Dutton Advance 1920 – 1924

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Dutton Advance newspaper,
Dutton, Ontario
1920 – 1924 

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Abbott, Robert F.,D,22 Nov 23,1,5,age 37

Abramson, Philip, Mrs.,D,21 Apr 21,5,1,28th year

Adams, Edward,H,20 Nov 24,5,2,McIntyre

Adams, James, Mrs.,D,29 Sep 21,5,1,age 69

Affleck, Wm. Eldridge,M,17 Jul 24,5,2,Gray, Rheta

Agar, Arthur,D,27 Nov 24,1,6,

Algar,C. G.,D,4 Jan 23,1,5,age 38

Allan,Andrew,D,20 Jan 21,5,1,age 71

Allan,John, Mrs.,D,6 Dec 23,1,4,85th year

Allen,Amanda,D,6 May 20,5,3,Keillor

Allen,dau of Charles,B,3 Aug 22,4,1,21 Jul

Allen,John,D,19 Jul 23,8,1,age 84

Allen,Lillian,M,22 Mar 23,5,1,14 Mar; McKillop, J.

Allison,Lexie Irene,M,12 Jan 22,8,1,24 Dec 21; Dymock, D.

Anderson,David,D,22 Nov 23,5,2,about 70 years old

Anderson,Ernest S.,M,11 Nov 20,1,6,1 Nov; Carr, Sophie

Anderson,Matthew K.,D,18 Nov 20,1,5,age 78

Anderson,Tena Ethel,M,21 Jun 23,1,6,Lalonde, Louis

Anderson,William A.,D,9 Dec 20,5,1,age 40

Anderson,William,D,19 Apr 23,8,1,

Andrews,dau of James,B,2 Jun 21,4,2,27 May

Andrews,Donald,D,25 Oct 23,5,1,

Andrews,Richard A.,D,19 Oct 22,1,4,age 62

Andrews,William,D,19 Jul 23,8,1,age 65

Angold,Leonard,M,29 May 24,4,1,20 May; Clickner, May

Annett,Noah, Mrs.,D,31 Jul 24,8,1,age 85

Annett,Robert,D,26 Jun 24,4,2,

Appleford,Harley,M,4 Nov 20,4,1,Jamieson, Mary

Archer,Jack,D,15 Mar 23,1,6,age 50

Archer,Mary Margaret,D,11 May 22,1,6,O’Malley

Argo,James, Rev.,D,22 May 24,5,1,

Armstrong,Jean,M,31 Aug 22,5,1,Upshaw, Charles

Armstrong,Margaret,D,23 Nov 22,4,3,13 Nov

Armstrong,Margaret,D,23 Nov 22,5,1,13 Nov

Armstrong,Margaret Beth,B,25 Dec 24,5,1,19 Dec

Armstrong,Robert Murray,D,6 Apr 22,5,1,infant son of Arthur

Armstrong,son of Arthur,B,30 Mar 22,5,3,29 Mar

Armstrong,Thomas,D,1 Jan 20,4,1,

Armstrong,Thomas,D,8 Jan 20,8,1,

Armstrong,twin sons of J.W,B,15 Feb 23,5,1,7 Feb

Arnold,Frank R.,M,14 Oct 20,8,1,Ward, Viola

Ash,D. M., Mrs.,D,18 May 22,1,5,age 57

Ashmore,Jean Catherine,B,11 Nov 20,5,2,4 Nov

Atkin,Wilberne, Mrs.,D,15 Jul 20,8,3,

Auckland,George,D,1 Dec 21,4,1,age 60

Auckland,George,D,22 May 24,8,1,age 70

Auckland,William, Mrs.,D,22 Feb 23,8,1,

Austin,Stewart,D,7 Apr 21,1,4,age 84

Avery,Myrtle Viola,M,23 Sep 20,1,6,18 Sep; Dummer, W.

Axford,Edward,D,6 Oct 21,4,1,

Backus,A. S., Mrs.,D,20 Apr 22,5,2,age 68

Bagnall,H. Wilbert,M,18 Dec 24,1,5,Martin, Edythe

Bagnall,Louis R.,M,15 Sep 21,1,5,5 Sep; Smith, Alice E.

Bailey,David,P,8 Mar 23,1,5,Dawson

Bailey,W. H.,D,8 Nov 23,1,5,age 52

Bailey,William,D,21 Jun 23,8,3,age 50

Baillie,Mary Gertrude,M,8 Apr 20,5,1,Rivers, T. Lloyd

Bain,John C., Mrs.,D,8 Sep 21,5,2,age 81

Bainard,Charles W.,M,7 Sep 22,1,5,Rowe, Emily

Baird,Robert,P,26 Jun 24,4,3,Horton

Bake,Eliza,D,15 Sep 21,1,4,

Baker,Annie,D,1 Apr 20,8,1,age 66

Baker,Charles E.,D,24 Nov 21,8,1,72nd year

Baker,Elizabeth,D,9 Jun 21,5,1,Bard

Baker,Henry W.,D,27 Dec 23,1,5,age 81

Baker,Horace,A,29 Jul 20,8,2,21 Jul; 60th

Baker,John H.,D,1 Feb 23,1,4,age 62

Baker,John,D,14 Aug 24,8,1,age 64

Baker,Joseph,D,13 May 20,8,1,

Baker,Milo J.,D,13 Sep 23,5,2,age 64

Bale,Edward,D,9 Oct 24,4,2,73rd year

Bale,William,D,17 Apr 24,4,2,75th year

Balkwill,James,D,10 Nov 21,5,1,age 86

Balkwill,Mabel Geraldine,E,2 Aug 23,5,1,Gilbert, Charles

Balkwill,Velma Ead,M,6 Jul 22,5,2,29 Jun; Stock, Fred’k

Balkwill,Velma E.,E,22 Jun 22,5,1,Stock, Frederick

Balsden,John,D,26 Jan 22,5,2,age 69

Bancroft,James L.,D,3 Mar 21,5,1,age 76

Bandeen,Bertha,M,6 May 20,1,5,Tunks, Gordon

Bandeen,Catherine,D,5 Apr 23,1,4,

Bard,Elizabeth,D,9 Jun 21,5,1,58th year

Barnes,Matthew S.,D,1 Jun 22,5,2,age 50

Barr,James A. E. A.,D,29 Mar 23,5,2,

Barrett,Joseph,M,21 Sep 22,1,6,Timson, Violet

Barrett,Samuel, Mrs.,D,1 Jan 20,4,2,

Bassett,Amy,D,9 Feb 22,1,5,69th year

Bassett,Harry, Mrs.,D,22 Apr 20,5,1,

Battin,Harold Raymond,D,14 Jun 23,5,1,5 Jun; 9 mos., 5 days

Battin,James,D,29 Mar 23,5,2,age 62

Battin,son of Lorne,B,5 Apr 23,5,1,25 Mar

Baynton,William,D,4 Dec 24,4,1,

Beattie,Robert H.,D,22 Jun 22,8,3,

Beaty,William J.,M,8 Jul 20,5,2,Berse, Evlia

Beaumes,Anna,D,6 May 20,5,1,Menmuir

Beaver,dau of R. G.,B,10 Mar 21,5,1,

Bechill,Harold L.,M,30 Dec 20,1,5,16 Dec; Parish, Lydia

Becker,John H.,M,30 Jun 21,4,1,Russell, Pauline

Bedford,John, Mrs.,D,16 Dec 20,5,3,age 68

Bedford,Ronald Franklin,B,17 Jan 24,4,2,8 Jan

Beecroft,Gertrude Bernice,B,11 Nov 20,5,2,2 Nov

Beecroft,son of Alf,B,25 Dec 24,5,1,22 Dec

Beer,Carrie Elizabeth,M,6 Oct 21,4,1,Campbell, James

Beer,Lorne R.,E,5 Mar 20,5,1,Hays, Pearl

Begg,Frankie Violet,D,27 May 20,4,1,

Belbin,James,D,11 Nov 20,1,5,

Bell,John, Mrs.,D,11 May 22,1,5,72nd year

Bell,John,D,12 Jan 22,8,1,age 81

Belton,Sarah,D,12 Jan 22,5,3,age 80

Bennett,Catherine A.,M,5 Jun 24,5,2,Ross, John

Bennett,D. K.,M,8 Jul 20,5,2,23 Jun; Wright, Mary

Bennett,David,M,11 Dec 24,5,1,Murray, Florence

Bennett,Edith,P,23 Jun 21,5,2,McCallum

Bennett,George,P,25 Jan 23,1,4,Ford

Bennett,Jane,D,3 Feb 21,1,6,age 80

Bennett,Mary,D,6 Oct 21,8,1,Tolmie

Bennett,Nina Pearl,M,18 Aug 21,5,3,Kirkland, Jack

Bentley,Benjamin,D,9 Jun 21,5,2,age 77

Bentley,Yovona Katherine,B,19 Aug 20,5,3,14 Aug

Berry,Alfred C.,M,9 Dec 20,5,1,25 Nov; Copeland, E.

Berry,Bernice,E,1 Dec 21,5,1,10 Dec; Case, Ben

Berry,Bernice,P,22 Mar 23,5,3,Case

Berry,John F.,A,19 May 21,5,3,9 May; 50th

Berse,Evlia A., Mrs.,M,8 Jul 20,5,2,Beaty, William

Best,James,A,13 Mar 24,5,3,5 Mar; 50th

Best,Nicol D.,D,6 Sep 23,1,6,age 44

Bevitt,Russell,D,12 Jul 23,5,3,aka Montgomery, Frank

Bickle,J.,M,1 Sep 21,5,1,Ruthven, Helen

Binks,James,D,12 Jan 22,5,2,age 70

Bisnell,John W., Mrs.,D,22 Sep 21,5,3,

Black,A. N. C.,A,2 Sep 20,5,2,50th

Black,Anna,D,22 May 24,5,2,McDonald

Black,Archibald Elgin,M,25 Dec 24,5,1,MacPherson, Margaret

Black,Audrey D.,D,22 Nov 23,5,2,14 Nov

Black,dau of L. D.,B,15 Apr 20,5,2,29 Mar

Black,Gertrude,D,5 Feb 20,5,3,Edmunds

Black,James C.,D,12 Oct 22,5,2,age 72

Black,James C.,D,19 Oct 22,5,1,

Black,John,E,6 Nov 24,5,1,Somerville, Gladys

Black,John J.,M,13 Nov 24,5,2,Somerville, Gladys

Black,Keith,M,7 Jul 21,4,1,29 Jun; Griswold, Jean

Black,Malcolm E.,D,18 Mar 20,1,6,61st year

Black,Margaret,D,8 Jul 20,4,2,

Black,Margaret,W,8 May 24,5,2,Soule

Black,Mary,D,10 Jan 24,5,2,McColl

Black,Nancy,D,5 Apr 23,5,1,84th year

Black,Sarah Moore,D,11 Sep 24,5,2,age 75

Black,son of Lemuel,B,4 Jan 23,5,1,16 Dec 1922

Blackburn,Coleman L.,D,27 Sep 23,4,2,age 51

Blackwood,John A. C.,D,25 Dec 24,5,2,age 89

Blackwood,William, Mrs.,D,27 Oct 21,5,2,age 103

Blake,Hannah,D,28 Jun 23,8,1,age 87

Blake,Henry C.,M,17 Nov 21,8,2,Rolson, Stella

Blake,Mrs.,D,25 Aug 21,8,1,

Blue,Arch J.,M,24 Jul 24,5,2,17 Jul; Warner, Edith

Blue,Archie W.,E,22 Jan 20,5,1,Gifford, Alice

Blue,Catharine,D,16 Dec 20,5,2,age 16

Blue,dau of A. W.,B,23 Dec 20,5,3,20 Dec

Blue,dau of A. W.,B,2 Aug 23,5,2,29 Jul

Blue,Katherine,D,23 Dec 20,5,2,

Blue,Mary Belle,M,2 Sep 20,5,2,Young, Harry

Blue,Neil G.,D,23 Aug 23,5,2,

Bobier,Clarence Earle,E,8 Sep 21,5,1,Lunn, Mabel

Bobier,Clarence Earle,M,22 Sep 21,1,6,14 Sep; Lunn, Mabel

Bobier,John,D,17 Jun 20,4,2,age 78

Bobier,Joshua, Mrs.,D,16 Dec 20,5,1,

Bogart,John W.,M,29 Apr 20,5,1,Housely, Annie

Bogart,Nora E.,M,18 Sep 24,5,2,10 Sep; Cook, Welbert

Bole,Etta,E,15 Feb 23,5,1,Kirkland, Donald

Bole,Etta Mae,M,22 Feb 23,5,2,Kirkland, Donald

Bolton,Mary,M,19 Aug 20,5,2,20 Jul; Cameron, W. J.

Bond,Isaac,D,8 May 24,1,5,

Booman,Jacobus,M,19 Jul 23,5,1,Lilley, Mildred

Boulteel,dau of R M, Rev,B,29 May 24,5,3,12 May

Bowen,William H.,D,24 Apr 24,5,1,age 80

Bowlby,Grace Beatrice,M,30 Jun 21,5,2,Evans, Harold

Boyd,Else Mae,M,18 Oct 23,5,2,6 Oct; Stanley, Walter

Boyle,Catharine,D,8 Mar 23,5,2,Humphries

Brad,Hannah F.,M,15 Jan 20,8,2,Schram, John

Braddon,George F.,M,18 Nov 20,1,5,Silcox, Sadie M.

Braddon,Ila,D,5 Mar 20,5,2,Hill

Braddon,Mary Ann,D,31 Jul 24,5,2,Webster

Braddon,Mr.,H,18 Jan 23,5,2,Brodie

Bradley,John,D,11 Mar 20,5,2,75th year

Bradt,Minnie,M,23 Nov 22,1,4,Tolmie, William

Brady,Matthew, Dr.,D,25 Oct 23,8,1,age 67

Branchflower,George,D,22 Jan 20,5,1,

Branchflower,George,M,23 Mar 22,1,6,9 Mar; Leverington, S.

Branton,Charles W.,M,8 Apr 20,1,5,25 Mar; Kilmer, L.

Branton,Fred,D,18 Oct 23,8,1,

Bray,Ansel, Mrs.,D,26 Oct 22,5,1,age 84

Brennan,Nicholas,D,23 Oct 24,5,1,age 75

Bright,E. J., Mrs.,D,17 Mar 21,5,1,age 74

Briody,Michael,D,3 Apr 24,1,6,

Briody,Thomas,D,3 Apr 24,1,6,age 12

Britton,Joseph Wesley,D,2 Mar 22,5,2,age 60

Brodie,Sarah,D,18 Jan 23,5,2,age 74

Brooker,child of Oliver,D,15 Feb 23,8,1,

Brooker,Oliver,E,15 Apr 20,1,4,Ollett, Viola

Brooker,Oliver,M,6 May 20,1,5,Ollett, Viola

Brooker,Wesley, Mrs.,D,3 Jun 20,8,1,age 55

Brooks,Amanda,D,14 Dec 22,5,1,age 75

Brower,Charles A.,D,5 Jun 24,4,3,age 64

Brown,Alene,M,16 Jun 21,5,1,8 Jun; McCallum, Bert

Brown,Bernice Agnes,M,11 May 22,5,1,3 May; Hull, Walter

Brown,Blanche,P,19 Aug 20,5,3,Bentley

Brown,Christopher W.,D,24 Aug 22,5,2,74th year

Brown,dau of Silas,W,11 Oct 23,5,1,March

Brown,David,D,6 Dec 23,8,1,

Brown,Duncan,A,14 Oct 20,8,1,25th

Brown,Edythe Lillian,M,27 Mar 24,5,2,Harrison, Kenneth

Brown,Evelyn Marie,M,16 Nov 22,5,1,1 Nov; Cyster, William

Brown,George,M,10 Jun 20,1,5,2 Jun; McCloy, T.

Brown,George,D,18 Jan 23,4,1,age 75

Brown,Henry W.,D,15 Nov 23,1,5,age 28

Brown,Jane,D,10 Jul 24,1,6,age 72

Brown,Leila,D,20 Mar 24,1,6,Mills

Brown,Minnie C.,E,1 Dec 21,5,1,Stanley, Harvey

Brown,Minnie C.,M,22 Dec 21,5,2,Stanley, J. Harvey

Brown,Minnie,W,25 Oct 23,5,3,March

Brown,Robert,D,26 Jul 23,1,5,age 40

Brown,son of Talbot E.,B,9 Mar 22,5,1,4 Mar

Brown,son of James U.,B,15 Mar 23,5,4,9 Mar

Brown,son of James,B,24 Jul 24,5,1,18 Jul

Brown,Thomas,A,8 Nov 23,1,5,60th

Brown,Vernon L.,E,8 Dec 21,5,2,Clarke, Minnie

Brown,Vernon L.,M,15 Dec 21,5,2,Clark, Minnie

Browning,Elmer Leigh,M,19 Aug 20,5,2,4 Aug; Ford, Sadie

Browning,Elmer L.,D,26 Oct 22,5,2,age 28

Browning,Sarah E., Mrs.,M,19 Jun 24,5,2,Lodge, William

Brumpton,John,D,27 May 20,4,1,age 65

Brunton,Isabella,D,3 Jul 24,5,1,age 87

Brush,Gertrude,M,10 Jun 20,1,5,Rochemont, Thomas

Buchan,John,D,1 Dec 21,4,1,age 65

Buchan,Margaret,D,22 Jul 20,4,2,age 72

Buchan,Mary Bell,M,14 Apr 21,8,1,Cuthbertson, William

Buchanan,Barbara C.,M,24 Feb 21,5,1,22 Feb; Staples, J. A.

Buchanan,James, Capt.,D,25 Oct 23,8,1,

Buchanan,Neil, Mrs.,D,5 Oct 22,8,1,age 78

Buchanan,Robert,D,9 Oct 24,5,1,age 84

Buchner,Peter M.,A,11 Sep 24,1,5,5 Sep; 60th

Bucke,Samuel,D,5 May 21,4,1,81st year

Buckler,Mary,D,8 Jan 20,8,1,80th year

Buller,Nancy,D,22 Jul 20,4,2,age 84

Bulteel,Ronald, Rev.,M,28 Jun 23,5,2,20 Jun; Owen, Ruth

Burdon,John C.,M,2 Mar 22,5,1,Cameron, Edith

Burnett,George W.,D,10 Apr 24,5,2,1 Apr; age 59

Burnett,James H., Mrs.,D,25 Oct 23,8,1,age 42

Burns,Ellen,M,3 Nov 21,1,6,25 Oct; Schindler, L.

Burns,George E., Col.,D,20 Mar 24,1,5,age 60

Burr,Mrs.,D,26 Jan 22,1,5,age 74

Burton,Mary,D,10 Feb 21,4,2,

Burton,Neil A.,D,31 Jan 24,5,2,

Bury,Mrs.,D,1 Mar 23,8,1,

Bury,W. L., Mrs.,D,22 Feb 23,5,2,age 73

Busby,Flora,D,24 Aug 22,8,2,McEvoy

Cady,Angus,D,31 Mar 21,5,2,52nd year

Cady,Nelson,D,5 Apr 23,5,2,78th year

Cady,Velma,M,22 Sep 21,5,1,Nichol, Wilfred

Cain,James N.,D,16 Nov 22,8,1,age 68

Calcott,Christopher,D,19 Apr 23,1,6,

Cameron,Aileen,D,1 Apr 20,8,1,

Cameron,Edith,M,2 Mar 22,5,1,Burdon, John

Cameron,Ewen,D,30 Dec 20,1,6,

Cameron,W. J.,M,19 Aug 20,5,2,20 Jul; Bolton, Mary

Campbell,Albert E.,D,3 Jul 24,8,2,

Campbell,Alexander,E,25 Aug 21,5,1,McTavish, Anna L.

Campbell,Alexander,D,19 Jan 22,1,6,age 67

Campbell,Alexander D.,D,8 Mar 23,1,5,85th year

Campbell,Annie,M,17 Mar 21,1,5,Carmichael, Duncan

Campbell,Annie,D,3 Aug 22,5,2,Robb

Campbell,Annie,W,31 Jan 24,5,2,Burton

Campbell,Bella,D,8 Apr 20 ,5,2,Jackson

Campbell,Catharine,M,6 Apr 22,8,1,22 Mar; Leitch, Daniel

Campbell,Christena,W,16 Nov 22,5,1,McTaggart

Campbell,Colin,P,27 Jul 22,5,1,Dewar

Campbell,Colin A.,M,31 May 23,5,1,25 May; Smith, V.

Campbell,Colin,D,6 Nov 24,8,3,

Campbell,Daniel,D,8 Mar 23,1,5,age 76

Campbell,Donald,D,14 Apr 21,8,1,

Campbell,Donald,D,30 Mar 22,4,2,age 87

Campbell,Donald,A,14 Feb 24,5,1,40th

Campbell,Dougald, Mrs.,D,30 Oct 24,1,4,age 61

Campbell,Douglas B.,M,17 Jun 20,5,2,McCallum, Alda

Campbell,Dugald,D,20 Apr 22,4,2,

Campbell,Dugald G., Mrs.,D,4 Jan 23,1,5,

Campbell,Edith,D,20 Jul 22,5,2,

Campbell,Edna Irla,D,24 Mar 21,5,2,age 36

Campbell,George,D,10 Nov 21,4,2,age 58

Campbell,James,M,4 May 22,8,1,Gillett, Margaret

Campbell,James Alva,M,6 Oct 21,4,1,Beer, Carrie

Campbell,Janet,D,17 Mar 21,1,5,Lampman

Campbell,Janet,D,7 Dec 22,11,2,age 65

Campbell,Jean Kate,M,7 Oct 20,5,3,Small, Malcolm

Campbell,Jean Kate,E,23 Sep 20,5,1,Small, Malcolm

Campbell,John H.,D,17 Nov 21,5,1,age 82

Campbell,John, Mrs.,D,25 May 22,8,2,age 85

Campbell,John A.,D,18 Aug 21,5,2,

Campbell,John,D,27 Oct 21,1,5,age 40

Campbell,John A.,D,25 Aug 21,5,1,

Campbell,John Ferguson,D,23 Nov 22,1,6,age 65

Campbell,Lorne,M,9 Sep 20,8,1,25 Aug; Forsyth, Velma

Campbell,Mary,D,24 Mar 21,1,5,Leitch, Mary

Campbell,Mary,D,18 Nov 20,5,2,Carroll

Campbell,Mary I.,M,6 Jul 22,1,6,Hanley, Michael

Campbell,Mary Edna,M,2 Nov 22,5,1,25 Oct; Telfer, Leigh

Campbell,Mary,M,29 Jun 22,1,6,McCallum, William

Campbell,Mary,D,6 Apr 22,5,2,age 70

Campbell,Mary,E,8 Jun 22,5,1,McCallum, William

Campbell,Mary,D,25 Jan 23,5,2,Patterson

Campbell,Mary,D,23 Nov 22,1,4,age 91

Campbell,Matthew,D,26 Oct 22,8,1,

Campbell,Matthew,D,19 Oct 22,5,3,age 87

Campbell,Miss,W,24 Apr 24,5,3,Smith

Campbell,Nancy,D,1 Sep 21,8,1,86th year

Campbell,Nancy,D,17 Jul 24,5,1,

Campbell,Nathan,D,20 Sep 23,8,1,

Campbell,Orrin,D,29 Nov 23,4,1,age 84

Campbell,Peter,M,5 Mar 20,1,5,Walker, Altha

Campbell,Retta ,D,11 Sep 24,1,5,

Campbell,Russell,D,14 Apr 21,1,4,age 28

Campbell,son of Frank W.,B,12 May 21,5,3,7 May

Campbell,son of Frank,B,22 May 24,5,4,16 May

Campbell,son of Oscar,D,5 Apr 23,5,1,

Campbell,son of Colin,B,22 Nov 23,5,4,20 Nov

Campbell,T. F., Dr.,D,22 Dec 21,5,1,4 Dec; 61st year

Campbell,Thomas,D,26 Jan 22,5,2,81st year

Campbell,Thomas Donald,M,30 Oct 24,5,3,Jasperson, Esther

Campbell,Thomas Donald,M,23 Oct 24,5,2,Jasperson, Esther

Campbell,Warren,M,4 Jan 23,5,1,Gillies, Jessie

Canfield,Joseph,D,31 May 23,5,1,age 73

Cannell,Mary Ann,D,13 Oct 21,5,3,McGregor

Cantelon,Catherine,D,15 Mar 23,5,1,

Cape,J. Stanley,M,17 Feb 21,5,3,29 Jan; Kennedy, L.

Cape,J. Stanley,E,27 Jan 21,5,1,Kennedy, Louisa

Cape,Lillian M.,E,23 Aug 23,5,1,Leask, Lloyd

Cape,Lillian May,M,20 Sep 23,5,3,Leask, Lloyd

Cape,Lillian,P,9 Oct 24,5,2,Leask

Cape,Myrtle,E,3 Jun 20,5,2,Fillmore, George

Cape,Myrtle Viola,M,17 Jun 20,5,2,Fillmore, George

Carmichael,Catherine,D,15 Feb 23,8,1,MacColl

Carmichael,Duncan,M,17 Mar 21,1,5,Campbell, Annie

Carmichael,Mary Jessie,E,29 Apr 20,5,1,Nethercott, Frederick

Carmichael,Zerena Ann,D,25 Oct 23,5,2,Smith

Carnegie,Bertrain,E,28 Jul 21,1,4,Lawson, Mary

Carnegie,David S.,P,17 Mar 21,1,5,Schweitzer

Carpenter,William,D,9 Nov 22,1,5,age 82

Carr,nee,D,16 Jun 21,5,1,Scates

Carr,nee,W,27 Sep 23,5,3,Scates

Carr,Sophie L.,M,11 Nov 20,1,6,1 Nov; Anderson, E.

