Talbot Times 1986 March








Volume v    Issue 1    March 1986


Colonel Talbot was a land agent for the Crown and also a land owner. He owned perhaps 5,000 acres, which included most of the present Malahide Farm at Port Talbot. He also owned about 30,000 acres in Aldborough Township, mainly in the south half and south of the present day Rodney and West Lorne.

Talbot wanted to establish an estate for himself and also have a passable road from

Port Talbot to Detroit. He was able to obtain grants from all of the lands fronting on the Talbot Road in Aldborough Township and established approximately 160 settlers between 1816 and 1820. Talbot received 200 acres for each settler and in return he offered to put the settlers on a 50 acre lot. He defined a settler as any male over 16 years of age and widows whose husband had drowned in landing at Port Glasgow.

Talbot did not settle any land between 1820 and 1850 except to fulfill prior commitments. Talbot’s nephew, Colonel Richard Airey of the Charge of the Light Brigade fame, took over most of his land in 1850, after the two men had a disagreement. Talbot made an exception of the land already deeded to settlers and saved it. During the next twenty years Airey sold most of the land he had gained from his uncle to the original pioneers or their families, although some of it did go to new arrivals many of who were of German origin.

Most of these pioneers were Scotch from Argyllshire and mainly from the mid— Argyll parishes of Kilmichael—Glassary, Kilmartin and North Knapdale, with a few from Perthshire. Some who settled near the Dunwich Townline were from Selkirk settlers of the Red River Valley. There were also a few English families among these settlers.

Many of the immigrants stayed only a few years because 50 acres was too small for a farm and larger units were available elsewhere. They moved on to the Townships of Mosa, Ekfrid, Metcalf, Caradoc, Lobo in West Middlesex, Dunwich, Southwold,

Yarmouth and South Dorchester in Elgin, Orford and Howard in Kent and Brooke in Lambton, as well as Eromosa and Nessegawaya in the Guelph area. Some also moved to the plains of Aldborough near Clachan.

According to the 1860 census about 60% were Presbyterians and the other 40% were Baptists. The Presbyterian Church built at New Glasgow recently celebrated their 150th Anniversary.

Their politics varied, some were Reformers and some Torries.

Names listed in “The Pioneers of Aldborough” and others who were not listed because they came at a later date and included in the following surnames: Brown, Black, Baxter, Blue, Cameron, Carswell, Dewar, Downie, Douglas, Ford, Ferguson, Fletcher, Forbes, Gillies, Gray, Graham, Haggart, Kerr, Leitch, Johnston, Livingston, Love, (McKinven), Paul, Paterson, Ruthvan, Robertson, Stewart, Sinclair (St. Clair), Scafe (Skeaf), Sutherland, Shaw, Tull, Thomson, Munro, Menzie(s), Mitchell, Walker and the Mc or Mac names – often written both ways –  McAlpine, McDonald, McDougall, McEwin, McParland, McGugan, McIntyre, McKay, McKellar, McKinlay, McKillop (McGilp), McGregor, McLaren, McLean, McNab, McNaughton (Macnaughton), McPhail, McPhedrain, McTavish (Thomson), McLarty and Reider.

The above information was submitted by Duncan McKillop. Duncan McKillop has approxlmately 160 names of settlers who came to this area and would like to check these names out for accuracy and would also like to obtain the names of wives and children and any births, deaths and marriages.

He would also like help with the following:

  1. Check these names out for accuracy and would like to obtain the names of their wives, children and any births, deaths and marriages.
  2. When did these settlers arrive? g., Mars arrived in Toronto in September and in Port Glasgow in October of 1818 with thirty—six other families. What made up their families?
  3. Where did they come from? Do you know the parish and hamlet or farm?
  4. Why did they come? Was it because of friends or neighbours or to better themselves or for any other reason?
  5. Did they bring money, tools or furniture with them? As many as 10,000 came from the Argyll area to Canada, many settled in the area between St. Thomas and London; and to the East. Ridgetown and to the West, Chatham.
  6. Who followed these people and why?
  7. Why did some of the settlers remain on Talbot’s Land?
  8. Why did some of them leave? Was it to get more land or to be near friends or for other reasons?
  9. Do you have any information on the reasons for their moving or what area they moved to?
  10. Did Talbot’s actions cause any of these settlers to lose their land, if so, was their name erased from his map? Was Talbot able to remove their names or did he have to have approval from the Surveyor General or other officials?
  11. Where did Furnival Road get its name?
  12. Where did Black’s Lane get its name? Was it from Hugh Black?
  13. What was the settler’s general opinion of Talbot?
  14. Do you have any letters, stories, etc of experiences before 1870?


