Dutton Advance 1935 – 1939

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Dutton Advance newspaper,
Dutton, Ontario
1935 – 1939

Extracted by James L. McCallum

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Adams, Maude E.,D,10 Mar 38,1,5,McCallum

Adams, Norman,D,3 Feb 38,8,3,

Affleck, son of R. H.,B,3 Mar 38,4,2,1 Mar

Affleck, William, Mrs.,D,12 Oct 39,5,1,

Affleck,William, Mrs.,D,5 Oct 39,5,2,69th year

Agar,William J.,D,12 May 38,1,5,

Agar,William Jabus,D,5 May 38,1,6,age 63

Alderton,Alice Mae,M,17 Nov 38,5,2,5 Nov; Johnston, G.

Alderton,Charles Ernest,M,22 Dec 38,9,4,Constant, Violet

Allen,Frederick W.,D,23 Jun 38,1,6,78th year

Allen,Mary Elizabeth,D,23 Mar 39,1,5,age 83

Allison,Peter,D,5 Nov 36,4,1,age 76

Amos,Adam,A,19 Nov 36,5,1,50th

Anderson,Alexander,D,18 Jul 35,1,5,

Anderson,Martha,D,12 May 38,1,5,age 78

Anderson,Mary Irene,M,5 Dec 35,8,3,30 Nov; Milligan, G.

Andrew,J. W. J.,D,28 Sep 39,1,6,age 75

Andrews,Albert Lyle,E,1 Sep 38,5,3,Dell, Alma

Andrews,Eliz’th Merle,M,16 Jun 38,1,5,11 Jun; Cameron, R.

Andrews,Elizabeth Merle,E,26 May 38,5,2,Cameron, Robertson

Anguish,John Harold,M,27 Jun 35,6,2,Birchiel, Ada

Anguish,John Harold,E,6 Jun 35,5,2,Burchill, Ada

Annett,Charles N.,A,13 Jan 38,1,5,50th

Annett,Charles J.,D,5 Jan 39,1,5,age 83

Annett,Vivian Verlyn,E,28 Oct 37,5,2,Milligan, Roy

Apel,Elizabeth,D,28 Feb 35,1,5,97th year

Appleton,Rebecca,D,14 May 36,5,2,age 91

Archer,William R.,M,16 Apr 36,1,4,Campbell, Carolyn

Archibald,David,D,23 Apr 36,1,5,

Ardiel,James Russell,M,19 Dec 35,1,5,Saunders, Florence

Ardiel,James Russel,E,5 Dec 35,9,2,14 Dec; Saunders, F.

Armstrong,Dorothy,M,15 Sep 38,1,1,3 Sep; Carmichael, A.

Armstrong,James H., Dr.,D,8 Dec 38,9,3,age 74

Armstrong,John Reginald,M,3 Mar 38,4,2,Tripp, Lois

Armstrong,Mary,M,12 Oct 39,5,2,Richardson, Roy

Armstrong,Ruth Geraldine,E,26 May 38,5,2,Little, G. Stuart

Armstrong,Ruth Geraldine,M,16 Jun 38,1,5,Little, Stewart

Arnold,Fred L.,D,2 May 35,8,5,

Arnum,Thomas, Mrs.,D,6 Feb 36,5,2,

Arthur,Lillie E.,D,10 Dec 36,9,2,

Ash,Daniel M.,D,23 Apr 36,5,4,age 79

Ashby,Carmon Deloss,M,1 Dec 38,5,1,Jones, Helen

Ashmore,Edith Belle,M,19 Oct 39,4,1,7 Oct; McPherson, F.

Ashmore,Ethel,W,7 Oct 37,7,2,Tucker

Ashmore,Marion Loretta,M,24 Sep 36,5,3,Hyde, Charles

Ashmore,Marion Loretta,E,17 Sep 36,5,2,Hyde, Charles

Atkinson,Cary Carlene,B,22 Jun39,1,1,1 Jun; twin

Atkinson,Mary Marlene,B,22 Jun 39,1,1,1 Jun; twin

Atkinson,Wilfred,M,17 Sep 36,1,4,5 Sep; Holland, Dora

Atkinson,William,D,17 Nov 38,4,2,60th year

Atkinson,William A.,D,24 Nov 38,4,2,

Attridge,William Gordon,M,27 Jul 39,5,3,22 Jul; Carswell, D.

Atwater,Catherine,M,23 Sep 37,1,6,Galbraith, John

Auckland,Edward,M,13 Jun 35,5,3,8 Jun; McGill, Jennie

Avery,Fanny Eleanor,E,24 Sep 36,5,2,Smith, Raimond

Avery,William,D,7 Dec 39,12,2,age 76

Axford,Samuel,D,19 Nov 36,8,3,age 85

Backus,Andrew Storey,D,16 Jun 38,5,2,9 Jun; 90th year

Backus,Anna Frances,D,30 Nov 39,5,2,Docker

Backus,Elizabeth,W,26 Jan 39,1,6,Sifton

Backus,Elizabeth,A,30 Jun 38,1,5,Sifton

Backus,Stephen,D,17 Dec 36,9,2,

Backus,William H., Mrs.,D,9 Apr 36,4,2,age 83

Bagnall,Clarence E.,M,23 May 35,5,3,Creagh, Mary

Baird,Kenneth James,E,9 Sep 37,7,2,25 Sep; Dunn, Reta

Bake,Alfred Mosley,D,11 Feb 37,1,4,

Baker,Adam,D,12 Mar 36,5,2,age 85

Baker,Archibald B.,M,15 Aug 35,4,2,3 Aug; MacArthur, M.

Baker,Archibald B.,E,1 Aug 35,5,2,MacArthur, Margaret

Baker,Harold Milton,E,11 Aug 38,5,2,McKellar, Marion

Baker,James C.,D,27 May 37,5,2,

Baldwin,Mary,D,2 Jun 38,1,5,57th year

Baldwin,Melvin D.,M,7 Sep 39,5,3,24 Aug; Maitland, Jane

Bale,Theresa,W,16 Jan 36,5,3,Potticary

Balkwill,James, Mrs.,D,24 Jun 37,4,1,

Balkwill,William,D,1 Aug 35,1,5,74th year

Bandeen,Alice I.,M,23 Nov 39,5,3,Bradley, Everett

Banghart,W. A.,A,20 Oct 38,5,1,15 Oct; 60th

Barber,Nancy,D,2 Apr 36,1,5,Campbell

Barnard,Eva,D,4 Jun 36,4,2,

Barnard,Roy,M,21 Oct 37,5,3,Whiting, Pansy

Barnes,Lucretia,D,25 Apr 35,6,2,Humphries

Barnum,John,M,18 Apr 35,5,3,13 Apr; Congdon, H.

Barnum,Mary Margaret,B,23 May 35,8,3,14 May

Barr,Alexander D.,D,27 Apr 39,5,1,20 Apr

Barr,Thomas, Mrs.,D,14 May 36,1,5,age 84

Barrett,John William,M,21 Oct 37,5,3,Beer, Gladys

Barrett,Samuel,D,29 Sep 38,5,2,age 62

Barrett,Samuel,D,27 Oct 38,5,3,

Bassett,James,D,6 Feb 36,1,6,age 21

Bateman,Hannah,P,25 Nov 37,1,5,McLean

Battin,Margaret,D,2 Feb 39,1,5,87th year

Bawden,John,D,18 Nov 37,1,5,

Baxter,Richard,D,27 Aug 36,5,1,

Bearss,Edith Lillian,D,30 Mar 39,1,6,Clark

Beatty,Douglas,D,23 Dec 37,1,4,

Beatty,Harold James,M,23 May 35,5,3,Jewell, Clara

Beatty,John, Mrs.,D,12 Nov 36,5,3,

Becker,Walter A.,M,6 Apr 39,5,2,McKillop, Norma

Bedford,F. Delbert,D,26 May 38,5,2,

Beecroft,Fred,A,26 Sep 35,1,5,25th

Beecroft,Gerald Russel Edward,B,12 Aug 37,4,2,2 Aug

Beecroft,Gertrude B.,M,18 Aug 38,1,6,Congdon, Albert

Beer,Alice Eileen,M,7 Oct 37,7,2,McCaffery, Michael

Beer,Fred, Dr.,D,27 May 37,5,3,58th year

Beer,Gladys Evelyn,M,21 Oct 37,5,3,Barrett, John

Beer,son of George A,B,19 May 38,4,1,9 May

Beer,Viola Mae,E,11 Mar 37,5,2,McFarlane, Donald

Beer,W. H.,A,28 Jan 37,5,2,50th

Beer,William,A,17 Jun 37,5,1,50th

Bell,Fred C.,D,6 Aug 36,4,2,

Bell,William, Mrs.,D,7 Sep 39,5,2,

Benedict,Mary,D,2 Nov 39,5,1,age 78

Bennett,Duncan, Mrs.,D,12 Jan 39,4,2,29 Dec 1938

Bennett,John Campbell,D,16 Jun 38,4,2,age 74

Bentley,Katherine Yvonne,M,27 Oct 38,1,5,Luke, Edward

Berdan,Alfred A.,D,3 Sep 36,5,2,

Berdan,Margaret Louisa,E,5 Mar 35,5,2,Fowler, Robert

Berdan,Margaret Louisa,M,21 Mar 35,5,1,Fowler, Robert

Berry,Mark, Captain,D,18 May 39,4,1,96th year

Berry,Robert G.,D,24 Dec 36,5,2,

Berry,Salina,D,31 Jan 35,4,2,13 Jan; age 87

Besterd,Chester Hiram,E,26 May 38,5,2,Congdon, Kathleen

Betts,Sidney James,M,19 Dec 35,9,2,Harrington, Eugenia

Betts,Sidney J.,E,12 Dec 35,5,2,Harrington, Eugenia

Biddle,Vera Margaret,M,9 Nov 39,1,6,Srigley, L. R.

Biddle,Walter,D,28 May 36,8,2,24 May; age 92

Binks,Catherine E.,M,22 Oct 36,4,1,10 Oct; Petherick, A.

Binks,Catherine Ellen,M,15 Oct 36,5,2,10 Oct; Petherick, A.

Binks,Vera Madeline,M,27 Oct 38,1,5,Swain, Victor

Binns,Ida Belle,D,7 Dec 39,12,1,Fortner

Bint,Roy, Mrs.,D,17 Sep 36,5,2,

Birchiel,Ada Irene,M,27 Jun 35,6,2,Anguish, John

Bisby,A.,D,23 Dec 37,1,4,

Bisby,C.,D,23 Dec 37,1,4,

Black,Alexander,D,16 Jul 36,5,3,age 72

Black,Annie Catherine,D,25 Jul 35,5,3,

Black,Catherine,D,30 May 35,4,2,84th year

Black,Christina,D,12 Nov 36,5,3,Beatty

Black,Daniel,D,24 Dec 36,5,3,81st year

Black,Frederick A.,D,4 Nov 37,4,1,26 Oct; age 62

Black,Jack Stuart,M,26 Oct 39,1,5,Henderson, Cleo

Black,James D.,D,4 Apr 35,5,3,

Black,James Robert,M,10 Jan 35,5,2,Garbutt, Beulah

Black,James D., Mrs.,D,18 Jul 35,1,6,66th year

Black,James D.,D,28 Mar 35,5,2,age 75

Black,John D.,D,17 Feb 38,5,3,79th year

Black,Mary Frances,D,17 Jan 35,5,3,

Black,Mary Ellen,D,3 Sep 36,1,4,Drake

Black,Nancy,P,10 Feb 38,1,4,McLellan

Blackburn,Eliz’th Patricia,E,12 May 38,5,2,4 Jun; Paton, James

Blackburn,Eliz’th Patricia,M,9 Jun 38,1,6,Paton, James

Blackhall,William,D,27 Jul 39,1,6,age 59

Blacklock,Mildred Frances,M,3 Aug 39,4,2,Janaway, Carl

Blackwood,Georgina,D,6 Jul 39,4,3,Campbell

Bloom,Nellie,D,8 Apr 37,8,3,McTavish

Bloye,John,A,4 Apr 35,5,4,60th

Blue,Dougald,D,14 Jul 38,4,2,age 81

Blue,J. D., Mrs.,D,4 Apr 35,1,5,

Blue,Jennie Mae,M,3 Jan 35,5,1,31 Dec 34; McCallum

Blue,John D.,D,30 Apr 36,1,5,

Blue,Malcolm, Mrs.,D,7 Sep 39,5,3,73rd year

Bobier,Anna Isobel,D,6 Oct 38,4,3,age 1 ½ years

Bobier,Edward, Mrs.,D,17 Mar 38,4,2,63rd year

Bobier,Louisa,D,13 May 37,5,3,88th year

Bobier,Louisa,D,20 May 37,7,2,

Bobier,Myrtle Irene,E,1 Aug 35,5,2,Browne, Arthur

Bobier,Myrtle Irene,M,15 Aug 35,4,2,Browne, Arthur

Bodkin,Ann,D,13 Feb 36,5,2,Martin

Bogart,George W.,A,3 Jun 37,4,2,24 May; 50th

Bogart,Helena,M,23 Jan 36,1,1,Ferguson, Jack

Bogert,Freda Carol,M,24 Sep 36,5,3,19 Sep; Stidwell, Ray

Bosman,John Donald,B,17 Dec 36,9,3,12 Dec

Boughner,George,D,30 Jun 38,4,1,

Boughner,John W.,D,14 Nov 35,1,6,age 85

Bowlby,Mary Jane,D,15 Oct 36,5,3,Mann

Bowlby,Mary J.,W,10 Sep 36,4,3,Mann

Boyd,Margaret,D,10 Mar 38,1,5,62nd year

Boyd,Marianne Jean,M,18 Nov 37,1,1,McTaggart, Wm.

Boyle,Harry J.,M,2 Sep 37,9,2,4 Jan; McCaffery, M.

Boyle,Patricia Ann,B,12 Oct 39,1,4,6 Oct

Braddon,G. Russel,M,27 Jul 39,5,3,MacCallum, Jean

Braddon,G. Russel,E,20 Jul 39,5,2,MacCallum, Jean

Bradley,Everett L, Dr.,M,23 Nov 39,5,3,Bandeen, Alice

Bradley,Mary,D,21 Mar 35,5,3,

Branton,George,D,29 Jun 39,4,2,age 63

Brear,Bernice Muriel,D,30 Sep 37,1,4,

Breen,Catharine,D,3 Jun 37,5,3,

Brennan,Elizabeth,D,10 Jun 37,1,5,age 72

Brenner,John,D,19 Dec 35,8,2,age 80

Briody,Francis P., Mrs.,D,28 Jul 38,1,6,18 Jul

Broad,Harry,D,14 Oct 37,5,2,age 54

Browett,Doris,D,21 Dec 39,1,6,Callahan

Brown,Ada M.,M,1 Oct 36,1,5,Garfat, William

Brown,Charles Clifford,E,14 Jan 37,5,2,Wright, Luella M.

Brown,Colin J., Dr.,E,7 Feb 35,5,2,9 Mar; Newman, M.

Brown,dau of James U.,B,21 Mar 35,5,2,19 Mar

Brown,dau of Wm. T.,B,12 Nov 36,4,2,7 Nov

Brown,Dugald,M,2 Jul 36,4,1,Stuart, Irene

Brown,Duncan A.,E,24 Jun 37,8,4,Hodgkins, Myrtle

Brown,Edmund S.,D,26 Jan 39,1,1,

Brown,Ellen,D,13 Jun 35,1,5,Clark

Brown,Francis George,M,14 Dec 39,1,4,6 Dec; Watson, Mary

Brown,Harry Cecil,E,24 Sep 36,5,2,Sutherland, Florence

Brown,Harry Cecil,M,1 Oct 36,1,5,23 Sep; Sutherland, F.

Brown,James E.,D,2 Jul 36,5,3,age 68

Brown,James C.,D,16 Jul 36,1,5,age 79

Brown,James Wesley,D,15 Dec 38,1,5,

Brown,John W.,D,16 Sep 37,9,3,age 68

Brown,John R.,D,16 Feb 39,1,5,73rd year

Brown,John Cecil,B,3 Nov 38,4,2,18 Oct

Brown,Mabel E.,M,11 Nov 37,5,2,2 Nov; Lumley, M.

Brown,Margaret,D,3 Oct 35,1,6,13 Sep

Brown,Marion Doreen,M,28 Apr 38,1,6,Pearce, John S.

Brown,Mary Elizabeth,D,23 Mar 39,1,5,Allen

Brown,Minnie, Mrs.,M,21 Feb 35,5,2,McGill, Joseph

Brown,son of Allan W.,B,27 May 37,5,3,21 May

Brown,Thomas A.,D,10 Dec 36,12,4,age 58

Brown,Verna Jane,E,14 Dec 39,8,2,Wurges, John

Brown,Wilfred Allan,E,1 Aug 35,5,2,McCready, Margaret

Brown,Wilfrid Allan,M,22 Aug 35,5,3,McReady, Margaret

Brown,William Thomas,E,2 Apr 36,5,2,Clarke, Margaret C.

Brown,William Thomas,M,9 Apr 36,5,1,Clarke, Margaret

Browne,Arthur William,E,1 Aug 35,5,2,Bobier, Myrtle

Browne,Arthur William,M,15 Aug 35,4,2,Bobier, Myrtle

Bruce,John,D,23 Jul 36,5,2,age 60

Brush,Dorothy Olive,M,27 Feb 36,8,3,Mills, Russell

Buchan,Dorothy,W,20 May 37,8,2,Stevenson

Buchan,Jessie,D,3 Nov 38,5,2,Campbell

Buchanan,John A.,D,10 Nov 38,5,3,30 Oct; age 59

Buchanan,Margaret,D,30 May 35,1,1,

Buchanan,Marguerite,P,14 Apr 38,5,3,Gilmore

Buchanan,Marion,D,12 Jan 39,4,2,31 Dec 38; 74th year

Buchanan,Mary,D,24 Sep 36,5,1,age 65

Burchill,Ada Irene,E,6 Jun 35,5,2,Anguish, John

Burdon,son of William,D,14 Mar 35,5,2,infant

Burgess,Donald Kirkland,M,29 Aug 35,5,3,24 Aug; Silcox, M.

Burgess,Laura,D,26 May 38,1,5,MacCallum

Burgess,Marion,M,12 Sep 35,1,6,31 Aug; Hull, Albert

Burgess,Marion,E,22 Aug 35,5,2,Hull, Albert

Burns,Clifford Gordon,E,18 Jun 36,5,2,Dell, Edna

Burns,Edward,D,31 Jan 35,5,3,age 36

Burns,Thomas,P,28 May 36,5,3,Holden

Burns,Walter A., Dr.,D,18 Feb 37,8,5,

Burwell,John,D,16 Feb 39,5,2,age 76

Burwell,Lydia,BD,11 Mar 37,8,4,Page

Burwell,Sarah C.,D,8 Oct 36,5,2,age 82

Busby,Florence E.,M,13 Jul 39,1,5,6 Jul; Graham, Ralph

Buston,Hester M.,D,16 Jul 36,1,5,Doolittle

Bye,W. S.,D,14 Dec 39,8,2,

Cady,Alonzo, Mrs.,D,9 Jan 36,4,2,

Callahan,Doris,D,21 Dec 39,1,6,44th year

Cameron,Catherine Eliz’th,M,21 Oct 37,5,3,16 Oct; King, Wallace

Cameron,Catherine,P,20 Apr 39,5,1,King

Cameron,D. G., Dr.,D,22 Aug 35,5,3,

Cameron,dau of Marshall,B,10 Sep 36,5,5,6 Sep

Cameron,Duncan, Dr.,D,19 Sep 35,1,5,

Cameron,Joan,W,21 Sep 39,1,5,McWilliam

Cameron,John Sterling,E,5 Sep 35,5,2,21 Sep; Duncanson, A.

Cameron,John A.,D,11 Apr 35,1,5,age 68

Cameron,John Sterling,M,26 Sep 35,5,2,Duncanson, Annie

Cameron,John A.,D,18 Apr 35,1,6,7 Apr

Cameron,Lillian Margaret,M,8 Jul 37,4,2,Lunn, Harold

Cameron,Lillian Margaret,E,1 Jul 37,5,2,Lunn, Harold

Cameron,Robertson,E,26 May 38,5,2,Andrews, Elizabeth

Cameron,Robertson,M,16 Jun 38,1,5,11 Jun; Andrews, E.

Cameron,Russell,D,16 May 35,4,2,

Cameron,son of John S.,B,15 Sep 38,5,2,13 Sep

Campbell,Ada,D,12 Jan 39,1,6,73rd year

Campbell,Alex J.,D,20 Apr 39,5,1,age 66

Campbell,Alice,W,13 Apr 39,1,6,Griswold

Campbell,Anna Mildred,M,18 Apr 35,5,2,6 Apr; McCallum, D.

Campbell,Annie,D,17 Jun 37,4,2,78th year

Campbell,Archibald F.,D,27 Jan 38,8,4,age 72

Campbell,Carolyn N.,M,16 Apr 36,1,4,Archer, William

Campbell,Cecil James,M,18 May 39,5,1,Sloan, Gwendolyn

Campbell,Cecil James,E,4 May 39,5,1,Sloan, Gwendolyn

Campbell,Christina,D,12 Mar 36,1,6,age 61

Campbell,Christina,D,12 Aug 37,1,3,McGugan

Campbell,Clifford Dougald,B,17 Jan 35,5,3,11 Jan

Campbell,Donald,D,11 Jul 35,1,5,67th year

Campbell,Dugald J.,D,10 Oct 35,1,4,83rd year

Campbell,Duncan, Mrs.,D,21 May 36,5,3,

Campbell,Duncan B.,D,20 Apr 39,5,3,age 93

Campbell,Effie Christena,M,28 Nov 35,1,4,Silcox, Thomas

Campbell,Effie Christina,E,14 Nov 35,5,2,Silcox, Thomas

Campbell,Effie,D,2 Nov 39,1,6,McEachren

Campbell,Elizabeth,D,29 Oct 36,5,3,5 Oct

Campbell,Etta,D,7 Dec 39,1,5,

Campbell,Fidelia,D,5 May 38,5,2,

Campbell,Flora,BD,24 Aug 39,5,1,94th year

Campbell,Frances Catherine,E,17 Jun 37,5,2,Moffat, Robert

Campbell,Frank Orin,D,4 Apr 35,5,4,

Campbell,George McLellan,M,16 Dec 37,8,3,McCallum, Margaret

Campbell,Gladys Howarth,M,16 Dec 37,8,3,11 Dec; McPhail, H.

Campbell,Harold Ross,B,14 Apr 38,1,4,6 Apr

Campbell,Herbert C.,E,19 Nov 36,5,2,Maich, Ruth

Campbell,Herbert C.,M,3 Dec 36,1,6,Maich, Ruth

Campbell,Isabella,D,30 Mar 39,5,2,89th year

Campbell,Isabella,D,6 Apr 39,5,1,

Campbell,J. H.,D,3 Sep 36,5,2,

Campbell,James F.,D,10 Sep 36,1,5,65th year

Campbell,James, Dr.,D,5 Nov 36,4,1,age 79

Campbell,Janet,P,4 Jun 36,1,5,Kerr

Campbell,Jessie,D,3 Nov 38,5,2,age 72

Campbell,John A., Mrs.,D,4 Jul 35,5,3,67th year

Campbell,John,D,12 Oct 39,5,3,59th year

Campbell,John C., Mrs.,D,6 Jul 39,4,3,67th year

Campbell,John C., Mrs.,D,13 Jul 39,5,2,

Campbell,John William,E,13 Oct 38,5,2,Mulder, Maxine

Campbell,John William,M,10 Nov 38,5,1,Mulder, Maxine

Campbell,Kate,M,31 Dec 36,5,2,23 Dec; Rubenstein, H

Campbell,Kate R.,D,20 Jan 38,5,2,McCluskin

Campbell,Katherine M.,D,7 Jan 37,1,4,Humphries

Campbell,Margaret,D,9 Apr 36,1,5,Graham

Campbell,Margaret,D,4 Jul 35,5,3,age 74

Campbell,Margaret,P,30 May 35,4,2,Black

Campbell,Margaret Jane,B,16 Mar 39,5,2,10 Mar

Campbell,Marilyn Ann,B,1 Aug 35,1,1,23 Jul

Campbell,Mary,P,17 Aug 39,5,3,

Campbell,Mary Jane,D,17 Aug 39,5,3,Small

Campbell,Minnie,D,21 Nov 35,5,3,Leitch

Campbell,Murray Glenn,M,23 Feb 39,1,6,11 Feb; Waters, M.

Campbell,Nancy,D,2 Apr 36,1,5,80th year

Campbell,Nancy,D,9 Apr 36,5,1,

Campbell,Nancy,D,15 Dec 38,1,5,Turner

Campbell,Neil D., Mrs.,D,7 Nov 35,5,2,

Campbell,Oscar, Mrs.,D,1 Aug 35,5,2,

Campbell,Oscar, Mrs.,D,25 Jul 35,5,3,

Campbell,Peter R.,D,18 Jun 36,5,3,89th year

Campbell,Peter R.,D,25 Jun 36,4,2,

Campbell,R. D.,M,28 Sep 39,1,5,16 Sep; McNabb, M.