Carroll,David, Mrs.,D,18 Nov 20,5,2,age 58

Carroll,David E.,E,21 Jun 23,5,1,Dennis, Flora

Carroll,David E.,M,5 Jul 23,5,2,Dennis, Flora

Carroll,John Arthur,M,12 May 21,4,2,Fenton, Frances

Carroll,Rosa Ann,D,22 Dec 21,5,1,age 35

Carroll,Sarah M.,M,19 Oct 22,5,2,Pollard, Ezra

Carroll,son of George M,B,30 Jun 21,5,4,21 Jun

Carroll,Thomas, Mrs.,D,15 Dec 21,5,2,

Carruthers,Thomas, Mrs.,D,22 Jun 22,4,2,age 32

Carson,Viola,M,7 Aug 24,8,1,Hill, Lorne

Carswell,Mary,D,6 Mar 24,5,2,age 89

Carter,Anna Thelma,B,27 Jan 21,1,6,24 Jan

Carter,Thomas,D,9 Dec 20,5,1,age 75

Carter,William,M,24 Mar 21,5,1,5 Mar; Powers, Mae

Carter,William,D,17 Mar 21,1,5,

Cascaden,Hannah,D,10 May 23,5,1,

Case,Ben,E,1 Dec 21,5,1,10 Dec; Berry, Bernice

Case,Bernita Alvirio,B,22 Mar 23,5,3,18 Mar

Casey,Benjamin,D,28 Oct 20,4,2,age 70

Casey,Nellie,D,7 Jul 21,8,1,age 49

Castleman,Edith, Mrs.,M,12 Oct 22,5,1,Hockin, Joseph

Castleman,Hilda Viola,M,24 Aug 22,1,6,Crawford, Chester

Caswell,William, Mrs.,D,8 Dec 21,5,1,

Chambers,Catherine,D,11 Nov 20,1,5,

Chant,Ellen,D,28 Jun 23,8,1,age 53

Chapin,W. James,M,4 Sep 24,5,2,Russell, Edythe

Chapin,W. James,E,7 Aug 24,5,1,Russell, Edythe

Chapman,Effie,M,8 Mar 23,5,2,28 Feb; Lunn, Gordon

Chaseley,John,A,14 Apr 21,8,1,50th

Cheeseborough,Joseph H.,D,11 Sep 24,1,5,age 54

Churcher,Walter, Mrs.,D,11 Oct 23,5,2,

Clark,Anna M.,P,26 Jan 22,5,1,Shaw

Clark,Catharine,D,22 Dec 21,1,6,McMillan

Clark,Enoch J.,D,8 Jul 20,5,2,66th year

Clark,Ethel Margaret,D,27 Nov 24,5,2,Galbraith

Clark,Herbert,E,22 Dec 21,5,2,Gaggen, Annie

Clark,Herbert,M,29 Dec 21,5,2,22 Dec; Gaggen, Annie

Clark,Herman,D,23 Jun 21,5,2,age 70

Clark,Hiram,D,7 Apr 21,1,6,69th year

Clark,James,D,25 Nov 20,5,2,about 35 years old

Clark,John H.,M,2 Dec 20,8,1,Summers, Edith

Clark,John Archie,M,3 Aug 22,5,1,Webb, Cora

Clark,Leslie J.,M,29 Dec 21,5,2,Rogers, Lois

Clark,Margaret,D,22 Jun 22,5,2,26th year

Clark,Mary Elizabeth,D,26 Jan 22,5,2,age 58

Clark,Mary Jane,D,3 Nov 21,1,6,

Clark,Mary Anne,D,15 Feb 23,5,1,28 Jan; age 95

Clark,Minnie Irene,M,15 Dec 21,5,2,Brown, Vernon

Clark,nee,D,11 Oct 23,5,2,Churcher, Walter, Mrs.

Clark,Nellie,M,21 Apr 21,1,6,14 Apr; Whalls, Frank

Clark,Robert D.,A,25 May 22,5,2,50th

Clark,Walter,D,15 Jan 20,5,2,age 79

Clarke,Andrew J.,D,30 Mar 22,1,6,

Clarke,John A.,D,24 Jan 24,5,2,14 Jan; 32nd year

Clarke,Minnie Irene,E,8 Dec 21,5,2,Brown, Vernon

Clarke,Nina Mildred,M,6 May 20,8,2,Colling, Morley, Rev.

Claus,Fred’k St. Clair,M,24 Nov 21,4,1,Lunn, Nellie

Claus,son of M. S.,B,11 Jan 23,5,4,5 Jan

Clay,Burgess,D,22 Dec 21,1,6,age 52

Clay,Clarence H.,M,5 Jan 22,5,1,Jewell, Grace

Clay,Clarence H.,E,22 Dec 21,5,2,Jewell, Grace

Clay,George W., Dr.,D,23 Sep 20,1,6,4 Sep

Clay,George W., Dr.,D,9 Sep 20,5,3,

Clay,Shirley S., Mr.,M,15 Dec 21,5,2,14 Dec; Hodder, B.

Clay,Shirley S., Mr.,E,8 Dec 21,5,2,Hodder, Bessie

Clay,Talbot,D,15 May 24,1,6,age 26

Clayton,Frederick,D,27 Mar 24,1,5,age 88

Clayton,Kenneth,D,5 Mar 20,8,1,age 48

Clemens,John A., Mrs.,D,28 Jun23,5,2,age 49

Clements,Alfred,D,10 May 23,4,2,

Clements,Edward St. Clair,B,11 Mar 20,5,3,2 Mar

Cleveland,Angelina,A,29 Jul 20,8,2,Baker

Clickner,May,M,29 May 24,4,1,20 May; Angold, L.

Coad,William,D,17 Jun 20,1,4,age 63

Coates,Verda Ruth,M,10 May 23,5,1,Selby, Thomas

Coates,Vernon,M,15 Sep 21,5,2,Kerr, Agnes

Coatsworth,Kenneth,D,8 Mar 23,5,2,

Cobean,Sarah,D,24 Jan 24,1,5,age 65

Cochrane,Cecil Edwin,B,1 Dec 21,4,1,22 Nov

Cochrane,dau of Neville J.,B,28 Oct 20,5,1,19 Oct

Cochrane,Lillian Saunders,M,29 Dec 21,5,2,22 Dec; Oliver, George

Cochrane,Lillian,P,6 Mar 24,5,1,Oliver

Cock,Albert Edward,M,24 Aug 22,1,6,16 Aug; Kendall, W.

Cock,Albert Edward,E,17 Aug 22,4,2,Kendall, Winnifred

Cole,Fred’k Gourlie,E,11 Jan 23,5,1,Rogers, Janet

Cole,Fred’k Gourlie,M,25 Jan 23,5,1,Rogers, Janet

Cole,Samuel,D,7 Apr 21,8,3,

Cole,Samuel,D,12 Jun 24,8,1,80th year

Cole,William H.,D,27 Apr 22,5,3,age 82

Colledge,Edward,D,25 Nov 20,8,3,

Colledge,William W.,M,21 Jul 21,4,1,McVicar, Annie

Colley,dau of Lee,B,27 Apr 22,5,2,25 Apr

Colley,Susan L.,D,11 Oct 23,5,3,age 83

Colling,Morley, Rev.,M,6 May 20,8,2,Clarke, Nina

Collins,Marjorie,M,8 Feb 23,5,2,31 Jan; Crehan, Wm.

Colthart,Jane,D,5 Jun 24,4,1,age 74

Colvin,Andrew, Mrs.,D,19 Jan 22,5,1,

Conn,Mary,D,4 Nov 20,5,2,age 87

Cook,dau of Roy E.,B,26 Jul 23,5,3,17 Jul

Cook,Edith Adell,M,17 Jun 20,5,2,Patterson, Daniel

Cook,Edith,D,20 Jul 22,5,2,Campbell

Cook,Emma,M,18 Oct 23,5,2,6 Oct; Smith, Wm.

Cook,son of Clarence,B,3 Jun 20,5,3,

Cook,Welbert N.,M,18 Sep 24,5,2,10 Sep; Bogart, Nora

Cooper,Hattie E.,D,11 Mar 20,5,2,

Cooper,Joseph,D,1 Jan 20,4,1,

Cooper,Kathleen Agnes,M,13 Nov 24,5,1,4 Nov; McArthur, A.

Copeland ,Elsie J.,M,9 Dec 20,5,1,25 Nov; Berry, Alfred

Cornell,Caroline,D,6 Jan 21,5,1,Ferguson

Cornett,Dr., Mrs.,D,6 Jan 21,1,5,

Cosby,David H.,D,3 Jan 24,8,1,age 76

Coulter,Eva,M,11 Nov 20,5,1,McKillop, Duncan

Coulter,Eva M.,E,4 Nov 20,8,1,McKillop, Duncan

Coulter,William G.,M,3 Jul 24,5,3,Whitelock, Sarah

Coulter,William George,E,26 Jun 24,5,1,Whitelock, Sarah

Coulter,William G.,M,10 Jul 24,5,3,Whitelock, Sarah

Coulthart,John,D,20 Jul 22,8,2,age 75

Coulthart,Robert,D,6 Dec 23,5,2,

Couse,Charles,D,28 Dec 22,4,1,age 70

Cox,Jarold,D,23 Nov 22,8,1,age 4

Crandall,Hiram,P,2 Oct 24,1,4,Currie

Crane,Catherine,W,13 May 20,5,2,Shippey

Crane,Jane,D,26 Oct 22,5,2,age 80

Craner,Florence,M,1 Mar 23,5,1,Gowanlock, David

Cransten,Robert H.,D,9 Oct 24,4,1,

Crawford,Arnold L.,M,12 Jun 24,5,2,McCallum, Mary

Crawford,Bella,W,31 May 23,1,5,Lusty

Crawford,Betsy,D,16 Aug 23,5,2,McCallum

Crawford,Chester Clarence,M,24 Aug 22,1,6,Castleman, Hilda

Crawford,Jane,D,8 Sep 21,5,2,age 80

Crawford,Jean Marie,B,26 Jan 22,5,1,11 Jan

Crawford,Neil,M,7 Dec 22,11,1,McGugan, Jessie

Crehan,Wm. H. K., Dr.,M,8 Feb 23,5,2,31 Jan; Collins, M.

Crocker,John,A,27 Apr 22,5,3,60th

Crocker,Rebecca,D,22 Mar 23,8,2,age 84

Cromwell,Clarence A. B.,D,2 Aug 23,8,1,

Cross,Thomas,D,21 Dec 22,5,2,age 71

Cross,Thomas,D,28 Dec 22,5,1,

Crowley,Dennis, Mrs.,D,10 Mar 21,5,2,

Crowley,Mary,D,3 Aug 22,4,2,age 86

Crummer,James Herbert,M,17 Apr 24,5,1,Lacey, Gertrude

Crump,George,D,20 Sep 23,5,1,age 29

Cullen,dau of F. J.,B,4 Sep 24,5,1,1 Sep

Cullen,James, Mrs.,D,2 Dec 20,5,1,age 58

Cullnan,David, Mrs.,D,28 Dec 22,4,1,18 Dec; 26th year

Cumming,Mary Montrose,B,3 May 23,5,3,30 Apr

Cummings,Freda G.,M,16 Dec 20,1,6,Ousterhout, Leroy

Curliss,George Balfour,B,4 Sep 24,5,1,26 Jul

Currie,Alex, Mrs.,D,28 Oct 20,4,2,age 91

Currie,Bessie,D,5 Jun 24,5,3,age 62

Currie,John, Rev.,D,16 Aug 23,1,6,

Currie,Mary,D,25 Mar 20,5,2,age 87

Currie,Mary,D,1 Apr 20,5,1,

Currie,Nathaniel, Mrs.,D,2 Oct 24,1,4,age 45

Currie,Peter, Rev, Mrs.,D,22 Nov 23,1,5,

Curtis,Cleva,M,6 Nov 24,5,1,Evans, Orville

Curtis,Robert,D,29 May 24,4,2,age 69

Cusack,Edith Lucille,M,4 May 22,5,2,Duncan, Kenneth

Cuthbertson,William G.,M,14 Apr 21,8,1,Buchan, Mary

Cutler,William, Mrs.,D,8 Dec 21,5,1,

Cyster,William T.,M,16 Nov 22,5,1,1 Nov; Brown, Evelyn

Dake,Luman,D,18 Dec 24,8,2,age 77

Danby,Bruce,M,29 Apr 20,1,4,21 Apr; Storms, E.

Danby,Freemont,D,25 Mar 20,8,1,

Darch,William,D,3 Jun 20,8,1,age 64

Darrach,Janet,D,14 Feb 24,8,1,

Davey,Edith Gertrude,D,25 May 22,5,1,

David,Sarah,M,11 Dec 24,8,2,Nelson, Thomas

Davidson,James, Mrs.,D,10 Jul 24,1,4,age 78

Davis,Martha,M,6 May 20,5,2,Page, Albert

Davis,Sara,D,31 Mar 21,5,1,

Dawdy,Burlington, Mrs.,D,18 Nov 20,5,2,43rd year

Dawdy,Burlington,M,19 Oct 22,5,2,Flannery, Florence

Dawdy,Hazel S.,M,20 Jan 21,5,2,Ripley, Lloyd I.

Dawdy,Hazel Saphrona,E,13 Jan 21,5,1,Ripley, Lloyd

Dawson,Isaac,D,28 Apr 21,8,3,age 79

Dawson,Oliver, Mrs.,D,8 Mar 23,1,5,age 54

Day,Chester,D,12 May 21,4,2,age 74

Dean,John A.,E,21 Sep 22,5,1,Roche, Clara

Dearborn,Louis E., Rev.,M,3 Jun 20,5,1,Lehman, Nellie

Decew,Daniel,D,7 Oct 20,5,3,1 Oct

Decew,Sarah,D,2 Feb 22,5,2,20 Jan

DeHart,Gordon,D,23 Aug 23,8,1,age 18

Delaney,Frank,D,1 Feb 23,1,4,

Dell,Maynard A.,E,20 Sep 23,5,1,Lucas, Gerda

Dell,Robert M., Mrs.,D,15 Jan 20,5,1,4 Jan; age 60

Dennis,Flora C.,M,5 Jul 23,5,2,Carroll, David

Dennis,Flora Catherine,E,21 Jun 23,5,1,Carroll, David

Dennis,Gordon, Mrs.,D,8 Jul 20,1,4,

Dennis,John H.,D,12 Aug 20,5,2,age 70

Desmond,Barbara,D,8 Nov 23,5,1,age 69

Dewar,Alex,D,12 Apr 23,5,2,age 87

Dewar,Mrs.,D,27 Jul 22,5,1,

Dicker,dau of Reginald,D,31 Jan 24,5,1,infant

Dicker,Peter William,E,27 Nov 24,5,1,Shaw, Elfretta

Dicker,Peter W.,M,4 Dec 24,5,1,Shaw, Elfretta

Dicker,Reginald,M,12 Apr 23,5,1,Shaw, Blanche

Dillmutt,son of Wm. C.,B,7 Apr 21,5,1,1 Apr

Diltz,Ezra,D,14 Dec 22,4,3,

Dimbleby,Mary Elizabeth,B,16 Aug 23,5,2,8 Aug

Dingman,Charles,D,29 Nov 23,4,1,56th year

Dingman,E., Mrs.,D,12 Apr 23,4,2,age 88

Doan,Charles O.,M,24 May 23,5,1,White, Jessie

Doan,Erastus,D,6 Sep 23,1,5,age 65

Doan,Jehiel,D,4 Dec 24,8,2,age 61

Doan,William,D,22 Feb 23,8,1,

Dobie,James,D,1 Jul 20,5,2,age 71

Dobie,John A., Mrs.,BD,24 Mar 21,1,5,82nd

Dobie,Stacia,D,12 Feb 20,5,3,about 80 years old

Dobie,William,P,19 Jan 22,1,6,Murray

Dobie,William R.,D,15 Mar 23,5,1,

Dobson,John S.,M,6 Nov 24,1,4,22 Oct; Farrell, Anna

Dodd,William,D,15 Jun 22,8,2,age 85

Doggett,Frederick,D,3 Nov 21,8,1,

Donachie,Marie Isabel,M,15 Jan 20,1,5,7 Jan; McPhail, E.

Donnelly,Leo,M,13 Nov 24,5,2,1 Nov; Murison, E.

Dooley,Margaret,D,25 Dec 24,5,2,83rd year

Doolittle,Kathleen,D,14 Feb 24,5,2,McCrimmon

Douglas,Alex,D,10 Nov 21,4,1,age 85

Douglas,Charles,M,23 Mar 22,5,3,8 Mar; Dubs, Alma

Douglas,Nellie,E,25 Nov 20,5,1,Milligan, Herbert

Douglas,Nellie,M,2 Dec 20,5,1,Milligan, Herbert

Douglas,Thomas,D,5 Feb 20,5,1,age 78

Dow,Lorne Edward Willey,B,16 Sep 20,5,4,4 Sep

Dowler,Lillian,M,3 Apr 24,1,5,Nethercott, Ernest

Down,Emmanuel,D,9 Jun 21,4,1,age 78

Down,J. W., Mrs.,D,16 Dec 20,1,6,

Down,Robert,D,25 Nov 20,8,3,92nd year

Down,Samuel W.,D,12 Jun 24,8,1,age 77

Down,son of Arch,B,19 May 21,5,2,18 May

Downie,Charles,D,18 Mar 20,8,1,age 47

Downie,R. Roy,M,9 Dec 20,8,1,Trestain, Florence

Downie,Robert,M,3 Jul 24,8,2,McLarty, Mildred

Dowswell,Annie,D,23 Sep 20,5,1,

Doyle,Eldridge, Mrs.,D,1 Jul 20,5,1,

Doyle,Ila Irene,D,8 Jul 20,4,1,

Doyle,John R., Mrs.,D,9 Nov 22,1,5,

Doyle,Mary,D,2 Nov 22,5,3,age 82

Doyle,Peter,M,15 Jun 22,5,1,McDonald, Bessie

Drake,Hazel Irene,M,24 Jun 20,4,2,Hamilton, Adam

Drake,Mary,D,6 Nov 24,4,2,age 87

Drake,William,D,19 Jul 23,5,2,87th year

Drinkwater,Amelia,D,6 Mar 24,5,1,

Driver,Thomas E.,D,13 May 20,4,2,age 31

Dubes,John,D,12 Jun 24,1,5,age 76

Dubrick,dau of Charles,B,15 Jul 20,5,3,9 Jul

Dubs,Alma,M,23 Mar 22,5,3,8 Mar; Douglas, C.

Dubs,Henry,D,13 Jan 21,1,6,46th year

Dubs,Martin,D,4 May 22,1,5,age 80

Dubs,Robert J.,M,14 Apr 21,8,1,Wright, Mary

Dummer,William Elmer,M,23 Sep 20,1,6,18 Sep; Avery, M.

Duncan,Kenneth N.,M,4 May 22,5,2,Cusack, Edith

Duncan,Margaret,D,18 Mar 20,5,2,73rd year

Duncanson,Alexander,M,1 Sep 21,1,6,17 Aug; Graham, C.

Duncanson,Elizabeth Jane,D,21 Apr 21,5,2,Orchard

Dunn,Charles,D,20 Sep 23,8,1,

Dunsmore,Myra,D,10 Jan 24,8,1,

Durham,Winnifred,M,3 Feb 21,5,2,26 Jan; Gow, Duff B.

Durham,Winnifred,D,2 Nov 22,5,2,Gow

Durnin,Vera Barbara,M,25 Aug 21,5,2,McNabb, Allan

Dyell,Isaac,D,15 Nov 23,1,5,age 76

Dykes,Elizabeth,D,8 Jul 20,1,4,

Dykes,James M.,D,8 Mar 23,5,2,about 75 years old

Dymock,Daniel,M,12 Jan 22,8,1,24 Dec 21; Allison, L.

Dymond,Nellie,D,25 May 22,1,4,Holmes

Early,Catherine,D,2 Aug 23,5,2,McIntyre

Eastman,Isabella,D,28 Oct 20,4,2,age 63

Eaton,Philip,D,4 Dec 24,5,2,age 81

Eaton,William, Mrs.,D,31 Jul 24,5,2,age 74

Ecker,Chester Morley,D,17 Feb 21,5,1,

Ecker,Marril,D,23 Dec 20,1,5,age 34

Ecker,Myrtle M., Mrs.,M,24 Mar 21,5,1,10 Mar; Mousette, H.

Eddie,Hazel Jean,M,8 Nov 23,1,5,McKellar, Donald

Eden,Maria,D,25 Jan 23,1,4,78th year

Edgeworth,Lemon,D,27 Jan 21,8,1,

Edkins,John,D,9 Nov 22,1,4,age 91

Edmunds,George Lovell,E,25 Aug 21,5,1,MacIntyre, Bertha

Edmunds,George Lovell,M,8 Sep 21,5,1,MacIntyre, Bertha

Edmunds,Gertrude,D,5 Feb 20,5,3,28 Jan; on 26th birthday

Edwards,Sarah,D,9 Feb 22,1,5,age 88

Efner,Carl,D,28 Apr 21,8,1,

Eilber,Merna,M,24 Jul 24,5,2,Routledge, Maida

Elcoat,Muriel Estelle,E,17 Aug 22,4,2,Glanfield, W. J.

Elcoat,Muriel Estelle,M,31 Aug 22,5,1,23 Aug; Glanfield, W J

Elliott,Everett Victor,E,31 May 23,5,1,Kelso, Donelia

Elliott,Forrest L.,M,15 Apr 20,1,4,Ripley, Freeda

Elliott,Fred’k Clinton,M,28 Sep 22,5,1,9 Aug; Mann, Helen

Elliott,Harry Frederick,B,23 Oct 24,5,2,16 Oct

Elliott,Jane,D,6 Jan 21,1,6,24 Dec 20; 82nd year

Ellis,Amos,D,23 Mar 22,5,2,age 78

Ellis,Harold,M,2 Dec 20,5,1,Scoyne, Hazel

Ellison,Hannah,D,25 Mar 20,5,2,Urquhart

Ellison,Hiram, Mrs.,D,18 May 22,5,2,33rd year

Ellison,James, Mrs.,D,12 Apr 23,4,2,58th year

Ellsworth,Mary Elizabeth,D,17 Feb 21,5,2,Howell

Else,Robert, Mrs.,D,16 Mar 22,1,6,age 96

Erb,Mildred Margaret,M,3 Jun 20,5,1,Ford, Arthur

Erb,Mildred Margaret,M,27 May 20,5,1,Ford, Arthur

Ermatinger,Charles O.,D,22 Dec 21,4,2,age 71

Erskine,Daniel, Mrs.,D,27 Dec 23,5,2,58th year

Evans,Harold,M,30 Jun 21,5,2,Bowlby, Grace

Evans,Marguerite Pearl,D,31 Jul 24,5,1,23 Jul

Evans,Orville,M,6 Nov 24,5,1,Curtis, Cleva

Evans,Sarah,D,8 Feb 23,5,1,Schultz

Evans,son of Leonard,B,24 Jan 24,5,1,18 Jan

Evans,Vera,E,14 Aug 24,5,2,Roberts, Bert

Fallick,William,D,20 Oct 21,4,1,age 79

Farley,John,D,15 Jul 20,1,6,83rd year

Farr,Samuel D.,D,20 Jan 21,4,2,

Farrah,William, Mrs.,D,3 Feb 21,5,2,age 77

Farrah,William,D,15 Sep 21,8,1,age 85

Farrell,Anna,M,6 Nov 24,1,4,22 Oct; Dobson, John

Fassel,Elgin G.,E,25 Mar 20,8,1,Miller, Clara

Faulds,Gladys Alma,M,21 Jun 23,5,3,14 Jun; McCallum, A.

Faulkner,John, Mrs.,D,25 Sep 24,5,1,age 86

Fegan,Arthur,M,23 Nov 22,5,2,McGugan, Flo

Fenton,Frances Mary,M,12 May 21,4,2,Carroll, John

Ferguson,Albert, Mrs.,D,8 Dec 21,1,4,age 65

Ferguson,Annie C.,M,8 May 24,1,5,26 Apr; Learn, Norton

Ferguson,Caroline,D,6 Jan 21,5,1,age 82

Ferguson,Charles D.,D,17 Jun 20,8,1,

Ferguson,Duncan C.,D,12 Apr 23,4,2,age 66

Ferguson,Emily,D,1 Dec 21,4,1,age 70

Ferguson,Isabel,D,11 Jan 23,8,1,age 80

Ferguson,John D., Mrs.,D,1 Feb 23,1,4,age 64

Ferguson,John,D,4 Sep 24,1,6,

Ferguson,Peter, Mrs.,D,24 Jul 24,8,1,

Ferguson,Robert, Mrs.,D,16 Aug 23,5,1,

Ferguson,Sarah,D,27 Nov 24,1,5,

Fillmore,George G.,M,17 Jun 20,5,2,Cape, Myrtle

Fillmore,George G.,E,3 Jun 20,5,2,Cape, Myrtle

Fillmore,nee,D,21 Jun 23,5,3,Mateer, Charles, Mrs.

