Miscellaneous Newspaper Extracts

Miscellaneous Newspaper Extracts

Upper Canada and Canada West ( Ontario, Canada )

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Kingston Gazette – 19 Sep 1812 – General Army orders for Camp located on bank of Lake Erie 15 miles S.W. of Port Talbot.

Kingston Chronicle – 8 Sep 1826- Report on settlements by Col. Thomas TALBOT

Kingston Chronicle 1 Dec 1826 – 2 accidents in the Talbot settlement – ADAMS lost leg and Ezekiel EVANS thrown by a horse. Dr. DUNSCOMBE called

Kingston Chronicle – from the U. E. Loyalist- 22 June 1827 – The Talbot Anniversary – Toasts given at the 25th anniversary of the Talbot settlement – attended by Col. Thomas TALBOT.

The Farmer’s Journal & W. C. I.

1828 Dec 17

At Port Talbot [Dunwich, Elgin, Ontario, Canada], on the evening of Monday, 1st instant, Mr. Adam BURWELL, aged 80 years, 9 months and 8 days. Mr. BURWELL was one of those colonists who adhered to the Union of the British Empire during the troubles in America, and was amongst the earliest settlers in the District of Niagara.

New York NY Spectator 1829 – 1830 Grayscale – 0329.pdf

…have recently been established in the provinces. In Upper Canada, Bayham, Otter Creek, London District—Joseph Defield, P. M. Cavan— Newcastle …

Canadian Emigrant and Western District Advertiser 9 Aug 1834 (reprinted from the Toronto Recorder) – Death of Louisa BURWELL 16 year old daughter of Col. Mahlon Burwell of Port Talbot.

Detroit Free Press, 17 Jan 1839 – Upper Canada Rebellion Prisoners taken – John B. TYRELL, Malahide

STTJ, Wed. April 24, 1935
Seeks Information
About J. B. Tyrrell
Noted Resident of Elgin Nearly 100 years old.

Editor, The Times-Journal: Sir – I would be much obliged to any reader of The Times-Journal who could give me any information abut John Burwell TYRRELL Tyrrill (TYRELL TYRRELL), who was banished to Van Diemen’s Land in 1839 for connection with the troubles of the preceding year. He was pardoned about 1844 and returned to Elgin county, where he engaged in farming, probably near Vienna, and also in the manufacture of cheese. i would particularly like to know where he is buried and to have a copy of the inscription on the gravestone

Yours very truly

Fred Landon,Librarian, University of Western Ontario

They arrived at Van Diemen’s Land on July 18, 1839. While the English penal colony was no picnic, still the prisoners fared better than on the transport ships or in the temporary jails that housed them during the long journey. And it was far better than the French penal colony of Devil’s Island.

Tyrell, John Burwell, Aged 25. A carpenter, married with two children, of Malahide, Upper Canada. In Van Diemens Land [Tasmania, Australia] suffered two days solitary confinement for misconduct. The influential petitions from his family gained Tyrell a pardon in 1843. He returned to Upper Canada, being the first Patriot to be freed.

Chittenangeo NY Herald 1836-1840 Grayscale – 0491.pdf

…wail for orders here- after.—Rochester Democrat McKenny, Esq. of Malahide, and Mr. Henry Stroud, of Durham, last night brought in …

New York NY Spectator 1840 – 1845 Grayscale – 0107.pdf

In Chauncery…William B. Castle Erastus Gilbert, did formerly reside In Bayham, in the London district of this province, but have left …

Public Ledger (Philadelphia, PA) 28 Sep 1841 Tue., p. 2

A Destructive Fire occurred at St. Thomas, Canada, on the 17th inst., which destroyed the following properties: John ALEXANDER’s grocery, (where the fire originated;) John McKAY’s store and part of the goods; J. K. WOODWARD’s range of buildings; R. HENLY’s grocery; B. & K. SMITH’s shop; a small building, unoccupied, the property of H. B. SMITH; tinsmith’s shop; tailor’s shop; Dr. ROSE’s drug store; FRASER’s grocery; J. MICHEL’s cabinet warehouse; FERGIER’s grocery and dwelling; McCALLUM’s tailor’s shop; EDMONDSON’s watchmaker’s shop: J. WESTLAKE’s store – goods mostly saved.