Campbell,Rosanna,D,9 Mar 39,5,3,Patterson

Campbell,Samuel E.,D,16 Jan 36,5,1,

Campbell,Samuel E.,D,9 Jan 36,4,2,

Campbell,Sarah,D,27 Jun 35,1,5,Patterson

Campbell,Sarah,W,15 Dec 38,9,2,McFarlane

Campbell,son of James,B,11 Jul 35,5,3,3 Jul

Campbell,son of Victor,B,4 May 39,5,4,24 Apr

Campbell,Spurgeon, Dr.,D,14 Feb 35,1,6,age 64

Campbell,Tena,W,11 Apr 35,1,5,Cameron

Campbell,William Howard,E,23 Nov 39,5,2,Frederick, Ruth

Campbell,Wm. Howard,M,14 Dec 39,8,2,Frederick, Ruth

Canfield,Hannah,D,25 Mar 37,5,3,85th year

Cantelon,A. E., Mrs.,D,21 Jan 37,5,3,

Cape,Edwin,D,27 Jul 39,5,1,

Cape,W. H.,A,7 Oct 37,7,2,50th

Cape,W. H.,A,14 Oct 37,5,1,50th

Carey,Leslie Walter,M,28 Dec 39,5,3,23 Dec; McColl, Edna

Carey,Leslie Walter,E,14 Dec 39,8,2,McColl, Edna

Carmichael,Anne,D,10 Mar 38,1,5,age 83

Carmichael,Archibald,M,15 Sep 38,1,1,3 Sep; Armstrong, D.

Carmichael,Dougal,M,29 Jun 39,5,1,17 Jun; Milner, Rena

Carmichael,Duncan,P,28 Apr 38,5,4,McNicol

Carmichael,Neil,D,16 Apr 36,4,2,age 85

Carmichael,Samuel,A,1 Apr 37,4,2,50th

Carnegie,John C.,D,23 Jan 36,4,2,age 58

Carpenter,Henry,D,25 Nov 37,5,1,

Carpenter,son of C. H.,B,29 Oct 36,5,3,22 Oct

Carr,Andrew Emerson,M,13 Jul 39,1,5,McCulley, Margaret

Carr,Minnie Olive,M,5 Mar 36,1,5,Moore, Monte

Carrie,George C.,D,12 Nov 36,1,6,

Carroll,David,P,26 Mar 36,5,3,McArthur

Carroll,George,D,28 May 36,1,5,79th year

Carroll,John David,B,7 Feb 35,4,2,2 Feb

Carroll,John David,D,24 Feb 38,1,5,

Carruth,Jane R.,D,13 May 37,5 ,3,Clark

Carruth,Margaret Jean,M,20 May 37,8,3,Humphries, Harold

Carson,Mary Christina,M,21 Nov 35,1,6,Leverington, Allan

Carswell,Dorothy Isabel,M,27 Jul 39,5,3,22 Jul; Attridge, W.

Carswell,J. A.,D,23 Dec 37,5,2,age 69

Carswell,LaVerne Marian,E,14 May 36,5,2,Lawson, Noel

Carswell,LaVerne Marion,M,4 Jun 36,5,3,23 May; Lawson, Noel

Carswell,Peter D.,D,13 Apr 39,5,3,67th year

Cartwright,William James,D,24 Oct 35,4,1,age 77

Cascadden,Annie May,W,25 Nov 37,5,1,Carpenter

Casey,Clara M.,M,29 Apr 37,1,6,26 Apr; Clarke, Robert

Casey,George,P,28 Jul 38,1,6,Briody

Casey,Margaret,D,30 Jul 36,1,5,

Cattanach,Daniel A.,D,18 Feb 37,4,1,

Caughell,Annie L.,D,8 Dec 38,1,1,age 76

Cavanagh,William,M,9 Jul 36,4,1,26 Jun; McFarlane, M.

Cave,William G.,D,17 Feb 38,5,2,

Cavers,Walter,A,1 Apr 37,1,4,16 Mar; 50th

Cavers,Walter,D,23 Feb 39,1,6,11 Feb; 77th year

Chalk,Anna G.,D,13 Jan 38,5,3,

Chapin,son of J.,B,27 Feb 36,5,1,13 Feb

Church,Emma,D,21 Apr 38,1,6,Templar

Chute,Charles Francis,M,24 Dec 36,8,2,McGaw, Clara

Clark,Anna Mae,M,2 May 35,4,2,Yapp, Wilfrid

Clark,Annie,D,28 Nov 35,4,1,

Clark,dau of Stanley,B,7 Jul38,1,4,5 Jul

Clark,Dugald, Mrs.,D,15 Apr 37,5,3,65th year

Clark,Dugald, Mrs.,D,22 Apr 37,5,1,

Clark,Edith Lillian,D,30 Mar 39,1,6,age 63

Clark,Ethel May,M,25 Jun 36,1,5,Ripley, Harold

Clark,Ethel Mary,E,11 Jun 36,5,2,Ripley, Harold

Clark,Fanny,W,9 Mar 39,4,2,Milton

Clark,George L., Mrs.,D,13 Jun 35,1,5,

Clark,Grace,D,12 Nov 36,5,3,83rd year

Clark,Harry,M,4 Apr 35,5,3,20 Mar; Love, Annie

Clark,Irene,D,26 Oct 39,5,2,infant dau of William

Clark,Jane R.,D,13 May 37,5,3,80th year

Clark,Jane,D,5 May 38,1,4,Roach

Clark,Margaret,D,30 Mar 39,1,6,14 Mar; 61st year

Clark,R. Alexander,M,14 Oct 37,5,2,2 Oct; Parrott, R.

Clark,Robert Bruce,E,7 Apr 38,5,2,Evans, Mildred

Clark,Samuel Edwin,D,4 Mar 37,5,2,84th year

Clark,son of Garfield,B,16 Dec 37,8,2,11 Dec

Clark,Stanley E.,M,24 Oct 35,5,2,19 Oct; McCallum, A.

Clark,Thomas,D,13 Jun 35,1,5,

Clark,Thomas F.,D,30 Sep 37,1,4,

Clark,Vera,M,16 Apr 36,1,6,10 Apr; Stocks, Cyril

Clark,William E.,D,9 Jan 36,4,2,81st year

Clark,William, Mrs.,D,30 May 35,4,2,84th year

Clark,William E.,E,16 Jan 36,5,1,

Clarke,Christina,D,12 Mar 36,5,2,McClung

Clarke,dau of Wallace,B,8 Oct 36,8,4,30 Sep

Clarke,Frances Eliz’th,E,8 Jun 39,5,3,Lunn, Herbert

Clarke,Irene,B,26 Oct 39,5,2,18 Oct

Clarke,Marg’t Christine,E,2 Apr 36,5,2,Brown, William

Clarke,Marg’t Christine,M,9 Apr 36,5,1,Brown, William

Clarke,Marguerite Bernice,M,22 Dec 38,6,2,Milton, Joseph

Clarke,Robert,M,29 Apr 37,1,6,26 Apr; Casey, Clara

Clarke,William E., Mrs.,D,20 May 37,8,2,

Cleave,John,M,30 Jan 36,5,2,Depew, Cassie

Clive,George,D,2 Jan 36,5,2,

Clow,Neil William,B,18 Jul 35,5,1,10 Jul

Clow,Wesley,D,29 Jul 37,5,2,age 71

Clunas,Donald James,B,24 Jan 35,5,3,17 Jan

Clutton,Samuel S.,D,11 Feb 37,1,4,age 97

Coad,George Russell,M,1 Jun 39,1,4,Hardy, Mae

Coad,George,A,10 Nov 38,1,5,1 Nov; 50th

Coad,John L.,D,27 Feb 36,8,3,age 71

Coad,Marg’t Catherine,M,30 Nov 39,8,2,Johnston, William

Coad,Mary Elizabeth,M,28 Feb 35,1,5,Urquhart, Clarence

Coakley,Charles Harvey,M,20 Jan 38,1,4,McCallum, Bessie

Coakley,Charles Harvey,E,16 Dec 37,8,2,McCallum, Bessie

Coakley,son of Charles,B,1 Dec 38,8,4,25 Nov

Coates,Harold,D,17 Jun37,4,2,

Coates,son of John,B,16 Jan 36,5,2,30 Dec 1935

Cobban,Rebecca,BD,6 May 37,5,3,91st

Cobban,Rebecca,D,2 Mar 39,1,5,age 92

Cobban,Rebecca,D,9 Mar 39,5,1,

Cochrane,John G., Mrs.,D,25 Jul 35,5,2,87th year

Coleman,Henry Jerome,M,2 Nov 39,5,2,Lynch, Agnes

Collard,George,A,11 Jul 35,1,5,50th

Collard,Leta,M,2 Dec 37,4,2,24 Nov; Sim, Walter

Collard,Ronald,D,11 May 39,5,2,infant son of Virgil

Colley,Charles,D,18 Jul 35,1,5,86th year

Collins,Frank,D,8 Oct 36,5,3,age 76

Collins,Frank, Mrs.,D,8 Oct 36,5,3,age 70

Collins,Mary,D,13 Jan 38,5,3,age 82

Congdon,Albert Duncan,M,18 Aug 38,1,6,Beecroft, Gertrude

Congdon,Dorothy,P,20 May37,1,6,Dennis

Congdon,Hazel Kathleen,M,18 Apr 35,5,3,13 Apr; Barnum, John

Congdon,Kathleen Marg’t,E,26 May 38,5,2,Besterd, Chester

Conley,Albert P.,D,12 Mar 36,5,3,

Conley,James Charles,D,1 Jun 39,8,2,

Constant,Violet,M,22 Dec 38,9,4,Alderton, Charles

Conway,son of Wilfred,B,16 Dec 37,8,2,10 Dec

Cook,Ivy,W,16 May 35,4,2,Cameron

Cook,Lyle Leonard,M,14 Jul 37,5,2,Lewis, Jean

Cook,Richard,M,16 Jun 38,1,5,Flannery, Edith

Cook,Richard,E,2 Jun 38,5,2,Flannery, Edith

Cooper,Florence May,M,25 Nov 37,5,2,20 Nov; McCallum, C.

Cooper,Harry Hall,M,5 Jan 39,1,6,Pollock, Dorothy

Cooper,Harry Hall,E,22 Dec 38,6,2,Pollock, Dorothy

Cooper,Lillian,M,29 Oct 36,5,3,Macdonald, Urban

Cornell,William, Mrs.,D,30 Apr 36,5,2,

Coulthard,Jane,D,12 Nov 36,5,3,McMillan

Coulthard,Jane,D,10 Dec 36,9,3,21 Nov; age 82

Courtis,Ellen Alfreda,M,23 May 35,5,3,Fillmore, George

Cousins,John S.,D,30 Sep 37,1,4,age 79

Crane,B. R.,D,29 Oct 36,5,2,

Crane,Benjamin R.,BD,16 Apr 36,5,2,80th

Crane,Benjamin R.,D,22 Oct 36,5,3,81st year

Crane,Emily,D,23 Mar 39,1,5,

Crane,John,D,3 Sep 36,5,2,

Cranston,Barbara,D,16 May 35,1,6,

Craven,Gerald Cameron,M,28 Jul 38,5,3,Howard, Phyllis

Craven,Gerald Cameron,E,7 Jul 38,5,2,21 Jul; Howard, Phyllis

Crawford,Agnes,A,3 Nov 38,1,6,McCallum

Crawford,Daniel A.,D,7 Jan 37,5,1,22 Dec 1936; 76th year

Crawford,Donald,D,19 Mar 36,5,1,age 88

Crawford,Duncan,D,13 Apr 39,5,3,66th year

Crawford,Duncan,D,20 Apr 39,5,2,

Crawford,Elizabeth,D,2 Dec 37,5,3,93rd year

Crawford,Elizabeth,D,9 Dec 37,1,5,30 Nov

Crawford,Jessie,D,7 Sep 39,5,3,Blue

Crawford,John,D,19 Aug 37,5,2,85th year

Creagh,Mary Ferguson,M,23 May 35,5,3,Bagnall, Clarence

Croft,Paul Stanley,M,1 Aug 35,8,6,Silcox, Maude

Cross,Elizabeth,D,22 Oct 36,5,3,89th year

Crossett,Charles Vernon,D,12 Sep 35,4,2,age 30

Crosson,R. C.,D,27 Aug 36,5,2,

Crosson,R. C.,D,3 Sep 36,5,1,

Crothers,Mary Ellen,D,3 Nov 38,4,3,

Cryderman,Edith,E,8 Apr 37,5,2,Jewell, Cecil

Cryderman,Edith R.,M,22 Apr 37,1,6,10 Apr; Jewell, Earl

Cryderman,Jackson Robert,M,10 Aug 39,5,3,Dow, Evelyn

Cryster,Mary Ellen,M,27 Jun 35,6,2,Wauthier, Leo

Culver,Amy Margaret,M,18 Jul 35,5,2,MacGregor, Ivan

Culver,Amy,E,27 Jun 35,7,2,MacGregor, Iva

Cunningham,James W., Dr.,D,5 Sep 35,4,1,

Cunningham,Margaret,P,23 Apr 36,5,2,McKellar

Cupples,Richard,D,27 Jul 39,1,5,

Currie,Arch,D,11 May 39,1,4,age 77

Currie,Dugald, Rev.,D,28 Nov 35,1,4,age 84

Currie,Ella,D,17 Nov 38,1,4,Walker

Currie,George Hugh,D,15 Jul 37,4,3,4 Jul; age 68

Currie,Georgina,W,3 Mar 38,1,4,Willson

Currie,Mary,D,2 Mar 39,5,1,age 82

Currie,Mary,D,9 Mar 39,4,2,Stalker

Curtis,C. J.,D,18 Feb 37,5,2,

Curtis,Clarence J.,D,11 Feb 37,5,1,

Curtis,Mildred Gladys,M,23 Apr 36,5,1,Haggith, A. J.

Dadson,Helen Marguerite,M,26 Oct 39,5,2,Jones, Lawrence

Dahl,nee,D,28 Jan 37,4,3,Mitton

Dalton,Frank,D,5 Jan 39,1,5,

Darrach,Angus,D,19 Dec 35,9,2,

Davenport,Rose,M,2 May 35,8,6,Watterworth, Neil

Davidson,Margaret, Mrs.,M,6 Feb 36,4,2,McNichol, Malcolm

Davis,Nancy Jane,D,9 May 35,4,1,Whalls

Davy,Florence Sydney May,M,19 Aug 37,5,2,Lamb, John

Davy,Gladys Irene,M,5 Oct 39,8,4,26 Sep; Graham, S.

Davy,Gladys Irene,E,7 Sep 39,5,2,Graham, Stuart

Dawdy,Austin,D,8 Sep 38,1,6,29 Aug; age 69

Dawdy,Christopher Elmer,E,8 Sep 38,5,3,Paton, Barbara

Dawdy,Christopher Elmer,M,15 Sep 38,5,1,Paton, Barbara

Dawdy,Claude Hartley,M,18 Apr 35,5,3,11 Apr; Simpson, M.

Deacon,Margaret,D,24 Feb 38,4,1,

Dean,J. A.,D,20 Apr 39,5,2,age 51

DeCew,John L.,P,11 Jun 36,1,5,McDougall

Decow,Daniel,D,16 May 35,5,2,81st year

Deighton,Philip,D,11 Feb 37,1,6,5 Feb; age 5

Delaney,James Miles,D,12 May 38,1,5,68th year

Delaney,Phoebe Jane,D,16 Feb 39,1,5,Ford

Dell,Alma Ferne,E,1 Sep 38,5,3,Andrews, Albert

Dell,Edna Mae,E,18 Jun 36,5,2,Burns, Cliford

Dell,Harold Nelson,E,4 Jun 36,4,2,Mann, Margaret

Dell,Harold Nelson,M,25 Jun 36,1,5,10 Jun; Mann, Marg’t

Denholm,Norman John,E,25 May 39,5,2,17 Jun; Galbraith, C.

Denholm,Norman John,M,22 Jun 39,5,2,Galbraith, Catherine

Dennis,Margaret Ethel,M,6 Jul 39,5,3,Huston, William

Dennis,Margaret Ethel,E,29 Jun 39,5,2,Huston, William

Dennis,son of Harold,B,20 May 37,1,6,10 May

Dent,John,D,29 Dec 38,5,2,19 Dec; age 73

Dent,Joseph,D,6 May 37,1,6,74th year

Depew,Cassie,M,30 Jan 36,5,2,Cleave, John

Dewar,Katherine,D,2 Feb 39,1,5,McGugan

Dewdney,Albert Jervis,E,1 Sep 38,5,3,17 Sep; Sifton, Marg’t

Dewdney,Albert Jervois,M,22 Sep 38,5,3,Sifton, Margaret

Dewsnap,Richard B.,M,14 Jan 37,5,3,Kearns, Mary

Dicker,Thomas,D,6 Feb 36,5,2,

Doan,Ellen J.,D,10 Jun 37,4,2,80th year

Doan,George,D,20 May 37,3,4,age 87

Dobie,D. A.,A,24 Mar 38,5,2,25th

Dobie,Duncan A., Dr.,D,9 Nov 39,5,3,23 Oct; 81st year

Dobie,Flora,W,20 May 37,11,4,Graham

Dobie,George, Mrs.,D,30 Jan 36,1,5,

Dobie,Joseph,BD,13 Feb 36,5,3,86th

Dobie,Mary,D,9 Apr 36,1,5,91st year

Dobson,Bandeena Eliz’th,M,15 Sep 38,1,1,McGill, Duncan

Dobson,Rose,D,13 Feb 36,5,2,age 76

Docker,Anna Frances,D,30 Nov 39,5,2,65th year

Dodd,George A.,M,22 Sep 38,5,3,Evans, Jean

Donaghy,Marian Jane,M,26 Sep 35,5,2,14 Sep; Fillmore, H.

Doolittle,Hester M.,D,16 Jul 36,1,5,age 83

Doub,Ruby,M,6 Jul 39,4,1,Nickleson, Carman

Dow,Evelyn Dorathe,M,10 Aug 39,5,3,Cryderman, Jackson

Dow,J. M.,E,20 Oct 38,5,2,Taylor, Maudie

Dow,Jack March,M,24 Nov 38,5,1,Taylor, Maudie

Dow,John R.,D,27 May 37,5,1,age 68

Dow,Judith Anne,B,2 Nov 39,5,1,30 Oct

Downs,Walter,M,12 Aug 37,4,1,Parker, Clara

Drake,Clarence, Dr.,D,6 Jun 35,5,2,65th year

Drake,F. W., Mrs.,D,3 Sep 36,1,4,

Dubber,Leonard,E,11 Jun 36,5,2,McLandress, Velma

Duckworth,Evelyn,E,3 Sep 36,5,2,26 Sep; Ford, Donald

Duckworth,Evelyn,M,1 Oct 36,1,5,Ford, Donald

Duddy,James, Mrs.,D,4 Jun 36,4,2,

Duddy,James,D,4 Jun 36,4,2,

Dulong,John Francis,M,8 Jul 37,1,5,Lynch, Margaret

Duncan,dau of Malcolm,B,9 Jun 38,5,3,5 Jun

Duncan,Jessie,M,9 Sep 37,1,6,Rayner, Kenneth

Duncan,John W.,D,26 Nov 36,8,5,65th year

Duncanson,Agnes,W,16 Apr 36,5,2,Palmer

Duncanson,Agnes E.,D,25 Jul 35,5,3,Palmer

Duncanson,Alex J.,A,4 May 39,5,1,25th

Duncanson,Annie Jean,E,5 Sep 35,5,2,21 Sep; Cameron, J.

Duncanson,Annie Jean,M,26 Sep 35,5,2,Cameron, John

Duncanson,Duncan,D,2 Feb 39,1,5,31 Dec 1938

Duncanson,Kenneth Donald,M,26 Oct 39,1,5,Hagerty, Mable

Duncanson,Kenneth,E,28 Sep 39,5,2,Hagerty, Mabel

Duncanson,Maggie,W,10 Feb 38,1,4,McLellan

Dundas,Harold Arthur,E,17 Dec 36,9,2,Milligan, Ada

Dundas,Harold Arthur,M,24 Dec 36,1,5,12 Dec; Milligan, Ada

Dundas,Harvey,M,14 Jan 37,5,3,Munro, Alma

Dunlop,Charles,D,6 Aug 36,4,2,

Dunn,Reta Emily,E,9 Sep 37,7,2,25 Sep; Baird, Kenneth

Early,Sarah,D,16 Feb 39,5,3,85th year

Easter,Margaret Jean,M,4 May 39,1,5,29 Apr; Huston, A.

Eaton,Charles,D,19 May 38,8,3,

Eaton,Margaret,D,4 Jul 35,5,3,Campbell

Eby,S. A., Mrs.,D,12 Nov 36,1,6,

Ecker,Samuel, Mrs.,D,23 Apr 36,5,3,67th year

Ecker,Samuel,A,30 May 35,5,2,23 May; 50th

Eddie,James Prentiss,D,17 Feb 38,4,2,age 50

Eddie,Robert,A,1 Jun 39,4,3,60th

Edmonds,Martha,D,12 May 38,1,5,Anderson

Edmonds,Richard,A,17 Dec 36,1,1,50th

Eikre,Gladys Caroline,M,12 Mar 36,5,4,Lowry, William

Elder,Anna Kathleen,E,16 Jun 38,5,2,Moore, Norman

Elder,Anna Catherine,M,7 Jul 38,4,2,Moore, Norman

Elijah,Daniel,D,28 Feb 35,1,6,age 48

Elliott,John Kerr,M,8 Oct 36,5,3,Tancock, Emilie

Elliott,John Kerr,E,17 Sep 36,5,2,Tancock, Emilie

Elmore,Edward,D,12 Aug 37,1,4,

Else,F. T.,D,7 Oct 37,10,2,age 89

Elsom,Charles,M,26 May 38,5,2,Winch, Muriel

Elson,Susan M.,D,3 Sep 36,5,2,80th year

Engeland,John Ross,E,27 Jul 39,5,2,MacCallum, Hazel

Engeland,John R.,M,7 Sep 39,1,4,25 Aug; MacCallum, H

Engelhart,Susie,D,28 Jan 37,4,2,

Englehart,son of Ed,B,6 Jul 39,1,1,29 Jun

Epplett,Fanny,D,30 Apr 36,4,2,Hodder

Erskine,James,P,12 Aug 37,1,5,

Essey,Mary Jane,D,10 Nov 38,5,3,Harrigan

Evans,Alfred E.,D,30 Jul 36,5,2,age 67

Evans,Jean,M,22 Sep 38,5,3,Dodd, George A.

Evans,Mary,D,13 Jun 35,8,3,age 80

Evans,Mildred,E,7 Apr 38,5,2,Clark, Robert

Everts,Neil,M,2 Jul 36,5,2,McGugan, Annie

Fahner,Gottlieb,D,30 Dec 37,1,6,age 92

Farrow,Agnes,D,3 Jun 37,5,3,86th year

Farrow,Agnes,D,10 Jun 37,1,5,

Farrow,Royden Alfred,M,23 Sep 37,1,6,Kimmerly, Irma

Fawcett,Harold,M,17 Aug 39,8,5,Torry, Helen

Feltcher,Walter,D,14 Feb 35,1,5,

Fennel,George,D,13 Jun 35,5,3,age 33

Fennell,Wesley Atfield,M,14 Jan 37,5,3,26 Dec 36; Sutton, H.

Ferguson,C. Wilfrid,E,24 Nov 38,5,3,Vair, Marion

Ferguson,C. Wilfred,M,1 Dec 38,5,1,24 Nov; Vair, Marion

Ferguson,Cora M.,W,25 May 39,5,3,Ross

Ferguson,David H.,D,13 May 37,5,3,82nd year

Ferguson,Duncan C., Mrs.,D,24 Jan 35,5,3,age 70

Ferguson,Elizabeth,P,3 Sep 36,5,2,Campbell

Ferguson,Ethel,W,14 Feb 35,1,6,Campbell

Ferguson,Jack L.,M,23 Jan 36,1,1,Bogart, Helena

Ferguson,John,A,18 Feb 37,8,5,50th

Ferguson,Mary,D,2 Jun 38,1,5,Baldwin

Ferguson,Sarah Jane,W,15 Jul 37,1,4,McKillop

Fetter,Frederick,E,16 Nov 39,5,2,Page, Mary

Field,Clayton James,M,27 Aug 36,5,2,McCracken, Madelon

Fillmore,Cecil E.,D,8 Dec 38,9,3,age 83

Fillmore,Edward, Mrs.,D,24 Feb 38,5,1,

Fillmore,Edward, Mrs.,D,3 Mar 38,1,6,

Fillmore,Edward,D,19 Jan 39,1,5,73rd year

Fillmore,Edward,D,26 Jan 39,1,4,

Fillmore,George Gordon,M,23 May 35,5,3,Courtis, Ellen

Fillmore,Harold,M,26 Sep 35,5,2,14 Sep; Dongahy, M.

Fillmore,Lita Pearl,M,8 Dec 38,1,5,26 Nov; Henry, B.

