Talbot Times 1986 June



 Newsletter of Elgin County Branch of the Ontario Genealogical Society

Volume V                Issue 2                June 1986


Recently I recovered the “Last Will and Testament” of Charles Lawrance, Yeoman,

Lot 28, Concession 5, Township of Yarmouth, initiated on the l4th day, the year of our Lord One Thousand Eight Hundred and Seventy-Four. Although I’m conducting a genealogy research project on the HOSACK family of the Township of Yarmouth, this document was provided by the Land Registry Office, St. Thomas, Elgin County, in order to verify my families land ownership.

What makes it (the Will) so interesting is the fact that he Charles Lawrance, gave away most of his land to those tenants residing on the Lot/Concession. It would appear that he was a most prosperous farmer and his generosity was clearly related through his Will.

The document was broken down into nine segments making provisions for the distribution of his wealth as follows:

  • To George Lale, Township of Yarmouth, his foreman, the sum of Twleve Hundred Dollars (1,200.00) plus One Hundred Dollars (100.00) to his five children.
  • To Charles A. Lachlan, a minor, now living with me (Charles Lawrance) the sum of

Four Thousand Five Hundred Dollars (4,500.00) and an additional Five Hundred Dollars (500.00) be paid to the other surviving children of Francis L. Lachlan, who at this time was residing in the State of Michigan, U.S.A.

  • To Henry Stafford of the Township of Malahide, Yeoman, the sum of Six Hundred Dollars (600.00) to be distributed to himself and his own children.
  • To Obadiah Griffin of the Township of Yarmouth the northerly twenty-five acres of the south half of Lot number Twenty-eight on the Fifth Concession of said Township of Yarmouth.
  • To Francis Lawrance, of the Township of Yarmouth the next twenty-five acres of the said Lot.
  • To Henry Hossick (sic) of the Township of Yarmouth the next twenty-five acres of the said south half Lot.
  • To Osmen Zavitz, a blind person, the southerly twenty-five acres of said south half Lot.
  • The remainder of my estate, real and personal of what nature to my wife, Harriet Lawrance, subject only to the payment of my just debts, funeral and testamentary expenses.
  • Lastly, he appointed his wife, Harriet Lawrance sole executrix of his last Will and Testament and revoked all former wills.

Charles Lawrance must have been aware that his time was near as he prepared this, his “Last Will and Testament”. He died within a very short time and his Will was filed for probate on the 6th day of August 1874. Witnesses signing the document were: William E. Murray, of the village of Aylmer, in the County Of Elgin, Conveyancer and George F. Clark of the village of Aylmer in the County of Elgin, Physician.

Altogether, Charles Lawrance, Yeoman, gave away 100 acres of land and over Six Thousand Nine Hundred Dollars (6,900.00) to his Friends and neighbors.

The above was submitted by. . . . MSgt. Edward A. Craig, 107 FIG/ DPMH, Niagara Falls IAP, New York, U.S.A. 143O4-6O00


For the 1967 Canadian Centennial celebrations, many townships in Ontario undertook to write a centennial history of the township.

One of the many histories, excellent because it deals not only with the political and geographical development of the township but also includes the names of many early settlers and the genealogies of some families, is the one produced by Crowland

Township. This township, after 1851 and prior to regionalization, was part of Welland County in the Niagara area of Ontario. (It is unfortunate that this history is out of print).     In addition to distribution, financial, political, weather—related and legal problems faced by the present day farmer, the 1800 era farmers contended with more basic problems.

March 30, 1793, 29 settlers, petitioned Governor Simcoe in Newark (now Niagara-onthe-Lake), to have their lands surveyed. The area in question was Humberstone township, part of Bertie township and most of Crowland township.

