UEL Sons and Daughters Who Settled in Elgin County

UEL Sons and Daughters

Settling in Elgin County, Ontario, Canada

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   Elgin County was first settled after 1803 when many of the UE Loyalists had already taken up land in earlier settlement areas following the creation of  Upper Canada (now Ontario) at the end of the Revolutionary War in 1783.  Consequently, Elgin County was favourable land for the Sons and Daughters of UE Loyalists who were by allowed by Orders in Council, 200 acres of “Waste Lands of the King” as SUE (Sons of United Empire) Loyalists and DUE (Daughters of United Empire) Loyalists. Those sons and daughters were required to be of age and  proof was required that there father was a confirmed as UE Loyalist.

   This document will list sources for the few UE Loyalists that settled in Elgin County as well as for their Sons and Daughters that settled in the Five Townships that made up Elgin County (Bayham, Malahide, South Dorchester, Yarmouth, Southwold, Dunwich and Aldborough)

   The “Compendium” will link the Upper Canada Land Petition (UCLP) images that are available online at Archive Canada and  as well as other pertinent online primary source images.

Archives Ontario Research Guide for UEL Research

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Sons and Daughters of UE Loyalists in Elgin County

Land request petitions for SUE and DUE of approximately 75 UE Loyalists

“The proclamation also granted Loyalists and their families the right to obtain land (and later, to have fees waived for free grants), and to have the mark “UE” inscribed on militia rolls. Loyalists in Upper Canada and their families mostly used the land-related privileges. In the records, you may find the mark “UE”, or “DUE” (daughter), or “SUE” (son) of United Empire Loyalists.”

ACRE, Lambert, UEL 

Lambert ACRE / ECKER was born 1757 at Schoharie, NY and died ca 1834 at Ontario. He is buried at the Lakeview Municipal Cemetery in Thorold Twp.

ACOR, Lambert, Grantham, 1796, 2, A 2, 17, RG 1 L3, C-1609- pp 387 – 392 Mentions wife (Charlotte) being the dau. of Jonas LAROWAY / LARAWAY

Descendants of Lambert ACRE settling in Elgin County

ACRE, Sarah, Bayham, DUE of Lambert ACRE, UEL, She is 21, 1840, 14, A 22, 13, pp. 135-138, RG 1 L3,C-1614 

Sarah, daughter of Lambert ACRE married Jesse TYRRELL in the late 1820’s. Lambert’s son, Ambrose / Ambers born ca 1828, married Mary Elizabeth LANE, daughter of Wm. LANE in 1858, both of Bayham Twp, Elgin County. Son, Andrew, born ca 1840 married Margaret Elizabeth NORTON. Son, Miles born ca 1827 married Catherine and raised at least 6 children in Bayham. (NOTE: the 1840 petition for this Sarah makes no mention of her married name or husband- need confirmation that this is same Sarah ACRE who marries Jesse TYRRELL)

Lot 108 North Talbot Road; Patented by Jesse TURREL, October31, 1817

ACRE AKER  ECKER / DEPEEL, Eve, Grantham, DUE of Lambert AKER ACRE ACOR, UEL, wife of Nicholas DEPEEL, 1834, 161, D 18, 156, pp. 652-654, RG 1 L3, C-1877 

Eve and husband Nicholas DEPEEL had at least 7 children and husband Nicholas had remarried Sarah MOSSMAN by 1851 census. Eve likely died between 1841 and 1851 at Bayham Township, Elgin County, Ontario. Nicholas DEPEEL is listed in 1851 and 1861 census for Bayham. 

AKER, Amelia, ( Amelia ACRE )wife of John JONES of Thorold – 1806, 255, J8 5, RG 1 L3, pp 461-463 microfilm C-2109- Son Jacob JONES received Talbot grant in Bayham – JONES, Jacob Bayham Talbot settler 1833 C 9 S 1/2 L 6 1837 260 J 20 35 pp. 550-552 RG 1 L3 C-2112. Her son JONES, John Jr. Bayham Talbot settler 1818 1848 263 I-J 4 51 pp. 261-263 RG 1 L3 C-2114


ANDERSON, Peter, York, 1800, 3, A 5, 21, RG 1 L3, C-1609, pp 926-928, late Ensign in 1st Bat. Kings or Rogers Rangers

ANDERSON, Peter, York, 1806, 4, A 8, 17, RG 1 L3, C-1609, pp 1141-1146, Ensign in Kings Rangers

ANDERSON, Peter, Markham, 1807, 4, A8, 25, RG 1 L3, C-1609, pp-1174-1178

ANDERSON, Andrew, Bayham, SUE of Peter ANDERSON, UEL 1836, 13, A 19, 31, pp. 543-545, RG 1 L3, C-1613   Andrew was born ca 1786 and is given in the 1842 census for Bayham, with 6 members in family.


Died 5 Aug 1779  Fought for British but never designated UEL, his son, Jeremiah received Talbot Land in Bayham.

“UK Royal Hospital Chelsea Pensioner Registers of Soldiers who Served in Canada 1743-1882, there’s only one John Anderson born in 1738 and who served in those campaigns, and it states specifically that he was born in Carlow, Ireland. It also states that he had injured his left hand. He was considered a Pensioner, eligible for land grants and his sons likewise.” A son John, died at Cowpens in 1781.

ANDERSON, Jeremiah, Charlotteville, 1811, 6, A11, 43, pp. 539-544 RG 1 L3 C-1610 – Gives father died 1779 at New Rochelle NY Fought for the Crown. Fought for British under Col. James DeLancy. Wife and 10 children. Affidavit by Daniel McCALL for War of 1812 service.

ANDERSON, Jeremiah, Bayham, Talbot Settler 1816, C2 N1/2 L21, 1822, 10, A 16, 25, pp. 363-368, RG 1 L3, C-1612- Migrated from Nova Scotia in 1808. Not given as SUE but rather a Talbot Settler but was with father during several Revolutionary War campaigns.

ANDERSON, Jeremiah, Bayham, 1836, asking for more land – father was in Col Rogers Corps at Lake Champlain, 13, A 20, 59, pp. 822-823, RG 1 L3, C-1613 

ANDERSON, Jeremiah, Bayham, 1847, 20, A4, pp 592-593 RG 1 L3, C-1616 – Completed Talbot settlement duties – asking for title.
Mutrie transcriptions
New Brunswick Land Records for Jeremiah ANDERSON – 1785-1800
Jeremiah was born in 1764 at New York and married ca 1790 Elizabeth BAKER, daughter of Anthony BAKER. He died at Bayham in 1857 and is buried at the Edison Cemetery. His wife, Elizabeth was born in 1769 at Massachusetts and died in 1844 at Bayham.
Child, David ANDERSON was born in 1811 and died in 1895 at Bayham.
(Edison Pioneer Cemetery, Bayham – (L) Elizabeth / wife of/J. ANDERSON /who departed this/life 27th Sept./A.D. 1844 /in the 75th year/of her age  (R) Jeremiah / ANDERSON / who departed this/life _______/_______/in the ______ year/of his age/Lord now lettest thy servant depart/in peace, according to thy word/For mine eyes have seen thy salvation).
Jeremiah had a son Anthony ANDERSON, who was a captain in the 1837 Toronto rebellion at Hoggs Hollow, Montgomery Tavern battle.

ANDERSON, Anthony, Bayham, Talbot Settler, 1819, 7, A 12, 18, pp. 51-54, RG 1 L3, C-1611

Other sons of Jeremiah ANDERSON who petitioned for land.

ANDERSON, Jeremiah Nelson, Bayham, Talbot Settler 1819,C4 S 1/2 L26, Nova Scotia in 1808 to Ontario, 1825, 9, A 14, 39, pp. 746-757, RG 1 L3, C-1611

ANDERSON, John Hewett, Bayham, Talbot Settler 1818,C2 N1/2 L24,1834,12,A 18, 88, pp. 379-381, RG 1 L3,C-1613

ANGER, Charles, UEL 

Charles was born ca 1766 in Pennsylvania and died 1813 in Bertie. He married Abigail NEHER / NEAR. They had possibly a dozen children receiving Crown land

ANGER, Charles, Niagara, 1784, 1, A 1, 40, RG 1 L3 C-1609 pp-308-316
Children of Charles who settled in Elgin County.

ANGER, George, Bertie Twp.,  1833 12 A 18 32 RG 1 L3 C-1613, pp. 152-154
George was born ca 1811 and married first in 1833, Phoebe MASALES / MERSALES, and second ca 1851, Ursula BOUGHNER. George died at Malahide in 1884. Eight known children by first wife and 4 by second wife. George is listed in the 1842 census for Malahide. George Anger 1842 Malahide census image and in the 1861 and 1871 censuses for Malahide. See MASALES for UCLP for Phoebe, daughter of Peter MASALES / MARSALES / MARCELLIS – 

MASALES / ANGER, Phoebe, Bertie, 1833, DUE of Peter MASALES / MERSALES / MARSALES / MARCELLIS, UEL, wife of George ANGER, 12, A 18, 33, pp- 155-156 RG 1 L3, microfilm C-1613 (see below under MARSALES)

ANGER / McCLINTOCK, Anna Christine, DUE of Charles ANGER, UEL and wife of Robert McCLINTOCK, Malahide, 1819, 342, M 12, 400, pp. 173-176, RG 1 L3, C-2202
Anna Christine‘s husband Robert McCLINTOCK died at Mahahide, 1857 and is buried at the Burdick Cemetery. Child Benjamin died 1845 and is buried at the Burdick Cemetery. Son William McCLINTOCK married in Malahide, 27 July 1856, Mariah CASCADDEN, daughter of Alexander CASCADDEN and Nancy BAYLES. William died at Lapeer Co., Michigan in 1882. Robert is given in the 1842 census for Malahide at S. Lot 22, Conc 7. He is a carpenter. In the 1851 census for Malahide he is given as a Shoemaker and wife Christiana gives age 32 with children, Mary, 11, Sarah, 9, Christiana, 5, and Charles. (Anglican St. Thomas Church reg. Augustus ANGER, of Windham, to Joan FOWELS [FAULDS], of Malahide, by banns, Jan. 5, 1832, by Rev. M. Burnham; witnesses Charles McCLINTOCK, John LITTELL and Andrew FOWLDS)

BARNUM, Nathan Bunnell, UEL 

Nathan Bunnell BARNUM was born ca 1763 Connecticut, married Mary (WILLSON or WHEELER?)
BARNUM, Nathan B., Niagara, 1796, 28, B 2, 39, RG 1 L3, C-1619, pp 514-515

BARNUM, Nathan Bunnel, Newark, 1796, 28, B 2, 117, RG 1 L3,C-1619, pp 699-700

BARNUM, Nathan B., Charlotteville, 1807, 35, B 8, 108, RG 1 L3, C-1622, pp 358-361  3rd Bat. Brig Gen DeLancey’s Brigade

BARNUM, Andrew Wilson, Bayham, SUE of Nathan Burwell BARNUM, UEL, of Charlotteville, 1832, 54, B 17, 190, pp. 958-962, RG 1 L3, C-1629
Andrew was born 1797 at Charlotteville Twp., Norfolk and died before 1842 when his wife Eliza (McKISON / McKESSON?) is given in the census for Bayham. In 1828 UC Militia rolls at Bayham Andrew is age 32, 1 st Co., Capt. Samuel Edison; 2nd Middlesex Regiment. He is next to David W. Barnum, 29, James Raymond, 20 and John Fitch, 26.
Nephew or son, Solomon died 1855 and is buried at the Otter Valley Cemetery in Bayham. Solomon BARNUM/ born in/ Lincoln ‘r England/ died June 22/ 1855 AE 24?74 y (sic – likely older) /- Family was in England after the Rev. War.
David Wheeler Barnum age 21 in error for 31 at Bayham Militia in 1828; 1st Co., with brother, Andrew W. , age 32, next to Raymonds and John Fitch. “I am the son of Nathan B. Barnum, who was a son of Nathan Barnum: In 1776, at the commencement of the Revolutionary War the family consisted of my grandfather, three sons and two daughters (my grandmother having died previously). They moved to New York where my grandfather joined the British Standard and became an Officer and served for seven years. When the war was over he fled to Nova Scotia and subsequently to London, England where the Government acknowledged him and gave him his full pay to that time, and established his half-pay for life.” He is listed in page 27 on the 1826 meeting house subscriptions of Caleb Burdick.

BERDAN, Albert, UEL 

BERDAN, Albert, New Jersey, 1795, 27, B 1, 51, RG 1 L3, C-1619, pp 145-147 ; b, York, 1801, 32, B 5, 70, RG 1 L3, C-1621, pp 144-147 Made his escape to Canada in 1776 and was taken prisoner.

Albert BERDAN was born in 1753 at Bergen, New Jersey and died in 1818 at Woodhouse, Norfolk Upper Canada. He married ca 1783 Susannah SECORD and they had at least 10 children.

Children of Albert Berdan, UEL, who settled in Elgin County.

BERDAN, Samuel, SUE of Albert BERDAN UEL, Southwold, 1827, 51, B 16, 5, pp. 561-564, RG 1 L3, C-1628
Samuel was born in 1794 at New Jersey and died in died in 1867 in Southwold Twp. He married Lydia WADE in 1816 and they raised at least 8 children in Southwold. He is given in the 1842 census for Southwold. (Elgin OGS 1812 Vets – BERDAN, Samuel, born December 28,1794 in Bergen, New Jersey, died November 18,1867 in Southwold Township; buried in Frome Cemetery, south side, served in the Norfolk Militia.)

BERDAN, Jacob, SUE of Albert BERDAN UEL, Southwold, 1827, 51, B 16, 6, pp. 565-569, RG 1 L3, C-1628
Jacob was born in 1793 at New Jersey and died at Southwold Twp., in 1879. Jacob BURDAN is given in the 1828 Upper Canada Militia Rolls in the 3rd Co., 1st Regiment, Middlesex Militia (includes Southwold Twp.). He is near brothers, Joseph, Garret and isaac SMITH. Jacob is also given in the 1842 census for Southwold. He married in 1822 Rachel SMITH. (Elgin OGS 1812 Vets- BERDAN, Jacob,b. 1793, died 1879, buried Talbotville Cemetery, received Land Claims Certificate, Unit – 1st Flank Company 2nd Regiment Norfolk Militia, Vol 18 File 10, pages 897-898. Served in the 2nd Norfolk Battalion in Capt. Rapelje’s Company. Was enrolled in Woodhouse township in 1812 and discharged in March 1815. Was in the skirmishes at Fort Erie ferry and Malcolm’s mills, and on picket duty two years at Long Point.  Lived in Southwold.)

BERDAN, Jonathan, SUE of Albert BERDAN UEL, Southwold, 1830, 52, B 16, 92, pp. 1032-1037, RG 1 L3, C-1628 

Jonathan William was born in 1803 and died in 1879 at Southwold. He married Arvilla HUFF and they raised at least 10 children at Southwold. He is given in the 1842 census for Southwold.

BARDAN / BERDAN / CLARK, Margaret, DUE of Albert BERDAN, UELand wife of Elijah CLARK, Southwold, 1823, 105, C 13, 189, pp. 128-134, RG 1 L3, C-1724
Margaret was born ca 1784 and died at Southwold in 1846. She married first in 1816, David ELLIS and second in 1823, Elijah CLARK. Elijah CLARKE is given in Southwold in the 1828 Upper Canada Militia Rolls and is given in the 1842 census for Southwold.

BERDAN, Daniel, Woodhouse, 1819, SUE of Albert BERDAN, UEL, 42, B12, 190, RG1L3, C-1625 pp-562-567
Daniel was born ca 1790. He married Nancy BUTLER and was in granted Lot 50 North side Talbot Road at Yarmouth Twp. Nov 1811. Daniel’s son Jacob BERDAN was born in 1826 at Southwold, married in 1848 Lucinda HUNTER and died at Oxford Co., Ontario, in 1918. Lucinda was the daughter of Socrates HUNTER of Malahide who fought in the War of 1812. He died at Malahide in 1876. Daniel’s daughters Elizabeth and Nancy successively married Stephen WESTOVER and his 15 children were raised in Malahide.
Lot 50 North Talbot Road; Granted to Daniel BERDAN of the Township of Woodhouse; OIC Oct 6, 1819; patented Jan 13, 1820.
Daniel BERDAN, U.E., Port Talbot returns, Yarmouth, North Side of Talbot Rd. East, Lot 50, Nov. 1811

Also children who did not reside in Elgin

BERDAN, Albert Jr., SUE Albert BERDAN UEL, Woodhouse, 1810, 36, B 9, 99, pp. 894-898, RG 1 L3, C-1622

BERDAN, David, SUE Albert BERDAN UEL, Woodhouse, 1830, 51, B 16, 30, pp. 659-652, RG 1 L3, C-1626

BERDAN, Henry, SUE Albert BERDAN UEL, Woodhouse, 1824, 45, B 13, 171, pp. 795-799, RG 1 L3, C-1626

BERDAN, John, s/o Albert BERDAN UEL, Woodhouse, 1844, 72, B3, 9, pp. 551-556, RG 1 L3, C-1637

first petition for land from Margaret Ellis Clark Berdan:

ELLIS / BERDAN, Margaret, d/o Albert BERDAN, widow/o David Ellis, Woodhouse, 1816, 176, E 10, 42, pp. 284-287, RG 1 L3, C-1888

BERDAN / THOMSON, Susanna, d/o Albert BERDAN, w/o Samuel Thompson, Charlotteville, 1817, 497, T11, 10, pp. 355-358, RG 1 L3, C-2834


Samuel BIRDSALL was born in 1751 in the USA and died in 1789 at New Brunswick. He married Elizabeth CANBY and they had at least 7 children. Elizabeth married second John DARLING.

BIRDSALL, Jacob son of Samuel BIRDSALL, UEL,- DARLING, John, Bayham, Assignee of who received 200 acres, 1840, 164, D 22, 42, pp. 645-647, RG 1 L3,C-1879 ; 

BIRDSALL, Jacob, Niagara, 1797, 29, B 3, 49, RG 1 L3, C-1619, pp 994-995 Father came into province in 1788 with wife and 4 children, petitioner the eldest. 

