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VOL. I    ISSUE 4    DECEMBER 1982


When mail started arriving from British Columbia, Michigan, California, Wisconsin, etc., I thought, “Oh my goodness, what on earth was I thinking about to agree to do a Newsletter,’’ but it has been fun. Everyone has been most kind and accepted my efforts, and I have had good support from Joyce.

Central Elgin Collegiate Resource Centre, Chestnut St., St. Thomas have agreed to house our library. It will be open to the public during school hours. True, we haven’t many books or documents as yet, but time and the sale of cemetery recordings will help this along. Any donation of material (family histories, old ledgers, old scrapbooks anything containing names of local interest) will be gratefully accepted. We are also asking our members to complete their Pedigree Charts of their family with any Elgin County connection. We expect to index our branch members ‘families”, so that these can be stored in our library for other genealogists to use.

1982 has been a good year, if enthusiasm spells success, our Elgin Branch has it made.

We wish you and yours a Healthy Happy New Years and fruitful searching in 1983.


The Berean Baptist congregation was organized by a group of people who had formerly belonged to the Jubilee Baptist Church at Lakeview. This division came about some years after an unhappy incident occurred during an election for a deacon by ballot.

As time went on the breach between the two factions grew deeper and wider until by 1870 it had developed into an intolerable situation. The 12th. of February, 1870, a meeting was held in the

Temperance Hall at Lakeview and a new congregation was organized, known as the “Berean Regular Baptist Church.”

On the 24th. of October the Trustees of this new group purchased a site for a church at the Southeast corner of Lot 30, Concession 3, Malahide, from John Bagnall for $40. The transaction was Registered on the 15th. of June, 1871.

The new congregation was able to increase its membership at a surprising rate for some fifteen or twenty years. This was due largely to the increased attendance of the young people living on the Second Concession.

As the years passed, however, like many another small rural churches, it began to feel the effects of the changing times. Many of the original members had either passed on or moved away. Too, the bitterness which had eaten so deeply into the hearts of the Charter members was being gradually outgrown in the minds of the rising generation.

Finally, in 1894 after much discussion the two churches were brought together again to be known as the “Calvary Baptist Church.”

A copy of the entries from the Clerk’s Minute Book follows and a list of names from the Berean cemetery has been added.

  1. Mrs. Jane Chute
  2. Catharine Griffin
  3. Charles McConnell
  4. Reuben McConnell
  5. Phoebe J. McConnell
  6. Elisha McConnell
  7. Cynthia McConnell
  8. William Haggan
  9. Susan C. Haggan
  10. Deacon John Haggan
  11. Amelia Jane Haggan
  12. Richard Chute
  13. Ellen McConnell
  14. Armanella Smith
  15. James Hankinson
  16. Leonidas B. McConnell
  17. Judson McConnell
  18. Emma McConnell
  19. Milton McConnell
  20. Deacon K. Hankinson
  21. Mrs. K. Hankinson
  22. Rolland Hankinson
  23. Frederick Winslow
  24. Mrs. Elizabeth Chute
  25. Mrs. Hester McConnell
  26. Martha Bennett
  27. Caroline McConnell
  28. Harriet McConnell
  29. Christenah Haggan
  30. Mr. John Bain
  31. Mrs. Sarah Bain
  32. Louisa Dirling
  33. Emeline Dirling
  34. Susan Wilson
  35. Wallace Raymond
  36. Malberg Westover
  37. Asa Bennett
  38. Henry Dirling
  39. Margaret Parks
  40. Augusta Hite
  41. Sewell Boyd
  42. Helen Boyd
  43. Hiram Raymond
  44. Americus V. McConnell
  45. Beecher Haggan
  46. Eliza Haggan
  47. Sarah Haggan
  48. Mary E. Dirling
  49. Isaac Rossel
  50. Hillyard McConnell
  51. Amelia Boyd
  52. Emma Wilson
  53. Mary E. Bain
  54. Rebecca Cohoon
  55. Roxanna Griffin 56     – 59.
  56. Jacob Rossel
  57. William Soper
  58. Adonijah Williams
  59. Augusta McConnell
  60. Mary J. Hankinson
  61. Matilda Sweet
  62. Emma Jane Boyd
  63. Alveretta Bain
  64. Charles Baughman
  65. Edgar Cohoon
  66. William C.K. Parks
  67. Edwin Parks
  68. Edway Brundage
  69. Sanford Bain
  70. Benjamin Haggan
  71. James Haggan
  72. Roger McConnell
  73. John Timpany
  74. Luther Storey
  75. Mahlon Chute
  76. Hannah Chute
  77. Agigail Hankinson
  78. Emma Boyce
  79. Phebe Haggan
  80. Bertha McConnell
  81. Minnie McConnell
  82. Rachel McConnell
  83. Mrs. Mattie A. Hankinson
  84. Adelaide Haggan
  85. Oliver Baker
  86. Sarah Baker
  87. Clarence McConnell
  88. Hettie McConnell
  89. Spurgeon Hankinson
  90. Alice Cohoon
  91. George Bagnall
  92. Mrs. Mary Bagnall
  93. Walter Bagnall
  94. Fred Bagnall
  95. William Martin
  96. Edward Fairbrother
  97. Milledge McConnell
  98. Kenneth Hankinson
  99. Ella Hankinson
  100. Lena Haines
  101. Annie McConnell
  102. Olie Haines
  103. Lewis Hankinson
  104. Emery McConnell
  105. Arthur McConnell
  106. Frank Ewing
  107. Estella Haines
  108. May Bagnall
  109. Deacon Jehiel McConnell
  110. Rev. J. Scott Baker
  111. Mrs. J. Scott Baker
  112. Lizzie Baker
  113. Orlando Rockey
  114. Emily M. Rockey
  115. Mrs. H. L. McConnell 120.    Emma Willis
  116. Newton E. McConnell 122.    Albert V. McConnell
  117. Elgin Cohoon
  118. Lawrence Frank
  119. Joseph Bagnall 126.    Harry Bagnall 127.    Eliza Couch.


