Elgin Co. in 1870; 2nd wife, Mary CLARKE in Southwold Twp in 1884; 3rd wife, Lucy COLVER – where? possibly 1906?. Ch of 2nd marriage- Jim, Fred. Any info appreciated. Will share. Mrs Jean Bircham.

CLARKE,Mary- dau of William & Jane CLARKE. b March 1855 in Southwold Twp, Elgin Co., d 1930. First marriage to William DIBERT, 2nd to George FREEMAN. Any info about her or her family. Will share. Info to Mrs. Jean Bircham.

HERRINGTON(HARRINGTON)– Abram, b 29 April 1819 possibly Markham? m 8 July1844 to Hannah who? b 11 May 1820, where? Hannah of Wioby-( could this be Willoughby?) Ch: 1. Elisabeth b 1 Feb. 1845 at Pickering, C.W. d 30 June 1847 at Pickering? 2. Jane b 9 Jan 1847 at Pickering, m Wm Vanderburg lve near Petrolia, Lambton co. poss bd in Petrolia, no issue. d 10 Aug 1920. 3. John, b 4 Oct. 1849 in Dorchester, Elgin Co. md and one child bd in Avon Cem, Middlesex co. then moved to Sanilac Co., Mich, poss bd there. 4. Sarah Eleanor b 7 Dec. 1851 in Dorchester m George Billington ca 1874 or 1875, (George Billington son of John Billington and Ann Widner who are buried in Necropolis Cem, South Dorchester) lvd in South Dorchester on Lot 14, Con 7, then moved to McComb Co Mich. George d 1888 in Mich. Sarah returned to Elgin co and d 9 Sept. 1918, bd in Avon cem. 5. Laffaqette A.or R. b 21 Jan 1855 in Dorchester, m and moved to Sanilac Co, Mich. his issue bd in Moore Twp cem, Sanilac co, Mich. 6. Elisabeth Hannah, b 27 Jan 1857 in Dorchester, m 1. Wellington Gram, who died in Dakota, U.S.A.,2. Frederick Canby Howse- lvd in St.Thomas, Elgin Co., – d 20 March 1936. Bd St.Thomas, Ontario  7. William J.- b 9 Mar 1860 in Dorchester, moved to Oakland, Calif. d there ca 1939 or 1940 ? never married. 8. G Gamaliel- b 22 May 1862 in Dorchester, d 8 Sept. 1902- no info. Who was Hannah? Who were Abram’s parents? Looking for desc. of John in Michigan. Where are Laffayette and wife bd in Mich.? Who was his wife? Likely bd in Sanilac Co., Mich. Where is G. Gamaliel bd? All info to Mrs. Lloyd G. (Norma) Smith.

MANN-FIELDING– Shadrack MANN m Mary Adelaide FIELDING b ca 1837, d 10 Dec. 1864 bd at Sparta South Cem, Elgin Co., Ontario. Mary Adelaide b Tipperary, Ireland. Was in Catholic Orphanage in Ireland- she was disguised and smuggled onto a boat for Canada. They had 5 daus, Lillie, Annie, Laura, Mary Adelaide, ? .  After Mary Adelaide’s death Shadrack moved to Lambton Co., to work for Goodison Threshing Machine Co., He married again and had one son. Is Shadrack bd in Lambton Co., Ontario? Would like contact with any descendants? All info to Donald Lanning.

WHITE — David ca 1837, Bayham Twp, Elgin. Co., m C. Catherine (?). Ch: Anson 1850, Emily Jane b 1855, Thomas b 1857, Mary b 1860, Sarah b 1874. All info to F. Bradshaw.

COAN– Charles H. b 1838, s/o Collin and Sarah COAN of Norfolk Co., m Mary Jane WESTON of Bayham Twp in 1873. They lived at Orwell, Ont. 1900. All info on this couple e.g. death dates, where bd etc to F. Bradshaw.

FOWLER– Alpheus, b ca 1823 or 1824. d Jan 10, 1910, bd Fingal Cem., Elgin co. md Sarah Eberle, b ca 1830?, d April 17, 1923 at home of son Jacob Eston Fowler, of Watford, Ontario. Sarah bd in Fingal cem. Elgin co. Who were prts of Alpheus? Did he have bros and sisters? 1842 Census says Alpheus b in Ontario (U.C) and was Baptist. Info to Mr. & Mrs. Harold Eston Fowler

DOAN-WIDNER, Need info on Peter DOAN and Elizabeth WIDNER, prts of Elizabeth St. Catherines, who m William SMITH, s/o John SMITH and Susannah SMITH, of Twp of London, William b England and was gardener. lnfo to Max Doan.

DOAN-POTTS, Need prts of Morris Lyman DOAN b 5 Nov. 1865, d 1951, m Sarah Jane POTTS 11 Nov. 1886 , Sarah b 1871 in Canada, d 15 May 1927, bd Mapleton, Ontario. All info to Max Doan.


We received a letter from W. G. Hastings, D.D.S. Thank you for writing to us Dr. Hastings. In 1984 we received a book on the Newell —Whitcroft Families which we credited to the author, however Dr. Hastings pointed out that he actually was responsible for donating the book to our Branch. Thank you for the book and also for setting us straight on the donation, we apologize for the error.

If anyone has a correction or a complaint, please do not hesitate to let us know about it. Address your mail to our box number. We aim to Please.


Recently I phoned Ron McNeil our M.P.P.’S office to inquire about price changes for Birth, Death and Marriage Certificates. They had received notification of a price hike and gave me the changes on their notification, they are as follows: Birth wallet size.. .$5.O0 long form.. .$15.OO, Marriage.. ..$1O.OO, Death.. .$1O.0O. These prices were supposed to be in effect as of July 1st 1986, and our M.P.P.’s office has been paying the increase since that time.

I ordered a Death Certificate in July and being unaware of any changes sent the usual amount. I received a certificate last week (the wrong one) there was no request for additional funds or notification of a price change.

I thought this was rather strange, so I went to our local Post Office to get the “New” forms. The only forms they have are for $5.00 charges. I told the clerk I had heard there was a price change, but after checking with the Post Master’s office, he found they had no notification of any price changes. Perhaps you can beat the price hike by sending right away!

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