Dutton Advance 1915 – 1919

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Dutton Advance newspaper,
Dutton, Ontario, Canada
1915 – 1919

(Issues missing between 14 Feb 1918 and 13 Mar 1919)

Extracted by James L. McCallum

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NOTE: a portion of the 18 Feb 1915 issue appears in incorrect order as page 9 in the 11 Feb 1915 issue.

Issues from 14 Feb 1918 to 13 Mar 1919 are missing

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Dutton Advance, 1915

Dutton Advance, 1916

Dutton Advance, 1917

Dutton Advance, January and February, 1918

Dutton Advance, 1919



Ackworth,David F., Pte.,D,29 Nov 17,1,4,6 Nov; killed in action

Adams,Charles,D,3 Aug 16,4,2,

Adams,Reuben,D,17 May 17,5,2,

Adams,Samuel,D,2 Nov 16,5,1,age 70

Ainsworth,Isabel Margaret,M,19 Apr 17,4,2,Cullen, Alfred

Alford,Robert,D,27 Apr 16,1,4,age 72

Alister,Flora Catherine,D,16 Mar 16,5,2,Ford

Allan,George, Mrs.,D,18 Nov 15,7,1,age 30

Allen,dau of Charles,B,4 Jan 17,5,4,25 Dec; stillborn

Allen,John T.,D,18 Jan 17,5,1,age 60

Allen,Pearl,W,3 Feb 16,5,2,Pierre

Allen,Pearl,M,24 Jun 15,5,3,22 Jun; Pierre, Chester

Allen,Violet Laurine,M,11 Sep 19,5,1,Bright, Stuart

Allworth,Alfred,M,13 Jan 16,5,1,Orchard, Mildred

Allworth,Emily,D,13 Dec 17,16,2,age 72

Anderson,Alex,D,28 Oct 15,1,4,

Anderson,Christie,M,9 Sep 15,5,1,Shepherd, Clarence

Anderson,Elizabeth,D,29 Mar 17,7,2,McPhail

Anderson,George A.,D,31 Jul 19,1,4,age 68

Anderson,James, Pte.,D,25 May 16,1,6,

Anderson,Mrs.,D,4 Nov 15,8,1,

Andrews,dau of James,B,12 Oct 16,7,3,29 Sep

Andrews,dau of D.,B,13 Jan 16,5,2,2 Jan

Andrews,dau of James,B,3 Jan 18,5,3,22 Dec 1917

Andrews,dau of D.,B,20 Sep 17,1,2,9 Sep

Andrews,dau of James,B,24 Apr 19,5,4,6 Apr

Andrews,James,M,2 Dec 15,7,1,McMillan, Mary

Andrews,Mary,D,1 Jun 16,5,1,age 73

Andrews,Mrs.,D,22 Jul 15,5,2,94th year

Antoine,Christina,D,27 Nov 19,4,2,age 80

Appleford,Eva,M,30 Oct 19,8,3,Thomas, Harry

Armbrust,Wilhelmina,M,8 Jul 15,5,3,30 Jun; Robb, William

Armitage,George,D,29 Jul 15,1,5,

Armstrong,G.,E,22 May 19,5,1,Evans, Gwendolyn

Armstrong,Geraldine,M,22 Feb 17,5,1,Sullivan, Stephen

Armstrong,Robert J.,D,19 Jun 19,8,3,age 62

Armstrong,Ruby,M,9 Aug 17,5,2,Cox, Roy

Armstrong,Thomas, Mrs.,D,4 May 16,5,5,

Armstrong,Thomas,D,11 Oct 17,1,4,age 37

Arnold,Frank,D,18 Jan 17,5,2,age 91

Ash,Emanuel,D,25 Dec 19,1,6,age 81

Ash,Sarah,D,13 May 15,1,4,age 70

Ash,William,D,11 Jan 17,4,2,

Ashby,Harry,M,4 Jan 17,5,3,McCallum, Mary

Ashford,Joseph, Mrs.,D,15 Nov 17,10,3,

Ashton,Alexander,D,29 Nov 17,1,4,

Atkin,Welberne,D,30 Mar 16,1,6,age 60

Atkins,Ernest,E,16 Dec 15,7,2,25 Dec; Hodder, E.

Atkins,Ernest,M,30 Dec 15,5,2,25 Dec; Hodder, E.

Atkinson,Adelia,D,4 Feb 15,4,2,

Atkinson,Edna E.,M,1 Nov 17,1,6,Bainard, Harvey

Atkinson,Isaac,D,5 Oct 16,8,3,

Auckland,Gordon C.,M,22 Jun 16,8,1,Keid, Stella

Auckland,Joseph R.,M,27 Mar 19,1,4,Minor, Marie

Avey,Arthur,M,19 Jun 19,8,3,Monteith, Clara

Avey,Mabel May,E,8 Feb 17,4,1,Brooker, J. A.

Avey,Mabel May,M,22 Feb 17,1,4,Brooker, J. A.

Avey,Myrtle Leona,M,20 Jan 16,1,5,Thayer, William

Axford,B. A.,M,21 Jan 15,5,2,Cole, Beatrice

Backus,Frederick H.,D,20 Nov 19,5,2,59th year

Backus,Leslie,M,20 Jan 16,5,2,12 Jan; Garbutt, Mary

Badgero,Adeline,D,20 Sep 17,4,2,age 72

Bailey,Ernest,E,6 May 15,5,1,Pearce, Fannie

Bailey,W. L.,D,20 Dec 17,12,2,71st year

Bainard,Harvey E.,M,1 Nov 17,1,6,Atkinson, Edna

Bake,Agnes Ann,M,27 Apr 16,1,4,Smith, George

Bake,Beatrice,M,23 Mar 16,1,4,McPhee, Lloyd

Baker,Alfred,D,28 Jun 17,8,1,age 65

Baker,Alma Pearl,M,2 Nov 16,5,1,Cockburn, Gordon

Baker,George,D,11 Sep 19,1,6,31 Aug; age 34

Baker,Lillie,P,31 May 17,5,2,Howard

Baker,Oswald, Pte.,D,31 Aug 16,1,6,age 18

Baker,Pearl,E,8 Apr 15,5,1,Cockburn, Gordon

Baldwin,Dougald, Mrs.,D,4 Jan 17,8,1,age 26

Bale,William, Mrs.,D,20 Dec 17,12,2,69th year

Balkwill,Bernice,M,29 Mar 17,7,1,Longan, Louis

Ball,James,D,4 Nov 15,8,3,

Ball,James,D,8 Apr 15,1,5,age 78

Bambridge,dau of J.,B,28 Dec 16,5,4,21 Dec

Bambridge,John G. A.,M,19 Aug 15,7,1,11 Aug; Campbell, M.

Bambridge,John G. A.,E,29 Jul 15,5,1,Campbell, Margaret

Bambridge,Nancy,D,15 May 19,5,1,70th year

Banks,Ellen Elizabeth,M,8 May 19,1,5,30 Apr; Katzenmeyer

Barber,John,D,9 Mar 16,5,1,85th year

Barber,son of David,B,19 Aug 15,7,4,17 Aug

Barned,Miss,M,15 Nov 17,4,1,Paterson, James

Barnes,Thomas,D,4 Dec 19,1,4,age 78

Barr,Robert,D,15 Apr 15,5,2,

Barr,Robert,D,8 Apr 15,5,2,age 89

Barrie,John,D,19 Oct 16,1,4,age 12

Barry,Thomas G.,D,24 May 17,5,3,age 50

Bartlett,F. C., Dr.,D,26 Apr 17,8,1,

Bateman,Ewart W., Pte.,D,20 Dec 17,5,1,killed in action

Bateman,Jennie,M,3 Apr 19,5,1,Gillies, Duncan

Baxter,James,M,25 Oct 17,4,1,Leitch, Marion

Baxter,W. James,M,27 Sep 17,7,2,19 Sep; Leitch, M.

Beattie,W. J.,D,16 Sep 15,1,6,

Beaty,James,D,20 Sep 17,5,2,age 82

Beaver,Robert Grimsby,M,21 Aug 19,5,2,McEachren, Annie

Becker,Anna,D,27 Nov 19,4,2,Logan

Bedford,Caleb,D,24 Apr 19,5,2,age 53

Bedford,Ezra,M,10 Jan 18,5,1,Trothen, Annie

Beecroft,Jacob J.,M,19 Jul 17,5,1,Light, Eva

Beemer,John,P,1 Apr 15,5,2,McLean

Beer,Gordon Stanley,M,9 Nov 16,3,1,Dicker, Ruby

Beer,Velma Helena,D,10 Jan 18,5,2,16th year

Beer,W. C., Rev.,D,24 Feb 16,5,1,age 76

Beer,W. C., Rev., Mrs.,D,14 Oct 15,5,3,

Begg,Charles,D,22 Jun 16,8,1,age 87

Bell,sons of John,B,12 Apr 17,5,2,6 Apr; twins

Bell,Wm. D., Lieut.,D,28 Sep 16,1,5,15 Sep; age 24, killed in action

Bellwood,Catherine,D,4 Mar 15,5,2,age 68

Belton,Alex, Mrs.,D,28 Dec 16,5,1,

Bennett,Arthur, Mrs.,D,19 Jul 17,5,3,age 52

Bennett,dau of P.,B,17 Feb 16,5,3,15 Feb

Bennett,Duncan,M,22 Feb 17,1,4,McIntyre, Annie

Bennett,Jane,D,22 Feb 17,5,1,McLean

Benson,E. B.,D,17 Feb 16,4,2,age 70

Bentley,Bessie,M,6 Jan 16,5,2,28 Dec; Graham, J.

Bentley,Bessie,E,16 Dec 15,7,2,Graham, James

Berdan,Alfred Cameron,M,7 Dec 16,9,1,21 Nov; Wager, Cora

Berdan,Alice Edna,M,4 Feb 15,4,2,Heidt, Milton

Berdan,dau of Alfred A.,B,16 Mar 16,5,3,9 Mar

Berdan,dau of A. A.,D,4 Feb 15,5,4,26 Jan; infant

Berdan,Jacob,D,29 Mar 17,1,4,age 58

Berdan,son of Alfred,B,10 Jan 18,5,4,1 Jan

Bermingham,Joseph, Pte.,D,16 Nov 16,8,2,killed in action

Berry,Agnes, Mrs.,M,26 Oct 16,5,1,16 Oct; Germaine, R.

Berry,Arthur, Mrs.,D,5 Jun 19,4,2,

Berry,C. B., Hon.,D,3 Jun 15,5,1,31 May

Berry,Daniel,D,12 Oct 16,10,1,

Berry,Stuart, Pte.,D,24 Feb 16,4,2,

Berry,William,D,19 Aug 15,1,5,age 48

Bertram,Joshua A., Pte.,D,7 Dec 16,9,2,killed in action

Bertram,Joshua, Pte.,D,21 Dec 16,1,6,killed in action

Bingham,Ernest J.,M,30 Dec 15,5,2,Mann, Eva

Bingham,Ernest J.,E,2 Dec 15,7,1,Mann, Eva

Bingham,Thomas, Rev.,M,4 Oct 17,7,1,Whelpton, Mary

Binks,Ashton,M,17 Aug 16,5,1,Blue, Jessie

Binks,James, Mrs.,D,20 Mar 19,5,2,age 68

Binks,W. Abbott,M,21 Dec 16,5,1,Smith, Annie

Birdsall,John,D,13 May 15,1,4,

Bishop,Perlie,M,4 Dec 19,8,3,Durham, Jacob

Black,Christena,D,20 Apr 16,5,2,McBrayne

Black,Daniel, Mrs.,D,10 Apr 19,4,2,age 90

Black,Daniel D.,M,4 Mar 15,5,1,McCloy, Tillie

Black,Ellinor Corneil,M,4 Sep 19,5,2,Thompson, Ainley

Black,Ellinor Corneil,E,7 Aug 19,5,1,Thompson, Ainley

Black,James P., Dr.,D,28 Dec 16,5,1,

Blackwood,Effie,D,30 Sep 15,5,2,23 Sep

Blackwood,Jessie,P,11 Feb 15,9,3,Wood [see intro]

Blackwood,Robert, Mrs.,D,21 Aug 19,1,5,age 104

Blair,Edward,D,1 Mar 17,8,1,

Blair,Fanny May,M,14 Jan 15,5,1,31 Dec; Royal, H.

Blair,Fanny May,M,21 Jan 15,4,1,Royal, Herbert

Blair,James,D,18 May 16,4,1,about 60 years old

Blake,William H.,D,15 Mar 17,10,1,

Blanchard,Ethel May,D,16 Nov 16,8,2,Brown

Blewett,John C.,D,22 Feb 17,1,4,

Bloye,son of Alfred,B,27 Mar 19,4,2,19 Mar

Blue,Catharina,D,5 Apr 17,5,2,age 84

Blue,Catherine,D,12 Apr 17,5,1,

Blue,dau of John A.,B,3 Aug 16,5,4,20 Jul

Blue,Effie,D,6 Jan 16,5,3,age 90

Blue,Jessie,M,17 Aug 16,5,1,Binks, Ashton

Blue,Jessie Collena,M,15 Jun 16,5,2,Love, Peter

Blue,Jessie Collena,E,8 Jun 16,5,2,Love, Peter

Blue,John, Mrs.,D,13 Jan 16,1,5,age 70

Blue,Sadie,D,15 Mar 17,7,2,

Bobier,David,D,18 Oct 17,5,2,age 66

Bobier,Sarah Jane,D,31 Jan 18,5,2,80th year

Bobier,Sarah Elizabeth,D,21 Jun 17,5,1,

Bodine,Duncan,P,23 Nov 16,5,2,Page

Bodkin,Anna,D,14 Oct 15,5,3,Beer

Bogart,George,M,2 Dec 15,1,4,McGugan, Laura

Bogenshaw,John,D,9 Dec 15,7,1,age 76

Bole,John Mervyn,M,6 Jan 16,5,1,Schleihauf, Jennie

Bole,Myrtle Ann,E,1 Jun 16,5,2,Stewart, Donald

Bole,Myrtle,M,22 Jun 16,5,2,Stewart, Donald

Bolsby,Florence,D,14 Jan 15,5,1,Stidwill

Bolsby,Sandford,D,16 Dec 15,10,1,38th year

Bolt,George,D,4 Nov 15,8,3,

Bolton,Earl,M,24 Apr 19,5,3,Tiffin, Ada

Bolton,Violet,E,26 Oct 16,1,4,Cummings, Dougald

Booker,Newman, Mrs.,D,4 Jan 17,5,2,

Boss,Caroline,D,4 Sep 19,8,3,

Boughner,Mrs.,D,3 Jun 15,5,1,

Bowen,Peter J., Mrs.,D,28 Jan 15,5,1,age 64

Bowers,Eliza,D,10 Jan 18,4,1,72nd year

Bowlby,Edward H.,D,9 Mar 16,4,2,70th year

Bowlby,Eliza,D,22 Mar 17,10,2,age 57

Bowyer,Phyllis Henrietta,E,26 Oct 16,5,1,8 Nov; McNorgan, W.

Boxall,Harry,D,21 Aug 19,4,1,age 70

Boyle,Robert, Mrs.,D,4 Feb 15,4,2,age 77

Brad,Mary,M,4 Oct 17,1,4,Tolmie, Charles

Braddon,William,M,10 Jun 15,5,1,Cameron, Mary

Bradley,Robert,D,22 Nov 17,5,1,age 65

Bradshaw,Chauncey O.,D,29 Nov 17,1,4,

Brady,James,D,21 Dec 16,8,1,

Brayley,Margaret,M,3 Jan 18,4,3,McLarty, Gordon

Breen,James,D,11 Mar 15,1,5,age 85

Brennan,J. R., Pte.,D,20 Sep 17,5,1,killed in action

Brennan,Jennie,W,22 Nov 17,5,3,McCallum

Brenton,Clarence,E,7 Jun 17,5,1,McLellan, Annie

Bright,Stuart E. W.,M,11 Sep 19,5,1,Allen, Violet

Bristol,Christena,D,25 May 16,5,2,87th year

Bristow,Francis Edward,M,20 Jan 16,1,4,Burgar, Clara

Brock,Annie,P,14 Sep 16,5,2,Keele

Brock,Frances Augusta,M,12 Oct 16,7,2,Hunchberger, Mervin

Brock,Will, Pte.,D,22 Mar 17,10,2,killed in action, age 35

Brock,William, Dr.,D,3 Feb 16,1,6,

Brodie,George,D,5 Jun 19,1,5,age 23

Brooker,J. A.,M,22 Feb 17,1,4,Avey, Mabel

Brooker,J. A.,E,8 Feb 17,4,1,Avey, Mabel

Brooks,Laura,M,26 Jun 19,5,3,Hall, Fred

Brooks,son,B,28 Jan 15,5,2,23 Jan

Brooks,Thomas,A,15 Nov 17,7,1,50th

Brown,dau of Daniel,B,31 Aug 16,5,3,22 Aug

Brown,Doris,M,6 Nov 19,5,1,Welsh, Joseph

Brown,Dugald,D,20 Dec 17,5,2,age 83

Brown,Dugald, Mrs.,D,11 Feb 15,1,4,73rd year

Brown,Frank R.,D,24 Aug 16,1,4,25th year

Brown,Harry Austin,M,3 Jun15,4,2,Widdifield, Mary

Brown,James,M,6 Sep 17,5,3,Dent, Hazel

Brown,James,E,23 Aug 17,7,2,Dent, Hazel

Brown,James L.,D,26 Jun 19,8,2,age 66

Brown,Jasper Leroy,M,13 Nov 19,1,4,Miller, Ada

Brown,Jasper E.,E,23 Oct 19,5,2,Miller, Ada

Brown,Leta Lorine,M,15 Jul 15,5,1,6 Jul; Calvert, Joseph

Brown,Nellie Katherine,M,4 May 16,1,5,Wilson, Beverley

Brown,Robert,D,30 Dec 15,4,3,82nd year

Brown,Robert A., Pte.,D,20 Dec 17,12,2,killed in action

Brown,S. J. T.,D,10 Feb 16,5,1,64th year

Brown,Sophia S.,D,1 Nov 17,7,1,

Brown,Talbot,M,28 Dec 16,5,3,Curtis, Lavina

Brown,Thomas A., Mrs.,D,16 Nov 16,8,2,age 36

Brubacher,nee,D,7 Dec 16,9,2,Christensen, E., Mrs.

Buchan,A. W.,D,25 Mar 15,8,1,

Buchan,A. W.,D,18 Mar 15,8,1,age 70

Buchanan,Alex,M,28 Sep 16,5,1,Clark, Mary

Buchanan,Daniel,D,30 Aug 17,5,3,

Buchanan,dau of Alex’r,B,15 Nov 17,7,1,22 Oct

Buchanan,dau of John,B,4 Mar 15,5,3,22 Feb

Buchanan,Ettie Euphemia,D,6 Jan 16,5,1,15th year

Buchanan,James H.,M,1 May 19,5,1,Wall, Christena

Buchanan,Jean,M,19 Jun 19,4,2,10 Jun; McEachren, J.

Buchanan,Johanna,D,14 Dec 16,9,3,Dewar

Buchanan,John A.,M,20 Jul 16,5,1,Gaudin, Mary

Buck,Hiram,D,24 Feb 16,1,4,age 72

Buck,Peter,D,20 May 15,8,1,age 56

Buckler,William,D,23 Sep 15,8,1,age 80

Buller,Etta E.,M,30 Dec 15,4,1,Nickolson, Robert

Burgar,Clara Louise,M,20 Jan 16,1,4,Bristow, Francis

Burgar,Florence,M,5 Apr 17,1,4,Newland, Russell

Burgess,nee,D,14 Oct 15,5,3,Ellis, Amos, Mrs.

