Thomas Hammond Articles

Thomas Hammond Articles

Taken from the “St Thomas Daily Times” & “St Thomas Times-Journal”

Thomas Hammond was born about 1846 in the village of Springvale near Hagersville, Ontario. His father came from Norfolk, England but his mother was born in Canada. He got his education from the neighbours and his parents. He went to Simcoe where he obtained his certificate to teach school. His first school was at Cheapside in Haldimand County. He came to Aylmer about 1887 to become the principal of the public school. Due to ill health he left that position and became a salesman for E.D. Smith Fruit and Preserves Company. After 25 years with the company, he was appointed in 1913 as Immigration Officer stationed at Birmingham, England. There he gave lectures and provided information about Canada. He returned to Canada before the outbreak of WW 1. While in England he started writing about his impressions of the people in England for local Elgin County newspapers written as letters to the editor. When he returned to Aylmer, Ontario, he became a correspondent for the St Thomas newspaper.

Mr Hammond was known as a Christian gentleman and attended the St Paul’s Methodist church in Aylmer. He gave addresses to the congregation as a layman of the church.

He and his wife travelled for many years and he based his writings upon his observations. According to his obituary, “his writings always contained good reasoning and dealt with practical every-day problems of human interest.”

As a youth, he was a member of the Norfolk Rifles and was a veteran of the Fenian Raid. He became an honorary member of the Amity Lodge of Masons, #32 Dunnville, after being a member for nearly 50 years.  Besides his literary work, his interests included the Aylmer Bowling Club, baseball and other sports.

He died Saturday, 7 March 1931, at home in Aylmer. Surviving were his wife, Mrs Hammond, and a daughter, Mrs Clara White of New York City, a brother, J Henry Hammond, Hagersville, and a brother-in-law, J S Brant, Buffalo.

He is buried at Aylmer Cemetery.


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From St Thomas Daily Times

24 May 1913 – Throws Some Light on the Immigration Problem – Letter to the editor

17 Jan 1914 – A Canadian’s Christmas in the British Isles – Thomas Hammond, Canadian Representative in England -Yule Tide scenes & occurrences in that city (Birmingham); The Christmas Eve C……; miniature Niagara Falls attracts considerable attention

13 Jan 1917 – Will Lloyd George Succeed in Making Great Britain “Dry”? – Has undertaken a courageous task and if he manages to put this reform into effect, will be worthy of a King’s crown; Britain’s drink bill is five million dollars a day, but Englishman has his own ideas of personal liberty

20 Jan 1917 – Winter Fairs As Held in Elgin Are Schools of Most Practical Type – Mr Hammond points out their educational value, not only to the farmer, but in the Women’s and Domestic Department; Results are shown in increased values secured by farmers for their grain and stock

27 Jan 1917 – 9 – Advantages of The Free Use of a Public Library – Not as fully appreciated as they ought to be, but doing vast amount of good; There one can find all the stored up knowledge of centuries; a word about Aylmer’s Library – Photo of Aylmer Library – Aylmer Free (Carnegie) Library

3 Feb 1917 – 9 – The Opposition to Admission of Oleomargarine – Mr Hammond points out that Canada is only country that has placed a ban on this foodstuff; has looked and listened in vain for one reason for this other than that of keeping up prices to consumers; large quantities used in Europe; but general use of its was slow

17 Feb 1917 – 5 – Ice Harvesting Methods of Today are Interesting – An industry, importance of which is fully realized now that cold storage plants have been developed and dairying put upon a more scientific basis; Aylmer men who handle large quantities of the winter crop – Caverly – Brodie – Hambridge

24 Feb 1917 – 9 – Y.W.C.A. doing good work in St Thomas and in other cities; in need of more accommodation – Local institution carrying out its objects, but is handicapped for lack of space and more central quarters; something about what is being accomplished here as well as in other places – Photo of YWCA building – YWCA building in St Thomas.

