Dutton Advance 1925 – 1929

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Dutton Advance newspaper,
Dutton, Ontario
1925 – 1929

Extracted by James L. McCallum

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Note: the March 12, 1925 issue is out of order on the film, and is found between the Feb 25, 1926 and March 4, 1926 issues

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Dutton Advance, 1925

Dutton Advance, 1926

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Dutton Advance, 1928

Dutton Advance, 1929



Abbott, Earle Fenwick,M,10 Sep 25,1,6,2 Sep; Eggert, Mildred

Abray, George, Mrs.,D,3 Jan 29,5,1,

Acheson, James,D,23 Feb 28,4,2,82nd year

Ackman, Henry, Mrs.,D,4 Jun 25,4,1,age 77

Adams, George Norman,M,15 Oct 25,5,2,3 Oct; Welch, Eliza

Affleck, Jean Demaris,B,8 Jul 26,5,2,29 Jun

Affleck, Orval E.,D,24 Jan 29,8,3,

Aikman, Henry,D,22 Oct 25,7,2,84th year

Aitchison, James,E,16 Jul 25,5,1,Campbell, Clara

Alberts, Bessie,D,3 Feb 27,6,3,Doxtator

Albright,Mrs.,D,1 Aug 29,8,4,

Alcock,Carling Holmes,E,30 Jun 27,5,1,Carroll, Alice

Alcock,Carling H.,M,14 Jul 27,1,6,Carroll, Alice

Alexander,James,P,27 May 26,5,2,McNabb

Allan,Margaret Lila,M,8 Jan 25,1,5,1 Jan; McNichol, N.

Allen,Charles,D,28 Jul 27,5,1,

Allen,James, Mrs.,D,29 Jan 25,5,3,17 Jan; age 57

Allison,Ethel Christina,E,20 Oct 27,5,1,Campbell, John

Allison,Ethel,M,27 Oct 27,8,1,19 Oct; Campbell, J.

Andrews,Elizabeth,D,22 Mar 28,4,2,80th year

Andrews,Elizabeth,D,29 Mar 28,5,1,

Andrews,John,D,4 Feb 26,8,2,age 36

Andrews,Mary Euphemia,E,25 Apr 29,5,1,Williams, S. Venmore

Andrews,Mary E.,M,9 May 29,5,3,Williams, S. Venmore

Annett,Elizabeth,D,11 Apr 29,8,3,

Annett,Henry, Mrs.,D,3 Nov 27,4,1,49th year

Annett,Margaret,M,9 Jun 27,5,2,McIntosh, Angus

Annett,Margaret,P,23 May 29,5,3,McIntosh

Anthes,Howard Milton,M,12 Apr 28,8,2,Scafe, Emma

Anthony,Richard V.,D,8 Apr 26,4,1,age 49

Arbour,Ross,M,23 Dec 26,7,1,Everett, Ada

Archer,Mary H.,D,19 Aug 25,5,2,Mills

Armbrust, Caroline L.,M,12 Aug 26,1,6,4 Aug; Robb, George

Armstrong,John,D,28 Jun 28,5,2,age 56

Armstrong,Mary,D,26 Apr 28,7,2,Parney

Armstrong,Roy, Mrs.,D,7 May 25,8,3,age 35

Ashmore,William,D,17 Dec 25,5,2,78th year

Ashmore,William,D,24 Dec 25,5,1,

Atkinson,Duncan, Mrs.,D,3 Mar 27,1,5,age 70

Atkinson,Earl T.,M,13 Dec 28,9,1,1 Dec; Sutton, Violet

Atkinson,Gordon, Dr.,M,16 Sep 26,5,3,7 Sep; Hooper, Doris

Atkinson,John Leslie,M,9 Dec 26,5,1,Carmichael, Sarah

Atkinson,Norma Ruth,D,2 Sep 26,5,1,age 2

Auckland,Edward, Mrs.,D,24 Nov 27,4,1,age 56

Avey,nee,D,15 Aug 29,12,1,Brooker, Arthur, Mrs.

Axford,Samuel,A,5 Dec 29,8,1,50th

Ayling,George,M,12 Apr 28,5,1,Millerick, Mary

Ayling,George,M,19 Apr 28,5,1,Millerick, Mary

Babcock,dau of Lawrence,B,16 Sep 26,5,1,10 Sep

Babcock,Reta,M,15 May 25,1,5,Brown, George

Babcock,son of Lawrence,B,3 May 28,5,1,1 May

Backus,John T.,D,9 Feb 28,5,3,age 69

Bagnell,Charles Maynard,D,3 Oct 29,1,6,age 24

Baird,Robert,D,15 Oct 25,1,5,age 80

Bake,nee,D,11 Jun 25,5,1,McPhee, Louis, Mrs.

Baker,Florence,M,19 Aug 25,5,2,19 Aug; Hessenauer, H.

Baker,Florence Edith,E,6 Aug 25,5,1,Hessenauer, Henry

Baker,Margaret,D,3 May 28,1,5,89th year

Baker,Michael,A,3 Jan 29,4,2,50th

Baker,Milton M.,M,30 Aug 28,5,3,22 Aug; Braun, Martha

Baker,Milton M.,E,2 Aug 28,5,1,Braun, Martha

Baldwin,John D.,D,5 May 27,5,2,age 61

Baldwin,Joseph,D,26 Mar 25,8,1,

Bale,John,D,14 Nov 29,8,1,age 83

Bale,William,P,4 Nov 26,8,1,McIntosh

Balkwill,Carrie,D,14 Apr 27,5,2,56th year

Ballantyne,James,D,1 Oct 25,5,1,

Baptiste,Rosie,M,28 Jul 27,1,6,17 Jul; Wilson, Oral

Barber,John,P,4 Aug 27,5,1,Parker

Barber,Lila May,M,9 Sep 26,1,5,Wey, Alfred

Barnaby,T. I., Dr.,M,9 Jun 27,1,5,Wilson, Effie

Barnes,Amos S.,D,19 Dec 29,1,5,

Barnes,John W.,D,20 Jan 27,8,1,age 56

Barnes,Joseph S.,D,31 Mar 27,5,1,age 91

Barnum,W. Harold,D,2 Aug 28,4,1,age 58

Barr,John,D,19 Aug 26,5,1,

Barr,Mary,W,19 Nov 25,1,6,McLaws

Barrett,R., Mrs.,D,2 Aug 28,4,1,

Barrett,Samuel,D,19 Aug 25,4,1,

Basler,dau of George R.,B,28 Nov 29,4,2,10 Nov

Basler,George,M,25 Feb 26,5,2,McKellar, Christena

Battin,dau of Lorne,B,29 Apr 26,5,1,23 Apr

Battin,John D.,E,20 Sep 28,5,1,Graham, Lillibelle

Bawden,Arthur Edgar,M,4 Apr 29,5,1,Clubb, Pamela

Bawden,John, Mrs.,D,3 May 28,8,2,age 65

Beadle,Sarah,D,22 Mar 28,8,1,14 Mar

Beaudoin,Roy J.,M,28 Jul 27,1,6,Breen, M. K.

Bedford,John,D,6 May 26,5,3,86th year

Beecroft,John,M,9 Jun 27,5,2,24 May; Conlin, N.

Beedle,Jacob J.,D,13 May 26,5,1,79th year

Begg,Edith,E,26 Sep 29,1,4,Davis, Fred

Begg,George C.,D,12 Mar 25,1,4,age 78

Begg,Margaret,D,22 Oct 25,7,2,

Begg,Tyrell Freeman,M,17 Oct 29,4,1,5 Oct; MacCallum, M.

Begg,Tyrrell F.,E,3 Oct 29,5,1,MacCallum, May

Bell,James A.,D,4 Jul 29,1,6,age 78

Bell,Mitchell,D,11 Oct 28,1,6,

Bell,nee,D,23 May 29,5,1,Jones, George, Mrs.

Bell,Philip,M,8 Jan 25,5,3,Reid, Grace

Benner,Susanna,D,27 May 26,4,1,age 80

Bennett,Alice Myrtle Almeada,B,22 Mar 28,5,1,

Bennett,D. K.,D,24 Sep 25,5,2,

Bennett,David K.,D,17 Sep 25,5,2,

Bennett,David,P,13 Sep 28,5,3,Ross

Bennett,Elva Patricia,B,4 Mar 26,5,3,26 Feb

Bennett,George Thomas,M,26 May 27,5,3,24 May; McMullen, N.

Bennett,George Thomas,E,12 May 27,5,1,McMullen, Nellie

Bennett,George,D,10 Jan 29,5,3,91st year

Bennett,James,M,9 Apr 25,5,2,4 Apr; Pinner, F.

Bennett,Janet,D,7 Jul 27,5,1,age 75

Bennett,Marjorie,M,19 Mar 25,8,1,Sullivan, Melvin

Benson,Elmira,D,14 Oct 26,1,6,age 81

Benz,George R.,M,22 Aug 29,1,6,16 Aug; Munn, Myrtle

Benz,George R.,E,25 Jul 29,5,1,Munn, Myrtle

Berdan,Edward Mark,D,10 Jun 26,5,2,

Berdan,Irma Hazel,M,2 Aug 28,5,3,25 Jul; Willett, Edward

Berdan,Margaret Rose,M,16 Jul 25,5,3,McKillop, Archibald

Berdan,Mark,D,3 Jun 26,5,1,

Berdan,Olive S. H.,D,17 May 28,1,5,age 24

Bergum,Robert,M,22 Apr 26,5,1,10 Apr; McLaughlin, A.

Bernard,Christopher,D,21 Oct 26,8,2,age 64

Bernie,W. A.,D,15 Sep 27,8,1,age 44

Berry,Edith,W,31 Dec 25,5,1,Knoblauch

Berry,Mark,A,5 Jan 28,1,5,60th

Berry,William, Capt.,D,14 Apr 27,1,4,age 73

Best,James Henry,D,7 Feb 29,1,5,age 81

Biddle,Walter, Mrs.,D,26 Mar 25,8,1,age 68

Binns,Edward, Mrs.,D,21 Apr 27,1,4,age 58

Black,Alex,A,29 Oct 25,5,2,50th

Black,Alex,A,15 Oct 25,5,1,50th

Black,Archibald J.,D,5 May 27,5,2,age 69

Black,Dorothy Jean,M,20 Jun 29,1,5, Gilbert, Roy

Black,Dorothy Jean,E,30 May 29,5,2,Gilbert, Roy

Black,Ellinor,P,18 Jun 25,5,3,Thompson

Black,Ellinor Ann,B,5 Apr 28,4,1,2 Apr; stillborn

Black,Fred,M,25 Oct 28,5,1,12 Oct; Evans, Mabel

Black,J. Glen,E,8 Nov 28,5,1,1 Dec; Elliott, Gladys

Black,J. Glen,M,6 Dec 28,1,5,Elliott, Gladys

Black,Louisa,D,8 Jul 26,5,2,McLean

Black,son of John J.,B,24 Dec 25,5,1,17 Dec

Blue,Albert,M,11 Nov 26,1,4,McEwen, Gladys

Blue,son of Arch,B,24 Sep 25,5,3,15 Sep

Bobier,Bella,D,7 Oct 26,5,1,

Bobier,Edna Lilly,E,17 Dec 25,5,1,Green, Richard

Bobier,Edna L.,P,22 Nov 28,5,3,Greene

Bobier,Frances,D,21 Feb 29,4,2,

Bobier,Hannah,D,6 May 26,1,5,age 60

Bobier,James Ripley,M,6 Dec 28,1,5,24 Nov; Lucas, Jessie

Bobier,Jane,D,2 May29,5,2,83rd year

Bobier,Jeanetta Elizabeth,E,28 Jul 27,5,1,Patterson, Clarence

Bobier,Jeanetta Elizabeth,M,4 Aug 27,5,2,Patterson, John C.

Bobier,Joseph,D,15 Apr 26,5,2,age 82

Bobier,Joshua, Mrs.,D,6 Jun 29,5,3,48th year

Bobier,Louisa,BD,17 Oct 29,1,5,80th

Bole,A. N., Mrs.,D,12 Jul 28,1,4,

Bole,James H.,D,23 Dec 26,1,6,72nd year

Bole,Reta Irene,M,21 Jun 28,8,3,Winger, Bruce

Bole,W. H.,D,6 Jun 29,8,2,

Bole,William H.,D,30 May 29,5,3,age 52

Bole,Wm. Quentin, Dr,M,28 Nov 29,1,5,Capling, Bessie

Bolton,Charles,D,29 Oct 25,5,1,age 36

Bonham,Dorothy Lorraine,B,23 Aug 28,5,1,18 Aug

Bonham,Lloyd Judson,E,13 Oct 27,5,1,Russell, Neva

Boonman,dau of John,B,1 Mar 28,5,1,13 Feb

Borbridge,Isaac J. M.,D,2 Dec 26,1,4,

Boucher,George,D,25 Feb 26,8,2,age 76

Bowker,Mary,D,8 Dec 27,7,2,age 65

Bowker,Walter A.,D,17 Sep 25,5,2,age 64

Bowlby,Ellen,A,29 Mar 28,5,3,Coulter

Bowlby,Walter,D,29 Sep 27,8,1,age 72

Bowlby,William,D,3 Mar 27,1,5,

Bowman,Mina Irene,B,23 Jul 25,4,2,19 Jul

Boyle,John, Mrs.,D,17 Oct 29,5,2,

Braddon,John Millman,D,10 Dec 25,1,6,age 75

Braddon,T. A.,A,20 Sep 28,5,2,25th

Bradt,John Alexander,D,28 Nov 29,5,3,56th year

Braun,Martha Mildred,M,30 Aug 28,5,3,22 Aug; Baker, Milton

Braun,Martha Mildred,E,2 Aug 28,5,1,Baker, Milton

Braun,Matthew,D,31 Mar 27,1,5,age 91

Breen,John W.,M,6 Oct 27,5,3,Schneckenburger, K.

Breen,M. K.,M,28 Jul 27,1,6,Beaudoin, Roy

Breen,Maria,BD,15 Aug 29,1,6,92nd; 6 Aug

Breen,nee,D,26 Apr 28,1,6,Delare, Austin, Mrs.

Breen,son of John,B,12 Jul 28,5,3,

Brenner,Jacob,D,5 Apr 28,1,4,

Bricker,Valeria Genevieve,E,7 Jan 26,5,1,Robbins, John O.

Brickman,Frank L.,D,21 Apr 27,1,4,age 58

Brinkman,Leslie,D,19 Feb 25,1,6,age 30

Britton,Martha,D,7 Nov 29,4,2,84th year

Brock,Anne M.,W,12 Apr 28,4,1,Keele

Brock,Mary,D,17 May 28,7,3,age 68

Brooker,Arthur, Mrs.,D,15 Aug 29,12,1,

Brooks,John W.,D,25 Oct 28,1,5,age 68

Browett,Freeman, Mrs.,D,20 Jan 27,5,2,

Brown,Anna,W,7 Nov 29,1,5,Jamieson

Brown,Emily,D,17 Mar 27,5,1,Malloy

Brown,George,M,15 May 25,1,5,Babcock, Reta

Brown,Harry,M,17 Nov 27,7,1,Gilbert, Eva

Brown,James,D,9 Apr 25,1,6,24 Mar; age 66

Brown,Jennie,P,12 Sep 29,9,2,Stanley

Brown,Lloyd,M,12 Jul 28,1,4,Patterson, Sarah

Brown,Mary,D,14 Mar 29,8,1,48th year

Brown,Myrtle Leilah,E,19 Apr 28,5,1,Lee, Arthur

Brown,nee,D,24 May 28,1,5,Ibbitson, Amos, Mrs.

Brown,Nellie,D,1 Dec 27,1,4,age 25

Brown,Ruth May,D,7 May 25,8,3,26th year

Brown,Thomas, Mrs.,D,10 Nov 27,8,2,90th year

Brubaker,William,D,14 Mar 29,8,1,

Bruce,Annie Claudia,M,29 Nov 28,5,2,Pugh, Ivor

Bruce,Annie Claudia,E,8 Nov 28,5,1,Pugh, Ivor

Bruce,Duncan,D,8 Apr 26,5,2,age 85

Brush,H. D., Dr.,D,7 Apr 27,8,1,age 68

Buchan,Daniel,D,25 Aug 27,1,6,age 76

Buchan,Daniel M.,D,16 Aug 28,1,4,age 74

Buchanan,Alex, Mrs.,D,21 Apr 27,5,2,age 42

Buchanan,Henry,A,23 Apr 25,1,6,50th

Buchanan,James,D,2 Dec 26,8,1,age 75

Buchanan,John,D,13 Dec 28,1,5,57th year

Buchanan,Mary,M,24 Jun 26,5,3,Walker, Alex

Buchanan,Robert,D,3 Dec 25,9,2,

Buchner,Harold E.,M,11 Jul 29,4,1,Futcher, Grace

Buckler,George, Mrs.,D,10 Feb 27,4,1,age 56

Buckler,George, Mrs.,D,17 Feb 27,4,1,

Burckett,Della,E,6 Jun 29,5,3,Scouler, Ross

Burdick,T. C.,D,15 Jan 25,8,2,age 81

Burgar,John Hamilton,M,28 Mar 29,4,1,23 Mar; Kennedy, Ada

Burkett,Della,M,13 Jun 29,5,2,Scouler, Ross

Burn,Edward,D,25 Apr 29,5,1,about 70 years old

Burnett,James H.,M,29 Jan 25,1,6,Davis, Ida

Burns,Edward,D,2 May 29,8,3,

Burns,Emma May,E,8 Mar 28,5,1,Jewell, George

Burns,Emma May,M,22 Mar 28,5,1,Jewell, George

Burns,Gladys Irene,E,8 Nov 28,5,1,Thornton, James

Burns,Gladys Irene,M,15 Nov 28,5,3,Thornton, James

Burns,nee,D,3 Jan 29,5,2,Waite, John, Mrs.

Bursch,Ramona,M,1 Mar 28,5,1,McCallum, Daniel B.

Bush,W. A., Mrs.,D,16 Feb 28,5,3,2 Feb; age 84

Bushton,Thomas,D,23 Aug 28,5,1,age 72

Byfield,Reuben,M,22 Oct 25,7,2,Johnson, Bertha

Cadogan,Gertrude Irene,M,28 Oct 26,5,2,Wilson, Charles

Cady,Alonzo,A,18 Nov 26,5,1,25th

Cady,Isaac M., Dr.,D,24 Feb 27,5,2,15 Feb; 57th year

Cady,Mertyle L.,M,31 Jan 29,5,2,23 Jan; Cooper, H.

Cady,William Nelson,D,11 Apr 29,5,2,50th year

Cain,Paul H.,D,23 Apr 25,5,2,

Callahan,Frank,D,27 Jan 27,5,2,age 55

Calver,Henry C.,D,14 Jan 26,1,4,age 70

Cameron,Annie,D,3 Nov 27,5,2,Kirkland

Cameron,Arthur Grant,M,11 Nov 26,1,4,Robb, Janetta

Cameron,Daniel, Mrs.,D,28 Feb 29,5,3,

Cameron,dau of Grant,B,1 Mar 28,5,1,26 Feb

Cameron,Donald,D,11 Aug 27,1,5,age 70

Cameron,Donald, Mrs.,D,7 Mar 29,5,3,

Cameron,Lizzie,D,28 Mar 29,5,2,Reycraft

Cameron,Mary,D,11 Jun 25,5,1,McCallum

Cameron,Mungo,E,21 Jun 28,5,1,Malone, Marjorie

Cameron,Mungo,M,5 Jul 28,5,2,Malone, Marjorie

Cameron,William K.,D,16 Jun 27,5,2,age 67

Campbell,A. C. ,Mrs.,D,18 Nov 26,5,2,

Campbell,A. C., Mrs.,D,25 Nov 26,5,2,

Campbell,Alexander,M,12 Mar 25,5,2,2 Mar; Latcham, Stella

Campbell,Angus,D,4 Feb 26,1,6,age 91

Campbell,Annie,D,21 Jan 26,5,2,Gow

Campbell,Annie,D,14 Oct 26,5,2,Graham

Campbell,Arch. Ronald,B,15 Aug 29,9,3,4 Aug; twin

Campbell,Arch’d Colin, Dr,D,23 Feb 28,1,6,age 52

Campbell,Archibald W.,D,12 May 27,1,5,

Campbell,Bessie,D,27 May 26,4,1,Stalker

Campbell,Carland,M,27 May 26,5,1,20 May; Crawford, M.

Campbell,Catherine,W,25 Feb 26,1,5,McNaughton

Campbell,Catherine,M,17 Nov 27,7,1,Campbell, Humphrey

Campbell,Catherine,A,28 Mar 29,5,2,Carroll

Campbell,Christena,D,10 Nov 27,5,2,Galbraith

Campbell,Christina,W,21 Oct 26,1,5,Duncan

Campbell,Clara,E,16 Jul 25,5,1,Aitchison, James

Campbell,Colin,D,10 Mar 27,1,6,age 80

Campbell,Colin J.,D,4 Oct 28,8,2,50th year

Campbell,Dan,A,21 Feb 29,5,2,45th

Campbell,Daniel,D,3 Mar 27,1,5,age 62

Campbell,dau of Alexander,B,1 Apr 26,5,3,30 Mar

Campbell,dau of Colin A.,B,11 Nov 26,5,2,9 Nov

Campbell,dau of Dr. T. D.,B,21 Apr 27,5,2,11 Apr

Campbell,Duncan,D,9 May 29,5,5,age 89

Campbell,Edward A.,D,27 Jan 27,8,2,

Campbell,Effie,D,17 Sep 25,5,3,

Campbell,Effie,M,9 Jun 27,5,2,Murray, Gordon

Campbell,Fanny M.,M,26 Nov 25,5,3,Carroll, John

Campbell,Gordon,M,11 Nov 26,1,5,Mills, Lottie

Campbell,Henrietta,M,16 Dec 26,12,1,Near, Frank

Campbell,Humphrey,M,17 Nov 27,7,1,Campbell, Catherine

Campbell,Humphrey,M,24 Nov 27,1,6,11 Nov; Campbell, K.

Campbell,Isabel Florence,M,21 Oct 26,5,2,Graham, Frederick

Campbell,Isabel Florence,E,7 Oct 26,5,1,Graham, Frederick

Campbell,J. Philip,M,5 Sep 29,5,2,MacCallum, Agnes

Campbell,James Cobban,M,1 Nov 28,5,3,24 Oct; Cornell, Ruby

Campbell,Jean Irene,E,7 Oct 26,5,1,Lea, Thomas

Campbell,Jean Irene,M,21 Oct 26,5,2,Lea, Thomas

Campbell,Jennie,D,11 Nov 26,5,1,McCrault

Campbell,Jennie,M,6 Sep 28,5,1,30 Aug; McCallum, A.

Campbell,Jennie,E,23 Aug 28,5,1,McCallum, Archie

Campbell,John A.,D,22 Jan 25,1,5,age 57

Campbell,John C.,A,12 Nov 25,5,1,25th

Campbell,John M.,M,27 Oct 27,8,1,19 Oct; Allison, Ethel

Campbell,John M.,E,20 Oct 27,5,1,Allison, Ethel

Campbell,John C.,D,26 Jul 28,5,2,age 70

Campbell,John Philip,E,22 Aug 29,5,1,McCallum, Agnes

Campbell,John Donald,B,15 Aug 29,9,3,4 Aug; twin

Campbell,Kate,M,24 Nov 27,1,6,11 Nov; Campbell,H.