Silvester Cook              1850

M. Willson            1851

John Skinner                 1852

Ambrose M. Willson     1853

James P. Weaver           1854

John Burwell                 1855

Robert I. McNaughton  1856

James P. Weaver           1857-8

William A. Glover         1859

John H. Jones               1860-1-2

    Warden in 1861-2

Thomas Wm. Dobbie    1863-7

William Y. Emery          1868-70

Daniel Freeman              1871 William Y. Emery          1872

Daniel Freeman              1873 (part)

Alexander McBride        1873-5

Thomas W. Dobbie        1876-7

Alexander McBride        1878-9

William Backhouse        1880

George W. Best             1881

Henry Stratton               1882-7

Henry T. Godwin          1888-90

    Warden in 1889

William Backhouse        1891

William M. Ford            1892-6

    Warden in 1894

David Stratton                1897-1902     Warden in 1904?

William Grant                1903-7

Joseph Ambrose Jackson    1908-10

David Stratton                1910-1

Joseph Am. Jackson      1912-3

Alfred Nevill                  1920-2

David Stratton                1923-4

Harry L. Godwin           1925-30

Charles D. Coyle            1931-3

William H. Bradfield      1934-5

Grant M. Mitchell           1936-7

    Warden in 1936

George Vallee                 1938-9

Gordon Turnbull1940-3 (part)

    Warden in 1941

Charles K. Coyle           1943-5

    Warden in 1945

Neil H. McConkey        1946-7

Arba A. Johnson           1949-50

The information for the Malahide Berean  Regular Baptist Church and the Bayham Township Reeves since 1850 articles was taken from The Haggan Papers.


Mystery Solved – Byron Dow, 144 Elmer Avenue, Toronto, Ontario, writes, “I was particularly interested to see that you started with Frome United Church cemetery in your transcription efforts, since my great-great grandfather and his family are buried there. John Sutton and Clarissa Martin and his family are buried along the west wall of the church, and I noticed that you mentioned one stone in your September newsletter. Thomas C.M. died on Sept. 5, 1842, not 1812; this may help to solve the mystery dating the stone. John and Clarissa Martin were married in 1839.” Thank you Byron. This is the sort of input our branch needs.

The branch members have been working hard on the cemetery transcriptions and since the last newsletter (September), the following South Cemeteries have been transcribed.

Fingal – North Talbot Road East Lots 21 and 22 lona – North Side of Talbot Road – Lot 27

McArthur – Con 2 Lot 4

McIntyre – Con 2 Lot 11

Lakeroad or Hunter – 1st Range Lot 3

Our next newsletter (March) will have a price list of our latest cemeteries. As yet, the newest ones are still being typed and have to go to the printers. The transcriptions available are selling at a brisk rate. F.Y.I. Our branch library have copies for your viewing. We are sorry that we must adjust our mailing rates.  –  additional

                $1.00 for the first 2 cemeteries

                    .50 for each additional 2 cemeteries.