Fillmore,Margaret M.,M,13 Apr 39,1,6,Graham, Gordon

Fillmore,Margaret Martha,E,23 Mar 39,5,2,Graham, Gordon

Fillmore,Martha Ann,D,17 Sep 36,5,1,age 76

Fillmore,Ray N.,M,23 Mar 39,5,2,Jolley, Lucille

Fillmore,Sarah,D,2 Mar 39,1,5,Humphries

Fillmore,son of Charles,B,9 Jan 36,5,1,4 Jan

Finlayson,Alex, Mrs.,BD,23 Feb 39,5,1,88th

Finlayson,C. A., Miss,D,1 Jun 39,5,3,

Finlayson,Charlotte Ann,D,25 May 39,5,3,85th year

Finlayson,Dan,D,10 Jan 35,5,3,age 86

Fisher,Francis,M,7 Nov 35,5,3,Westcott, Lucille

Fisher,Frederick J.,M,15 Dec 38,1,4,10 Dec; McFarlane, H.

Fitchitt,Edith,D,27 Jul 39,5,3,Patterson

Fitchitt,Edward,D,24 Nov 38,1,5,14 Nov; age 61

Flannery,Edith Joan,E,2 Jun 38,5,2,Cook, Richard

Flannery,Edith,M,16 Jun 38,1,5,Cook, Richard

Flegg,Albert,D,6 Aug 36,4,3,

Fletcher,Alfred,D,16 Jul 36,1,5,age 58

Fletcher,Barbara,D,21 May 36,4,1,85th year

Fletcher,Donald C.,D,22 Sep 38,4,1,age 73

Fletcher,Eleanor Mae,M,21 Nov 35,4,1,9 Nov; Lippert, Lloyd

Fletcher,Hugh,P,9 Jul 36,1,4,MacAlpine

Fletcher,James W.,D,25 Jun 36,5,2,

Fletcher,Jane,D,3 Aug 39,5,3,Ronson

Fletcher,Jessie,D,10 Feb 38,5,2,Little

Fletcher,Walter,D,7 Feb 35,5,3,age 89

Fletcher,William,P,2 Mar 39,1,5,Lumley

Flum,Gordon,M,2 Jan 36,5,1,Howard, Rose

Flum,Jacqueline Anne,B,5 Jan 39,5,2,28 Dec

Flum,John William,E,20 Jan 38,5,2,Handy, Thelma

Flum,John William,M,10 Feb 38,1,5,5 Feb; Handy, Thelma

Foote,William,D,28 Feb 35,4,1,age 58

Forbes,Mary,D,2 Mar 39,5,1,Currie

Ford,Charles, Mrs.,D,29 Apr 37,5,3,

Ford,Clarence,M,27 Apr 39,1,4,Mott, Audrey

Ford,Donald William,M,1 Oct 36,1,5,Duckworth, Evelyn

Ford,Donald William,E,3 Sep 36,5,2,26 Sep; Duckworth, E.

Ford,Dorothy Madeline,B,21 Sep 39,5,4,6 Sep

Ford,Elaine Mildred,M,5 Oct 39,5,2,Purdy, Walter

Ford,Eliza A.,D,15 Oct 36,5,3,McKillop

Ford,Elmer, Mrs.,D,16 Feb 39,1,5,71st year

Ford,Emma,D,11 May 39,1,5,Murphy

Ford,Gertrude M.,E,10 Jun 37,5,2,Small, George

Ford,Gertrude,M,8 Jul 37,4,2,19 Jun; Small, George

Ford,Jennie,D,2 Apr 36,1,5,

Ford,Louis,M,23 May 35,5,3,Humphries, Mary

Ford,Mac,M,14 Jul 38,5,2,Wilson, Florence

Ford,Mac,E,7 Jul 38,5,2,Wilson, Florence

Ford,Margaret,D,14 May 36,1,5,Barr

Ford,Mary,A,3 Oct 35,5,3,Lacey

Ford,Mary,D,20 Jan 38,1,6,Lacey

Ford,Minnie Adeline,E,28 Oct 37,5,2,Shoemaker, Norman

Ford,Minnie Adeline,M,18 Nov 37,5,2,Shoemaker, Norman

Ford,Sadie Elizabeth,D,23 Dec 37,5,2,Lodge

Ford,Stella Marguerite,M,2 Sep 37,9,2,McIntyre, Albert

Ford,Thomas G.,D,24 Sep 36,4,2,

Ford,Thomas G.,D,17 Sep 36,5,1,77th year

Fordham,Harry, Mrs.,D,18 Mar 37,5,3,

Forman,Campbell St. Clair,M,9 Mar 39,4,1,Murray, Margaret

Forsythe,Vera Evelyn,M,18 Feb 37,8,5,Sim, Donald

Fortner,Ida Bell,D,7 Dec 39,12,1,

Foster,James,D,25 Feb 37,1,4,age 88

Fowler,Edith,D,5 Mar 35,4,2,McNeill

Fowler,Robert E.,E,5 Mar 35,5,2,Berdan, Margaret

Fowler,Robert Edward,M,21 Mar 35,5,1,Berdan, Margaret

Fowler,Thornton, Mrs.,D,4 Jul 35,5,3,

Fox,Lloyd W.,M,7 Nov 35,5,3,29 Oct; Willsie, Edna

Fox,Lloyd W.,E,31 Oct 35,5,2,Willsie, Edna

Frank,Christena,M,28 Sep 39,1,6,Jolliffe, Leslie

Frank,Christina,D,12 Mar 36,1,6,Campbell

Frank,John,D,5 Dec 35,12,1,

Frank,John,D,22 Oct 36,1,6,age 85

Fraser,Minvera,P,11 Jun 36,1,5,McDougall

Fraser,William,D,22 Oct 36,5,3,84th year

Fraser,William H.,D,29 Dec 38,4,2,25 Dec; age 51

Frederick,Ruth Elizabeth,M,14 Dec 39,8,2,Campbell, William

Frederick,Ruth Elizabeth,E,23 Nov 39,5,2,Campbell, William

French,James,D,17 Oct 35,5,1,74th year

French,Mary Jane,D,24 Nov 38,1,5,McAlister

Froggatt,John,D,9 Mar 39,4,2,age 84

Froggett,John, Mrs.,D,4 Jun 36,1,5,age 70

Fuke,Grace,D,8 Apr 37,5,3,age 96

Futcher,Thomas B., Dr.,D,3 Mar 38,1,5,age 67

Gage,Oscar J.,D,18 Apr 35,5,2,73rd year

Gainsbeck,Peter,D,28 May 36,5,3,80th year

Galbraith,Catherine,E,25 May 39,5,2,17 Jun; Denholm, N.

Galbraith,Catherine,M,22 Jun 39,5,2,Denholm, Norman

Galbraith,John A.,D,3 Oct 35,1,6,70th year

Galbraith,John Kenneth,M,23 Sep 37,1,6,Atwater, Catherine

Galbraith,Mary,A,10 Oct 35,6,3,Olde

Galbraith,W. A.,D,27 Jan 38,1,5,

Galbraith,W. Archibald,D,20 Jan 38,1,5,69th year

Gale,Edgar Thomas,M,16 Sep 37,1,6,7 Sep; Gates, Clara

Gallagher,Patrick,D,20 May 37,3,4,

Gallop,Ernest,M,12 May 38,5,3,Richardson, Gladys

Garbutt,Beulah Mary,M,10 Jan 35,5,2,Black, James R.

Gardiner,Annie Louise,M,24 Sep 36,8,2,12 Sep; Zoller, W.

Gardiner,James Christopher,D,6 Jan 38,5,4,75th year

Gardiner,Kenneth Eugene,B,20 Aug 36,5,6,14 Aug

Garfat,Beatrice Ethel,E,3 Nov 38,5,2,19 Nov; Watson, B.

Garfat,Beatrice Ethel,M,24 Nov 38,5,1,Watson, Bruce

Garfat,William J.,M,1 Oct 36,1,5,Brown, Ada

Garlick,nee,D,8 Sep 38,4,3,Starks

Garrow,Margaret,D,6 Aug 36,5,2,

Gates,Clara Irene,M,16 Sep 37,1,6,7 Sep; Gale, Edgar

Gaudion,Betty Gladys,E,17 Feb 38,5,2,McKillop, Archibald

Gaudion,Betty Gladys,M,3 Mar 38,1,6,19 Feb; McKillop, A.

Gauthier,Lumina,D,19 Oct 39,5,1,age 83

Gervis,son of Jack,B,20 Jul 39,5,3,6 Jul

Giddy,Audrey,M,17 Nov 38,1,6,12 Nov; Tobin, Wm.

Gilbert,Fannie Ilene,M,17 Feb 38,1,5,5 Feb; Orchard, Sydney

Gilbert,J. Walter,D,11 Mar 37,1,5,86th year

Gilbert,Norma,D,30 May 35,4,2,Gloin

Gilbert,Pearl,M,24 Mar 38,5,1,Hathaway, Morley

Gilbert,Pearl Harriet,E,24 Feb 38,5,2,Hathaway, Morley

Gilbert,Richard,D,19 May 38,1,5,74th year

Gilbert,William G.,D,31 Mar 38,5,2,age 37

Gilbert,William G.,D,31 Mar 38,1,5,

Gilchrist,Betsy,D,4 May 39,5,1,age 93

Gilchrist,Betsy,D,11 May 39,5,2,age 93

Gilchrist,Elizabeth,M,25 Jul 35,1,5,Pollock, John

Gilchrist,Mary Belle,D,2 Feb 39,1,5,Jamieson

Gilchrist,Neil,D,15 Apr 37,5,3,70th year

Giles,Herbert,M,2 Dec 37,5,2,Reybrock, Martina

Giles,Lillian May,M,5 Dec 35,9,3,20 Nov; MacColl, A.

Giles,Phyllis Annie,M,5 Nov 36,5,4,Tuckey, Claude

Gilhula,James R.,D,28 May 36,5,2,

Gillies,Angus D.,D,9 Sep 37,12,3,75th year

Gillies,Colin, Mrs.,D,12 Dec 35,1,4,age 76

Gillies,John,D,2 Jan 36,5,3,13 Dec 35; 72nd year

Gillies,Peter,D,12 Jan 39,5,1,

Gillies,Peter,D,5 Jan 39,4,2,age 70

Gillies,Sarah,D,11 Aug 38,1,5,Kerr

Gillis,Catherine,P,23 Apr 36,5,3,McGugan

Gillis,Jessie,D,30 Dec 37,5,3,

Gilmore,Samuel, Mrs.,D,14 Apr 38,5,3,age 69

Glance,C. H., Mrs.,D,3 Sep 36,1,4,age 75

Glasgow,Charles W.,D,4 Apr 35,5,4,

Glasgow,Walter S.,BD,4 Mar 37,5,1,88th

Glass,Joseph A.,D,3 Jun 37,5,3,

Gliddon,John,D,21 Jan 37,4,1,age 80

Gliddon,Rupert, Dr.,D,12 Dec 35,5,1,

Gloin,H. L., Mrs.,D,30 May 35,4,2,23 May

Goodwin,Alfred B.,D,16 Sep 37,1,4,age 76

Gordier,Albert,A,3 Jan 35,1,6,59th

Gordier,Albert,A,5 Dec 35,9,2,60th

Gordon,Alexander C.,D,16 May 35,4,2,77th year

Gordon,George, Dr.,D,10 Jun 37,4,1, age 82

Gordon,George, Mrs.,D,25 Mar 37,8,4,age 83

Gordon,Gladys Mae,M,7 Sep 39,1,4,26 Aug; Nicholas, O.

Gormstead,Isabella,M,4 Aug 38,5,3,8 Jul; Smith, Leslie

Gott,Phyllis Marie,M,9 May 35,5,1,Lowther, James H.

Gow,Duncan, Dr.,D,20 Jan 38,1,6,age 78

Gow,Mary,P,9 May 35,5,1,Mason

Gow,William A.,D,14 Dec 39,8,3,85th year

Gow,William,D,21 Dec 39,5,3,

Gowan,Harold George,E,22 Oct 36,5,2,Squire, Margaret

Gowan,Harold George,M,29 Oct 36,5,3,Squire, Margaret

Gowan,son of Harold,B,22 Jul 37,4,3,19 Jul

Gowanlock,Edward,E,11 Nov 37,5,2,Wilson, Ellen

Gowanlock,Flora,D,14 Mar 35,5,1,91st year

Graham,Arch G.,D,4 Apr 35,5,2,17 Mar; age 64

Graham,Catherine,D,11 Apr 35,5,2,age 86

Graham,Christie,W,23 Jul 36,4,2,McDonald

Graham,Daniel A.,D,20 May 37,11,4,age 73

Graham,Donald L.,D,9 Jan 36,1,6,94th year

Graham,Duncan, Mrs.,D,4 Apr 35,5,3,74th year

Graham,Duncan,D,16 Dec 37,8,2,87th year

Graham,Duncan,A,5 Jan 39,5,1,50th

Graham,Eliza,D,8 Dec 38,9,3,81st year

Graham,Gordon Duncan,E,23 Mar 39,5,2,Fillmore, Margaret

Graham,Gordon D.,M,13 Apr 39,1,6,Fillmore, Margaret

Graham,Isabella,D,30 Mar 39,5,2,Campbell

Graham,Jack,M,27 May 37,1,5,12 May; Stewart, R.

Graham,John N.,D,28 Feb 35,1,5,

Graham,John N.,D,5 Mar 35,5,1,

Graham ,Mabel Christina,D,17 Mar 38,4,2,Bobier

Graham,Malcolm, Mrs.,D,9 Apr 36,1,5,78th year

Graham,Marg’t Katharine,M,14 Sep 39,5,2,Kersey, Kenneth

Graham,Margaret,D,16 May 35,4,2,

Graham,Mary Mortimer,D,9 Jul 36,1,4,74th year

Graham,Mary,D,29 Apr 37,1,5,age 81

Graham,R. M., Mrs.,D,23 Dec 37,8,1,

Graham,Ralph W.,M,13 Jul 39,1,5,6 Jul; Busby, Florence

Graham,Sarah,D,12 Jan 39,4,2,McArthur

Graham,son of J. C.,B,20 Aug 36,5,6,

Graham,Stuart D.,M,5 Oct 39,8,4,26 Sep; Davy, Gladys

Graham,Stuart D.,E,7 Sep 39,5,2,Davy, Gladys

Graham,Wilfred,D,18 Feb 37,5,3,26th year

Grant,Neil, Mrs.,D,16 Dec 37,1,6,age 79

Gray,Durward B.,M,31 Dec 36,5,2,McCaffery, Elizabeth

Gray,John, Mrs.,D,18 Feb 37,8,5,age83

Green,Ada,W,28 May 36,5,3,Keillor

Green,Dora,W,26 Jan 39,1,6,Page

Green,Dora,W,19 Jan 39,5,1,Page

Green,Finlay Stuart,M,12 Aug 37,1,6,7 Aug; Hosking, Ida

Green,William, Mrs.,D,13 May 37,5,2,73rd year

Greene,Neiletta Marie,B,6 May 37,5,3,14 Apr

Greenway,Elizabeth,D,6 May 37,1,5,72nd year

Greer,A. B.,D,7 May 36,10,3,

Griffith,Thomas M.,D,23 Jan 36,5,2,

Grigg,Edward,D,16 Jun 38,4,2,age 93

Grimmett,Joseph,D,11 Jun 36,5,1,

Grisdale,Charles W.,D,7 Jan 37,1,4,age 90

Griswold,Philip A.,D,13 Apr 39,1,6,

Grosebeck,Stanley,D,5 Dec 35,9,2,33rd year

Guest,Richard,D,22 Aug 35,1,5,age 78

Guest,Richard, Mrs.,D,22 Aug 35,1,5,age 77

Gunn,Belle K.,D,2 Feb 39,1,5,

Gunn,Elizabeth B. ,P,17 Mar 38,4,2,Bobier

Gunning,Ruby Evelyn,M,11 Feb 37,1,5,Sharpe, Jabez

Guyatt,Margaret,D,3 Feb 38,5,2,McDonald

Guyitt,Margaret,M,24 Oct 35,5,2,McDonald, Gordon

Hagerty,Evelyn Olive,E,26 May 38,5,2,Kilbourne, Milton

Hagerty,Mabel Lillian,E,28 Sep 39,5,2,Duncanson, Kenneth

Hagerty,Mable Lillian,M,26 Oct 39,1,5,Duncanson, Kenneth

Haggith,A. J.,M,23 Apr 36,5,1,Curtis, Mildred

Haggith,Barbara Ann,D,27 Oct 38,5,2,age 2

Haines,John,D,20 Aug 36,5,5,73rd year

Hales,Hebert Edgar,M,12 May 38,5,3,Huston, Florence

Hales,Herbert Edgar,E,21 Apr 38,5,2,Huston, Florence

Hales,son of Ed,B,28 Dec 39,5,1,23 Dec

Halpin,John,P,17 Sep 36,5,2,Bint

Halpin,Margaret,D,13 Apr 39,5,2,

Hamilton,Arthur L.,D,21 Nov 35,5,3,age 70

Hamilton,Henry,D,11 Mar 37,1,5,age 83

Hamilton,James,D,2 Dec 37,5,3,49th year

Hamilton,James,D,9 Dec 37,1,5,

Hamilton,Leslie,A,1 Oct 36,5,1,54th

Hamilton,Leslie,A,30 Sep 37,9,1,55th

Handy,Thelma Maxine,E,20 Jan 38,5,2,Flum, John

Handy,Thelma Maxine,M,10 Feb 38,1,5,5 Feb; Flum, John

Handy,Thelma M.,P,5 Jan 39,5,2,Flum

Hannigan,William,D,16 Jul 36,5,3,age 68

Hardy,John,D,3 Mar 38,1,6,age 73

Hardy,Mae,M,1 Jun 39,1,4,Coad, George

Harley,Marg’t Eleanor,M,14 May 36,4,1,Smith, Oscar

Harnett,infant son,D,25 Mar 37,5,1,age 14 months

Harnett,Robert Richard,D,1 Apr 37,5,2,

Harnett,son,B,11 Aug 38,5,1,5 Aug

Harrigan,Mary Jane,D,10 Nov 38,5,3,69th year

Harrington,Eugenia J.,E,12 Dec 35,5,2,Betts, Sidney

Harrington,Eugenia Josephine,M,19 Dec 35,9,2,Betts, Sidney

Harris,William, Mrs.,D,10 Jun 37,5,4,age 74

Hart,Samuel,D,11 Jun 36,1,6,age 75

Harvey,Charles,M,22 Dec 38,9,4,Skinner, Hazel

Harvey,Elizabeth,P,30 Apr 36,4,2,Hodder

Harvey,Isabelle,W,28 Feb 35,1,5,Sloan

Harvey,Philip,D,15 Sep 38,1,1,

Hatch,Hannah,D,13 May 37,8,5,83rd year

Hathaway,dau of Marvin,B,11 Aug 38,5,1,8 Aug

Hathaway,Electa,D,19 Nov 36,5,3,age 77

Hathaway,Marvin Albert,E,19 Sep 35,5,2,Hilliker, Ila Leta

Hathaway,Marvin Leslie,D,28 Jan 37,5,2,infant son of Marvin

Hathaway,Marvin Leslie,D,4 Feb 37,4,3,

Hathaway,Morley James,E,24 Feb 38,5,2,Gilbert, Pearl

Hathaway,Morley,M,24 Mar 38,5,1,Gilbert, Pearl

Hathaway,Samuel Robert,M,23 Apr 36,5,1,Tanner, Ida Mae

Hathaway,William,D,9 Jan 36,4,2,

Hauser,Flora,D,9 Sep 37,1,5,Kriter

Haviland,Paul Case,M,29 Jun 39,5,1,McDougall, Catherine

Hawkins,Mary Audrey,E,22 Sep 38,5,2,McLean, Roy

Hawkins,Mary Audrey,M,29 Sep 38,4,2,McLean, Roy

Hayes,Velma A. C.,M,5 Dec 35,9,3,20 Nov; Huff, Charles

Hayter,John,A,7 Nov 35,1,6,29 Oct; 50th

Hayter,John,D,17 Jun37,8,2,70th year

Heard,Richard,A,30 May 35,1,4,27 May; 60th

Heard,William H.,D,31 Dec 36,4,1,78th year

Heath,Lulu Elizabeth,E,12 Aug 37,5,2,8 Sep; McLandress, K.

Heath,Lulu Elizabeth,M,16 Sep 37,1,6,McLandress, Kenneth

Heath,Lulu,M,9 Sep 37,7,2,McLandress, Kenneth

Helderwent,Angele Marie,M,29 Aug 35,4,1,Ross, Wilfrid

Hench,Annie,D,1 Jul 37,1,5,

Hendershot,James,D,18 Feb 37,8,4,age 86

Henderson,Charlotte,W,27 Jan 38,5,1,Jewell

Henderson,Chester,P,17 Jan 35,5,3,Lodge

Henderson,Cleo Ann,M,26 Oct 39,1,5,Black, Jack

Henderson,David T.,D,1 Jul 37,1,5,age 71

Henderson,Edna Jean,M,3 Nov 38,5,2,McMillan, Donald

Henderson,Erle H.,D,4 Jun 36,8,2,

Henry,Bernard Fred’k,M,8 Dec 38,1,5,26 Nov; Fillmore, L.

Henry,Margaret,D,23 Jul 36,5,2,age 73

Hepburn,Andrew, Mrs.,D,8 Apr 37,5,1,age 92

Hertel,John C.,D,4 Apr 35,5,3,73rd year

Hertel,McNeil,M,17 Jun 37,5,3,McDonald, Evelyn

Hicks,Cora Eva,D,15 Jul 37,1,5,

Hicks,William,D,26 Sep 35,5,1,age 83

Hicks,William,D,3 Oct 35,1,6,

Higley,Thomas,D,3 Jan 35,4,3,

Hill,Fred J.,D,15 Apr 37,5,4,age 21

Hill,Jean Evelyn,M,24 Oct 35,5,2,Smith, Morton

Hill,John H.,D,10 Nov 38,5,2,age 69

Hill,Thomas E.,D,26 Sep 35,5,1,

Hill,Thomas E.,D,28 Mar 35,5,2,

Hill,William,H,25 Apr 35,6,2,Humphries

Hillier,D. S.,M,5 May 38,1,5,Irwin, Eleanor

Hillier,son of Hugh,B,18 Jul 35,5,1,8 Jul

Hilliker,Ila Leta,E,19 Sep 35,5,2,Hathaway, Marvin

Hirsch,Jacob,D,6 Jan 38,5,1,

Hockin,Joseph T.,D,12 Aug 37,4,2,76th year

Hockin,Joseph Frost,E,15 Apr 37,5,2,Woolner, Margaret

Hockin,Joseph Frost,M,27 May 37,1,5,Woolner, Margaret

Hockin,son of T. M.,B,10 Mar 38,5,1,5 Mar

Hockin,son of J. Frost,B,6 Oct 38,4,1,30 Sep

Hodder,Clifford Joseph,B,25 May 39,5,3,10 May

Hodder,Fannie,D,7 May 36,1,5,

Hodder,Fanny,D,30 Apr 36,4,2,age 80

Hodgkins,Myrtle,E,24 Jun 37,8,4,Brown, Duncan

Hogan,Mary,D,25 Nov 37,1,6,77th year

Holborn,Charles,D,29 Dec 38,5,2,

Holcombe,Annie,D,4 Jul 35,5,2,

Holden,Arthur Richard,E,28 Oct 37,5,2,Robbins, Marion

Holden,John, Mrs.,D,28 May 36,5,3,78th year

Holland,Dora Fanny,M,17 Sep 36,1,4,5 Sep; Atkinson, W.

Holland,Dora,P,22 Jun 39,1,1,Atkinson

Hollingshead,Annie,W,30 Nov 39,5,2,McLachlan

Hollingshead,Hannah,W,6 Jul 39,5,2,Scott

Hollingshead,Jessie,W,20 May 37,8,2,Williams

Holtby,F. B.,D,18 Nov 37,1,5,

Hood,Katie,W,3 Jun 37,5,2,McMillan

Hooley,Mary,D,13 Jan 38,5,3,Collins

Hosking,Ida Mary,M,12 Aug 37,1,6,7 Aug; Green, Finlay

House,Harvey Colborne,M,1 Dec 38,4,1,19 Nov; Rowsom, H.

House,Leota,M,18 Nov 37,5,2,Milligan, Roy

Howard,Phyllis Edna,M,28 Jul 38,5,3,Craven, Gerald

Howard,Phyllis Edna,E,7 Jul 38,5,2,21 Jul; Craven, Gerald

Howard,Rose Elizabeth,M,2 Jan 36,5,1,Flum, Gordon

Howard,Thomas B., Rev.,D,5 Nov 36,1,4,age 68

Howarth,Richard Bryce,D,6 Aug 36,4,2,age 67

Howe,Mary Ann,D,3 Sep 36,8,4,76th year

Howe,Thomas P.,D,24 Jan 35,1,6,age 34

Howse,Barnum,D,12 Dec 35,5,1,age 92

Hubling,A.,A,31 Dec 36,4,1,60th

Hudson,John,P,1 Apr 37,1,5,Tolman

Huff,Charles Franklin,M,5 Dec 35,9,3,20 Nov; Hayes, Velma

Huffman,Jack,A,17 Mar 38,1,5,10 Feb; 25th

Hugil,Clara,W,14 Nov 35,8,2,Martin

Hugill,E. A.,D,16 Nov 39,5,1,age 78

Huisgen,Alfred Robert,M,24 Jun 37,5,2,Hunter, Florence

Huisgen,Robert,E,13 May 37,5,3,MacLean, Florence

Hull,Albert,M,12 Sep 35,1,6,31 Aug; Burgess, M.

