Scott/Sefton Negatives – Index

North Yarmouth Historical Ass., 1989

Indexed by Donna Di Lello, 2018

note: Book pages are not numbered

32 pgs, 1989
Published by the North Yarmouth Historical Association, the Elgin County Library Board and the Elgin County Council.
The Scott/Sefton Collection represents a wealth of visual images and significant historical information of St. Thomas, Ontario. The book contains 31 of the over 100,000 negatives in the collection spanning 100 years of St. Thomas’ history.
The book is not indexed but a separate index is available.
A copy is available at the Toronto Reference Library 971.37402 SCO and at the St. Thomas Public Library 971.334 SCO

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Information on Negatives at the Elgin Archives


34th Battalion, 3

Arthur Voaden Vocational School, 10

bales of tobacco, 31

Canada Bread on Talbot St, 2

Canadian Timken, 25

Capital Theatre, 21

Catherine St., 22

Curtis St., 22

DALE, Bert, 32

DALE, Cliff, 32

Elgin County Council, inside front cover

Elgin County Library Brd, inside front


Elgin Historical Society, inside front


Elgin Motors, 23

HADDOW, Richards, inside front cover

Imperial Oil, 20

JOINER,Thelma, Mrs, inside front cover

London & Port Stanley RR Station on

Talbot St., 4

Mannis Women’s Wear & Furs, 8

Medcalf Shoe, 22

Michigan Central RR Shops, 13

Mother’s, 2

National Grocers, 22

New York Central at Talbot Rd [St]., 17

New York Central Station, 3

North Yarmouth Historical Ass., inside

front cover, 1

North Yarmouth, 1

Old English Church, 16

Ontario Ministry of Culture &

Communications, inside front cover

PATERSON, cabin, 1

Port Stanley, 19

SADLER, Marsha, inside front cover

Sammy’s Lunch on Talbot St., 30

Schram’s, 11

SEFTON, Clifford, inside front cover

SEFTON, Marguerite, inside front cover

St. Thomas Airport, 14

St. Thomas City Hall, 12

St. Thomas Cold Storage & Packaging, 6

St. Thomas Fire Dept., 24

St. Thomas Fire Hall, 12

St. Thomas Memorial Centre, 11

St. Thomas Metallic Vault Co. Ltd., 22

St. Thomas Post Office, 29

St. Thomas Times Journal, 29

steam powered farm equipment, 32

Talbot Hotel, 27

Talbot St. at Alma St., 15

Talbot St. at Elgin St., 18

Talbot St. at Southwick St., 5

Talbot St. at William St., 7

Talbot St., 8,12,21

unidentified woman from 1890’s, 9

Wabash Yard & Station, 26

Woolworth, 28

World War I, 3