Campbell,Malcolm Duncan,M,14 Apr 27,1,6,4 Apr; Mansell, Helen

Campbell,Margaret,W,28 Feb 29,5,3,Turner

Campbell,Mary,D,30 Apr 25,5,2,McNabb

Campbell,Mary,D,16 May 29,1,5,Cole

Campbell,Murray D.,D,17 Oct 29,5,1,

Campbell,N. D.,D,21 Oct 26,8,2,age 59

Campbell,Neil Donald David,M,12 Sep 29,1,4,Gilbert, Ella

Campbell,Neil L.,M,13 Jun 29,5,2,Galbraith, Mary

Campbell,Neil L.,E,30 May 29,5,2,Galbraith, Mary

Campbell,Nellie Irene,E,3 Sep 25,4,3,Carroll, Mac

Campbell,Norman Lee,D,15 Oct 25,5,3,

Campbell,Peter,D,1 Mar 28,5,2,age 62

Campbell,Peter A.,D,16 Aug 28,5,2,6 Aug; age 78

Campbell,son of Colin A.,B,26 Feb 25,5,1,22 Feb

Campbell,son of Douglas,B,5 Apr 28,4,1,29 Mar

Campbell,son of J. M.,B,28 Nov 29,4,2,3 Nov

Campbell,Thirza A.,D,13 Oct 27,8,1,age 71

Campbell,Thomas C.,D,15 Apr 26,1,5,age 77

Campbell,twin daus of C.A.,B,19 Jul 28,1,4,15 Jul

Campbell,Wilfred John,M,15 Jul 26,5,1,Whanam, Ila

Cant,Alfred,M,24 Dec 25,5,2,McFarlane, Mary

Cantelon,Frederick,D,24 Nov 27,5,1,

Cape,Charles,D,1 Apr 26,5,3,

Capling,Bessie Uella,M,28 Nov 29,1,5,Bole, William

Carmichael,Duncan, Mrs.,D,16 Jul 25,1,5,

Carmichael,James,D,18 Mar 26,5,2,age 60

Carmichael,James,D,25 Mar 26,8,1,

Carmichael,Josephine,E,12 Feb 25,5,1,McCallum, Philip

Carmichael,Josephine,M,19 Feb 25,5,2,McCallum, Philip

Carmichael,Mary,D,26 Jul 28,5,2,Fletcher

Carmichael,nee,D,17 Oct 29,5,2,Boyle, John, Mrs.

Carmichael,Sarah Elizabeth,M,9 Dec 26,5,1,Atkinson, John

Carnegie,Clarence,M,26 Nov 25,8,3,11 Nov; Zoller, Dora

Carnegie,Martha,D,20 Jan 27,8,1,age 84

Carnell,Jeremiah, Mrs.,D,23 Jun 27,5,3,age 81

Carr,Anna Corneille,E,29 Aug 29,5,1,Carroll, William

Carr,Anna Corneil,M,3 Oct 29,5,3,Carroll, William

Carr,George,D,17 Mar 27,1,6,age 73

Carr,nee,D,6 May 26,5,2,Lawton, Alex’r, Mrs.

Carroll,Alice Evelyn,E,30 Jun 27,5,1,Alcock, Carling

Carroll,Alice E.,M,14 Jul 27,1,6,Alcock, Carling

Carroll,dau of Mac,B,21 Oct 26,5,3,14 Oct

Carroll,David,D,1 Nov 28,1,4,68th year

Carroll,David,D,8 Nov 28,8,1,

Carroll,Jean Elizabeth Cowan,B,3 May 28,5,1,15 Apr

Carroll,John A.,M,26 Nov 25,5,3,Campbell, Fanny

Carroll,John,A,28 Mar 29,5,2,50th

Carroll,Mac,E,3 Sep 25,4,3,Campbell, Nellie

Carroll,Shirley Elizabeth,B,29 Apr 26,5,1,23 Apr

Carroll,son of Frank,D,25 Jun 25,5,2,infant

Carroll,son/dau of Frank,B,25 Jun 25,5,2,21 Jun; twins

Carroll,William R.,E,29 Aug 29,5,1,Carr, Anna

Carroll,William Robert,M,3 Oct 29,5,3,Carr, Anna

Carruth,Alexander,D,5 Dec 29,5,3,age 68

Carruth,Florence,D,25 Nov 26,5,2,age 26

Carruth,Florence,D,2 Dec 26,8,1,

Carson,Viola,D,16 Feb 28,8,1,Hill

Carswell,son of P. D.,B,10 Mar 27,1,6,7 mar

Cascaden,John Harold, Dr.,D,10 May 28,1,5,

Case,nee,D,21 May 25,1,5,Orchard, Henry, Mrs.

Casey,Frank,D,23 Aug 28,5,3,

Casey,Honorah,D,1 Dec 27,5,2,age 78

Casey,Owen, Mrs.,D,28 Nov 29,1,5,

Casey,William,D,15 Mar 28,5,2,99th year

Cassells,Pearl Vyetta,M,1 Jul 26,5,3,19 Jun; Small, S. W.

Cassels,Pearle Vietta,E,10 Jun 26,5,1,Small, Samuel

Catt,Millicent,D,1 Dec 27,5,2,

Cattanach,Barbara,D,2 Apr 25,5,2,McCallum

Cattanach,Margaret,W,14 Feb 29,1,6,Hamilton

Cavanagh,Mary,D,11 Jul 29,4,1,

Cavanagh,Thomas,D,13 Jun 29,1,5,65th year

Caves,Charles,D,4 Nov 26,5,1,age 69

Chandler,John,D,16 Feb 28,8,1,age 90

Chapman,Frederick F.,D,4 Aug 27,5,3,age 83

Chapman,George, Mrs.,D,18 Jun 25,1,5,age 39

Chapman,John G.,D,11 Aug 27,1,5,age 85

Chapman,Mary Irene,M,11 Nov 26,1,4,3 Nov; Smith, Goldwin

Chapman,William, Mrs.,D,10 Feb 27,5,1,53rd year

Charlesworth,Franklin,D,28 Nov 29,5,1,71st year

Charlton,Warren Glenn,M,12 Jul 28,5,3,7 Jul; Welch, Alice

Charlton,Warren Glenn,E,14 Jun 28,5,1,Welch, Alice

Chaseley,John,D,30 Jun 27,5,3,age 81

Chaseley,John, Mrs.,D,26 Dec 29,1,5,

Chisholm,Charles K.,D,19 Jan 28,8,3,

Chivers,Lloyd,D,24 Feb 27,5,1,age 16

Church,Tryphena,D,4 Mar 26,5,2,75th year

Clapp,Gladys M.,E,4 Apr 29,5,1,McMillan, Walter

Clapp,Gladys Mae,M,18 Apr 29,7,2,12 Apr; McMillan, W.

Clark,Alexander,D,6 Jan 27,5,2,age 87

Clark,Allan L.,D,22 Jul 26,5,1,

Clark,Bertha,M,3 May 28,5,1,Jackson, Mervin

Clark,Edith Viola,M,23 May 29,5,4,Lilley, Henry

Clark,Eva,W,6 Sep 28,5,1,Foster

Clark,H. Garfield,E,26 Dec 29,5,1,Grover, Velda

Clark,Jean,M,6 Oct 27,5,3,29 Sep; Porritt, H.

Clark,John N.,D,13 Dec 28,9,1,age 84

Clark,Margaret J.,D,28 Jul 27,5,2,about 60 years old

Clark,Martha,D,29 Dec 27,4,1,Welch

Clark,Matilda F.,D,12 Sep 29,1,4,

Clark,Minnie K.,W,5 Jan 28,5,1,

Clark,Myrtle Jean,M,17 Jan 29,5,1,Sutton, Howard

Clark,Robert C.,E,3 Jun 26,5,1,Pollard, Laura

Clark,Robert Clegg,M,17 Jun 26,5,3,Pollard, Laura

Clark,Robert D.,D,17 Feb 27,5,2,age 80

Clark,Thomas,A,5 Jan 28,1,5,50th

Clark,Thomas, Mrs.,D,11 Oct 28,1,6,age 81

Clark,Thomas,D,10 Oct 29,4,1,85th year

Clark,Walter,P,21 Apr 27,5,2,Buchanan

Clark,William Arthur,E,18 Mar 26,5,1,Jordon, Margaret

Clarke,Blanche Orlena,E,15 Nov 28,5,1,McArthur, Mitchell

Clarke,Clifford E.,E,21 Jun 28,5,1,Zavitz, Pearl

Clarke,Clifford Edward,M,12 Jul 28,5,3,4 Jul; Zavitz, Pearl

Clarke,Harold Gordon,M,5 Sep 29,4,1,28 Aug; Dowler, E.

Clarke,Harold Gordon,E,15 Aug 29,9,1,Dowler, Ida

Clarke,John B.,D,25 Aug 27,5,3,16 Aug; age 73

Clarke,Mary,D,15 Sep 27,5,2,1 Sep; age 33

Clarke,Myrtle Jean,E,27 Dec 28,5,2,Sutton, Howard

Claus,Ransom, Mrs.,D,4 Jul 29,5,3,age 68

Clay,Elijah,D,20 Jan 27,5,1,age 78

Clay,Elijah, Mrs.,D,14 Jun 28,5,2,6 Jun; age 72

Clay,Henry,D,10 Jun 26,1,5,age 67

Clay,John, Mrs.,D,19 Apr 28,8,1,76th year

Clubb,Pamela M.,M,4 Apr 29,5,1,Bawden, Arthur

Coates,Grace Agnes,M,21 Nov 29,5,3,Fletcher, Angus

Cobean,James,D,25 Feb 26,8,2,

Cole,Addison,D,17 Nov 27,7,2,8 Nov; 72nd year

Cole,Clara, Mrs.,M,15 Apr 26,8,2,Haviland, John

Cole,Ella M.,D,12 Aug 26,1,5,age 61

Cole,Lincoln W.,D,24 Mar 27,1,6,age 58

Cole,Margaret Grace,E,29 Nov 28,5,1,McNeill, Hugh

Cole,Margaret Grace,M,6 Dec 28,1,5,4 Dec; McNeill, Hugh

Cole,Mary,D,16 May 29,1,5,age 91

Coleman,A., Mrs.,D,27 Jan 27,5,1,

Coleman,Harry M.,D,27 May 26,5,2,

Colthart,Andrew,M,7 Oct 26,8,2,McKelvey, Christina

Conley,Terry,D,9 Sep 26,1,5,age 3 ½

Conlin,Nathaline Marie,M,9 Jun 27,5,2,24 May; Beecroft, J.

Conrad,Daniel N.,D,16 Apr 25,1,5,

Conway,Joe,D,8 Dec 27,4,1,

Cook,Euphemia M.,D,10 Nov 27,8,2,age 81

Cook,James, Mrs.,D,14 Oct 26,1,6,age 72

Cook,Joseph,D,26 Aug 26,1,5,age 85

Cook,Maizie,D,1 Mar 28,5,1,

Cooper,Herbert E.,M,31 Jan 29,5,2,23 Jan; Cady, M.

Corey,Edwin,D,5 Jul 28,5,2,

Corey,Edwin,D,28 Jun28,1,5,age 64

Cornell,Ruby Alfaretta,M,1 Nov 28,5,3,24 Oct; Campbell, J.

Coughlin,D. A.,M,9 May 29,1,6,Lethbridge, Kathleen

Coulter,Dorothy Esther,M,20 Jun 29,1,5,15 Jun; Forsyth, G.

Coulter,John W.,A,29 Mar 28,5,3,50th

Coulter,Mary,D,16 May 29,1,5,Saywell

Cowell,Benjamin A.,M,14 Jul 27,1,6,McAlister, Laura

Cox,Wm., Rev., Mrs.,D,27 Dec 28,1,5,age 48

Coyne,James H., Dr.,A,24 Nov 27,8,2,50th

Coyne,John P.,D,27 May 26,4,1,

Crabbe,Eliza,D,29 Oct 25,1,4,84th year

Crabbe,Ruby Louise,M,27 Jun 29,5,3,Swain, Charles

Crabbe,Ruby,E,6 Jun 29,5,3,Swain, Charles

Craig,Thomas A.,M,22 Oct 25,7,1,McLachlin, Jean

Crane,B. R., Mrs.,D,6 Aug 25,5,2,68th year

Crane,Sarah,D,10 Dec 25,9,2,Stevenson

Crarey,Marjorie,D,8 Dec 27,7,2,15th year

Crawford,Allan,E,16 Dec 26,9,1,Lackey, Iva

Crawford,Annie,W,19 Apr 28,1,6,Gillies

Crawford,dau of Allan,B,2 Feb 28,5,2,22 Jan

Crawford,Euphemia,D,26 Dec 29,5,1,McLay

Crawford,Glen,E,26 Sep 29,1,4,Mills, Tillie

Crawford,Janet,D,16 Feb 28,5,3,Bush

Crawford,Margaret B.,M,27 May 26,5,1,20 May; Campbell, C.

Crawford,Margaret E.,M,3 Mar 27,5,1,22 Jan; Spee, Gustave

Crawford,Sarah,D,8 Nov 28,5,3,age 78

Crawford,son of Arnold L.,B,17 Sep 25,5,3,15 Sep

Crawford,son of Arnold,B,20 Jan 27,5,2,18 Jan

Crawforde,Donald,A,28 Jun 28,5,2,55th

Crocker,Philip, Mrs.,D,10 Dec 25,1,5,age 66

Crombie,James Conklin,D,28 Jul 27,1,6,age 68

Crooker,George K.,D,20 Jan 27,8,1,age 82

Crosson,Daniel,D,28 Feb 29,8,1,

Crosson,Robert Charles,M,12 Aug 26,1,6,21 Jul; McKee, Laura

Crowley,Catherine,D,29 Sep 27,5,2,age 80

Crowley,Mary,M,6 Jan 27,5,1,Kairns, Frank

Crowley,nee,W,28 Jun 28,5,2,Armstrong

Crundwell,John, Mrs.,D,26 Aug 26,1,5,age 62

Cryderman,Clifford,E,3 Feb 27,6,1,McIntyre, Mackie

Cryderman,Clifford William,M,24 Feb 27,5,3,MacIntyre, Mackie

Cudney,Margaret H.,D,8 Apr 26,5,1,age 8

Culbert,Henry Joseph,E,15 Aug 29,9,1,Stansell, Willena

Culbert,Henry,M,29 Aug 29,5,2,Stansell, Willen

Cullen,William,D,11 Feb 26,1,4,

Culver,Annie,D,3 May 28,8,2,age 60

Culver,Margaret,D,21 Jan 26,1,5,age 84

Culverhouse,Percy E.,D,1 Jul 26,5,2,

Cumming,David Malcolm,B,11 Feb 26,5,3,4 Feb

Cummings,Elmond,M,23 Apr 25,5,1,8 Apr; Ford, Alice

Curran,John E.,D,13 Jan 27,5,2,age 48

Currie,Annie,D,23 Sep 26,5,2,Meek

Currie,Catherine A.,D,19 Apr 28,5,1,age 66

Currie,dau of Arch’d,W,7 Jan 26,5,2,Meek

Currie,Euphemia,D,10 Feb 27,5,2,age 89

Currie,Neil,D,28 Nov 29,5,3,80th year

Curtis,Bertram,D,6 Jan 27,5,1,about 70 years old

Curtis,Clarence, Mrs.,D,1 Jul 26,5,2,

Curtis,Daniel,D,21 Nov 29,5,2,about 70 years old

Curtis,Thomas W., Mrs.,D,13 Dec 28,9,1,

Curtis,Thomas W., Mrs.,D,20 Dec 28,5,2,

Cusack,Henry, Mrs.,D,26 May 27,1,5,74th year

Cuscack,Henry,D,9 May 29,5,3,80th year

Dadson,Frank,M,2 May 29,5,3,25 Apr; Mitchell, Mary

Dahl,Charles,D,1 Apr 26,5,2,70th year

Danby,William, Mrs.,D,21 Jan 26,1,5,

Darrach,D.,A,10 Sep 25,1,5,50th

Darrach,Nancy,D,12 May 27,8,2,

Darrach,Neil R.,D,6 May 26,5,1,age 76

Daugharty,Susan,D,15 Aug 29,12,2,73rd year

Daugherty,Ethel,D,22 Sep 27,1,6,about 45 years old

Daugherty,George B.,D,22 Sep 27,1,6,age 55

Daugherty,Mary L.,D,11 Aug 27,5,2,age 48

Davenport,Charles,M,19 Jan 28,5,1,Hodge, Emily

Davey,Ernest,D,27 Oct 27,1,6,20th year

Davies,Ethel,W,22 Sep 27,1,6,Daugherty

Davies,Ethel,D,22 Sep 27,1,6,Daugherty

Davis,Dollie,M,2 Jul 25,5,1,18 Jun; Rickson, Robert

Davis,Emma M.,D,11 Feb 26,5,2,Ling

Davis,Fred,E,26 Sep 29,1,4,Begg, Edith

Davis,Ida,M,29 Jan 25,1,6,Burnett, James

Davis,Leona Cynthia,E,7 Mar 29,5,1,Lacey, Russell

Davis,Leona Cynthia,M,21 Mar 29,1,6,12 Mar; Lacey, R.

Davis,Mima,D,9 Apr 25,5,2,Lutes

Dawdy,Agnes Janet,D,3 Feb 27,6,2,26 Jan; infant dau of Burlington

Dawdy,Alma Winnifred,E,22 Mar 28,5,1,Shipley, Ellmore

Dawdy,Alma Winnifred,M,29 Mar 28,1,5,Shipley, Ellmore

Dawdy,Bernard,M,29 Mar 28,1,5,Johnson, Mrs.

Dawdy,Edna Margaret,M,18 Jul 29,1,5,10 Jul; Lindenman, S.

Dawdy,Isaac,D,24 Jan 29,8,1,

Dawdy,Isaac, Mrs.,D,24 Jan 29,8,1,

Dawdy,Mary May,M,18 Mar 26,5,1,Ford, Floyd

Day,Edward, Mrs.,D,4 Nov 26,8,1,

Dean,Charles,D,12 Aug 26,1,6,

Decew,Lavina,D,21 Jul 27,5,1,Galbraith

Deeneau,Clare,D,14 Nov 29,5,2,age 32

Deighton,Murray Nathan,M,27 Sep 28,5,2,22 Sep; McAlister, B.

Deighton,Murray Nathan,E,13 Sep 28,5,1,McAlister, Bernice

Deighton,son of M. N.,B,26 Sep 29,5,2,19 Se[

Delair,Richard,P,19 May 27,4,1,Gillis

Delare,Austin, Mrs.,D,26 Apr 28,1,6,age 60

Dell,Rhoda Elizabeth,M,19 Jan 28,5,1,3 Jan; Robinson, G.

Dell,William, Mrs.,D,1 Dec 27,5,2,age 45

Dell,William H.,M,28 Jun 28,5,3,Fenton, Isobell

Denby,Winnifred,M,12 Jul 28,1,4,30 Jun; Sage, Olive

Denfau,Clare R.,M,14 Oct 26,5,3,McCallum, Catherine

Dennis,Edith,D,8 Jul 26,8,3,age 35

Deno,George Charles,E,14 Mar 29,8,1,McGregor, Florence

Dewar,Cassie,P,24 Jun 26,5,3,McLellan

Dewar,Catherine Isabella,M,11 Jun 25,5,2,5 Jun; McLellan, Hugh

Dewar,Catherine Isabelle,E,28 May 25,5,3,McLellan, Hugh J.

Dewar,Duncan A.,D,24 Jun 26,5,3,

Dicker,dau of Peter,B,1 Dec 27,4,2,15 Nov

Dickie,James,D,11 Jul 29,4,2,

Doan,James,D,17 Nov 27,10,1,age 86

Doan,Sarah,D,5 Apr 28,1,4,age 88

Dobie,George,D,26 Jan 28,5,1,age 81

Dobie,Mary,D,25 Mar 26,5,2,Kerr

Docker,George Arthur,E,13 Jun 29,5,2,20 Jun; MacLean, H.

Docker,George,M,27 Jun 29,5,3,MacLean, Marjorie

Dodd,Noah,D,23 Jun 27,1,4,86th year

Doherty,W. S., Mrs.,D,22 Aug 29,1,4,39th year

Doherty,William Burton,D,22 Mar 28,1,6,

Donley,Hamilton,M,25 Apr 29,5,3,McColl, Gladys

Douglas,Helen,M,5 Nov 25,1,3,McLachlan, Duncan

Douglas,John,D,17 May 28,7,1,about 50 years old

Dow,David,D,25 Aug 27,4,1,85th year

Dowler,Annie Maude Victoria,M,28 Jun 28,1,5,Kruppe, William

Dowler,Eliz’th Ida Jean,M,5 Sep 29,4,1,28 Aug; Clarke, H.

Dowler,Francis J.,M,10 Sep 25,1,6,Futcher, Dora

Dowler,Ida Eliz’th Jean,E,15 Aug 29,9,1,Clarke, Harold

Downard,William,M,12 May 27,5,2,Love, Mary

Downie,Arthur W.,M,22 Apr 26,5,1,Walker, Janet

Downie,Robert, Mrs.,D,24 Jun 26,4,1,age 99

Downie,Robert,D,11 Oct 28,5,3,age 51

Downs,Hazel Muriel,E,10 May 28,5,1,Rivett, James

Doxtator,Bessie,D,3 Feb 27,6,3,age 35

Doyle,James P.,D,14 Apr 27,5,1,

Doyle,Joseph, Mrs.,D,29 Jan 25,1,6,

Doyle,Sarah,M,15 Dec 27,12,2,Gliddon, John

Drake,A. A.,D,15 Jan 25,8,2,age 78

Dubes,Osborne,M,13 Sep 28,8,2,Walker, Doris

Dubrick,Reta,M,1 Dec 27,5,2,23 Nov; Flook, George

Dubs,Herman,D,27 Dec 28,8,1,

Dummer,son of Harry,B,7 Jan 26,5,3,1 Jan

Duncan,George,D,21 Oct 26,1,5,age 82

Duncanson,Catherine,W,2 Apr 25,5,2,McCallum

Duncanson,James,A,2 Dec 26,8,1,50th

Duncanson,James,D,27 Dec 28,5,2,age 82

Duncanson,Katie C.,M,30 Aug 28,5,3,22 Aug; McCallum, J.

Duncanson,Lachlin, Mrs.,D,26 Dec 29,4,3,12 Dec; 63rd year

Duncanson,Peter,A,14 Oct 26,5,2,50th; 12 Oct

Duncanson,Stanley Alex’r,B,6 Aug 25,5,4,29 Jul

Duncombe,George G.,D,28 Jul 27,1,6,age 59

Dunlop,Richard J.,D,2 Jun 27,1,5,

Easton,Ernest,D,29 Apr 26,8,1,

Eaton,William,D,31 Dec 25,5,2,90th year

Ecker,Daniel,D,22 Dec 27,1,4,age 7

Ecker,David,D,22 Dec 27,1,5,age 2

Ecker,son of William,B,26 Nov 25,5,3,21 Nov

Ecker,William,D,6 Aug 25,5,2,

Eddie,James A., Mrs.,D,19 Jul 28,7,2,71st year

Edgar,Robert J.,D,30 Apr 25,5,1,

Edmunds,H. W.,D,20 Jun 29,1,6,

Eggert,Mildred Eliz’th,M,10 Sep 25,1,6,2 Sep; Abbott, Earle

Elliott,Georgia Isabel,E,11 Oct 28,5,2,17 Oct; Graham, A.

Elliott,Georgia Isabel,M,1 Nov 28,5,3,17 Oct; Graham, A.

Elliott,Gladys Irene,M,6 Dec 28,1,5,Black, J. Glen

Elliott,Gladys,E,8 Nov 28,5,1,1 Dec; Black, J. Glen

Elliott,Jacqueline Helen,B,29 Nov 28,5,1,21 Nov

Elliott,Louisa,D,15 May 25,5,1,age 86

Elliott,Thomas,D,26 Nov 25,5,3,age 73

Else,Leonard, Mrs.,D,15 Apr 26,1,1,

Elson,Arthur P.,D,18 Oct 28,5,3,7 Oct; age 67

Elson,Jane,D,17 Feb 27,5,3,age 82

Elson,Joseph P.,M,2 Dec 26,8,2,24 Nov; Nesbitt, M.

Engelhart,Freda Irene,D,26 May 27,5,1,age 6 months

Erskine,Alex,D,17 Jan 29,5,2,81st year

Erskine,dau of R. G.,B,21 Nov 29,5,2,15 Nov

Erskine,Grace Ena,E,13 Sep 28,5,1,Farr, Henry

Erskine,Grace Ena,M,27 Sep 28,5,2,Farr, Henry

Erskine,Isabelle,D,24 Jan 29,5,2,

Erskine,John,D,25 Apr 29,5,3,80th year

Erskine,Roy G.,M,6 Oct 27,5,3,28 Sep; McMullen, C.