Hull,Albert,E,22 Aug 35,5,2,Burgess, Marion

Hull,Dorothy,M,14 Dec 39,8,2,2 Dec; McManus, D.

Hull,son of E.,B,27 Oct 38,8,3,18 Oct

Humphrey,M. D.,D,22 Jul 37,1,6,age 77

Humphries,Daniel J.,E,23 Sep 37,7,1,Schleihauf, Jean

Humphries,Daniel,M,14 Oct 37,5,2,Schleihauf, Jean

Humphries,Dorothy May,M,21 May 36,4,1,Ripley, Jan

Humphries,Harold,M,20 May 37,8,3,Carruth, Margaret

Humphries,John Archie,B,8 Sep 38,1,6,3 Sep

Humphries,Katherine McIntyre,D,7 Jan 37,1,4,age 75

Humphries,Lucretia,D,25 Apr 35,6,2,76th year

Humphries,Martha Ann,D,17 Sep 36,5,1,Fillmore

Humphries,Mary,M,23 May 35,5,3,Ford, Louis

Humphries,Nathaniel,D,15 Oct 36,5,3,age 83

Humphries,Sarah Elizabeth,W,28 May 36,1,6,Carroll

Humphries,Sarah,D,2 Mar 39,1,5,75th year

Hunt,Susan,W,27 Jan 38,5,1,Jewell

Hunter,Florence Cathleen,M,24 Jun 37,5,2,Huisgen, Alfred

Hunter,Lillian Marie,E,27 Jun 35,7,2,Husser, Thomas

Hunter,Mary Ann,D,3 Sep 36,8,4,Howe

Hunter,Maxwell,D,1 Jun 39,8,2,

Hunter,Sarah,D,24 Jun 37,4,1,85th year

Huntley,Ada,D,12 Jan 39,1,6,Campbell

Huntley,nee,W,4 Apr 35,5,3,Hertel

Hurley,J., Mrs.,D,6 May 37,8,4,

Husser,Thomas Grant,E,27 Jun 35,7,2,Hunter, Lillian

Huston,Albert Jarvis,M,4 May 39,1,5,29 Apr; Easter, M.

Huston,Florence Marie,E,21 Apr 38,5,2,Hales, Herbert

Huston,Florence Marie,M,12 May 38,5,3,Hales, Herbert

Huston,William Cecil,E,29 Jun 39,5,2,Dennis, Margaret

Huston,William Cecil,M,6 Jul 39,5,3,Dennis, Margaret

Hyde,Charles Hartwell,E,17 Sep 36,5,2,Ashmore, Marion

Hyde,Charles Hartwell,M,24 Sep 36,5,3,Ashmore, Marion

Hyde,George A.,D,21 May 36,5,3,69th year

Hyde,George A., Mrs.,D,17 Feb 38,5,3,67th year

Hyndman,Daniel,A,17 Dec 36,9,1,21 Dec; 50th

Hyndman,Elizabeth,D,13 Jan 38,5,2,McRae

Ibbitson,Amos,D,16 Jul 36,1,5,age 84

Ibbitson,Libbie,W,29 Jun 39,4,2,Branton

Ibbitson,Robert,D,11 Feb 37,1,6,21 Jan; age 91

Ill,Dibanna,D,19 May 38,1,5,Kairns

Ingram,Sarah Theresa,D,20 Jan 38,5,4,

Irvine,Margaret Ann,M,17 Mar 38,5,3,10 Mar; Lethbridge, M.

Irvine,Mary Kathleen,M,10 Sep 36,1,6,29 Aug; Wobig, Allen

Irvine,Mary Kathleen,E,20 Aug 36,5,2,Wobig, Allen

Irving,David,M,4 Nov 37,5,2,Stirling, Mary

Irwin,Eleanor,M,5 May 38,1,5,Hillier, D. S.

Irwin,Ralph, Mrs.,D,30 May 35,5,2,

Irwin,Sarah Louise,D,29 Dec 38,8,4,77th year

Irwin,Scott,M,22 Oct 36,8,3,Sutherland, Eleanor

Irwin,Scott,E,15 Oct 36,8,5,Sutherland, Eleanor

Jackson,Edna Mercia,E,19 Dec 35,12,1,Lethbridge, Guy

Jackson,John M.,M,1 Aug 35,5,1,Lethbridge, Helen

Jaerling,Agnes,M,31 Oct 35,5,2,26 Oct; Kerr, James

James,Marion Oliver,D,13 Jul 39,5,4,

Jamieson,Alice,D,2 Sep 37,9,2,

Jamieson,Elizabeth,D,14 Sep 39,1,4,age 80

Jamieson,George,D,29 Oct 36,1,4,age 82

Jamieson,Roy, Mrs.,D,9 Feb 39,5,1,

Jamieson,Roy, Mrs.,D,2 Feb 39,1,5,age 52

Janaway,Carl Francis,M,3 Aug 39,4,2,Blacklock, Mildred

Jarrell,J. B.,D,19 Nov 36,5,2,51st year

Jeffrey,John R.,M,10 Oct 35,7,3,Johnston, Dorothy

Jenkins,Thomas, Mrs.,D,26 Oct 39,5,3,age 65

Jennings,Marybell,M,29 Jun 39,8,4,2 Jun; Martin, Leonard

Jewell,C. Earl,M,22 Apr 37,1,6,10 Apr; Cryderman, E.

Jewell,Cecil Earl,E,8 Apr 37,5,2,Cryderman, Edith

Jewell,Clara Evelyn,M,23 May 35,5,3,Beatty, Harold

Jewell,dau of Ray,B,23 Mar 39,5,2,13 Mar

Jewell,Georgina,P,14 Apr 38,1,4,Campbell

Jewell,John H.,D,27 Jan 38,5,1,75th year

Jewell,Jon Franklin,B,28 Mar 35,5,1,26 Mar

Jewell,Muriel Blanche,M,3 Sep 36,5,2,8 Aug; Tansley, S.

Jewell,Ray,M,15 Oct 36,4,2,Watson, Eleanor

Jewell,Russell Earl,B,2 Dec 37,4,3,14 Nov

Jewell,son of Ray,B,17 Feb 38,5,1,11 Feb

Jewitt,George, Rev.,D,12 Sep 35,4,2,76th year

Johnson,Fanny,P,7 Dec 39,12,1,Fortner

Johnson,James,P,23 May 35,1,5,Ross

Johnson,Maria Burwell,BD,27 Jun3 5,1,4,100th

Johnston,Archibald,D,29 Aug 35,5,3,85th year

Johnston,Dorothy M.,M,10 Oct 35,7,3,Jeffrey, John

Johnston,Dorothy Kathleen,D,13 May 37,5,3,age 4 months

Johnston,Frost,D,22 Jun 39,5,3,67th year

Johnston,George,M,17 Nov 38,5,2,5 Nov; Alderton, Alice

Johnston,John,P,9 Jan 36,1,6,Ross

Johnston,John,P,26 Dec 35,4,2,Orchard

Johnston,Maria,D,3 Feb 38,8,4,103rd year

Johnston,William Borden,M,4 Jun 36,5,3,23 May; Walker, Mary

Johnston,William,M,30 Nov 39,8,2,Coad, Margaret

Joiner,Fanny,D,10 Jun 37,5,4,Harris

Joiner,Proctor,D,29 Sep 38,5,1,age 69

Jolley,Lucille Anna,M,23 Mar 39,5,2,Fillmore, Ray

Jolliffe,Leslie Read,M,28 Sep 39,1,6,Frank, Christena

Jones,Archibald,D,23 Dec 37,1,4,

Jones,Hannah,W,4 Mar 37,5,1,Glasgow

Jones,Helen Henrietta,M,1 Dec 38,5,1,Ashby, Carmon

Jones,J., Rev.,D,9 May 35,4,2,

Jones,James Fleming,D,6 Jul 39,1,6,101st year

Jones,James Fleming,BD,22 Sep 38,1,4,100th

Jones,Joseph, Rev.,D,2 May 35,5,3,

Jones,Laura,W,16 Sep 37,9,3,Brown

Jones,Lawrence C.,M,26 Oct 39,5,2,Dadson, Helen

Jones,Madeline Laura,M,22 Jun39,5,3,19 Jun; Small, Louis

Jones,Maribell,M,9 Nov 39,1,6,Monteith, David

Jones,Maribelle,E,26 Oct 39,5,2,Monteith, David

Jones,Richard,D,25 Jun 36,5,3,53rd year

Jones,Roland Webb,M,14 Oct 37,5,2,Morrison, Maud

Jones,Siward V.,D,26 Nov 36,5,3,59th year

Jordan,Edith,W,26 Nov 36,5,3,Jones

Kairns,Barbara Irene,B,12 Oct 39,4,3,6 Oct

Kairns,Dibanna,D,19 May 38,1,5,84th year

Kairns,Ida Lucille,B,7 Jan 37,5,1,27 Dec 1936

Kearns,Mary A.,M,14 Jan 37,5,3,Dewsnap, Richard

Keillor,Alvro,D,4 Jun 36,5,4,

Keillor,Alvro,D,28 May 36,5,3,79th year

Keillor,Charles, Mrs.,D,1 Sep 38,5,3,age 49

Keillor,Elaine Frances,B,7 Sep 39,4,3,2 Sep

Keillor,Ermyn,W,24 Dec 36,5,3,Lucas

Kellestine,Warren,D,27 Feb 36,8,2,age 83

Kelly,Douglas,D,14 Jul 38,5,2,

Kelly,Lance G.,M,17 Oct 35,5,2,28 Sep; McLarty, M.

Kelly,Lucille Marie,M,28 May 36,5,2,19 May; McPhail, E.

Kelly,Robert,D,14 Jul 38,1,6,age 76

Kelly,William,D,2 May 35,5,2,age 68

Kelso,Janet,D,8 Apr 37,5,3,age 87

Kendall,Kate,W,20 Jan 38,1,5,Galbraith

Kennedy,Alexander,P,8 Apr 37,5,1,Hepburn

Kerr,Alexander Clare,M,8 Apr 37,5,2,30 Mar; Wilson, Edna

Kerr,Archibald,E,27 Jun 35,7,2,Waddle, Winnifred

Kerr,Archibald,M,11 Jul 35,5,2,Waddle, Winnifred

Kerr,James B.,M,31 Oct 35,5,2,26 Oct; Jaerling, Agnes

Kerr,Margaret,W,27 Feb 36,1,5,McCallum

Kerr,Orville, Mrs.,D,20 Jun 35,5,2,

Kerr,Orville T.,D,30 Dec 37,1,4,

Kerr,Robert,D,23 Feb 39,5,2,63rd year

Kerr,Sarah Jane,D,4 Jun 36,1,5,age 82

Kerr,Sarah,D,11 Aug 38,1,5,91st year

Kerr,Thomas,D,24 Jan 35,5,3,87th year

Kerr,Thomas,D,31 Jan 35,5,1,

Kerridge,L.,P,30 May 35,5,2,Irwin

Kersey,Kenneth,M,14 Sep 39,5,2,Graham, Margaret

Kestle,Frederick B.,D,14 Jan 37,8,2,

Kettlewell,Fanny,D,23 Feb 39,4,2,age 83

Kew,Mary Jane,D,10 Nov 38,5,2,McLean

Kiddie,W. W.,D,7 Nov 35,5,2,

Kilbourne,Emma,D,2 Mar 39,1,5,Pyatt

Kilbourne,Milton Clark,E,26 May 38,5,2,Hagerty, Evelyn

Kimmerly,Irma Caroline,M,23 Sep 37,1,6,Farrow, Royden

Kindree,Mary,D,2 Nov 39,1,6,88th year

Kindree,Myrtle,D,30 May 35,4,2,21 May. 17th year

Kindree,Shirley Jean,E,13 Jul 39,5,2,22 Jul; Little, Harold

King,Janet Isabel,B,20 Apr 39,5,1,16 Apr

King,Marg’t Alphretta,M,12 Jan 39,5,3,Waite, Clifford

King,Marg’t Alphretta,E,15 Dec 38,9,2,Waite, Clifford

King,W. C.,D,24 Feb 38,5,2,

King,Wallace Watson,M,21 Oct 37,5,3,16 Oct; Cameron, C.

Kirkland,Donald F.,D,30 Apr 36,5,3,

Kirkland,Donald Francis,D,23 Apr 36,5,3,age 37

Kirkland,Stuart G.,D,21 May 36,5,3,

Kirkland,Stuart C.,D,14 May 36,1,5,53rd year

Kirkwood,Mary,W,24 Nov 38,1,5,Fitchitt

Kirkwood,William, Mrs.,D,9 Dec 37,1,5,72nd year

Kivell,James,A,30 Jan 36,1,5,55th

Kivell,Mabel Irene,M,30 May 35,1,1,Long, Clarence

Knechtel,Willard,D,19 Oct 39,5,2,

Knechtel,Willard,D,12 Oct 39,5,3,age 42

Knight,Byron, Mrs.,D,12 Nov 36,5,2,

Knight,Elmer, Mrs.,D,18 May 39,5,3,38th year

Knight,Gordon Frederick,B,14 Mar 35,5,2,10 Mar

Knight,J. W.,D,27 Oct 38,5,3,

Kreiter,J., Mrs.,D,17 Dec 36,9,2,

Kriter,Flora,D,9 Sep 37,1,5,age 53

Kriter,Susanna,D,11 Jul 35,1,5,age 82

Kunzler,John,M,21 Sep 39,4,1,12 Sep; Mistele, K.

Lacey,John,A,3 Oct 35,5,3,23 Sep; 50th

Lacey,John G., Mrs.,D,20 Jan 38,1,6,72nd year

Lacey,Joseph,P,30 May 35,5,2,Ecker

Lacey,Rhoda Jane,D,23 Apr 36,5,3,Ecker

Lackey,James,A,3 Jun 37,1,5,26 May; 40th

Lackie,Christine Jean,E,5 Nov 36,5,2,Ryan, Ralph

Laidlaw,W. S.,D,31 Dec 36,5,5,

Lalonde,Margaret,D,25 Nov 37,1,6,age 67

Lamb,John,M,19 Aug 37,5,2,Davy, Florence

Lamont,J. D., Mrs.,D,30 Jan 36,1,5,

Lamont,John A.,D,2 Jul 36,4,3,

Lampman,Henry Edward,D,16 Mar 39,5,4,

Land,Jane,D,28 Feb 35,4,1,

Lang,Annie,D,1 Jul 37,1,5,

Lang,Isabella,D,16 Nov 39,5,3,

Lang,John Gilbert,D,14 Dec 39,1,6,age 75

Langford,A. A., Mrs.,D,26 Mar 36,5,2,

Langill,Paul, Rev.,D,21 Apr 38,1,6,

Langtry,Gladys May,M,11 Mar 37,5,2,Macfie, Newton

Lanning,John L.,D,13 May 37,8,4,age 91

Lanning,Lillian,D,16 Mar 39,4,3,7 Mar; age 82

Law,Gordon Fred’k,M,20 Oct 38,5,2,15 Oct; Leeming, T.

Law,Gordon Fred’k,E,13 Oct 38,5,2,Leeming, Theresa

Law,Helen Isobel,M,9 Sep 37,6,2,7 Sep; Varley, Wilfred

Law,Helen Isobel,E,26 Aug 37,5,2,Varley, Wilfred

Law,Helen,P,9 Jun 38,5,3,Varley

Lawson,Neol G.,E,14 May 36,4,2,Carswell, LaVerne

Lawson,Noel G.,M,4 Jun 36,5,3,23 May; Carswell, L.

Lawton,George S.,D,7 Jan 37,5,6,

Lawton,George Alex’r,D,12 May 38,1,5,age 91

Lee,Laverne,D,28 Jan 37,4,2,age 18

Lee,Mary,D,5 Mar 36,5,1,18 Feb; age 79

Leeming,Doris Julia,E,16 Sep 37,9,2,Paton, Angus

Leeming,Doris Julia,M,23 Sep 37,1,6,18 Sep; Paton, Angus

Leeming,Theresa Bernice,E,13 Oct 38,5,2,Law, Gordon

Leeming,Theresa Bernice,M,20 Oct 38,5,2,15 Oct; Law, Gordon

Leitch,Amelia,D,6 Oct 38,5,1,age 84

Leitch,Arch D., Mrs.,D,21 Nov 35,5,3,47th year

Leitch,Archibald J.,D,19 Aug 37,5,2,25th year

Leitch,Catherine,D,28 Jul 38,8,4,age 61

Leitch,Colin,D,27 May37,8,3,80th year

Leitch,Colin St. Clair,D,14 Jan 37,4,2,age 73

Leitch,Dugald,M,5 May 38,1,5,McMillan, Jane

Leitch,Edna,M,27 Jun 35,6,2,15 Jun; McIntyre, S.

Leitch,Edna,E,13 Jun 35,1,6,15 Jun; McIntyre, S.

Leitch,Eliza,D,4 Feb 37,4,2,89th year

Leitch,Malcolm,D,25 Apr 35,10,4,age 99

Leitch,Sarah,BD,26 Mar 36,5,1,89th

Leitch,Sarah Jane,D,26 Aug 37,5,2,91st year

Leitch,William A.,A,26 Oct 39,5,1,23 Oct; 50th

Leitchfield,Frederick,D,16 Jul 36,1,5,82nd year

Leith,Allan,M,13 Jul 39,1,5,5 Jul; Walker, M.

Leslie,Henry,D,29 Jun 39,8,4,

Leslie,Thomas, Mrs.,D,17 Oct 35,5,2,

Leslie,Thomas Talbot,D,31 Oct 35,5,2,

Lethbridge,Guy,E,19 Dec 35,12,1,Jackson, Edna M.

Lethbridge,Helen Elizabeth,M,1 Aug 35,5,1,Jackson,John

Lethbridge,J. G.,P,30 Apr 36,5,2,Cornell

Lethbridge,Maxwell Robert,M,17 Mar 38,5,3,10 Mar; Irvine, M.

Lethbridge,Muriel Gertrude,M,11 Apr 35,5,1,30 Mar; Lidster, Floyd

Lethbridge,Wilfrid C.,E,31 Jan 35,8,3,Steacy, Anna

Leverington,Allan,M,21 Nov 35,1,6,Carson, Mary

Leverington,Robert, Mrs.,D,21 Nov 35,1,6,

Leverton,Nora Jane,D,9 Feb 39,1,1,

Lewis,Albert,D,21 Dec 39,1,6,about 60 years old

Lewis,Arthur Goodyear,M,7 Jul 38,4,2,Winger, Anna

Lewis,Eleanor,M,5 Mar 35,5,2,13 Nov 34; Main, A.

Lewis,Jean,M,14 Jul 37,5,2,Cook, Lyle

Lewis,Orbie,E,9 Jul 36,5,2,McFarlane, Margaret

Lewis,Orbie,M,23 Jul 36,5,3,McFarlane, Margaret

Lewis,son of Orbie,B,19 Aug 37,5,1,17 Aug

Liddell,Annie,D,4 Jul 35,5,2,Holcombe

Lidster,dau of Harold,B,16 Dec 37,8,2,14 Dec

Lidster,Floyd F.,M,11 Apr 35,5,1,30 Mar; Lethbridge, M.

Liebner,Albert,D,17 Aug 39,1,1,

Liebner,Clara,D,18 Mar 37,5,2,

Lilley,Charlotte,D,13 Oct 38,4,2,Wallace

Lilley,Lorne Douglas,D,27 Apr 39,1,5,age 12

Lilly,Sarah,D,24 Jun37,4,1,Hunter

Lilly,son of Harry,B,19 Nov 36,5,2,12 Nov

Lindenman,F. J., Mrs.,D,16 Jul 36,4,1,

Lindenman,Valetta Jean,M,28 Jul 38,5,3,Morgan, Murray

Lippert,Lloyd Samuel,M,21 Nov 35,4,1,9 Nov; Fletcher, E.

Little,dau of Gordon,B,21 Feb 35,4,1,15 Feb

Little,G. Stuart,E,26 May 38,5,2,Armstrong, Ruth

Little ,Harold Robert,E,13 Jul 39,5,2,22 Jul; Kindree, S.

Little,Stewart,M,16 Jun38,1,5,Armstrong, Ruth

Little,William J.,D,14 Mar 35,5,1,68th year

Little,William S., Mrs.,D,10 Feb 38,5,2,

Littlejohn,Stewart,D,15 Sep 38,1,5,

Livingston,Douglas Malcolm,M,24 Sep 36,5,3,12 Sep; McCallum, G.

Livingston,Eunice Patricia,M,6 Jun 35,1,5,McKillop, Angus

Livingston,Eunice Patricia,E,9 May 35,5,2,1 Jun; McKillop, A.

Lloyd,Charles,D,17 Aug 39,8,5,

Lockhart,dau of James,B,30 Jun 38,5,1,26 Jun

Lodge,dau of Duncan,B,14 Jul 38,1,1,5 Jul

Lodge,Harland H.,M,28 Sep 39,1,5,Patterson, Margaret

Lodge,Herschel,D,26 Mar 36,5,3,age 66

Lodge,Herschel, Mrs.,D,17 Jan 35,5,3,age 63

Lodge,Joseph,D,18 May 39,5,3,81st year

Lodge,Mary Mortimer,D,9 Jul 36,1,4,Graham

Lodge,Reford Kenneth,D,6 Jan 38,1,4,28th year

Lodge,Roy,D,2 Jan 36,5,1,24 Dec 1935

Lodge,Sadie Elizabeth,D,23 Dec 37,5,2,35th year

Lodge,Sarah Elizabeth,D,30 Dec 37,5,1,

Logan,Jacob H.,D,24 Jan 35,5,3,14 Jan; 99th year

Logan,Lettia,D,22 Dec 38,9,4,Pangborn

Long,Clarence,M,30 May 35,1,1,Kivell, Mabel

Long,Wesley,A,12 Mar 36,5,2,50th

Lordan,Irene,M,5 Nov 36,5,1,McPhee, Daniel

Lounsbury,Joseph,D,12 Dec 35,5,2,age 76

Love,Annie,M,4 Apr 35,5,3,20 Mar; Clark, Harry

Love,Catherine,P,16 May 35,4,2,Graham

Love,dau of Russel,B,18 Jul 35,5,1,1 Jul

Love,Duncan, Mrs.,D,28 May 36,1,5,40th year

Love,Grace,W,19 Sep 35,1,5,Teetzel

Love,Jean Margaret,E,25 May 39,5,1,3 Jun; Munro, Colin

Lovejoy,Herbert,M,25 Feb 37,4,2,Seifert, Violet

Lowry,William James,M,12 Mar 36,5,4,Eikre, Gladys

Lowther,James Hamilton,M,9 May 35,5,1,Gott, Phyllis

Lucas,John Alfred,D,24 Dec 36,5,3,age 60

Luke,Edward,M,27 Oct 38,1,5,Bentley, Katherine

Lumley,D. C.,D,19 Mar 36,1,4,

Lumley,Elizabeth,A,5 Dec 35,9,2,Gordier

Lumley,Elizabeth,A,3 Jan 35,1,6,Gordier

Lumley,Elizabeth,D,9 Mar 39,1,4,

Lumley,James Owen,D,18 Jul 35,1,6,10 Jul; age 80

Lumley,James Wesley,D,9 Jul 36,1,4,age 79

Lumley,Marwood C.,M,11 Nov 37,5,2,2 Nov; Brown, Mabel

Lumley,William Henry,D,23 Mar 39,1,5,

Lumley,William H., Mrs.,D,2 Mar 39,1,5,69th year

Lunn,Annie,D,28 Sep 39,5,3,

Lunn,Annie S.,D,14 Sep 39,5,1,73rd year

Lunn,Harold Stanley,M,8 Jul 37,4,2,Cameron, Lillian

Lunn,Harold Stanley,E,1 Jul 37,5,2,Cameron, Lillian

Lunn,Herbert Walter,E,8 Jun 39,5,3,Clarke, Frances

Lunn,Lizzie,W,5 Dec 35,1,6,Woodman

Lunn,Marion J.,M,1 Sep 38,1,4,Martin, T. Norman

Lunn,Patricia Jean,B,23 Dec 37,4,1,3 Dec

Lunn,Thomas,D,25 Jul 35,5,1,

Lunn,Thomas,D,18 Jul 35,5,3,89th year

Lunn,Walter Harris,D,16 Dec 37,1,6,age 83

Luton,Mary,D,1 Aug 35,1,5,Urlin

Lyle,Agnes,D,2 Jun 38,5,3,

Lynch,Agnes Marie,M,2 Nov 39,5,2,Coleman, Henry

Lynch,Elizabeth,D,4 Mar 37,5,1,Miller

Lynch,Margaret Helen,M,8 Jul 37,1,5,Dulong, John

Lyons,Anna G.,D,13 Jan 38,5,3,Chalk

Lyons,Dorothy,E,1 Jul 37,5,2,Moore, Elmer

Lyons,Dorothy,M,29 Jul 37,5,1,Moore, Elmer

Lyons,Patricia Rose,B,17 Aug 39,8,4,13 Aug

Lyons,son of Carman,B,15 Sep 38,1,4,6 Sep

Lyons,Stuart B.,M,26 Mar 36,5,1,18 Mar; McMillan, M.

Lyons,William,P,1 Sep 38,4,2,Shipley

MacAlpine,Angus, Mrs.,D,9 Jul 36,1,4,78th year

MacArthur,Margaret,M,15 Aug 35,4,2,3 Aug; Baker, A.