BIRDSALL, Jacob, Queenstown, 1802, 32, B 5, 73, RG 1 L3, C-1621, pp 164-167– Petition of Elizabeth BIRDSALL now wife of John DARLING declares that her son Jacob is son of Samuel BIRDSALL , UEL
Jacob BIRDSALL, was born in Pennsylvania ca 1776 and died at Bayham in 1855. At least 5 children raised in Bayham, Eliza Jane, Margaret Sarah, Martha Ruth, who was Nicholas Carter BROWN’s 3rd wife, Benjamin, Jacob, Jr. and John. In 1842 at Bayham Twp. Jacob Birdsall is a Miller from USA with 9 in family at Lot 1 North Gore of 5 with 140 acres. Jacob married second, Phoebe STARK who died at Bayham in 1864 

(need confirmation as to child Mary Elizabeth who married Daivd Flint DAVIS per St. Peter’s baptisms of 1842- 1842, St. Peter’s Anglican Church, Dunwich Township, Baptisms performed by Rectors: 1842-1869, Baptisms by Rev. James Stewart, minister at St. Peter’s from 1842-1849– https://sites.google.com/site/elginbranchogs/Home/ancestor-indexes/vital-records/st-peter-s-baptisms-1842-1869 – Children of Mr. Birdsell, a Quaker, of Bayham, privately baptized on September 20, 1842: Mary Elizabeth, born in 1825; Sarah Margaret, born in 1826; Eliza Jane, born in 1827- And, Daniel BIRDSELL – In 1842 at Malahide, Daniel Birdsell, is at S Lot 1, Conc. 7 (Orwell) a farmer with 7 in the family. He is not in 1828 Militia Rolls. There is a James, 158, William, 224, Benjamin, 114, and Richard, 167.)

BOUGHNER, Matthias, UEL 

Matthias Boughner, was born 1744 and died at Windham, Norfolk, Ontario in 1812. Possibly 11 children received SUE and DUE land grants.

BOUGHNER, Mathias, Jr., Niagara, 1800, 32, B 5, 1, RG 1 L3, C-1620, pp 960-961

BOUGHNER, Mathias, Windham, UEL,1816, 39, B 11, 3, RG 1 L3, C-1624, pp 100-103 Joined Royal Forces and was stationed at Newark New Jersey.

Children settling in Elgin County

BOUGHNER, Alexander, Windham, SUE of Matthias BOUGHNER, UEL, 1807, 35, B 8, petition #79, pp. 220-223, RG 1 L3, microfilm # C-1622
Alexander was born ca 1783 in New Jersey, married 1807, Gertrude GLOVER, born ca 1790, daughter of Jacob GLOVER, UEL, and died at Malahide, 1857. They had a large family of at least 11 children which they raised in Malahide. Alexander granted Lot 97 South Talbot Rd., Malahide, 11 Jan 1839. Alexander is listed in the 1842 Alexander Boughner 1842 Malahide census image and 1851 census for Malahide. Alexander is buried at the Burdick Cemetery east of Aylmer. (In / memory of / Alexander BOUGHNER / died / Aug. 18, 1857 / aged 73 yrs / & 7 mos /)

BOUGHNER, Joseph, Malahide, SUE of Mathias / Matthias BUCHNER, UEL, 1818, 39, B 11, petition #124, pp. 593-596, RG 1 L3, microfilm # C-1624 (aka BUCHNER)
Joseph was born ca 1789, married Nancy MERRITT. He died in 1868 at St. Clair Co., Michigan. In 1828 at Malahide, Joseph Boughner, 39, 8th Co., Capt. William Summers’, 2nd Regiment Middlesex Militia; at Malahide Twp.; Men of Upper Canada; Militia Nominal Rolls, 1828-1829; Elliott and Walker, from National Archives; p. 148. On 14 Apr 1818, Joseph Boughner filed a land petition for 200 acres of land as a son of Matthias Boughner UE.6. On 7 Jun 1831, Joseph purchased from John Winans 200 acres in Lot 96, South of Talbot Road (Lot 23, Concession 6, Malahide Twp., Elgin Co. On 11 Jun 1834, he sold to Edward Dancey 105 acres. On 18 Mar 1834, he sold to Richard Kinsey 25 acres. On 30 May 1834, he sold to James Burdick 10 acres. On 25 Feb 1843, he sold to Andrew Moore 62 acres. Joseph moved later to Dereham Twp., Oxford County and is recorded in the 1852 census there.

BOUGHNER, John, Willoughby, SUE of Mathias BOUGHNER, UEL, 1800, 32, B5, 30, RG 1 L3, C-1621, pp-38-40. BOUGHNER, John, Willoughby, 1801, 32, B5, 38, RG 1 L3, C-1621, pp-60-62
John was born in 1780 at New Jersey and married Rachel SMITH. He died in 1855 at Southwold Twp. John is given in the 1842 census for Southwold. He is buried at the Talbotville Cemetery (In/ memory of/ John BOUGHNER/ who died/ Mar. 17, 1855/ aged 75 y’rs/ 2 m & 9 d / His motto, his God, his King, his country). A family of at least 6 children raised in Southwold. (son Sidney – Sidney BUGHNER [ BOUGHNER ] to Sarah Ann BOWLSBY [ BOWLBY ] both of Southwold, Feb. 15, 1842, by Rev. M. Burnham; witnesses Leonard BISBEE, Samuel BOWLSBY and William HANNON) (Elgin OGS 1812 Vets- BOUGHNER, John, born January 8, 1780 in Sussex, New Jersey, died March 17, 1855; buried in Talbotville Cemetery, Southwold Township.  Received land Claims Certificate, Unit – 2nd Flank company 1st Regiment Norfolk Militia, Vol 18 File 12, pages 1127-1128.)

BUCHNER / BOUGHNER, Peter, Niagara, 1796, 28, B2, 78, RG 1 L3, C-1619, pp-594-596. BUCHNER / BOUGHNER, Peter, Willoughby, 1801, 68, B Misc. 1793-1840, 39, RG 1 L3, C-1635, pp-701-705

Descendants of Peter, resided in Elgin County as Talbot Settlers. His son Mathias BOUGHNER, born ca 1798 died at Elgin Co., 1878 and is buried at the Orwell Cemetery.

BOUGHNER, Mathias, Jr.

(BOUGHNER, Matthias Jr. received Land Claims Certificate, Unit – 2nd Flank Company 1st Regiment Norfolk Militia, Vol 18 File 12 pages 1138-1142.  Born November 13, 1777; died June 15, 1855; buried in Old Windham Pioneer Cemetery, Norfolk County; found on 1851 Windham census.)

BRADT, Adrian

(I don’t see anything that confirms that he himself is a UE Loyalist- all descendants give him as Arent or Aaron UEL which causes some debate here as to whether this actually is the father of the chidlren from Nelson?)

BRADT, Adrian , Newark , 1795 , 27 , B 1 , 86 , RG 1 L3 , C-1619   (pp 222-224 ) Asking for 250 acres for 5 children. Resides 10 years on a farm the property of his brother-in -law married to the dau. of a late soldier, has 5 children. Petitions for 650 acres dated 26 July 1795

BRADT,  Adrian , Grantham , 1797 , 28 , B 2 , 136 , RG 1 L3 , C-1619  (pp 758-760 )- has been in province 12 years and has received 200 acres. Lives in Grantham, married now in 1797 has 6 children (5 in 1795) 2 born before 1789 Family lands – Doesn’t appear that he is claiming to be a UE Loyalists but does claim wife in earlier petition was UE – So this fits with Sophie Van FALKENBURG aka FOLLICK  being UE if she is wife of Adrian 

BRADT, Adrian , 1797 , 28 , B 2 , 141 , RG 1 L3 ,    C-1619  (pp 775-777 )- Resides in this settlement for 12 years. Married to the daughter of Isaac FOLLICK “an old Ranger and U.E.” (so an aka for Van FALKENBURG?) Large family of six children, two of which were born previous to the year 1789. – signed Adrian BRADT

Robert Mutrie’s transcriptions of Niagara District BRADT petitions

So – who are the parents of these petitioners who give father as Aaron / Arent and living at Malahide in 1835?

BRADT / SMITH, Christina, Malahide, DUE, Arant BRADT of Malahide, deceased, w/o Elisha R. SMITH 1835, 471, S 19, 64, pp. 62-66, RG 1 L3, C-2819
Christiana was born ca 1796, Nelson, Lincoln, Ontario, died 1876, Ontario. In the 1861 and 1871 Malahide census.  “That your Petitioner is the daughter of Arant (sic) Bradt of the Township of Malahide in the District of London Yeoman, an Enrolled U. E. Loyalist who is of full age of Twenty one years  and upwards is married to Elisha R. Smith who has taken the Oath of Allegiance, and has never received any Land or orders for Lands from the Crown.” Christiana married first, ca 1822 George HUTCHISON, and had 3 children by him, second in 1827 at Malahide, Elisha R. SMITH ( Anglican Registers Wit. were; Elias B. Smith, Isaac Hunt, John Van Patter, Harden Ellsworth; married same day as Harden Ellsworth and Margaret Hickey) and third on 14 Mar 1847 at Elgin Co., Tryon TREADWELL. Tryon died at Malahide in 1879. St. Thomas Evening Journal, Sept. 9-19, 1879 indicates she died in 1876 at age 84 putting her birth at 1792? Caleb Burdick register. Minutes of a quarterly conference held at Westminster 30th August 1823- Received of Tyron (sic) TREADWELL 1 (pound) 6 (pence)

BRADT / POWERS, Leona, Malahide, DUE of Arent BRADT, UEL, wife of Francis Powers – of age of 21, 1825, 410A, P 22, 55, pp. 248-251, RG 1 L3, C-2733
Leona was born ca 1789 Ontario, died 1863, Malahide, Elgin, Ontario. She married William Francis POWERS ca 1812. In  the 1861 census for Malahide. Loyalists of Ontario, indicates that land records give a citation for her, Orders in Council, 27 August 1840. The petition date is 12 April 1825. Land documents indicate that Leona Powers was granted 100 acres on the North half of Lot 7,Concession 5, and 100 acres each on Lots 6 and 7, South Gore [South Gore or Gore in rear of 5th Concession, 14 July 1847.  The Petition of Leona Powers wife of Francis Powers of the Township of Malahide. Humbly Showeth, That your Petitioner is the daughter of Arent Bradt of the Township of Malahide in the District of London (formerly of the District of Niagara an  Enrolled U. E. Loyalist has attained the full age of Twenty one Years and upwards, is married to Francis Powers who has taken the Oath of Allegiance and has never received any Lands, or order for land from the Crown” 

BRADT, Christopher, Nelson, SUE of Arent BRADT, UEL, 1827,52, B 16, 114, RG 1 L3, C-1629 pp 75-79

Christopher is given as of Nelson Twp. in 1827, son of Arent BRADT of Nelson.  He is with sister Christiana BRADT/ SMITH/TREADWELL at Malahide in 1861 and 1871 and dies at House of Industry in Southwold 4 May 1886. “That your petitioner is the Son of Arent Bradt an U E loyalist of the Township of Nelson in the District of Gore who retained his loyalty during the late war (this would be War of 1812) – and has never received any land or order for land from the Crown and has taken the oath of allegiance.” No record of a marriage or children.

BRADT, William, Nelson Twp., Gore District, 1830, SUE of Arent Bradt, UEL late of Niagara District,  52, B 16, 72, RG1L3, C-1628, pp-956-959 

There is evidence that William resided at Bayham. Son Edward BRADT sources give he was born at Bayham in 1846 and married there in 1871 to Mary FORD.

Note other Bradt names filing petitions from Nelson Twp., Halton Co.

BRADT, Walter, Nelson Twp., son of Arent late of Niagara, 1819, 42, B 12, 204, pp 605-608, RG 1 L3, C-1625

BRADT, Isaac, Nelson Twp., son of Arent Bradt, UEL, late of District of Niagara, 1819, 42, B 12, 205, pp 609-612, RG 1 L3, C-1625

BRADT, Mary, Osnabruck sic Nelson, DUE of Arent, 1819, 42, B 12, 208, pp 620-623, RG 1 L3, C-1625

Bradt, Peter, 1797 , 28 , B 2 , 136 , RG 1 L3 , C-1619  (pp 756-757 ) son of Arent BRADT- has a wife and 2 children. Desires land in Pelham

Added for reference

BRADT, Arent, UEL 

“…this Arent was Arent A., b. 1732 in Schenectady and died in 1796 in S. Lincoln, Canada.  He was a prominent Loyalist and is the one who suffered a long imprisonment in the States, per his land petition of 1794.  He was a Captain under Sir John Johnson.  His wife, Eve (Van Antwerp) asked for family lands after her husband died, in 1797, as did several of their children, Peter, Margaret, and Roger (Ryer).  I’m not sure if the two other children, (Andrew and John) received land. The entire family settled in the Niagara area.  Arent’s sister, Catalina, was married to John Butler.  Could the Arent b. 1771 have been a son of Arent A.?  Not likely. There was no son named Arent in Arent A’s will in 1796.  Also all the children were baptized in the Schenectady Reformed Church, where there is no Arent b. 1771 listed.” (courtesy of Laurie Grimes 2018)

BRADT,  Arent / Aaron, 1793 , 27 , B 1 , 59 , RG 1 L3 , C-1619 (pp 163-164)- settled on government land that will become a town – wants to keep parcel he is on. I this a different Aaron/Arent from UEL below?

BRADT,  Arent , 1794 , 27 , B 1 , 24 , RG 1 L3 , C-1619  (pp 89-91)- During whole late war was a Capt in Militia under Sir John Johnson. Suffered long imprisonment in the American States. After the cessation of Arms his Estates were sold for near a thousand pounds of which the Americans were pleased to allow him only 120 – Entered in Land Book A p. 211

BRADT,  Arent , Ancaster,   1795 , 27 , B 1 , 10 , RG 1 L3 , C-1619  (pp 48- 51) – Capt in Militia under Sir John JOHNSON , 100 acres prev at Ancaster,

BRADT,  Arent , Barton , 1796 , 28 , B 2 , 6 , RG 1 L3 , C-1619 (pp 436-437) – On behalf of Grandson Cornelius RYCKMAN Jr. Arent’s dau. Margaret BRADT was wife of Cornelius RYCKMAN Sr. Their son Cornelius RYCKMAN Jr., born Nov 1784, m. Elizabeth Deuzey BURTCH, 29 Aug 1807 and died 1867. Cornelius deserted his wife, Margaret BRADT.

    Bradt/Ryckman Margaret, dau of late Arent Bradt who had died by 1797, Newark, 1797, 423, R2, pp 705- 707 , RG1 L3, C-2740

Brown, John, UEL

BROWN, John UEL, Pelham Twp., 1795, 27, B 1, 112, pp 326-328, RG 1 L3, C-1619

BROWN, James, son of John BROWN, UEL, Thorold Twp., 1796, 28, B 2, 9, pp 440-441, RG 1 L3, C-1619

BROWN, Alexander SUE of John BROWN UEL of Thorold, Newark, 1797, 28, B 2, 149, pp 809-812, RG 1 L3, C-1619

BROWN, Hannah, 1797, 28, B 2, 116, RG 1 L3, C-1619

BROWN, Abraham, SUE of ? (John?) BROWN, UEL, Thorold, 1829, 51, B 16, 11, RG 1 L3, C-1628, pp. 583- 58
In 1828 at Malahide in the 2nd Co., age 34; Capt. William Saxton’s, 2nd Regiment Middlesex Militia; Men of Upper Canada; Militia Nominal Rolls, 1828-1829; Elliott and Walker, from National Archives; p. 147. Abraham BROWN is next to Elijah and Othneil Phelps and William
There is a patent for land, 28 Oct 1829, Lot 32, Conc. 9 to Abraham Brown. BROWN Abraham Thorold 1829 51 B 16 11 RG 1 L3 C-1628

In 1842 at Malahide Twp., N. Lot 29, Conc. 4 a farmer, with 5 in family. Married male 30 and not 60. Married female, 14-45. Single male, 21 and not 30, Male above 5 and under 14 and Male 5 and under.


BURDICK, James, Lanesborough (Mass.), 1798, 68, B Misc. 1793-1840, 15, RG 1 L3, C-1635, pp-619-620

James was born in 1744 in Rhode Island, married ca 1764 Phoebe SMITH and died in Oxford Co., Ontario in 1807

BURDICK, Caleb, Oxford Township, 1805, 4, 1426-1435, RG 5 A1, Land Petitions in Upper Canada Sundries, C-4503 (pp–link needed)

BURDICK, Caleb, Port Talbot, 1819, 46, B 14, 27, RG 1 L3, C-1626 pp 907-912

Caleb was born in 1785 at Massachusetts and married Levinah / Lavina/ Lovina TEEPLE in 1805. He died at Malahide 1858. Lot 95, South Talbot Road East, Page 1485 – 1487 – grant to Caleb Burdick, Malahide, 200 acres, 1824. He was ordained in 1820. He received Lot 95 South of Talbot Rd., Malahide Twp., Elgin Co., OIC, 14 April 1824, a settler located by Col. Talbot, patented 10 Nov. 1826. Burdick Register, p. 51, August 9, 1785 at Lanesborough, MA. In 1842 at Malahide Twp.  .,res. N 1/2 Lot 11, Conc. 6, b. USA.  Family of 9 children raised in Malahide.

BURTCH, Charles, UEL 

Charles BURTCH was born at New York ca 1745 and died at Brant Co. 1834. He married Sarah Mary GREEN daughter of Israel GREEN

BURTCH, Charles, Newark, 1795, 27, B 1, 97, RG 1 L3, C-1619 – pp 274-282

BURTCH, Charles, Newark, 1797, 28, B 2, 127, RG 1 L3, C-1619 – pp 729-732

BURTCH / MATHEW, Marilla (Burteh), Aldborough, of Gore Burford Twp., Wife of Thomas MATHEW, and DUE of Charles BURTCH, UEL, wants broken lot  between her & Thames River, 1800, 379, M Leases 1798-1818, 5, pp. 1161-1162, RG 1 L3, C-2234
Marilla BURCH MATTHEW was born in New York ca 1774 and was residing


Adam born 1748, married Sarah VAIL ca 1782 and died at Dunwich, 1828. At least 9 children. (Elgin OGS 1812 Vets: BURWELL, Adam, born 12 December 1748, died 9 December 1828, buried in St. Thomas Anglican Churchyard, received Land Claims Certificate Unit – Flank Company 1st Regiment Middlesex Militia, Vol 18 File 15 pages 1651-1652)

BURWELL, Adam, Bertie, 1796, 28, B 2, 110, RG 1 L3, C-1619 pp – 677-682

BURWELL, Adam Sr., Bertie, 1810, 36, B 9, 87, RG 1 L3, C-1622  pp – 822-832

BURWELL, Mahlon,  Port Talbot , SUE  of Adam BURWELL, UEL

Mahlon BURWELL was born in 1783 in New Jersey to Adam BURWELL and Sarah VEAL / VAIL

(Elgin OGS War of 1812 Vets: BURWELL, Mahlon, Lt. Col. C.E. b. 17 Feb 1783 in New Jersey, d. 25 Jan 1846, buried St. Stephens Cemetery Dunwich Township.  Plaque inside St. Thomas Anglican Church  C18 Masonic Symbol 1818 In Memory of Colonel Mahlon Burwell C.E. born in New Jersey 1783, died in Dunwich Township 1846. First registrar of the Talbot Settlement 1811, First member of the district of Middlesex Legislative Assembly, Upper Canada 1812, First representative of London Town, 1836.)