Erskine,Roy Gordon,E,22 Sep 27,5,1,McMullen, Clara

Esson,John N., Mrs.,D,15 Oct 25,1,5,

Evans,Audrey Madaline,B,5 Nov 25,5,3,

Evans,Audrey Jean,E,26 May 27,5,1,McKillop, Jams

Evans,Audrey Jean,M,2 Jun 27,5,2,McKillop, James

Evans,George W.,M,23 Aug 28,4,1,Joiner, Marguerite

Evans,Mabel,M,25 Oct 28,5,1,12 Oct; Black, Fred

Evans,May C.,E,15 Nov 28,1,4,Parish, Clifford

Evans,William J.,D,20 Sep 28,5,2,age 68

Everett,Ada M.,M,23 Dec 26,7,1,Arbour, Ross

Everist,Thomas,D,16 Aug 28,5,2,80th year

Everist,Thomas,D,23 Aug 28,8,1,

Farr,Grace Sinclair,M,24 May 28,5,2,McKillop, William

Farr,Grace Sinclair,E,17 May 28,7,1,McKillop, William

Farr,Grace,P,4 Jul 29,5,1,McKillop

Farr,Henry,M,27 Sep 28,5,2,Erskine, Grace

Farr,Henry,E,13 Sep 28,5,1,Erskine, Grace

Farr,Mary Lillian,D,17 May 28,7,1,McWilliam, Gordon

Farr,Mary Lillian,M,24 May 28,5,2,McWilliam, Gordon

Farrah,Charles,D,18 Jul 29,1,6,age 70

Farrington,Francis Vernon,D,27 Jun 29,5,2,age 11

Faughende,Harry, Mrs.,D,3 Feb 27,1,6,

Fawcett,Helen,M,14 Apr 27,1,6,Lee, Alvin

Fearn,William, Mrs.,D,30 Apr 25,1,5,

Fenton,S. Isobell, Mrs.,M,28 Jun 28,5,3,Dell, William

Ferguson,A. M.,D,24 Jan 29,5,3,

Ferguson,Andrew M.,D,17 Jan 29,5,2,age 72

Ferguson,Bessie F.,M,5 Sep 29,5,1,McArthur, M. C.

Ferguson,J. B.,D,23 May 29,1,6,

Ferguson,John,P,22 Aug 29,1,4,Doherty

Ferguson,Mary,D,14 Mar 29,8,1,age 91

Ferres,Charles,D,7 Mar 29,1,6,

Ferres,I. G.,D,23 Aug 28,5,3,6 Aug

Fife,David,D,31 Oct 29,8,3,

Fife,Vera Ellen,M,25 Nov 26,8,2,McLandress, William

Fillmore,Annie,D,14 Jan 26,5,1,age 31

Fillmore,C. E.,A,21 Nov 29,5,3,50th

Fillmore,C. E.,A,7 Nov 29,5,2,12 Nov; 50th

Fillmore,Herbert Stanley,B,23 Jul 25,4,2,16 Jul

Finlayson,Alexander, Mrs.,D,12 Apr 28,5,2,age 70

Finlayson,John,D,8 Apr 26,5,1,age 75

Finlayson,Mary,D,17 Feb 27,5,1,age 71

Finn,James W.,D,4 Feb 26,4,2,

Fitchett,George L.,D,15 May 25,1,5,age 72

Fitzgerald,Mary Ann,D,13 Jun 29,8,2,age 72

Flater,William,D,1 Nov 28,8,1,

Fleming,William A.,E,11 Oct 28,5,2,Gilchrist, Jennie

Fleming,Wm. Alexander,M,8 Nov 28,5,3,27 Oct; Gilchrist, J.

Fletcher,Alfred,D,18 Apr 29,1,4,43rd year

Fletcher,Angus B.,M,21 Nov 29,5,3,Coates, Grace

Fletcher,Effie,D,17 Sep 25,5,3,Campbell

Fletcher,Helena,D,17 Mar 27,1,6,Stilwell

Fletcher,Mary,D,26 Jul 28,5,2,age 74

Flook,George,M,1 Dec 27,5,2,23 Nov; Dubrick, R.

Forbes,Mary Katherine,E,3 Oct 29,5,1,12 Oct; McFarlane, H.

Forbes,Mary Katherine,M,17 Oct 29,4,1,McFarlane, Henry

Forbes,William B.,D,14 Jan 26,5,2,age 64

Forbes,William F.,D,26 May 27,5,3,

Ford,Albert Knox,B,12 Mar 25,5,2,7 Mar

Ford,Alice Pearl,M,23 Apr 25,5,1,8 Apr; Cummings, E.

Ford,Constance Guinevere,B,29 Apr 26,5,1,27 Apr

Ford,Floyd E.,M,18 Mar 26,5,1,Dawdy, Mary

Ford,John Robert, Dr.,M,11 Jun 25,5,2,Parson, Dorothy

Ford,John Robert, Dr.,E,28 May 25,5,3,Parsons, Dorothy

Ford,Keith L. D.,B,28 May 25,5,2,

Ford,Marg’t Saunders,D,27 Sep 28,5,1,

Fordham,Lois Josephine,E,21 Mar 29,5,1,Ross, Wesley

Fordyce,Thomas,D,15 Oct 25,4,2,on 91st birthday

Fordyce,Thomas,D,22 Oct 25,7,1,

Forhan,H. A.,D,22 Apr 26,1,6,

Forhan,Thomas, Mrs.,D,17 Dec 25,1,5,age 36

Forster,Augusta,D,7 Apr 27,5,2,Owen

Forsyth,Gordon Douglas,M,20 Jun 29,1,5,15 Jun; Coulter, D.

Forsyth,James,D,22 Sep 27,1,5,

Forsyth,Sarah I.,D,26 Nov 25,5,2,age 63

Foster,James,D,6 Sep 28,5,1,

Fountain,Betty Jane,B,30 Dec 26,4,1,22 Dec

Fowle,Jack McDonald,M,10 Nov 27,5,2,McKellar, Sara

Fowle,Jack,E,27 Oct 27,5,1,McKellar, Sara

Fowler,Agnes,D,13 May 26,5,2,82nd year

Fowler,Alma,W,6 Jan 27,5,1,Curtis

Francis,Frederick N.,M,4 Aug 27,5,3,Sims, Helen

Francis,William,D,24 Mar 27,1,6,

Frank,August,D,7 Oct 26,8,2,age 66

Frank,John, Mrs.,D,17 Oct 29,4,1,

Frank,Rachel,D,17 May 28,7,3,McRae

Fraser,Annie,D,2 May 29,5,2,McKellar

Fraser,John David,E,18 Oct 28,5,2,Leitch, Barbara

Fraser,John David,M,1 Nov 28,5,3,Leitch, Barbara

Fray,Annie,D,5 Feb 25,8,1,age 67

Freeman,James A.,M,1 Nov 28,5,3,24 Oct; Hyndman, N.

French,Abel,D,2 Feb 28,5,1,

French,Abel,D,26 Jan 28,5,3,age 71

French,Charles,D,16 Sep 26,4,2,age 44

Fuller,James A.,D,17 Feb 27,4,1,age 51

Fulton,Sarah,D,24 Oct 29,6,1,

Futcher,Dora Madeline,M,10 Sep 25,1,6,Dowler, Francis

Futcher,Grace Etoile,M,11 Jul 29,4,1,Buchner, Harold

Futcher,James N.,D,1 Jan 25,5,3,age 69

Galbraith,Christena,D,10 Nov 27,5,2,80th year

Galbraith,John Duncan,E,28 Jun 28,5,1,Lewis, Ida

Galbraith,John Duncan,M,12 Jul 28,5,3,30 Jun; Lewis, Ida

Galbraith,Lavina,D,21 Jul 27,5,1,age 70

Galbraith,Mary Katherine,E,30 May 29,5,2,Campbell, Neil

Galbraith,Mary Katherine,M,13 Jun 29,5,2,Campbell, Neil

Gammage,Freda Mary,M,20 Jun 29,1,3,Streib, Bruce

Gammon,Emily Ruth,M,21 Apr 27,4,2,McKellar, Wilfrid

Garbutt,Georgina,D,26 Mar 25,1,6,Summers

Garvin,Edward,D,12 Apr 28,8,2,age 33

Gaymer,W. J.,D,15 Oct 25,1,6,

Geddes,Annie W.,D,7 Jan 26,4,1,Leslie

Geddes,James L.,D,21 Jan 26,5,2,5 Jan

Geer,Gladys Helen,D,17 Oct 29,5,2,age 21

George,Annie Edith,M,20 Sep 28,5,3,McLachlan, J. H.

Gerow,Errol,D,11 Nov 26,5,2,age 39

Gibson,Sarah J.,D,16 Jun 27,5,2,Glass

Gibson,Walter Hodgins,E,22 Aug 29,5,1,Reekie, Catherine

Gibson,Walter Hodgins,M,5 Sep 29,4,1,2 Sep; Reckie, C.

Gilbert,Ella Mae,M,12 Sep 29,1,4,Campbell, Neil

Gilbert,Emmeline,D,19 Sep 29,10,1,age 73

Gilbert,Eva Mae,M,17 Nov 27,7,1,Brown, Harry

Gilbert,Isaac A.,D,29 Aug 29,5,4,77th year

Gilbert,Lillian A.,D,24 Dec 25,5,1,21st year

Gilbert,Roy A., Dr.,M,20 Jun 29,1,5,Black, Dorothy

Gilbert,Roy A., Dr.,E,30 May 29,5,2,Black, Dorothy

Gilchrist,Jennie Mae,E,11 Oct 28,5,2,Fleming, William

Gilchrist,Jennie Mae,M,8 Nov 28,5,3,27 Oct; Fleming, Wm.

Gillies,Allan F.,M,11 Apr 29,1,5,Hardy, Gladys

Gillies,Arch,D,19 Apr 28,1,6,age 68

Gillies,Bessie,D,19 Jul 28,7,2,

Gillies,Catherine,D,4 Oct 28,4,1,McGugan

Gillies,Christina,D,19 Mar 25,5,2,Kerr

Gillies,Clarence,D,19 May 27,1,5,age 29

Gillies,Duncan R.,D,9 Dec 26,1,5,age 62

Gillies,Duncan A.,D,11 Jul 29,4,2,73rd year

Gillies,Effie Jane,W,16 Aug 28,5,2,Campbell

Gillies,Janet,D,31 Mar 27,1,5,age 98

Gillies,John D., Mrs.,D,19 May 27,4,1,age 54

Glass,Sarah J.,D,16 Jun 27,5,2,age 59

Gliddon,Edith,D,8 Jul 26,8,3,Dennis

Gliddon,John,M,15 Dec 27,12,1,Doyle, Sarah

Goldie,Annie,W,26 May 27,1,5,McMillan

Gordon,Agnes,D,15 Nov 28,1,4,McLennan

Gordon,Kenneth,M,22 Jan 25,4,2,14 Jan; McGugan, F.

Goring,George,D,2 Feb 28,8,2,about 45 years old

Gould,J. H.,D,8 Apr 26,4,1,age 43

Gow,Annie,D,21 Jan 26,5,2,

Gow,Marjory,D,31 Mar 27,5,2,80th year

Gowan,Alma Gladys,M,20 Sep 28,5,3,12 Sep; Trothen, W.

Gowan,Annie,M,22 Dec 27,5,1,Trothen, Ashton

Gowanlock,Annie,D,3 Nov 27,4,1,age 45

Gowanlock,James,D,27 Jan 27,5,1,

Graham,Alex,D,7 Apr 27,5,1,

Graham,Arthur D., Dr.,E,11 Oct 28,5,2,17 Oct; Elliott, G.

Graham,Arthur D., Dr.,M,1 Nov 28,5,3,17 Oct; Elliott, G.

Graham,Catherine,W,18 Mar 26,1,6,McRae

Graham,D. W.,D,16 May 29,5,2,66th year

Graham,David,D,28 Nov 29,1,5,age 79

Graham,Deborah,D,16 Apr 25,5,1,

Graham,Donald McLean,B,24 Nov 27,5,2,22 Nov

Graham,Donald M., Dr.,D,3 Nov 27,5,1,age 53

Graham,Dugald, Mrs.,D,31 Oct 29,5,3,age 68

Graham,Elena,D,21 Jul 27,5,2,McWilliam

Graham,Euphemia,D,17 Mar 27,5,1,

Graham,Frederick O.,M,21 Oct 26,5,2,Campbell, Isabel

Graham,Frederick Oswald,E,7 Oct 26,5,1,Campbell, Isabel

Graham,Friend,D,9 May 29,1,5,age 77

Graham,Hector McLean,M,28 Jul 27,1,6,29 Dec/26; McCallum

Graham,Isabelle,D,14 Jun 28,5,2,age 77

Graham,James,D,28 Oct 26,5,1,

Graham,James E., Mrs.,D,24 Feb 27,5,2,age 67

Graham,John J., Mrs.,D,14 Oct 26,5,2,64th year

Graham,John,D,17 Mar 27,5,1,age 73

Graham,Lillibelle,E,20 Sep 28,5,1,Battin, John

Graham,Mary,D,14 Mar 29,8,1,Ferguson

Graham,Moses W., Mrs.,D,15 Jan 25,5,3,7 Jan

Graham,Moses W.,D,16 Apr 25,5,2,age 72

Graham,Moses W., Mrs.,D,8 Jan 25,5,2,70th year

Graham,Moses D., Mrs.,D,30 May 29,5,3,age 52

Graham,Neil, Mrs.,D,16 Aug 28,5,2,

Graham,Robert, Mrs.,D,9 Dec 26,1,5,85th year

Graham,Sadie,W,15 Jan 25,1,6,McColl

Graham,William,P,15 Apr 26,1,5,Sinclair

Grainger,Lila,M,11 Mar 26,8,2,4 Mar; McKillop, F.

Grant,William J., Mrs.,D,14 Jun 28,8,2,

Gray,Alex,D,26 Apr 28,1,6,age 68

Gray,Margaret,D,21 May 25,1,5,

Gray,Mary,D,10 Nov 27,5,2,Shipley

Gray,Phyllis,M,23 Aug 28,1,5,Minnice, E. Preston

Green,James J.,D,27 Jun 29,5,3,

Green,James J.,D,20 Jun 29,5,2,13th year

Green,Rich’d Freeman,D,2 Apr 25,5,2,age 92

Green,Richard J.,E,17 Dec 25,5,1,Bobier, Edna

Greene,Alvin John Henry,B,22 Nov 28,5,3,14 Nov

Grey,John W.,M,8 Sep 27,1,5,Kelly, Vera

Griffin,Lorne,M,30 Aug 28,1,6,Mulholland, Esther

Griffith,Albert J.,M,12 Nov 25,8,2,Hillman, Susie

Grisdale,Rose,D,22 Aug 29,5,1,

Groom,John, Mrs.,D,14 Apr 27,5,2,72nd year

Grout,Daniel A.,D,7 Mar 29,5,3,

Grover,Velda Grace,E,26 Dec 29,5,1,Clark, H. Garfield

Gummerson,Annie,D,4 Aug 27,5,2,age 62

Gunn,C. B.,P,15 Jan 25,5,3,Graham

Gunn,Catherine,P,6 Jan 27,1,6,McIntyre

Gunne,Charles R., Canon,D,13 Oct 27,5,2,

Gunning,Howard A.,M,4 Jul 29,1,6,Patrick, Laura

Hafele,Carl,D,21 Feb 29,4,2,

Hafele,Jane Noreen,B,8 Dec 27,7,1,4 Dec

Haig,Earl,D,16 Feb 28,5,3,

Haight,Naomi,D,23 Dec 26,12,1,age 90

Hales,dau of Vernon,B,24 Dec 25,5,1,21 Dec

Hales,dau of Vernon,B,18 Oct 28,5,2,14 Oct

Hales,Mary E.,M,5 Nov 25,1,6,28 Oct; Wice, Robert

Hales,Vernon,M,2 Jul 25,5,2,24 Jun; McMillan, R.

Hales,Vernon,E,11 Jun 25,5,1,McMillan, Rosamond

Hall,Everett,D,3 May 28,8,2,age 57

Hall,Margaret I.,M,4 Nov 26,8,1,30 Oct; Winegarden, R.

Halloran,Louisa,M,30 Apr 25,1,5,Shaw, Hanford

Halpin,Annie Ruth,D,7 Nov 29,4,2,

Halpin,Annie Ruth,D,14 Nov 29,5,2,

Halpin,Catherine,D,28 Feb 29,8,1,

Halpin,Edith May,E,8 Oct 25,5,3,Kramer, Otto

Halpin,Edna May,M,15 Oct 25,5,2,Kramer, Otto

Hamilton,James,D,16 Jul 25,1,5,77th year

Hamilton,John Wesley,D,14 Feb 29,1,6,age 54

Hamilton,R. D., Rev.,D,21 Feb 29,4,2,

Hamm,Wesley,D,21 Mar 29,1,5,

Hanagan,John,D,24 Jan 29,5,2,age 71

Hannigan,Annie,D,4 Aug 27,5,2,Gummerson

Hansley,Olive S. H.,D,17 May 28,1,5,Berdan

Hanson,Harold Perry,E,23 Dec 26,12,1,Johnson, Anna

Hardacker,John, Mrs.,D,2 Feb 28,8,2,age 65

Hardy,Gladys Irene,M,11 Apr 29,1,5,Gillies, Allan

Harley,Florence Olive,M,19 May 27,1,6,Jewitt, E. William

Harris,Anna,D,23 May 29,5,3,Mistele

Harris,Hannibal,D,30 Dec 26,1,5,age 79

Harrison,James,D,16 Jun 27,1,4,age 78

Hart,Annie,D,21 Jan 26,1,5,

Harvey,Edward,D,7 Jan 26,5,1,64th year

Hatch,Edward S., Mrs.,D,5 Feb 25,8,1,

Hathaway,Fanny,E,15 Jul 26,5,1,Walker, W.J.

Hathaway,Norris, Mrs.,D,17 Sep 25,5,1,

Hathaway,Orville,A,25 Oct 28,5,3,50th; 10 Oct

Hatton,Esther,D,22 Apr 26,5,2,Lynch

Hatton,John,P,24 Feb 27,5,2,Shipley

Havens,Thomas W.,D,3 Oct 29,12,1,

Haviland,John N.,M,15 Apr 26,8,2,Cole, Clara, Mrs.

Hawkins,John, Mrs.,D,5 Nov 25,4,1,age 92

Haycock,Bessie May,E,24 Oct 29,7,1,McLennan, George

Haycrock,George,D,21 Feb 29,4,2,age 70

Hayne,Thomas, Mrs.,D,31 Mar 27,5,1,

Heard,Fred W.,D,1 Dec 27,5,3,age 58

Hearn,Theresa Rose,D,1 Apr 26,8,1,age 17 months

Heberling,Jeanette,M,30 Aug 28,5,1,McLarty, Alexander

Heenan,Michael,D,5 Nov 25,5,2,age 79

Heidt,Charles F.,D,7 May 25,1,5,age 76

Heidt,Jacob,A,28 Mar 29,5,1,50th

Heidt,Lottie,W,24 Mar 27,1,6,Francis

Heilman,Mrs.,D,29 Apr 26,8,1,age 66

Hendershott,Merton Bert,D,10 Nov 27,4,2,

Henderson,Frank, Mrs.,D,3 May 28,8,2,age 52

Henderson,Frank A.,D,19 Apr 28,1,5,53rd year

Henderson,Herbert J.,D,23 Apr 25,1,6,

Henderson,Herbert J.,D,16 Apr 25,4,1,

Henderson,Muriel,W,11 Feb 26,1,4,Cullen

Henderson,nee,D,3 Nov 27,4,1,Annett, Henry, Mrs.

Henderson,son of Nelson,B,18 Oct 28,5,2,14 Oct

Henderson,William,D,24 Feb 27,5,3,about 80 years old

Hertel,George Henry,D,16 Sep 26,5,2,3 Sep

Hertel,William A.,D,25 Oct 28,1,5,

Hessenauer,Henry Milton,E,6 Aug 25,5,1,Baker, Florence

Hessenauer,Henry Milton,M,19 Aug 25,5,2,19 Aug; Baker, F.

Hewson,Nathaniel,D,5 May 27,1,6,age 56

Hicks,Elgin, Dr.,M,5 Nov 25,1,6,Norman, Helen

Hicks,Elgin Donley, Dr,E,8 Oct 25,5,3,Norman, Helen

Hicks,Thomas,D,25 Jun 25,5,1,age 71

Hielman,Balawer,D,8 Jul 26,8,3,age 69

Hiles,William,M,15 Oct 25,5,1,Porter, E. F., Miss

Hill,Arch W.,D,18 Mar 26,4,1,age 28

Hill,Effie, Mrs.,M,18 Jul 29,1,5,22 Jun; McLachlin, A.

Hill,Jeffrey, Mrs.,D,27 May 26,5,1,

Hill,Lorne, Mrs.,D,16 Feb 28,8,1,age 28

Hillman,Susie M.,M,12 Nov 25,8,2,Griffith, Albert

Hindley,Richard, Mrs.,D,8 Apr 26,4,1,age 54

Hitzel,Elizabeth,D,27 May 26,4,1,age 86

Hoare,Cornelius, Mrs.,D,12 Mar 25,9,2,age 49

Hobson,Edwin S., Mrs.,D,14 Apr 27,8,1,age 76

Hockin,Bertha,P,15 Apr 26,5,2,Ryley

Hockin,Bertha,P,22 Mar 28,5,1,Ryley

Hockin,dau of Harold,B,15 Sep 27,5,1,14 Sep

Hockin,William,A,16 Aug 28,5,3,25th

Hockin,William,A,2 Aug 28,5,1,25th

Hodder,Joseph,D,8 Jul 26,5,3,61st year

Hodder,twin daus of Fred,B,22 Sep 27,5,3,19 Sep

Hodder,Velma,M,29 Oct 25,5,1,Stacey, John

Hodder,Velma Irene,E,22 Oct 25,7,1,Stacey, Jack

Hodder,Velma,P,12 Jan28,5,1,Stacey

Hodge,Emily,M,19 Jan 28,5,1,Davenport, Charles

Hodgins,son of R. E.,B,25 Feb 26,5,4,18 Feb

Holcombe,Emmanuel,D,3 Mar 27,1,5,79th year

Holland,David,D,27 May 26,5,2,age 50

Holland,Frank,D,12 May 27,1,6,age 67

Holland,George T.,D,16 Dec 26,1,5,age 65

Holland,Richard,A,17 Jun 26,5,2,50th

Hollingshead,Effie,D,10 Jun 26,5,2,age 44

Hollingshead,Florence,D,3 Mar 27,5,2,age 34

Hollingshead,Wellington E.,D,17 Feb 27,4,3,

Hooley,Michael, Mrs.,D,19 Aug 26,5,3,age 76

Hooley,Patrick John,M,3 Oct 29,5,3,25 Sep; Sullivan, Mary

Hooper,Doris Evelyn,M,16 Sep 26,5,3,7 Sep; Atkinson, G.