Finlayson,John Allan,M,2 Oct 24,5,1,McLeod, Anna

Finlayson,Phoebe,D,18 Mar 20,5,1,about 60 years old

Fitchitt,Ernest W.,M,31 Jan 24,5,1,25 Dec; McFarlane, E.

Fitzgerald,Mary,D,13 Apr 22,5,2,88th year

Fitzpatrick,James,D,17 Jul 24,5,3,age 74

Fitzpatrick,John,D,16 Aug 23,4,1,age 55

Flagg,George,M,1 Dec 21,5,2,30 Nov; McGregor, B.

Flannery,Florence,M,19 Oct 22,5,2,Dawdy, Burlington

Fletcher,Archibald D.,M,20 Oct 21,1,5,McAlpine, Minnie

Fletcher,Catherine,A,25 May 22,5,2,Clark

Fletcher,Donald,D,10 Feb 21,5,1,age 68

Fletcher,Elizabeth,D,3 Jun 20,1,6,

Fletcher,William,D,23 Mar 22,5,2,89th year

Fletcher,William,D,30 Mar 22,5,1,

Flintoft,George,M,1 Jun 22,5,2,Munro, Alma

Forbes,A.,D,4 Jan 23,8,1,

Forbes,David,D,20 Mar 24,1,5,age 95

Forbes,John,D,28 Apr 21,5,1,age 42

Ford,Arthur W.,M,27 May 20,5,1,Erb, Mildred

Ford,Arthur W.,M,3 Jun 20,5,1,Erb, Mildred

Ford,Edith Marie,B,2 Jun 21,4,2,7 May; twins

Ford,Elsie Mildred,B,2 Jun 21,4,2,7 May; twins

Ford,James E.,D,4 May 22,5,2,58th year

Ford,John,D,27 May 20,5,2,61st year

Ford,Lola Irene,B,13 Mar 24,5,1,7 Feb

Ford,Norman Roy,M,31 Jan 24,5,1,30 Jan; McMurchy, J.

Ford,Phoebe Jean,M,1 Apr 20,5,2,10 Mar; Gilbert, John

Ford,Ronald William,B,15 Dec 21,1,6,25 Nov

Ford,Sadie,M,19 Aug 20,5,2,4 Aug; Browning, E.

Ford,Walter,M,29 Mar 23,5,1,14 Mar; Webster, M.

Ford,William, Mrs.,D,25 Jan 23,1,4,

Fordham,Elmer Lynn,E,19 Apr 23,5,1,Knight, Thelma

Forsyth,Velma Irene,M,9 Sep 20,8,1,25 Aug; Campbell, L.

Forsythe,W. H.,D,19 Aug 20,8,3,

Foster,Margaret,D,5 Mar 20,5,2,28 Feb

Fountain,Gordon L.,E,16 Aug 23,5,1,Spearing, Minnie

Fountain,Gordon L.,M,30 Aug 23,5,2,Spearing, Minnie

Fountain,Isabel June,B,18 Sep 24,5,1,14 Sep

Fowler,Jacob,D,5 May 21,1,6,age 87

France,E. J.,M,30 Jun 21,1,6,McPhail, Margaret

Francis,Frances,D,18 Jan 23,5,1,

Fraser,Ann,D,11 Aug 21,5,2,78th year

Fredericks,Adeline,M,4 Jan 23,5,1,Robbins, John

Free,William,D,5 Jan 22,5,2,76th year

Freele,Jean,D,26 Jan 22,1,5,38th year

French,Hazel Maria,M,5 Jul 23,5,2,28 Jun; Trothen, Wm.

Frewing,Albert,M,20 Oct 21,8,1,McPhail, Maude

Froggett,Jessie B.,M,15 Jun 22,5,1,Reid, Leonard

Fulton,George,D,6 Nov 24,8,3,age 75

Fulton,John A.,D,25 May 22,1,6,

Furnace,Thomas E.,D,13 Mar 24,5,2,

Futcher,Frankie Violet,D,27 May 20,4,1,Begg

Futcher,J. N., Mrs.,D,3 Jun 20,5,1,

Futcher,J. Robinson,M,1 Nov 23,1,6,Horton, Dorothy

Futcher,W. T.,D,16 Feb 22,8,3,

Gage,Harry H.,D,10 Nov 21,5,1,age 78

Gage,Harry,D,17 Nov 21,5,1,74th year

Gaggen,Annie,E,22 Dec 21,5,2,Clark, Herbert

Gaggen,Annie,M,29 Dec 21,5,2,22 Dec; Clark, Herbert

Galbraith,Duncan,D,20 May 20,5,2,73rd year

Galbraith,Hector, Mrs.,D,27 Nov 24,5,2,

Galbraith,Neil A.,D,1 Nov 23,1,5,23 Oct

Galbraith,Sarah,D,9 Mar 22,5,1,age 76

Galbraith,W. A., Mrs.,D,25 Oct 23,5,2,51styear

Ganslee,O. Bacon,D,27 Jan 21,5,1,

Garbutt,Robert G.,D,5 Mar 20,5,2,25 Feb; 53rd year

Garbutt,Thomas,D,14 Jul 21,5,2,6 Jul; 58th year

Garney,Edward,M,26 Apr 23,1,4,17 Apr; McGahan, N.

Garnsey,Eliza,D,18 Sep 24,1,4,Hunter

Garrett,Catherine,D,31 Aug 22,1,6,Lynch

Gartlan,Elizabeth ,M,28 Jun 23,5,2,21 Jun; Kirkland, S.

Gartlan,Michael,D,31 Jul 24,5,2,

Garton,William L.,E,4 Nov 20,8,1,Terry, E. Helen

George,William J.,M,4 Jan 23,5,1,McRae, Alberta

Germaine,Samuel,M,27 Mar 24,5,1,19 Mar; Robbins, C.

German,William J.,D,9 Nov 22,1,5,age 72

Gervis,dau of Thomas,B,26 Oct 22,4,1,12 Oct

Gibb,Joseph,M,29 Jan 20,8,1,Schneckenburger, M.

Giddy,George N.,D,3 May 23,5,2,age 44

Giddy,William H., Mrs,D,7 Jun 23,5,1,70th year

Giddy,William H.,D,15 May 24,5,2,age 77

Gifford,Alice Margaret,E,22 Jan 20,5,1,Blue, Archie

Gifford,James R.,D,14 Dec 22,5,1,

Gilbert,Ann J.,D,29 Mar 23,5,2,Gilroy

Gilbert,Charles Stanley,E,2 Aug 23,5,1,Balkwill, Mabel

Gilbert,George Russell,B,5 Jan 22,5,4,28 Dec 1921

Gilbert,Hazel Ivey,E,25 Oct 23,5,1,Irwin, J. Kemp

Gilbert,Hazel,M,1 Nov 23,5,2,Irwin, J. Kemp

Gilbert,John W.,M,1 Apr 20,5,2,10 Mar; Ford, Phoebe

Gilbert,Marion,M,16 Mar 22,5,1,O’Malley, Anthony

Gilbert,Pamelia,D,26 Oct 22,1,4,age 77

Gilbert,Richard Francis Ardagh,D,10 Jan 24,5,2,

Gilbert,son of R. R.,B,30 Aug 23,5,3,24 Aug

Gilbert,Walter, Mrs.,D,7 Sep 22,5,1,

Gilbert,Walter, Mrs.,D,31 Aug 22,5,2,72nd year

Giles,A., Miss,D,4 Nov 20,8,1,age 22

Gill,Caroline,D,26 Apr 23,5,1,19 Apr; 72nd year

Gill,John,D,15 Apr 20,5,1,age 64

Gillan,William A.,D,7 Jul 21,8,1,age 71

Gillard,Reginald,D,28 Sep 22,5,1,

Gillespie,William,D,3 Aug 22,5,1,30 Jul; age 73

Gillett,Lorenzo D.,D,14 Jun 23,5,3,age 70

Gillett,Margaret D.,M,4 May 22,8,1,Campbell, James

Gillies,Anna Bell,D,29 Sep 21,1,5,

Gillies,Dan,M,20 Apr 22,1,5,5 Apr; Page, Susie

Gillies,Donald,D,29 Apr 20,1,5,age 93

Gillies,Isabella,D,28 Jun 23,8,1,McKillop

Gillies,Jessie,M,4 Jan 23,5,1,Campbell, Warren

Gillies,Sarah Tillie,M,16 Mar 22,1,5,2 Mar; Morden, Francis

Gillies,Stella,M,18 Nov 20,1,5,Patterson, Arthur

Gilmore,A. Frederick,M,21 Oct 20,4,1,4 Oct; Hoover, Velma

Gilroy,Ann J.,D,29 Mar 23,5,2,age 44

Gilroy,Morley P.,M,1 Apr 20,5,2,Patterson, Sarah

Gilroy,Stephen,D,2 Mar 22,5,2,age 78

Ginley,Clara Agnes,M,8 Mar 23,5,2,Langlois, Frank

Glance,Charles H.,D,1 Sep 21,5,2,age 62

Glanfield,W. J., Dr.,M,31 Aug 22,5,1,23 Aug; Elcoat, M.

Glanfield,W. J.,E,17 Aug 22,4,2,Elcoat, Muriel

Glasgow,Watler, Mrs.,D,6 May 20,5,3,age 76

Gledhill,Samuel,D,10 Jun 20,1,6,66th year

Goff,Amanda H.,M,13 Jan 21,1,6,McGregor, William

Goff,Hazel May,M,17 Jun 20,8,1,McGregor, D. H.

Goff,John,P,27 Oct 21,1,5,Graham

Going,A. R.,D,8 May 24,1,5,age 55

Goldrich,Maria,D,20 Nov 24,5,1,age 84

Good,dau of Ernest,B,15 Feb 23,5,1,10 Feb

Good,Ernest,M,23 Mar 22,5,1,Walker, Ada

Goodwin,Augusta,D,6 Jan 21,1,5,age 71

Gordon,James S.,D,26 Jan 22,1,5,age 55

Gordon,Margaret A.,M,12 Aug 20,4,2,4 Aug; McLachlan, A.

Gordon,Robert,D,7 Aug 24,5,1,

Gordon,Stanley,D,7 Jul 21,8,1,age 5

Gosnell,Delmar,M,25 May 22,5,1,McCallum, Jeanette

Gosnell,Delmer,E,18 May 22,5,1,McCallum, Jeanette

Gosnell,James,P,8 Dec 21,1,4,Ferguson

Gould,John, Mrs.,D,13 Oct 21,4,1,

Gow,Duff B.,M,3 Feb 21,5,2,26 Jan; Durham, W.

Gow,Duff, Mrs.,D,2 Nov 22,5,2,

Gow,Duff, Mrs.,D,9 Nov 22,5,2,30 Oct

Gow,Peter,D,19 May 21,5,2,age 71

Gowan,George,D,31 May 23,5,2,65th year

Gowanlock,David,M,1 Mar 23,5,1,Craner, Florence

Graham,Andrew,D,3 Mar 21,5,3,

Graham,Anna May,M,29 Jun 22,1,4,17 Jun; Munro, D.

Graham,Archie,D,20 Mar 24,5,3,age 27

Graham,Bessie,D,9 Nov 22,5,2,age 61

Graham,Bessie,D,16 Nov 22,5,1,

Graham,Clarice,M,1 Sep 21,1,6,17 Aug; Duncanson, A.

Graham,Daniel,D,6 Jan 21,5,2,

Graham,dau of James,B,27 Apr 22,5,2,19 Apr

Graham,Dugald,D,14 Aug 24,5,2,about 68 years old

Graham,Earl A.,M,17 Aug 22,1,6,Holland, Violet

Graham,Flo Anne,E,29 Mar 23,5,1,Lodge, William

Graham,Isabella,D,1 Jan 20,5,2,77th year

Graham,J. D., Mrs.,D,20 Jul 22,5,1,

Graham,John C.,D,14 Apr 21,5,2,age 78

Graham,John G., Mrs.,D,13 Jul 22,5,1,

Graham,John, Mrs.,D,27 Oct 21,1,5,

Graham,John O.,M,10 Jan 24,5,1,Kirkwood, Sadie

Graham,L. D., Dr.,D,8 Feb 23,5,2,

Graham,Lollie May,B,25 Aug 21,5,2,

Graham,Lollie May,D,22 Sep 21,5,1,infant dau of W. A.

Graham,Lorne B., Dr.,D,1 Feb 23,5,2,about 37 years old

Graham,Malcolm G., Dr,M,24 Feb 21,4,1,Grant, Jean

Graham,Maribelle,M,20 Jan 21,5,2,Love, Russell

Graham,Mary,D,5 Apr 23,5,2,Pollard

Graham,Mary,D,11 Dec 24,5,2,McCormick

Graham,Moses W.,A,25 Dec 24,5,1,50th

Graham,Nancy,D,8 Nov 23,5,2,Kerr

Graham,son of St. Clair,B,2 Jun 21,4,2,28 May

Graham,Winnifred,M,13 Jan 21,5,1,1 Jan; Yeats, Finlay

Graney,Dorothy,D,9 Mar 22,5,1,age 23

Graney,Elizabeth,D,17 Mar 21,1,5,age 28

Grant,Charles,D,29 Jan 20,8,1,age 56

Grant,Jean,M,24 Feb 21,4,1,Graham, Malcolm

Grant,Thomas, Mrs.,D,3 Nov 21,8,1,age 96

Graves,I. W.,E,10 Feb 21,5,1,McNaughton, Gladys

Graves,Nellie Olena,M,12 Jun 24,5,2,Neal, William

Gray,Angus, Mrs.,D,17 Jul 24,5,3,age 88

Gray,Margaret,M,15 Jun 22,4,3,Newton, George

Gray,Rheta Georgia,M,17 Jul 24,5,2,Affleck, William

Gray,Robert,D,21 Sep 22,5,2,

Gray,William,D,22 Sep 21,8,1,age 80

Green,Carrie,D,6 Apr 22,1,4,

Green,Josie Lorene,M,12 Apr 23,5,1,Kerr, Donald

Green,Josie Lorene,E,5 Apr 23,5,1,Kerr, Donald

Green,Margaret Rose,B,1 Mar 23,5,2,22 Feb

Green,Reginald Harold,B,20 Jan 21,1,3,17 Jan

Gregory,William L.,D,15 May 24,8,1,age 79

Grey,Archie A., Mrs.,D,21 Feb 24,8,1,

Grey,Henry,D,25 Dec 24,1,6,age 29

Grey,son of Arthur,B,13 Mar 24,5,1,9 Mar

Griffin,Thomas,D,11 Nov 20,5,1,

Griffin,Thomas,D,4 Nov 20,5,2,

Grisdale,Isabella,D,20 Sep 23,5,2,71st year

Grisdale,Wilfred, Mrs.,D,27 Sep 23,5,1,

Griswold,Jean Catherine,M,7 Jul 21,4,1,29 Jun; Black, Keith

Griswold,Marg’t Minerva,M,19 Oct 22,5,2,Webster, William R.

Griswold,Minerva,D,2 Aug 23,1,6,Hodge

Groom,J. A.,A,27 Dec 23,5,1,24 Dec; 50th

Groom,John A.,D,6 Nov 24,4,2,73rd year

Grout,Isabella,D,19 Aug 20,8,3,age 79

Gunn,Helen,D,31 Mar 21,5,2,age 93

Gunn,Helen,D,7 Apr 21,5,1,

Gunn,Jane,D,6 Jan 21,1,6,Elliott

Gunn,Mary,D,6 Jan 21,1,6,Sutherland

Gunning,John,D,7 Aug 24,8,1,age 88

Gustin,E. W., Dr.,D,29 Jan 20,1,6,86th year

Hagan,Thomas,D,10 Jun 20,1,5,

Haggarty,Daniel,D,16 Dec 20,1,6,

Haig,Allister P.,M,11 Aug 21,5,2,McKillop, Jessie

Haig,dau of Allister P,B,5 Jun 24,5,2,1 Jun

Haig,Georgina,W,21 Feb 24,4,1,Jowsey

Haines,George W.,D,22 Dec 21,8,2,

Haines,Maggie,M,23 Dec 20,5,1,Thompson, Charles

Haines,William, Mrs.,D,31 May 23,1,5,age 72

Hales,H. J.,A,2 Jun 21,5,2,25th

Hales,John,D,31 Jul 24,1,6,age 77

Hales,William,M,4 Oct 23,5,1,Wilkie, Mary

Hales,William,D,1 May 24,5,2,84th year

Hall,Martha J.,D,17 Jun 20,5,1,Mills

Halpin,Hazel Velma,M,12 Aug 20,4,2,Martelle, Ezra

Halpin,Hazel Velma,M,19 Aug 20,5,2,10 Aug; Martelle, Ezra

Hamil,Sophia,D,1 Jan 20,4,1,age 87

Hamilton,Adam J.,M,24 Jun 20,4,2,Drake, Hazel

Hamilton,Betsy,D,5 Jan 22,4,3,Leverington

Hamilton,James,P,13 Jul 22,5,1,Graham

Haney,Harold,D,16 Aug 23,1,5,age 22

Hanley,Beatrice,M,27 Sep 23,4,2,Mistele, Russell

Hanley,Michael J.,M,6 Jul 22,1,6,Campbell, Mary I.

Hardacker,Nattie Jean,D,21 Apr 21,5,4,age 9

Hardy,Lily,M,19 Jun 24,5,1,Watterworth, Frank

Hare,Jane,D,9 Nov 22,5,1,

Harris,Ella,D,26 Feb 20,4,2,Robinson

Harris,Jean,M,19 Aug 20,5,2,Hockin, Eugene

Harris,Mary Margaret,M,30 Sep 20,1,5,McPhail, John

Harris,Mary Margaret,E,16 Sep 20,1,5,McPhail, John

Harrison,Kenneth,M,27 Mar 24,5,2,Brown, Edythe

Harrison,Sarah A.,D,22 Dec 21,8,2,age 69

Harrison,Thomas,D,7 Dec 22,14,1,

Hart,Albert, Mrs.,D,18 Jan 23,4,1,

Hart,Alfred, Mrs.,D,2 Jun 21,5,2,84th year

Harvey,Marshall T.,D,15 Feb 23,8,1,age 72

Hathaway,Charles,D,26 Oct 22,8,1,age 32

Hathaway,Norris,M,4 May 22,5,1,25 Apr; Roberts, L.

Hathaway,son of George,B,21 Apr 21,5,2,9 Apr

Hatton,John,D,5 Jun 24,5,2,age 70

Hauser,John M.,D,14 Apr 21,4,1,age 74

Hauser,John S.,E,26 May 21,8,1,Weigand, Gertrude

Hauser,John, Mrs.,D,13 Sep 23,1,5,74th year

Haviland,John, Mrs.,D,13 Dec 23,4,3,

Haviland,Mary,W,26 Jan 22,5,2,Johnston

Hawkins,dau of Rev. W.B.,B,24 Jun 20,5,2,19 Jun

Hawkins,dau of W. B.,B,9 Feb 22,5,1,1 Feb

Hawkins,J. C.,D,29 Jan 20,1,5,

Hawkins,son of Rev. WB,B,17 Jul 24,5,1,12 Jul

Haycroft,George,D,12 Jun 24,5,1,age 68

Hayden,Irene Isabel,D,25 Aug 20,5,4,age 8

Hayes,Arta,M,9 Jun 21,5,2,1 Jun; Johnson, Angus

Hays,Pearl,E,5 Mar 20,5,1,Beer, Lorne

Heard,Robert,D,29 Jul 20,8,2,age 87

Heard,Robert S.,D,7 Aug 24,8,1,

Heard,Samuel, Mrs.,D,23 Mar 22,1,6,age 59

Heard,Thomas, Mrs.,D,28 Dec 22,4,1,age 74

Heard,William,D,22 Feb 23,8,1,

Heidt,Christie,W,12 May 21,8,1,Nichols

Henderson,Gordon D.,M,1 May 24,1,6,16 Apr; Shoemaker, C.

Henderson,Herbert,E,8 Sep 21,1,3,Higgs, Kate

Hepburn,Mitchell,D,19 Oct 22,1,4,age 84

Hepburn,Robert W.,D,13 May 20,8,1,age 66

Hertel,Annie L.,D,9 Oct 24,5,2,age 85

Hickey,Timothy,D,15 Apr 20,1,6,

Hicks,Gilbert E.,E,20 Mar 24,5,1,McLean, Vera

Higgs,Kate Irene,E,8 Sep 21,1,3,Henderson, Herbert

Hildebrand,John,D,7 Apr 21,8,3,age 86

Hill,Arundel C.,D,25 Aug 21,1,6,

Hill,Ila,D,5 Mar 20,5,2,age 37

Hill,Lorne D.,M,7 Aug 24,8,1,Carson, Viola

Hill,nee,D,3 Feb 21,5,2,Farrah

Hill,Sarah A.,D,8 Sep 21,5,2,Sutton

Hill,William,D,9 Sep 20,5,2,age 62

Hillman,William J.,D,29 Jun 22,4,1,74th year

Hinds,Boyd,M,13 May 20,5,1,3 May; McKillop, Etta

Hinman,Eilene Louise,M,16 Nov 22,5,1,28 Oct; Mann, H. G.

Hobbs,William H.,D,19 Oct 22,1,4,age 71

Hockin,Bertha Beatrice,M,3 Jul 24,5,2,Ryley, Edmund

Hockin,Eugene,M,19 Aug 20,5,2,Harris, Jean

Hockin,John,D,10 Apr 24,5,2,64th year

Hockin,Joseph T.,M,12 Oct 22,5,1,Castleman, Edith, Mrs.

Hockin,son of Eugene,B,19 Apr 23,5,3,15 Apr

Hodder,Alice Maud,E,27 May 20,5,1,Wilson, Frank

Hodder,Alice Maud,M,24 Jun 20,5,2,Wilson, Frank

Hodder,Bessie,M,15 Dec 21,5,2,14 Dec; Clay, S.

Hodder,Bessie,E,8 Dec 21,5,2,Clay, Shirley, Mr.

Hodder,Hazel Irene,E,14 Aug 24,5,2,Waters, P. J.

Hodder,Olive E.,M,13 Mar 24,5,1,6 Mar; Savigney, Percy

Hodge,Blanche P.,D,31 Mar 21,8,4,7th year

Hodge,Fred, Mrs.,D,2 Aug 23,1,6,age 56

Hodge,Maria Caroline,D,10 Jul 24,5,1,Woods

Hogg,Garnet,M,24 Apr 24,1,5,Lalonde, Ada

Holland,Joseph K.,D,27 Dec 23,4,2,age 56

Holland,Thomas,D,15 Feb 23,8,1,age 77

Holland,Violet Blanche,M,17 Aug 22,1,6,Graham, Earl

Hollingshead,Annie,D,16 Feb 22,5,2,McLachlin

Hollingshead,Elva,E,7 Jul 21,5,3,Remnant, Stanley

Hollingshead,Elva,M,25 Aug 21,5,2,Remnant, Stanley J. R.

Hollingshead,Henry, Mrs.,D,3 Apr 24,5,2,78th year

Hollingshead,Mary,D,10 Apr 24,5,1,

Holman,Stella May,M,22 May 24,5,2,6 May; Robinson, Hugh

Holmes,Nellie,D,25 May 22,1,4,age 47

Holt,Ernest W.,D,8 Jul 20,4,1,

Hood,Gideon,D,24 Mar 21,5,1,age 79

Hooley,Elizabeth,D,31 Aug 22,5,2,age 71

Hoover,Velma,M,21 Oct 20,4,1,4 Oct; Gilmore, A. F.

Hopkins,George G.,D,5 Mar 20,8,1,

Hopkins,Ila Irene,D,8 Jul 20,4,1,Doyle

Hopkins,Ila,D,1 Jul 20,5,1,Doyle

Hornall,Mary,D,16 Dec 20,5,1,

Horne,Sarah,D,16 Dec 20,5,3,Bedford

Horton,Blake, Mrs.,D,26 Jun 24,4,3,

Horton,Dorothy,M,1 Nov 23,1,6,Futcher, J. Robinson

Horton,Ida,D,25 Aug 20,5,2,age 33

Hough,Thomas,D,25 Jan 23,1,4,age 68

House,Clarence, Mrs.,D,18 Oct 23,4,2,80th year

House,George,D,5 May 21,5,3,age 79

House,Henry,D,6 May 20,1,5,

Housely,Annie Ada,M,29 Apr 20,5,2,Bogart, John

Howe,Ada Irene,M,23 Dec 20,1,4,9 Dec; Reycraft, C.

Howe,George,M,23 Dec 20,1,4,Leitch, Mary

Howell,Elisha, Mrs.,D,17 Feb 21,5,2,76th year

Howell,Elisha,D,30 Mar 22,5,2,age 73

Howse,Barnum, Mrs.,D,16 Mar 22,1,6,age 79

Huffman,Cornelius,M,27 Apr 22,5,3,19 Apr; McLean, Mary

Huffman,John, Mrs.,D,3 Apr 24,1,5,age 69

Hughes,David J., Mrs.,D,5 Jun 24,4,1,

Hughes,George,D,8 Jan 20,8,1,

Hughes,Hector F., Mrs.,D,7 Oct 20,5,2,73rd year

Hull,Walter H.,M,11 May 22,5,1,3 May; Brown, Bernice

Humphrey,Flossie V.,M,9 Nov 22,4,3,McLennan, Frederick

Humphries,Daniel, Mrs.,D,8 Mar 23,5,2,age 57

Humphries,Daniel,M,20 Dec 23,8,1,Rippon, Mary

Humphries,Daniel, Mrs.,D,1 Mar 23,8,1,

Humphries,Elizabeth,D,19 Jul 23,8,1,age 93

Humphries,Emily,E,1 Dec 21,5,1,McKellar, James

Humphries,Emily,M,15 Dec 21,5,2,7 Dec; McKellar, J.