The Talbot Estate Foundation needs your help. The Talbot Estate has been listed for sale. A group of interested people have formed a foundation and are trying to raise enough money to purchase the property. Your donations are urgently needed. Cheques should be made payable to the Talbot Estate Foundation, P.O. Box 477, St. Thomas, Ontario N5P 3B2. Receipts will be issued. Wayne Paddon is the Chairman of the Foundation and V. Stover is the Secretary.


December 11, 1985…. We held a party at Vi’s Place! A turkey dinner with all of the trimmings was enjoyed by about fifty people including members and their spouses. Court Whisk was played following the dinner and prizes were presented to those with the highest and the lowest scores. A lunch and conversation ended a delightful evening.

January 8, 1986…. Frank Prothero, author of several books on the Port Stanley area was the guest speaker. He spoke on the history of the Great Lakes ships and showed some slides along with his talk. He mentioned the New Brunswick, a bark rig (square sail on the front) which was built in St. Catherines, Ontario. It was the first vessel to sail to Chicago and then on to Liverpool, England, in 1847, the same year the St. Lawrence was deepened. She sank during a storm on August 28, 1858, just off of the shore near

Wheatly. It was said she was laden with black walnut lumber to be delivered in England.

Attempts were made to locate the wreckage in 1939 and again in 1979 when Mike Dilts, of Lambeth with the aid of a side scan located the wreck. On his dive 120 years after the ship went to the bottom of the lake, he recovered a sailor’s shoes and a straight razor. He later raised some of the timbers, which were white oak, no black walnut was found.

He spoke of the Merida, built at Bay City, Michigan, the largest of the vessels on the Great Lakes. The Merida went down on October 20, 1916, along with four other vessels including the steamer Colgate. That fateful day is known as Black Friday, the day the storm took fifty five lives and sent five ships to their watery grave.

The election of officers was conducted by Duncan McKillop and the results were as follows:

Chairman: Stan Daugharty,

1st Vice Chairman:    Norma Smith,

2nd Vice Chairman: Max Doan, Recording

Secretary:    Brenda Edmonds,

Correspondence Secretary: Marg Daugharty,

Membership Secretary: Janice Rezar,

Query Secretary: Norma Smith,

Treasurer Lorie Bailey,

Newsletter Editor: Joyce Locke,

Public Relations:    Gladys Hunter,

Social Convener: Lloyd Smith,

Librarian: Sylvia Harvey,

Cemetery Co-ordinator: Tony Hofstee,

Newsletter Committee:    Joyce Locke, Norma Smith, Brenda Edmonds, Janice Rezar, Steve Peters and Stephanie Chapman.

February 12, 1986    Jean Griffin, author of several books and a member of the Elgin County Branch of O.G.S., spoke on some of the aspects of publishing what you have written. She mentioned the Millman Families who settled in Elgin County in 1842 and the Hepburns who settled in the area in 1843. The Weldon Library at the U.W.O. in London houses the 1859 Tax Roll for Yarmouth, she said. It is possible to have your books tax exempt if you send a copy to Revenue Canada, Excise Division for examination.


TALBOT – Anne Elly, b Ireland, county unknown, 1797, prob July. Arrived in Quebec

(city) from Ireland 1816. M Lawrence O’LOANE (O’LONE) at Notre-Dame de Quebec, 22 June 1824. Prts: Richard Talbot and Anne Howard. Anne Elly’s marriage certificate says Richard was a “cultivateur”, (farmer?) and that her parents were “of the Township of New London, U.C.  Died Stratford, Ont., 4 May 1857. Desired: Any info on Richard Talbot and Anne Howard. All correspondence acknowledged, postage refunded, will share, Thanks. All info to Dr. Kenneth O’Loane, 390 The Alameda, San Anselmo, CA, USA. 94960

OKE-Thomas b Devon, need info when & where bd. last known place to have ld with Lewis Garret & family 1881. Ch: Samuel, Francis, John, Walter, Mary (m Fraser) Jane ( m Schooley). Any info would be appreciated to Audrey Waine, 305 Hendon Ave. Willowdale, Ontario M2M 1B3.

