Caleb Burdick Register

Early Methodist Baptisms, Marriages and Deaths by

Rev. Caleb Burdick 

Malahide Township, Elgin County, Ontario, Canada

Annotated Transcription of the register

by Jim McCallum and Bruce C. Johnson Jr.

(Total Register is 72 pages)

Rev. Caleb Burdick’s Register


The following introduction was written presumably by Rev. Dr. J. H. Arnup when the Burdick Register was donated to the Church Archives in 1925. The original book is now housed at the United Church Archives, Victoria College, University of Toronto, Ontario.

“Rev. Caleb Burdick who wrote the Minutes, etc., enclosed herewith was ordained “local deacon” by Bishop George at the well-known Lundy’s Lane Conference in 1820. During the War, he had been connected with the commissariat department of the provincial forces and, according to Carroll, “exerted more or less influence for good along the frontier”.

Dealing with the somewhat obscure period at the close of the war, the same author says: “We take up another of the class under consideration, Enoch Burdock, or Burdick, must not be confounded with his brother, the Rev. Caleb Burdick, who lived in the same region of country – first at Long Point, and after some years removed to the township of Malahide, where he resided till his death, which occurred so lately as July 2, 1858, who, it is said, sometimes traveled (stopping some of the numerous gaps in the Minutes, which we no know not how to fill up), and who was admitted, after the period of which we write, to orders as a local deacon by Bishop George. This second Mr. Burdick was the father of the wife of the Rev. Samuel Rose’s youth, who went early to God. To which of these belongs the honour of leading our distinguished Canadian orator, William Ryerson, to Christ, we are not sure. Some ascribe it to one, and some to the other. We are sure it was one or the other”. (Carroll, Vol. 1, page 267)

At Malahide he exercised his right (recently accorded) to celebrate matrimony and apparently performed locally the other functions of a minister, as the record shows. His wife died in 1842 and is referred to by Carroll as follows: “Mrs. Lavinia Burdick, wife of Caleb Burdick, local minister, converted under Dunham, our first ordained minister, at the first Quarterly Meeting held at Long Point”.

Mr. Burdick remarried and a son of the second union, also named Caleb Burdick, now lives in Aylmer (in the same township) at an advanced age. He very kindly let me have his father’s book, first as a loan for our Centenary Celebration, and then to be preserved in any Methodist institution I might choose.”

Presented by: Dr. J. H. Arnup, March 1925


Page 1

Side Bar – Baptized by C. Burdick

Caleb Burdick of Beachmite?

Record of Baptisms

Wm. KENNEDY Son of Reubben and Susanah

KINNEDY Born Mallahide 1821  – Baptised June 1822

Betsey KENNEDY Daughter of John and Polly

KENEDY Born 1821 Baptised 1822

Ruth, Betsey and Rebakah ELSWORTH Daughters of Harding and Joan ELSWORTH Born Mallahide Baptized Jan 1821

Alvin J BOUGHNER Son of Alexander and Gitty BOUGHNER Born Mallahide Jan 1821 Baptised December 1822

(Note: Gitty is given in other records as Gertrude – BCJ)

William KING Son of Edmond and Lucy KING was Born Bayham 1823 Baptised January 1824

Enoch SMITH Born Chatham 1807 (could be 1801) Baptised 1823

Robert WILLIS Born 1822 Baptised 1823

Page 2

David, William, Thomas, Betsey & Ellenor CASCADEN children of wm. and Betsey CASCADEN Baptised Mallahide August 1821

Elizabeth ST. CLAIR Born at St. Anne Sep 16, 1801 Baptised Feb 1823

Susannah, Rebakah & David BONE Children of Cornelius and Mina BORN Baptised Mallahide July 1821.

Jerad, James and Susannah TEEPLE Children of Wm. and Jemima TEEPLE Born Mallahide Baptised 1822.

Harriet MILLARD Daughter of Joseph and Nancy MILLARD Born Mallahide Baptised July 1823.

Seth and Sarah WESTOVER Children of Samuel and Esther WESTOVER Born Mallahide Baptised July 7 1823.

Phebe CORLESS Born Vermont 1804 Baptised 1823.

Nancy BROOKS Born Chatham 1807 (or 1801) Baptised 1823.

(Note: This is Chatham Twp., Deux-Montagnes, Lower Canada [now Argenteuil, Quebec] not far from the Montreal Airport – BCJ)

Page 3

Belinda BROOKS Born Chatham 1804? Baptised 1823

(Note: This is Chatham Twp., Deux-Montagnes, Lower Canada [now Argenteuil, Quebec] not far from the Montreal Airport – BCJ)

Charlotte THAYER? Born 1807

Catherine McKENSEY Born 1820

Alexander and George  McKENSEY Borne Mallahide

Lucinda HARRIS Born 1820 – Nancy  Do (ditto for HARRIS)  Born 1822 Daughters of Benjamin and Abigail HARRIS.

(Note: Abigail BROOKS was the wife of Benjamin HARRIS– BCJ)

Reuben JOHNSON Born Mallahide 1820 – Lucy Do (Ditto for JOHNSON) children of Humphrey and Margaret JOHNSON All Baptised 1823 in Mallahide.

Permilia HUNT Wife of David HUNT Baptised Mallahide June 1822

John and Sally HARPER children of Joseph and Susannah HARPER Born Bertie Baptised June 1822

The Names of about 40? I have Lost.

Page 4

Elizabeth FERNDON? Daughter of George and Jane FERNDON? Born ? Eng? 1823 Baptised March 13, 1824 By CB.

Benjamin Alford LEARN Born Mallahide 1823 son of Asa and Polly Baptised March 13 1824 By C. Burdick

Catherine KILMER Daughter of George and Betsy KILMER Born Mallahide 1823 Baptised August 1st 1824.

Betsy CARTER Daughter of Silas and Lois CARTER Born Malahide 1823 Baptised August 1st 1824

John Bunyan HARRIS son of George HARRIS Born Malahide March 1825 Baptised April 17, 1825

Jennet KINSEY Born Malahide March 1825 Baptised April (the 17?) 1825.