Dictionary of Canadian Biography for Mahlon BURWELL

“That during the Rebellion in America your Memorialist’s Father Adam BURWELL of Bertie in the Niagara District was frequently employed on very hazardous secret service, by Officers in the service of His Majesty, which he most humbly conceives is made  evident by the several Affidavits which accompany his Father’s Petition. That in the time of the Rebellion your Memorialist’s Father has a Wife and three small Children who looked to him for support which made it impracticable for him to follow the Army Constantly on account of whom and the uncertainty of the Operations of His Majesty’s Army he found it necessary to have his name kept secret, excepting to a very few for fear for the Rebels knowing that his life was at stake and the safety of his family greatly endangered. He often had instructions from Gen’l Cortland Skinner and other Officers in the King’s to perform services by way of Piloting detachments of His Majesty’s Troops by different Routes through the Provinces of Jersey and was always forced to destroy his Letters of Instruction soon after he received them – to that he has none remaining.”, 1816, 4.0, B 11, 164, pp. 786-788, RG 1 L3, C-1624 

Loyalist Trails

BURWELL, Mahlon, Port Talbot, “That your petitioner has erected a Church and parsonage House at the Town of Port Burwell… for the uses of the Church of England and Ireland…without any conditions other than reserving himself and family a pew…measuring 6×8 feet…”, 1837, 61, B 20, 113, pp. 843-848, RG 1 L3, C-1632 

BURWELL, Mahlon, Port Talbot, 1817, 39, B 11, 36, pp. 252-253, RG 1 L3, C-1624 

BURWELL,  Mahlon, Port Talbot, 1812, 37, B 10, 62, pp. 112-115, RG 1 L3, C-1623 

BURWELL,  Mahlon, Port Talbot, 1812, 37, B 10, 63, pp. 116-124, RG 1 L3, C-1623 

BURWELL,  Mahlon, Port Talbot, 1827, 49, B 15, 53, pp. 98-104, RG 1 L3, C-1628 

BURWELL, John, born 1796, SUE of Adam BURWELL, UEL,  died at Bayham 19 Nov 1866. Married first Mary CROZIER ca 1820 and second widow Catherine NICKERSON HODGKINSON in 1842 at Elgin Co.


James was born in at New Jersey 1754 and died at Southwold Twp., 1853. He is in the 1842 and 1851 census for Southwold.

James BURWELL, UE, Port Talbot returns 1815; Southwold, North Side of Talbot Rd. East; Lot 13; March 1810.

BURWELL, James, Bertie, 1811, 37, B 10, 24, RG 1 L3, C-1622, pp 1020-1030

BURWELL, James, Southwold, 1827, 52, B 16, 95, RG 1 L3, C-1629, pp 9-13

BURWELL, James, Bertie, 1810, 68, B Misc. 1793-1840, 66, RG 1 L3, C-1635, pp 798-799

BURWELL, Robert, SUE of James BURWELL, UEL, Southwold, 1824, 47, B 14, 152, pp. 347-351, RG 1 L3, C-1627 

Robert died at Kent Co., 1884

Robert BURWELL, UE, Port Talbot returns 1815; Southwold, North Side of Talbot Rd. East; Lot 19; July 1811.

(Elgin OGS War of 1812 Vets: BURWELL, Robert, Pte., served under Capt. Leslie Patterson 1812, 1813-1814, Captain Gillman Willson 1814, Captain Leslie Patterson 1814, received land Claims Certificate Unit – Flank Company 1st Regiment Middlesex Militia, Vol 18 File 15 pages 1657-1658. Son of James Burwell & Hannah Frazee.  Wounded at Lundy’s lane. Applied for land in 1820 and received 100 acres. Settled in Southwold on Lot 19, North Talbot Road, which he patented on June 18, 1825. This lot later became part of the village of Fingal.  In 1831, purchased one quarter acre in Lot 15, Concession 10, Dunwich.   Robert is found in 1851 census in Mosa Township, age 57 (born 1795). Moved to Camden Township, Kent County, where he is found on 1861, 1871 and 1881 census.  Died November 6, 1884 age 90.  Buried in Phillips Cemetery, Camden.)

BURWELL, James the younger, SUE of James BURWELL, UEL, Southwold, 1827, 52, B 16, 95, pp. 9-13, RG 1 L3, C-1629 

James, Jr. was born in Ontario, ca 1799 and died in 1893 at Elgin Co. (Elgin OGS 1812 Vets: BURWELL, James, Pte., served under Captain Leslie Patterson, 1814, 1815 d. 1853, Buried Burwell Burying Ground, plaque in Fingal Cemetery)

BURWELL, Samuel, SUE James BURWELL UEL, Southwold, 1827, 52, B 16, 96, pp. 14-18, RG 1 L3, C-1629 

Samuel born 1793, New Jersey, married ca 1818 Hannah EVERETT and died at Southwold 1869. He is given in the 1842 to 1861 censuses for Southwold Twp.

Private Cert. 1970 – Malahide W 1787 – Private First Middlesex – farmer Southwold – applied for land June 23, 1820 and received 100 acres – RG1, C-1-3, Vol. 127 – on Talbot’s list of January 2, 1819 – in 1812 served as a private in Captain Willson’s Company from July 10 to August 20, and September 11 to September 20 – in 1812 served as a private in Captain Springer’s Company from October 24 to December 23 – in 1813 served as a private in Captain Patterson’s Company from September 25 to January 24, 1814 – in 1814 served as a private in Captain Willson’s Company from May 25 to July 24 – in 1814 served as a private in Captain Patterson’s Company from January 25 to April 24, July 25 to March 24, 1815 – suffered in the raid of August 16, 1814 – Talbot does not list him as being married – settled in Southwold on Lot 19 South of the Talbot Road, which he patented on April 15, 1831. (Elgin OGS War of 1812 Vets: BURWELL, Pte. Samuel, b. abt Feb 1798, d. 11 Feb 1869, probably in Michigan, served under Capt. Gilman Willson 1812, Captain Daniel Springer 1812, Captain Leslie Patterson, 1813-1814, Captain Gillman Willson 1814, Captain Leslie Patterson 1814, received Land Claims Certificate, Unit – Flank Company 1st Regiment Middlesex Militia, Vol 18 File 15, pages 1659-1660)

Samuel BURWELL, U.E., Port Talbot returns 1815, Southwold, South Side of Talbot Rd. East, Lot 19, July 1811.

BURWELL, William, SUE of James BURWELL, UEL, Southwold, 1833, 54, B 17, 195, pp. 983-989, RG 1 L3, C-1629
William was born at Bertie Twp. 1803, married Sarah BISSELL 1827 and died at  Moore Twp., Lambton Co. 1858. (William BURWELL to Sarah BISSELL, both of Southwold, by banns, Mar. 8, 1827; by Rev. A. Mackintosh; witnesses Jacob JOHNSTONE, Timothy CULVER and Adam BURWELL)

BURWELL, Adam, SUE of James BURWELL, UEL, Southwold, 1833, 54, B 17, 197, pp. 997-1001, RG 1 L3, C-1629
Adam was born at Bertie Twp., 1806, married Nancy Ann PETIT 1830 and died at Southwold Twp., 1888.  He is given in 1842-1881 censuses for Southwold. (Adam BURWELL to Ann PETIT, both of Southwold, by banns, Dec. 29, 1830, by Rev. M Burnham; witnesses John PETIT, Thomas PETIT and William BURWELL)

BURWELL, Lewis, SUE of James BURWELL, UEL, Southwold, 1834, 57, B 18, 259, pp. 36-40, RG 1 L3, C-1631
Lewis born at Southwold Twp., 1814, married Levina WILLIAMS in 1834 and died at Southwold, 1855. His wife is given as widow in the 1861 census for Southwold. She dies in 1912. At least 5 children. (Lewis BURWELL to Lavina WILLIAMS, both of Southwold, by license, Feb. 26, 1834, by Rev. M. Burnham; witnesses Andrew SMITH, Anson PAUL and Walter PATTERSON)

(Elgin OGS War of 1812 Vets: BURWELL, Lewis, Pte., served under Capt. Leslie Patterson July, August 1812 received land Claim Certificate Unit – Flank Company 1st Regiment Middlesex Militia, Vol 18 File 15 pages 1655-1656.  Probably son of Adam Burwell (1748-1828). Lewis was born in Bertie Township.  Possible identification: a Lewis Burwell found on 1851 census in Brantford, age 58, born in Ontario, with wife Adelia.  Born February 17, 1794 in Bertie Township; died April 20, 1865 in Burford Township, Brant Co.; buried in Burford Pioneer Cemetery. Married 1. Elizabeth Ann Whitehead; married 2. Mary Adelia Northrop.)

BURWELL, Susanah, DUE of James BURWELL, UEL, Southwold, 1834, 57, B 18, 260, pp. 41-45, RG 1 L3, C-1631
Susannah was born ca 1810 and marries Henry BERRY in 1835 and dies in 1891

BURWELL / BISSELL, Anne, DUE of James BURWELL, UEL, Wife of Stewart BISSELL, Southwold, 1834, 57, B 18, 263, pp. 51-55, RG 1 L3, C-1631
Ann was born ca 1812 and married 1833 at Elgin Co., Stewart BISSELL. She died in 1882 and is buried at the Fingal Cemetery.

BURWELL / BENEDICT, Mary, DUE of James BURWELL, UEL, Wife of Charles BENEDICT, Southwold, 1834, 57, B 18, 264, pp. 56-60, RG 1 L3,C-1631
Mary was born 1795 and married ca 1820 Charles BENEDICT. She died at Southwold Twp., in 1834 and is buried at the private Burwell burying ground.


(Elgin OGS 1812 Vets: BURWELL, John, Pte., born December 1790, died 3 October 1826, recorded in St. Thomas Anglican Church Register, served under Capt. Gilman Willson, Captain Daniel Springer 1812, Captain Leslie Patterson, 1813-1814, Captain Gilman Willson 1814 received Land Claims Certificate Unit – Flank Company 1st Regiment Middlesex Militia, Vol 18 File 15 pages 1653-1654)

John BURWELL, UE, Port Talbot returns 1815; Southwold, North Side of Talbot Rd. East; Lot 14; March 1810.

BURWELL, John, Talbot Road (Southwold) SUE of James BURWELL, UEL, 1823, 45, B13, 169, RG1L3, C-1626, pp 789-792


George Reuben was born ca 1738 and died 1784 Niagara District
COGHILL, George, Niagara, 1796, 90, C 2, 40, RG 1 L3, C-1647, pp 610-613
COCKLE, George, Newark, 1797, 90, C 2, 121, RG 1 L3, C-1647, pp 816-817

CAUGHELL, John Sr., Yarmouth, SUE of George CAUGHELL UEL of Niagara, 1841, 128, C 1, 5, pp. 550-554, RG 1 L3, C-1732
John was born ca 1770 

CAUGHELL, Alexander, Yarmouth, SUE of George CAUGHELL UEL, 1839, 121, C 21, 164, pp. 733-737, RG 1 L3, C-1730
Alexander was born ca 1808 (must be an uncle and not this one)

CAUGHELL, George, Yarmouth, SUE of George CAUGHELL, UEL, 1839, 130, C 2, 33, pp. 309-313, RG 1 L3, C-1733
George was born ca 1771  He was enrolled at Niagara in 1812 in Capt. Crooks’ company, Niagara District Battalion, and was discharged there in 1815. Was at the battle of Niagara when the town was burnt, and at Queenston Heights.  Lived in Yarmouth.


John CAUGHELL was born ca 1754
COGHILL, John, Niagara, 1796, 90, C 2, 40, RG 1 L3, C-1647, pp 610-613

CAUGHEL, John, Yarmouth, UEL Loyalist, 1818, 88, C b, 183, pp. 998-999, RG 1 L3, C-1646 

CAUGHELL, Benjamin, SUE,  index gives in error as “CAMPBELL”, Yarmouth / Malahide, SUE of John CAUGHELL, UEL, 1839, 124, C 22, 118, pp. 214-218, RG 1, L3, C-1731
Benjamin was born ca 1798

CAUGHEL / COCKLE, Peter, Yarmouth, SUE of John CAUGHEL UEL, 1828, 108, C 15, 61, pp. 275-280, RG 1 L3, C-1725 

Peter CAUGHEL was born ca 1803 at Niagara District
3rd Regiment Middlesex Militia, Yarmouth Township, 2nd Company, CAUGHELL, Peter, 26
(Peter CAUGHELL to Mary CULVER both of Yarmouth, by banns, Nov. 1, 1827, by Rev. A. Mackintosh, witnesses John CAUGHELL, Joseph MARLATT and David CAUGHELL)
The Baptist congregation at New Sarum was organized on January 9, 1838 with Hosea Baker and Peter Caughell acting as deacons, and Mark W. Hopkins as clerk.
Lot 22, Conc 10, Yarmouth, pp 1169-1370, Peter Caughell, Yarmouth, appoints Alexander Mackintosh, Yarmouth, as his attorney to ask for a patent; dated Jan. 14, 1828, witnessed by William Salmon [?], and C.[?] Warner

COUGHELL, James, Yarmouth, SUE of John COUGHELL, UEL,1832, 114, C 18,, 183, pp. 615-621, RG 1 L3, C-1727
James was born ca 1805
3rd Regiment Middlesex Militia, Yarmouth Township, 2nd Company, CAUGHELL, James, 20

COUGHELL, George A., Yarmouth, SUE John COUGHELL, UEL1832, 114, C 18, 184, pp. 622-627, RG 1 L3, C-1727
George A. was born ca 1810- and died 1852 ( St. Thomas Cemetery: In Memory of / Geo. A. CAUGHELL / who died / Nov. 13, 1852 / aged 42 yrs /)
(George CAUGHELL to Mary RAPELJE, both of Yarmouth, by license, Jan. 6, 1841, by Rev. M. Burnham; witnesses Jeronymus RAPELJE and James NEVILL)

COUGHEL, John jr., Yarmouth, SUE John CAUGEL / CAUGHELL, UEL 1827, 114, C 18, 198, pp. 705-710, RG 1 L3, C-1727
John, Jr. was born ca 1802
(John CAUGHELL to Abigail HUGHES, both of Yarmouth, by banns, May 4, 1829, by Rev. A. Mackintosh; witnesses Charles CONRAD, Joseph MARLATT and David CAUGHELL)

CAUGHEL, John, Yarmouth, L 6 C 6, 1818, 145, C Leases 1798-1817, 119, pp. 1010-1013, RG 1 L3, C-1740 

CAUGHILL / MARLATT, Elizabeth, Yarmouth, wife of Joseph MARLETT, DUE John CAUGHELL, UEL, 1832, 358, M 18, 275, pp. 59-62, RG 1 L3, C-2214
Elizabeth was born ca 1806 and died 1893

(Joseph MARLATT, widower to Elizabeth CAUGHELL both of Yarmouth, by banns, Sept. 4, 1827, by Rev. A. Mackintosh; witnesses David & John CAUGHELL, John MARLATT and James GIVINS)

COUGHELL / CHARLETON, Jemima, /COCKLE, Yarmouth, dau. Of John CAUGHELL (COCKLE) UEL ?, wife of Peter CHARLTON, 1835, 120, C 20, 194, pp. 1085-1089, RG 1 L3, C-1729
Jemima was born ca 1815
Married Nov. 9, 1834, by license, Peter CHARLTON to Jemima CAUGHEL, [CAUGHELL ] of Yarmouth, witnesses Peter CAUGHEL [ CAUGHELL ] & Daniel H. FINCH
Lot 58 South Talbot Road, Granted to David CAUGHEL of the Township of Yarmouth; OIC Feb 18, 1824; pat. Mar 12, 1824.


John CLARK was born

CLARK / OSTRANDER, Eleanor, DUE of John CLARK, UEL, wife of (Jacob) OSTRANDER, 1797, 392, O 2, 13, pp. 792-794, RG 1 L3, C-2484
Eleanor was born ca 1777 in the USA

COLLINS, Alexander, UEL 

Alexander was born

Is it this Alexander COLLINS?
COLLINS, Alexander, Wainfleet, 1795, 89, C1, 46, RG1L3, C-1647, pp- 202-204
COLLINS, Alexander, 1797, 91, C3, 74, RG1L3, C-1648, pp – 138-139

COLLINS / EAKINS, Margaret, Yarmouth,  DUE of Alexander COLLINS, UEL, and wife of John EAKINS, Wainfleet, 1850, 182A, E 5, 33 pp. 238-241, RG 1 L3, C-1892
Margaret was born ?
Lot 22, Conc. 1 Bayham, pp 253-255, – letter from Edward MacMahon [?], Nov. 1, 1815, regarding petition of John Eakins for deed; has location certificate from Col. Talbot dated May 26, 1812 for 200 acres. – location papers for John Eakins, November 2, 1815, for lot 22; 200 acres, Order-in-Council October 22, 1811; states he already has received 200 acres in the Township of York, so his order for a grant of 400 acres is completed.
Is it this John EAKINS?
Alexander COLLINS born 1805

DAVIS, Thaddeus, UEL 

Thaddeus was born 1738 at Connecticut, married Deborah HALL ca 1760 and died at Montgomery, NY in 1823. He served in the French and Indian War and moved from CT to Guilderland near Albany and joined the British forces during the Rev. War and was taken prisoner. Family went to Willoughby Twp.  Eleven children received grants as children of an UEL.
DAVIS, Thadeus, 1799, 151,D 4, 20, RG 1 L3, C-1743, pp 534-535
DAVIS, Thadeus Sr., Markham, 1801, 151, D 5, 48, RG 1 L3, C-1743, pp 844-845

DAVIS, Andrus, Andrue, s/o of Richard DAVIS, SUE of Thorold who was son of UEL, Stamford, 1810, 153, D 9, 57, pp. 473-476, RG 1 L3, C-1744
Andrus was born 1786 at New York, and died at Malahide in 1850. He had a large family of at least 10 children.
Lot 73 South Talbot Road; pat. by Andrus DAVIS, Oct 10, 1816.