JACKSON– Need background info on William and Catherine JACKSON living in Westminster twp, con 2, lot 13 in 186l and 1871. prts of at least 6 ch. Info to Morley Thomas, 15 Lewes Crescent, Toronto, Ontario, M4N 3J1.

VAN PATTER -TIFFANY– Fernando Van PATTER b 1843, son of Johannes Van Patter of Aylmer and Hannah Davis, m Cecelia F. TIFFANY b 1843. Ch: Willliam b 1864, Albert b 1866 and Margaret(Maggie) b 1869 m Edwin Lowe. Any info to Frances Hindmarsh, 47 Murray St. Aylmer, Ontario N5U 2A4.

VAN PATTER– Harvey Van Patter, son of Aaron Van Patter and Elizabeth Harvey, (Malahide Twp) b 1832 m Melissa ?. Ch: Benson b 1863 m Adelia Ann Boughner, Bertha b 1865 m _______ Barton, Frank b 1866 and Mina b 1871. Any info to #336, Frances Hindmarsh, 47 Murray St., Aylmer, Ontario N5H 2A4.

CLAUS- EVERITT, EVERETT– Looking for maiden name of Phoebe Jane- wife of Levi Claus ca 1835-1885- may have been a Roger’s or a GRIFFIN? Does anyone know of any research being done on EVERITT, EVERETT families of Bayham Twp, Elgin county. Info to George Luton, 200 Henry St., Apt. 3, Brantford N3S 6V1.

EDISON- ELLIOTT– of Bayham twp, Elgin county , Anyone with info contact Steve Peters, 33 Tecumseh St., St. Thomas, Ontario, N5P 2E2.

THOMPSON -Matthew, was granted 200 acres of land on Lot 14, con 8, Bayham twp, Elgin county in 1838 by Colonel Talbot. He married Fanny (Jenny) SIMPSON in 1841, desire father’s name and proof of marriage and death as certificates cannot be found. Bible shows first 6 ch. b in Blenheim twp, the first being 1841 . All info to Mrs. Paul Mitchell, P.O. Box 214, Tara, Ontario, N0H 2N0

ANDERSON– Looking for family of Martin VanBuren ANDERSON, b Aug 8 1838 in St. Thomas, Ontario, according to military and pension records from Washington, D.C. Was in Civil War but do not know when he arrived in United States. He served from Oct. 1861 to Oct. 1864. All help would be appreciated by Mrs. George Rose, 110 W 6th, Emporia, Kansas, USA. 66801

WELTER – What became of Edith WELTER? was dau of David Welter and Emily Boughner, both of Southwold. Have lost trace of Edith shortly after her mother’s death in 1897. Emily and David are buried in Fingal, Elgin County. Edith was in St.Thomas about 1900 but after that ????? Edith was engaged to Will Hendershott at the time of his murder in 1894 at Middlemarch. All info to Don Cosens, 13 Margaret St.,St. Thomas, Ontario. N5R 3H6.

WlNTERS-ANGER-HAVENS-MOORE-HARDWICK– Looking for marriage date and where of Mary Kilmer (1865-1942) & Alfred Winters (1862-1922)? who was father of Alfred? Mother was Mary Catherine Anger! Their first children are buried in Trinity cemetery 1888 & 1889 as infants. John Hardwick (1832-1898) and wife Eliz. Jane Moore (1839-1913) are bd in Firby cem. Would like to find their prts. Looking for ID on adopted son Arthur Aaron Hardwick b June 17,1870- d 1940? All info to Mrs. Marie MacLeod, R.R. #1, Embro, Ontario, N0J 1J0.