Phebe HOUSE Daughter of Henry & Sarah HOUSE Born Malahide April 11th 1824 Baptised May 15th 1824

Page 5

John & Hannah WALKER  Children Baptised May 15th 1825

Weldon (sic – Weeden / Weden ) WALKER Born Feb 11th 1813

Mary Do (ditto for WALKER) Born May 4th 1819

Sarah Do (ditto for WALKER)  Born Sep14th 1821

John Do (ditto for WALKER) Born May 7th 1824


Deborah KILMER Daughter of George and Betsy KILMER born Malahide 1825 and Baptised Jan 22 1826.

(Note: Elizabeth HUNT was the wife of George KILMER – BCJ)

Mary JOHNSON Daughter of Humphrey & (blank) JOHNSON Born Malahide Baptised Nov 5 1826

(Margaret WHITCRAFT / WHITCROFT was the wife of Humphrey JOHNSON / JOHNSTON – BCJ)

Ephraim ELSWORTH son of Harden (Harding) & Joan ELSWORTH Born Malahide Baptised June 7th 1826

John Andrew KENEDY Born 13th of Febry 1854 the child of Tomas ROGERS & Susannah B. KENNEDY.

Francis THURSTON & wife Baptised by Jameson? August 29, 1830

Page 6

Agnes HOUSE Born August 25, 1816

Polly Do (ditto for HOUSE) Born ? 16 1814

Sally Do (ditto for HOUSE) Born July 20 1820

Rebecca Do (ditto for HOUSE) Born May 29, 1822

Children of Henry & Sally HOUSE Born & Baptised in Malahide March 9th 1823

(Note: Sarah BACON was the wife of Henry C. HOUSE)

Sally Ann McCOWAN (McEOWN) Born Dec 21 1819

John P. Do  (Ditto for McCOWAN (McEOWN) Born June 11th 1822

Children of Abraham & Rebecca McCOWAN (McEOWN) Born & Baptised in Malahide March 9th 1823.

(Note: Rebecca BAKER was wife of Abraham McEOWN)

Rowin SUMMERS Son of Wm. & Margaret SUMMERS Born in Malahide and Baptised (blank)

David BOOKS Son of Benjamin & Ollive BROOKS Born Malahide August 29? 1827 Baptised Sep 1827.

(Note: Nancy Olive HARRIS was the wife of Benjamin BROOKS – BCJ)

Page 7

Henry HARRIS Born Chatham L. C. (Lower Canada – Now Quebec) 1809

Phebe HARRIS Born Malahide 1822

John BROOKS Born L. C. (Lower Canada – now Quebec) 1816

Nancy BROOKS Born Genesee, USA (New York) 1819

Archibald CLUNIS (sometimes given as CLUNAS) Born Malahide 1820

John CLUNIS Born Malahide 1822

Archibald McGLAUGHLIN  (usually given as McLAUGHLIN) Born Malahide 1822

All Baptised Feb 1823

Alexander McINTOSH Son of Wm. McINTOSH Born Malahide 1826 Baptised Sep 24 1826.

Mary Ann McGLAUGHLIN (usually given as McLAUGHLIN) Daughter of James & (blank) McGLAUGHLIN Born Malahide 1826 Baptised Nov 5, 1826

Isabella McGLAUGHLAN Born 1823? Baptised March 1823

Page 8

John McLACHLIN Son of Daniel & Margaret McLACHLIN Born Malahide 15 Sep 1827 Baptised Sep 1827

Margaret McKENZIE Daughter to Donald & Catherine McKENZIE Born Malahide Sep 16, 1827 Baptised Sep 1827

Thomas CLUNIS Son of John CLUNIS Born Malahide 1827 Baptised Jan 1828.

James CLUNIS Born Malahide 1830 Baptised April 18th 1830

Margaret, Daughter of James and Elizabeth McLAUGHLAN Born Malahide Born 1830 Baptised October 17th 1830

Mary, the Daughter of Silas and Elisabeth HARRIS Baptised April 29, 1831

Page 9

Henry Bostwick STEEL Son of Samuel and Hannah STEEL was Born Malahide June 19, 1831 Baptised October 16. 1831

(Note: Henry B. STEELE, age 50 is at Tod, Crawford, Ohio in the 1880 US census  – BCJ)


Louisa Born April 24 1827

Jonas Mathias Born Feb 29, 1829

Anthony Born Jan 27, 1830

Joseph Born Nov 5th 1831

Children of Mathias and Hannah OSWALT (also given as OSWALD) Baptised December 12, 1831


Charles Russel Born Sep 11 1831 Son of John B and Emily JONES Baptised Dec 12, 1831

Lorenzo Lathrup Born July 29 1831 Baptised Dec 12, 1831 Son of Daniel W. and Jane MOSS Baptised Dec 12, 1831.

Page 10

David BARS Baptised July 10 1831 By immersion

(Note: There are several David and Daniel BEARSS persons in early Malahide records. – BCJ)

Elizabeth KILMER wife of George KILMER & Mary their daughter Baptised July 10, 1833

Martha MOSS Wife of Zoroaster MOSS and Orlando Hubard their son Both Baptised July 10, 1833

Daniel Son of Jno & Polly HENRY Born Malahide Dec 31, 1831 was Baptised Feb 12, 1832.

Benjamin CORPORAN Baptised By immersion Nov 1832


(side bar) James Son of Archibald & Catherine McGLAUGHLIN born Westminster March 9th 1849 Baptised Nov 18, 1854

Page 11

Susannah Burdick CLUNIS Daughter of John and Catherine CLUNIS Born Malahide April 14th 1832 Baptised May 8th 1832

Susannah Burdick MORGAN Daughter of Edward MORGAN Born Yarmouth 1832 Baptised Nov ? 1832

Maria GANNLEY? was Born 20 Jan 1825

Alexander Do (Ditto for GANNLEY?) Born 25th Jan 1829

Charles James Do (Ditto for GANNLEY?) Born 1 August 1830

Rhoda Eliza Do (Ditto for GANNLEY?)  Born 24th July 1832

Children of James & Maria GANNLEY Yarmouth were Baptised Nov 9, 1832

Page 12

Simeon WHITWELL August 11 1833

Harriot COOK       Do (Ditto)


Sally                      Do (Ditto)

Charles                  Do (Ditto)

Catharine               Do (Ditto)

George                  Do (Ditto)

All Baptised Nov 3rd 1833


Temperance TEEPLE

Stephen TEEPLE Baptised Sep 1834

Children of Wm. & Jemima TEEPLE



Marilla WITHWELL May 17 1835

Page 13

(side bar) Daniel S. JOHNSON Son of John and Mary JOHNSON Born August 20 1850 Baptised May 19, 1850.

