London District Marriage Registers

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1817 and 1846-1847 – Elgin County (then Middlesex) – 1 page or 1817 – 2 entries

1818 – 1837-1839 – Elgin – 1 page for 1818 – 1 entry – Henry BAKER and Rachel SMITH

1819 – 1834-1835 Elgin County – 1 page for 1819 -1 entry – John H. ANDERSON and Martha L. MARTIN of Bayham. 1834 “Native” Marriages

1830-1834-835 Elgin County 1 page and 1 entry for 1830  – Nathaniel J. IVES and Mary HORNER ( New Jersey marriage by JP 9 Aug)

London District marriage records on FS Film starting 1784-1834 (138 images) (Index pp 6-21) These can be attached to FS Profiles.

1833 – 1855 London District Marriage registers images on FamilySearch

1832-1833 Elgin County – 3 pages

1833 Elgin County – 11 pages

1834 – Elgin County – 17 pages

1833- 1835 Elgin County – 33 pages

1836 (note that the title gives in error 1850

1835-1836 Elgin County – 30 pages

1836-1837 Elgin County – 22 pages given as 1837

1835-1836 Elgin County and special list 1849-1863 – 19 pages – given as 1838

1837-1839 Elgin County – 17 pages given as 1839

1840 – 1839-1840 – 16 pages

1841-1845 Middlesex Co. / Elgin Co. – 12 pages

1842 – 18 pages

1843 – 16 pages

1844 – 12 pages

1845 – 10 pages

1846 – 18 pages

1847 – 16 pages

1848 – 19 pages

1848 (note that the title gives in error 1850

1849 – 22 pages

1850 – 24 pages

1851 – 22 pages

1852 – 13 pages

1853 – 1 page

London District Marriage registers on Free FamilySearch 1784-1834

1833-1855 – 154 images – London District includes Elgin Co.

1848-1856 – 69 pages Middlesex County includes Elgin County

1858- 1863 – 200 images – Elgin County

London District Marriages

Starts with return #137 on this film

Return #137 – 

Jackson STAFFORD, Southwold to Isabella NICKALD, Southwold, 2 Oct 1832, wit. Richard NICKALD and John STAFFORD

William PROVOST, Dunwich to Sally SIDDLE, Dunwich, Dunwich, 20 Feb 1833, wit. John McSIMMONS and David KELLY

Return # 138

? CORSON, Malahide to ? WELLS, Westminster, 10 Oct 1833, wit. John WELLS and Tilmond OLDS

? LEEPER, Yarmouth to ? OSBORNE, Yarmouth, 22 Oct 1833, wit. Daniel STOCKTON and Thomas HUFF

Return #144, Hamilton Biggar

David V. NICKERSON, Malahide, to Jane McKENNEY, Malahide, 31 Jan 1833, wit. George M. NICKERSON and Peter CRAYTON

Also many Elgin residence marriages in other Districts

Brock District (primarily Oxford County)

William Bird, p. 3

Ontario, District Marriage Registers, 1801-1858 Brock 1839-1858, vol 2 

Edwin S. FURMAN, Malahide to Amanda TIFFANY, Grimsby, 29 Jan 1840, wit. Philo W. DAFFOOT and Seth DEAN

Talbot District (primarily Norfolk County and some Brant Co.)

Brinton P. BROWN, Southwold to Nancy SMITH, Walsingham, 28 Oct 1839, 

Henry CAMP, Houghton to Mary Ann HOLLOWOOD, Bayham, 25 Dec 1839

Abraham BROWN, Houghton to Laura THOMSON, Bayham  (maiden name PHELPS), 4 Aug 1839, wit Christian BECKER and Isaac BROWN

Return #29

Andrew McLAREN, Yarmouth to Sarah Ann MANDEVILLE, Townsend, 4th Dec 1841, wit. Robert CULVER and Nesbit CULVER

Return #34

Peter HOWMAKER, Walsingham to Eleanor McDORMAND, Bayham, 10 Apr 1842, wit. Jenny McCONNEL and John SAXTON

Return #37

Thomas BACKUS (BACKHOUSE), Malahide, to Sary Jane MERIT, Windham, 17 Feb 1843, wit. William WILLIS and Aaron PRICE

Francis WALCH, Charlotteville, to Mary GLOVER, Bayham, 29 Mar 1843, wit. Titus FINCH and Charles GLOVER

David PATEN, Bayham to Hannah MEDLAR, Bayham, 1 April 1843, wit. Charles MEDLAR and David GRIFFIN

Return #38

John Alexander McGINTIE, Malahide to Hulda MILLS, Windham, 27 July 1842, wit. Tillice MILLS and Edward TEEPLE

Return # 50

Calvin Hunt LADD, Delaware to Lydia LAWSON, Yarmouth, 18 Sep 1843, wit. Peter LAWSON

Return #70

James B. PARFAN, Middleton, to Melinda HALLEY, Bayham, 7 Oct 1845, wit. George RANSON and Sarah HALEY

Daniel HILIKER, Malahide to Nancy? MARR, Windham, 7 Oct 1845, wit. Esther CARD and Eliza MARR

Return #78

James ROGERS, Bayham, to Harriet BAKER, Malahide, 10 Dec 1846, wit. Joseph BATES and Hosea BAKER

George SEELY, Malahide to James BACKHOUSE, Walsingham, 23 Dec 1846, wit. William WILLIS and Isaac WATTS