BEARSS– Abel(1), b c 1826 possibly Malahide twp, Elgin county, m Martha, b 1835 Canada, her prts.? living in Malahide 1861. Ch: Gilford (in. Melissa Pettit). Solon Charles (m Caroline?), Daniel (m. Mary) born 1856-1862 Malahide. Family removed to Michigan before 1870. Need parents for Abel and Martha: date/place birth/ marriage: dates/spouses for children, descendants. Info to Ms. Jean Bearss, 329 St.Andrew Street, Ottawa, Ontario, K1N 5G9.

SMITH– Abigail, b ca. 1789, dau of Joseph of Bertie/Welland co: married (1) Salmon GILLETT, Talbot settler of Malahide, (2) Daniel BEARSS. Lived in Malahide twp 1851 but not 1861; where did they go? Seek names/dates/spouses Gillett children; birth/death/burial of parents. Info to Ms Jean Bearss, above address

ROWE– Elizabeth, b. 1838 in Duma, Ontario, d 9 Aug. 1912, Waskada, Man, m James CRUICKSHANK/ Cruikshank/Crodshank. Ch: Robert b 1863, John George b 1866, James Malford b 1878, Sarah Ann b 1855, Catherine b 1857, Martha b 1862, Eliza Jane b ? , Mary Alice b 1868, Susan 1857, Effie May b ?, and 3 infants who died. James Cruikshank was killed in a barn-raising 26 Mar 1878 (Tara?) Elizabeth gave birth to James Malford 25 June 1878. Child, Effie May died 24 June 1878. All info to Mrs. F. June Helm(nee Lovett), 1032 Hopkins Cres., Moose Jaw, Sask. S6H 3E7.

ROWE/CROOKSHANK/CRUIKSHANK: Elizabeth ROWE married James CROOKSHANK, s/o James & Catherine Crookshank. Lived in Arran Twp in 1861. Ch: Robert, John George, James Malford, Sarah Anne, Catherine, Martha, Jane Eliza, Mary Alice, Susan, Effie May, and 3 infants. Need all details on Elizabeth. Most Crookshank ch b Tara, Elizabeth was 78 years old when she died 9 Aug. 1912 in Waskada, Man. May have been b in Peterborough, Ont. All info to Mrs. F. June Helm, above address.

GRAFTON– James E., b June 20, 1822, probably in St. Thomas, Elgin Co., According to 1871 Aldborough census he was a member of C.of E. Wish to uncover the family background. All info to James G. Carter, 2500 Wickliffe Rd, Columbus, OH, 43221

GILLETT, Salmon Gillett son Timothy and Eunice (HITCHCOCK) GILLETT came to Canada in 1809 from Cazenovia, Madison, NY. Are the following his children??? Jeremiah m Emeline TRUSK, Lorenzo D. b 10 Dec. 1810 m Adeline T. TRASK, Ann b 1813 m St. John SKINNER perhaps 6 June 1833 in Middleton twp, Norfolk co. John W. b 1816 m Rhoda _______, Mary Gillett b ca 1820 m Benjamin BEARSS in Malahide Twp 7 July 1840. Salmon’s widow Abigail (SMITH) Gillett m Daniel BEARSS in 1848 in Malahide Twp, All info welcome and will share. Info to Patricia W. Lundy, 3130 Caswell Rd., Troy, MI 48084 USA.

SKINNER– Seeking info on St. John SKINNER, son of Benjamin Skinner, Loyalist in Stamford. In 1817 St. John sold his inherited property and moved where??? He died in 1840. Seeking info on his wife and his children. A St. John Skinner m Ann Gillett and is listed with his family in 1851 Bayham Twp census. Are the two St. John Skinner’s related? Will share. lnfo to Patricia W. Lundy, above address.

GILBERT– Does anyone have knowledge of a GILBERT family that once lived in Port Stanley area? someone remembers seeing a large stone in that area with the name LORD GILBERT on it. Info to Orrena Hanley, 510 Salem Ave., Toronto, Ont., M6H 3E1

MARR,BUCHNER/BOUGHNER– would be glad to hear from anyone interested in the MARR family who would be able to shed some light on a Thomas MARR who once lived on Lot 25, south of the Talbot Road, Southwold Twp, Would also be glad to hear from anyone names BUCHNER/BOUGHNER and would be glad to share info. Info to Orrena Hanley, 510 Salem Ave. Toronto, Ont., M6H 3E1