Boston Post (Boston, MA) 30 Sep 1841, Thur. p2

Fire at St. Thomas, Canada – A fire broke out at the village of St. Thomas, in Canada, on the morning of the 17th inst., which threatened to destroy the whole village. It was however arrested after the loss of a number of stores, shops, and dwelling houses.

New York Tribune (New York, NY) 24 Aug 1844 Sat. p. 3

More Rioting – The St. Thomas (Canada) Standard states that a very serious affray occurred last week at Wardsville on the new line of road to Chatham, growing out of disorderly conduct on the part of some of the men at work on the road, towards two females, which their friends, inhabitants of the place, resented. Several men were dreadfully beaten, and one dangerously wounded. It is said that a number of indians were collected by the inhabitants to assist them, and the road men were beaten off, and declined returning to their work, through fear. When the last accounts left, the riots were still proceeding, and application had been made to the Sheriff for assistance. In consequence of this application, Capt. CRONYN, with a number of special constables, had proceeded to the spot to apprehend the ringleaders [Montreal Times]

The Sun (Baltimore, MD) 23 April 1851, Wed. p. 1

Bank Robbery – On the 11th instant the office of the Gore Bank, at St. Thomas, Canada West, was broken into and $4,000 in bills and $200 in specie carried off. It is said that the thief must have entered the bed room of the agent of the bank while he and his wife were asleep, taken the key from his pocket, and thence gone to the banking room.

Albany NY Evening Journal 1852 – 1087.pdf

…a blind girl named Sarah Hanley, of th*- township of Malahide, was restored to sight almost instantaneously, and then goes …

…in strength and that she returned to her house in Malahide a few day* since, rejoicing in the light of life ..

The Provincial Freeman March 1853 – The Late Col. Talbot – death notice (not complimentary)

Batavia NY Republican Advocate 1853-1856 Grayscale – 0274.pdf

…a blind girl named Sarah Hanley, of the township of Malahide, Was restored to sight almost instantaneously, and …

…strength, and that site retumed to her house in Malahide 1 few days since, rejoicing In the light of life …

Sarah HANLEY of Malahide regains sight 1853

Green- Mountain Freeman (Montpelier, VT) 2 Oct 1856

In Aylmer, Canada West, Sept 14, Hattie Maria, only child of Burrage D. and Eveline A. MARSH, aged 1 year 7 Months and 24 days. “Farewell dear Hattie we part that thou mayest go, From all grief, fear, sin and woe, Thy happy spirit in Heaven afar shall dwell, We bid thee a sweet, a long farewell.”

New York NY Morning Courier 1856 – 1398.pdf

…MARCY. Mr. Sidney McDerMAND, writes to the Detroit Tribune, from Malahide, Elgin county, Canada West, that several of the bodies of …

…the burning of the Northern Indiana, hue floated ashore at Malahide, been picked up and decently buried. Two of these persons .

Detroit Free Press – 14 Dec 1856

Man accused of defacing St. Thomas bank notes by putting a pipe on the photo of Edward ERMATINGER, Esq.


Syracuse Daily Union – 30 April 1858 – Fri. p. 1 (From the Hamilton Times)

A Novel Race – A novel race took place at St. Thomas, Canada, on Tuesday last, between a blooded race horse and a locomotive. the horse is decided to be very fast nag, and so is the locomotive, and both were well trained to the track. The arrangements between the betting parties were, that the horse should be at his starting place when the locomotive came up even, and the word “go,” should be given, when away they went under whip and steam. The judges declared the horse the winner by one half his length. The be was $50 a side, and the distance eighty rods.

The Times-Picayune (New Orleans, LA) 16 Sep 1858 – Tue p.2

Fire in St. Thomas, Canada. – A despatch states that a fire occurred in St. Thomas, Canada West, on the morning of the 9th inst., by which the Mansion House, Albion Hotel, telegraph office and several other buildings were burned.