3 Mar 1917 – 11 – Women of Ontario are entitled to the vote

31 Mar 1917  – 11 – Back Yard Gardening important; will help in the present crisis – Not a substitute for the farm, but an addition, and one that will assist materially in relieving the present world-wide shortage of foodstuffs; Canada in more favored position than England, which has made allotment system a success

31 Mar 1917-12-Laundryman of Aylmer is Progressive-John Wilson’s success due mainly to his own efforts – Plant is model for all Canada – And is not only modernly equipped but is economically managed- John Wilson- Sketch of woman using Prosperity Collar Moulder

21 Apr 1917-11-Yarmouth Man Feeds His Pigs on Artichokes-These tubers make an excellent food for porkers; turns the animals into fields both spring and fall and lets them root; need little cultivation, and only objection is difficulty in clearing field-Percy Haight

23 June 1917-9-Descendant of Royalty; Is Still Active at 100-Resident of the village of Avon, Ont, Was a noted athlete in his younger days and continues to take interest in sports and is strong both mentally and physically; cut home out of wilderness for himself – Photo-Lawrence Johnson

7 July 1917-9-Married Fifty Years[married 14 June 1867] – Photo of Mr & Mrs James Doan– James Doan– Ruth Ann Barnes Doan– Dr Warren Doan– Dr Edgar Doan– Mrs George Westlake– Cornelius Mills

7 July 1917-9-J.E. Lindsay’s Dairy Farm Is One of the Finest in the Rich Springfield DistrictPhoto of J E Lindsay farm– John E Lindsay– Matthew Smith

14 July 1917-9-Visitor Notes Changes for Better in Port Stanley, But some Rookeries Offend SightBecoming more and more a resort for those seeking pleasure and rest during heated term; notes of improvements made by enterprising Londoners on their property– James C Duffield– Hill Crest– Orchard Beach

21 July 1917-9-Traveling Public is to Blame for High Cost of Living at HotelsDemand for menu of many courses results in great waste and makes it impossible for hotelmen to continue as competitor in that branch of the business; the public has to pay for this extravagance-Queen’s Hotel, St Thomas

28 July 1917-5-Raise More Sheep is the Advice to the Farmers of Elgin; Animal is the Most Profitable on FarmWilliam Ford, Dunwich, and E E Luton, Southwold, are two men who find that sheep-raising pays; the present high price of wool inducement for farmers getting into this ancient industry-William Ford– E E Luton

4 Aug 1917-9-John L Stansell’s Faith in Ayrshires is Fully JustifiedSelwood Farm, Bayham, is headquarters for herd second to none in Canada; something about Mr Stansell’s famous animals and about a man who has made good in his chosen calling– John L Stansell

11 Aug 1917-9-Wireless Station in Elgin-Up-to-date Equipment to be Found in Station Located to the East of Port Burwell, on Lake Erie

18 Aug 1917-5-L H Lipsit Has Met With Spendid Success in the Handling of HolsteinsForest Ridge Farm, Straffordville, is home of remarkable herd of milk producing cattle; Mr Lipsit finds there is something more than pleasure and educational and social advantages in developing such stock– L H Lipsit

25 Aug 1917-9-Canning is PatriotismNothing this year should be allowed to go to waste; windfall apples should be canned, dried or evaporated 

15 Sep 1917-9-Finds Port Bruce Converted into a Summer Resort-Many attractive cottages located at the old fishing village; Only thing place lacks is a church; Hillsides that surround village on three sides adapted to sheep farming– Ern Millard– Prof. David Wright, “Old Comfort”– Charles Emmett– Miss Ardahnas– A W Pierce, “Quill”-James Thompson– Mr Cole– Mr Rundle– D W Henry (Gaines Van Patter cottage)– Richard Wright– C P Ladd– Clark Johnson (King George Pavilion Hotel)

29 Sep 1917-9-The Man Who Has Done More Than Any Other to Put Aylmer on the MapPhoto of David MarshallDavid Marshall

17 Nov 1917-9-A Criticism of Critics

29 Dec 1917-6-New Year’s Thoughts

5 Jan 1918-5-Farmers Who Have Met With Success Should Give Others Benefit of Their Experience

18 May 1918-7-This Young Malahide Girl Sets a Worthy ExampleMiss Mabel Rozell, aged 15, is doing a man’s work and doing it efficiency and with benefit to her health, at the same time taking the place of her brother who is in khaki– Mabel Rozell– Sidney Rozell– Gordon Rozell

25 May 1918-7-Asa Marr, Aylmer’s Oldest Resident, in his 91st yearIs still hale and hearty and hopes to live long enough to see the Kaiser downed; native of Grovesend is one of best known men in Elgin County- Photo of Asa Marr– Asa Marr– John & Catherine Marr– Hannah Saxton– Mrs Milo Edison– John Marr– Sarah Campbell– Mrs Joseph Marr– Hannah Marr– Mrs Harley Ryckman