Peter M. WHALEY Born June 23 1828

Joseph WHALEY Born April 16 1834

Baptised May 7th 1834

Bradford CORLESS Born August the 3rd 1831

Abigail     Do (Ditto for CORLESS) Born Dec 24 1833

Children of Philander & Phebe CORLESS Baptised May 1834

Catherine McLAUGHLIN Born 1845 Baptised July 13, 1845

Mary McLAUGHLIN Born Dorchester March 1834 Daughter of Archibald and Catherine McLAUGHLIN Baptised May the 12th 1834

Sarah ? McKENNEY Born Malahide April 16, 1834 Baptised Dec 21 1834

Daughter of John & Elizabeth McKENNEY

Page 14

Maria MORGAN Born Nov 27th 1828 Daoughter of Edward & Catherine MORGAN Baptised Jan. 21 1834

Elisabeth DUNMEAD John DUNMEAD   Baptised May 17 1835 Born in Malahide

Phebe Elenor McCOWAN (McEOWN) Born June 3rd 1834

Emily McCOWAN (McEOWN) Born Nov 21 1839

Children of Abraham & Rebecca McCOWAN (McEOWN) Baptised Oct 13, 1839 All of their children I have now Baptised.

Cornelius son of Daniel & Margaret McCARTHUR (McARTHUR)

Daniel McGLAUGHLIN (McLAUGHLAN) Born Nov 11, 1840 Baptised Feb 7, 1841  Son of James and Elizabeth McGLACHLIN (McLAUGHLIN)

Elizabeth M. McGLACHLIN Born 22 December 1845 Baptised July 19, 1846 Daughter of James & E. McLACHLIN.

(side bar)

James S. BURDICK Born Oct 19, 1840 Baptised Feb 24, 1841

Page 15

Susannah Lovinah KENNEDY Daughter of Alonzo and Hannah KENNEDY Born July 29, 1835, Baptised August 9th, 1835.

Wm. Howard BURDICK Son of James S. & Elenor BURDICK Born Malahide Dec 24 1837 Baptised by the Rev. S. Koll Feb 20, 1838.

Margaret CLUNIS Daughter of John & Catherine CLUNIS (CLUNAS) Born Dec 6 1839 Baptised Feb 9th 1840.

Burling? CLARK Baptised Feb 11, 1840


Archibald McGLAUGHAN Born June 4 1835

Elenor    Do  (Ditto for McGLAUGHLAN) Westminster Born ? Born Feb 5? 1837

Duncan  Do (Ditto for McGLAUGHLAN) Born ? Baptised Nov 18, 1844?

Malcomb   Do (Ditto for McGLAUGHLAN) Born Jan 27, 1843? Baptised Jan 19 1844

Children of Archibald & Catherine McGLAUGHLIN of Dorchester Baptised July 19, 1840


Jennet McCARTHUR (McARTHUR)  Born June 1839 Daugher of Daniel & Jennet McARTHUR  Baptised July 19, 1840 at Malahide

Page 16

(about 11 lines of personal notes


………..Trouble in painting

……………….I am now in debt to the

………………..and corn & Rye

(Upside down in register)

Margaret JOHNSON Born Cremnter?? 1839


Edward JOHNSON Born May 27, 1846

Baptised July 19, 1840 Children of John and Mary JOHNSON

and Daniel S.  Do (Ditto for JOHNSON) Born August 21

(Note: John JOHNSON was born in 1807 in  Armagh, Ireland and died 6 Feb 1903 at Moore Twp., Lambton, Ontario. His wife Mary McLAUGHLIN was born born about 1821 in Upper Canada and died 18 July 1891 at Moore Twp., Lambton, Ontario. Their son, Daniel Stewart JOHNSON, died 28 Dec 1926 at Petrolia, Ontario- BCJ)

Page 17

(about 14 lines of personal notes)

…….I made use of paint

of Mahlon Burwell

Boards of Saml Westover

………and boards left of the house

paint for  of railing Lydia grave

….from Moses Brown

Page 18

(about 17 lines of personal notes)

….boards on the ground

…..for the stove

Page 19

A Record of the Meeting House Subscriptions with the Subscribers Names  who have paid dues in 1826. Brownt Down to both price

We whose names are under written promise to pay the barer the Sinal? sum affixed to our  ?? name for the purpose of building a Meeting House for?? Methodist Episcopal Church near the dwelling of Caleb Burdick in Malahide the Subscribers having the privelige of making payment in both Merchantable grain Stack or materials for the building and we further promise to pay to the ?? one half by the first of January next the remainder by the  first of January following Malahide 11 May 1822 (signed) Halifan Geinnnery??


Edmond KING


Page 20

(continue list of subscribers to the new Methodist Meeting House)

Sylvanus BROWN

Dorothy HOUSE



Elisa JOSB?

Maragaret Do (Ditto for above)

Margaret Laurson (signed Margret Larrson)

This ends? all Subscriptions




Joseph HENRY

Jacob & Canoot McKENNEY


Page 21

(continue of the list of subscribers for the meeting house)

Rachel KIP

Welthy MOSS

Andibily ELISON

John ??


Elizabeth Do


Christine McCLINTOCH


Abagail BROOKS



Hiram HOUSE & Wife

Hannah DRAKE

Hannah MERRIL?

Janet OAKS?

Page 22

(continue subscription list)




Daniel MOSS



Robert L. McKENNEY

Edward JOHNSON  

(Note: Edward JOHNSON was born in Ireland in 1785 and died in Iowa in 187?. He was an early Mormon from Malahide to Nauvoo in the 1830s)


Humphrey JOHNSON



?/ ?? & Sally CROSETTS


Page 23

(continue subscription list)


Joseph DEXTER?




Peter D??


Reubin LAMB


Jerimiah MORE








Page 24

(continue subscribers list)

…………………   MILLER

Simeon DAVIS





Chatham …TZELL

Jerimiah ANDERSON?


Christian LANG


Richard McKENNEY



John BRIN…?




Page 25

(Continue subscription list)


Charles ??