Charles MEDLAR, Malahide to Ellen NORTHUP, Malahide, 24 or 26? Dec 1846, wit. John GRIFFIN and Henry WILLIS

Henry WILLIS, Malahide to Elizabeth BAKER, Houghton, 10 Feb 1847, wit. Henry BARRETT and John GRIFFIN

Index of some names of Elgin County residents – Not a transcription and not a complete list- yes many missing – see above film for David V. Nickerson

Researchers should refer to the following original source

The London District marriage Register is available at the Archives of Ontario, Record Group 80 27 1, Volume 16. On MS 248 Reel number 3 and MS 201 Reel number 3. The LDS also holds the microfilms on GS 1030053

29 Nov 1815 – Daniel McKinny of Malahide and Catherine Hutchison of Walsingham, by Thomas Bowlby, JP. at Walsingham.

Witnesses- John Franklin, Lydia Franklin and Mary J. Sovereen.


5 July 1817 – William Wilson and Charity Soper, both of Bayham by Wm. Hutchison, JP.

Witnesses- John Soper, Stephen Bartow.


5  Jan 1821 – Joseph Harvey and Margaret Robinson of Malahide by John Backhouse, JP. at Malahide.

Witnesses- Silas Westover, Lucinda Westover, John Bennett and M. Bennett.


10 Jan 1821 – David Adams and Elizabeth Hoffman by John Backhouse, JP. at Vittoria.

Witnesses- Daniel Ross, H. Sheehan, Michael Beach, Jesse Smith and John Blayney.


17 Jan 1828 – William Silverthorn and Anna White both of Bayham by Joseph Defields at Bayham.

Witnesses- George Silverthorn, James Caswell, Mary Knapp and Joseph P. White.


Marriages by Alex’r Ross, Minister of the Church of Scotland

16 Feb 1832. Donald Leitch of Mosa and Ann Stewart of Aldborough.

Witnesses- Malcom Downie, Duncan Stewart.


7 March 1832. Zoroaster F. Moss of Bayham and Martha Bass of Malahide, by Caleb Burdick, M.M.

Witnesses- James S. Burdick, Matthias Steel, David Hunt.


Marriages by Ephraim Smith, minister

24 Apr 1831 – Lorenzo D. Bates and Mary Earl.

Witnesses- Stephen Yarenton, Abram Bentley.


8 May 1831 – John Sharp and Martha Smith.

Witnesses- Orin Wright, Hosea Heath.


30 Oct 1831 – Samuel Healy and Christiana Howel.

Witnesses- Stephen Yarenton, Asa Hicks.


19 Jan 1832 – Eli Cross and Anna Smith.

Witnesses- William Howley, John Maher.


16 Feb 1832 – John Maher and Lodice Smith. Witnesses- Hiram Rentley, David T. Dunkin.


11 March 1832 – David T. Dunkin and Mary Gillet.

Witnesses- Isaac Waggoner, William Cowe.


4 Jan 1832 – Moses McConald and Tamer Northrup, both of Malahide, by Joseph Merrill, minister, Baptist Church, Bayham, in Malahide.

Witnesses- Elijah Saxton, John Marr.


14 March 1832. Levi Ramond [RAYMOND] of Bayham and Charity McConald [ McCONNEL ]of Malahide by Joseph Merrill in Malahide.

Witnesses- George Northrup, James Ramond.


Marriages by Joseph Merrill, Minister of the Baptist Church, Bayham, p. 139-140

Moses McConnell to Tamer Northrup, both of Malahide. 4 Jan 1832

Witnesses – Elijah Saxton and John Marr

Levi Raymond, Bayham to Charity McConnell of Malahide at Malahide, 14 Mar 1832


Marriages by J. Draper, Esq., JP., p. 141-142

4 Apr 1831 – Joseph Pritchard and Sally Cartwright both of Bayham.

Witnesses- Hezekiah and Mary Cartwright.


20 Apr 1831 – Thomas Edison and Mary Jane Harris, both of Bayham.

Witnesses- Samuel Guernsey, Sarah Harris.


28 June 1831 – Jonathan Nutt and Catherine White, both of Bayham.

Witnesses- Henry White, Arch’d Hamilton.


7 Aug 1831 – George Berry and Minah Coil, both of Bayham.

Witnesses- William Chineston, Daniel Berry.


4 Sept 1831 – Isaac Murdough and Sophia Schenburgh, both of Bayham.

Witnesses- Edward and Catherine Norton.


26 Sept 1831 – Zenos Spore and Mary Dunham, both of Bayham.

Witnesses- John and Betsey Elliott.


2 Jan 1832 – Moses Fletcher and Rosanna Dowling, both of Bayham.

Witnesses- William Holliwood, Elizabeth Dowling.


22 March 1832 – David C. Collins and Catherine Dowling, both of Bayham.

Witnesses- William Holliwood, Elizabeth Dowling.


Marriages by Wm. McDermand Minister, Baptist Church, p. 146

17 June 1831 – Ira Atwood and Sally Brooks, -.

Witnesses- Abr’m Philpot, Dan. McIntyre.


13 July 1831 – Abraham Phillips and Nancy Barnes, both of Southwold.

Witnesses- Abraham Sells, Stephen Griffin.


3 Sept 1831 – Ira DeLoop and Lucy York, both of Yarmouth, by license.

Witnesses- James York, Wm. York.