Humphries,Gladys Lerena,M,13 Jan 21,5,1,Pangborn, Charles

Humphries,Marguerite Gertrude,M,29 Dec 21,5,2,Wight, Edwin

Humphries,Marguerite Gertrude,E,22 Dec 21,5,2,Wight, Edwin Oliver

Humphries,Ralph,D,24 Nov 21,5,1,72nd year

Hunsberger,Euphemia,D,12 May 21,5,1,age 62

Hunt,Agnes,D,19 Apr 23,1,6,age 79

Hunt,Edith H.,M,22 Apr 20,5,2,VanNorman, Daniel

Hunt,Leslie George,M,6 Dec 23,8,1,28 Nov; McGugan, D.

Hunt,Nathan,D,31 Mar 21,8,4,age 81

Hunter,Eliza,D,18 Sep 24,1,4,93rd year

Huntley,W. C., Mrs.,D,20 Mar 24,1,5,age 86

Hurdle,Norman,D,12 Feb 20,1,5,

Husser,Verna B.,M,13 Mar 24,5,1,Uther, E. C.

Huston,Carolina,D,8 Apr 20,4,2,Parrott

Huston,Jacob A.,D,5 Mar 20,1,4,

Hutchins,James,D,2 Oct 24,8,2,age 64

Hutchinson,Alfred M.,D,14 Feb 24,8,1,age 79

Hutton,William, Mrs.,D,18 Oct 23,5,3,

Hutton,William, Mrs.,D,18 Oct 23,5,1,48th year

Hyde,Carmon Gifford McSherry,M,20 Nov 24,5,1,McArthur, Annie

Hynd,Thomas,D,11 May 22,1,5,age 61

Hyndman,Alex, Mrs.,D,2 Feb 22,1,5,age 70

Ibbitson,Thomas,D,15 Feb 23,5,3,age 78

Ibbitson,Thomas,D,22 Feb 23,5,1,

Irish,William V.,D,1 Feb 23,5,1,age 37

Irvine,Robert W.,D,15 Dec 21,5,2,age 59

Irwin,J. Kemp,E,25 Oct 23,5,1,Gilbert, Hazel

Irwin,J. Kemp,M,1 Nov 23,5,2,Gilbert, Hazel

Irwin,nee,D,18 Oct 23,4,2,House, Clarence, Mrs.

Jackson,Arthur,D,6 Apr 22,8,1,age 19

Jackson,Bella,D,8 Apr 20,5,2,about 50 years old

Jackson,Charles F.,D,30 Aug 23,1,5,age 57

Jackson,Joseph,D,22 Mar 23,5,1,

Jackson,Martha,D,30 Nov 22,1,5,age 73

Jacques,dau of Thomas,B,20 Sep 23,5,3,14 Sep

Jamieson,Ada Blanche,M,23 Mar 22,1,6,Moore, Glen L.

Jamieson,Ada Blanche,M,6 Apr 22,8,1,Moore, Glen L.

Jamieson,Herbert J.,E,16 Jun 21,1,4,23 Jun; Sutherland, J.

Jamieson,Herbert James,M,7 Jul 21,4,1,23 Jun; Sutherland, J.

Jamieson,James H.,D,1 Sep 21,5,1,age 78

Jamieson,James H., Mrs.,D,23 Mar 22,4,2,

Jamieson,Mary,M,4 Nov 20,4,1,Appleford, Harley

Jardine,Thomas,D,19 May 21,5,2,age 56

Jasperson,Esther Gertrude,M,30 Oct 24,5,3,Campbell, Thomas

Jasperson,Esther Gertrude,M,23 Oct 24,5,2,Campbell, Thomas

Jeffrey,Inez Marguerite,E,7 Feb 24,5,1,16 Feb; Laing, Arnett

Jeffrey,Inez Marguerite,M,21 Feb 24,5,3,Laing, Arnett

Jeffries,John, Mrs.,D,13 Apr 22,8,1,

Jennings,Harry B.,D,22 Mar 23,8,2,

Jennings,William B.,D,22 Apr 20,1,4,

Jewell,dau of Charles,B,19 Apr 23,5,3,18 Apr

Jewell,Grace Anna,M,5 Jan 22,5,1,Clay, Clarence

Jewell,Grace Anna,E,22 Dec 21,5,2,Clay, Clarence

Jewitt,Oliver,M ,7 Jul 21,4,1,Rundle, Etta Ruth

Johnson,Angus,M,9 Jun 21,5,2,1 Jun; Hayes, Arta

Johnson,Jasper,D,15 Sep 21,5,1,age 16

Johnson,John R.,D,16 Sep 20,1,5,age 68

Johnson,Kate,E,24 Nov 21,5,1,Ross, William

Johnson,Peter F.,D,31 Jul 24,8,1,age 77

Johnston,Benjamin,D,26 Jan 22,5,2,

Johnston,Benjamin,D,2 Feb 22,5,3,

Johnston,David,D,29 Jan 20,8,1,age 78

Johnston,Hugh, Rev. Dr.,D,28 Sep 22,5,2,83rd year

Johnston,Joseph,D,10 Jan 24,8,1,28 Dec 1923, age 75

Johnston,Kate,D,13 Dec 23,8,1,age 70

Johnston,son of J. T.,B,20 Jul 22,4,2,18 Jul

Johsnton,son of John T.,B,25 Oct 23,5,2,14 Oct

Joiner,Vernon C.,E,26 Jan 22,5,1,Silcox, Blanche

Jones,Hannah B.,D,6 May 20,5,3,Glasgow

Jones,J. H.,D,11 Jan 23,8,1,

Jones,John A.,M,16 Nov 22,1,4,McLean, Margaret

Jones,John H.,M,8 Nov 23,1,5,McIntyre, Margaret

Jones,Mary,M,8 Jan 20,8,1,1 Jan; Marr, John

Jones,son of William,B,27 Apr 22,5,2,16 Apr

Jones,William,M,7 Jul 21,5,1,Watts, Lily

Jordan,Robert,D,5 May 21,5,2,

Jordan,Robert,D,28 Apr 21,5,2,75th year

Jowsey,John A.,D,21 Feb 24,4,1,36th year

Kairns,Catharine,M,14 Jun 23,5,2,Sullivan, Patrick

Kaiser,John M.,D,9 Feb 22,5,1,81st year

Kays,Wilbert, Mrs.,D,20 Apr 22,5,1,age 48

Keillor,George E.,D,10 Apr 24,1,5,age 80

Keillor,Joshua, Mrs.,D,6 May 20,5,3,age 86

Keillor,Joshua C.,D,16 Feb 22,5,3,87th year

Keillor,Laura,D,26 Jan 22,5,2,age 56

Keillor,son of C. M.,B,16 Jun 21,5,3,10 Jun

Keillor,son of Glen,B,1 Dec 21,4,1,26 Nov

Keith,Hugh,D,2 Nov 22,5,3,

Keith,Jennie,D,23 Mar 22,1,6,

Keith,Thomas,M,18 Oct 23,5,2,McLean, Anna

Kelley,William M.,M,30 Sep 20,1,5,Lalonde, Annie

Kelly,Jane,D,22 Feb 23,1,4,McArthur

Kelly,Jennie,D,17 Jul 24,5,2,

Kelly,John A.,M,1 Mar 23,1,6,McPherson, Jean

Kelly,Margaret,M,20 Sep 23,8,1,McGregor, James

Kelso,Donelia,E,31 May 23,5,1,Elliott, Everett

Kemp,Robert H.,D,1 May 24,5,1,about 70 years old

Kendall,Catherine,D,25 Oct 23,5,2,Galbraith

Kendall,Harvey E.,M,4 Sep 24,5,2,Stevenson, Geneva

Kendall,Harvey,E,14 Aug 24,5,2,Stevenson, Geneva

Kendall,Winnifred Rachael,E,17 Aug 22,4,2,Cock, Albert

Kendall,Winnifred Rachel,M,24 Aug 22,1,6,16 Aug; Cock, Albert

Kennedy,Henry Lyle,M,18 Sep 24,5,2,Smith, Kathleen

Kennedy,John, Rev.,D,10 Mar 21,5,2,

Kennedy,Louisa,E,27 Jan 21,5,1,Cape, J. Stanley

Kennedy,Louisa,M,17 Feb 21,5,2,29 Jan; Cape, J. Stanley

Kennedy,Margaret,D,21 Apr 21,4,1,Thompson

Kenney,John J.,D,17 Feb 21,1,6,age 57

Kerr,Agnes,M,15 Sep 21,5,2,Coates, Vernon

Kerr,Bertie,M,29 Sep 21,5,2,Moore, Herbert

Kerr,Bertie,E,22 Sep 21,5,1,Moore, Herbert

Kerr,David G.,D,16 Mar 22,5,2,

Kerr,Donald R.,M,12 Apr 23,5,1,Green, Josie

Kerr,Donald R.,E,5 Apr 23,5,1,Green, Josie

Kerr,Lucinda,D,27 Jul 22,5,1,

Kerr,Mary,D,15 Jul 20,1,5,

Kerr,Nancy,D,8 Nov 23,5,2,69th year

Kerr,Shirley Mae,M,22 Apr 20,5,1,Pfaff, Arthur

Kerr,Shirley Mae,E,1 Apr 20,5,1,Pfaff, Arthur

Kestle,F. R., Mrs.,D,2 Oct 24,4,2,

Killins,Duncan,D,1 Mar 23,5,3,

Kilmer,Frederick,D,18 Aug 21,8,1,

Kilmer,Lesta,M,8 Apr 20,1,5,25 Mar; Branton, C.

Kimble,George, Mrs.,D,21 Jul 21,1,4,age 69

King,Catherine,D,17 Aug 22,5,2,age 90

King,Mary,D,25 Sep 24,1,5,

King,William H.,D,3 Nov 21,8,1,

Kinnear,Louis,D,3 Apr 24,5,1,

Kirkland,Donald Francis,E,15 Feb 23,5,1,Bole, Etta

Kirkland,Donald F.,M,22 Feb 23,5,2,Bole, Etta

Kirkland,Jack,M,18 Aug 21,5,3,Bennett, Nina

Kirkland,Janet Doran,B,13 Mar 24,5,1,6 Mar

Kirkland,Stuart C.,M,28 Jun 23,5,2,21 Jun; Gartlan, E.

Kirkland,Stuart Bennett,B,31 May 23,5,1,26 May

Kirkpatrick,Mary,D,6 Apr 22,5,2,Campbell

Kirkwood,Sadie May,M,10 Jan 24,5,1,Graham, John

Kistruck,Elizabeth M.,E,6 Sep 23,5,1,19 Sep; Morrish, Emery

Kistruck,Elizabeth M.,M,27 Sep 23,5,1,Morrish, Emery

Knight,dau of Elmer,B,29 Sep 21,5,3,18 Sep; stillborn

Knight,Elmer,M,9 Dec 20,5,3,McIntyre, Jessie

Knight,Hannah,D,20 Dec 23,8,1,Penwarden

Knight,Thelma Loraine,E,19 Apr 23,5,1,Fordham, Elmer

Knott,John,D,2 Aug 23,8,1,

Knowles,George,D,9 Mar 22,1,5,

Knowles,Rachael,D,15 Jul 20,8,3,

Knowlton,Laura Mae,E,3 Apr 24,5,1,Pinner, James

Koehler,Henry,D,15 Jul 20,5,1,age 49

Kourtz,Amelia,D,15 Mar 23,5,3,age 87

Kriter,John,D,1 Nov 23,1,6,age 44

Kyte,John,D,25 Aug 21,4,2,age 65

Lacey,Albert F.,E,13 Jan 21,5,1,Mills, Iva

Lacey,Gertrude L.,M,17 Apr 24,5,1,Crummer, James

Lacey,Hilda Rosamond,M,4 Oct 23,5,1,York, Addie

Lackey,Bernice Marie,D,11 Jan 23,1,6,

Lackey,Bernice Marie,D,4 Jan 23,5,2,2 Jan; 16th year

Lackey,son of James,B,30 Aug 23,5,3,25 Aug

Laidlaw,Agnes,D,25 Nov 20,1,4,66th year

Laing,Arnett,M,21 Feb 24,5,3,Jeffrey, Inez

Laing,Arnett R.,E,7 Feb 24,5,1,16 Feb; Jeffrey, Inez

Laing,Catherine,D,22 Feb 23,5,2,Bury

Laing,Sarah Margaret,B,4 Dec 24,5,3,1 Dec

Lalonde,Ada Bell,M,24 Apr 24,1,5,Hogg, Garnet

Lalonde,Annie Mae,M,30 Sep 20,1,5,Kelley, William

Lalonde,Louis D.,M,21 Jun 23,1,6,Anderson, Tena

Lamb,Ada Eleanor,M,1 Jul 20,1,5,Poole, George

Lamont,Alexander, Mrs.,D,31 May 23,1,5,age 90

Lampman,Janet,D,17 Mar 21,1,5,age 78

Lang,Carrie,D,21 Feb 24,8,1,Grey

Lang,Janet,D,20 Oct 21,5,2,McKillop

Langan,John F.,D,31 May 23,1,5,

Langlois,Frank Edward,M,8 Mar 23,5,2,Ginley, Clara

Law,Frederick,D,6 Jan 21,5,1,age 75

Lawrence,James,D,16 Feb 22,5,2,

Lawrence,James,D,2 Aug 23,8,1,

Lawrence ,Jessie F.,M,19 Aug 20,5,2,10 Aug; Smith, G. R.

Lawson,Floy,M,6 May 20,5,1,McArthur, Duncan

Lawson,Mary,E,28 Jul 21,1,4,Carnegie, Bertrain

Lay,James,P,18 May 22,5,2,Ellison

Lay,Rena,D,11 Sep 24,1,5,age 24

Learn,Norton H.,M,8 May 24,1,5,26 Apr; Ferguson, A.

Leask,Lloyd F.,E,23 Aug 23,5,1,Cape, Lilian

Leask,Lloyd F.,M,20 Sep 23,5,3,Cape, Lillian

Leask,Marion Viola,B,9 Oct 24,5,2,5 Oct

Lee,Mary Helen,M,23 Oct 24,5,1,Milligan, William

Lehman,Jacob, Mrs.,D,22 Jan 20,5,1,age 85

Lehman,Nellie,M,3 Jun 20,5,1,Dearborn, Louis

Leitch,Albert H.,D,3 Jan 24,5,2,40th year

Leitch,Angus,D,20 Mar 24,4,1,age 87

Leitch,Archibald,M,4 Oct 23,1,5,McAlpine, Jessie

Leitch,Charlotte,P,11 Mar 20,5,2,Clements

Leitch,Daniel,M,6 Apr 22,8,1,22 Mar; Campbell, C.

Leitch,Daniel,D,28 Jun 23,8,2,age 69

Leitch,dau of Arch. D.,B,13 Mar 24,5,1,28 Feb

Leitch,Dugald, Mrs.,D,18 Dec 24,8,2,age 52

Leitch,Duncan,D,16 Oct 24,5,1,

Leitch,Duncan,D,9 Oct 24,5,2,age 63

Leitch,Jane,D,4 Dec 24,5,2,McArthur

Leitch,Margaret Jane,A,22 Nov 23,1,6,Schneckenburger

Leitch,Maribel,M,29 Jun 22,1,6,MacCallum, Duncan

Leitch,Mary,D,24 Mar 21,1,5,

Leitch,Mary,M,23 Dec 20,1,4,Howe, George

Leitch,son of Thomas,B,20 Jan 21,1,3,14 Jan

Lemon,Harriet,D,5 Jan 22,5,1,age 79

Lemon,William L.,D,14 Aug 24,8,1,

Leslie,Joseph,D,25 Dec 24,5,2,age 57

Lethbridge,Sadie,D,23 Sep 20,1,5,

Leute,Catherine,D,7 Dec 22,14,1,age 88

Leverington,Florence,M,30 Mar 22,4,2,15 Mar; Neil, George

Leverington,Sadie,M,23 Mar 22,1,6,9 Mar; Branchflower, G

Leverington,William, Mrs.,D,5 Jan 22,4,3,age 80

Leverington,William,D,30 Mar 22,8,1,85th year

Leverington,William,D,18 Jan 23,5,1,age 78

Lewis,Edna,M,1 Apr 20 ,5,2,24 Mar; McIntyre, D.

Lewis,Fred L.,D,6 Oct 21,8,1,

Lewis,Jabez,D,31 Mar 21,8,4,38th year

Libert,Mrs.,D,9 Nov 22,4,3,age 87

Liddell,James,D,23 Dec 20,5,1,age 58

Liddell,John,D,4 Nov 20,5,2,about 90 years old

Lidster,dau of Roy,B,13 Mar 24,5,1,9 Mar

Lidster,Joshua,D,27 Mar 24,5,2,7 Mar; age 75

Lidster,Joshua,D,20 Mar 24,5,1,

Lidster,son of Roy,B,5 Feb 20,5,3,27 Jan

Light,L., Mrs.,D,4 Nov 20,4,2,89th year

Lilley,Alexander,D,13 Jul 22,5,2,15th year

Lilley,Martha,D,12 May 21,5,2,infant dau of Douglas

Lilley,Mildred,M,19 Jul 23,5,1,Booman, Jacobus

Lilley,Myrtle,D,19 Jan 22,5,2,Walker

Lindsay,Harriet,D,15 Jul 20,8,3,age 75

Ling,William,D,31 May 23,1,5,age 90

Lipsey,Jane F.,D,19 May 21,8,2,age 93

Little,Gordon,E,7 Aug 24,5,1,McCallum, Margaret

Little,Marguerite,M,26 Jun2 4,5,2,Snell, Jerrold

Little,Sadie,D,2 Oct 24,5,1,age 12

Littlejohn,dau of D. M.,B,5 Mar 20,1,4,27 Feb

Littlejohn,dau of D. M.,B,29 Dec 21,1,6,21 Dec

Littlejohn,dau of D. M.,B,17 Jan 24,4,2,14 Jan

Littlejohn,Elizabeth,D,8 Jun 22,5,2,

Livingstone,David,D,11 Mar 20,8,1,age 75

Lloyd,Henry,P,12 Apr 23,4,2,Ellison

Locke,Francis J.,D,6 Nov 24,8,3,age 65

Locock,W. E.,D,29 Apr 20,1,4,

Lodge,Emiline,D,21 Jul 21,5,2,

Lodge,Muriel Edna,M,25 Mar 20,5,2,McNeil, John A.

Lodge,Muriel,E,5 Mar 20,5,1,MacNeil, John A.

Lodge,nee,D,21 Sep 22,5,2,Sage, Frank, Mrs.

Lodge,William Duncan,E,29 Mar 23,5,1,Graham, Flo

Lodge,William H.,M,19 Jun 24,5,2,Browning, Sarah

Logan,W. W., Mrs.,D,22 Apr 20,5,1,

Love,Archibald,P,10 Jan 24,5,1,Thomson

Love,Clifford A.,M,23 Sep 20,1,6,Scherer, Inez

Love,dau of Arthur,B,2 Oct 24,5,4,19 Sep

Love,Duncan,M,2 Nov 22,5,1,McKillop, Ada

Love,John H.,D,8 Nov 23,1,5,age 76

Love,Mary,W,23 Aug 23,5,2,McEachren

Love,Neil,D,1 Jan 20,1,6,age 77

Love,Russell,M,20 Jan 21,5,2,Graham, Maribelle

Love,son of Russell,B,29 Sep 21,5,3,23 Sep

Love,son of Russell,B,7 Jun 23,5,1,1 Jun

Lowther,J. B.,D,27 May 20,4,2,age 89

Lucas,Gerda Marie,E,20 Sep 23,5,1,Dell, Maynard

Lucas,Mary,D,10 May 23,5,2,age 75

Ludy,son of L.,D,27 Jan 21,8,1,

Lugsdin,James,D,10 Jan 24,5,2,age 63

Lumley,Eltham,M,6 Oct 21,1,5,Vickerman, Anna

Lumley,George W.,D,30 Dec 20,5,2,

Lumley,James,D,27 Apr 22,8,1,age 65

Lumley,Lloyd C.,M,26 Feb 20,5,2,Ross, Vera

Lumley,Mary,D,22 Dec 21,4,2,Munro

Lumley,nee,D,23 Nov 22,8,1,Sharp, Mrs.

Lumley,William,D,19 May 21,5,2,age 60

Lumsden,William, Mrs.,D,16 Mar 22,1,6,

Lunn,Donald Cameron,D,6 Oct 21,5,1,age 1 year, 5 months

Lunn,Gordon,M,8 Mar 23,5,2,28 Feb; Chapman, E.

Lunn,Mabel Gertrude,M,22 Sep 21,1,6,14 Sep; Bobier, C.

Lunn,Mabel Gertrude,E,8 Sep 21,5,1,Bobier, Clarence

Lunn,Margaret Lillian,B,24 Apr 24,5,4,19 Apr

Lunn,Nellie Pearl,M,24 Nov 21,4,1,Claus, Frederick

Lunn,son of William,B,22 Apr 20,5,3,13 Apr

Lusty,A. R., Dr.,D,31 May 23,1,5,

Lusty,Cecil,D,3 Feb 21,1,6,age 17

Lusty,Lillian,D,2 Jun 21,5,2,Williams

Lusty,N. S.,D,20 May 20,8,1,87th year

Lutes,nee,A,28 Dec 22,5,3,Wolfe

Luton,Annie,D,11 Jan 23,5,2,McIntyre

Luton,Cecelia,W,25 Dec 24,5,2,Blackwood

Luton,Wesley,D,1 Feb 23,5,1,

Lynch,Catherine,D,31 Aug 22,1,6,age 58

Lynch,Jane,D,8 Mar 23,5,3,age 104

Lynch,Philip,D,6 Dec 23,8,1,

Lynch,Philip,D,29 Nov 23,5,2,age 25

Lyons,Douglas St. Clair,B,9 Dec 20,4,1,9 Nov

Lyons,Florence E.,M,7 Aug 24,5,1,14 Jun; McLaughlin, T.

Lyons,Sarah,D,18 Jan 23,5,2,Brodie

Lyons,William,D,18 Jan 23,5,2,age 72

MacCallum,Duncan J.,M,29 Jun 22,1,6,Leitch, Maribel

MacColl,Catherine,D,15 Feb 23,8,1,93rd year

Macdonell,Hugh,D,29 Nov 23,5,2,age 78

MacGregor,D. St. Clair,B,13 May 20,5,3,9 May

MacIntyre,Bertha Irene,M,8 Sep 21,5,1,Edmunds, George

MacIntyre,Bertha Irene,E,25 Aug 21,5,1,Edmunds, George

Mack,William,D,9 Feb 22,1,5,age 23

MacKay,Jean,M,3 May 23,5,1,Phillips, John

Maclean,dau of John,B,11 Mar 20,5,2,8 Mar

MacNeil,John A.,E,5 Mar 20,5,1,Lodge, Muriel

MacNeill,Anne W.,M,20 Nov 24,5,1,29 Oct; Yates, Frank

MacPherson,J. A.,M,10 Nov 21,4,2,19 Oct; Turner, Anna

MacPherson,J. A.,E,6 Oct 21,5,1,Turner, Anna

MacPherson,Margaret,M,25 Dec 24,5,1,Black, Archibald

MacPherson,Marjorie Grace,B,2 Nov 22,5,4,9 Oct

Mailing,William T.,D,24 May 23,5,3,age 23

Mallard,Margaret Ruth,B,13 Mar 24,5,1,4 Mar

Mann,A.,A,8 Mar 23,1,5,25th

Mann,George W.,D,30 Sep 20,5,1,age 28

Mann,H. Glen,M,16 Nov 22,5,1,28 Oct; Hinman, E.

Mann,Helen Jean,M,28 Sep 22,5,1,9 Aug; Elliott, Fred’k

Mann,Helen,P,23 Oct 24,5,2,Elliott

Mann,Marguerite,M,6 Jul 22,5,2,1 Jul; Manning, Lester

Mann,Nelson,D,17 Jan 24,1,5,age 79

Mann,Richard A.,D,16 Oct 24,8,3,age 50

Mann,Ross,D,17 Apr 24,5,1,26th year

Mann,Wallace A.,D,31 May 23,1,5,age 69

Manning,Lester S.,M,6 Jul 22,5,2,1 Jul; Mann, M.

March,Daniel,D,11 Oct 23,5,1,age 60

March,Daniel,D,25 Oct 23,5,3,age 60

March,Flo E.,D,12 Oct 22,5,2,Robb

March,Flora Ethel,M,27 Oct 21,5,1,Robb, George A.

Markham,Blanche,M,22 Sep 21,8,1,McIntyre, Duncan

Marks,James,D,20 Oct 21,4,1,age 82

Marlatt,Albert,D,7 Jul 21,8,1,age 70

Marlatt,Albert, Mrs.,D,31 Jan 24,4,1,age 75

Marr,Albert G.,D,28 Apr 21,8,3,age 32

Marr,Cyrene,D,25 Jan 23,5,1,

Marr,Gertrude Jean,B,1 Mar 23,5,2,14 Feb

Marr,John C.,M,8 Jan 20,8,1,1 Jan; Jones, Mary

Marsh,John,D,1 Jul 20,4,1,77th year

Marshman,William, Mrs.,D,16 Sep 20,4,2,5 Sep

Marshman,William, Mrs.,D,9 Sep 20,5,2,age 90

Marshman,William,D,22 Feb 23,5,2,age 91

Martelle,Ezra B.,M,19 Aug 20,5,2,10 Aug; Halpin, H.

