Elgin OGS contributes to Talbot Map Project

A nice article in the St. Thomas Times-Journal on the Elgin OGS contribution to digitizing and indexing the historic Talbot maps on loan to Elgin Archives from Archives Ontario.

Snapshot of Talbot Settlement life now online

Talbot Maps
St. Thomas Times-Journal, 15 March 2016

“During the seven-month process, Francom and an assistant scanned each map in sections and pieced the large images together on the computer. As they were working, both archivists made note of the details on each one and will be working toward building an index of the maps with the help of Ontario Genealogical Society branches throughout southwestern Ontario.”

The digitization project was funded by the county along with a $5,000 donation from the Elgin county branch of the Ontario Genealogical Society.


The Aylmer Express, 9 Dec 2015, also had an article on the map project.

Aylmer Express 9 Dec 2015- Archives "digitizing" Historic Maps
Aylmer Express 9 Dec 2015- Archives “digitizing” Historic Maps