                (e.g. mailing ~ handling for 4 cemeteries $1.50)

Fingal Cemetery – It is large, some of stones are old and many of the stones are large and in

many cases all four sides have inscriptions. It is still being used. We found the following stone of particular interest. “Colonel James/ McQeen/ died! Dec. 11th, 1877/ AE 83 y’s/ a native of the Township of Bertie/ Niagara District/ He served under Gen. Sir Isaac Brock/ at Queenston

Heights. He was/ at the taking of Detroit, was wounded at/ the Battle of Lake Erie. Appointed/ Lieutentant by Gen. Riel. Feb. 1813 and/ promoted to Col. of the Talbot Regi/ ment at the close of the war./”

McIntyre Cemetery – It is a small well-kept cemetery with Scottish ancestry. A typical

inscription reads, “Dugald/ Turner! born at/ Argyle, 1838/ died/ Aug. 23, 1922/ his wife/ Nancy/ Campbell/ born at/ Craignish Castle/ Argyleshire/ May 7, 1843/ Dec. 9, 1938./”

To bring up to date – We receive 22 O.G.S. branch newsletters, and if you wish to see them they are stored in our new Elgin Branch Library at the Central Elgin Collegiate Resource Centre. We also exchange newsletters with the following:

–    Norfolk Historical Society- Edmonton Branch of Alberta Genealogical Society –    Lost in Canada by Joy Reisinger. (1020 Central Ave., Sparta, Wisconsin. This is a genealogical magazine covering all of Canada.)

WEST LORNE — “Grace Anglican Marks 100th Anniversary Sunday”

The Anglican Church has played an inportant role in the history of Elgin County, being early established in the Talbot Settlement at St. Thomas, Tyrconnell, Port Burwell and Port Stanley. In West Elgin, at Tyrconnell, the heart of the settlement, was St. Peter’s, built in 1827.

Anglican worship in Aldborough did not begin, however, until 1862, Presbyterians and Convenanted Baptists were among the earliest churches in the township, whose earliest members were Highland Scots. In 1874, Rev. Eidelstein, a converted Jew, became the first Anglican minister in West Lorne. The Anglican congregation first worshipped in the Presbyterian Church at McKillop’s Corners. and later in the Lutheran Church on Middle St. at Churchville. Later the Anglican congregation rented the Temperance Hall, in West Lorne, which they purchased and eventually moved in 1883 to its present location on Morden Dr.

In 1881 Dr. John Schulte, D. D., Ph.D., a man of great talent and rich church and cultural background, resigned his professorship at Huron College and was appointed by Bishop Isaac Hellmuth as Anglican Missionary in Aldborough. John Christopher Schleihauf was his chief lay support. In 1882, the congregation of Grace Anglican Church, Bismarck, was organized and recognized as officially in union with the Synod of Huron.

“Squire” Schleihauf was a farmer, a lumberman and a member of St. Peter’s Lutheran Church at Churchville, but he proved a pillar of the Anglican cause. His wife, Sarah Gilbert Schleihauf, was a devout communicant of the Anglican Church, coming from Tyrconnell in 1875, In 1883, the family deeded the land where the present church stands in consideration for $1. That same year the Temperance Hall was moved to its present site, where it was enlarged, renovated, as a church. Most of the work was carried out by volunteers from the congregation. On February 19, 1884 the Rt. Rev. Marice S. Baldwin, consecrated the edifice as Grace Church. Walter Minot Paris and Robert E. Mogg were the first wardens.

EARLY PIONEERS — Among the early pioneers of the parish were Mr. & Mrs. J.C. Shliehauf,

Mr. & Mrs. Henry Hill, Mr. & Mrs. Richard Bale, Mr. & Mrs. James Wescott, Mr. & Mrs. John Chasley, Walter Paris; John, Sam, and Robert Mogg, John Boyland and Dr. Wm. Brock. Coming in l890’s were: Mr. & Mrs. Ben Partridge, Mr. & Mrs. George Walker, Mr. & Mrs. George Lewis, Mr. & Mrs. James Johnson, Mr. & Mrs. Wm. Neil, Sophia Steele, Mary Webber, Joseph Wilton, Wm. W. Parker, Fredelia Mann, Byron Mann, Mrs. John Morgan and William Trigger and Mr. & Mrs. Wm. Milner.