Burkholder,John H.,D,4 May 16,1,5,

Burnett,dau of George W.,B,28 Oct 15,5,5,24 Oct

Burns,Arthur Leston, Pte,D,3 Aug 16,5,2,19th year; in action

Burns,dau of Arthur,B,29 Jun 16,4,2,14 Jun

Burns,Lenabell,M,24 Jul 19,5,1,Webber, Frederick

Burns,Margery,D,4 Mar 15,5,1,10 mos; dau of Arthur

Burrows,George Norman,E,25 Sep 19,5,1,Doyle, Millie

Burrows,George Norman,M,16 Oct 19,1,6,4 Oct; Doyle, Mildred

Burslem,Allen,M,14 Oct 15,5,2,Robinson, Annie

Burslem,dau of Allan,B,7 Feb 18,5,2,30 Jan

Burslem,dau of Allan,B,16 Oct 19,7,1,13 Oct

Burt,dau of Charles,B,7 Jan 15,5,4,1 Jan

Burtch,Mary,D,18 Sep 19,8,1,age 85

Bury,Margaret,D,13 Dec 17,9,1,Handy

Bury,Richard C.,D,10 Jan 18,5,1,1 Jan

Cady,William,M,23 Aug 17,7,1,Grieves, Barbara

Cahill,Ed,D,9 Sep 15,5,2,about 55 years old

Cahill,James,D,31 Aug 16,5,2,

Cairns,A., Mrs.,D,18 May 16,1,5,

Caldwell,Grace Jewel,M,12 Jun 19,8,1,Marcus, Thomas

Caldwell,Nancy,D,5 Jun 19,1,5,

Calvert,H. P.,M,26 Aug 15,5,2,Cole, Maude

Calvert,Joseph Fletcher,M,15 Jul 15,5,1,6 Jul; Brown, Leta

Cameron,Daniel,D,11 Feb 15,1,4,

Cameron,F.,M,23 Nov 16,5,1,Walker, Mamie

Cameron,Frances M.,M,27 Mar 19,1,4,Wallace, Andrew

Cameron,Margaret Maude,M,21 Aug 19,5,2,12 Aug; Robb, James

Cameron,Mary J.,M,10 Jun 15,5,1,Braddon, William

Cameron,Ruby Grace,M,25 Sep 19,5,1,Lunn, Archibald

Cameron,Ruby Grace,E,18 Sep 19,5,1,Lunn, Archibald

Cameron,Susan,W,13 Sep 17,1,6,Campbell

Campbell,A. D.,E,15 Jun 16,5,2,Ford, Edna

Campbell,A. D.,M,29 Jun 16,5,2,Ford, Edna

Campbell,Agnes,M,18 Nov 15,7,1,Smith, Frederick

Campbell,Ann,D,8 Jun 16,5,1,age 76

Campbell,Annie,D,11 Dec 19,1,6,Grieves

Campbell,Arch F.,D,15 Jun 16,5,3,age 68

Campbell,Archibald,D,6 Nov 19,4,2,age 75

Campbell,Archibald J.,D,27 May 15,5,2,age 71

Campbell,Bessie,M,12 Apr 17,5,1,Stalker, William

Campbell,Carland,M,11 Sep 19,5,2,Cooke, Edythe

Campbell,Carland,E,21 Aug 19,5,1,Cook, Edythe

Campbell,Catherine,D,1 Apr 15,5,2,age 59

Campbell,Colin, Mrs.,D,17 May 17,1,4,age 58

Campbell,D. N., Mrs.,D,10 Feb 16,5,1,age 55

Campbell,D. Sinclair,M,11 Oct 17,1,4,Leitch, Arthurena

Campbell,Daniel J.,D,11 May 16,4,2,

Campbell,dau of Robert,B,7 Aug 19,1,4,1 Aug

Campbell,Duncan, Mrs.,D,11 May 16,4,2,76th year

Campbell,Effie,D,7 Jan 15,1,5,

Campbell,Florence L.,M,14 Oct 15,5,3,McMillan, Daniel

Campbell,Frank,M,4 Jan 17,5,1,Halpin, Cora

Campbell,George B.,D,6 Nov 19,5,2,31 Oct

Campbell,James,D,12 Jun 19,5,1,80th year

Campbell,John D.,D,14 Sep 16,4,2,

Campbell,John D., Mrs.,D,13 Nov 19,1,4,

Campbell,John,D,1 Feb 17,8,1,

Campbell,John W.,E,21 Dec 16,8,1,McLarty, Cassie

Campbell,John W.,M,4 Jan 17,8,1,McLarty, Cassie

Campbell,John,D,25 Jan 17,4,2,age 73

Campbell,Katharine,D,30 Oct 19,5,2,Thomson

Campbell,Lachlin,D,20 Jul 16,5,2,age 70

Campbell,Louisa,D,20 Jan 16,5,2,

Campbell,Louisa,D,13 Jan 16,5,3,78th year

Campbell,Malcolm,D,13 Sep 17,1,6,age 89

Campbell,Malcolm D.,D,8 Jul 15,5,3,

Campbell,Margaret,D,6 Nov 19,1,4,age 73

Campbell,Margaret Elona,E,29 Jul 15,5,1,Bambridge, John

Campbell,Margaret Elona,M,19 Aug 15,7,1,11 Aug; Bambridge, J.

Campbell,Mary,W,10 Jun 15,5,2,McLarty

Campbell,Neil,D,11 Sep 19,8,3,age 69

Campbell,Nelson, Pte.,D,26 Oct 16,4,1,killed in action

Campbell,Peter,D,16 Dec 15,4,3,5 Dec; 97th year

Campbell,Robert G.,M,22 Apr 15,5,1,Reid, Lula

Campbell,son of Arch M.,B,5 Apr 17,5,2,28 Mar

Campbell,Wm. Alexander,M,23 Nov 16,5,1,Pool, Bernice

Caperon,Goodwin, Pte.,D,29 Nov 17,1,4,6 Nov; killed in action

Carnegie,H. Earl,M,25 Jan 17,1,4,Mistele, Clara

Carnegie,Jennie,M,15 Mar 17,1,4,Sim, Alexander

Carnegie,Viola,M,20 May 15,8,1,Schweitzer, George

Carnell,William Isaiah,D,23 Sep 15,1,6,age 53

Carney,James B.,D,1 Feb 17,1,6,age 72

Carpenter,William,A,8 Mar 17,10,2,4 Mar; 50th

Carroll,Frank Henry,E,21 Aug 19,5,1,McKellar, Mary

Carroll,Frank Henry,M,28 Aug 19,5,2,27 Aug; McKellar, M.

Carroll,Margaret,D,11 Oct 17,7,1,age 62

Carroll,nee,D,5 Jun19,4,2,Berry, Arthur, Mrs.

Carroll,William H.,D,13 May 15,5,2,age 34

Carruth,Peter,D,11 Sep 19,4,2,

Carswell,Mary A.,D,31 Aug 16,1,6,age 85

Carter,Audrey H.,M,10 Jul 19,5,1,Draper, Hazel

Cascadden,Edward,D,5 Jul 17,1,4,age 75

Casey,Wm. Archer,D,21 Sep 16,5,1,8 Sep; killed in action

Castle,Sarah,D,21 Dec 16,8,1,age 80

Catchpole,Dorothy,D,18 Mar 15,1,6,age 2

Catchpole,Lillian,D,18 Mar 15,1,6,age 3

Cathers,dau of William,B,16 Dec 15,7,3,12 Dec

Cathers,Mary Jeannett,D,8 Mar 17,5,1,age 14 months

Cattanach,Edward,M,3 Jan 18,4,3,Gilbert, Martha

Cattanach,John C.,D,31 May 17,1,6,

Cavanagh,Jean Vivian,M,27 Sep 17,7,3,Laur, Orville

Cavanagh,Mary,D,11 Mar 15,5,1,

Chalk,Gertrude,M,15 Nov 17,7,3,27 Oct; Nancarrow, A.

Chalmers,Mary,W,30 Dec 15,4,3,Brown

Chambers,Susan,D,31 Jul 19,5,1,age 70

Chapman,James,D,14 Jan 15,8,1,

Charlton,Wallace,E,1 Mar 17,5,1,House, Mabel

Childs,dau of Edwin O.,B,9 Oct 19,5,3,3 Oct

Christensen,E., Mrs.,D,7 Dec 16,9,2,ag 24

Church,John,D,18 Nov 15,7,3,age 73

Church,John,D,18 Nov 15,10,1,age 73

Church,Louisa, Mrs.,M,11 Dec 19,1,6,Page, William

Clapham,Isabel Cobleigh,E,11 Mar 15,5,1,Morrison, William

Clapham,Isobel Cobleigh,M,8 Apr 15,5,2,Morrison, W. J.

Clark,Alex,D,3 May 17,10,1,age 67

Clark,Daniel,D,10 Jun 15,5,3,age 55

Clark,dau of J. W.,D,10 Feb 16,5,1,infant

Clark,dau of Sandy,B,24 Jul 19,1,6,21 Jul

Clark,dau of John N.,B,16 Oct 19,7,1,13 Oct

Clark,Guy, Pte.,D,6 Dec 17,5,1,killed in action

Clark,John,D,21 Dec 16,1,5,age 78

Clark,Junius,D,30 Dec 15,5,1,

Clark,Leslie, Pte.,D,26 Apr 17,5,2,age 24, killed in action

Clark,Leslie, Pte.,D,17 May 17,1,6,killed in action; photo

Clark,Lila Louisa,E,29 May 19,5,1,Frayn, Earl

Clark,Lila Louise,M,5 Jun 19,5,1,Frayn, Earl

Clark,Mary,M,28 Sep 16,5,1,Buchanan, Alex

Clark,Mary,D,17 Feb 16,5,2,age 97

Clark,Mary,D,25 Mar 15,1,5,80th year

Clark,Peter,D,19 Apr 17,5,1,age 68

Clark,Reed, Pte.,D,10 May 17,7,2,9 Apr; age 24, KIA

Clark,son of Sandy,B,13 Apr 16,5,3,6 Apr

Clarke,George F.,D,29 Apr 15,8,1,age 45

Clarke,Mabel,M,22 Apr 15,5,2,Love, Herbert

Clarke,Margaret,M,28 Dec 16,5,3,Ponsford, Herman

Claus,Abner, Pte.,D,3 Jun 15,4,2,

Clay,Hope,M,14 Dec 16,1,6,Lindenman, David

Clements,Warren,M,3 Apr 19,5,2,Leitch, Charlotte

Coates,Alice,P,4 Oct 17,7,3,Urlin

Coates,John Bilson,D,12 Jun 19,5,2,

Cochrane,Alvin J. G.,D,20 Nov 19,5,2,

Cochrane,Alvin J. G.,D,27 Nov 19,5,2,

Cockburn,Gordon Lawrence,M,2 Nov 16,5,1,Baker, Alma

Cockburn,Gordon L.,E,8 Apr 15,5,1,Baker, Pearl

Cole,Beatrice,M,21 Jan 15,5,2,Axford, B. A.

Cole,Cora,M,6 Sep 17,4,1,Sivers, William

Cole,H. Morris,M,6 Jan 16,5,2,Coulthard, Annie

Cole,Maude,M,26 Aug 15,5,2,Calvert, H. P.

Coleman,Thomas, Mrs.,D,24 Jun 15,4,2,age 68

Colley,Earle C., Pte.,D,20 Dec 17,12,2,killed in action

Collingham,Charles, Pte.,D,16 Nov 16,8,2,killed in action

Collins,Clarence Earl, Pte,D,26 Oct 16,4,1,killed in action

Collins,Earl, Pte.,D,11 Jan 17,4,2,killed in action

Collins,Henry,D,6 Dec 17,8,3,age 75

Collins,William G.,D,20 Sep 17,4,2,

Colter,Fred,D,23 Mar 16,5,1,

Colwill,son of Mervin,B,2 Oct 19,5,3,23 Sep

Congdon,Richard,D,2 Aug 17,8,1,age 78

Conley,John,D,20 Mar 19,8,2,age 61

Cook,Charles H.,D,31 Jan 18,4,1,age 59

Cook,Dorothy Ann,B,1 Feb 17,5,3,29 Jan

Cook,Edward H.P., Sgt,M,4 May 16,1,5,Shaw, Bessie

Cook,Edythe Grace,E,21 Aug 19,5,1,Campbell, Carland

Cook,George, Mrs.,D,27 Jul 16,5,1,age 36

Cook,Roy E.,E,16 Dec 15,7,2,25 Dec; Hodder, M.

Cook,Roy E.,M,30 Dec 15,5,2,25 Dec; Hodder, M.

Cook,William E.,D,10 Feb 16,1,6,age 53

Cook,Willis,D,17 Jun 15,8,2, age 58

Cooke,Edythe Grace,M,11 Sep 19,5,2,Campbell, Carland

Coombes,Pearl B.,D,19 Jun19,8,3,age 26

Coombes,Thomas, Mrs.,D,22 Apr 15,8,1,age 45

Corley,A. W.,D,15 Jun 16,5,1,age 76

Corley,Rebecca,D,7 Feb 18,5,2,73rd year

Cornish,John,D,18 Oct 17,5,1,age 78

Cory,Stanley,M,13 Jan 16,5,1,Robinson, Ethel

Cosens,Roy C.,M,2 Nov 16,1,4,Smith, Viola

Coughlin,Ellen,D,5 Apr 17,5,1,age 52

Coulter,Margaret,D,14 Oct 15,1,4,age 93

Coulthard,Annie,M,6 Jan 16,5,2,Cole, H. Morris

Cowles,Eli,D,1 Apr 15,1,4,age 47

Cox,Roy,M,9 Aug 17,5,2,Armstrong, Ruby

Crabbe,John,D,29 Jul 15,8,2,age 78

Crane,Christina,D,22 Mar 17,7,1,Kains

Crawford,Archibald,D,3 Jun 15,5,1,age 71

Crawford,Barbara,D,13 Jan 16,1,5,Blue

Crawford,Daniel,M,21 Jun 17,5,2,Lawrence, Emma

Crawford,Donald,D,10 May 17,7,1,about 70 years old

Crawford,Ellen,D,18 Mar 15,1,4,age 58

Crawford,James B.,D,23 Dec 15,1,5,age 54

Crawford,Richard G., Lieut,D,20 May 15,5,2,

Cromwell,Joseph, Mrs.,D,30 Oct 19,8,3,

Crosby,Josephine,M,8 Nov 17,10,1,Pope, George

Cross,William,D,24 Jan 18,1,4,

Crouchman,Robert H.,D,17 Jan 18,5,2,age 50

Crouse,Mary,D,18 Sep 19,8,1,age 73

Crowley,dau of Timothy,W,9 Sep 15,5,2,Cahill

Crowley,John, Mrs.,D,30 Nov 16,5,1,

Crowley,son of T. A.,B,25 Feb 15,9,4,23 Feb

Crowley,Timothy,D,11 Feb 15,5,2,age 85

Crown,Fred C.,D,13 May 15,1,4,5 May

Cruickshank,Eliza A.,D,6 Nov 19,1,4,Miller

Cruse,Oliver,D,5 Apr 17,1,4,age 84

Cullen,Alfred,M,19 Apr 17,4,2,Ainsworth, Isabel

Cullen,Frederick J.,E,24 Feb 16,5,1,Patterson, Margaret

Cullen,Frederick J.,M,9 Mar 16,5,1,Patterson, Margaret

Cullen,Michael,D,9 Sep 15,1,4,

Culnan,Daniel J.,M,15 Jul 15,8,2,Schneckenberger, A.

Culver,John,D,8 Jul 15,8,2,80th year

Culverhouse,Allan Fraser,B,18 Sep 19,5,3,13 Sep

Cummings,Dougald,E,26 Oct 16,1,4,Bolton, Violet

Curliss,dau of G. A.,B,18 Sep 19,5,3,9 Sep

Curliss,George C.,E,5 Jul 17,5,2,Dahl, Nina

Curliss,George Alfred,M,12 Jul 17,5,1,Dahl, Nina

Currie,Mary,P,3 Apr 19,5,1,McMullen

Currie,Mary,D,24 Jul 19,4,2,McAlpine

Curtis,C. J.,M,16 Sep 15,5,4,White, Kate

Curtis,dau of John,B,20 Mar 19,1,6,17 Mar

Curtis,John,D,30 Sep 15,1,4,75th year

Curtis,Lavina,M,28 Dec 16,5,3,Brown, Talbot

Curtis,Stanley, Pte.,D,11 Oct 17,7,1,killed in action

Daball,S.,E,7 Dec 16,9,1,McPhee, Marguerite

Dahl,Nina Mildred,E,5 Jul 17,5,2,Curliss, George

Dahl,Nina Mildred,M,12 Jul 17,5,1,Curliss, George

Dahl,Nina,P,18 Sep 19,5,3,Curliss

Daugherty,Henry, Mrs.,D,17 Apr 19,8,2,age 81

Davidson,Andrew C., Col.,D,27 Apr 16,1,6,

Davidson,Mr.,M,20 Apr 16,5,1,Wilkinson, Aileen

Davis,Alma,D,1 Apr 15,8,1,

Davis,John,D,18 Feb 15,1,6,age 79

Dawdy,twin daus of B.,B,30 Sep 15,5,3,26 Sep

Decew,John R.,D,3 Feb 16,5,1,

Decew,Roy A., Dr.,D,26 Jul 17,5,1,about 30 years old

Deighton,George W.,M,13 Dec 17,9,2,1 Dec; McAlister, M.

Delair,Israel,D,11 Oct 17,1,4,72nd year

Delong,Glenn A., Mrs.,D,5 Jun 19,5,3,21st year

DeLong,Glenn, Mrs.,D,29 May 19,5,1,age 21

DeLong,Iola,M,8 Mar 17,5,1,28 Feb; Fish, Harvey

Dent,Alma Beatrice,M,18 Nov 15,7,1,McKillop, Robert

Dent,Alma Beatrice,E,4 Nov 15,5,1,McKillop, Robert

Dent,Hazel Fern,M,6 Sep 17,5,3,Brown, James

Dent,Hazel,E,23 Aug 17,7,2,Brown, James

Dent,nee,P,23 Oct 19,5,1,Snarey

Denton,Cyril,D,3 Jan 18,4,3,

Depew,Hazel E.,M,30 Dec 15,5,2,Moyer, William

Desmond,David E.,D,29 May 19,5,1,

Devlin,James,D,6 Sep 17,4,1,age 50

Dewar,Florence May,M,11 Nov 15,6,3,Jones, Charles

Dewar,Johanna,D,14 Dec 16,9,2,age 70

Dewar,John,D,28 Jan 15,1,6,age 72

Dicker,Ruby,M,9 Nov 16,3,1,Beer, Gordon

Dickson,Elizabeth Mary,E,30 Nov 16,5,1,Gillies, Duncan

Dickson,Elizabeth Mary,M,14 Dec 16,1,6,Gillies, Dunan

Dill,Francis,D,26 Apr 17,1,5,age 50

Dingman,Mary,D,18 Mar 15,1,4,age 89

Dixon,Fred,D,12 Apr 17,1,4,

Doan,Edward L.,M,7 Sep 16,5,1,Doan, Myrtle

Doan,Laura Belle,M,9 Sep 15,1,4,Lambert, Isaac

Doan,Mary,D,27 Dec 17,4,3,age 81

Doan,Myrtle,M,7 Sep 16,5,1,Doan, Edward

Dobie,dau of D. A.,B,1 Apr 15,4,2,23 Mar

Dobie,John A.,D,17 Feb 16,1,5,age 75

Dobson,Lillie,M,1 Jun 16,1,6,James, John

Docker,George S., Mrs.,D,25 Mar 15,5,2,age 81

Dodd,Mary A.,D,31 Aug 16,1,6,Carswell

Dods,Muriel Eda,E,28 Sep 16,5,1,McDonnel, Hugh

Donahue,Bridget,D,21 Dec 16,8,1,

Doolittle,William, Pte.,M,17 Feb 16,5,1,Welsh, Miss

Dority,Carl E.,E,18 Dec 19,12,3,Marr, Sara

Doughty,William, Pte.,D,4 Jan 17,8,1,killed in action

Douglas,Allie May,E,3 Jun 15,5,1,Waite, Edward

Douglas,Allie May,M,24 Jun 15,5,1,Waite, Thomas

Douglas,Thomas, Mrs.,D,29 Apr 15,5,3,age 65

Dow,D. H.,M,11 Jan 17,5,3,Graham, Katharine

Dow,dau of Dr. D.H.,B,3 Jan 18,5,3,27 Dec 1917

Dowling,Joseph J., Pte.,D,27 Sep 17,7,2,killed in action

Downie,Mary Ethel,M,26 Jul 17,8,1,11 Jul; Kriter, George

Downie,Rev. Canon,D,1 Apr 15,1,6,

Doyle,Eldridge McIntyre,E,6 Apr 16,5,1,Hopkins, Ila

Doyle,Eldridge McIntyre,M,27 Apr 16,5,2,Hopkins, Ila

Doyle,Mildred Freeman,M,16 Oct 19,1,6,4 Oct; Burrows, Geo.

Doyle,Millie Freeman,E,25 Sep 19,5,1,Burrows, George

Drake,Frances,D,7 Jan 15,1,5,

Drake,Mrs. (nee Tolmie),M,25 Jan 17,1,4,Mistele, Charles

Draper,Hazel Irene,M,10 Jul 19,5,1,Carter, Audrey

Dredge,Thomas,D,13 Sep 17,1,5,age 85

Duggan,J. A.,M,6 Oct 15,5,2,29 Sep; Hodge, Emily

Duncan,Jennie,D,7 Dec 16,9,1,Walker

Duncanson,Annie,D,29 Mar 17,7,2,Gillies

Duncanson,dau of Andrew,B,24 Jun 15,5,3,14 Jun

Duncanson,dau of Andrew,B,12 Jun 19,1,5,11 Jun

Duncanson,Don Allaster,B,27 Nov 19,5,3,15 Nov

Duncanson,James C.,D,1 Nov 17,7,3,19 Oct

Duncanson,Maggie,M,21 Sep 16,5,1,McWilliam, John

Duncanson,Martha Johnston,M,14 Jun 17,5,1,Gilchrist, Godfrey

Duncanson,Miss,W,29 May 19,5,1,Marsh

Duncanson,Neil,D,20 Dec 17,5,1,

Duncanson,Neil,D,13 Dec 17,9,1,age 79

Duncanson,son of D. A.,B,10 Jun 15,5,2,7 Jun

Duncombe,Charles, Dr.,D,18 Sep 19,4,1,age 57

Dundas,John, Mrs.,D,11 Dec 19,9,1,age 39

Dundas,Joseph,D,16 Sep 15,5,1,

Dunlop,Charles R., Pte.,D,29 Nov 17,1,4,3 Nov; age 21, KIA

Durham,Jacob,M,4 Dec 19,8,3,Bishop, Perlie

Early,Anna,D,25 Feb 15,1,6,age 75

Earnshaw,Eamer,D,11 Dec 19,12,3,

Eastman,Jane,D,21 Dec 16,5,1,

Easton,Alexander,D,1 Mar 17,5,1,age 75

Eaton,Philip, Mrs.,D,25 Sep 19,5,2,age 84

Ecker,William,M,28 Dec 16,5,3,25 Dec; Quick, M.