DAVIS / OSTRANDER, Jane, wife of Andrew OSTRANDER daughter of Thaddeus DAVIS, UEL, Same as above, Niagara, 1797, 392, O 3, 20, pp. 897-900, RG 1 L3, C-2484,
Jane was born 1760 and died 1865. She married Andrew OSTRANDER in 1785.

DAVIS  / OSTRANDER, Lydia, Thorold, sister Jane OSTRANDER DUE of Thaddeus DAVIS Sr., UEL, 1810, 392A, O 9, 10, pp. 1329-1331, pp. 1332-1334, RG 1 L3, C-2484 

DAVIS / OSTRANDER, Lydia, Jenny A., Liday, DUE of Thaddeus DAVIS, UEL who served in battle at Long Island and have married to two Ostranders – brothers – one of which Andrew served in Brant’s Volunteers during the last war and was twice taken prisoner – now  wife of Peter OSTRANDER, -has three children born before 1789, Niagara, 1797, 392, O 3, 20, pp. 897-900, RG 1 L3, C-2484
Lydia, wife of Peter OSTRANDER, granted Lot 78 North Talbot Rd, patented 17 June 1816. Son Thaddeus OSTRANDER born Thorold 1792 died at Aylmer in 1885.

DAVIS, Richard, SUE of Thaddeus DAVIS, UEL, Willoughby, Thorold, 1810, 153, D 9, 55, pp. 466-468, RG 1 L3, C-1744
Richard was born 1761 at Connecticut and 1823 at New York. He had 12 children, many who resided in Elgin County such as Deacon William DAVIS born 1783 at Schoharie NY, married Temperance LEEK 1805 and died 1865 at Malahide. (William’s son, Richard – Richard DAVIS to Emily TOZER, both of Malahide, by banns, Nov. 4, 1830, by Rev. M. Burnham; witnesses Anson PAUL, James LEL [sic] and Eliza DAVIS)
Lot 72 South Talbot Road; Granted to Richard DAVIS of the Township of Thorold: OIC Aug 28, 1810; pat Feb 2, 1819.


Lucas DEDRICK was born ca 1765 at Albany, New York and died at Long Point,  Norfolk Co., Ontario in 1808. He married Lucretia PARSENS.
DEDRiCK, Lucas, Long Point, 1795, 151, D5, 6, RG1L3, C-1743, pp-724-72 DEDRICK, Lucas, Walsingham, 1797, 153, D9, 2, RG1L3, C-1744, pp-204-212 DEDRICK, Lucas, Walsingham, 1823, 164, D22, 55, RG1L3, C-1879, pp-700-704

DEDRICK, John, Charlotteville, SUE of late Lucas DEDRICK, UEL,1808, 153, D 10, 39, RG 1 L3, C-1744, pp 721-724
John was born ca 1788 and died ca 1860

DEDRICK, Charles, Bayham, SUE of John DEDRICK, UEL, C1 L21, 1847, 167, D 4, 31, pp. 796-798, RG 1 L3, C-1881
Charles was born ?

DOPP, Peter, UEL 

Peter was born in 1763 in New York and died in 1842 in Michigan

DOPP / SIMONS, Phobe, Phoebe, Yarmouth, wife of Ebenezer SIMONS, DUE, Peter DOPP, UEL, Yarmouth, 1835, 474, S 22 129, pp. 619-622, RG 1 L3, C-2821
Phoebe was born ca 1792 at Oxford Co and died in 1848. Ebenezer was born ca 1781 and died in Michigan in 1844.


William was born ca 1760 New York and died at New Brunswick 1835

ELSWORTH / ELLSWORTH, Harden, SUE, Hamilton Twp. (Northumberland Co.), 1810, 176, bundle E9, petition 20, RG 1 L3, film C-1888, pp 109-112
Harding / Harden, son of William ELLSWORTH was born ca 1785, New Brunswick and died at Bayham before 1861. Married first Joan TISDALE and second in 1827, Margaret HICKEY. Possibly as many as 8 children.
Harden received grant of Lot 101, Talbot Rd. East, South side, Malahide, ca 1817. (too young to be an UEL)


Peter was born at New York in 1762 and died at Norfolk Co. Ontario in 1828

FAIRCHILD, Peter, Townsend, 1808, 188, F 9, 2, RG 1 L3, C-1895, pp 496-498

FAIRCHILD / SMITH, Jesse, Petitioner’s Wife Elizabeth SMITH, DUE of Peter FAIRCHILD, UEL of Townsend Twp., Bayham Township, 1818, 38  image 843-846, 18021-18024, RG 5 A1, Land Petitions in Upper Canada Sundries C-4601
Jesse born ca 1780 at New Jersey married first Irene and second Elizabeth FAIRCHILD. She born 1782 at New York, married Jesse, 1810 at Charlotteville and resided in Kent Co. Michigan in 1860. Possibly a dozen children.
Lot 14, Concession 3, Bayham, Page 613 – 614, – – letter from Benjamin Geale, of Lieut. Governor’s Office, March 12, 1818 to Thomas Ridout, Surveyor General, stating that the name of Jesse Smith was mistakenly put down for this lot by Col. Talbot, instead of his wife Elizabeth Smith.
Page 615 – 616 – – grant to Elisabeth Smith, Charlotteville, wife of Jesse Smith, and dau of Peter Fairchild, a U.E. Loyalist, lot 14, concession 3, 200 acres, 1818

FERGUSON, Barrington, UEL 

Farrington FERGUSON was born ca 1765 in New York and died 1842 in Prince Edward Co., Ontario.
FERGUSON, Farrington, Sophiasburg, 1790, 195A, F Misc. 1788-1795, 19, RG 1 L3, C-2022, pp-523-524

FERGUSON, Farrington, Hallowell, 1818, 202A, F Leases 1801-1836, 46, RG 1 L3, C-2027, pp-558-560

FERGUSON, Daniel, Yarmouth, SUE of Farrington FERGUSON, UEL, Hallowell Twp., 1836, 194, F 19, 43, pp. 185-187, RG 1 L3, C-1900
Daniel was born ca 1802

FLACK, Archibald, UEL 

Archibald FLACK was born ca 1765

FLACK, Archibald, Clinton, 1795, 185, F 2, 9, RG 1 L3, C-1893, pp 679-680

FLACK / MOORE, Margaret, DUE of Archibald FLACK UEL, Wife of Jeremiah MOORE, Malahide, 1832, 354, M 17, 99, pp. 570-573, RG 1 L3, C-2211 (given as FLUCK )
Margaret was born born ca 1794 and died 1832 at Pelham. Jeremiah was born at Pelham, 1796 and died 1850. Son Andrew born at Malahide, 1830.

FLACK / ORCHARD, Mary, Southwold, DUE Archibald FLACK, UEL, w/o Thomas ORCHARD, 1831, 394, O 17, 13, pp. 1256-1260, RG 1 L3, C-2485
Mary was born

FRANCIS, ?, UEL  (need name and petition link)

FRANCIS, Thomas, Bayham, SUE, C 3 L 4, 1821, 191, F 13, 25, pp. 512-516, RG 1 L3, C-1897


GARDNER, John, Cornwall, Kings Royal Regmt of New York, 1789, 222, G Misc. 1789-1795, 8, pp 181-182 RG 1 L3, C-2042

GARDNER / ZAVITZ, Mary, Yarmouth, wife of Abraham ZAVITZ and DUE of John GARDNER UEL, Crowland, deceased, 1839, 553, Z 22 1, pp. 461-464, RG 1 L3, C-2982 

ZAVITZ, Christian
Abraham ZAVITZ was son of Christian
ZEVITZ, Christian, Bertie, 1811, 553, Z 10, 1, RG 1 L3, C-2982

GILBERT, Isaac Henry

(or is it his wife who is the UE? (this needs to be sorted out)

Isaac Henry GILBERT was born ca 1742 at Connecticut and died 1822 Woodhouse, Norfolk, Ontario.

GILBERT, Rowland, SUE son of Isaac GILBERT and Mary ROWLAND, UEL (need info on why she is UEL)
Rowland GILBERT born 1772 at Connecticut, died 1859 at Norfolk Co., Ontario.
Gilbert, Roullin, York, 1799, 203A, G 4, 22, RG 1 L3, C-2028, pp-604-606
Gilbert, Rowlen, Woodhouse, 1802, 220 A, G Leases 1799-1819, 4, RG 1 L3, C-2041, pp-354-355
Gilbert, Rowland, Woodhouse, 1802, 220 A, G Leases 1799-1819, 6, RG 1 L3, C-2041, pp-359-359
Gilbert, Rowland, Woodhouse, 1800, 220 A, G Leases 1800-1835, 9, RG 1 L3, C-2041, pp 465-467

GILBERT, Isaac, York, 1799, 203A, G4, 21, RG1L3, C-2028, pp-600-602

GILBERT,  Rowland, son of Isaac GILBERT of Woodhouse, Malahide, Talbot settler 1812, 1826, 208A, G 14, 140, pp. 279-282, RG 1 L3, C-2032

GILBERT, Hiram Uriah, SUE, Bayham, C 5 N 1/2 L 19, 1845, 215, G 3, 26, pp. 503-525, RG 1 L3, C-2037 

GILBERT, Hiram U., Bayham, 1848, 216, G 4, 74, pp. 536-538, RG 1 L3, C-2038 

Hiram Uriah GILBERT was born ca 1808 and died in 1864. 

GILBERT, Sarah, U.E., Port Talbot 1815 returns, Yarmouth, North Side of Talbot Rd. East, Lot 72, Jun 1811


GLOVER, Jacob Forty Miles Ponds 1796 203 G 2 10 RG 1 L3 C-2028 pp 142-145, GLOVER, Jacob, Townsend, 1799, 220 A, G Leases 1800-1835, 10, RG 1 L3, C-2041, pp 467-468

Jacob GLOVER was born in 1763 in New Jersey and died in Ontario in 1813. He married Deborah MOORE ca 1781 and raised a family of at least 10 children.

Descendants of Jacob GLOVER settling in Elgin County

GLOVER / BOUGHNER / Getta (Gertrude), DUE of Jacob GLOVER, UEL, wife of Alexander BOUGHNER, Windham, 1811, 37, B10, 18, pp 1002-1003, RG 1 L3, C-1622 

Gertrude GLOVER, born ca 1790, daughter of Jacob GLOVER, UEL, and wife of Alexander BOUGHNER. They had a large family of at least 11 children which they raised in Malahide. (See Alexander BOUGHNER above)

GLOVER, William (Hambly), Ancaster, SUE of Jacob GLOVER, UEL, 1821, 207, G 13, 14, RG 1 L3, C-2031, pp- 298-303

William Hambly GLOVER born ca 1787, married Mary Ellen GARNSEY? William died October 1823 (need death place?) per the petition of his son. Mary Ellen married second in 1826 to John FLETCHER. William and Mary Ellen had at least two children, Mary Ellen Moore GLOVER and William Augustus GLOVER. Mary Ellen GLOVER married Thomas A. MARR and died at Southwold in 1893. (Mary Ellen was raised by Samuel and Rhoda GARNSEY (Samuel GARNSEY [ GUERNSEY ], widower, of Southwold, to Rhoda DUNCOMBE, widow, of St. Thomas, by banns, June 23, 1825, by Rev. A. Mackintosh; witnesses E. E. DUNCOMBE, Archibald CHISHOLM and Samuel GARNSEY)

GLOVER, William (Augustus) Jr., Southwold, only son of William (Hambly) GLOVER, SUE of Jacob GLOVER, orphan, 1843, 214A, G 2,14, pp. 1004-1005, RG 1 L3,C-2036 

William Augustus GLOVER an “orphan for many years” was born ca 1822 and died at Malahide in 1894. He married Louisa SUMMERS, daughter of Capt. John R. SUMMERS of Malahide. William was raised by his stepfather, John FLETCHER.

John FLETCHER to Mary (GARNSEY?) GLOVER, widow of William GLOVER, both of Southwold, by banns, Apr. 11, 1826, by Rev. A. Mackintosh, witnesses John DAUGHERTY, Charles FULLER and Thomas DICKISON

Anglican Baptisms at St. Thomas, Ontario- 11th April, 1826-John Fletcher, and Mary Ann –  children of Joseph LITTLE, of Southwold, yeoman, and Jane, his wife, were this day baptised by me, by public baptism. John Fletcher, Joseph Little, Jane Little, Sponsors.

St. Thomas, 11th April, 1826-William Augustus GLOVER and Mary Ellen GLOVER, children of the late William Hambly GLOVER, of Dundas Street, and Mary, his wife (now wife of John FLETCHER, of Southwold), were this day baptised by me, by public baptism. John Fletcher, Mary Fletcher, Sponsors.

Mary GARNSEY GLOVER FLETCHER died before 1834 when John FLETCHER married next in 1834, Ann BODINE of Southwold. Upper Canada Marriage Bond, 6 March 1834, John FLETCHER to Sarah Anne BODINE, both of Southwold.


HAGERMAN, William, U.E., Port Talbot returns 1815, Southwold, North Side Talbot Rd. East, Lot 26, May 1815.

HAZEN,  Daniel, UEL 

Daniel HAZEN was born 1753, died 1845. He married Anna WARD.

HAZEN, Daniel, 1795, 223, H 2, 11, RG 1 L3, C-2043, pp-182-183

HAZEN, Caleb, SUE, of  Daniel HAZEN, UEL,   Bayham Township, 1816, 28, image 170-171, 12816-12817, RG 5 A1, Land Petitions in Upper Canada Sundries,C-4547 

Caleb HAZEN was born 1795 and died in Michigan in 1848. He married Rachel Bernice WEDGE

HENRY, Philip, UEL 

Philip HENRY was born 1761 and died 1814 in Ontario. He married Elizabeth HAMM

HENRY, Philip, Gainsborough, 1795, 222A, H 1, 34, RG 1 L3, C-2042, pp-982-984

HENRY, Philip, Dunwich, SUE of late Philip HENRY, UE, Gainsborough, 1834, 237, H 18, 250, pp. 729-735, RG 1 L3, C-2053 

HILL, John, UEL 

John HILL was born in 1725 at Pennsylvania, married Elizabeth SMITH and died at Bertie, Ontario.

(Many John HILL petitions – need some help here!)

HILL, Charles, Yarmouth, SUE of John HILL of Bertie, L 17 C 3, 1818, 250, H Leases 1799-1838, 127, pp. 307-309, RG 1 L3, C-2106
Charles was born ca 1788 USA, married Hope MARSH, died 1864 at Malahide.  Buried at the Dunboyne Cemetery.
There is a surrogate court record file #147, MFNO 1376, for a Charles Hill who died 19 February 1864; exec., Ambrose Hill, Malahide, Miller, Walter Edgar Murray, Malahide, merchant. gives sons, Jesse, Richard, Charles D., Walter, daus. Sarah, wife of Walter E. Murray, Aylmer, Hannah, wife of Thomas Locker, Malahide.

Charles’ brother Benjamin HILL was born 1768 and died at Welland in 1845. His daughter, Mary HILL born, 1795, married Edward C. BECKETT and died at Malahide in 1855. (Luton Cemetery in Malahide: Mary/ wife of/ Edward BECKETT/ died Aug. 20, 1855/ aged/ 60 years)
(Page 380 – 382- Will of Edward Charles BECKETT, Malahide, August 21, 1876- sons Benjamin, Samuel, Ezekial, John Haight Beckett- sons Peter & Charles – have not been heard from for 15 years- daughter Emaline- daughter Ann HODGKIN, wife of George- witnesses: W. ELLIS, Edwin Ruthven CRANE, Morill BECKETT)


HODGKINSON, William, Grantham, 1796, 223, H 2, 63, RG 1 L3, C-2043, pp 342-345

HODGKINSON, William Sr., Grantham, 1815, 227, H 10, 74, RG 1 L3, C-2046, pp 999-1002

HODGKINSON, Thomas, Malahide, Talbot Settler, Peter MONTROSS prev., 1822, 230A, H 13, 108, pp. 325-329, RG 1 L3, C-2049

HODGKINSON, Thomas, Malahide Township, son of William HODGKINSON of Grantham a private in Butler’s Rangers, 1826, 80, images 544-546, 43457-43459, RG 5 A1, Land Petitions in Upper Canada Sundries, C-6862

HODGKINSON, George, Yarmouth, Printer, Son of William HODGKINSON, UEL, L 7 C 3 Malahide, 1834, 237, H 18, 252, pp. 742-746, RG 1 L3, C-2053 

George HODGKINSON was born ca 1810, married Mary Ann, 1832 and died 1847. “He with brother Thomas started first newspaper in St. Thomas in 1831 the St. Thomas Journal. George in 1856 owned the Argus Newspaper and Thomas in 1841 was the editor of the London Gazette one of London’s first newspapers.” p. 2 Hod. Fam. Gen., R. Brian Pierce.

HODGKNSON, John Pember, Grantham, SUE of William HODGKINSON, UEL, 1821, 230A, H 13, 55, RG 1 L3, C-2049, pp-46-49
John Pember was born ca 1800 an married first Belinda LOUCKS and second at Malahide in 1832, Nancy McINTYRE. Upper Canada Marriage Bond, 16 Nov 1832, John Pember HODGKINSON to Nancy McINTYRE, both of Malahide.


John HONSINGER was born ca 1757, married Catherine and or Elizabeth?

HONSINGER, John Sr., 1798, 223, H 2, 120, RG 1 L3, C-2043, pp 539-540

HONSINGER / MILLS, Mary, Yarmouth, DUE of John HONSINGER, UEL, wife of John MILLS, of Grantham, 1825, 365, M 22, 71, pp. 547-548, RG 1 L3, C-2219
John MILLS was born about 1800
Their daughter Nancy Melissa MILLS born 1843 married 1861 at St. Thomas, Joseph Harvey VAN PATTER.

