Aylmer Herald

Aylmer Herald Newspaper

Aylmer, Malahide, Elgin, Ontario, Canada

“The first paper published in Aylmer may have been the Aylmer Warder which according to the St. Thomas Weekly Dispatch of Spring 1858 was copying articles from the Dispatch. Then came the Aylmer Herald whose first issue was on the 5th March 1857. After the Herald went out of publication, it was succeeded by the revitalized Aylmer Warder who published again on 1st December 1867. It ran for about one year and then went out of business. On 18th September 1869 Mr. Aldrich published the Aylmer Enterprise. In 1873 Mr. Pankhurst took over and renamed it the Aylmer Paper. This paper was published until September 1879. The Aylmer Paper began publication again on 10th October 1879. The name was changed to the Aylmer Express on 1st January 1880.”

While no copies of this paper are available copies of articles and mention of are in other local papers. Some extractions are given here

Publisher – N. W. Bates is given in the 1861 census for St. Thomas, Ontario, as Nathaniel W. BATES, age 34 born Lower Canada (Quebec) with wife, Mary Ann, age 37, born England and children, Caroline, 11, Nathaniel F., 8, Ada E., 7. In 1880 Bates is a Veterinary Surgeon in St. Louis, Missouri.


St. Thomas Weekly Dispatch 26 March 1857

p. 2 – Aylmer Herald – We received No. 3 of the above small, but neatly printed paper, lately established in the village of Aylmer, C. W. by Mr. N. W. BATES, of this town. The inhabitants of Aylmer should appreciate such enterprise, by giving the Herald, a Liberal support, as by ding so they not only establish a name for their place at a distance, but enable th proprietor to improve its dimensions. We wish the Herald success.

St. Thomas Weekly Dispatch 1857 June 18 – (reference to an article that was also sent to the Aylmer Herald.)

p. 2 – School Celebration – Letter to the editor from J. R. VANVELSOR of Richmond, Bayham. – Praises Elgin Supt. Mr. SHEPHERD. Describes “pleasantly and satisfactorily illustrated to those who were favored with an opportunity of attending a public celebration held in School Section No. 7, in the Township of Malahide on the 2nd day of June, 1857, Mr. Walter L. BROWN, who has been laboring in the above named Section, as teacher, having intimated to the inhabitants that he should soon be called upon to leave them, various plans were proposed, by which the friends could show to Mr. BROWN and the public the respect they cherished for him, and how highly they appreciated his labors as teacher and instructor of the young. [Long description of the celebration] “The cause of the meeting being briefly stated by the Chairman (Mr. TIMPANY) who presided over the meeting with becoming dignity, the Rev. Mr. SHEPHERD was called upon to address the audience. former teacher, G. H. WARBURTON, Esq., spoke. Addresses were then delivered by Messrs. G. P. BROWN [this would be George Paine BROWN, brother to the teacher Walter Livingston BROWN] Walter L. BROWN then delivered his farewell address. Miss RICHARDS to be the new teacher. Copies of the report to be sent to the Aylmer Herald and St. Thomas Weekly Dispatch by J. R. VANVELSOR – filed by him on June 3rd, 1857.