Eckhardt,Lanson,M,15 Jun 16,5,2,6 Jun; Lyons, Hazel

Eckhardt,Lanson H.,E,1 Jun 16,5,2,Lyons, Hazel

Edgeworth,Margaret,D,16 Oct 19,7,2,

Edmonds,Mrs.,BD,19 Oct 16,1,4,90th

Edmunds,Mary,D,13 Dec 17,16,2,age 90

Eggert,Kathleen Vera,E,12 Jun 19,8,1,Fowler, Walter

Elliott,Angus T.,D,16 Sep 15,5,1,

Elliott,Angus,D,23 Sep 15,5,2,

Elliott,Eva S.,M,27 Apr 16,1,4,Tolans, Stanley

Ellis,Amos, Mrs.,D,14 Oct 15,5,3,75th year

Ellis,Mary,D,2 Nov 16,5,2,Sifton

Ellison,Hiram H.,M,1 Jul 15,8,2,21 Jun; Lay, Lizzie

Emmerson,James, Mrs.,D,8 Mar 17,1,4,age 71

Ermatinger,Annie J.,D,31 May 17,4,1,

Ermatinger,C. O., Mrs.,D,20 Jan 16,5,2,about 65 years old

Ermatinger,Charles Oakes,M,5 Jul 17,5,1,Potts, Jessie

Erskine,J. Arthur,M,9 Dec 15,1,6,1 Dec; Graham, M.

Erskine,J. Arthur,E,4 Nov 15,5,1,Graham, Minnie

Erskine,John, Mrs.,D,5 Jul 17,5,1,56th year

Eustes,Ellen,D,1 May 19,5,5,Sheridan

Evans,dau of Leonard,B,11 Oct 17,4,1,28 Sep

Evans,Edward,D,1 Feb 17,8,1,

Evans,Edward,D,25 Jan 17,1,4,age 74

Evans,Elizabeth A.,D,4 Jan 17,8,1,age 68

Evans,Gwendolyn Grace,E,22 May 19,5,1,Armstrong, G.

Evans,son of R. E.,B,20 Mar 19,1,6,15 Mar

Eveland,Samuel,D,6 Sep 17,4,1,

Everett,Laura,D,21 Jun 17,5,3,

Everitt,Frederick Wm.,D,29 Apr 15,5,3,age 27

Everitt,W.,D,22 Apr 15,5,1,

Evison,William, Mrs.,D,25 Jan 17,5,3,age 72

Eyely,H. H., Dr.,D,5 Aug 15,1,4,age 62

Falconer,Robert,D,20 Nov 19,4,1,

Faulkner,John,D,1 Feb 17,5,1,age 82

Felker,Frederick,D,22 Nov 17,8,3,

Fenner,Ann,D,5 Jun 19,1,5,age 86

Ferguson,Christena,D,29 Apr 15,8,1,age 88

Ferguson,Colin A.,D,19 Apr 17,1,4,48th year

Ferguson,Hazel,M,18 Oct 17,4,2,Lidster, Roy

Ferguson,Louisa,D,14 Oct 15,5,3,

Feurth,George,M,17 May 17,1,4,5 May; Turner, D.

Fewings,Jane,D,17 Apr 19,8,2,age 94

Fillmore,Charles,M,20 Sep 17,5,1,Lacey, Florence

Fillmore,Charles William,E,6 Sep 17,5,1,Lacey, Florence

Fillmore,Ellen,D,27 Jul 16,5,2,age 80

Fillmore,Herbert, Pte.,D,21 Dec 16,1,5,killed in action; photo

Fillmore,Herbert, Pte.,D,7 Dec 16,9,2,killed in action

Finlayson,Daniel,D,24 Aug 16,5,3,age 73

Finlayson,Duncan,D,26 Jul 17,5,2,age 95

Finlayson,Margaret,D,18 Dec 19,9,2,

Finlayson,Mary,D,31 Jul 19,5,1,

Firth,T. S.,D,22 Apr 15,8,1,age 70

Fish,Harvey O.,M,8 Mar 17,5,1,28 Feb; DeLong, Iola

Fisher,Teresa,M,27 Apr 16,1,4,Wride, Kenneth

Fitzpatrick,Sylvester, Mrs.,D,6 May 15,5,1,age 70

Fitzsimmons,Edith,D,22 Jun 16,5,1,

Flach,H. G., Mrs.,D,7 Dec 16,9,2,

Flaxen,Stanley,D,27 May 15,4,2,

Fletcher,Christena,D,9 Mar 16,5,2,Smith

Fletcher,James Earl,B,1 Jun 16,5,3,19 May

Fletcher,Laura,M,8 Apr 15,5,2,Ramsey, Frank

Fletcher,Norman,M,13 Nov 19,5,1,Lucas, Nila

Fletcher,son of Herb,B,20 Mar 19,1,6,5 Mar

Fluelling,Herbert,D,18 Oct 17,1,4,

Forbes,David,A,17 Apr 19,5,1,60th

Forbes,Margaret C.,D,10 Jun 15,5,2,69th year

Forbes,Peter,D,1 Jul 15,5,3,75th year

Forbes,Robert,D,13 Nov 19,5,2,

Ford,A. R.,M,3 May 17,7,2,Simons, Elizabeth

Ford,Edna Elizabeth,E,15 Jun 16,5,2,Campbell, A. D.

Ford,Edna Elizabeth,M,29 Jun 16,5,2,Campbell, A. D.

Ford,Ernest F.,M,20 Jan 16,4,2,29 Dec; Ronald, K.

Ford,Frank, Mrs.,D,16 Mar 16,5,2,29th year

Ford,Frank Emerson,D,16 Oct 19,7,2,

Ford,Frank E.,M,26 Jun 19,5,3,Tolman, Annie

Ford,John E.,M,5 Aug 15,5,2,Porter, Caroline

Ford,John E.,E,15 Jul 15,5,1,Porter, Caroline

Ford,Mary Ellen,M,13 Nov 19,5,1,Reid, Charles

Ford,Peter,D,10 Jul 19,5,2,age 75

Ford,son of A.,B,13 Dec 17,9,3,11 Dec

Ford,William,D,14 Oct 15,1,4,age 50

Foster,George Alfred,D,14 Oct 15,5,1,30 Sep; age 50

Foster,George A.,D,21 Oct 15,4,2,

Foster,Margaret,W,21 Dec 16,1,5,Clark

Foubester,Fred, Mrs.,D,26 Aug 15,8,2,

Fowler,Arthur,D,17 Aug 16,4,2,about 25 years old

Fowler,Walter Earl,E,12 Jun 19,8,1,Eggert, Kathleen

Fowler,William,D,11 May 16,4,2,age 72

Francis,J. D.,D,17 Aug 16,4,2,

Frank,Christopher,D,15 Jul 15,8,2,age 69

Frayn,Earl Preston,E,29 May 19,5,1,Clark, Lila

Frayn,Earl Preston,M,5 Jun 19,5,1,Clark, Lila

Fredericks,Edward,D,13 May 15,8,1,age 50

Fredericks,Melrose, Pte.,D,7 Dec 16,9,2,killed in action

French,Herbert, Pte.,D,14 Jan 15,1,5,

French,William,D,13 Jan 16,1,5,

Frewing,Albert, Mrs.,D,27 Mar 19,1,4,age 33

Frogley,Martha,D,20 Apr 16,1,6,age 105

Frost,George, Mrs.,D,18 Dec 19,9,1,age 80

Fry,Lewis, Pte.,D,17 Jun 15,8,2,

Fulmer,Michael,D,27 Jan 16,5,2,

Fulton,John, Mrs.,D,2 Aug 17,8,1,

Futcher,Hattie Alberta,M,11 Mar 15,5,2,Pearce, John

Gage,Gertrude,M,7 Jan 15,5,1,McCray, Daniel

Gage,Margaret Isabel,E,23 Sep 15,5,1,Paddick, Percy

Gage,Margaret Isabel,M,14 Oct 15,5,3,6 Oct; Paddick, Percy

Galbraith,Daniel, Dr.,D,28 Dec 16,1,6,age 77

Galbraith,son of D. J.,B,23 Mar 16,5,2,18 Mar

Galbraith,twins of D. J.,B,24 Jul 19,1,6,19 Jul; son & daughter

Gammon,dau of Arthur,B,4 Feb 15,5,3,

Garbutt,Eliza,D,25 Mar 15,5,2,age 93

Garbutt,Mary,M,20 Jan 16,5,2,12 Jan; Backus, L.

Garland,William, Mrs.,D,17 Jan 18,1,5,

Garlick,Charles, Mrs.,D,13 Jul 16,1,4,

Garlick,G. A., Sgt.,D,17 Jul 19,8,2,33rd year

Garlick,William,D,11 Nov 15,7,2,age 70

Garrett,Mary,D,20 Mar 19,5,2,age 86

Garrow,Isabelle J.,M,7 Feb 18,5,3,Stubbs, William

Gaskin,Emerson,D,1 Mar 17,1,5,

Gaudin,Mary,M,20 Jul 16,5,1,Buchanan, John

Gentleman,Jean,M,17 May 17,5,3,McKellar, John

George,Thomas A.,D,11 Mar 15,5,1,

Germaine,Robert A.,M,26 Oct 16,5,1,16 Oct; Berry, Agnes

Gerow,dau of Errol,D,17 Apr 19,5,1,infant

Gerow,Earl,M,22 Jun 16,5,2,Shipley, Carrie

Gerow,son of Errol,B,29 Mar 17,7,3,25 Mar

Gervis,son of Thomas,B,15 Nov 17,7,1,18 Oct

Gibson,Charles,D,13 Jan 16,5,2,age 80

Gibson,James A.,M,25 May 16,1,6,O’Malley, Mary

Gibson,Jane,D,5 Jun 19,5,1,age 79

Gibson,Mary Madelene,E,28 Aug 19,5,1,Hafele, Jardine

Gibson,Mary Madeline,M,11 Sep 19,5,2,Hafele, Jardine

Gibson,Robert,D,28 Oct 15,4,2,age 81

Gidley,son of W.,B,28 Jun 17,5,2,12 Jun

Gidley,son of Walter,B,3 Jun 15,5,3,30 May

Gifford,G. C., Rev., Mrs.,D,11 May 16,5,2,

Gilbert,Lucy,D,29 Mar 17,1,4,age 70

Gilbert,Martha,M,3 Jan 18,4,3,Cattanach, Edward

Gilbert,Marwood,M,25 Nov 15,7,1,Harlock, Hattie

Gilbert,Mary Ann,D,25 Dec 19,1,6,Precious

Gilbert,Susan,D,21 Dec 16,1,6,Stormont

Gilchrist,Godfrey,M,14 Jun 17,5,1,Duncanson, Martha

Gilchrist,Maribel,M,23 Mar 16,8,2,15 Mar; Jamieson, R.

Gillan,Archibald, Mrs.,D,11 Feb 15,1,4,

Gillies,Annie,D,29 Mar 17,7,2,age 73

Gillies,Duncan,M,3 Apr 19,5,1,Bateman, Jennie

Gillies,Duncan Brown,M,14 Dec 16,1,6,Dickson, Elizabeth

Gillies,Margaret,D,28 Oct 15,5,2,

Gillies,Margaret,D,13 Jul 16,1,4,age 47

Gillis,Duncan Brown,E,30 Nov 16,5,1,Dickson, Elizabeth

Glasford,Mary,M,21 Jun 17,5,2,28 May; McAlpine, P.

Glassford,Daniel,M,4 Jan 17,8,1,Johnston, Jennie

Gliddon,George Clarence, Capt.,D,20 May 15,8,1,age 25

Glover,Grace,M,6 Sep 17,4,1,Ponsford, George

Goldie,Andrew,D,27 Jul 16,5,2,age 73

Goldie,Peter C., Mrs.,D,17 Jan 18,1,6,age 60

Goode,Herbert J., Lieut,D,28 Sep 16,1,5,age 36, killed in action

Goodhue,Benjamin,D,24 Jan 18,1,4,age 62

Goodhue,James,M,20 Nov 19,5,2,Scoyne, Florence

Goodhue,James H.,E,6 Nov 19,5,1,Scoyne, Florence

Goodman,Dorothy Irene,D,11 May 16,5,1,

Gott,George, Mrs.,D,20 Jan 16,1,6,age 43

Gow,Catherine,D,14 Dec 16,9,3,McGugan

Gow,Dugald M.,D,1 Mar 17,5,2,age 70

Gow,Mary E.,M,25 Dec 19,5,2,Graham, James

Gowan,Laura Viola,M,23 Aug 17,7,2,8 Aug; Small, Ervin

Gowan,Laura Viola,E,26 Jul 17,5,1,Small, Ervin

Gowanlock,Annie Jane,M,3 Feb 16,5,1,McCallum, Angus

Gowanlock,Julia A.,D,4 Jan 17,4,2,age 68

Graham,Arch,D,10 Jan 18,5,2,age 73

Graham,Catherine,D,27 Mar 19,4,2,McAlpine

Graham,Euphemia,D,25 Sep 19,5,2,McFarlane

Graham,James Douglas,E,16 Dec 15,7,2,Bentley, Bessie

Graham,James St. Clair,M,25 Dec 19,5,2,Gow, Mary

Graham,James G.,D,20 Jul 16,1,4,age 60

Graham,James D.,M,6 Jan 16,5,2,28 Dec; Bentley, B.

Graham,James D.,M,21 Jun 17,5,2,McLachlin, Winona

Graham,Jessie Elizabeth,M,31 May 17,5,2,23 May; McCallum, W

Graham,John,P,9 Sep 15,5,1,McNeil

Graham,John C.,D,15 Jul 15,5,1,

Graham,Joseph,D,6 Nov 19,5,2,30 Oct; 60th year

Graham,Joseph,D,13 Nov 19,5,1,

Graham,Katharine Winnifred,M,11 Jan 17,5,3,Dow, D. H.

Graham,Laura,D,21 Jun 17,5,3,Everett

Graham,Laura,W,22 Apr 15,5,1,Everitt, W.

Graham,Margaret,D,23 Dec 15,5,3,age 33

Graham,Margaret C.,D,10 Jun 15,5,2,Forbes

Graham,Mary Isabell,B,27 Apr 16,4,2,17 Apr

Graham,Mary,D,31 May 17,4,1,age 85

Graham,Minnie,E,4 Nov 15,5,1,Erskine, J. Arthur

Graham,Minnie,M,9 Dec 15,1,6,1 Dec; Erskine, J.

Graham,Roberta Evangeline,M,21 Aug 19,5,2,Leitch, Alexander

Graham,Roberta Evangeline,E,7 Aug 19,5,1,Leitch, Alexander

Graham,son of Joseph M,B,10 May 17,4,2,4 May

Graham,W. A., Rev.,D,14 Sep 16,5,3,

Gray,Neil,P,6 Jan 16,1,5,Leibner

Greatwood,Priscilla,D,17 Aug 16,4,1,44th year

Green,Ann,D,20 May 15,5,2,age 81

Green,Harold Winfield,M,2 Oct 19,1,6,24 Sep; Lidster, Rosa

Green,Jemima,D,4 Dec 19,8,3,

Grieves,Annie,D,11 Dec 19,1,6,age 73

Grieves,Barbara,M,23 Aug 17,7,1,Cady, William

Griffin,Charles,D,16 Dec 15,7,3,about 45 years old

Griffin,Charles P.,D,23 Dec 15,1,6,

Griffin,nee,D,25 Mar 15,5,1,Ross, James, Mrs.

Griffin,William A.,D,22 Mar 17,10,2,

Griswold,Edith, Mrs.,M,26 Jun 19,5,3,Griswold, Norman

Griswold,Norman,M,26 Jun 19,5,3,Griswold, Edith, Mrs.

Gundy,Joseph R., Rev.,D,30 Mar 16,1,4,

Gunn,Eliza,D,25 Mar 15,5,2,Garbutt

Gunn,Jeanette,D,25 Jan 17,5,1,McCallum

Gunning,William, Mrs.,D,10 Jul 19,8,3,age 68

Gusterson,Maria,D,12 Apr 17,5,2,age 82

Guyitt,Mrs.,D,24 Jan 18,5,1,

Gwalter,Harry, Sapper,D,9 Aug 17,1,4,24 Jul; killed in action

Hafele,Jardine A., Dr.,E,28 Aug 19,5,1,Gibson, Mary

Hafele,Jardine, Dr.,M,11 Sep 19,5,2,Gibson, Mary

Hagermon,Marshall,M,21 Jun 17,1,4,Zoller, Luella

Hahn,Edith,M,10 Apr 19,4,2,25 Mar; Mistele, J. W.

Haight,J. W., Mrs.,D,23 Aug 17,1,5,

Hailstone,Walter,M,3 Feb 16,5,1,Weir, Margaret

Haines,Claude,D,7 Feb 18,5,1,age 41

Haines,dau of Claude,B,6 Apr 16,1,5,3 Apr

Haines,Erie,D,8 Jun 16,5,1,age 9

Haines,William,A,10 May 17,10,2,50th

Haire,W. A.,M,10 Feb 16,5,1,Ingram, Jean

Halbert,John N.,D,28 Jan 15,1,6,age 68

Hall,Fred,M,26 Jun 19,5,3,Brooks, Laura

Hall,Thomas, Corp.,D,7 Jun 17,1,4,killed in action

Halpin,Cora,M,4 Jan 17,5,1,Campbell, Frank

Hamilton,Duncan,D,18 May 16,4,2,age 72

Hamilton,Elizabeth,D,12 Jun 19,5,3,Milton

Hamilton,Margaret,D,7 Jan 15,1,5,Sells

Hammill,Mary,D,7 Jun 17,1,4,age 79

Hanagan,Thomas,M,8 May 19,3,2,2 May; Hancock, A.

Hancock,Annie,M,8 May 19,3,2,2 May; Hanagan, T.

Hancock,George,D,15 Jun 16,5,3,

Handy,Margaret,D,13 Dec 17,9,1,

Hankinson,B. H.,M,9 Sep 15,1,4,McGugan, Lillian

Hanley,Neah M.,D,23 Nov 16,8,1,

Hanna,Ephraim W., Pte,D,25 Oct 17,1,6,

Hardaker,John,P,26 Aug 15,8,2,Foubester

Hardy,Fred,D,10 Jun 15,8,1,age 18

Harlock,Hattie,M,25 Nov 15,7,1,Gilbert, Marwood

Harris,Anna Edna,M,22 Jun 16,5,2,21 Jun; Mistele, H.

Harris,Anna Edna,E,8 Jun 16,5,2,Mistele, Henry

Harris,John,D,24 Jun 15,4,2,76th year

Harris,Mabel Mildred,M,6 Jan 16,1,5,Thompson, Frank

Harris,Michael,D,9 Nov 16,6,1,age 60

Harrison,Mabel Edna,M,25 May 16,1,6,Powell, William

Hart,Charles,D,7 Sep 16,1,4,age 60

Hart,nee,D,15 Nov 17,7,1,Osborne, James, Mrs.

Hartley,William, Pte.,D,27 Jul 16,8,1,killed in action

Harvey,Walter, Pte.,D,14 Dec 16,9,1,killed in action, age 30

Hastings,Alfred,D,16 Mar 16,5,3,age 74

Hastings,William,M,8 May 19,1,5,Poole, Mary

Hathaway,Charles,M,14 Sep 16,5,1,Smith, Stella

Hathaway,dau of Charles,B,12 Jun 19,1,5,8 Jun

Hathaway,J. B., Mrs.,D,16 Nov 16,8,2,

Hawkins,Audrey,D,6 Dec 17,5,2,37th year

Hawkins,dau of W. B., Rev,B,13 Apr 16,5,3,9 Apr

Hawkins,W. B., Mrs.,D,13 Dec 17,9,1,

Hawkins,Walter B., Rev.,M,17 Jul 19,5,3,Smith, Sadie

Hawkins,Walter, Rev.,E,19 Jun 19,5,1,Smith, Sadie

Hefford,George, Pte.,D,7 Jun 17,5,2,killed in action; photo

Hefford,George C., Pte.,D,3 May 17,7,2,9 Apr; age 25; KIA

Hefford,son of George C.,B,23 Sep 15,5,3,17 Sep

Heidt,George W. , Pte.,D,9 Nov 16,3,2,killed in action

Heidt,Milton C.,M,4 Feb 15,4,2,Berdan, Alice

Henderson,Constance May,M,7 Feb 18,5,1,Shingler, Alfred

Henderson,Jennie,D,22 Nov 17,5,2,Richardson

Henderson,Orin D.,D,20 Jul 16,1,4,

Henry,Stewart M.,M,14 Jun 17,1,6,Revell, Alice

Hicks,Albert E.,E,26 Jun 19,5,1,Stewart, Ethel

Hicks,John,D,31 May 17,5,2,22 May; age 91

Hicks,William, Mrs.,D,22 May 19,4,1,about 44 years old

Hill,dau of Seth,B,23 Mar 16,8,3,12 Mar

Hillman,Flora,D,25 Dec 19,1,6,

Hillman,Mary,D,5 Apr 17,5,2,Jennings

Hine,Clara,M,4 Feb 15,5,1,20 Jan; Marshall, L.