8 June 1918-9-Complete Dairying Plant Is Located on “Maple Leaf” Farm-Daniel E Shively, 11th concession of South Dorchester, has distinction of being winner of prize for best and purest milk delivered at Springfield Condenser last year – Photo of residence– Daniel E Shively

22 June 1918-9-Heresy Charges Against Rev. Dr. R.W. Knowles Are Called Persecution-Mr Hammond says recent events at London Methodist Conference have raised doubts as to correctness of claims that Christianity has been  making rapid advances since the war began– Rev. Dr. R.W. Knowles

6 July 1918-9-Robert Sweet, Aylmer, is Canada’s Oldest “Newsie”-Interesting individual who is still active, cheerful, and reliable despite his 79 years; has had a varied but busy career – Photo of Robert Sweet– Robert Sweet

14 Dec 1918-17-Great Collection of Ancient Tools and Curios Shows Inventive Genius of Chambers Family of MalahideAccumulated during the past tow or three generations, it is doubtful if it can be equalled anywhere in Canada; old buildings, dating back eighty-five years, recall some of “the Good Old Days’ when wolves abounded and long trips on horseback for supplies were necessary – Photo of house, John Chambers– Solon Chambers– Isaac Chambers– John Chambers

21 Feb 1919-27 Feb 1919-5-9-Raising Rabbits for the St. Thomas Market-One of three branches of Arthur Caverly’s specializations; and it is a profitable one; others are dressed pork and bee culture; former being a winter task and latter a summer “pastime”– Arthur Caverly

8 Mar 1919-13-Hannibal B. Harris a Wonderful Pioneer-Great invalid who can tell interesting tales of early days in Elgin County; amuses himself by literary efforts, which have much merit-Hannibal B Harris

29 Mar 1919-13-Rev. J.C. Dunlop, of Aylmer, Has Preached the Gospel 45 YearsIn all the years of his pastorate he did not receive over $600 a year, but was able to raise and educate a family, the members of which have occupied many positions of honor and trust; Mr Dunlop much loved in Aylmer – Photo of Rev Dunlop– Rev James Cochrane Dunlop– Agnes Freel– William J Dunlop– Eva C Gendron– Charles G Dunlop– Torrance Dunlop– Marion R Dunlop– Florence A Dunlop– Ann A Dunlop– Marjorie Dunlop– Edna Dunlop

5 Apr 1919-11-Religious Discussions-Mr Hammond Comments on recent controversies; no good, he says, ever came out of such bickerings

12 Apr 1919-15-4,000 Maple Trees in This Sugar Bush-Property of James Dangerfield east of Sparta visited by April picnickners in search of maple sugar; an annual event for the past thirty-five years – Photo of “Jimmie” Dangerfield– James Dangerfield– John Liddle– W H Barnum– Mrs David Liddle– Pte John Coates– Charles James– Mrs A Turrill– Miss J V Gale– Miss Hazel Hutchison– Mrs (Dr) G F Clark– Russell Gillett– Harold Liddle– Gordon Doan– Thomas Hammond

3 May 1919-12-What Is Beign Done for Blinded Soldiers at Pearson Hall, Toronto-Mr Hammond tells of visits to institution that is accomplishing a great and most necessary work; soldiers find, as they did in France, that no difficulty is insurmountable; Evans family formerly of St Thomas, aiding materially in laudable task– Dr C R Dickson– Mrs Thomas Evans– Alta Evans– Bessie Evans– Nessie Evans

17 May 1919-14-Springfield a Great Center for Dairying; Has Modern CondenserCarnation Milk products plant is most spacious and one of best equipped on continent; great quantities of milk handled there daily in sanitary manner; industry is great boon to farming in this progressive district– E F Gibson

5 July 1919-11-Unveiling at Aylmer Church [Knox] Very ImpressiveW W Rutherford, of Aylmer Collegiate, delivered fine oration at ceremony in honor of lads who fought in France– W W Rutherford– Glenn Brothers, London– Margaret Standing– May Austin– Margaret Pickering– Gwendolin Campbell– Hazel Rhorer– Pauline Thompson– Lorne Cowling– Rev Capt McLean– C S Bridgman– Morley Haight– Charlotte M Youell– Capt Douglas Dunnett– Lieut W F Bates– Capt Rev J M MacGillivray– Lieut Rev W A Beecroft– Lieut Morford Haight– Nursing Sister Julia Dunnett– Cadet Geo Bates– Gunner W A Cotton– Gunner Douglas Fear– Sapper Peter Anderson– Pte George Ellis– Pte Glenn Rhorer– Pte Ray Rhorer– Pte Geo Thompson