Albany NY Argus 1859 – 0696.pdf

…NEW voim, A to Edward F, Pratt, u resident of Bayham, Canada West, and Benjamin P. Pratt, a resident of Ctowlnmt …

The Adams Sentinel (Gettysburg, PA) 9 April 1860 Mon, 

Fugitive Slaves in Canada – Mr. J. ARMSTRONG, of Kent county, Md;, has received a letter from one of his slaves, who run away to Canada two years ago. He begs his master to forgive him, and entreats him to send him sufficient money to return him, promising hereafter to serve him faithfully as a slave. He says he is without clothing, has been fearfully cheated by the Canadians, (who show no mercy to the colored population,) and has been compelled to hire himself out at $5 a month. He adds that nine colored persons left St. Thomas, Canada, in one week last spring – four for Kentucky and five for Harrison, County, Va. They had letters written to their masters for money and it was sent and they joyfully started for home. [NOTE: this subject needs to be carefully researched since at the time there were numerous scams coming out of St. Thomas where ex slaves were conning old slave owners out of money with no intent for the ex-slaves to return – see other abstracts on this web site: BCJ]

Detroit Free Press 11 July 1860

100th Birthday of James STOKES of New Sarum, born 2 July 1760 in London, England.(From St. Thomas (C.W.) Dispatch

100th Birthday of James STOKES of New Sarum 1860

Detroit Free Press, 17 Dec 1862

“A steam saw-mill and shingle factory, situated on the town line, between Malahide and Bayham, Elgin, was totally destroyed by fire on the morning of Friday, the 5th inst.”

Detroit Free Press, 18 May 1865

Arrest of Daniel MANN – Robbery of the CHUTE farm in Malahide.

The Freeman’s Journal (Dublin, Ireland) 26 Dec 1865, Tue p. 3

At Templemore, Henry WHITE, Esq., late of St. Thomas, Upper Canada, son of the late Newport WHITE, Esq., of Lisowan

The Waterford News (Waterford, Ireland) 22 Dec 1865, Fri., p2

December 13, Templemore, in the 83rd year of his age, Henry WHITE, Esq., late of Plum Orchard, St. Thomas, Upper Canada, second son of the late Newport WHITE of Lisowen, Esq., and the last survivor of the “Cashel Yeoman Cavalry” of 1798.

Harrisburg Telegraph (Harrisburg, PA) 2 June 1866

“At Aylmer, a village in Canada West, of some seven hundred inhabitants, the denizens’ brains have virtually floated in petroleum for the past six months. Having “procured an engine, put a derrick up and a hole down, by which mother earth has suffered to a depth of 250 feet, the “usual indications” are said to be present. An esteemed correspondent from that quarter writes there is a “smell.”

smell at Aylmer 1866

The Athens Post (Athens, Tennessee) 14 Feb 1868, p. 3

A dry goods clerk in St. Thomas, Canada, has been put in jail to prevent his killing a young lady with whom he is desperately in love but who declines to reciprocate.

Buffalo NY Express 1869-1870 – 0044.pdf – Capt. Charles BLACKBURN, previous resident of Port Burwell missing.

The New York Times – 28 Dec 1870, Wed. p.1

St. Thomas, Canada, Dec 27. – A large fire occurred here last evening, consuming two dry-goods stores, three grocery stores, with several other buildings. The loss is estimated at from $70,000 to $80,000, mostly covered by insurance. Two men are missing, and it is supposed they are buried under the ruins.

Vicroria BC Daily Colonist 1874 (610).pdf

William Harvey M.P . for East Elgin , died of smallpox at his residence , Malahide , on Sunday Afternoon . TORONTO , Tune 15 . Smallpox has broken …

William HARVEY M. P. of Malahide died 1874 at his residence.

The New York Times – 28 Nov 1874, Sat. p.1

A Brakeman Killed – St. Thomas, Canada, Nov. 27 – Yesterday Thomas G. BALFOUR, a brakeman employed on the Canada Southern Railway, slipped and fell from his train at Brownsville. The cars passed over the body, completely severing it in two. The remains passed through this place to-day en route for his home in Homewood, Illinois.

Newspaper Mexico Independant 1874-1877 – 0151.PDF -Sep 23, 1875 issue

.An old man perished in the flames burning -building at, Aylmer, Ontario, Thursday. 23 September 1875

Lebanon Daily News (Lebanon, PA) 16 Dec 1875, Thur. p1

The fool-killer certainly ought to hurry up his visit to Aylmer, Canada. A barber named JOHNSON, of that place, for a bet of fifty cents, last week ran under one of the cards of a railway train which was passing at a rapid rate. He won the bet, although the car wheels took off the heel of one of his shoes.