March 7, 1803, first Town meeting of Crowland-—”by major voice of the meeting all fences or field enclosures in the Township are to be 5 feet in height without any opening between the ground and the top of the fourth rail in each panel more than 5 inches. Otherwise the owner or owners are excluded from all redress for damages done within their fences or enclosures by horses, horned cattle, sheep or hogs. “1

March 4, 1805,–”Hogs under the age of one year must be well yoked by their owners in case of their doing damage within the enclosures of others. Otherwise may be impounded by the person damaged and the owner obliged to pay all damages done by them. Hogs over the age of one year are allowed to run at large. “1

March 3, 1806,–”Horses, mares or geldings found running at large or in the Common or found in the enclosures of any person may be impounded. “2

Jan. 4, 1841–”Resolved that horned cattle may be impounded but to collect damage done by horned cattle, the person suffering the loss must have a lawful fence. “3


March 6, 1830. At a Special Session near Brown’s Bridge, by the Magistrates for the purpose of regulating statute labour on Highways, the following was approved by John Clark, David Thompson. (The figures following each man’s name denotes the number of days he was required to work on the road.)

  1. “Francis Benedict, Path Master from Stephen Skinner’s to E. Doan’s. Daniel H. Benedict, 6; Hiram Doan, 3 Benjah Doan, 5; Samuel Doan, 5; Dillon Doan, 3; Aaron Doan, 3.
  2. William Defields, Path Master from Mattias Misener to Stephen Skinner. Mattias

Misner, 7; Andrew Nevils, 3; Loyal Ostrander, 2; Henry Defields, 3; James Efferingham, 2; Leonard Matthews, 7; Calvin Forsythe, 3; John Phero, 2; Henry Phero, 4; William Efferingham, 3; John Hilton, 6.

  1. Issac Doan, Path Master from David Woods to Robert Doan. Asa Moulton, 3; Benjamin Moulton, 3; Jesse Yokum, 6; Jonas Yokum, 6.
  2. David Woods, Path Master from Leonard Misener on the Chippawa running towards Lyons Creek to Matthias Misener Road. John W. Byam, 4; John Stewart, 6; George Kilts, 6; Peter Kilts, 4; John Rian, 3; Leonard Misener, 8.
  3. William Paulding, Path Master from John Brearley to E. Doan. John Yokum, 6; Daniel Robbins, 4; John Buck, 2; Cyrus Benedict, 3; Titus Doan, 3.
  4. Robert W. Cook, Path Master from Cooks Mills to Chippawa. Alexander Cook, 9;

Charles Wilson, 5; Stephen Skinner, 6; Daniel Benedict, 2; John Hardy, 8; Samuel

Hatch, 4; Jacob Brakbill, 5; Henry Brakbill, 3; Robert Doan, 7; John B. Cook, 8; Joel

Brearley, 3; Daniel Forsythe, 2; John Brearley, 7; Henry Seger, 6; Elias Brearley 2nd, 3; John Hellem, 9; Charles Hellem, 3. “4


To avoid disputes about the ownership of livestock and duplicate marks, the first settlers decided each owner of livestock should have the earmark assigned to him recorded.

This record was started in Crowland shortly after the township was organized in 1803.

May 20, 1803, Elijah Doan. A hole thro’ the left ear and a crop off the right. The mark of Elijah Doan, deceased, is transferred to Benajah Doan, his son, June 15, 1830.     May 20, 1803, Joseph Current. A halfpenny out of the front edge of the right ear and a halfpenny out of the back edge of the left. This mark of Joseph Current, deceased, is given to Jacob Current, his son, Jan. 4, 1830 and to Malcolm Curry, Dec. 29, 1849.     May 20, 1803, William Current Sr. A slit in the end of each ear and a halfpenny out of the under or back edge of each. This mark to William N. Current, May 29, 1849.

June 15, 1803, Jesse Yokom, Sr. A small crop off the end of each ear.

To John Yokom, Jan 21 1821 and to George Benedict, Mar. 14, 1873. (The date of the most recent earmark in the history.)

July 2, 1803, Samuel Cook. A crop off the right ear and a slit in the left. To William Yokum, Jan. 25, 1840.

July 2, 1803, Elias Brearley. A crop off the left ear and a slit in the right. To James Tuft, June 11,1849.