Peter LAUR

Phillip KILMER

Samuel BAKER


Elisabeth  Do (Ditto for CASCADDEN)







(printed sideways)

Samuel McGLAUGHLAN Son of Archibald & Mary McGLAUGHLN Born Mar 10 -53 Baptised Agust 7 – 53

Susannah Daughter of John & Mary JOHNSON Born Sep – 10 – 52 Baptised August 7  – 53

George Arthur Son of James & Esther ROBERTSON Born 2nd of April – 53 By Baptism August 7 – 53 (signed) C. Burdick   All born in Malahide

Page 26

(continue subscription list)

Alexander BOUGHNER






Mathew HOUSE




Gilbert WRONG





Jacob LAUR

Page 27

(continue subscription list)

Andrus DAVIS


Timothy MARTIN


James ??

Robert L. WHITE Gave 124 lb of Nails 14 ? from ?



David HUNT






James SUMMERS  (paid 39 lbs Nails)


Page 28

(3 deaths)

Ginnett McCARTHUR   ? Fever July 3, 1839

Mathias HAUN   Struck head by a log   July 1839

Widow SMITH – Enoch MOORE Mother-in-law April 1840

[While it appears that this death date might be 1850 in the actual source other evidence would indicate an error and that the death date is more correctly 1840 – see info from researcher Jay Moore]

From: Jay Moore [email protected]

Sent: Sun 11/10/09 9:31 AM

Subject: Fwd: Burdick Transcription

….. I wanted to point out a possible error. On page 28, our ancestor, here referred to as “Widow Smith,” is recorded as having died in 1850. All our records however, show 1840 – in fact 17 April 1840. We notice on page 28 that the other two deaths are 1839, and then a sudden jump to 1850. This points to a probable transcription error.


A Record of Baptisms

Robert H. LINDSEY Son of John and Martha LINDSEY Born October 14th 1850 Baptised Dec 25, 53

Wealthy Jane LINDSEY Born Sep 11th – 52 Daughter of Charles and Wealthy Jane LINDSEY Baptised Dec 25, -53.

John A. KENNEDA Born Feb 13th 1854 Son of Thomas K. and Susannah B. KENNEDY of Dorchester.

Henry H. CLUNIS Born Sep 19th 1852 Son of Thomas & Mary CLUNIS of Dorchester.

Delphine Born March 8th, 1843 Adopted child of John & Katherine CLUNIS of Malahide

The last three Baptised By C. Burdick 1859

Page 29


Dec 25 1853 – Gideion ROY to Eleanor BENTLEY of Malahide, Witnessed Daniel ADAMS & David WHITESELL, Both of Yarmouth , by License

(Note: Ontario marriage Reg. # gives witness as Charles WHITESELL, brother of David WHITESELL– BCJ)

Jan 18th 1849 – Austin SNIVELY to Julietta PIERCE, witnesses John McINTYRE & Matilda BURDICK, by License

March 14, 1849 – Simon NEWCOMBE to Isabelle KERNS, witnesss Lewis BOWLBY & Caleb CALVERT, Both of Malahide , By License

March 26, 1849 – James STEVENS & Temperance TEEPLE, witnessed by Jared TEEPLE & James N. LEEK, Both of Malahide, By License

May 1, 1849 – Charles LAWRENCE & Mary LEWIS, Both of Yarmouth, witness, Lyman LEWIS & Joel LEWIS, by License.

May 1, 1849 – William WHALEY & Clarissa HUNTER, Both of Yarmouth, By license, witness, Henry FINCH & Richard BEACH

May 15, 1849 – Jesse WEAVER, Dorchester & Catharine SHIVELY, Malahide, By P. Banns, witness, Andrew NEWELL & George NEFF.

May 30, 1849 – Henry YARWOOD & Hannah BARHLAND? (need correct surname here) , both of Yarmouth, By license, witness David PACE & Nelson NELSON.

June ? 1849 – Lyman LEWIS, Yarmouth & Mary SMITH of Malahide, P. Banns, witness Joel LEWIS & Daniel BIRDSELL

Page 30

(continue marriages)

July 12, 1843 – Donald McTAGGART of Yarmouth & Maria ASSELTINE (ESSELTINE) of Malahide, witness, Eratus ASSELTINE & Duncan MCTAGGART, P. Banns

July 12, 1843 – Benjamin FERGUSON & Susan MIDAUGH, witness, Charles MIDAUGH & Joseph PIPER? by license.

August 7, 1843 – Abner KOYLE to Mary Ann ALLEN, both of Malahide, witness, Peter KOYLE & Matilda BURDICK, By P. Banns.

Oct. 10 1843 – Daniel McINTOSH of Dorchester to Mary Jane McEOWN of Malahide, P. Banns, Witness, Jeremiah McEOWN & John S. KETTLE

Nov 7th 1843 – Benjamin WILLIS of Dorchester to Anna McCLARITY of Yarmouth, witness, John CLUNIS & Archibald CLUNIS, P. Banns

Nov 21 1843 – Jeremiah McEOWN to Louisa MacARTHUR, by Banns, Both of Malahide, witness, Abraham McEOWN & John C. KETTLE.

Nov 19, 1843 – James BILLINGON Jr. to Susan BOWEN, both of Malahide, Witness, Cornelius BOWEN & Charles PLANT,

Page 31

(continue marriages)

Jan 19, 1843 –  Frederick WEAVER & Clarissa NANCELL? Both of Dorchester, by P. Banns, witness, Joseph R. SMITH & Joseph NANCELL?

Feb. 6th, 1843 – James BROWN Jr. & Hannah St. CLAIR, Both of Malahide, By License, witness, Samuel BROWN & Belia BAINES

Feb 13, 1843 – Wm. COLE (KOYLE) & Jane MIDAUGH, both of Dorchester, by P. Banns, witness, Mansfield GILBERT, Farmer & Nelson COLE (KOYLE)

(Note: Jane WARD was the widow of ? MIDAUGH)

Feb 26, 1843 – Enoch NOTT & Susan NORTON, Both of the Township of Yarmouth, By License, witness, Elisha S. GANSON & Andrus DAVIS.

Feb 24, 1843 – Andrew WHITESIDES & Letitia TOMLIN, Both of the Township of Malahide, By P. Banns, witness, James SINGER? & Rebecca SINGER?