Peter HONSINGER was born ca 1831 (was he son of John and Mary (1797-1865 Malahide)
Peter brother to Waite and Mary, Margaret and Elizabeth and John Jr.

John HONSINGER born ca 1798, father of Waite HONSINGER (St. Thomas Cemetery – WAITE/HONSINGER/died Jan. 3, 1892/in his 65th year)


Herman HOSTETER was born 1760 and died at Long Point 1812
HOSTELER, Herman, Long Point, 1796, 223, H2, 1, RG1L3, C-2043, pp-620-625
HOSTEDER, Herman, York, 1797, 223, H2, 138, RG1L3, C-2043, pp-153-155

HOSTELER HOSTEDER HOSTTER / WESTOVER, Catherine, Catharine, DUE of Herman HOSTETER  Herman Hostetter, UEL, wife of William WESTOVER, Grantham, 1805, 524, W 7, 43, pp. 99-101, RG 1 L3, C-2952  

 Catherine HOSTEDER was born 1784 and died at Malahide in 1828. She was the mother of at least a dozen children raised in Malahide. Daughter Ann WESTOVER born 1807 married Enos NICKERSON, SUE of Eliud NICKERSON, UEL. Son Herman WESTOVER born 1808 married Elizabeth BOUGHNER daughter of Alexander BOUGHNER, SUE and Giddy GLOVER, DUE of Malahide.

HOWEY, Robert, UEL 

Robert HOWEY was born Sussex, New Jersey ca 1760 and died at Lincoln Niagara, 1809. He married Jane MANDEVILLE.

HOWEY, Robert, 1795, 222A, H 1, 52, RG 1 L3, C-2043, pp 9-10

HOWEY, Samuel, SUE of Robert HOWEY UEL, Bayham, 1827, 233, H 15, 37, pp. 885-890, RG 1 L3, C-2050 

Samuel was born ca 1791 at Niagara District and married Rebecca BOUGHNER / BUCHNER daughter of Henry. He died at Bayham Twp., in 1883. Son Henry B. HOWEY born 1810, married Phoebe died 1911 at Bayham Twp.,


Jacob was born ca 1763 at New York and died 1837 Welland Co., Ontario. He married Nancy RANSIER

HOFFMAN, Jacob, Niagara, 1796, 223, H 2, 12, RG 1 L3, C-2043, pp 185-187

HOFFMAN / HUFFMAN / ADAMS, Elizabeth, Malahide, DUE of Jacob HOFFMAN / HUFFMAN wife of David ADAMS, 1821, 12, A 18, 19, pp. 67-71, RG 1 L3, C-1613  

Elizabeth was born 1797 at Bertie Twp., married 1821 David ADAMS and died at 1865 at Malahide Twp., She had at least 5 children. In 1861 at Malahide (Div. 3, pp. 17) Elizabeth Adams is a widow, age 64; born UC, with son David, 36, Farmer.

HUFFMAN, Jacob, Jr., SUE of Jacob HUFFMAN, UEL, Malahide, Includes affidavit that Sr. never was a German soldier etc, 1833, 235, H 17, 164, pp. 206-212, RG 1 L3, C-2052 

Jacob, Jr., was born 1789 and died 1849

Granted Lot 91 South Talbot Road, Malahide, 16 Jan 1839

His daughter Catherine Ann HUFFMAN married Jacob VANVELZER. She died at Elgin County, 1885.

HUFFMAN / LAMB, Ann, patent land Lot 80 South Talbot Road, Malahide, 7 April 1821 , wife of Reuben LAMB
Ann was born 1799 at Bertie Twp., and married in 1830 Reuben LAMB at Malahide. In 1828 Reuben Lamb is in 2nd Reg. Middlesex Militia rolls at Malahide; age 31; next to John Pound, 34 and Charles McCarter (MaCarthur), 34.

HUGHSON, Nathaniel, UEL 

HUGHSON, Nathaniel, Barton, 1809, 226A, H 9, 61, RG 1 L3, C-2046, pp 558-560
Nathaniel Hughson was born in 1755 at New York and died in 1837 at Barton, Wentworth Co. He married ca 1782, Rebecca LAND.

Descendants of Nathaniel HUGHSON settling in Elgin County

HUGHSON / McAFEE, Elizabeth, Southwold, DUE of Nathaniel HUGHSON, UEL, and wife of Daniel McAFEE, 1817, 345A, M 13, 346, pp. 762-765, RG 1 L3, C-2204

Elizabeth HUGHSON McAFEE was born in 1791 at New Brunswick and died in 1831 at Yarmouth. (Elizabeth / wife of / Daniel McAFEE / died May 24, 1831 / aged / 40 years /) Her husband  Daniel McAFEE was born 1791 and died at St. Thomas in 1878. She had at least 4 children. Daniel married second after she died, Rebecca Jane JONES and had a son. (“Daniel McAFEE to Rebecca JONES both of Yarmouth, by banns, Jan. 15, 1833, by Rev. M. Burnham; witnesses Benjamin DOAN, Samuel TAPETT and Squire JOHNSTONE).  Daniel is buried at the Yarmouth Seminary Cemetery (In memory of / Daniel McAFEE / who died July 20, 1878 / aged 87 y’s /). “Daniel served in the 5th Battalion, Lincoln militia, Capt. Durand’s company. Enlisted in 1812 and was discharged at Queenston when the war closed. Was at the taking of Detroit, and the battle of Queenston Heights. Taken prisoner by the Americans while conveying prisoners down the lake to Toronto, and confined at Greenbush near Albany, but dug his way out and escaped. Living in St. Thomas in 1875.” Lot 32 & 33, North Talbot Road East, Lot 5, Range 1, North on Longwood Road, Ekfrid, Page 988 – 990 – grant to Daniel McAfee, Southwold, 200 acres, lot 32, 1827. In the 1828 UC Militia Rolls, 3rd Regiment Middlesex Militia, Yarmouth Township, 2nd Company, 5th Company, Daniel McAFFE, next to Randolph JOHNSON and Henry BUSKIRK.

HUGHSON. Robert, Dorchester, SUE of Nathaniel HUGHSON, UEL, w pt broken L A & E pt broken L 8 C 13 South Dorchester, Survey error Exchange of W 1/2 L 15 C 10 Burford Twp., 1828, 233, H 15 65, pp. 1031-1036, RG 1 L3, C-2050 

Robert HUGHSON was born ca 1790 and died in 1840.

HUGHSON, George, 200 acres, Lot 29 Southwold Talbot Rd. East South side next Alexander HAMILTON.

HUNT, Edward, UEL 

Edward HUNT was born ca 1765 in USA and died at Humberstone before 1819. 7 children received land, 4 in Malahide. Besides the children below, son Lewis and daughter Nancy of Pelham and daughter Mary of Gainsborough received grants.

HUNT, Edward, 1797, 224, H3, 143, pp 152-154, RG1L3, C-2044

Children of Edward HUNT who settled in Elgin County

HUNT, David, Pelham, SUE of Edward HUNT, UEL, of Humberstone, land in Malahide, 1819, 228A, H 12, 23, pp. 1035-1038, RG 1 L3, C-2047
David was born ca 1797, married Permilla HODGKINS and died 1840 at Malahide. In 1828 at Malahide, David Hunt, 8th Co., age 30; Capt. William Summers’, 2nd Regiment Middlesex Miltia; at Malahide Twp.; Men of Upper Canada; Militia Nominal Rolls, 1828-1829; Elliott and Walker, from National Archives; p. 148. Burdick Reg. -27; Meeting house subscriber (Methodist Church).

HUNT / KILMER, Elizabeth, Malahide, DUE of Edward HUNT, UEL, 1842, 277, K 2, 4, pp. 356-359, RG 1 L3, C-2121
Elizabeth was born ca 1804 at New York, married ca 1823, George KILMER and died 1880 at Malahide. She had at least 11 children.
In 1828 at Malahide Twp.,  8th Co., George KILMER, age 24 (4 yr. discrepancy here not normal); Capt. William Summers’ Co., 2nd Regiment Middlesex Miltia; at Malahide Twp.; Men of Upper Canada; Militia Nominal Rolls, 1828-1829; Elliott and Walker, from National Archives; p. 147.
The 1842 Census for Malahide Twp. George KILMER at Lot. 27, Conc. 8, 100 acres, 8 in the family.

HUNT, Isaac, Malahide, SUE of Edward HUNT, UEL1842, 243, H 2, 11, pp. 70-76, RG 1 L3, C-2098
Isaac was born ca 1802 in Ontario and married in 1826 at Elgin County, Amy BAKER.
In 1828 at Malahide Isaac Hunt is in 8th Co., age 27; Capt. William Summers’, 2nd Regiment Middlesex Militia; at Malahide Twp.; Men of Upper Canada; Militia Nominal Rolls, 1828-1829; Elliott and Walker, from National Archives; p. 148.
In 1842 Isaac Hunt is a farmer at Malahide at Gore Lot 30. The 1842 index lists him at Conc. 7.

HUNT, Thomas Gainsborough, SUE, Edward HUNT, UEL, 1834 237 H 18 207 RG 1 L3 C-2053, pp 562-564

Thomas was born 1803 in New York and died at Malahide in 1882. He married first Mary CROW ca 1835 and second Esther SILVERTHORNE, ca 1851. He is given in the 1851-1881 censuses for Malahide.

HUNT, Mary, Gainsborough, Hunt/Stringer Mary Woodhouse , DUE, Edward HUNT, UEL, wife of Aaron STRINGER, 1840 474 S 22 115 RG 1 L3 C-2821- pp 564-565

HUNT, Nancy, Gainsborough 1839 241 H 22 32 RG 1 L3 C-2097, DUE, Edward HUNT, UEL, pp 212-213

HUNT, Lewis, Pelham 1834 237 H 18 208 RG 1 L3 C-2053 – pp. 566-567

JOHNSON, Laurence, UEL 

Lawrence born ca 1759 at New York and died 1843. He married Margaret MONTROSE and had at least 7 children.

Johnson, Lawrence, York, 1796, 254, I-J 2, 7, RG 1 L3, C-2108, pp 675-678 and 679-682

JOHNSON Jr., Lawrence, SUE of Laurence JOHNSON UEL, Bayham, Talbot settler, C 3 N 1/2 L 13, 1819, 256, J 11, 57, pp. 142-144, RG 1 L3, C-2110 

Lawrence Jr. born ca 1795 and died 1848. Siblings and descendants resided in Bayham. He married Nancy BUTLER

JONES, Ebenezer, UEL 

Ebenezer was born ca 1760 married Sarah SPRINGSTEAD

Jones, Ebenezer, Burlington Bay, 1794, 254, I-J 1, 15, RG 1 L3, C-2108, pp 563-565

Jones, Ebenezer, 254, I-J 1, 20, RG 1 L3, C-2108, pp 573-573

Jones, Ebenezer, Burlington Bay, 1795, 254, I-J 2, 34, RG 1 L3, C-2108, pp 761-762

JONES, Jacob, SUE of Ebenezer JONES, UEL, Malahide, 1841, 261A, I-J 1, 1, pp. 56-59, RG 1 L3, C-2113
Jacob was born 1814 died 1881. He married Abigail

JONES, Jonas, Sarah JONES widow of Ebenezer JONES, UEL who died in 1840 aged between 80 and 90 years old, Jonas Jones is lawful son of both just turned 21 and is SUE of Ebenezer JONES, Malahide, 1847, 263, I-J 4, 8, pp. 60-65, RG 1 L3, C-2114
Jonas JONES was born 1824 and died 1860

Rachel JONES, wife of Daniel McCRIMMON – 1842 census for Malahide. He a shipwright.


John was born ?

Julien, John, Howard, 1799, 266, I-J Misc. 1795-1837, 19, RG 1 L3, C-2116, pp 38-40

Julien, John, York, 1800, 254A, I-J 5, 19, RG 1 L3, C-2109, pp 144-145

JULIEN, Martha, Dorchester, DUE of late John JULIEN, UEL, of Howard Twp., 1833, 259A, I-J 18, 32, pp. 820-824, RG 1 L3, C-2111 

Martha was born ?

JULIAN / KILBORNE, Ruth, Dorchester, DUE of late John JULIEN, UEL, of Howard twp. – wife of Abraham KILBOURN, 1834, 274, K 18, 68, pp. 979-983, RG 1 L3, C-2119
Ruth was born ?

LOCKWOOD, Benjamin, UEL 

Benjamin was born ca 1770 and died at Middlesex Co. 1857. He was the son of Josiah LOCKWOOD born ca 1729, Connecticut.

Lockwood, Benjamin, Newark, 1795, 283, L 1, 66, RG 1 L3, C-2124, pp 762-763

Lockwood, Benjamin, Beverley, 1796, 285A, L 7, 12, RG 1 L3, C-2125, pp 875-876

LOCKWOOD / FISHER, Sarah, DUE of Benjamin LOCKWOOD UEL, Lot 101 STR, Malahide, Glanford, 1819,190, F 12, 85, pp. 85-88, RG 1 L3, C-1897
Sarah was born at Wentworth Co., 1796 and married James FISHER.

Sarah LOCKWOOD of Glanford Twp.,  granted Lot 101, South Talbot Rd., Malahide, OIC, 28 Jul 1819, patented 18 Nov 1819.


Peter MASALES was born ca 1770 and died 1826

MASALES, Peter, Clinton, 1821, 344, M 13, 108, RG 1 L3, microfilm C-2203, pp-638-641

Marsales, John, Clinton, 1812, 325A, M Misc., 133, RG 1 L3, C-2189, pp-746-749

Marcellis/Marsales, John, Clinton, 1816, 336A, M 10, 294, RG 1 L3, C-2198, pp-618-623

Marcellis/Marsales, Hannah, Clinton, 1816, 336A, M 10, 299, RG 1 L3 C-2198, pp-640-642 Married George HUFFMAN

Marcellis/Marsales, Stephen, Clinton, 1816, 336A, M 10, 300, RG 1 L3, C-2198, pp-644-649

Marcellis/Maselles, George, Clinton, 1826, 354, M 17, 116, RG 1 L3, C-2211, pp-653-657

Maselles/Singer, Elizabeth,Clinton, 1826, 474, S 22, 130, RG 1 L3, C-2821, pp-627-629

Marcelus/Wallesser, Catharinae, Matilda, 1808, 525, W 8, 80, RG 1 L3, C-2952, pp-517-522 

(may be different family related to group at Williamsburg )

Names as given by the UELAC using Peter MARSELIS, UEL

MASALES / MARSALES / MARCELLIS / ANGER, Phoebe, Bertie, 1833, DUE of Peter MASALES, wife of George ANGER, 12, A 18, 33, pp- 155-156 RG 1 L3, microfilm C-1613
Phoebe died in 1849 and was buried at the Burdick Cemetery in Malahide. See George ANGER family above. 


James was born about 1752 at Sussex, New Jersey and died in 1848 at Woodhouse Twp., Norfolk Co., Ontario. He married Margaret FORSE / FORCE.

“During the war of the Revolution, James Matthews served as a cavalryman in the New Jersey volunteers. After the war he, settled on Lyon’s Creek, in the Niagara District; but, in 1799,exchanged his government allotment there for lot 3 of the Gore of Woodhouse.

He was a member of the first court jury of London District, and a trustee of the original Woodhouse Methodist Church.

In the war of 1812, he again volunteered, and did faithful service for his country in the transportation corps. The old pioneer died in 1818, having lived a century all but four years.”

Mathews, James, Lincoln, 1795, 327, M 1, 59, RG 1 L3, C-2190, pp 726-727

Matthews, James, Niagara, 1796, 328, M 2, 177, RG 1 L3, C-2191, pp 837-838 (Wife is daughter of Philip FORCE / FORSE, UEL)

MATTHEWS / WARWICK, Amy, DUE James MATTHEWS UEL and Wife of Gregory WARWICK, Malahide, 1817, 528, W 12, 93, pp. 210-213, RG 1 L3, C-2954
Amy was born ca 1801 at Norfolk Co., Ontario and died in 1880
Gregory WARWICK died at Malahide, 19 Apr 1819. No will. petitioners were Amy Warwick, Malahide, James Matthews, Woodhouse. Inventory of estate compiled in 1819 by Axford Bowlby, John Butler and Titus Williams.

MATTHEWS, Jonathan, UEL 

Jonathan was born 1757 at New Jersey, married Ann CLENDENING and died 1839 at Malahide. They are  buried at the Burdick Cemetery. They raised a family of at least 7 children
Mathews, Jonathan, 1797, 328A, M 2, 256, RG 1 L3, C-2192, pp 109-111

MATHEWS, Jonathan, UEL Newark, Butler’s Ranger – wife was Ann dau. of Ranger James Clendenning. 3 children -one born before 1789, He died at Malahide 1839 – father of Peter Matthews above, 1797, 328A, M 2, 256, pp. 110-111, RG 1 L3, C-2192 

MATTHEWS, Peter, SUE Jonathan MATTHEWS UEL of Malahide and from Windham, Malahide, 1832, 357, M 18, 56, pp. 109-114, RG 1 L3, C-2213 

MATTHEWS, Peter, Malahide, Talbot settler 1818, 1847, 369, M 4, 74, pp. 636-637, RG 1 L3, C-2229  (need to confirm that this is same Peter)
Peter born 1800 at Niagara District, married Margaret HUNTER and died 1872 at Malahide. Found in 1828 Militia Rolls for Malahide. Margaret died 1886 at Malahide, buried Luton Cemetery. At least five children. Isaac Brock MATTHEWS died at Malahide 1889

MATTHEWS, Thomas, (MATHEWS) SUE Jonathan MATTHEWS UEL of Malahide, Malahide, 1832, 357A, M 18, 195, pp. 753-757, RG 1 L3, C-2213
Thomas was born ca 1808 at Ontario and married 1832 at Malahide, Margaret BENNER. He died 1877 at Malahide. 

MATTHEWS / BUTLER , Eve, Malahide, DUE of Jonathan MATTHEWS, UEL, of Malahide, wife of James BUTLER,  1832, 53, B 17, 88, pp. 551-555, RG 1 L3, C-1629
Eve was born ca 1804 at Ontario and married James BUTLER.