12 July 1919-9-Average Crop of Apples in South Yarmouth Orchards-Properly-cared for trees of the standard varieties – Spy, Baldwin and Greening – bearing well; importance of spraying is being demonstrated– Isaac Pearce– Frank Bagnall– M Harvey– Douglas Rundle– Fred Hayman– E A Smith

18 July 1919-7-Development of Aylmer Business Points a Moral-Late john Palmer, by diligent, quiet energy and honest dealing, won confidence and friendship that resulted in the building up of large trade– John Palmer– W Ross Pierce– John Lowe– Alvin Cronk– Will Palmer– Howard McGregor– Ray Clement

30 Aug 1919-7-Tobacco Growing In Elgin County Found Profitable by William Telford & Son-Southwold farmers have good yield of best quality “weed” from plot of ground planted as experiment; success this year means increased average next year; splendid crops of other lines obtained by progressive agriculturists– William Telford

30 Aug 1919-7-Tree Bought for 18 Cents, Yields Crop Worth $24-Some significance to name – Wealthy – born of this variety of fruitLetter to the editor

27 sep 1919-11-Russ Twins, “One Man Divided in Two”, They Look, Dress, Think, and Talk Alike; Have Been Doing So 76 Years-Similie “As like as to [sic] peas” is outdone in case of this remarkable couple, whose twinship almost rivals in interest that of the famous Siamese twins, and who insist in living as if they were one person; they both courted the same girl, and she thought she had only one lover, but matrimony was one thing they couldn’t indulge in owing to the inability to find duplicate twin affinities– Orren Russ– Warren Russ

4 Oct 1919-12-Making Profit on Apples-Clapp, Littlejohn Limited of Dutton, have business that has developed into immense proportions – Photo of Apple Pickers at Clapp & Littlejohn Litd– article by A S Paragus re apples

11 Oct 1919-14-If We Fail Our Soldier Heroes Now They Have Fallen in Vain-Stirring sermon on responsibility of those who are left to “carry on” the message flung back by men who brought honor and glory to the Arms of Canada – Photo of Rev Beecroft– Rev W A Beecroft

1 Nov 1919-11-Attributes Her Long Life To Cheerfulness-Mrs Mary Sovereign of Aylmer, who at ninety-two, looks like sixty, and acts younger than that; finds her greatest recreation in useful work – Photo of Mrs Mary Sovereign– Mary Sovereign [nee Weaver]– Frederick Sovereign– Mrs C E Locker– Mrs Bert Warner– Estella M Dell

5 June 1920-9-Suggests Museum for Aylmer; Plenty of Material Ready-Mr Hammond tells how this can be accomplished with little effort at practically no expense; several citizens have collections they would be willing to donate– Lieut Wm Bates– D H Price– Charles White

10 July 1920-7-Port Bruce as a Summer Resort Has Come Rapidly to the Fore-Handsome modern cottages have sprung up with almost mushroom growth; fishermen are busy; YWCA camp in ideal spot– Cadd family– Charles Johnson– Mrs Franklin– Helen E d’Avignon

17 July 1920-7-Chautauqua Recognized As a Great Educational ForceWhile few years ago only few young men could take a limited college course, today a more extensive training can be secured at our very doors

24 July 1920-5-Well Equipped Farming Plant in South Dorchester-Photo of Home and barns of David Warwick– David Warwick– Samuel Warwick– James Bentley– Della Nigh Warwick

31 July 1920-7-“There Are No Blind” Says Mr Thomas G Mitcheltree-Famous blind pianist expresses sentiments in poem, which also expresses feelings of others similarly afflicted – Photo of Thomas G Mitcheltree– Thomas G Mitcheltree– Miss Anthistle

7 Aug 1920-7-Tobacco Culture Extending Eastward Through Ontario; Growers Find It Profitable-Elgin farmers, hoping to profit by experience of their more westerly neighbors, are feeling their way, but are meeting with success; look to France fro extension of market