March 2nd 1843 – Aaron WHITESELL and Lucy KINSY, both of the Township of Malahide, By P. Banns, witness, James WATT & John KINSEY.

March 4th, 1843 – Levi GREEN, Township of Howard, Western District & Nancy WHITESELL, Malahide, witness, David WHITESELL & Richard GREEN, By P. Banns

June 14, 1843 – James J. BACKHOUSE, Township of Malahide & Mary Jane SAXTON, Township of Bayham, By P. Banns, witness, George BACKHOUSE & Alexander SAXTON.

Page 32

(continue marriages)

Nov 6 1840 – Mr. DANCEY of Consumption   Feb 1841 Mr. BEAMAN wit. LXII / LXII

Sep 15 1842 – Turn Back 20 leaves Couple on that Married the year Brought forward on the leaf. Married David C. COLLINS to Sarah Ann EICHENBERG. both of Bayham LC. By license Witness Wm. L. COHER, Bayham & Roswell MOTT.

No 101?

Nov 3 1842 – Peter L. STRAUSS to Adalia WITHERELL Both of Malahide CP Banns, Witness Ben WITHERELL, A. G. McEWEN.

No 106

Nov. 5th 1842 – Nathaniel DEO of Yarmouth to Betsy WEAVER of  Dorchester. Witnesses Reuben SULLIVAN & Everet LEWIS. By License.

Nov 10 1842 – David FERGUSON & Elizabeth THURSTIN Both of Malahide. Witnesss Roswell MOTT & Margaret MOTT. By License.

Nov 16 1842 – John McDOWELL to Mary MILLS both of Yarmouth. Witnesses Jessie KIPP & Luther TEEPLE

Dec 28 1842 – Jacob S. DEO to Mary Ann OAKE Both of Yarmouth. Witnesses Minard MILLS  & Elva MILLS. P. Banns

Married in all 111 couples

There are some 1840 marriages given in a submission that don’t seem to be in this register.



Page 33

Jan 14, 1840 – Miram SOVEREIGN Removed here after Being dead ten months.

Jan 20 1840 – David HUNT who was Killed by a ??

April 17, 1840 – Widow SMITH from Charlotteville

– Enoch MOORE’s Mother-in-law – Dysentery

– John HOOFMAN child

May             – Mr. DANCY’s child

July 1st 1840 – Mr. SHEPHERD who fell dead

                        His Child

August 1, 1840 – Mr. WINCHESTER’s child

August 2, 1840 – Mr. COLE. Bloody Flux

                      – John FERGUSON’s child, Flux

Sep                – Miss LINDY

Page 34

Deaths in my Family

Oxford – Joshua BURDICK April 26 1814

Point – Matilda BURDICK Oct (Note: This is likely Long Point in Norfolk, Upper Canada)

Malahide – Lydia BURDICK Sep 6th 1824

Malahide – Phebe BURDICK Jan 8th 1827

Malahide – Susanna BURDICK Jan 12 1832

               John RHOADS Preached Joshua F. Sermon

               Dan FREEMAN Malitda

               George FERGASON Lydias

               Robert CARSONs Phebee

                Ezra ADAMs P. E. Susanna

                Joshua Died of the Measles

                 Matilda of the Hooping Cough

                 Lydia Phebe and Susanna of the Consumption

                  and Matilda with Consumption

Page 35

A Record of those Whom I interred Since I came to Malahide Preached on read Service orver them

Asa LEARN child.


Elisabeth MERRILL  Consumption

Benjamin TOZER & Wife   Consumption


AKINS Wife   Consumption




MATHEW’s Child

Page 36

(continue burials)

Mrs. SMITH & Child Consumption

Mathias MILLARD’s Wife and Child   Consumption

Mr. VanPATTER   Consumption

Mr. GRASS   Consumption

Mr. ATWOOD Consumption


George FERGASON’s Child

Mrs. MALCAIN   Consumption


Mrs. HODKINSON & Child   Consumption

MOSS’s Child

Widow LAMB

Reuben LAMB’s Wife


Stranger’s Child

Page 37

(Burials, continued)

George HARRIS child


LOOTE child

April 4, 1826  Widow HARPER, consumption

April 30, 1826  David McKENNEY, consumption

June 7   Joann ELLSWORTH

Sep 5  Danl CASWELL’s daughter, consumption


(Sep) 30 1826  Nathaniel NICKERSON son (Nathaniel Nickerson Jr. – confirmed in Bible entry)

GAGE’s child

Mr. BANE’s child [could be BAIN ]


PENNELL’s 2 children burned to death

Mr. McKENNEY consumption

David HUNT’s child

Page 38

(burials, continued)

1827 Agnes HOUSE, wife of Abram HOUSE Sen., consumption

Oct. 11        David STEVENSON

                        Orrin TURREL child

                        John STOAKE, consumption [could be STOKES ]

Dec. 17        John LEARN’s child

Sep. 28, 1828  Wm. SUMMERS’ wife

Oct. 2              TISDALE’s child

Oct. 16        Rastus WESTOVER child

Nov. 11       George SOVEREIGN child

Nov. 14       Widow BRADLEY, consumption

March 17, 1829 Mr. STOAKE’s daughter, consumption [could be STOKES ]

                        Mr. BONE’s 2nd wife and child

August 19     Samuel HARPER child

Page 39

(Burials, continued)

Jan. 4, 1830 Asa LEARN

         1830 Polly LEARN

March 24     Noah MILLARD, consumption

May 17        Levi NICKERSON’s wife, consumption

May 26            BUTLER’s child and assisted in dissecting its head

June 30        Nancy Sifrona BOUGHNER

July 9           Samuel ASTELTINE, consumption [could be ESSELTINE ]

Sep. 3          Mr. CHAPMAN, Mr. POWERS’ son-in-law

Sep. 11        Mr. GRAHAM’s child

Aug. 20        Sally NOBLES, wife of Nisbett NOBLES, consumption

Nov. 8         Wm. CAULY, consumption

Feb. 4, 1832 Mary McKINSY, consumption [ could be McKENZIE ]

March 20     Charity STOAKS, of the consumption [ could be STOKES ]

30 died of the consumption of the above

April 2  Mr. (EHPLING ?) Who was struck dead in a moment by a fit of (appoplexy)

Page 40

(Burials, continued)