Hine,Robert J.,D,9 Dec 15,7,2,

Hirst,George, Mrs.,D,13 Apr 16,1,4,age 67

Hobbs,George, Pte.,D,7 Dec 16,9,2,killed in action

Hockin,Harold Bertram,M,6 Oct 15,5,2,29 Sep; Murray, Anna

Hockin,Harold Bertram,E,16 Sep 15,5,1,Murray, Anna

Hockin,nee,D,18 Dec 19,9,1,Nephew, Joseph, Mrs.

Hockin,son of H. B.,B,3 Aug 16,5,4,29 Jul

Hodder,Edith Ellen,E,16 Dec 15,7,2,25 Dec; Atkins, E.

Hodder,Edith Ellen,M,30 Dec 15,5,2,25 Dec; Atkins, E.

Hodder,Frederick J.,E,6 Dec 17,5,1,Morrish, Clara

Hodder,Frederick J.,M,13 Dec 17,9,2,Morrish, Clara

Hodder,Lillie,M,2 Mar 16,5,2,Huckstep, Eldon

Hodder,Lilly,E,24 Feb 16,5,1,Huckstep, Eldon

Hodder,Mary Irene,E,16 Dec 15,7,2,25 Dec; Cook, Roy

Hodder,Mary Irene,M,30 Dec 15,5,2,25 Dec; Cook, Roy

Hodder,William G.,A,5 Apr 17,4,2,50th year

Hodge,Emily W.,M,6 Oct 15,5,2,29 Sep; Duggan, J.A.

Hodge,nee,D,26 Oct 16,1,4,McIntyre, Daniel, Mrs

Hodge,Sarah,A,23 Nov 16,4,1,Shippey

Hodgins,Arthur,M,29 May 19,1,2,Staley, Lillie

Holland,Elizabeth,D,13 Nov 19,5,2,age 80

Holland,Joseph,D,6 Apr 16,1,4,age 86

Holland,nee,D,5 Jul 17,5,1,Erskine, John, Mrs.

Hollingshead,son of Robert P.,B,9 Sep 15,5,3,21 Aug

Honsinger,Viola,M,13 Nov 19,1,4,Sixt, W. M.

Hood,Mary,D,28 Oct 15,5,2,age 79

Hood,Mary,D,10 Apr 19,5,1,age 74

Hooker,Arthur, Pte.,D,17 Aug 16,4,2,killed in action

Hooley,Michael,D,7 Jun 17,4,2,age 68

Hooley,Michael,D,14 Jun 17,5,1,

Hoover,James A., Lieut.,E,20 Mar 19,5,1,Royal, Maude

Hoover,James A., Lieut.,M,3 Apr 19,1,5,Royal, Maude

Hopkins,Ila Erma,M,27 Apr 16,5,2,Doyle, Eldridge

Hopkins,Ila Erma,E,6 Apr 16,5,1,Doyle, Eldridge

Horton,Joseph,D,26 Jun 19,8,2,age 64

Horton,Joseph W.,D,21 Jan 15,5,2,age 87

Horton,Olive,D,21 Jan 15,1,6,age 86

Horton,Sarah,D,20 Jan 16,1,6,age 102 years

Horton,son of Manson,B,12 Jul 17,8,1,9 Jul

Hortshorm,Maud,M,4 May 16,8,3,26 Apr; McRae, Dan

House,Augustus,P,14 Jan 15,1,5,Smith

House,Mabel Regina,E,1 Mar 17,5,1,Charlton, Wallace

House,Robert H.,D,24 Apr 19,5,5,

Hovey,Matthew,P,9 Dec 15,1,3,Pollock

Howard,dau of Frank,B,31 May 17,5,2,10 May

Howell,son of Fred,B,2 Dec 15,7,2,27 Nov

Huckstep,Eldon G.,M,2 Mar 16,5,2,Hodder, Lillie

Huckstep,Eldon G.,E,24 Feb 16,5,1,Hodder, Lilly

Hueston,Henry, Mrs.,D,4 Sep 19,8,3,21st year

Hueston,son of Ferguson,B,13 Apr 16,5,3,10 Apr

Hughes,David John,D,22 Apr 15,1,6,age 95

Hughes,John,A,25 Oct 17,1,4,50th

Hull,son of E.,B,20 May 15,5,3,1 May

Humphrey,Archie, Pte.,D,30 Nov 16,5,2,KIA, 13 Nov; age 18

Humphries,Alice,M,19 Jun 19,8,3,Mitchener, George

Humphries,dau of H.,B,30 Sep 15,5,3,25 Sep

Humphries,J. D.,M,1 Mar 17,5,1,Jones, Sarah

Humpidge,F. A.,P,11 May 16,5,2,McGill

Hunchberger,Mervin Roy,M,12 Oct 16,7,2,Brock, Frances

Hunt,Carlista,D,5 Apr 17,1,4,age 72

Hunter,Ann,D,17 Jun 15,5,2,Sutherland

Hunter,Audrey,D,6 Dec 17,5,2,Hawkins

Hunter,Maxwell,M,7 Sep 16,5,1,Westcott, Lizzie

Hunter,Melissa,M,15 Jul 15,5,2,McLennan, G. F.

Hunter,W. R.,E,20 Mar 19,5,1,McIntyre, Belle

Huntley,William C.,D,10 Apr 19,4,2,age 84

Hutchinson,Catherine,D,7 Jan 15,5,1,

Hynd,Robert, Mrs.,D,26 Apr 17,8,1,age 77

Hyndman,Catherine Merle,M,24 Aug 16,1,6,McPherson, Roy

Hyndman,D.,H,11 Dec 19,9,2,Ramsey

Hyndman,Kathryn Mearle,E,17 Aug 16,5,1,McPherson, Roy

Imlay,Gilbert, Pte.,D,22 Nov 17,8,2,killed in action

Ingram,Jean,M,10 Feb 16,5,1,Haire, W. A.

Ingram,Joseph N.,D,14 Jan 15,1,5,

Ingram,W. H., Mrs.,D,20 Apr 16,1,4,age 60

Irvine,Arlo W.,M,15 Jun 16,1,6,Karr, Helen

Jackson,Andrew,D,27 Apr 16,5,3,age 45

Jacob,Philippa,D,27 Mar 19,5,1,

Jacques,Thomas James,M,28 Dec 16,5,3,Lacey, Myrtle

Jacques,Thomas James,E,21 Dec 16,5,1,Lacey, Myrtle

Jacques,W. H., Pte.,D,6 Sep 17,1,6,killed in action

James,John,M,1 Jun 16,1,6,Dobson, Lillie

James,William Irvine,D,10 Jan 18,5,2,age 36

Jamieson,Elsie Bell,M,7 Jun 17,4,2,Scott, Duncan

Jamieson,Maggie G.,D,3 Aug 16,5,2,

Jamieson,Roy,M,23 Mar 16,8,3,15 Mar; Gilchrist, M.

Jarman,Clifford J.,D,28 Jan 15,1,6,

Jeffrey,Christopher,D,9 Oct 19,4,1,

Jell,Horace Falconer,D,22 Apr 15,1,6,age 53

Jennings,Charles,D,1 Jun 16,5,2,age 74

Jennings,Mary,D,12 Apr 17,5,2,

Jennings,Mary,D,5 Apr 17,5,2,age 72

Jennings,Raymond Omer,B,20 Apr 16,8,2,14 Apr

Jewell,Calvin Leslie,M,23 Nov 16,5,1,Strong, Mary

Jewell,E. J. Myrtle,M,28 Dec 16,5,3,Morrish, Wilfred

Jewell,Gladys M.,M,1 Mar 17,5,3,27 Feb; Strong, John

Jewell,Linley,M,11 Jan 17,5,1,Strong, Sarah

Jewell,Minnie E.,M,1 Jul 15,5,2,23 Jun; McAlister, W.

Jewell,son of Linley,B,25 Dec 19,5,3,11 Dec

Johnson, Francis S.,M,22 Apr 15,8,1,McTaggart, Estella

Johnson, Margaret,D,26 Oct 16,5,3,

Johnson, Robert A.,D,4 Jan 17,8,1,

Johnson, son of George,B,20 Dec 17,5,4,12 Dec

Johnson, son of L.,B,4 Feb 15,5,4,29 Jan

Johnston, Agnes,M,20 Sep 17,5,1,Schultz, Benjamin

Johnston, Alma,D,18 Jan 17,5,1,Schultz

Johnston, Jennie,M,4 Jan 17,8,1,Glassford, Daniel

Johnston, Sarah Edith,M,4 Jan 17,5,1,20 Dec; MacPherson

Johnston, son of John T.,B,25 Dec 19,5,3,17 Dec

Joiner,Charles,D,6 Apr 16,4,2,

Jones,Carl,M,8 Apr 15,8,1,Malcolm, Hazel

Jones,Charles A.,M,11 Nov 15,6,3,Dewar, Florence

Jones,E. H.,M,23 Oct 19,5,1,Pigeon, Beatrice

Jones,Elizabeth,D,8 Mar 17,5,1,

Jones,Ethel,D,25 Sep 19,5,2,age 7

Jones,John,D,28 Dec 16,5,1,age 45

Jones,Sarah,M,1 Mar 17,5,1,Humphries, J. D.

Jordan,Percy,D,23 Sep 15,4,2,killed in action

Judson,Marjorie,M,24 May 17,8,2,10 May; Sutton, E. J.

Kains,Charles, Mrs.,D,22 Mar 17,7,1,age 55

Kairns,John,D,6 Apr 16,5,1,

Kairns,John,D,30 Mar 16,5,2,age 72

Kaiser,Garfield J.,M,9 Sep 15,5,3,McFarlane, Lena

Kaiser,Garfield J.,M,16 Sep 15,4,2,1 Sep; McFarlane, L.

Karr,Helen,M,15 Jun 16,1,6,Irvine, Arlo

Katzenmeyer,William H.,M,8 May 19,1,5,30 Apr; Banks, E.

Keegan,William F.,D,13 Jan 16,1,5,age 56

Keele,son of C. C.,B,14 Sep 16,5,2,6 Sep

Keid,Stella E.,M,22 Jun 16,8,1,Auckland, Gordon

Keifer,John,D,19 Aug 15,7,1,

Keillor,Alma Marion,B,11 Feb 15,9,3,8 Feb [see intro]

Keillor,dau of Dr.,B,10 Jan 18,5,4,6 Jan

Kelly,Abner,D,17 Apr 19,8,2,age 64

Kelly,Albert,D,15 May 19,1,4,age 28

Kelly,Margaret,D,13 Jul 16,1,4,Gillies

Kelly,Mary Ann,D,21 Jan 15,5,2,54th year

Kelly,Nancy,D,15 May 19,5,1,Bambridge

Kelso,Donald, Rev.,D,5 Oct 16,5,2,

Kendall,son of George A.,B,12 Oct 16,7,3,5 Oct

Kent,Eleanor,M,9 Aug 17,5,2,Mitchener, James

Kern,Amelia Janet,M,13 Jul 16,1,4,McLarty, John

Kerr,Alexander,D,3 Jun 15,5,2,50th year

Kerr,Archibald C.,D,6 Sep 17,5,1,70th year

Kerr,Duncan,D,13 May 15,5,1,age 46

Kerr,Elizabeth,D,24 May 17,5,2,McEachren

Kerr,Jennette,D,17 May 17,5,2,Lodge

Kerr,Robert,D,13 Jan 16,5,2,age 58

Kerr,Robert,D,20 Jan 16,5,1,

Killens,nee,D,13 Nov 19,1,4,Campbell, John, Mrs.

Killingsworth,Elizabeth,D,24 Jan 18,1,4,

Killins,W. D.,D,19 Oct 16,5,2,killed in action

King,Henry C.,D,6 Sep 17,4,1,76th year

King,John,D,11 Feb 15,5,2,age 82

King,Mary,D,2 Dec 15,1,4,90th year

Kinghan,Fred’k T., Capt.,D,2 Aug 17,5,2,killed in action

Kinnear,Arthur,D,12 Jun 19,5,4,12 May

Kinnear,Arthur,D,15 May 19,5,1,

Kinnear,Louis A.,D,22 May 19,5,2,

Kirby,J. M., Mrs.,D,20 May 15,8,1,58th year

Kirkpatrick,Thomas,D,23 Aug 17,1,6,age 26

Kirkwood,Elizabeth,M,30 Oct 19,5,2,Willey, Scott

Knight,Stanley,M,5 Apr 17,1,4,Tolmie, Irene

Knott,Fred,D,18 May 16,5,1,age 44

Knott,Thomas,D,2 Nov 16,1,4,age 77

Krause,Julius,D,25 Jan 17,1,4,age 78

Kriter,George,M,26 Jul 17,8,1,11 Jul; Downie, Mary

Lacey,Florence Coraline,M,20 Sep 17,5,1,Fillmore, Charles

Lacey,Florence Coraline,E,6 Sep 17,5,1,Fillmore, Charles

Lacey,Myrtle Doris,M,28 Dec 16,5,3,Jacques, Thomas

Lacey,Myrtle Doris,E,21 Dec 16,5,1,Jacques, Thomas

Lacey,Pearl,P,27 Mar 19,4,2,Bloye

Lackey,Agnes,D,22 May 19,5,2,Sloan

Lackey,John,D,19 Oct 16,4,2,83rd year

Lahey,Alice,M,15 Mar 17,7,1,Webber, Joseph

Laidlaw,Adam, Mrs.,D,13 Sep 17,7,1,age 75

Lambert,Isaac,M,9 Sep 15,1,4,Doan, Laura

Langan,Edward,D,8 May 19,1,5,age 85

Langman,Garrow,E,19 Oct 16,5,1,25 Oct; Lumley, Alice

Langman,John Garrow,M,9 Nov 16,3,2,25 Oct; Lumley, Alice

Laughlin,Rosana,D,13 Jan 16,1,5,age 80

Laughton,Wilfred C.,M,24 Feb 16,1,6,10 Feb; Lethbridge, A.

Laur,Mrs.,D,31 Jan 18,4,1,87th year

Laur,Orville,M,27 Sep 17,7,3,Cavanagh, Jean

Law,Fred,M,6 Nov 19,5,1,age 47

Lawrence,Dennis,D,11 May 16,4,2,age 73

Lawrence,Emma,M,21 Jun 17,5,2,Crawford, Daniel

Lawrence,Sara,D,8 Mar 17,10,2,Morris

Lawton,Charles E.,D,23 Dec 15,5,1,age 27

Lay,Lizzie,M,1 Jul 15,8,2,21 Jun; Ellison, Hiram

Leamond,dau of Roy,B,23 Aug 17,7,3,19 Aug

Lee,John,D,21 Jan 15,4,1,

Lee,William C., Pte.,D,7 Dec 16,9,2,killed in action

Lehman,Jacob,D,22 Jun 16,5,1,86th year

Leibner,Albert, Mrs.,D,6 Jan 16,1,5,age 50

Leitch,Alex’r Galbraith,M,21 Aug 19,5,2,Graham, Roberta

Leitch,Alex’r Galbraith,E,7 Aug 19,5,1,Graham, Roberta

Leitch,Anna Mae,M,23 Sep 15,5,2,14 Sep; Scott, Frank

Leitch,Anna Mae,E,2 Sep 15,5,2,Scott, Frank

Leitch,Archibald,P,26 Jun 19,5,2,Welch

Leitch,Arthurena D.,M,11 Oct 17,1,4,Campbell, Sinclair

Leitch,Bessie,M,28 Jan 15,5,3,Lunn, John

Leitch,Charlotte St. Clair,M,3 Apr 19,5,2,Clements, Warren

Leitch,Duncan,D,17 Aug 16,4,2,age 71

Leitch,Frances Mary,B,17 Aug 16,5,3,2 Aug

Leitch,John A., Mrs.,D,5 Jun 19,5,1,

Leitch,Marion St. Clair,M,27 Sep 17,7,2,19 Sep; Baxter, W. J.

Leitch,Marion St. Clair,M,25 Oct 17,4,1,Baxter, James

Leitch,son of Arch D.,B,7 Feb 18,5,2,6 Feb

Leitch,son of Albert,B,13 May 15,5,3,10 May

Leitch,Thomas,M,1 Nov 17,7,1,24 Oct; McPherson, E.

Leitch,Thomas,D,11 Feb 15,5,2,age 70

Leith,H. J., Pte.,D,6 Sep 17,1,6,killed in action

Lemk,Joseph, Pte.,D,15 Jun 16,5,3,

Leslie,James,D,29 Jun 16,1,6,age 87

Leslie,James,D,19 Apr 17,5,1,age 83

Lethbridge,Annie Lila,M,24 Feb 16,1,6,10 Feb; Laughton, W.

Lethbridge,John T.,M,19 Apr 17,5,2,Urquhart, Florence

Leverington,James,D,25 Feb 15,1,6,80th year

Leverington,Mrs.,D,6 Oct 15,8,1,

Lewis,George,D,22 Apr 15,5,3,

Lewis,Steele,D,26 Jun 19,8,2,age 32

Ley,Thomas H.,D,18 Sep 19,8,1,age 75

Liberty,Henry,D,26 Apr 17,5,1,84th year

Liberty,Norman D., Dr.,E,17 May 17,5,1,Squire, Ina

Liberty,Norman D.,M,31 May 17,5,3,Squire, Ina

Liberty,son of Dr. D. N.,B,9 Oct 19,5,3,29 Sep

Lidster,Rosa M.,M,2 Oct 19,1,6,24 Sep; Green, Harold

Lidster,Roy G.,M,18 Oct 17,4,2,Ferguson, Hazel

Light,Eva,M,19 Jul 17,5,1,Beecroft, Jacob

Lilley,Henry E.,M,8 May 19,3,2,Wrightman, C.

Lilley,Martha L.,D,3 Aug 16,5,2,age 45

Lindenman,David,M,14 Dec 16,1,6,Clay, Hope

Lindenman,Fred,D,13 Dec 17,16,2,age 44

Lindenman,Philip J.,D,23 Mar 16,1,6,70th year

Lindsay,Mattie Jean,M,8 Jul 15,5,3,30 Jun; McMillan, A.

Lineham,Ivan G.,D,2 Mar 16,5,2,14th year

Lineham,Samuel, Mrs.,D,24 Feb 16,5,3,age 40

Ling,George W., Dr.,D,20 Sep 17,1,5,75th year

Ling,George W., Dr.,D,27 Sep 17,7,2,

Ling,son of G. H.,B,14 Jun 17,5,3,11 Jun

Linister,Robert Coray,M,26 Apr 17,5,1,19 Mar; McColl, Jean

Lipsey,Coral I.,D,30 Oct 19,5,2,

Little,Elizabeth,D,21 Jan 15,1,6,age 96

Little,Grace,M,1 Jul 15,5,1,15 Jun; Ross, John

Little,Grace,M,24 Jun 15,4,2,Ross, John

Littlejohn,dau of D. M.,B,5 Oct 16,4,1,3 Oct

Littlejohn,dau of D. M.,B,29 Jul 15,5,4,25 Jul

Littlejohn,Thomas M.,D,10 May 17,7,1,

Lloyd,Henry,D,11 May 16,4,2,age 88

Locke,William,D,22 May 19,1,6,

Lodge,dau of John,B,1 Apr 15,4,2,23 Mar

Lodge,Jennette,D,17 May 17,5,2,

Lodge,John L.,D,23 Nov 16,5,2,

Lodge,John L.,D,30 Nov 16,5,3,

Logan,Bessie,D,13 Sep 17,1,5,22nd year

Logan,William, Mrs.,D,27 Nov 19,4,2,

Long,Alexander,D,29 Jul 15,8,2,age 72

Long,Joseph, Mrs.,D,18 May 16,5,1,

Longan,Louis Watson,M,29 Mar 17,7,1,Balkwill, Bernice

Loop,Sarah,D,20 Nov 19,5,2,age 44

Loucks,Edward,D,17 Jan 18,1,5,

Lougheed,Thomas, Mrs.,D,8 Jun 16,8,1,age 85

Lougheed,Thomas,D,9 Nov 16,6,1,age 80

Love,Arthur Douglas,M,26 Apr 17,5,1,18 Apr; McCallum, C.

Love,dau of Arthur D.,B,11 Sep 19,1,5,5 Sep

Love,Herbert Gordon,M,22 Apr 15,5,2,Clarke, Mabel

Love,Peter,E,8 Jun 16,5,2,Blue, Jessie

Love,Peter,M,15 Jun 16,5,2,Blue, Jessie

Love,Phemia,D,1 May 19,4,2,Lyon

Love,Robert,D,22 Feb 17,1,4,

Love,Russell B.,M,20 Dec 17,5,2,12 Dec; McDougall, J.

Love,William A.,M,22 Mar 17,10,2,Sells, Margaret

Lucas,Nila Vivian,M,13 Nov 19,5,1,Fletcher, Norman

Lucas,son of John,B,5 Apr 17,5,2,2 Apr

Lucas,son of J. A.,B,26 Aug 15,4,2,14 Aug

Lumley,Alice,M,9 Nov 16,3,2,25 Oct; Langman, J.

Lumley,Alice,E,19 Oct 16,5,1,25 Oct; Langman, G.