12 Oct 1831 – James Griffin of Southwold and Sally Lumley of Dunwich.

Witnesses- James Phillpot, Ab’m Griffin.


12 Feb 1832 – George Hutcheson and Nancy Rockerfeller, both of Walsingham.

Witnesses- Jerry Johnston, Nelson Franklin.


Marriages by Dugald Campbell, Minister Baptist Church, Aldborough, p. 154

5 Jan 1832 – Sylvester Campbell and Isabella Lamont, both of Lobo.

Witnesses- Duncan McCallum, Arch’d Campbell.


21 Feb 1832 – Jno. Galbraith of Ekfrid and Christian McCallum of Dunwich.

Witnesses- Thomas McCall, John McCallum.


22 Feb 1832 – Stephen Bishop and Eleanor Mains, both of Aldborough.

Witnesses- Arch’d Campbell, Alex’r Campbell.


6 March 1832 – Thomas Carswell of Orford, Western District, and Martha Smith of Lobo.

Witnesses- Hugh Carmichael, Arch’d McArthur.


13 March 1832 – Hugh Johnston of Lobo and July Leitch of Aldborough.

Witnesses- Duncan Leitch, Ro? Johnston.


20 March 1832 – James Campbell of Aldborough and Mary McCollum of Southwold.

Witnesses- Alexander Campbell, Dugald McIntyre.


29 March 183 -. Neil Blan of Dunwich and Jean Campbell of Ekfrid.

Witnesses- James McIntyre, Lacklin McLacklin.


3 Apr 1832 – John Black of Dunwich and Flory Browne of Aldborough.

Witnesses- Donald McAlpin, Malcolm McAlpin.


Apr 5, 1832 – Colin Leitch of Aldborough and Nancy McLarty of Southwold.

Witnesses- Duncan Leitch, Hugh Johnston.


27 Apr 1832. Duncan McKellar of Mosa and Margaret Brodie of Aldborough.

Witnesses- John McKellar, John Campbell.


1 May 1832 – Donald McIntyre of Dunwich and Catherine McColl of Southwold.

Witnesses- Duncan Black, John McIntyre.


23 Aug 1831 – Levi Berry and Calista Fowler, both of Burford -, by James Jackson of the W.M. Church.

Witnesses- John Berry, Wm. Fowler.


19 July 1832 – Thomas Kessackand Jane McQueen, both of London Township,-, by James Jackson of the W. M. Church.

Witnesses- John Robertson, D. McKenzie.


Marriages by Samuel Baker, Minister, Regular Baptist Church, Malahide, p. 157

13 Oct 1831 – Septimus Davis of Malahide and Mary Vannemburgh of Bayham.

Witnesses- William and Mary Davis, Alex’r Watts Sr.


1 Nov 1831 – Alexander Watts of Malahide and Rachel Arnold of Bayham.

Witnesses- James Arnold, Hosea Baker.


10 Nov 1831 – Daniel York and Elmira A. Norton, both of Yarmouth -.

Witnesses- Rachel Baker, David Hutcheson.


1 Jan 1832 – Rufus Horton of Brantford and Lucy Abell of Malahide.

Witnesses- Hosea Baker, Henry Willis.


9 Jan 1832 – Samuel Prichard of Bayham and Elizabeth Dove of Malahide.

Witnesses- Lydia Baker, Philip Kilmer.


4 March 1832 – Jacob Kilmer and Angeline Chrysler, both of Malahide.

Witnesses- Isaac Hunt, Ch’y Lewis.


30 Apr 1832 – Calvin Ward and Marg’t Morgan, both of Lobo.

Witnesses- Ch’y Lewis, Richard Edwards.


24 Apr 1832 – Duncan McCall of Charlotteville and Rhoda Man of Yarmouth.

Witnesses- Edwin L. Potts, Jehiel Mann.


15 May 1832 – George Arnold of Bayham and Moriah Bain of Malahide.

Witnesses- John Vanvelzer, Samuel Prichard.


17 May 1832 – Joel Davis and Amy Lewis, both of Yarmouth.

Witnesses- Chancy Lewis, Amasa Lewis.


Marriages by Timothy Martin, M. E. Church, Bayham, p. 163

2 Nov 1831 – Henry Helmk and Sarah Ann Denton, both of Bayham.

Witnesses- James Spore, Jos’h Denton, Ch’s B. Hewit.


18 March 1832 – Charles B. Hewitt and Jane Foster, both of Bayham, -.

Witnesses- Erastus Gilbert, Wm. Stone, Anselm Foster.


30 May 1832 – Hiram White and Amy Buchner, both of Bayham -.

Witnesses- Lewis Winns, David Hatch, David Martin.


31 May 1832 – Michael Stover and Pheby Carmen.

Witnesses- Michael Stover Sr., E. T. Perley.


26 Aug 1832 – Jeremiah Gillett of Middleton and Emeline Trusk of Westminster.

Witnesses- E. T. Perley, John P. Skinner.


Marriages by Hamilton Biggar, Minister, Vienna, p. 164

19 Dec 1831 – John C. Morrill and Elinor Clark, both of London Township.

Witnesses- James Lamoure, Bemus Pixley.


21 Dec 1831 – Thomas Bryce and Mary Ann Hodgman, both of London Township.

Witnesses- James Mitchel, Wm. Hodgman.


21 Dec 1831 – John Bryce and Hannah Hodgman of London.

Witnesses- James Mitchel, Wm. Hodgman.