SMITH-SINCLAIR– seek info on ch of William SMITH and Elizabeth SINCLAIR, m Burra, Shet Is., bd Southwold Twp, Oliver m Sarah SMITH, Robert m ? to Windsor area , William m Margrate    ? to Lambton co., James m    ? d 1905 in St.Thomas, was a policeman, John m Louise FOWLER, d St. Thomas, 1922, Ellen m Orange DEAN, lived Norfolk co., Betsey m Arch TIDERINGTON to Lambton co., 1873, Agnes Smith b 1839, Shet Is., m John SALT when? lived where? All info to Mrs. Anne Black, #6091, Box 217, Crofton, B.C. VOR 1R0

HONSINGER, MILLS, MINARD: John HONSINGER (HUNTSINGER) U.E.L. Louth & Grantham Twps, b 1759, K.R.R. of New York, d c 1841, son John m Mary ? Mary b 1772 d 25 June 1865 in Elgin co., moved with her son Peter Honsinger & his wife Jane (HAUSE) from Niagara. Ch: John Sr., Marg H. m John MILLS of Yarmouth, Margaret H. m David MINARD of Yarmouth, Waite H., Nancy. All info to Barbara Wright, 10 Amberwood Crt, St.Catharines, Ontario L2N 7E1

MILLIGAN, Edward (Ed,Ned) b Nova Scotia, wh? lvd Iona Station, Largie, Chicago ILL., prts Alexander & Mary (NILES), m Chritena McPHAIL, 28 Sept. 1858. Edward d 13 April 1903, Christena d 23 July 1916, bd St. Thomas cem. Ch: Alexander, Neil, Annie m Joseph WELLMAN lvd St. Thomas, Mary, Kate m MacARTHUR, lvd Chicago, ILL., Sarah, William lvd Winnipeg wh? and Edward, Any info on above family to Shirley M. Campbell, Box 123, R.R. # 1, Iona Station, Ont., N0L 1P0

MILLIGAN, Nancy b Nova Scotia, wh? lvd Iona Station, prts Alexander and Mary (NILES) m John McINTYRE 13 Oct. 1864, res of Southwold, his prts John and Ann, ch? Any info to Shirley M. Campbell, above address

PARTRIDGE John b England(wife-Ann) lvd in London-St. Thomas, area. Son Thomas b 1831 m Ann E. BOUGHNER- 7 Sept. 1861 Woodhouse Twp, Norfolk co. Seek any info on both John and Thomas PARTRIDGE. All info to J.W. Bedell, 140 Lothian Ave., Toronto, Ontario, M8Z 4L4.

HOSNER-FLEMING, Henry Hosner 1808-86 lvd in Aldborough in 1870’s. Ch were John 1831—1922; Marsellus 1820— ?; Horace 1835—1917; Mariah 1840— ?; Melgar 1843- ?; Diana 1848- ? ; Elizabeth 1850-1929 m Win. JACK; Dianna m James FLEMING in Aldborough in 1871 (son of James Fleming and Ann Gibb of Aldborough) Any info re burial places and descs to James L. McCallum, Box 71, Monkton, Ontario N0K 1P0

CLAYTON-BRADLEY, Archibald CLAYTON of Malahide m a widow, Mrs Levi (Sarah) BRADLEY in 1856. Her ch by first marriage were: Milton 1833; Emily 1835; Margaret 1838; Lydia 1841; Catherine 1844; Sarah 1847; and Levi Bradley 1850. By second marriage she had Bertha 1858 and J.M. Clayton 1859. Family believed to have moved to Michigan in 1860’s. Need Sarah’s maiden name and whereabouts of family in Michigan. Did any of the BRADLEY ch remain in Malahide? Would like to hear from anyone researching Bradley or Clayton family. All info to James L. McCallum, above address.

BOLSBY, John Daniel BOLSBY b Oct 9, 1845 at Talbotville (BOWLBY) to Peter and Catherine Bowlby. Active West Lorne resident 1870-1913. Carpenter and cabinet maker, (Erie Flooring) Municipal council member & Methodist Church activist (lay preacher, Sabbath School superintendant 22 years and Secretary of Trustee Board). All info & historical data to Ruth Bolsby, 209 Heath St. W., Toronto, Ontario M4V 1T4.