14 Aug 1920-9-Toured into Northern Ontario by Car and Camped Out O’Nights-Unique, pleasant and inexpensive trip taken by Aylmer and St Thomas people; historic sites visited and rich fishing spots uncovered – Photo of Doris Caverly & Alice Powers with trout– Arthur L Caverly– H H Powers

21 Aug 1920-7-Former Point Pelee Swamp Now Great Onion Producer-Russians and Belgians employed to work four-acre plots, which yield heavily, when properly looked after; much of swap yet to be redeemed– Samuel French

28 Aug 1920-4“Jack “Miner, Poet, Preacher, Philosopher and Author – Jack Miner

4 Sep 1920-13-Mr Hammond Finds West Not “Wild and Wooly”; Great Crop-Rather “ All wool and a yard wide”, says Aylmer man, who gives his impressions; discovers “ a flower that is born to blush unseen”

18 Sep 1920-4-The Spirit of the West

16 Oct 1920-4-Physical Affliction Has Not Retarded Mrs Martin’s Usefulness-Malahide man an interesting personality; collector of curios and relics, maker of ingeniously contrived articles and lover of nature – Photo of William T Martin– William T Martin– James Martin– Jennie Weaver Martin

30 Oct 1920-11-Hospital Need in East Elgin Great, Says Mr Hammond-Not the slightest doubt that proposition will go through he declares – Not dividing sentiment – Will not be rival to institution in county seat, but will always grant it support

11 Dec 1920-11-The “Checkered Shade and Sunshine” of New York City-Mr Hammond writes of the former side as he found it during a busy Sunday recently- Rev Dwight Hillis

18 Dec 1920-13-Darker Side of New York Life-Mr Hammond gives reasons for the ocean current of crime now prevalent in large cities

19 Feb 1921-15-The Jerry M’Auley Mission in Water Street, New York-Originated by man who had tasted the bitter depths of life, this institute is still doing great work among Gotham’s poor and unfortunate – Photo of Mission building

26 Feb 1921-11-Jerry McAuley Mission Called “God’s Workshop-Not one of great churches doing the work this humble place accomplishes; some noted criminals brought to see the light through efforts of reformed derelicts

16 Apr 1921-16-Prejudice Among Religionists

28 May 1921-11-“Uncle Isaac” Haney a fine sample Canadian Yeomanry-Glencolin man, named after that illustrious British soldier, Sir Isaac Brock, is hale and hearty at eighty-one; a veteran of the Fenian raid – Photo of Isaac Brock Haney– Isaac Haney– Elizabeth Jane Pace Haney– Mrs P M Herries– Mrs Angus Taylor– Mrs John Herries

18 June 1921-12-Their Golden Wedding-DayMr and Mrs Valentyne Nigh honored by family and friends on occasion of fiftieth anniversary; a fitting celebration in honor of a worthy and respected couple of South Dorchester; groom has lived all his life on the one farm – Photo –“Avondale farm“– Valentyne Nigh– Jennie Eliza Wood Nigh– Charles Moore– David Warwick– Mrs George Uptigrove– Mrs W A Hunt– Mrs C R Miller– Ina Nigh– Mrs W I Atkin

25 June 1921-17-Aylmer Man Who Has Made Big Success of Laundry Business-John Wilson started in small way, but started right and today he has best plant of any town the size of Aylmer in Canada; formal opening of $50,000 concern on Wednesday evening next – Photo of Aylmer Steam Laundry`s New Plant– John Wilson

2 July 1921-4-Familiar Figure for Fifty Years on St Thomas Market-Mrs Eleanor Caverly-Cox absent very few times from her place on Market Square in half a century; asparagus plot that has yielded crops for forty-eight years – Photo of Mrs Eleanor Caverly-Cox– Eleanor Caverly-Cox– Arthur Caverly– Charles Caverly

23 July 1921-10-Recent Storm Played Great Havoc to Malahide Township Property-Tour through southwestern portion shows damage very extensive; came at time when farmers could ill spare labor to help making roads passable– Bentley farm

30 July 1921-4-Maids From West Indies May Solve Canadian Domestic Help Problem-Mrs (Dr) Kingston of Aylmer, made interesting trip through British possessions in Mid Atlantic; Barbados, and Guiana particularly attractive to visitors from Canada– Mrs Kingston

