Aylmer Express 1965 – 1969

Index to
Aylmer Express newspaper,
Aylmer, Ontario, Canada
1965 – 1969

Extracted by James L. McCallum
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Aylmer Express Index

Type of Information Extracted for this Project

            Items of greatest interest to genealogists found in this index are births, deaths, marriages, engagements, birthdays, anniversaries, in memoriams.

            Other items extracted deal with business and industry, major church events (cornerstone layings, openings, special anniversaries) and major fires. Items dealing with these topics are found at the end of this file in an Appendix called “Local History Items”

How the Information Has Been Presented

            A database has been created with seven column headings (abbreviations in brackets):










The abbreviations used for “EVENT” are as follows:

D = Death                               A = Anniversary

M = Marriage                         IM = In Memoriam

B = Birth                                E = Engagement

                                                BD = Birthday


The “ADDITIONAL INFORMATION” column will include details such as date of death, age at death, date of birth, date of marriage etc. For marriages, the spouse’s surname will be included for cross referencing purposes, if space allows. Please note that for marriages, a separate entry has been made for bride and groom, so you can search either one.



  Where the maiden name of a spouse or maiden name of a mother is given in birth announcements and obituaries, a separate entry has been made using that maiden name. In the “Additional Information” column, the name of the main entry has been included for easy reference. In the “EVENT” column, the abbreviation “W” has been used to indicate wife; “P” for parent, and “H” for husband, only in the case of a first husband’s name being mentioned. For obituaries of married women, if the maiden name was given, a separate entry has been made using her maiden name. The married name has been included in the “Additional Information” column for easy reference.

For birth announcements, if the mother’s maiden name is given, a separate entry has been made using that name. The married name (i.e. surname of the child) is included in the “Additional Information” column for easy reference.

            The Aylmer Express is a weekly newspaper that covered a wide area. As well as the town of Aylmer, entries are found from the townships of Malahide, Bayham, South Dorchester, Yarmouth, and the villages of Belmont and Harrietsville. A large number of entries deal with former residents or relatives living in the Canadian West, the United States and other geographic areas.


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Surname,Name,E,Issue,P,C,Additional Info