5 Jan 1832 – James Farley and Mary Jones, both of London Township, -.

Witnesses- John Scatchard, John Bailey.


16 March 1832 – John Lambon and Elenor Lanb, both of London Township.

Witnesses- Barnard McIlroy, Aaron Harthorn.


18 March 1832 – William Nixon and Sally A. Hampton, both of London Township.

Witnesses- James Nixon, John Nixon.


13 June 1832 – Simon P. Swarts and Sarah Boughart, both of Westminster,

Witnesses- Michael Boughart, James Mitchell.


5 Sept 1832 – William McConnell and Mary Jane Willis, both of London Township,

Witnesses- David McConnell, Castor Willis.


18 Dec 1832  Archibald McGlachlan of Dorchester and Catherine McCollum of Yarmouth by Caleb Burdick, Minister, Malahide.

Witnesses- John Clunis, James McGlachlan.


Marriages by Caleb Burdick, Methodist Minister of Malahide, p. 166

Archibald McGlachlan, Dorchester, to Catherine McCollum of Yarmouth. 18 Dec 1832

Witnesses – John Clunas and James McGlachlan


Marriages by Joseph Merrill, Minister, Baptist Church, Bayham, p. 178

8 July 1832 – William Francisco and Jane Dowling, both of Bayham, -.

Witnesses- Enos Edison, Susanah Edison.


18 Nov 1832 – John Hodgkinson of Malahide and Nancy McIntire of Bayham,

 Witnesses- Thomas Keath, David Nickerson.

Upper Canada Marriage Bond image for John Pember HODGKINSON and Nancy McINTYRE


19 Dec 1832 – Richard McCurdy and Sarah Harris, both of Bayham.

Witnesses- Thomas Edison, John Anderson.


9 Jan 1833 – David McConnell and Rachel Marr, both of Malahide.

Witnesses- John Marr, George Northrup.


Marriages by Alexander Ross, Minister,Scots Church, Aldborough

16 July 1832 – Arch’d McAllum and Christy McKellar both of Aldborough.

Witnesses- Don’d Campbell Jr., Arch’d McKellar.


21 Feb 1833 – Duncan McPhail of Oxford and Helen Scott of Aldborough.

Witnesses- Ewen McPhail, James Scott.


28 Feb 1833 – James Brown of Howard and Janet McLean of Aldborough.

Witnesses- Alex’r Haggert, Alex’r Brodie.


11 March 1833 – John Campbell of Zorra and Cath’ne Patterson of Oxford.

Witnesses- Arch’d Campbell, Jno. McLaren.


14 March 1833 – John McArthur of Aldborough and Cathie Brown of Lobo.

Witnesses- Don’d Campbell Jr., Jno. Patterson.


Marriages by William McDermand, Minister, Regular Baptist Church, Walsingham

28 Apr 1832 – David Burger and Martha Louks, both of Walsingham.

Witnesses- John Troyer, David Loucks.


5 Sept 1832 – William Harris of Southwold and Mary Siddall of Dunwich,

Witnesses- Jos’h Siddall, Philip Brooks.


6 Sept 1832 – Jos’h Outhouse and Ehiz’th MeDermand, both of Dunwich.

Witnesses- Wm. Lumley, Wilson McDermand.


15 Nov 1832 – Edw’d Adams and Abig’l Paddleford, both of Malahide.

Witnesses- P. Rockerfeler, Mary Teeple.


23 Dec 1832 – Ab’m Countryman and Clarissa Woodruff, both of Walsingham.

Witnesses- Corn’s Dedriek, Wm. Franklin.


8 Jan 1833 – Leander Griffin and Zorinda Hudson, both of Charlotteville,

Witnesses- Jos’h Anderson, Levi Hudson.


13 March 1833 – Levi Warner of Caradoc and Susanah Brooks of Dunwich,

Witnesses- Henry Barett, Daniel McIntyre.


Marriages by George Jos. Ryerse, Minister, Regular Baptist Church, Charlotteville

8 Apr 1832 – Robert Young and Ruth Smith, both of Charlotteville -.

Witnesses- David Shram, Henry Webster.


17 Apr 1832 – Peter Anderson and Hulda M. Hibler, both of Charlotteville.

Witnesses- Jacob Cram, Simeon Hibler.


20 June 1832 – Jas Russell Barnum and Ann M. Trueman, both of Charlotteville.

Witnesses- Luther Brown, D. W. Barnum.


18 July 1832 – David D. Struter and Charlotte Miller, both of Charlotteville.

Witnesses- Stephen B. Miller, John Brining.


25 July 1832 – John Vaughan and Caroline Waggoner both of Walpole.

Witnesses- Isaac Vail Sr., Edward P. Ryerse.


1 Oct 1832 – Moses Secord and Lydia Fouger both of Charlotteville.

Witnesses- Peter Secord, Stephen B. Miller.


17 Oct 1832 – Peter Browne and Rebecca Smith, both of Walsingham.

Witnesses- Samuel Harper, Isaac Browne.


13 Sept 1832 – Curtis Griffin and Esther Mabee, both of Charlotteville.

Witnesses- Victor Brown, Wm. H. Ryerse.


31 Dec 1832 – Francis Hog and Marg’t Lerose, both of Charlottville.

Witnesses- Philip Helmes, Peter Lerose.


