Court Houses of a Century

The Court Houses of a Century 1800 – 1900

Index of Elgin County names
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The Court Houses Century
Index of Names
p. 9 – The Elgin Court House
Benjamin DRAKE
Garner ELLWOOD – awarded contract
p. 10 – Warden Thomas LOCKER – photo
p. 12 – D. J. HUGHES – photo – Officers appointed – Judge,  David John HUGHES; Sheriff, Colin MUNRO; Registrar, John McKAY, Clerk of Peace, James FARLEY; Clerk of the Court, Peter MURTAGH; Jailor, John KING; County Clerk, William McKAY, County Treasurer, William COYNE, County Engineer, Charles FRASER.
p. 15 – The first Quarter Sessions held in the Court House on 5 January 1854. Hon. Justice DRAPER opened the first Court session
p. 15 – On 1 July 1898  the first court house was destroyed by fire.
p. 16 – Photos of – Daniel LANG, Warden; Cecar McKENNEY, Warden, Archibald J. LEITCH, Chairman of the Building Committee, Neil R. DARRACH, Architect; Robert CARROLL, Contractor
p. 17 – The New Court House – 
p. 18 – Photo of Judge D. J. HUGHES taken 1899
p. 26 – Photo of Frank HUNT holding court in a Jail ward after the fire
Members of Elgin County Council 1852 and 1898

Members of Elgin County Council 1852 and 1898