Abbott,Brenda Lee,

Abbott,William Maitland,M,21 Feb 68,4,1,3 Feb; Carrel

Abbott,William Maitland,E,10 Jan 68,8,3,3 Feb; Carrel

Abell,Florence Pearl,D,23 Jun 65,8,5,

Abell,Keith,D,28 May 69,14,5,age 48

Abell,Maud,W,19 Jan 66,10,2,Johnson

Abell,Robert Keith,D,4 Jun 69,5,7, 24 May

Abell,Sharon Lynn,B

Abell,William R., Mrs.,D,16 Jun 65,2,4,age 74

Abell,William R.,D,15 Jun 66,3,1,age 78

Adair,Marion,W,6 Jan 65,11,4,Freeman

Adams,Arthur,D,2 Jun 65,10,3,27 May; 75th year

Adams,Augusta,W,20 Jul 66,12,3,Boucher

Adams,Augusta,D,27 Dec 67,10,1,Boucher

Adams,Emma,D,29 May 68,11,5,DeWaele

Adams,Percival,D,31 Jan 68,1,8,

Addley,Philip,D,14 Jul 65,11,3,age 70

Adlington,George,A,7 Feb 68,13,3,30 Jan; 50th

Adlington,George,A,14 Feb 68,12,3,30 Jan; 50th

Agar,Joan Catharine,M,2 Oct 68,4,4,14 Sep; Stover

Ainscow,Kenneth,M,30 Mar 66,10,4,26 Mar; Chase

Allan,Annie,W,26 May 65,8,4,Ferguson

Allen,Doreen,W,12 Jan 66,4,3,Riches

Allen,Marjorie,W,29 Oct 69,2,5,Hayward

Allen,Phoebe,W,4 Jun 69,5,6,Hartsell

Allison,Mayabelle,W,16 Aug 67,12,1,Mears

Allred,Gene Anne,E,4 Mar 68,4,1,11 May; Smith

Almon,Marie,D,2 Jun 65,10,4,age 48

Almon,Marie,D,9 Jun 65,10,1,

Almon,Mrs [not given],IM,18 May 66,6,5,d 25 May 1965

Alton,Marion,D,5 Jan 66,7,3,age 95

Alton,Stanley B.,D,2 Feb 66,2,6,age 75

Alvaro,David Frank,M,4 Aug 65,2,7,24 Jul; Corbett

Alward,Alice,D,17 Jan 68,10,4,54th year

Alward,Edith,W,15 Jan 69,5,7,Howey

Alward,Iva,W,3 Aug 66,10,2,Woolley

Ammerman,Sharon Louise,E,28 May 69,8,3,5 Jul; Gardner

Anderson,Beatrice,D,24 Apr 68,16,3,Beckett

Anderson,Bruce,H,13 Sep 67,2,6,Pressey

Anderson,Douglas Roy,M,9 Aug 67,12,1,5 Aug; Player

Anderson,Douglas Ray,E,12 Jul 67,8,6,5 Aug; Player

Anderson,Eleanor,P,8 Nov 67,8,4,Drake

Anderson,Elizabeth,P,4 Jan 67,9,2,Hollywood

Anderson,Gail Louise,B,17 Aug 66,6,5,11 Aug

Anderson,Isabella,W,28 Dec 65,5,2,Buchanan

Anderson,Ivan Lee,D,18 Oct 67,9,6,age 22

Anderson,James Robert,IM,14 Feb 65,6,5,d 26 Feb 1958

Anderson,James Robert,IM,23 Feb 66,13,8,d 26 Feb 1958

Anderson,Jeanette,P,21 Feb 68,2,2,Esseltine

Anderson,Joseph, Mrs.,D,24 Nov 65,11,2,17 Nov; age 58

Anderson,Judith Ann,M,13 Oct 65,9,7,1 Oct; Jackson

Anderson,Judith Heather,E,10 Apr 68,6,3,11 May; Couckuyt

Anderson,Judith Heather,M,29 May 68,3,1,11 May; Couckuyt

Anderson,Laura,M,15 Nov 67,12,4,Gierling

Anderson,Mabel,W,19 Jun 68,2,4,Toles

Anderson,Margaret,IM,16 Nov 66,6,7,d 17 Nov 1965

Anderson,Margaret,IM,15 Nov 67,6,7,d 17 Nov 1965

Anderson,Norma Jean,E,18 Sep 68,9,1,12 Oct; TenHoor

Anderson,Norma Jean,M,30 Oct 68,12,1,12 Oct; TenHoor

Anderson,Robert Ernest,M,2 Jul 69,4,3,28 Jun; Ronacher

Anderson,Robert Ernest,E,21 May 69,2,7,28 Jun; Ronacher

Anderson,Sherry Lynn,B

Anderson,Susan Mary,E,29 Jan 69,8,7,Mackenzie

Anderson,Susan Mary,M,11 Jun 69,8,3,Mackenzie

Andrews,Christopher Martin,B,17 Nov 65,6,5,8 Nov

Andriekus,Simon,D,28 Feb 68,14,5,age 49

Anger,Ada,W,22 May 68,2,3,Mitchell

Anger,Beulah,D,3 Dec 69,19,2,Nelson

Anger,Gertie,D,19 Nov 69,2,1,82nd year

Anger,Hazel,D,4 Dec 68,2,2,Freeman

Anger,Lena May,D,10 Sep 69,9,1,4 Sep; age 72

Anger,Margaret,D,24 Jul 68,16,3,Craig

Anger,Minerva,P,13 Sep 67,2,6,Laur

Anger,Vera,D,5 Jun 68,14,3,Champion

Anger,William Albert,M,14 Aug 68,13,5,3 Aug; Hamilton

Angood,Edith,W,15 Nov 67,3,3,Louch

Angyal,Julia,D,3 Aug 66,10,1,age 73

Angyal,Michael George,B,14 Aug 68,8,5,6 Aug

Annen,John,D,29 Mar 67,3,2,age 55

Annen,John,D,5 Apr 67,10,3,

Annen,Timothy James,B,28 Jul 65,11,5,22 Jul

Anseeuw,George James,M,25 Oct 67,12,3,13 Oct; Hindley

Anseeuw,Pamphile (Phil),D,26 Jun 68,20,1,21 Jun; age 67

Antell,Aldena,W,2 Feb 66,2,6,Alton

Anthony,Charles Lawrence,D,19 Dec 67,22,5,13 Dec

Antkiw,Ann Eugenie,E,29 May 68,3,3,Verscheure

Antkiw,Anne Eugenice,M,11 Sep 68,4,3,Verscheure

Antone,Lawrence,E,10 Jan 68,8,3,11 May; Davis

Antonissen,Kelly Louis,B,23 Mar 66,6,3,12 Mar

Appleford,Grace,W,4 Oct 67,13,3,Cox

Archer,Catherine,D,13 Jan 65,13,4,age 88


Archer,infant daughter,B,29 Jan 69,10,4,20 Jan

Archibald,Maud,D,24 Jan 68,1,8,

Archibald,Walter H.,D,5 Jul 67,8,7,age 84

Argyle,Harry,D,15 Sep 65,8,5,age 93

Argyle,Harry,D,22 Sep 65,22,4,13 Sep

Arkell,Helen,D,3 Feb 65,3,2,96th year

Arkell,Mabel Louise,D,3 Dec 69,19,2,91st year

Arkell,Mabel Louisa,D,10 Dec 69,2,5,30 Nov

Armstrong,George W.,D,27 Mar 68,3,5,

Armstrong,H. E., Mrs.,D,27 Dec 67,10,1,

Armstrong,John James,E,28 Dec 66,8,2,21 Jan; Underhill

Armstrong,Mary Irene,M,28 May 69,14,1,Vandewyngaerde

Armstrong,Mary Irene,E,19 Mar 69,2,1,Vandewyngaerde

Armstrong,Patricia Ann,D,9 Mar 66,10,4,Passmore

Arn,Keith,IM,10 Jul 68,6,5,d 30 Jun1948

Arn,Theodore,D,12 Jul 67,3,4,age 81

Arn,Theodore Emmanuel,D,19 Jul 67,9,5,12 Jul; age 80

Arn,Theodore,IM,10 Jul 68,6,5,d 12 Jul 1967

Arnn,Pearl,W,23 Jul 69,14,3,Farrow

Arnold,George,D,19 Apr 67,2,4,age 71

Arnold,Mary Ann,D,15 Oct 69,9,4,11 Oct; age 89

Arnup,Jesse H., Rev.,D,7 Apr 65,11,3,age 84

Arnup,Jesse H., Mrs.,D,29 Jun 66,7,1,age 83

Arnup,Jesse, Mrs.,D,6 Jul 66,8,7,

Arnup,Mary L.,P,22 Mar 67,10,2,Leeson

Arthur,Audrey,W,4 Dec 68,2,1,McEwen

Arthur,Howard Donald,D,29 Nov 67,16,4,age 50

Arthur,Howard,IM,20 Nov 68,8,8,d 22 Nov 1967

Arthur,Jacqueline Ada,M,13 Apr 66,8,3,2 Apr; Barnes

Arthur,Laura Jeanne,E,9 Nov 66,6,5,10 Dec; Rawlins

Arthur,Laura Jeanne,M,25 Jan 67,13,3,Rawlins

Arthur,Olive,IM,17 Feb 65,6,3,d 17 Feb 1963

Arthur,Olive,IM,16 Feb 66,6,4,d 17 Feb 1953

Arthur,Olive,IM,15 Feb 67,8,6,d 17 Feb 1963

Arthur,William Dennis,E,27 Aug 69,13,4,Somerville

Arthur,William Dennis,M,22 Oct 69,2,2,Somerville

Arthur,William T.,D,29 Dec 69,9,4,24 Dec; age 75

Ashbury,Mabel A.,D,23 Apr 69,5,5,Warden

Ashford,James Alfred,M,15 Nov 67,15,1,DeGroat

Ashford,Larry G.,E,22 Oct 69,6,4,25 Oct; Begley

Ashford,Laurel A.,A,12 Apr 67,1,8,11 Apr; 25th

Ashton,Muriel,A,13 Mar 68,9,8,Crocher

Ashton,Murray,A,16 Mar 66,10,3,50th

Ashton,Vera,W,17 Nov 65,8,6,Sims

Aspden,Florence Mabel,D,10 Jul 68,2,3,Williams

Atkinson,Alice,P,15 Jun 66,8,4,Perry

Atkinson,Ella,D,3 Apr 68,9,8,

Atkinson,Elmer, Mrs.,D,9 Jun 65,9,3,age 66

Augustine,Prosper D., Rev.,D,28 Dec 66,3,2,19 Dec

Austin,Carmen,P,25 Oct 67,8,8,Bardawill

Austin,George Herbert,D,7 Jun 67,13,3,age 53

Austin,George Herbert,D,14 Jun 67,7,3,3 Jun

Austin,George Ronald,E,13 Nov 68,11,1,30 Nov; Davis

Austin,George Ronald,M,18 Dec 68,26,3,30 Nov; Davis

Austin,Margaret,P,17 Feb 65,6,4,Martin

Austin,William David,E,25 Oct 67,8,8,2 Dec; VanDam

Austin,William,M,19 Dec 67,4,1,2 Dec; VanDam

Avey,Ross, Mrs.,D,8 Dec 65,13,4,24 Nov

Aviss,Elsie,A,7 Jun 67,1,8,Garton

Aviss,Florence,IM,20 Dec 66,3,3,d 23 Dec 1932

Aviss,Jeffrey Scott,B,

Axelson,Thomas, Mrs.,D,24 Apr 68,13,4,18 Apr; age 64

Axelson,Thomas,D,27 Dec 68,3,6,20 Dec

Axford,Gertrude,W,14 Dec 66,15,5,Milmine

Axford,Terry Wayne,M,13 Jul 66,7,1,2 Jul; Coleman

Ayearst,William J. C.,D,11 Oct 67,1,8,age 38

Babcock,Gladys,IM,7 Jul 65,6,7,d 5 Jul 1933

Babcock,Mima May,D,28 Dec 66,3,2,25 Dec; age 74

Babcock,Mina May,D,4 Jan 67,9,4,

Babcock,Orvis, Mrs.,IM,6 Jul 66,6,7,d 5 Jul 1933

Babcock,Orvis,D,29 May 68,11,5,81st year

Babcock,Oviet Roy,D,5 Feb 69,13,8,age 74

Babcock,Oviet R.,D,12 Feb 69,11,1,4 Feb

Bachner,Peter,E,15 Jan 69,11,4,15 Feb; Whaley

Bachner,Peter,M,12 Mar 69,9,2,15 Feb; Whaley

Baer,Florence May,D,16 Nov 66,9,4,age 73

Baer,Harold James,D,10 Mar 65,10,2,

Baer,Harold James,D,3 Mar 65,10,3,age 24

Baer,Harold James,IM,23 Feb 66,13,4,d 28 Feb 1965

Baer,Harold,IM,22 Feb 67,6,8,d 28 Feb 1965

Baer,Harold,IM,28 Feb 68,6,6,d 28 Feb 1965

Baertsoen,Anita Marie,B,

Baertsoen,Arnold,M,12 Jul 67,5,3,VanRoestel

Baertsoen,Carlos,E,21 Jul 65,6,8,21 Aug; Bodkin

Baertsoen,Julia Anne,B,

Baertson,Carlos,M,1 Sep 65,8,4,21 Aug; Bodkin

Bagnall,Earl, Mrs.,D,13 Dec 67,3,4,age 70

Bailey,Arthur,D,13 Apr 65,2,3,age 82

Bailey,Arthur,D,21 Apr 65,7,4,

Bailey,Grace,D,3 Jan 68,2,2,age 89

Bailey,Mary,W,11 Aug 65,7,3,Picard

Bailey,Ralph,D,14 Jul 65,11,4,age 62

Bain,William,D,28 Jul 65,8,6,21 Jul; age 69

Baird,Norma Jean Elsie,M,27 Oct 65,5,1,23 Oct; Thurston

Baker,Dollie,D,13 Oct 65,11,3,age 84

Baker,Effie,W,16 Nov 66,1,4,Davenport

Baker,Irene,W,19 Dec 67,22,5,Anthony

Baker,Orren W.,D,23 Apr 69,9,5,15 Apr

Balazs,Alexander John,B,13 Oct 65,6,8,23 Sep

Balazs,Steven Christopher,B,

Balcom,Annie,D,14 Jul 65,11,3,age 93

Balcom,Gerald Jay,B,

Balcom,Michelle Lee,B,16 Jul 69,8,7,14 Jul

Balcomb,Henry, Mrs.,D,30 Apr 69,2,3,age 83

Baldwin,Agnes Mary,W,10 Jan 68,13,1,Kennedy

Baldwin,Albert Victor,D,17 May 67,9,3,age 69

Baldwin,Margaret,P,11 Jan 67,4,4,Veitch

Baldwin,Margaret,P,14 Dec 66,15,4,Race

Baldwin,Mary,W,29 Jan 69,10,3,Smith

Bale,Joseph Wilfred Leroy,B,5 Oct 66,6,5,30 Aug

Bale,Winnifred,P,27 Nov 68,6,6,Bates

Bale,Winnifred,P,5 Nov 69,6,5,Bates

Bale,Wm Earnest Chas,M,16 Mar 66,10,4,Oatman

Balfour,Jane C.,E,17 Aug 66,10,6,2 Sep; Ross

Balfour,Jane Connell,M,7 Sep 66,8,3,2 Sep; Ross

Balint,Nicholas,M,7 Dec 66,11,3,29 Oct; Luki

Ball,Elizabeth,D,9 Aug 67,10,5,3 Aug; age 83

Ball,Florence,W,20 Mar 68,2,6,Mouland

Ball,Gordon, Mrs.,D,14 Feb 68,16,2,74th year

Ball,Verna,W,15 Dec 65,11,4,Fowler

Ballantyne,Chad Grant Richman,B,20 Aug 69,8,3,19 Aug

Ballantyne,Donald Sidney,E,19 Apr 67,6,4,19 May; Bearss

Ballantyne,Trevor Donald Sidney,B,

Bancroft,Lorne Douglas,D,27 Nov 68,3,2,11 Nov; 64th year

Bankaert,Zulma,W,22 Dec 69,9,3,Vanhende

Banman,Michael,D,24 Jul 68,16,4,age 4

Barat,Joan Mary Elizabeth,E,15 May 68,6,4,22 Jun; Fehr

Barat,Joseph Emery,B,

Barber,Ellen,D,12 Feb 69,11,1,Chiverton

Barbier,Albert,A,23 Oct 68,3,1,25th

Barbier,Louise Edna,E,2 Mar 66,9,4,14 Apr; Toth

Barbier,Louise,M,20 Apr 66,11,3,14 Apr; Toth

Barbier,Marilyn L.,M,27 Nov 68,11,5,8 Nov; VanAcker

Barbier,Marilyn Louise,E,23 Oct 68,3,7,8 Nov; VanAcker

Barbier,Robert,E,12 Feb 69,4,1,1 Mar; Miskelly

Barbier,Robert,M,26 Mar 69,2,3,1 Mar; Miskelly

Bardawill,Charles Joseph,D,8 Feb 67,3,5,


Barham,Annetta,P,20 Mar 68,2,3,Maginnis

Barham,Leila,D,8 May 68,16,2,Dreyer

Barham,Richard,D,16 Oct 68,12,3,5 Oct; age 33

Barham,Richard,IM,1 Oct 69,8,3,d 5 Oct 1968

Bari,Henri,D,17 Nov 65,10,4,age 94

Barker,Christopher James,B,19 Apr 67,6,6,6 Apr

Barker,Della Diane,M,26 Oct 66,8,7,1 Oct; Eveland

Barker,Donna Gail,B,

Barker,Harold Roger,D,27 Sep 67,3,6,age 21

Barker,Howard Brant,B,

Barker,James,D,9 Apr 69,7,2,age 68

Barker,John Richard,E,23 Mar 66,6,8,9 Apr; Schultz

Barker,Kathleen Shirley,M,22 Feb 67,9,1,4 Feb; Ellington

Barker,Linda Charlene,B,

Barker,Orren,D,16 Apr 69,3,4,age 67

Barker,Sarah,P,20 Apr 66,4,6,Titmuss

Barker,Stephanie Ann,B,


Barlow,Richard James,B,

Barlow,son,B,19 Nov 69,6,3,10 Nov

Barlow,Stephanie Ann,B,

Barnecott,Anne,D,18 Aug 65,13,3,age 79

Barnes,Christina,P,14 Jul 65,11,1,Ostrander

Barnes,Georgina,D,17 Jan 68,10,4,House

Barnes,Graham,E,23 Jul 69,5,7,22 Aug; Frey

Barnes,Graham John,M,10 Sep 69,13,3,22 Aug; Frey

Barnes,Lowell Wayne Thos,M,13 Apr 66,8,3,2 Apr; Arthur

Barnes,Michael Allen,B,

Barnes,Richard Paul,M,11 Dec 68,14,1,30 Nov; Kiss

Barnum,Barbara,P,29 Sep 65,6,4,Hoecht

Barnum,Catherine,P,16 Oct 68,8,8,Currin

Barnum,Dorothy Jean,E,17 May 67,9,4,10 Jun; Schmocker

Barnum,Dorothy Jean,M,21 Jun 67,12,5,10 Jun; Schmocker

Barnum,James H.,D,28 Jun 65,1,3,age 60

Barnum,Janet Elaine,E,7 Jul 65,6,8,17 Jul; Coulson

Barons,Gertrude,W,5 Jan 66,7,4,Taylor

Barons,W. C.,A,21 Sep 66,17,3,50th

Barr,Elizabeth,D,14 Aug 68,11,7,age 81

Barr,Elizabeth,D,21 Aug 68,15,6,11 Aug

Barr,Judith Margarette,M,10 Dec 69,9,3,15 Nov; Robinson

Barr,Noreen Lynda,E,11 Sep 68,10,5,5 Oct; Phillips

Barr,Noreen Lynda,M,16 Oct 68,3,4,Phillips

Barrett,Sarah,W,17 Sep 69,16,5,Mann

Barry,Otta,D,17 Apr 68,10,6,age 84

Barth,George,D,27 Dec 68,2,5,age 72

Bartlett,Gail Darlene,M,25 Sep 68,8,1,4 Sep; Leonard

Bartlett,Gary L.,E,3 Jul 68,8,6,26 Jul; Magee

Bartlett,Gary Lee,M,7 Aug 68,12,3,26 Jul; Magee

Bartlett,Ida,P,6 Oct 65,10,5,Shearer

Bartlett,Shirley Jean,E,30 Aug 67,8,6,23 Sep; DeRyk

Bartlett,Shirley Jean,M,18 Oct 67,10,1,23 Sep; deRyk

Bartlett,Shirley,P,29 Jan 69,8,5,DeRyk

Bartlett,Vera,A,22 Oct 69,9,4,McShane

Bartlett,Violet,A,8 Jun 66,1,4,Sharpe

Bartley,Arnold Harry,E,1 May 68,6,7,8 Jun; Silverthorn

Bartley,Ronald Harley,E,8 Jun 66,11,3,9 Jul; Weitzel

Bartley,Ronald Harley,M,13 Jul 66,8,6,9 Jul; Weitzel

Bassett,Sherri Lynn,B,

Bates,Jane,P,9 Nov 66,9,3,Clarke

Bates,Tami Louise,B,

Bates,Vicki Lynn,B,

Bauer,Magdalena,D,7 Aug 68,13,2,Lemche

Baughman,Bruce,D,3 Dec 69,19,3,78th year

Baughman,Charlotte,IM,10 Mar 65,6,5,d 8 Mar 1962

Baughman,Charlotte,IM,8 Mar 67,8,8,d 8 Mar 1962

Baughman,Debra Kathleen,B,8 Sep 65,6,6,1 Sep

Baughman,Edith,D,5 May 65,8,3,Hoover

Baughman,Morris,A,17 Feb 65,1,1,25th

Baughman,Ralph,E,29 Mar 67,3,4,29 Apr; Deans

Baughman,Ralph Burton,M,17 May 67,12,3,29 Apr; Deans

Baughman,Shirley,P,27 Jan 65,6,3,Scott

Baughman,Solon,D,8 Jan 69,5,2,28 Dec; 89th year

Bawer,dau of Marshall,A,3 Jan 68,3,5,Legg

Baxter,Andrew, Mrs.,D,28 Jun 67,11,3,age 86

Baxter,Della Maude,D,14 Aug 68,11,8,Tracey

Baxter,Earl,D,1 Mar 67,10,3,age 75

Baxter,Earl,D,8 Mar 67,9,5,

Baxter,Earl,IM,28 Feb 68,6,6,d 27 Feb 1967

Baxter,Earl,IM,26 Feb 69,8,8,d 27 Feb 1967

Baxter,Harold Lowell,M,21 Apr 65,9,4,Lunn

Baxter,Harold Lowell,M,7 Apr 65,18,3,20 Feb; Lunn

Baxter,W. C.,IM,28 Aug 68,6,7,d 30 Aug 1967

Baxter,William Cecil,D,6 Sep 67,11,5,age 49

Bayes,Fred’k Chas., Rev.,D,2 Apr 69,17,5,25 Mar; age 67

Beach,Margaret,W,24 Jan 68,4,6,Charlton

Beacham,Cecil,D,7 Jul 65,7,3,2 Jul; age 77

Beale,Judith Brace,M,15 Sep 65,11,5,Kenny

Beale,Judith,P,17 Dec 69,6,2,Kenny

Beamer,John Roland,M,25 Aug 65,10,4,Rokeby

Beamer,Melissa,P,10 Jul 68,2,3,Williams

Beard,George, Mrs.,D,15 Feb 67,2,1,age 52

Beard,Violet,IM,7 Feb 68,8,3,d 11 Feb 1967


Bearss,Diane,P,9 Jun 65,6,5,Robinson

Bearss,Diane,P,13 Mar 68,6,4,Robinson

Bearss,Ida,D,25 Sep 68,2,6,Summers

Bearss,Marjorie,P,31 Mar 65,6,4,Webber

Bearss,Ronald Grant,E,23 Feb 66,6,6,26 Mar; Wolfe

Bearss,Rose Mary Kathleen,E,19 Apr 67,6,4,Ballantyne

Bearss,Rose Mary,P,28 Aug 68,6,7,Ballantyne

Bearss,Rose Mary,P,20 Aug 69,8,3,Ballantyne

Bearss,Ross,D,5 Jan 66,7,4,age 67

Bearss,Ross,IM,28 Dec 66,6,5,d 30 Dec 1965

Bearss,Ross,IM,27 Dec 67,6,6,d 30 Dec 1965

Bearss,Ross,IM,27 Dec 68,6,6,d 30 Dec 1965

Bearss,Sonya Jean,B,

Beattie,Donald William,M,4 Jan 67,8,1,5 Nov; Kennedy

Beattie,Kenneth Wayne,M,1 Feb 67,2,4,29 Jan; Smith

Beattie,William Joseph,B,

Beck,Gertrude,D,25 Sep 68,1,8,age 84

Beckett,Walter, Mrs.,D,24 Apr 68,16,3,13 Apr

Beckett,Wayne Douglas,E,28 May 69,9,7,21 Jun; Twining

Beckett,Wayne Douglas,M,9 Jul 69,14,1,21 Jun; Twining

Bedggood,Linda Marguerite,M,21 Jun 67,14,3,27 May; Sadler

Bedggood,Linda Marguerite,E,24 Apr 67,6,4,27 May; Sadler

Beech,Henry,A,23 Apr 69,1,8,40th

Beemer,Merle,W,9 Feb 66,7,4,Sitts

Begley,Carol Dianne,E,22 Oct 69,6,4,25 Oct; Ashford

Belan,John Anthony,E,13 Jan 65,6,6,Daugherty

Belan,John A.,M,14 Feb 65,15,5,Phillips

Bell,Richard A., Dr.,D,30 Aug 67,1,8,12 Aug

Bellis,Frances,IM,22 Nov 67,6,7,d 21 Nov 1946

Belore,Colin,D,4 Jan 67,9,3,age 65

Belore,Harold,D,13 Aug 69,9,5,6 Aug; 67th year

Bending,Margaret,IM,11 Oct 67,8,4,d 14 Oct 1964

Benner,Amy,P,6 Aug 69,2,1,Herries

Benner,Arthur, Mrs.,D,30 Jul 69,7,5,age 71

Benner,Bruce,D,19 Dec 67,22,6,age 70

Benner,Bruce L.,D,27 Dec 67,10,3,17 Dec

Benner,Bruce L.,M,11 Dec 68,6,7,d 17 Dec 1967

Benner,Cora Mae,D,6 Aug 69,2,2,28 Jul

Benner,Fred,D,29 Jun 66,4,4,age 79

Benner,Fred,D,6 Jul 66,8,5,

Bennett,Ethel,W,8 Jan 69,5,1,Martin

Bennett,Hazel Mildred,W,20 Dec 66,2,3,Evert

Bennett,Judy Karen,E,23 Apr 69,7,4,7 Jun; Crane

Bennett,Judy Karen,M,25 Jun 69,4,2,7 Jun; Crane

Bennion,Sharon Elizabeth,M,30 Jul 69,9,2,25 Jul; Stephens

Bentley,Flossie,D,2 Apr 69,17,6,Chute