27 Jan 1833- Wm. S. Urquhart and Livinia McSwain, both of Charlotteville,

Witnesses- Ab’m Van Norman, Wadley Favor.


4 Feb 1833- Nelson Vail of Woodhouse and Mary Vrooman of Niagara.

Witnesses- Robert Hemp, Thos Vrooman.


5 March 1833- Neil McCougen of Dunwich and Jennet Campbell of Aldborough,

Witnesses- Alex’r McAlpin, John McIntyre.


Marriages by Isaac N. D. West, Deacon, W. M. Church

14 Mar 1833- Henry Dale and Martha Jackson, both of Westminster.

Witnesses- Walter Walters, David Montross.


26 Mar 1833- William Dennis and Rebecca Brewer, both of Malahide.

Witnesses- Jas Desines, Israel Done [Doan].


16 May 1833- Ab’m B. Boughner and Cath. Shelley both of Woodhouse.

Witnesses- Isaac Gilbert, Jno H. Hosan.


Marriages by William Smith, Minister W.M. Church

17 Sept 1832 – Thomas Mathews and Marg’t Benner, both of Malahide, -.

Witnesses- John Benner, Wm. Cascaden.


17 Nov 1832 – Henry Burdoyn of Southwold and Juliana Forsyth of Woodhouse.

Witnesses- Solomon Walker, Jon’n Burdoyn.


19 Nov 1832 – Peter Secord and Charlotta Bowman, both of Charlotteville.

Witnesses- Wm. Henderson, Rich’d Made.


3 Dec 1832 – Sol’m N. Thompson and Angelina Moza, both of Yarmouth.

Witnesses- Barzilla Sampson, James Daying.


7 Dec 1832 – Daniel Burdoyn and Moriah Burdoyn both of Southwold.

Witnesses- Henry Burdoyn, Jacob Burdon.


12 Dec 1832 – Ab’m Nickell and Mary Merritt, both of Yarmouth.

Witnesses- Joseph Denton, Samuel Cunningham.


18 Dec 1832 – Hiram Walker of Woodhouse and Mary Walker of Townsend.

Witnesses- Eli Walker, Timothy Walker.


19 Dec 1832 – John Axford and Eliz Buchner, both of Windham.

Witnesses- Peter Buckner, Samuel Axford.


1 Jan 1833 – William Hunt of Westminster and Ruth Pettit of Yarmouth.

Witnesses- John Pettit, Garret Smith.


2 Jan 1833 – Hugh Howell and Lucretia Morton, both of Southwold.

Witnesses- Rich’d Mulligan, Levi L. Howell.


15 Jan 1833 – Daniel Butler and Julia Ann Burch both of Woodhouse.

Witnesses- John Butler, Peter Ryerse.


16 Jan 1833 – Jacob Wood and Mary A. Anderson, both of Charlotteville.

Witnesses- Walter Anderson, James Moore.


14 Feb 1833 – Samuel Ross and Malinda Ross, both of Burford -.

Witnesses- Joseph Boss, Jacob Patrick.


1 May 1833 – John McIntosh and Elizabeth Culver, both of Windham.

Witnesses- Gabriel Culver, Thos W. Clarke.


Marriages by Samuel Baker, Minister Regular Baptist Church, Malahide

25 Oct 1832 -Wm. Raymond of Bayham and Mary Hawley of Yarmouth.

Witnesses- Geo Caugher, Mary Smith.


6 Dec 1832 – Caleb E. McMaster and Lydia Wilison both of Yarmouth.

Witnesses- Manfred Gillett, Thomas Sprague.


3 Jan 1833. Rubin Covil and Matilda Willson, both of Yarmouth.

Witnesses- Elias Moore, Thomas Sprague.


16 Jan 1833 – William Bulook [Bullock] and Nancy Heaton, both of Yarmouth.

Witnesses- Levi Heaton, Abr’m Huff.


31 Jan 1833 – Calvin Adams and Nancy J. Widner, both of Malahide.

Witnesses- Joseph Graham, Thomas Mathews.


31 Jan 1833 – Anson D. Simon and Mary Ann Witt, both of Yarmouth.

Witnesses- Henry Black, Jacob Scout.


7 Feb 1833 – James Heneker of Malahide and Susan Vanemburgh of Bayham.

Witnesses- Peter Gall, David Willcox.


18 Feb 1833 – Roswell Spencer and Letty Dowling , both of Walsingham.

Witnesses- Eli Brown, Benajah Brown.


28 Feb 1833 – George Upper and Mary Stokes, both of Yarmouth,

Witnesses- Samuel H. Kiney, Matthew H. Tisdale.


19 March 1833. Hugh Douglass and Mary McLachlan both of Yarmouth.

Witnesses- John McLachlan, Arch’d Taylor.


7 Apr 1833. Joel Lewis and Hannah Davis, both of Malahide.

Witnesses- Chancy Lewis, Amasa Lewis.


16 Apr 1833 – John Vanvelzer of Malahide and Ann Coyle of Bayham.

Witnesses- Elijah Phelps, William Weaver.


22 Apr 1833 – Adam B. Scott of Southwold and Tamson D. Armstrong of Yarmouth.

Witnesses- Jacob Scott, Anson D. Simons.


25 Apr 1833 – Donald Sinclair and Jane McClain, both of Yarmouth -.

Witnesses- Donald Leach, Covil Leach.