MacArthur,Margaret Ann,E,1 Aug 35,5,2,Baker, Archibald

MacCallum,Christena,D,6 Jul 39,4,3,77th year

MacCallum,Christena,D,13 Jul 39,5,2,

MacCallum,Hazel Bernice,M,7 Sep 39,1,4,25 Aug; Engeland, J.

MacCallum,Hazel Bernice,E,27 Jul 39,5,2,Engeland, John

MacCallum,Jean A.,E,20 Jul 39,5,2,Braddon, G. Russel

MacCallum,Jean A.,M,27 Jul 39,5,3,Braddon, G. Russel

MacCallum,John Cattanach,M,2 Apr 36,5,2,20 Mar; White, M.

MacCallum,Laura,D,26 May 38,1,5,age 56

MacColl,Arnold,M,5 Dec 35,9,3,20 Nov; Giles, L.

Macdiarmid,Annie,D,16 Jul 36,4,1,Smith

Macdonald,I. H., Rev.,D,19 Aug 37,1,4,age75

Macdonald,Urban T.,M,29 Oct 36,5,3,Cooper, Lillian

MacDonald,Jean Annie,E,21 Oct 37,5,2,McKenzie, Campbell

MacDonald,Jeanne Ann,M,11 Nov 37,5,1,3 Nov; Walker, C.

MacDonald,John Borden,M,2 Dec 37,5,2,McLachlan, Florence

MacEachren,Florence Lila,M,11 Aug 38,4,3,Peterson, Everett

MacFarlane,Effie,E,9 Sep 37,7,2,Robbins, Harry

Macfie,Newton Charles,M,11 Mar 37,5,2,Langtry, Gladys

MacGregor,Ivan Randolph,M,18 Jul 35,5,2,Culver, Amy

MacGregor,Ivan Randolph,E,27 Jun 35,7,2,Culver, Amy

MacGregor,P. A., Dr.,D,28 Sep 39,5,2,

MacInnis,Maudie,M,15 Aug 35,4,2,Stewart, Finlay

Mackenzie,Dallas Aileen,M,29 Oct 36,1,4,Searle, Lloyd

MacLean,Donald, Rev.,D,16 Jul 36,5,3,11 Jul; 82nd year

MacLean,Esther Isabel,M,6 May 37,5,3,Mifflin, Arley

MacLean,Florence Cathleen,E,13 May 37,5,3,Huisgen, Robert

MacMillan,Catherine,W,28 Jan 37,4,2,McNeil

MacMillan,Gladys Mary Kathryn,B,4 Feb 37,5,1,21 Jan

MacNish,Angus,D,7 Jan 37,1,6,22 Dec 1936, age 76

MacPherson,Eva,M,5 Jan 39,5,2,Small, Kenneth

MacTier,Frank Gilbert,M,29 Aug 35,5,1,Miller, Helen

MacVicar,Janet,D,17 Jun 37,8,1,age 96

MacVicar,Mary,P,3 Mar 38,1,4,Turner

MacVicar,Sadie Catherine,E,24 Sep 36,5,2,McKim, Thomas

MacVicar,Sadie Catherine,M,1 Oct 36,1,5,McKim, Thomas

Maich,Ruth Rumley,E,19 Nov 36,5,2,Campbell, Herbert

Maich,Ruth Rumley,M,3 Dec 36,1,6,Campbell, Herbert

Main,Arch E.,M,5 Mar 35,5,2,13 Nov 34; Lewis, E.

Main,James,P,21 Nov 35,1,6,Leverington

Main,John Lewis,B,1 Aug 35,1,1,17 Jul

Main,S. L., Mrs.,D,5 Dec 35,12,1,

Maitland,Jane Fleming,M,7 Sep 39,5,3,24 Aug; Baldwin, M.

Malcolm,James T.,D,28 Jan 37,5,2,

Malone,Terrence Edward,B,6 Oct 38,4,1,4 Oct

Mann,Albert,D,31 Mar 38,1,5,

Mann,Beulah Jean,M,2 Jan 36,5,2,24 Dec 35; Ross, J.

Mann,Fred’k Stanton,M,27 Jan 38,8,4,18 Jan; Whittingham

Mann,Harry J.,D,10 Sep 36,4,3,

Mann,Margaret Blanche,E,4 Jun 36,4,2,Dell, Harold

Mann,Margaret Blanche,M,25 Jun 36,1,5,10 Jun; Dell, Harold

Mann,Mary,A,11 Jul 35,1,5,Collard

Mann,Mary Jane,D,15 Oct 36,5,3,

Mann,nee,D,17 Dec 36,9,2,Kreiter

Mann,son of J.,B,11 Nov 37,5,2,3 Nov

March,Andrew Leslie,D,8 Dec 38,9,3,73rd year

March,Betsy,D,20 Apr 39,1,5,Ross

March,Catherine,BD,14 May 36,5,1,89th

March,Robert M.,A,4 May 39,1,5,30 Apr; 60th

Marcus,Bessie,D,22 Jul 37,1,6,age 74

Marlatt,Daniel,D,24 Sep 36,8,2,89th year

Marr,Harriet,P,27 Jun 35,10,2,Young

Marr,Ivey,D,14 Mar 35,5,1,about 70 years old

Marr,Sarah C.,D,8 Oct 36,5,2,Burwell

Marshman,Job,P,31 Oct 35,5,1,Tanner

Martin,Arthur,D,14 Nov 35,8,2,

Martin,John S.,D,23 Dec 37,4,1,

Martin,Leonard,M,29 Jun 39,8,4,2 Jun; Jennings, M.

Martin,Mary K.,M,24 Aug 39,8,5,12 Aug; McClurg, C.

Martin,Susan,D,30 Dec 37,1,1,age 90

Martin,T. Norman,M,1 Sep 38,1,4,Lunn, Marion

Martin,William, Mrs.,D,13 Feb 36,5,2,81st year

Mason,Herbert, Mrs.,D,9 May 35,5,1,on 84th birthday

Masterman,Orlin W.,D,9 May 35,8,3,

Matheson,Alex,D,14 Nov 35,4,2,83rd year

Matheson,John,D,28 May 36,5,2,

Matheson,John,D,28 Apr 38,1,6,age 85

Matheson,Rory,D,2 Jul 36,4,2,

Matthews,Vera,D,27 Aug 36,5,2,Miners

Mawhinney,W. Charles,D,15 Apr 37,1,5,age 77

Maxwell,Charles Francis,D,18 Jul 35,1,6,age 79

May,nee,D,9 Dec 37,1,5,Kirkwood

McAdam,Alex,A,17 Jan 35,8,6,1 Jan; 63rd

McAlister,W. H.,A,4 Feb 37,5,1,50th

McAlister,William H.,D,19 Jan 39,1,5,82nd year

McAlister,William H., Mrs.,D,24 Nov 38,1,5,75th year

McAllister,dau of Allan,B,14 May 36,5,1,9 May

McAlpin,Margaret,W,23 Feb 39,1,6,Cavers

McAlpine,Annie,D,18 Feb 37,8,4,McKellar

McAlpine,James,D,9 Jan 36,1,6,

McAlpine,John,A,26 Mar 36,5,2,50th

McAlpine,Joseph,D,12 Aug 37,4,1,

McAlpine,M. A.,D,19 Sep 35,5,1,

McAlpine,Malcolm A.,D,12 Sep 35,5,2,age 41

McAlpine,Malcolm D.,D,6 Jun 35,4,2,age 51

McAlpine,Margaret,D,30 May 35,1,1,Buchanan

McAlpine,Mary,D,25 Apr 35,6,2,71st year

McAlpine,Robert L., Mrs.,D,2 Mar 39,4,1,

McArthur,Amelia,D,12 Dec 35,1,4,Gillies

McArthur,Amelia,D,6 Oct 38,5,1,Leitch

McArthur,Archibald,D,23 Nov 39,5,2,

McArthur,Catherine,D,27 Aug 36,8,3,age 83

McArthur,Donald,D,2 May 35,1,5,83rd year

McArthur,James,D,22 Jul 37,1,6,82nd year

McArthur,John,D,7 May 36,1,6,age 55

McArthur,M., Mrs.,D,26 Mar 36,5,3,

McArthur,Margaret,D,3 Oct 35,1,6,Brown

McArthur,Mary Gertrude,M,9 Jun 38,1,6,Sloan, Harold

McArthur,Mary Gertrude,E,2 Jun 38,5,2,Sloan, Harold

McArthur,Sarah,D,29 Apr 37,1,6,82nd year

McArthur,Sarah,D,1 Apr 37,1,5,age 81

McArthur,Sarah,D,19 Jan 39,5,1,

McArthur,Sarah,D,12 Jan 39,4,2,age 84

McAuley,Arch’d Hendrie,E,16 Jul 36,4,1,Zoller, Elmina

McBride,Arthur M.,E,26 May 38,5,2,Wright, Frances

McBride,Donald,P,12 Sep 35,4,2,McNabb

McBride,Donald,D,29 Jun 39,4,2,67th year

McBride,Donald,D,6 Jul 39,4,2,

McBride,John D.,D,6 May 37,1,6,58th year

McBride,Mary,D,2 Nov 39,1,6,Kindree

McBride,Phyllis,W,12 Oct 39,5,3,Knechtel

McCaffery,Bernard J.,D,22 Apr 37,5,2,

McCaffery,dau of M.,B,4 Aug 38,5,1,30 Jul

McCaffery,Eliz’th Emelie,M,31 Dec 36,5,2,Gray, Durward

McCaffery,Margaret Irene,E,28 Dec 39,5,2,Wilkinson, Joseph

McCaffery,Marion Lucille,M,2 Sep 37,9,2,4 Jan; Boyle, Harry

McCaffery,Marion,P,12 Oct 39,1,4,Boyle

McCaffery,Michael,M,7 Oct 37,7,2,Beer, Alice

McCall,Charles, Dr.,D,28Mar 35,1,6,

McCall,Christina,P,30 May 35,1,1,Buchanan

McCallum,Agnes,M,24 Oct 35,5,2,19 Oct; Clark, Stanley

McCallum,Amy Catherine,M,27 Feb 36,5,3,15 Feb; Smith, Fred’k

McCallum,Amy Catherine,E,6 Feb 36,5,2,Smith, Frederick

McCallum,Angus Alex’r,E,19 Nov 36,5,2,Mitchell, Ruth

McCallum,Annie C.,D,18 Jul 35,1,6,Black

McCallum,Annie,P,27 Oct 38,5,3,Schleihauf

McCallum,Barbara,W,24 Jan 35,5,2,Stalker

McCallum,Bessie Jean,M,20 Jan 38,1,4,Coakley, Charles

McCallum,Bessie Jean,E,16 Dec 37,8,2,Coakley, Charles

McCallum,Clarence,M,25 Nov 37,5,3,20 Nov; Cooper, F.

McCallum,D.,P,4 Jul 35,5,3,Campbell

McCallum,Daniel H.,D,2 May 35,1,5,63rd year

McCallum,Daniel P.,D,12 Nov 36,5,3,age 56

McCallum,dau of Philip,B,13 May 37,5,3,9 May

McCallum,dau of W. A.,B,31 Mar 38,1,1,19 Mar

McCallum,dau of Bruce,B,3 Mar 38,8,3,27 Feb

McCallum,Donald S.,D,6 Apr 39,5,1,

McCallum,Donald,D,28 Sep 39,5,1,age 81

McCallum,Donald, Mrs.,D,29 Dec 38,1,6,

McCallum,Douglas B.,M,18 Apr 35,5,2,6 Apr; Campbell, Anna

McCallum,Duncan,D,16 Apr 36,4,2,age 80

McCallum,Duncan,D,27 May 37,8,3,

McCallum,Ellen Milton,M,10 Aug 39,5,3,8 Aug; Warrell, H.

McCallum,Ellen Milton,E,20 Jul 39,5,2,Warrell, Howard

McCallum,Georgina Mae,M,24 Sep 36,5,3,12 Sep; Livingston, D.

McCallum,Gilbert,M,2 Feb 39,5,3,20 Jan; Turner, M.

McCallum,Hector,M,3 Jan 35,5,1,31 Dec 34; Blue, J.

McCallum,J. W.,A,3 Nov 38,1,6,25 Oct; 50th

McCallum,Jane,P,11 Aug 38,1,5,Kerr

McCallum,Janet,D,15 Apr 37,5,3,Clark

McCallum,Jean Mildred,M,13 Jun 35,1,6,McFarlane, James

McCallum,John,D,11 Apr 35,5,2,

McCallum,John C.,D,27 Feb 36,1,5,60th year

McCallum,Lillith Jane,D,23 May 35,1,5,Telford

McCallum,Malcolm,D,10 Oct 35,1,4,82nd year

McCallum,Malcolm D.,D,19 Jan 39,5,1,

McCallum,Malcolm W.,D,12 Jan 39,4,2,87th year

McCallum,Margaret,D,26 Sep 35,1,5,77th year

McCallum,Margaret,BD,7 Feb 35,1,6,1 Feb; 103rd

McCallum,Margaret,D,23 Jan 36,1,6,age 104

McCallum,Margaret,D,10 Mar 38,1,5,Boyd

McCallum,Margaret,M,16 Dec 37,8,3,Campbell, George

McCallum,Mary,D,2 Jul 36,4,3,age 73

McCallum,Mary,BD,15 Oct 36,1,4,95th

McCallum,Mary,D,7 Jul 38,5,3,Wilson

McCallum,Maude E.,D,10 Mar 38,1,5,age 73

McCallum,Maude E.,D,17 Mar 38,5,3,

McCallum,Nancy,D,28 Feb 35,1,4,age 87

McCallum,Peter D.,D,3 Jan 35,4,3,24 Dec 1934; age 92

McCallum,Peter D., Mrs.,D,22 Apr 37,5,1,

McCallum,Peter D., Mrs.,D,15 Apr 37,5,3,

McCallum,Ronald,D,9 Jul 36,4,2,age 6

McCallum,Sarah E.,D,30 Dec 37,4,2,77th year

McCallum,Sarah J.,W,4 May 39,1,5,Salter

McCallum,William J.,D,29 Apr 37,5,3,age 65

McCay,Donald,E,28 May 36,5,2,Milligan, Mary

McCay,Donald Davis,M,9 Jul 36,4,1,Milligan, Mary

McClung,Christina,D,12 Mar 36,5,2,7 Mar

McClurg,Alice E.,D,9 Feb 39,1,6,74th year

McClurg,Charles B.,M,24 Aug 39,8,5,12 Aug; Martin, Mary

McClurg,David, Mrs.,D,31 Jan 35,5,2,

McCluskin,Kate R.,D,20 Jan 38,5,2,10 Jan; 84th year

McColl,Arch’d B., Mrs.,D,19 May 38,5,5,age 73

McColl,Archibald B.,D,19 May 38,1,5,88th year

McColl,Catherine,D,3 Jan 35,4,3,

McColl,Edna M.,M,28 Dec 39,5,3,23 Dec; Carey, Leslie

McColl,Edna M.,E,14 Dec 39,8,2,Carey, Leslie

McColl,Hector,D,8 Apr 37,5,3,

McColl,Kate,D,10 Oct 35,1,4,

McColl,Martha,D,24 Dec 36,5,3,Young

McColl,nee,D,21 Jan 37,5,3,Cantelon

McColl,Neil,D,4 Jul 35,8,4,48th year

McCormick,Mary Madeline,E,20 Aug 36,5,2,McLaughlin, Kenneth

McCormick,Mary Madeline,M,3 Sep 36,4,3,McLaughlin, Kenneth

McCormick,Muriel Maxine,E,19 May 38,5,2,Silcox, Morley

McCormick,Muriel Maxine,M,16 Jun 38,1,5,4 Jun; Silcox, Morley

McCracken,John,P,5 Mar 36,1,5,Sutherland

McCracken,Madelon Ethel,M,27 Aug 36,5,2,Field, Clayton

McCracken,Mary,D,13 Jun 35,8,3,Evans

McCready,Irene,P,27 May 37,5,3,Brown

McCready,Margaret Irene,E,1 Aug 35,5,2,Brown, Wilfred

McCready,Mary A.,D,12 Aug 37,1,5,Stidwell

McCuaig,Malcolm, Mrs.,D,8 Apr 37,5,3,

McCulley,Joseph,D,5 May 38,1,5,

McCulley,Marg’t Eliz’th,M,13 Jul 39,1,5,Carr, Andrew

McCully,Elizabeth,D,3 Dec 36,1,6,

McDonald,Beulah M.,M,18 Apr 35,5,3,McKellar, Harold

McDonald,Evelyn,M,17 Jun 37,5,3,Hertel, McNeil

McDonald,George,D,26 Jan 39,1,6,age 73

McDonald,Gordon,M,24 Oct 35,5,2,Guyitt, Margaret

McDonald,Grace,E,28 Dec 39,5,2,McKillop, Lionel

McDonald,John,D,21 Oct 37,5,2,age 69

McDonald,John Seaton,D,23 Jul 36,4,2,84th year

McDonald,Margaret,D,3 Feb 38,5,2,age 25

McDonald,Marjorie,D,1 Dec 38,5,2,88th year

McDonald,Roderick,D,3 Jun 37,1,6,age 79

McDougald,Mary L.,D,12 Nov 36,8,2,

McDougall,A. S., Mrs.,D,11 Jun 36,1,5,age 70

McDougall,Catherine,M,29 Jun 39,5,1,Haviland, Paul

McDougall,Christina Bell Gordon,D,5 Oct 39,5,2,

McEachran,Jean,E,4 Jun 36,5,2,McPherson, Peter

McEachran,Neil,D,26 Oct 39,1,6,30 Sep;

McEachren,Archibald, Dr.,D,18 Apr 35,5,2,

McEachren,Catherine,P,17 Dec 36,9,1,Hyndman

McEachren,Effie,D,2 Nov 39,1,6,

McEachren,Florence Lila,E,21 Jul 38,5,1,Peterson, Everett

McEachren,Jean,M,11 Jun 36,5,3,6 Jun; McPherson, P.

McEachren,Jean,P,13 May 37,5,4,McPherson

McEachren,John,D,11 Feb 37,1,1,84th year

McEachren,Kenneth A.,M,30 Jun 38,8,4,McMurray, Ruth

McEachren,Mary,D,30 Apr 36,5,2,age 44

McEachren,Mary Helen,M,10 Dec 36,12,3,McRae, David

McEachren,Neil Angus,B,14 Nov 35,5,1,31 Oct

McEwen,Margaret Drew,M,5 Nov 36,8,2,McLean, Archie

McFarlane,Agnes,D,13 May 37,5,3,80th year

McFarlane,Archibald,D,7 Feb 35,5,3,16 Jan; age 67

McFarlane,Donald A.,E,11 Mar 37,5,2,Beer, Viola

McFarlane,Donna Mae,B,25 Nov 37,4,3,2 Nov

McFarlane,Dougald,D,22 Dec 38,6,3,

McFarlane,Dugald D.,D,15 Dec 38,9,2,69th year

McFarlane,Effie,M,16 Sep 37,1,6,Robbins, Harry

McFarlane,Harold,M,4 Jun 36,5,3,23 May; Walker, Lily

McFarlane,Helen Euphemia,M,15 Dec 38,1,4,10 Dec; Fisher, F.

McFarlane,James G.,M,13 Jun 35,1,6,McCallum, Jean

McFarlane,James,D,23 Dec 37,1,4,

McFarlane,Jennie,W,12 Oct 39,5,3,Campbell

McFarlane,John,BD,27 Aug 36,5,1,100th

McFarlane,Mabel,M,9 Jul 36,4,1,26 Jun; Cavanagh, Wm

McFarlane,Margaret,E,9 Jul 36,5,2,Lewis, Orbie

McFarlane,Margaret,M,23 Jul 36,5,2,Lewis, Orbie

McFarlane,Muriel Isabel,M,5 Sep 35,4,1,Thomas, John

McFarlane,Myrtle,M,5 May 38,1,5,Robb, John R.

McGaw,Clara Marie,M,24 Dec 36,8,2,Chute, Charles

McGill,Barbara Jean,M,30 Jun 38,1,4,McGregor, Allister

McGill,Caroline,W,20 Feb 36,8,1,Stocks

McGill,Duncan Kenneth,M,15 Sep 38,1,1,Dobson, Bandeena

McGill,Jennie,M,13 Jun 35,5,3,8 Jun; Auckland, E.

McGill,John,D,3 Nov 38,5,2,

McGill,Joseph,M,21 Feb 35,5,2,Brown, Minnie, Mrs.

McGillvary,Duncan A.,D,30 Jul 36,5,1,

McGregor,Allister Keith,M,30 Jun 38,1,4,McGill, Barbara

McGregor,Elizabeth,D,30 Jan 36,4,1,66th year

McGregor,Elizabeth,D,6 Feb 36,5,1,

McGregor,Jennie,D,9 Feb 39,1,5,McIntyre

McGregor,Margaret,D,17 Aug 39,5,3,age 77

McGregor,Peter,D,19 Jan 39,5,1,

McGregor,Sarah Jane,D,26 Aug 37,5,1,McPherson

McGregor,William,D,20 Feb 36,1,6,

McGugan,Alex, Mrs.,D,2 Feb 39,1,5,67th year

McGugan,Amy,D,22 Aug 35,5,2,74th year

McGugan,Annie,M,2 Jul 36,5,2,Everts, Neil

McGugan,Christina,D,12 Aug 37,1,3,age 83

McGugan,Effie,P,30 Apr 36,1,5,Blue

McGugan,Isabella,P,30 Jun 38,1,5,Mowbray

McGugan,James,D,23 May 35,8,5,

McGugan,Malcolm,D,4 Nov 37,8,4,age 91

McGugan,Mary Belle,D,30 Apr 36,5,3,

McGugan,Mary Belle,D,23 Apr 36,5,3,

McIntyre,Albert,M,2 Sep 37,9,2,Ford, Stella

McIntyre,Archibald G.,D,2 Feb 39,5,1,

McIntyre,Archie G.,D,3 Jan 35,4,3,71st year

McIntyre,Ben,P,10 Mar 38,5,3,Silcox

McIntyre,Cameron,D,15 Dec 38,9,5,

McIntyre,Colin,D,29 Dec 38,4,3,about 71 years old

McIntyre,Dan,A,7 Jan 37,1,6,25th

McIntyre,Donald L.,D,26 May 38,8,4,16 May; 74th year

McIntyre,Dugald, Mrs.,D,14 Nov 35,5,3,86th year

McIntyre,Eliza,D,8 Dec 38,9,3,Graham

McIntyre,Emma,D,20 Apr 39,5,2,

McIntyre,Florence,W,14 Jan 37,4,2,Leitch

McIntyre,J. M., Mrs.,D,26 Mar 36,4,1,

McIntyre,J. A.,D,21 Sep 39,4,1,3 Sep; 79th year

McIntyre,Jennie,D,9 Feb 39,1,5,75th year

McIntyre,John C.,D,17 Aug 39,5,3,

McIntyre,John,D,12 Oct 39,5,3,age 85

McIntyre,Malcolm,D,23 Apr 36,5,3,age 82

McIntyre,Malcolm,D,30 Apr 36,5,3,

McIntyre,Mary,D,26 May 38,1,5,age 78

McIntyre,Merinda,D,11 Mar 37,8,4,age 93

McIntyre,son of Albert,B,17 Mar 38,4,3,15 Mar

McIntyre,Stewart Duncan,E,13 Jun 35,1,6,15 Jun; Leitch, Edna

McIntyre,Stewart D.,M,27 Jun 35,6,2,15 Jun; Leitch, Edna

McIntyre,Thelma,D,18 May 39,5,3,Knight

McKay,Jane,D,10 Dec 36,9,3,Coulthard

McKay,Sarah,P,6 Oct 38,5,1,Leitch

McKee,Annie,P,27 Jul 39,5,3,Patterson

McKee,Arch D.,D,4 Feb 37,4,2,20 Jan

McKegney,E. W., Rev.,D,30 Dec 37,1,4,age 45

McKellar,Alex, Mrs.,D,11 Mar 37,5,2,

McKellar,Annie,D,18 Feb 37,8,4,88th year

McKellar,Catherine,D,8 Apr 37,5,3,McCuaig

McKellar,dau of Wilfred,B,2 Mar 39,5,2,19 Feb

McKellar,Ellar,D,18 Mar 37,1,6,age 86

McKellar,H. S.,D,23 Apr 36,5,2,age 63

McKellar,Harold,M,18 Apr 35,5,3,McDonald, Beulah

McKellar,Jane,D,14 Apr 38,5,3,Gilmore

McKellar,John Brodie,D,11 Jul 35,8,3,68th year

McKellar,Malcolm,D,2 Feb 39,1,5,

McKellar,Margaret,D,24 Feb 38,4,1,Deacon

McKellar,Marion Jane,E,11 Aug 38,5,2,Baker, Harold

McKellar,Mary,P,15 Jul 37,1,4,McKillop

McKellar,Mary,P,11 Nov 37,1,4,McKillop

McKellar,Peter Alex’r,D,10 Mar 38,1,5,

McKellar,son of Harold,B,18 Mar 37,5,2,14 Mar

McKellar,William,D,9 Jan 36,4,2,

McKellar,William,D,2 Jan 36,5,2,

McKenzie,Campbell,E,21 Oct 37,5,2,MacDonald, Jean

McKenzie,Christena,D,6 Jun 35,5,3,McRae

McKenzie,John,P,26 Dec 35,4,2,McRae

McKenzie,Roderick,D,26 Aug 37,8,3,age 64

McKenzie,Roderick,D,12 Aug 37,1,5,

McKillop,Ada,D,28 May 36,1,5,Love

McKillop,Alex D., Mrs.,D,15 Oct 36,5,3,74th year

McKillop,Angus N., Dr.,M,6 Jun 35,1,5,Livingston, Eunice

McKillop,Angus N., Dr.,E,9 May 35,5,2,1 Jun; Livingston, E.