Bentley,Herbert S.,D,26 May 65,1,5,age 73

Berberick,Catharine Ann,E,28 Aug 68,6,7,Vandierendonck

Berberick,Catherine,M,9 Oct 68,9,7,Vandierendonck

Berberick,Cathy,P,16 Jul 69,8,7,Vandierendonck

Berdan,Ada,D,24 Nov 65,8,4,Fairbairn

Berdan,Annie,D,19 May 65,12,4,

Berdan,Annie,D,12 May 65,9,6,92nd year

Berdan,Evelyn Jean Kay,M,16 Nov 66,13,4,Fearman

Berdan,Evelyn Jean,E,26 Oct 66,12,7,5 Nov; Fearman

Berdan,Mary,D,25 Sep 68,2,5,age 72

Berdan,Robert,D,28 Feb 68,14,3,74th year

Berdan,William,D,25 Oct 67,3,1,age 89

Berdan,William,D,1 Nov 67,2,2,24 Oct

Berendt,Maria,P,20 Nov 68,8,4,Jukes

Bergsma,Adam,M,28 Apr 65,10,2,VanLingen

Bergsma,Allan Arthur,B,1 Feb 67,8,4,18 Jan


Berry,Blake,D,22 Oct 69,15,1,age 52

Berry,Christine,D,6 Jan 65,11,4,age 90

Bertleff,Erna,M,5 May 65,7,3,1 May; Fabi

Bertleff,Michael,A,2 Feb 66,1,4,28 Jan; 60th

Betterley,Andrew, Mrs.,D,13 Dec 67,3,4,age 51

Betterley,Beatrice,D,19 Dec 67,3,3,12 Dec

Betterley,Edythe Gail,M,10 Sep 69,3,1,1 Aug; White

Betterley,Ethel,A,23 Mar 66,16,4,Laur

Betterly,Margaret Ellen,W,20 Apr 66,7,4,Wilkie

Beveridge,Merilyn Marg’t Jean,E,10 Apr 68,11,7,Harrington

Beveridge,Merliyn Marg’t Jean,M,29 May 68,3,5,Harrington

Bignell,Richard Carl,E,29 May 68,2,1,VanPatter

Bignell,Richard Carl,M,26 Jun 68,5,1,22 Jun; VanPatter

Bilkes,Mia,P,17 Apr 68,9,7,Overduin

Bilks,Wilhelmina,E,18 Aug 65,6,5,13 Sep; Overdurn

Binding,Elmo,IM,12 Oct 66,6,5,d 14 Oct 1965

Binding,Margaret Elizabeth,IM,13 Oct 65,6,3,d 14 Oct 1964

Binding,Margaret,IM,9 Oct 68,6,8,d 14 Oct 1964

Binding,Margaret,IM,15 Oct 69,8,4,d 14 Oct 1964

Birchmore,Edward, Mrs.,D,3 Apr 68,2,3,

Bird,Flossie,W,21 Dec 65,7,4,Bowen

Biro,Susan Alison,B,4 Jan 67,6,4,21 Dec 1966

Bischoff,Sherrie,M,2 Jul 69,4,7,13 Aug; Scott

Bishop,Daisy Maude,D,27 Apr 66,8,5,Lampman

Bishop,Ivan Cecil,D,13 Mar 68,2,5,10 Mar; age 58

Bishop,Ivan,IM,12 Mar 69,8,5,d 10 Mar 1968

Bissett,Stella,W,14 Jul 65,11,4,Bailey

Black,Annie,D,9 Aug 67,10,3,4 Aug; age 84

Black,John A.,D,20 Jul 66,12,4,age 82

Blainey,Martha M.,D,7 Dec 66,5,4,age 90

Blake,Blanche, Mrs.,M,14 Sep 66,1,7,7 Sep; Roberts

Blake,Harry, Mrs.,D,17 Feb 65,12,4,age 62

Blankenship,Michael Stephen,M,6 Nov 68,3,1,Welten

Blankenship,Michael Stephen,E,11 Sep 68,10,1,28 Sep; Nuyen

Blashill,Charlotte,W,8 Jan 69,5,2,Baughman

Blinn,Eleanor Ada Louise,E,30 Apr 69,6,4,10 May; Laur

Blum,Charles Bernard,E,7 Sep 66,6,6,1 Oct; Haak

Blyth,Catherine Grace,M,16 Jun 65,4,6,5 Jun; Hannon

Bobbett,Elsie May,W,30 Jul 69,7,4,Brice

Bobbette,Constance,D,3 May 67,13,3,age 73

Bobier,Donald Earl,E,8 Nov 67,8,7,2 Dec; Ostrander

Bodkin,Anne Elizabeth,E,21 Jul 65,6,8,Baertsoen

Bodkin,Anne,P,6 Dec 67,6,5,Baertsoen

Bodkin,Joan Valerie,E,9 Aug 67,8,5,Lang

Bodkin,Keith,P,1 Sep 65,8,4,Baertson

Bodkin,Maude,D,17 Jan 68,13,8,

Bodkin,Wilfred Andrew,D,13 Apr 65,1,8,age 77

Boettinger,Flossie,D,28 Feb 68,14,4,Dunsmore

Bogart,Brian Leo,E,31 May 67,14,5,24 Jun; Gavey

Bogart,Brian Leo,M,5 Jul 67,12,1,24 Jun; Gavey

Bogart,Dale Stanley,M,16 Aug 67,13,7,29 Jul; Yeoman

Bogart,Eva, Mrs.,D,25 Jan 67,10,6,

Bogart,Reginald John,E,25 May 66,6,8,18 Jun; Leslie

Bogart,Reginald John,M,29 Jun 66,4,1,18 Jun; Leslie

Bogart,Rodney, Mrs.,D,18 Jan 67,5,5,age 69

Boldt,son,B,20 Dec 66,3,3,2 Dec

Bond,Russell Charles,D,16 Nov 66,11,3,

Bond,Russell Charles,D,9 Nov 66,8,4,age 35

Bond,Russell,IM,8 Nov 67,8,8,d 6 Nov 1966

Bondy,Judith Anne,E,1 Mar 67,8,8,8 Apr; Given

Bondy,Judy,P,16 Apr 69,6,8,Given

Bone,Jason Robert,B,3 Dec 69,6,7,22 Nov

Bone,Robert James,E,31 May 67,6,8,1 Jul; Boyd

Bone,Robert James,M,19 Jul 67,9,1,1 Jul; Boyd

Booast,Herbert P., Mrs.,D,16 Apr 69,3,3,

Booker,Arthur W.,D,4 Oct 67,13,5,age 40

Boonstra,Vonda Lynne,D,17 Dec 69,9,2,9 Dec; age 7 mos

Booy,Everett,E,3 Apr 68,3,1,8 Jun; Maracle

Booy,Evert,M,19 Jun 68,2,1,8 Jun; Maracle

Booy,Henry,M,29 Oct 69,4,3,4 Oct; DeWit

Booy,Henry P.,E,10 Sep 69,2,1,4 Oct; DeWit

Booy,Mary Nancy,B,

Borreman,William George,B,

Borremans,John,A,14 Dec 66,1,5,50th; 16 Dec

Bossuyt,Noel,D,15 Jan 69,5,5,5 Jan

Bossuyt,Noel,D,8 Jan 69,5,3,age 41

Botour,Marie,D,2 Jun 65,10,4,Almon

Bottrill,Stanley,D,17 May 67,9,4,

Bottrill,Stanley,D,10 May 67,9,1,age 73

Boucher,Albert Cook,D,20 Jul 66,12,3,age 89

Boucher,Augusta,D,27 Dec 67,10,1,age 88

Bouckaert,Aaron Gilbert Joseph,B,5 Mar 69,6,8,2 Mar

Boughner,Alice,D,12 Apr 67,12,1,Hardy

Boughner,Carol,W,24 Apr 67,1,5,White

Boughner,Elsie, Mrs.,M,2 Jul 69,4,5,14 Jun; Watson

Boughner,Heather Lynn,B,

Boughner,Ronald Earl,E,21 Sep 66,6,3,15 Oct; Pirrie

Boughner,Shirley,P,26 May 65,6,6,Paget

Boughner,Shirley,P,15 Nov 67,6,8,Paget

Boughner,Wallace,IM,24 Nov 65,6,7,d 27 Nov 1963

Boughner,Wallace,IM,22 Nov 67,6,7,d 27 Nov 1963

Boulding,Edith,D,10 Nov 65,5,4,Williams

Boultbee,Gavin Westhaver,M,23 Jul 69,4,7,19 Jul; Lehman

Bouma,Aleida,E,23 Jun 65,6,5,17 Jul; Nooren

Boussen,Carol,E,2 Nov 66,6,8,25 Nov; Nevill

Boussen,Carole Saraphina,M,30 Nov 66,11,3,25 Nov; Nevill

Bouthoorn,Nellie,E,28 Apr 65,6,8,15 May; Sloat

Bouthoorn,Nellie,M,19 May 65,3,1,15 May; Sloat

Bowen,Anna C.,D,9 Aug 67,10,4,Sykes

Bowen,Clara L.,D,2 Feb 66,11,1,91st year

Bowen,Delbert,D,21 Dec 65,7,4,age 77

Bowen,Donald,D,13 Jul 66,11,1,infant

Bowen,Kerry Darlene,B,23 Aug 67,6,3,17 Aug

Bowen,Rachel,P,2 Jun 65,10,3,Adams

Bowen,son,B,10 Mar 65,6,4,20 Feb

Bower,Grace,W,18 Jan 67,5,5,Cline

Bowes,Addie,P,29 May 68,11,4,Godby

Bowes,Maggie,W,29 Jan 69,10,3,Caldwell

Bowes,Sanford,D,26 May 65,8,1,77th year

Bowman,Aleatha Mae,D,3 Dec 69,19,1,Hart

Boxall,Frederick,D,26 Mar 69,4,2,19 Mar; age 79

Boyd,Brenda Ruth,E,31 May 67,6,8,1 Jul; Bone

Boyd,Brenda Ruth,M,19 Jul 67,9,1,1 Jul; Bone

Boyd,Hazel,D,29 Dec 69,9,5,Grass

Boyd,Maude,D,19 Nov 69,2,2,Mercer

Boyd,Nelson,D,6 Dec 67,2,4,2 Dec; 75th year

Boyd,Pamela Laura,M,10 Nov 65,9,5,Bradford

Boyd,Thelma,D,28 May 69,14,4,Lambrecht

Boyd,Viola,W,18 Sep 68,2,5,Phillimore

Boyes,Jean S.,D,13 Jul 66,11,1,90th year

Boyes,Jean S.,D,20 Jul 66,7,5,

Bozoky,Margaret Mary,D,20 Aug 69,12,6,Madacsi

Brackenbury,Donald W.,D,12 Jun 68,9,7,

Brackenbury,Donald W.,D,5 Jun 58,14,4,age 50

Brackenbury,Dorothy,W,23 Aug 67,16,6,Richardson

Brackenbury,Frank,A,13 Apr 65,1,5,14 Apr; 50th

Brackenbury,Frank,P,9 Mar 66,1,6,Danbrook

Brackenbury,Jessie,P,11 Oct 67,4,4,Fitch

Brackenbury,Keith,E,2 Oct 68,12,1,2 Nov; Taylor

Brackenbury,Leo,D,9 Feb 66,11,7,age64

Brackenbury,Leo,D,16 Feb 66,2,6,

Brackenbury,Lois,P,8 Mar 67,8,3,Taylor

Brackenbury,Susan Lynn,B,30 Mar 66,6,4,20 Mar

Braddon,George F., Mrs.,D,4 Oct 67,13,1,age 72

Bradford,George, Mrs.,D,31 Mar 65,7,1,

Bradford,George, Mrs.,D,24 Mar 65,7,3,age 51

Bradford,George Frederick,M,10 Nov 65,9,5,Boyd

Bradford,Gladys,IM,23 Mar 66,6,6,d 23 Mar 1965

Bradford,John Douglas,M,9 Jul 69,2,3,21 Jun; Mortier

Bradford,John D.,E,4 Jun 69,5,3,21 Jun; Mortier

Bradford,Joseph,M,13 Aug 69,11,5,McClintock

Bradley,Arthur,H,6 Sep 67,11,4,Rowe

Bradley,Daniel Lloyd,M,14 Jun 67,12,2,25 May; Howe

Bradley,Flossie,D,31 Jul 68,10,3,age 88

Bradley,Leila,D,14 Sep 66,1,8,

Bradley,Mary,D,8 Sep 65,9,4,age 83

Bradley,Mary,D,15 Sep 65,8,4,6 Sep

Bradley,Mildred May,D,6 Oct 65,10,6,Soper

Bradt,Cathy,E,3 Jul 68,8,6,3 Aug; Vindasius

Bradt,daughter,B,19 Oct 66,6,7,11 Oct

Bradt,Douglas Ronald,B,8 Oct 69,6,6,16 Sep

Bradt,Lenore Agnes,E,21 Dec 65,6,2,Elliott

Bradt,Lenore Agnes,E,21 Sep 66,6,3,8 Oct; Elliott

Bradt,Margaret,W,27 Dec 67,10,2,Garrod

Brandow,Donna Marie,E,24 Mar 65,2,1,Doyle

Brandow,Gertie,D,19 Nov 69,2,1,Anger

Brandow,Robert, Mrs.,D,24 Mar 65,8,5,age 75

Branion,Harry,A,6 Jan 65,1,1,55th

Branscombe,David Spence,B,

Branscombe,Elizabeth Anne,B,

Branscombe,Heather Lynne,B

Brant,Dorothy Ann,E,20 Mar 68,4,3,20 Apr; Schaap

Brant,Dorothy Ann,M,24 Apr 68,9,1,20 Apr; Schaap

Brant,Dorothy,P,22 Oct 69,6,3,Schaap

Brant,Edna,W,31 Jan 68,1,8,Adams

Brant,Susan,P,16 Jul 69,8,7,Balcom

Brassington,Caroline,W,22 Jan 69,2,1,Fordham

Braun,Anna,M,12 May 65,2,2,10 May; Feys

Breen,Christina,W,31 Jan 68,1,8,Shannon

Breen,Elizabeth,P,11 Aug 65,7,2,Bryne

Breen,William,D,16 Oct 68,1,7,age 19

Breens,Bob,IM,8 Nov 67,8,8,d 6 Nov 1966

Breens,Robert Jenner,D,9 Nov 66,8,4,age 51

Breens,Robert J.,D,16 Nov 66,11,2,

Breens,Robert,IM,6 Nov 68,8,7,d 6 Nov 1966

Breitenstein,Steve,A,19 Nov 69,1,3,18 Nov; 50th

Bremer,Coby,M,29 Sep 65,11,4,23 Sep; Kers

Bremer,Herman,M,23 Jun 65,7,4, Dykxhoorn

Brenders,Elizabeth Cornelia,M,21 May 69,11,3,2 May; Campbell

Brenders,Elizabeth Cornelia,E,16 Apr 69,6,7,3 May; Campbell

Brennan,Mary Jill,B,29 Sep 65,6,4,20 Sep

Brewer,Gordon, Mrs.,D,3 Mar 65,10,2,age 59

Brewer,Gordon Edward,D,16 Jul 69,12,5,11 Jul; age 67

Brewer,Thomas,D,11 May 66,8,1,

Brewer,Thomas,D,4 May 66,10,4,age 97

Brice,Norman,D,30 Jul 69,7,4,age 81

Bridgeman,Barbara Marie,E,1 Jun 66,6,6,25 Jun; Buchanan

Bridgeman,Barbara Marie,M,13 Jul 66,11,7,Buchanan

Bridgeman,Marlene Yvonne,M,18 Oct 67,11,1,Demaray

Bridgewater,Charles A.,D,28 Jun 67,11,2,age 76

Brigg,David Harold,E,20 Nov 68,8,6,21 Dec; Martin

Briggs,Ralph Raymond,D,1 Nov 67,5,4,age 63

Brinn,Pearl,D,30 Apr 69,2,3,Balcomb

Brisebois,Raymond J.,M,10 Apr 68,2,5,1 Apr; Reid

Brisebois,Rodney Joseph,B,

Brisseau,Donald J.,D,9 Aug 67,10,4,5 Aug; age 57

Brisseau,Mark Andrew,B,22 Sep 65,6,6,9 Sep

Broadbent,Bernice Jean,W,12 Jul 67,11,5,Hand

Broadbent,Lottie,W,15 Mar 67,2,3,Cleveland

Brockie,Jessie,W,29 Nov 67,16,4,Iler

Broderick,John Stuart,D,11 Sep 68,10,7,1 Sep

Brook,Bertha,D,20 Apr 66,7,4,age 83

Brooke,Dalton,A,26 Jun 68,1,3,26 Jun

Brooke,Harold, Rev.,IM,7 Apr 65,8,7,d 6 Apr 1954

Brooke,Lillian Edith,D,15 May 68,15,4,Willsie

Brooks,Earl, Mrs.,D,17 Jan 68,10,3,74th year

Brooks,Helen,W,19 Nov 69,2,1,Lamb

Brooks,Peter Charles,B,14 Aug 68,8,5,9 Aug

Brooks,Richard Charles,M,21 Apr 65,4,3,10 Apr; Campbell

Brooks,Richard Charles,E,17 Mar 65,8,3,Campbell

Brooks,Richard Charles,E,17 Mar 65,6,3,10 Apr; Campbell

Brooks,Sandra,B,23 Jun 65,6,5,19 Jun

Brooks,Saphronie,P,21 Jul 65,13,2,Charlton

Brooks,Susan,P,14 Aug 68,11,7,Ellsworth

Brooks,Wayne Grant,B

Broughton,Florence,D,18 Jan 67,5,6,King

Brower,Anna,P,17 Jan 68,10,4,House

Brower,Robert,M,17 Mar 65,11,4,13 Mar; Cox

Brower,Robert,E,24 Feb 65,6,4,13 Mar; Cox

Brower,Ronald Wayne,E,5 Feb 69,8,3,8 Mar;Shackelton

Brower,Ronald Wayne,M,12 Mar 69,10,2,8 Mar; Shackelton

Brown,Ada,IM,7 Apr 65,8,7,d 12 Apr 1961

Brown,Barbara,D,14 Jul 65,11,3,Zylen

Brown,Bonnie,E,17 Mar 65,6,3,17 Apr; Holmes

Brown,Bonnie Irene,M,21 Apr 65,12,1,17 Apr; Holmes

Brown,Bruce,D,23 Feb 66,13,2,age 80

Brown,Bruce,D,2 Mar 66,9,6,

Brown,Caroline,D,5 Nov 69,15,2,Wetzell

Brown,Catharine,P,23 Feb 66,13,2,Charlton

Brown,Cecilia Margaret,E,30 Jul 69,6,5,16 Aug; Painchaud

Brown,Colin, Mrs.,D,24 Apr 68,13,3,

Brown,Darlene Elizabeth,B,18 Oct 67,8,5,10 Oct

Brown,David Arthur,B

Brown,Dollie,D,13 Oct 65,11,3,Baker

Brown,Dolly,P,16 Apr 69,3,4,Barker

Brown,Emma,P,29 Oct 69,2,5,Hayward

Brown,Frances,W,4 Aug 65,11,5,Westover

Brown,Gladys,W,27 Mar 68,3,4,Stafford

Brown,Helen,W,19 Dec 67,22,5,Loveday

Brown,Herbert M.,A,12 Jun 68,4,7,3 Jun

Brown,Herbert,D,22 Dec 69,9,4,age 86

Brown,Herbert Mandeville,D,29 Dec 69,9,4,20 Dec

Brown,James, Mrs.,D,16 Feb 66,9,4,

Brown,John L.,D,6 Jan 65,2,4,

Brown,John Wm. H.,D,27 Apr 66,11,6,age 35

Brown,John W. H.,D,4 May 66,10,3,

Brown,Justina,P,11 Sep 68,10,7,Frey

Brown,Lois,W,6 Oct 65,9,5,Jacobs

Brown,Lucy,W,24 Jul 68,16,1,Cline

Brown,Lyman, Mrs.,D,6 Jan 65,11,1,30 Nov

Brown,Mamie,D,1 Sep 65,8,4,Dawson

Brown,Margaret,P,9 Aug 67,10,4,Sykes

Brown,Max R.,D,25 Aug 65,7,5,age 44

Brown,Olive,P,3 Dec 69,19,2,Nelson

Brown,Paul Colman,E,8 Nov 67,8,7,2 Dec; Knowles

Brown,Paul Colman,B

Brown,Paul Colman,B

Brown,Peter Martin,B

Brown,Phillip Wynn,E,18 Sep 68,6,6,12 Oct; Lawrence

Brown,Rowena,D,13 Jul 66,7,4,Ferguson

Brown,Roy,D,23 Feb 66,5,3,

Brown,Roy,D,16 Feb 66,9,5,age 55

Brown,Roy,A,17 Sep 69,20,3,24 Sep; 50th

Brown,Sandra Lee,M,3 Mar 65,2,1,Timpany

Brown,Sandra Lee,E,10 Feb 65,6,3,27 Feb; Timpany

Brown,Stewart A.,D,9 Feb 66,7,3,age 67

Brown,Velda,A,24 Sep 69,1,3,Charlton

Brown,Von,A,11 Jun 69,9,1,50th

Brown,Von C.,A,21 May 69,1,3,50th

Brown,Wilfred Byers,D,1 Feb 67,11,7,

Brown,Wilfred B.,IM,24 Jan 68,8,6,d 27 Jan 1967

Brown,Wilfred,IM,22 Jan 69,8,4,d 22 Jan 1967

Brown,William,P,9 Mar 66,10,4,Pierce

Brown,William, Mrs.,D,5 Nov 69,16,3,26 Oct

Browne,Gwen,W,24 Sep 69,16,2,Howick

Browne,John,H,17 Jan 68,10,5,House

Browning,Barry William,M,21 Sep 66,15,3,3 Sep; Zaleski

Browning,Ivy,W,22 Feb 67,14,1,McPherson

Browning,Patrick William,B

Brumpton,Annie,P,21 Sep 66,10,3,Honsinger

Brunelle,Albert J.,D,5 Jul 67,10,7,

Brunsdon,Albert,IM,15 Dec 65,6,6,d 25 Dec 1960

Brunsdon,Allient,IM,19 Dec 67,8,7,d 25 Dec 1960

Brunsdon,Michael Edward,B,25 Jan 67,8,5,14 Jan

Brunton,Bonnie Kathleen,B

Brunton,Thomas Alexander,M,17 Aug 66,9,5,6 Aug; Ingram

Brunton,Thomas Alexander,E,13 Jul 66,9,1,Ingram

Bryce,Augusta,P,5 Mar 69,7,1,Merkle

Bryne,Mary Margaret,M,1 Feb 67,4,1,Prendergast

Buchanan,Larry Robert,E,1 Jun 66,6,6,Bridgeman

Buchanan,Larry Robert,M,13 Jul 66,11,7,Bridgeman

Buchanan,Leila,D,14 Sep 66,1,8,Bradley

Buchanan,Stanley,D,28 Dec 65,5,2,age 80

Buchner,B. C.,A,16 Oct 68,3,6,50th

Buchner,Darla Grace,B

Buchner,Eunice,M,6 Oct 65,13,1,2 Oct; Taylor

Buck,Clayton,A,27 Nov 68,1,8,50th

Buck,Clayton,A,13 Nov 68,1,8,50th

Buck,Clayton,A,20 Nov 68,1,4,50th

Buck,Dora,W,3 Dec 69,19,3,Baughman

Buck,Ernie,A,7 Apr 65,1,8,25th

Buck,Lula May,IM,17 Apr 68,8,7,d 14 Apr 1967

Buck,Mary,D,10 Jan 68,13,1,age 68

Buck,Mary,D,17 Jan 68,13,6,7 Jan

Buck,Mary,IM,8 Jan 69,8,6,d 7 Jan 1968

Buck,Morley,D,7 Jul 65,7,4,age 76

Buck,Morley G.,D,14 Jul 65,11,4,5 Jul

Buck,Morley,IM,29 Jun 66,6,8,d 5 Jul 1965

Buck,Percy, Mrs.,D,19 Apr 67,2,4,age 57

Buck,William H.,A,11 Jan 67,4,2,17 Jan; 50th

Budai,Alexander,D,2 Jun 65,10,5,age 79

Budai,Alexander,D,9 Jun 65,10,2,

Bugg,David Harold,M,15 Jan 69,4,1,21 Dec; Martin

Buis,Brian Adrian,B

Bull,Catherine Anne,M,19 Apr 67,9,4,15 Apr; Learn

Bullock,Joseph,P,5 Oct 66,7,1,Wimpory

Burch,Harry,D,24 May 67,9,5,age 72

Burgess,Betty,M,19 Jan 66,9,2,11 Jan; Roelans

Burgess,Verna Jean,M,20 Sep 67,2,5,Moore

Burgett,Frank, Mrs.,D,10 Apr 68,12,5,age 65

Burkholder,Gertrude,D,9 Nov 66,1,8,

Burks,Edith,D,11 May 66,13,8,Pearson

Burns,Francis Howard,E,16 Jun 65,6,6,10 Jul; McCallum


Burrell,Elizabeth Joan,B

Burston,Sylvia,P,9 Feb 66,6,8,Corless

Burwell,Joanne,D,2 Feb 66,2,6,Meyers

Bush,nee,P,21 Sep 66,6,5,Archer

Bushell,Albert, Mrs.,D,16 Aug 67,12,3,3 Aug; age 74

Buston,Bessie,D,29 May 68,11,6,Edison

Busz,Eva,W,2 Mar 66,11,5,Freisinger

Butler,Agnes,W,27 Jan 65,9,1,Clow

Butler,Annie,W,24 Jul 68,16,1,McConkey

Byrne,Joseph Patrick,D,11 Aug 65,7,2,age 41

Cady,Marie,W,27 Apr 66,11,6,Brown

Caers,Emiel Joseph,M,15 Oct 69,5,7,25 Sep; Honsinger

Caers,Herman Joseph,E,10 Sep 69,8,4,4 Oct; Lynch

Cain,Robert George,M,30 Jul 69,8,1,19 Jun; Hawley

Caldwell,Coral,A,16 Apr 69,9,7,Foster

Caldwell,Judson,D,5 Feb 69,13,7,27 Jan

Caldwell,Judson,D,29 Jan 69,10,3,age 91

Calhoun,Ronald C.,M,14 Jul 65,2,5,Marcil

Cambridge,Margaret Ann,M,15 Jan 69,10,1,28 Dec; Milmine


Cameron,Ian James,M,2 Nov 66,5,3,29 Oct; Wheaton

Cameron,Ian James,E,5 Oct 66,9,7,29 Oct; Wheaton

Campagnaro,Patricia Mary,M,9 Oct 68,10,3,31 Aug; McPherson

Campbell,Adelaide,W,6 Sep 67,11,4,Shaw

Campbell,Angus, Mrs.,D,6 Jul 66,10,5,age 89

Campbell,Annie,D,14 Jul 65,11,3,Balcom

Campbell,Cecile Earlene,E,17 Mar 65,8,3,Brooks

Campbell,Cecile Earlene,E,17 Mar 65,6,3,10 Apr; Brooks

Campbell,Cecile Earlene,M,21 Apr 65,4,3,10 Apr; Brooks

Campbell,Dusty Dean,D,12 Mar 69,3,8,5 Mar; age 5

Campbell,Earl,A,8 Oct 69,7,3,25th

Campbell,Earlene,P,14 Aug 68,8,5,Brooks

Campbell,Jean May,W,9 Feb 66,7,3,Brown

Campbell,Liz,P,25 Oct 67,8,8,Cathers