BOWLBY(BOLSBY)– John Daniel BOWLBY (BOLSBY) born Oct. 9, 1845 Talbotville, Elgin co. Seek info on siblings, James Wesley b c 1837, Martha R. b c 1841, Sorenas b c 1848 , David H. b c 1851 (probably b to second wife Hannah) All info to Ruth Bolsby, above address

CHASE, Ann, m James BURWELL, dau Hannah S. b Ridgetown ca 1830. Need info on prts. birth, marriage, death dates. BURWELL, James m Ann CHASE, dau Hannah S. b Ridgetown ca 1830. May be youngest son of James Burwell (the Loyalist) and Hannah FRAZEE, Need location of land grant of O.C. Mar 3, 1831. For above queries contact Mrs. Jean Drummelsmith, R.R. # 1, Dutton, Ont. N0L 1J0.

SMITH-SMITH – George Jewett/Juitt SMITH (English) and Margaret Blair SMITH (Irish) lived in Malahide Twp during the 1850’s, they moved to Walsingham Twp, in the 1860’s where G.J. was engaged in the lumber business in 1868. G.J. had a cousin named Wm PLEVES, a mill owner, who lvd in Bayham Twp, Any info would be appreciated by Elaine Campbell, Apt. 1701, 52 Mabelle Ave., Islington, Ont., M9A 4X9

JOHNSTON, Humphrey and Margaret emigrated from Ireland to Malahide Twp ca 1813. Any info to Fred Johnson, 643 Mohawk Cres., Thunder Bay, Ont. P7C 5G4

TODD, Mary Ellen TODD b 1840 in Bayham Twp, Elgin County, was second wife of George FROST of Tillsonburg, Ont., m in 1885. Mary Ellen d 8 Dec. 1919 in Tillsonburg, Info to Harold Holland, 158 Highbury Ave., London, Ont., N5Z 2W4.

YELLAND– seek info on desc of Annie LEGG & William YELLAND. Annie b 29 Apr 1866 in Cornwall England. Ch: Hilda, Mildred (McCARVER), Lillian (VINCENT) Ada (Mrs. Bev

ZAVITZ) settled in Elgin co, poss St. Thomas, All info to Mrs. Brock Olde, Box 297, Clinton, Ont. N0M 1L0

ROBERTS– seek info on desc of Lucy LEGG & William ROBERTS. Lucy b 14 July 1863 Cornwall, England. Lucy lvd Union, Elgin co., bd in Union United Church cem. Ch: Alice (BARRY). Info to Mrs. Brock Olde, above address.

DALEY– does anyone know of John N. DALEY b 1875, to Mary Catherine (ANGER) (THOMPSON) and John B. DALEY of Bayham Twp, Elgin Co. All info to Mrs. Marie MacLeod, R.R. # J. Embro, Ont., N0J 1J0

DEAR(DEER)– Would like to know anything about the DEAR (DEER) family in Pt Burwell, Eden, Vienna, St. Thomas, (Elgin co.) 1870-1900. Some of DEAR family moved to Milford, MI, any info from there would be appreciated as well. Info to Glenn B. Murphy, 87 Granger Ave., Scarborough, Ont., M1K 3L4.

NELLES (NELLIS)– Would like info about the NELLES (NELLIS) family in Port Burwell, Eden area, Elgin co). 1870-1900. All info to Glenn Murphy, above address.

DECOW-FRASER -John b c 1843 m Minerva FRASER c 1860,Ch: Annie, James b 1866, Albert E. b 1869, John b. 1870. Family lvd at Iona, Elgin co., Any info on this fam & desc to Brian Pierce, 190 Chalet Cres., London, Ont. N6K 3C6

GlLBERT– Eppa & Sarah listed in 1851 census of Southwold Twp, Elgin co., Ont. Any info to Brian Pierce, above address.

McCOWAN– James, lvd Ont. 1850 plus, son Fred b Ont., Dec. 5, 1855, any info to L.B. Ferrie, 20853 Newlands Dr., Langley ,B.C. V3A 4M3.