April 13        Abraham McCOWEN child, of consumption

May 10        Ira ATWOOD, buried at Dunwich, May 12, died at Ekfrid May 10, 1832 of the consumption

Aug. 5          Asa LEARN and Sally Jane his daughter of the cholera

Aug. 26        Mary SUMMERS of the bloody flux

Sep. 11        John McKENNY’s child of cholera [ McKENNEY ]

Sept. 30       Eden ADAM’s wife, peneperial fever

Oct. 29        Mrs. GOODSPEED in child bed


Sep. 24        Ira HENRY’s child of dysentery

June 13, 1834  Drunken (Hireman ?) Who fell from a waggon drunk and died in 3 days

Page 41

June 20, 1834  old Mr. MERRILL of old age

September    James BROWN’s child

Oct. 12        old Mrs. HARRIS, of fever

Nov. 9             SMITH’s child

Dec. 10        Mrs. FISHER, influenza


May 7          Moses SUMMERS drowned in the well

Jan. 1837     Mrs. HICKEY

April 15, 1837  Andrew McCAUSLAND child

April 10, 1838  Henry SAYER, consumption

July 5, 1838             Michael HICKEY

Feb. 15, 1839          old Mrs. LEEK & Mr. LEEK 1837

March 26, 1839       John SOVEREIGN wife

read funeral service of D. BARR

April 10, 1839  John B. LYONS billeous fever

April 18, 1839  Mrs. DIBL (?) consumption

Page 42

(Burials, continued)


Mrs. FISHER, the Dutch woman

Mr. LONG, consumption

Wm. HAUN, Nov. 17, 1837 consumption

April 12, 1834  Henry SAGES, consumption

April 15, 1834  Permelia HUNT, consumption

May 16, 1834          Mary JOHNSON

July 5, 1834             Michael HICKEY

Sept. 25, 1834 Thomas CARROLL, a stranger

                                 Mary McCOLLUM

                                 James McLACHLIN wife

November 29, 1838 Matilda Ann ROSE consort of Rev’d S. ROSE, and daughter of Rev’d C. and Lavina BURDICK, consumption

Nov. 30, 1834         Widow JOYCE, consumption

July 1839                 Mr. PANGMAN’s child

August 6, 1839 Old Mr. MATTHEWS

August 15, 1839       Mr. SNIDER’s child

Mr. ENOS’ child

Dec. 1, 1839           

David Rose BURDICK

Page 43

(Burials, continued)

Matthias MILLARD’s child


Wm. MARTIN’s child

Andrus DAVIS’ child

Case(s)s CARR wife, consumption

Abraham McEWEN’s child

Mr. KING’s child

John FERGUSON’s child

Andrew McCAUSLAND’s child


Mrs. UPPER, consumption

Mrs. COOK, consumption


Mr. BUCK’s child

John McKENNEY child

Mr. WITHERSPOON’s children


Page 44

April 20, 1837 A record of burials in the burying ground on lot no. 22 Malahide 6 con. [this list probably includes page 43 also]

Lydia BURDICK, consumption

Phebe BURDICK, consumption

Susannah BURDICK, consumption

Matilda Ann ROSE, consumption

Wm. SUMMERS wife

Mr. TISDALE’s child, consumption

Smith BURDICK child

Wm. HARPER’s child

old Mr. BAKER, consumption

his wife

Alum BOUGHNER, consumption

his sister

Jacob MILLER’s child

Solomon SMITH

his child        stone engraved

Mrs. MATHEWS, consumption

her child

Page 45

Married Jan. 11, 1834 William REYNOLDS of Oxford to Sarah EPHLING, wid., of Yarmouth, by licence; witnesses Andrus DAVIS, Henry V. SMITH

January 12, married Capt. JOHNSON to Mary STRANGE, and James CASY to Margaret COOK, by publishing of banns; witnesses for both Wm. B. TEEPLE, Jemima TEEPLE

            [in margin] native from Muncey [not indicated which person this refers to]

January 14, married Adorum FRANK to Elisabeth HODGSON, both of Westminster, by publishing of banns, witnesses Robert FRANK, John SUMMERS and Joseph HODGSON

Page 46

1833 married Nov. 3, 1833 Peter STOVER to Miss Elisabeth SEMORE, [ SEYMOUR ] both of Malahide, John WALKER, John CLUNIS [ CLUNAS ] and Wm. McINTOSH witnesses

Married Nov. 12, 1833 John BROOKS to Miss Polly CORLESS both of Malahide; Peter WHALEY, David CORLESS and Bradford CORLESS witnesses

Page 47

Minutes of a quarterly conference held at Malahide Oct 9, 1824

Rev. George FERGUSON, president

Timothy MARTIN, preacher

Motioned and resolved not to have any spirits or liquor at any of our bees or raisings

Caleb STAFFORD appointed circuit steward & (    )

Brother FERGUSON received 0 16 2

Brother W. BARNUM gave Brother MARTIN 12 (pounds) towards a horse to ride the circuit with

Page 48

Minutes of a quarterly conference held at Westminster 30th August 1823

Wm. CASE, president

Preachers – George FERGUSON, George SOVEREIGN

Received of Tyron TREADWELL 1 (pound) 6 (pence)

Paid Bthr. SOVEREIGN 16 p

(paid) Bthr. CASE 8 p


Quarterly conference held at Malahide Nov. 22, 1823

Wm. CASE, president

George FERGUSON, George SOVEREIGN, preachers

Received      8 pounds, 12 p

Brother FERGUSON’s expenses 6 pounds, 8 p

Brother CASE’s expenses 10 pounds, 4 p

Public collections 2 pounds, 4 p

Page 49


November 25, 1838 Matilda Ann ROSE, consort of Rev. S. ROSE, and daughter of Rev. C. and Lavina BURDICK, age 21 years, 10 months 19 days, after being married one year & five months

Nov. 16, 1842 Susan HARVY, [ HARVEY ] daughter of Wm. B. TEEPLE and Jemima TEEPLE

[although the page is titled “Deaths”, the two following entries appear to be baptisms]

Margaret daughter of Joseph & Martha NISBET, [ NESBITT ] born Dorchester Sep. 2, 1851; baptised Feb. 29, 1852