Campbell,Mae,D,25 Jan 67,3,4,Coulter

Campbell,Marilyn Margaret,E,3 Aug 66,6,5,3 Sep; Goble

Campbell,Martha Mae,D,24 Nov 65,11,1,age 67

Campbell,Maude,D,14 Jun 67,7,2,4 Jun

Campbell,May,IM,16 Nov 66,6,7,d 17 Nov 1965

Campbell,nee,P,28 Jun 67,8,6,Sprague

Campbell,Russell Bruce,M,21 May 69,11,3,2 May; Brenders

Campbell,Russell Bruce,E,16 Apr 69,6,7,3 May; Brenders

Candy,William H.,A,21 Apr 65,1,3,8 Apr; 46th

Cann,Verda,W,23 Apr 69,9,6,Ferguson

Card,Stanley A.,D,8 Feb 67,3,5,12 Dec 66; age 76

Card,Stanley Alden,D,20 Dec 66,2,4,12 Dec; 78th year

Caris,Mary,M,28 Aug 68,11,3,Lamers

Carlson,Ray,D,2 Feb 66,1,4,age 21

Carr,Barbara Isabel,E,7 Sep 66,6,6,1 Oct; Hart

Carr,Barbara Isabel,M,2 Nov 66,3,3,1 Oct; Hart

Carr,Caroline,D,15 Sep 65,1,8,age 77

Carrel,Edward,A,5 Nov 69,2,1,50th

Carrel,Ruth Joyce,E,10 Jan 68,8,3,3 Feb; Abbott

Carrel,Ruth Joyce,M,21 Feb 68,4,1,3 Feb; Abbott

Carrel,Ruth,P,13 Nov 68,8,5,Abbott

Carroll,Cherie Marie,M,3 Dec 69,20,1,8 Nov; Ward

Carroll,Joseph F.,E,7 Jul 65,11,6,31 Jul; King

Carroll,Michael Joseph,B,6 Aug 69,8,3,28 Jul

Carroll,Patricia Ann,E,4 Oct 67,14,1,Estabrooks

Carroll,Patricia Ann,M,8 Nov 67,12,3,28 Oct; Estabrooks

Carrothers,Jack,D,22 Dec 69,9,3,13 Dec

Carrothers,John J.,D,17 Dec 69,9,1,13 Dec; 74th year

Carruthers,Pearl,W,5 May 65,8,2,Hepburn

Carson,Ida,A,2 Feb 66,1,7,Marr

Carter,A. J.,A,5 Apr 67,1,8,25th

Carter,Carmon Kent,B

Carter,daughter,B,16 Mar 66,6,5,25 Feb

Carter,Emma,D,13 Jul 66,7,4,age 86

Carter,Ernest Claud,D,31 Jan 68,10,3,22 Jan

Carter,Ernest,D,24 Jan 68,3,4,age 82

Carter,Everitt J.,IM,27 Jan 65,6,3,d 29 Jan 1961

Carter,Frederick,IM,6 Dec 67,6,8,d 6 Dec 1940

Carter,Ian Keith,E,24 Apr 68,15,4,Robertson

Carter,Ian Keith,M,22 May 68,2,1,11 May; Robertson

Carter,Joseph, Mrs.,D,16 Mar 66,10,5,age 68

Carter,Larry Allen,M,4 Aug 65,2,7,Wieb

Carter,Mabel,A,13 Dec 67,1,4,Stafford

Carter,Mabel,W,29 Dec 69,9,5,Stafford

Carter,Martha,W,28 Aug 68,9,2,Cooper

Carter,Mary,D,8 Sep 65,9,4,Bradley

Carter,N. Lawrence, Mrs.,D,18 Jun 69,14,2,age 26

Carter,Ruth Ann,B,18 May 66,6,3,16 Apr

Carter,son,B,26 Jun 68,6,5,4 Jun

Cartwright,Charles,D,3 Sep 69,9,4,25 Aug

Cartwright,Charles,D,27 Aug 69,13,6,78th year

Cartwright,Clifford J.,D,17 Apr 68,10,7,9 Apr; age 63

Cartwright,David Leslie,B

Cartwright,Frances,P,19 Dec 67,8,3,Hustler

Cartwright,Ida Eveline,A,22 Oct 69,1,3,Morse

Cascadden,Nancy,P,4 Dec 68,2,2,Freeman

Cascadden,Nancy,P,10 Sep 69,9,1,Anger

Cassis,Darryl Robert,B,28 Jul 65,11,5,13 Jul

Cathers,Angela Ann,B,25 Oct 67,8,8,1 Oct

Cathers,Carrie Lee,B,17 Sep 69,6,4,3 Sep

Cathers,Minnie Jane,D,20 Sep 67,12,2,10 Sep

Cathers,Minnie Jane,D,13 Sep 67,2,5,age 82

Catt,Adam Harold,B,5 Feb 69,8,5,20 Jan

Catt,Nelson,A,13 Apr 66,1,8,25th

Catt,Stephen,D,22 May 68,2,4,91st year

Catt,Vicki Rose,B,30 Mar 66,6,4,25 Mar

Cattrysse,Christopher Philip,B,24 Apr 68,7,1,11 Apr

Caughey,Elizabeth Jane,E,13 Sep 67,15,3,7 Oct; Wellwood

Caughey,Elizabeth Jane,M,8 Nov 67,11,3,7 Oct; Wellwood

Caulfield,Alice,D,9 Feb 66,7,4,age 81

Caulfield,Alice,D,16 Feb 66,2,6,

Causier,Gennie Mary,E,25 Sep 68,6,6,28 Sep; Witherow

Causier,Lillian Mary,D,1 Nov 67,2,1,Morris

Cavell,Gayle,P,23 Apr 69,6,6,Tisdall

Cavell,Sandra Gayle,E,26 Jun 68,6,4,28 Jun; Tisdall

Caverly,Beatrice,D,3 Apr 68,9,7,Neving

Chabot,Leo Richard,B

Chabot,Roger Samuel,E,3 Nov 65,6,4,11 Dec; Chute

Chabot,Roger,M,15 Dec 65,9,3,Chute

Chalk,Claude,A,28 Sep 66,1,6,40th

Chalk,Edna Louise,A,9 Aug 67,1,5,8 Aug; Harrett

Chalk,Florence Pearl,D,16 Jun 65,2,4,Abell

Chalk,Florence Pearl,W,15 Jun 66,3,1,Abell

Chalk,Mary Margaret,M,25 May 66,5,3,7 May; Kalman

Chalk,Maurice,A,18 Jan 67,12,1,9 Jan; 65th

Chalk,Norman, Mrs.,D,9 Nov 66,9,4,age 74

Chalk,Omer,D,1 Nov 67,2,3,age 87

Chalk,Omer,D,8 Nov 67,13,4,31 Oct

Chambers,Alison Elizabeth,B

Chambers,Alma,D,11 Oct 67,4,4,7 Oct; 84thyear

Chambers,Elva,P,6 Jul 66,6,3,Pressey

Chambers,George Roscoe,IM,31 Mar 65,6,7,d 1 Apr 1962

Chambers,George R.,IM,27 Mar 68,6,7,d 1 Apr 1962

Chambers,James, Mrs.,D,12 Nov 69,9,5,2 Nov

Chambers,James, Mrs.,D,5 Nov 69,15,2,70th year

Chambers,Katrina Louise,B

Chambers,Lesa Ann,B

Chambers,Mark Joseph,B

Chambers,Michael Allen,B

Chambers,Roscoe,IM,29 Mar 67,8,6,d 1 Apr 1962

Champion,James, Mrs.,D,5 Jun 68,14,3,67th year

Chanyi,George Robert,E,17 May 67,9,4,6 Jul; More

Chaplar,Joseph,D,3 Nov 65,11,3,68th year

Chaple,Edith Isabelle,W,6 Apr 66,10,4,Strachan

Chapman,Bert, Mrs.,D,24 Mar 65,1,8,age 67

Chapman,Georgina,W,31 Jul 68,10,3,Pineo

Chapman,Grace,D,16 Jul 69,12,6,West

Chapman,Karen Joyce,E,8 Oct 69,9,3,8 Nov; Dearlove

Chapman,Mac,A,8 Jan 69,1,7,25th

Charleau,John Ernest,M,25 Jun 69,9,1,Pond

Charlton,Ansel,P,23 Mar 66,1,3,Hoover

Charlton,Austin,IM,31 Mar 65,6,7,d 29 Mar 1964

Charlton,Clara,P,5 Jun 68,14,3,Champion

Charlton,Clifton, Mrs.,D,24 Apr 68,14,5,age 74

Charlton,Clinton C.,D,26 Jan 66,4,5,age 77

Charlton,Cynthia Noreen,B

Charlton,Earl,D,5 Oct 66,13,3,63rd year

Charlton,Earl,D,12 Oct 66,10,6,

Charlton,Earl,IM,4 Oct 67,8,8,d 5 Oct 1966

Charlton,Earl,IM,2 Oct 68,8,8,d 5 Oct 1966

Charlton,Estella,W,16 Aug 67,16,4,Hoover

Charlton,Jasen Todd,B

Charlton,John A.,A,10 Sep 69,12,7,50th

Charlton,John,A,24 Sep 69,1,3,24 Sep; 50th

Charlton,Karen Nancy,E,1 Sep 65,6,6,McConnell

Charlton,Karen Nancy,M,13 Oct 65,8,4,McConnell

Charlton,Karen,P,31 May 67,6,5,McConnell

Charlton,Laurie Lynn,B

Charlton,Mabel Kate,W,9 Feb 66,7,4,Martindale

Charlton,Margaret,D,7 Apr 65,15,6,Hevenor

Charlton,Marilyn,P,23 Jun 65,6,5,McLain

Charlton,Marion,P,27 Apr 66,10,3,Scott

Charlton,Milton S.,D,8 May 68,16,1,age 72

Charlton,Myrtle,D,23 Feb 66,13,2,age 77

Charlton,nee,P,15 Feb 67,8,6,McLain

Charlton,Orlando,D,21 Jul 65,13,2,age 83

Charlton,Orlando,D,28 Jul 65,8,5,20 Jul

Charlton,Rosemary,E,7 Jun 67,7,5,15 Jul; Gordon

Charlton,Wilena,W,28 Jun 65,1,3,Barnum

Charlton,Wilfrid Milton,D,24 Jan 68,4,6,age 46

Chase,Ernest Allen,D,12 Apr 67,12,1,age 67

Chase,Victoria Ingrund,M,30 Mar 66,10,4,26 Mar; Ainscow

Chato,Jennifer Lynn,B

Chato,Ronald J.,M,18 Aug 65,14,4,14 Aug; Mann

Chato,Ronald Joseph,E,28 Jul 65,4,4,14 Aug; Mann

Cheesman,Wray Glover,IM,23 Nov 66,6,6,d 26 Nov 1965

Chesney,Norma Grace,W,19 May 65,12,4,Fallowfield

Chessman,Wray Glover,D,1 Dec 65,8,2,age 72

Chilton,Cheryl Lynn,E,7 Jun 67,6,5,1 Jul; Summers

Chilton,Cheryl Lynn,M,12 Jul 67,3,1,1 Jul; Summers

Chinnery,Scott Andrew,B

Chipchase,Lynda Anne,M,17 May 67,15,3,6 May; Shelly

Chipchase,Lynda Ann,E,5 Apr 67,13,5,Shelly; photo

Chipchase,Lynda Ann,E,5 Apr 67,8,8,6 May; Shelly

Chipchase,Lynda,P,15 Jan 69,14,6,Shelly

Chipps,Frank,BD,19 Apr 67,14,5,15 Apr; 90th

Chivers,Mary,D,19 Jan 66,10,2,age 89

Chivers,Mary,D,26 Jan 66,4,5,

Chiverton,Carrie Maude,W,10 Feb 65,7,4,Gray

Chiverton,Ellen,D,12 Feb 69,11,1,7 Jan

Chiverton,Laura,W,10 Feb 65,7,4,Gray

Chowen,Julia Elaine,B

Chowen,Richard James,E,28 Jun 67,8,6,29 Jul; Wright

Chowen,Richard James,M,9 Aug 67,14,3,Wright

Christian,Rhoda Ann,D,28 Jul 65,10,4,age 16

Christie,Kenneth,M,4 Mar 68,3,7,Nagy, Mary

Christie,Virginia,P,13 Nov 68,8,6,

Church,Marlene,M,22 Oct 69,9,4,27 Sep; Martin

Church,Marlene,E,10 Sep 69,9,7,27 Sep; Martin

Church,Mildred Ann,E,19 May 65,6,4,12 Jun; Simon

Church,Mildred,E,29 Oct 69,8,4,29 Nov; Pourchex

Churchill,Linda Gail,E,20 Sep 67,8,8,30 Sep; Schuyler

Churchill,Linda Gail,M,11 Oct 67,9,6,30 Sep; Schuyler

Chute,Allan Lee,B

Chute,Charles Kenneth,D,4 Jan 67,9,2,28 Dec 66; age 61


Chute,Edith Pearl,D,30 Mar 66,9,3,age 75

Chute,Edith,D,6 Nov 68,2,5,Timpany

Chute,Elgin Laurence,D,1 Nov 67,2,2,25 Oct

Chute,Elgin Laurence,D,25 Oct 67,5,3,age 88

Chute,Elgin Laurence,IM,23 Oct 68,8,8,d 25 Oct 1967

Chute,Flossie,D,16 Apr 69,3,4,1 Apr

Chute,Helen,M,6 Jul 66,2,1,19 Jun; Spicer

Chute,Iola,D,14 Feb 68,16,2,Ball

Chute,Linda,M,15 Dec 65,9,3,Chabot

Chute,Linda Shirley,E,3 Nov 65,6,4,11 Dec; Chabot


Chute,Mabel Louise,A,13 Apr 65,1,5,Brackenbury

Chute,Mildred Ileen,M,16 Jul 69,3,7,27 Jun; Polci

Chute,Vera,D,10 Feb 65,7,7,age 71

Chute,Vernon, Mrs.,D,2 Apr 69,17,6,age 82

Chute,Wilfred,A,23 Oct 68,9,3,30 Oct; 50th

Chute,William B.,D,28 Apr 65,13,2,96th year

Clare,June,W,6 Sep 67,11,5,Baxter

Claris,Ruby,W,5 Jun 68,14,4,Brackenbury

Clark,Alma Edith,D,9 Aug 67,10,4,Stansell

Clark,Lottie,W,17 Aug 66,7,3,McConnell

Clark,Nettie,P,28 Jun 65,1,3,Barnum

Clark,Ruth,P,15 Oct 69,9,4,Arnold

Clark,William,P,20 Apr 66,4,6,Titmuss

Clarke,Edith,A,13 Sep 67,1,7,Davis

Clarke,Marianna Lynn,M,26 Jun 68,10,4,8 Jun; Finnigan

Clarke,Marianna Lynn,E,8 May 68,6,4,8 Jun; Finnigan

Clarke,Marjorie Elizabeth,M,23 Jul 69,13,1,Payne

Clarke,Mary,D,9 Nov 66,9,3,age 92

Clarke,Olive,W,24 Aug 66,5,3,Kennedy

Clarke,Viola,D,16 Apr 69,3,3,Vannatter

Claus,Kenneth S.,D,24 Feb 65,2,5,age 33

Claus,Mary,W,15 Jun 66,8,4,Perry

Cleaver,Barbara,P,25 Jan 67,8,5,Brunsdon

Cleaver,Percy,A,14 Aug 68,12,5,25 Jul; 40th

Cleland,Frances,P,28 Dec 66,3,2,Augustine

Clemence,Elmira,P,8 Sep 65,9,4,Porter

Cleveland,Edward L.,D,15 Mar 67,2,3,age 76

Clifford,George,A,15 Nov 67,16,3,12 Nov; 35th

Cline,Agnes,W,17 Apr 68,10,7,Rohrer

Cline,Beatrice,D,9 Mar 66,10,5,age 51

Cline,Charles L.,D,24 Jul 68,16,1,age71

Cline,Francis,D,18 Jan 67,5,5,age 46

Cline,Jose M. (Joe),D,27 Dec 68,3,7,19 Dec

Cline,Jose “Joe”,D,23 Dec 68,1,7,age 51

Cline,Mark Jeffery,B,9 Jul 69,8,7,4 Jul

Cline,nee,P,7 Feb 68,8,2,McCulloch

Cline,Pamella Susanne,M,21 Aug 68,15,3,3 Aug; McDowell

Cline,Pamella Suzanne,E,3 Jul 68,8,7,3 Aug; McDowell

Cline,Paula Lynn,M,10 Feb 65,4,4,6 Feb; McCulloch

Cline,Paula Lynn,E,13 Jan 65,6,6,McCullough

Cline,Peter Michael,E,16 Mar 66,6,4,7 Apr; Phillimore

Cline,Peter Michael,M,27 Apr 66,3,1,7 Apr; Phillimore

Clinton,Dianne Marie,M,11 May 66,12,1,Stafford

Clinton,Dianne Marie,E,23 Mar 66,6,8,23 Apr; Stafford

Clinton,Dianne Marie,M,11 May 66,10,7,23 Apr; Stafford

Clinton,Edwin Walter,E,9 Jul 69,8,6,Conceicao

Clinton,Edwin Walter,M,6 Aug 69,11,7,19 Jul; Conceicao

Clinton,James Lawrence,E,25 Jun 69,8,5,2 Aug; Riddick

Clinton,James Lawrence,M,13 Aug 69,2,3,2 Aug; Riddick

Clinton,Lisa Nicholle,B

Clinton,Thomas Patrick,E,28 Jun 67,12,7,28 Jul; Cloes

Clinton,Thomas Patrick,M,9 Aug 67,10,6,28 Jul; Cloes

Cloes,Chester L., Dr.,D,21 Jun 67,3,3,87th year

Cloes,Kathryn June,M,9 Aug 67,10,6,28 Jul; Clinton

Cloes,Kathryn June,E,28 Jun 67,12,7,28 Jul; Clinton

Clover,Linda Marlen,M,22 Jan 69,2,5,Marczenko

Clow,James W.,D,27 Jan 65,9,1,age 63

Clunas,Flossie,W,1 Feb 67,4,7,Stover

Clunas,George,E,16 Jul 69,8,5,Gibson

Clunas,Marguerite,A,29 May 68,5,7,Stafford

Cochran,Gordon Nelson,D,26 Jul 67,1,8,age 84

Cohoon,Gordon L.,D,22 Mar 67,10,2,

Cohoon,Gordon L.,D,15 Mar 67,2,1,

Cohoon,Murray,D,11 Oct 67,4,3,age 58

Colborne,Hazel,W,22 Jan 69,8,7,Haines

Colclough,Jeannette Faye,E,24 Apr 67,6,4,Faw

Cole,Estella,W,3 Jul 68,12,6,Wodham

Cole,Juliane Marlene,B

Cole,Larry Wayne,E,15 Sep 65,5,3,16 Oct; Jansen

Cole,Norma,D,11 May 66,8,3,Forshee

Cole,Norman,A,12 Apr 67,1,4,26 Mar; 50th

Cole,Paul Charles,E,7 Apr 65,8,8,8 May; Hartmann

Cole,Paul Charles,M,12 May 65,9,1,8 May; Hartmann



Coleman,Eliz’th Mary Lynne,M,17 Feb 65,3,3,13 Feb; Sharp

Coleman,Eliz’th Mary Lynne,E,20 Jan 65,6,3,13 Feb; Sharp

Coleman,Herbert John,B

Coleman,Margaret Angeline,M,13 Jul 66,7,1,2 Jul; Axford

Collens,Kelley Darlene,B

Collings,John, Mrs.,D,12 Feb 69,11,2,6 Feb; age 87

Collings,Martha,D,28 Dec 65,5,1,Godby

Collings,Mary Clementine,D,25 Jan 67,10,5,Masecar

Collins,Ada,D,19 Apr 67,12,3,28 Mar

Collins,Barbara,D,27 Jan 65,1,8,Holm

Collins,Jessie,P,27 Aug 69,13,6,Lindsay

Collins,Mary,W,10 Dec 69,2,6,Fugard

Collinson,Charles,D,17 Aug 66,7,1,age 84

Collinson,Sarah E.,D,11 Jun 69,14,6,Rokeby

Colquhoun,John D., Dr.,D,20 Apr 66,4,6,

Colquhoun,John Douglas,E,27 Sep 67,8,6,21 Oct; Springett

Colquhoun,John Douglas,M,6 Dec 67,2,1,21 Oct; Springett

Comely,Marie,D,10 Nov 65,1,8,Fallowfield

Conceicao,Delilah Rita,M,6 Aug 69,11,7,19 Jul; Clinton

Conceicao,Delilah Rita Fermina,E,9 Jul 69,8,6,19 Jul; Clinton

Condon,John, Mrs.,D,22 Mar 67,5,7,94th year

Condon,Myrl,D,26 Oct 66,10,1,McCully

Conklin,Allie May,D,1 Jun 66,10,4,Haney

Connolly,Loretta,W,17 Feb 65,13,1,Regan

Connolly,Mary Ellen,W,22 Jun 66,5,4,Prendergast

Connor,Brenda,M,20 Mar 68,9,3,2 Mar; Enns

Connor,Brenda,E,7 Feb 68,8,5,2 Mar; Enns

Connor,Jack,IM,6 Jan 65,6,4,d 30 Dec 1955

Connor,Jack,IM,27 Dec 67,6,6,d 30 Dec 1955

Connor,Joe,A,23 Mar 66,1,4,15 Mar; 50th

Connor,John William,E,24 Jan 68,8,5,Thompson, Judy

Connor,Joseph,D,5 Feb 69,13,7,78th year

Cook,Alice,W,14 Jul 65,11,1,Williams

Cook,Harvey Dewey,D,10 Apr 68,12,4,age 88

Cook,Jean Marie,D,18 Oct 67,1,7,age 7 weeks

Cook,Marjorie,P,7 Dec 66,6,4,Hilliker

Cook,Mildred,W,24 Apr 68,13,3,Travis

Cook,Stanley Benson,M,5 Jul 67,11,4,29 Jun; Walters

Cook,William,A,12 Jul 67,1,8,50th

Cook,William,D,22 Dec 69,9,3,16 Dec

Cook,William,D,17 Dec 69,9,1,

Cooke,Corinne Jane,M,10 May 67,7,3,29 Apr; Froese

Cooke,Corinne,P,29 May 68,7,4,Froese

Cookson,Flossie,D,31 Jul 68,10,3,Bradley

Cooper,Alfred,D,28 Aug 68,9,3,22 Aug; age 81

Cooper,Hannah,W,3 Nov 65,11,1,Hodson

Cooper,John E.,D,21 Sep 66,1,8,age 51

Cooper,Mabel,W,20 Mar 68,2,3,Marshall

Copeland,Annie,W,18 Sep 68,2,3,Hay

Copeland,Sarah,P,19 Jun 68,2,3,Pettibone

Corbett,Laraine Ann,E,17 Nov 65,6,5,4 Dec; Minnema

Corbett,Laraine Ann,M,28 Dec 65,4,3,4 Dec; Minnema

Corbett,nee,P,10 Mar 65,6,4,Gillow

Corbett,Susan Elizabeth,M,4 Aug 65,2,7,24 Jul; Alvaro

Corless,Beatrice,A,27 Aug 69,13,1,Paget

Corless,Emma,W,3 Dec 69,19,1,Shain

Corless,James Arthur,D,29 Nov 67,16,4,age 89

Corless,James Arthur,D,6 Dec 67,2,3,28 Nov

Corless,Jocelyn Noel,B

Corless,Laureen,IM,10 Mar 65,6,5,d 15 Mar 1964

Corless,Laurene,IM,13 Mar 68,6,6,d 15 Mar 1964

Corless,Margaret Laurene,IM,15 Mar 67,8,7,d 15 Mar 1964

Corliss,Margaret Laurence,IM,9 Mar 66,6,6,d 15 Mar 1964

Cormier,Bernadette Gloria,M,2 Mar 66,11,5,19 Feb; Smith

Cornelis,Gerard Joseph,M,2 Apr 69,15,3,28 Mar; Terpstra

Cornish,Kenneth W.,M,28 Jul 65,11,4,23 Jul; Ehl

Cornish,Lynda Lorene,M,30 Nov 66,15,3,5 Nov; Ruddick

Cornwall,Doris,D,11 Jun 69,6,8,Netley

Corperon,Phoebe,P,15 Jan 69,5,8,Wilcox

Corps,Emma,P,19 Feb 69,3,3,Firby

Cote,Pamela Anne,B,27 Apr 66,10,3,17 Apr

Couckuyt,Jack Andrew,E,10 Apr 68,6,3,11 May; Anderson

Couckuyt,Jack Andrew,M,29 May 68,3,1,11 May; Anderson

Coulson,Joseph Peter,E,7 Jul 65,6,8,17 Jul; Barnum

Coulter,George, Mrs.,D,25 Jan 67,3,4,age 70

Coulter,James H.,D,9 Jul 69,1,8,age 50

Couture,Marie Christine Diane,B,23 Dec 68,6,4,16 Dec

Coventry,George,P,29 Nov 67,17,1,Rutter

Cowan,Allan Leslie,E,27 Sep 67,8,6,14 Oct; Graves

Cowan,Allan Leslie,M,15 Nov 67,14,5,14 Oct; Graves

Cowan,Helen,W,19 Oct 66,12,5,Pulley

Cowan,Shelly Lyn,B,3 Apr 68,6,8,28 Mar

Cowell,Emmett,D,24 May 67,9,4,age 90

Cox,Barbara,M,17 Mar 65,11,4,13 Mar; Brower

Cox,Barbara Jean,E,24 Feb 65,6,4,13 Mar; Brower

Cox,Cecil Lorne,D,4 Oct 67,13,3,age 71

Cox,Cecil Lorne,D,11 Oct 67,4,4,1 Oct

Cox,Cecil L.,IM,25 Sep 68,6,6,d 1 Oct 1967

Cox,Cecil L.,IM,1 Oct 69,8,3,d 1 Oct 1967

Coyle,Bernard,D,7 Jul 65,7,3,19 Jun

Craig,Bertha,D,22 Jan 69,2,2,age 88

Craig,Leo, Mrs.,D,24 Jul 68,16,3,age 73

Craik,Bryon Clair,M,14 Sep 66,9,1,3 Sep; Holbrook

Craik,George, Mrs.,D,24 Aug 66,11,3,

Craik,Janice Margaret,M,3 Sep 69,5,3,Schroeder

Craik,Janice Margaret,E,30 Jul 69,2,1,23 Aug; Schroeder

Crandall,Hanna E.,D,12 Jan 66,4,3,Follick

Crane,Betty,P,18 Dec 68,8,4,Kapogines

Crane,James Edwin,E,23 Apr 69,7,4,7 Jun; Bennett

Crane,James Edwin,M,25 Jun 69,4,2,7 Jun; Bennett

Craven,Hattie May,A,12 Jul 67,1,8,Wilson

Crawford,Carman V.,D,28 Jun 67,11,3,17 Jun; age 55

Crawford,Christian Jane,D,27 Apr 66,8,5,10 Apr; age 89

Crawford,Christina Jane,D,13 Apr 66,8,2,age 89

