Cemeteries – South Dorchester

South Dorchester Gravestone Inscriptions

Elgin County, Ontario, Canada

Please Send Burial Information where no memorial exists.
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South Dorchester Township Cemeteries

(As of 1998 South Dorchester Twp. is part of Malahide Township)

Brown Burying Ground – Concession 12, Lot 21 – (need location)

Mapleton Cemetery– Concession 11, Lot 24 –
46450 Mapleton Line, Aylmer, Malahide, ON, Canada(Formatting for mobile devices in progress)

Necropolis Mapleton Cemetery– Concession 12, Lot 21 –
47481 Mapleton Line, Aylmer, Malahide, ON, Canada

Old Springfield Cemetery– Concession 12, Lot 6 –
12040 Whittaker Road, Springfield, Malahide, ON, Canada

Scoffin Burying Ground – Concession 7, Lot A –
near 6241 Pigram Road, Malahide, ON (need precise location)

Smith Family Burying Ground – Concession 8, Lot 7 –
near 50700 Wilson Line, Springfield, Malahide, ON (need precise location)

Stewart / Kilmory Cemetery– Concession 7, Lot 19 –
near 1001 Avon Drive, Malahide, ON, Canada (need precise location)