July 8, 1803, Gidion Dudley. A swallow fork in the left ear.     To Jonas Yokom, Mar. 8, 1809.

There are many more up to the last entry which follows.

Sept. 21 1861, Gilbert Cook. A crop off the end of both ears and a slit in the right.

  2. ibid page 30
  3. ibid page 47
  4. ibid page 36.7
  5. ibid page 78-84

The above was submitted by Max Doan

News of Interest from the Times Journal    Sept. 28, 1896.

Mrs. J. Cameron, of Beaverton is visiting her son A.K. Cameron, barrister.

Mrs. Galbraith, of London is visiting her parents, Mr. & Mrs. Jas. Carrie .

Miss. Libbie Kendrick, of Painham(?) is visiting Mrs. Hare of Malakoff Street.

Mrs. McArthur, Ailsa Craig, is visiting Mrs. H. MacPherson, Stanley Street .

Mr. E.R. Finch, who has been home on vacation has returned to Chicago.

Miss. Mary Smith, 45 St. Catherines Street has returned from a montns visit to Toronto.

Mr. & Mrs. H.B. Clark, Grand Rapids, Mich. are visiting J.B. Klippert, Scott Street.

Mrs. W.F. Jones, Detroit, is visiting her sister, Mrs. W.F. Wilkinson, William Street.

Mr. Frank Darling, Romeo, Michigan is the guest of his nephew Thomas Smith, Arthur Ave.

J.H. Anderson, C.P.R., operator, Woodstock spent Sunday with M. Nellens, C.P.R., operator, city.

Edgar Sanders, of J.M. Genn’ s office and W. McLaws left today for Toronto to attend the Law School.

Mr. and  Mrs. Milligan, Stanley Street, arrived home Saturday from a month’s visit in the NorthWest.

Mr. and Mrs. J. Gowling, have returned and will be at home to their friends after Tuesday, Sept. 29 at 173 Wellington Street.

Mrs. G.L. Howell, of Toronto returned home today after a months visit amongst friends and relatives in Corinth, Melbourne and this city.

Mr. O.W. Masterman, 17 Manitoba Street, has been laid up for a couple of weeks with lumbago is recovering, Dr. Fulton is attending him.

Mr. And Mrs. Robert Richardson and son Gordon, Flora Street, have returned home from Port Stanley, where they have been visiting Mrs. Richardson’s parents, Mr. and Mrs. G. Thorn.


MacComber — In this town on the 8th inst. the wife of E. MacComber C.S.R. of a daughter.

Roach – In St. Thomas, on the 6th October, the wife of M.C. Roach of a daughter

Moore – In Yarmouth on the 2nd inst, the wife of A.J. Moore of a son.


Macomber – In Buffalo, on the 7th inst., Ellen wife of E. Macomber, conductor C.S.R. aged 55 years, 1 month and 20 days.

Orchard – on the 4th inst. Anne wife of John Orchard aged 65 years, 7 months and 2 days.

Bromell — In this town on the 10th inst. Christina L, wife of William Bromell, jr., aged 21 years 11 months.

Berry – In this town on the 10th October, Louisa Berry, aged 23 years.


Little-Fraser – On the 29th ult, by Rev. J.H. Paradis, of Port Stanley, John Little, of Southwold, to Emma, daughter of Wm. Fraser, of the same township.

Kartsmark-Harding – In Aylmer, on the 23rd September, by Rev. Robt. Holmes, Amiel Kartsmark of Aylmer, to Mattie Harding of Tillsonburg.

McCausland-Wrong — On the 7th inst. in St. Pauls Church, Toronto, by the Rev.

T.C.DesRarres, John McCausland to Mary Agnes, eldest daughter of the late W.B. Wrong, of Aylmer.

Creighton-Varey – At Montreal on the 7th inst. by Rev. Hugh Johnston, B.D., George K. Creighton, of this town to Hattie R., daughter of George Varey, Montreal

McLarity-Orr – At London on October 5th, by Rev. J. Philip, Paul McLarity, of Yarmouth, to Mary Jane Orr, of Caradoc.