In 1897 the mission of Dutton, Bismarck and Rodney was established, and the first priest in charge was the Rev. J.C. Ferrier. The following year Rev. S.P. Irwin was ordained and put in charge of the parish which he served for five years. There have been different alignments ending with the present alignment of Grace Church, with Nativity of Dutton, St. Peter’s of Tyrconnell and St. Stephen’s of Burwell park.

The following ministers have served – Rev. Eidelstein 1874-?, Rev. Dr. John Schulte 1881-84,

Rev. Jeffrey Hill 1891-94, Rev. M. Steele 1895-97, Rev. J.C. Ferrier 1897, Rev. S.P. Irwin 1898-

1903, Rev. T.B. Howard 1903-06, Rev. Kenneth McGowan 1906-09, Rev. W.B.Hawkins 190911, Rev. R.J. Murphy 1912-18, Rev. J.H. Colclough 1919-20, Rev. William Wallace 1920-24, Rev. E.W. McKegney 1924-26, Rev. J.H. Smith 1926-29, Rev. C .L. Langford 1930-39, Rev. R.C. Capper 1939-42, Rev. R.M. Weekes 1943-49, Rev. W.K. Morrison 1949-51, Rev. C.P.

Bennet 1952, Rev. W.R. Parson 1952-57, Rev. F.A. Gadd 1957-60, Rev. P.C. Dodd 1960-67, Rev. B.F. Brassel 1967-70, Rev. Bryan Foxton 1970-73, Rev. Brian Holt 1974-77, Rev. Gordon Simmons to present.

The information for this article was taken from the St. Thomas-Times Journal June 1982.


HOWEY – Looking for ancestors and descendants of Samuel Howey who settled ca. 1850 in Bayham Township.

BILLINGTON – searching for information re James Billington and family – lived in North

Malahide Twp, Middlesex Cty. 1842 re Census. Son John Billington and wife buried in Necropolis Cemetery east of Mapleton. The Billingtons connected to Mayflower in 1620. Info on the above to #7248, Mrs. Norma Smith.

DOAN, DOANE – John T. (Thompson) Doan 1791-1887 ~ Mary (Earle) Doan 1800-1884 m.

April 23, 1817. Need names of their children and descendants.

STEELE- Johnathan Steele 1807-1887 & Maria (Kipp) Steele 1807-1891 m. April 2, 1828. Need name of their children and descendants. Info to Mrs. Harold R. Davis

WILLIAMS, James lived 63 Regent St., St. Thomas, in 1890’s, d. 1897 age 54, wife. Alicia d.

Need info as to when and where they came to in Canada from Co.Wicklow, Ireland. Son, James Jr. had plumbing business in 1899. Info to Patricia Haller

CAMPBELL, John H. m. Mary ?children Robert, Archie, Bessie, Mary (b. 1872 m. Harry Nott), James, Kate, John, Alexander (b. 1877 m. Sarah. Baker), Jessie (b. 1879). Family lived Wallacetown and Kingsmill. Any info welcome.

KERR-CAMPBELL, Archibald Kerr m. Isobel Campbell, children Mary, Colin (m. Margaret Patterson), John (mJanet Campbell). Janet Campbell, dau. of Duncan & Sarah, has sister Sarah m. to Duncan Patterson (Dunwich), brother Angus (d. 1906 Dunwich) Looking for descendants or any information on any of the above. – to #6234, Anthony Hofstee,

CONDON, Johnson Lafferty and wife Sarah moved to Sparta ca. 1868. Children Thomas

William, John, Charles, Susan (mWilliam Lemon). Need place and date of death of parents. – to Mrs. Audrey Delaney

SMITH, James Secord – request information – (descendants Robert William Smith 1851-1903,

240 Ross Street, St. Thomas; James Maitland Smith 1861-1910 worked for Times-Journal; Margaret Susan Smith, Alma College.) – to #4256, Mrs. Jean Vardon Legge

DO YOU NEED INFO ON KELLY FAMILY – Keith Kelly, of Rodney, Ontario, a new 1983

Elgin Branch member has completed his research on the Kellys from Glasgow ca. 1856 who first settled in Brant County for about 10 years and then moved to Aldborough. His information has been stored at the Elgin County Library. He is now busy with McLEAN and HAVENS families. Thanks for the help Keith and welcome to our branch.