Martelle,Ezra B.,M,12 Aug 20,4,2,Halpin, Hazel

Martin,Edythe Mae,M,18 Dec 24,1,5,Bagnall, H. Wilbert

Martin,John,A,9 Jun 21,5,3,25th

Martin,Joseph,D,29 Jan 20,8,1,

Martin,William,D,3 Mar 21,5,1,age 78

Martini,Lenora C.,M,3 Feb 21,1,6,Mason, Charles

Maslin,Anthony H.,M,1 Nov 23,5,2,McKishnie, Gladys

Mason,Charles A.,M,3 Feb 21,1,6,Martini, Lenora

Massen,Etta,D,10 Feb 21,5,1,

Mateer,Charles, Mrs.,D,21 Jun 23,5,3,71st year

Mateer,Florence Ella,M,25 Oct 23,5,1,Rose, John

Mateer,Sinclair,D,10 Jul 24,5,3,

Matheson,Donald,D,25 May 22,8,1,78th year

Matheson,Flora,D,6 Nov 24,5,2,age 89

Matheson,Grace,W,1 Feb 23,5,1,Luton

Matheson,Robert J.,D,9 Jun 21,8,1,49th year

Matthew,Robert, Mrs.,D,7 Sep 22,5,1,31 Aug

Matthews,Edwin L., Rev.,D,12 Feb 20,5,2,

Maus,Henry S.,D,8 Jun 22,5,1,

Maxwell,Jennie,D,23 Oct 24,1,4,

McAlpine,Betty Olive,M,31 Jan 24,5,2,12 Jan; Platt, Earl

McAlpine,Christena,D,5 Oct 22,8,1,

McAlpine,dau of M. A.,B,20 Apr 22,5,3,18 Apr

McAlpine,Helen Ruth,D,27 Sep 23,5,1,1 yr 5 m, d/o Malcolm

McAlpine,James,D,10 May 23,5,3,about 70 years old

McAlpine,Jean,M,25 Mar 20,5,2,McNabb, Douglas

McAlpine,Jean,E,18 Mar 20,5,1,McNabb, Douglas

McAlpine,Jeanette,D,27 Mar 24,5,1,

McAlpine,Jessie Isabel,M,4 Oct 23,1,5,Leitch, Archibald

McAlpine,Mary,A,1 Jul 20,1,6,McLandress

McAlpine,Minnie E.,M,20 Oct 21,1,5,Fletcher, Archibald

McAlpine,Nancy,W,22 Mar 23,5,1,McGregor

McAlpine,Peter D.,D,5 May 21,5,2,27 Apr; age 29

McAlpine,Sarah,D,20 Dec 23,5,2,Parish

McAlpine,son of M. A.,B,7 Jun 23,5,1,29 May

McArthur,Albert Clarence,M,13 Nov 24,5,1,4 Nov; Cooper, K.

McArthur,Annie,M,20 Nov 24,5,1,Hyde, Carmon G. M.

McArthur,Duncan,M,6 May 20,5,1,Lawson, Floy

McArthur,Jane,D,22 Feb 23,1,4,

McArthur,Jane,D,4 Dec 24,5,2,age 81

McArthur,Jean,M,27 Dec 23,5,2,McLean, Angus

McArthur,John,D,16 Feb 22,8,3,age 80

McArthur,John J.,D,29 Mar 23,5,2,62nd year

McArthur,Lawrence,D,4 Nov 20,5,2,

McArthur,Lawrence,D,28 Oct 20,5,2,22 Oct

McArthur,Mary,B,9 Jun 21,5,2,2 Jun

McArthur,Peter,D,15 Jan 20,8,2,

McArthur,Peter,D,30 Oct 24,5,2,

McArthur,Sarah,D,8 Nov 23,5,2,age 86

McBain,Isabella,D,19 Apr 23,1,6,age 78

McBane,Duncan,D,29 Jun 22,5,1,

McBean,Margaret,D,13 Apr 22,5,2,McTaggart

McBrayne,Catherine,D,25 Mar 20,8,1,age 85

McBride,A. E., Mrs.,D,16 Oct 24,8,3,

McBride,Flora,D,3 Feb 21,5,2,age 56

McBride,James,H,3 Nov 21,5,2,McLachlin

McBride,James H.,D,7 Feb 24,5,1,

McBride,John C.,D,10 Mar 21,5,2,80th year

McCaffery,Catherine,D,16 Sep 20,5,3,age 74

McCaffery,Michael,D,1 Jul 20,5,2,age 74

McCall,George Nelson,D,26 Jun 24,1,5,age 9

McCallum,Alda,M,17 Jun 20,5,2,Campbell, Douglas

McCallum,Angus,D,6 Oct 21,5,1,age 87

McCallum,Angus D.,D,30 Oct 24,5,2,age 25

McCallum,Anna Corneil,M,6 Sep 23,4,2,Thompson, Wesley

McCallum,Anne Corneil,E,23 Aug 23,5,2,Thompson, Wesley

McCallum,Arch’d Peter, Dr,M,21 Jun 23,5,3,14 Jun; Faulds, Gladys

McCallum,Bert,M,16 Jun 21,5,1,8 Jun; Brown, Alene

McCallum,Catharine,D,3 Nov 21,5,2,McLachlin

McCallum,dau of Peter G.,B,1 Sep 21,5,3,28 Aug

McCallum,Donald, Mrs.,D,16 Aug 23,5,2,age 65

McCallum,Duncan,D,15 Jul 20,5,1,age 72

McCallum,Ella,E,29 Sep 21,5,1,McPherson, Peter

McCallum,Ethyle,E,16 Oct 24,5,1,Thomson, Bruce

McCallum,Ethyle,M,23 Oct 24,5,2,Thomson, Archibald

McCallum,Etta,M,20 Oct 21,5,1,McPherson, Peter

McCallum,George E.,M,26 Jun 24,1,5,18 Jun; McGregor, M.

McCallum,Hazel,M,26 Jul 23,5,1,Walker, Stanley

McCallum,Hugh A., Dr.,D,27 Jan 21,5,1,age 60

McCallum,Janet,D,8 Feb 23,5,2,87th year

McCallum,Jean,E,17 Aug 22,4,2,Meredith, Hugh

McCallum,Jean,M,7 Sep 22,5,2,30 Aug; Meredith, H.

McCallum,Jeanette,M,25 May 22,5,1,Gosnell, Delmar

McCallum,Jeanette,E,18 May 22,5,1,Gosnell, Delmer

McCallum,John R.,D,26 Feb 20,5,2,age 83

McCallum,John O.,M,11 Nov 20,5,1,Murphy, Pearl

McCallum,John,P,28 Apr 21,1,4,McTavish

McCallum,John,D,5 Mar 20,8,1,age 57

McCallum,Kathleen Ellinore,B,27 Mar 24,5,1,10Mar

McCallum,Malcolm,D,19 Jul 23,8,1,age 78

McCallum,Marg’t Waltena,B,15 Feb 23,5,1,1 Feb

McCallum,Margaret,D,29 Mar 23,5,1,

McCallum,Margaret,E,7 Aug 24,5,1,Little, Gordon

McCallum,Mary Alma,M,22 Sep 21,1,5,McLean, Stanley

McCallum,Mary J.,D,14 Jun 23,4,2,

McCallum,Mary Ellen,M,12 Jun 24,5,2,Crawford, Arnold

McCallum,Nancy,D,5 Apr 23,5,1,Black

McCallum,Norah,D,12 Jun 24,8,1,Schneckenburger

McCallum,Robert,D,12 Jun 24,5,1,age 56

McCallum,Roy Clifford,M,24 Jun 20,5,1,16 Jun; Robbins, S.

McCallum,Roy C.,E,3 Jun 20,5,2,Robbins, Sarah C.

McCallum,Sarah,D,31 Mar 21,5,2,

McCallum,son of John A.,B,6 Jan 21,5,1,26 Dec 1920

McCallum,son of Charles,D,23 Jun 21,5,2,age 2

McCallum,son of Mahlon ,B,24 Jan 24,5,1,21 Jan

McCallum,son of Bert,B,19 Apr 23,5,3,15 Apr

McCallum,son of Bert,B,25 Dec 24,5,1,8 Dec

McCallum,William A.,E,8 Jun 22,5,1,Campbell, Mary

McCallum,William A.,M,29 Jun 22,1,6,Campbell, Mary

McCallum,Zachariah,D,1 Feb 23,5,1,age 62

McCloy,James,A,17 Jan 24,8,1,50th

McCloy,Theresa M.,M,10 Jun 20,1,5,2 Jun; Brown, George

McColl,Alex,D,11 Jan 23,8,1,

McColl,Dugald, Mrs.,D,10 Jan 24,5,2,

McColl,Duncan,D,16 Jun 21,4,1,age 77

McColl,Janet,D,16 Oct 24,5,2,age 88

McColl,Malcolm D.,D,23 Jun 21,5,3,about 50 years old

McColl,Malcolm D.,D,30 Jun 21,5,1,

McColl,Mary J.,D,15 Jan 20,8,2,age 53

McColl,Mary M.,D,24 Feb 21,5,3,age 55

McColl,Mary,D,23 Mar 22,4,2,Jamieson

McColl,Mary J.,D,14 Jun 23,4,2,McCallum

McColl,Nichol,P,13 Mar 24,5,3,Best

McColl,Robert,D,2 Nov 22,5,1,age 36

McColl,Sara Elizabeth,E,29 Mar 23,4,1,McPherson, Basil

McConnell,Elijah,D,10 Feb 21,4,2,age 93

McConnell,Grace,D,12 Jul 23,5,3,

McCorkell,Eva,M,2 Sep 20,4,2,McLellan, M. J.

McCorkell,Mabel,D,29 Sep 21,1,6,Shaw

McCormick,Arch’d Alex’r,B,16 Aug 23,5,2,5 Aug

McCormick,John,D,26 Apr 23,1,4,age 52

McCormick,Mary,D,11 Dec 24,5,2,age 88

McCrimmon,Angus, Mrs.,D,20 Jan 21,1,6,

McCrimmon,Kathleen,D,14 Feb 24,5,2,

McCulloch,John N.,D,15 May 24,8,1,69th year

McDiarmid,Albert,D,21 Jul 21,4,1,

McDiarmid,Elizabeth J.,D,2 Aug 23,8,1,

McDiarmid,Jessie Isabella,D,23 Jun 21,4,2,McLachlin

McDiarmid,John,D,20 Jan 21,8,1,73rd year

McDonald,Bessie,M,15 Jun 22,5,1,Doyle, Peter

McDonald,Donald,D,20 Mar 24,1,5,age 87

McDonald,Graham,D,13 Nov 24,1,6,

McDonald,Graham,D,6 Nov 24,1,6,age 18

McDonald,Jane,D,8 Sep 21,5,2,Crawford

McDonald,John G.,D,24 Jan 24,1,5,

McDonald,John, Mrs.,D,22 May 24,5,2,age 53

McDonald,John,P,3 Apr 24,1,5,Huffman

McDonald,Kenneth,D,5 Mar 20,5,2,age 57

McDonald,Malcolm Alex’r,B,20 Dec 23,5,1,22 Nov

McDonald,Peter, Mrs.,D,7 Apr 21,1,4,87th year

McDonald,Robert,D,20 Oct 21,5,3,93rd year

McDougall,Archibald,D,6 Jul 22,1,6,

McDougall,dau of William,B,11 Mar 20,5,3,8 Mar

McDougall,dau of Neil,B,15 Sep 21,5,3,2 Sep

McEachren,Agnes,D,12 Aug 20,8,2,

McEachren,Archibald,D,23 Aug 23,5,2,

McEachren,Catherine,D,8 Feb 23,8,1,age 88

McEachren,Duncan, Mrs.,D,21 Jul 21,5,1,6 Jul; 80th year

McEachren,M., Mrs.,D,19 May 21,8,2,5 May; age 86

McEvoy,Flora,D,24 Aug 22,8,2,16 Aug

McEwen,Arch, Mrs.,D,24 May 23,4,2,age 57

McFarlane,Elizabeth J.,M,31 Jan 24,5,1,25 Dec; Fitchitt, E.

McFarlane,Evelyn,M,14 Oct 20,5,1,Newton, Lynn

McFarlane,Jean Elizabeth,B,26 Jan 22,5,1,10 Jan

McFarlane,John, Mrs.,D,20 Nov 24,5,1,age 51

McFarlane,Neil Angus,M,5 Feb 20,5,3,Waite, Myrtle

McFarlane,Neil Angus,E,15 Jan 20,5,1,Waite, Myrtle

McGahan,John,D,18 Dec 24,8,2,age 12

McGahan,Nellie,M,26 Apr 23,1,4,17 Apr; Garney, E.

McGaw,James,D,18 Mar 20,5,2,age 48

McGaw,Marion Mildred,D,13 Sep 23,5,1,4th year

McGill,B. F.,D,11 Sep 24,1,5,

McGill,Catherine E.,M,28 Jun 23,5,2,Patterson, John

McGill,dau of John,B,3 May 23,5,3,23 Apr

McGill,John,A,16 Mar 22,5,2,50th

McGill,John,A,9 Mar 22,5,1,50th

McGill,John,D,17 Jul 24,1,6,age 89

McGill,son of D. E.,B,21 Oct 20,1,6,6 Oct

McGill,son of John,B,30 Sep 20,5,1,15 Sep

McGillivray,Angus,D,30 Aug 23,5,1,

McGinn,John,D,9 Nov 22,1,5,

McGregor,Allan David,B,31 Mar 21,4,2,20 Mar

McGregor,Bessie Catharine,M,1 Dec 21,5,2,30 Nov; Flagg, George

McGregor,Colin,D,4 Nov 20,5,2,79th year

McGregor,D. H.,M,17 Jun 20,8,1,Goff, Hazel

McGregor,Daniel,D,22 Mar 23,5,1,age 75

McGregor,Donald, Mrs.,D,13 Oct 21,5,3,73rd year

McGregor,James H.,M,20 Sep 23,8,1,Kelly, Margaret

McGregor,Mary Lorena,M,26 Jun 24,1,5,18 Jun; McCallum, G.

McGregor,nee,W,15 Dec 21,5,2,Weir

McGregor,Peter,D,16 Jun 21,5,1,

McGregor,William M.,D,1 Jul 20,8,3,age 46

McGregor,William D.,M,13 Jan 21,1,6,Goff, Amanda

McGugan,Arch,D,29 Apr 20,1,5,age 73

McGugan,Donald,D,24 Jan 24,5,2,age 86

McGugan,Donald,D,31 Jan 24,5,2,

McGugan,Dorothy May,M,6 Dec 23,8,1,28 Nov; Hunt, Leslie

McGugan,Flo,M,23 Nov 22,5,2,Fegan, Arthur

McGugan,Jessie,M,7 Dec 22,11,1,Crawford, Neil

McGugan,John B.,D,12 Jun 24,8,1,

McGugan,Marguerite Pearl,D,31 Jul 24,5,1,Evans

McGugan,Robert,D,25 Nov 20,1,4,age 61

McGuinnes,Luke,D,14 Sep 22,5,2,

McGuire,Agnes,D,16 Oct 24,5,2,age 47

McGuire,Catherine,D,2 Dec 20,5,2,age 66

McIntosh,Donald, Mrs.,D,8 May 24,1,5,

McIntyre,Angus D.,D,23 Sep 20,5,2,age 66

McIntyre,Angus M., Mrs.,D,18 Jan 23,5,2,

McIntyre,Annie,D,11 Jan 23,5,2,about 80 years old

McIntyre,Barbara,D,8 Nov 23,5,1,Desmond

McIntyre,Christena,D,20 Oct 21,8,1,age 81

McIntyre,Colin,D,10 Apr 24,5,1,age 69

McIntyre,Daniel,D,20 Apr 22,1,5,

McIntyre,Donald A.,M,1 Apr 20,5,2,24 Mar; Lewis, Edna

McIntyre,Donald, Mrs.,D,4 May 22,8,1,

McIntyre,Dugald,D,11 Sep 24,5,2,81st year

McIntyre,Duncan,M,22 Sep 21,8,1,Markham, Blanche

McIntyre,Edna M.,M,27 Oct 21,1,5,McIntyre, Elmer

McIntyre,Elmer,M,27 Oct 21,1,5,McIntyre, Edna M.

McIntyre,Helen,D,31 Mar 21,5,2,Gunn

McIntyre,Isabella,D,1 Jan 20,5,2,Graham

McIntyre,Jessie Thelma,M,9 Dec 20,5,3,Knight, Elmer

McIntyre,Jessie Thelma,P,29 Sep 21,5,3,Knight

McIntyre,John,D,20 Oct 21,8,1,87th year

McIntyre,John A., Mrs.,D,2 Aug 23,5,2,age 68

McIntyre,Lavinia,D,11 Jan 23,8,1,age 65

McIntyre,Lorilla,D,11 May 22,1,5,age 69

McIntyre,Malcolm D.,D,2 Dec 20,5,3,

McIntyre,Malcolm D.,D,9 Dec 20,5,1,

McIntyre,Margaret H.,M,8 Nov 23,1,5,Jones, John

McIntyre,Mary Jean,M,15 Sep 21,1,5,Paterson, Duncan

McIntyre,Mary,D,20 Nov 24,5,2,96th year

McIntyre,son of Wilfred,B,12 Apr 23,5,4,26 Mar

McIntyre,Walter,D,28 Jul 21,5,1,

McIver,Jane,D,30 Sep 20,1,5,age 81

McKay,Agnes,M,15 Jun 22,5,1,McMillan, John

McKay,Cyrus,D,23 Oct 24,4,2,age 77

McKay,dau of Robert,B,7 Jul 21,5,2,3 Jul

McKay,Edith,M,21 Dec 22,5,1,Sterzik, Harry

McKay,Edith,E,14 Dec 22,5,1,Stirzik, William

McKay,George,D,15 Sep 21,5,3,age 25

McKay,Jane,W,6 Dec 23,5,2,Coulthart

McKay,Martha E.,D,27 Dec 23,1,5,age 64

McKay,Mary,W,3 Nov 21,1,6,Stalker

McKay,nee,D,16 Aug 23,5,1,Ferguson, Robert, Mrs

McKay,Sarah J.,D,24 May 23,4,2,

McKee,dau of R. S.,B,9 Sep 20,5,4,28 Aug

McKee,George,A,22 Feb 23,5,3,18 Feb; 50th

McKegney,son of Rev EW,B,7 Aug 24,5,2,30 Jul

McKellar,Anna Eleanor,B,14 Feb 24,5,3,3 Feb

McKellar,Donald,M,8 Nov 23,1,5,Eddie, Hazel

McKellar,James R.,E,1 Dec 21,5,1,Humphries, Emily

McKellar,James Robertson,M,15 Dec 21,5,2,7 Dec; Humphries, E.

McKellar,Janet,D,27 Dec 23,5,2,Erskine

McKellar,John Robert,M,3 Jan 24,5,1,1 Jan; McKishnie, E.

McKellar,John Duncan,D,23 Aug 23,5,2,age 36

McKellar,Malcom,B,6 Jan 21,5,1,1 Jan

McKellar,nee,D,28 Jun 23,5,2,Clemens, John, Mrs.

McKellar,Peter, Mrs.,D,31 Mar 21,5,1,

McKellar,Randolph, Mrs.,D,16 Feb 22,5,3,3 Feb

McKellar,William,D,18 Jan23,1,6,age 85

McKenzie,Angus,D,21 Jun 23,8,3,age 70

McKeracher,Finlay,D,28 Sep 22,5,1,age 80

McKerracher,Isabella,D,14 Aug 24,1,5,age 79

McKillop,Ada,M,2 Nov 22,5,1,Love, Duncan

McKillop,Alexander A.,D,25 May 22,5,2,age 70

McKillop,Alexander, Dr.,D,20 Dec 23,5,2,age 77

McKillop,Alexander, Dr.,D,27 Dec 23,5,2,

McKillop,Archibald,M,13 Apr 22,5,1,Morrish, Eva

McKillop,Catherine,D,5 Apr 23,1,4,Bandeen

McKillop,Christina,M,14 Dec 22,4,3,5 Dec; Orchard, C.

McKillop,Clarence, Dr.,M,14 Oct 20,8,1,Nelson, Edna

McKillop,dau of John B.,B,24 Aug 22,5,1,18 Aug

McKillop,Duncan A.,E,4 Nov 20,8,1,Coulter, Eva

McKillop,Duncan A.,M,11 Nov 20,5,1,Coulter, Eva

McKillop,Edward D.,M,22 Dec 21,5,1,Murphy, Ada

McKillop,Etta, Mrs.,M,13 May 20,5,1,3 May; Hinds, Boyd

McKillop,Isabella,D,5 Jul 23,4,1,

McKillop,Isabella,D,28 Jun 23,8,1,85th year

McKillop,J. B.,D,30 Mar 22,4,1,age 68

McKillop,Janet,D,20 Oct 21,5,2,age 77

McKillop,Jessie,M,11 Aug 21,5,2,Haig, Allister

McKillop,John A.,D,10 Feb 21,1,6,age 55

McKillop,John G.,D,8 Sep 21,5,1,age 52

McKillop,John, Rev.,M,22 Mar 23,5,1,14 Mar; Allen, Lillian

McKillop,Mary,D,25 Mar 20,5,2,Currie

McKillop,Neil,M,3 Feb 21,5,2,Page, Edna

McKillop,Neil,D,14 Oct 20,5,2,age 61

McKillop,Sarah,D,17 Aug 22,5,2,McWilliam

McKillop,son of John A.,B,21 Apr 21,5,2,16 Apr

McKillop,son of Neil A.,B,12 Aug 20,5,3,7 Aug

McKinley,Julia,M,24 Jun 20,5,1,15 Apr; Sillars, John

McKishnie,Eileen Maude,M,3 Jan 24,5,1,1 Jan; McKellar, John

McKishnie,Gladys Fern,M,1 Nov 23,5,2,Maslin, Anthony

McKishnie,Leta,P,12 Aug 20,5,2,McNary

McLachlan,Alex C.,M,12 Aug 20,4,2,4 Aug; Gordon, M.

McLachlan,Arch,D,15 Apr 20,5,2,

McLachlan,Daniel,D,30 Jun 21,5,1,

McLachlan,Margaret,E,17 Jun 20,5,1,Zapfe, A. K.

McLachlan,Margaret Stewart,M,8 Jul 20,5,1,28 Jun; Zapfe, A.

McLachlan,Robert,D,16 Oct 24,4,2,age 79

McLachlin,Betsy,D,3 Aug 22,4,3,85th year

McLachlin,Catharine,D,3 Nov 21,5,2,age 96

McLachlin,Catherine,BD,3 Feb 21,5,1,96th year

McLachlin,Catherine,D,17 Aug 22,5,2,King

McLachlin,Florence,D,24 Jan 24,1,5,age 61

McLachlin,J. A., Mrs.,D,16 Feb 22,5,2,age 54

McLachlin,James Angus,D,18 Dec 24,8,2,

McLachlin,Jessie Isabella,D,23 Jun 21,4,2,

McLachlin,Mary,D,24 Jan 24,5,1,age 79

McLandress,Elizabeth,D,3 Jun 20,1,6,Fletcher

McLandress,William,A,1 Jul 20,1,6,50th

McLardy,Margaret,D,15 Sep 21,1,4,

McLaren,John, Mrs.,D,11 Oct 23,5,2,age 80

McLarty,Christena,D,10 Apr 24,8,1,

McLarty,Daniel,D,15 Dec 21,8,2,age 82

McLarty,Florence Victoria,E,9 Jun 21,5,3,Tonge, Norman

McLarty,Gertrude,M,11 May 22,1,5,Sinclair, Colin

McLarty,John,D,31 Aug 22,1,4,age 25

McLarty,Mildred,M,3 Jul 24,8,2,Downie, Robert

McLaughlin,Margaret C.,D,17 Feb 21,1,6,

McLaughlin,Thomas,M,7 Aug 24,5,1,14 Jun; Lyons, F.

McLean,Angus,P,24 Mar 21,5,2,Robertson

McLean,Angus,M,27 Dec 23,5,2,McArthur, Jean

McLean,Anna Pearl,M,18 Oct 23,5,2,Keith, Thomas

McLean,Arch, Rev.,D,26 Feb 20,1,6,

McLean,Archibald, Mrs.,D,27 Oct 21,5,2,age 68

McLean,Bessie,D,5 Feb 20,8,1,48th year

McLean,dau of Hugh,B,7 Oct 20,1,6,25 Sep

McLean,Duncan,D,18 Dec 24,1,5,

McLean,Flora,D,26 Oct 22,5,2,

McLean,Gilbert,P,6 Jan 21,1,5,Cornett

McLean,Gilbert, Mrs.,D,23 Oct 24,1,4,34th year

McLean,Hugh,D,23 Dec 20,1,4,age 55

McLean,John,D,27 Jul 22,5,2,88th year

McLean,John,D,3 Nov 21,5,1,83rd year

McLean,Marg’t Christena,M,16 Nov 22,1,4,Jones, John

McLean,Mary,M,27 Apr 22,5,3,19 Apr; Huffman, C.

McLean,Robert,D,29 Jul 20,8,2,age 75

McLean,Stanley A.,M,22 Sep 21,1,5,McCallum, Mary

McLean,Vera J.,E,20 Mar 24,5,1,Hicks, Gilbert

McLellan,Lecty Edith,M,21 Dec 22,1,5,18 Dec; Pressey, H.