Spencer-Rockafellow— On the 6th inst.by the Rev. D.W. Roland, at his own residence Wellington Street, Charles Spencer to Lizzie Rockafellow, both of the township of Walsingham.

Wastee— McIntyre — On the 13th inst., at the Wilcox Hotel, St. Thomas, by Rev. W. Hooper, William F. Wastee, of the township of Dunwich, to Miss Margaret McIntyre, of the same place.

TIMES JOURNAL    April 7, 1896    .

House to rent — With 8 or 12 acres of land, on the Talbot Road. For further particulars apply to Mrs. Geo. Ponsford, sr. on the premises.

For sale or Rent — In the villaae of Dexter, one house, lot, blacksmith shop and barn in good locality, 4 miles to nearest shop. For further particulars address Thomas Jones, Dexter, Ont.

House for Sale – A new red pressed brick house with furnace and all modern conveniences — Apply to Mrs. Smith, 87 Elgin Street.

For Sale — Two cottages, No. 65 and 67 north side of Mitchell Street, St. Thomas. House and lot in the village of Union, Ont. Lot 2 Main street. Address S.V. Wilson, Union, Ont.


To celebrate the arrival of John Blackburn to America, 250 years ago, his descendants will erect a marker in Menallen Township, Pennsylvania and hold a reunion on the weekend of August 1st 1986. Two branches of his family are John and James Blackburn, both United Empire Loyalists who settled in Kent County. For more information, write to the Blackburn Family Association, 29204 Oak Point Drive, Farmington Hills, MI 48018.

Submitted by Eleanor Genovese, E.C.B.,O.G.S. #155


Continued from page 44, December, 1985


Graduation Class of . . .

1972 . . . A CLASS

Linda Armstrong (Wright), Patricia Barzo (Merrifield), Lynn Box, Donna Boyd (Fleming),

Anne Bratanek (Nicholson), Betty Bridgeman (Carroll), Marie Brown, Muriel Burrows

(Noble), Nancy Cameron, Kathryn Campbell*, Darlene Daugherty, Carol-Lynn Dennis

(Parsons), Linda Esseltine, Rolane (Landy) Gill, Deborah Glassford, Janith Hammond (Jacklin), Carolyn Holland, Sharon Huffman, Donna Jay, Donna Jenkins, Kathryn

Keene, Elizabeth Kemp, Catherine Kenny, Marilyn Kersey, Marilyn Arlene Ladouceur, Dianne Elaine Lawson (McLellan), Judith Lutman (Russell), Anne Marie Meyer, Jean Morse, Gayle Mulholland (White), Kathie Murray (Kelly), Glenna Nixon, Marlene O’Neil

(Kelly), Marina Paul, Anna Petryszyn (Bej), Ruth Ann Rogers (Siddall), Marguerite

Siddall (Zavitz), Mary Louise Surmacz (Parrot), Judith Szabo (Keay), Linda Dianne

Szilagyi, Susan Thayer, Brenda Tidball (Bramley), Sharleen Warner (Phillips), Marlene Wiley (Martin), Grace Wilson, Valorie Wright * (Park)

1972 . . . B CLASS

Lynne Abbott, Partricia Arnold, Catherine Isobel Atkinson, Joan Eileen Axford, Lois

Barnes (Shaw), Beverly Brammer (Wilcox), Donna Burczky, Wendy Marion Cronkite

(Mahoney), Bonnie Crossett (Richardson), Peggy Elson (Smith), Elizabeth Fennema

(Hostetler), Doreen Foster Maclntyre, Anne Louise Graham, Marlene Grant (Sullivan),

Patricia Harbison, Lynn Havman, Starlene Hendricks (Bendall), Mary Ann Henry,

Wendy Hobbs, Elizabeth Howe, Carol Ann Husband (Augey), Anna Catheine Legan,

Sherry Lunn, Wendy Marks (Jackson), Victoria Milne, Brenda MacKay (Preston), Donna

Nelson, Penny Lyne Pearce (Granger), Brenda Rayment (Pegg), Marilyn

Schnekenburger, Helen Shipley (McCready), May Stewart (Stewart), Mary Lou

Thompson (Allen), Kathryn Tracey (Bale), Bonnie Tremain (S lager), Patricia Warewyck (Erns), Wendy Jane Walker (Phillips), Judith Wheatley(McLarty), Margaret Anne Holland.