Lumley,Bartley Gibson,D,20 Sep 17,8,2,killed in action

Lumley,Bartley Gibson,D,13 Sep 17,1,6,killed in action

Lumley,Dugald,D,12 Jun 19,1,6,age 55

Lumley,Gertrude,M,23 Dec 15,1,6,Patterson, William

Lumley,James,P,8 Jun 16,5,2,Wilson

Lumley,Thirza,D,21 Jan 15,5,2,age 29

Lumley,Vesta,M,14 Dec 16,1,6,Rycroft, Leigh

Lumley,Wilbert J.,M,27 Mar 19,1,5,19 Mar; McCallum, C.

Lunn,Andrew J.,D,1 May 19,5,2,age 34

Lunn,Andrew J.,D,8 May 19,3,2,

Lunn,Annie Bell,M,18 Mar 15,5,1,Scidmore, Ernest

Lunn,Archibald,E,18 Sep 19,5,1,Cameron, Ruby

Lunn,Archibald,M,25 Sep 19,5,1,Cameron, Ruby

Lunn,dau of A. J.,B,8 Mar 17,5,1,5 Mar

Lunn,James Cessford,M,3 Jun15,4,2,Whitelock, Annie

Lunn,John,M,28 Jan 15,5,3,Leitch, Bessie

Lunn,Lizzie,P,12 Jul 17,5,2,Woodman

Lunn,son of John A.,B,3 Jan 18,5,3,19 Dec 1917

Lusty,Ella,D,10 Jan 18,4,1,

Lyle,David,D,11 Jan 17,5,1,age 73

Lynch,Catherine,D,30 Nov 16,5,1,Crowley

Lynch,Owen,D,27 Jan 16,5,1,66th year

Lynch,son of Terrence,B,17 Feb 16,5,3,28 Jan

Lyon,Phemia,D,1 May 19,4,2,

Lyons,Hazel Margaret,E,1 Jun 16,5,2,Eckhardt, Lanson

Lyons,Hazel Margaret,M,15 Jun 16,5,2,6 Jun; Eckhardt, L.

Lyons,Mahlon E.,D,19 Apr 17,1,4,age 72

MacColl,Dugald,D,19 Aug 15,10,2,age 69

MacColl,Elgin,M,14 Sep 16,1,4,Walters, Ethel

Macdiarmid,Catherine,D,18 Oct 17,4,2,

Macdiarmid,Finlay,D,28 Jan 15,1,6,86th year

MacKay,dau of Robert,B,20 May 15,5,3,11 May

Mackenzie,George S.,D,22 Apr 15,5,1,age 28

MacPherson,Robert A.,M,4 Jan 17,5,1,20 Dec; Johnston

MacVicar,Florence Neil,E,18 Oct 17,5,1,McLellan, Archibald

Mahon,Albert S.,D,20 Apr 16,1,4,age 38

Main,Catherine,D,1 Apr 15,1,4,age 71

Malcolm,Hazel G.,M,8 Apr 15,8,1,Jones, Carl

Malloch,Noble,D,14 Oct 15,5,1,

Malone,Edward,D,13 Nov 19,5,1,

Mann,Beulah Jean,B,11 Nov 15,7,3,3 Nov

Mann,Eva Maud,M,30 Dec 15,5,2,Bingham, Ernest

Mann,Eva Maude,E,2 Dec 15,7,1,Bingham, Ernest

Mann,Nelson, Mrs.,D,31 Jan 18,4,1,age 71

Manning,John,D,15 Mar 17,1,4,58th year

March,Margaret,M,25 Sep 19,5,1,McLean, Isaac

March,William,D,29 May 19,4,1,

March,William,D,22 May 19,4,2,age 69

Marcus,Thomas,M,12 Jun19,8,1,Caldwell, Grace

Markle,Daniel,P,19 Jul 17,5,3,Bennett

Marlatt,Ralph, Mrs.,D,29 Jun 16,1,6,

Marr,David, Mrs.,D,28 Jun 17,8,2,age 62

Marr,John J.,D,7 Jun 17,1,4,66th year

Marr,Sara C.,E,18 Dec 19,12,3,Dority, Carl

Marsh,James H.,D,29 May 19,5,1,

Marsh,James H.,D,5 Jun 19,5,1,

Marshall,Lewis,M,4 Feb 15,5,1,20 Jan; Hine, Clara

Martin,Catherine Maud,D,27 Mar 19,1,4,21st year

Martin,Colin,D,12 Jul 17,1,5,

Martin,James W.,D,17 Aug 16,5,1,age 77

Martin,John,D,11 Jan 17,4,2,age 69

Martini,Charles, Mrs.,D,1 Nov 17,7,2,

Martyn,John Piper,D,13 Jul 16,5,1,age 87

Mateer,Charles, Pte.,D,17 May 17,5,1,killed in action

Mateer,Charles, Pte.,D,24 May 17,8,1,11 Apr; age 20; KIA

Mateer,D. N.,D,3 May 17,10,2,1 Apr; killed in action

Mateer,David M.,D,26 Apr 17,5,2,age 25, killed in action

Matheson,Murdock, Dr.,D,13 May 15,1,4,

Matthews,W. G.,D,8 Feb 17,4,1,

Maw,Fred,D,25 May 16,5,3,age 72

May,James,D,17 Aug 16,5,2,age 88

May,Lenora,D,20 Dec 17,12,2,age 40

May,Malcolm,M,19 Oct 16,5,1,McWilliam, Agnes

McAdam,James,D,18 Oct 17,1,4,

McAdam,Joseph,D,22 Feb 17,1,4,age 70

McAlister,Mary, Mrs.,M,13 Dec 17,9,2,1 Dec; Deighton, G.

McAlister,son of W. J.,B,11 May 16,5,2,28 Apr

McAlister,son of Wm. J.,B,20 Dec 17,5,4,12 Dec

McAlister,William J.,M,1 Jul 15,5,2,23 Jun; Jewell, Minnie

McAlpine,Catherine,D,27 Mar 19,4,2,73rd year

McAlpine,Duncan,D,2 Mar 16,5,1,age 75

McAlpine,Duncan,D,9 Mar 16,5,2,

McAlpine,Jennie Isabel,E,2 Dec 15,7,1,McRae, Archibald

McAlpine,Jennie Isabel,M,16 Dec 15,1,6,8 Dec; McRae, A.

McAlpine,Mary,D,31 Jul19,5,1,

McAlpine,Neil,D,24 Aug 16,1,6,

McAlpine,Neil,A,25 May 16,1,6,60th

McAlpine,Neil, Mrs.,D,24 Jul 19,4,2,age 80

McAlpine,Peter,M,21 Jun 17,5,2,28 May; Glasford, M.

McAlpine,son of P. D.,B,22 May 19,5,4,15 May

McAndrew,Michael J.,D,22 Mar 17,10,2,age 58

McArthur,Angus L.,E,20 Mar 19,5,1,Patton, Christena

McArthur,Angus L.,M,27 Mar 19,5,4,Patton, Christena

McArthur,Barbara May,E,21 Dec 16,5,1,Russ, Walter

McArthur,Catherine,D,27 Sep 17,10,2,

McArthur,Christena,D,11 Mar 15,5,2,McKillop

McArthur,Colin,D,26 Oct 16,1,4,

McArthur,Jessie Bowles,M,12 Jun 19,5,3,McLean,Hugh

McArthur,Mary,D,26 Aug 15,8,2,age 65

McArthur,Myrtle Elizabeth,E,14 Sep 16,1,4,27 Sep; Terry, W.

McArthur,Myrtle,M,5 Oct 16,8,3,Terry, Wilbur

McArthur,Peter,A,18 Dec 19,12,3,50th

McArthur,s & d of Arch,B,23 Nov 16,4,2,18 Nov; twins

McBain,John,D,12 Oct 16,10,1,age 51

McBane,Sarah,D,28 Jan 15,1,6,McCallum

McBrayne,Alexander,D,4 Dec 19,8,3,age 83

McBrayne,Christena,D,20 Apr 16,5,2,age 72

McBrayne,Jennetta,D,12 Apr 17,1,4,age 87

McBride,Catherine,D,4 Mar 15,5,2,Bellwood

McBride,George,D,27 Jul 16,8,1,58th year

McBride,Margaret,D,26 Jun 19,4,2,

McBride,William H.,D,30 Dec 15,5,1,age 60

McCaffery,Dorothy Byrd,B,17 Aug 16,5,3,30 Jul

McCaffery,James,D,28 Aug 19,5,1,age 71

McCallum,Alexander H.,D,10 Feb 16,4,2,age 76

McCallum,Angus,M,3 Feb 16,5,1,Gowanlock, Annie

McCallum,Angus G.,D,4 Oct 17,7,1,age 56

McCallum,Cassie Mabel,M,26 Apr 17,5,1,18 Apr; Love, Arthur

McCallum,Cassie,P,11 Sep 19,1,5,Love

McCallum,Catherine,D,8 Jun 16,8,1,82nd year

McCallum,Catherine Marguerite,M,27 Mar 19,1,5,19 Mar; Lumley, W.

McCallum,dau of Peter G.,B,4 Oct 17,7,3,27 Sep

McCallum,dau of J. D.,B,25 Feb 15,9,4,24 Feb

McCallum,Donald,D,18 Dec 19,12,3,age 84

McCallum,Dugald,D,22 Nov 17,5,3,age 72

McCallum,Dugald, Mrs.,D,15 Apr 15,8,1,age 70

McCallum,Duncan J.,D,18 Nov 15,7,2,age 43

McCallum,Duncan, Mrs.,D,6 Jul 16,5,3,age 71

McCallum,Duncan,D,19 Apr 17,1,4,age 60

McCallum,Duncan,D,23 Oct 19,8,2,age 40

McCallum,Edward, Mrs.,D,15 May 19,1,4,age 75

McCallum,Inez Vera,M,22 Nov 17,8,3,McIntyre, Colin

McCallum,James, Mrs.,D,11 Feb 15,9,2,4 Feb [see intro]

McCallum,Jeanette,D,25 Jan 17,5,1,

McCallum,John R.,A,9 Mar 16,5,3,50th

McCallum,Margaret Ruth,B,9 Nov 16,3,4,1 Nov

McCallum,Mary,D,17 Aug 16,5,1,Pennington

McCallum,Mary C.,M,4 Jan 17,5,3,Ashby, Harry

McCallum,Nancy,D,4 Feb 15,5,2,Turner

McCallum,Peter J.,D,16 Dec 15,7,2,age 62

McCallum,Peter,M,20 Apr 16,4,2,McKillop, Annie

McCallum,Sarah Catherine,M,13 Nov 19,5,2,12 Nov; Salter, James

McCallum,Sarah,D,28 Jan 15,1,6,

McCallum,son of Angus,B,2 Oct 19,5,3,23 Sep

McCallum,son of W. T.,B,10 Jul19,5,3,24 Jun

McCallum,William Thomas,M,31 May 17,5,2,23 May; Graham, J.

McCann,dau of Manson,B,17 Jan 18,5,4,8 Jan

McCaw,Samuel,D,25 Mar 15,5,3,72nd year

McCloy,James,D,11 Nov 15,7,2,age 37

McCloy,Tillie Jane,M,4 Mar 15,5,1,Black, Daniel

McColl,Angus B.,D,3 Feb 16,1,6,age 72

McColl,David A.,M,20 Nov 19,1,4,McLean, Margaret

McColl,Dugald,D,4 Jan 17,5,3,age 78

McColl,Dugald A.,D,25 Mar 15,1,5,age 49

McColl,Elizabeth,D,8 Mar 17,5,1,Jones

McColl,Hugh,D,10 May 17,10,2,age 68

McColl,Jean Barbara,M,26 Apr 17,5,1,19 Mar; Linister, R.

McColl,Jessie,M,11 Oct 17,1,4,McMillan, David

McColl,Thos. G., Pte.,D,8 Mar 17,1,4,age 30

McConnell,George, Mrs.,D,26 Aug 15,5,2,81st year

McConnell,Rachel Blanche,M,4 Oct 17 ,7,1,McNea, Leslie

McCray,Daniel,M,7 Jan 15,5,1,Gage, Gertrude

McCreery,Samuel J.,D,24 Aug 16,5,1,

McCrimmon,Donald, Dr.,D,8 Mar 17,1,4,age 88

McCubbin,David,D,12 Jul 17,4,2,

McCully,Robert,D,13 May 15,1,4,age 71

McCurdy,dau of C. H.,B,25 Nov 15,7,2,22 Nov

McDiarmid,Peter,D,11 Mar 15,1,5,

McDonald,Dan,M,4 Sep 19,8,3,Whyte, Agnes

McDonald,Duncan Campbell,M,4 Dec 19,8,3,24 Nov; Taylor, G.

McDonald,Mrs.,D,15 Jun 16,5,1,age 84

McDonald,Nancy,D,24 Aug 16,1,4,65th year

McDonald,nee,D,10 Feb 16,5,1,Campbell, D.N., Mrs.

McDonald,Peter, Pte.,D,28 Sep 16,1,5,16 Sep,killed in action

McDonald,Ronald,D,9 Sep 15,1,4,

McDonald,Sarah,D,4 May 16,5,2,age 61

McDonald,Sarah,D,19 Jul 17,5,1,age 70

McDonald,son of Louis,D,3 Jan 18,8,2,infant

McDonnel,Hugh G., Dr.,E,28 Sep 16,5,1,Dods, Muriel

McDougall,Annie,D,12 Apr 17,1,4,18th year

McDougall,Daniel,D,3 Aug 16,4,2,age 50

McDougall,dau of William,B,24 Aug 16,1,4,22 Aug

McDougall,Jenny Lind,M,20 Dec 17,5,2,12 Dec; Love, Russell

McDougall,Neil, Mrs.,D,5 Jul 17,5,3,

McEachren,Alexander,D,11 Sep 19,8,3,

McEachren,Annie May,M,21 Aug 19,5,2,Beaver, Robert

McEachren,Elizabeth,D,24 May 17,5,2,age 61

McEachren,John,M,19 Jun 19,4,2,10 Jun; Buchanan, J.

McFarlane,Ella Belle,M,18 Sep 19,5,2,Robb, Neil

McFarlane,Ella Belle,E,21 Aug 19,5,1,Robb, Neill

McFarlane,Euphemia,D,25 Sep 19,5,2,age 71

McFarlane,Janet,D,31 Jan 18,4,2,23 Jan; 98th year

McFarlane,John,M,10 Jun 15,5,1,1 Jun; Shepherd, V.

McFarlane,Lena,M,16 Sep 15,4,2,1 Sep; Kaiser, G.

McFarlane,Lena,M,9 Sep 15,5,3,Kaiser, Garfield

McFarlane,Margaret,D,8 Jul 15,1,6,Weekes

McFarlane,Mary,D,7 Sep 16,4,2,Smith

McFarlane,Mungo,D,19 Aug 15,7,2,age 64

McFarlane,son of Peter,B,27 Dec 17,5,1,19 Dec

McFeggan,Annie M.,M,13 May 15,5,1,4 May; Phelps, N.

McGaw,dau of James,B,15 Mar 17,1,4,28 Feb

McGill,dau of John,B,5 Jun 19,5,4,1 Jun

McGill,George B., Mrs.,D,11 May 16,5,2,

McGill,James, Mrs.,D,17 Feb 16,5,1,

McGoven,James A.,D,29 Mar 17,1,4,12th year

McGregor,A. B.,D,4 Dec 19,1,4,

McGugan,Angus D.,D,13 Sep 17,1,6,

McGugan,Angus D.,D,6 Sep 17,4,1,

McGugan,Catherine,D,14 Dec 16,9,3,age 67

McGugan,John,P,28 Jun 17,5,1,McTaggart

McGugan,Laura May,M,2 Dec 15,1,4,Bogart, George

McGugan,Lillian Winnifred,M,9 Sep 15,1,4,Hankinson, B. H.

McGuire,Wm. B., Pte.,D,1 Mar 17,1,4,killed in action

McIntosh,Ellen,D,30 Sep 15,8,1,

McIntosh,John,M,17 Jul 19,5,1,McKinlay, Flora

McIntyre,Angus,D,9 Sep 15,1,4,age 65

McIntyre,Annie,M,22 Feb 17,1,4,Bennett, Duncan

McIntyre,Belle,E,20 Mar 19,5,1,Hunter, W. R.

McIntyre,Catherine,D,8 Jun 16,8,1,McCallum

McIntyre,Christina,D,11 Jan 17,4,2,33rd year

McIntyre,Colin,M,22 Nov 17,8,3,McCallum, Inez

McIntyre,Daniel, Mrs.,D,26 Oct 16,1,4,age 52

McIntyre,George,D,23 Sep 15,4,2,age 49

McIntyre,Hazel,D,2 Oct 19,4,2,age 27

McIntyre,J., Pte.,D,16 Nov 16,1,4,

McIntyre,John M., Pte.,D,26 Oct 16,5,2,killed in action, 26 Sep

McIntyre,John D.,D,20 Jul 16,5,2,53rd year

McIntyre,John D.,M,27 Apr 16,5,1,

McIntyre,Lachlan C.,D,17 Jan 18,8,2,

McIntyre,Lieut.,D,7 Jun 17,1,6,killed in action

McIntyre,Malcolm,D,7 Aug 19,5,1,age 81

McIntyre,Malcolm,D,15 Apr 15,8,1,age 68

McIntyre,Margaret,D,26 Oct 16,5,3,Johnson

McIntyre,Margaret,D,14 Oct 15,1,4,Coulter

McIntyre,Mary,D,18 Dec 19,9,2,McPherson

McIntyre,nee,D,11 Feb 15,1,4,Gillan, Arch’d, Mrs.

McIntyre,Sarah J.,D,30 Nov 16,5,2,age 71

McKay,Christena,D,3 Jun 15,5,3,age 82

McKay,Christena,D,10 Jun 15,5,1,

McKay,Janet,D,31 Jan 18,4,2,McFarlane

McKay,son of Robert,B,5 Apr 17,5,2,1 Apr

McKay,William, Mrs.,D,8 Apr 15,8,1,age 91

McKee,Effie,D,30 Sep 15,5,2,Blackwood

McKellar,Annie Jeannette,E,14 Sep 16,5,2,McKenzie, Angus

McKellar,Annie Jeannette,M,28 Sep 16,4,2,McKenzie, Angus

McKellar,Annie,P,4 Oct 17,7,3,McKenzie

McKellar,dau of Neil A.,M,14 Oct 15,5,3,1 Oct

McKellar,dau of J. Gordon,B,12 Oct 16,7,3,5 Oct

McKellar,dau of D. L.,B,4 Mar 15,5,3,24 Feb

McKellar,J. P.,D,4 May 16,5,1,

McKellar,James P.,D,27 Apr 16,5,3,

McKellar,John,M,17 May 17,5,3,Gentleman, Jean

McKellar,John M.,D,15 May 19,1,4,age 78

McKellar,Mary Catherine,M,28 Aug 19,5,2,27 Aug; Carroll, Frank

McKellar,Mary Catherine,E,21 Aug 19,5,1,Carroll, Frank

McKellar,Nancy,D,10 Feb 16,5,1,age 90

McKelvey,Mary,D,8 Apr 15,5,3,age 34

McKenna,Hugh J.,M,23 Sep 15,1,5,Miller, Roxabelle

McKenzie,Angus,M,28 Sep 16,4,2,McKellar, Annie

McKenzie,Angus,E,14 Sep 16,5,2,McKellar, Annie

McKenzie,Angus, Mrs.,D,17 Jul 19,1,6,

McKenzie,Colin,D,12 Apr 17,1,4,

McKenzie,dau of Angus,B,4 Oct 17,7,3,17 Sep

McKenzie,Samuel,D,31 Aug 16,1,6,about 50 years old

McKillop,Annie,M,20 Apr 16,4,2,McCallum, Peter

McKillop,Christena,D,18 Mar 15,5,1,

McKillop,Christena,D,11 Mar 15,5,2,age 74

McKillop,dau of D. D.,B,20 Jan 16,5,3,11 Jan

McKillop,dau of Daniel J.,B,25 May 16,5,1,22 May

McKillop,dau of Neil A.,B,16 Mar 16,5,3,3 Mar

McKillop,Duncan,D,13 Apr 16,1,4,age 15

McKillop,Duncan,A,24 Jan 18,1,4,60th

McKillop,Duncan,D,10 Jul 19,1,5,age 89

McKillop,Hazel,M,24 Jan 18,5,1,16 Jan; McPherson, J.

McKillop,John B.,E,27 Mar 19,5,1,McRae, Margaret

McKillop,John B.,M,17 Apr 19,5,2,2 Apr; McRae, M.