1 May 1833 – Thomas Vary and Eliz Adair both of Yarmouth.

Witnesses- Philip Done, Sylvester White.


7 May 1833 – Coll Sinclair and Jane McLarty, both of Yarmouth -.

Witnesses- Don’d McIntosh, John McLarty.


11 June 1833 – Edward Teeple and Agnes House, both of Yarmouth.

Witnesses- Abr’m House, John Little.


24 June 1833 – Elias Martin of Southwold and Unice Lathrop of Yarmouth,

Witnesses- Chancy Lewis, Amasa Lewis.


27 June 1833 – Sylvester W. Mathews and Elizabeth Ferguson, both of Malahide.

Witnesses- James W. Butler, Joseph King.


Marriages by Dugald Campbell, Minister Baptist Church, Aldborough

30  ? 1832 – Duncan McKeith of Lobo and Nancy McLachlan of Ekfrid.

Witnesses- Thomas McCall, John Campbell.


30 Oct 1832 – George Lee and Mary Edward, both of Ekfrid.

Witnesses- John Elliott, James McIntyre.


21 Feb 1833 – Malcolm McTavish of Orford and Cath’ne Campbell of Aldborough.

Witnesses- John McTavish, John Blue.


23 Apr 1833 – Alex’r Campbell and Cath’ne Campbell, both of Aldborough.

Witnesses- John McIntyre, Duncan McCallum.


9 May 1833 – Samuel S. Bergin and Juli A. Baker, both of Dunwich.

Witnesses- Duncan Patterson, Sarum Ladd.


Marriages by William Proudfoot, Presbyterian Minister, Associate Secession Church


Mar. 27, John Hope to Nancy Lynn, of Southwold.


Marriages by Rev. James Skinner, United Secession Church of Scotland

Jan. 22, 1835- John Meek to Catherine Campbell, of Southwold.


Feb. 4, Lot Wyllie to Catherine McPherson, of Westminster.


Mar. 26, Henry Berry to Susan Burwell, of Southwold.


April 9, Robert G. Eunson to Hannah Cress, of St. Thomas.


May 7, Wm. Buchanan to Mary Sinclair, of Westminster.


May 18, Kenneth Juner to Ann Frazer, of St. Thomas.


Dec. 24, James Ferguson to Janet Jardine, of St. Thomas.


Feb. 2, 1836- John Campbell to Catherine Stewart, of Ekfrid.


Aug. 18, Robert McClatchey, of Caradoc, to Mary Storie.


Aug. 18, John Law, of Adelaide, to Bridget Holleseme.


Feb. 15, 1837- John B. Olds, of Brock, to Elizabeth Preston, of Adelaide.


Marriages by Rev. Wm. Fraser, United Associate Secession Presbyterian Church

June 22, 1835- Julia N. Raman to Sarah Manning, of Dorchester.


July 9, Rupert McDonald to Isabella McDonald, of Stanley.


Marriages by Rev. Abraham Sloot Calvinist Baptist Church

Oct. 10, Daniel Corson to Zelinda Wells J. Wells and T. Olds of Malahide


Oct. 16, Wm. Whitehead to Emiline Curtis J. M. Videto and S. L. Sumner of London


Oct. 22, Wm. Leeper, to Cynthia Osborne D. Stockton and T. Huff of Yarmouth


Oct. 25, John Grieve to Jane Murray E. Grieve and N. Elliott of Westminster


Oct. 29, Edmund Burtch to Sarah Smith H. T. Shaver and John Cort of Lobo


Nov. 27, Andrew Elson to Charlotte Dyer W. Blinn and Joseph Elson of London


Dec. 9, Isaac Vansickle to Mary A. McClain A. Montross and J. McClain of Yarmouth


Jan. 24, 1833- Philo Jackson to Sarah Hill Tilly Hubbard and N. Griffith of Westminster


Aug. 19, John Kitchen to Nancy King, of Southwold.


Aug. 19, James King to Marietta Bartlett, of Caradoc.


Aug. 24, James Siddal to Violet Young, of Dunwich.


Aug. 26, John Whiting to Wealthy Degraw, of Caradoc.


Aug. 31, Timothy Simonds to Ruth Webster, of Westminster.


Sept. 3, James Montague to Lora Hungerford, of Westminster.


Sept. 19, Joseph Siddal to Eliza Brooks, of Dunwich.


Oct. 15, Swain Corliss to Eliza Williams, of Lobo.


Oct. 15, Joseph Lyon to Juliana Moore, of Southwold.


Oct. 17, Wm. Routledge to Jennet Bailee, of Westminster.


Oct. 27, Zeras Myric to Juliana Odle, of London.


Oct. 28, Zerah Gilbert to Mary A. Baker, of Southwold.


Oct. 28, Jonah Clarke to Mary Lumley, of Dunwich.


Oct. 29, Hiram Perkins to Harriet McNames, of Westminster.


Dec. 24, Duncan McDugald to Mary McKiller, of Lobo.


Jan. 13, 1834- Jacob Cooley to Dorka Reynolds, of Dorchester.


Jan. 8, 1835- Andrew McClure to Samantha A. Crandle, of Southwold.


Jan. 15, James McIntire to Jane McIntosh, of Ekfrid.


Feb. 18, Armon Barrett to Susan Little, of Southwold.


Feb. 23, Charles Moice to Elissa Burger, of Southwold.


Dec. 13, George Hollis to Harriett Leahy, of Southwold.