Hopkins,James H., Mrs.,D,15 Apr 26,8,2,

Hopkins,James H.,D,14 Jul 27,1,5,age 70

Horton,Emily,D,3 Feb 27,6,2,78th year

Horton,Frances Isabel,E,24 Sep 25,1,5,McKillop, Vernon

Horton,John Wesley,D,20 Sep 28,8,2,

Horton,Miss,W,6 Oct 27,5,3,McBride

Hoskin,Elsie Grace,M,4 Feb 26,5,3,27 Jan; Page, William

Hoskin,Elsie Grace,E,14 Jan 26,5,1,Page, Morley

Hough,Arthur,D,15 May 25,1,5,age 52

Houghton,William, Mrs.,D,21 Jun 28,8,1,

Houston,Dorval A.,M,20 Jun 29,1,5,Laidlaw, Leona

Houston,Dorval A.,E,6 Jun 29,5,3,11 Jun; Laidlaw, Leona

Hovey,Matthias,P,5 Nov 25,4,2,Orchard

Howard,Albert,D,12 Apr 28,5,1,age 26

Howard,Elizabeth,D,22 Mar 28,5,1,age 60

Howe,Oliver,D,26 Mar 25,8,1,72nd year

Howell,Lucy Mary,D,1 Oct 25,5,2,age 76

Huffman,Barbara,D,5 Jan 28,1,6,age 78

Hughes,Elizabeth,D,12 Dec 29,1,6,

Hughes,Judson,D,28 Jun 28,5,2,age 65

Hull,Frederick G.,M,9 Jun 27,5,2,Lilley, Ella

Hull,June Viola,D,21 Jun 28,5,1,age 20 days

Hull,June Viola,B,7 Jun 28,5,3,1 Jun

Hull,son of Walter,B,6 Jun 29,5,2,26 May

Hull,Wm. Leonard,B,29 Dec 27,5,1,17 Dec

Humphries,Mildred Irene,M,29 Dec 27,5,3,Person, Walter

Humphries,Mildred Irene,E,15 Dec 27,5,1,Person, Walter

Humpidge,F. A., Mrs.,D,21 Jan 26,5,2,

Humpidge,Frederick A.,D,10 Feb 27,4,2,30 Jan; age 85

Humpidge,J. W.,D,23 Aug 28,5,1,age 82

Humpidge,Lizzie,W,10 Sep 25,5,2,McGill

Hunt,Catherine,D,13 May 26,1,5,age 82

Hunt,Francis,D,12 Jan 28,4,1,age 87

Hurley,Eliza,W,31 Mar 27,1,6,McPherson

Hutchinson,William A.,D,7 Feb 29,1,5,

Hyndman,Jean,M,15 Nov 28,5,3,Lynch, Joseph

Hyndman,Jean,E,1 Nov 28,5,1,Lynch, Joseph

Hyndman,Neil,D,19 Apr 28,5,3,age 40

Hyndman,Nora Mae,M,1 Nov 28,5,3,24 Oct; Freeman, J.

Ibbitson,Amos, Mrs.,D,24 May 28,1,5,age 76

Ibbitson,Amos, Mrs.,D,31 May 28,8,1,

Ibbitson,William,D,31 Mar 27,5,1,

Idsardi,William,D,1 Aug 29,8,4,age 84

Imlay,Peter, Mrs.,D,31 Dec 25,5,2,22 Dec

Irvine,Dorothy Jane,B,19 Feb 25,5,4,17 Feb

Irwin,Albert William,B,23 Dec 26,7,3,18 Dec

Jackson,J. M.,D,31 Jan 29,5,1,74th year

Jackson,Mary,D,5 Apr 28,5,2,McAllister

Jackson,Mervin,M,3 May 28,5,1,Clark, Bertha

Jackson,Morris,D,29 Jan 25,1,6,age 66

Jackson,William B.,D,11 Mar 26,8,2,age 61

Jacques,William,P,19 Aug 25,1,5,Skidmore

James,Edith,D,3 Jun 26,5,3,Whitlock

James,Ella,D,24 Mar 27,5,2,Smith

James,Frederick J.,D,4 Apr 29,5,1,

James,William I.,D,19 Nov 25,5,1,age 72

James,William J.,D,15 Mar 28,1,6,age 66

Jamieson,Elizabeth,D,16 Dec 26,9,2,80th year

Jamieson,Herbert,D,7 Nov 29,1,5,25 Oct

Jamieson,John,D,21 Feb 29,4,2,age 48

Jamieson,Robert E.,M,14 Oct 26,1,6,2 Oct; Main, Ola

Jamieson,son of Stuart,B,23 May 29,5,3,18 May

Jamieson,Stuart,M,3 Mar 27,1,5,McIntyre, Margaret

Jeffrey,Lawrence Russell,M,24 May 28,5,2,Willder, Evelyn

Jeffrey,William G.,D,24 Oct 29,1,4,

Jenken,Mary Annetta,M,10 Sep 25,1,6,McPherson, Peter

Jenkin,Mary Annetta,E,19 Aug 25,5,1,Macpherson, Peter

Jennings,Maggie,D,15 Mar 28,5,1,McCurdy

Jewell,Charles, Mrs.,D,2 Sep 26,5,2,age 44

Jewell,dau of George W.,B,10 Oct 29,5,1,8 Oct

Jewell,George William,M,22 Mar 28,5,1,Burns, Emma

Jewell,George William,E,8 Mar 28,5,1,Burns, Emma

Jewell,Harold,D,12 Feb 25,5,2,age 6

Jewell,Ross E.,A,26 Sep 29,4,3,25th

Jewitt,E. William, Rev.,M,19 May 27,1,6,Harley, Florence

Johnson,Anna Helen,E,23 Dec 26,12,1,Hanson, Harold

Johnson,Arthur,M,5 Feb 25,8,1,24 Jan; Thompson, M.

Johnson,Bertha,M,22 Oct 25,7,2,Byfield, Reuben

Johnson,Duncan,M,24 Nov 27,8,2,16 Nov; Walker, M.

Johnson,Harriet,D,29 Sep 27,8,1,age 69

Johnson,Helen Irene,M,3 Jan 29,5,3,22 Dec; McKishnie, C.

Johnson,John,D,1 Nov 28,1,4,age 80

Johnson,M. B.,D,17 Jun 26,1,5,age 70

Johnson,Mrs.,M,29 Mar 28,1,5,Dawdy, Bernard

Johnson,Robert, Mrs.,D,29 Apr 26,8,1,age 87

Johnston,Agnes,D,13 May 26,5,2,Fowler

Johnston,Jane,D,7 May 25,8,3,age 83

Johnston,Margaret,D,17 May 28,7,3,age 54

Joiner,Marguerite,M,23 Aug 28,4,1,Evans, George

Joiner,William E.,D,12 Aug 26,1,5,

Jones,dau of William,B,8 Oct 25,5,4,4 Oct

Jones,George A., Mrs.,D,23 May 29,5,1,

Jones,James,E,22 Apr 26,5,1,McMullen, Myrtle

Jones,James,M,20 May 26,5,3,12 May; McMullen, M.

Jones,John,D,15 Apr 26,8,2,

Jones,Lewis, Mrs.,D,30 Apr 25,1,5,age 64

Jones,Rosanna,D,26 Feb 25,5,1,Olver

Jones,William, Mrs.,D,20 Jan 27,8,1,5 Jan; age 62

Jordan,Robert, Mrs.,D,23 Jul 25,5,1,age 80

Jordon,Margaret May,E,18 Mar 26,5,1,Clark, William

Junkin,Dr., Mrs.,D,4 Nov 26,8,1,29 Oct

Kairns,Annie,M,23 Sep 26,5,2,15 Sep; Keogh, Thomas

Kairns,Frank J.,M,6 Jan 27,5,1,Crowley, Mary

Kairns,Helen Theresa,B,23 Feb 28,5,3,11 Feb

Kasner,Alvin B.,D,11 Feb 26,1,4,age 65

Kay,William, Mrs.,D,1 Dec 27,5,3,

Kearns,Albert,D,11 Aug 27,5,2,

Keck,dau of James M.,B,1 Apr 26,5,3,28 Mar

Keck,son of James,B,3 May 28,5,1,22 Apr

Keele,C. C.,D,12 Apr 28,4,1,

Keillor,Gladys L’Dora,E,24 Dec 25,5,1,Robson, Harold

Keillor,Gladys,M,7 Jan 26,5,2,Robson, Harold

Keillor,Gladys L.,P,27 Oct 27,5,2,Robson

Keillor,Stanley Ewart,M,18 Oct 28,5,2,27 Sep; Stevens, G.

Keillor,Stanley Ewart,E,13 Sep 28,5,1,Stevens, Grace

Keith,Mary Louise,B,26 Nov 25,5,3,23 Nov

Kelly,Richard J., Dr.,D,15 Oct 25,5,2,

Kelly,Vera Ellen,M,8 Sep 27,1,5,Grey, John

Kelly,William A.,D,19 May 27,4,1,

Kendall,John St. Clair,E,20 Oct 27,5,1,Sutton, Annie

Kendall,John St. Clair,M,10 Nov 27,5,2,26 Oct; Sutton, Annie

Kendall,Leslie,D,22 Dec 27,5,2,age 57

Kendall,Leslie,D,15 Dec 27,5,3,age 57

Kennedy,Ada Belle,M,28 Mar 29,4,1,23 Mar; Burgar, John

Kennedy,James H.,D,27 Oct 27,1,4,

Kennedy,Stuart F.,E,1 Apr 26,5,1,McArthur, Jean

Keogh,Thomas Arthur,M,23 Sep 26,5,2,15 Sep; Kairns, Annie

Kerr,Angus,D,30 Jun 27,5,3,age 82

Kerr,Catherine,D,7 Feb 29,1,4,

Kerr,Jane,D,20 Jan 27,5,2,Welch

Kerr,Jennie May,M,26 Sep 29,5,2,Leitch, John

Kerr,John A.,D,15 Apr 26,5,2,age 87

Kerr,John,D,1 Mar 28,5,1,

Kerr,John,D,23 Feb 28,5,1,

Kerr,Joseph,D,14 Jul 27,1,6,age 85

Kerr,Joseph, Mrs.,D,19 Dec 29,5,2,age 69

Kerr,Margaret,D,1 Jan 25,5,2,McCallum

Kerr,Mary,D,1 Apr 26,5,1,

Kerr,Mary,D,25 Mar 26,5,2,age 93

Kerr,Mary,D,8 Dec 27,7,2,Bowker

Kerr,Robert Bonrae,B,18 Feb 26,5,2,12 Feb

Kerr,Robert,D,12 Sep 29,8,2,age 67

Kerr,Shirley,P,1 Sep 27,5,1,Pfaff

Kerr,Thomas, Mrs.,D,19 Mar 25,5,2,age 69

Kerr,Thomas,M,15 Mar 28,5,1,10 Mar; Murray, A.

Kerr,Thomas D.,E,8 Mar 28,5,1,Murray, Annabel

Killins,Harry F.,M,17 Jun 26,1,5,Meek, Marguerite

Killins,Henry, Mrs.,D,5 Jan 28,5,3,68th year

Killins,Mary,D,10 Mar 27,1,4,

Killins,W. D.,D,22 Apr 26,1,5,

Kimble,George Samuel,D,20 Jun 29,4,2,about 80 years old

Kindree,Thomas,D,8 Dec 27,7,2,age 62

King,Mary Ann,W,4 Nov 26,4,1,McNichol

Kinsey,Mary A.,D,21 May 25,1,5,McLarty

Kinswood,Margaret Eliz’th,D,26 Dec 29,1,5,Sutherland

Kirkland,Annie,D,3 Nov 27,5,2,age 67

Kirkland,Annie,D,10 Nov 27,5,1,

Kirkland,James Donald,B,10 Nov 27,5,3,4 Nov

Kirkland,son of Stuart C.,B,15 Sep 27,5,1,13 Sep; stillborn

Knechtel,son of Willard,B,21 Jun 28,5,3,18 Jun

Knight,Annie,D,3 Nov 27,4,1,Gowanlock

Knight,Eva Jeanette,D,11 Oct 28,5,1,age 3

Knight,J. W.,M,16 Jun 27,1,4,Lay, Vera

Knight,James, Mrs.,D,23 Jul 25,5,1,age 88

Knoblauch,Lawrence T.,D,31 Dec 25,5,1,

Koehler,William,D,26 Jul 28,5,2,age 54

Kramer,Frank,D,14 Feb 29,8,2,

Kramer,Otto G.,E,8 Oct 25,5,3,Halpin, Edith

Kramer,Otto G.,M,15 Oct 25,5,2,Halpin, Edna

Krebser,Edward Meile,E,28 Jul 27,5,2,Skinner, Margaret

Kriter,Andrew,D,31 Jan 29,8,1,

Kruppe,Charlotte,D,26 Aug 26,4,2,

Kruppe,Wm. Lawrence,M,28 Jun28,1,5,Dowler, Annie

Lacey,Dorothy Marion,M,20 Jun 29,5,2,18 Jun; Norman, H.

Lacey,Dorothy Marion,E,6 Jun 29,5,3,Norman, Harvey

Lacey,John,A,1 Oct 25,5,2,40th

Lacey,Marietta Winnifred,M,22 Aug 29,1,6,14 Aug; Thomson, W.

Lacey,Russell Ford,M,21 Mar 29,1,6,12 Mar; Davis, Leona

Lacey,Russell Ford,E,7 Mar 29,5,1,Davis, Leona

Lacey,Winnifred,E,1 Aug 29,5,1,Thompson, W. E.

Lackey,Iva,P,2 Feb 28,5,2,Crawford

Lackey,Iva,E,16 Dec 26,9,1,Crawford, Allan

Lackey,James Lloyd,M,29 Dec 27,5,3,Lunn, Annie

Lackey,James Lloyd,E,22 Dec 27,5,1,Lunn, Annie

Lackey,son of Lloyd,B,31 Jan 29,5,3,25 Jan

Laidlaw,Leona Mildred,M,20 Jun 29,1,5,Houston, Dorval

Laidlaw,Leona Mildred,E,6 Jun 29,5,3,11 Jun; Houston, D.

Lambourn,Margaret Ellen,M,4 Apr 29,5,1,Minnice, Walter

Lamont,Alexander,P,4 Mar 26,1,5,Scott, John D., Mrs.

Lamont,Katie,D,24 Nov 27,4,1,Auckland

Lang,Daniel,D,21 Jul 27,4,2,age 86

Lang,Dougald,D,6 Sep 28,5,1,

Larke,Edgar J.,M,13 May 26,1,5,Pfeifer, Theresa

Latcham,Stella Elizabeth,M,12 Mar 25,5,2,2 Mar; Campbell, A.

Law,James,P,29 Jan 25,5,3,Allen

Law,James,P,30 May 29,5,3,Graham

Lawrence,Eleanor Winnifred,E,20 May 26,8,1,Miller, Wilfred

Lawrence,Eleanor Winnifred,M,24 Jun 26,5,3,Miller, Wilfred

Lawrence,Susan,D,19 Dec 29,12,1,79th year

Lawton,Alexander, Mrs.,D,6 May 26,5,3,

Lawton,Amy,W,22 Dec 27,5,2,Kendall

Lay,Mary Carolyn,M,16 Jun 27,1,4,Miller, Arthur

Lay,Russell E.,E,17 Dec 25,1,5,Schweitzer, Annie

Lay ,Vera Leah,M,16 Jun 27,1,4,Knight, J. W.

Lea,Thomas C.,M,21 Oct 26,5,2,Campbell, Jean

Lea,Thomas Carlyle,E,7 Oct 26,5,1,Campbell, Jean

Leask,James, Mrs.,D,1 Jan 25,5,1,26 Dec 1924

Leask,Lloyd Arthur,B,12 Aug 26,5,1,5 Aug

Leask,son of Lloyd,B,14 Feb 29,5,3,4 Feb

Lee,Alvin,M,14 Apr 27,1,6,Fawcett, Helen

Lee,Arthur M.,E,19 Apr 28,5,1,Brown, Myrtle

Lee,Frederick,D,6 Dec 28,5,3,22 Nov; age 70

Leeson,Dennis,D,18 Mar 26,8,3,73rd year

Leitch,Alvin Minto,M,8 Nov 28,1,5,Schmeltz, Mildred

Leitch,Archibald, Dr.,D,17 Mar 27,8,3,age 81

Leitch,Barbara,E,18 Oct 28,5,2,Fraser, John

Leitch,Barbara,M,1 Nov 28,5,3,Fraser, John

Leitch,Duncan,D,10 Oct 29,4,1,

Leitch,Ethel,M,11 Nov 26,1,4,3 Nov; Weston, Wm.

Leitch,John,M,26 Sep 29,5,2,Kerr, Jennie

Leitch,Mack,D,23 Dec 26,1,5,age 35

Leitch,Mary,M,18 Nov 26,5,1,9 Nov; Stroupe, E.

Leitch,Mary,D,18 Jul 29,5,4,McIntyre

Leitch,nee,D,24 Jan 29,5,2,Teetzel, James, Mrs.

Leitch,Sarah,BD,28 Mar 29,5,1,82nd

Leitch,Thomas, Mrs.,D,3 Oct 29,5,3,22 Sep

Leslie,J. L., Mrs.,D,7 Jan 26,4,1,8 Dec 1925

Leslie,Joseph,D,1 Jan 25,5,1,

Lethbridge,Kathleen May,M,9 May 29,1,6,Coughlin, D. A.

Lethbridge,Samuel, Mrs.,D,18 Mar 26,8,3,

Lethbridge,W. G.,A,5 Jul 28,1,6,50th; 2 Jul

Lethbridge,W. G.,D,17 Jan 29,5,2,

Leverington,Geraldine,M,30 May 29,5,4,Munn, Bruce

Lewis,Blanche,D,21 Jun 28,8,1,

Lewis,Ida Berniece,E,28 Jun 28,5,1,Galbraith, John

Lewis,Ida Berniece,M,12 Jul 28,5,3,30 Jun; Galbraith, J.

Lewis,Phoebe J.,D,19 Feb 25,1,6,age 75

Liddell,Jane Logan,W,29 Dec 27,1,6,Phelps

Liddle,James,D,21 May 25,1,5,age 63

Lidster,dau of Roy,B,21 Oct 26,5,3,9 Oct

Lidster,son of Roy,B,4 Jun 25,1,6,26 May

Lilley,Ella,M,9 Jun 27,5,2,Hull, Frederick

Lilley,Henry,M,23 May 29,5,4,Clark, Edith

Lilly,Thomas,A,4 Oct 28,5,3,50th

Lindenman,Stewart William,M,18 Jul 29,1,5,10 Jul; Dawdy, Edna

Lindsay,James,D,25 Jul 29,1,5,age 59

Lindsay,nee,D,15 Oct 25,1,5,Main, John, Mrs.

Lineham,Samuel Leslie,E,17 Oct 29,5,1,Newson, Florence

Ling,Emma M.,D,11 Feb 26,5,2,79th year

Littlejohn,dau of D. M.,B,9 Dec 26,8,2,3 Dec

Littlejohn,son of D. M.,B,22 Nov 28,5,3,14 Nov

Lochore,John,D,27 Jan 27,8,2,

Lockhart,James Mitchell,M,19 Sep 29,1,6,14 Sep; MacIntyre, B.

Lockwood,Warren E.,D,5 Dec 29,8,1,

Lodge,James M.,D,1 Jul 26,5,2,age 72

Lodge,Margaret, Mrs.,M,1 Jul 26,5,2,Wilson, Robert

Lodge,McKenzie,D,15 Mar 28,5,2,age 62

Lodge,Sarah L.,D,25 Mar 26,5,2,Pollard

Lordan,Jeremiah,D,8 Mar 28,1,4,age 78

Loucks,Vera,D,30 Aug 28,1,6,

Loughlin,Harold F.,E,15 Nov 28,1,4,McDonald, Minnie

Love,Albert Augustus,D,27 May 26,1,6,

Love,Archibald,D,4 Nov 26,5,2,

Love,C. H.,D,24 Oct 29,1,4,

Love,Margaret,D,24 Nov 27,5,2,

Love,Margaret,D,17 Nov 27,7,2,age 43

Love,Mary Laurena,M,12 May 27,5,2,Downard, William

Love,Robert Albert,B,18 Feb 26,5,2,12 Feb

Love,son of Duncan A.,D,25 Feb 26,5,1,infant

Lucas,Jessie Alberta,M,6 Dec 28,1,5,24 Nov; Bobier, James

Lucas,Shem,D,26 Dec 29,1,5,

Ludy,Eva,D,20 Oct 27,8,2,21st year

Ludy,Louis,D,26 Sep 29,1,4,

Lumley,Florence,M,8 Oct 25,5,1,Ray, Robert

Lumley,Ray W.,M,8 Apr 26,5,2,3 Apr; Milligan, Mae

Lumley,Ruth Isabel,E,21 Jun 28,5,1,Snyder, Bernard

Lumpkin,Harry,E,24 Oct 29,7,1,Pollard, Margaret

Lumpkin,Harry C.,M,14 Nov 29,5,4,19 Oct; Pollard, M.

Lunau,Elizabeth,W,18 Oct 28,5,3,Elson

Lunn,Annie Mildred Hay,E,22 Dec 27,5,1,Lackey, James

Lunn,Annie Mildred Hay,M,29 Dec 27,5,3,Lackey, James

Lunn,Bertha Beatrice,D,11 Apr 29,5,2,25th year

Lunn,Elsie Ruth,D,12 May 27,8,2,infant dau of William

Lunn,John A., Mrs.,D,12 Mar 25,5,2,

Lunn,Mildred,P,31 Jan 29,5,3,Lackey

Lunn,William,A,16 Dec 26,9,1,40th

Lutes,Mima,D,9 Apr 25,5,2,91st year

Lyle,Alex,D,9 Dec 26,1,5,age 89

Lynch,Esther,D,22 Apr 26,5,2,age 72

Lynch,James,D,22 Oct 25,7,2,

Lynch,James,D,28 Nov 29,5,3,74th year

Lynch,John,D,22 Apr 26,5,2,age 74

Lynch,John, Mrs.,D,29 Apr 26,5,1,

Lynch,John C.,D,28 Jan 26,5,2,age 21

Lynch,Joseph Frederick,E,1 Nov 28,5,1,Hyndman, Jean

Lynch,Joseph Frederick,M,15 Nov 28,5,3,Hyndman, Jean

Lynch,Philip F.,M,27 Jun 29,5,3,19 Jun; Welch, Mary

Lynch,Philip F.,E,20 Jun 29,5,1,Welch, Mary

Lyons,Christena,D,2 Apr 25,5,1,

Lyons,Emma,W,16 May 29,5,2,Graham

Lyons,Gordon,D,25 Aug 27,5,3,

Lyons,Ray Victor,M,3 Jan 29,5,3,Winter, Mabel

MacAdam,Ivan L.,E,22 Aug 29,5,1,McCallum, Wilma

MacAdam,Ivan Lawrence,M,5 Sep 29,5,2,31 Aug; McCallum, W.

MacCallum,Agnes Jean,M,5 Sep 29,5,2,Campbell, J. Philip

MacCallum,Doris Ruth,B,21 Jul 27,5,5,6 Jul

MacCallum,Margaret Beth,B,21 Jan 26,5,3,18 Jan

MacCallum,Mary Metta,M,17 Oct 29,4,1,5 Oct; Begg, Tyrell

MacCallum,May Metta,E,3 Oct 29,5,1,Begg, Tyrrell

MacColl,Annie,D,27 Jun 29,1,5,

MacDonald,dau of Earl,B,17 Feb 27,5,2,15 Feb

MacEachren,John Campbell,B,20 Oct 27,5,1,13 Oct

MacIntyre,Bessie Gunn,M,19 Sep 29,1,6,14 Sep; Lockhart, J.

MacIntyre,Mackie,M,24 Feb 27,5,3,Cryderman, Clifford

MacIntyre,Thomas D.,D,19 Apr 28,5,2,age 57

Mackenzie,Christena,A,29 Apr 26,1,4,McRae

Macklin,Jean Lillian,M,29 Nov 28,1,6,Riseborough, William

MacLean,Hannah Margaret,E,13 Jun 29,5,3,20 Jun; Docker, Geo.

MacLean,Marjorie E.,M,27 Jun 29,5,3,Docker, George

MacLennan,James W.,D,13 May 26,1,6,

MacLennan,James W., Mrs.,D,13 May 26,1,6,

MacLennan,son of James W.,D,13 May 26,1,6,age 7

MacNish,Alexander,D,27 May 26,5,2,

MacNish,Donald,D,31 Mar 27,1,6,age 85

Macpherson,Peter G.,E,19 Aug 25,5,1,Jenkin, Mary

MacPherson,Calvin Allister,B,30 Jun 27,5,3,24 May

MacPherson,James Archibald,B,23 Jun 27,5,1,17 Jun

Maedel,W. E.,D,30 Dec 26,5,2,

Magill,Isabelle,D,29 Aug 29,5,3,

Main,James,D,31 Oct 29,5,3,

Main,John, Mrs.,D,15 Oct 25,1,5,

Main,Ola Mae,M,14 Oct 26,1,6,2 Oct; Jamieson, Robt.