McKillop,Lilias,M,13 Sep 17,7,1,McLean, Clarence

McKillop,Minnie,M,24 Jun 15,5,1,Pearce, Samuel

McKillop,Nancy,D,10 Feb 16,5,1,McKellar

McKillop,Neil,D,17 Feb 16,5,3,age 88

McKillop,Robert,M,18 Nov 15,7,1,Dent, Alma

McKillop,Robert,E,4 Nov 15,5,1,Dent, Alma

McKillop,son of John A.,B,21 Oct 15,1,5,15 Oct

McKinlay,Flora,M,17 Jul 19,5,1,McIntosh, John

McKirdy,Elizabeth,D,6 Jul 16,5,3,McCallum

McKishnie,Davis,D,24 Jul 19,4,2,age 49

McKishnie,Leta Jean,M,28 Aug 19,5,2,McNary, James

McKishnie,Leta Jean,E,7 Aug 19,5,1,McNary, Thomas

McKishnie,son of Edward,B,17 Jun 15,5,3,16 Jun

McLachlan,Archibald,D,11 Jan 17,4,2,age 83

McLachlan,Julia A.,D,4 Jan 17,4,2,Gowanlock

McLachlin,Anna Bell,D,17 May 17,4,2,age 74

McLachlin,Dugald,D,11 Feb 15,5,2,age 73

McLachlin,Winona,M,21 Jun 17,5,2,Graham, James

McLandress,son of J. A.,B,19 Oct 16,5,3,13 Oct

McLarty,Angus,D,10 Jun 15,5,2,

McLarty,Cassie Belle,E,21 Dec 16,8,1,Campbell, John

McLarty,Cassie B.,M,4 Jan 17,8,1,Campbell, John

McLarty,Catherine J.,D,18 May 16,1,5,Stewart

McLarty,Gordon A.,M,3 Jan 18,4,3,Brayley, Margaret

McLarty,John Edmond,M,6 Jul 16,5,3,28 Jun; Wilson, E.

McLarty,John H.,M,13 Jul 16,1,4,Kern, Amelia

McLarty,John E.,E,15 Jun 16,5,2,Wilson, Elizabeth

McLarty,son of Frank,B,20 Sep 17,1,2,14 Sep

McLarty,Tena,M,11 May 16,1,6,McPherson, Wilson

McLarty,Tena,E,4 May 16,1,5,McPherson, Wilson

McLary,John, Mrs.,D,17 Jan 18,5,1,age 86

McLary,Mrs.,D,24 Jan 18,5,3,

McLaws,Margaret,D,29 Apr 15,5,1,Ruthven

McLean,Archibald,D,1 Nov 17,7,3,age 65

McLean,Billy,D,1 Jun 16,1,6,age 35

McLean,C. A.,M,9 Dec 15,1,4,Teare, May

McLean,Clarence D.,M,13 Sep 17,7,1,McKillop, Lilias

McLean,Daniel,D,27 Nov 19,1,4,age 85

McLean,Dugald,D,27 May 15,4,2,age 86

McLean,Effie,D,22 Jul 15,5,4,McMillan

McLean,Elijah, Mrs.,D,20 Mar 19,8,2,age 55

McLean,Hugh,M,12 Jun 19,5,3,McArthur, Jessie

McLean,Isaac,M,25 Sep 19,5,1,March, Margaret

McLean,John, Mrs.,D,22 Feb 17,5,1,13 Feb

McLean,Margaret,M,20 Nov 19,1,4,McColl, David

McLean,Margaret,D,11 May 16,5,1,

McLean,Neil,D,25 Mar 15,5,2,age 82

McLean,Neil, Mrs.,D,1 Apr 15,5,2,about 75 years old

McLean,Neil,A,25 Feb 15,9,2,14 Feb; 50th

McLean,son of J. A.,B,11 Oct 17,4,1,1 Oct

McLellan,Annie Catherine,E,7 Jun 17,5,1,Brenton, Clarence

McLellan,Archibald,E,18 Oct 17,5,1,MacVicar, Florence

McLellan,Archibald,M,1 Nov 17,4,2,McVicar, Florence

McLellan,Archibald,P,26 Aug 15,5,2,McConnell

McLellan,Bray,D,14 Jan 15,4,2,1 Jan

McLellan,Catherine,D,1 Apr 15,5,2,Campbell

McLellan,dau of A. J.,B,25 Mar 15,5,1,18 Mar

McLellan,Nathan,D,20 Jul 16,5,1,age 88

McLellan,son of Arch J.,B,7 Feb 18,5,2,31 Jan

McLennan,G. F.,M,15 Jul 15,5,2,Hunter, Melissa

McLennan,Margaret,D,16 Oct 19,7,2,Edgeworth

McLeod,C. A., Mrs.,D,13 Jul 16,1,4,

McLeod,Catherine,M,8 Apr 15,5,2,Stevenson, Robert

McLeod,Daniel,D,13 Nov 19,5,1,age 85

McMacken,Frances,D,18 Oct 17,1,4,age 18

McMaster,James,M,17 Jan 18,4,5,Prudence, Mary, Mrs.

McMillan,Archibald G.,D,3 Jan 18,5,2,age 62

McMillan,Archie J.,M,8 Jul 15,5,3,30 Jun; Lindsay, M.

McMillan,Daniel,M,14 Oct 15,5,3,Campbell, Florence

McMillan,Daniel,D,29 Mar 17,10,2,

McMillan,David,M,11 Oct 17,1,4,McColl, Jessie

McMillan,Duncan,D,6 Oct 15,8,1,age 65

McMillan,Edward, Mrs.,D,27 Dec 17,4,4,age 63

McMillan,Grace,D,4 Feb 15,5,4,age 89

McMillan,James G., Mrs.,D,22 Jul 15,5,4,age 37

McMillan,Mary,M,2 Dec 15,7,1,Andrews, James

McMillan,Robert S.,BD,10 Apr 19,5,4,86th

McMillan,son of J. D.,B,16 Oct 19,7,1,13 Oct

McMillan,sons of A. A.,B,20 May 15,5,3,16 May; twins

McMillan,Victor Campbell,B,8 Feb 17,5,2,1 Feb

McMullen,James H., Mrs.,D,3 Apr 19,5,1,age 48

McMullen,Maria,D,31 May 17,5,2,Taylor

McMurchy,Daniel,M,4 Feb 15,5,1,27 Jan; McWilliam, M

McMurchy,Fanny,D,18 Oct 17,4,2,101st year

McNabb,Jane,D,9 Nov 16,3,3,90th year

McNabb,Napoleon, Mrs.,D,5 Oct 16,8,3,

McNary,James,M,28 Aug 19,5,2,McKishnie, Leta

McNary,Thomas,E,7 Aug 19,5,1,McKishnie, Leta

McNaughton,H. V., Sgt.,D,22 Nov 17,5,1,killed in action

McNea,Leslie Austin,M,4 Oct 17,7,1,McConnell, Rachel

McNeil,Alexander, Mrs.,D,9 Sep 15,5,1,age 68

McNeil,Mary,D,8 Apr 15,5,3,McKelvey

McNeil,Peter H., Mrs.,D,22 Feb 17,1,4,

McNorgan,Wm. Chester,E,26 Oct 16,5,1,8 Nov; Bowyer, P.

McPhail,Christina,D,27 Jul 16,5,2,Milligan

McPhail,Duncan,D,2 Sep 15,8,1,39th year

McPhail,Duncan, Mrs.,D,29 Mar 17,7,2,age 60

McPhail,John B.,D,2 Dec 15,7,2,age 36

McPhedrain,John D.,M,1 Jun 16,5,2,10 May; Palfrey, H.

McPhee,Lloyd, Pte.,M,23 Mar 16,1,4,Bake, Beatrice

McPhee,Marguerite,E,7 Dec 16,9,1,Daball, S.

McPherson,Alexander,D,14 Jun 17,5,1,about 60 years old

McPherson,Alexander,D,29 Nov 17,5,2,age 90

McPherson,Alexander,M,12 Jun 19,5,3,Schleihauf, Lillian

McPherson,Allan,D,17 Apr 19,4,2,age 74

McPherson,Archibald,D,20 Sep 17,5,2,about 35 years old

McPherson,Archibald W.,D,27 Sep 17,7,2,

McPherson,Catherine Isabell,M,10 Jan 18,5,1,1 Jan; Taylor, Robert

McPherson,dau of Peter A.,M,14 Oct 15,5,3,8 Oct

McPherson,Donald,D,15 May 19,5,1,

McPherson,Donald,D,8 May 19,3,2,age 75

McPherson,Dugald,D,26 Apr 17,8,1,age 75

McPherson,Duncan,D,20 Nov 19,5,2,

McPherson,Duncan,D,8 Mar 17,5,2,63rd year

McPherson,Elizabeth,M,1 Nov 17,7,1,Leitch, Thomas

McPherson,Hector, Mrs.,D,18 Dec 19,9,2,age 87

McPherson,Hugh, Mrs.,D,20 Apr 16,5,2,

McPherson,Hugh, Mrs.,D,13 Apr 16,1,4,

McPherson,I. W.,D,9 Dec 15,1,6,age 45

McPherson,Isabel,M,30 Oct 19,5,2,Percival, George

McPherson,James,D,29 Jul 15,8,2,age 70

McPherson,John R., Dr.,M,24 Jan 18,5,1,16 Jan; McKillop, H.

McPherson,Roy,E,17 Aug 16,5,1,Hyndman, Kathryn

McPherson,Roy S.,M,24 Aug 16,1,6,Hyndman, Catherine

McPherson,Wilson,M,11 May 16,1,6,McLarty, Tena

McPherson,Wilson H.,E,4 May 16,1,5,McLarty, Tena

McRae,Annie,P,29 May 19,5,1,DeLong

McRae,Archibald Graham,M,16 Dec 15,1,6,8 Dec; McAlpine, J.

McRae,Archibald G.,E,2 Dec 15,7,1,McAlpine, Jennie

McRae,Dan,M,4 May 16,8,3,26 Apr; Hortshorm, M

McRae,Donald J.,D,3 May 17,7,2,age 42

McRae,John Roy,D,26 Aug 15,5,2,age 88

McRae,Margaret Cela,E,27 Mar 19,5,1,McKillop, John

McRae,Margaret Cela,M,17 Apr 19,5,2,2 Apr; McKillop, J.

McRae,nee,D,26 Aug 15,4,2,Patterson, Arch’d, Mrs

McRae,son of A. G.,B,16 Nov 16,5,3,24 Oct

McRitchie,Herbert,D,27 Mar 19,1,4,2 Mar

McSherry,Will,D,4 Feb 15,8,1,age 58

McTaggart,Estella Mae,M,22 Apr 15,8,1,Johnson, Francis

McTaggart,William, Mrs.,D,28 Jun 17,5,1,

McTavish,Alexander,D,4 Jan 17,4,2,

McTavish,Archibald, Dr.,D,9 Aug 17,1,4,age 81

McVicar,Florence Neil,M,1 Nov 17,4,2,McLellan, Archibald

McVicar,Malcolm,D,17 Aug 16,4,2,age 56

McWilliam,Agnes,M,19 Oct 16,5,1,May, Malcolm

McWilliam,Arch,D,10 Jul 19,5,2,age 71

McWilliam,dau of Arch N.,B,3 Aug 16,5,4,18 Jul

McWilliam,Donald,A,21 Dec 16,5,2,50th

McWilliam,John,M,21 Sep 16,5,1,Duncanson, Maggie

McWilliam,Margaret B.,M,4 Feb 15,5,1,27 Jan; McMurchy, D.

McWilliam,son of John D.,B,30 Sep 15,5,3,18 Sep

Mead,Floyd William,E,10 Jul 19,8,3,Stinson, Eveleen

Mead,William F.,M,24 Jul 19,8,2,Stinson, Eveleene

Meadows,Ephraim,D,5 Apr 17,1,4,age 51

Meek,Arthur, Dr.,D,24 Jan 18,1,4,62nd year

Meek,John,P,23 Dec 15,5,3,Wilson

Meek,Thomas M.,D,25 May 16,1,6,age 12

Meek,Thomas,D,27 Nov 19,4,2,

Meek,William H.,D,3 Feb 16,5,3,

Mellor,Alice,D,18 Dec 19,12,3,

Merritt,Edwin,D,15 May 19,1,4,age 52

Meyers,David,D,29 Nov 17,5,2,age 68

Midgley,John,D,24 Feb 16,1,4,age 81

Miller,Ada Alberta,M,13 Nov 19,1,4,Brown, Jasper

Miller,Ada Alberta,E,23 Oct 19,5,2,Brown, Jasper

Miller,Alfred,D,6 May 15,4,2,70th year

Miller,Asher,D,2 Dec 15,7,1,

Miller,Eliza A.,D,6 Nov 19,1,4,

Miller,Hannah,D,8 Apr 15,8,1,age 88

Miller,Jacob,D,26 Aug 15,8,2,age 47

Miller,John N.,D,17 Apr 19,8,2,age 37

Miller,John,D,24 Apr 19,8,2,

Miller,Philip,D,29 Nov 17,1,4,age 67

Miller,Richard Albert,D,16 Dec 15,4,1,age 69

Miller,Roxabelle,M,23 Sep 15,1,5,McKenna, Hugh

Miller,son of J. H.,B,22 Jul 15,5,2,20 Jul

Milligan,Edward, Mrs.,D,27 Jul 16,5,2,age 81

Milligan,Judson,D,18 Oct 17,5,3,age 85

Millman,Richard, Mrs.,D,22 Jun 16,8,1,76th year

Mills,George,D,26 Oct 16,1,4,87th year

Mills,John, Mrs.,D,11 Dec 19,9,2,age 70

Milner,William,D,17 May 17,4,1,age 79

Milton,Elizabeth,D,12 Jun 19,5,3,age 75

Milton,Joseph,D,24 Jan 18,5,2,age 80

Milton,Joseph,D,31 Jan 18,5,1,

Milton,son of Henry ,B,16 Dec 15,7,3,15 Dec

Milton,son of Arch,B,24 Aug 16,1,4,18 Aug

Minchinton,Reginald A., Pte,D,29 Nov 17,1,4,killed in action; photo

Minor,Marie,M,27 Mar 19,1,4,Auckland, Joseph

Mistele,Charles,M,25 Jan 17,1,4,Drake, Mrs. (Tolmie)

Mistele,Clara B.,M,25 Jan 17,1,4,Carnegie, H. Earl

Mistele,Godfrey,D,1 Apr 15,1,4,age 52

Mistele,Henry G.,E,8 Jun 16,5,2,Harris, Anna

Mistele,Henry G.,M,22 Jun 16,5,2,21 Jun; Harris, Anna

Mistele,J. Wilfred,M,10 Apr 19,4,2,25 Mar; Hahn, Edith

Mitchell,George,D,22 Apr 15,8,1,

Mitchell,John T., Mrs.,D,24 Jan 18,1,4,

Mitchener,George A.,M,19 Jun19,8,3,Humphries, Alice

Mitchener,James Lidney,M,9 Aug 17,5,2,Kent, Eleanor

Monteith,Clara,M,19 Jun 19,8,3,Avey, Arthur

Monteith,George,D,29 Nov 17,1,4,

Montgomery,John,P,4 Jan 17,8,1,Baldwin

Moore,dau of Fred,B,26 Jul 17,5,2,24 Jul

Moore,Elijah B.,D,15 Mar 17,1,4,age 78

Moore,Nelson,D,19 Aug 15,10,1,

Moore,Thomas, Mrs.,D,24 Jul 19,8,2,68th year

Morris,J. K.,D,1 Feb 17,1,6,

Morris,Joseph,D,9 Dec 15,1,4,age 72

Morris,Sara,D,8 Mar 17,10,2,

Morrish,Ann,D,27 Jul 16,5,2,Pellow

Morrish,Clara J.,E,6 Dec 17,5,1,Hodder, Frederick

Morrish,Clara J.,M,13 Dec 17,9,2,Hodder, Frederick

Morrish,Wilfred G.,M,28 Dec 16,5,3,Jewell, Myrtle

Morrison,Mary M.,D,17 Feb 16,5,1,Smith

Morrison,son of John,B,6 Oct 15,5,3,5 Oct

Morrison,W. J.,M,8 Apr 15,5,2,Clapham, Isobel

Morrison,William John,E,11 Mar 15,5,1,Clapham, Isabel

Moss,Austin A.,E,1 Jun 16,5,2,Reid, Lillian

Moss,Austin A.,M,15 Jun 16,5,2,Reid, Lillian

Moss,W. D., Mrs.,D,1 Jul 15,1,6,

Mowst,Agnes May,D,11 Dec 19,12,3,

Moyer,dau of Charles,B,10 Jul 19,5,3,7 Jul

Moyer,William Charles,M,30 Dec 15,5,2,29 Dec; Depew, H.

Mulholland,W. ,H,18 Mar 15,1,4,Dingman

Munro,Eliza A.,D,14 Dec 16,4,3,age 79

Munro,Margaret,W,28 Jan 15,1,6,Macdiarmid

Munroe,George,D,24 Feb 16,5,2,63rd year

Munson,Martha,D,17 Jan 18,4,6,7 Jan; 77th year

Murphy,Andrew, Mrs.,D,4 Oct 17,7,2,age 87

Murphy,James,D,2 Dec 15,1,4,

Murray,Anna Lenore,M,6 Oct 15,5,2,29 Sep; Hockin, H.

Murray,Anna Lenore,E,16 Sep 15,5,1,Hockin, Harold

Murray,Christena,D,15 Jun 16,5,1,age 76

Murray,Christina,D,22 Jun 16,5,1,

Murray,Harry L.,D,12 Jun 19,5,1,age 34

Myles,Percival Jerold,M,30 Aug 17,5,1,Stidwill, Olive

Myles,Percy Jerold,E,23 Aug 17,7,2,Stidwill, Olive

Nancarrow,Albert George,M,15 Nov 17,7,3,27 Oct; Chalk, G.

Neal,Eli,D,22 Mar 17,7,3,

Near,Christine,D,10 Feb 16,5,1,

Near,Robert,D,25 Feb 15,5,3,age 57

Nephew,Joseph, Mrs.,D,18 Dec 19,9,1,age 56

Netherton,Frederick C.,D,7 Jun 17,1,4,age 35

Neville,William H.,D,30 Mar 16,5,1,age 67

Nevills,Jesse,D,5 Jun 19,1,5,

Newcombe,Daniel,D,3 Apr 19,1,5,31st year

Newcombe,John,D,25 May 16,1,6,age 33

Newkirk,James Grant, Pte,D,15 Nov 17,1,6,3 Nov; age 21

Newland,Russell,M,5 Apr 17,1,4,Burgar, Florence

Newland,William,D,29 Apr 15,8,1,age 62

Newton,Albert S.,M,20 Jan 16,1,5,Smith, Hattie

Newton,son of Frank,B,18 Mar 15,5,2,7 Mar

Nichol,s/o Rev Walter T.,B,29 Jun 16,4,2,26 Jun

Nichol,Walter Laidlaw,E,27 May 15,5,1,Wingate, Marianne

Nichol,Walter Laidlaw,M,1 Jul 15,5,2,Wingate, Marianne

Nicholas,Frederick,D,22 Feb 17,5,2,

Nickolson,Robert J.,M,30 Dec 15,4,1,Buller, Etta

Nisbit,R. A.,D,11 Jan 17,5,1,

Norman,Christina,D,12 Jul 17,1,6,age 86

Norton,James,D,18 Oct 17,1,4,age 73

O’Connor,Agnes M.,M,28 Sep 16,5,1,Waite, Frederick

O’Malley,Anthony,H,25 Mar 15,5,2,Garbutt

O’Malley,Mary, Mrs.,M,25 May 16,1,6,Gibson, James

O’Neil,Ellen,D,5 Apr 17,5,1,Coughlin

Oill,Fernando,D,30 Sep 15,8,1,78th year

Oke,William,D,1 Apr 15,1,4,

Oldfield,Harriet L.,M,14 Jun 17,5,1,Root, Layman

Oldrieve,son of G. A.,B,27 Mar 19,4,2,20 Mar

Oliver,Earl,D,21 Sep 16,1,4,

Olver,Jane,D,8 Apr 15,8,1,

Olver,Thomas,D,3 Feb 16,4,2,age 79

Orchard,Mildred,M,13 Jan 16,5,1,Allworth, Alfred

Osborne,Flora,D,1 Feb 17,1,6,age 80

Osborne,James, Mrs.,D,15 Nov 17,7,1,age 35

Osborne,John, Mrs.,D,4 Jan 17,5,1,age 76

Osborne,Stanley C.,M,27 May 15,5,1,Willox, F. Elizabeth

Osgoode,Horatio A.,D,1 Mar 17,1,4,age 84

Ostrander,Clifton,D,19 Jun19,8,3,

Ousterhout,Harvey,D,29 Apr 15,8,1,age 6 months

Ovens,Thomas, Dr.,D,6 May 15,5,2,age 63

Paddick,Percy Edward,M,14 Oct 15,5,3,6 Oct; Gage, Margaret

Paddick,Percy Edward,E,23 Sep 15,5,1,Gage, Margaret

Page,Eliza,W,29 Jul 15,8,2,Crabbe

Page,son of William,B,22 Mar 17,7,2,17 Mar

Page,Thomas, Mrs.,D,3 May 17,7,2,age 60

Page,Thomas H.,D,29 May 19,4,1,age 46

Page,Turl,D,23 Nov 16,5,2,killed in action, 25 Oct

Page,Tyrrell, Pte.,D,30 Nov 16,1,4,killed in action; photo

Page,William,M,11 Dec 19,1,6,Church, Louisa

Page,William, Mrs.,D,23 Nov 16,5,2,76th year

Palfrey,Hilda May,M,1 Jun 16,5,2,10 May; McPhedrain

Palmer,Clara,D,3 May 17,10,1,

Palmer,Mary,D,29 Jul 15,5,2,age 71

Palmer,Seldon H., Mrs.,D,22 Nov 17,8,3,

Parish,William,D,11 May 16,4,2,age 62

Parker,Rosa,M,23 Sep 15,1,6,15 Sep; Watson, T.