McKillop,Angus,D,17 Sep 36,5,1,78th year

McKillop,Archibald D.,E,17 Feb 38,5,2,Gaudion, Betty

McKillop,Archibald D.,M,3 Mar 38,1,6,19 Feb; Gaudion, B.

McKillop,Barbara Margaret,B,3 Jan 35,5,4,29 Dec 1934

McKillop,Belle,D,27 May 37,5,3,age 72

McKillop,Eliza Jane,D,7 Oct 37,10,2,age 70

McKillop,Hugh C.,D,18 Nov 37,1,6,

McKillop,Hugh C.,D,11 Nov 37,1,4,65th year

McKillop,Jennie,W,21 Oct 37,5,2,McDonald

McKillop,John G.,D,13 Jun 35,1,1,age 81

McKillop,John,P,21 May 36,5,3,Campbell

McKillop,John A.,D,15 Jul 37,1,4,76th year

McKillop,John, Rev.,D,29 Jun 39,4,1,

McKillop,John, Rev.,D,22 Jun 39,1,5,

McKillop,Lionel,E,28 Dec 39,5,2,McDonald, Grace

McKillop,Margaret,D,19 Jan 39,1,5,77th year

McKillop,Maribel,D,21 Jul 38,5,2,

McKillop,Maribel,D,14 Jul 38,4,2,51st year

McKillop,Norma E., Mrs.,M,6 Apr 39,5,2,Becker, Walter

McKillop,Wesley Donald,D,19 Oct 39,1,4,17th year

McKillop,William D.,M,27 Aug 36,1,4,15 Aug; Wilton, Reta

McKim,dau of Robert,B,16 Dec 37,8,2,12 Dec

McKim,Thomas Robert,E,24 Sep 36,5,2,MacVicar, Sadie

McKim,Thomas Robert,M,1 Oct 36,1,5,MacVicar, Sadie

McKinney,Charles Alex’r,M,26 Nov 36,5,2,Stevenson, Mary

McKinnon,Annie,D,19 Nov 36,5,1,

McLachlan,Florence Irene,M,2 Dec 37,5,2,MacDonald, John

McLachlan,John A.,D,30 Nov 39,5,2,

McLachlin,A. F.,M,22 Aug 35,5,3,3 Aug; Stead, W.

McLachlin,Alex’r William,B,10 Dec 36,9,3,4 Dec

McLachlin,Archibald F.,D,2 Jun 38,8,3,

McLachlin,Archie F.,E,1 Aug 35,5,2,Stead, Winnifred

McLachlin,Duncan, Mrs.,BD,27 Aug 36,5,2,92nd

McLachlin,Gordon,D,23 Dec 37,5,2,29th year

McLachlin,Margaret,D,17 Jun 37,5,2,82nd year

McLandress,Isabell,E,19 May 38,5,2,11 Jun; Shannon, G.

McLandress,James,P,9 May 35,5,1,Mason

McLandress,James W.,D,29 Jun 39,4,2,age 33

McLandress,Kenneth Wm.,M,16 Sep 37,1,6,Heath, Lulu

McLandress,Kenneth Wm.,E,12 Aug 37,5,2,8 Sep; Heath, Lulu

McLandress,Kenneth, Dr.,M,9 Sep 37,7,2,Heath, Lulu

McLandress,Tena,W,3 Oct 35,1,6,Galbraith

McLandress,Velma,E,11 Jun 36,5,2,Dubber, Leonard

McLarty,Cassie,W,16 Feb 39,1,5,Patton

McLarty,Mary May,M,17 Oct 35,5,2,28 Sep; Kelly, Lance

McLaughlin,Kenneth A.,E,20 Aug 36,5,2,McCormick, Mary

McLaughlin,Kenneth A.,M,3 Sep 36,4,3,McCormick, Mary

McLean,Agnes,D,5 Dec 35,1,6,age 83

McLean,Allan,D,30 Dec 37,4,2,90th year

McLean,Angus A., Dr.,D,17 Nov 38,5,2,60th year

McLean,Anna,D,16 Sep 37,9,3,age 94

McLean,Anna,BD,21 Jan 37,5,1,95th

McLean,Anna,D,23 Sep 37,7,1,

McLean,Annabel,A,5 Jan 39,5,1,Graham

McLean,Archie,M,5 Nov 36,8,2,McEwen, Margaret

McLean,Catherine,D,29 Oct 36,5,3,age 81

McLean,John,D,25 Nov 37,1,5,73rd year

McLean,John,A,9 Dec 37,7,1,55th

McLean,Mary Jane,D,10 Nov 38,5,2,

McLean,Roy Vincent,E,22 Sep 38,5,2,Hawkins, Mary

McLean,Roy Vincent,M,29 Sep 38,4,2,Hawkins, Mary

McLean,son of John W.,B,25 Feb 37,5,3,22 Feb

McLellan,John A.,D,10 Feb 38,1,4,84th year

McLennan,J. C.,D,11 Feb 37,4,3,

McLennan,John C.,D,4 Feb 37,1,4,age 85

McLennan,Margaret Doreen,M,31 Jan 35,5,1,26 Jan; Staddon, H.

McLennan,William,D,6 Jul 39,4,2,

McLennan,William S.,D,29 Jun 39,4,2,age 45

McManus,David,M,14 Dec 39,8,2,2 Dec; Hull, Dorothy

McMillan,Alex S.,D,30 Apr 36,5,3,88th year

McMillan,Alex J.,D,10 Jun 37,1,5,

McMillan,Alex J.,D,3 Jun 37,5,2,age 69

McMillan,Annie,D,16 Jun 38,4,2,Ross

McMillan,Donald Arch’d,M,3 Nov 38,5,2,Henderson, Edna

McMillan,Duncan L.,D,7 Feb 35,1,6,age 69

McMillan,Edward,D,4 Feb 37,5,4,age 87

McMillan,Elizabeth,D,29 Oct 36,5,3,Campell

McMillan,Isabella,W,16 May 35,4,2,Gordon

McMillan,J. S.,P,13 Jan 38,1,5,Annett

McMillan,Jane,D,5 Mar 35,5,1,

McMillan,Jane,D,28 Feb 35,5,2,age 85

McMillan,Jane,D,12 Nov 36,5,3,age 87

McMillan,Jane,M,5 May 38,1,5,Leitch, Dugald

McMillan,Janet,D,7 Dec 39,8,1,77th year

McMillan,Jean Isabel,M,28 Jan 37,5,3,23 Jan; Patterson, D.

McMillan,Jean Isabel,E,21 Jan 37,5,2,Patterson, Donald

McMillan,John C.,D,25 Jun 36,5,3,age 78

McMillan,John P.,D,26 May 38,1,6,84th year

McMillan,Kate,D,22 Aug 35,5,2,71st year

McMillan,Margaret,D,16 May 35,4,2,Graham

McMillan,Margaret A.,M,21 May 36,1,6,Nelson, Harold

McMillan,Margery,M,26 Mar 36,5,1,18Mar; Lyons, Stuart

McMillan,Mary,W,25 Mar 37,5,3,Turner

McMillan,Mary,D,1 Jul 37,1,5,

McMillan,Sarah,D,14 Jan 37,1,6,Wenz

McMullen,Agnes,P,25 Jul 35,5,3,Palmer

McMullen,Agnes,D,3 Jun 37,5,3,Farrow

McMurchy,Arch,E,7 Jul 38,5,2,Webster, Nettie

McMurchy,Archie D.,M,21 Jul 38,1,6,9 Jul; Webster, Nettie

McMurchy,Janet,BD,1 Jul 37,1,4,93rd

McMurchy,Janet,D,3 Feb 38,5,3,94th year

McMurchy,Jennie,D,2 Apr 36,1,5,Ford

McMurray,Ruth,M,30 Jun 38,8,4,McEachren, Kenneth

McNabb,Archibald,D,21 Jan 37,5,1,

McNabb,Archibald,D,14 Jan 37,1,6,73rd year

McNabb,Duncan A., Mrs.,D,12 Sep 35,4,2,74th year

McNabb,Elizabeth,W,18 Jun 36,5,3,Campbell

McNabb,Marion J.,M,28 Sep 39,1,5,16 Sep; Campbell, R D

McNeil,dau of R. H.,B,31 Oct 35,4,2,20 Oct

McNeil,Jennie,A,26 Mar 36,5,2,McAlpine

McNeil,Jennie E.,W,3 Mar 38,1,4,Turner

McNeil,John D.,D,10 Aug 39,5,1,

McNeil,John D.,D,3 Aug 39,5,3,70th year

McNeil,Malcolm D.,D,15 Sep 38,1,5,74th year

McNeil,Margaret,D,4 Apr 35,5,3,Graham

McNeil,Mary,D,31 Oct 35,5,1,

McNeil,Mary,D,24 Oct 35,4,1,73rd year

McNeil,Murray,D,20 Jan 38,1,5,

McNeil,Murray,D,27 Jan 38,1,6,

McNeil,Peter,D,4 Feb 37,4,3,

McNeil,Peter,D,28 Jan 37,4,2,age 79

McNeil,Rebecca,D,23 Mar 39,1,5,97th year

McNeill,Edith,D,5 Mar 35,4,2,71st year

McNeill,Edith,D,14 Mar 35,1,6,

McNichol,Malcolm,M,6 Feb 36,4,2,Davidson, Margaret

McNicol,Mrs.,D,28 Apr 38,5,4,about 95 years old

McPhail,Albert,D,17 Dec 36,8,1,

McPhail,Arch,P,18 Mar 37,1,6,Partridge

McPhail,Charles, Mrs.,D,9 Nov 39,5,3,80th year

McPhail,Duncan,E,26 Nov 36,5,2,Wright, Velma

McPhail,Edwin,M,28 May 36,5,2,19 May; Kelly, Lucille

McPhail,Flora J.,D,11 Apr 35,1,6,52nd year

McPhail,Hugh Alexander,M,16 Dec 37,8,3,11 Dec; Campbell, G.

McPhail,Sarah,D,29 Apr 37,1,6,McArthur

McPhedrain,Neil,P,11 Mar 37,5,2,McKellar

McPhee,Clair,D,16 Dec 37,1,6,41st year

McPhee,Daniel,M,5 Nov 36,5,1,Lordan, Irene

McPhee,Jessie,D,30 May 35,4,2,Clark

McPherson,Angus, Dr.,D,23 Nov 39,5,3,

McPherson,Beatrice,D,4 May 39,1,5,27 Apr; 71st year

McPherson,dau of D. P.,B,13 May 37,5,4,1 May

McPherson,Duncan, Mrs.,D,26 Aug 37,5,1,

McPherson,Elizabeth,D,2 Dec 37,5,2,Crawford

McPherson,Finlay Donald,M,19 Oct 39,4,1,7 Oct; Ashmore, E.

McPherson,Grace,D,12 Nov 36,5,3,Clark

McPherson,Kenneth A.,D,29 Aug 35,5,3,59th year

McPherson,Peter,E,4 Jun 36,5,2,McEachran, Jean

McPherson,Peter,M,11 Jun 36,5,3,6 Jun; McEachren, J.

McQueen,Elizabeth,D,28 Jan 37,1,4,age 92

McRae,Annie M.,W,21 Oct 37,8,1,Winn

McRae,Christena,D,6 Jun 35,5,3,24 May; 81st year

McRae,Christopher, Mrs,D,26 Dec 35,4,2,age 72

McRae,David Andrew,M,10 Dec 36,12,3,McEachren, Mary

McRae,Elizabeth,D,10 Jun 37,1,5,Brennan

McRae,Elizabeth,D,13 Jan 38,5,2,2 Jan; 78th year

McRae,Flora,P,9 Nov 39,5,3,Dobie

McRae,Janet,D,20 Feb 36,1,6,Paton

McRae,John Duncan, Mrs,D,5 Mar 35,4,2,age 89

McRae,John,P,25 Nov 37,5,2,Murphy

McRae,Keith,D,14 Jul 37,5,2,

McRae,Sarah,D,27 Aug 36,8,3,age 92

McReady,Margaret Irene,M,22 Aug 35,5,3,Brown, Wilfrid

McSherry,Mae Bell,W,21 May 36,5,3,Hyde

McSherry,Maebell,D,17 Feb 38,5,3,Hyde

McSherry,Sarah Ann,W,13 Jan 38,5,2,Newton

McTaggart,Donald,D,9 Jul 36,1,4,79th year

McTaggart,Jessie,D,30 Dec 37,5,3,Gillis

McTaggart,Lachlan L.,D,21 Jan 37,1,5,age 73

McTaggart,Margaret,W,23 Dec 37,5,2,Carswell

McTaggart,William,D,27 May 37,5,2,

McTaggart,William Ross,M,18 Nov 37,1,1,Boyd, Marianne

McTavish,Annie Catherine,D,24 Jan 35,5,3,Ferguson

McTavish,Archibald,P,4 Apr 35,1,5,Blue

McTavish,Duncan G.,D,9 Apr 36,1,5,81st year

McTavish,Malcolm, Mrs.,D,8 Apr 37,8,3,

McVannel,Duncan S.,D,26 Mar 36,1,4,3 Mar; age 86

McVannel,Nancy,P,3 Jan 35,4,3,McCallum

McWilliam,Arch,D,27 Feb 36,1,5,72nd year

McWilliam,James, Mrs.,D,15 Oct 36,5,3,3 Oct; 78th year

McWilliam,James,D,7 Sep 39,5,3,29 Aug; age 84

McWilliam,James,D,21 Sep 39,1,5,age 85

McWilliam,Mary,P,3 Jun 37,5,2,McMillan

Meehan,Julia,D,10 Sep 36,1,6,

Meek,Agnes,D,22 Oct 36,5,3,71st year

Meek,Robert T.,D,27 May 37,1,5,age 80

Mennie,J., Mrs.,D,12 Aug 37,1,5,

Mercer,Jessie,D,22 Jun 39,1,5,age 72

Mercer,Walter,D,23 Jul 36,5,2,age 76

Merrill,Mildred,W,20 Jan 38,1,5,McNeil

Meyer,Clarence H.,D,14 Apr 38,5,2,77th year

Meyer,Ruth,M,16 Jun 38,8,2,4 Jun; Mistele, Walter

Middleton,Margaret Agar,D,20 Jun 35,5,2,age 88

Mifflin,Arley H.,M,6 May 37,5,3,MacLean, Esther

Millar,John, Mrs.,D,5 Jan 39,4,2,40th year

Miller,dau of Russel,B,23 Jun 38,5,1,13 Jun

Miller,Eliza Jane,D,7 Oct 37,10,2,McKillop

Miller,Helen,M,29 Aug 35,5,1,MacTier, Frank

Miller,Henry,D,5 May 38,5,2,age 74

Miller,J. Russell,E,22 Apr37,5,2,Wight, Jean

Miller,Joseph,D,11 Jun 36,1,6,82nd year

Miller,Joseph, Mrs.,D,4 Mar 37,5,1,76th year

Miller,Patricia Christine,B,1 Sep 38,5,3,21 Aug

Miller,Russell,M,13 May 37,5,2,Wight, Jean

Miller,son of James,B,7 May 36,1,6,2 May

Miller,Susanna,D,11 Jul 35,1,5,Kriter

Milligan,Ada Frances,M,24 Dec 36,1,5,12 Dec; Dundas, H.

Milligan,Ada Frances,E,17 Dec 36,9,2,Dundas, Harold

Milligan,George,M,5 Dec 35,8,3,30 Nov; Anderson, M.

Milligan,Mary Frances,E,28 May 36,5,2,McCay, Donald

Milligan,Mary Frances,M,9 Jul 36,4,1,McCay, Donald

Milligan,Rose,D,13 Feb 36,5,2,Dobson

Milligan,Roy Cecil,M,18 Nov 37,5,2,House, Leota

Milligan,Roy,E,28 Oct 37,5,2,Annett, Vivian

Mills,Chrilla,A,20 Oct 38,5,1,Banghart

Mills,Robert, Mrs.,D,28 Feb 35,4,1,

Mills,Russell S.,M,27 Feb 36,8,3,Brush, Dorothy

Milner,Rena May,M,29 Jun 39,5,1,17 Jun; Carmichael, D.

Milton,Ann,D,16 Jul 36,5,3,Salmon

Milton,Ann,D,23 Jul 36,5,2,Salmon

Milton,J. Arthur,D,9 Mar 39,4,2,3 Mar

Milton,Joseph,M,22 Dec 38,6,2,Clarke, Marguerite

Milton,Mary,W,2 May 35,1,5,McCallum

Milton,Sarah,D,1 Apr 37,1,5,McArthur

Mimna,William, Mrs.,D,24 Jan 35,4,1,

Miners,Vera,D,27 Aug 36,5,2,

Minor,William R.,D,17 Feb 38,8,4,age 83

Mistele,Charles,D,23 Feb 39,5,1,age 76

Mistele,Jacob G.,A,25 Mar 37,8,3,60th

Mistele,Kathryn,M,21 Sep 39,4,1,12 Sep; Kunzler, John

Mistele,Magdalena,D,16 Feb 39,5,2,age 64

Mistele,Walter,M,16 Jun 38,8,2,4 Jun; Meyer, Ruth

Mitchell,Arch,D,23 Feb 39,8,4,

Mitchell,Ruth Alvena,E,19 Nov 36,5,2,McCallum, Angus

Mitton,Ellen,D,4 Feb 37,4,3,

Mitton,W. J., Mrs.,D,28 Jan 37,4,3,79th year

Moffat,Robert F.,E,17 Jun37,5,2,Campbell, Frances

Mogg,E. G.,D,6 May 37,5,2,

Monteith,Almonde Chas.,D,23 Feb 39,1,6,about 51 years old

Monteith,David Almond,E,26 Oct 39,5,2,Jones, Maribelle

Monteith,David Almond,M,9 Nov 39,1,6,Jones, Maribell

Monteith,James, Mrs.,D,27 Aug 36,1,6,age 82

Monteith,William,D,20 May 37,3,4,age 85

Montgomery,Frank,BD,20 Feb 36,5,6,90th

Moon,Margaret Ann,D,9 Feb 39,5,2,age 56

Mooney,James A.,D,6 Oct 38,5,1,69th year

Moore,Charles Joseph,D,5 May 38,1,6,22 Apr; age 71

Moore,Elmer,E,1 Jul 37,5,2,Lyons, Dorothy

Moore,Elmer,M,29 Jul 37,5,1,Lyons, Dorothy

Moore,Emily,D,23 Mar 39,1,5,Crane

Moore,George, Mrs.,D,21 Apr 38,1,6,

Moore,Herbert W.,D,2 Jun 38,4,2,

Moore,Monte Max,M,5 Mar 36,1,6,Carr, Minnie

Moore,Norman,E,16 Jun 38,5,2,Elder, Anna

Moore,Norman,M,7 Jul 38,4,2,Elder, Anna

Morgan,Murray K.,M,28 Jul 38,5,3,Lindenman, Valetta

Morgan,Sarah,D,19 Nov 36,1,5,age 80

Morgan,William,D,28 May 36,8,2,

Morris,Emma J.,W,27 Feb 36,1,5,Welch

Morris,J. M.,D,15 Oct 36,5,2,

Morris,John M.,D,8 Oct 36,5,3,81st year

Morris,Mary Katherine,D,2 Mar 39,1,5,73rd year

Morris,Robert,D,7 Jan 37,1,4,age 78

Morrish,Aleck W.,E,27 Aug 36,5,2,29 Aug; Ripley, Alice

Morrish,Aleck W.,M,3 Sep 36,4,3,Ripley, Alice

Morrish,dau of Claude,B,29 Jun 39,4,1,19 Jun

Morrish,Franklin Hugh,B,26 Aug 37,1,1,30 Jul

Morrish,Ida,D,28 Jul 38,1,6,age 79

Morrish,J. W., Mrs.,D,9 Apr 36,1,5,age 66

Morrish,J. W., Mrs.,D,16 Apr 36,5,1,6 Apr

Morrison,Archibald,D,24 Feb 38,1,4,age 70

Morrison,Gertrude,W,12 Sep 35,5,2,McAlpine

Morrison,Maud Irene,M,14 Oct 37,5,2,Jones, Roland

Morriss,Albert,D,6 May 37,4,2,

Morrow,Dorothy,P,3 Jan 35,5,4,McKillop

Mortin,son of George L.,B,8 Sep 38,1,6,5 Sep

Moss,Austin,D,7 Feb 35,1,6,age 46

Moss,Leah,D,4 Jun 36,1,5,Froggett

Moss,Lillie Verna,M,11 Nov 37,8,3,6 Nov; Smoke, Henry

Mott,Audrey,M,27 Apr 39,1,4,Ford, Clarence

Mowbray,Catherine V.,D,30 Jun 38,1,5,18 Jun; age 81

Mulder,Maxine Matilda,E,13 Oct 38,5,2,Campbell, John

Mulder,Maxine Matilda,M,10 Nov 38,5,1,Campbell, John

Mulholland,Hiram,D,18 Feb 37,8,5,age 75

Munce,Helen,M,10 Nov 38,1,1,31 Oct; Page, George

Munford,Elizabeth Anne,W,31 Mar 38,1,5,Mann

Munn,Jessie,D,29 Apr 37,1,6,

Munn,John,D,15 Aug 35,4,1,age 91

Munn,John, Mrs.,D,16 Jan 36,5,3,age 87

Munn,John, Mrs.,D,23 Jan 36,5,3,

Munro,A. V., Mrs.,D,20 May 37,11,4,age 72

Munro,Alma,M,14 Jan 37,5,3,Dundas, Harvey

Munro,Colin Duncan,E,25 May 39,5,1,3 Jun; Love, Jean

Munro,Dugald, Dr.,D,27 Feb 36,8,3,

Munro,Jeanette,P,11 Jul 35,1,5,Campbell

Murison,Margaret,D,6 Aug 36,5,2,Garrow

Murphy,Emma,D,11 May 39,1,5,

Murphy,Ford, Mrs.,D,25 Nov 37,5,2,age 34

Murphy,James,D,1 Sep 38,4,1,

Murphy,Lewis,P,5 Jan 39,4,2,Millar

Murphy,M. Frances,M,24 Sep 36,5,3,Penney, E. Clifford

Murray,Angus, Mrs.,D,31 Mar 38,1,5,66th year

Murray,Angus,D,1 Dec 38,5,1,

Murray,Angus,D,24 Nov 38,1,5,70th year

Murray,dau of Robert,B,14 Jul 37,5,1,11 Jul

Murray,Elizabeth,D,7 Apr 38,5,2,

Murray,Elizabeth Ella,B,30 Mar 39,5,3,23 Mar

Murray,Jessie,D,28 Apr 38,1,5,on 78th birthday

Murray,Malcolm Robert,B,28 Jan 37,5,1,16 Jan

Murray,Margaret,M,9 Mar 39,4,1,Forman, Campbell

Murray,Sarah Jane,D,6 Apr 39,5,1,79th year

Murray,Sarah,D,29 Dec 38,1,6,

Near,William,D,8 Apr 37,5,3,

Neil,George W.,D,28 May 36,4,2,

Neil,William, Mrs.,BD,18 Feb 37,5,2,80th

Nelson,Harold L.,M,21 May 36,1,6,McMillan, Margaret

Newman,Muriel Victoria,E,7 Feb 35,5,2,9 Mar; Brown, Colin

Newton,George,D,27 Apr 39,1,5,age 70

Newton,George,D,27 Jan 38,5,2,age 90

Newton,George,BD,13 Jan 38,5,2,90th

Nicholas,Orville Earl,M,7 Sep 39,1,4,26 Aug; Gordon, G.

Nickleson,Carman,M,6 Jul 39,4,1,Doub, Ruby

Norsworthy,Frances Emily,E,8 Oct 36,5,2,Small, Clarence

Norsworthy,Frances,M,15 Oct 36,4,2,Small, Clarence C.

Norton,James, Mrs.,D,15 Sep 38,1,5,78th year

Nott,Katherine Edith,E,23 May 35,5,2,Weir, William

Nott,Katherine Edith,M,30 May 35,5,3,Weir, William

Noyes,Marion,M,2 Feb 39,5,2,Trestain, W. G.