Margaret Jane daughter of Archibald & Francis CLUNIS, [ CLUNAS ] born Sep. 16, 1847; and George James, their son, born Jan. 25, 1850; baptised Feb. 29, 1852

Page 50


Lydia BURDICK, Malahide, Sep. 6, 1824, aged 18 years 8 months 22 days

Phebe BURDICK, Malahide, Jan. 8, 1827, aged 19 years and 10 hours

Joshua BURDICK, Oxford, April 25, 1814 aged 4 years 5 months and 21 days

Matilda BURDICK, L. Point, Sep. 1814, aged 5 months

Susannah BURDICK, Jan. 12, 1832, aged 20 years, 7 months & 7 days

SMITH’s babe, a son, Nov. 7, 1834, aged 15 days

Ira ATWOOD, May the 10,  1832

Page 51

Registered Dec. 25, 1830 by C. Burdick

Family Record

Caleb BURDICK, born Lanesborough August 9, 1785

Levinah BURDICK born St. Johns May 10, 1786

Caleb BURDICK & Levinah TEEPLE married Feb. 24, 1805

Lydia BURDICK born Oxford Dec. 15, 1805

Phebe BURDICK born Oxford Jan. 7, 1807

Joshua T. BURDICK born Oxford October 5, 1809

Susannah BURDICK born Oxford June 11, 1811

James S. BURDICK born Oxford March 31, 1813

Matilda BURDICK born Long Point Jan. 7, 1816

Andrus D. BURDICK born Long Point Nov. 8, 1818

Mary BURDICK born Malahide Nov. 7, 1822

SMITH’s babe Oct. 24, 1834

Enoch B. BROWN, died (May) 26, 1887 (?)

Page 52

(in margin – Kentucky state Vermont Venice Oregon)

Caleb H. BURDICK, Aylmer, Ont. 1871 [this notation obviously made by Rev. Burdick’s son Caleb]


James BURDICK at Oxford, Nov. 26, 1807

Phebe COAT, do. (at Oxford) August 1813

Abagail LAWRENCE at Burford March 181(8)

Joshua BURDICK at Lanesborough June. 1776

Phebe BROWN at Long Point Nov. 29, 1830, aged 61 years 3 months & 3 days

Page 53

A record of my father’s family

James BURDICK, born March 7, 1744

Phebe BURDICK born Sep. 18, 1748

their children, born as follows

Abigail BURDICK for Jan. 2, 1768

Phebe BURDICK born August 26, 1769

Rachel BURDICK born Sep. 18, 1771

Enoch BURDICK born Sep. 25, 1774

Samuel BURDICK born July 25, 1776

Mercy BURDICK born May 8, 1779

Isaac BURDICK born Nov. 9, 1782

Joshua & Caleb BURDICK born August 9, 1785

Huldah BURDICK born June 6, 1787

Page 54


Wm. B. GAGE to Eveline BEST, both of Yarmouth, by publication of banns, witnesses George PARHAM and Mary PARHAM; married March 11, 1839

Henry CARTER to Mary GIFFORD, both of Yarmouth, by publication of banns; witnesses Wm. McCONNELL and Sarah McCONNELL; married March 11, 1839

Jacob BEST to Mariah GAGE, both of Malahide, by license; witnesses Levi BRADLEY and Sarah BRADLEY, May 5, 1839

Frederick JOHNSON to Mary BURGESS, both of Yarmouth, by license; witnesses Randolph JOHNSON & Truman BURGESS; May 22, 1839

Roswell MOTT to Margaret OSTRANDER, both of Malahide, by license; witnesses Daniel DAVIS & John H. TREADWELL, June 2, 1839

Asa HOWARD to Elizabeth HUGHS, both of Yarmouth, by license, witnesses David & Hannah BURDICK; August 26, 1839

Caleb ELLISON to Elisa PAUL, both of Malahide, by pu. (Publication) banns; witnesses Adolphus WILLIAMS & Wm. POWELL; Sep. 5, 1839

Lemuel DILTS to Abagail GOFF, both of Malahide, by banns; witnesses David GOFF & John SLATTS, Oct. 30, 1839

Jared TEEPLE to Margaret MOORE, both of Malahide, by banns; witnesses Henry HOOVER & James TEEPLE, Nov. 14, 1839

Page 55

Barzilla SAMSON to Lydia ROBINS, both of Yarmouth, by publication of banns; married Oct. 1, 1838

George STRINGER to Ruth STRANGER, both of Yarmouth, by license; witnesses Isaac H. MILLS & Wm. E. HUFF; married Dec. 19, 1838

Nicholas BILLIS to Ruth Ann MINARD, by publication of banns; witnesses John CLARK & Samuel MINARD; married January 1, 1839

Dr. Duncan WILSON to Eveline HIGH, both of Yarmouth, by license; witnesses Jesse KIPP & Daniel BIRDSALL; married January 8, 1839

Aron VEAL of Westminster, to Susan WARWICK, of Yarmouth, by license; witnesses Wm. B. WRONG & Wm. John WARWICK, married Feb. 20, 1839

Page 56

Married Feb. 27, 1838 Abel HORNBE [ HORNBY ] to Mary McCARTHUR, both of Dorchester, by publication of banns, witnesses John & David McCARTHUR

Married March 12, 1838 David W. FINCH to Rebecca HOUSE, both of Yarmouth, by p. (publication) of banns, witnesses George LEARN & Mary HOUSE

Married July 12, 1838 James BLACKWELL to Matilda SAMPSON, both of Yarmouth, by license; witnesses Robert Roy MACKIE & Wm. OSTRANDER

Married July 24, 1838 George BUCK to Jane CUMMINGS, both of Yarmouth, by license; witnesses George FAY & Sarah FAY

Page 57

Married June 29, 1837 Jacob STOVER of Dorchester to Ann TROOMAN, [ TRUMAN ] of Malahide; by publication of banns; witnesses John TROOMAN [ TRUMAN ]& Eliza MARTIN

Married July 24, 1837 Horatio N. SAMPSON to Elisabeth WILTON, both of Yarmouth, by publication of banns; witnesses John JAMES & Matilda SAMPSON

Page 58

Married Feb. 27, 1837 Stephen WESTOVER to Elisabeth BERDAN, both of Malahide, by publication of banns; witnesses Socrates HUNTER & Nancy HUNTER