Crawford,Donald Harold,E,30 Mar 66,6,3,7 May; Hertner

Crawford,Donald Harold,M,25 May 66,7,3,7 May; Hertner

Crawford,Percival,D,5 Jun 68,14,3,age 78

Cree,Marion,W,1 May 68,9,8,Given

Creed,Mary Ann,D,18 Dec 68,24,1,9 Dec

Creed,Mary,D,11 Dec 68,6,6,age61

Crispin,Leona,D,15 Mar 67,2,3,Thurston

Crispin,Sadie,W,16 Apr 69,3,3,Roszell

Crocher,J.,A,13 Mar 68,9,8,25th

Crocker,Beatrice,W,27 Dec 67,10,2,Taylor

Crocker,Jane Louise,E,10 Sep 69,12,7,11 Oct; Stainton

Crocker,Jane Louise,M,3 Dec 69,20,4,11 Oct; Stainton

Crocker,Karl Robert,E,5 Jun 68,9,7,6 Jul; Lang

Crocker,Karl Robert,M,7 Aug 68,12,1,6 Jul; Lang

Crocker,Sydney J.,D,5 Jan 66,1,8,30 Dec 1965

Crocker,William,H,22 Feb 67,14,2,Greer

Crooker,Harry Edgar,D,22 Jan 69,2,3,17 Jan; age 74

Crooker,Harry, Mrs.,D,6 Aug 69,2,1,3 Aug; age 76

Crooker,Phoebe Jane,D,13 Aug 69,9,8,3 Aug

Crosby,Azel,D,25 Oct 67,3,1,Gorvett

Crosby,Burton L.,D,15 Oct 69,3,5,80th year

Crosby,Everett,H,28 Feb 68,14,3,Fisher

Crosby,Harry,A,6 Aug 69,3,1,20 Jul; 40th

Crosby,Harry,A,16 Jul 69,1,3,40th

Crosby,Jean,P,2 Feb 66,6,7,Makeiff

Crosby,John, Mrs.,D,17 Nov 65,8,6,age 61

Crosby,Olive Louise,E,21 Jul 65,6,8,28 Aug; Hobson

Crosby,Olive Louise,M,1 Sep 65,11,4,28 Aug; Hobson

Crosby,Theresa,IM,6 Apr 66,6,7,d 13 Nov 1965

Cross,Clarence R., Mrs.,D,30 Jul 69,2,5,age 67

Crossett,Charles,D,8 Sep 65,9,4,age 45

Crossett,Robert Roy,D,9 Aug 67,10,3,73rd year

Crossett,Ruby,W,17 Mar 65,11,2,Smith

Crouch,Mabel,W,22 May 68,2,4,Catt

Crouse,Lawrence Malcolm,M,7 Jul 65,11,1,26 Jun; Fuller

Crouse,Lawrence Malcolm,E,9 Jun 65,6,4,26 Jun; Fuller

Crouse,Pamela Marie,B

Crowdis,Evelyn,D,19 Oct 66,12,5,9 Oct

Crowdis,Evelyn,D,12 Oct 66,10,6,9 Oct; age 64

Crowe,John C.,E,21 May 69,2,7,21 Jun; Kinsey

Crowe,John Charles,M,9 Jul 69,13,7,21 Jun; Kinsey

Csakli,Christine,A,2 Feb 66,1,4,Bertleff

Cudney,Ella,D,31 Mar 65,7,1,Williams

Culham,Henry Spencer,D,4 Mar 68,2,2,29 Feb; age 88

Cumming,William Hood,D,1 Mar 67,1,7,

Cummings,Elaine Margaret,M,9 Nov 66,4,3,15 Oct; Rawlins

Cummings,Elaine Margaret,M,26 Oct 66,8,3,15 Oct; Rawlins

Cummings,Wallace,A,23 Apr 69,9,8,25th

Cunningham,Delbert,D,5 Mar 69,1,8,age 36

Cunningham,Susan,D,9 Apr 69,7,4,McWilliams

Currie,Mary Jane,BD,31 Mar 65,4,5,93rd; photo

Currin,Betty,P,2 Aug 67,8,8,Elgie

Currin,Chad Hunter,B,16 Oct 68,8,8,2 Oct

Curtis,Mary,P,29 Jun 66,4,3,Kennedy

Curtis,Melissa,D,6 Jul 66,8,4,Harvey

Cuthbert,Dorothy,W,30 Mar 66,9,2,Davey

Cutten,Susan Pauline,E,24 May 67,7,5,Wilson

Cutten,Susan Pauline,M,7 Jun 67,16,3,27 May; Wilson

Cutten,Susan Pauline,E,19 Apr 67,9,4,27 May; Wilson

Cutten,Susan,P,1 Oct 69,8,8,Wilson

D’Hondt,Emiel,D,9 Nov 66,9,5,age 60

Dadson,Lela,W,19 Dec 67,22,6,Benner

Dakins,Sharon Ann,B

Dakins,Sharon Ann,D,5 Jan 66,10,4,infant

Dale,Sharon,D,15 Dec 65,11,3,Ruddick

Dalgleish,Wilhemina,W,7 Aug 68,13,4,Shaw

Dalton,Ida Gertrude,D,28 Jul 65,8,5,Kilmer

Danbrook,Keith,A,9 Mar 66,1,6,25th

Dance,Mabel,D,22 Feb 67,1,8,Elves

Dancey,Leon, Mrs.,D,5 Jan 66,7,7,

Dancey,Phoebe,D,15 Dec 65,11,4,age 87

Danells,Norma,W,26 Mar 69,4,2,Masfrankc

Daniel,C. O.,A,21 Sep 66,7,5,25th

Daniel,Carol Jean,M,17 May 67,3,7,22 Apr; DeMelo

Daniel,Carol Jean,E,29 Mar 67,8,4,22 Apr; DeMelo

Daniel,Rosemary Anne,E,13 Sep 67,6,6,14 Oct; Jennings

Daniel,Rosemary Anne,M,25 Oct 67,13,4,14 Oct; Jennings

Danko,Helen,D,22 Jan 69,2,2,Polgar

Darbishire,Alan,M,29 Jan 69,11,4,18 Jan; Toole

Darbishire,Robert Alan,B

Dark,Donna Jean,E,18 Aug 65,6,5,14 Sep; Pinch

Dark,Donna Jean,M,13 Oct 65,7,3,11 Sep; Pinch

Daroci,Pearl Mary,M,29 Sep 65,8,3,25 Sep; Nelson

Darrough,Gladys F.,D,9 Jun 65,10,1,Lee

Daugharty,Inez,A,21 Dec 65,1,4,Nesbitt

Daugherty,Muriel Caroline,E,13 Jan 65,6,6,30 Jan; Belan

Davenport,Frank,D,16 Nov 66,1,4,age 80

Davenport,Sarah May,D,7 Jul 65,1,8,Rogers

Davey,Cavell R.,D,30 Mar 66,9,2,age 50

Davidson,Alicia,D,21 May 69,7,7,Johnson

Davidson,Emmerson,D,1 Feb 67,3,8,age 19

Davidson,James, Mrs.,D,3 Aug 66,10,1,age 80

Davidson,Lottie,D,11 Jan 67,4,6,28 Dec 66; age 97

Davidson,Minnie,D,5 Mar 69,7,2,Underhill

Davies,Alice,W,13 Oct 65,11,1,Robertson

Davies,daughter,B,22 Jan 69,8,5,17 Jan

Davies,Sandra Joanne,E,20 Mar 68,4,3,18 May; Rock

Davies,Sandra Joanne,M,29 May 68,9,7,18 May; Rock

Davies,Shirley,P,13 Dec 67,8,4,Masterson

Davies,Wendy Jane,B,17 Dec 69,6,2,3 Dec

Davis,Allie,W,5 Jan 66,7,4,Bearss

Davis,Cheryl Diana,E,10 Jan 68,8,3,11 May; Antone

Davis,Florence,D,14 Jun 67,7,5,

Davis,Frank,A,13 Sep 67,1,7,50th

Davis,Gail Elizabeth,M,18 Dec 68,26,3,30 Nov; Austin

Davis,Gail Elizabeth,E,13 Nov 68,11,1,30 Nov; Austin

Davis,John William,D,1 Jun 66,10,4,28 May; 72nd year

Davis,Joseph,D,13 Apr 66,11,5,age 43

Davis,Martha L.,W,29 Jun 66,4,4,Rokeby

Davis,Mayden,D,25 May 66,9,1,30 Apr; age 58

Davis,Robert Bruce,D,20 Nov 68,2,4,82nd year

Davis,Stephen LeRoy,B

Dawson,Catherine,D,16 Oct 68,1,8,age 71

Dawson,Mamie,D,1 Sep 65,8,4,age 77

Dawson,Violet,W,15 Mar 67,2,2,Walker

Deacon,Ellen Elizabeth,D,15 Jun 66,8,4,Miller

Deans,Patricia Ann,E,29 Mar 67,3,4,29 Apr; Baughman

Deans,Patricia Ann,M,17 May 67,12,3,29 Apr; Baughman

Deardorf,Elvin Theodore,D,19 Apr 67,2,5,12 Apr; age 66

Dearlove,Albert E.,E,8 Oct 69,9,3,8 Nov; Chapman

Debacher,David Glen,B

Debeyer,Gerald,M,9 Jun 65,10,4,5 Jun; Koster

DeBlaire,Richard,D,24 May 67,9,4,17 May; 77th year

DeBlieck,Cornelis,M,5 Nov 69,7,5,3 Oct; DePater

DeBruyn,Fred,M,1 May 68,10,1,16 Apr; Levnis

DeBruyn,Willy Rene,M,6 Nov 68,3,5,8 Oct; Spriet

DeBruyne,Maurice Louis,M,12 Nov 69,10,3,5 Nov; Thorpe

Declercq,Lucrese Maria Emma,E,9 Jul 69,8,6,9 Aug; Inkster

Declercq,Maria Emma,M,27 Aug 69,12,2,9 Aug; Inkster

DeClute,Alvin, Mrs.,D,8 Jan 69,3,2,4 Jan; age 50

Decoster,Bettiena C.,M,13 Mar 68,9,1,24 Feb; Ostrander

DeCoutere,Randy Allen,B,3 Dec 69,6,7,25 Nov

DeDecker,daughter,B,27 Dec 67,6,3,6 Dec

Deeton,Burton,D,22 Jun 66,1,8,

Defreyn,Zulma Judith,D,18 Dec 68,24,1,Dumez

DeGroat,Dianne Marie,M,15 Nov 67,15,1,Ashford

DeJong,Maria,W,26 Jun 68,20,2,Vanderweegen

DeKeyzer,William,M,24 Sep 69,9,1,6 Sep; Nevill

DeKeyzer,William,E,6 Aug 69,9,7,6 Sep; Nevill

deKoster,Elizabeth Maria,M,14 Feb 68,14,3,3 Feb; Hoffer

deKoster,John W.,E,18 Oct 67,8,7,4 Nov; Wencel

Dekoster,nee,P,10 Sep 69,8,4,Ostrander

DeKoster,John W.,M,15 Nov 67,16,1,4 Nov; Wencel

DeKraker,Eva,M,6 Apr 66,3,3,Wiebenga

DeKraker,Johannes,M,28 Jul 65,10,1,23 Jul; Hulst

DeKraker,Rodger William,B

DeKraker,son,B,10 Mar 65,6,4,20 Feb

Dell,Bertha,W,13 Apr 65,2,3,Ralf

Dell,Ernest, Mrs.,IM,29 Sep 65,6,7,d 1 Oct 1964

Dell,Fannie,W,20 Oct 65,3,1,Hoover

DeLoos,Rozalia,D,22 Mar 67,10,3,Strobbe

DeMaere,Adolf,D,16 Mar 66,10,6,75th year

DeMaere,Felix,D,6 Jul 66,10,5,55th year

Demaray,Gerald Clarence,M,18 Oct 67,11,1,Bridgeman

Demchuk,Irene Lynda,M,7 Aug 68,8,3,20 Jul; Johnson

DeMelo,Manuel,M,17 May 67,3,7,22 Apr; Daniel

DeMelo,Manuel (Mike),E,29 Mar 67,8,4,22 Apr; Daniel

Demeulemeester,Maurice,M,16 Jul 69,2,5,VanDeMaele

Demeulenaere,Paul,M,6 Jul 66,10,7,2 Jul; Dujardin

DenHarder,Marianne,M,12 Oct 66,4,1,1 Oct; Noordham

DenHarder,Roberta Ann,B

DenHarder,Sharlene Michele,B

Denning,Robert Gordon,B

Dennis,Gregory James,B

Dennis,Ida,P,22 Jun 66,5,3,Foy

Dennis,Ida May,W,31 Aug 66,10,7,Foy

Dennis,Jeffery Scott,B,6 Nov 68,8,8,1 Nov

Dennis,Mary,P,5 Nov 69,15,1,Pressey

Dennis,Robert,M,1 Nov 67,12,3,13 Oct; Melchoir

Dennis,Winnifred Bella,D,2 Feb 66,2,6,Snelgrove

Denniss,Charles Henry,D,8 Mar 67,9,4,age 86

Denter,Velzara,P,25 Jun 69,2,3,Louch

Denton,Laura,W,8 Jun 66,2,2,Moore

DePater,Pieternella,M,5 Nov 69,7,5,3 Oct; DeBlieck

Deraeve,Agnes,W,20 Apr 66,10,6,Swaenepoel

DeRidder,Julien,M,23 Jul 69,5,4,5 Jul; Lamers

DeRiviere,Brenda Lee,E,21 Apr 65,6,8,15 May; Scott

DeRiviere,Brenda Lee,M,19 May 65,12,4,Scott

DeRiviere,Louis,A,13 Sep 67,1,8,25th

DeRiviere,Louis,A,20 Sep 67,8,6,25th

Derrough,John,D,20 Sep 67,22,7,age 71

deRyk,Anthony,M,18 Oct 67,10,1,23 Sep; Bartlett

deRyk,Frank,E,20 Nov 68,5,1,21 Dec; Mitchell

deRyk,Peter A.,E,22 Jun 66,6,6,16 Jul; Noels

deRyk,Theo,E,27 Sep 67,8,6,11 Nov; Holman

DeRyk,Angela Marie,B,17 May 67,6,7,3 May

DeRyk,Anthony,E,30 Aug 67,8,6,23 Sep; Bartlett

DeRyk,Cornelis,D,21 Apr 65,11,1,age 63

DeRyk,Cornelis,D,28 Apr 65,13,2,18 Apr

DeRyk,Cornelis,IM,19 Apr 67,6,4,d 18 Apr 1965

DeRyk,Cornelis,IM,24 Apr 68,6,7,d 18 Apr 1965

DeRyk,Cornelius,IM,13 Apr 66,6,7,d 18 Apr 1965

DeRyk,Deborah Ann,B

DeRyk,Michelle Denine,B

DeRyk,Theo,M,15 Nov 67,2,1,11 Nov; Holman

Destounis,Andreas N. C.,E,19 Jun 68,8,4,20 Jul; Neath

Desutter,Anita,M,29 Oct 69,3,1,VanRoestel

DeSutter,Eliza,W,9 Nov 66,9,5,D’Hondt

Devine,Carol Dianne,B,26 Jan 66,6,8,19 Jan

Devine,Colleen,D,1 Dec 65,8,2,age 2

Devine,Phyllis Ann,E,16 Mar 66,6,4,16 Apr; Ketchabaw

Devine,Phyllis Ann,M,27 Apr 66,8,3,Ketchabaw

Devine,Tara Lynn,B

DeVisser,Katherine,W,21 Apr 65,11,1,DeRyk

Devlaeminck,Lony,M,30 Apr 69,3,1,19 Apr; VanRoestel

Devlieyer,Mary,P,18 Sep 68,2,2,VanOverloop

DeVries,John,M,4 Oct 67,2,3,23 Sep; Rogers

Dewaele,daughter,B,15 Jun 66,6,8,6 Jun

DeWaele,Jules, Mrs.,D,29 May 68,11,5,age 78

Dewar,Durward William,D,7 Apr 65,17,3,

Dewar,Durward William,D,31 Mar 65,7,2,age 65

DeWit,Adriana,M,29 Oct 69,4,3,4 Oct; Booy

DeWit,Anne,E,10 Sep 69,2,1,4 Oct; Booy

DeWitter,Gerard,E,25 Aug 65,10,1,25 Sep; Parsons

Dickenson,Ronald Arthur,E,10 Dec 69,13,1,20 Dec; Ritchie

Dickhout,Arthur,D,25 Aug 65,7,5,age 77

Dickhout,Arthur,D,1 Sep 65,8,5,22 Aug

Dickhout,Arthur E.,IM,17 Aug 66,6,6,d 22 Aug 1965

Dickhout,Arthur,IM,16 Aug 67,6,6,d 22 Aug 1965

Dickhout,Arthur,IM,21 Aug 68,6,7,d 22 Aug 1965

Dickhout,Benjamin,B,21 Aug 68,6,7,14 Aug

Dickhout,Eva May,D,27 Nov 68,3,2,Haines

Dickson,Larry Allan,E,16 Mar 66,6,4,9 Apr; Holman

Dickson,Larry Allan,M,18 May 66,8,6,Holman

Dieleman,Cornelis,M,6 Aug 69,11,3,18 Jul; Hoogsteen

Dieleman,Lynn Marie,B,16 Jun 65,6,5,31 May

Diemert,Francis E.,M,26 May 65,3,1,15 May; Lockey

Disbrowe,Carol Ann,M,19 Jun 68,11,1,8 Jun; Passmore

Dixon,Jessie,D,6 Jan 65,2,4,Warwick

Dixon,Vera,W,3 May 67,13,3,Fairbrother

Doan,Alice,D,5 Jun 68,2,5,Forrest

Doan,Duncan,D,4 Mar 68,2,1,28 Feb; 97th year

Doan,Karen Eileen,E,19 Jul 67,8,5,5 Aug; Lacey

Doan,Karen Eileen,M,16 Aug 67,12,4,Lacey

Doan,Karen,P,10 Jul 68,6,7,Lacey

Doan,Medora,P,21 Jun 67,3,4,Garton

Doan,Paulette,M,16 Jun 65,5,7,Ormsby

Dockhorn,Dale Andrew,B

Dockhorn,Erwin Berlin,B

Dohnt,David Carl,M,19 Oct 66,12,3,8 Oct; Holmes

Dohnt,David Carl,E,14 Sep 66,6,6,8 Oct; Holmes

Donck,Albert,M,7 Aug 68,10,7,17 Jul; Matthys

Donkers,Anna Maria,M,19 Apr 67,13,3,1 Apr; Pullen

Donkers,Helena,P,15 Jan 69,14,6,Mezenberg

Donkers,Leo,M,3 Mar 65,4,5,VandenBosch

Donnovan,Elizabeth,W,16 Mar 66,5,1,Foreman

Dooling,Mary Donna Grace,E,5 Feb 69,8,3,22 Mar; Gulyas

Dooling,Mary Donna Grace,M,26 Mar 69,3,4,22 Mar; Gulyas

Doolittle,Neal,A,19 Mar 69,1,8,26 Mar; 50th

Dosser,Mary,M,20 Dec 66,11,6,3 Dec; Weaver

Doucet,Dean Anthony,B,23 Apr 69,6,6,8 Apr

Doucet,Donald Joseph,M,17 Feb 65,13,6,Untereiner

Doucet,George,A,21 Dec 65,1,3,25th

Doucet,Joan,M,21 Dec 65,13,1,Laframbroise

Doucet,Joan,P,25 Sep 68,6,5,Laframboyse

Dowson,William Alexander,M,6 Nov 68,2,3,26 Oct; Wood

Doyle,Jack,E,1 Dec 65,6,4,18 Dec; Willsey

Doyle,Jas Wm Michael,E,19 Jun 68,14,1,13 Jul; Shaw

Doyle,Jas Wm Michael,M,17 Jul 68,5,2,Shaw

Doyle,John J.,M,5 Jan 66,8,4,18 Dec; Willsey

Doyle,William,E,24 Mar 65,2,1,Brandow

Drabick,[not given],IM,26 May 65,6,5,d 29 May 1964

Drake,Keith,A,25 Jun 69,3,6,19 Jun; 40th

Drake,Marianne Denise,B

Drake,Myrtle Ann,P,6 Nov 68,8,8,Dennis

Dredge,Florence,D,20 Apr 66,1,8,

Drenth,Gwendolyn Gay,B

Drenth,Janet,M,31 Aug 66,11,2,20 Aug; McIntyre

Dreyer,Edward, Mrs.,D,20 Sep 67,22,5,age 83

Dreyer,George W., Mrs.,D,8 May 68,16,2,age 84

Driesman,Gillis,D,17 Sep 69,16,4,age 74

Drinnan,Susanna,W,7 Jul 65,8,8,Jago

Drosz,Linda Gloria,M,8 Jan 69,14,1,23 Nov; Hendel

Drummond,Carletta Margaret,B

Drysdale,Mayna,D,15 Jun 66,3,1,Lucas

Duckworth,James Edward,M,15 Jan 69,2,1,11 Jan; McConnell

Duckworth,James E.,E,11 Dec 68,6,4,McConnell

Duff,Graham H.,E,4 May 66,6,5,28 May; Fuller

Duff,Graham Haliburton,M,6 Jul 66,3,1,Fuller

Dujardin,Frans Marcel,E,23 Oct 68,10,3,5 Dec; Janssens

Dujardin,Frans Marcel,M,11 Dec 68,14,4,5 Dec; Janssens

Dujardin,Julie Marlene,B

Dujardin,Maria,M,6 Jul 66,10,7,Demeulenaere

Dumez,Zulma Judith,D,18 Dec 68,24,1,12 Dec; age 73

Duncan,Helen,D,12 Jan 66,7,3,Legg

Dundas,Ida,P,22 Feb 67,14,1,McPherson

Dundas,Mary E.,W,10 Nov 65,5,4,Morris

Dunlop,Charles G.,D,5 Nov 69,15,1,23 Oct

Dunlop,Nell,W,24 Sep 69,16,3,Tuff

Dunlop,William MacKay,E,2 Aug 67,10,1,19 Aug; Hale

Dunlop,William McKay,E,12 Jul 67,8,6,Hale

Dunlop,William McKay,M,23 Aug 67,16,3,19 Aug; Hale

Dunn,Frederick,D,23 Mar 66,15,4,age 90

Dunn,Katherine Della,D,15 Oct 69,3,6,4 Oct

Dunn,Katherine,D,8 Oct 69,14,4,4 Oct; 82nd year

Dunn,Mabel,W,6 Aug 69,2,1,Herries

Dunn,Ralph,IM,19 Jul 67,6,8,d 29 Jul 1961

Dunn,Ralph,IM,24 Jul 68,6,6,d 29 Jul 1961

Dunn,Ralph,IM,23 Jul 69,8,8,d 29 Jul 1961

Dunn,Ronald James,M,23 Jul 69,4,3,28 Jun; Gibbons

Dunn,Ronald James,E,21 May 69,6,5,28 Jun; Gibbons

Dunning,Edythe,BD,28 Apr 65,1,8,80th

Dunning,Gladys,P,13 Mar 68,6,4,O’Connor

Dunning,Olive,D,12 Jun 68,9,6,McKinney

Dunsmore,Flossie,D,28 Feb 68,14,4,age 77

Dunyk,Dmytro,D,7 Sep 66,1,7,age 66

Duquet,Rosalie,W,16 Mar 66,10,6,DeMaere

Durdle,James Henry,D,27 Dec 67,10,2,age 37

Durkee,Lottie,D,11 Jan 67,4,6,Davidson

Durston,Irene,W,7 Dec 66,5,3,Elvidge

Durston,Thomas, Mrs.,D,21 Sep 66,5,4,age 85

Dusky,Rodger L.,M,7 Sep 66,8,7,20 Aug; Hertner

Dykstra,Barbara Diane,B

Dykstra,Marlene Joan,B

Dykstra,Teresa Marie,B

Dykxhoorn,David Louis,B

Dykxhoorn,Dirk,D,3 Sep 69,9,4,age 64

Dykxhoorn,Margaret,M,23 Jun 65,7,4,18 Jun; Bremer


Eastman,William, Mrs.,D,3 Sep 69,9,4,27 Aug

Eastman,William, Mrs.,D,27 Aug 69,13,7,age 65

Eaton,Annie,W,20 Jul 66,12,4,Black

Ebben,Antoinette Mary,E,7 May 69,6,6,24 May; Johns

Ebben,Antoinette Mary,M,18 Jun 69,3,1,24 May; Johns

Ebben,Peter,D,10 May 67,15,2,57th year

Ebben,Peter,D,17 May 67,9,4,

Ebben,Peter,IM,8 May 68,6,8,7 May

Eberle,Ira H., Rev.,D,12 Feb 69,11,3,5 Feb

Eberth,Maria,D,6 Apr 66,10,5,age 74

Eberth,Michael,D,21 Apr 65,7,3, age 84

Eck,Christie Ann, Dr.,D,6 Dec 67,2,5,

Edison,Bessie,D,29 May 68,11,6,88th year

Edison,Myrtle,D,25 Aug 65,7,5,Jackson

Edwards,William John,M,13 Oct 65,11,4,8 Oct; Kunz

Effinger,Eva,W,2 Mar 66,9,6,Kramer

Effler,Bertha,W,1 Feb 67,11,6,Mills

Egli,Kathleen,W,3 Nov 65,11,3,Chaplar

Ehl,Lorraine Adele,M,28 Jul 65,11,4,23 Jul; Cornish

Elgie,Christina Katharine,B,2 Aug 67,8,8,14 Jul

Elgie,Claire,BD,21 Aug 68,2,4,78th

Elgie,George Horace,D,19 Apr 67,12,3,age 44

Elgie,John LeRoy,M,28 Apr 65,8,5,Pigram

Elgie,Richard John,D,7 Aug 68,13,2,age 42

Elgie,Willard,A,10 Apr 68,1,5,3 Apr; 50th

Ellen,Florence,D,2 Jun 65,10,2,Tuff

Elley,Jennifer Eileen,B

Elley,Reed H.,E,3 May 67,6,7,17 Jun; Plester

Elley,Reed,M,2 Aug 67,10,4,17 Jun; Plester

Ellington,Dennis Barry A.,M,22 Feb 67,9,1,4 Feb; Barker

Elliot,Flo,W,22 Jun 66,1,8,Deeton

Elliot,James A.,D,24 Nov 65,11,2,age 73

Elliott,Ernest Wayne,E,21 Sep 66,6,3,8 Oct; Bradt

Elliott,Henry,D,19 Jan 66,5,4,

Elliott,Wayne,E,21 Dec 65,6,2,Bradt

Ellis,Frances Irene,D,6 Apr 66,10,3,Jones

Ellsworth,Jane,P,10 May 67,6,8,Schmitz

Ellsworth,Jane,P,6 Aug 69,8,3,Schmitz

Ellsworth,Lena,D,14 Aug 68,11,7,age 82

Ellsworth,Sharon,E,15 Mar 67,8,7,8 Apr; Hornsby

Ellsworth,Sharon,M,19 Apr 67,12,1,8 Apr; Hornsby

Ellsworth,Sharon,P,25 Oct 67,8,8,Hornsby

Elves,Mabel,D,22 Feb 67,1,8,

Elvidge,Kelvin William,B,29 Dec 69,6,4,19 Dec

Elvidge,Stewart E.,D,7 Dec 66,5,3,age 69

Emerson,son,B,12 Jan 66,1,5,1 Jan

Emlaw,Maud,D,12 May 65,12,4,Schnekenburger

Empey,Helen,D,3 Apr 68,9,7,Esseltine

Englehardt,John,D,26 Jun 68,20,2,age 57