McLellan,M. J.,M,2 Sep 20,4,2,McCorkell, Eva

McLennan,Flora,D,6 Nov 24,5,2,Matheson

McLennan,Frederick,M,9 Nov 22,4,3,Humphrey, Flossie

McLennan,John,D,18 Sep 24,5,2,age 16

McLeod,Anna Lyle,M,2 Oct 24,5,1,Finlayson, John

McLeod,Carlton A.,D,30 Sep 20,1,5,

McLeod,dau of Leroy,B,2 Aug 23,5,2,26 Jul

McManus,Patrick,D,15 Jan 20,8,2,age 91

McMillan,Archibald P.,D,9 Oct 24,5,2,83rd year

McMillan,Catharine,D,22 Dec 21,1,6,age 87

McMillan,Catherine,D,9 Dec 20,1,6,age 84

McMillan,Charles,D,16 Jun 21,5,2,6 Jun; age 73

McMillan,dau of John,B,29 May 24,5,3,27 May

McMillan,Donald C.,D,11 Aug 21,5,1,

McMillan,Duncan,M,4 Nov 20,1,4,20 Oct; McPhail, H.

McMillan,Duncan,E,21 Oct 20,4,1,McPhail, Helen

McMillan,James,D,10 Feb 21,5,3,80th year

McMillan,John,M,15 Jun 22,5,1,McKay, Agnes

McMillan,John, Mrs.,D,19 Jan 22,4,2,82nd year

McMillan,John,D,8 Nov 23,5,2,age 86

McMillan,John, Mrs.,D,2 Oct 24,1,4,age 93

McMillan,John S.,D,25 Sep 24,4,1,10 Sep; 97th year

McMillan,Margaret,D,27 Oct 21,5,2,McLean

McMillan,Margaret,D,24 Apr 24,5,2,12 Apr; age 69

McMillan,Robert S.,D,22 Dec 21,1,6,age 89

McMurchy,Janet,M,31 Jan 24,5,1,30 Jan; Ford, Norman

McMurchy,Margaret,D,6 Oct 21,5,1,age 79

McMurchy,Margaret,D,13 Oct 21,5,1,

McMurray,John,D,22 Feb 23,5,1,age 78

McNabb,Allan P.,M,25 Aug 21,5,2,Durnin, Vera

McNabb,Catherine,D,22 Nov 23,5,2,age 90

McNabb,dau of Douglas,D,1 Jun 22,5,1,23 May; infant

McNabb,Donald,D,19 Aug 20,1,5,82nd year

McNabb,Douglas S.,E,18 Mar 20,5,1,McAlpine, Jean

McNabb,Douglas S.,M,25 Mar 20,5,2,McAlpine, Jean

McNary,John Crawford,B,12 Aug 20,5,3,2 Aug

McNaughton,Gladys,E,10 Feb 21,5,1,Graves, I. W.

McNeil,Effie,D,8 Dec 21,5,2,

McNeil,Effie,D,15 Dec 21,5,1,

McNeil,Hugh B.,D,17 Mar 21,1,5,age 84

McNeil,John A.,M,25 Mar 20,5,2,Lodge, Muriel

McNeil,Mary,W,20 Mar 24,4,1,Leitch

McNeil,Murray A.,E,15 Apr 20,5,1,Merrill, Mildred

McNeil,Murray A.,M,29 Apr 20,5,2,Merrill, Mildred

McNerney,Ann,D,14 Dec 22,4,3,age 81

McNernie,Mary,D,3 Aug 22,4,2,Crowley

McNichol,Catherine,D,22 Nov 23,5,2,McNabb

McNish,Neil,D,22 Mar 23,8,2,

McPhail,Alex,D,19 Jan 22,1,6,1 Jan

McPhail,Alexander N.,D,5 Feb 20,1,6,age 31

McPhail,Christina,D,24 Feb 21,5,2,

McPhail,Dugald,P,7 Sep 22,1,5,Sharratt

McPhail,Eliza,D,3 Mar 21,5,2,Mitchell

McPhail,Elmer Arthur,M,15 Jan 20,1,5,7 Jan; Donachie, M.

McPhail,Helen,M,4 Nov 20,1,4,20 Oct; McMillan, D.

McPhail,Helen Christena,E,21 Oct 20,4,1,McMillan, Duncan

McPhail,John Lyle,E,30 Sep 20,1,5,Harris, Mary

McPhail,John Lyle,E,16 Sep 20,1,5,Harris, Mary M.

McPhail,Mabel,M,30 Jun 21,4,1,Sharratt, Harold

McPhail,Margaret,M,30 Jun 21,1,6,France, E. J.

McPhail,Maude,M,20 Oct 21,8,1,Frewing, Albert

McPhail,Mrs.,D,8 Jan 20,8,1,age 74

McPhail,Nancy,D,15 Jan 20,5,1,

McPhail,nee,W,15 Jul 20,5,1,McCallum

McPhail,Sarah,D,31 Mar 21,5,2,McCallum

McPhail,Sarah,D,8 Nov 23,5,2,McArthur

McPhail,son of John D.,B,30 Jun 21,5,4,28 Jun

McPhedrain,Dugald,D,17 Mar 21,5,3,age 50

McPhedrain,Dugald,D,24 Mar 21,5,1,

McPhedrain,Duncan G.,D,29 Jun 22,5,2,46th year

McPhedrain,Norman D.,D,31 May 23,5,2,16th year

McPherson,Alex, Mrs.,D,28 Jul 21,5,2,age 92

McPherson,Basil St. Clair,E,29 Mar 23,4,1,McColl, Sara

McPherson,Donald,D,29 Jan 20,4,2,18 Jan

McPherson,Gordon A., Dr.,D,20 Mar 24,1,5,

McPherson,Jean,M,1 Mar 23,1,6,Kelly, John

McPherson,Jennie,D,17 Jul 24,5,2,Kelly

McPherson,John M.,D,9 Jun 21,5,1,28 May; 91st year

McPherson,Nancy,D,13 Apr 22,5,2,

McPherson,Nancy,D,20 Apr 22,5,3,11 Apr

McPherson,Peter,E,29 Sep 21,5,1,McCallum, Ella

McPherson,Peter,M,20 Oct 21,5,1,McCallum, Etta

McPherson,son of Dr.,B,11 Mar 20,5,3,11 Feb

McQueen,Robert,D,10 Jun 20,1,5,age 42

McRae,Alberta,M,4 Jan 23,5,1,George, William

McRae,Donald,D,8 Dec 21,5,1,3 mos; son of John

McRae,Edith,D,12 Jun 24,8,1,

McRae,Eva,D,7 Sep 22,5,1,

McRae,James A.,D,25 Dec 24,5,2,

McRae,John A.,D,12 May 21,5,2,

McRae,Lilly,M,3 Jun 20,5,2,Shaw, Alex

McRae,William,D,10 Feb 21,5,2,age 85

McSherry,Henry, Mrs.,D,11 Mar 20,8,1,

McSherry,Henry,D,22 Feb 23,5,3,

McTaggart,Elizabeth,D,29 Jan 20,5,1,age 65

McTaggart,John A.,D,16 Nov 22,5,1,age 56

McTaggart,Margaret,D,13 Apr 22,5,2,

McTaggart,Neil,D,18 Mar 20,8,1,age 77

McTavish,Anna Louisa,E,25 Aug 21,5,1,Campbell, Alexander

McTavish,Annie,W,12 Apr 23,4,2,Ferguson

McTavish,Grace E.,M,7 Sep 22,1,5,Taylor, Clarence

McTavish,John, Mrs.,D,28 Apr 21,1,4,age 76

McTavish,Mary,D,10 Nov 21,4,1,age 82

McVannell,Margaret,D,6 Oct 21,5,1,McMurchy

McVicar,Annie,M,21 Jul 21,4,1,Colledge, William

McVicar,Archibald W.,M,11 Sep 24,1,5,Walters, Hannah

McVicar,Barbara,D,23 Mar 22,1,5,

McVicar,Robert,D,2 Sep 20,4,2,age 39

McWilliam,Alexander,D,22 Dec 21,1,6,age 87

McWilliam,Donald, Mrs.,D,17 Aug 22,5,2,age 86

McWilliam,Ellen,D,24 Apr 24,5,1,Turner

McWilliam,Janetta,D,3 Jun 20,5,1,age 4

McWilliam,Mary Belle,M,18 Oct 23,5,2,Vrooman, Percy

McWilliam,Mary Belle,E,27 Sep 23,5,1,Vrooman, Percy

McWilliam,sons of A. N.,B,9 Jun 21,5,2,5 Jun; twins

Meadows,Henry, Mrs.,D,1 Jan 20,5,1,

Meek,Henry, Dr.,D,19 Jan 22,1,6,

Meek,Margaret Mae,M,30 Sep 20,4,2,21 Sep; Wallis, Roy

Meek,Margaret Mae,E,23 Sep 20,5,1,Wallis, Roy

Meek,Thomas,D,15 Apr 20,1,5,age 59

Mehring,M. D., Mrs.,D,24 Nov 21,8,1,

Menmuir,C. H., Mrs.,D,6 May 20,5,1,

Meredith,Hugh Ashley,E,17 Aug 22,4,2,McCallum, Jean

Meredith,Hugh Ashley,M,7 Sep 22,5,2,30 Aug; McCallum, J.

Merrill,Mildred Irene,M,29 Apr 20,5,2,McNeil, Murray

Merrill,Mildred Irene,E,15 Apr 20,5,1,McNeil, Murray

Messerschmidt,Alexander,D,14 Feb 24,8,1,24th year

Meyer,George H.,D,18 May 22,5,2,

Middleton,Eli, Rev.,D,22 May 24,5,2,age 79

Miller,Benj. Franklin,M,30 Jun 21,5,2,21 Jun; Sutton, V.

Miller,Clara E.,E,25 Mar 20,8,1,Fassel, Elgin

Miller,Edith Gwendolin,M,14 Aug 24,4,2,4 Aug; Shuler, Lincoln

Miller,Homer,D,17 Aug 22,5,2,age 9

Miller,John, Mrs.,D,2 Jun 21,1,6,age 93

Miller,Robert,D,9 Sep 20,5,2,81st year

Miller,Roy,D,10 May 23,5,2,age 33

Milligan,Herbert Alfred,M,2 Dec 20,5,1,Douglas, Nellie

Milligan,Herbert,E,25 Nov 20,5,1,Douglas, Nellie

Milligan,Neil,P,5 Apr 23,5,1,Mills

Milligan,William H.,D,1 May 24,4,1,age 74

Milligan,Wm. Geo. Frost,M,23 Oct 24,5,1,Lee, Mary

Milloy,James,D,29 Jan 20,1,5,82nd year

Mills,Harold, Mrs.,D,5 Apr 23,5,1,age 25

Mills,Hester,D,11 Dec 24,8,2,age 88

Mills,Iva Leola,E,13 Jan 21,5,1,Lacey, Albert

Mills,Martha J.,D,17 Jun 20,5,1,7 Jun

Mills,W. Adair,D,20 Mar 24,1,6,

Mills,W. Adair, Mrs.,D,20 Mar 24,1,6,

Mills,William,D,11 Oct 23,5,3,age 85

Milner,Bert,D,22 Sep 21,1,2,age 18 mos

Milner,Billie,D,22 Sep 21,1,2,age 18 mos

Milner,Bobbie,D,22 Sep 21,1,2,age 18 mos

Milton,son of Henry A.,B,6 Jan 21,5,1,5 Jan

Mistele,Russell,M,27 Sep 23,4,2,Hanley, Beatrice

Mistele,son of H. G.,D,16 Nov 22,8,1,infant

Mitchell,Angus,D,28 Jun 23,5,1,

Mitchell,John, Mrs.,D,3 Mar 21,5,2,

Mitchell,John,D,18 Nov 20,1,6,age 75

Mitchell,John, Mrs.,D,10 Mar 21,5,2,

Mitchell,Margaret,D,1 Dec 21,1,4,age 91

Mitton,Gertrude H.,D,30 Dec 20,5,2,

Moir,Mrs.,D,18 Mar 20,8,1,

Mollard,Russell W.,E,7 Sep 22,5,1,Robbins, Margaret G.

Mollard,Wm Russell,M,28 Sep 22,4,3,28 Sep; Robbins, M.

Monteith,Isabella,D,20 Jul 22,8,2,age 66

Montgomery,Elizabeth M.,D,3 Jun 20,8,1,

Montgomery,Frank,D,12 Jul 23,5,3,aka Bevitt, Russell

Moody,John A.,D,29 Apr 20,1,4,

Moody,Ross,D,15 Nov 23,5,2,infant

Moore,Glen L.,M,6 Apr 22,8,1,Jamieson, Ada

Moore,Glen L.,M,23 Mar 22,1,6,Jamieson, Ada

Moore,Herbert Stanley,E,22 Sep 21,5,1,Kerr, Bertie

Moore,Herbert Stanley,M,29 Sep 21,5,2,Kerr, Bertie

Moore,J. G., Mrs.,D,6 Nov 24,4,2,age 65

Moore,James,M,25 Nov 20,1,4,Young, Jessie

Moore,John B.,D,19 May 21,8,2,

Moore,Thomas,P,28 Jul 21,5,2,Watts

Morden,Francis A.,M,16 Mar 22,1,5,2 Mar; Gillies, Sarah

Morris,S. M., Mrs.,D,13 Apr 22,5,1,

Morris,S. B.,D,22 May 24,1,4,about 70 years old

Morrish,Alice,E,22 May 24,5,1,Page, William

Morrish,Alice,M,12 Jun 24,5,2,Page, Miller

Morrish,Emery A.,M,27 Sep 23,5,1,Kistruck, Elizabeth

Morrish,Emery A.,E,6 Sep 23,5,1,19 Sep; Kistruck, E.

Morrish,Eva May,M,13 Apr 22,5,1,McKillop, Archibald

Morrish,Oliver Wesley,M,9 Nov 22,1,6,Piper, Ethel

Morrison,W. H., Mrs.,D,15 Sep 21,8,1,69th year

Moss,Grace M. A.,D,8 Dec 21,5,1,Weiss

Moss,William, Mrs.,D,8 May 24,5,2,age 44

Mousette,Harry David,M,24 Mar 21,5,1,10 Mar; Ecker, Myrtle

Mowbray,Margaret,D,13 Mar 24,1,5,age 81

Mowbray,Tena,M,22 Dec 21,8,2,Sifton, Harry

Mowbray,William, Mrs.,BD,2 Nov 22,5,3,80th

Moyer,Marjorie,D,27 Nov 24,5,1,6th year

Moyer,Martha,D,5 May 21,5,1,age 78

Mulder,Garrit,D,11 Aug 21,5,1,2 Aug; age 60

Mulder,son of John,B,19 Apr 23,5,3,18 Apr; stillborn

Mullins,Charles,D,11 Mar 20,5,1,age 54

Munger,Dr., Mrs.,D,19 May 21,8,2,

Munn,Russell,D,15 Nov 23,5,1,age 17

Munro,Alma Grace,M,1 Jun2 2,5,2,Flintoft, George

Munro,Dugald W.,M,29 Jun 22,1,5,17 Jun; Graham, Anna

Munro,Flora,D,3 Jul 24,8,2,

Munro,Julia,D,8 Apr 20,4,2,88th year

Munro,Mary,D,22 Dec 21,4,2,

Munroe,Barbara,D,23 Mar 22,1,5,McVicar

Munroe,Marg’t Christena,M,23 Oct 24,1,4,Purcell, Allan

Murch,W. H.,D,12 Jun 24,8,1,

Murison,Estella,M,13 Nov 24,5,2,1 Nov; Donnelly, Leo

Murphy,Ada Mildred,M,22 Dec 21,5,1,McKillop, Edward

Murphy,Jennie Wilson,D,5 May 21,5,2,

Murphy,Pearl M.,M,11 Nov 20,5,1,McCallum, John

Murphy,R. J., Rev.,A,16 Nov 22,5,2,25th

Murphy,Susannah,W,11 Mar 20,5,2,Bradley

Murray,Anna C.,M,27 Dec 23,5,2,Ross, John

Murray,Archibald M.,D,10 Mar 21,5,4,age 49

Murray,Florence,M,11 Dec 24,5,1,Bennett, David

Murray,Isabella,D,17 Jun 20,5,2,age 90

Murray,John A., Mrs.,D,19 Jan 22,1,6,

Murray,John,M,11 Dec 24,8,2,Petherick, Lydia

Murray,Melvina,D,9 Nov 22,5,2,age 71

Murray,Sarah,D,27 Jan 21,5,1,age 99

Neal,William E.,M,12 Jun 24,5,2,Graves, Nellie

Neely,Alex,D,19 Jul 23,8,1,72nd year

Neil,George F.,M,30 Mar 22,4,2,15 Mar; Leverington, F.

Nelson,Edna Muriel,M,14 Oct 20,8,1,McKillop, Clarence

Nelson,Thomas,M,11 Dec 24,8,2,David, Sarah

Nethercott,Ernest M.,M,3 Apr 24,1,5,Dowler, Lillian

Nethercott,Frederick J.,E,29 Apr 20,5,1,Carmichael, Mary J.

Nethercott,William,D,9 Oct 24,4,1,70th year

Newbigging,David D.,D,28 Sep 22,5,3,55th year

Newcombe,Henry,D,2 Nov 22,5,3,age 81

Newsome,Alice,D,9 Jun 21,5,3,

Newton,George W.,M,15 Jun 22,4,3,Gray, Margaret

Newton,Grant S.,E,1 Jun 22,5,1,Ross, Emily

Newton,John H.,D,30 Jun 21,5,1,age 81

Newton,Lynn,M,14 Oct 20,5,1,McFarlane, Evelyn

Nichol,Adam,D,15 Jul 20,1,6,age 86

Nichol,Wilfred,M,22 Sep 21,5,1,Cady, Velma

Nicholas,Samuel, Mrs.,D,7 Jun 23,8,1,age 72

Nichols,Edward,D,12 May 21,8,1,

Nichols,George,P,8 Mar 23,1,5,Waite

Nichols,William E.,D,28 Sep 22,8,1,age 54

Nicholson,Seth,D,11 Oct 23,5,3,age 30

Norman,Eliza,D,26 Oct 22,1,4,88th year

Norris,George H.,D,27 Sep 23,5,3,age 42

Norwood,E. A., Mrs.,D,5 May 21,5,2,age 50

Nott,Bessie Pearl,M,1 Mar 23,1,6,Rogerson, James

Nott,Clarence R.,M,15 Apr 20,5,1,Wilson, Nettie

O’Hara,George,D,6 Nov 24,8,3,age 94

O’Hara,Grace Lillian,M,9 Dec 20,8,1,Plain, Robert

O’Malley,Anthony D.,M,16 Mar 22,5,1,Gilbert, Marion

O’Malley,Col., Mrs.,D,11 May 22,1,6,

O’Malley,Colonel,D,31 Mar 21,1,6,age 80

O’Malley,Peter Hugh,E,22 Feb 23,5,1,Trudell, Winnifred

O’Malley,Peter Hugh,M,1 Mar 23,1,6,Trudell, Winnifred

O’Neil,Charles,D,24 Jun 20,4,2,age 67

O’Neill,Hazel,M,7 Aug 24,4,2,26 Jul; Reichheld, C.

O’Shea,Ellen,D,3 Jul 24,8,2,age 90

Olde,William G.,D,13 Mar 24,5,2,17 Feb; age 60

Oldershaw,Mary Ann,D,15 Jul 20,1,5,age 93

Oldham,son of James,B,24 Jan 24,5,1,9 Jan

Oliver,George Edward,E,8 Dec 21,5,2,Saunders, Lillian

Oliver,George Edward,M,29 Dec 21,5,2,22 Dec; Cochrane, L.

Oliver,Nancy,D,11 Dec 24,8,2,age 84

Oliver,Wm. Harold Jas,B,6 Mar 24,5,1,29 Feb

Oliver,Wm. Harold Jas,B,6 Mar 24,5,3,29 Feb

Ollett,Hazel Wilhemina,M,4 Dec 24,5,2,Patterson, William

Ollett,Hazel Wilhemine,E,27 Nov 24,5,1,Patterson, William

Ollett,Viola Edna,M,6 May 20,1,5,Brooker, Olvier

Ollett,Viola,E,15 Apr 20,1,4,Brooker, Oliver

Orchard,Clarence Johnstone,M,14 Dec 22,4,3,5 Dec; McKillop, C.

Orchard,Elizabeth Jane,D,21 Apr 21,5,2,age 43

Osborne,Alexander,D,5 Feb 20,5,3,age 42

Ousterhout,Leroy,M,16 Dec 20,1,6,Cummings, Freda

Owen,Ruth Augusta Constance,M,28 Jun 23,5,2,20 Jun; Bulteel, Ronald

Paddon,Elizabeth,D,25 Dec 24,8,3,age 77

Page,Albert E.,M,6 May 20,5,2,Davis, Martha

Page,Edna Elizabeth,M,3 Feb 21,5,2,McKillop, Neil

Page,James H.,D,6 Apr 22,5,2,29 Mar; age 74

Page,James A.,M,26 Jul 23,5,1,Page, Nellie

Page,Mary E.,D,30 Oct 24,5,1,27 Oct; age 63

Page,Miller,M,12 Jun 24,5,2,Morrish, Alice

Page,Nellie,M,26 Jul 23,5,1,Page, James A.

Page,Rowena,D,17 Feb 21,1,4,87th year

Page,Susie, Mrs.,M,20 Apr 22,1,5,5 Apr; Gillies, Dan

Page,William H.,D,27 Jul 22,5,2,age 61

Page,William,D,7 Dec 22,14,1,age 83

Page,William Miller,E,22 May 24,5,1,Morrish, Alice

Page,William,D,13 Nov 24,5,1,

Palmer,Margaret,D,29 Apr 20,5,1,

Pangborn,Charles E.,M,13 Jan 21,5,1,Humphries, Gladys

Panter,dau of R. K.,B,7 Aug 24,5,2,

Parish,Lydia Jean,M,30 Dec 20,1,5,16 Dec; Bechill, H.

Parish,Sarah,D,20 Dec 23,5,2,age 70

Parker,Edward, Mrs.,D,10 Jun 20,1,5,age 70

Parks,Caroline,D,2 Nov 22,5,2,85th year

Parr,Robert,P,23 Oct 24,1,4,McLean

Parrott,Carolina,D,8 Apr 20,4,2,age 65

Partridge,John,D,20 Apr 22,1,5,age 38

Paterson,Duncan H.,M,15 Sep 21,1,5,McIntyre, Mary

Paterson,James,D,8 May 24,5,1,age 97

Paterson,John,D,10 Feb 21,5,2,90th year

Patterson,Alice,D,10 Jun 20,5,2,6 Jun; age 76

Patterson,Alice,D,17 Jun 20,4,1,77th year

Patterson,Archibald,D,8 Apr 20,5,2,age 29

Patterson,Arthur J.,M,18 Nov 20,1,5,Gillies, Stella

Patterson,Catherine,D,25 Mar 20,8,1,McBrayne

Patterson,Daniel E.,M,17 Jun 20,5,2,Cook, Edith

Patterson,David,D,11 Jan 23,5,2,age 79

Patterson,Duncan,D,16 Sep 20,5,2,

Patterson,Eliza,D,7 Aug 24,5,2,30 Jul; age 73

Patterson,Hazel,W,2 Sep 20,4,2,McVicar

Patterson,Isabell,E,3 Jun 20,5,2,Priddle, O. D., Rev.

Patterson,Isabell,M,17 Jun 20,5,2,9 Jun; Priddle, O. D.

Patterson,John,P,8 Jul 20,5,2,Robbins

Patterson,John H.,M,28 Jun 23,5,2,McGill, Catherine

Patterson,Mary,D,25 Jan 23,5,2,age 68

Patterson,Sarah Mannetta,M,1 Apr 20,5,2,Gilroy, Morley

Patterson,Sarah Jane,D,29 Sep 21,5,1,Adams

Patterson,son of William,D,2 Dec 20,5,1,age 8

Patterson,Stewart T.,D,11 Sep 24,1,5,age 64

Patterson,William A.,M,4 Dec 24,5,2,Ollett, Hazel

Patterson,William A.,E,27 Nov 24,5,1,Ollett, Hazel

Patton,Dugald,D,12 Aug 20,5,2,29 Jul

Payson,John, Mrs.,D,20 Apr 22,5,1,63rd year

Payson,Retta,D,11 Sep 24,1,5,Campbell

Pearce,dau of E. H.,B,11 Mar 20,5,3,5 Mar

Pearce,George,M,25 Nov 20,1,4,10 Nov; Wallis, Jane

Pearce,John L.,D,10 May 23,1,4,age 86

Pearce,John L., Mrs.,D,21 Jun 23,5,2,age 74

Pearce,Phina,M,18 Oct 23,5,2,25 Sep; Tassie, Gilbert

Peckham,Orton, Mrs.,D,11 Jan 23,5,2,age 68

Peer,Aletha E.,D,10 Mar 21,8,2,age 27

Pegg,James,D,20 Apr 22,8,1,

Penhale,Silas,D,31 Jul 24,8,1,

Penrose,George,M,27 Mar 24,1,5,Sharratt, Winnifred

Penwarden,Hannah,D,20 Dec 23,8,1,age 84

Percival,dau of George,B,24 Aug 22,5,1,21 Aug

Percival,dau of George,B,10 Apr 24,5,4,5 Apr

Percival,son of George,B,11 Nov 20,5,2,6 Nov

Person,William J.,E,24 Mar 21,1,5,Steele, Kate

Petherick,Lydia,M,11 Dec 24,8,2,Murray, John

Pettit,LaVerne,D,12 Jan 22,8,1,

Pfaff,Arthur U.,E,1 Apr 20,5,1,Kerr, Shirley

Pfaff,Arthur U.,M,22 Apr 20,5,1,Kerr, Shirley

Phelps,Etta,D,10 Feb 21,5,1,Massen

Phelps,Myrtle Margaret,E,15 May 24,5,1,Steele, Edward

Phelps,Myrtle Margaret,M,12 Jun 24,5,2,3 Jun; Steele, Edward

Phelps,Olive,M,6 May 20,5,2,Ryckman, John

Philips,Elisha S.,D,8 May 24,1,5,age 81

Phillips,John G.,M,3 May 23,5,1,MacKay, Jean

Philpott,Emily,W,4 Nov 20,5,2,Griffin

Philpott,Sarah,D,2 Feb 22,5,2,Decew

Pickering,Mildred Isabelle,B,13 Mar 24,5,1,24 Feb

Pinner,James,E,3 Apr 24,5,1,Knowlton, Laura

Piper,Ethel Grace,M,9 Nov 22,1,6,Morrish, Oliver

Piper,Fannie,D,19 Oct 22,4,2,age 58

Piper,Mary Margaret,B,13 Jan 21,5,3,3 Jan

Piper,Sarah,W,27 Apr 22,8,1,Lumley

Piper,son of Roy,D,22 Jun 22,8,3,infant

Plain,Frank,D,7 Apr 21,1,6,

Plain,Robert Percival,M,9 Dec 20,8,1,O’Hara, Grace

Plastow,Fred J.,D,4 May 22,8,1,

Platt,Earl,M,31 Jan 24,5,2,12 Jan; McAlpine, B.