Main,William,D,28 Jul 27,1,6,age 88

Malloy,Emily,D,17 Mar 27,5,1,

Malone,Marjorie Helen,E,21 Jun 28,5,1,Cameron, Mungo

Malone,Marjorie Helen,M,5 Jul 28,5,2,Cameron, Mungo

Mann,Clara,D,15 Aug 29,1,4,age 21

Mann,Dorothy Jane,B,17 Nov 27,7,1,11 Nov

Mann,Helen Louise,B,8 Oct 25,5,4,3 Oct

Mann,Henry,D,6 Dec 28,5,3,

Mann,Jennett,D,23 Feb 28,4,2,age 86

Mann,John William,M,5 May 27,5,2,28 Apr; Page, Dorothy

Mann,John William,E,21 Apr 27,5,1,Page, Dorothy

Manning,Wm. Franklin,B,11 Nov 26,5,2,1 Nov

Mansell,Helen,M,14 Apr 27,1,6,4 Apr; Campbell, M.

Marble,Melvin A.,D,5 Jan 28,5,1,

March,Charles R.,D,12 Sep 29,9,1,

March,Edna,W,18 Jul 29,5,3,Turner

March,Robert,A,2 May 29,5,1,50th

Marcus,Robert,D,30 Aug 28,1,6,

Markle,Josephine,D,31 Oct 29,8,3,

Marks,Frances,D,27 Dec 28,1,5,age 22

Marr,Charles,D,23 Dec 26,1,5,age 64

Marr,David F.,D,2 Sep 26,5,1,age 81

Marr,David M.,A,24 May 28,8,3,24 May; 50th

Marr,Frederick,D,1 Mar 28,5,2,about 65 years old

Marr,Margaret,D,17 May 28,7,3,Johnston

Marr,Susan,D,12 Dec 29,12,1,age 75

Marshman,dau of Job,W,17 Jan 29,5,2,Ferguson

Marshman,Mary,M,2 Dec 26,8,1,Rowe, John

Marsland,James,D,24 May 28,4,1,age 70

Martin,Alexander,D,21 Oct 26,8,2,age 81

Martin,Arthur W.,D,24 Feb 27,1,5,age 48

Martini,Elizabeth,M,2 Dec 26,8,1,Ramstein, William

Martini,John,D,15 Oct 25,1,5,

Marvin,Margaret A.,D,26 Dec 29,1,5,

Mason,Edward, Mrs.,D,7 May 25,8,3,age 80

Matheson,Isabella,D,26 May 27,5,2,

May,Archibald,D,4 Oct 28,5,1,

May,dau of James,W,17 Jan 29,5,2,Lethbridge

May,Donald,D,4 Nov 26,5,2,

May,James,P,5 Jul 28,1,6,Lethbridge

May,Jean,D,16 Feb 28,5,2,66th year

McAlister,Bernice Isabel Jackson,E,13 Sep 28,5,1,Deighton, Murray

McAlister,Bernice Isabel,M,27 Sep 28,5,2,22 Sep; Deighton, M.

McAlister,Laura J.,M,14 Jul 27,1,6,Cowell, Benjamin

McAlister,Maude Mae,M,9 Jun 27,5,2,McWilliam, Alex’r

McAllister,John,D,30 Jun 27,1,4,age 65

McAllister,Mary,D,5 Apr 28,5,2,64th year

McAlpine,Annie,M,23 Jul 25,5,3,McNabb, Ernest

McAlpine,Annie,E,16 Jul 25,5,1,McNabb, Ernest

McAlpine,Archie,D,12 Feb 25,5,1,

McAlpine,Bruce,D,18 Jul 29,1,5,age 37

McAlpine,D. A., Mrs.,D,10 Oct 29,5,2,age 37

McAlpine,Duncan,D,7 Apr 27,1,5,age 71

McAlpine,Janet,D,4 Apr 29,5,3,McLaws

McAlpine,Mary,D,15 Jan 25,5,1,McLandress

McAlpine,Neil,D,24 Mar 27,1,6,age 67

McAndrew,A. G., Mrs.,D,27 Jun 29,1,4,age 69

McArthur,Angus,D,6 Aug 25,5,2,

McArthur,Angus J., Mrs.,D,5 Dec 29,5,3,

McArthur,D. J., Mrs.,D,16 Jul 25,1,5,age 70

McArthur,Duncan,D,6 Aug 25,5,2,age 76

McArthur,Florence,M,18 Mar 26,4,2,11 Mar; Skelton, F.

McArthur,James, Mrs.,D,21 May 25,5,2,80th year

McArthur,Jane,D,28 May 25,5,1,

McArthur,Jean,E,1 Apr 26,5,1,Kennedy, Stuart

McArthur,Jessie,A,6 Dec 28,1,6,Sifton

McArthur,Jessie,D,5 Apr 28,5,1,

McArthur,M. C.,M,5 Sep 29,5,1,Ferguson, Bessie

McArthur,Malcolm, Rev,Mrs,D,7 Apr 27,5,2,

McArthur,Malcolm, Rev.,D,30 Jun 27,1,6,age 57

McArthur,Mary,D,7 Jul 27,5,3,age 76

McArthur,Mitchell,E,15 Nov 28,5,1,Clarke, Blanche

McArthur,Mrs.,M,8 Sep 27,1,5,24 Aug; Murison, F.

McArthur,Peter,D,4 Jun 25,1,2,81st year

McArthur,Sarah J.,D,8 Mar 28,5,2,age 68

McBrayne,Alexander, Mrs.,D,7 Apr 27,8,1,age 81

McBride,Cecil Walter M.,M,11 Oct 28,5,2,Reichheld, Laura

McBride,Cecil, Mrs.,D,24 Jan 29,5,3,

McBride,Cecil, Mrs.,D,17 Jan 29,5,2,

McBride,Cecil Walter W.,E,4 Oct 28,5,1,Reichheld, Laura

McBride,Dugald,D,6 Oct 27,5,3,24 Sep; age 82

McBride,Lily,D,12 Jul 28,5,1,

McBride,Nancy,D,26 Dec 29,4,3,age 72

McBride,Ross Leroy,M,11 Feb 26,5,1,Wright, Eva May

McCaffery,[illegible],M,18 Feb 26,5,1,5 Feb; Vowel, George

McCall,Samuel P., Mrs.,D,11 Nov 26,1,5,

McCallum,A. C., Mrs.,D,6 Aug 25,1,4,26 Jul

McCallum,Agnes Jean,E,22 Aug 29,5,1,Campbell, John

McCallum,Alex,D,13 Jun 29,1,5,about 70 years old

McCallum,Alice Margaret,M,28 Jul 27,1,6,29 Dec/26; Graham

McCallum,Andrew,D,2 Apr 25,5,2,age 68

McCallum,Angus,D,7 Nov 29,1,4,about 70 years old

McCallum,Archie T.,E,23 Aug 28,5,1,Campbell, Jennie

McCallum,Archie T.,M,6 Sep 28,5,1,30 Aug; Campbell, J.

McCallum,Barbara,M,2 Jul 25,5,4,McDonald, John

McCallum,Barbara,D,2 Apr 25,5,2,age 90

McCallum,Catherine,M,14 Oct 26,5,3,Denfau, Clare

McCallum,Catherine,W,14 Nov 29,5,2,Deeneau

McCallum,Christena,D,3 Feb 27,6,2,McPherson

McCallum,Christopher,D,4 Oct 28,4,1,

McCallum,Clare,M,1 Nov 28,5,4,Patterson, Margaret

McCallum,Daniel B., Dr.,M,1 Mar 28,5,1,Bursch, Ramona

McCallum,Daniel A.,D,29 Mar 28,8,2,64th year

McCallum,Daniel,P,27 Dec 28,5,4,McFarlane

McCallum,Donald,M,30 Jun 27,5,1,McCallum, Gladys

McCallum,Donald J.,D,10 Oct 29,5,2,18th year

McCallum,Donald J.,D,17 Oct 29,4,2,

McCallum,Dugald,D,3 Jun 26,5,1,age 84

McCallum,Duncan,D,3 Sep 25,5,3,age 84

McCallum,Elizabeth,D,12 Apr 28,5,2,age 18

McCallum,Flora,D,18 Nov 26,5,2,Campbell

McCallum,Gladys,M,30 Jun 27,5,1,McCallum, Donald

McCallum,Isabella,D,6 Jan 27,5,1,age 61

McCallum,Isabella,D,24 Jan 29,5,2,79th year

McCallum,Jean,P,22 Oct 25,5,1,Meredith

McCallum,Jennie,W,3 Mar 27,1,5,Campbell

McCallum,John C., Mrs.,D,16 Sep 26,5,2,

McCallum,John Alexander,M,30 Aug 28,5,3,22 Aug; Duncanson, K.

McCallum,Malcolm W, Mrs,D,17 Oct 29,5,2,74th year

McCallum,Margaret Florence,E,18 Jun 25,5,1,Smith, Charles

McCallum,Margaret,D,1 Jan 25,5,2,25 Dec 24; 82nd year

McCallum,Margaret,P,6 May 26,4,2,Smith; twins

McCallum,Margaret Florence,M,16 Jul 25,5,2,20 Jun; Smith, Charles

McCallum,Mary,D,11 Jun 25,5,1,age 64

McCallum,Mary,D,3 Dec 25,9,1,

McCallum,Mary,D,21 Mar 29,5,2,Page

McCallum,Mary,D,12 Sep 29,1,4,

McCallum,Miss,W,24 Feb 27,5,3,Henderson

McCallum,Mrs.,D,25 Mar 26,8,1,age 68

McCallum,Peter A.,E,29 Oct 25,5,1,McLellan, Mary

McCallum,Peter A.,M,5 Nov 25,1,6,McLellan, Mary

McCallum,Philip,E,12 Feb 25,5,1,Carmichael, Josephine

McCallum,Philip,M,19 Feb 25,5,2,Carmichael, Josephine

McCallum,Sarah,D,26 Nov 25,5,2,McColl

McCallum,Sarah,D,1 Apr 26,5,2,McGill

McCallum,son of Duncan J.,D,10 Dec 25,9,1,7 Dec

McCallum,son of W. A.,B,3 Dec 25,1,5,29 Nov

McCallum,son of Duncan J.,B,10 Dec 25,9,1,4 Dec

McCallum,son of William,B,21 Jun 28,5,3,19 Jun

McCallum,Wilma Elizabeth,M,5 Sep 29,5,2,31 Aug; MacAdam, I.

McCallum,Wilma Elizabeth,E,22 Aug 29,5,1,MacAdam, Ivan

McCallum,Zachariah,D,18 Feb 26,1,6,

McCann,Alfred,D,19 Dec 29,5,2,75th year

McCann,Alfred,D,26 Dec 29,5,1,

McClenaghan,John,M,4 Jul 29,1,6,Welch, Jean

McCloy,James, Mrs.,D,9 Feb 28,5,1,age 75

McCloy,Robert Charles,D,13 Sep 28,1,5,

McColl,Alex D.,D,15 Jan 25,1,6,9 Jan; age 60

McColl,Alex, Mrs.,D,19 Nov 25,8,1,age 58

McColl,Catherine,D,23 Jul 25,5,1,Jordan

McColl,Catherine,D,7 Jan 26,5,2,

McColl,Charles J., Mrs.,D,19 Apr 28,5,2,

McColl,Christina,W,7 Feb 29,1,5,Best

McColl,dau of M. B.,B,12 Dec 29,5,2,2 Dec

McColl,Duncan J.,D,22 Jan 25,5,2,age 60

McColl,Duncan B.,D,10 Mar 27,1,5,81st year

McColl,E. R.,D,15 Jul 26,1,6,

McColl,Ella,D,6 Aug 25,5,3,Passmore

McColl,Ella,W,26 Mar 25,5,1,Passmore

McColl,Gladys,M,25 Apr 29,5,3,Donley, Hamilton

McColl,Hugh,D,5 Dec 29,8,1,

McColl,Jeannette,M,5 Nov 25,1,6,28 Oct; McKillop, J.

McColl,Martha,W,15 Aug 29,1,5,Young

McColl,Sarah,D,26 Nov 25,5,2,age 75

McColl,Wm. Campbell,B,15 Jul 26,4,1,8 Jul

McComb,George Ewart,E,3 Sep 25,4,3,Webster, Agnes

McComb,George E.,M,17 Sep 25,5,1,8 Sep; Webster, Agnes

McConnell,Catherine,D,12 May 27,5,2,76th year

McCormick,William T.,D,9 May 29,5,4,age 75

McCoun,Kenneth, Mrs.,D,26 Sep 29,5,1,

McCrault,Jennie,D,11 Nov 26,5,1,

McCurdy,C. H., Mrs.,D,15 Mar 28,5,1,2 Mar

McDiarmid,Alex,D,9 Jul 25,1,5,age 77

McDonald,A.,E,27 Aug 25,5,1,McVannell, Kathleen

McDonald,Anna Matilda,D,12 Mar 25,5,2,age 71

McDonald,John,M,2 Jul 25,5,4,McCallum, Barbara

McDonald,Margaret,D,14 Apr 27,8,1,age 75

McDonald,Minnie,E,15 Nov 28,1,4,Loughlin, Harold

McDonald,son of Arch D.,B,23 Jun 27,5,1,16 Jun

McDonald,William,D,6 Jan 27,5,2,age 86

McDonell,Catherine,D,7 Feb 29,5,1,73rd year

McDonnell,James,E,5 Nov 25,1,3,McRae, Barbara

McDougald,A. P.,D,13 Dec 28,1,5,age 77

McDougald,Sadie,D,1 Mar 28,8,2,age 44

McDougall,Annie,M,20 Jun2 9,1,5,10 Jun; McNabb, R.

McDougall,Dougald,P,17 Oct 29,5,2,McCallum

McDougall,Mary,D,15 Apr 26,8,1,Meek

McDowell,Annie,D,21 Nov 29,8,1,10 Nov

McEachren,Catherine,D,27 Sep 28,4,3,age 83

McEachren,Duncan,D,22 Apr 26,1,6,age 74

McEachren,Duncan,D,5 Dec 29,1,6,

McEachren,Neil,A,8 Mar 28,5,2,25th

McEachren,William,D,30 May 29,5,4,age 73

McEwen,Gladys,M,11 Nov 26,1,4,Blue, Albert

McEwen,John, Mrs.,D,24 Dec 25,8,1,age 73

McFarlane,Daniel,D,22 Jan 25,5,1,

McFarlane,dau of N. A.,B,7 Apr 27,5,1,30 Mar

McFarlane,Dougald,A,10 Jan 29,5,2,25th

McFarlane,Henry J.,E,3 Oct 29,5,1,12 Oct; Forbes, Mary

McFarlane,Henry Joseph,M,17 Oct 29,4,1,Forbes, Mary

McFarlane,Jane,M,13 May 26,5,2,Watson, William

McFarlane,Jessie,D,7 Jun 28,1,5,age 80

McFarlane,John,D,12 Feb 25,5,3,

McFarlane,John,D,5 Feb 25,5,1,age 78

McFarlane,John A.,D,31 Jan 29,5,2,75th year

McFarlane,John A.,A,27 Dec 28,5,4,50th

McFarlane,Mary Catherine,M,24 Dec 25,5,2,Cant, Alfred

McFarlane,Neil J.,B,10 Dec 25,9,1,9 Dec

McFarlane,Sam,M,21 Nov 29,5,3,9 Nov; Toombs, M.

McFayden,Mary,D,24 Nov 27,5,2,age 84

McGaw,John,D,8 Mar 28,5,2,62nd year

McGaw,Thomas,D,17 Jan 29,4,2,age 52

McGeachy,Daniel,D,3 Mar 27,5,2,age 65

McGill,D. W., Mrs.,D,20 Jun 29,5,1,

McGill,David,D,7 Nov 29,4,2,

McGill,George B.,D,10 Sep 25,5,2,

McGill,Godfrey,D,29 Sep 27,5,2,age 67

McGill,Mary J., Mrs.,M,11 Oct 28,1,6,Randall, James

McGill,Sarah,D,1 Apr 26,5,2,age 75

McGill,son of John,B,19 Nov 25,4,3,18 Nov

McGillicudy,Elizabeth,D,12 Dec 29,1,6,

McGregor,Colin,P,16 Aug 28,5,2,Graham

McGregor,Dugald,D,23 Sep 26,5,1,75th year

McGregor,Florence,E,14 Mar 29,8,1,Deno, George

McGregor,Gregor,D,23 Dec 26,1,4,

McGregor,Isabelle,D,7 Oct 26,1,5,age 21

McGregor,John H., Mrs.,D,15 Dec 27,12,2,age 44

McGregor,William, Mrs.,D,21 Jan 26,1,4,

McGugan,Catherine,D,4 Oct 28,4,1,

McGugan,Catherine,D,24 Jan 29,8,2,96th year

McGugan,Catherine,D,11 Oct 28,5,3,

McGugan,Florence,M,22 Jan 25,4,2,14 Jan; Gordon, K.

McGugan,John,D,14 Jun 28,5,2,age 36

McGugan,Katharine,P,31 Mar 27,1,6,McPherson

McGugan,Mary N.,D,22 Jul 26,8,1,age 79

McGugan,Sarah,W,6 Jan 27,5,2,Clark

McIntosh,Angus, Mrs.,D,4 Nov 26,8,1,

McIntosh,Angus,D,21 Jul 27,1,4,age 69

McIntosh,Angus,M,9 Jun 27,5,2,Annett, Margaret

McIntosh,dau of Angus,B,23 May 29,5,3,17 May

McIntyre,Albert J.,D,22 Nov 28,5,2,about 50 years old

McIntyre,Alex,D,23 Feb 28,4,2,age 67

McIntyre,Angus M.,D,6 Jan 27,1,6,age 87

McIntyre,Angus,D,28 Mar 29,4,1,age 87

McIntyre,Catherine,D,11 Oct 28,1,5,

McIntyre,Christie,A,4 Oct 28,5,3,Lilly

McIntyre,D. H., Mrs.,D,26 Dec 29,5,1,

McIntyre,Daniel H., Mrs.,D,19 Dec 29,5,2,64th year

McIntyre,Donald,D,12 Sep 29,8,2,age 75

McIntyre,Duncan,D,1 Jul 26,5,2,age 77

McIntyre,Elmer,D,13 Jun 29,1,6,age 36

McIntyre,Ewen,D,11 Nov 26,1,5,

McIntyre,Isabella,D,24 Jan 29,5,2,McCallum

McIntyre,Jane,D,11 Apr 29,1,5,

McIntyre,Janet,W,22 Jul 26,5,1,Clark

McIntyre,John D., Mrs.,D,29 Apr 26,1,6,

McIntyre,John,D,25 Aug 27,4,1,age 83

McIntyre,Mackie,E,3 Feb 27,6,1,Cryderman, Clifford

McIntyre,Margaret,M,3 Mar 27,1,5,Jamieson, Stuart

McIntyre,Mary,D,18 Mar 26,8,3,age 80

McIntyre,Mary Jane,D,28 Jun 28,1,5,

McIntyre,Mary,D,11 Oct 28,5,2,McNeil

McIntyre,Mary,D,18 Jul 29,5,4,11 Jul; age 73

McIntyre,nee,D,5 Jan 28,5,3,Killins, Henry, Mrs.

McIntyre,Sarah I.,D,26 Nov 25,5,2,Forsyth

McIntyre,Sarah,D,15 Mar 28,8,1,age 87

McIntyre,Sarah,D,23 May 29,5,3,

McIvor,Jean,M,24 Oct 29,1,4,Purcell, Frank

McKay,Margaret Adeline,M,5 May 27,8,2,Stephenson, Baillie

McKay,Phoebe,D,23 Jun 27,5,3,about 90 years old

McKay,Robert,D,14 Jan 26,5,2,age 53

McKay,William, Dr.,D,15 Jan 25,8,2,

McKee,Betsy J.,D,21 Mar 29,5,2,age 69

McKee,Daniel,A,19 Aug 26,5,1,50th

McKee,Daniel,D,18 Apr 29,7,2,

McKee,Daniel, Mrs.,D,28 Mar 29,5,1,

McKee,Daniel,D,11 Apr 29,5,2,age 80

McKee,George,D,14 Mar 29,5,3,

McKee,George,D,7 Mar 29,1,6,age 83

McKee,Laura Margaret,M,12 Aug 26,1,6,21 Jul; Crosson, Robt.

McKee,Robin Ian Hay,B,16 Aug 28,4,2,6 Aug

McKegney,son of Rev. E.W.,B,25 Feb 26,5,4,19 Feb

McKellar,Ann,D,7 Jun 28,5,2,age 77

McKellar,Annie,BD,17 Feb 27,5,1,85th

McKellar,Annie,D,2 May 29,5,2,age 88

McKellar,Barbara Rose,D,20 Dec 28,1,6,age 84

McKellar,Christena Jean,M,25 Feb 26,5,2,Basler, George

McKellar,Daniel,D,4 Mar 26,1,5,

McKellar,dau of Wilfred,B,26 Sep 29,5,2,17 Sep

McKellar,Edward,D,20 May 26,5,2,age 76

McKellar,Elizabeth,M,12 Aug 26,1,6,7 Aug; McNeil, John

McKellar,Evelyn,E,2 Aug 28,5,1,Wallace, Jesse

McKellar,Evelyn Dulcie,M,16 Aug 28,5,2,Wallace, Jesse

McKellar,Jean,P,28 Nov 29,4,2,Basler

McKellar,Jessie Irene,E,27 Jun 29,5,2,Watson, Norman

McKellar,Mary,P,25 Jun 25,5,2,Carroll

McKellar,Nancy,P,19 Jan 28,8,1,McKillop

McKellar,Peter,D,12 Aug 26,5,2,age 44

McKellar,Sara Catherine,M,10 Nov 27,5,2,Fowle, Jack

McKellar,Sara C.,E,27 Oct 27,5,1,Fowle, Jack

McKellar,son of James R.,B,15 Oct 25,5,4,18 Oct

McKellar,son of Robert,B,6 Oct 27,5,3,30 Sep

McKellar,son of Wilfred,B,15 Mar 28,5,1,13 Mar

McKellar,son of James R.,B,16 Aug 28,4,2,9 Aug

McKellar,Wilfrid A.,M,21 Apr 27,4,2,Gammon, Emily

McKelvey,Christina,M,7 Oct 26,8,2,Colthart, Andrew

McKenzie,Christy,W,17 Feb 27,1,6,McRae

McKenzie,David, Mrs.,D,13 May 26,1,5,age 77

McKenzie,James,M,24 Oct 29,1,4,Vair, Florence

McKenzie,Jessie,D,30 Dec 26,5,2,age 79

McKenzie,John, Mrs.,D,1 Apr 26,8,1,age 33

McKeracher,Mary,D,21 Jul 27,5,2,age 83

McKillop,Angus,D,25 Oct 28,1,5,age 67

McKillop,Archibald Fraser,M,16 Jul 25,5,3,Berdan, Margaret

McKillop,dau of J. A. L.,B,10 Oct 29,5,2,3 Oct

McKillop,Duncan A.,D,19 Jan 28,8,1,age 55

McKillop,Ferguson W. D.,M,11 Mar 26,8,2,4 Mar; Grainger, Lila

McKillop,James Duncan,M,5 Nov 25,1,6,28 Oct; McColl, J.

McKillop,James A.,M,2 Jun 27,5,2,Evans, Audrey

McKillop,James A.,E,26 May 27,5,1,Evans, Audrey

McKillop,John A.,M,13 Sep 28,1,5,McMillan, Bella

McKillop,Kate L.,D,16 Sep 26,5,2,McCallum

McKillop,Maria,D,31 Jan 29,5,2,

McKillop,Marian,E,22 Mar 28,5,1,Percy, Charles

McKillop,son of Arch,B,3 Sep 25,5,2,31 Aug

McKillop,son of J. B.,B,12 Feb 25,5,1,10 Feb

McKillop,son of Will,B,4 Jul 29,5,1,30 Jun

McKillop,Vernon Arch’d,E,24 Sep 25,1,5,Horton, Frances

McKillop,William S.,M,24 May 28,5,2,Farr, Grace

McKillop,William S.,E,17 May 28,7,1,Farr, Grace

McKinlay,Annie,D,13 Dec 28,1,5,age 88

McKirdy,Archibald,D,7 Jun 28,5,2,age 82

McKirdy,Elizabeth,W,3 Sep 25,5,3,McCallum

McKishnie,Carman, Dr.,M,3 Jan 29,5,3,22 Dec; Johnson, H.