Enns,Agatha,E,10 Nov 65,8,5,27 Nov; Stafford

Enns,Agatha,M,1 Dec 65,11,2,Stafford

Enns,Isaac,E,7 Feb 68,8,5,2 Mar; Connor

Enns,Isaac,M,20 Mar 68,9,3,2 Mar; Connor

Enns,Linda Marie,B

Enns,Mary,E,26 Mar 69,4,7,19 Apr; Friesen

Enns,Sandi Lee,B

Enns,Teresa Leigh,B

Epp,Maryanne,P,27 Dec 68,6,3,Wellwood

Epple,Wm Chas Timothy,B

Erskine,Viola,D,14 Jun 67,7,6,Peters

Esseltine,Alice,W,4 Aug 65,11,4,Watters

Esseltine,Dellas,D,21 Feb 68,2,2,79th year

Esseltine,Harry, Mrs.,D,3 Apr 68,9,7,age 47

Estabrooks,Brian MacKelvie,E,4 Oct 67,14,1,28 Oct; Carroll

Estabrooks,Brian MacKelvie,M,8 Nov 67,12,3,28 Oct; Carroll

Ethelson,nee,P,12 Jun 68,6,3,Peters

Ethelston,Albert,A,20 Oct 65,1,4,25 Oct; 50th

Ethelston,Albert,A,3 Nov 65,8,3,50th

Ethelston,Albert,D,10 Jul 68,2,4,age 76

Ethelston,Albert,IM,2 Jul 69,8,6,d 3 Jul 1968

Ethelston,Betty Jane,P,24 Jul 68,6,3,Norman

Ethelston,Ernest E.,D,10 Aug 66,11,3,age 76

Ethelston,Ernest E.,D,17 Aug 66,7,3,

Ethelston,Ernest E.,IM,9 Aug 67,8,4,d 9 Aug 1966

Ethelston,Richard Gordon,B,16 Jun 65,6,5,4 Jun

Ethelston,Victor Gordon,B,9 Jun 65,6,5,4 Jun

Eveland,James Everett,M,26 Oct 66,8,7,1 Oct; Barker

Everitt,Celia,D,8 Jan 69,5,3,Jones

Evert,Charles Leroy,E,13 Jul 66,6,7,23 Jul; Willsey

Evert,Charles Leroy,M,10 Aug 66,8,3,23 Jul; Willsey

Evert,Harley E.,D,20 Dec 66,2,3,age 71

Evert,John Charles,B,3 May 67,6,8,22 Apr

Fabi,Michael,M,5 May 65,7,3,1 May; Bertleff

Fabian,John,D,12 Feb 69,11,2,age 71

Fabian,Karen Diane,B

Fabian,Linda Lorraine,B

Fabian,Stephen Michael,D,28 Jun 67,11,5,

Fabian,Stephen Michael,D,21 Jun 67,2,5,age 5

Facey,Mary Lynn,E,31 Jul 68,10,7,McWhinnie

Fairbairn,Ada,D,24 Nov 65,8,4,31styear

Fairbairn,Barb,P,11 Sep 68,8,7,Bassett

Fairbairn,Ella M.,D,1 Dec 65,8,2,

Fairbrother,William Russell,D,3 May 67,13,3,age 63

Fairweather,Jean S.,D,13 Jul 66,11,1,Boyes

Falkins,John W.,IM,14 Feb 65,6,5,d 28 Feb 1964

Falkins,John W.,IM,23 Feb 66,13,8,d 21 Feb 1964

Falkins,Mae,W,5 Apr 67,10,1,Haney

Fallowfield,Donald, Mrs.,D,10 Nov 65,1,8,age 39

Fallowfield,Howard,D,19 May 65,12,4,age 33

Fallowfield,Robert,D,23 Jun 65,6,6,age 22


Farkas,Patricia Ann Marie,M,23 Oct 68,2,3,Westerterp

Farquhar,Charles J.,A,19 Oct 66,1,3,25th

Farquhar,Frank,IM,19 May 65,6,7,d 18 May 1963

Farquhar,Harry,A,23 Feb 66,7,1,1 Mar; 50th

Farquhar,Harry,D,11 Jun 69,14,3,76th year

Farr,Ernest A.,D,27 Apr 66,8,6,age 76

Farrow,Ann,P,19 Mar 69,11,4,Haycock

Farrow,Eric,D,23 Jul 69,14,3,age 65

Farrow,Kevin LeeRoy,B,28 Apr 65,6,8,16 Apr

Farrow,Thomas R.,D,6 Jul 66,8,4,92nd year

Fath,John, Mrs.,D,28 Aug 68,9,2,age 34

Faulds,Catherine Jean,E,11 Oct 67,8,8,4 Nov; Gulyas

Faulds,Catherine Jean,M,27 Dec 67,2,4,4 Nov; Gulyas

Faulds,Paul,M,30 Jul 69,11,3,McLean

Faw,Barbara Louise,E,13 Nov 68,8,7,7 Dec; Haydt

Faw,Brian Douglas,B,18 Jan 67,8,7,9 Jan

Faw,Rebecca Lynn,B,6 Jan 65,6,3,1 Jan

Faw,Ronald Termaine,E,24 Apr 67,6,4,Colclough

Fawcett,John,P,16 Mar 66,10,5,Carter

Fearman,Frances,D,1 Mar 67,10,4,Martyn

Fearman,Howard Douglas,E,26 Oct 66,12,7,5 Nov; Berdan

Fearman,Howard D.,M,16 Nov 66,13,4,Berdan

Fearnley,Eliphalet J.,D,13 Apr 66,8,3,age 89

Fehr,Catherine,W,8 Mar 67,9,5,Harder

Fehr,Frank,E,15 May 68,6,4,22 Jun; Barat



Fehr,William,D,3 Dec 69,19,3,age 57

Fell,Jennifer Anne,B

Fell,William Bruce,E,28 Jul 65,11,5,21 Aug; Glenister

Fell,William B.,M,25 Aug 65,10,4,Glenister

Fenn,David Richard,B

Fenn,Richard B.,M,13 Apr 66,2,1,9 Apr; Scanlan

Fenn,Richard R.,E,9 Mar 66,6,8,9 Apr; Scanlan

Fentie,Mable,D,19 Mar 69,11,4,Haycock

Ferguson,A. J., Mrs.,D,13 Jul 66,7,4,

Ferguson,Edward,D,23 Apr 69,9,6,age 82

Ferguson,Jean,D,17 Jan 68,13,7,Smith

Ferguson,Jennie,P,20 Nov 68,2,3,Lyons

Ferguson,Linda Diane,E,10 May 67,14,7,17 Jun; Peters

Ferguson,Linda Diane,M,21 Jun 67,3,1,17 Jun; Peters

Ferguson,Marie,W,1 Nov 67,5,4,Briggs

Ferguson,Mary Elaine,M,21 Apr 65,12,4,Whitesell; 17 Apr

Ferguson,Noble,D,29 Mar 67,3,2,age 83

Ferguson,Noble Clarence,IM,20 Mar 68,8,8,d 23 Mar 1967

Ferguson,Noble,IM,26 Mar 69,6,8,d 23 Mar 1967

Ferguson,Norman,IM,14 Feb 65,6,5,d 23 Feb 1961

Ferguson,Norman,IM,22 Feb 67,6,8,d 23 Feb 1961

Ferguson,Norman,IM,19 Feb 69,8,6,d 23 Feb 61

Ferguson,William D.,D,26 May 65,8,4,age 84

Ferren,Margaret Ruth,E,9 Nov 66,6,5,3 Dec; VanPatter

Ferren,Margaret Ruth,M,11 Jan 67,4,2,VanPatter, John

Ferris,Carol Anne,D,1 Oct 69,9,2,age 2 ½ months

Ferris,Clara,D,21 Sep 66,10,4,

Ferris,Clara,D,14 Sep 66,8,4,81st year

Ferris,Edna L.,D,2 Nov 66,7,2,age 64

Feys,Marc,M,12 May 65,2,2,10 May; Braun

Fick,Hattie,D,10 Sep 69,9,3,31 Aug

Fick,James, Mrs.,D,3 Sep 69,9,6,age 83

Finch,Frank,A,13 Oct 65,8,1,50th

Finch,Frank H.,D,13 Aug 69,9,8,88th year

Findlay,Laurie Jean,E,8 Sep 65,9,7,2 Oct; Gardner

Findlay,Laurie Jean,M,20 Oct 65,4,4,2 Oct; Garnder

Findlay,Sarah,W,11 May 66,13,7,Smith

Finerty,Helena C. M.,D,28 Apr 65,13,2,21 Apr


Finnigan,Richard Lyle,E,8 May 68,6,4,8 Jun; Clarke

Finnigan,Richard Lyle,M,26 Jun 68,10,4,8 Jun; Clarke

Firby,Clifton,D,28 Feb 68,1,8,17 Jan

Firby,Donna Rose,M,18 Dec 68,26,5,14 Dec; Paget

Firby,Frances,D,26 Feb 69,13,3,19 Feb

Firby,Garfield, Mrs.,D,11 Jun 69,14,6,age 80

Firby,Guy,D,29 Mar 67,3,1,age 58

Firby,Mabel,D,28 Sep 66,12,5,Robins

Firby,Murray,D,20 Dec 66,2,5,age 79

Firby,Murray,IM,13 Dec 67,8,8,d 15 Dec 1966

Firby,Murray,IM,11 Dec 68,6,7,d 15 Dec 1966

Firby,Nellie,D,25 May 66,9,2,age 92

Firby,Nellie,D,1 Jun 66,8,2,

Firby,Rose Belle,D,18 Jun 69,14,2,10 Jun

Firby,Wray,A,23 Dec 68,1,7,17 Dec; 50th

Firby,Wray, Mrs.,D,19 Feb 69,3,3,age 70

Fischer,Sylvia,P,15 Jan 69,14,6,Wittet

Fischer,Virginia Ann,E,17 Sep 69,14,1,11 Oct; Raven

Fishback,Helen Amelia,D,17 Feb 65,13,2,Gregg

Fishback,James,D,4 Jan 67,5,4,22 Dec 66; 74th yr

Fishback,Jennie,W,13 Apr 65,2,3,Bailey

Fisher,Charles,D,3 Jan 68,2,1,age 74

Fisher,Charles W.,IM,23 Dec 68,6,2,d 28 Dec 1967

Fisher,Dean Norman,B,15 Feb 67,8,6,4 Feb

Fisher,Tamson,D,28 Feb 68,14,3,age 79

Fishleigh,Minnie Smith,D,31 Mar 65,1,8,age 79

Fishleigh,Phoebe,P,17 Sep 69,16,5,Mann

Fishleigh,Sarah,P,7 Jun 67,13,3,Gorvett

Fitch,Charles Leslie,D,18 Oct 67,9,7,10 Oct

Fitch,Charles,D,11 Oct 67,4,4,age 57

Fitch,Charles,IM,9 Oct 68,6,8,d 10 Oct 1967

Fitch,Charles,IM,8 Oct 69,6,6,d 10 Oct 1967

Fitchett,Ross,D,13 Dec 67,3,5,7 Dec; age 76

Fleck,Carolyn Marlene,B

Flegel,Mary,M,28 Apr 65,10,6,22 Apr; Mills

Flegel,Mary,W,1 Feb 67,11,6,Mills

Fleming,Annie,D,22 Feb 67,14,2,Greer

Fleming,Donna Lynn,B

Fleming,Fred,A,6 Oct 65,8,4,50th

Fleming,Janet,D,24 Jul 68,16,2,White

Fleming,Jennie,W,16 Aug 67,12,1,Smithson

Flick,Cheryl Lynn,B

Flick,Harry,D,28 Aug 68,9,1,21 Aug; age 70

Flick,Rodney,M,24 Jan 68,2,1,13 Jan; Smith

Floto,Daniel,D,3 Jan 68,2,3,age 93

Floto,Daniel, Mrs.,D,19 Mar 69,11,3,age 86

Fluelling,Louisa,W,7 Jul 65,7,4,Buck

Fluelling,Mary Melinda,A,11 Jan 67,4,2,Buck

Fodor,Gabriel,M,21 Jul 65,4,3,19 Jun; Hopkins

Fodor,Gabriel,E,2 Jun 65,7,5,19 Jun; Hopkins

Follick,George A.,IM,6 Oct 65,6,8,d 5 Oct 1963

Follick,Hanna E.,D,12 Jan 66,4,3,age 85

Fonger,Emma,BD,19 Nov 69,3,1,Rand

Forbes,Patricia Irene,E,11 Sep 68,10,3,12 Oct; Zimmer

Forbes,Priscilla,W,11 May 66,8,3,Johnson

Ford,Susan Lynn,B,29 Oct 69,8,4,

Fordham,Richard Arthur,D,22 Jan 69,2,1,77th year

Foreman,Thomas Charles,D,16 Mar 66,5,1,age 85

Forrest,John C., Mrs.,D,5 Jun 68,2,5,age 74

Forrest,son,B,31 Mar 65,6,4,29 Mar

Forshee,Nora,D,18 May 66,10,2,

Forshee,Norma,D,11 May 66,8,3,age 83

Foster,Don,A,31 Jul 68,1,8,25th

Foster,Dorothy,D,9 Jun 65,9,3,Atkinson

Foster,E. J.,A,16 Apr 69,9,7,60th

Foster,Ed,A,9 Apr 69,1,8,60th

Foster,Florence,W,26 May 65,8,1,Martin

Foster,Harold, Mrs.,D,15 May 68,15,4,age 60

Foster,Joanne Louise,B

Foster,Katharine,P,30 Aug 67,5,4,Westover

Foster,Olive,W,29 Dec 69,9,4,Arthur

Foster,Robert Ian,E,3 Sep 69,5,5,27 Sep; Mathews

Foutre,Valentine, Mrs.,D,16 Jun 65,2,3,age 60

Fowler,Anna Linda,B

Fowler,Rosalie,P,9 Apr 69,6,7,MacLeod

Fowler,Ulysses,D,11 Jun 69,14,7,age 67

Fowler,Ulysses,D,18 Jun 69,14,2,7 Jun

Fowler,W. Lorne,D,15 Dec 65,11,4,age 83

Fowler,W. L.,A,10 Nov 65,1,6,55th

Fox,Al,D,11 Aug 65,1,8,age 63

Fox,Lovinia,D,18 Sep 68,2,5,age 83

Foy,Arnold Saunders,D,31 Aug 66,10,7,age 86

Foy,Bessie,D,22 Mar 67,5,7,Condon


Foy,Fred,D,29 Jun 66,7,2,

Foy,Helen Elizabeth,M,18 Jun 69,5,1,14 Jun; Reid

Foy,Paul Dennis,M,12 Jul 67,4,3,10 Jun; Howard

Foy,Paul Dennis,E,10 May 67,6,5,10 Jun; Howard

Foy,William Fred,D,22 Jun 66,5,3,age 49

Francis,Lena,W,10 Jul 68,2,5,Grigg

Franklin,Anna Belle,W,28 Apr 65,13,2,Chute

Franklin,Barbara Lynn,M,17 Nov 65,3,1,Humphrey

Franklin,Barbara Lynn,E,29 Sep 65,6,3,Humphrey

Franklin,Earl, Mrs.,D,30 Aug 67,3,3,age 75

Franklin,Eva May,IM,1 Sep 65,6,5,d 5 Sep 1957

Franklin,Jennie Mary,M,26 Jul 67,5,2,8 Jul; Riley

Frazer,Ross C.,M,16 Mar 66,8,6,1 Feb; Hilliker

Freeman,Arthur, Mrs.,D,4 Dec 68,2,2,69th year

Freeman,Douglas Gerald,B,23 Aug 67,6,3,18 Aug

Freeman,Gerald Clarence,E,28 Jun 65,8,4,31 Jul; Hardcastle

Freeman,Gerald Clarence,M,4 Aug 65,8,7,31 Jul; Hardcastle

Freeman,Sherwood L.,M,15 Sep 65,8,1,11 Sep; Locke

Freeman,William Paul, Dr.,D,6 Jan 65,11,4,31 Dec; age 78

Freisen,Lois Ann,E,2 Jul 69,3,7,19 Jul; Sawatzky

Freisinger,Joseph,D,9 Mar 66,2,3,

Freisinger,Joseph,D,2 Mar 66,11,5,age 67

Frey,Esther Jean,E,23 Jul 69,5,7,22 Aug; Barnes

Frey,Esther Jean,M,10 Sep 69,13,3,22 Aug; Barnes

Frey,Ethel,D,18 Sep 68,2,5,9 Sep

Frey,Ethel,D,11 Sep 68,10,7,age 83

Fricker,Larry,M,23 Jun 65,10,1,Underhill

Fricker,Violet,D,23 Jun 65,8,6,Haught

Friedrich,Balthazar,D,8 Jun 66,2,1,age 68


Friesen,Cornelius, Mrs.,D,6 Aug 69,2,1,4 Aug; age 48


Friesen,John,E,26 Mar 69,4,7,19 Apr; Enns

Friesen,Katherine,D,13 Aug 69,9,5,4 Aug

Friesen,Margaret,M,14 Jun 67,14,1,10 Jun; Wieler

Frisch,Ann Elizabeth,M,16 Jul 69,12,3,4 Jul; Kostendt

Frisch,Ann Elizabeth,E,18 Jun 69,8,8,4 Jul; Kostendt

Frisch,Elfrieda Mary,M,23 Oct 68,11,1,12 Oct; Reiter

Frisch,Elfriede Mary,E,18 Sep 68,20,1,12 Oct; Reiter

Froese,Richard William,B

Froese,William,M,10 May 67,7,3,29 Apr; Cooke

Froggett,Susan,D,2 Feb 66,11,1,23 Jan; age 76

Frost,Gladys,D,20 Aug 69,12,6,

Fugard,Carie Lyn,B

Fugard,James W.,D,17 Dec 69,14,1,7 Dec

Fugard,James W.,D,10 Dec 69,2,6,56th year

Fugard,Ross,D,3 Jan 68,2,3,27 Dec 1967

Fugard,Ross,D,27 Dec 67,10,3,age 65

Fugard,Ross,IM,27 Dec 68,6,6,d 27 Dec 1967

Fugard,Tracie Lee,B,28 May 69,6,7,18 May

Fuhrer,dau,B,13 Apr 65,6,5,19 Mar

Fuhrer,daughter,B,23 Mar 66,6,3,12 Mar

Fuller,Alda Marie,M,7 Jul 65,11,1,26 Jun; Crouse

Fuller,Alda Marie,E,9 Jun 65,6,4,26 Jun; Crouse

Fuller,Alda,P,24 Jan 68,8,5,Crouse

Fuller,Alexander Grey,E,10 Aug 66,11,7,27 Aug; Shelton

Fuller,Alexander, Dr.,M,26 Oct 66,10,3,Shelton

Fuller,Marion Elaine,E,4 May 66,6,5,28 May; Duff

Fuller,Marion Elaine,M,6 Jul 66,3,1,Duff

Fuller,Todd Michael,B,11 Dec 68,6,5,8 Dec

Furtney,Leona,A,29 Jan 69,4,3,Miners

Fyfe,James A.,D,13 Apr 66,8,2,age 64

Fyfe,William,A,13 Mar 68,13,1,28 Feb; 50th

Gabbett,Kay,W,4 Oct 67,13,5,Grawburg

Gabor,son,B,14 Sep 66,6,3,3 Sep

Gagen,Wellington,H,17 Jan 68,10,5,Olsen

Gallagher,Stella,D,17 Nov 65,10,3,O’ Brien

Gallienne,Nickolas John,D,22 Jan 69,2,3,8 Jan

Galloway,Bertha,D,15 May 68,15,3,6 May; 82nd year

Galloway,Shari Lynn,B

Gammage,Nancy Diane,M,13 Nov 68,3,1,25 Oct;Phillimore

Gammage,Nancy Diane,E,2 Oct 68,12,1,Phillimore

Gara,Joseph,D,18 Oct 67,9,6,68th year

Gardner,David Roy,E,8 Sep 65,9,7,2 Oct; Findlay

Gardner,David Roy,M,20 Oct 65,4,4,2 Oct; Findlay

Gardner,James William,D,7 Aug 68,13,3,101st year

Gardner,James Edward,E,28 May 69,8,3,5 Jul; Ammerman

Gardner,Matilda,P,3 May 67,13,5,Sales

Gardner,Paul Andrew,B

Gardner,Scott Findlay,B

Garrod,Emmett,A,13 Dec 67,1,4,19 Dec; 50th

Garrod,G. Wm., Rev.,D,27 Dec 67,10,2,age 87

Garton,Bessie Pearl,D,1 Nov 67,2,1,Sippel

Garton,Clarence Leland,D,21 Jun 67,3,4,age 60

Garton,Lloyd,A,7 Jun 67,1,8,25th


Gates,Minnie,W,21 Jul 65,13,2,Charlton

Gauthier,Robert James,M,28 Aug 68,3,7,3 Aug; Lewis

Gavey,Kimberly Ann,B,3 Sep 69,8,5,30 Aug

Gavey,Marlene Theresa,M,5 Jul 67,12,1,24 Jun; Bogart

Gavey,Marlene Theresa,E,31 May 67,14,5,24 Jun; Bogart

Gaylord,Duane Caswell,D,10 May 67,15,3,62nd year

Geldhof,Camille,A,14 Jul 65,1,4,10 Jul

Geldhof,dau of G.,A,1 May 68,1,5,Platteeuw

Geler,David Arthur,E,11 Jun 69,14,1,Wintermute

Geling,Melinda,B,21 Feb 68,8,7,17 Feb

Geling,son,B,8 Sep 65,6,6,5 Sep

Genttner,Nancy Winnifred,E,29 Jan 69,8,7,22 Feb; Sweetman

George,Alison Elizabeth,B,25 Aug 65,6,3,18 Aug

Germuska,Paul,D,27 Mar 68,3,6,age 73

Geromine,Albert,M,3 May 67,9,1,Lauterbach

Gervais,Fennis,M,26 May 65,16,3,Tremblay

Gibberson,Diane Elizabeth,E,17 Mar 65,6,3,17 Apr; Gibbons

Gibbons,Barbara Ann,E,10 Nov 65,5,1,4 Dec; Hulst

Gibbons,Barbara Ann,M,8 Dec 65,5,1,4 Dec; Hulst

Gibbons,Blake,D,16 Jun 65,2,3,age 43

Gibbons,Brenda Mae,E,21 May 69,6,5,28 Jun; Dunn

Gibbons,Brenda Mae,M,23 Jul 69,4,3,28 Jun; Dunn

Gibbons,Edward James Allan,E,17 Mar 65,6,3,Gibberson

Gibbons,Jack,D,6 Apr 66,10,4,5 Apr; 41st year

Gibbons,Jeffery Wayne,B

Gibbons,John Walter,M,31 Jul 68,14,1,20 Jul; Kidder

Gibbons,Linda,P,29 Mar 67,3,1,Whitcroft

Gibbons,Mary Alice,M,31 May 67,11,4,Miatello

Gibson,Barbara,W,16 Jun 65,1,5,Vleeming

Gibson,Kathleen,D,29 May 68,11,4,Tillson

Gibson,Sharon Ann,E,20 Sep 67,8,8,Humphries

Gibson,Sharon,P,10 Jul 68,6,7,Humphries

Gibson,Vivian Louise,E,16 Jul 69,8,5,26 Jul

Gibson,Wayne Leo,M,18 Oct 67,13,4,30 Sep; Kilgour

Gibson,Wayne Leo,E,6 Sep 67,8,6,30 Sep; Kilgour

Gielen,Cornelius,M,21 Dec 65,20,3,4 Dec; Partlow

Gielen,Cornelius,E,10 Nov 65,6,4,4 Dec; Partlow

Gielen,Douglas Roger,B

Gierling,Martin,M,15 Nov 67,12,4,Anderson

Gierling,Robert Martin,B

Giesbrecht,Kevin Michael,E,9 Jul 69,8,7,29 Jun

Gifford,W. R.,A,4 Dec 68,1,4,50th

Gifford,W. R.,A,18 Dec 68,1,3,50th

Gilbert,Ethel Irene,W,15 Dec 65,11,5,Strachan

Gilbert,Michael Ross,B,10 Nov 65,6,5,25 Oct

Giles,Robert S.,M,9 Oct 68,2,4,21 Sep; Sawyer

Giles,Robert Stephen,E,21 Aug 68,6,6,21 Sep; Sawyer

Giles,Robert S.,M,2 Oct 68,3,3,21 Sep; Sawyer

Gillett,Cora Adell,IM,3 Mar 65,6,2,d 6 Mar 1958

Gillett,Cora Adell,IM,8 Mar 67,8,8,d 6 Mar 1958

Gillett,Harley Gordon,D,16 Oct 68,10,6,age 67

Gillett,John Wilson,IM,3 Mar 65,6,2,d 1 Aug 1952

Gillett,John Wilson,IM,8 Mar 67,8,8,d 1 Aug 1952

Gillett,Otta,D,17 Apr 68,10,6,Barry

Gillett,Tennice,A,26 Jun 68,1,3,Brooke

Gillies,Mary Given,M,29 Jan 69,8,6,Williamson

Gillow,Catherine Lilias,B,10 Mar 65,6,4,6 Mar

Given,Bruce,D,1 May 68,9,8,age 51

Given,son,B,16 Apr 69,6,8,15 Apr

Given,Thomas Wayne,E,1 Mar 67,8,8,8 Apr; Bondy

Glaser,Walter,M,25 Aug 65,8,3,Oldewening

Glaser,Walter,E,14 Jul 65,10,6,Oldewening

Glenister,Bonnie,P,23 Jun 65,6,5,Nunn

Glenister,Gloria Marie,M,25 Aug 65,10,4,21 Aug; Fell

Glenister,Gloria Marie,E,28 Jul 65,11,5,21 Aug; Fell

Glenister,Gloria,P,24 Jul 68,6,3,Fell

Glenister,Steven Douglas,B

Glenn,Mary,D,13 Dec 67,3,4,Bagnall

Glinksi,Anthony,D,30 Aug 67,5,4,age 62

Glover,Frances Edna,M,31 May 67,2,1,26 May; Kinsey

Glover,Frances,P,31 Jan 68,8,5,Kinsey

Glover,Janine Ann,B

Goble,Donald Glen,E,3 Aug 66,6,5,3 Sep; Campbell

Goble,Michael David,B

Goble,Milton Lorne,E,31 Jul 68,8,4,24 Aug; Whiting

Goble,Shawn Patrick,B

Godby,Clayton E.,D,12 Jan 66,4,3,age 78

Godby,Clayton E., Mrs.,D,29 May 68,11,4,age 73

Godby,Maitland, Mrs.,D,28 Dec 65,5,1,78th year

Godby,Sarah,P,20 Oct 65,3,1,Mossey

Goddard,Cornelia Alice,M,23 Jul 69,9,7,14 Jun; Tank

Goddard,Cornelia Alice,E,21 May 69,6,5,14 Jun; Tank

Goddard,David Edgar,E,30 Apr 69,6,4,30 May; Hartley

Goddard,David Edgar,M,25 Jun 69,3,1,30 May; Hartley

Godwin,Harry,D,7 Feb 68,2,7,age 81

Godwin,Harry,D,14 Feb 68,16,3,5 Feb

Good,C. N., Rev.,D,22 Feb 67,14,1,age 97

Goodman,Lily,D,5 May 65,8,1,Mitchell

Goossens,Irma,W,16 Oct 68,10,6,Mortier