13 Aug 1921-14-Placing Animal Nature in Advance of the Social and Intellectual-Absurd and wasteful custom of competing in the matter of a big spread is oftentimes disgusting; in Old Countries social and intellectual elements predominate

20 Aug 1921-Port Bruce Once a Great Commercial Centre; Now Gaining Popularity as a Lakeside Resort-A restful spot just discovered by those in search of relaxation – the YWCA`s ideal camp – Work carried on there might well be followed by provincial educationalists – Photo of YWCA camp

27 Aug 1921-9-Ginseng, Plant of Superstition and Mystery, is Grown in Elgin-Northern Ginseng Company, Limited, organized and already has good-sized plot under cultivation southwest of Aylmer; can be grown only in shade; brings almost incredible prices– Fred Saunders

3 Sep 1921-4-Community Spirit is Good For Any Town-Mr Hammond gives instances where it works out to the benefit of the people; community singing is suggested for Aylmer

10 Sep 1921-11-South Yarmouth Men Who Have Made Success of Fruit Farming-Farms of A S Rogers and Son and Duncan Somerville visited; Business in each case developed from small beginning; Sparta Ridge has advantage over Niagara and Essex Districts– A S Rogers– Erieview Fruit farm– Duncan Somerville– Mid-Maples Fruit farm

26 Nov 1921-Most Momentous Day in History of World-Armistice Day had three-fold significance to the United States and revealed to the world the soul of the great American Republic

3 Dec 1921-16-Children of All Classes in New York Go A-MasqueradingHundred thousand of them paraded streets of City on Thanksgiving Day and begged for pennies till they became a nuisance

14 Oct 1922-4-Fine Herd of Pure Bred Jersey Cows Is That of McConnell and Sons, Aylmer-Consists of 33 animals of best stock, out of which, “Majesty Doris“, has remarkable record, testing 8,096 lbs of milk and 430 lbs of butter in 317 days – Photo of young Homer McConnell– Homer McConnell

7 Oct 1922-6-How an Aylmer Boy Created Business of World Renown-James C Crane, born near Corinth, but educated and trained in Aylmer, found his opportunity in New York; first maker of Elcays Preparations, started with capital of $4.50; Aylmer his Canadian headquarters – Photo of Old Mero House– James C Crane– Isaac Crane– William Crane– Sara Ann Best Crane

21 Oct 1922-12-Tales of Aylmer’s Pioneer Settlers; Aaron Price, the Muscular Methodist-Subject of first sketch was best known and remembered of the pioneers; first established Methodist church and served for generation as local preacher; with George A Allen cleaned up six toughs at camp meeting – Cut of Aaron Price– Aaron Price– Esther Hammond Price

28 Oct 1922-15-Narratives of Aylmer`s Pioneer Settlers; Deacon William Davis Founded Orwell-Is credited with being the first white settler in that district, coming from Schoharia, New York State in 1809, building his log house on Catfish Creek; constructed first unique flour mill and made Orwell flourishing centre; left sturdy descendants and founded Baptist Church – Cut of Deacon Davis– William Davis– William Simpson farm– A E Snelgrove– Joel Davis, Simeon Davis, Daniel Davis, Andrus Davis,  Mrs Brown, Polly Davis, Hannah Davis Nairn– Mrs Leek Davis – Richard Davis, Hempstead Davis, Warren Davis, Septimus Davis, Mehetible Davis– Mary Sibley Davis – Betsy Jane Davis Bingham, Temperance Davis, David F Davis, Mrs (Dr) R W McLay, Joel W Davis, Adamorum J Davis, Mrs Ursula Davis Barber, John Davis, Edwin E Davis– Mrs Albert White– William E Bingham– Lindley Moore– Lewis Davis– [Addie] Davis– Amy Davis

4 Nov 1922-14-Pioneer Settlers of Aylmer Cemetery; Ed. Dancey was First Doctor-Fine story of rise by steady endeavor of poor Irish boy who landed in New York about 1817; soon obtained his M.D. and moved to Malahide; full of fun, wit and jokes; kindness of heart and ability made him man of influence in community – Cut of Dr Edward Dancey– Edward Dancey– Ernest Dancey– Leon Dancey– Thomas Dancey– Cameron Dancey