Plumb,Charles,D,14 Dec 22,5,1,

Pollard,Ezra,M,19 Oct 22,5,2,Carroll, Sarah

Pollard,J. L.,E,15 Apr 20,5,1,Porter, Lena K.

Pollard,John L.,M,22 Apr 20,5,2,Porter, Lena K.

Pollard,Mary,D,5 Apr 23,5,2,age 80

Ponsford,Albert E.,D,6 Mar 24,1,6,

Ponsford,James T.,D,3 Aug 22,5,2,age 69

Ponsford,Jennie,D,18 Oct 23,8,1,age 78

Pool,Bert,D,7 Feb 24,5,2,13 Jan; age 35

Pool,Bert,D,31 Jan 24,5,2,about 30 years old

Pool,James,D,3 Jul 24,5,3,age 69

Poole,George,M,1 Jul 20,1,5,Lamb, Ada

Porter,Alice Viola,D,9 Mar 22,5,2,age 27

Porter,Frances,D,1 Jan 20,5,2,

Porter,Frances,D,8 Jan 20,5,2,

Porter,James,D,5 Feb 20,8,1,age 62

Porter,Lena Katherine,M,22 Apr 20,5,2,Pollard, John

Porter,Lena Katherine,E,15 Apr 20,5,1,Pollard, J. L.

Porter,son of R. Kemp,B,18 Mar 20,5,3,11 Mar

Powers,Eliza,D,7 Aug 24,5,2,Patterson

Powers,Mae,M,24 Mar 21,5,1,5 Mar; Carter, William

Powers,Martin C.,D,19 Oct 22,5,3,50th year

Powers,Martin Chandler,D,2 Nov 22,1,6,

Powers,Melinda,D,6 Sep 23,5,1,age 90

Pressey,Harry W.,M,21 Dec 22,1,5,18 Dec; McLellan, L.

Pretty,Margaret, Mrs.,M,20 Apr 22,5,1,Welch, Lawrence

Price,David,D,27 Nov 24,5,1,age 86

Price,John,D,8 Mar 23,1,5,age 79

Priddle,O. D., Rev.,E,3 Jun 20,5,2,Patterson, Isabell

Priddle,O. D., Rev.,M,17 Jun 20,5,2,9 Jun; Patterson, I.

Purcell,Allan Russell,M,23 Oct 24,1,4,Munroe, Margaret

Purcell,Hector, Mrs.,D,31 Aug 22,1,4,age 75

Purcell,Nancy,D,1 Sep 21,8,1,Campbell

Quigley,John,M,27 Sep 23,5,3,Thomson, Anna

Quigley,Waitey L.,M,11 May 22,8,3,Ward, James

Quirk,Thomas,D,1 Dec 21,4,1,

Ramsey,George H.,D,17 Aug 22,5,2,age 65

Ramstein,Frank,D,15 Mar 23,5,2,2 Mar; age 58

Randall,Israel,D,19 May 21,8,2,age 74

Randall,Mrs.,D,28 Apr 21,5,1,

Rapelje,Elizabeth,D,13 May 20,5,1,

Reeks,Albert,D,29 Jul 20,8,2,

Reichheld,Annie Brown,M,29 Jun 22,1,6,Wilson, Percy

Reichheld,Clayton T.,M,7 Aug 24,4,2,26 Jul; O’Neill, Hazel

Reichheld,Elmer,D,15 Jan 20,5,1,15th year

Reichheld,Elmer,D,22 Jan 20,5,1,

Reid,Leonard H.,M,15 Jun 22,5,1,Froggett, Jessie

Reid,Marg’t Madeline,B,14 Jul 21,5,3,30 Jun

Remnant,son of Stanley,B,17 Aug 22,5,1,6 Aug

Remnant,Stanley James Richard,E,7 Jul 21,5,3,Hollingshead, Elva

Remnant,Stanley James Richard,M,25 Aug 21,5,2,Hollingshead, Elva

Revell,Gertrude Mary,M,14 Oct 20,5,4,5 Oct; Smith, H. L.

Rewbotham,W. R., Mrs.,D,7 Aug 24,8,1,age 39

Reycraft,Calvert,M,23 Dec 20,1,4,9 Dec; Howe, Ada

Reynolds,Samuel,D,27 Apr 22,5,3,age 84

Richardson,Alexander,D,19 Jul 23,5,1,age 46

Richardson,Robert, Mrs.,D,28 Sep 22,8,1,age 50

Rick,Beatrice Ellen,M,1 Jun 22,1,6,Vair, Howard

Rinch,Harry B.,D,29 Mar 23,4,1,

Ripley,Arnold C.,M,27 Dec 23,5,2,22 Dec; Tansley, V.

Ripley,Clarence Ray,B,20 Jul 22,4,2,18 Jul; twin

Ripley,Freeda V.,M,15 Apr 20,1,4,Elliott, Forrest

Ripley,Gladys May,B,20 Jul 22,4,2,18 Jul; twin

Ripley,Lloyd Inglis,E,13 Jan 21,5,1,Dawdy, Hazel

Ripley,Lloyd I.,M,20 Jan 21,5,2,Dawdy, Hazel S.

Rippon,Mary,M,20 Dec 23,8,1,Humphries, Daniel

Riseborough,Loretta Mae,M,7 Apr 21,5,2,Smith, Percy

Ritchie,Adely Mary,M,8 Nov 23,5,1,Townsend, James

Rivers,T. Lloyd,M,8 Apr 20 ,5,1,Baillie, Mary G.

Robb,Annie,D,3 Aug 22,4,1,1 Aug; age 68

Robb,dau of William S.,B,7 Oct 20,1,6,30 Sep; stillborn

Robb,George Alex’r,M,27 Oct 21,5,1,March, Flora

Robb,George A., Mrs.,D,12 Oct 22,5,2,41st year

Robb,James,D,25 Nov 20,5,2,age 80

Robb,John, Mrs.,D,3 Aug 22,5,2,age 68

Robb,John, Mrs.,D,17 Aug 22,1,6,

Robb,Nancy,B,2 Dec 20,5,2,27 Nov

Robbins,Cassie Marie,M,27 Mar 24,5,1,19 Mar; Germaine, S.

Robbins,Catherine,P,27 Mar 24,5,1,McCallum

Robbins,Gertrude,P,13 Mar 24,5,1,Mallard

Robbins,Henry, Mrs.,D,8 Jul 20,5,2,55th year

Robbins,John S.,M,4 Jan 23,5,1,Fredericks, Adeline

Robbins,Marg’t Gertrude,M,28 Sep 22,4,3,Mollard, William R.

Robbins,Marg’t Gertrude,E,7 Sep 22,5,1,Mollard, Russell

Robbins,Sarah Catherine,M,24 Jun 20,5,1,16 Jun; McCallum, R.

Robbins,Sarah Catharine,E,3 Jun 20,5,2,McCallum, Roy C.

Roberts,Bert,E,14 Aug 24,5,2,Evans, Vera

Roberts,Lucille May,M,4 May 22,5,1,25 Apr; Hathaway, N.

Robertson,Robert, Mrs.,D,24 Mar 21,5,3,age 25

Robinson,Annie,D,21 Apr 21,5,1,Abramson

Robinson,dau of Thomas,B,21 Apr 21,5,2,7 Apr

Robinson,Ella,D,26 Feb 20,4,2,

Robinson,George,D,20 Jul 22,4,2,about 60 years old

Robinson,Hugh,M,22 May 24,5,2,6 May; Holman, Stella

Robinson,Jabel,P,3 Jun 20,5,1,Futcher

Robinson,Jean,D,25 Oct 23,8,1,age 5, dau of Finlay

Robinson,Thomas Fallis,M,10 Jun 20,1,5,26 May; Thomas, Cora

Robson,Ernest,D,18 May 22,5,2,

Robson,Thomas, Mrs.,D,2 Dec 20,8,1,age 42

Roche,Clara Isabel,E,21 Sep 22,5,1,Dean, John

Rochemont,Thomas G.,M,10 Jun 20,1,5,Brush, Gertrude

Rogers,Elizabeth,D,14 Feb 24,5,1,94th year

Rogers,Jane,D,8 Mar 23,5,3,Lynch

Rogers,Janet May,M,25 Jan 23,5,1,Cole, Frederick

Rogers,Janet May,E,11 Jan 23,5,1,Cole, Frederick

Rogers,Lois,M,29 Dec 21,5,2,Clark, Leslie

Rogers,W. G., Mrs.,D,13 Sep 23,5,2,age 57

Rogerson,James Herbert,M,1 Mar 23,1,6,Nott, Bessie

Rolson,Stella P.,M,17 Nov 21,8,2,Blake, Henry

Ronson,Bessie,D,2 Dec 20,5,1,age 4, dau of Fletcher

Roome,Colin D., Dr.,D,7 Jun 23,5,1,

Roome,William F., Dr.,D,8 Sep 21,1,6,80th year

Rose,Abraham,D,7 Apr 21,8,3,

Rose,Florence,D,26 Feb 20,5,1,30th year

Rose,John Edward,M,25 Oct 23,5,1,Mateer, Florence

Rose,Joseph,D,20 Nov 24,8,2,52nd year

Ross,David W.,M,16 Mar 22,1,6,Stollard, Dorothy

Ross,Emily Clare,E,1 Jun 22,5,1,Newton, Grant

Ross,Hermon,D,9 Nov 22,5,2,age 65

Ross,James,D,14 Feb 24,5,2,

Ross,James,D,7 Feb 24,5,2,93rd year

Ross,John, Mrs.,D,9 Feb 22,8,1,age 55

Ross,John,M,27 Dec 23,5,2,Murray, Anna

Ross,John M.,M,5 Jun 24,5,2,Bennett, Catherine

Ross,Margery Evan,M,7 Jul 21,4,1,Scott, John

Ross,Vera Ruth,M,26 Feb 20,5,2,Lumley, Lloyd

Ross,William A.,E,24 Nov 21,5,1,Johnson, Kate

Routledge,Maida,M,24 Jul 24,5,2,Eilber, Merna

Rowe,Charles G.,M,30 Nov 22,1,6,27 Nov; Waite, Hazel

Rowe,Emily C.,M,7 Sep 22,1,5,Bainard, Charles

Rowland,Adelaide,D,5 Jun 24,4,1,Hughes

Rowley,Glen,D,30 Nov 22,1,5,age 35

Royal,Sarah C.,D,17 Nov 21,5,2,

Rudd,George,D,13 Jan 21,1,6,age 67

Ruddick,James,D,25 Sep 24,4,2,

Ruddick,James,D,18 Sep 24,5,3,82nd year

Rundle,Etta Ruth,M,7 Jul 21,4,1,Jewitt, Oliver

Russ,Orrin,D,7 Dec 22,14,1,age 30

Russell,Edythe,M,4 Sep 24,5,2,Chapin, W. James

Russell,Edythe,E,7 Aug 24,5,1,Chapin, W. James

Russell,Mary Ann,D,15 Jul 20,1,5,Oldershaw

Russell,Pauline,M,30 Jun 21,4,1,Becker, John

Ruthenberg,Calvin Gustao,B,18 Sep 24,5,1,7 Sep

Rutherford,Maude,D,10 Jul 24,5,2,

Rutherford,Thomas, Mrs.,D,19 Jun 24,5,1,

Rutherford,Thomas,D,26 Jun 24,5,2,age 74

Ruthven,Euphemia,D,12 May 21,5,1,Hunsberger

Ruthven,Helen Frances,M,1 Sep 21,5,1,Bickle, J.

Rutter,James,M,4 Sep 24,5,1,1 Sep; Waite, Mildred

Ryan,David,D,9 Dec 20,5,1,age 59

Ryan,Nathaniel S.,D,18 Nov 20,1,5,

Ryckman,C. F., Mrs.,D,16 Sep 20,1,5,

Ryckman,John,M,6 May 20,5,2,Phelps, Olive

Ryckman,John,D,20 Dec 23,5,1,age 87

Ryley,Edmund Gerald,M,3 Jul 24,5,2,Hockin, Bertha

Sage,Frank, Mrs.,D,21 Sep 22,5,2,

Salmon,Thomas,D,3 Mar 21,5,2,age 65

Samson,James, Dr.,D,24 Jul 24,5,2,age 82

Sanders,Elizabeth,D,8 Jul 20,4,1,

Sanders,Elizabeth,D,11 Oct 23,5,3,age 73

Sanders,Philip,D,17 Jul 24,5,1,

Saunders,David, Mrs.,D,23 Nov 22,5,2,

Saunders,Jessie,D,16 Nov 22,5,1,age 88

Saunders,Lillian,E,8 Dec 21,5,2,Oliver, George E.

Saunders,Louisa Octavia,D,20 Oct 21,5,1,

Saunders,Phoebe J.,D,25 Aug 21,5,2,age 61

Savigney,Percy,M,13 Mar 24,5,1,6 Mar; Hodder, Olive

Scates,George, Mrs.,D,16 Jun 21,5,1,

Scates,George,D,27 Sep 23,5,3,age 85

Scherer,Inez Margaret,M,23 Sep 20,1,6,Love, Clifford

Schindler,Louis,M,3 Nov 21,1,6,25 Oct; Burns, Ellen

Schleihauf,Mildred Byrl,B,28 Jul 21,1,4,20 Jul

Schneckenberger,Morand,D,7 Oct 20,4,1,

Schneckenburger,Christian,D,1 Nov 23,1,6,age 70

Schneckenburger,Madeline,M,29 Jan 20,8,1,Gibb, Joseph

Schneckenburger,Mr.,A,22 Nov 23,1,6,18 Nov

Schneckenburger,Norah,D,12 Jun 24,8,1,age 23

Schneckenburger,Wendeline,P,28 Dec 22,4,1,Cullnan

Schooley,Henry,D,4 Jan 23,1,5,age 82

Schram,John A.,M,15 Jan 20,8,2,Brad, Hannah

Schultz,Sarah,D,8 Feb 23,5,1,age 78

Schweitzer,George, Mrs.,D,17 Mar 21,1,5,28th year

Scott,Cecil,M,12 May 21,5,1,Witherden, Laura

Scott,Cecil, Mrs.,D,2 Oct 24,8,2,age 28

Scott,James E.,D,10 Jan 24,5,2,age 72

Scott,John,D,26 May 21,8,1,age 89

Scott,John Russell,M,7 Jul 21,4,1,Ross, Margery

Scouler,John,D,19 Jan 22,5,1,age 50

Scoyne,Hazel,M,2 Dec 20,5,1,Ellis, Harold

Scrase,George H.,D,14 Apr 21,8,1,age 47

Screenan,James J.,D,25 Nov 20,8,3,

Searle,John P.,D,13 Oct 21,5,2,age 82

Selby,James Ralph,B,15 May 24,5,2,8 May

Selby,Thomas Joseph,M,10 May 23,5,1,Coates, Verda

Shafer,Frank, Mrs.,D,1 Sep 21,4,1,

Shannon,George A., Dr.,D,26 Apr 23,5,3,age 63

Sharp,Mrs.,D,23 Nov 22,8,1,

Sharratt,Harold J.,M,30 Jun 21,4,1,McPhail, Mabel

Sharratt,Harold, Mrs.,D,7 Sep 22,1,5,age 28

Sharratt,Winnifred A.,M,27 Mar 24,1,5,Penrose, George

Shaw,Alex,M,3 Jun 20,5,2,McRae, Lilly

Shaw,Anna Mae,B,26 Jan 22,5,1,20 Jan; Clark, Anna

Shaw,Blanche,M,12 Apr 23,5,1,Dicker, Reginald

Shaw,Charles,D,6 Jan 21,5,2,age 95

Shaw,Elfretta Pearl,E,27 Nov 24,5,1,Dicker, Peter

Shaw,Elfretta,M,4 Dec 24,5,1,Dicker, Peter

Shaw,John D., Mrs.,D,29 Sep 21,1,6,

Shaw,Samuel,D,8 Apr 20,5,3,

Shearing,Nellie M.,D,8 Mar 23,5,1,

Shepherd,Amanda,D,24 Jan 24,5,1,age 87

Shepherd,Verna,D,20 Nov 24,5,1,McFarlane

Sheppard,Edmund E.,D,13 Nov 24,4,1,age 69

Shipley,Fleming,D,20 Nov 24,5,2,age 76

Shipley,Fleming,D,27 Nov 24,8,1,

Shipley,Trenum,D,1 May 24,5,1,

Shipley,Trenum,D,24 Apr 24,5,1,age 67

Shippey,H. L., Mrs.,D,18 Nov 20,1,6,age 74

Shippey,Wallace W.,D,13 May 20,5,2,age 71

Shoemaker,Clara,M,1 May 24,1,6,16 Apr; Henderson, G.

Showers,Angus,D,1 Jul 20,5,1,age 74

Shuler,Lincoln,M,14 Aug 24,4,2,4 Aug; Miller, Edith

Sifton,Edward,D,26 May 21,5,1,

Sifton,Edward,D,19 May 21,5,3,

Sifton,Harry,M,22 Dec 21,8,2,Mowbray, Tena

Sifton,Maud R.,M,24 Nov 21,4,1,Vaughan, William

Sifton,Rebecca,W,10 May 23,1,4,Pearce

Sifton,Rebecca,D,21 Jun 23,5,2,Pearce

Sifton,W. C.,D,24 May 23,5,3,

Silcox,Alice M.,M,15 Apr 20,5,1,Wade, Milton

Silcox,Alice,D,23 Dec 20,5,1,Wade

Silcox,Blanche Irene,E,26 Jan 22,5,1,Joiner, Vernon

Silcox,Daniel,D,13 Jan 21,8,1,

Silcox,Matthew,D,5 Jan 22,5,1,

Silcox,Sadie Margaret,M,18 Nov 20,1,5,Braddon, George

Sillars,Alexander,D,5 Jun 24,5,2,about 80 years old

Sillars,Alexander,D,12 Jun 24,5,1,

Sillars,John,M,24 Jun 20,5,1,15 Apr; McKinley, J.

Sillars,nee,D,18 Mar 20,8,1,Moir

Simmons,Charles R.,D,24 May 23,5,1,age 45

Sims,Sarah,D,18 May 22,1,5,age 82

Sinclair,Archibald,D,4 Nov 20,8,1,age 86

Sinclair,Barbara,P,15 Sep 21,1,4,McLardy

Sinclair,Colin C.,M,11 May 22,1,5,McLarty, Gertrude

Sinclair,Duncan,D,25 Nov 20,8,3,age 48

Sinclair,John,D,6 Jul 22,1,6,age 87

Sinclair,Malcom,D,19 May 21,8,2,age 81

Sinclair,Mary,D,6 Mar 24,5,2,Carswell

Sinclair,Sarah J.,D,24 May 23,4,2,McKay

Sinclair,Sarah,D,6 Mar 24,1,5,age 66

Skelding,Charles,D,12 Jun 24,8,1,age 88

Smailes,Mrs.,D,3 May 23,5,1,age 81

Small,Edward, Mrs.,D,6 Nov 24,4,2,age 71

Small,Ila Margaret,B,17 Jun 20,1,4,14 Jun

Small,Malcolm W.,M,7 Oct 20,5,2,Campbell, Jean

Small,Malcolm W.,E,23 Sep 20,5,1,Campbell, Jean

Small,son of Thomas,B,5 Feb 20,5,3,28 Jan

Smith,Alice Estella,M,15 Sep 21,1,5,5 Sep; Bagnall, Louis

Smith,Blanche,D,18 Oct 23,5,3,Hutton

Smith,C. H., Dr.,D,24 Apr 24,5,3,

Smith,Charles,D,8 Jan 20,8,1,age 73

Smith,Clarence H.,E,9 Feb 22,1,5,Timson, Bertha

Smith,D. A.,A,29 Jul 20,1,5,50th

Smith,Daniel,D,11 Dec 24,5,1,age 75

Smith,Frank W.,D,1 Sep 21,5,2,

Smith,Fred,D,23 Sep 20,4,2,age 21

Smith,G. R.,M,19 Aug 20,5,2,10 Aug; Lawrence, J.

Smith,George, Mrs.,D,18 Oct 23,5,2,age 56

Smith,H. L., Dr.,M,14 Oct 20,5,4,5 Oct; Revell, G.

Smith,James, Mrs.,D,12 Aug 20,5,2,age 68

Smith,James,D,17 Jul 24,1,6,age 84

Smith,Kathleen,M,18 Sep 24,5,2,Kennedy, henry

Smith,Kirk,D,9 Jun 21,5,3,

Smith,Mary Grace,D,9 Sep 20,8,1,

Smith,Nelson,M,12 Apr 23,5,1,Thomson, Betty

Smith,Percy Garnet,M,7 Apr 21,5,2,Riseborough, L.

Smith,Reva Irene,M,20 Sep 23,5,3,Williams, Edward

Smith,Reva,P,24 Jul 24,5,1,Williams

Smith,son of Bert,B,2 Jun 21,4,2,27 May

Smith,son of Dr. H. L.,B,16 Oct 24,5,2,7 Oct

Smith,Vera Mildred,M,31 May 23,5,1,25 May; Campbell, C.

Smith,William J. P.,D,5 Oct 22,5,2,

Smith,William J. P.,D,28 Sep 22,5,2,71st year

Smith,William,D,1 May 24,5,1,age 72

Smith,William Harold,M,18 Oct 23,5,2,6 Oct; Cook, Emma

Smith,Zerena Ann,D,25 Oct 23,5,2,

Smoke,Thelma Grace,M,13 Jul 22,8,1,Young, Ernest

Snell,Frank,D,14 Dec 22,1,6,age 52

Snell,J. A., Rev.,A,26 Oct 22,4,2,25th

Snell,Jerrold Webber,M,26 Jun 24,5,2,Little, Marguerite

Somerville,Gladys,E,6 Nov 24,5,1,Black, John

Somerville,Gladys Irene,M,13 Nov 24,5,2,Black, John J.

Soule,Robt. Edward, Dr,D,8 May 24,5,2,

Soules,Gertrude H.,D,14 Feb 24,5,3,age 40

Spackman,Eliza,D,25 Sep 24,1,5,age 88

Spearing,Minnie E.,E,16 Aug 23,5,1,Fountain, Gordon

Spearing,Minnie,M,30 Aug 23,5,2,Fountain, Gordon

Spearing,Minnie,P,18 Sep 24,5,1,Fountain

Speirn,Elgin H.,D,20 Nov 24,8,2,age 7

Speirn,Henry,D,25 Sep 24,1,5,

Spence,James, Mrs.,D,4 Nov 20,8,1,61st year

Spence,Phoebe E.,D,16 Dec 20,5,3,80th year

Spitler,John, Mrs.,D,26 Feb 20,5,2,age 80

Sprague,Mary Jane,D,6 Nov 24,4,2,Small

Squire,Clifford,D,5 Mar 20,1,4,age 20

Stacey,Isabella,D,20 Sep 23,5,2,Grisdale

Stacey,Jane,W,4 Nov 20,5,2,Griffin

Stafford,Alva,D,13 Nov 24,4,1,age 68

Stafford,Ida A.,D,24 Jun 20,4,2,

Stalker,dau of Neil,B,30 Sep 20,5,1,23 Sep

Stalker,Euphemia,D,21 Jul 21,5,1,McEachren

Stalker,John G.,D,8 May 24,5,3,age 84

Stalker,Peter,D,3 Nov 21,1,6,age 74

Stalker,son of A.,B,29 Apr 20,1,5,22 Apr

Stanley,Harvey J.,E,1 Dec 21,5,1,Brown, Minnie C.

Stanley,J. Harvey,M,22 Dec 21,5,2,Brown, Minnie

Stanley,Walter J.,M,18 Oct 23,5,2,6 Oct; Boyd, Else

Stanton,James D.,D,1 May24,4,1,age 85

Staples,J. A.,M,24 Feb 21,5,1,22 Feb; Buchanan, B.