Gordon,Edna,D,12 May 65,12,4,

Gordon,Edna M.,D,5 May 65,8,2,age 55

Gordon,Gary Curtis,E,7 Jun 67,7,5,15 Jul; Charlton

Goris,Henricus,M,28 Jun 67,12,3,17 Jun; Lamers

Gorvett,Harley,D,7 Jun 67,13,3,age 81

Gorvett,Morley, Mrs.,D,25 Oct 67,3,1,age 68

Gosling,Hugh,D,16 Jul 69,12,5,age 32

Gosling,Hugh Gordon,D,23 Jul 69,14,3,13 Jul

Gotzmeister,Katherina,D,13 Apr 65,2,4,Moser

Gould,J. N., Rev.,A,22 Jun 66,1,6,14 Jun

Gould,J. Nelson, Rev.,D,12 Jun 68,4,5,age 88

Gould,J. N., Mrs.,D,10 Jan 68,13,3,age 82

Gowers,Charles S.,P,19 Feb 69,3,3,Firby

Gowers,Frances B

Gowers,Violet,D,15 Feb 67,2,1,Beard

Gracey,Emma,W,10 Nov 65,5,4,Leeson

Gracey,Mary,D,7 Dec 66,5,3,Moore

Graham,Carolin Louise,B

Graham,Clifford Robert,B

Graham,Gale Mavis,B

Graham,Maria Ann,B

Graham,Mary,D,18 Sep 68,2,3,age 75

Grandy,Viletta J.,D,20 Apr 66,7,4,

Grandy,Viletta L.,D,13 Apr 66,11,6,age 94

Granger,Harvey,D,21 Feb 68,2,2,age 52

Grant,Clara,P,31 May 67,12,3,Mitchell

Grant,Ernest Fraser,E,17 Apr 68,9,8,1 May; Robins

Grant,Fraser,M,15 May 68,3,1,1 May; Robins

Grant,George H.,D,4 Jun 69,5,6,79th year

Grant,Jack, Mrs.,D,28 Jun 67,11,3,age 86

Grant,Margaret,D,21 Jun 67,3,4,

Grant,Margaret,IM,12 Jun 68,6,8,d 17 Jun 1967

Grant,Maud,D,13 Apr 66,11,5,Matthews

Grant,twin daughters,B,25 Aug 65,6,3,23 Aug

Grass,Gloria,M,27 Oct 65,9,4,23 Oct; Sheppard

Grass,Gloria Mae,E,22 Sep 65,6,4,23 Oct; Sheppard

Grass,Grace,A,25 Aug 65,1,5,Wall

Grass,Grace,W,27 Mar 68,3,4,Wall

Grass,Harold,M,10 Mar 65,8,5,6 Mar; Wall

Grass,John Ronald,E,16 Jun 65,6,6,26 Jun; Milmine

Grass,John, Mrs.,D,29 Dec 69,9,5,age 55

Grass,Lisa Ann,B,4 Mar 68,8,6,27 Feb

Grass,Lorne,D,26 Jan 66,4,6,

Grass,Patricia Ann,D,15 Jun 66,1,8,14 Jun; infant

Grass,William,IM,14 Feb 65,6,5,d 21 Feb 1964

Grass,William,IM,23 Feb 66,13,4,d 21 Feb 1964

Graves,Bertha,D,22 Jan 69,2,2,Craig

Graves,Gordon C.,D,10 Feb 65,7,4,age 70

Graves,Rose,D,11 Jun 69,14,6,Firby

Graves,Shirley Matilda,E,27 Sep 67,8,6,14 Oct; Cowan

Graves,Shirley Matilda,M,15 Nov 67,14,5,14 Oct; Cowan

Gravlev,Lisbet,M,22 Mar 67,14,3,3 Mar; Grindlay

Grawburg,Allan, Mrs.,D,7 Aug 68,13,3,age 68

Grawburg,Allen Lynn,D,1 Mar 67,10,3,age 70

Grawburg,Allen,A,19 Oct 66,8,5,25th

Grawburg,Sarah,P,4 Oct 67,13,5,Booker

Gray,Frederick Maurice,M,29 Jun 66,11,1,25 Jun; Ward

Gray,John Homer,D,10 Feb 65,7,4,age 80

Gray,Kenneth G.,D,7 Dec 66,5,4,age 42

Gray,Linda May,M,24 Mar 65,13,2,20 Mar; Johnson

Gray,Lori Anne,B

Gray,Mary Ann,D,15 Oct 69,9,4,Arnold

Gray,Russell,A,10 Sep 69,1,6,50th

Gray,William,D,24 Aug 66,5,3,age 81

Green,Emily,W,19 Oct 66,1,1,Woolley

Green,Nellie May,D,24 Aug 66,5,4,McGregor

Green,Tammy Fay,B,27 Nov 68,6,6,adopted

Greensides,Norman William,M,6 Nov 68,10,2,2 Nov; Rakoschi

Greensides,Norman William,E,9 Oct 68,11,1,2 Nov; Rakoschi

Greenwood,Sharon Anne,M,2 Feb 66,2,1,22 Jan; Wigle

Greenwood,Sharon Anne,E,15 Dec 65,6,5,22 Jan; Wigle

Greenwood,Wayne G.,E,2 Jul 69,8,6,18 Jul; Smith

Greer,Annie,D,22 Feb 67,14,2,age 93

Greer,Kathleen,W,28 Aug 68,9,1,Vale

Gregg,Helen Amelia,D,17 Feb 65,13,2,age 66

Gregory,Beverley Susan,E,6 Oct 65,6,8,9 Oct; Robinson

Greig,Helen,P,3 Feb 65,3,2,Arkell

Greig,Helen D.,P,3 Dec 69,19,2,Arkell

Grey,Frederick Maurice,E,1 Jun 66,6,6,25 Jun; Ward

Grice,Pearl,D,15 Feb 67,2,1,Jamieson

Griegoschewski,Jurgen,E,8 Sep 65,5,3,2 Oct; Miller

Griegoschewski,Jurgen,M,13 Oct 65,3,1,Miller

Griegoschewski,Odette Lynn,B,26 Jul 67,8,6,20 Jul

Griffin,Iva R.,D,13 Apr 65,2,2,Truman

Griffin,James K.,M,19 Apr 67,7,4,Ritchie

Griffin,Mamie,D,13 Oct 65,11,7,6 Oct; age 75

Grigg,Joseph,D,10 Jul 68,2,5,age 77

Grigg,Joseph Edwin,D,17 Jul 68,16,2,9 Jul

Grindlay,Douglas,M,22 Mar 67,14,3,3 Mar; Gravlev

Grisenthwaite,Stephen Robert,B

Groat,Cheryl,P,9 Oct 68,6,3,Wilson

Grogan,Thomas L.,D,13 Oct 65,11,2,

Grogan,Thomas Leonard,D,6 Oct 65,9,4,age 65

Grogan,Thomas L.,IM,5 Oct 66,6,8,d 4 Oct 1965

Gromball,Lina,W,7 Aug 68,13,3,Lauszus

Groulx,Arthur,D,9 Oct 68,14,4,3 Oct; age 61

Groulx,Urgel,D,1 Feb 67,11,5,age 51

Groulx,Urgel,IM,24 Jan 68,8,6,d 28 Jan 1967

Gruppen,Henry,W,29 Mar 67,3,2,Annen

Gubesch,John,IM,13 Apr 65,6,7,d 18 Apr 1964

Guest,Rozilla,D,6 Jul 66,10,5,Campbell

Gulyas,David Robert,E,11 Oct 67,8,8,4 Nov; Faulds

Gulyas,David Robert,M,27 Dec 67,2,4,4 Nov; Faulds

Gulyas,William John,E,5 Feb 69,8,3,22 Mar; Dooling

Gulyas,William John,M,26 Mar 69,3,4,22 Mar; Dooling

Gundry,Florence May,D,28 Jul 65,11,6,90th year

Gundry,Myrtle,D,18 Dec 68,24,3,age 89

Gunstone,Annie M.,D,16 Mar 66,5,1,

Gunstone,Annie M.,D,9 Mar 66,10,4,age 85

Gunstone,Charles,D,31 Jan 68,10,3,age 83

Gunstone,Florence Gertrude,D,9 Apr 69,7,3,age 82

Gurr,John Leslie,M,16 Jun 65,7,3,Peters

Gurr,John L.,M,2 Jun 65,10,1,22 May; Peters

Gurr,Leslie,E,28 Apr 65,6,8,22 May; Peters

Gustafson,Hilda Janice,E,14 Jun 67,6,7,29 Jun; Munn

Gutheil,Anna,P,11 Sep 68,8,7,Rosenberger

Guylas,Elizabeth Kathleen,B

Haak,Marie Melva,E,7 Sep 66,6,6,1 Oct; Blum

Haayema,Jeffery Robert,B

Hackney,Elizabeth,P,24 Feb 65,2,3,Turnbull

Hagell,Alice,D,12 Nov 69,9,4,8 Nov; 85th year

Hagell,Alonzo,A,12 Jun 68,1,8,35th

Hageniers,Cyril, Mrs.,D,22 Mar 67,5,8,age 76

Haguee,Loren Roy,E,10 Jan 68,14,2,12 Feb; Heidt

Haight,Dennis William,M,17 Aug 66,3,1,13 Aug; Wilson

Haight,Lisa Denise,B

Hainer,Murray, Mrs.,D,4 Oct 67,13,6,age 69

Hainer,Rose Marie,E,17 Apr 68,9,8,25 May; Lockey

Hainer,Rose Marie,M,26 Jun 68,13,3,25 May; Lockey

Haines,J. Wesley,D,21 Jul 65,1,5,age 86

Haines,Joseph R., Mrs.,D,27 Nov 68,3,2,age 52


Haines,Wilfred E.,D,22 Jan 69,8,7,age 74

Hale,Carolyn Frances,E,12 Jul 67,8,6,Dunlop

Hale,Carolyn Frances,M,23 Aug 67,16,3,19 Aug; Dunlop

Hale,Carolyn Frances,E,2 Aug 67,10,1,19 Aug; Dunlop

Hale,Mabel,D,1 Oct 69,9,2,age 68

Hales,Alastair Charles,M,3 Aug 66,7,3,22 Jul; Werely

Haley,Ethel M.,D,2 Jun 65,10,4,Weedge

Hall,Bryon William,E,25 Sep68,10,7,12 Oct; Hawdon

Hall,Darcelle Marie,B,19 Dec 67,8,3,8 Dec

Hall,David,M,31 May 67,9,1,5 May; Heslop

Hall,Edith,W,29 Mar 67,3,2,Ferguson

Hall,Terry Levi,M,27 Jan 65,9,7,Teeple

Hall,William M.,D,15 Jun 66,3,2,

Hall,William M.,D,8 Jun 66,11,5,age 72

Halls,Elizabeth,P,22 Oct 69,7,6,VanPatter

Halper,Edith Kathaleen,E,29 Jan 69,8,7,Vindasius

Halper,Edith K.,M,19 Mar 69,7,3,15 Feb; Vindasius

Hambly,Hilda,D,24 May 67,9,5,Shanlin

Hamilton,Marilyn,P,30 Nov 66,6,4,Keillor

Hamilton,Mary Jane,P,12 Mar 69,3,5,Phillips

Hamilton,Patricia Jean,M,14 Aug 68,13,5,3 Aug; Anger

Hammond,Ada,W,12 Jun 68,9,5,Shipp

Hanaricka,Garada,W,2 Jul 69,2,2,VanDyck

Hand,James F.,D,13 Sep 67,2,3,

Hand,James H.,D,12 Jul 67,11,5,age 61

Hand,James F., Mrs.,D,13 Sep 67,2,3,

Haney,Albert A., Mrs.,D,1 Jun 66,10,4,27 May; 87th year

Haney,Earl,D,5 Apr 67,10,1,age 72

Haney,Earl,D,12 Apr 67,12,1,

Haney,Frank, Mrs.,D,2 Jun 65,10,3,23 May; age 59

Hankinson,Helen,P,28 Apr 65,13,2,Chute

Hannar,Sarah Esther,D,19 Jun 68,2,3,Pettibone

Hannon,Frank,M,16 Jun 65,4,6,5 Jun; Blyth

Hanzel,Theresa,W,13 Jul 66,11,1,Klachan

Hardcastle,Clarene Louise,E,28 Jun 65,8,4,31 Jul; Freeman

Hardcastle,Clarene Louise,M,4 Aug 65,8,7,31 Jul; Freeman

Hardcastle,Clarene,P,23 Aug 67,6,3,Freeman

Harder,Dick D.,D,8 Mar 67,9,5,age 48


Harder,Susana,P,27 Nov 68,3,6,Martens

Harding,Thomas Edward,M,21 Aug 68,10,5,3 Aug; Wikholm

Hardwick,Greta,W,12 Apr 67,12,2,Leslie

Hardy,Alice,D,19 Apr 67,12,3,

Hardy,Alice,D,12 Apr 67,12,1,age 89

Hargrave,Anna,D,24 Apr 67,7,4,age 92

Harkes,Deborah Ann,D,21 Jun 67,3,3,

Harkes,Deborah Ann,D,14 Jun 67,7,5,age 8

Harkes,Deborah Ann,IM,12 Jun 68,6,8,d 12 Jun 1967

Harkes,Rosetta,D,6 Jan 65,2,5,age 77

Harkes,Rosetta,IM,28 Dec 65,6,5,d 31 Dec 1964

Harkes,Rosetta,IM,28 Dec 66,6,5,d 31 Dec 1964

Harkness,John A.,BD,30 Mar 66,5,7,96th

Harms,Deidrick,M,9 Jul 69,5,5,28 Jun; Reimer

Harp,James,IM,17 Mar 65,6,4,d 21 Mar 1964

Harp,James,IM,9 Mar 66,6,6,d 21 Mar 1964

Harp,James,IM,22 Mar 67,8,8,d 21 Mar 1964

Harp,James A.,IM,20 Mar 68,8,8,d 21 Mar 1964

Harp,James A.,IM,19 Mar 69,6,7,d 21 Mar 1964

Harp,Marrillan,D,24 Jan 68,3,4,Scott

Harp,William Matheson,D,22 May 68,2,5,15 May; 91st year

Harper,Fidella May,W,3 May 67,13,5,Sales

Harper,Jean,W,6 Jan 65,11,4,Wolfe

Harper,Summers B.,D,28 Jul 65,8,4,20 Jul

Harper,Summers,IM,20 Jul 66,6,5,d 20 Jul 1965

Harper,Summers,IM,19 Jul 67,6,3,d 20 Jul 1965

Harper,Summers,IM,16 Jul 69,8,4,d 1965

Harper,William Bruce,D,25 Oct 67,3,2,15 Oct

Harper,William Bruce,D,18 Oct 67,9,6,age 77

Harrett,Lorne,A,9 Aug 67,1,5,8 Aug; 50th

Harries,Pearl,W,1 Nov 67,2,3,Chalk

Harrington,Robert Allan,E,10 Apr 68,11,7,18 May; Beveridge

Harrington,Robert Allan,M,29 May 68,3,5,18 May; Beveridge

Harrington,Ruth,P,8 Dec 65,13,4,Avey

Harris,Annie,D,12 Nov 69,9,4,3 Nov

Harris,Annie,D,5 Nov 69,15,3,age 79

Harris,Beth Leigh,B

Harris,Dora,D,13 Jan 65,13,4,

Harris,Dora,D,6 Jan 65,11,5,age 73

Harris,John C.,E,26 May 65,16,5,19 Jun; Walker

Harris,John C.,M,7 Jul 65,9,1,19 Jun; Walker

Harris,John Paul,B,30 Apr 69,6,7,23 Apr

Harris,L. Mac,D,21 Apr 65,11,4,56th year

Harris,Mac,IM,12 Apr 67,6,6,d 16 Apr 1965

Harris,Michelle Marie,B,22 Nov 67,6,6,16 Nov

Harris,Nettie,P,4 Aug 65,11,4,Watters

Harris,Nettie,D,12 Mar 69,3,5,Watters

Harris,Velma Bernice,M,31 Jul 68,4,1,22 Jun; Schouppe

Harrison,Carolyn Ann,E,10 May 67,6,5,17 Jun; Robertson

Harrison,Carolyn Ann,M,2 Aug 67,2,3,Robertson

Harrison,John Leslie,D,28 Dec 66,3,1,24 Dec; age 56

Harrison,John Leslie,D,4 Jan 67,9,2,24 Dec 1966

Harrison,Mollie,D,6 Nov 68,2,5,29 Oct

Hart,Donald Edward,E,7 Sep 66,6,6,1 Oct; Carr

Hart,Donald Edward,M,2 Nov 66,3,3,1 Oct; Carr

Hart,Olive,P,6 Apr 66,6,4,Lundy

Hart,William, Mrs.,D,3 Dec 69,19,1,30 Nov; 64th year

Hartley,Diane Elizabeth,M,25 Jun 69,3,1,30 May; Goddard

Hartley,Diane Elizabeth,E,30 Apr 69,6,4,30 May; Goddard

Hartmann,Hannelore,M,12 May 65,9,1,8 May; Cole

Hartmann,Hannelore,E,7 Apr 65,8,8,8 May; Cole

Hartsell,Marshall,D,4 Jun 69,5,6,63rd year

Harvey,Alonzo, Mrs.,D,29 Sep 65,11,7,age 24

Harvey,Brian Albert,B

Harvey,Catherine Susanne,E,7 Feb 68,8,5,16 Mar; Hooghiem

Harvey,Emma,P,4 Aug 65,11,5,Westover

Harvey,Lewis,D,16 Oct 68,1,8,age 64

Harvey,Melissa,D,6 Jul 66,8,4,age 92

Harvey,Sarah,P,31 Jul 68,10,3,Bradley

Harvey,Susanne,M,20 Mar 68,2,1,16 Mar; Hooghiem

Haslam,Violet,D,17 Feb 65,12,4,Blake

Hatch,Ruby,D,5 Jan 66,7,3,Nesbitt

Haugee,Loren Roy,M,21 Feb 68,9,2,12 Feb; Heidt

Haught,George, Mrs.,D,23 Jun 65,8,6,49th year

Havens,Donna,W,7 Dec 66,5,4,Gray

Havens,Yula,D,9 Jun 65,7,2,Smith

Havens,Yula,W,10 May 67,15,2,Smith

Havens,Yule,A,3 Mar 65,9,6,Smith

Haves,Alvin David,E,2 Aug 67,8,8,26 Aug; Stover

Haves,Alvin David,M,13 Sep 67,13,5,26 Aug; Stover

Hawdon,Linda Louise,E,25 Sep 68,10,7,12 Oct; Hall

Hawkins,Ethel,P,30 Oct 68,12,3,Player

Hawkins,Ethel,P,3 Sep 69,9,5,Player

Hawley,Eliza,D,15 Jan 69,5,8,Wilcox

Hawley,Lloyd,A,9 Mar 66,8,2,25th

Hawley,Lynda May,M,30 Jul 69,8,1,19 Jun; Cain

Hawley,Marilyn,P,7 Aug 68,6,8,McNames

Hawley,Merle,A,15 Jun 66,10,3,Irish

Hawley,Ronald Lloyd,M,30 Jul 69,7,3,12 Jul; Paton

Hawley,Ronald Lloyd,E,18 Jun 69,3,7,12 Jul; Paton

Hawley,Victor C.,A,8 May 68,1,6,8 May

Hawley,William C.,A,15 Nov 67,1,4,60th

Hay,Joseph,D,18 Sep 68,2,3,age 77

Haycock,George, Mrs.,D,19 Mar 69,11,4,15 Mar; age 75

Haycock,Mable,D,26 Mar 69,4,4,15 Mar

Haydt,Charles W.,E,13 Nov 68,8,7,7 Dec; Faw

Hayes,Desmond J., Mrs.,D,29 Dec 69,9,5,26 Dec; 52nd year

Hayes,Donald Robert,E,17 May 67,16,1,24 Jun; Hunter

Hayes,Donald Robert,M,12 Jul 67,11,1,24 Jun; Hunter

Hayman,William Lewis,D,7 Feb 68,2,7,3 Feb; age 46

Hayward,Earl,D,29 Oct 69,2,5,

Hazelaar,nee,P,16 Jul 69,8,7,Barker

Healy,Martha,P,5 Jun68,14,3,Crawford

Heaslip,Linda,D,6 Jan 65,2,6,Owen

Hedvall,Ann,D,24 Apr 68,13,4,Axelson

Heenan,Annie,D,9 Aug 67,10,3,Black

Heffren,Bertrum,D,26 Mar 69,4,3,age 75

Heffren,Charles Arden,D,19 Feb 69,3,4,37th year

Hegler,Silva,A,10 Apr 68,1,5,Elgie

Heidt,Darren Michael,B

Heidt,Mary Joy,M,21 Feb 68,9,2,12 Feb; Haugee

Heidt,Mary Joy,E,10 Jan 68,14,2,12 Feb; Haugee

Helder,Annie,M,18 Oct 67,2,3,Hulst

Helka,Donna,W,9 Nov 66,8,4,Bond

Helka,Ethel May,D,25 May 66,9,1,

Helka,Ethel,IM,17 May 67,6,5,d 18 May 1966

Helka,John, Mrs.,D,18 May 66,10,3,age 74

Helka,John,D,20 Mar 68,2,4,age 84

Helkaa,Ruby Irene,M,14 Aug 68,4,6,20 Jul; Hunter


Hemingway,Charles Lorne,D,19 Jul 67,9,5,age 67

Hemingway,Charles Lorne,D,26 Jul 67,13,5,16 Jul

Hemphill,Bert,A,12 Jul 67,1,8,25th

Hendel,Martin Peter,M,8 Jan 69,14,1,23 Nov; Drosz

Henderson,Carol,P,10 Nov 65,6,5,Gilbert

Henderson,Lawrence Harold,B

Hendy,Martha,D,12 Feb 69,11,2,Mills

Hepburn,Albert,D,5 May 65,8,2,age 75

Hepburn,Albert,D,12 May 65,12,5,4 May

Hepburn,Alma,D,28 Apr 65,13,1,20 Apr

Hepburn,John, Mrs.,D,21 Apr 65,11,3,age 71

Hepburn,Neil,A,4 Aug 65,1,8,10 Aug; 25th

Hepburn,Pearl, Mrs.,M,27 Apr 66,3,4,Hutchinson

Herbert,Carol Dianne,M,22 Oct 69,15,3,27 Sep; Riddell

Herbert,Carole Dianne,E,10 Sep 69,9,5,27 Sep; Riddell

Herbert,Carrie,BD,30 Oct 68,3,1,19 Oct; 99th

Herbert,Carrie,BD,22 Oct 69,9,6,100th

Herbert,Carrie,BD,15 Oct 69,1,7,100th

Herbert,Frederick John,M,27 Sep 67,3,1,23 Sep; McDonald

Herbert,Frederick John,E,30 Aug 67,8,6,23 Sep; McDonald

Herman,Joseph Andrew, Mrs,D,20 Sep 67,7,3,98th year

Hermans,Jacobus, Mrs.,D,13 Apr 66,11,6,6 Apr; age 65

Herries,Alice,A,23 Oct 68,9,3,Chute

Herries,Frederick,D,6 Aug 69,2,1,30 Jul; age 66

Herries,Pearl Mabel,A,18 Jan 67,12,1,Chalk

Herrington,Mable Kathaline,D,24 Sep 69,16,1,Odanski

Herrington,Margaret,D,17 Dec 69,14,2,age 82

Herrington,Wilfred,D,8 Jan 69,5,2,26 Dec

Herrington,Wilfrid,D,27 Dec 68,2,5,age 55

Hersselle,Irma,D,10 Apr 68,12,4,Leclair

Hertner,Betty Ann,E,30 Mar 66,6,3,7 May; Crawford

Hertner,Betty Ann,M,25 May 66,7,3,7 May; Crawford

Hertner,David Ronald,B

Hertner,Mary Frances,M,7 Sep 66,8,7,20 Aug; Dusky

Hesch,Maria,W,21 Apr 65,7,3,Poschner

Hesch,Sophia,D,5 Apr 67,10,3,Horeth

Heslop,John Boyd,M,1 Nov 67,2,4,14 Oct; Reasbeck

Heslop,John Boyd,E,13 Sep 67,6,6,14 Oct; Reasbeck

Heslop,Rebecca Jane,B,5 Nov 69,6,5,28 Oct

Heslop,Susan Marie,M,31 May 67,9,1,5 May; Hall

Hess,Bertrand,D,1 Sep 65,6,6,

Hessler,son,B,18 Sep 68,6,4,6 Sep

Hetherington,Lottie,D,5 May 65,8,1,72nd year

Hevenor,Harvey,D,16 Mar 66,10,6,

Hevenor,Harvey,D,9 Mar 66,10,5,75th year

Hevenor,Heidi Lynn,B,29 Oct 69,8,4,17 Oct

Hevenor,Margaret,IM,6 Apr 66,6,7,d 7 Apr 1965

Hevenor,Max, Mrs.,D,13 Apr 65,2,3,

Hevenor,Max, Mrs.,D,7 Apr 65,15,6,age 41

Hewbank,Nancy Ilene,B,25 Jun 69,8,6,19 Jun

Hewer,Hannah,P,8 May 68,16,1,Charlton

Heyndrickx,Connie,M,8 Nov 67,4,3,21 Oct; McKnight

Heyndrickx,Constance Cecelia,E,4 Oct 67,14,1,21 Oct; McKnight

Hickling,Sylvia Mae,W,2 Apr 69,17,5,Bayes

Hicks,Clara,D,19 Apr 67,12,3,Sealey

Hicks,son,B,31 Jan 68,8,5,26 Jan

Hickson,William G.,M,10 Feb 65,9,5,6 Feb; Mountain

Hide,son,B,19 Nov 69,6,3,6 Nov

Hiemstra,Bernard Brian,B

Hiemstra,Marjorie Jacqueline,B

Hiemstra,Raymond John,B

Higgins,Charlene Ruth,E,5 Nov 69,9,1,30 Dec; McBrien

Higgs,Katherine,P,29 May 68,11,6,Edison

High,Dorothy Frances,E,9 Jun 65,6,4,Verstraeten

High,Dorothy Frances,M,23 Jun 65,11,7,Verstraeten

High,Florence,W,21 May 69,7,7,Kennedy

Hill,Beatrice Ivy,D,28 Sep 66,1,8,Jenkins

Hill,Charlene Joyce,B

Hill,Darlene Angela,M,7 Sep 66,2,1,20 Aug; James

Hill,Darlene,P,11 Oct 67,8,4,James

Hill,Luella,D,18 Jun 69,14,4,12 Jun; age 83

Hillier,Dennis Frank,D,12 Nov 69,1,7,62nd year

Hillier,John David,D,10 Aug 66,6,6,3 Sep; Winters

Hillier,John David,M,14 Sep 66,10,5,3 Sep; Winters

Hillier,Michael John,B

Hilliker,Connie Loreen,M,31 Jul 68,12,7,6 Jul; McCabe

Hilliker,Connie,P,22 Jan 69,8,5,McCabe

Hilliker,Della,M,16 Mar 66,8,6,11 Feb; Frazer

Hilliker,Donna Irene,E,15 Dec 65,6,5,21 Jan; McEown

Hilliker,Donna,M,9 Feb 66,10,7,21 Jan; McEown

Hilliker,Donna,P,1 Feb 67,8,4,McEown