NELSON, LYMBURNER – Arthur NELSON d. Straffordville, Elgin co., Ont., wife Liney (Angaline) LYMBURNER. Ch: Dora, Blanche, Margaret, baby son. Info to George E. Lampman, Regional Rd. # 6, Caistor Centre, Ont., L0R lE0.

ASHWORTH– Fred E., Clare, Dorothy, Henry. 1910-1920 in St.Thomas, they may be brothers and sisters?????? Info to Howard Mills, 135 Balaclava St.,St. Thomas, Ontario N5P 3C9.

SMALL-LOOKING FOR Edmund SMALL, b 1811 England. d ? St. Thomas, s/o Edmund Small & Mary HILL .- 1st marriage Elizabeth Small, 2nd marr. Julia THORNTON, 3rd marr. Rebecca ?. Lived first in Usborne Twp then moved to St. Thomas after 1881. Info to Mona Aitken, 307 Wedgewood Dr., London, Ont., N5Y 2G7.

BASTEDO– Wealthy Viola b ca 1864 d/o E. Washington BASTEDO & Jane (BUCKLEY) wife of J.B. DAVIDSON, bd in Scottsville cem. Any info on ch to Janice Rezar, 137 St.George St., St. Thomas, Ont., N5P 2M3.

BASTEDO – Mary, b ca 1869 d/o E. Washington BASTEDO and Jane BUCKLEY, wife of John TRIM, prob bd in Albion, MI. need death dates & children. All info to Janice Rezar, above address.

DUNLOP– Margaret Ann, b ca 1828? d 9 Apr 1891, Elgin co, wife of Henry PRESSEY of Malahide. Had brother Tom. Any info to Evelyn Elliott, 17 Gablewood Cresc. London, Ont., N6G 2Z8.

HOUSE-  Conrad b 1785 at Ft. Erie, Ontario, d 1873 in Yarmouth twp, Elgin co. G. Frederick House b ca 1795 U.C. d 1881 Malahide Twp , Elgin co., Were Conrad & Frederick sons of John HOUSE U.E. & Christina ANGER of Welland co., All info to Evelyn Elliott, above address.

JOHNSON -Horatio m Mary EVELAND in St. Thomas, Elgin Co., His bro Rufus JOHNSON m Lucy Webster who was b in Buffalo, N.Y. Who were their parents and grand- parents? Lois Barnes, 2592 North 175 West, Sunset, Utah, 84015

HARDING, John C. Harding b C.W. May 1805, d Benton co. Iowa 18 Dec. 1856, m Elizabeth    ?    lvd ca 10 Oct 1845 in Malahide Twp Elgin co, Ontario, Owned Lot 14 n 1/2, con 4. Ch: Corintha b C.W. ca 1837, Eliza b C.W. 9 Oct 1839, Mary Catherine b C.W. 12 July 1843, Newton Dellas b C.W. Sept 1845, Martha A. b C.W. ca 1851. His wife Elizabeth b C.W. 1814. All info to Mrs Carol D. Briggs, 1126 Kumquat Dr., New Port Richey, Florida. 33552.

CARLEY– Need info on John CARLEY b 1790 Westmeath co, & wife Mary JORDAN, lvd in St. Thomas, Elgin co., Ontario, later mvd to Kent co. All info to Joan Griffin, 45541 Denise Dr., Plymouth, MI. 48170.

HATTON– Thomas HATTON b 1819 Ireland. 1st wife Ellen SHEA were married in Dunwich 1861. Thomas later m Margaret DOYLE. When did Thomas and wives die? All info to Joan Griffin, above address.

GRASS– John b Niagara Twp m Phoebe CUDNEY. Their dau Luscinda GRASS b July 9, 1836, Niagara Twp m Isaac RYCKMAN June 11, 1854, Luscinda d Dec. 28, 1932 in Sparta. Need info on John & Phoebe. All info to Miss Marion R. Thompson, R.R. #4, Aylmer, Ont., N5H 2R3.

SIPES, Jacob- Butlers’ Rangers d 1823, resided in Beverly Twp, Ont., m Catharine WILLIAMS d/o Frederick Williams. Issue: Juliana, Jacob, Hannah b 1796, Jonas, Mary, Rebecca, Andrew, John, Catharine b 1770, Sarah, Elizabeth, Margaret. All info to Miss Marion R. Thompson, above address.