McKishnie,John D.,D,31 Oct 29,5,3,25 Oct; age 65

McKishnie,John D.,B,31 Oct 29,5,2,26 Oct

McLachlan,Duncan A.,M,5 Nov 25,1,3,Douglas, Helen

McLachlan,Isabella,D,22 Apr 26,5,2,Milton

McLachlan,J. H.,M,20 Sep 28,5,3,George, Annie

McLachlin,Arch F.,M,18 Jul 29,1,5,22 Jun; Hill, Effie

McLachlin,Donald,D,1 Nov 28,1,4,83rd year

McLachlin,Duncan A., Mrs.,D,16 Dec 26,12,1,age 84

McLachlin,Jean,M,22 Oct 25,7,1,Craig, Thomas

McLachlin,Martinell H.,D,15 May 25,5,3,age 29

McLandress,William, Mrs.,D,15 Jan 25,5,1,age 78

McLandress,William, Mrs.,D,22 Jan 25,5,2,

McLandress,William C.,M,25 Nov 26,8,2,Fife, Vera

McLarty,Alexander Allan,M,30 Aug 28,5,1,Heberling, Jeanette

McLarty,Annie,D,21 Nov 29,8,1,McDowell

McLarty,Bessie,D,30 Jun 27,5,3,

McLarty,Bessie,D,23 Jun 27,5,3,age 34

McLarty,D. A.,D,15 Nov 28,1,4,

McLarty,James, Mrs.,D,21 May 25,1,5,age 63

McLarty,Mary,D,24 May 28,5,2,age 76

McLarty,Rhoda E.,D,10 Mar 27,5,2,age 88

McLaughlin,Annie,M,22 Apr 26,5,1,10 Apr; Bergum, Robt.

McLaws,David,D,19 Nov 25,1,6,age 86

McLaws,Duncan, Mrs.,D,4 Apr 29,5,3,age 80

McLaws,John William,D,11 Jul 29,4,2,age 53

McLay,Euphemia,D,26 Dec 29,5,1,85th year

McLean,Barbara,D,30 Dec 26,5,3,Paton

McLean,Barbara,W,24 Jan 29,5,2,Paton

McLean,C. A.,D,3 Oct 29,12,1,

McLean,Donald,D,26 Mar 25,5,2,age 66

McLean,Elijah,D,22 Nov 28,4,2,71st year

McLean,Elizabeth,D,18 Oct 28,5,3,age 80

McLean,Gordon,D,25 Jun 25,5,2,2 Jun

McLean,John,D,8 Jan 25,8,2,age 79

McLean,John F., Mrs.,D,8 Jul 26,5,2,age 57

McLean,Madeline R.,M,28 Nov 29,1,5,Schmidt, Arthur

McLean,Margaret,D,25 Nov 26,5,2,age 70

McLean,Margaret,D,19 Jan 28,5,1,Sutton

McLean,Neil, Mrs.,D,28 Oct 26,1,5,

McLean,Neil,P,21 Nov 29,5,2,Patterson

McLean,Sara,D,15 Dec 27,12,1,

McLellan,Claribel,M,4 Feb 26,1,5,30 Jan; Thompson, R.

McLellan,Donald Warren,B,24 Jun 26,5,3,21 Jun

McLellan,Hugh John,M,11 Jun 25,5,2,5 Jun; Dewar, Cath.

McLellan,Hugh J.,E,28 May 25,5,3,Dewar, Catherine

McLellan,Mary Bell,M,5 Nov 25,1,6,McCallum, Peter

McLellan,Mary Bell,E,29 Oct 25,5,1,McCallum, Peter

McLennan,George, Mrs.,D,15 Nov 28,1,4,

McLennan,George B.,E,24 Oct 29,7,1,Haycock, Bessie

McLennan,John,D,5 Jul28,5,1,

McLennan,Margaret,E,25 Jul 29,1,5,Stenton, Harry

McLeod,Neil Kenneth,M,22 Dec 27,4,2,Sutton, Daisy

McMackon,William,D,12 Jan28,5,2,

McManus,Thomas,D,25 Mar 26,1,5,age 58

McMaster,Mark, Mrs.,D,19 May 27,5,3,age 74

McMillan,Alexander,D,21 Apr 27,5,2,age 86

McMillan,Arch C.,M,26 Sep 29,5,2,18 Sep; Templeton, M.

McMillan,Archibald L.,D,16 Dec 26,9,2,age 56

McMillan,Archibald C.,E,12 Sep 29,9,1,Templeton, Margaret

McMillan,Bella,M,13 Sep 28,1,5,McKillop, John

McMillan,Donald,D,26 May 27,1,5,age 83

McMillan,Dugald,D,16 Dec 26,1,4,age 86

McMillan,Duncan,D,29 Oct 25,1,4,age 75

McMillan,Ena Dorothy,B,16 Apr 25,4,1,2 Apr

McMillan,Hiram,D,26 Mar 25,8,1,

McMillan,Rosamond May,E,11 Jun 25,5,1,Hales, Vernon

McMillan,Rosamond,M,2 Jul 25,5,2,24 Jun; Hales, Vernon

McMillan,Walter,E,4 Apr 29,5,1,Clapp, Gladys

McMillan,Walter,M,18 Apr 29,7,2,12 Apr; Clapp, Gladys

McMillan,William,D,7 Mar 29,1,6,71st year

McMullen,Charles,D,10 Jun 26,5,3,age 76

McMullen,Clara,M,6 Oct 27,5,3,28 Sep; Erskine, Roy

McMullen,Clara Evalena,E,22 Sep 27,5,1,Erskine, Roy

McMullen,Clara E.,P,21 Nov 29,5,2,Erskine

McMullen,Myrtle Viola,E,22 Apr 26,5,1,Jones, James

McMullen,Myrtle Viola,M,20 May 26,5,3,12 May; Jones, James

McMullen,nee,D,25 Aug 27,5,3,McRoberts, John, Mrs.

McMullen,Nellie Almeda,E,12 May 27,5,1,Bennett, George

McMullen,Nellie Almeda,M,26 May 27,5,3,24 May; Bennett, Geo.

McMullen,William,D,19 Mar 25,5,2,74th year

McMurchy,John A.,A,2 Apr 25,1,6,60th

McNab,Neil, Mrs.,D,12 Jan 28,8,1,

McNabb,Ernest C.,M,23 Jul 25,5,3,McAlpine, Annie

McNabb,Ernest Cameron,E,16 Jul 25,5,1,McAlpine, Annie

McNabb,Jennie,D,3 Jun 26,5,1,

McNabb,John A., Mrs.,D,27 May 26,5,2,age 55

McNabb,Mungo, Mrs.,D,30 Apr 25,5,2,age 67

McNabb,Robert H.,M,20 Jun 29,1,5,10 Jun; McDougall, A.

McNaughton,Robert,D,25 Feb 26,1,5,

McNeil,dau of R. H.,B,14 Nov 29,5,2,9 Nov

McNeil,John Alexander,M,12 Aug 26,1,6,7 Aug; McKellar, E.

McNeil,Mary,D,11 Oct 28,5,2,

McNeill,Hugh Leroy,E,29 Nov 28,5,1,Cole, Margaret

McNeill,Hugh Leroy,M,6 Dec 28,1,5,4 Dec; Cole, Margaret

McNeill,Mary,D,2 May 29,5,2,

McNernie,James,D,4 Mar 26,8,5,age 49

McNernie,James,D,4 Mar 26,1,5,age 49

McNernie,William, Mrs.,D,12 Jan 28,5,1,

McNichol,Malcolm,D,4 Nov 26,4,1,age 72

McNichol,Norman,M,8 Jan 25,1,5,1 Jan; Allan, M.

McNicol,Margaret Adella,M,21 May 25,1,6,Strath, A. Douglas

McPhail,Alex, Mrs.,D,2 Aug 28,1,4,41st year

McPhail,Alexander J.,D,29 Dec 27,4,1,84th year

McPhail,Dugald, Mrs.,D,12 Aug 26,5,1,age 73

McPhail,Duncan Paterson,D,13 Dec 28,1,5,about 70 years old

McPhail,Hugh,D,21 Jun 28,1,6,age 16

McPhail,Isabella,D,28 Jun28,5,2,76th year

McPhail,Lila May,M,25 Apr 29,5,3,Seaman, G. H.

McPhail,Margaret,D,14 Apr 27,8,1,McDonald

McPhee,Louis, Mrs.,D,11 Jun 25,5,1,30th year

McPherson,Alexander,D,17 Sep 25,5,2,age 41

McPherson,Daniel P.,D,18 Mar 26,5,2,

McPherson,Daniel,D,12 Aug 26,5,2,31 Jul; age 78

McPherson,Donald G.,D,31 Mar 27,1,6,

McPherson,Duncan,D,14 Jun 28,5,2,age 80

McPherson,Hugh,D,23 Dec 26,12,1,age 76

McPherson,Kenneth, Mrs.,D,3 Feb 27,6,2,age 44

McPherson,Mary,D,7 Jan 26,5,1,Mulligan

McPherson,Peter G.,M,10 Sep 25,1,6,Jenken, Mary

McPherson,Sarah,D,25 Nov 26,5,1,age 5

McPherson,Sarah,D,28 Apr 27,1,6,

McPherson,Sarah,D,8 Nov 28,5,3,Crawford

McPherson,son of Peter,B,14 Oct 26,5,1,12 Oct

McQuarrie,Anna Matilda,D,12 Mar 25,5,2,McDonald

McQueen,Elizabeth,D,12 Dec 29,1,6,McGillicudy

McRae,Alexander,D,1 Sep 27,5,2,20 Aug

McRae,Barbara M.,E,5 Nov 25,1,3,McDonnell, James

McRae,Campbell,D,28 Jul 27,5,2,

McRae,Duncan C.,A,29 Apr 26,1,4,20 Apr; 50th

McRae,Duncan K.,D,18 Mar 26,1,6,age 79

McRae,Duncan C.,D,17 Feb 27,1,6,73rd year

McRae,Isabella,D,12 Sep 29,8,2,4 Sep; 88th year

McRae,James A.,D,1 Jan 25,5,2,

McRae,John,D,11 Mar 26,8,2,age 89

McRae,John D., Mrs.,D,17 May 28,7,3,age 44

McRae,Maggie,D,1 Nov 28,1,4,Shaw

McRae,Philip,D,6 Aug 25,1,5,84th year

McRoberts,Alice Dorothy,M,14 Jan 26,5,2,6 Jan; Turner, Robert

McRoberts,John, Mrs.,D,25 Aug 27,5,3,age 50

McTavish,Eliza,A,14 Oct 26,5,2,Duncanson

McTavish,Elizabeth,D,30 Jun 27,1,4,

McTavish,Jane,D,8 Jul 26,5,2,Stalker

McTavish,Mary Louise,M,12 Aug 26,1,6,28 Jul; Silcox, Clarise

McTavish,Mary Louise,E,15 Jul 26,5,1,Silcox, Charles

McTavish,Mary,D,19 Apr 28,5,2,McColl

McVannell,Ella,D,3 Jun 26,5,3,age 21

McVannell,John,D,3 Mar 27,5,1,74th year

McVannell,John,D,10 Mar 27,5,1,

McVannell,Kathleen,E,27 Aug 25,5,1,McDonald, A.

McWilliam,Agnes,D,14 Apr 27,5,2,age 89

McWilliam,Alexander,M,9 Jun 27,5,2,McAlister, Maude

McWilliam,Annie,D,18 Jun 25,5,3,29 May; age 83

McWilliam,Arch,P,24 Feb 27,5,2,Graham

McWilliam,Bruce,D,24 Sep 25,5,2,infant son of Arch. N.

McWilliam,Donald William Andrew,B,14 Mar 29,5,1,7 Mar

McWilliam,Gordon D.,E,17 May 28,7,1,Farr, Mary

McWilliam,Gordon D.,M,24 May 28,5,2,Farr, Mary

McWilliam,John D., Mrs.,D,21 Jul 27,5,2,age 46

McWilliam,Maribel,P,7 Apr 27,5,1,Vrooman

McWilliam,Neil,A,27 Oct 27,5,2,25th

McWilliam,Sandie, Mrs.,D,20 Sep 28,5,2,age 71

Meehan,Patrick,D,11 Jul 29,4,1,

Meek,Andrew, Mrs.,D,23 Sep 26,5,2,age 50

Meek,Andrew J.,D,7 Jan 26,5,2,age 61

Meek,Andrew,D,14 Jan 26,5,2,

Meek,Edith,D,31 Oct 29,8,3,age 25

Meek,Isabella,D,17 Jun 26,1,5,Wilson

Meek,Janet,D,9 May 29,5,6,78th year

Meek,Marguerite A.,M,17 Jun 26,1,5,Killins, Harry

Meek,Robert, Mrs.,D,15 Apr 26,8,1,

Meek,Robert,D,20 Dec 28,1,6,76th year

Meek,Wm. Alexander,M,10 Feb 27,4,1,2 Feb; O’Dell, Edith

Meredith,Alexander T.,D,2 Jun 27,5,3,age 55

Meredith,Marilyn Amy,B,22 Oct 25,4,1,12 Oct

Meredith,Milton Ashley,B,10 Mar 27,1,6,19 Feb

Meteer,Margaret,A,7 Nov 29,5,2,Fillmore

Midgely,George W.,D,21 Nov 29,1,6,

Miller,Arthur C.,M,16 Jun 27,1,4,Lay, Mary

Miller,Benjamin,D,9 Feb 28,1,5,age 50

Miller,Eli C.,D,26 Nov 25,5,1,

Miller,Martha,D,7 Nov 29,4,2,Britton

Miller,Myrtle Irene,E,23 May 29,8,3,Webber, Charles

Miller,Wesley,D,2 Aug 28,4,1,

Miller,Wilfred L.,M,24 Jun 26,5,3,Lawrence, Eleanor

Miller,Wilfred L.,E,20 May 26,8,1,Lawrence, Eleanor

Millerick,Mary,M,12 Apr 28,5,1,Ayling, George

Millerick,Mary,M,19 Apr 28,5,1,Ayling, George

Millerick,Ruth,M,8 Dec 27,7,2,30 Nov; Pritchard, A.

Millerick,Ruth,M,1 Dec 27,5,1,Pritchard, Arthur

Milligan,Hannah,BD,31 Oct 29,5,2,97th

Milligan,Judson,P,28 Feb 29,5,3,Cameron

Milligan,Mae Irene,M,8 Apr 26,5,2,3 Apr; Lumley, Ray

Mills,Charles H.,D,10 Feb 27,4,1,

Mills,Charles H., Mrs.,D,17 Feb 27,5,2,

Mills,Frances, Mrs.,M,1 Jul 26,5,1,Witherden, John

Mills,George,D,14 Jun 28,8,2,

Mills,Lottie,M,11 Nov 26,1,5,Campbell, Gordon

Mills,Mary H.,D,19 Aug 25,5,2,16 Aug

Mills,Richard,D,14 Jul 27,1,4,age 60

Mills,Theodore H.,D,11 Oct 28,5,2,28 Sep; age 79

Mills,Tillie,E,26 Sep 29,1,4,Crawford, Glen

Milton,Isabella,D,22 Apr 26,5,2,age 85

Milton,son of Henry,B,7 May 25,1,4,6 May

Miner,Nellie,D,9 Jun 27,1,5,Teeple

Minhinnick,James C.,D,28 Jul 27,1,6,age 78

Minnice,E. Preston,M,23 Aug 28,1,5,Gray, Phyllis

Minnice,Walter Gordon,M,4 Apr 29,5,1,Lambourn, Margaret

Mistele,David,D,1 Jan 25,1,4,age 67

Mistele,Henry, Mrs.,D,23 May 29,5,3,

Mistele,Louis,D,15 Apr 26,1,5,

Mitchell,Arch,P,15 Jan 25,5,4,Spence

Mitchell,Frederick Wm.,B,2 Feb 28,5,2,27 Jan

Mitchell,Mary Caroline,M,2 May 29,5,3,25 Apr; Dadson, Frank

Mitchener,Jane N.,D,19 Jan28,5,2,Weston

Mitton,E. D.,D,31 Jan 29,5,1,age 92

Mitton,nee,W,10 Feb 27,4,1,Mills

Mitton,W. J.,P,17 Feb 27,5,2,

Mitton,Wm. Welbury,D,24 Oct 29,1,4,79th year

Mogg,E. R.,D,22 Oct 25,7,2,79th year

Monteith,Jane,D,18 Mar 26,8,2,age 71

Montgomery,Janet,A,2 Apr 25,1,6,McMurchy

Moody,Donald Ross,D,11 Nov 26,5,1,infant son of Thomas

Moore,Gerald R.,E,11 Jul 29,5,1,Ross, Iola

Moore,Gerald R.,M,1 Aug 29,5,2,Ross, Iola

Moore,Grace Elizabeth,B,13 Sep 28,5,1,8 Sep

Moore,Ruby Elizabeth,M,23 Sep 26,5,2,Morrison, Clifford

Moore,William J.,D,2 Feb 28,5,1,74th year

Morgan,John,D,5 Dec 29,8,1,

Morgan,Lee, Mrs.,D,6 Oct 27,1,5,age 36

Morris,John R.,M,23 Jun 27,1,5,Smith, Eva

Morris,Richard,D,25 Feb 26,8,2,age 70

Morris,Thomas,P,6 Aug 25,5,2,Crane

Morris,William,D,16 May 29,1,5,80th year

Morrish,A. Ross,M,21 Nov 29,5,3,16 Nov; Thomson, N.

Morrish,John William,B,27 Jan 27,5,2,16 Jan

Morrish,Mary A.,D,8 Jul 26,5,2,73rd year

Morrish,Thomas A.,D,22 Jan 25,5,1,age 71

Morrison,Annie D.,D,16 Feb 28,5,2,Thomson

Morrison,Clifford A.,M,23 Sep 26,5,2,Moore, Ruby

Morrison,Frances,D,18 Feb 26,1,5,66th year

Morrison,Robert,D,29 Mar 28,8,2,age 75

Morrison,Sarah,D,22 Mar 28,8,1,Beadle

Morton,Ralph,M,25 Aug 27,1,6,Patton, Anna

Mowat,Nettie,D,16 Feb 28,5,1,

Mowbray,William, Mrs.,BD,25 Oct 28,1,5,86th year

Mulder,Rolph Henry,B,15 May 25,5,3,7 May

Mulholland,Esther,M,30 Aug 28,1,6,Griffin, Lorne

Mulligan,Mary,D,7 Jan 26,5,1,age 75

Munn,Archibald,D,28 Jan 26,5,2,age 70

Munn,Bruce,M,30 May 29,5,4,Leverington, G.

Munn,John B.,A,4 Nov 26,5,2,50th

Munn,Myrtle L.,M,22 Aug 29,1,6,16 Aug; Benz, George

Munn,Myrtle Louise,E,25 Jul 29,5,1,Benz, George

Munro,Donald C.,M,10 Jun 26,1,5,Sells, Annabel

Munro,Isabel,E,8 Nov 28,5,1,Smith, Harold

Munro,Norman,D,17 Jan 29,4,2,

Munroe,Mortimer,D,17 May 28,1,5,

Murison,Frank,M,8 Sep 27,1,5,24 Aug; McArthur

Murison,John,D,31 May 28,5,2,about 55 years old

Murray,Angus,D,8 Dec 27,10,1,age 92

Murray,Annabel,E,8 Mar 28,5,1,Kerr, Thomas

Murray,Annabel,M,15 Mar 28,5,1,10 Mar; Kerr, Thomas

Murray,Gordon,M,9 Jun 27,5,2,Campbell, Effie

Murrison,Lucinda,D,15 May 25,1,5,

Nash,Mary A.,D,5 Jan 28,1,5,

Near,Frank H.,M,16 Dec 26,12,1,Campbell, Henrietta

Near,John R.,D,12 May 27,5,2,age 69

Nelson,W. H., Mrs.,D,23 Aug 28,5,3,

Nesbitt,Margaret,M,2 Dec 26,8,2,24 Nov; Elson, Joseph

Nethercliffe,George W.,D,28 Nov 29,8,1,age 84

Neville,James, Mrs.,D,19 Feb 25,1,6,age 73

New,Charles B.,D,5 Apr 28,1,4,age 48

Newbigging,Ellen,D,19 Jul 28,7,2,Eddie

Newell,dau of P. S.,D,11 Mar 26,8,2,age 2

Newman,Herbert Frank,M,22 Jan 25,5,2,14 Jan; Page, Lulu

Newson,Florence Roberta,E,17 Oct 29,5,1,Lineham, Samuel

Newton,William, Mrs.,D,15 May 25,1,5,age 99

Nichol,James,D,12 Jan 28,5,1,age 94

Nicol,Robert Gerald,B,12 Mar 25,5,2,24 Feb

Noble,Cora L.,D,29 Sep 27,5,1,age 46

Norman,Harvey Leroy,M,20 Jun 29,5,2,18 Jun; Lacey, Dorothy

Norman,Harvey Leroy,E,6 Jun 29,5,3,Lacey, Dorothy

Norman,Helen Bernice,E,8 Oct 25,5,3,Hicks, Elgin

Norman,Helen Bernice,M,5 Nov 25,1,6,Hicks, Elgin

Norris,Isaac T.,D,26 Jul 28,5,2,

Norsworthy,Arch L.,D,3 Mar 27,1,5,age 69

Nott,Edrie Irene,E,11 Oct 28,5,2,Whitelock, Arch’d

Nott,Edrie Irene,M,25 Oct 28,5,2,Whitelock, Archibald

Nott,Jessie,D,15 Aug 29,1,5,5 Aug; 67th year

O’Brien,Christena,D,2 Apr 25,5,1,Lyons

O’Brien,James,D,25 Mar 26,8,3,age 84

O’Brien,James,D,7 Jun 28,5,3,31 May; age 68

O’Dell,Edith Marguerite,M,10 Feb 27,4,1,2 Feb; Meek, William

O’Hara,Geoffrey H.,M,4 Mar 26,1,4,Wride, Dorothy

O’Malley,George B.,D,21 Jan 26,5,2,age 74

O’Malley,Mary Isabel,B,30 Sep 26,5,2,18 Sep

O’Neil,Catherine,D,7 Feb 29,1,4,Kerr

O’Neil,Michael,D,27 Aug 25,5,3,about 65 years old

Oakes,Fred D.,D,30 Apr 25,1,5,age 50

Oill,W. D.,D,9 Dec 26,1,5,age 88

Oldham,Gordon,D,30 Aug 28,8,1,

Oldrieve,Albert K.,D,13 Jun 29,8,2,age 85

Oldrieve,Maria,D,21 Mar 29,5,2,

Oliver,Alfred George,B,11 Aug 27,5,2,6 Aug

Oliver,dau of George E.,B,11 Apr 29,5,1,9 Apr

Oliver,John L.,D,24 Feb 27,1,5,

Olver,Rosanna,D,26 Feb 25,5,1,

Orchard,Edwin, Mrs.,D,5 Nov 25,4,2,

Orchard,Henry, Mrs.,D,21 May 25,1,5,

Orr,George, Mrs.,D,19 Mar 25,8,1,

Ostrander,W. A., Mrs.,D,20 Jan 27,5,3,68th year

Owen,C.H.P., Rev., Mrs,D,7 Apr 27,5,2,69th year

Oxley,Mary Halley,D,23 Aug 28,1,4,

Page,Bernard,D,8 Apr 26,8,2,

Page,Dorothy Emily,E,21 Apr 27,5,1,Mann, John

Page,Dorothy Emily,M,5 May 27,5,2,28 Apr; Mann, John

Page,Emily,D,21 Jan 26,4,1,7 Jan

Page,Joseph,D,19 May 27,5,2,age 77

Page,Joshua,D,24 Feb 27,1,5,age 84

Page,Lulu Winnifred,M,22 Jan 25,5,2,14 Jan; Newman, H.