Reading Times (Reading, PA) 23 June 1876, Fri.

M. BOAS, of St. Thomas, Canada, was recently murdered for his money and his body thrown into the river. It was recovered yesterday.

Detroit Free Press 5 Oct 1876

Death of Socrates HUNTER of Port Bruce, Elgin, Malahide, Ontario at age 105 (sic) 1861 census would indicate born ca 1787 and that he was more likely age 89 when he died.

Death of Socrates Hunter 1876

Syracuse NY Daily Courier 1880 – 0683.PDF

…15.—A man named Johnston, tn the township of Malahide, killed his brother and afterwards committed suicide. It is supposed  that he was insane…

The Leavenworth Times (Leavenworth, Kansas) 21Oct 1880, Thur. p.1

Can’t Find His Wife

Aylmer, Canada, Oct. 20, – Mr. C. J. MYERS, business manager of the Holman opera troupe, was recently secretly married at Niagara Falls to Miss Nettie CULVERT. The intention was to keep the matter quiet for a few months, until MYER’s affairs were in a better condition. On Sunday he drove over to this place, where the bride was living, to visit her, but she had mysteriously flown, and MYERS up to the present time can find no trace of his unfaithful consort.

Philadelphia PA Inquirer 1881 – 1898.pdf

..seriously; a young lady unknown, slightly: Elias Adams and wife, Malahide, Ontario, slightly; Charles Brown and daugh- ter, of Malahide, slightly: R. P. Black, Vienna, Ont, slightly. «. K I N …

1881 Sep 30th – Elias ADAMS

The Times Philadelphia 5 Jan 1881

Kidnapping of Charlie ROSS

Kidnapped Charlie Ross of Elgin Co Ontario 1881

Rochester NY Union & Advertiser 1881 grayscale – 0989.pdf

…Mfttv*.0v»*WlU, ;*. r**- ; . name not ascertained, sligl and wife. Malahide, ;Out., slightly; Charles Brown and daughter, Malahide, slightly; It. P …

Buffalo NY Evening News 1882 – 2160.pdf

bicycle tour was organised by Perry Doolittle, Captain of theAylmer club

Buffalo NY Daily Courier 1882 – 1882 Grayscale – 0752.pdf

…ST. THOMAS, Ont., Sept. 27.—Moses Leach, one of” tbs Bayham gang, was yesterday ro- eased on $500 ball. Moore and .Hanson..

Buffalo NY Daily Courier 1882 – 1882 Grayscale – 0664.pdf

..St.Thomas. “* : (J of Burglars aud Train Wreckers Known as the * “Bayham Gang” Erol/an Up.; OilMatlcri in Detail—G” Etploaion- Politi …

Vicroria BC Daily Colonist 1884 (718).pdf

Wm. Killmer , a farmer of Malahide , was killed .on the track , near Aylmer , by a railroad

22 July 1884 – Wm. KILLMER / KILMER, a farmer of Malahide, was killed on the track near Aylmer, by a railroad train.

William Kilmer killed 1884

Port Chester NY Journal 1885-1886 – 0183.pdf

…o , Mr, Itanium’s great elephant. A (fat train at St. Thomas, Ontario, ran * Mm last Tuesday and he died In half I …

Vicroria BC Daily Colonist 1885 363.pdf

.Samuel McIntosh and Mitchell murder..daughter of Mark Copeland , a farmer living in time township of Malahide , a short distance east Jamestown . She was married …

Vicroria BC Daily Colonist 1886 (309).pdf

…disappearance of  his brother , Marshall.M . Piggett , of Malahide , on the seventeenth of last November ,Pigget came to death by foul play given by inquest


…lock Buiitb, charged with tbe murder ot Marshall Pigget, of Malahide, in November, 18*4. Hi* Lordship then poitponsd the court …

Buffalo NY Evening News 1884 – 0760.pdf

…three or four weeks ago,” says the St. Thomas (Ont.) Times, “Elisha Adams, a grocer of Glencoe, was the recipient …

