Elgin Residents in the Upper Canada Rebellion 1837-1838

Some residents of Elgin County and nearby were very much involved and active during the Upper Canada Rebellion
ALWAY, Robert – 1790 – 1840 in Texas – Reformer and Member of legislature for Oxford. His father, Robert Sr. died at Malahide 15 Sep 1836.
Correspondant & Advocate, Toronto; 1834-1837 – 5 Oct 1836 (Wead) At the house of (son-in-law) Abraham BACKHOUSE, of Silver Creek, Malahide, on 15th inst., Robert Alway father of the member for the County of Oxford, and a native of England, aged 78 Years. Brother to Amelia ALWAY BACKHOUSE of Malahide.
ANDERSON, David – killed Jan 1838 -Irish born InnKeeper at Sparta, Yarmouth, Elgin, Ontario. Active with Joshua DOAN – Member of the “Sparta Volunteers.”
CHASE, Walter – Related to Lois K. CHASE CARTER, Charlotte CHASE BROOKS and Mary CHASE BROOKS of Malahide. 14 April 1838 Walter CHASE who was captured on the schooner Anne off Fort Malden in the Detroit River has been condemned. Account of the Schooner Anne 9 Feb 1838.
DAVIS, James –
DAVIS, Lyman – 1798 – 1878 – Charleston, New York- brother to Deacon William DAVIS, Andrus DAVIS and Simeon DAVIS of Malahide.
DOAN, Joshua G. – born 1811, Sugar Loaf, Ontario – hanged at London, Ontario 6 Feb 1839 – Patriot / Rebel from Sparta, Yarmouth, Elgin, Ontario, convicted of Treason. Letter written by Joshua Doan to wife before he was hanged (Newspapers.com requires subscription 14 Sep 1939, Marshall Evening Chronical). Buried at the Sparta Quaker Cemetery in Yarmouth Twp.
DOAN, Joel P. – brother of Joshua DOAN
DUNCOMBE, Dr. Charles – born 1792 Stratford CT- died 1867 Sacramento, CA- He was co-founder of the Talbot Dispensatory at St. Thomas in 1824 and is given as “Surgeon” in the 1828 Second Battalion Middlesex Militia (Malahide Twp, Elgin Co.). Was residing at neighboring Oxford Co. at the start of the 1837 Rebellion. Involved in gathering a Patriot (US) and Rebel Army. There is a plaque in St. Thomas about him.
EDISON, Samuel, Jr., – 1804-1896 (Thomas Edison’s father) – “In 1837, he joined the Mackenzie Rebellion, a revolt inspired by democratic activist William Mackenzie in the south of Ontario. When the rebellion failed Samuel escaped to the United States, where he lived for the rest of his life. His wife and children later followed him to Milan, Ohio (pronounced MY-lan), where they had three more children including Thomas Alva Edison, their seventh and last child”
LAWTON, George – Yarmouth Twp.
MOORE, Elias1776- died 1847 at Yarmouth Twp.  Legislator from Yarmouth Twp., Elgin Co., Son, Lindley MOORE was one of the founders of the village of Port Bruce in Malahide Twp. Father of Mary MOORE ZAVITZ, Phoebe MOORE SPRAGUE of Yarmouth and brother to Enoch MOORE also active in the Rebellion.

MOORE, Enoch1779- 1841 – d. Rockford, IL – “ Enoch was elected Captain of the rebels at Malahide, Ontario during the Rebellions of 1837. Enoch and his brothers comprised one of the most active Loyalist families to join the rebels.[4] Court records show that Enoch was arrested and jailed in London on Dec. 21, 1837, convicted of high treasonsentenced to death, then reprieved on May 19, 1838.”

PERLEY, Amos – 

ROLPH, Dr. John,  1793- 1870 – A staunch reformer implicated in the Upper Canada Rebellion – Plaque for him in Southwold Twp.
TEEPLE, Pelham Cartwright – born Norfolk, Ontario, 1809 – died Marengo, Illinois 1878 – brother to Dec. William TEEPLE and Phoebe TEEPLE TISDALE of Malahide.
TYRRELL, John B. – born 1814 – died at Elgin Co. 22 May 1874 – buried at the Claus Cemetery in Bayham Twp. Captured and convicted of Treason and banished to the British penal colony at Van Dieman’s (Tasmania, Australia) Escaped and returned to Elgin Co.
WAGGONER, James – Van Diemen’s Land penal colony.
WILSON, Dr. John T. – 
The Patriot War Along the Michigan-Canada Border, Raiders and Rebels, by Shaun J. McLaughlin, The History Press, 2013 (Preview in Google Books)
    Were there any Hunters’ Lodges in Elgin County?
1839 Letter by Joshua Doan to wife before he was hanged.
Sparta Volunteers – Hanging tree removed in 1939 – Mention of hanging of Joshua DOAN, Hiram LYNN, Daniel BEDFORD, Albert CLARK, Cornelius CUNNINGHAM and Amos PERLEY, members of the Yarmouth Twp., “Sparta Volunteers.”

1939 Tree removed 100 years later

Amnesty in Upper Canada – 14 Nov 1838, Democratic Free Press (Detroit, MI)- Indictments found at London (Middlesex County, Upper Canada- included present Elgin County)
Mention of Charles DUNCOMBE, James DAVIS, Eliakim MALCOLM, Peter DeLong, Orismus B. CLARK, Lyman DAVIS, Henry FISHER, James MALCOLM, Pelham C. TEEPLE, Norris HUMPHREY, Jesse PAULDING, Joel P. DOAN, Joshua G. DOAN, John TALBOT, Samuel EDISON the Younger (Jr.), Abraham SUTTON, Moses Chapman NICKERSON, George LAWTON, John MASSACRE, Elisha HALL and Solomon HAWES.

Amnesty in Upper Canada

More Executions – 22 Feb 1839 – Mention of Cornelius CUNNINGHAM, Amos PURLEY, Joshua G. DOANLEWIS, Col. WOODRUFF, Hiram B. LYNN, Capt. Daniel D. BEDFORD and Albert CLARK.


Letter from John PRINCE, 1839 re capture of Joshua DOAN
Letter from John Prince 1839
Van Diemen’s (Tasmania Australia) Penal Colony Prisoners 1844 – John B. TYRRELL, Henry V. BARNUM, John BARNUM, James WAGGONER, Norman MALLORY, Lynus W. MILLER, Elijah C. WOODMAN, John H. SIMMONS, Alvin B. SWEET, Samuel SNOW
29 Feb 1844 penal colony prisoners
1894 Samuel Edison   Samuel Edison Dead 27 Feb 1896
David ANDERSON killed, Walter CHASE captured. 13 Jan 1838, London, Upper Canada

Walter Chase 10 Feb 1838 David Anderson killed