O’Malley,Mary Ann,W,21 Apr 38,1,6,Thompson

O’Malley,Peter Hugh,D,18 Aug 38,1,4,

O’Neil,Ralph,P,29 Apr 37,5,3,Ford

O’Neil,Thomas,D,17 Mar 38,5,2,69th year

O’Sullivan,Daniel,D,6 Oct 38,4,1,

Oakes,George W.,A,25 Apr 35,7,2,60th; 12 Apr

Olde,Charles A.,A,10 Oct 35,6,3,40th

Olde,nee,D,3 Sep 36,1,4,Glance

Oldfield,John Henry,D,16 Sep 37,9,2,7 Sep

Oldfield,W. G.,D,17 Dec 36,9,1,

Oliver,Arthur S., Rev.,D,6 Aug 36,4,2,age 46

Oliver,Edwin,A,12 Nov 36,4,2,50th

Oliver,George Edward,D,26 Sep 35,1,4,age 51

Olsen,Geraldine,D,11 Jun 36,5,1,

Olson,James,D,23 Dec 37,1,4,

Olson,Joseph,D,23 Dec 37,1,4,

Orchard,M. J., Mrs.,D,26 Dec 35,4,2,16 Dec; age 75

Orchard,Sydney Charles,M,17 Feb 38,1,5,5 Feb; Gilbert, Fannie

Osterhout,Melvin,D,20 Feb 36,1,1,

Ostrander,Charles, Mrs.,D,11 Jun 36,1,5,75th year

Ousterhout,Mary,D,30 Mar 39,5,1,age 88

Paddon,Nellie,D,20 Feb 36,1,1,

Page,George,M,10 Nov 38,1,1,31 Oct; Munce, Helen

Page,Jonas Alfred,D,19 Jan 39,5,1,84th year

Page,Jonas A.,D,26 Jan 39,1,6,18 Jan; 81st year

Page,Lydia,BD,11 Mar 37,8,4,102nd

Page,Mary Elizabeth,E,16 Nov 39,5,2,Fetter, Frederick

Page,son of Miller,B,7 Sep 39,4,3,25 Aug

Palmateer,Gary Brock,B,3 Aug 39,5,2,30 Jul

Palmateer,Perry,M,31 Oct 35,5,2,25 Oct; Wilson, K.

Palmer,John Leon,D,16 Apr 36,5,2,age 55

Palmer,John L., Mrs.,D,25 Jul 35,5,3,age 50

Palmer,Mary Ann,W,18 Feb 37,4,1,Cattanach

Palmer,Matilda,D,25 Jun 36,8,2,

Palmer,W. E., Mrs.,D,26 May 38,8,4,

Pangborn,Edward,D,9 Nov 39,8,5,age 72

Pangborn,Lettia,D,22 Dec 38,9,4,age 69

Parish,Ann,D,9 Jan 36,1,1,96th year

Parker,Clara Alfreida,M,12 Aug 37,4,1,Downs, Walter

Parker,Edward,D,12 Nov 36,4,2,

Parker,Nelson, Mrs.,D,23 May 35,1,5,age 65

Parks,J. H.,D,7 Jul 38,1,6,age 68

Parks,Samuel,P,9 Apr 36,1,5,Morrish

Parrott,George Albert,D,26 May 38,8,4,60th year

Parrott,Rosaleen Alma,M,14 Oct 37,5,2,2 Oct; Clark, Alex’r

Partridge,Benjamin, Mrs.,D,18 Mar 37,1,6,51st year

Paton,Angus Cameron,E,16 Sep 37,9,2,Leeming, Doris

Paton,Angus Cameron,M,23 Sep 37,1,6,18 Sep; Leeming, D.

Paton,Barbara Alice,M,15 Sep 38,5,1,Dawdy, Christopher

Paton,Barbara Alice,E,8 Sep 38,5,3,Dawdy, Christopher

Paton,Daniel, Mrs.,D,20 Feb 36,1,6,55th year

Paton,Elsie Catherine,M,14 Jul 38,5,2,Webster, Donald

Paton,Elsie Catherine,E,23 Jun 38,5,2,Webster, Donald

Paton,James Alex’r,E,12 May 38,5,2,4 Jun; Blackburn, E.

Paton,James Alex’r,M,9 Jun 38,1,6,Blackburn, Elizabeth

Paton,Margaret,D,11 Aug 38,1,5,74th year

Paton,Mary Elma,E,4 Apr 35,5,2,Webster, Kenneth

Paton,Mary Emma,M,25 Apr 35,6,1,10 Apr; Webster, K.

Patterson,Albert E., Dr.,D,26 Sep 35,1,5,13 Sep

Patterson,Arch,D,21 Nov 35,5,3,

Patterson,Arch D.,D,28 Jan 37,8,3,

Patterson,Betsy,D,6 Feb 36,5,2,Smith

Patterson,Catherine,D,30 May 35,4,2,Black

Patterson,dau of W. A.,B,17 Feb 38,5,1,15 Feb

Patterson,Donald Stuart,E,21 Jan 37,5,2,McMillan, Jean

Patterson,Donald Stuart,M,28 Jan 37,5,3,23 Jan; McMillan, J.

Patterson,Edith,D,27 Jul 39,5,3,10 Jul

Patterson,Isabel Louise,B,14 Feb 35,1,5,9 Feb

Patterson,Isabella,W,27 Aug 36,5,1,Baxter

Patterson,James R.,D,28 Feb 35,5,2,

Patterson,James R.,D,5 Mar 35,5,1,

Patterson,Katherine,A,4 May 39,1,5,March

Patterson,Margaret,D,3 Sep 36,5,1,

Patterson,Margaret Elaine,B,29 Oct 36,5,3,26 Oct

Patterson,Margaret Ann,D,27 Aug 36,5,1,73rd year

Patterson,Margaret Ruth,M,28 Sep 39,1,5,Lodge, Harland

Patterson,Marion Colleen,B,12 Oct 39,4,3,4 Oct

Patterson,Mary,D,5 Mar 36,5,1,Lee

Patterson,Mary,D,24 Sep 36,5,1,Buchanan

Patterson,Mary,W,21 Jan 37,1,5,McTaggart

Patterson,Mary A.,W,14 Jul 38,4,2,Blue

Patterson,nee,W,9 Jul 36,1,4,McTaggart

Patterson,Rosanna,D,9 Mar 39,5,3,age 62

Patterson,Sarah,D,27 Jun 35,1,5,72nd year

Patterson,Sarah Jane,D,26 Aug 37,5,2,Leitch

Patterson,Sarah,P,12 Jan 39,4,2,McArthur

Patton,William,D,16 Feb 39,1,5,age 69

Payne,Irene,D,5 Sep 35,5,2,

Peacock,Charles H.,D,23 Apr 36,5,3,age 80

Pearce,Bertha,W,6 Feb 36,5,2,Turville

Pearce,John S.,M,28 Apr 38,1,6,Brown, Marion

Pearce,nee,W,27 Jun 35,1,5,Sifton

Pearce,Rebecca Eliz’th,M,2 Sep 37,9,3,28 Aug; Waite, Cecil

Pearce,William S.,D,5 Mar 35,4,2,58th year

Pearce,William S.,D,14 Mar 35,1,6,

Pearce,William John,B,18 May 39,4,1,12 May

Peckham,Kenneth,M,19 Aug 37,5,2,Scriven, Frances

Peer,Joseph,D,4 Aug 38,5,4,

Penney,E. Clifford,M,24 Sep 36,5,3,Murphy, M. Frances

Perdo,Edith Helen,D,2 Jul 36,5,4,20th year

Perrin,David,D,1 Oct 36,5,2,86th year

Person,Marion Katherine,B,17 Nov 38,1,1,5 Nov

Peterson,Everett Garnett,E,21 Jul 38,5,1,McEachren, Florence

Peterson,Everett Garnet,M,11 Aug 38,4,3,MacEachren, Florence

Petherick,Arthur,M,15 Oct 36,5,2,10 Oct; Binks, C.

Petherick,Arthur,M,22 Oct 36,4,1,10 Oct; Binks, C.

Petherick,Rebecca,D,12 May 38,4,6,age 83

Pick,Edward, Mrs.,D,21 Nov 35,5,1,age 74

Pincombe,Robert T.,D,25 Mar 37,8,3,age 78

Pinfold,Carl,D,13 Apr 39,5,2,26 Mar

Pinner,George,D,8 Dec 38,9,1,

Pinner,George A.,D,1 Dec 38,5,2,63rd year

Piper,John,A,5 Jan 39,5,1,50th

Plain,Maud,W,29 Dec 38,5,2,Holborn

Plumb,Josephine,D,5 Mar 35,5,1,83rd year

Pollard,John,BD,14 Apr 38,1,6,90th

Pollock,Dorothy Alice,M,5 Jan 39,1,6,Cooper, Harry

Pollock,Dorothy Alice,E,22 Dec 38,6,2,Cooper, Harry

Pollock,John, Rev.,M,25 Jul 35,1,5,Gilchrist, Elizabeth

Poole,Agnes,D,13 May 37,5,3,McFarlane

Poole,Emma,D,20 Apr 39,5,2,McIntyre

Poole,W. G.,D,2 May 35,1,5,

Porter,Emeline,D,18 May 39,5,3,age 85

Porter,M. R., Mrs.,D,14 Jan 37,8,3,age 82

Potticary,Joseph,D,23 Jan 36,5,3,

Potticary,Joseph,D,16 Jan 36,5,3,87th year

Potts,Joseph,D,30 Sep 37,1,5,92nd year

Precious,George,D,1 Jul 37,8,4,83rd year

Purcell,Isobel,D,3 Feb 38,1,4,age 81

Purdy,Walter,M,5 Oct 39,5,2,Ford, Elaine

Pyatt,Emma,D,2 Mar 39,1,5,75th year

Quanbury,Leslie Arthur,M,18 Jul 35,5,1,Walker, Audrey

Quigley,John,D,12 Mar 36,1,5,

Rankin,Angus,D,21 Jan 37,4,2,age 100

Ransom,Hazel,D,26 Aug 37,5,1,

Rapelje,Albert Edgar,D,24 Oct 35,4,1,

Rapelje,Helen,D,17 Mar 38,5,1,

Rapelje,Helen,D,10 Mar 38,1,5,81st year

Rapelje,Henry,D,3 Jun37,5,3,age 86

Rapelje,Jeannetta,W,1 Sep 38,4,2,Venning

Rayner,Bert,D,6 Jun 35,5,2,age 58

Rayner,Kenneth Walter,M,9 Sep 37,1,6,Duncan, Jessie

Reavely,George,D,10 Jun 37,4,3,age 83

Reichheld,dau of A. L.,B,19 Jan 39,4,2,15 Jan

Reichheld,William E.,D,17 Nov 38,5,3,68th year

Reid,K. R.,D,3 Dec 36,5,3,

Reid,Kenneth B.,D,26 Nov 36,5,3,65th year

Reid,Lillian,W,7 Feb 35,1,6,Moss

Reid,Robert,P,31 Mar 38,1,5,Murray

Reid,William,A,15 Apr 37,5,1,50th

Remnant,Henry C.,D,4 Nov 37,4,1,23 Oct; age 79

Rewbotham,James Berkley,M,10 Nov 38,8,5,6 Nov; Willson, D.

Reybrock,Martina,M,2 Dec 37,5,2,Giles, Herbert

Reycraft,John W.,D,16 Jan 36,5,3,68th year

Richardson,Gladys Carey,M,12 May38,5,3,Gallop, Ernest

Richardson,Roy,M,12 Oct 39,5,2,Armstrong, Mary

Richardson,W. John,E,6 Jul 39,5,2,Stevenson, Anna

Richardson,W. John,M,13 Jul 39,1,5,10 Jul; Stevenson, A.

Ripley,Alice Mary,M,3 Sep 36,4,3,Morrish, Aleck W.

Ripley,Alice Mary,E,27 Aug 36,5,2,29 Aug; Morrish, A.

Ripley,Alice,P,26 Aug 37,1,1,Morrish

Ripley,Annie,D,2 May 35,5,1,

Ripley,Bruce Allan,B,11 Jun 36,4,2,3 Jun

Ripley,David Carman,B,8 Dec 38,8,2,18 Nov

Ripley,Harold A.,M,25 Jun 36,1,5,Clark, Ethel

Ripley,Harold A.,E,11 Jun 36,5,2,Clark, Ethel

Ripley,James Harold,B,24 Feb 38,5,1,14 Feb

Ripley,Jan,M,21 May 36,4,1,Humphries, Dorothy

Ripley,Murray Allan,M,24 Oct 35,5,2,Shaw, Violet

Ripley,son of Murray,B,28 Oct 37,5,1,25 Oct

Ritchie,A. R.,D,13 Apr 39,5,2,80th year

Roach,Jane,D,14 Apr 38,5,2,

Roach,Jane,D,5 May 38,1,4,1 Apr; 86th year

Robb,dau of Arthur S.,B,7 May 36,1,6,2 May

Robb,John R.,M,5 May 38,1,5,McFarlane, Myrtle

Robb,Mary Elizabeth,D,30 Apr 36,5,3,

Robbins,Effie Catherine,D,25 Jul 35,5,3,Campbell

Robbins,George,D,25 Mar 37,5,3,

Robbins,Harry Carl,E,9 Sep 37,7,2,MacFarlane, Effie

Robbins,Harry Carl,M,16 Sep 37,1,6,McFarlane, Effie

Robbins,Laura Edna,E,10 Oct 35,7,2,Whalls, Henry

Robbins,Lorne,D,17 Mar 38,4,2,22nd year

Robbins,Marion Tressa,E,28 Oct 37,5,2,Holden, Arthur

Robbins,son of C.,B,27 Oct 38,8,3,18 Oct

Robbins,William Rogers,M,13 Jun 35,5,2,4 Jun; Whiteford, M.

Roberston,J. S.,D,16 Mar 39,1,5,age 78

Roberts,Annie,W,25 Mar 37,5,3,Robins

Roberts,Elizabeth Jane,D,4 Jun 36,5,3,84th year

Roberts,John W.,D,28 Feb 35,4,1,

Roberts,John J.,D,23 Jan 36,1,1,

Roberts,William E.,E,5 Mar 35,5,2,age 55

Robertson,Homer,D,19 Oct 39,5,2,

Robinson,Annetta Marie,B,3 Dec 36,5,1,26 Nov

Robinson,Elizabeth,D,12 Mar 36,4,2,90th yera

Robinson,Harriet,D,2 Sep 37,5,1,

Robson,Richard,A,20 Apr 39,5,1,50th

Roche,Clara,W,20 Apr 39,5,2,Dean

Roemele,Christina,D,6 Aug 36,8,2,92nd year

Rogers,Margaret,P,25 Mar 37,5,3,Robbins

Rogerson,Donna Hazel,B,15 Aug 35,4,1,8 Aug

Rogerson,son of R. L.,B,27 May 37,5,3,21 May

Ronson,Jane,D,3 Aug 39,5,3,90th year

Ronson,John,P,11 Jun 36,1,5,Ostrander

Rose,John D.,D,29 Oct 36,1,4,

Ross,Annie,D,29 Dec 38,5,2,

Ross,Annie,D,16 Jun 38,4,2,69th year

Ross,Betsy,D,20 Apr 39,1,5,82nd year

Ross,Harry Thornton,D,1 Jun 39,5,3,

Ross,Harry T.,D,25 May 39,5,3,age 64

Ross,Isobel,W,17 Dec 36,8,1,McPhail

Ross,John,D,26 Mar 36,5,3,age 76

Ross,Joseph Anthony,M,2 Jan 36,5,2,24 Dec 35; Mann, B.

Ross,Wilfrid,M,29 Aug 35,4,1,Helderwent, Angele

Ross,William, Mrs.,D,9 Jan 36,1,6,1 Jan; 42nd year

Ross,William J., Mrs.,D,23 May 35,1,5,age 78

Rosser,Margaret,D,5 Dec 35,9,2,Sherry

Rowe,Vera Lucille,B,19 Aug 37,5,1,6 Aug

Rowsom,Helen Elaine,M,1 Dec 38,4,1,19 Nov; House, Harvey

Royal,D., Mrs.,D,5 Oct 39,5,1,

Royal,Margaret Ann,D,27 Aug 36,5,1,Patterson

Royal,William,D,17 Dec 36,1,6,74th year

Rubenstein,Henry ,M,31 Dec 36,5,2,23 Dec; Campbell, K.

Ruston,Rhoda M.,M,12 Mar 36,5,3,Smith, Claude

Ruston,Rhoda,P,10 Dec 36,9,3,Smith

Ruthven,Frank,D,30 May 35,1,4,

Ruthven,Mary Frances,D,17 Jan 35,5,3,Black

Ryan,Ralph E.,E,5 Nov 36,5,2,Lackie, Christine

Salmon,Ann,D,16 Jul 36,5,3,age 87

Salmon,Ann,D,23 Jul 36,5,2,13 Jul; age 78

Salter,James,D,4 May 39,1,5,

Salter,John A.,D,3 Mar 38,1,6,

Saul,Wilford Montgomery,M,20 Aug 36,5,3,8 Aug; Shannon, D.

Saul,Wilford Montgomery,E,23 Jul 36,5,2,Shannon, Dorothy

Saunders,Annie,D,6 Jun3 5,5,2,age 91

Saunders,Florence Marjorie,M,19 Dec 35,1,5,Ardiel, James

Saunders,Florence Marjorie,E,5 Dec 35,9,2,14 Dec; Ardiel, James

Saunders,George,D,11 Jul 35,5,3,

Saunders,John A.,A,12 Aug 37,5,2,50th

Saunders,Joseph E.,D,17 Jun 37,4,2,3 Jun; age 68

Savage,John,D,25 Mar 37,8,3,

Schell,Frederick,D,22 Apr 37,4,2,age 75

Schleihauf,C. L.,D,27 Oct 38,5,3,73rd year

Schleihauf,Jean,E,23 Sep 37,7,1,Humphries, Daniel

Schleihauf,Jean,M,14 Oct 37,5,2,Humphries, Daniel

Schmidt,Clara,D,10 Dec 36,12,4,age 70

Schmidt,Clara,D,3 Dec 36,1,6,age 70

Schneckenberger,Joseph,A,24 Nov 38,1,4,65th

Schofield,Nettie K.,D,18 May 39,5,3,

Schollenberger,Catherine,D,12 May 38,1,5,68th yar

Scott,Elliott I.,D,6 Jul 39,5,2,25 Jun

Scott,Frances Jean,M,4 Aug 38,5,3,Smith, James

Scouler,Benjamin, Mrs.,D,21 May 36,5,2,80th year

Scouler,David Allan,B,21 Sep 39,5,4,16 Sep

Scoyne,William,D,9 Apr 36,4,2,

Scriven,Frances,M,19 Aug 37,5,2,Peckham, Kenneth

Seaman,Harry Chipman,D,20 Apr 39,5,1,

Searle,Beatrice,D,4 May 39,1,5,McPherson

Searle,dau of Clayton ,B,8 Dec 38,8,2,29 Nov

Searle,Lloyd Gordon,M,29 Oct 36,1,4,Mackenzie, Dallas

Searle,William Robert,D,29 Jul 37,5,3,

Seeley,George,D,23 Dec 37,1,4,

Seifert,Violet,M,25 Feb 37,4,2,Lovejoy, Herbert

Sells,Eliza,D,13 Apr 39,1,6,

Sells,William H.,D,14 Nov 35,8,2,age 76

Shain,Alma,D,19 Mar 36,5,2,Smith

Shanks,Frederick David,D,12 Mar 36,5,2,

Shannon,Dorothy Edith,M,20 Aug 36,5,3,8 Aug; Saul, Wilford

Shannon,Dorothy Edith,E,23 Jul 36,5,2,Saul, Wilford

Shannon,George Carroll,E,19 May 38,5,2,11 Jun; McLandress, I

Sharpe,Jabez,M,11 Feb 37,1,5,Gunning, Ruby

Shaw,Anna Mae, Mrs.,M,2 May 35,4,2,Yapp, Wilfrid

Shaw,Bessie,D,22 Jul 37,1,6,Marcus

Shaw,Martha,D,29 Apr 37,4,2,85th year

Shaw,Violet Eileen,M,24 Oct 35,5,2,Ripley, Murray

Sherry,Margaret,D,5 Dec 35,9,2,

Shervill,Donald C.,D,17 Feb 38,1,5,

Shields,Catherine,D,28 Jul 38,8,4,Leitch

Shike,Jacob,D,5 Jan 39,1,5,age 77

Shingler,Mary Ann,D,20 May37,3,4,74th year

Shipley,James, Mrs.,D,1 Sep 38,4,2,58th year

Shipley,Mary Melissa,D,7 Nov 35,5,2,Campbell

Shipley,son of Vernon,B,8 Oct 36,5,2,6 Oct

Shipley,Vernon M.,E,18 Jul 35,5,2,Smith, Miriam

Shipley,Vernon,M,15 Aug 35,4,2,Smith, Miriam

Shipman,Robert, Mrs.,D,16 May 35,4,2,age 88

Shipman,Wm. Arthur,D,2 Jun 38,1,5,

Shirk,Norma E.,W,11 Nov 37,1,4,McKillop

Shoemaker,Lydia,D,29 Aug 35,1,4,Zoller

Shoemaker,Norman,M,18 Nov 37,5,2,Ford, Minnie

Shoemaker,Norman,E,28 Oct 37,5,2,Ford, Minnie

Sifton,B. E.,A,30 Jun 38,1,5,14 Jun; 50th

Sifton,Bamlett Ellis,D,26 Jan 39,1,6,age 83

Sifton,Bamlett Ellis,D,2 Feb 39,5,2,

Sifton,Harry F.,D,27 Jun 35,1,5,

Sifton,Joseph,D,1 Jul 37,5,2,76th year

Sifton,Joseph T.,A,8 Dec 38,1,5,27 Nov; 60th

Sifton,Marg’t Florence,E,1 Sep 38,5,3,17 Sep; Dewdney, A.

Sifton,Marg’t Florence,M,22 Sep38,5,2,Dewdney, Albert

Silcox,Arthur,A,10 Mar 38,5,3,20 Feb; 50th

Silcox,Edgar,A,28 Feb 35,4,1,50th

Silcox,Margaret,D,16 Mar 39,5,2,age 91

Silcox,Maude May,M,1 Aug 35,8,6,Croft, Paul

Silcox,Morley Clatyon,E,19 May 38,5,2,McCormick, Muriel

Silcox,Morley Clayton,M,16 Jun 38,1,5,4 Jun; McCormick, M

Silcox,Muriel Helen,M,29 Aug 35,5,3,24 Aug; Burgess, D.

Silcox,Sidney, Dr.,D,4 Jul 35,5,3,

Silcox,Thomas Edgar,E,14 Nov 35,5,2,Campbell, Effie

Silcox,Thomas Edgar,M,28 Nov 35,1,4,Campbell, Effie

Sillars,John,D,11 Mar 37,1,5,29 Jan; age 79

Sim,Donald Gordon,M,18 Feb 37,8,5,Forsythe, Vera

Sim,Elsie,D,25 Feb 37,8,6,

Sim,Walter,M,2 Dec 37,4,2,24 Nov; Collard, Leta

Simpson,Kenneth,D,1 Sep 38,8,5,age 11

Simpson,Margaret,D,30 May 35,4,2,82nd year

Simpson,Marjorie Lucinda,M,18 Apr 35,5,3,11 Apr; Dawdy, Claude

Sinclair,Bella M.,D,9 Sep 37,7,3,Smith

Sinclair,Eliza,D,4 Feb 37,4,2,Leitch

Sinclair,Elizabeth,D,28 Feb 35,1,5,Apel

Sinclair,Mary,P,23 Dec 37,5,2,Carswell

Skinner,Christina,D,1 Dec 38,4,2,

Skinner,Hazel,M,22 Dec 38,9,4,Harvey, Charles

Skinner,Nancy,D,28 Nov 35,4,1,age 87

Sloan,Agnes,D,22 Oct 36,5,3,Meek

Sloan,Gwendolyn Isabelle,M,18 May 39,5,1,Campbell, Cecil

Sloan,Gwendolyn Isabelle,E,4 May 39,5,1,Campbell, Cecil

Sloan,Harold Victor,M,9 Jun 38,1,6,McArthur, Mary

Sloan,Harold V.,E,2 Jun 38,5,2,McArthur, Mary

Sloan,Pauline,W,16 Dec 37,1,6,Lunn

Sloan,Sarah Wanita,M,27 Jul 39,5,3,Webster, MacIntyre

Sloan,Sarah Wanita,E,20 Jul 39,5,2,Webster, MacIntyre

Sloan,William,D,28 Feb 35,1,5,age 76

Sloan,William A.,D,2 Apr 36,1,5,

Smailes,John,D,30 Jul 36,1,5,age 89

Small,Clarence Campbell,E,8 Oct 36,5,2,Norsworthy, Frances

Small,Clarence Campbell,M,15 Oct 36,4,2,Norsworthy, Frances

Small,George,E,10 Jun 37,5,2,Ford, Gertrude

Small,George,M,8 Jul 37,4,2,19 Jun; Ford, Gertrude

Small,Gertrude,P,23 Nov 39,4,1,Walker

Small,Helen Gertrude Aileen,M,24 Dec 36,1,5,14 Dec; Walker, E.

Small,Helen Gertrude Aileen,E,10 Dec 36,9,2,Walker, Ernest

Small,Kenneth H.,M,5 Jan 39,5,2,MacPherson, Eva

Small,Louis Duncan,M,22 Jun 39,5,3,19 Jun; Jones, M.