…Adams, N’itlte Adams and Mrs. S, Jackson of Ventenor, Ont, The Anderson family reside in Shedden, Southwold township, and are the chil-dren of Mrs:, John Anderson …

Buffalo NY Evening News 1886 a – 0576.pdf

leprosy In the township of Bayham, near St, Thomas, Ont, An Inventor

Victoria BC Daily Colonist 1887 (1067).pdf

Duncan Campbell , the oldest man in Elgin , died in Southwold , aged 99 years . For fifty years he was known as …

Death of Duncan Campbell at age 99 Nov 1887

And Democratic County News of Ohio

Toronto Daily Mail – 14 Oct 1887

Doings Around St. Thomas – Jacob PIERSON, a farmer and his two sons, Joseph and Christopher, brutally assaulted one Wentworth BROOKS, at Lambert’s Hotel, Springfield, on the night of the Springfield fair. John LINDSAY interfered and was so badly beaten by them that he is not expected to live.

Flesherton Ontario Advance 1887 -1889 Grayscale (96).pdf

…I can work hard and enjoy good health.— George Ketchabaw, Bayham, Ont. Florida fruit men say that the straw berry crop …

The Salt Lake Tribune (Salt Lake City, UT) 28 Dec 1891 Mon, p.1

Panic in a Street Car – An Old Man Falls Dead in a Woman’s Arms Who Faints. Chicago, Dec. 27. – [Tribune Dispatch – San Francisco Chronicle Series.] An awful scene occurred in a Cottage Grove avenue car this morning. John MINARD, aged 65 years, had just arrived from his home in Sparta, Canada, and had taken a car on his way to his daughter’s residence. As the car approached Harmon Court the old gentleman grew suddenly pale and then swayed in his seat and fell dead in the arms of a lady who occupied the seat next to him. the lady uttered a cry and then fainted. The spectacle of the two deathlike forms lying against each other on the seat caused a great commotion among the occupants of the car. The women started toward the door to get out. In a moment, several passengers had rushed to the assistance of the helpless ones. Finally the car was stopped, a physician was called, and the woman was soon revived.

[Note: John MINARD is buried at the Sparta Friends Cemetery, Yarmouth, Elgin, Ontario, Canada]

Northern Advance, 16 July 1891 – An Elgin Mystery  – What became of James [John] Lamont MacDONALD McDONALD – long story implying that John deserted wife Jessie MARTIN  of Aldborough whom he had married at Ingersoll on 1 Oct 1890

Newspaper Auburn NY Daily Bulletin 1891c pdf – 0985.PDF

…three days, when they agreed to separate. He went to Bayham and fell in love with Miss Teetzel. Last Friday “he …

In 1891 – Nov 23-29 Many North American papers picked up the story of the elopement of Miss Rosabell  TEETZEL from St. Thomas and Baptist Minister Rev. Walter NELSON of Bayham.  Search Newspaper.com for TEETZEL 1891 for a full list available online. Also mention of NELSON’s wife, Miss Olive WEISS of Centerville IL.

The Weekly Expositor, 1 Jan 1892

Death of Thomas G. HIGH, of Bayham Ontario, married to Ellen CHAMBERLAIN. One of a family of eight.

Thomas High Death 1892

Ontario Canada Markdale standard 1894-1896 Grayscale (283).pdf

…the Boyal Templars of Temperance will be held at Hamilton Ont. , this summer, probably at Dondom Park. Samuel Livingstone of Bayham, Ont., and his wife have not spoken to each other for ..

Canadian Statesman – 7 May 1894 – death of Elder Edmund SHEPPARD

Edmund SHEPPARD died at Rodney, Ontario from attack of Pneumonia. Member County Board of Examiners for Teachers. Twice married. First wife a daughter of James BENTLEY of South Dorchester.

Detroit Free Press – 31 March 1896 – Death of George E. DOWLING

Well known Mason and a founder of the GOP in Jackson MI in 1856. Born Bayham, 26 Feb 1839 and went west with the California gold seekers in April 1859.

Detroit Free Press, 1 July 1899

Death of W. P. KILLACKEY of near St. Thomas

W. P. Killackey died 1899

The Yale Expositor, 23 March 1900

Joel SMADES, shoemaker and merchant from Elgin County

Detroit Free Press, 17 Feb 1900

Frank OSLER charged with murdering his wife near Wallacetown.