  • . . . Dawn Albrechtas, Linda Anderson (Brown), Marlene Berry, Karen Fern Bogart,

Maria Brouwer (Fawcett), Penni Brown (Brown), Betty Demchuk, (Fradgley), Judy

Fowler (Graves), Katherine Ann Green, Sandra Guest (Fish), Glenda Elaine Hayward, Rebecca Lee Ingram (McLachlin), Wendy Jenney (Webber), Frances Kinsey (Kinsey),

Lynne Knight, Heather Leckie, Rosalie Martens, Joan Matheson, Ireene Millard (Mears),

Jenine Millard, Jo—Ann McLachlan, James Noviss, Gary Peters, Pat Phinney (Huntley),

Karen Russell (Reid), Helayne Sales (Young), Sharon Shackelton (Dean), Wendy

Smith, Noreen Sparling, Joanne Untereiner, Catharine Jean Wight, Janet Lee Wilson,

. . . Karleen Baker, Helen Campbell, Marlene Campbell, Partricia Cantelon,

Barbara Clark, Lesslie Ann Cotterell, William Croker, Dorace Dale, Vicki Lynn Dodd

(Hunt), Judith Forbes, Peggi Frank (Bagot), Patricia Greene, Anne Growse, Eileen

Haley, Jane Johnston, Deborah Ker, Mary Kilbourne, Betty Kocela, Kenneth Lucas,

Donna Lunn (Spurgeon), Irne Mall (Masih), Cheryl Mersereau, Sharon Morgan, Bronia

Mysior, Linda Neville, Carol Nickerson, Patricia Peters, Peggy Piggot (Scott), Katherine

Pennell (McIntosh), Pamela Popovich (VanBreada), Ruth Richardson, Terry Riesse,

Florence Rose, Valerie Catherine Sloper (Wilkins), Sandra Tabecek, Trudy Trudgen, Dianne Vanden Elzen, Beverly Waite, Donna Kathleen Williams (Hurnphries), Rebecca Ann Yahnke.

. . . Patricia L. Alexander, Frances E. Atkinson, Susan E. Bogart,    Catherine

  1. Crandall, Dianne L. Cunningham, Patricia E. Fife, Debborah L. Gale, Carol—Anne

Gibson, Cheryl D. Gough, Irene Marie Hasty, Lynn D. Helps, Laurel D. Holmes,

Margaret S.A. Hoover, Pamela J. Jensen, Ruth Dianne Joyce, Dorothy L. kay, Susan N. Kluka, Kathy J. Leith, Ruth A. Mardlin, Brenda J. McFadden, Sharon L. McFadden, Marion J. McRaild, Monica Z. Obelienius, Lou Anne Paul, Barbara L. Rastin, Mary C.

Rice, Anne N. Saville, Susan Smith, Esther C. Teetzel, Barbara J. Thibert, Sharon D. Thornton, Judy I. Thyssen, Cynthia Traichevich, Charlotte A. VanBuskirk, Mildred J. VanSpronsen, Karen J. Walsh, Lynda M. Whealy, Lynda M. Whealy, Mary E. Wilcox, Lorraine D. Yurchuk.