MATTICE, William, UEL 

William was born ca 1764 and died at York Co., Ontario 1809.
Mattice, William, Cornwall, 1789, 376, M 1 Misc. 1789-1803, 29, RG 1 L3, C-2233, pp 1176-1177
Mattice, William, Osnabruck, 1807, 333A, M 8, 177, RG 1 L3, C-2196, pp 188-192

MATTICE / JACKSON, Margaret, Southwold,DUE of William MATTICE, UEL, wife of James JACKSON of Etobicoke, formerly of Cornwall, 1826, 258, J 14, 60, pp. 70-75, RG 1 L3, C-2111
Margaret was born ca 1799


McGAW, Charles, U.E., Port Talbot Returns, 1815, Southwold, South Side of Talbot Rd. East, Lot 34, July 1815

McGAW, William, U.E., Port Talbot Returns, 1815, Southwold, South Side of Talbot Rd. East, Lot 35, July 1815


Amos was born ca 1749/1757 and married Jemima SHERWOOD. They had a least 7 children.

McKENNEY, Amos Sr., Ames Sr., Niagara, Joined Royal Standard at Queensborough NY July 1777 under Gen. Burgoyne until capture then came to Prov in 1784, UEL, 1806, 333, M 8, 81, pp. 783-788, RG 1 L3, C-2195 

McKENNEY, Amos, Niagara, Royal Canadian Volunteers, UEL, 1806, 333, M 8, 83, pp. 798-801, RG 1 L3, C-2195 

MCKENNEY, Amos, Grantham Township, Served under Gen. Brock at Capture of Detroit. Raised men for the Prov. Dragoons, 1816, 30, images 168-170, 14226-14227, RG 5 A1, Land Petitions in Upper Canada Sundries, C-4548 

McKENNEY, James, Niagara, SUE, Amos McKENNEY, UEL, 1806, 333, M 8, 84, pp. 803-805, RG 1 L3, C-2195
James born ca 1794 married Jane MORRIS 1847 at Malahide.

McKENNY, Doyle, SUE of Amos McKENNY, UEL, McKENNEY, Bayham, Talbot settler 1818, 1817, 337, M 11, 76, pp. 152-154, RG 1 L3, C-2199
Doyle was born ca 1789, Ontario and married 1814 Rebecca MOORE. He died ca 1845. Family raised at least 9 children. Albert died at Bayham 1865.
Doyle was granted 200 acres, Lot 108 South Talbot Road, in Bayham, OIC, Feb 19, 1817, patented Sep 19, 1821.

McKENNY, Elijah, SUE Amos McKENNY Sr. UEL, Bayham, 1819, 343, M 12, 471, pp. 498-502, RG 1 L3, C-2202
Elijah was born ca 1792 and married 1820  Catherine HAUN. Grant to Elijah McKenny, Bayham, son of Amos McKenny, late of Niagara, deceased, a U.E. Loyalist; 200 acres, 1820


McMichael, Edward, 1797, 329M 3103, RG 1 L3C-2192

McMichael, Edward, Walsingham1, 1797, 329 AM 3186, RG 1 L3C-2193

McMichael, Edward, Walsingham, 1798, 330M 4138, RG 1 L3C-2193

McMichael, Edward, Walsingham, 1798, 330M 4183, RG 1 L3C-2193

McMichael, Edward, Charlotteville, & Woodhouse, 1798, 379M Leases 1798-181819, RG 1 L3C-2234

McMichael, Edward, Woodhouse, 1799, 379M Leases 1798-181829, RG 1 L3C-2234

McMichael, Edward, Newark, 1794, 327M 154, RG 1 L3C-2190

McMichael Edward, Newark, 1794, 327M 189, RG 1 L3C-2190

McMichael, William, Norwich, 1816, 342, M 12, 415,RG 1 L3, C-2202 – pp 251-255

McMICHAEL, William, Malahide, UEL , L 32 C 2, 1820, 342, M 12, 438, pp. 369-371, RG 1 L3, C-2202  

Index to the Upper Canada Land Books Volume 4 January 1817-December 1820

FICK, Julianne, Walsingham 1827 191A F 15 13, page 281, RG 1 L3 C-1898– Dau. of Edward McMICHAEL UEL – buried in Southwold. Wife of Antony FICK buried as Talbotville Cemetery. 1851 Census for Southwold.

FICK, Julianna, Dorchester (Houghton) 1828 192 F 15 34, page 396, RG 1 L3, -C-1898 – She is buried at Talbotville Cemetery.

FICK, Juliana, Mount Pleasant (Houghton) 1829 192 F 16 14, page 556, RG 1 L3 – C-1898


MOORE, Solomon, UEL 

Solomon was born 1766 n Lancaster, PA, married in 1792 Mary WILDMAN and died at Ontario after will written in 1825.

Moore, Solomon, Pelham, 1795, 327A, M 1, 153, RG 1 L3, C-2190, – pp 1032-1034

MOORE, Solomon Sr., UEL, Bayham, located by Col. Talbot, 1824, 346, M 14, 31, pp. 953-957, RG 1 L3, C-2204 

MOORE, Alexander, Bayham, SUE, Solomon MOORE, UEL, 1831, 365, M 22, 82, pp. 597-604, RG 1 L3, C-2219 

Alexander was born 1809 in Pelham, Niagara District, married 1829, Elizabeth STORY and died at Bayham.  At least 12 children raised in Bayham. In 1851 at Bayham Twp., Elgin, Ontario (2-32) Alexander Moore, 43, Mill owner, born Can. W., family Church of England with wife, Elizabeth, 39 and children, John, 21, Robert, 19, Ellen, 17, Solomon, 14, Alex, 12, Elizabeth, 10 Albert, 6, David, 4, M. Jane, 2.

MOORE, Ellen T., DUE Solomon MOORE UEL, Malahide, 1842, 367, M 2, 8, pp. 471-473, RG 1 L3, C-2220
Ellen was born in 1819 and married Thomas GREGORY.

MOORE, Francis, Moor, SUE Solomon MOORE, UEL, Malahide, 1830, 354, M 17, 98, pp. 565-569, RG 1 L3, C-2211
Francis Stephenson MOORE was born in 1807, Pelham, Niagara District, married 1828, Elizabeth CASCADDEN and died at Bayham in 1892.  In 1828 at Malahide he is in 8th Co., Capt. William Summers Co., 2nd Reg. of Middlesex; age 21, next to Peter Laur and Gilbert Miller. In 1842 at Malahide he is farmer, at S Lot 35; Conc. 9. In 1851 at Malahide Twp. (p. 23) Francis Stephenson Moore; age 44 (p. 23) with wife, Elizabeth, 40 and children, George A., 21, Jemima, 17, Isabel, 14, Allen, 10, John, 9, Ellen, 6, Edwin, 3, Arthur W., 1. He Labourer; Meth. He received patent for 100 acres at Malahide; Lot South 35, Conc. 9, 15 May 1848.

MOORE, George, SUE Solomon MOORE UEL, Malahide, 18347, 363, M 20, 91, pp. 104-108, RG 1 L3, C-2218
George was born in 1813 and married Jane RUSS.  At least 3 children raised in Malahide.  In 1861 at Malahide Twp., Elgin, Canada West (4-12) George Moore, 46, Farmer, bornUC, W. Meth. with wife, Jane, 28 and children, Helen, 8, George, 4, and David, 1.

MOORE / McKENNY, Rebecca, DUE of Solomon MOORE of Bayham married to Doyle McKENNY, Malahide, 1822, 345A, M 13, 286, pp. 452-455, RG 1 L3, C-2204
Rebecca was born 1793 in Welland, Niagara District, married 1814 in Pelham, Doyle McKENNEY and died 1874 in Malahide. At least 9 children . In 1861 at Malahide (Div. 4, p. 8) Rebecca is 67, W. Meth, born UC prob. a widow, since Doyle isn’t given. She is given as Rebecca McKinney.

MOORE, Solomon Jr., Bayham, SUE Solomon MOORE Sr., 1821, 345, M 13, 219, pp. 121-125, RG 1 L3, C-2204
Solomon, Jr., was born 1797 at Niagara District, married in 1829 Martha STORY and died at Malahide in 1873. Buried at the Richmond Cemetery in Bayham. At least 10 children. In 1842 at Bayham Solomon is a Farmer from USA with 5 in family at Lot 22, Gore, 100 acres.

MOORE, Jeremiah, Bayham, Militiaman, 1850, 372, M 6, 20, pp. 566-571, RG 1 L3, C-2231
Jeremiah was born 1798 Niagara District, married Sarah ATHEY and died 1834 at Bayham.


Eliud Nickerson, born Danbury CT, 1761, died, Grantham, Lincoln, Ontario, Canada, 30 Mar 1843 buried at the Hodgkinson Burying Ground. He settled first at New Brunswick, then at Hamilton Township, Northumberland and finally at Grantham Twp., Lincoln, Ontario where he died.  UELAC
His Will is on record, Lincoln Co., probate, Reg. 3 April 1843, p. 390; FHL film #0579149
Obituary given in the St. Catherine’s Journal, April 1843
Petitions by Eliud Nickerson. Petitions and affidavits attest to Eliud’s sufferings and service to the Crown. He was included on the Old UE List.
Nickerson, Eliud, Hamilton (Twp., Northumberland Co.), listed on petition of 1797, 224, H3, 166, RG 1 L3, Film C-2044- pp.238
Nickerson, Eliud, Hamilton Twp., 1797, 224, Bundle H3, Petition 169, RG 1 L3, Microfilm C-2044 – pp 306
Nickerson, Elihud, Hamilton Twp., 1807, 382, Bundle N8, petition 18, RG 1 L3, Microfilm, C-2481 – pp 142-154 

All sons and daughters received SUE and DUE land with 6 settling in Elgin County. Petitions of Children are given below and are in order of date of petition: 

NICKERSON, Nathaniel, SUE, Hamilton Twp, Northumberland, Eliud NICKERSON, UEL of Hamilton Twp. and Grantham, acquired land at Malahide, 1808, 382, N 9, 1, pp. 169-170, RG 1 L3, C-2481
Nathaniel was born 1784 New Brunswick, died 1871 Lapeer, MI. m. Berthena MILLER. He is in the 1842 and 1861 census for Malahide. (South half 1851 is missing)

NICKERSON, Levi, Grantham, SUE Eliud NICKERSON, UEL of Grantham, Received land in Malahide, 1818, 385, N 19, 12, pp. 339-342, RG 1 L3, C-248
Levi settled as a farmer in Malahide Township before the time of the 1828 Militia Rolls and is listed in the 1842, 1861 and 1871 census for Malahide. The 1851 south part of the Malahide census is lost. Letters of Administration name all children. He died at Malahide, 16 Jan 1872 and was buried at the Dunboyne Cemetery. His gravestone is readable and in fair condition. (The author BCJ is a descendant) 

NICKERSON, Enos, Grantham, SUE of Eliud NICKERSON, UEL of Grantham – Land in Malahide, 1820, 383, N 12, 58, pp. 675-678, RG 1 L3, C-2481
Enos is in the 1828 UC Militia Rolls for  2nd Regmt. Middlesex (Malahide) and dies 1873 at Dodge Co., WI

NICKERSON / SPRAGUE, Eunice, Grantham, DUE of Eliud NICKERSON, UEL of Grantham and 2nd wife of Thomas SPRAGUE, Yarmouth, owned land in Malahide – also, includes affidavit from UEL Eliud Nickerson, 1824, 384, N 15, 17, pp. 1073-1078 Yarmouth UC Land Petitions, RG 1 L3, C-2481
Eunice is the second wife of Thomas SPRAGUE of Yarmouth Twp. She is given in the 1871 census for Yarmouth and dies there in 1873. Bur. at the Union Cemetery.

NICKERSON, McKINNY / McKENNEY, Catherine, Malahide, Catharine, DUE  of Eliud Nickerson, UEL wife of Robert McKinney, 1829, 351A, M 16, 32, pp. 774-779, RG 1 L3, C-2209
Catherine was a twin to David V., born 1807 at Northumberland Co. (Cobourg, ON), wife of Robert McKenney, dau. of Eliud Nickerson, formerly of the County of Northumberland and now of the Dist. of Niagara, a United Empire Loyalist.  OIC Dec. 12, 1829, Pat. Dec. 17, 1829. She m. second in 1842 John BURWELL of Bayham and dies there before 1861.Lot 12, Conc. 5 granted to Catherine.

NICKERSON, David V., SUE of Eliud NICKERSON, UEL of Grantham, Southwold, 1834, 385, N 18, 56, pp. 273-277, RG 1 L3, C-2482
David Varien, twin to Catherine, b. 1807 at Cobourg, Ontario, and d. 1887 Dodge Co. Wisconsin. He is in the 1828 Militia Rolls near siblings at Malahide and the 1842 census for Southwold Twp. He married Jane McKENNEY, 1833, she dau. of Peter McKENNEY of Malahide and Dixon, Illinois.


Reily, John, Stamford, 1795, 422A, R 1, 1, RG 1 L3, C-2740, pp 253-255
John Riley

O’REILLY, John, Jr. Dorchester, of Stamford, L 22, 24 C 2 Broken Front North Dorchester SUE of John O’REILLY, Sr. UEL, 1820, 393, O 12, 57 pp. 415-429, RG 1 L3, C-2485
John O’REILLY Jr., was born ?



PAGE was born
Page, Jesse, 1794, 417, P Misc. 1788-1794, 4,RG 1 L3, C-2737, pp 621-622

PAGE, Jesse, Yarmouth, born Pennsylvania SUE, L 12 C 3, 1814, 419, P Leases 1798-1818, 65, pp. 539-543, RG 1 L3, C-2738
Jesse born ca 1771 , married Elizabeth Jane PARKER and died 1852 in Malahide. At least 4 children. His probate describes him as a Tanner and Currier. Oldest son is Joseph Page of Yarmouth. Younger son, Benjamin Page of Ayulmer, Tanner and Currier. only dau. was Frances, wife of Nelson Kees, Malahide, Tailor. wit. Philip Hodgkinson and William Corey. mention of Elizabeth Page Axford, spinster, dau. of Elizabeth Axford, Yarmouth. Exec. Benjamin Wilson,of Yarmouth and son Benjamin.

(Elgin OGS War of 1812 Vets: PAGE, Jesse, Pte., possibly buried beside his wife Elizabeth, born in Northumberland County, Pennsylvania in 1776, Seminary Cemetery, Yarmouth Township, served under Capt. Leslie Patterson  1812, 1813, 1814, Captain Gillman Willson 1814.  Possible identification: born July 30, 1771 in Wainfleet, son of Joseph Page & Mary Robbins; married Elizabeth Parker; lived on lot 12, concession 3 Yarmouth in 1816; died May 3, 1852 in Yarmouth.)


John born 1739 in Ireland ca 1780 Nancy WATSON, died 1822 in Yarmouth Twp. See HISTORY OF THE PARKER FAMILY by Clarence Delos Parker

(Elgin OGS War of 1812 Vets: PARKER, Samuel; son of John Parker & Nancy Watson, who eventually settled in Yarmouth Township.  Samuel was born about 1785 and was killed during the war at Niagara about 1812.

PARKER, William; son of John Parker & Nancy Watson, who eventually settled in Yarmouth Township. William was born about 1790 and died May 28, 1871 at Dexter in Yarmouth Township. He is buried in Seminary Cemetery, Yarmouth.  William was taken prisoner by the Americans but escaped to the Canadian shore to safety. He married Nancy Sinebaugh and had ten children.)

PARKER / LENCEBAUGH, Nancy, Gainsborough, 1816, 402A, P 10, 53, pp 809-812, RG 1 L3, C-2490

Parker, John, Wainfleet, 1795, 400, P 1, 26, RG 1 L3, C-2488, pp-1320-1322

Parker, John, Wainfleet, 1812, 402 A, P 10, 33, RG 1 L3, C-2490, pp-813-816

Parker, John, Wainfleet, 1815, 402A, P 10, 49, RG 1 L3, C-2490, pp-910-918

Parker, John, Chippawa Creek, 1792, 417, P Misc. 1788-1794, 30, RG 1 L3, C-2737, pp-690-691

Parker, John, Yarmouth, 1815, 419, P Misc. 1798-1820, 39, RG 1 L3, C-2738, (pp – need link)

Parker, John, Yarmouth, 1817, 419, P Leases 1798-1818, 76, RG 1 L3, C-2738, pp 625-628

PARKER, William, Gainsborough Twp., 1816, 402A, P 10, 51, pp 922-924, RG 1 L3, C-2490

PARKER, Ann, Wainfleet, 1810, 402A, P 9, 49, RG 1 L3, C-2490

PARKER / PAGE, Elizabeth, Wainfleet, 1810, 402A, P 9, 50, RG 1 L3, C-2490

PARKER / REES, Mary, Wainfleet, 1799, 424, R 4, 74, RG 1 L3, C-2741

PARKER, George, Wainfleet, 1812, 402A, P 10, 34, RG 1 L3, C-2490

PARKER / THAYER , Susanna, Dunwich, Dau of John PARKER, Wainfleet, UE, the elder; wife of Jarvis THAYER, DUE, 1816, 497, T 10, 46, pp. 271-273, RG 1 L3, C-2834
Susannah PARKER THAYER, born ca 1772, died 1832,  Yarmouth Twp.  Mother of at least 10 children residing in Yarmouth Twp.  Husband Jarvis THAYER b. 1770, Mass, d. 1833, Yarmouth Twp.