Page,Martha,D,16 Dec 26,1,4,84th year

Page,Mary,D,21 Mar 29,5,2,age 61

Page,Morley W.,E,14 Jan 26,5,1,Hoskin, Elsie

Page,Sarah Elizabeth,D,10 Jan 29,5,2,Trothen

Page,Thomas,D,18 Nov 26,8,1,12 Nov

Page,William Morley,M,4 Feb 26,5,3,27 Jan; Hoskin, Elsie

Page,William Morley,B,17 Mar 27,5,2,4 Mar

Palmateer,Dora E.,M,18 Apr 29,7,2,Potter, Mervyn

Palmer,Annie,D,20 May 26,5,2,age 51

Palmer,Calvin,D,3 Mar 27,1,5,age 84

Palmer,Fred G.,D,6 May 26,1,5,age 89

Palmer,Selden H.,D,16 Dec 26,1,5,

Pangborn,Harriet M.,D,7 Nov 29,4,2,Ritchie

Pangborn,Nancy,D,29 Aug 29,5,3,

Parish,Clifford,E,15 Nov 28,1,4,Evans, May

Parker,Carrie,D,14 Apr 27,5,2,Balkwill

Parker,John,D,11 Oct 28,1,6,81st year

Parker,Mary,M,25 Nov 26,5,1,Smith, J. H., Rev.

Parker,William, Mrs.,D,4 Aug 27,5,1,

Parker,William M.,D,8 Sep 27,1,5,age 85

Parks,Walter,D,27 Dec 28,1,5,about 50 years old

Parney,Mary,D,26 Apr 28,7,2,age 46

Parson,Dorothy Frances Madeline,M,11 Jun 25,5,2,Ford, John Robert, Dr.

Parsons,Dorothy Frances Madeline,E,28 May 25,5,3,Ford, John R., Dr.

Partridge,Benjamin,D,24 May 28,1,6,age 78

Passmore,Ella,D,6 Aug 25,5,3,

Passmore,R. B.,D,2 Apr 25,5,1,

Passmore,R. Bert,D,26 Mar 25,5,1,

Paton,Angus,D,24 Jan 29,5,2,74th year

Paton,Barbara,D,30 Dec 26,5,3,age 70

Paton,Catherine,D,19 Dec 29,5,2,McIntyre

Paton,John William,M,25 Oct 28,5,2,Wight, Irene

Paton,John William,E,11 Oct 28,5,2,Wight, Irene

Paton,nee,D,26 Dec 29,4,3,Duncanson, L., Mrs.

Patrick,Laura Gwendolyn,M,4 Jul 29,1,6,Gunning, Howard

Patterson,Angus,D,11 Nov 26,5,2,85th year

Patterson,Anne,D,5 Dec 29,5,3,McArthur

Patterson,Annie,D,5 Feb 25,8,1,Fray

Patterson,Arch C.,D,9 Jun 27,4,2,age 72

Patterson,Clarence J.,E,28 Jul 27,5,1,Bobier, Jeanetta

Patterson,Donna Jean,B,23 Sep 26,5,3,17 Sep

Patterson,Frances,D,18 Jul 29,5,3,76th year

Patterson,Ivan James,B,6 Aug 25,5,4,29 Jul

Patterson,John,P,1 Dec 27,5,3,Kay

Patterson,John Clarence,M,4 Aug 27,5,2,Bobier, Jeanetta

Patterson,John, Mrs.,D,21 Nov 29,5,2,68th year

Patterson,Lois Catherine,B,15 Dec 27,1,6,13 Dec

Patterson,Margaret,M,1 Nov 28,5,4,McCallum, Clare

Patterson,Sarah,D,28 Apr 27,1,6,McPherson

Patterson,Sarah,M,12 Jul 28,1,4,Brown, Lloyd

Patton,Alex,D,4 Oct 28,5,2,

Patton,Anna E.,M,25 Aug 27,1,6,Morton, Ralph

Patton,Harold George,E,7 Oct 26,5,1,Webster, Jean

Patton,Harold,M,14 Oct 26,5,3,Webster, Jean

Patton,Lucetta Betty Jean,D,17 Nov 27,7,1,age 3 months

Paul,Susan E.,D,23 Jul 25,1,5,79th year

Payne,Julia,D,13 Dec 28,1,4,Smith

Payne,Manuel,D,5 Nov 25,4,2,

Payne,Sarah Ellen,D,7 Feb 29,1,6,age 98

Pearce,Alice,D,30 Sep 26,5,2,Sifton

Pearce,Elizabeth,D,11 Mar 26,8,2,age 67

Pearce,Sarah,D,21 Apr 27,1,5,age 84

Pearl,Alex M.,D,24 May 28,5,2,age 32

Percival,son of George,B,29 Apr 26,5,1,20 Apr

Percy,Chas. Fred. Orval,E,22 Mar 28,5,1,McKillop, Marian

Perkins,Freeman C.,D,3 Oct 29,5,3,age 67

Person,Walter Alford,E,15 Dec 27,5,1,Humphries, Mildred

Person,Walter Alford,M,29 Dec 27,5,3,Humphries, Mildred

Peters,Albert,D,16 May 29,5,1,age 74

Peters,Emma,D,31 Dec 25,5,1,age 23

Peters,Johnston,D,13 Jun 29,1,5,age 64

Pettit,Mrs.,D,19 Sep 29,10,1,

Pfaff,William Arthur,D,1 Sep 27,5,1,19 Aug

Pfeifer,John,D,10 Jun 26,8,1,age 76

Pfeifer,Theresa,M,13 May 26,1,5,Larke, Edgar

Phelps,Norman,D,29 Dec 27,1,6,

Philip,Arundel,D,25 Jun 25,8,2,age 90

Philpot,Dorcas,P,7 Feb 29,1,5,Best

Pickard,Levina,D,10 Jan 29,5,3,

Pickering,James,D,29 Apr 26,1,6,

Pinner,Florence Jane,M,9 Apr 25,5,2,4 Apr; Bennett, James

Pinner,Robert James,B,6 Aug 25,5,4,15 Jul

Piper,Aileen,D,12 Mar 25,5,2,Lunn

Piper,William, Mrs.,BD,7 May 25,1,5,93rd year

Piper,William, Mrs.,D,16 Feb 28,5,2,age 95

Piper,William, Mrs.,D,12 Apr 28,5,2,65th year

Piper,WilliamH.,D,6 Sep 28,5,1,

Pollard,Ezra, Mrs.,D,25 Mar 26,5,2,age 40

Pollard,Laura Edith,M,17 Jun 26,5,2,Clark, Robert

Pollard,Laura Edith,E,3 Jun 26,5,1,Clark, Robert

Pollard,Margaret N.,E,24 Oct 29,7,1,Lumpkin, Harry

Pollard,Margaret R.,M,14 Nov 29,5,4,19 Oct; Lumpkin, H.

Pollard,Sylvester D.,D,6 Jan 27,5,2,age 80

Pollock,John, Rev., Mrs.,D,15 Mar 28,5,1,

Pollock,Margaret Mabel,D,29 Mar 28,1,6,

Pollock,William O.,D,28 May 25,1,5,76th year

Porritt,Harry W.,M,6 Oct 27,5,3,29 Sep; Clark, Jean

Porter,E. F., Miss,M,15 Oct 25,5,1,Hiles, William

Porter,William,A,14 Apr 27,5,2,28 Mar; 55th

Potter,Mervyn,M,18 Apr 29,7,2,Palmateer, Dora

Pratt,Edwin O.,M,17 Oct 29,4,1,18 Sep; Welch, Bertha

Prebble,Elizabeth,D,24 Dec 25,8,1,

Prentice,George,D,6 Oct 27,8,2,age 80

Price,Mary,D,6 Oct 27,8,2,age 90

Price,R. N.,D,5 May 27,8,2,age 68

Price,Samuel,D,12 Nov 25,4,1,

Price,William, Mrs.,D,10 Sep 25,1,5,

Pritchard,Arthur,M,1 Dec 27,5,1,Millerick, Ruth

Pritchard,Arthur,M,8 Dec 27,7,2,30 Nov; Millerick, R.

Pugh,Ivor Llewellyn,M,29 Nov 28,5,2,Bruce, Annie

Pugh,Ivor Llewellyn,E,8 Nov 28,5,1,Bruce, Annie

Purcell,Duncan,D,24 Dec 25,8,1,age 66

Purcell,Frank,M,24 Oct 29,1,4,McIvor, Jean

Purcell,Lyal M.,D,5 Jan 28,1,5,age 28

Pyatt,James M.,M,15 Nov 28,5,3,Watson, Emma

Pyatt,James M.,E,8 Nov 28,5,1,Watson, Emma

Quick,Daniel,D,8 Apr 26,5,2,age 68

Quick,David,D,4 Jun 25,5,1,38th year

Quick,Mary Catherine,D,1 Dec 27,5,2,Dell

Quigley,dau of John,B,2 Apr 25,5,3,22 Mar

Quigley,William,D,31 Oct 29,8,3,age 64

Radkovic,Martin,D,18 Jun 25,1,6,

Ramey,Eli,D,27 Dec 28,1,5,

Ramsay,James,P,21 Apr 27,1,4,Binns

Ramsay,R. D.,D,24 Feb 27,1,5,

Ramstein,William,M,2 Dec 26,8,1,Martini, Elizabeth

Ramstein,William A.,D,24 May 28,5,2,

Ramstein,William,D,17 May 28,7,2,52nd year

Randall,James W.,M,11 Oct 28,1,6,McGill, Mary

Rapelje,Cerlisty,D,9 Jun 27,5,1,age 88

Rapelje,James H.,D,3 Mar 27,1,5,age 54

Raven,Frederick,D,25 Feb 26,8,2,79th year

Ray,Robert L.,M,8 Oct 25,5,1,Lumley, Florence

Reckie,Catherine Ellen,M,5 Sep 29,4,1,2 Sep; Gibson, Walter

Reekie,Catherine Ellen,E,22 Aug 29,5,1,Gibson, Walter

Reichheld,Helena,D,25 Aug 27,5,2,79th year

Reichheld,J. F.,P,17 Jan 29,5,2,McBride

Reichheld,Laura L. Irene,M,11 Oct 28,5,2,McBride, Cecil

Reichheld,Laura L. Irene,E,4 Oct 28,5,1,McBride, Cecil

Reichheld,Laura,D,24 Jan 29,5,3,McBride

Reid,Clifford,M,10 Nov 27,5,2,29 Oct; Watson, E.

Reid,dau of Lyle,D,6 Oct 27,5,1,infant

Reid,Dorothy Lena,B,14 Feb 29,5,3,10 Feb

Reid,Grace Kent,M,8 Jan 25,5,3,Bell, Philip

Reid,Martha,D,20 Jan 27,8,1,Jones

Reid,Verna Jean,B,12 May 27,1,5,4 May

Remnant,son of Stanley,B,15 Sep 27,5,1,8 Sep

Reycraft,Joseph, Mrs.,D,28 Mar 29,5,2,

Richardson,William,D,22 Apr 26,1,6,

Rickson,Robert W.,M,2 Jul 25,5,1,18 Jun; Davis, Dollie

Ridley,Anna,D,28 Feb 29,5,1,

Rigg,Jack,D,18 Jul 29,1,6,age 16

Rigg,John B.,D,16 Jun 27,5,2,age 55

Ripley,Annie,D,11 Mar 26,8,2,Shippey

Ripley,child of Robert,B,29 Dec 27,5,1,16 Dec

Ripley,H. E.,A,26 Feb 25,5,2,25th

Ripley,Hugh E.,D,15 Aug 29,1,5,6 Aug; age 26

Ripley,Robert Henry,M,12 Aug 26,1,6,31 Jul; Sims, Mary

Riseborough,William, Dr.,M,29 Nov 28,1,6,Macklin, Jean

Ritchie,Harriet M.,D,7 Nov 29,4,2,69th year

Rivett,James W.,E,10 May 28,5,1,Downs, Hazel

Robb,David R.,D,2 Jun 27,5,2,age 67

Robb,George Alex’r,M,12 Aug 26,1,6,4 Aug; Armbrust, C.

Robb,Janetta May,M,11 Nov 26,1,4,Cameron, Arthur

Robbins,John O.,E,7 Jan 26,5,1,Bricker, Valeria

Robbins,son of John,B,23 Sep 26,5,2,19 Sep

Robbins,son of Durand,B,10 May 28,5,2,6 May

Roberts,Fred T.,D,4 Oct 28,4,1,age 47

Robertson,Flora,W,31 Oct 29,5,3,Thompson

Robertson,Thomas, Mrs.,D,23 Apr 25,5,2,

Robertson,Thomas,D,22 Jul 26,8,1,

Robertson,William Hector,D,27 Dec 28,5,4,

Robinson,Frances,D,18 Feb 26,1,5,Morrison

Robinson,Gordon S.,M,19 Jan 28,5,1,3 Jan; Dell, Rhoda

Robinson,John,D,18 Mar 26,8,3,

Robson,Arthur,M,14 Mar 29,8,1,Stuart, Lillian

Robson,Harold,E,24 Dec 25,5,1,Keillor, Gladys

Robson,Harold,M,7 Jan 26,5,2,Keillor, Gladys

Robson,Irma Eileen,B,27 Oct 27,5,2,20 Oct

Rogerson,dau of J. H.,B,31 Jan 29,5,3,25 Jan

Ronson,Martha,D,20 Jan 27,5,3,Ostrander

Ronson,Thelma,M,31 Oct 29,1,4,Will, Frank

Roome,William,D,24 Jan 29,5,1,

Rose,Francis,P,25 Mar 26,8,1,McCallum

Ross,Charles, Mrs.,D,27 Jan 27,5,1,

Ross,Iola Lyle,M,1 Aug 29,5,2,Moore, Gerald

Ross,Iola Lyle,E,11 Jul 29,5,1,Moore, Gerald

Ross,John William,B,28 Jan 26,5,2,20 Jan

Ross,John, Mrs.,D,13 Sep 28,5,3,

Ross,Melissa,W,26 May 27,1,5,Stride

Ross,Wesley Grenville,E,21 Mar 29,5,1,Fordham, Lois

Routledge,Maida Maxine,B,6 Oct 27,5,3,2 Oct

Routledge,Robert John,B,19 Aug 25,5,1,15 Aug

Rowe,John H.,M,2 Dec 26,8,1,Marshman, Mary

Rowe,Shirley Christena,B,17 Feb 27,5,2,5 Feb

Rowe,William Thomas,B,11 Jul 29,4,1,30 Jun

Royal,Betsy J.,D,21 Mar 29,5,2,McKee

Russell,Boyce,D,1 Apr 26,5,1,

Russell,Daniel, Mrs.,D,24 Feb 27,1,5,age 83

Russell,Dorothy Gertrude,D,17 May 28,7,3,Stewart

Russell,James,D,20 May 26,8,1,age 84

Russell,Neva Alberta,E,13 Oct 27,5,1,Bonham, Lloyd

Ruthven,Euphemia,W,16 Aug 28,1,4,Buchan

Ryan,Francis, Rev.,D,18 Feb 26,5,3,age 87

Ryan,Mayme,D,27 May 26,4,1,

Ryan,Sarah,D,25 Jun 25,5,1,age 78

Ryley,son of Gerald,B,15 Apr 26,5,2,10 Apr

Ryley,son of Gerald,B,22 Mar 28,5,1,14 Mar

Sage,Olive Geraldine,M,12 Jul 28,1,4,30 Jun; Denby, W.

Sahli,Eric Elmer,B,15 May 25,5,3,9 May

Salmon,dau of William,W,12 Sep 29,8,2,Kerr

Salmon,Peter,D,17 Sep 25,5,2,age 87

Sanders,Henry,P,6 Oct 27,1,5,Morgan

Sanders,William G.,D,14 Feb 29,5,3,87th year

Saunders,Ellen,W,9 May 29,5,4,McCormick

Savage,Eleanor Louise,E,24 Jan 29,5,1,Stewart, Murray

Savage,Eleanor Louise,M,21 Feb 29,1,6,Stewart, Murray

Savage,Robert B.,D,17 Dec 25,1,6,

Saywell,Charles, Mrs.,D,16 May 29,1,5,82nd year

Scafe,Emma L.,M,12 Apr 28,8,2,Anthes, Howard

Schleihauf,Lilly,W,17 Sep 25,5,2,McPherson

Schmeltz,George,D,8 Oct 25,4,1,91st year

Schmeltz,Mildred Leta,M,8 Nov 28,1,5,Leitch, Alvin

Schmidt,Arthur H.,M,28 Nov 29,1,5,McLean, Madeline

Schmidt,E. A.,D,10 Jan 29,5,3,

Schneckenburger,Kathleen,M,6 Oct 27,5,3,Breen, John

Schram,son of Archibald,D,1 Mar 28,5,1,infant

Schweitzer,Annie M.,E,17 Dec 25,1,5,Lay, Russell

Scott,John D., Mrs.,D,4 Mar 26,1,5,age 47

Scott,son of Wilfred,B,3 Jun 26,4,2,31 May

Scott,Stewart,D,23 May 29,8,3,

Scouler,Ross L.,M,13 Jun 29,5,2,Burkett, Della

Scouler,Ross L.,E,6 Jun 29,5,3,Burckett, Della

Seaman,G. H.,M,25 Apr 29,5,3,McPhail, Lila

Sedack,Edward,D,1 Sep 27,8,1,age 37

Sells,Annabel,M,10 Jun 26,1,5,Munro, Donald

Sells,John H., Mrs.,D,3 Jan 29,5,2,

Sells,W. J., Mrs.,D,8 Apr 26,4,1,age 78

Sharon,Sarah Ellen,D,7 Feb 29,1,6,Payne

Shaw,Alfred,D,9 May 29,1,5,

Shaw,Bessie,W,30 Aug 28,1,6,Marcus

Shaw,Elijah,D,22 Dec 27,12,2,70th year

Shaw,Hanford,M,30 Apr 25,1,5,Halloran, Louisa

Shaw,Hiram T., Mrs.,D,1 Nov 28,1,4,

Shepherd,John W.,D,5 Feb 25,5,1,age 63

Shipley,Ellmore James,M,29 Mar 28,1,5,Dawdy, Alma

Shipley,Ellmore James,E,22 Mar 28,5,1,Dawdy, Alma

Shipley,James,A,20 Sep 28,5,2,25th

Shipley,Mary J. G.,D,10 Nov 27,5,2,age 74

Shipley,Mary J.,D,17 Nov 27,7,1,

Shipley,Norman, Mrs.,D,24 Feb 27,5,2,13 Feb

Shipley,William,D,3 Mar 27,1,5,age 88

Shipman,Blanche,D,5 Apr 28,1,4,34th year

Shippey,Annie,D,11 Mar 26,8,2,

Sifton,Alice,D,30 Sep 26,5,2,about 60 years old

Sifton,Joseph T.,A,6 Dec 28,1,6,50th

Silcox,A. E.,P,4 Nov 26,8,1,Junkin

Silcox,Charles Merritt,E,15 Jul 26,5,1,McTavish, Mary

Silcox,Clarise Merrit,M,12 Aug 26,1,6,28 Jul; McTavish, Mary

Silcox,F. A.,P,3 Feb 27,1,6,Faughende

Silcox,nee,D,12 Apr 28,5,2,Piper, William, Mrs.

Simms,dau of Harry,B,8 Sep 27,5,3,28 Aug

Simpson,Louis Morley,B,19 May 27,5,3,9 May

Sims,Helen,M,4 Aug 27,5,3,Francis, Frederick

Sims,Mary Edna,M,12 Aug 26,1,6,31 Jul; Ripley, Robert

Sinclair,Duncan,D,18 Jul 29,5,3,82nd year

Sinclair,John L., Mrs.,D,15 Apr 26,1,5,age 42

Sinclair,Sarah,D,24 Oct 29,6,1,Fulton

Singer,Charles L.,D,21 Jan 26,1,5,

Skelton,Francis Richard,M,18 Mar 26,4,2,11 Mar; McArthur, F.

Skidmore,William, Mrs.,D,19 Aug 25,1,5,age 35

Skinner,Margaret Donalda,E,28 Jul 27,5,2,Krebser, Edward

Slauson,J. B.,D,3 Dec 25,9,2,

Slauson,Mary J.,D,17 Jun 26,5,2,age 63

Small,George H., Mrs.,D,22 Jan 25,1,5,age 51

Small,John, Mrs.,D,8 Sep 27,5,2,age 83

Small,nee,D,23 Aug 28,5,3,Stidwill, Samuel, Mrs.

Small,S. W.,M,1 Jul 26,5,3,19 Jun; Cassells, P.

Small,Samuel Welberne,E,10 Jun 26,5,1,Cassels, Pearle

Small,Thomas,D,12 Jan28,5,2,age 81

Smith,Arthur S.,D,28 Jan 26,8,2,age 71

Smith,Beverly Alice,B,24 Nov 27,5,2,17 Nov

Smith,Blanche,D,21 Jun 28,8,1,Lewis

Smith,Charles,B,6 May 26,4,2,2 May; twin

Smith,Charles Albert,E,18 Jun 25,5,1,McCallum, Margaret

Smith,Charles Albert,M,16 Jul 25,5,2,20 Jun; McCallum, M.

Smith,Christie,A,4 Nov 26,5,2,Munn

Smith,Edward,D,31 May 28,5,2,age 46

Smith,Euphemia,D,16 Dec 26,12,1,McLachlin

Smith,Eva Theresa Mildred,M,23 Jun 27,1,5,Morris, John

Smith,Goldwin A.,M,11 Nov 26,1,4,3 Nov; Chapman, Mary

Smith,Harold E.,E,8 Nov 28,5,1,Munro, Isabel

Smith,Helen,W,9 Apr 25,1,6,Brown

Smith,J. H., Rev.,M,25 Nov 26,5,1,Parker, Mary

Smith,James S.,D,19 Feb 25,1,6,age 82

Smith,James,D,4 Apr 29,5,1,

Smith,James E.,D,28 Mar 29,5,2,79th year

Smith,Julia,D,13 Dec 28,1,4,about 60 years old

Smith,Lenley S.,D,2 Dec 26,5,1,age 75

Smith,Margaret Elinor,B,15 Aug 29,9,3,1 Aug

Smith,Mary,D,20 Jan 27,5,2,16 Jan; age 75

Smith,Peter,B,6 May 26,4,2,2 May; twin

Smith,Thomas,D,20 Jan 27,8,1,age 71

Smith,W. A., Mrs.,D,3 May 28,5,2,

Smith,Wallace, Mrs.,D,24 Mar 27,5,2,age 44

Smith,Wilfrid L.,E,11 Jun 25,5,1,Stevenson, Elsie

Smith,William,A,30 Dec 26,1,5,65th

Smith,William,D,5 May 27,8,2,

Smith,William,D,19 Jan 28,5,2,age 81

Snell,James A., Rev.,D,24 Sep 25,5,2,age 61

Snell,Jerrold James,B,8 Sep 27,5,3,2 Sep

Snell,nee,D,12 Jan 28,8,1,Wilson, John, Mrs.

Snell,Robert,D,9 Feb 28,1,5,

Snell,Robert James,D,17 Oct 29,5,2,

Snell,son of J. W., Dr.,D,27 Oct 27,5,1,infant

Snell,son of Jerrold,B,20 Jun 29,5,2,16 Jun

Snider,Walter J.,D,5 May 27,5,3,

Sparling,Edith,M,1 Nov 28,8,1,Spence, James

Spearing,Albert,A,29 Mar 28,5,1,25th

Spearing,Minnie,P,30 Dec 26,4,1,Fountain

Spee,Gustave H.,M,3 Mar 27,5,1,22 Jan; Crawford, M.

Spence,J. W., Rev.,D,29 Sep 27,5,2,51st year

Spence,James P.,M,1 Nov 28,8,1,Sparling, Edith

Spence,Mary Ellen,D,12 Dec 29,5,1,Urquhart

Spence,nee,D,6 Jun 29,5,3,Bobier, Joshua, Mrs.