Small,Mary Jane,D,17 Aug 39,5,3,79th year

Smart,Amelia,D,29 Apr 37,1,5,

Smith,Albert J., Mrs.,D,14 Feb 35,5,3,

Smith,Alexander,D,24 Feb 38,1,5,88th year

Smith,Alma,D,19 Mar 36,5,2,age 66

Smith,Annie,D,16 Jul 36,4,1,

Smith,Annie J.,D,16 Mar 39,1,1,61st year

Smith,Betsy,D,6 Feb 36,5,2,age 78

Smith,Betty Ellen,B,10 Dec 36,9,3,4 Dec

Smith,Christine,D,10 Mar 38,5,1,age 84

Smith,Claude L.,M,12 Mar 36,5,3,Ruston, Rhoda

Smith,Edward,D,31 Dec 36,8,4,age 64

Smith,F. W., Dr.,D,29 Apr 37,5,4,age 71

Smith,Frederick Bradley,M,27 Feb 36,5,3,15 Feb; McCallum, A

Smith,Frederick Bradly,E,6 Feb 36,5,2,McCallum, Amy

Smith,Frederick John,D,18 Nov 37,1,5,

Smith,George A.,D,23 Apr 36,5,3,

Smith,George A.,D,16 Apr 36,4,2,72nd year

Smith,Harry J.,D,10 Dec 36,9,3,age 56

Smith,Ina,P,19 Aug 37,5,1,Webster

Smith,James Henry,M,4 Aug 38,5,3,Scott, Frances

Smith,Laura,W,9Mar 39,4,2,Smith, William Arthur

Smith,Leslie,M,4 Aug 38,5,3,8 Jul; Gormstead, I.

Smith,Mary Jane,D,25 Feb 37,8,4,81st year

Smith,Matthew Sidney,D,20 Jul 39,1,5,

Smith,Miriam I.,M,15 Aug 35,4,2,Shipley, Vernon

Smith,Miriam,E,18 Jul 35,5,2,Shipley, Vernon

Smith,Morton E.,M,24 Oct 35,5,2,Hill, Jean

Smith,Oscar Scane,M,14 May 36,4,1,Harley, Margaret

Smith,Raimond Wellington,E,24 Sep 36,5,2,Avery, Fanny

Smith,Thelma Elaine,D,24 Sep 36,5,2,age 4 wks; d/o Ernest

Smith,Wesley, Mrs.,D,9 Sep 37,7,3,83rd year

Smith,William A.,D,16 Mar 39,5,2,

Smith,William Arthur,D,9 Mar 39,4,2,57th year

Smoke,Henry Sherman,M,11 Nov 37,8,3,6 Nov; Moss, Lillie

Snelgrove,Wilfred M.,M,5 Nov 36,1,5,25 Oct; Sutton, Annie

Sommerville,Isobel,D,3 Feb 38,1,4,Purcell

Speirn,Simeon C.,D,28 Dec 39,8,4,25 Dec

Spitler,Elizabeth,D,28 Jan 37,1,4,McQueen

Spitler,Maxine,D,6 Jun 35,5,2,age 8

Spohn,Lena,P,12 Jan 39,1,6,Campbell

Squire,Margaret Mae,M,29 Oct 36,5,3,Gowan, Harold

Squire,Margaret Mae,E,22 Oct 36,5,2,Gowan, Harold

Squire,William,D,27 Oct 38,5,2,

Srigley,L. R.,M,9 Nov 39,1,6,Biddle, Vera

Stacey,Archibald,D,25 May 39,5,3,age 81

Stacey,Emma Jane,D,9 Feb 39,1,5,age 70

Staddon,Howard E.,M,31 Jan 35,5,1,26 Jan; McLennan, M.

Stafford,M. B., Mrs.,D,2 Jan 36,4,3,25 Dec 1935

Stafford,son of Lynn,B,24 Dec 36,5,4,18 Dec

Stalker,Duncan,D,24 Jan 35,5,2,

Stalker,Gilbert,P,5 Mar 35,4,2,McRae

Stalker,James,P,17 Dec 36,9,1,Hyndman

Stalker,John, Dr.,D,27 Feb 36,8,3,age 85

Stalker,Mary,D,9 Mar 39,4,2,age 84

Stalker,Rev., Dr.,D,16 Feb 39,4,2,92nd year

Stalker,Sarah Effie,M,11 Nov 37,8,5,Webster, John

Starks,George, Mrs.,D,8 Sep 38,4,3,age 52

Stauffer,Caroline,D,25 Jul 35,5,2,Cochrane

Steacy,Anna Leota,E,31 Jan 35,8,3,Lethbridge, Wilfrid

Stead,Winnifred,E,1 Aug 35,5,2,McLachlin, Archie

Stead,Winnifred,M,22 Aug 35,5,3,3 Aug; McLachlin, A.

Steele,Frances,W,26 Oct 39,1,6,McEachran

Stevenson,Anna Catherine,E,6 Jul 39,5,2,Richardson, W. John

Stevenson,Anna Catherine,M,13 Jul 39,1,5,10 Jul; Richardson, W.

Stevenson,J. Earl,E,18 Aug 38,5,2,Stidwell, Dorothy

Stevenson,J. Earl,M,1 Sep 38,1,4,20 Aug; Stidwell, D.

Stevenson,James,D,20 May 37,8,2,

Stevenson,Mary Margaret,M,26 Nov 36,5,2,McKinney, Charles

Stewart,Finlay Gordon,M,15 Aug 35,4,2,MacInnis, Maudie

Stewart,James,P,26 Mar 36,4,1,McIntyre

Stewart,John G.,D,31 Dec 36,8,4,

Stewart,Mary,D,22 Oct 36,5,1,

Stewart,Ruby Eulalie,M,27 May 37,1,5,12 May; Graham, J.

Stidwell,Dorothy Myra,M,1 Sep 38,1,4,20 Aug; Stevenson, J.

Stidwell,Dorothy Myra,E,18 Aug 38,5,2,Stevenson, J. Earl

Stidwell,Ray F.,M,24 Sep 36,5,3,19 Sep; Bogert, F.

Stidwell,William H., Mrs.,D,12 Aug 37,1,5,74th year

Stirling,D. M.,D,27 May 37,1,5,

Stirling,Mary Lulu,M,4 Nov 37,5,2,Irving, David

Stirling,Walter D.,D,17 Oct 35,5,2,66th year

Stocks,Cyril,M,16 Apr 36,1,6,10 Apr; Clark, Vera

Stocks,Henry A.,D,20 Feb 36,8,1,83rd year

Stoneman,Levina,D,21 Jan 37,5,3,age 94

Stoner,Basil,M,29 Jul 37,5,2,Willey, Cassie

Strachan,Hannah Dobson,D,4 Mar 37,4,2,

Streib,Fred,D,3 Nov 38,8,3,age 48

Strieb,John, Mrs.,D,24 Jun 37,8,4,age 62

Strong,George,D,26 Aug 37,5,2,80th year

Stuart,Irene,M,2 Jul 36,4,1,Brown, Dugald

Styles,Isaac,D,2 Dec 37,4,2,

Sutherland,Eleanor Louise,M,22 Oct 36,8,3,Irwin, Scott

Sutherland,Eleanor Louise,E,15 Oct 36,8,5,Irwin, Scott

Sutherland,Florence,M,1 Oct 36,1,5,23 Sep; Brown, Harry

Sutherland,Florence,E,24 Sep 36,5,2,Brown, Harry

Sutherland,Hedley Vickers,D,22 Jul 37,1,6,age 69

Sutherland,Robert, Mrs.,D,5 Mar 36,1,5,14 Feb

Sutton,Annie Olive,M,5 Nov 36,1,5,25 Oct; Snelgrove, W.

Sutton,Annie,W,17 Nov 38,4,2,Atkinson

Sutton,Cynthia Ellen,D,5 Oct 39,5,2,Affleck

Sutton,Harriet,D,23 Apr 36,1,5,age 96

Sutton,Helen Beatrice,M,14 Jan 37,5,3,26 Dec 36; Fennell, W.

Sutton,Jessie Martha,D,16 May 35,5,2,

Sutton,John,D,21 Jan 37,4,1,

Sutton,Matilda Jeanetta,B,21 Nov 35,5,1,29 Oct

Sutton,nee,D,9 Jan 36,4,2,Cady

Sutton,son of Howard,B,9 Apr 36,5,2,3 Apr

Swain,Victor Eugene,M,27 Oct 38,1,5,Binks, Vera

Swisher,Florence,D,1 Sep 38,5,3,Keillor

Tait,John L.,A,10 Nov 38,1,5,1 Nov; 25th

Tait,William,P,15 Apr 37,5,3,McCallum

Tancock,Emilie Emma Mary,M,8 Oct 36,5,3,Elliott, John Kerr

Tancock,Emilie Emma Mary,E,17 Sep 36,5,2,Elliott, John

Tanner,George,A,31 Oct 35,5,1,50th

Tanner,Ida Mae,M,23 Apr 36,5,1,Hathaway, Samuel

Tanner,William,D,23 Apr 36,4,1,74th year

Tansley,Arthur,D,30 Mar 39,8,4,age 83

Tansley,Sherwood Martin,M,3 Sep 36,5,2,8 Aug; Jewell, Muriel

Tanton,Jennie Ruthven,D,31 Jan 35,5,2,

Tate,L. Edward,D,5 Mar 36,4,1,

Taylor,Angus,A,18 Apr 35,5,3,56th

Taylor,Angus,A,15 Apr 37,5,1,58th

Taylor,Angus,D,27 Oct 38,5,2,86th year

Taylor,Margaret,D,19 Jan 39,1,5,McKillop

Taylor,Maudie Loverne,M,24 Nov 38,5,1,Dow, Jack

Taylor,Maudie Loverne,E,20 Oct 38,5,2,Dow, J. M.

Taylor,W. D.,A,16 Jan 36,1,5,60th

Taylor,W. B.,D,21 Jan 37,4,1,age 87

Teeple,Phoebe Jane,A,17 Jan 35,8,6,McAdam

Teetzel,Arch,D,19 Sep 35,1,5,

Telfer,John,D,22 Oct 36,4,2,93rd year

Telfer,John Charlton,M,20 Apr 39,5,3,Wilson, Harriet

Telford,Frank, Mrs.,D,23 May 35,1,5,age 51

Templar,Emma,D,21 Apr 38,1,6,85th year

Tennent,Mrs.,D,21 Sep 39,5,2,

Thomas,Earl S.,D,30 Mar 39,5,1,

Thomas,John Terrace,M,5 Sep 35,4,1,McFarlane, Muriel

Thompson,James A.,D,21 Nov 35,1,6,

Thompson,James G.,D,21 Apr 38,1,6,10 Apr

Thomson,Adam,D,9 Nov 39,5,1,age 26

Thomson,Andrew,P,6 May 37,8,4,Hurley

Thomson,Arch,D,18 Jul 35,5,1,5 Jul

Thomson,Arch,D,11 Jul 35,5,3,

Thomson,dau of J. D.,B,23 Jul 36,5,2,20 Jul

Thomson,dau of J. D.,B,1 Dec 38,8,4,23 Nov

Thomson,William,D,14 Nov 35,5,3,age 93

Thornicroft,E. V.,A,17 Jun 37,8,1,50th

Tobin,William,M,17 Nov 38,1,6,12 Nov; Giddy, Audrey

Tolman,George, Mrs.,D,1 Apr 37,1,5,19 Mar

Tolman,John,D,10 Sep 36,4,3,72nd year

Tolman,John,D,17 Sep 36,4,2,

Tolman,John Daniel,B,24 Nov 38,4,3,17 Nov

Tolmie,John,D,29 Dec 38,4,3,

Tomlinson,James Edward,D,2 Feb 39,4,2,69th year

Tong,William J.,D,7 Oct 37,5,5,age 78

Torry,Helen Mae,M,17 Aug 39,8,5,Fawcett, Harold

Trestain,W. G.,M,2 Feb 39,5,3,Noyes, Marion

Tripp,Lois Olive,M,3 Mar 38,4,2,Armstrong, John

Trothen,Frances,M,16 Jul 36,5,2,Whitman, Ira

Trothen,James,D,28 Jan 37,4,3,19 Jan; age 80

Trothen,Margaret,D,22 Jun 39,1,5,age 75

Tucker,J. H.,D,7 Oct 37,7,2,

Tuckey,Claude,M,5 Nov 36,5,4,Giles, Phyllis

Turner,Alex C.,D,30 Mar 39,1,6,73rd year

Turner,Angus D.,D,6 May37,1,6,age 80

Turner,Archibald,D,3 Mar 38,1,4,age 75

Turner,Duncan C.,D,1 Apr 37,5,2,

Turner,Duncan C.,D,25 Mar 37,5,3,74th year

Turner,Margaret,W,27 Feb 36,1,5,McWilliam

Turner,Muriel Anne,M,2 Feb 39,5,3,20 Jan; McCallum, G.

Turner,Nancy,D,15 Dec 38,1,5,95th year

Turville,George,D,27 Jan 38,5,1,95th year

Turville,Sydney S.,D,6 Feb 36,5,2,66th year

Twiss,Elizabeth,W,14 Nov 35,5,3,Thomson

Urlin,Mary,D,1 Aug 35,1,5,age 84

Urquhart,Clarence N.,M,28 Feb 35,1,5,Coad, Mary E.

Urquhart,Duncan,D,28 Feb 35,1,5,age 82

Urquhart,Duncan,P,7 Sep 39,5,2,Bell

Urquhart,Mary,D,30 Apr 36,5,2,McEachren

Vair,Marion Isabel,E,24 Nov 38,5,3,Ferguson, C. Wilfrid

Vair,Marion Isabel,M,1 Dec 38,5,1,24 Nov; Ferguson, W.

Vance,John,D,4 Mar 37,4,1,

Varley,Barbara Ann,B,9 Jun 38,5,3,5 Jun

Varley,Wilfred,E,26 Aug 37,5,2,Law, Helen

Varley,Wilfred,M,9 Sep 37,6,2,7 Sep; Law, Helen

Venning,Edward,D,1 Sep 38,4,2,21 Aug; 75th year

Venning,Joseph,D,18 Apr 35,1,6,68th year

Venning,Marion,D,12 Jan 39,4,2,Buchanan

Venning,Mary,M,19 Mar 36,5,1,Webster, James

Vogelsang,Arthur,D,16 Apr 36,1,6,

Vowel,Douglas George,D,6 Jun 35,5,3,age 2 ½ months

Vowell,William,D,14 Mar 35,5,1,age 65

Waddle,Winnifred Mae,E,27 Jun 35,7,2,Kerr, Archibald

Waddle,Winnifred,M,11 Jul 35,5,2,Kerr, Archibald

Waite,Albert,D,27 Oct 38,1,4,

Waite,Cecil Edward,M,2 Sep 37,9,3,28 Aug; Pearce, R.

Waite,Clifford Lorne,M,12 Jan 39,5,3,King, Margaret

Waite,Clifford Lorne,E,15 Dec 38,9,2,King, Margaret

Waite,Neva May,B,23 Jun 38,5,1,16 Jun

Walker,Audrey Mae,M,18 Jul 35,5,1,Quanbury, Leslie

Walker,Campbell Mackenzie,M,11 Nov 37,5,1,3 Nov; MacDonald, J.

Walker,Cora Eva,D,15 Jul 37,1,5,

Walker,Ella,D,17 Nov 38,1,4,age 61

Walker,Ernest J.,E,10 Dec 36,9,2,Small, Helen

Walker,Ernest J.,M,24 Dec 36,1,5,14 Dec; Small, Helen

Walker,John A.,D,23 Feb 39,5,2,

Walker,Lily Mae,M,4 Jun 36,5,3,23 May; McFarlane, H.

Walker,Margaret,M,13 Jul 39,1,5,5 Jul; Leith, Allan

Walker,Mary Margaret,M,4 Jun 36,5,3,23 May; Johnston, W.

Walker,nee,D,20 May 37,11,4,Munro

Walker,son of Ernest J.,B,23 Nov 39,4,1,7 Nov

Wallace,Charlotte,D,13 Oct 38,4,2,

Wallace,Charlotte,D,20 Oct 38,5,1,

Walters,son of Douglas,B,8 Jul 37,,,5 Jul

Wardell,Herbert Leslie,M,21 Dec 39,1,5,Watson, Leone

Warrell,Howard Hicks,E,20 Jul 39,5,2,McCallum, Ellen

Warrell,Howard Hicks,M,10 Aug 39,5,3,8 Aug; McCallum, E.

Wastie,William,D,11 Feb 37,4,3,

Wastie,William,D,4 Feb 37,4,2,age 89

Waters,James Wells,D,23 Nov 39,5,3,

Waters,Marjory Ellen,M,23 Feb 39,1,6,11 Feb; Campbell, M.

Watson,Bruce,E,3 Nov 38,5,2,19 Nov; Garfat, B.

Watson,Bruce,M,24 Nov 38,5,1,Garfat, Beatrice

Watson,Eleanor,M,15 Oct 36,4,2,Jewell, Ray

Watson,Elizabeth,D,21 May 36,1,6,

Watson,Elizabeth,BD,20 Oct 38,1,1,91st

Watson,George,D,14 Feb 35,1,5,

Watson,John B.,D,6 Apr 39,1,6,73rd year

Watson,Leone Mearl,M,21 Dec 39,1,5,Wardell, Herbert

Watson,Margaret,P,12 Jan 39,4,2,McCallum

Watson,Mary,D,11 Apr 35,5,2,age 83

Watson,Mary,M,14 Dec 39,1,4,6 Dec; Brown, Francis

Watson,Thomas, Rev.,D,25 Feb 37,1,4,80th year

Watterworth,Alice Maude,D,2 Mar 39,4,1,McAlpine

Watterworth,Neil H.,M,2 May 35,8,6,Davenport, Rose

Watterworth,Sarah,D,7 May 36,10,3,

Watterworth,Thelma,D,4 Jun 36,8,2,30th year

Wauthier,Leo,M,27 Jun 35,6,2,Cryster, Mary

Webster,Barbara Sue,B,19 Aug 37,5,1,4 Aug; twin

Webster,Betty Lou,B,19 Aug 37,5,1,4 Aug; twin

Webster,Daniel Adair,B,6 Apr 39,5,1,19 Mar

Webster,Donald Adair,M,14 Jul 38,5,2,Paton, Elsie

Webster,Donald Adair,E,23 Jun 38,5,2,Paton, Elsie

Webster,James,M,19 Mar 36,5,1,Venning, Mary

Webster,John,M,11 Nov 37,8,5,Stalker, Sarah

Webster,Kenneth David,M,25 Apr 35,6,1,10 Apr; Paton, Mary

Webster,Kenneth David,E,4 Apr 35,5,2,Paton, Mary

Webster,MacIntyre,M,27 Jul 39,5,3,Sloan, Sarah

Webster,MacIntyre,E,20 Jul 39,5,2,Sloan, Sarah

Webster,Margaret,D,15 Apr 37,5,3,age 85

Webster,Nettie Beatrice,E,7 Jul 38,5,2,McMurchy, Arch

Webster,Nettie Beatrice,M,21 Jul 38,1,6,9 Jul; McMurchy, A.

Webster,son of Clarence,B,23 Jun 38,1,6,20 Jun

Weir,William,E,23 May 35,5,2,Nott, Katherine

Weir,William,M,30 May 35,5,3,Nott, Katherine

Welch,Charles,P,5 Oct 39,5,1,Royal

Welch,dau of Wm. G.,B,11 Nov 37,5,2,10 Nov

Welch,Edgar,D,27 Feb 36,1,5,age 75

Welch,Joseph Thomas,D,13 Jun 35,1,6,20 May; 35th year

Welch,Laura,D,21 Mar 35,5,2,

Wenz,Sarah,D,14 Jan 37,1,6,

Westcott,Lucille,M,7 Nov 35,5,3,Fisher, Francis

Whalls,Henry,E,10 Oct 35,7,2,Robbins, Laura

Whalls,Nancy Jane,D,9 May 35,4,1,

White,Margaret,W,6 Oct 38,5,1,Mooney

White,Marjorie Muriel,M,2 Apr 36,5,2,20 Mar; MacCallum, J.

Whiteford,Marguerite Roberta,M,13 Jun 35,5,2,4 Jun; Robbins, Wm.

Whiting,Pansy,M,21 Oct 37,5,3,Barnard, Roy

Whitman,Ira,M,16 Jul 36,5,2,Trothen, Frances

Whittingham,Grace Euphemia,M,27 Jan 38,8,4,18 Jan; Mann, Fred’k

Wight,Jean Elizabeth,E,22 Apr 37,5,2,Miller, J. Russell

Wight,Jean Elizabeth,M,13 May 37,5,2,Miller, Russell

Wiley,Joseph,BD,21 May 36,1,6,90th

Wiley,Joseph,P,5 Dec 35,12,1,Main

Wiley,Joseph,D,13 Apr 39,5,5,age 92

Wilkie,Nancy,D,6 Feb 36,5,2,Arnum

Wilkinson,Joseph J.,E,28 Dec 39,5,2,McCaffery, Margaret

Wilkinson,Mary,P,17 Dec 36,9,1,Hyndman

Will,W. R.,D,12 Sep 35,1,6,age 80

Willey,Cassie,M,29 Jul 37,5,2,Stoner, Basil

Willey,Elizabeth,D,14 Nov 35,5,3,McIntyre

Willey,Mary,D,9 Apr 36,1,5,Dobie

Williams,Caleb,D,1 Dec 38,4,1,age 73

Williams,Hannah,D,25 Mar 37,5,3,Canfield

Williams,John Cameron,B,9 May 35,5,1,8 May

Williams,W. H.,D,20 May37,8,2,

Willsie,Edna May,M,7 Nov 35,5,3,29 Oct; Fox, Lloyd

Willsie,Edna Mae,E,31 Oct 35,5,2,Fox, Lloyd W.

Willson,Dorothy,M,10 Nov 38,8,5,6 Nov; Rewbotham, J.

Willson,Mary,P,22 Oct 36,5,3,Crane

Willson,Robert G.,D,3 Mar 38,1,4,71st year

Wilson,Arthur James,D,11 Jun 36,1,5,age 50

Wilson,Daniel,D,21 Feb 35,5,3,age 83

Wilson,Edna Irene,M,8 Apr 37,5,2,30 Mar; Kerr, Alex’r

Wilson,Elizabeth,D,5 Oct 39,8,4,age 92

Wilson,Ellen,E,11 Nov 37,5,2,Gowanlock, Edward

Wilson,Emily Hughes,D,3 Feb 38,1,6,75th year

Wilson,Florence,M,14 Jul 38,5,2,Ford, Mac

Wilson,Florence,E,7 Jul 38,5,2,Ford, Mac

Wilson,George,D,11 Feb 37,1,6,age 50

Wilson,Harriet Audrey,M,20 Apr 39,5,2,Telfer, John

Wilson,Jake,BD,27 Jun 35,1,4,101st

Wilson,Kathleen,M,31 Oct 35,5,2,25 Oct; Palmateer, P.

Wilson,Mary,D,7 Jul 38,5,3,

Wilson,Mona,W,6 Jun 35,5,2,Rayner

Wilton,Henry,D,27 Aug 36,4,2,

Wilton,Henry Edward,D,20 Aug 36,5,5,65th year

Wilton,Reta Viola,M,27 Aug 36,1,4,15 Aug; McKillop, W.

Winch,Muriel,M,26 May38,5,2,Elsom, Charles

Winger,Anna Beatrice,M,7 Jul 38,4,2,Lewis, Arthur

Winn,Arthur,D,21 Oct 37,8,1,14 Oct; 63rd year

Wint,Henry,D,26 Nov 36,1,4,

Winter,Henry,D,3 Jan 35,5,2,80th year

Wise,James,D,19 Nov 36,5,3,age 57

Wobig,Allen Norman,M,10 Sep 36,1,6,29 Aug; Irvine, Mary

Wobig,Allen W.,E,20 Aug 36,5,2,Irvine, Mary

Woodman,Wm. Reginald,D,5 Dec 35,1,6,age 53

Woods,George,D,26 May38,3,4,

Woolner,Marg’t Livingstone,E,15 Apr 37,5,2,Hockin, Joseph

Woolner,Margaret L.,M,27 May 37,1,5,Hockin, Joseph

Wride,Almira,D,23 Jun 38,5,2,age 72

Wride,Charles W.,D,13 Jul 39,1,4,23rd year

Wright,David L.,D,20 Feb 36,8,1,

Wright,Frances Carman,E,26 May 38,5,2,McBride, Arthur

Wright,Luella Marguerite,E,14 Jan 37,5,2,Brown, Charles

Wright,Mabel,W,8 Apr 37,5,3,McColl

Wright,Velma Grace,E,26 Nov 36,5,2,McPhail, Duncan

Wrightman,James H., Mrs.,D,3 Jun 37,1,6,

Wurges,John Vincent,E,14 Dec 39,8,2,Brown, Verna

Wyatt,Walter,A,22 Apr 37,5,1,25th

Yapp,Wilfrid,M,2 May 35,4,2,Shaw, Anna Mae

Young,James Henry,D,27 Jun 35,10,2,18 Jun; on 67th birthday

Young,Margaret A.,D,5 Dec 35,9,2,

Young,Martha,D,24 Dec 36,5,3,30 Nov

Zavitz,Edith,D,6 Jul 39,4,2,age 63

Zavitz,M., Mrs.,D,16 Jan 36,1,5,92nd year

Zoller,Elmina Loretta,E,16 Jul 36,4,1,McAuley, Archibald

Zoller,Jacob,D,13 Jan 38,4,3,80th year

Zoller,Lydia,D,29 Aug 35,1,4,age 66

Zoller,William Arthur,M,24 Sep 36,8,2,12 Sep; Gardiner, A.



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