THAYER, Jarvis, Yarmouth Township, L 4 C 3, Wife Susanna PARKER, DUE, 1816, 29 pp 758-761, 13417-13419, RG 5 A1, Land Petitions in Upper Canada Sundries, C-4547 


Daniel PATTERSON was born ca 1758 at Ireland
Pattison, Daniel, Yonge, 1803, 419, P Leases 1798-1818, 19, RG 1 L3, C-2738, pp-346-347

PATTERSON, Cruth, given in  index John Pattison, Bayham, SUE of Daniel or David PATTERSON, UEL, 1842, 411, P 1, 61, pp. 438-439, RG 1 L3, C-2733
Cruth PATTERSON was born ca 1785

POUND, Daniel, UEL 

Daniel was born in 1751 at Woodbridge, New Jersey, married in 1784 Prudence JONES and died in 1834 at Bertie, Niagara District. At least 10 children and 3 settling at Malahide Twp. Petitions for Land Grants, 1796-9, p. 273, recommended for 300 acres, member of Soc. of Friends. He “served in the Endinears Department as proved to me by Mr. Sivery at Statin Isleland From the year 1777 to 1779 and Continued in the British Lines During the War and that he Moved into this Province in 1789 with his wife and three Children and hath had three Children since in this Province.” (26 June 1796) Lincoln Co. Land Records, Daniel and wife Prudence (p. 190, 25 Dec. 1805, of Bertie sell 100 acres, Lot 22, First Conc. from Lake Erie, to Isaac Moore. (FHL film #0170150). Lincoln Co., District of Niagara, Upper Canada (now part that is in Welland Co., Ontario), Probate records, Will dated 24 March 1829 and registered in 26 April 1834, FHL film #0579150, p.24; mentions wife, Prudence, children, William (deceased but survived by heirs, Elizabeth, Prudence, James, Amy, Rachel and Samuel), Sarah Moore, Elijah, Elizabeth Zavitz, David, John, Rachel Schooly, Daniel, Mary Shotwell and Benjamin. Will written at Bertie Twp., 24 March 1829 proved at Bertie 26 April 1836. Mentions property at Malahide, Lot 31, Conc. 8.

Report of the Dept. of Public Records, 1930 p. 52; 104. Daniel Pound. Stating that he served in the Engineer Department during the late war, that he has a wife and six children, and never received lands; praying a proportion for himself and family. Recommended for 300 acres of land.

Pound, Daniel, Niagara, 1796, 400, P 2, 10, RG 1 L3, C-2489, pp-163-165

Pound, Daniel, Bertie, 1822, 404A, P 13, 33, RG 1 L3, C-2491, pp-1006-1009

He was granted 200 acres at Lot 31 Concession 8, Malahide Twp., 3 Feb. 1823. OC 20 13 Nov. 1822. (Sr. or Jr.?)

Pound, Daniel & Others, Berbia (sic Bertie), 1829, 406, P 15, 67, RG 1 L3, C-2492, pp-644-650

POUND / MOORE, Sarah, Pelham, DUE of Daniel POUND, UEL and wife of Jeremiah MOORE, 1808, 334, M 9, 40, RG 1 L3, C-2196 , pp 611 – 612
Sarah was born in 1785 at New Jersey and married in 1806 Jeremiah MOORE. She died in 1857 at Bayham and is buried at the Richmond Cemetery. ee Sims, History of Elgin County, Vol. III, p 222; He is mill owner at Bayham. In 1817 Jeremiah Moore had 100 acres at S Lot 35, Conc. 5. Also 200 acres at Lot 82 STR Malahide and 200 acres at NTR Lot 109 Bayham. Is this the father of Elias, Enoch and John? In 1851 at Bayham Twp. Elgin, Ontario (2-31) Jeremiah Moore, 71, born USA, Friends, Farmer, with wife Sarah, 67, born USA, Quaker and dau. Phebe, 42, single.

POUND, Elijah, SUE of Daniel POUND, UEL of Bertie Twp., Malahide, 1815, 402A, P 10, 56, pp. 938-942, RG 1 L3, C-2490
Elijah was born in 1789 at New Jersey and married Idalia WARD, sister to brother John’s wife, Athelia. He died at Niagara District in 1829. At least 3 children. Idalia died in 1896 at Malahide. She is given in the 1842 to 1891 censuses for Malahide. In 1842 Census for Malahide Twp., at south 1/2 of Lot 32, Conc. 7, not indexed, she is given as “Idealy” Pound.
Elijah POUND, Lot 105 North Talbot Road, Malahide, Granted to Elijah POUND of the Township of Malahide, Order-in-Council Feb 13. 1816; patented Sep 19, 1820.

POUND, John, SUE of Daniel POUND, UEL of Bertie Twp., Malahide, 1815, 402A, P 10, 60, pp. 957-959, RG 1 L3, C-2490 (Quakers)
John, twin to David was born in 1791 at Bertie and married Athelia WARD and died  1873 at Malahide. He is given in 1842-1871 censuses for Malahide.  In 1828 at Malahide John Pound is in the 8th Co., age 34; Capt. William Summers’, 2nd Regiment Middlesex Militia; at Malahide Twp.; Men of Upper Canada; Militia Nominal Rolls, 1828-1829; Elliott and Walker, from National Archives; p. 149. In 1842 at Malahide Twp., Elgin, Ontario, John Pound is a farmer at Lot 34, Conc. 7, Malahide. At least 11 children raised in Malahide.
Lot 107 North Talbot Road, Malahide, Granted to John POUND of the Township of Malahide; Order-in-Council March 2, 1816; patented Sep 20, 1820.

POUND, David, Bayham, SUE of Daniel POUND, UEL a Quaker, 1815, 402A, P 10, 59, pp. 950-955, RG 1 L3, C-2490
David, twin to John, was born in 1791 at Bertie and married Elizabeth BUNTING/LAING. He died in 1883 and is given in 1842 – 1881 censuses for Bayham. In 1842 at Bayham is David Pound, Farmer from USA, with 7 in family, at Lot 109 NTR 90 acres. At least two children, Benjamin and John K.


John born in 1730 and married Eunice WARD. Died in 1795 in Upper Canada. UEL application

Ryckman, John, 1797, 424, R 4, 70, RG 1 L3, C-2741, pp-149-151

Ryckman, Cornelius, Barton, 1798, 446, R Misc. 1796-1816, 20, RG 1 L3, C-2804, pp-473-475

RYCKMAN, Cornelius, Yarmouth, SUE John RYCKMAN, UEL, Barton Twp. deceased, 1834, 434,R 18, 149, pp. 1052-1056, RG 1 L3, C-2746
Cornelius born 1763 New York married Margaret BRADT, had son Cornelius born in 1784, married Elizabeth D. BURTCH in 1807 and died in 1867. According to son’s land petition he was in Yarmouth Twp. in 1826 when son John C.  received land.

(Elgin OGS War of 1812 Vets; RICKMAN, John.  Possible identification: John C. RYCKMAN, born 1795 in Schenectady, New York, son of Cornelius Ryckman & Margaret Bradt, later of Yarmouth. Married Mary Lincoln; settled on north half lot 23, concession 1, Yarmouth; died Sept. 9, 1867; buried in Sparta South cemetery.)
John C. RYCKMAN was born ca 1798 and died at Yarmouth Twp. 1867. He married Mary LINCOLN.

SHARP, Anthony, UE

Anthony was born ca 1750 at New Jersey and died at Ancaster Twp., 1814.

Sharp, Anthony, York, 1819, 460, S 12, 279, RG 1 L3, C-2813, pp-413-414

SHARP, Isaiah, Dorchester (likely North Dorchester), son of Susannah SWAYZE SHARP, daughter, of Caleb SWAYZE, wife of Anthony SHARP, UEL, N 12 L B & N pt West pt L A C 2, 1847, 482, S 4, 295, pp. 1125-1144, RG 1 L3, C-2825 

Swayze / Sharp, Susannah, Ancaster, 1811, 456, S 10, 53, RG 1 L3,C-2810, pp-990-993

Isaiah SHARP was born ?


Thomas, Sr. was born ca 1717 in England and died ca 1788 in Niagara District. He married Johanna NEWMAN

Thomas, Jr. was born ca 1750 at New Jersey and died ca 1800 at Niagara District

Silverthorne, Thomas, Stamford,1797, 447, S Misc. 1797-1804, 16, RG 1 L3, C-2805, pp-577-579

SILVERTHORN, George, Stamford, SUE late Thomas SILVERTHORN, UEL, 1811, 456A,S 10, 167, pp. 221-225, RG 1 L3, C-2811
George SILVERTHORNE son of Thomas Sr. was born ca 1760 and died at Windham in 1825. He married Anna MORGAN
His son George Jr. son of George was born ca 1798, New Jersey, married Elizabeth PETITT and died in 1880 at Malahide. In 1842 at Malahide he is farmer (not in pub. index) at S Lot 32 Conc. 9. He indicates that he has been in the province 40 years. lot was patented 28 Oct 1829 to Abraham Brown son of John Brown; Loyalist. Loyalist Lineages of Canada, p. 617, indicate that he was prob. grandson of Thomas Silverthorn Sr. of Hunterdon Co., NJ, d. 1788 at Stamford Twp., res. Hardwick Twp., Sussex Co. NJ. May be a Whitesell neighbor. At least 6 children raised in Malahide.

SMITH, Elizabeth, U.E., Port Talbot returns, 1815, Southwold, South Side of Talbot Rd East, Lot 14, May 1811.


Hart was born ca 1750 and died ca 1835 at Woodhouse. He may have had a daughter Elizabeth SMITH who was born 1792, married Adam MISENER and died at Woodhouse 1872.

Smith, Hart, 1795, 448, S 1, 88, RG 1 L3, C-2806, pp 111-114

Smith, Hart, 1797, 450, S 3, 56, RG 1 L3, C-2807, pp-175-177

Smith, Hart, Newark, 1797, 450A, S 3, 193, RG 1 L3, C-2807, pp-636-637

SMITH, Benjamin, Southwold, SUE of Hart SMITH, UEL, Woodhouse, 1816, 464, S 14, 296, pp. 666-670, RG 1 L3, C-2815 

Benjamin was born   ?


Mark / Marcus SNYDER was born ca 1742 and died 1814 at Ernestown

Snyder, Mark, Kingston, 1789, 494, S Misc. 1787-1794, 220,RG 1 L3, C-2832, pp-623-624

SNIDER / SNYDER / BROWN , Susannah, DUE Mark Marcus, SNYDER SNIDER UEL , Wife of John D. BROWN, lOT 91 NTR 91 28 Feb 1829, Thurlow, 1820, 50, B 15, 124, pp – 429-431, RG 1 L3, C-1628
Susannah was born ca 1791
Susannah BROWN granted Lot 91 North Talbot Rd, OIC 28 Feb 1829, patented 6 June 1829  

SNYDER / HARRIS, Elizabeth, Malahide, DUE Mark SNYDER wife of Samuel HARRIS, 1823, 253, H Misc. 1825-1839, 166, pp. 415-420, RG 1 L3, C-2108
Elizabeth was born ca 1805, Midland District and marred Samuel HARRIS. She died at Malahide before 1830. Possibly had children at Malahide.


William was born ca 1734 in Maryland and died 1806 in Norfolk Co., Ontario. He married first Jane WELBORN and second Ann BEDSAUL.

SPURGIN, William, Long Point, 1795, 448, S1, 10, RG1L3, C-2805, pp-1164-1165

SPURGIN, William, Long Point, 1794, 448, S1, 17, RG1L3, C-2805, pp-1190-1191

SPURGIN, William, Long Point, 1792, 448, S1, 33, RG1L3, C-2805, pp-1226-1227

SPURGIN, William, Long Point, 1793, 448, S1, 34, RG1L3, C-2805, pp-1228-1229

SPURGIN, William, Long Point, 1796, 449, S2, 172, RG1L3, C-2806, pp-1114-1117

SPURGIN, Aaron, SUE, William SPURGIN, Long Point, 1810, 455, S9, 129, RG1L3, C-2810, pp-609-612
Aaron was born 1787 in North Carolina and died 1868 in Iowa. He married Nancy Ann MOORE

SPURGIN, AARON, U.E., Port Talbot returns of 1815, Yarmouth Twp., North Side of Talbot Rd. East, Lot 68, Sep 1810.


John STACY was born ca 1755 and died 1799 in Ontario

Stacey, John & others,Long Point, 1793, 448, S 1, 78, RG 1 L3, C-2806, pp-84-85

Stacy, John, Long Point, 1795, 448A, S 2, 56, RG 1 L3, C-2806, pp-691-692

Stacy, John, Long Point, 1796, 448A, S 2, 100, RG 1 L3, C-2806, pp-826-828

STACY, Maiden – Research has shown this to likely be Maiden FOSTER RICE STACEY widow of Ica RICE and John STACEY – Yarmouth, Widow of John STACY UEL, who was native of Yorkshire, joined Royal Standard at America in 1779, taken prisoner and confined in Piscataway Gaol, all property taken, escaped to Detroit where employed in HM Navy as ship’s carpenter died 7 Oct 1799 at Charlotteville Twp. (Norfolk Co. Ontario), 1816, 457A, S 11, 193, pp. 275-278, RG 1 L3, C-2812
Maiden FOSTER was born and died ca 1834 at Charlotteville Twp.
Ica RICE was born ca 1750 and died in 1784 at Virginia

Elizabeth STACY, daughter of John STACY married Thomas SMITH and had a daughter Hannah SMITH born 1800 who married Henry Moore BACKHOUSE. Henry was buried at the Dunboyne Cemetery in Malahide in 1863


Peter was born in 1762 at New Jersey, married 1785 at New Brunswick, Lydia MABIE and died at Oxford Co., 1847. He had a large family of at least 13 children. See long article on Captain Peter Teeple  in Aylmer Express, Dec. 7, 1933 by W. B. Waterbury which was published in the Southern Counties Journal, St. Thomas in 1899. This article was reprinted in the Talbot Times, Sept. 2000. Capt. in NJ Volunteers. His cavalry troop was disbanded at Halifax in 1783. Settled in New Jersey. Met and married Lydia Mabee in 1785 one of the 5 daughters of Frederick Mabee, son of Simon and Marie Landrine Mabee. Frederick was cousin of Peter Secord. Maybee party set out for Turkey Point in fall of 1792. 

Teeple, Peter, Long Point, 1796, 495, T 2, 5, RG 1 L3, C-2832, pp-1104-1107

TEEPLE / BURDICK, Levinah, Oxford Township, 1805, 4, 1426-1435,RG 5 A1, Land, Petitions in Upper Canada Sundries, C-4503 (pp–link needed)

BURDICK, Levinah,Oxford,1805, 34, B 7, 68, RG 1 L3, C-1621, pp 883-884

Levinah / Lovina / Lavina / Lavinia was born in 1786 at New Brunswick and married 1805, Rev. Caleb BURDICK. She died in 1843. OC 17 July 1805; of Oxford on Thames.; London Dist., Marriage Reg., 1800-1833. Gravestone at the Burdick Cemetery gives: “In memory of / Lovina / wife of the  / Rev. Caleb Burdick / who died in peace / March 11, 1843 / in the 57 year / of her age.” She had at least 9 children raised at Malahide.

TEEPLE / DAVIS, Mary, Yarmouth, DUE Peter TEEPLE, wife of Andres DAVIS, 1818, 156, D 13, 46, pp. 922-927, RG 1 L3,C-1745
Mary was born in 1797, Upper Canada and married 1818 Andrus DAVIS. She died in 1874 at Malahide. They had at least 4 children. Andrus owned Lot 28, Conc. 8, Yarmouth, (Lot 73STR) containing 168 acres pat. 10 Oct. 1816 by Andreus Davis; deed to son Jared dated 8 June 1849; rec. Sept. 1850; property remained in family until Mortgage foreclosure in 1877.

TEEPLE, Phoebe, Oxford, 1822, 498A, T 13, 51, RG 1 L3, C-2835, pp-505-508
Phoebe TEEPLE was born in 1801 at Charlotteville, married 1824 Henry Walker TISDALE and died at Aylmer in 1870.  At least 3 children. Henry is  in 1828 at Malahide, he is 31, in 4th Co, Abraham Backhouse, Co., 2nd Middlesex Militia; p. 147 of index. He is next to Erastus Westover and Daniel Woolley. In 1842 at Malahide Twp., he is farmer, one in family born at born in England, At S Lot 14, Conc. 8 with 8 in his family.

TEEPLE, William Bullard, Oxford, 1811, 497, T 10, 14, RG 1 L3, C-2834, pp-109-111

Teeple, William, Stamford, 1812, 497, T 10, 26, RG 1 L3, C-2834, pp-166-170

Teeple, William, Oxford, 1816, 497, T 10, 42, RG 1 L3, C-2834, pp-240-243

Teeple, William, Oxford, 1823, 498A, T 13, 56, RG 1 L3, C-2835, pp-520-523

Teeple, William, Oxford, 1819, 510, T Leases 1798-1831, 47, RG 1 L3, C-2841, pp-943-948

TEEPLE, William, Oxford Township, 1819, 43, 20971-20974, RG 5 A1, Land Petitions in Upper Canada Sundries, C-4603 (pp–link needed)

William Bullard TEEPLE, was born in 1788 at New Brunswick, married 1818 Jemima LEEK and died 1857 in Malahide. In 1842 at Malahide he is S Lot 1, Conc. 8 a farmer from the USA and Canada with 7 in family in province 40 years in 1814 served as a Lieutenant in Malcolm’s Company of Oxford Militia from October 26 to November 24 – in 1814 served as a Lieutenant in Brigham’s Company of Oxford Militia from September 4 to October 29 – William B. was the son of Peter Teeple and came originally from Oxford-on-the-Thames – settled in Malahide on Lot 76 South of the Talbot Road, which he patented on February 2, 1819. Family of at least 7 children raised at Malahide.


THOMPSON, Susan, U.E., Port Talbot returns, 1815, Yarmouth, North Side of Talbot Rd. East, Lot 49, Nov 1811.

WELCH, Thomas, UEL 

Thomas WELCH was born ca 1758

WELCH, Thomas, Charlotteville, 1797, 523, W3, 113, RG1L3, C-2951, pp-154-156

WELCH, Thomas, Charlotteville, 1799, 523A, W5, 47, RG1L3, C-2951, pp-762-765

WALSH, Aquila M. & Francis, Yarmouth, of Charlotteville Twp., L 25 C 1, sons of Thomas WELCH UEL, Francis WELCH on L 21 C 1, 1821, 548, W Misc. 1816-1845, 3, pp. 881-883, RG 1 L3, C-2969
Aquila M. WALSH / WELCH was born ca 1796.
Francis L. WALSH / WELCH was born 1784

WARDELL, Michael, UEL 

Michael WARDELL was born 

Joseph WARDELL was born ca 1734

Wardell, Michael, Niagara, 1796, 522, W 2, 62, RG 1 L3, C-2950, pp-851-853

Wardell, Michael, Newark, 1797, 523, W 3, 8, RG 1 L3, C-2950, pp-1090-1092

WARDELL, Joshua, Southwold, SUE of Michael WARDELL, UEL, Gunner Niagara Co. of Militia Artillery under Capt. POWELL, 1842, 538, W 2, 12, pp. 879-890, RG 1 L3, C-2961
Joshua WARDELL was born ca 1792 and died at Southwold Twp., 1873. He married 1828, Charlotte Sarah LATHROP.