11 Nov 1922-17-Pioneers Settlers of Aylmer; Russell Green, Orwell’s Dad-Born in Rhode Island, U.S.A, of English stock, settled in Elgin County eighty-eight years ago; was great Methodist and local preacher and largely through his influence present Orwell Methodist Church was erected; was powerful in the pulpit and man of unquestioned probity and character – Cut of Russell Green– Russell Green– Mrs Jemima Teeple– Mrs Sylvia Jane Green Haskell

18 Nov 1922-16-Pioneers Settlers of Aylmer ; Abram Beemer, Good Baptist-Born in Waterford, Norfolk County, of English descent but came to Aylmer Cemetery over century ago, settling on Gravel Road, a mile north of town; Liberal supporter of church and aided in building present fine edifice – Cut of Abram Beemer– Abram Beemer– Elenor Vanpatter Beemer– Mrs T M Nairn– Annie Beemer– Bradford Beemer– Mrs Catherine Buckley– Mrs Delia Keith– Mrs David Marshall

25 Nov 1922-17-Pioneers Settlers of Aylmer;  An Old Saddlebag Preacher-Jeremiah Van Waggoner. Licensed Methodist “Local Preacher”, settled in Elgin County about a hundred years ago; carried the “word” through pathless forests and bridgeless streams with earnestness, faithfulness and perseverance – Cut of  Jerry Van Waggoner– Jeremiah Van Waggoner– Louis McKenney– Sheldon Van Waggoner

2 Dec 1922-21-Pioneers Settlers of Aylmer; Thos. Locker, First Warden-Born in Tipperary, Ireland, in 1799, he arrived in Canada in 1819, removing to Malahide in 1839; Justice of Peace, Councillor and Reeve and first Warden when Elgin carved out of Middlesex – Cut of Thomas Locker– Thomas Locker– Miss Wilson, daughter of James Wilson– Ross McConnell– Miss Hill, daughter of Charles Hill– Ambrose Locker

9 Dec 1922-16-Pioneers Settlers of Aylmer; Paved Way for a Town Site-James Brown was a person of great industry; besides building and operating saw mills he cleared the land on which southeast part of Aylmer Cemetery now stands, also land to the south – Cut of James Brown– James Brown– Sylvia Bradley Brown– Hiram Brown– Daniel Abell

16 Dec 1922-14-Pioneers Settlers of Aylmer; Daniel Davis, Man of Force-Overcame great hardships but succeeded in gaining and clearing up a magnificent farm of two hundred acres, portion of which now   lies within limits of corporation of Aylmer Cemetery; George III’s signature on original deed – Cut of Daniel Davis– Daniel Davis– R C McKenney– Daniel C Davis– Eleanor Davis– Emmaline Davis

9 June 1923-19-Pioneers Settlers of Aylmer; “Uncle Dolph” McKenney is Well Entered on 92nd Year-Malahide pioneer has had eventful and useful life and has managed to earn and hold many fast friends – Photo of J C McKenney– R C McKenney [Rodolphus Clinton]– John McKenney– Harley E Turrill– James Stringer– Jane Warnock McKenney– Dustin W McKenney– Ashton McKenney

14 July 1923-4-Growing Cucumbers Under Glass-Henry Newsome, Yarmouth Heights, has unique and rather remarkable crop– Henry Newsome

11 Aug 1923-16-A Quaker’s Influence for God on a Sin-Tossed World-Mr Hammond reviews some of the things the people belonging to the organization know as the Society of Friends have done

1 Sep 1923-4-Old Boys’ and Family Reunions

27 Oct 1923-17-Hot Noon Hour Lunches in Schools Are Very Beneficial to the ChildrenThomas Hammond has been investigating the practice and finds it advantageous in many respects; interesting record of experience of Miss Hazel Bennett of Luton School– Hazel Bennett

26 Jan 1924-14-Rev Dr Fosdick a Great PreacherMr Hammond tells of hearing great Baptist preacher in first Presbyterian church in New York

19 July 1924-9-Hotel Immortalizes Rocabore-Erection of fine structure at Port Bruce on site of old hostelry recalls old legend– W H Heard

23 Aug 1924-9-Fall Fairs and Fakirs, Follies and Fallacies-Mr Hammond points out some of the ways people are duped; Bogus medical men; Who rope in victim on the plea that they can cure all