Partridge,Mrs.,D,18 Mar 15,1,4,over 90 years old

Parts,John H.,D,16 Mar 16,4,1,age 84

Paterson,James Archibald,M,15 Nov 17,4,1,Barned, Miss

Patient,Sarah,D,28 Oct 15,1,4,age 81

Paton,dau of Arch A.,B,11 Oct 17,4,1,1 Oct

Paton,son of Arch. A.,B,13 Jan 16,5,3,24 Dec 1915

Patterson,Archibald, Mrs.,D,26 Aug 15,4,2,age 71

Patterson,Donald,D,13 Jul 16,5,2,age 70

Patterson,Esther,D,20 Nov 19,5,1,77th year

Patterson,Euphemia,D,23 Dec 15,5,3,age 66

Patterson,Hector McLean,D,23 Mar 16,1,4,infant son of James

Patterson,Jane,BD,24 Aug 16,5,1,95th

Patterson,Jane,BD,26 Aug 15,1,6,94th

Patterson,Margaret C.,E,24 Feb 16,5,1,Cullen, Frederick

Patterson,Margaret C.,M,9 Mar 16,5,1,Cullen, Frederick

Patterson,Margaret,D,22 Jul 15,5,2,

Patterson,Mary,D,2 Dec 15,1,4,King

Patterson,William,M,23 Dec 15,1,6,Lumley, Gertrude

Pattman,Rollo,M,6 Oct 15,5,2,Trothen, Blanche

Pattman,son of R.,B,30 Aug 17,5,3,28 Aug

Patton,Charles,D,25 Oct 17,1,5,about 55 years old

Patton,Christena,M,27 Mar 19,5,4,McArthur, Angus

Patton,Christena,E,20 Mar 19,5,1,McArthur, Angus

Patton,John,D,27 Jan 16,5,2,78th year

Pavey,Edwin,D,18 Mar 15,1,4,age 70

Pavey,Walter, Sgt.,D,8 May 19,1,5,age 24

Payne,A. J.,D,29 Nov 17,5,2,

Payne,Frederick J.,D,27 Jan 16,1,4,age 87

Pearce,dau of W. S.,B,4 May 16,5,3,2 May

Pearce,dau of W. C.,B,10 Jul 19,5,3,4 Jul

Pearce,Fannie E. Lizzie,E,6 May 15,5,1,Bailey, Ernest

Pearce,John E.,M,11 Mar 15,5,2,Futcher, Hattie

Pearce,Samuel E.,M,24 Jun 15,5,1,McKillop, Minnie

Pearson,Mahlon,M,11 Jan 17,4,2,Ramey, Wilmot

Pellow,John, Mrs.,D,27 Jul 16,5,2,75th year

Penhale,Thomasine,D,30 Nov 16,8,3,85th year

Pennington,John, Mrs.,D,10 Jul 19,8,3,age 68

Pennington,Mary,D,17 Aug 16,5,1,age 52

Penno,James,D,6 Jul 16,5,1,age 84

Penwarden,Dr.,P,29 Jun 16,1,6,Marlatt

Penwarden,Mary Ann,D,1 May 19,1,5,

Percival,George,M,30 Oct 19,5,2,McPherson, Isabel

Pero,Annie, Mrs.,M,30 Mar 16,1,4,Watson, Harry

Perry,George,D,29 Mar 17,1,4,

Perry,Helen Jean,M,17 Jan 18,1,5,Reilly, W. J.

Peters,Mary,D,17 Feb 16,4,2,age 84

Petitt,Thomas,D,27 May 15,4,2,age 42

Phelps,Grant, Sgt.,D,17 May 17,1,4,killed in action; photo

Phelps,Grant Monroe, Pte,D,10 May 17,7,2,killed in action, age 28

Phelps,Norman,M,13 May 15,5,1,4 May; McFeggan, A.

Philip,George A., Mrs.,D,19 Oct 16,1,4,

Philip,Joseph,D,25 Feb 15,1,6,86th year

Philpot,Esther,D,11 Dec 19,9,2,Mills

Pierre,Chester,D,3 Feb 16,5,2,

Pierre,Chester A.,M,24 Jun 15,5,3,22 Jun; Allen, Pearl

Pigeon,Beatrice,M,23 Oct 19 ,5,1,Jones, E. H.

Piper,Annie Jean,B,13 Apr 16,5,3,28 Mar

Piper,son of Roy,B,26 Jul 17,5,2,23 Jul

Piper,William Robbins,B,2 Aug 17,1,4,23 Jul

Plain,John,D,30 Mar 16,1,4,age 77

Platt,John, Pte.,D,31 May 17,4,1,9 May; killed in action

Pollard,dau of John,W,6 Sep 17,1,6,Jacques

Pollard,dau of Clarence,B,4 Mar 15,5,3,26 Feb

Pollard,Janet E.,M,30 Dec 15,5,2,25 Dec; Schleihauf, P.

Pollock,H. B., Mrs.,D,9 Dec 15,1,5,

Ponsford,Geo. E., Lieut.,M,6 Sep 17,4,1,Glover, Grace

Ponsford,Herman,M,28 Dec 16,5,3,Clarke, Margaret

Pool,Bernice,M,23 Nov 16,5,1,Campbell, William

Poole,Gilbert,D,18 Mar 15,1,4,age 86

Poole,Mary,M,8 May 19,1,5,Hastings, William

Pope,George,M,8 Nov 17,10,1,Crosby, Josephine

Porter,Caroline Isabel,E,15 Jul 15,5,1,Ford, John

Porter,Caroline Isabel,M,5 Aug 15,5,2,Ford, John

Porter,Dorothy Jean,B,9 Mar 16,5,3,1 Mar

Porter,Harold Alvin,D,15 Nov 17,7,1,age 18 mos.

Porter,son of D. F.,B, 8 Jun 16,4,2,17 May

Potts,James E.,D,4 Mar 15,5,3,age 37

Potts,Jessie Marguerite,M,5 Jul 17,5,1,Ermatinger, Charles

Pound,Asa, Mrs.,D,6 Jan 16,1,5,age 66

Powell,William A.,M,25 May 16,1,6,Harrison, Mabel

Prebble,Edward,D,27 Sep 17,10,2,78th year

Precious,Mary Ann,D,25 Dec 19,1,6,12 Dec; age 58

Price,J. C., Mrs.,D,8 Jul 15,5,1,

Prudence,Mary, Mrs.,M,17 Jan 18,4,5,McMaster, James

Pullen,Tyson, Dr.,D,7 Sep 16,1,4,

Purcell,Archibald,D,3 Apr 19,1,5,age 87

Purcell,Archie T.,M,28 Oct 15,1,4,Rodgers, Eva

Purcell,Dugald,D,24 May 17,8,2,age 92

Quance,Noah,D,8 May 19,6,2,

Queen,B. F.,D,26 Jun 19,8,2,

Quick,Maude,M,28 Dec 16,5,3,25 Dec; Ecker, Wm.

Quinn,James,D,4 Oct 17,7,2,100th year

Ramey,Wilmot,M,11 Jan 17,4,2,Pearson, Mahlon

Ramsay,Edward, Mrs.,D,29 Apr 15,8,1,age 50

Ramsey,Frank,M,8 Apr 15,5,2,Fletcher, Laura

Ramsey,Isabella,D,11 Dec 19,9,2,90th year

Ramstein,nee,D,19 Jul 17,5,2,Schneckenburger

Ramstein,Sister Josephine,D,4 Oct 17,7,1,48th year

Randall,James,D,7 Sep 16,5,3,

Rapelje,Christena,D,25 May 16,5,2,Bristol

Rapelje,dau of George W,B,2 Oct 19,5,3,30 Sep

Rapelje,Elsie,D,17 Aug 16,5,1,9 Aug; age 78

Rapelje,Jerome,D,18 Oct 17,5,1,74th year

Rapelje,Sarah,D,6 Jan 16,1,5,age 78

Rapelje,son of George,B,18 Jan 17,5,2,9 Jan

Rapelje,son of George,B,20 May 15,5,3,1 May

Reid,Charles Russell,M,13 Nov 19,5,1,Ford, Mary

Reid,Frank,D,18 Jan 17,5,2,

Reid,Lillian Verna,E,1 Jun 16,5,2,Moss, Austin

Reid,Lillian Verna,M,15 Jun 16,5,2,Moss, Austin

Reid,Lula,M,22 Apr 15,5,1,Campbell, Robert

Reid,Stanley Arthur,D,5 Oct 16,5,1,age 6

Reilly,W. J.,M,17 Jan 18,1,5,Perry, Helen

Reiser,William, Mrs.,D,18 Mar 15,1,4,age 85

Revell,Alice Lillian,M,14 Jun 17,1,6,Henry, Stewart

Revell,dau of J. C.,B,17 Feb 16,5,3,11 Feb

Revell,dau of J. C.,B,18 Oct 17,5,2,17 Oct

Rice,Fred, Mrs.,D,14 Sep 16,1,4,

Richardson,Jennie,D,22 Nov 17,5,2,age 33

Richardson,Percy, Miss,D,22 Apr 15,8,1,

Richardson,William,D,11 Feb 15,5,2,age 92

Riddell,Maggie G.,D,3 Aug 16,5,2,Jamieson

Rinn,John,P,8 Mar 17,1,4,Emmerson

Ripley,Alice Mary,B,3 Feb 16,5,3,22 Jan

Roach,John,H,17 Feb 16,5,2,Clark

Roadhouse,Margaret,D,23 Dec 15,5,3,Graham

Robb,James C.,M,21 Aug 19,5,2,12 Aug; Cameron, M.

Robb,Margaret Wilma,B,5 Oct 16,4,1,19 Sep

Robb,Neil Arnold,M,18 Sep 19,5,2,McFarlane, Ella

Robb,Neil Arnold,E,21 Aug 19,5,1,McFarlane, Ella

Robb,William Stuart,M,8 Jul 15,5,3,30 Jun; Armbrust, W.

Robbins,Maggie,P,13 Apr 16,5,3,Piper

Robbins,son of Durand,B,2 Nov 16,4,2,27 Oct

Roberts,Henry A.,D,20 Dec 17,12,2,age 54

Roberts,son of A. E.,B,1 Apr 15,4,2,25 Mar

Robertson,Matthew,D,17 Feb 16,4,2,age 89

Robinson,Annie,M,14 Oct 15,5,2,Burslem, Allen

Robinson,Ethel,M,13 Jan 16,5,1,Cory, Stanley

Robinson,George,D,2 Sep 15,8,1,age 90

Robinson,Jane,D,19 Aug 15,6,2,age 70

Robinson,Jesse D., Dr.,D,21 Jun 17,1,4,age 55

Robinson,Roy, Pte.,D,11 Jan 17,4,2,killed in action

Robinson,Samuel,D,20 Jul 16,1,4,

Roche,Shirley May,M,9 Mar 16,5,3,1 Mar; Smith, Rymal

Roche,Shirley May,E,17 Feb 16,5,1,Smith, Rymal

Rodgers,Eva,M,28 Oct 15,1,4,Purcell, Archie

Rodgers,George C.,E,7 Dec 16,9,3,Stricker, Mary

Rogers,John T.,D,17 Aug 16,5,3,age 65

Rogers,Kenneth D.,D,7 Aug 19,5,2,age 27

Rohrer,Kenneth,M,2 Oct 19,1,6,24 Sep; Shearing, G.

Rohrer,Kenneth R.,E,11 Sep 19,5,1,Shearing, Gertrude

Ronald,Katie A.,M,20 Jan 16,4,2,29 Dec; Ford, Ernest

Ronson,Albert,D,11 Jan 17,5,2,age 67

Ronson,dau of Fletcher,B,18 Jan 17,5,2,9 Jan

Ronson,son of Minor,B,28 Jun 17,5,2,22 Jun

Roome,James E.,D,22 May 19,4,2,age 72

Root,Layman Day,M,14 Jun 17,5,1,20 May; Oldfield, H.

Roseyear,Fannie,D,1 Apr 15,1,4,

Ross,Almira,D,2 Sep 15,5,1,

Ross,Harold Douglas,B,20 Jan 16,5,3,4 Jan

Ross,James Allen,B,16 Mar 16,5,3,8 Mar

Ross,James, Mrs.,D,25 Mar 15,5,1,age 79

Ross,John,M,1 Jul 15,5,1,15 Jun; Little, Grace

Ross,John E.,M,24 Jun 15,4,2,Little, Grace

Ross,William E.,D,18 Nov 15,7,3,age 61

Rovell,dau of J. C.,B,2 Oct 19,5,3,25 Sep

Rowley,Martha,D,20 Dec 17,12,2,age 72

Royal,Herbert Daniel,M,14 Jan 15,5,1,31 Dec; Blair, Fanny

Royal,Herbert Daniel,M,21 Jan 15,4,1,Blair, Fanny

Royal,Margaret,D,30 Nov 16,5,2,90th year

Royal,Maude Irene,M,3 Apr 19,1,5,Hoover, James

Royal,Maude Irene,E,20 Mar 19,5,1,Hoover, James

Royal,nee,W,6 Nov 19,4,2,Campbell

Russ,Walter F.,E,21 Dec 16,5,1,McArthur, Barbara

Russell,Jeanette,D,17 Jan 18,1,5,age 86

Russell,sons of W. R.,B,4 Mar 15,5,3,17 Feb; twins

Ruthven,Margaret,D,29 Apr 15,5,1,age 82

Ruthven,Margaret,D,29 Apr 15,8,1,Ramsay

Ryan,William,D,28 Aug 19,1,6,about 24 years old

Rycroft,Leigh S.,M,14 Dec 16,1,6,Lumley, Vesta

Salmon,William,D,11 Dec 19,9,2,age 89

Salter,James,M,13 Nov 19,5,2,12 Nov; McCallum, S.

Sanders,A. R., Mrs.,D,14 Sep 16,1,4,

Sanders,Frances Wells,D,27 Mar 19,5,1,age 82

Sanders,Frederick,D,4 Dec 19,5,2,age 78

Saunders,son of William,B,29 Mar 17,7,3,18 Mar

Schindler,Edythe Barbara,E,11 Oct 17,1,4,Schneckenburger, R.

Schleihauf,Ethelene,M,9 Dec 15,7,1,Sloan, John

Schleihauf,Jennie Pearl,M,6 Jan 16,5,1,Bole, John

Schleihauf,Lillian,M,12 Jun 19,5,3,McPherson, Alexander

Schleihauf,Philip H.,M,30 Dec 15,5,2,25 Dec; Pollard, J.

Schleihauf,Sarah Ethelene,E,25 Nov 15,7,1,Sloan, John

Schneckenburger,Anna,M,15 Jul 15,8,2,30 Jun; Culnan, D.

Schneckenburger,Robert John,E,11 Oct 17,1,4,Schindler, Edythe

Schneckenburger,Wendelyn, Mrs.,D,19 Jul 17,5,2,59th year

Schooley,Thirza,D,21 Jan 15,5,2,Lumley

Schrader,Hannah,D,26 Oct 16,1,4,age 86

Schultz,Alma,D,18 Jan 17,5,1,81st year

Schultz,B. J., Mrs.,D,22 Jun 16,5,3,61st year

Schultz,Benjamin J.,M,20 Sep 17,5,1,Johnston, Agnes

Schultz,Hazel,D,2 Oct 19,4,2,McIntyre

Schweitzer,George,M,20 May 15,8,1,Carnegie, Viola

Scidmore,Ernest H.,M,18 Mar 15,5,1,Lunn, Annie

Scott,Duncan Albert,M,7 Jun 17,4,2,Jamieson, Elsie

Scott,Frank R., Dr.,M,23 Sep 15,5,2,14 Sep; Leitch, Anna

Scott,Frank Ramsay, Dr,E,2 Sep 15,5,2,Leitch, Anna

Scott,Peter,D,18 Mar 15,1,4,age 78

Scouler,son of B. R.,B,6 Apr 16,1,5,31 Mar

Scoyne,Ellen,D,13 Jul 16,5,1,age 69

Scoyne,Florence Mabel,E,6 Nov 19,5,1,Goodhue, James

Scoyne,Florence Mabel,M,20 Nov 19,5,2,Goodhue, James

Searls,George, Pte.,D,24 May 17,8,2,killed in action

Seburn,Mary S.,D,3 May 17,10,1,

Secord,Mary,D,17 Aug 16,4,2,63rd year

Sells,Chas Gilbert, Pte,D,7 Jun 17,8,1,27 Apr;killed in action

Sells,Chas Gilbert, Pte,D,17 May 17,1,5,27 Apr;killed in action

Sells,Eusibia,D,9 Oct 19,4,1,age 84

Sells,Margaret A.,M,22 Mar 17,10,2,Love, William

Sells,Margaret,D,7 Jan 15,1,5,age 86

Sells,W. H., Mrs.,D,20 Mar 19,8,2,

Shackleton,Charles, Mrs.,D,21 Dec 16,5,1,

Shaw,A. R., Mrs.,D,14 Sep 16,5,1,

Shaw,Bessie,M,4 May 16,1,5,Cook, Edward

Shaw,Catherine D.,M,15 Mar 17,7,2,Stalker, Neil

Shaw,Dugald,D,27 Dec 17,4,3,age 63

Shaw,James B.,D,6 May 15,5,1,age 63

Shaw,L. G.,D,29 Mar 17,1,4,

Shaw,Mary,D,5 Aug 15,8,2,age 43

Shaw,nee,D,22 Jun 16,5,3,Schultz, B. J., Mrs.

Shearing,Gertrude Mae,M,2 Oct 19,1,6,24 Sep; Rohrer, K.

Shearing,Gertrude Mae,E,11 Sep 19,5,1,Rohrer, Kenneth

Sheldrich,John,D,27 Apr 16,1,4,age 70

Shepherd,Clarence,M,9 Sep 15,5,1,Anderson, Christie

Shepherd,Mrs.,D,24 May 17,8,2,age 87

Shepherd,Verna,M,10 Jun 15,5,1,1 Jun; McFarlane, J.

Sheridan,Ellen,D,1 May 19,5,5,

Sherwood,Agnes,M,31 Jul 19,5,1,Waller, Francis

Shields,Charles,P,24 Feb 16,5,3,Lineham

Shingler,Alfred,M,7 Feb 18,5,1,Henderson, Constance

Shingler,Elizabeth,D,13 Apr 16,5,1,age 93

Shingler,William H.,D,4 Jan 17,5,1,21 Dec 16; age 61

Shipley,Carrie,M,22 Jun 16,5,2,Gerow, Earl

Shipley,Ellen,D,27 Jul 16,5,2,Fillmore

Shipman,George,D,23 Dec 15,8,1,

Shippey,H. L.,A,23 Nov 16,4,1,50th

Shoemaker,Nellie C.,D,5 Oct 16,8,3,age 12

Shrubb,Catherine,D,16 Mar 16,4,1,age 55

Sifton,Ellis, Sgt.,D,17 May 17,1,5,killed in action; photo

Sifton,Ellis, Pte.,D,3 May 17,7,2,9 Apr; killed in action

Sifton,Ellis, Sgt.,D,31 May 17,1,5,killed in action

Sifton,Mary,D,2 Nov 16,5,2,age 90

Silcox,Alfred,D,18 Feb 15,1,6,age 77

Silcox,Frank H.,M,1 Jul 15,5,1,Steele, Mabel

Silcox,George Edgar,M,9 Oct 19,4,1,Styles, Alva

Silcox,Hugh A., Tpr.,D,3 May 17,7,2,10 Apr;killed in action

Silcox,Noah B., Mrs.,D,18 Mar 15,8,1,

Sim,Alexander,M,15 Mar 17,1,4,Carnegie, Jennie

Sim,Ebenezer,D,29 Mar 17,1,4,age 46

Simons,Elizabeth,M,3 May 17,7,2,Ford, A. R.

Sinclair,John, Dr.,D,20 Apr 16,5,1,age 69

Sinclair,Lottie,M,27 Apr 16,5,1,Spears, W. H.

Sinclair,Malcolm,D,3 Feb 16,1,4,age 82

Sinclair,Mary Ann,D,29 May 19,1,4,age 82

Sinclair,nee,D,11 Feb 15,1,4,Brown, Dugald, Mrs.

Sivers,William M.,M,6 Sep 17,4,1,Cole, Cora

Sixt,W. M.,M,13 Nov 19,1,4,Honsinger, Viola

Skinner,Peter E.,D,17 Jan 18,5,1,

Slaughnessy,Charles,D,2 Nov 16,8,2,

Sloan,dau of J. R.,B,27 Mar 19,4,2,

Sloan,James, Mrs.,D,22 May 19,5,2,

Sloan,John Russell,M,9 Dec 15,7,1,Schleihauf, Ethelene

Sloan,John Russell,E,25 Nov 15,7,1,Schleihauf, Sarah

Small,Charles E.,M,9 Aug 17,5,2,1 Aug; Smith, Ruth

Small,Edith R., Mrs.,M,9 Oct 19,5,1,1 Oct; Small, John

Small,Ervin L.,M,23 Aug 17,7,2,8 Aug; Gowan, Laura

Small,Ervin L.,E,26 Jul 17,5,1,Gowan, Laura

Small,John A.,M,9 Oct 19,5,1,1 Oct; Small, Edith

Smith,Abner W.,D,1 Nov 17,4,2,age 77

Smith,Alex, Mrs.,D,16 Mar 16,5,1,

Smith,Alex, Mrs.,D,9 Mar 16,5,2,age 60

Smith,Annie Pearl,M,21 Dec 16,5,1,Binks, W. Abbott

Smith,Arthur,D,15 Apr 15,8,1,age 33

Smith,Edward,D,11 Dec 19,9,1,age 56

Smith,Frederick,M,18 Nov 15,7,1,Campbell, Agnes

Smith,Frederick George,D,24 Jul 19,5,1,13th year

Smith,George A.,M,27 Apr 16,1,4,Bake, Agnes

Smith,Gertrude,M,3 May 17,7,1,23 Apr; Toombs, L.