. . . Julie Bromley, Drenda Callowhille, Wendy Cupples, Margaret Dempsey,

Anne Marie Derks, Louise Duprey, Tudy Anne Frank, Dorothy Garrett, Pamela Graham,

Carol Huntley, Sandra Jenkins, Jo Anne Jewell, Terry Jones, Marsjah Kruys, Pauleine

Ladouceur, Janet Leitch, Jean Lochanski, Kathy Longhurst, Audrey Lord, Lynn MacKay, Mary McGill, June Nichols, Deborah O’Brien, Sue O’Donnell, Rita O’Dwyer, Janice Penney, Deborah Pollock, Kathy Pretli, Nancy Ridhcardson, Jeannie Simpson, Vicky Thibault, Susan Williams, Patricia Wood, Leslie Woodhurn.

. . . Karen Anne Bondy, Virginia Grayce Cooke, Lauree Jane Cotterell,

Margauerite Cupples, Donna Jean Ferguson, Heather Darlene Frank, Cheryl Dawn

Freer, Sherry Lynn Gallaugher, Karen Margaret Graham, Nancy Del Harris, Shirley

Kathleen Hendrick, June Elizabeth Brown, Carol Ann Burrell, Karen Sue Hutchison, Pamela Anne Inch, Susan Margaret Kalfleish, Karen Rose Knowles, Glenn Alan Kolano,

Cheryl Ann Leacock, Nancy Anne Lemon, Ilma Lucinda Mackesy, Wendy Jean Mauer, Catherine April McAuley, Theresa Elizabeth McCormick, Debora May McFadden,

Catherine Lynn McVety, Brenda Irene McWilliam, Anne More, Joanne Louise Nelligan, Karen Sue Pretty, Kathryn Ellen Secord, Helen JoAnne Sharp, Beth Arlene Sloan, Ann Leslie Taggart, Beverley Ann Thompson, Catherine Lynn Tully, Kyle Sylvia Woodworth.

. . . Tammy Abel, Particia Barnes, Gay Bodley, Lynda Bradbury, Patti Brereton,

Sandra Caldwell, Katharine Causyn, Cornelia Christ, Lynn Dalton, Mary Margaret Davis,

Kathy Dawso, Maureen Devine, Audrey Eastlake, Mary Jo Eaton, Michael Fryer,

Carolyn Jones, Jane Kamphuis, Ronna Laye, Diane Lynch, Sharon Lynch, Deirdre

Maloney, Sharon Mardlin, Cindy Maxner, Gail McKellar, Robyn Metcalfe, Glenna Moir,

Sharlene Moran, Ruth Ann Reimer, Dorothy Rice, Cathy Roks, Sue Ann Soulliere, Nina Sparenberg, Patricia Thornley, Ethel Varewyck, Maria Varsch, Catherine Veitch, Mary Ann Webster, Arlene Westerveld, Constance Wills, Barbara Yeandle.

. . . Elleke Arkema, Karen I. Bishop, Jacqulene D. Brooks, Kim Burgess, Lydia Cabaddu, Phoebe L. Collard, Margaret E. Crunican, Rosemarie J. DeDeckere, Nancy J.

Dutton, Joanne S. Flett, Kathy J. Flintoft, Patricia A. Golding, Gary A. Goodwin, Janice

Harek, Anne M. Heenan, Wendy C. Johnson, Nancy J. Kalfleish, Marian F. Kavcic,

Theresa M. Knapp, Susan E. Lassche, Patricia A. McEwen, Karen L. McGregor Cindy M. McIntyre, Dorothy J. McKillop, Nancy J. Murray, Christine A. Parrish, Nancy A. Reid, Susan A. Shepherd, Cindy L. Sillers, Carole A. Smith, Maria T. Spicer, Joanne C. White, Heather L. Wicks, R. Anne Ziegler.



ACRE -TYRRELL – LANE– Sarrah dau of Lambert and Charlotte ACRE m Jesse TYRRELL late 1820’s. Ambers ? b ca 1830 son of Jesse & Sarrah TYRRELL m Mary Elizabeth LANE, dau of Wm. LANE in 1858, both of Bayham Twp, Elgin County. Charlotte ACRE reg. 1861 census Bayham twp age 78 years. Looking for relation to Miles & Hannah TYRRELL reg census Malahide Twp, Elgin county 1861. Will exchange info with anyone researching above names. Lloyd Tyrrell, 8 Denton Ave., Tillsonburg, Ontario, N4G 3W5.