Frank Osler charged with murdering his wife near Wallacetown 1900

The Windsor Evening Record – 6 October 1900

Suicide at Rodney – Miss Lena DUBS Becomes Despondent and Takes Poison. Rodney, Ont., Oct. 5 – Miss Lena Dubs, a domestic, committed suicide by poisoning herself on the 8th Con., Alboro [Aldborough] near Rodney. the deceased had been in the employ of a farmer near Duart, but had left there recently to visit her people and other acquaintances near Rodney….returning to Geo. BENNETT’s… Dr. DORLAND, of Rodney was sent for—it was not deemed necessary to hold an inquest. The deceased was 25 [sic – she was about 35 years old] years of age and a daughter of [George] Adam DUBS of Alboro. [Aldborough Twp., Elgin Co.]

Windsor Evening Record 2 Nov 1901 – Death of Jane [or Catherine] (BLACK) McKILLOP, (Death registration indicates names was Catherine instead of Jane) mother of Dr. McKILLOP – Mentions brothers James, Duncan and Archibald BLACK-

The Amherstburg Echo – 25 July 1902

A sad accident occurred just north of Aylmer, on tuesday evening of last week, which resulted in the death of Thomas PETTMAN, who resides on the 8th concession of Malahide. He was returning home from Aylmer, when his horses became unmanageable and he was thrown from his wagon. The wheels passed over his abdomen and caused some internal rupture, which resulted in his death early Wednesday morning. He leaves a wife, but no children, to mourn his untimely death.

Flesherton Advance – 4 May 1905

Alexander WILLIS, age 35 of Aldborough charged with the murder of Elizabeth LOWRY on night of 18 April 1905. Witnesses Mrs. COLE and Dr. HARVEY and Mrs. COVELL. WILLIS a heavy drinker.

Essex Ontario Free Press 1906 (577).pdf

..Miss Ida Bearss daughter .of a well-to-do farmer, of the township of Malahide, sued Fred Trim, only son of a wealthy farmer of …Breach of Promise

Geneva NY Daily Times 1912 Apr-Oct 1912 Grayscale – 1051.pdf

.Mastodon bones and tusk..found by Leaman Hawley on the second concession of Malahide. Not all the bones have been dug out yet. A …

Vicroria BC Daily Colonist 1916 (3234).pdf

…J. T. Harrison. Bitten by 2»nbfd Beg ST. THOMAS, Ont., Sept. a.—George Dynes, a blacksmith of Southwold station, I* In a critical condition here, aa a …

Buffalo NY Courier 1925 – 5792.pdf – 11 October 1925

…a real tragedy in the district! east of St. Thomas,Ont., a few days ago, a Bayham township youth ‘ named Jack Kauffman returning to his home …

…his hands. In consequence of the incident, George Danough, a Bayham farmer, must stand tria| at the next sitting of the …

Troy NY Times 1927 – 4498.pdf

…proved a bad venture for Richard Antone, an Indian from Southwold, Ont. On his way home last night he presented a counterfeit …

Dansville NY Breeze 1935 Grayscale – 0776.pdf

…both tourna- ments are being played this week. St. Thomas, Ont. Aug. 18— Prof. W. J. Wlntenberg, assistant archaeologist of the …

…of Ontario during the early history of the country. The Southwold Earthworks are believed to be the remains of one of …

Gloversville NY Morning Herald 1940 Grayscale – 2164.pdf

…reau, department of mines and re- sources, Ottawa, is the Southwold earthwork, near S t Thomas, Ont. These aboriginal works, which cover about three and a half …

Nunda NY News 1940 -1941 Grayscale – 0217.pdf

…Nunda, N. Y„ married Fannie Barnes, whose home was in Aylmer, Ontario, Canada; in later years they visited the family of Charles .Looking for evidence of the birthplace of .Warren Everett RUSSELL.

Buffalo NY Courier Express 1944 – 1145.pdf

…Garret Club in honor of Mrs. Dugald A. Henderson of Aylmer. Ont., who with Flying Officer Henderson and their son .Dugald Jr..parents Lester F. Gilbert.