Sept. 12, Henry Weller to Esther A. Jackson, of Southwold.


Nov. 9, Mahon Boding to Roxeana Wade, of Southwold.


Marriages by Rev. Dugald Campbell, Baptist Church, Aldborough

Nov. 26, 1833- John McCallum to Mary McKellar, of Ekfrid.


Dec. 24, Angus McLean to Sarah McPhail, of Dunwich.


Feb. 19, Duncan Campbell to Mary McAlpin, of Aldborough.


Mar. 5, Lachlin Haggard to Catherine Gidham, of Mosa.


Mar. 17, Duncan Black to Sarah McCallum, of Dunwich.


Feb. 9, 1837- Alexander McAlpine to Christy Brown, of Aldborough.


Mar. 14, Edward McCallum to Nancy Mitchell, of Ekfrid.


Mar. 30, Wm. Room to Catherine McLean, of Dunwich.


Marriages by Rev. Samuel Baker, Regular Baptist Church, Malahide

Feb. 5, 1836- John McLachlin to Catherine McKenzie, of Williamstown.


Mar. 26, George Sloot to Sarah Best, of Westminster.


July 10, 1837- William F. Curry to Susannah Moses, of Mosa.


Marriages by Rev. Joseph Merrill, Bayham Baptist Church

Sep. 26, 1835- James B. Stephenson to Eliza Dunmead, of Dorchester.


Marriages by Rev. Nichols French West Oxford Regular Baptist Church

Sep. 30, 1834- Hiram German to Sarah Brigham, of Nissouri.


Oct. 11, 1835- Samuel Herrin to Mary Whiting, of Dorchester.


June 17, 1837- Thomas Squires, of Dorchester, to Catherine Bentley.


Marriages by Rev. Thomas Huckins, Free Will Baptist Church, London

Jan. 21, Edward P. Godfrey to Mary Moore, of Southwold.


Mar. 16, John Frasier to Almeda Gilbert, of Southwold.


April 8, Jacob Eberly to Sarah Mills, of Oxford.


May 4, 1834- Daniel Root to Rhoda Fuller, of Warwick.


May 13, Stephen Griffin to Elizabeth McPherson, of Southwold.


June 26, George W. Ross to Diadema Paul, of Biddulph.


Aug. 10, John Fralick to Annis Pierce, of London.


Nov. 11, Albert Ellice to Jane A. Reynolds, of London.


Nov. 16, Ralph Little to Maranda Purchase, of London.


Dec. 24, Levi Vaughan to Mary Scott, of London.


Dec. 30, Robert Holmes to Margaret Reckord, of Dunwich.


Jan. 13, 1835- Azarah W. Clark to Ann Sarvis, of London.


Jan. 16, Archibald Price to Ann Monaghan, of London.


Sept. 15, Corneilus Williams to Elizabeth Defields, of Mosa.


Jan. 26, 1836- Samuel Munro to Eleanor Banghart, of Westminster.


Mar. 29, Robert Brown to Sarah Attwood, of Dunwich.


Marriages by Rev. William Clarke, Congregational Minister

Jan. 11, 1840- Henry Palmer to Mahala Carter, of London.


Jan. 13, John Lodge to Eleanor Foote, of Southwold.


Marriages by Rev. James Jackson, Wesleyan Methodist Church, London District

Feb. 12, 1835- James C. Smith, of London, to Lucy McDougal, of Southwold.


Marriages by Rev. Isaac Newton Dugan West, Wesleyan Methodist Church

Jan. 29, William Stinoff to Eliza Holt, of Yarmouth.


Marriages by Rev. John S. Atwood, Wesleyan Methodist Church

Oct. 4, 1835- Silas H. Ball to Jane S. Hyde, both of Dorchester.


Marriages by Rev. Dugald Campbell Baptist Church, Aldborough

June 14, D. McCallum to Mary Black, of Dunwich.


Marriages by Rev. C. Vanderson, Wesleyan Methodist Church

 Dec. 12, 1836- Nathan Choat to Caroline Gibbs, of St. Thomas.


Feb., Thomas Allen to Melissa Gregory, of St. Thomas.


Marriages by Rev. Caleb Burdick, B. N. A. Methodist Church

Aug. 15, 1833- Adoram Frank to Eliza Hodgson, of Westminster.


Jan. 19, 1835- Wm. Conly to Mary Walker, of Dorchester.


Jan. 21, Truman Burgess to Caroline Furry.


Aug. 17, Amos Ferrin to Anna Cornwall, of Dorchester.


Mar. 22, 1836- John McLarity, of Yarmouth, to Anna McArthur, of Dorchester.


June 29, 1837- Jacob Stover, of Dorchester, to Ann Froman, of Maladide.


Marriages by Rev. James Bell, Canadian Wesleyan Methodist

Oct. 17, Benjamin Bentley to Christian Stringer, of Bayham.


Marriages by Ephraim Smith, Methodist Episcopal

Apr. 24, 1831- Lorenzo D. Bates to Mary Earl.


May 4, John Sharp to Martha Smith.


Oct. 30, Samuel Healy to Christiana Howell.


Jan. 26, 1832- Eli Cross to Anna Smith.


Feb. 16, 1832- John Maher to Lodice Smith.


Mar. 16, David T. Duncan to Mary Gillett.


Mar. 24, Chris. L. Barnes to Amy Otis.


