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First Great War exhibit opens at Aylmer Museum

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Jim McCallum is a longtime Elgin County historical and genealogical researcher. A free online version of Jim’s book “Age Shall Not Weary Them” as well as other information on Aylmer area veterans from all conflicts involving Canadians is available at the Elgin Branch of the Ontario Genealogical Society web site at:


Searching “Genealogical” in the St. ThomasTimes-Journal

A recent search of the word “Genealogical” in the St. Thomas Times-Journal turned up these articles pertaining to stories of local interest and past events of the Elgin OGS.


Nov 26, 2011 A donation Friday of $6,000 from the Elgin branch of the Ontario Genealogical Society to continue digitization of Elgin county Women’s Institute …
May 26, 2008 ONTARIO GENEALOGICAL SOCIETY — Meeting 7:30 p.m., St. Thomas Public Library, Carnegie Room, speaker Ken Ackles on Genealogy and …
Mar 15, 2016 The digitization project was funded by the county along with a $5,000 donation from the Elgin county branch of the Ontario Genealogical …
Oct 20, 2008 The work was finished for the Elgin County branch of the Ontario Genealogical Society and is currently published in softcover. “It’s not my book,” ..
Mar 13, 2010 … to FWIO President Joy Trimble, re: our Tweedsmuir History digitization of records and a future partnership with Ontario Genealogical Society.
Jan 29, 2009 Stirling Chapter IODE’s guest speaker for their evening meeting was John Hoover of the Elgin County Branch of the Ontario Genealogical …
Nov 22, 2013 The company was founded in 1995 to produce genealogical material but transitioned into drama. Marshall is a graduate of the multimedia …
May 5, 2010 The FWIO also would like all institutes to get Tweedsmuir History Books digitalized on the genealogical website. Kay Waite has resigned as our …
Feb 4, 2010 FWIO has notified us of the new partnership with the Ontario Genealogical Society for the purpose of digitizing the WI Tweedsmuir Histories in …
May 12, 2010 Talbotville Cemetery, one of the oldest in the county, bustled with activity as members of the Elgin county branch of the Ontario Genealogical …
Aug 21, 2013 He often offers his services as a guide for those embarking on a genealogical search, in addition to offering his extensive insight into the …
Feb 24, 2010 “From a very small kid, I’ve always been interested in genealogy … He’s a charter member of Elgin Genealogical Society and a past president.
Sep 25, 2014 … that will turn an iPhone into a handy portable scanner that you can use for work , school reports, genealogical research, or recording receipts.
Feb 14, 2014 From Talbot Times, the publication of the Elgin branch of the Ontario Genealogical Society, a report from the Times-Journal of the day:.
Apr 22, 2015 … confirmed reports that he asked executive producer Henry “Skip” Gates Jr. to ignore his ancestors’ slave history after the genealogical series …

Online source images for Elgin County Settlers

Many free online sources are now available for digital images of primary source documents for Elgin County settlers. These images are now being linked to the appropriate names on the Elgin OGS web site. Here is an example for one Elgin settler.

Lewis BURWELL, born Southwold Twp., Elgin Co., 1814, died Southwold 1855

James Burwell property 1810 Southwold

1819 Talbot Map, Archives Ontario, showing location of father, James BURWELL land and possible birthplace for son, Lewis BURWELL. Google Maps location of Burwell Farm.


183UCLP for Lewis Burwell image4  Upper Canada Land Petition, Library and Archives Canada, Lewis BURWELL, C1630, Petition B18, 259, pp. 36-40, SUE, of James BURWELL. Southwold UCLP on the Elgin OGS web site.

18UC Marriage Bond for Lewis Burwell 183434    Upper Canada Marriage Bond, Library and Archives Canada, Marriage Lewis BURWELL to Lavina WILLIAMS. UC Marriage Bonds linked to Anglican and other marriages on the Elgin OGS web site.

1842 Census image, FamilySearch, Lewis Burwell 1842 Census image on Family Searchfor Lewis BURWELL giving much agricultural data. 1842 census index for Southwold on the Elgin OGS web site.

Ontario GenWeb gs image for Lewis Burwell1855 Gravestone image from the Fingal Cemetery at the Canada GenWeb, Ontario web site for Lewis BURWELL. Gravestone transcription given at the Elgin OGS Web site for Fingal Cemetery. South-east side – In memory of / Lewis BURWELL / who died / Sept. 18, 1855 / in his / 42nd year/ BURWELL


Elgin OGS contributes to Talbot Map Project

A nice article in the St. Thomas Times-Journal on the Elgin OGS contribution to digitizing and indexing the historic Talbot maps on loan to Elgin Archives from Archives Ontario.

Snapshot of Talbot Settlement life now online

Talbot Maps
St. Thomas Times-Journal, 15 March 2016

“During the seven-month process, Francom and an assistant scanned each map in sections and pieced the large images together on the computer. As they were working, both archivists made note of the details on each one and will be working toward building an index of the maps with the help of Ontario Genealogical Society branches throughout southwestern Ontario.”

The digitization project was funded by the county along with a $5,000 donation from the Elgin county branch of the Ontario Genealogical Society.


The Aylmer Express, 9 Dec 2015, also had an article on the map project.

Aylmer Express 9 Dec 2015- Archives "digitizing" Historic Maps
Aylmer Express 9 Dec 2015- Archives “digitizing” Historic Maps


Newspaper Lookups from Elgin Libraries

Our extensive free online Ancestor Indexes  of Elgin County newspapers makes it easy for distant researchers to quickly obtain images of clippings of marriage notices, obituaries and news items of Elgin ancestors.

Here is an example.

From our Index to the Aylmer Express Newspaper 1930-1933

June 21, 1934 Page 9 c2 Died – Aleck CONNOR, Aylmer, age 79, husband of Estella McKENNEY

June 28, 1934 Page 1 c6 Died – Aleck CONNOR, funeral

Noting our Lookup Policy ($10 for the first image and $5 for the second image for a total of $15 in this example) an email to our Research Coordinator and using our new easy convenient E-Store payment system we can then have our Elgin OGS Lookup Volunteers search the microfilm at the appropriate local library and soon provide you with images of the clippings like these!

Obituary for Aleck Connor

Thomas Talbot Fonds – Early Elgin Township Maps

The Elgin Archives has now posted images of early Elgin County Township Maps ca 1802-1837

See Thomas Talbot Fonds 1-46

These are very early maps showing penciled locations of first settlers by Col. Thomas Talbot.

St. Thomas 1819
1819 Map of St. Thomas, Ontario

Also included is an 1819 map of the settlement of St. Thomas showing the location of the Rapelje Mill.




1814 map of property owners Daniel Rapalje and Garret Oaks which was to become the future town of St. Thomas, Ontario

1814 map of St. Thomas Ontario