Starks,Hannah Almira,M,13 Apr 22,1,5,29 Mar; Williams, P.

Starks,Mrs.,D,27 Dec 23,1,5,age 81

Steele,Edward Evans,E,15 May 24,5,1,Phelps, Myrtle M.

Steele,Edward Evans,M,12 Jun 24,5,2,3 Jun; Phelps, Myrtle

Steele,Kate,E,24 Mar 21,1,5,Person, William J.

Sterzik,Harry A.,M,21 Dec 22,5,1,McKay, Edith

Stevens,Harry T.,D,31 Mar 21,1,6,

Stevens,John,D,22 Mar 23,8,2,age 80

Stevenson,Ethel,D,22 Jun 22,4,2,Carruthers

Stevenson,Geneva Marg’t,M,4 Sep 24,5,2,Kendall, Harvey

Stevenson,Geneva Marg’t,E,14 Aug 24,5,2,Kendall, Harvey

Stevenson,Herbert E.,D,16 Dec 20,1,6,

Stevenson,James,D,23 Jun 21,5,1,age 62

Stewart,J. H., Rev., Mrs.,D,27 May 20,5,3,

Stewart,J. H. , Mrs.,D,28 Oct 20,1,6,

Stewart,James, Mrs.,D,15 Nov 23,1,5,age 86

Stewart,Murray, Mrs.,D,29 Nov 23,4,1,age 81

Stewart,Neil,D,22 Mar 23,5,2,

Stewart,Neil,D,15 Mar 23,5,2,

Stewart,Peter C.,D,13 Mar 24,1,6,age 71

Stilwell,dau of K.,B,29 Apr 20,1,5,23 Apr

Stimers,A. M.,D,15 Sep 21,1,5,age 50

Stinson,Stewart H.,D,14 Dec 22,5,1,age 55

Stirling,John A.,D,12 Jan 22,8,1,age 80

Stirzik,dau of W. J.,B,17 Jan 24,4,2,15 Jan

Stirzik,William,E,14 Dec 22,5,1,McKay, Edith

Stock,Frederick Wm.,E,22 Jun 22,5,1,Balkwill, Velma

Stock,Frederick Wm.,M,6 Jul 22,5,2,29 Jun; Balkwill, V.

Stokes,Mary,D,3 Jun 20,8,1,age 70

Stollard,Dorothy,M,16 Mar 22,1,6,Ross, David

Stoneman,John,D,15 Jan 20,5,1,

Stoneman,John,D,8 Jan 20,5,1,76th year

Stoner,Burton J.,D,22 May 24,5,1,age 22

Stormes,Gilbert, Mrs.,D,27 Sep 23,4,2,age 88

Storms,Ethel Edna,M,29 Apr 20,1,4,21 Apr; Danby, B.

Stough,A. J.,D,20 Nov 24,8,2,age 62

Stover,Minnie,D,20 Nov 24,8,2,

Stroger,Richard H.,D,28 Oct 20,4,2,age 73

Sullivan,John,P,10 Mar 21,5,2,Crowley

Sullivan,Patrick J.,M,14 Jun 23,5,2,Kairns, Catharine

Summers,Edith,M,2 Dec 20,8,1,Clark, John H.

Sutherland,Jean Elliott,E,16 Jun 21,1,4,23 Jun; Jamieson, H.

Sutherland,Jean Elliott,M,7 Jul 21,4,1,23 Jun; Jamieson, H.

Sutherland,Mary,D,6 Jan 21,1,6,9 Dec 20, 79th year

Sutherland,Thomas,D,16 Aug 23,1,5,age 22

Sutton,Catherine,D,20 Nov 24,8,2,age 54

Sutton,Drusilla,P,18 Sep 24,5,1,Ruthenberg

Sutton,Elijah,D,17 Jan 24,5,1,

Sutton,Elijah,D,10 Jan 24,5,2,age 86

Sutton,Frances A.,D,10 Jul 24,5,2,Waite

Sutton,Fred,D,27 Jan 21,5,1,age 74

Sutton,George A.,D,15 Apr 20,5,1,age 75

Sutton,George Emery,B,22 Nov 23,5,4,15 Nov

Sutton,Margaret Daisy,B,11 Sep 24,5,4,1 Sep

Sutton,Mary J.,D,27 Sep 23,4,2,age 76

Sutton,Sarah A.,D,8 Sep 21,5,2,age 74

Sutton,son of Joel,B,27 Apr 22,5,2,22 Apr

Sutton,Vettreal Gladys,M,30 Jun 21,5,2,21 Jun; Miller, Benj.

Swan,John A.,E,16 Feb 22,5,1,Waite, Bertha

Swan,John Alexander,M,2 Mar 22,5,1,Waite, Bertha

Swartz,Peter M.,D,19 Apr 23,1,6,age 70

Sweeney,John H.,D,12 Jun 24,8,1,

Sweitzer,Conrad,D,19 Jan 22,1,6,age 56

Tanner,George, Mrs.,D,3 Apr 24,1,5,age 86

Tansley,Verna Grace,M,27 Dec 23,5,2,22 Dec; Ripley, Arnold

Tasker,Joseph, Mrs.,D,16 Aug 23,5,1,

Tassie,Gilbert C.,M,18 Oct 23,5,2,25 Sep; Pearce, Phina

Taylor,Archibald,D,1 Mar 23,5,3,age 33

Taylor,Clarence W.,M,7 Sep 22,1,5,McTavish, Grace

Taylor,Maggie,D,17 Feb 21,1,6,

Teetzel,Edward E.,D,17 Jun 20,5,3,3 Jun; age 41

Teetzel,Homer,D,13 Dec 23,8,1,

Telfer,Leigh Robson,M,2 Nov 22,5,1,25 Oct; Campbell, M.

Templeman,Margaret,D,15 Nov 23,1,5,

Terry,E. Helen,E,4 Nov 20,8,1,Garton, William

Terry,W. A.,M,28 Oct 20,5,1,20 Oct; Wehlann, L.

Terry,Walter A.,E,21 Oct 20,4,1,Wehlann, Lillie Bell

Thomas,Cora Harriet,M,10 Jun 20,1,5,26 May; Robinson, T.

Thompson,Charles,M,23 Dec 20,5,1,Haines, Maggie

Thompson,David S.,D,20 Oct 21,8,1,age 72

Thompson,Lewis F.,D,26 May 21,8,1,

Thompson,Margaret,D,21 Apr 21,4,1,age 68

Thompson,Wesley G.,E,23 Aug 23,5,2,McCallum, Anne

Thompson,Wesley G.,M,6 Sep 23,4,2,McCallum, Anna

Thomson,Anna Bell,M,27 Sep 23,5,3,Quigley, John

Thomson,Annie,W,1 May 24,5,1,Smith

Thomson,Arch,D,7 Sep 22,5,1,age 65

Thomson,Archibald Bruce,M,23 Oct 24,5,2,McCallum, Ethyle

Thomson,Betty,M,12 Apr 23,5,1,Smith, Nelson

Thomson,Bruce,E,16 Oct 24,5,1,McCallum, Ethyle

Thomson,D. R., Mrs.,D,17 Jan 24,5,1,

Thomson,Daniel F.,D,26 Oct 22,1,4,age 74

Thomson,Duncan,D,1 Jul 20,8,3,age 95

Thomson,Duncan R., Mrs,D,10 Jan 24,5,1,age 57

Thomson,Duncan R.,D,27 Sep 23,5,2,age 69

Thomson,Jane,D,6 Nov 24,4,2,Walker

Thomson,William,D,6 Apr 22,5,2,age 63

Timson,Bertha,E,9 Feb 22,1,5,Smith, Clarence

Timson,Violet M.,M,21 Sep 22,1,6,Barrett, Joseph

Tinlin,Claude,D,4 Jan 23,1,5,age 42

Toles,James, Mrs.,D,1 Mar 23,5,3,age 94

Tolman,Neil, Mrs.,D,12 Jul 23,5,1,

Tolman,William,D,28 Apr 21,4,2,age 78

Tolmie,Andrew,D,17 Jun 20,8,1,age 80

Tolmie,Mary,D,6 Oct 21,8,1,age 54

Tolmie,William,M,23 Nov 22,1,4,Bradt, Minnie

Tonge,Norman R.,E,9 Jun 21,5,3,McLarty, Florence

Toombes,dau of L. B.,B,5 Mar 20,1,4,20 Feb

Towers,Sarah,W,13 Mar 24,5,2,Olde

Townsend,James S.,M,8 Nov 23,5,1,Ritchie, Adely

Tracey,James,D,7 Sep 22,5,2,age 75

Tracey,John,D,21 Sep 22,5,2,80th year

Travers,Lena,D,5 Oct 22,8,1,

Trestain,Florence Kathleen,M,9 Dec 20,8,1,Downie, R. Roy

Trigger,John,D,5 Jun 24,4,1,age 89

Trothen,Joshua,D,12 May 21,5,2,age 78

Trothen,William J.,M,5 Jul 23,5,2,28 Jun; French, Hazel

Trudell,Winnifred Frances,M,1 Mar 23,1,6,O’Malley, Peter

Trudell,Winnifred Frances,E,22 Feb 23,5,1,O’Malley, Peter

Tucker,Charles,D,31 Mar 21,5,2,age 74

Tunks,Gordon,M,6 May 20,1,5,Bandeen, Bertha

Turner,Anna Mabel,E,6 Oct 21,5,1,MacPherson, J. A.

Turner,Anna Mabel,M,10 Nov 21,4,2,19 Oct; MacPherson, J.

Turner,Donald, Mrs.,D,29 Mar 23,5,1,age 88

Turner,Dougald,D,31 Aug 22,1,4,90th year

Turner,Ellen,D,24 Apr 24,5,1,

Turner,Hugh J.,E,29 Sep 21,4,1,Wismer, Mary Bell

Turner,Isabella,D,15 Jan 20,5,2,50th year

Turner,John A.,D,21 Apr 21,5,2,age 87

Turner,John McKay,D,10 Mar 21,5,1,19 months

Turner,Mary,D,28 Sep 22,8,1,age 88

Turner,nee,D,11 Jan 23,5,2,Peckham, Orton, Mrs.

Turner,son of Ernest,B,19 May 21,5,2,17 May

Turner,William H.,D,20 Jul 22,5,2,

Turner,William H.,D,27 Jul 22,5,2,

Turville,Ellen,D,1 Feb 23,1,4,

Tyler,George,D,8 May 24,1,5,age 68

Unrah,Fred J.,D,1 Nov 23,5,3,

Upshaw,Charles,M,31 Aug 22,5,1,Armstrong, Jean

Urquhart,Hannah,D,25 Mar 20,5,2,

Urquhart,Mary,D,10 May 23,5,2,Lucas

Uther,E. C.,M,13 Mar 24,5,1,Husser, Verna

Vair,Howard,M,1 Jun 22,1,6,Rick, Beatrice

Vanloon,Martha J.,D,22 Jan 20,5,3,age 68

VanNorman,Daniel,M,22 Apr 20,5,2,Hunt, Edith

Vansickle,Ruby,D,10 Feb 21,1,5,age 70

Vanvelzer,Isaac, Mrs.,D,23 Aug 23,5,2,

Vaughan,William E.,M,24 Nov 21,4,1,Sifton, Maud

Venning,Andrew,D,8 Feb 23,8,1,91st year

Venning,nee,W,25 Oct 23,8,1,Buchanan

Vickerman,Anna,M,6 Oct 21,1,5,Lumley, Eltham

Vippham,Isabel,D,16 Mar 22,1,6,

Vodden,Sidney,D,28 Jun 23,8,1,

Vogan,Edward,D,29 Jul 20,8,2,age 45

Vogan,Robert,D,24 Apr 24,5,1,

Vowel,John, Mrs.,D,8 Jul 20,4,1,

Vowel,Leo Mack,D,18 Dec 24,5,1,age 4 months

Vowel,Leo Mack,B,7 Aug 24,5,2,1 Aug

Vowel,Matilda,D,6 Dec 23,5,2,45th year

Vrooman,Percy Ham,M,18 Oct 23,5,2,McWilliam, Mary

Vrooman,Percy Ham,E,27 Sep 23,5,1,McWilliam, Mary

Wade,Alice,D,23 Dec 20,5,1,16 Dec

Wade,Milton,M,15 Apr 20,5,1,Silcox, Alice

Waite,Anthony,A,29 Jan 20,5,2,25 Jan; 50th

Waite,Anthony, Mrs.,D,10 Jul 24,5,2,age 75

Waite,Bertha Edna,E,16 Feb 22,5,1,Swan, John

Waite,Bertha Edna,M,2 Mar 22,5,1,Swan, John

Waite,Charity,D,16 Jun 21,8,1,age 77

Waite,George, Mrs.,D,8 Mar 23,1,5,30th year

Waite,Hazel Blanche,M,30 Nov 22,1,6,27 Nov; Rowe, Charles

Waite,Joseph,D,23 Mar 22,5,1,18 Mar; 56th year

Waite,Mildred,M,4 Sep 24,5,1,1 Sep; Rutter, James

Waite,Myrtle May,E,15 Jan 20,5,1,McFarlane, Neil

Waite,Myrtle May,M,5 Feb 20,5,3,McFarlane, Neil

Waite,son of Harry,B,5 Apr 23,5,1,31 Mar

Walker,Ada,M,23 Mar 22,5,1,Good, Ernest

Walker,Altha A.,M,5 Mar 20,1,5,Campbell, Peter

Walker,Angus,D,10 Nov 21,4,1,

Walker,Bruce,D,18 Nov 20,5,3,age 32

Walker,David,D,28 Oct 20,5,2,age 52

Walker,Duncan, Mrs.,D,6 Nov 24,4,2,70th year

Walker,Harold,D,7 Jul 21,5,1,age 12

Walker,Howard T.,M,16 Aug 23,5,1,2 Aug; Whittingham, S.

Walker,Howard,D,20 Mar 24,5,3,age 22

Walker,Howard Ralph,B,26 Jun 24,5,3,14 Jun

Walker,Jack,D,7 Jul 21,5,1,

Walker,Lawrence,D,29 Jul 20,5,1,age 7 mos; son of Bruce

Walker,Margaret,D,15 Feb 23,8,1,

Walker,Mitchell E.,D,11 Sep 24,1,5,

Walker,Myrtle,D,19 Jan 22,5,2,age 25

Walker,Stanley,M,26 Jul 23,5,1,McCallum, Hazel

Wall,William J.,D,16 Nov 22,8,1,age 81

Wallace,George,D,11 Jan 23,5,2,19 Dec 1922

Wallis,Jane,M,25 Nov 20,1,4,10 Nov; Pearce, G.

Wallis,Roy Thomas,M,30 Sep 20,4,2,21 Sep; Meek, Marg’t

Wallis,Roy Thomas,E,23 Sep 20,5,1,Meek, Margaret

Walters,Hannah Gwynfil,M,11 Sep 24,1,5,McVicar, Archibald

Ward,James W.,M,11 May 22,8,3,Quigley, Waitey

Ward,John S.,D,3 Jun 20,4,2,age 62

Ward,Thomas,D,31 May 23,1,5,

Ward,Viola,M,14 Oct 20,8,1,Arnold, Frank

Warner,Edith Lenora,M,24 Jul 24,5,2,17 Jul; Blue, Arch

Warner,Lydia,D,21 Jul 21,4,1,age 80

Waters,P. J.,E,14 Aug 24,5,2,Hodder, Hazel

Waters,R. W.,D,3 Jan 24,5,1,

Watkins,James,D,11 Dec 24,5,2,

Watkins,James,D,4 Dec 24,5,1,age 64

Watson,Garfield,D,18 Oct 23,5,2,age 36

Watson,Martha,D,29 Apr 20,5,2,age 69

Watterworth,Daniel,D,31 Aug 22,1,4,age 25

Watterworth,Frank B.,M,19 Jun 24,5,1,Hardy, Lily

Watterworth,Robert,D,2 Feb 22,5,1,about 56 years old

Watterworth,son of John,B,28 Apr 21,5,1,22 Apr

Watts,Lily,M,7 Jul 21,5,1,Jones, William

Watts,Ross, Mrs.,D,28 Jul 21,5,2,age 29

Way,Henry H., Dr.,D,8 Feb 23,8,1,age 74

Webb,Cora Mae,M,3 Aug 22,5,1,Clark, John

Webber,Thomas A., Mrs,D,10 Mar 21,8,2,age 65

Webster,Jean,D,6 Dec 23,1,4,Allan

Webster,Madalene,M,29 Mar 23,5,1,14 Mar; Ford, Walter

Webster,Mary Ann,D,31 Jul 24,5,2,age 78

Webster,Robert,D,7 Dec 22,11,1,

Webster,William Robert,M,19 Oct 22,5,2,Griswold, Margaret

Weekes,Lydia Jane,D,26 May 21,1,5,88th year

Wehlan,Adolphus,D,12 Aug 20,1,6,age 74

Wehlann,Lillie Bell,M,28 Oct 20,5,1,20 Oct; Terry, W. A.

Wehlann,Lillie Bell,E,21 Oct 20,4,1,Terry, Walter

Weigand,Gertrude Ann,E,26 May 21,8,1,Hauser, John

Weir,Richard,D,15 Dec 21,5,2,64th year

Weisbrod,Dell,D,29 May 24,4,1,

Weiss,Grace M. A.,D,8 Dec 21,5,1,

Welch,Allan James,D,27 Sep 23,5,2,age 6

Welch,Lavina,D,16 Dec 20,5,1,age 17

Welch,Lawrence E.,M,20 Apr 22,5,1,Pretty, Margaret

Weldon,James,D,22 Mar 23,8,2,age 90

Weldon,Mary,D,15 Dec 21,8,2,age 78

Welsh,Oscar, Mrs.,D,22 Jul 20,5,1,age 52

Welter,William H.,D,30 Jun 21,5,1,age 60

Werner,Hannah,D,20 Jan 21,8,1,age 85

Whalls,Frank,M,21 Apr 21,1,6,14 Apr; Clark, Nellie

Whalls,William H.,D,6 Sep 23,5,1,age 64

White,James,D,29 May 24,4,1,age 71

White,Jessie,M,24 May 23,5,1,Doan, Charles

White,Malcolm,D,22 Sep 21,5,2,age 48

White,Thomas, Mrs.,D,22 Mar 23,8,3,

Whitelock,Sarah Elizabeth,M,3 Jul 24,5,3,Coulter, William

Whitelock,Sarah Elizabeth,M,10 Jul 24,5,3,Coulter, William

Whitelock,Sarah Elizabeth,E,26 Jun 24,5,1,Coulter, William

Whittingham,Sadie E.,M,16 Aug 23,5,1,2 Aug; Walker, Howard

Wickett,Richard,D,11 Mar 20,8,1,age 63

Widdifield,A.,D,2 Jun 21,8,1,

Widdifield,Alfred,D,26 May 21,5,2,age 67

Wight,dau of Herbert J,B,21 Apr 21,5,2,17 Apr

Wight,Edwin Oliver,E,22 Dec 21,5,2,Humphries, M. G.

Wight,Edwin Oliver,M,29 Dec 21,5,2,Humphries, M. G.

Wight,Elizabeth,D,26 Oct 22,5,2,age 79

Wight,son of Edwin,B,24 May 23,5,3,19 May

Wilcox,Margaret,D,13 Jul 22,8,1,age 77

Wilkie,John,D,16 Nov 22,5,2,age 62

Wilkie,Mary, Mrs.,M,4 Oct 23,5,1,Hales, William

Wilkinson,Kate,D,13 Dec 23,8,1,Johnston

Willey,Lot,P,26 Feb 20,5,2,Spitler

Williams,Arthur,D,15 Jun 22,8,2,age 86

Williams,Bessie Byrd,B,24 Jul 24,5,1,10 Jul

Williams,Edward,M,20 Sep 23,5,3,Smith, Reva

Williams,Ernest,D,30 Sep 20,1,5,

Williams,Leola,D,8 Jul 20,1,4,Dennis

Williams,Pierre H.,M,13 Apr 22,1,5,29 Mar; Starks, Hannah

Williams,Rhoda,D,27 Nov 24,1,5,Woolcox

Williams,Wilfred, Mrs.,D,2 Jun 21,5,2,23rd year

Williamson,David, Mrs.,D,17 Jun 20,1,4,age 30

Wills,George,D,25 Dec 24,1,6,age 55

Willson,B. W.,D,21 Apr 21,1,6,age 77

Willson,N. D.,D,3 Jun 20,5,1,

Willson,S. V.,D,26 Oct 22,5,1,

Wilson,Ada Fern,B,2 Jun 21,4,2,28 May

Wilson,Charles B.,D,9 Mar 22,1,5,age 84

Wilson,Evelyn,D,15 Feb 23,8,1,

Wilson,Frank,E,27 May 20,5,1,Hodder, Alice

Wilson,Frank M.,M,24 Jun 20,5,2,Hodder, Alice

Wilson,Nettie Bell,M,15 Apr 20,5,1,Nott, Clarence

Wilson,Percy T. J.,M,29 Jun 22,1,6,Reichheld, Annie

Wilton,Gladys,D,24 Jan 24,5,1,

Winters,A. J.,D,1 Jan 20,4,1,age 80

Winters,Charles,A,5 Apr 23,8,1,27 Mar; 50th

Winters,son of Charles,D,30 Jun 21,5,1,infant

Wismer,A. J.,D,9 Oct 24,4,2,age 57

Wismer,Mary Bell,E,29 Sep 21,4,1,Turner, Hugh

Wismer,Sarah,D,22 Nov 23,1,5,age 85

Witherden,Edwin, Mrs.,D,9 Jun 21,5,1,age 44

Witherden,Edwin,P,2 Oct 24,8,2,Scott

Witherden,Laura,M,12 May 21,5,1,Scott, Cecil

Wolfe,George,A,28 Dec 22,5,3,40th

Woods,James P., Mrs.,D,10 Jul 24,5,1,age 74

Woolcox,Rhoda,D,27 Nov 24,1,5,

Wooldridge,Ethel Mary,M,20 May 20,4,2,8 May; Zimmerman, J.

Wooldridge,Thomas,D,20 Apr 22,5,2,

Woolner,Alice,D,23 Dec 20,5,3,36th year

Wootten,Ella,D,22 Apr 20,5,1,Bassett

Worden,Catherine,D,15 Jan 20,8,2,age 62

Worden,Joseph,D,3 Aug 22,1,6,age 64

Worden,Norman C.,D,30 Aug 23,1,5,

Wright,Fred W.,D,27 Mar 24,1,5,

Wright,Mary Gertrude,M,14 Apr 21,8,1,Dubs, Robert

Wright,Mary, Mrs.,M,8 Jul 20,5,2,23 Jun; Bennett, D. K.

Wrightman,Allan,D,9 Nov 22,8,1,30 Oct

Yates,Frank, Rev.,M,20 Nov 24,5,1,29 Oct; MacNeill, Anne

Yauch,Herman,D,7 Sep 22,1,5,age 79

Yeats,Finlay Watson,M,13 Jan 21,5,1,1 Jan; Graham, W.

York,Addie,M,4 Oct 23,5,1,Lacey, Hilda

Yorke,Eva,D,7 Sep 22,5,1,McRae

Young,A. A.,D,27 Jan 21,8,1,

Young,dau of Harry A.,B,21 Sep 22,5,3,29 Aug

Young,Ernest A.,M,13 Jul 22,8,1,Smoke, Thelma

Young,George W.,D,23 Dec 20,1,4,

Young,Harry A.,M,2 Sep 20,5,2,Blue, Mary Belle

Young,Jessie,M,25 Nov 20,1,4,Moore, James

Zapfe,A. K.,E,17 Jun 20,5,1,McLachlan, Margaret

Zapfe,Ambrose K.,M,8 Jul 20,5,1,28 Jun; McLachlan, M.

Zimmerman,Jay H.,M,20 May 20,4,2,8 May; Wooldridge, E.


– Final service held in old Presbyterian Church, Dutton, 27 May 1920, page 5, col. 2

– Cornerstone to be laid on Sept. 22 for new Presbyterian Church in Dutton; 9 Sep 1920, page 5 col. 1; and 15 Sep 1920, page 5, column 2

– Cornerstone laid for new Presbyterian Church in Dutton, 23 Sep 1920, page 5, col. 2

– proposal for community hall in Dutton, and sketch; 10 Feb 1921, page 1

– 60th anniversary of Argyle Presbyterian Church, Crinan; gives history; 26 May 1921, page 1, col. 6; and 16 Jun 1921, page 1, col. 6

– new Presbyterian church in Dutton to be opened; 7 Jul 1921, page 5, col. 2

– new Knox Church in Dutton dedicated; photo; 14 Jul 1921, page 1

– 60th anniversary of Kintyre Presbyterian Church, Aldborough, 21 Jul 1921, page 1, col. 4

– dedication of Caledonian Memorial Park, 11 Aug 1921, page 1, col. 6

– 70th anniversary of Wallacetown Presbyterian church; photo & history; 1 Jun 1922, page 1; and 8 Jun 1922, page 5, col. 2

– cornerstone to be laid for new Town Hall, 13 Jul 1922, page 5, col. 2

– opening of Memorial Hall, 15 Feb 1923, page 1

– dedication of Memorial Hall, 22 Feb 1923, page 1

– 95th anniversary of St. Peter’s Church, Tyrconnell, 23 Aug 1923, page 1

– new Wallacetown school opened; 10 Jan 1924, page 1, col. 6