11 Oct 1924-7-Golden Jubilee of St Paul’s Church-List of ministers with photos; photo of church-In photo:– Rev Wm McDonagh– Rev H T Ferguson– Rev George W H McAllister– Rev Thomas Cullen– Rev W K Hager– Rev R J Treleaven– Rev W S Pascoe– Rev C T Scott– Rev Benjamin Clement– Rev A E M Thomson– Rev James Livingston– Rev Dr J R Gundy– Rev David Brethour– Rev Dr Joseph Philp– Rev George Richardson– Rev A Walton Tonge-Local preachers:– W Ames– G W Calvert– A Price– H Tisdale– J Van Waggoner– J Best– W Bothwell

1 Nov 1924-9-Newspaper Advertising Won Aylmer’s Latest Industry-Town is well pleased by results gained through use of printers’ ink in telling about advantages of the place; newcomers well pleased too– Magill Hat Factory– H S Young– J P Coyle– James L Thayer– George Sears– D H Connor– H L Charlton

27 Dec 1924-12-Bowery Is Not the Worst Part of New York; Broadway Disappoints-Mr Hammond would rather not believe that the US metropolis is true representation of American life

24 Jan 1925-12-The Knighthood of Youth, Society That Fights Crime– organization in New York City

7 Feb 1925-13-The Cathedral of St John, the DivineChurch in New York city

21 Feb 1925-11-Movements for Worldly Gain at Cost of Character and Manhood-New York City article

7 Mar 1925-5-The Lack of Respect in United States-New York City article

14 Mar 1925-14-Observation of Lent in New York

28 Mar 1925-16-Some Sidelights on High Finance-New York City article

11 Apr 1925-14-Wealth Does Not Bring Happiness-New York City article

18 Apr 1925-13-Character in “Rain” Is Overdrawn; “Rose Marie’s” False ImpressionReview of two shows in New York City

23 May 1925-9-Lake Erie North Shore Trail Is in Great Shape for Travel-Thomas Hammond reads over Association’s booklet to tourists and then goes out and discovers that statement made therein can be borne out by facts– C W McPherson– Frank Harding– J P Coyle– D H McIntyre– J L Thayer

7 Nov 1925-14-The Debt We Owe the Past

28 Nov 1925-14-Armistice Day in New York

5 Dec 1925-5-U.S. Takes Up Problem of Curbing Crime

9 Jan 1926-9-Still Hope for “Wicked” New York

3 Apr 1926-12-New York’s Great Flower Show

15 May 1926-15-Reflections on the Homeward Journey

4 Sep 1926-18-Gowan Family Come of Stock That Knew Real Pioneering-Original settler walked from Oakville to Compton County, Quebec, 330 miles, to meet his bride, Harriet Sharman, Edward Gowan, their eldest son, patriarch today– Edward Gowan– Harriet Sharman– Mary Ann Bowman– William Gowan– George Gowan– James Gowan– Charles Gowan– Elizabeth Watson– Harriet Johnson

4 Dec 1926-17-The True Blues of Party PoliticsArticle about election in Canada

31 Dec 1926-11-New York Is a Wicked City but Is Generous to the DestituteNew York City article

19 Feb 1927-12-Dr Fosdick and Dr Norwood Great New York Preachers-New York City article

2 Apr 1927-16-Self-Expression Taught in U.S. Schools Is Aid to Crime

23 Apr 1927-12-Lent and Easter in New York

17 Mar 1928-21-Some Sidelights on New York As Complex World Metropolis

31 Mar 1928-17-Some Impressions of Wealth and Poverty in New York City

9 Mar 1929-15-The Great Silences of God 

14 Mar 1931-8-Thomas Hammond’s Final Message to His Fellowmen“At the funeral service of the late Thomas Hammond in Aylmer Cemetery on Thursday, Rev Waldemar Williams, pastor of St Paul’s United Church, read the last article penned by Mr Hammond. It had been the hope of Mr Hammond that he could read it to the Brotherhood of St Paul’s where he was a leader for many years, but as death drew nigh, he handed it to Mr Williams to be used when and where suitable. Mr Williams declared it to be Mr Hammond’s “last will and testament” to his fellowmen and readers of the St Thomas Times-Journal, to whose columns Mr Hammond was a regular and much valued contributor for many years, who will find the message both interesting and inspiring. It is entitled “The Song of Moses and the Lamb”. And is as follows:”-Thomas Hammond died at his home in Aylmer on 7 Mar 1931.