Married April 4, 1837 John W. BASCOM to Elisa CARSWELL, both of Bayham; by license; witnesses George HUMPHREY & George HILL

Married June 28, 1837 Samuel ROSE of Hamilton to Matilda Ann BURDICK, of Malahide; by publication of banns; witnesses David BURDICK & Phebe Jane WRONG

Page 59

Married Jan. 12, 1837 Samuel MILLS to Anna CHASE, both of Yarmouth, London District; by license; witnesses David HENRY & Caleb KIPP

Married Jan. 18, 1837 John MILLARD of Malahide, to Eliza BERRY of Bayham, London District; by publication of banns; witnesses Doyl McKENNEY & Amos McKENNEY

Married Feb. 12, 1837 by license, John VANCE to Mary (  ) McMASTER, both of Malahide; witnesses Reynolds McMASTER & Edward ADAMS

Page 60

Married October 16, 1836 John K. SOMMERS [ SUMMERS ] to Miriam SMITH, both of Malahide; by publication of banns; witnesses John WALLACE & Isaac SMITH

Married December 17, 1836, William KITCHEN & Margaret WHITE, both of Malahide, London District; by publication of banns; witnesses Charles E. BURNS & David MORRIS

Wm. ECKER was buried Jan. 24, 1907 at Luton cemetery [this entry must have been made by Rev. Burdick’s son Caleb]

Page 61

Married July 26, 1836 James ADAMS to Susan POWERS, both of Malahide; by publication of banns; witnesses Frank POWERS & Polly POWERS

Married Sept. 19, 1836 Archibald McCLARTY to Nancy GELLES, [ GILLIES ]  both of Yarmouth, by publication of banns; witnesses John McCLARTY & Henry HOUSE

Page 62

Married May 23, 1836 John B. CRANE to Mary E. HENEKER, Yarmouth, by banns; witnesses George H. TEEPLE & James HENEKER

Married Jun3 29, 1836 John WINNAN, Bayham, to Mary Ann NORTHRUP, Malahide; by publication of banns; witnesses Henry WINNAN, Charles NORTHRUP, Mahlon WINNAN

Page 63

Married Jan. 25, 1836 Walter LINCOLN to Mariah WARREN, Yarmouth, by banns; witnesses Joseph YOUNGS & John RYCKMAN

Married March 22, 1836 John McLARITY of Yarmouth, to Anna McCARTHUR, of Dorchester, by banns; witnesses John CLUNIS [ CLUNAS ] & John McCARTHUR

Page 64

Married Jan. 5, 1836 Hiram V. SMITH to Sarah J. MILLS, both of Yarmouth, London District; by license; witnesses Wm. E. HUFF & Isaac MOORE

Married Jan. 19, 1836 Joseph YOUNGS to Rosanna BEST, both of Yarmouth, London District; by banns; witnesses Peter BEST & Sally BEST

Page 65

Married Dec. 3, 1835 Wm. HARVEY to Drussilla MILLS, both of Yarmouth, London District; by license; witnesses Wm. C. HUFF & Hiram KIPP

Married Dec. 23 (probably 1835) Christopher MADAUGH [ MIDAUGH ] and Dania HOUSE, both of Yarmouth, London District, by license; witnesses Wm. MADAUGH [ MIDAUGH ] & Andrus EVELEN [ could be EVELAND ]

Page 66

Married Sep. 17, 1835 Daniel BRADLEY of Malahide, to Armeni SMITH, a widow, of Yarmouth; by publication of banns; witnesses Wicof VANDERVEN & Chancy BURGESS

Married Oct. 4, 1835 Oliver M. TEEPLE, of Hibbert, Huron Tract, to Elenor McKENNEY, of Malahide, by publication of banns; witnesses Doyl McKENNEY Esq. & Pellum TEEPLE

Page 67

Married Jan. 21, 1835 Truman BURGESS to Caroline FURREY, both of Yarmouth, by publication of banns; witnesses David BURGESS Sen., & Daniel BURGESS

Married August 17, 1835 Amos FENSEN ( or FERRIN ), to Anna CORNWALL, both of Dorchester; by publication of banns; witnesses Calvin SCRIPTURE & Roxana SCRIPTURE

Page 68

Married Dec. 18, 1834 Mathew MANFIELD to Mary Ann BATE, both of Malahide; by publication of banns; witnesses Thomas TRIBE and James TRIBE

Married Jan. 19, 1835 William CONLY to Mary WALKER, both of Dorchester, by publishing of banns; witnesses John WALKER, Charles CONLY , Donald McCARTHUR

Page 69

Married Nov. 9, 1834, by license, Peter CHARLTON to Jemima CAUGHEL, [ CAUGHELL ] of Yarmouth, witnesses Peter CAUGHEL [ CAUGHELL ] & Daniel H. FINCH

Married Nov. 18, 1834 Donald McCARTHUR, to Jennet McGLACHLAN, [ McLACHLAN ] both of Malahide, by publishing of banns; witnesses John CLUNIS, [ CLUNAS ] James McGLACHLAN, [ McLACHLAN ] , John BROOKS

Page 70

Married Oct. 8, 1834 Castle KERR of Malahide, to Dorothy MEAGHER, of Norwich, by license; witnesses Orrin WRIGHT, John MEAGHER

Married Oct. 23, 1834 Orange PARTLOW to Susan JOHNSON, both of Malahide; by publishing of banns; witnesses George JOHNSON, Robert JOHNSON

Page 71

Married July 1, 1834 Francis TODD to Susan FINCH, both of Bayham, by publishing of banns; witnesses Daniel MOSS, Hiram MOSS and Joseph FINCH

Married Oct. 7, 1834 Alonso KENNEDY to Harriot COOK, both of Malahide; by publishing of banns; witnesses Charles A. G. TOSER, [ TOZER ],  Wm. B. TEEPLE

Page 72

Married Feb. 11, 1834 James McCRADA [ McCREADY ? ] of Yarmouth, to Lucinda PEPER, [ PEPPER or PIPER ] of Oxford, by publishing of banns; witnesses James S. BURDICK, Peter KERR, Benjamin SECORD

Married June 2, 1834 James MOSS of Middleton, to Deborah MOSS of Bayham, by publishing of banns; witnesses Daniel MOSS, Hiram MOSS and Mibel TURRELL