The Aylmer Paper

The Aylmer paper


Volume 5, No. 26 (December 28, 1877)

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Aylmer Paper, August 7, 1874

7 Aug 1874

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Aylmer Cricket Club – Dr. Williams pres.

Aylmer Paper, December 28, 1877

Transcriptions by James McCallum May 2020

The Aylmer Paper

December 28, 1877

Page 2

c5 Married – James L. Lambert, Jarvis to Adelia Thayer, Malahide, Dec. 15

c5 Married – James Howe to Lucretia McClary, both Malahide, Dec. 25

c5 Married – J. A. Gilmore, Aylmer, to Alice A. Thomas, Windsor, Dec. 26

c5 Married – Hiram McEwan to Rosy Jennett Wiles, both Aylmer, Dec. 24

c5 Married – Homer Smith, Malahide to Hannah Pearce, dau of W., Yarmouth, Dec. 25

c5 Died – W. S. Potterfield, Iowa, Dec. 9, son-in-law of W. H. Davis, Aylmer, age 31

(Note: Christmas was always a popular time for Marriages for our ancestors- A time of family reunion and celebration-BCJ)