Spence,Robert A., Mrs.,D,15 Jan 25,5,4,age 36

Spencer,Abel,P,8 Apr 26,4,1,Sells

Spencer,J. A.,D,18 Oct 28,5,2,

Spencer,Jabez,D,10 Mar 27,1,4,age 88

Spiern,John,D,20 Sep 28,1,5,age 73

Stacey,dau of Jack,B,18 Nov 26,5,4,12 Nov; stillborn

Stacey,dau of Jack,B,12 Jan 28,5,1,9 Jan

Stacey,Jack Sevie,E,22 Oct 25,7,1,Hodder, Velma

Stacey,John S.,M,29 Oct 25,5,1,Hodder, Velma

Stafford,William J.,D,12 Nov 25,8,2,age 75

Stalker,dau of James,W,5 Dec 29,1,6,McEachren

Stalker,Jane,D,8 Jul 26,5,2,age 69

Stalker,son of W. S.,B,13 May 26,5,4,30 Apr

Stalker,son of Arch,B,30 Jun 27,5,3,

Stalker,William, Mrs.,D,27 May 26,4,1,age 36

Stanley,Harvey, Mrs.,D,5 Sep 29,5,2,

Stanley,Harvey, Mrs.,D,12 Sep 29,9,2,

Stansell,Willena Josephine,E,15 Aug 29,9,1,Culbert, Henry

Stansell,Willena Josephine,M,29 Aug 29,5,2,Culbert, Henry

Stanton,George, Mrs.,D,17 Jan 29,4,2,age 72

Stellaway,Catherine,M,5 Nov 25,1,6,29 Oct; Todd, Charles

Stenton,Harry L.,E,25 Jul 29,1,5,McLennan, Margaret

Stephenson,Baillie T.,M,5 May 27,8,2,McKay, Margaret

Sterling,Samuel,D,8 Oct 25,5,1,age 82

Stevens,Grace Lenore,M,18 Oct 28,5,2,27 Sep; Keillor, S.

Stevens,Grace Lenore,E,13 Sep 28,5,1,Keillor, Stanley

Stevenson,Elsie Beatrice,E,11 Jun 25,5,1,Smith, Wilfrid L.

Stevenson,John R.,D,7 Mar 29,5,3,

Stevenson,Sarah,D,10 Dec 25,9,2,80th year

Stewart,Donald, Rev.,D,22 Jan 25,5,2,85th year

Stewart,Dorothy Gertrude,D,17 May 28,7,3,

Stewart,Murray St. Clair,M,21 Feb 29,1,6,Savage, Eleanor

Stewart,Murray St. Clair,E,24 Jan 29,5,1,Savage, Eleanor

Stidwill,Samuel,D,22 Mar 28,5,2,age 78

Stidwill,Samuel, Mrs.,D,23 Aug 28,5,3,age 77

Still,James H.,D,26 Sep 29,1,4,

Stilwell,William J., Mrs.,D,17 Mar 27,1,6,61st year

Stinchcombe,Mary Ann,D,28 Nov 29,1,5,age 72

Stormont,Lorne,D,2 Aug 28,1,5,about 17 years old

Strath,A. Douglas,M,21 May 25,1,6,McNicol, Margaret

Streib,Bruce D.,M,20 Jun 29,1,3,Gammage, Freda

Stride,David,D,26 May 27,1,5,age 67

Stroupe,Edward,M,18 Nov 26,5,1,9 Nov; Leitch, Mary

Stuart,Lillian,M,14 Mar 29,8,1,Robson, Arthur

Styles,Kenneth,M,22 Sep 27,5,1,Whiting, Mary

Sullivan,Catherine,D,29 Sep 27,5,2,Crowley

Sullivan,Mary Ellen,M,3 Oct 29,5,3,25 Sep; Hooley, P.

Sullivan,Melvin,M,19 Mar 25,8,1,Bennett, Marjorie

Summers,Georgina,D,26 Mar 25,1,6,17 Mar; age 56

Sutherland,Andrew,D,15 Jan 25,8,2,

Sutherland,Donald,D,5 Apr 28,1,4,age 10

Sutherland,G. H. D., Mrs.,D,9 May 29,1,5,

Sutherland,Margaret Eliz’th,D,26 Dec 29,1,5,

Sutton,Annie Elva Maud,M,10 Nov 27,5,2,26 Oct; Kendall, John

Sutton,Annie Elva Maud,E,20 Oct 27,5,1,Kendall, John

Sutton,Calvin U.,D,26 Mar 25,1,5,age 18

Sutton,Christopher,D,16 Apr 25,5,2,age 83

Sutton,Daisy Victoria,M,22 Dec 27,4,2,McLeod, Neil

Sutton,Eliza,D,14 Jun 28,5,2,Clay

Sutton,Emery A.,D,10 Sep 25,5,2,age 61

Sutton,Georgina May,B,19 Dec 29,5,4,15 Dec

Sutton,Howard Emery,E,27 Dec 28,5,2,Clarke, Myrtle

Sutton,Howard Emery,M,17 Jan 29,5,1,Clark, Myrtle

Sutton,Jane,P,7 Feb 29,1,6,Payne

Sutton,Margaret,D,19 Jan 28,5,1,age 74

Sutton,Violet,M,13 Dec 28,9,1,1 Dec; Atkinson, Earl

Sutton,Zaccheus, Mrs.,D,12 Jan 28,5,1,

Sutton,Zachariah,D,19 Aug 25,4,3,

Swaby-Smith,S. M., Rev.,D,17 Nov 27,1,6,age 45

Swain,Charles,M,27 Jun 29,5,3,Crabbe, Ruby

Swain,Charles H.,E,6 Jun 29,5,3,Crabbe, Ruby

Swartz,H. John,D,7 Apr 27,8,1,

Switzer,Georgina,D,8 Jan 25,8,2,

Sykes,Carrie,D,3 Jan 29,5,2,62nd year

Synder,Bernard,E,21 Jun 28,5,1,Lumley, Ruth

Talmon,Neil A.,D,27 Jun 29,5,2,62nd year

Tansley,Ethel,D,15 Aug 29,1,4,age 15

Taylor,Duncan,D,23 Jun 27,1,6,age 60

Taylor,George W.,D,17 May 28,1,5,

Taylor,Henry, Mrs.,D,2 May 29,4,2,

Taylor,James Alfred,D,5 Feb 25,5,2,age 50

Taylor,Joseph E.,D,16 Feb 28,8,1,

Taylor,Peter L.,D,19 Dec 29,5,2,59th year

Teeple,Nellie,D,9 Jun 27,1,5,age 49

Teetzel,Charles,D,14 Jan 26,1,4,age 83

Teetzel,James Eberle,D,31 Jan 29,5,2,21 Jan; age 80

Teetzel,James, Mrs.,D,24 Jan 29,5,2,

Templeton,Margaret Pearl,E,12 Sep 29,9,1,McMillan, Archibald

Templeton,Margaret Pearl,M,26 Sep29,5,2,18 Sep; McMillan, A.

Terry,Walter,D,10 Jun 26,8,1,age 33

Teskey,E. A., Dr.,D,3 Sep 25,5,3,

Thompson,Arch’d Stewart,B,24 May 28,5,2,20 May

Thompson,D. J.,D,12 Mar 25,9,2,age 69

Thompson,Daniel Ainley,B,18 Jun 25,5,3,16 Jun

Thompson,J. W.,P,27 Jan 27,5,1,Ross

Thompson,Janet,D,15 Jul 26,1,5,age 74

Thompson,Jennie,D,19 Apr 28,5,1,about 70 years old

Thompson,John,D,31 Oct 29,5,3,6 Oct; age 71

Thompson,Mary,M,5 Feb 25,8,1,24 Jan; Johnson, A.

Thompson,Robert T.,M,4 Feb 26,1,5,30 Jan; McLellan, C.

Thompson,W. E.,E,1 Aug 29,5,1,Lacey, Winnifred

Thomson,Annie D.,D,16 Feb 28,5,2,age 67

Thomson,Archibald,D,29 Sep 27,5,2,age 76

Thomson,Margaret,D,26 Feb 25,5,2,

Thomson,Margaret,W,28 Mar 29,5,2,Smith

Thomson,Mary,D,15 Apr 26,5,2,73rd year

Thomson,Nita,M,21 Nov 29,5,3,16 Nov; Morrish, A.R.

Thomson,Walter Elson,M,22 Aug 29,1,6,14 Aug; Lacey, M.

Thornton,James Albert,M,15 Nov 28,5,3,Burns, Gladys

Thornton,James A.,E,8 Nov 28,5,1,Burns, Gladys

Timson,Mina,M,22 Aug 29,1,4,Welch, Oscar

Todd,Charles,M,5 Nov 25,1,6,29 Oct; Stellaway, C.

Toll,Calvin B.,D,9 Apr 25,1,6,

Tolmie,Jack,D,18 Oct 28,5,2,age 3

Tonge,John H.,D,15 Mar 28,4,1,age 62

Toombs,Marjory Ruth,M,21 Nov 29,5,3,9 Nov; McFarlane, S.

Towers,Ella,W,12 Aug 26,1,6,Dean

Tracey,Kate,D,9 Apr 25,5,1,age 76

Travers,William R.,D,13 Oct 27,5,3,

Treherne,Margaret,D,17 Jun 26,5,1,age 84

Trothen,Ashton,M,22 Dec 27,5,1,Gowan, Annie

Trothen,R. E., Mrs.,D,10 Jan 29,5,2,42nd year

Trothen,Tryphena,D,4 Mar 26,5,2,Church

Trothen,Walter,M,20 Sep 28,5,3,12 Sep; Gowan, Alma

Tuffin,Jane,A,25 Oct 28,5,3,Hathaway

Tufford,Noble F., Mrs.,D,11 Mar 26,8,2,

Turner,Alex, Dr.,D,28 Feb 29,5,3,age 58

Turner,Allison, Dr.,D,18 Jul 29,5,3,

Turner,Allison, Dr.,D,25 Jul 29,5,1,

Turner,Frances,D,18 Jun 25,5,3,age 89

Turner,John B.,P,23 Apr 25,5,2,Robertson

Turner,John,P,20 Sep 28,5,2,McWilliam

Turner,Peter,D,25 Oct 28,8,2,68th year

Turner,Robert Wilfred,M,14 Jan 26,5,2,6 Jan; McRoberts, A.

Turville,George,A,10 Oct 29,5,2,60th

Turville,Henry,D,31 Oct 29,8,3,age 87

Turville,James S.,D,20 May 26,8,1,age 86

Upton,Emily,W,23 Dec 26,1,5,Marr

Urlin,Adolphus D.,D,23 Feb 28,5,4,20 Feb

Urlin,Adolphus D.,D,23 Feb 28,5,1,

Urquhart,Marg’t McDonald,D,24 Sep 25,5,1,

Urquhart,Mary Ellen,D,12 Dec 29,5,1,

Vair,Florence Marg’t,M,24 Oct 29,1,4,McKenzie, James

Vanloon,J. H., Mrs.,D,26 Mar 25,8,1,72nd year

Voaden,James,D,8 Oct 25,5,1,age 92

Vowel,Donald Frederick,B,26 Nov 25,5,3,19 Nov

Vowel,George,M,18 Feb 26,5,1,5 Feb; McCaffery

Vowel,son of Fred,B,22 Sep 27,5,3,14 Sep

Vrooman,dau of Percy,B,7 Apr 27,5,1,2 Apr

Wahls,Lulu,W,15 Mar 28,5,2,Lodge

Waite,Anthony S.,D,4 Jun 25,5,2,

Waite,Anthony S.,D,28 May 25,5,2,age 82

Waite,Charles B.,D,25 Feb 26,8,2,age 65

Waite,John, Mrs.,D,10 Jan 29,5,2,

Waite,John, Mrs.,D,3 Jan 29,5,2,age 67

Waite,Mabel,D,2 Sep 26,5,2,Jewell

Waite,Norman Grant,B,12 Mar 25,5,2,4 Mar

Waite,son of Harry,B,24 Feb 27,4,1,20 Feb

Walker,Alex N.,M,24 Jun 26,5,3,Buchanan, Mary

Walker,Alfred,D,1 Dec 27,5,3,age 85

Walker,Catherine,D,22 Apr 26,1,5,age 73

Walker,Doris Margaret,M,13 Sep 28,8,2,Dubes, Osborne

Walker,Edward,D,24 Jun 26,4,1,

Walker,Effie,D,10 Jun 26,5,2,Hollingshead

Walker,J. A., Dr.,D,19 Apr 28,5,3,

Walker,Janet Ina,M,22 Apr 26,5,1,Downie, Arthur

Walker,John A.,D,24 Sep 25,1,5,

Walker,John C., Dr.,D,31 Jan 29,8,1,

Walker,John,D,12 Apr 28,5,2,age 67

Walker,John,D,19 Apr 28,5,1,

Walker,Margaret W.,M,24 Nov 27,8,2,16 Nov; Johnson, D.

Walker,Margaret,D,10 Jan 29,5,2,age 74

Walker,nee,D,26 May 27,1,5,Cusack, Henry, Mrs.

Walker,Viola June,B,18 Jun 25,5,3,14 Jun

Walker,W. J.,E,15 Jul2 6,5,1,Hathaway, Fanny

Walker,William S.,D,26 Jan 28,5,3,about 70 years old

Wallace,Effie,D,11 Mar 26,5,2,90th year

Wallace,Jesse,E,2 Aug 28,5,1,McKellar, Evelyn

Wallace,Jesse Orlo,M,16 Aug 28,5,2,McKellar, Evelyn

Walling,Lillian M.,D,16 Apr 25,1,5,

Walters,Emma Jane,D,10 Feb 27,4,1,Buckler

Wann,William,D,3 Jan 29,8,1,age 78

Wann,William,D,10 Jan 29,8,1,28 Dec 1928

Ward,Thomas,D,10 Mar 27,1,4,age 83

Warner,H.,P,17 Dec 25,5,2,Wilson

Warren,John,D,22 Apr 26,5,2,93rd year

Waters,Thomas Joseph,B,7 Oct 26,5,1,27 Sep

Watson,brother of James,D,26 Nov 25,8,3,83rd year

Watson,Emma,M,15 Nov 28,5,3,Pyatt, James

Watson,Emma,E,8 Nov 28,5,1,Pyatt, James

Watson,Enabelle,M,10 Nov 27,5,2,29 Oct; Reid, Clifford

Watson,J. Frank,D,21 Jul 27,5,1,

Watson,Joel,D,11 Aug 27,5,2,

Watson,Joseph,D,28 Oct 26,1,5,age 69

Watson,Norman,E,27 Jun 29,5,2,McKellar, Jessie

Watson,William,M,13 May 26,5,2,McFarlane, Jane

Watson,William, Mrs.,D,20 May 26,5,1,

Watson,William,D,14 Jun 28,5,2,age 72

Watterworth,James,D,21 Oct 26,5,1,age 67

Waukosh,son of Charles,D,20 Dec 28,5,1,age 4 months

Webber,Charles H.,E,23 May 29,8,3,Miller, Myrtle

Webster,Agnes,M,17 Sep 25,5,1,8 Sep; McComb, Geo.

Webster,Agnes,E,3 Sep 25,4,3,McComb, George

Webster,Jean,M,14 Oct 26,5,3,Patton, Harold

Webster,Jean,E,7 Oct 26,5,1,Patton, Harold

Weeks,Isaac, Mrs.,D,15 Apr 26,8,1,

Wehlann,Lillie,W,10 Jun 26,8,1,Terry

Weir,Douglas E.,D,15 Oct 25,5,1,age 37

Welch,Alice Merle,E,14 Jun 28,5,1,Charlton, Warren

Welch,Alice Merle,M,12 Jul 28,5,3,7 Jul; Charlton, W.

Welch,Bertha,M,17 Oct 29,4,1,18 Sep; Pratt, Edwin

Welch,Charles,P,2 Aug 28,4,1,Barrett

Welch,Cyrenus,D,19 Jan28,5,2,age 65

Welch,Eliza May,M,15 Oct 25,5,2,3 Oct; Adams, George

Welch,Hannibal,D,6 May 26,5,3,57th year

Welch,James E.,D,10 May 28,5,1,69th year

Welch,Jane,D,20 Jan 27,5,2,84th year

Welch,Jean Jemima,M,4 Jul 29,1,6,McClenaghan, John

Welch,John, Mrs.,D,7 Jul 27,5,3,age 64

Welch,Maria,BD,15 Aug 29,1,6,Breen

Welch,Martha,D,29 Dec 27,4,1,age 61

Welch,Mary A.,E,20 Jun 29,5,1,Lynch, Philip

Welch,Mary A.,M,27 Jun 29,5,3,19 Jun; Lynch, Philip

Welch,Oscar,M,22 Aug 29,1,4,Timson, Mina

Weldon,Levina,D,10 Jan 29,5,3,Pickard

Wellman,William G.,D,10 Dec 25,1,5,age 80

Welsh,James,D,27 Dec 28,5,2,

West,Mary,A,23 Apr 25,1,6,Buchanan

West,Peter J.,D,5 Apr 28,5,2,age 76

West,William,D,26 Jan 28,8,1,age 74

Westaway,Alfred N.,D,4 Apr 29,1,5,age 23

Weston,Harry, Mrs.,D,19 Jan 28,5,2,

Weston,William,M,11 Nov 26,1,4,3 Nov; Leitch, Ethel

Wey,Alfred,M,9 Sep 26,1,5,Barber, Lila

Whalls,Sarah Blount,D,22 Aug 29,1,4,

Whanam,Ila Frances M.,M,15 Jul 26,5,1,Campbell, Wilfred

White,Catherine,D,13 Jun 29,1,5,age 82

White,John,D,22 Apr 26,5,2,age 86

White,John,P,1 Jul 26,5,2,Curtis

White,Mary E.,D,13 Jan 27,5,4,

Whitelock,Archibald J.,M,25 Oct 28,5,2,Nott, Edrie

Whitelock,Archibald,E,11 Oct 28,5,2,Nott, Edrie

Whiting,Mary,M,22 Sep 27,5,1,Styles, Kenneth

Whiting,William S.,D,14 Jan 26,1,4,age 71

Whitlock,Wallace, Mrs.,D,3 Jun 26,5,3,age 47

Whitmore,Ellen Luella,D,1 Aug 29,8,4,age 72

Whittaker,S. T., Mr.,D,3 Feb 27,6,2,23 Jan; about 74

Whitton,George,D,19 Mar 25,4,2,age 82

Wice,Robert L.,M,5 Nov 25,1,6,28 Oct; Hales, Mary

Wiggins,Valerie,D,1 Mar 28,8,2,age 15

Wight,dau of Ed,B,26 Jul 28,5,3,24 Jul

Wight,Irene Marguerite,E,11 Oct 28,5,2,Paton, John

Wight,Irene Marguerite,M,25 Oct 28,5,2,Paton, John

Wight,son of Edwin,B,2 Dec 26,8,1,28 Nov

Wigle,Jean Ella,B,25 Apr 29,5,3,14 Apr

Wilder,John Raymond,D,16 Feb 28,5,1,age 19 months

Wiley,Thomas,D,23 Jun 27,1,4,

Will,Frank Frederick,M,31 Oct 29,1,4,Ronson, Thelma

Willder,Evelyn Maud,M,24 May 28,5,2,Jeffrey, Lawrence

Willett,Edward Tracey,M,2 Aug 28,5,3,25 Jul; Berdan, Irma

Willey,Dan,D,1 Apr 26,5,1,

Willey,Lot,D,10 Mar 27,5,2,25 Feb; age 66

Willhahn,Frederick,D,6 Sep 28,8,2,age 52

Williams,George,D,23 Feb 28,4,2,

Williams,Harold,D,28 Apr 27,1,6,age 19

Williams,John, Mrs.,D,13 May 26,1,5,age 72

Williams,Robert Floyd,D,30 Dec 26,1,5,age 23

Williams,S. V., Rev., Mrs.,D,22 Mar 28,5,2,

Williams,S. Venmore, Rev,M,9 May 29,5,3,Andrews, Mary

Williams,S. Venmore, Rev,E,25 Apr 29,5,1,Andrews, Mary

Willson,Job,D,20 Jan 27,8,1,

Wilson,Amelia,D,15 May 25,1,5,

Wilson,Bessie,D,23 Jun 27,5,3,McLarty

Wilson,Charles L.,D,20 May 26,8,1,age 67

Wilson,Charles,M,28 Oct 26,5,2,Cadogan, Gertrude

Wilson,Effie,M,9 Jun 27,1,5,Barnaby, T. I., Dr.

Wilson,Ezra,P,10 Feb 27,5,1,Chapman

Wilson,Ezra J.,D,15 Aug 29,1,5,4 Aug; 88th year

Wilson,Isabella,D,17 Jun 26,1,5,age 81

Wilson,John, Mrs.,D,12 Jan 28,8,1,age 66

Wilson,John H.,D,1 Dec 27,5,3,

Wilson,Laura Marie,D,23 Feb 28,5,1,

Wilson,Leo,D,22 Dec 27,5,1,age 2

Wilson,Oral,M,28 Jul 27,1,6,17 Jul; Baptiste, Rosie

Wilson,Purcell, Mrs.,D,17 Dec 25,5,2,31st year

Wilson,Robert E.,M,1 Jul 26,5,2,Lodge, Margaret, Mrs.

Wilson,Violet Agnes,B,29 Oct 25,5,1,23 Oct

Wilton,Gladys May,D,12 May 27,5,1,infant dau of Roy

Winegarden,Ray,M,4 Nov 26,8,1,30 Oct; Hall, Margaret

Winger,Bruce F.,M,21 Jun 28,8,3,Bole, Reta

Winter,Mabel Marian,M,3 Jan 29,5,3,Lyons, Ray

Wise,Charles,D,2 Apr 25,5,3,age 86

Witherden,John E.,M,1 Jul 26,5,1,Mills, Frances, Mrs.

Wolcott,Alva D.,D,10 Sep 25,4,1,

Wooley,Thomas S.,D,15 Aug 29,1,4,age 33

Wray,William,D,8 Sep 27,1,5,

Wride,Dorothy Elinor,M,4 Mar 26,1,4,O’Hara, Geoffrey

Wride,Ernest C.,D,23 Jul 25,1,5,age 22

Wride,Joseph, Mrs.,D,22 Sep 27,1,5,61st year

Wright,Eva May,M,11 Feb 26,5,1,McBride, Ross

Wrightman,Annie,D,28 Apr 27,1,6,age 18

Wylie,Kenneth L.,D,8 Dec 27,10,1,

Yorke,Alvin,D,12 Mar 25,1,4,age 50

Young,dau of Harry A.,B,7 May 25,1,4,29 Apr

Young,Edward H.,D,15 Aug 29,1,5,age 73

Young,Harold J.,D,14 Mar 29,4,1,

Zavitz,Pearl,E,21 Jun 28,5,1,Clarke, Clifford

Zavitz,Pearl,M,12 Jul 28,5,3,4 Jul; Clarke, C.

Zoller,Dora,M,26 Nov 25,8,3,11 Nov; Carnegie, C.


– fire destroys Dominion Canning factory at West Lorne, 2 Apr 1925, page 5, col. 3

– 50th anniversary of Wallacetown Methodist church, 7 May 1925, page 1, col. 6

– jubilee of Alexandra Lodge, 29 Apr 1926, page 1, col. 6

– 50th anniversary of Dutton Baptist Church, 30 Sep 1926, page 5, col. 3; gives history

– new high school in Dutton opened; 26 Jan 1928; page 5, col. 2

– sod turned for new Knox Presbyterian Church at West Lorne, 24 May 1928, page 1, col. 6

– 100th anniversary of New Glasgow Presbyterian church; 28 Jun 1928, page 1, col. 6; and 5 Jul 1928, page 1, col 6

– laying of cornerstone for Wallacetown United church next week, 5 Jul 1928, page 5, col. 2

– cornerstone laid at Wallacetown United Church, 19 Jul 1928, page 1

– 100th anniversary of St. Peter’s Anglican Church, Tyrconnell, 26 Jul 1928, page 1

– dedication of new Wallacetown United Church, 22 Nov 1928, page 1

– new Presbyterian church at West Lorne to be opened; 27 Dec 1928, page 5, col. 2