CRAFTS Thomas (1809-1867) and Elizabeth Blackburn CRAFTS. Seeking info about the descendants of their married daughters: Margaret COOK, Alice ANDERSON, Mary WELLES, Martha ENGLIN (EGLIN?) and Elizabeth LLOYD. Please send to Eleanor Genovese, 21 Appleby Rd., Wellesley, MA. 02181.

DEAR (DEER) families in Port Burwell, Eden, Vienna, St. Thomas, Elgin County, Bayham from l850-1900. Glenn B. Murphy, 87 Granger Ave., Scarborough, Ontario, M1K 3L4. Also looking for any info about the NELLES (NELLIS) families in Bayham Twp, Richmond West, St. Thomas, Elgin County from 1850 to 1920. Glenn Murphy, above.

CORLISS James and Mary (NICOL) CORLISS lived in Bayham Twp from 1840’s but disappear after 1871 census. Son David appears on 1881 Bayham Census. 0ther children were John Corliss who married Emma ELLSWORTH; Daniel, Mary, James, and Maria. Where are parents James and Mary bd? Where did family move to after Bayham? Any descendants still in Bayham? Info to James L. McCallum, Box 71, Monkton, Ontario. NOK lP0.

PARTRIDGE– John, b. England (wife Ann) lived in London-St. Thomas area. Son Thomas, b 1831, m Ann E. BOUGHNER- 7 Sept. 1861 Woodhouse Twp, Norfolk County. Seek any info on both John and Thomas. All info to J.W. Bedell, 140 Lothian Ave., Toronto, Ontario M8Z 4L4.

CUMMINS/HOUSE– Seek parents of David CUMMINS & Betsey HOUSE whose son Hiram was b ca 1825. All info to Ross W. McCurdy, 4 Cold Spring Ave., No Providence, RI. 02911.

BAKER, Rhoda (1816-1891) married John Warren GILLETT (1816-1892); living with daughter Syrinda (wife of Stephen POUND) in Malahide in 1891. Seek names of Rhoda BAKER’S parents. All info to Ms. Jean Bearss, 329 St. Andrew Street, Ottawa, Ontario. K1N    5G9

RYALL (ROYAL)– Jane b 17 July 1829 dau of Thomas and Rachael RYALL m 1 Jan 1848 to John Toles. One known child, Margaret Ann TOLES b. 26 Oct. 1851. Are there other children? Looking for any descendants. Info to Mrs. Florence Yori, General Delivery, Ladysmith, B.C. V0R 2E0

ROYAL (RYALL)– Elizabeth “Betsy” RYALL dau of James RYALL and his wife Margaret (MclNTYRE) m Daniel McKEE- Are there any descendants? All info to Mrs. Florence Yori, above address.

HAIGHT, Adam. b ca 1798 USA poss NY, wife Elizabeth __________? last record 1881 Yarmouth census living near Sparta. Dau Susan m Wm COLLY 1866 ME church. Son Henry m Mary PRYOR (PRIOR) 1868 Me church, dau Rachel m Wm. B. MELLON. When? Where? Other children ? Adam & Elizabeth b where? d where? bd where? All info to Morley A. Mellen, 76 Montcalm Dr., Kitchener, Ontario. N2B 2R2.

MILLARD, Jane. b McTaggart’s Mills, Malahide July 22, 1833, d London 1908, bd Orwell cem, m John Lawrence FERGUSON, lvd Malahide and Yarmouth, St. Thomas, Port Stanley, London, 13 ch. Need her prts. All info to Morley Mellen, above.