Smith,Gertrude,E,29 Mar 17,7,1,Toombs, Leslie

Smith,Harold Armstrong,B,27 Mar 19,4,2,17 Mar

Smith,Hattie C.,M,20 Jan 16,1,5,Newton, Albert

Smith,Henry Johnston,D,2 Sep 15,5,1,infant son of R. W.

Smith,Malcolm, Mrs.,D,7 Sep 16,4,2,16 Aug; 104th year

Smith,Mary M.,D,17 Feb 16,5,1,age 78

Smith,Mary,D,24 Aug 16,5,3,104th year

Smith,Matthew,D,11 May 16,5,2,4 May; 83rd year

Smith,nee,D,28 Jan 15,5,1,Bowen, Peter, Mrs.

Smith,Ruth Mae,M,9 Aug 17,5,2,1 Aug; Small, Chas.

Smith,Rymal William,E,17 Feb 16,5,1,Roche, Shirley

Smith,Rymal William,M,9 Mar 16,5,3,1 Mar; Roche, Shirley

Smith,Sadie E.,M,17 Jul 19,5,3,Hawkins, Walter

Smith,Sadie E.,E,19 Jun19,5,1,Hawkins, Walter

Smith,Stella L.,M,14 Sep 16,5,1,Hathaway, Charles

Smith,Viola,M,2 Nov 16,1,4,Cosens, Roy

Smith,William H., Mrs,D,14 Jan 15,1,5,age 46

Snarey,Bilton,D,23 Oct 19,5,1,age 4

Snarey,Joseph L.,D,10 Jun 15,5,1,age 4

Snyder,Samuel,A,1 Jul 15,8,2,12 Jun; 50th

Somerville,Elizabeth,D,16 Nov 16,5,1,about 80 years old

Somerville,William, Mrs.,D,27 Dec 17,4,3,age 28

Sommerville,Catherine,D,20 Jan 16,1,6,age 96

Spears,W. H.,M,27 Apr 16,5,1,Sinclair, Lottie

Spring,Emeline,D,23 Sep 15,4,2,Wilson

Squire,Ina Alexandra,M,31 May 17,5,2,Liberty, Norman

Squire,Ina Alexandra,E,17 May 17,5,1,Liberty, Norman

Stacey,Thomas,D,7 Feb 18,1,6,age 91

Stacey,William H.,D,25 May 16,1,6,age 75

Stafford,Chritta,D,20 Dec 17,12,2,

Staley,Lillie A.,M,29 May 19,1,2,Hodgins, Arthur

Stalker,Neil,M,15 Mar 17,7,2,Shaw, Catherine

Stalker,son of W. S.,B,31 Jan 18,8,1,22 Jan

Stalker,William S.,M,12 Apr 17,5,1,Campbell, Bessie

Steele,Mabel,M,1 Jul 15,5,1,Silcox, Frank

Stevenson,Robert,A,22 Jul 15,5,2,50th

Stevenson,Robert C.,M,8 Apr 15,5,2,McLeod, Catherine

Stewart,Catherine J.,D,18 May 16,1,5,

Stewart,Daniel,D,25 Jan 17,1,4,age 60

Stewart,Donald McNaughton,E,1 Jun 16,5,2,Bole, Myrtle

Stewart,Donald McNaughton,M,22 Jun 16,5,2,Bole, Myrtle

Stewart,Ethel,E,26 Jun 19,5,1,Hicks, Albert

Stewart,Geo. S., Gunner,D,14 Jun 17,5,2,19th yr; killed in action

Stewart,George, Gunner,D,19 Jul 17,1,4,killed in action; photo

Stewart,George, Gunner,D,12 Jul 17,1,4,killed in action

Stidwill,Florence,D,14 Jan 15,5,1,

Stidwill,Olive Blanche,M,30 Aug 17,5,1,Myles, Percival

Stidwill,Olive Blanche,E,23 Aug 17,7,2,Myles, Percy

Stidwill,Samuel,D,18 Jan 17,5,1,age 105

Stinson,Eveleen Barnes,M,24 Jul 19,8,2,Mead, William

Stinson,Eveleen Barnes,E,10 Jul 19,8,3,Mead, Floyd

Stocking,Pearl,M,20 Jan 16,1,5,Welch, John

Stokes,James,D,28 Jun 17,8,1,age 85

Stokes,Peter,D,18 Oct 17,1,4,age 62

Stonehouse,Mr.,D,4 Dec 19,1,4,

Stoner,S. M.,D,24 Apr 19,4,3,

Stoner,William,D,23 Mar 16,1,4,age 73

Stoner,William,P,22 Apr 15,8,1,Coombes

Stormont,James, Mrs.,D,21 Dec 16,1,6,age 59

Stover,Mary C.,D,13 May 15,1,4,

Stover,Peter,D,18 Dec 19,12,3,age 74

Strachan,Mary,D,10 Apr 19,5,1,Hood

Strangeman,Henry, Mrs.,D,26 Jul 17,8,1,

Stricker,Mary Catherine,E,7 Dec 16,9,3,Rodgers, George

Strode,Aubrey A., Corp,D,19 Oct 16,5,2,killed in action

Strong,John E.,M,1 Mar 17,5,3,27 Feb; Jewell, G.

Strong,Mary Bell,M,23 Nov 16,5,1,Jewell, Calvin

Strong,Sarah E.,M,11 Jan 17,5,1,Jewell, Linley

Stubbs,John,D,15 Nov 17,10,3,

Stubbs,William,M,7 Feb 18,5,3,Garrow, Isabelle

Stutt,John, Mrs.,D,16 Dec 15,10,1,age 69

Styles,Alva V. Marguerite,M,9 Oct 19,4,1,Silcox, George

Sullivan,Sarah M.,D,17 Jun 15,8,2,84th year

Sullivan,Stephen,M,22 Feb 17,5,1,Armstrong, Geraldine

Sullivan,Stephen,D,26 Jun 19,5,2,

Sullivan,Stephen,D,10 Jul 19,5,1,

Sutherland,Ann,D,17 Jun 15,5,2,age 80

Sutherland,Annie,D,17 Jan 18,1,6,Goldie

Sutherland,Elizabeth,D,8 Nov 17,7,3,age 71

Sutherland,William,D,14 Jan 15,1,5,

Sutton,dau of Joel,B,18 Oct 17,5,2,15 Oct

Sutton,dau of Joel,B,10 Jun 15,5,2,7 Jun

Sutton,E. J.,M,24 May 17,8,2,10 May; Judson, M.

Sutton,Sarah,D,20 Nov 19,5,2,Loop

Sutton,son of Joel,B,25 Dec 19,5,3,17 Dec

Sutton,William,D,10 Feb 16,4,2,

Tait,James,P,18 Nov 15,7,1,Allan

Tanner,Charles,D,8 Nov 17,10,1,age 72

Tarrant,Mrs.,D,5 Apr 17,1,4,

Taylor,Gertrude,M,4 Dec 19,8,3,24 Nov; McDonald, D.

Taylor,John, Mrs.,D,31 May 17,5,2,56th year

Taylor,Robert Angus,M,10 Jan 18,5,1,1 Jan; McPherson, C.

Taylor,son of Charles,D,5 Oct 16,8,3,infant

Taylor,Thomas, Pte.,D,16 Nov 16,8,2,killed in action

Taylor,Wm. H., Capt.,D,10 Jan 18,4,1,age 37

Teare,A. S.,P,13 Jul 16,1,4,McLeod

Teare,May E.,M,9 Dec 15,1,4,McLean, C. A.

Tedford,W. B.,D,1 Mar 17,5,2,age 60

Teetzel,Archie Love,D,2 Dec 15,7,1,infant son of A. L.

Teetzel,Charles L., Mrs.,D,27 Jan 16,1,4,age 73

Tegge,Frederick,D,22 Nov 17,8,3,age 74

Templeton,Arch J., Pte.,D,10 Jun 15,5,1,age 24; killed in action

Terry,Wilbur B.,E,14 Sep 16,1,4,27 Sep; McArthur, M.

Terry,Wilbur,M,5 Oct 16,8,3,McArthur, Myrtle

Teskey,Luke, Dr.,D,8 May 19,1,6,71st year

Thayer,William,M,20 Jan 16,1,5,Avey, Myrtle

Thomas,Augustus,D,13 Sep 17,1,5,age 94

Thomas,Conrad H., Gnr.,D,23 Nov 16,8,1,killed in action

Thomas,Fred, Pte.,D,24 May 17,5,1,

Thomas,Harriet,D,10 Jan 18,4,1,age 72

Thomas,Harry W.,M,30 Oct 19,8,3,Appleford, Eva

Thompson,Adele,P,19 Jun 19,5,1,Tomlinson

Thompson,Ainley Stewart,M,4 Sep 19,5,2,Black, Ellinor

Thompson,Ainley Stewart,E,7 Aug 19,5,1,Black, Ellinor

Thompson,Frank E.,M,6 Jan 16,1,5,Harris, Mabel

Thompson,John,D,11 Dec 19,12,3,

Thomson,Alex, Dr., Mrs.,D,21 Aug 19,5,2,age 33

Thomson,Katharine,D,30 Oct 19,5,2,

Thorpe,David,D,24 Feb 16,5,1,age 94

Thorpe,Joseph, Mrs.,D,27 Jan 16,5,1,age 46

Tiffin,Ada May,M,24 Apr 19,5,3,Bolton, Earl

Timewell,Henry,D,15 Apr 15,8,1,78th year

Tolans,Stanley C.,M,27 Apr 16,1,4,Elliot, Eva

Tolman,Annie Margaret,M,26 Jun 19,5,3,Ford, Frank

Tolman,son of Dugald,B,23 Dec 15,5,4,20 Dec

Tolmie,Charles,M,4 Oct 17,1,4,Brad, Mary

Tolmie,Irene,M,5 Apr 17,1,4,Knight, Stanley

Tolmie,nee,M,25 Jan 17,1,4,Drake – Mistele

Tomlinson,Billie,D,19 Jun 19,5,1,age 10

Toombs,Leslie Belmore,E,29 Mar 17,7,1,Smith, Gertrude

Toombs,Leslie Belmore,M,3 May 17,7,1,23 Apr; Smith, G.

Trothen,Annie Pearl,M,10 Jan 18,5,1,Bedford, Ezra

Trothen,Blanche Inez,M,6 Oct 15,5,2,Pattman, Rollo

Turner,Archie, Pte.,D,1 Jun 16,1,6,12 May; in action

Turner,Archie, Mrs.,D,25 Jan 17,8,1,

Turner,Dorothy,M,17 May 17,1,4,5 May; Feurth, George

Turner,John, Mrs.,D,4 Feb 15,5,2,age 85

Turner,son of Ernest D.,B,7 Aug 19,1,4,30 Jul

Turville,B. C., Mrs.,D,13 Nov 19,1,4,age 48

Turville,George,A,9 Oct 19,5,2,30 Sep; 50th

Tweed,David, Pte.,D,29 Nov 17,1,4,8 Nov; age 21, KIA

Tyrell,Andrew,D,14 Jan 15,1,5,

Urlin,Russell,M,28 Dec 16,5,3,24 Dec; Watson, Alice

Urlin,Russell,E,21 Dec 16,5,1,Watson, Alice

Urlin,son of W. R.,B,4 Oct 17,7,3,28 Sep

Urquhart,Florence,M,19 Apr 17,5,2,Lethbridge, John

Valentine,Clifford Earl,B,24 Jun 15,5,3,19 Jun

VanSchaik,son of Jan,B,12 Apr 17,5,2,8 Apr

Vansickle,nee,D,27 Mar 19,1,4,Frewing, Albert, Mrs.

Vernal,George,D,25 Sep 19,8,1,age 28

Vicary,James,D,10 May 17,10,2,age 62

Vincent,William,D,28 Oct 15,5,2,killed in action; age 22

Wadley,Edward J.,D,27 Mar 19,1,4,46th year

Wager,Cora C.,M,7 Dec 16,9,1,21 Nov; Berdan, A.

Waite,Edward,E,3 Jun 15,5,1,Douglas, Allie

Waite,Elizabeth,D,8 Nov 17,7,3,Sutherland

Waite,Frederick G.,M,28 Sep 16,5,1,O’Connor, Agnes

Waite,son of Edward,B,16 Mar 16,5,3,15 Mar

Waite,son of Harry,B,7 Jun 17,5,1,6 Jun

Waite,son of Edward,B,23 Oct 19,5,3,19 Oct

Waite,son of Harry,B,25 Feb 15,5,4,19 Feb

Waite,Thomas M.,D,24 Feb 16,1,4,

Waite,Thomas Edward,M,24 Jun 15,5,1,Douglas, Allie

Walker,dau of Frank,B,30 Nov 16,5,3,26 Nov

Walker,dau of Frank,B,3 Jun 15,5,3,31 May

Walker,Dorothy,B,14 Sep 16,5,2,2 Sep

Walker,Duncan,P,2 Aug 17,8,1,Fulton

Walker,Eliza,D,29 Mar 17,7,2,age 96

Walker,George,D,8 Mar 17,10,2,age 86

Walker,Jennie,D,7 Dec 16,9,1,age 70

Walker,Mamie,M,23 Nov 16,5,1,Cameron, F.

Walker,P. H., Mrs.,D,30 Dec 15,5,1,

Walker,son of David,B,1 Jul 15,5,4,25 Jun

Wall,Christena,M,1 May 19,5,1,Buchanan, James

Wall,Nettie,M,20 Jan 16,1,5,Wilson, Roy

Wallace,Andrew,M,27 Mar 19,1,4,Cameron, Frances

Wallace,Margaret,D,5 Aug 15,8,2,age 88

Waller,Francis Stafford,M,31 Jul 19,5,1,Sherwood, Agnes

Walters,dau of Albert,B,17 Aug 16,5,3,15 Aug

Walters,Ethel,M,14 Sep 16,1,4,MacColl, Elgin

Wann,William, Mrs.,D,27 May 15,5,1,age 63

Ward,Elten, Mrs.,D,6 Oct 15,8,1,age 93

Ward,Ernest, Pte.,D,26 Apr 17,5,2,11 Apr;killed in action

Ward,Sarah M.,D,24 Jan 18,1,4,age 72

Warner,Wilson,D,22 May 19,1,5,age 79

Wastie,Jennie May,D,11 Dec 19,9,1,Dundas

Waters,Charles,D,31 May 17,4,1,age 86

Watson,Alice Emma,E,21 Dec 16,5,1,Urlin, Russell

Watson,Alice Emma,M,28 Dec 16,5,3,24 Dec; Urlin, Russell

Watson,Harry,M,30 Mar 16,1,4,Pero, Annie, Mrs.

Watson,Jean,W,8 Apr 15,5,2,Barr

Watson,John,D,8 Apr 15,5,2,age 81

Watson,John,D,15 Apr 15,5,1,

Watson,T., Rev.,M,23 Sep 15,1,6,15 Sep; Parker, Rosa

Waugh,Abraham, Mrs.,D,29 Mar 17,1,4,age 66

Webb,Edward, Mrs.,D,30 Dec 15,8,1,

Webber,Frederick,M,24 Jul 19,5,1,Burns, Lenabell

Webber,Joseph,M,15 Mar 17,7,1,Lahey, Alice

Weekes,Margaret,D,8 Jul 15,1,6,

Wegg,Charlotte,D,19 Aug 15,10,2,

Weir,Margaret,M,3 Feb 16,5,1,Hailstone, Walter

Welch,Dorcas,M,4 May 16,5,1,26 Apr; Wooley, F.A.

Welch,James, Mrs.,D,26 Jun 19,5,2,

Welch,John W.,M,20 Jan 16,1,5,Stocking, Pearl

Welch,Truman,A,28 Dec 16,5,2,50th

Welch,Truman,D,5 Jul 17,5,2,80th year

Welsh,Coglan,D,24 Aug 16,5,3,52nd year

Welsh,Joseph,M,6 Nov 19,5,1,Brown, Doris

Welsh,Miss,M,17 Feb 16,5,1,Doolittle, William

Westcott,Lizzie,M,7 Sep 16,5,1,Hunter, Maxwell

Westfall,John,D,5 Jul 17,5,2,90th year

Whalls,Thomas,D,7 Jan 15,1,5,87th year

Whelpton,Mary,M,4 Oct 17,7,1,Bingham, Thomas

White,Geo. Wm., Pte.,D,27 Sep 17,1,6,14 Sep;killed in action

White,Kate,M,16 Sep 15,5,4,Curtis, C. J.

White,Robert, Mrs.,D,24 Jan 18,1,4,age 65

Whitelock,Annie Mabel,M,3 Jun 15,4,2,Lunn, James

Whiting,W. S., Mrs.,D,22 May 19,1,5,age 60

Whyte,Agnes L.,M,4 Sep 19,8,3,McDonald, Dan

Widdifield,Mary Elizabeth,M,3 Jun15,4,2,Brown, Harry

Wilcox,George W.,D,1 Nov 17,1,6,age 76

Wilcox,Oliver,D,6 Dec 17,1,6,

Wiley,Joseph, Mrs.,D,17 May 17,1,4,

Wilkinson,Aileen,M,20 Apr 16,5,1,Davidson, Mr.

Willey,Scott,M,30 Oct 19,5,2,Kirkwood, Elizabeth

Williams,C. J., Pte.,D,7 Dec 16,9,2,killed in action

Williams,John, Mrs.,BD,17 Jan 18,1,5,97th

Williams,Joseph, Pte.,,3 May 17,7,2,missing in action

Williams,Lorne, Pte.,D,10 Jan 18,4,1,30 Dec; age 28, KIA

Williamson,Bruce,D,13 Sep 17,1,5,age 52

Willis,Sarah E.,D,22 Feb 17,1,4,age 88

Willows,William,D,23 Mar 16,1,4,age 70

Willox,F. Elizabeth,M,27 May 15,5,1,Osborne, Stanley

Wilson,Beverley, Dr.,M,4 May 16,1,5,Brown, Nellie

Wilson,Brock,D,27 Mar 19,5,1,age 35

Wilson,Chester,D,25 Sep 19,5,1,age 8 months

Wilson,dau of Brock,B,26 Jul 17,5,2,18 Jul

Wilson,Elizabeth Winnifred,E,15 Jun 16,5,2,McLarty, John

Wilson,Elizabeth Winnifred,M,6 Jul 16,5,3,28 Jun; McLarty, J.

Wilson,Joseph, Mrs.,D,23 Dec 15,5,3,

Wilson,Robert, Mrs.,D,8 Jun 16,5,2,about 60 years old

Wilson,Roy,M,20 Jan 16,1,5,Wall, Nettie

Wilson,Sidney,D,25 Dec 19,5,1,age 75

Wilson,Sydney, Mrs.,D,23 Sep 15,4,2,age 69

Wing,Charles,D,19 Oct 16,1,4,age 51

Wing,Stanley,D,29 Nov 17,5,1,age 41

Wingate,Marianne Wollen,E,27 May 15,5,1,Nichol, Walter

Wingate,Marianne,M,1 Jul 15,5,2,Nichol, Walter

Wise,John,D,6 May 15,1,5,age 62

Witherden,Emily,D,28 Dec 16,5,3,age 71

Wolfe,Florence Evelyn,B,25 Feb 15,5,4,18 Feb

Wood,dau of J. Wm.,B,11 Feb 15,9,3,13 Feb [see intro]

Woodman,son of W. R.,B,12 Jul 17,5,2,22 Jun

Wooley,F. A.,M,4 May 16,5,1,26 Apr; Welch, D.

Woolley,Ed,D,1 Jul 15,8,2,23 May; killed in action

Wride,Kenneth A.,M,27 Apr 16,1,4,Fisher, Teresa

Wrightman,Catherine,M,8 May 19,3,2,Lilley, Henry

Yarwood,Edward,D,19 Apr 17,1,4,age 52

Yeandle,Elmer C., Pte.,D,31 May 17,4,1,killed in action

Yorke,Emily,D,27 Jan 16,1,4,76th year

Young,Colin L.,D,6 Nov 19,8,2,age 26

Young,Margaret,D,4 Dec 19,5,1,age 80

Youngs,Riley W.,D,4 Dec 19,5,2,

Zavitz,Duncan,D,5 Jun 19,1,5,age 89

Zoller,Ezra, Lieut.,D,31 May 17,1,6,killed in action

Zoller,Luella,M,21 Jun 17,1,4,Hagermon, Marshall


– 60th anniversary of Duff Presbyterian Church, 28 Oct 1915 page 1; gives history & photo

– 60th anniversary of Duff Presbyterian Church, 4 Nov 1915, page 5, column 2

– Orange Lodge, #2658 formed; 3 Feb 1916, page 5, column 2

– 60th anniversary of Chalmers Church, 22 Jun 1916; page 1; gives history & photo

– four room school at Fingal destroyed by fire; 13 Dec 1917, page 1, column 6

– 100th anniversary of Frome Congregational Church, 2 Oct 1919, page 1, column 5