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Elgin County, Ontario, Canada

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Biographical Sketches of Some of the Residents of Elgin County – available online at

Emigrants Letters from Elgin County to Scotland 1831 – 1851 – submitted by Colin Cruickshank, Alton, Hampshire, England.

Oldtimers, a poem of Port Bruce in about 1896 by Violet Reid Reavie – Transcribed and Edited by Bruce C. Johnson Jr.

St. Thomas man sitting on his Tractor – Archives Canada Portrait


“All Aboard” – The Importance of Railroads for the Growth of the Campbell-Stone Movement in the Mid 19th Century:  by Claude Cox

Bayham Richmond and Port Burwell Road Company 1854 by Robert G. Moore, member Elgin Branch OGS. (About 117 Bayham and other Elgin Co. settlers given in the stock book)

Ingersoll & Port Burwell Road Company 1849 by Robert G. Moore (About 200 Bayham Twp. and area names)

Tyrconnel Wharf and Harbour Co. 1853 & Dunwich Pier Co. 1861 by Robert G. Moore (about 90 Dunwich Twp. and area names)

Union Road Company – Stockholder book – Indexed by Robert G. Moore, member Elgin Branch OGS. This included signatures of stockholders. Contact OGS for copies of the signatures


“The Scotch” by John Kenneth Galbraith of Dunwich – Some genealogical notes and Extractions from the book – Bruce C. Johnson Jr.


Nicholas Carter Brown of Malahide – Diary entries – Some Extractions of births, marriages, deaths and burials recorded in NCB Diary. He was a resident of Malahide and trustee of Dunboyne Cemetery. Compiled by Bruce C.Johnson Jr. and James McCallum


Aldrich Aylmer Dictionary 1888 – online at Google Books

Port Bruce Street Names – by Bruce C. Johnson Jr.


A List of Published Genealogies of Elgin County Pioneer Families – Many of these are available online from the FHL

English Paupers Migrate to North America  by Jack Morter — Sources for the origins of James C. WATTS and James BRACKENBURY of North Walsham, Norfolk, England.

From Almondsbury to Aylmer: The Pearce Letters – A book on the Pearce Family of Jaffa area by David Porter – Index of names

Malahide Families:  Genealogies of Pioneer Families Living on Concession 1 through 4

Stories of South Dorchester

The Family of John Johnson and Mary McLachlin of Malahide and their Mormon brother Edward Johnson –


Alma College St. Thomas, Ontario 1877 – 1977, Indexed by Donna Di Lello

Court Houses of a Century – Index of Names of Online History of the Elgin County Court Houses – Bruce C. Johnson Jr.

Elgin Notes in the Upper Canada Rebellion-  by Bruce C. Johnson Jr. – References to persons from Elgin County active in the 1837/1838 Upper Canada Rebellion.

Emigrants on the “Mars” to Aldborough Township (Immigrants in Aldborough from England )- A link to the “Mars” research by Alan Campbell and John Wright

Garrett Oakes, Tales of a Pioneer – Elgin County Library – Edited by George Thorman and Frank Clarke.

History of the Port Bruce Harbor Company by Capt. Thomas Thompson, compiled by Bruce C.Johnson Jr.

History of Malahide Masonic Lodge #140 – Aylmer – D. H. and D. F.

Index to Tweedsmuir History of Lyons, Ontario

Malahide United Church History  – 100th Anniversary 1910 – 2010 –   by James L. McCallum

Old Port Bruce – Letters written by Levi Young with Introduction by his daughter Edna Young Johnson with Addendum by Ian Johnson

Port Bruce Harbor Company and Aylmer Plank or Gravelled Road Company 1853 and 1854 by Robert G. Moore-

(About 134 Malahide and other Elgin Co. settlers given in the stock books)

Royal Salute at Port Bruce – 1761 – by Bruce C. Johnson Jr.

Sims’ 3 Volume History of Elgin Elgin County, Ontario-Index – Compiled by Jim McCallum. – Note: This is a very large file. Approx. 2.6 MB.

Spring Floods at Port Bruce – By Ian Johnson – A history of Freshets and Spring Floods at Port Bruce, Elgin, Ontario, Canada

St. Paul’s United Church History 1874-1974 (Aylmer) (index); by Jean Hunt. Indexed by Donna DiLello

St. Thomas:  100 Years a City 1881-1981, by Wayne Paddon, George Thorman, Don Cosens and Brian Sim; indexed by Donna Di Lello

Talbot Regime – Read the biography of Elgin County’s Col. Thomas Talbot by C. O. Ermatinger – Free Online

The History of Aylmer to 1900, by Kirk Barons, Indexed by Donna Di Lello

Tweedsmuir Histories online – Clachan Community History – Elgin County Archives

LAND and PROPERTY – Indexes

Index to the GENERAL REGISTER – Elgin County Land Registry Office:  1866 – 1873  1873 – 1879  1879 – 1889

Index to Tremaine’s 1864 Map of Elgin County, Canada West – Compiled by Robert Moore

Southwold Township Cattle Marks 1817-1857


1924 Cummins Rural Maps – A sample map of North and South Dorchester submitted by Fred Prong

Elgin County 1864 Tremaine Atlas – Online at the Ontario Historical Society


Elgin County names on the Insane Asylum Databases – Link to Michael Stephenson Insane Asylum Databases


Thomas Hammond Articles – index and description


Dunwich School Attendance 1904 by Robert G. Moore

Index to “A Brief History of Secondary Education in St. Thomas”, by George Thorman; indexed by Donna DiLello

Talbotville School – by Morley Thomas


Assessment Rolls – 3 Township Assessment rolls 1841 to 1873


Index to the Records of the Elgin County House of Industry:  1876-1897   1897-1947


Wills & Probates in Land Registry Office Records


Alma College Yearbook – 1955 AlmaFilian – PDF document of the 1955 Yearbook For Alma College, St. Thomas, Ontario

Garton Scrapbook – Scrapbook of Mary M. (DOAN) GARTON 1891 – 1919

Much more to come. Check back regularly.