Marriages by Rev. Ezra Adams, Methodist Episcopal Church, London District

July 5, 1832- Thomas Hurlburt to Betsy A. Adams, of Caradoc.


Oct. 2, Jackson Stafford to Isabella Nickald, of Southwold.


Oct. 25, —- Carroll to Lydia Kelly, of Mosa.


Nov. 13, John Philips to Harriet Caswell, of Westminster.


Nov. 20, James Nash to Keziah Lockwood, of Caradoc.


Jan. 31, 1833- Seneca Edwards to Mary Curry, of Mosa.


Feb. 20, Wm. Provost to Sally Siddal, of Dunwich.


Feb. 20, Horace Kelly to Nancy Provost, of Mosa.


Dec. 3, 1834- Colvin Davison to Jane Nichols, of Ekfrid.


Feb. 4, 1835- John Coyne to Elizabeth Neal.


Talbot District 1837 -1857

Some Elgin County residents

Marriages by Rev’d George J. Ryerse, Baptist Minister

Brinton P. BROWN of Southwold Twp. married to Nancy SMITH of Walsingham Twp. 28 Oct 1839

Witnesses Cha’s TOWNSEND and Henry BRANDO


Marriages by Rev’d William McDermond, Baptist Minister

Ab’m (Abraham) BROWN of Houghton Twp., to Laurie Ann [PHELPS] THOMSON of Bayham Twp., 4 Aug 1839

Witnesses: Christian BECKER and Isaac BROWN

Henry CAMP of Houghton Twp., to Mary Ann HOLLOWOOD of Bayham Twp. on 25 Dec 1839

Witnesses: Will’m DUTHER and Peter BURGHER


Marriages by Rev’d Edward Bailey, Wesleyan Methodist

Andrew McLAREN of Yarmouth Twp., to Sarah Ann MANDEVELLE of Townsend Twp., 4 Dec 1841

Witnesses: Robert CULVER and Nesbit CULVER


Marriages by Rev’d William McDermand, Baptist Minister, Houghton Twp.

Thomas BACHUS [ BACKHOUSE ] of Malahide to Sary Jane MERIT [ MERRITT ] of Windham Twp., 17 Feb 1843

Witnesses: William WILLIS and Aaron PRICE

Francis WALSH of Charlottesville to Mary GLOVER of Bayham Twp., 29 March 1843

Witnesses: Titus FINCH and Charles GLOVER

Isaac ROGERS of Bayham Twp., to Harriet BAKER of Malahide Twp., 10 Dec 1846

Witnesses: Joseph BATES and Hosea BAKER

George SEELY [ SCEALEY ] of Malahide Twp., to Jane BACKHOUSE of Walsingham Twp., 23 Dec 1846

Witnesses: William WILLIS and Isaac WATTS

Charles MEDLAR to Ellen NORTHRUP both of Malahide Twp., 24 Dec 1846

Witnesses: John GRIFFIN and Henry WILLIS

Henry WILLIS of Malahide Twp., to Elizabeth BECKER of Houghton Twp., Feb 1847

Witnesses: Henry BARRETT and John GRIFFIN

James WARWICK of Celista HILL both of Bayham Twp., 18 June 1845

Witnesses: Miriam CAUGHILL nd James GORE.


Brock District Marriages 1837-1857

Some Elgin County residents


Marriages by Rev’ Brinton P. Brown, New Connection Minister, Dereham

Nicholas DEPEAL to Bridget PATERSON both of Bayham Twp., 15 Sep 1845

Witnesses: Lambert DEPEAL and Jacobe ACRE

John VANWAGNER to Sarah LAURENCE both of Malahide Twp., 17 Feb 1846

Witnesses: Sam. VANWAGGONER and Jonathan THOMPSON

John HOLMES to Laury SMITH both of Bayham Twp., 21 April 1846

Witnesses: John MALCOM and Joshua MALCOM

James OSROAETH to Mary Ann STROBRIDGE both of Bayham Twp., 9 May 1846

Witnesses: John SHILTON and George OSROETH

Wm. GLOVER to Louisa SUMMERS of Malahide Twp., 19 Feb 1847

Witnesses: John SUMMERS and Samuel HARPER

Mathias STARFORD to Sarah FINCH both of Bayham Twp., 9 April 1847

Witnesses: Finley MALCOM and Charles NIGHTINGALE

Christopher PEARSON to Rebecca CRANE both of Bayham Twp., 9 Oct 1847

Witnesses: Torra BUGHNER and Samuel CRANE

Wm. BUTTERFIELD to Hannah JONES both of Bayham Twp., 11 Nov 1847

Witnesses: John JONES and William JONES


Marriages by Rev’d William Smith of the Baptist Church of Dumfries

John Alex’r McGINTIE of Malahide Twp., to Hulda MILLS of Windham on 27 July 1842

Witnesses: Silas MILLS and Edward SEPLE


Marriages by Rev’d J. Marr, Congregational Church

Calvin Jewit LADD of Delaware to Lydia LAWSON of Yarmouth Twp., on 28 Sep 1843

Witness: Peter LAWSON


Marriages by Rev’d Elijah Mudge, Methodist Minister

James B. PARFUM of Middleton to Melinda HALLEY of Bayham on 7 Oct 1845

Witnesses: George RANGAN and Sarah HALEY

Daniel HILIKER of Malahide to Leaney MARR of Windham in 1845

Witnesses: Esther CARD and Eliza MARR