GLOINS/MINARD: Job and Susannah MINARD had a dau Ruth Ann who m Nicholas BELLOWS/ BELLIS/ BELLAS and had two children: Isaac and William. After the death of Nicholas, Ruth m Francis GLOINS. Area: Yarmouth Twp. Would like to correspond with anyone researching these names. All info to Betty Bellous, P.O. Box 1002, Marquette, Michigan. 49855 *(1864)

FLOWERS Edwin b in Bardington parish, Oxfordshire, Eng. and bapt 22 Feb.1851. He came to St.Thomas c 1852 with his parents Betsy & Thomas FLOWERS, lived at 64 Pearl Street (High School at end of street) in 1879 with mother. Desire further info re his movements. All info to G. Vivian Adair, 20 Fern Ave., Ottawa, Ont. K1Y 3S1.

RYCKMAN, John Colin, farmer and Mary LINCOLN, his wife, lived Sparta, from 1848 onwards having obtained N 1/2 Lot 23 con 1, Yarmouth Twp, from the Crown. John Colin came from USA, probably Pennsylvania, b. 1795, d Sept 9, 1867 at Sparta, Ontario. Mary LINCOLN came from USA. Can you help me get more info about Mary LINCOLN, and ch of John Colin and Mary? A son, Isaac b 1825, m. June 11, 1854, Luscinda Jane Grass- d Sept 25, 1882. All info to Marion Thompson, R.R. 4, Aylmer (West), Ontario. N5H 2P3.


April 26, 1986, the weather was perfect and the ride was great, we arrived at the Burton Library Collection in good time. We were given an orientation talk and then proceeded to get to work. I think most people started with the card files and then went on to the main room of the collection. We kept the staff busy with questions and requests and found that some of the files requested had to have our identification left at the desk until the file was returned, a good idea, perhaps. All of the staff were very helpful. Some of our people were lucky and found useful information, others came up empty handed, but I’m sure everyone enjoyed the trip. We were able to discuss our interests over dinner and some people found they were looking for the same names and arrangements were made to exchange information on their common name.

All in all it was a well planned trip and many thanks go to Norma and Lloyd Smith for all of the time and effort they put into making all of the arrangements, they thought of everything. THANKS Norma and Lloyd.


MARCH 12, 1986:

Frank Clark introduced the speaker, Mr. Ed Phelps, of the Regional Collection at the Weldon Library, U.W.O. Mr. Phelps said they would like to return Elgin County material to Elgin County when Elgin County has its own archives, in the meantime the material that they have is housed in the Regional Collection, and can be used by anyone. He also said that we should not forget to preserve the present day information as well as the older information or records we are able to obtain. Mr. Phelps brought some books with him listing some of the collection’s holdings and said other information is available on other floors of the library. On the third floor at the Weldon Library there is information on North East U.S.A.; the second floor has British Ancestry, Victorian History and the Doomsday Book; Regional Newspapers are on microfilm at the library also.

APRIL 9, 1986:

Staff Sergeant S. Toomer, a 23 year veteran of the London, Ontario Police Force, was the guest speaker. He is an identification expert and dealt mainly with photographs. He showed slides of early prisoners and pointed out identifiable markings. He said to be observant when we are looking at photographs and watch for such things as jewellery, ladies’ rings, mens’ watch fobs as they seldom change them Physical features never change —the eyes, chin and ear lobes can help identify people. A high—powered magnifying glass is very helpful when looking at old pictures and brings out things that you cannot see with the naked eye. Sgt. Toomer looked at photographs brought in by some of the members and helped identify some by comparing unknowns with pictures whose identity was known.

MAY 14, 1986:

Bessie Dieple, Certified Genealogist and Chief Librarian at the London Stake

Genealogy Library of the Church of the Latter Day Saints, was the guest speaker. Mrs. Dieple had a lot to say but it was very easily explained and understood in a short video that she brought along. The Salt Lake City Library is now housed in a new building and is the largest genealogy library in the world. So much information is stored there and available to their branch libraries that anyone doing genealogy should not forego a trip (or many trips) to the London Stake Genealogy Library no matter where their roots lie. It is helpful to the librarians to go equipped with your ancestral charts so the librarian can help you with how to fill in those missing blanks.