The Aylmer Paper

The Aylmer Paper


Volume 5, No. 26 (December 28, 1877)

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Aylmer Paper, August 7, 1874

7 Aug 1874

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Aylmer Cricket Club – Dr. Williams pres.


1875 Sep

Copied in the Weekly Dispatch 23 Sep 1875

“On Thursday night about 11 o’clock the dwelling house of Mrs. FERGUSON [Rachel KINSEY FERGUSON], widow of the late Nelson FERGUSON, on the 4th Con. Malahide, was destroyed by fire, and Mr. Samuel McKENZIE [sic KINSEY], brother to Mr. FERGUSON, perished in the flames. The deceased, who was nearly 60 years of age, was sleeping upstairs, and was awakened by the smoke, and by his noise aroused the eldest son of Mrs. FERGUSON, who ran to his mother’s room and by great exertions succeeded in rescuing her and her three small children, who slept in the same room with her. So great was the need of both that they and not time to put on any other clothing than what they slept in. The old man , long infirm, could not get downstairs, and before assistance arrived the roof fell in, and he perished as stated.”


Aylmer Paper, December 28, 1877

Transcriptions by James McCallum May 2020

The Aylmer Paper

December 28, 1877

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c5 Married – James L. Lambert, Jarvis to Adelia Thayer, Malahide, Dec. 15

c5 Married – James Howe to Lucretia McClary, both Malahide, Dec. 25

c5 Married – J. A. Gilmore, Aylmer, to Alice A. Thomas, Windsor, Dec. 26

c5 Married – Hiram McEwan to Rosy Jennett Wiles, both Aylmer, Dec. 24

c5 Married – Homer Smith, Malahide to Hannah Pearce, dau of W., Yarmouth, Dec. 25

c5 Died – W. S. Potterfield, Iowa, Dec. 9, son-in-law of W. H. Davis, Aylmer, age 31

(Note: Christmas was always a popular time for Marriages for our ancestors- A time of family reunion and celebration-BCJ)