WILLSON, Benjamin, UEL 

Benjamin was born ca 1736 at New Jersey and died 1809 at Bertie Twp. He married Sarah CROWELL

Willson, Benjamin, Whitby, 1796, 522, W 2, 59, RG 1 L3, C-2950, pp-840-841

Wilson, Benjamin, Bertie, 1796, 522, W 2, 66, RG 1 L3, C-2950, pp-860-863

WILLSON, Benjamin, Yarmouth, Talbot settler, L 50 south side Talbot Rd. SUE, 1817, 527A, W 11, 116, pp. 993-997, RG 1 L3, C-2953
(Elgin OGS War of 1812 Vets: WILLSON, Benjamin, Ens., born about 1787, died 24 April 1862, St. Thomas Anglican Churchyard, St. Thomas, served under Capt. Gilman Willson, Captain David Secord, 1812, Captain Daniel Rapelje, 1813, 1814, Captain David Secord 1814, received Land Claim Certificate Unit – Flank Company 1st Regiment Middlesex Militia, Vol 24, File 91, pages 1732-1733

WILSON, Crowell, UEL 

Crowell, born ca 1762 at Sussex, New Jersey and died 1832 at Crowland, Welland, Ontario. He married 1783 at New Jersey, Hannah CRANE daughter of Jacob CRANE.

WILLSON, Crowell, Willoughby, 1809, 525A, W 9, 24, RG 1 L3, C-2952, pp-706-708

WILLSON, Crowell, Willoughby, 1808, 526, W 10, 30, RG 1 L3, C-2952, pp-1151-1158

WILSON / OSTRANDER, Sarah, DUE of Crowell WILSON, UEL, married to Isaac OSTRANDER, Malahide, 1816, 392A, O 10, 17, pp. 73-76, RG 1 L3, C-2485
Sarah Ann WILLSON OSTRANDER was born 1794 at Crowland Twp. and died 1866 at Malahide.
Lot 77 South Talbot Road, OIC 2 March 1816, patented 1 Mar 1819  to Sarah OSTRANDER. Sarah b. ca 1794, married Isaac OSTRANDER ca 1816 and d. 1866. Issue at least 8 children raised in Malahide Twp. Husband Isaac, b. 1791, d. at Malahide, 1860. Bur. at Rogers Cemetery. He is in 1828 Militia Rolls at Malahide and in 1842 Malahide census. Probate gives will, #17907 reg. 3 Jan 1863; made 10 Oct. 1862. He held lot 143 STR East, son James, dau. Ann, Susan, Harriet, son Jacob. This must be the other Isaac. Wife was Mary Robbins. Elgin Co. Surrogate Court #50

Benjamin WILLSON son of Crowell WILLSON was born 1786 at Sussex, New Jersey and died 1862 at Southwold. He married Sarah STORY.

WILLSON, Benjamin G. Pte, served under Captain Leslie Patterson 1814, received Land Claim Certificate Unit – Flank Company 1st Regiment Middlesex Militia, Vol 24, File 91, pages 1734-1735.  Born November 2, 1796 in Fort Erie, son of Gilman Willson & Hannah Sypes; married Elizabeth Kitchin; died 1885 in Harwich Township, Kent County. Served in 1st Middlesex Regiment under Col. Talbot. Was enrolled at Port Talbot in 1814 in Capt. Secord’s company and discharged in 1815. Was taken prisoner twice, paroled in 1814, and escaped the second time.  Was living in Southwold in 1875.


Andrew WHITESELL was born Sussex, NJ, 1 Oct 1754, and died at Niagara District, Ontario 23 Feb 1816. The Old United Empire Loyalist List, 1885, of Settlement of UC 1784-1884 Centennial indicates that Whitsell, Andrew, H District, Soldier Barton’s or Jersey Volunteers S.G., appendix B. Andrew Whitesall / Whitsel is listed in the muster rolls of Captain James Shaw at Staten Island, Provincial Light Infantry, 25 Aug. to 24 Dec. 1781 and 24 Feb. to April 24, 1781. Return of Families who have this season come into the Settlement of Niagara & who have not taken the Oaths. [page 11013] Niagara Sept. 17, 1787. R. Hamilton, Superint’d Western District. 

Andrew was a Private in the 1st Battalion of the New Jersey Volunteers as early as 1778 and by 1783 was a Corporal. 

Andrew was first given land in Thorold Twp., Lincoln Co. There was much complication over this grant and it appears that he finally disposed of this property after living on Lot 84, Conc. 2 in the Township and removed to the neighboring Pelham Twp. 

Petitions for land by Andrew Whitesell  

WHITSELL / Whitesell, Andrew, Thorold, 1809, Bundle W9, Petition 36, RG 1 L3, C-2952, pp. 768-771 

WHITSELL  / Whitesell, Andrew, Jr., Pelham, 1810, Bundle W9, Petition 63, RG1 L3, Film C-2952, pp-884-886  (Son Andrew who settled in Beverly near his brother Moses.

Andrew’s Will Filed 26 March 1816 (name given in filing of “Andrew Whitesale”) Names children living all of whom received Crown land as sons and daughters of an UE Loyalist. No gravestone has been located. (BCJ)

Petitions of the children of Andrew Whitesell who settled in Elgin County 

WHITESELL, David, Saltfleet, SUE Andrew WHITESELL, UEL of Pelham land in Malahide, 1818, 528, W 12, 192, pp. 552-556, RG 1 L3, C-2954
David, b. 1792, Pelham, Welland, ON, m. 1825, Margaret LONDON, d. 1862 Malahide. Given in the 1828 UC Militia Rolls at Malahide and listed in 1842 and 1861 census for Malahide (1851 south half missing). Bur. at the Dunboyne Cemetery south of Aylmer, ON

WHITESELL, Aaron, Malahide, laborer, SUE, Andrew WHITESELL, UEL, deceased of Pelham sworn at Quarter Sessions at Vittoria, 1826, 531, W 16, 24, pp. 852-856, RG 1 L3, C-2956
Aaron, b. 1798 at Pelham Twp., married Lucretia SMITH, d. at Yarmouth Twp., 1870. Given in 1842, 1861 and 1871 (mortality) censuses for Yarmouth Twp. (Aaron’s daughter Margaret WHITESELL married Benjamin DRAKE, both of Yarmouth, by license, Mar. 18, 1837, by Rev. M. Burnham; witnesses William LEONARD and Jarvis [illegible])

WHITESELL, Charles, Saltfleet, SUE Andrew WHITESELL, UEL of Pelham, 1828 resident of Malahide, 538A, W 3, 35, pp. 627-632, RG 1 L3, C-2962
Charles, b. 1806, Pelham, m. 1827 at Malahide, Sarah A. BENTLEY, d. bef. 1861, Gosfield, Essex Co. ON.
WHITESELL, Charles, SUE,  ENSIGN, James,  GRASS, James G., GRASS, Frances, Malahide, Joint ownership and sale of interest in L 8 C 5 Malahide, 1841, 174, E Misc. 1799-1841, 11, pp. 119-123, RG 1 L3, C-1887 

WHITESELL, Daniel, Malahide, SUE of Andrew WHITESELL UEL of Pelham deceased, received Talbot Grant but in 1843 petitioned to receive free grant of 200 acres as son of enrolled UE Loyalist (1816), 1845, 539, W 3, 63, pp. 779-785, RG 1, L3, C-2962-  (author BCJ descendant)
Granted Lot 87, South Talbot Road, Malahide, 14 March 1846
Daniel was born in Pelham, Welland, Ontario, 19 Dec 1800 and died at Malahide, Elgin, Ontario, Canada, 28 Jan 1884. He and his wife, Elizabeth FELKER are buried at the Luton Cemetery. The gravestone is in poor condition. He settled and farmed in Malahide and listed in the 1828 Militia Rolls and 1842 – 1881 censuses for Malahide. He and wife Elizabeth raised a family  of 10 children. His Will was written 6 Sep 1879, reg. 14 Feb. 1884, inst. #1196  (The auther BCJ is a descendant)

WHITESELL / ROY, Elizabeth, Gainsborough, DUE of Andrew WHITESELL, UEL, 1807, 426, R 8, 73, RG 1 L3, C-2741 (pp–link needed)
Elizabeth born in 1786 at Sussex, New Jersey and died in Illinois in 1863. Gideon ROY was a son from her first marriage to Daniel ROY. He was born in 1813 at Grantham and died at Malahide in 1888 raising a family of eight at Malahide. His wife was was Eleanor BENTLEY.


Williams, Nathan, Kingston, 1790, 547, W Misc. 1787-1794, 111, RG 1 L3, C-2969, pp-614-617

Nathan WILLIAMS was born ca 1765 in New York and died 1859 at Cobourg, Northumberland Co., Ontario. He married Elizabeth LAPP.

WILLIAMS, John Lovelace, Lovelice, Yarmouth, SUE of Nathan WILLIAMS, UEL, late of Detroit, 1821, 529, W 13, 32, pp. 1028-1032, RG 1 L3, C-2954 

John Lovelace WILLIAMS was born ca 1804


Windecker, Henry, Newark, 1797, 522,W 2, 77, RG 1 L3, C-2950, pp-899-901

Henry WINDECKER was born ca 1737, Montgomery, New York and died ca 1815 at Haldimand Co. He married Dorothy PICKARD.

WINDECKER WENDECKER / FLEMMING, Barbara, Aldborough, wife of James FLEMING, DUEof  Henry WINDECKER, UEL, Niagara Dist., 1820, 190, F 12, 124, pp. 221-224, RG 1 L3, C-1897
Barbara WINDECKER FLEMING was born ca 1774 at Pennsylvania and died 1862 in Elgin Co. She married James FLEMING who was born ca 1760 in Ireland and died 1838 at Aldborough Twp.

Elizabeth WINDECKER YOUNG, DUE of Henry WINDECKER and wife of Daniel YOUNGpp-215-223, under Bundle 2, Petition 5, not Petition 1,


Winter, Peter, Cornwall, 1789, 548, W Misc. 1787-1794, 139, RG 1 L3, C-2969, pp-712-713
Peter WINTER was born ca 1765 at New York and died at Osnabruck, Stormont 1838.
Winter, Peter, Cornwall, 1789, 548, W Misc. 1787-1794, 139, RG 1 L3, C-2969, pp-712-713

WINTER / CRANE , Mary Ann, Yarmouth, DUE of Peter WINTER UEL, wife of Jacob CRANE, 1838, 121, C 21, 98, pp. 486-495, RG 1 L3, C-1730
Mary Ann WINTER married in 1832  at Malahide, Jacob Marsh CRANE, Jr. and died at Lapeer Co. MI, 1861.  In the 1828 Militia Rolls Malahide In the 7th Company (Capt. Henry BACKHOUSE), #28, Jacob CRANE aged 29, although listed in Bruce ELLIOTT’s publication, is not listed on your web page.


Benjamin was born ca 1761 at Sussex, New Jersey and died 1841 at Bertie Twp.

Wintemute, Benjamin, Bertie, 1797, 522,W 2, 87 and 88, RG 1 L3, C-2950, pp-935-937

Wintemute, Benjamin, Bertie, 1815, 526, W 10, 100, RG 1 L3, C-2953, pp-250-265

Wintemute, Benjamin, Burford, 1817, 527, W 11, 40, RG 1 L3, C-2953, pp-613-614

WINTEMUTE, Benjamin, Dorchester Township,1817, 33, 16040-16043, RG 5 A1, Land Petitions in Upper Canada Sundries, C-4600 (pp–link needed)

WINTEMUTE / WARREN, Eleanor, Southwold, DUE of Benjamin WINTERMUTE / WINTEMUTE, UEL and  wife of John WARREN, 1824, 532, W 17, 70, pp. 402-404, RG 1 L3, C-2957
Eleanor was born ca 1810 and died 1852 at Welland Co. John WARREN died 1874

WINTERMUTE, ? (need father of Philip – is it Benjamin?) 

Philip was born ca 1742 and died 1809 at Bertie

Wintermute, Philip, Fort Erie, 1797, 522, W 2, 97, RG 1 L3, C-2950, pp-961-962

Wintermute, Philip and others including Margaret, Erie, 1791, 523A, W 5, 56, RG 1 L3, C-2951, pp-792-800

Wintemute, Philip,Bertie, 1811,526,W10, 4 and 5, RG 1 L3, C-2952, pp-1023-1026

SMITH, John, Dorchester Township, of Grand River, land granted to late Philip WINTEMUTE, SUE,  30, pp 1359-1362, 14002-14005, RG 5 A1, Land Petitions in Upper Canada Sundries, C-4547 


WINTERMUTE, John, Bertie, 1795, Corporal in Col. Butler’s Rangers, 523, W 3, 137, RG 1 L3, C-2951, pp-236-239

John WINTEMUTE / WINTERMUTE was born ca 1746 and died Humberstone in 1824.

Wintemute, John, Dorchester, 1818, 527A, W 11, 128, RG 1 L3, C-2953, pp-1039-1042

Wintemute, John, Bertie, 1818, 527A,, W 11, 130, RG 1 L3, C-2953, pp-1051-1055

Wintemute, John, Bertie, 1825, 533, W 18, 22, RG 1 L3, C-2957, pp-862-866

WINTEMUTE / STRAWN, Catherine, Yarmouth, wife of Hiram STRAWN, DUE of John WINTEMUTE, UEL of Humberstone, deceased, 1831, 466,S 16, 135, pp. 908-911, RG 1 L3, C-2816
Catherine was born ca 1783 in Pennsylvania
Hiram was born ca 1777 in Pennsylvania and died 1871 in Illinois. – letter from Zechariah McCallum, Southwold, Feb. 14, 1851, asking if letter and affidavits written Dec. 26, 1850 were received

WRIGHT, Gabriel, UEL 

Gabriel WRIGHT was born

WRIGHT, Gabriel, Bayham, SUE of Gabriel WRIGHT, 1841, 537A, W 1, 4, pp. 260-263, RG 1 L3, C-2961 

Gabriel WRIGHT Jr., was born ca 1785 and died at Bayham 1854. He married Sarah

Calton Cemetery – In memory of/Gabriel WRIGHT/who died/Nov. 18, 1854/AE 69 yrs. 5 ms./& 24 das./Friends nor physicians could not save/This mortal body from the grave/Nor can the grave confine it here/When Christ shall bid it rise

In memory of/Sarah/daughter of/Gabriel & Sarah/WRIGHT/who died/Jan. 8, 1856/AE 27 yrs./verse illegible
1842 census for Bayham 1          25        WRIGHT                    GABRIEL      FARMER                   11        4


John was born after 1754 and married Phoebe BROWN. He died before 1848. See the Wrong Family in America by Norman McKinnon Wrong, M. D., FRCP (C) at Aylmer Library.

WRONG, Gilbert, SUE of John WRONG, UEL Niagara Dist., Malahide, 1818, 527A, W 12, 60, pp. 94-98, RG 1 L3, C-2954
Gilbert was born in 1792, married ca 1820 Ann BRIDGEMAN and died in 1856 at Malahide. He is buried at the Grovesend Cemetery. In 1828 at Malahide he is Lieut., 2nd Regiment Middlesex Militia; Commission, 22 Jan 1824; Men of upper Canada; Militia Nominal Rolls, 1828-1829; Elliott and Walker, from National Archives; p. 146. In 1842 at Malahide he is farmer at S Lot 25, Conc. 1, with 13 in his family from Canada. Ann was born in 1796 at New Brunswick and died in 1861 at Malahide.  They raised at least 10 children at Malahide.

YOUNG, Daniel, UEL 

Young, Daniel, Sophiasburgh, 1790, 548, Y Misc. 1788-1830, 4, RG 1 L3, C-2969, pp-1034-1035

Young, Daniel, Niagara, 1797, 548, Y Misc. 1797-1836, 1, RG 1 L3, C-2980 (might be missing -recheck)

Young, Daniel, Barton, 1795, 548, Y 2, 5 and 6 (Elizabeth YOUNG, DUE of Daniel YOUNG and wife of Henry WINDECKER) , RG 1 L3, C-2980, pp-216-220

Young, Daniel, Niagara, 1797, 548, Y 2, 8, RG 1 L3, C-2980, pp-229-231

Young, Daniel, Sophiasburgh, 1797, 549, Y 3, 1, RG 1 L3, C-2980, pp-240-243
Daniel was born ca 1749 in New York and died 1836 in Barton, Wentworth, Ontario. He married in 1782, Elizabeth WINDECKER.

YOUNG / BRADT , Elizabeth, Yarmouth, DUE of Daniel YOUNG, UEL, and wife of Simon BRADT, 1842, 70, B 2, 20, pp. 796-799, RG 1 L3, C-1636 —

BRADT, Simon, Barton, 1825, 48, B14, 242, RG1 L3, C-1627, pp-673-677

Simon Van Antwerp BRADT was the son of Andries BRADT and Rachel RYCKMAN. Simon was born in 1788 and died in 1875.

Elizabeth YOUNG BRADT is given in the 1851 census for Barton, Wentworth, Ontario and 1861 census for Yarmouth. She was born ca 1794 and died in 1883 at Wentworth Co.


Henry YOUNG was born ca 1762 Tryon, New York and died ca 1838 (much wrong on FamilySearch – needs cleanup)

Young, Henry, Kingston, 1789, 548, Y Misc. 1788-1830, 9, RG 1 L3, C-2980 (pp–link needed)

YOUNG, David, Ancaster, SUE of Henry YOUNG, UEL, 1810, 548, Y Misc. 1797-1836, 11,RG 1 L3, C-2980 (pp–link needed)
David’s widow, Martha THOMPSON, born 1791 in New York is given in the 1851 census for Malahide. They had at least 10 children. Son William YOUNG born in 1810 married Nancy BUCKLEY and died in 1855 at Malahide. He is buried at the Burdick Cemetery. In 1842 at Malahide he is William Youngs, farmer at N Lot 17, Conc. 8, with 7 in family from Canada. He indicates that he has squatted on Lot 20, Conc. 8 and wants to purchase it.; Patented 5 Sept. 1854.

YOUNGLOVE, Eiiz, UE – Port Talbot Locations 1815, March 1810 Southwold North Side of Talbot Rd. East, Lot8