Hilliker,Jeffery Harold,B,27 Apr 66,10,3,13 Apr

Hilliker,Julia Jane,D,6 Sep 67,11,4,Rowe

Hilliker,Lilly,IM,18 Oct 67,8,7,d 17 Oct 1957

Hilliker,Michael Joseph,B,7 Dec 66,6,4,26 Nov

Hilliker,Shawn Frederick,B,24 Jul 68,6,3,9 Jul

Hindley,Donald,D,26 Feb 69,13,4,age 59

Hindley,Marion Roxanna,M,25 Oct 67,12,3,13 Oct; Anseeuw

Hitchcock,Mary,W,28 Jun 67,11,2,Bridgewater

Hitchcock,Susan,P,25 Aug 65,7,6,LaForge

Hobbs,Thomas E., Mrs.,D,13 Oct 65,11,2,age 67

Hobgood,Christopher John,B,26 Mar 69,6,8,19 Mar

Hobgood,Michael William,B,16 Aug 67,6,4,13 Aug

Hobson,Keith Ray,E,21 Jul 65,6,8,28 Aug; Crosby

Hobson,Keith Ray,M,1 Sep 65,11,4,28 Aug; Crosby

Hochstenbach,Gerardus Joseph,B,9 Jun 65,6,5,28 May

Hochstenbach,Jose,IM,26 Oct 66,6,5,d 24 Oct 1964

Hochstenbach,Josie,IM,20 Oct 65,6,5,d 24 Oct 1964

Hochstenbach,Marlis Elizabeth,E,15 Jan 69,8,7,16 Aug; Timbeck

Hochstenbach,Frank Matthew,B

Hodder,Anne,W,26 May 65,1,5,Bentley

Hodges,Katherine,P,26 May 65,1,5,Bentley

Hodgins,Carole Lynn,M,9 Aug 67,13,5,Howard

Hodgins,Mary H.,P,28 Aug 68,9,2,Lindsay

Hodgkin,Wilfred,D,21 Aug 68,15,6,age72

Hodgkin,William,D,28 Feb 68,2,3,age 82

Hodgkins,Kathryn,D,27 Jan 65,9,3,

Hodgkins,Kathryn,D,20 Jan 65,11,2,

Hodgson,John H.,D,3 Jan 68,2,2,86th year

Hodgson,Mary Luella,M,13 Aug 69,3,3,9 Aug; MacVicar

Hodgson,Mary Luella,E,16 Jul 69,5,3,9 Aug; MacVicar

Hodson,George,D,3 Nov 65,11,1,age 80

Hoecht,Brian Edward,B

Hoecht,Lisa Arlene,B

Hoffer,Anthony Joseph,E,2 Jul 69,2,7,19 Jul; Stockford

Hoffer,Cornelius,A,25 May 66,1,8,25th

Hoffer,Cornelius Joseph,M,14 Feb 68,14,3,3 Feb; deKoster

Hoffer,Georgina Louise,B

Hoffer,Goethem Karl,D,13 Aug 69,2,3,8 Aug; age 68

Hoffer,John,D,29 Oct 69,2,6,19 Oct

Hoffer,John,D,22 Oct 69,15,1,age 64

Hoffer,Mary Catherine,M,21 Aug 68,9,7,3 Aug; Rioux

Hoffer,Patrick Joseph,B,13 Sep 67,6,4,5 Sep

Hoffer,Paul,E,17 Sep 69,7,4,4 Oct; Tribe

Hoffer,Steven John,B,30 Oct 68,8,5,adopted

Hogblom,dau of Peter,A,18 Jun 69,1,3,Jackson

Hohl,Emmi,D,8 Jan 69,5,3,Rochus

Holborn,Sarah,P,5 Oct 66,13,3,Smith

Holbrook,Sheila Pearl,M,14 Sep 66,9,1,3 Sep; Craik

Holcombe,Betty,P,27 Mar 68,6,5,Irvine

Holden,Mervyn,D,27 Dec 68,2,6,age 59

Holden,Nancy Iva Jane,E,4 Mar 68,8,6,9 Mar; Lewis

Holden,Nancy Iva Jane,D,2 Jul 69,2,1,Lewis

Holditch,Henry,H,6 Jan 65,2,4,Warwick

Hollands,Robin Simone,B,1 Feb 67,8,4,24 Jan

Hollingshead,Belle,BD,7 May 69,1,7,95th

Hollywood,Cora May,D,4 Jan 67,9,2,23 Dec66; 82nd yr

Hollywood,Pauline,W,8 Nov 67,13,5,Williams

Holm,Roy, Mrs.,D,27 Jan 65,1,8,age 30

Holman,Bonnie Jean,E,27 Sep 67,8,6,11 Nov; deRyk

Holman,Gladys,D,24 Mar 65,1,8,Chapman

Holman,Jean,M,15 Nov 67,2,1,11 Nov; DeRyk

Holman,Lynda Irene,M,18 May 66,8,6,Dickson

Holman,Lynda Irene,E,16 Mar 66,6,4,9 Apr; Dickson

Holmes,Donald Lloyd,M,8 May 68,7,4,4 May; Morse

Holmes,Donald Lloyd,E,10 Apr 68,6,3,4 May; Morse

Holmes,Edith,W,29 Dec 69,1,1,Pattinson

Holmes,Ida,W,23 Oct 68,13,3,Moore

Holmes,Kathleen Dawn,B

Holmes,Laura Ann,E,14 Sep 66,6,6,8 Oct; Dohnt

Holmes,Laura Ann,M,19 Oct 66,12,3,8 Oct; Dohnt

Holmes,Mary Lynne,B

Holmes,Philip,E,17 Mar 65,6,3,17 Apr; Brown

Holmes,Philip Luton,M,21 Apr 65,12,1,17 Apr; Brown

Holmes,Sarah,P,4 Oct 67,13,3,Cox

Holtby,Mary F.,W,11 Oct 67,1,8,Ayearst

Holtermon,Marion,W,19 Apr 67,2,4,Arnold

Honsinger,Alice,D,21 Sep66,19,1,

Honsinger,Alice,D,21 Sep 66,10,3,age 90

Honsinger,Ben,A,24 May 67,1,8,25th

Honsinger,Donna Lea,M,15 Oct 69,5,7,25 Sep; Caers

Honsinger,Lydia,D,27 Apr 66,8,6,Martin

Honsinger,Pearl Ethel Louise,B,15 Jan 69,14,6,7 Dec

Hood,Margaret,A,5 Nov 69,1,6,Kilmer

Hood,Wm. Somerville,D,29 May 68,1,8,

Hooghiem,Jack,M,24 Sep 69,8,2,Hoogsteen

Hooghiem,Thomas,M,20 Mar 68,2,1,16 Mar; Harvey

Hooghiem,Thomas,E,7 Feb 68,8,5,16 Mar; Harvey

Hoogsteen,Corri,M,24 Sep 69,8,2,Hooghiem

Hoogsteen,Detje Wystske,M,6 Aug 69,11,3,18 Jul; Dieleman

Hoogsteen,Tjipke (Ted),M,2 Jun 65,7,3,28 May; Medema

Hookworth,Roberta,W,11 Oct 67,4,3,Cohoon

Hoover,A. Claude,D,16 Aug 67,16,4,age 82

Hoover,Alvin Claude,D,23 Aug 67,16,6,16 Aug

Hoover,Claude,A,23 Mar 66,1,3,15 Mar; 50th

Hoover,Edith,D,12 May 65,12,4,3 May

Hoover,Elmo E.,D,20 Oct 65,3,1,age 52

Hoover,Elmo,IM,16 Oct 68,8,8,d 14 Oct 1965

Hoover,Leo R., Mrs.,D,5 May 65,8,3,age 79

Hope,Isabel,P,4 Jun 69,5,6,Grant

Hopkins,Margaret Jean,M,21 Jul 65,4,3,19 Jun; Fodor

Hopkins,Margaret Jean,E,2 Jun 65,7,5,19 Jun; Fodor

Hopper,James R.,D,2 Mar 66,9,6,

Hopper,James R.,D,9 Mar 66,2,3,

Horeth,Carol Jean,B

Horeth,Sophia,D,5 Apr 67,10,3,age 60

Horeth,Sophia,D,12 Apr 67,12,1,

Horlor,David Wayne,E,21 Aug 68,6,6,21 Sep; Smith

Hornsby,Lee James,B

Hornsby,Ronald,E,15 Mar 67,8,7,8 Apr; Ellsworth

Hornsby,Ronald J.,M,19 Apr 67,12,1,8 Apr; Ellsworth

Horton,David Oakley,M,12 Jun 68,3,3,18 May; Martin

Horton,Pat,P,20 Mar 68,8,6,Phillips

Horvath,John Louis,B

Hoshal,George,D,7 Jul 65,7,4,

Hoshal,Jane,D,5 Nov 69,15,1,age 90

Hoshal,Wendy Marie,D,4 Dec 68,2,2,29 Nov; 11th year

Hosie,Sherry Lynn,B,17 Jan 68,8,5,5 Jan

Hosner,Karen Marlene,M,20 Aug 69,11,1,19 Jul; Walden

Hotchkiss,Margaret Ellen,W,22 May 68,2,5,Harp

Hotchkiss,Mary Ella,D,8 Oct 69,14,4,Stilwell

Hotchkiss,Myrtle,D,14 Dec 66,15,4,5 Dec

Hotchkiss,Myrtle May,D,7 Dec 66,5,2,age 75

Hotchkiss,Myrtle,IM,29 Nov 67,6,7,d 5 Dec 1966

Hotchkiss,Pearl,D,4 Oct 67,13,6,Hainer

Hotson,Janet,P,28 Dec 66,3,1,Harrison

Hought,Evelyn,IM,22 Jun 66,6,6,23 Jun; age 65

Hought,George, Mrs.,D,28 Jun 65,8,5,

Hought,Violet,IM,21 Jun 67,8,4,d 23 Jun1965

Hought,Violet E.,IM,19 Jun 68,8,7,d 23 Jun 1965

Houghton,Elizabeth,P,19 Mar 69,11,3,White

House,Georgina,D,17 Jan 68,10,4,10 Jan; age 90

Housego,Linda Rose,M,3 Feb 65,9,3,16 Jan; Willsey

Housego,Linda,P,22 May 68,8,4,Willsey

How,Fanny,P,8 Sep 65,9,4,Bradley

Howard,Charles Gregory,M,9 Aug 67,13,5,Hodgins

Howard,Margaret Sharon,M,12 Jul 67,4,3,10 Jun; Foy

Howard,Margaret Sharon,E,10 May 67,6,5,10 Jun; Foy

Howden,Ada Katherine,D,24 Feb 65,2,4,age 83

Howe,Alfred Bruce,E,29 Jun 66,6,4,16 Jul; Nelson

Howe,Dora,D,22 Jun 66,9,7,age 68

Howe,Dora,D,29 Jun 66,7,2,

Howe,Helen Evelyn,M,14 Jun 67,12,2,25 May; Bradley

Howe,Helen,W,7 Feb 68,2,7,Hayman

Howe,Howard Wendle,E,8 Nov 67,8,7,25 Nov; Kilmer

Howe,Howard Wendle,M,13 Dec 67,2,1,25 Nov; Kilmer

Howe,Margaret Jean,M,13 Apr 66,4,1,2 Apr; Vanhoucke

Howe,Margaret Jean,E,9 Mar 66,6,8,2 Apr; Vanhoucke

Howe,Mary Jean,M,19 Feb 69,2,3,1 Feb; Smith

Howe,Mary Jean,E,22 Jan 69,8,5,1 Feb; Smith

Howe,Paul,E,17 Sep 69,20,4,18 Oct; Procenko


Howey,Alice M.,D,6 Oct 65,9,6,age 87

Howey,Caroline,D,11 Jan 67,4,4,Veitch

Howey,Gracena,D,14 Dec 66,15,4,Race

Howey,Harold L.,D,15 Jan 69,5,7,age 67

Howey,Myrtle,D,21 Jul 65,13,1,70th year

Howey,Sarah,P,3 Sep 69,9,6,Fick

Howey,Shirley May,E,19 Dec 67,8,5,27 Jan; Stevens

Howey,Shirley May,M,31 Jan 68,4,1,27 Jan; Stevens

Howick,Clifford Wilbert,D,24 Sep 69,16,2,55th year

Howie,Burnett,D,11 Jun 69,14,4,4 Jun; age 59

Howie,Ethel,W,11 Jun 69,14,7,Fowler

Hoyer,Wanda,D,14 Jun 67,7,4,Svikis

Hoyle,dau of John,M,19 Jul 67,13,1,Teeple

Hoyle,Kathleen Marion,M,5 Jul 67,3,1,Teeple

Huber,Frank,D,24 Jul 68,16,4,age 83

Huber,Robert Joseph,E,5 Mar 69,6,8,29 Mar; Scott

Huber,Robert Joseph,M,2 Apr 69,3,3,29 Mar; Scott

Huffman,Claire,BD,21 Aug 68,2,4,Elgie

Huffman,Jane,P,18 Jun 69,14,4,Hill

Hughes,Alfred W.,D,8 Jun 66,11,6,5 Jun; age 89

Hughes,Herbert,D,26 Oct 66,10,1,age 81

Hughes,nee,P,1 Jun 66,6,8,Pinnegar

Hull,Mary,P,24 Apr 68,14,5,Charlton

Hull,Roy,A,12 Jul 67,1,8,29 Jul; 25th

Hulst,Andries,M,13 Apr 65,8,1,27 Mar; Widner

Hulst,Andries Gerrit,E,17 Mar 65,6,3,27 Mar; Widner

Hulst,Andries,M,13 Apr 65,12,4,Widner

Hulst,Andries,D,28 May 69,14,3,age 56

Hulst,Fred John,M,8 Dec 65,5,1,4 Dec; Gibbons

Hulst,Fred John,E,10 Nov 65,5,1,4 Dec; Gibbons

Hulst,Henderika J.,M,28 Jul 65,10,1,23 Jul; DeKraker

Hulst,James Kent,B

Hulst,John,M,18 Oct 67,2,3,Helder

Hume,Anne, Dr.,D,12 Jan 66,6,5,age 73

Humphrey,Harry,E,8 Oct 69,9,3,8 Nov; Quigley

Humphrey,Harry F.,M,17 Dec 69,14,3,8 Nov; Quigley

Humphrey,Sidney,D,27 Dec 67,10,1,age 79

Humphrey,William Henry,E,29 Sep 65,6,3,16 Oct; Franklin

Humphrey,William Henry,M,17 Nov 65,3,1,16 Oct; Franklin

Humphries,Elmer,A,19 Jul 67,6,7,25th

Humphries,Shari Lynn,B

Humphries,twin daughters,B

Humphries,William W.,E,20 Sep 67,8,8,14 Oct; Gibson

Hunter,Allen,D,8 Mar 67,13,5,27 Feb; age 62

Hunter,Barbara Jean,M,12 Jul 67,11,1,24 Jun; Hayes

Hunter,Barbara Jean,E,17 May 67,16,1,24 Jun; Hayes

Hunter,Cecil James,M,14 Aug 68,4,6,20 Jul; Helkaa

Hunter,Doreen Carol,M,23 Oct 68,13,7,12 Oct; Wilson

Hunter,Doreen Carrol,E,11 Sep 68,11,7,12 Oct; Wilson

Hunter,Ethel L.,D,21 Jul 65,13,2,Sommers

Hunter,Martha M.,D,7 Dec 66,5,4,Blainey

Hupman,Alonzo,P,30 Nov 66,9,1,Walters

Hurford,John Spencer,D,15 Dec 65,11,3,age 73

Huse,Frank R.,D,1 Jun 66,8,1,

Hustler,Cheryl Leigh,B,19 Dec 67,8,3,6 Dec

Hustler,Dianne Lynn,B,2 Feb 66,6,7,28 Jan

Hutchinson,Bert,M,27 Apr 66,3,4,16 Apr; Hepburn

Hutchinson,Grace,D,3 Jan 68,2,2,Bailey

Hutchinson,Michael Richard,B,13 Mar 68,6,4,5 Mar

Hutchison,Jeannie Marie,B,20 Jan 65,6,7,15 Jan

Hutchison,Jodie Lyn,B,14 Jun 67,6,4,7 Jun

Hutten,Mary,W,10 May 67,15,2,Ebben

Hynes,Kathleen,W,4 Oct 67,13,3,Sutherland

Iler,Ira (Ike),D,6 Dec 67,2,3,26 Nov

Iler,Ira (Ike),D,29 Nov 67,16,4,age 52

Iller,Cathy,M,12 May 65,9,7,8 May; Kasza

Ingram ,David Gary,E,29 Sep 65,6,3,16 Oct; McClure

Ingram,Deborah Ann,B

Ingram,Ethel,W,2 Jun 65,10,3,Adams

Ingram,James,D,17 Mar 65,11,1,age 32

Ingram,Sandra Jean,E,13 Jul 66,9,1,Brunton

Ingram,Sandra Jean,M,17 Aug 66,9,5,6 Aug; Brunton

Inkster,William Thomas,E,9 Jul 69,8,6,9 Aug; Declercq

Inkster,William Thomas,M,27 Aug 69,12,2,9 Aug; Declercq

Ireland,Charlotte,W,17 Feb 65,13,1,Kilmer

Irish,Frank,A,1 Jun 66,1,8,50th

Irish,Frank,A,15 Jun 66,10,3,50th; 14 Jun

Irish,Martha,P,29 May 68,11,5,Babcock

Irish,Martha,P,5 Feb 69,13,8,Babcock

Irvine,Oliver A., Mrs.,D,8 Mar 67,1,5,

Irvine,Timothy Sean,B

Irwin,Albert,D,10 Jan 68,13,2,age 78

Irwin,Mary,D,10 Apr 68,12,5,Burgett

Jackson,Cheryl Eileen,E,24 Jul 68,6,4,3 Aug; Somerville

Jackson,Cheryl Eileen,M,28 Aug 68,14,5,3 Aug; Somerville

Jackson,Douglas Allan,D,16 Oct 68,1,7,age 18

Jackson,Edna,W,8 Mar 67,13,5,Hunter

Jackson,Georgia,D,23 Mar 66,1,6,body found

Jackson,Georgia,,2 Mar 66,1,7,missing

Jackson,Greta,W,29 Nov 67,16,4,Arthur

Jackson,James Dennis,M,13 Oct 65,9,7,1 Oct; Anderson

Jackson,Louis Emery,D,15 Jan 69,5,6,77th year

Jackson,Mabel,W,16 Jun 65,2,5,O’Keefe

Jackson,Marjorie,A,22 Jun 66,1,6,Wilcox

Jackson,Maude,D,12 Feb 69,11,2,Collings

Jackson,Myrtle,D,25 Aug 65,7,5,age 86

Jackson,Norman,A,18 Jun 69,1,3,65th

Jacobs,George H.,D,6 Oct 65,9,5,age 68

Jacques,Beverly A.,IM,13 Apr 65,6,7,d 17 Apr 1963

Jacques,Beverly A.,IM,13 Apr 66,6,7,d 17Apr 1963

Jacques,Charlotte,D,10 Nov 65,5,4,age 67

Jacques,Mary Evelyn,E,18 May 66,6,5,4 Jun; Perry

Jacques,Mary Evelyn,M,15 Jun 66,11,3,4 Jun; Perry

Jadviga,Aldona,W,28 Feb 68,14,5,Andriekus

Jaeger,Elizabeth Anne,B,10 Mar 65,6,4,adopted

Jago,Charles H.,D,7 Jul 65,8,8,age 86

Jakob,David Jonathan,B

Jakob,Joseph,E,21 Apr 65,6,8,15 May; Pirie

Jakob,Joseph,M,19 May 65,12,7,15 May; Pirie

James,Cheryl Diane,E,5 Apr 67,8,8,21 Apr; VanPatter

James,Cheryl Diane,M,24 Apr 67,9,5,21 Apr; VanPatter

James,Ella Mae,D,29 Jun 66,4,3,McAllister

James,Fred,A,8 Nov 67,1,4,14 Nov; 50th

James,Fred,A,15 Nov 67,3,7,50th

James,Harvey Ernest,M,7 Sep 66,2,1,20 Aug; Hill

James,Lorinda Robyn,B

James,Sheila Michelle,B

Jamieson,Keith Laverne,D,17 Jan 68,11,4,age 37

Jamieson,William, Mrs.,D,15 Feb 67,2,1,age 80

Janeczek,John,D,28 Aug 68,16,8,age 18

Jans,Eileen,D,20 Dec 66,2,4,VanEsch

Jansen,Adriana,E,15 Sep 65,5,3,16 Oct; Cole

Janssens,Hilda Marie Francine,E,23 Oct 68,10,3,5 Dec; Dujardin

Janssens,Hilda Maria Francine,M,11 Dec 68,14,4,5 Dec; Dujardin

Janssens,Hilda,P,17 Sep 69,6,4,Dujardin

Janssens,Mariette Emilienne,E,13 Sep 67,6,6,Swaenpoel

Janssens,Mariette Emiliene,M,15 Nov 67,15,5,28 Oct; Swaenpoel

Janzen,Nettie,B,20 Sep 67,8,6,5 Sep

Janzen,son,B,17 Nov 65,6,5,1 Nov

Janzen,William J.,D,10 Feb 65,7,6,age 44

Jasper,David William,B,17 Jul 68,6,3,14 Jul

Jeeninga,Antje,W,28 May 69,14,3,Hulst

Jeffrey,Susie,A,20 Oct 65,1,5,Willsey

Jenereaul,Donna Lynn,E,6 Sep 67,8,6,7 Oct; Lorch

Jenereaul,Donna Lynn,M,25 Oct 67,3,5,7 Oct; Lorch

Jenereaul,Susan Noreen,B,4 Jun 69,8,5,22 May

Jenereaul,William,M,16 Nov 66,10,5,Kunz, Brenda

Jenereaul,William David,M,9 Nov 66,4,5,29 Oct; Kunz

Jenkins,Annie,P,9 Feb 66,7,4,Caulfield

Jenkins,George P., Mrs.,D,28 Sep 66,1,8,age 55

Jenkins,Jackie, B,19 Feb 69,8,3,6 Feb

Jenkins,Janet,B,19 Feb 69,8,3,6 Feb

Jenkins,Lawrence Ernest,B,17 May 67,6,7,10 May

Jenner,Larry Allan,E,9 Jul 69,8,6,9 Aug; Prong

Jenner,Larry Allan,M,17 Sep 69,15,4,9 Aug; Prong

Jennerich,Oskar, Mrs.,D,20 Aug 69,1,7,age 48

Jennerich,Oskar, Mrs.,D,27 Aug 69,13,6,19 Aug

Jennerich,William H.,E,10 Jul 68,4,1,2 Aug; VanRaes

Jennerich,William,M,7 Aug 68,12,1,2 Aug; VanRaes

Jenney,Larry Charles,E,7 Sep 66,6,6,1 Oct; Willsey

Jenney,Larry Charles,M,12 Oct 66,10,1,1 Oct; Willsey

Jenney,Larry Charles,D,22 Oct 69,15,2,age 25

Jenney,Laurie Elaine,B

Jennings,James,E,13 Sep 67,6,6,14 Oct; Daniel

Jennings,James Douglas,M,25 Oct 67,13,4,14 Oct; Daniel

Jensen,Michael Edward,B

Jibson,Marion,P,17 Jul 68,6,3,Jasper

Jibson,Nellie,W,16 Oct 68,10,5,Putnam

Jillard,Fred, Rev.,A,3 Jul 68,1,3,25th

Jinkerson,Lawrence Howard,E,24 Jul 68,2,7,27 Aug; lamb

Jinkerson,Lawrence Howard Richard,M,11 Sep 68,11,4,27 Aug; Lamb

Jobson,Alice,P,12 Jun 68,9,5,Shipp

Johns,Gordon Arthur,E,7 May 69,6,6,24 May; Ebben

Johns,Gordon Arthur,M,18 Jun 69,3,1,24 May; Ebben

Johns,Irvene,W,6 Oct 65,9,4,Grogan

Johns,Ronald Lawrence,E,7 Sep 66,6,6,24 Sep; Tillotson

Johnson,Arba A.,D,19 Dec 67,22,5,14 Dec; age 86

Johnson,Charles,D,19 Jan 66,10,2,age 71

Johnson,Charles,D,26 Jan 66,6,7,

Johnson,Charles A.,IM,11 Jan 67,6,5,d 17 Jan 1966

Johnson,Charles A.,IM,17 Jan 68,8,5,d 17 Jan 1966

Johnson,Charles A.,IM,15 Jan 69,8,5,d 17 Jan 1966

Johnson,Clarke, Mrs.,D,21 May 69,7,7,15 May; 82nd year

Johnson,daughter,B,29 May 68,7,4,10 May

Johnson,Ella,D,13 Sep 67,2,6,Pressey

Johnson,Frank O.,D,11 May 66,8,3,7 May

Johnson,Harold Leonard,B,13 Oct 65,6,8,20 Sep

Johnson,Hattie,D,10 Jan 68,13,2,Newell

Johnson,Ida,P,26 Jun 68,20,2,Wood

Johnson,Keith Emerson,E,30 Mar 66,6,3,23 Apr; McCabe

Johnson,Keith Emerson,M,27 Apr 66,6,3,23 Apr; McCabe

Johnson,Lewis Stratton,D,9 Mar 66,1,4,age 75

Johnson,Lynda,IM,1 Dec 65,6,6,d 1 Dec 1963

Johnson,Lynda,IM,30 Nov 66,6,6,d 1 Dec 1963

Johnson,Lynda,IM,29 Nov 67,6,7,d 1 Dec 1963

Johnson,Lynda,IM,27 Nov 68,6,8,d 1 Dec 1963

Johnson,Norman Harold,M,24 Mar 65,13,2,20 Mar; Gray

Johnson,Ralph Edwin,M,7 Aug 68,8,3,20 Jul; Demchuk

Johnston,Carolyn Fuschia,E,6 Apr 66,6,4,7 May; W-Ingram

Johnston,Carolyn Fuschia,M,1 Jun 66,11,1,Winnington-Ingram

Johnston,Jessie,D,17 May 67,13,3,Koyle

Johnston,Margaret,P,29 Jan 69,10,3,Caldwell

Johnston,R. Hugh,D,7 Aug 68,13,3,age 84

Johnston,Roy Alvin,D,4 Oct 67,13,5,age 77

Johnstone,Jim,M,29 Nov 67,11,3,Nevill

Joliffe,Edna,A,1 Mar 67,1,7,McIntyre

Jolliffe,Edna,D,18 Sep 68,2,5,McIntyre

Jolliffe,nee,P,19 Nov 69,6,3,Mizon

Jolliffe,Ronald Edward,M,19 Jun 68,14,1,11 May; Lawson

Jones,Ada,D,23 Mar 66,15,3,age 55

Jones,Amelia,P,11 Jun 69,14,7,Fowler

Jones,Celia Helen,D,15 Jan 69,5,5,6 Jan

Jones,Cora Agnes,E,5 Mar 69,2,6,12 Apr; Kestleloot

Jones,Donald, Mrs.,D,6 Apr 66,10,3,age 45

Jones,Doris,P,15 May 68,6,4,Graham

Jones,Emma,D,31 Aug 66,2,4,Roberts

Jones,Frances,IM,29 Mar 67,8,6,d 31 Mar 1966

Jones,Leonard Donald,M,26 Jun 68,5,3,Winnington-Ingram

Jones,Norman, Mrs.,D,8 Jan 69,5,3,age 56

Jones,Olive Irene,D,1 May 68,15,6,25 Apr; age 70

Jones,Stanley Albert,E,28 May 69,6,7,Woodworth

Jones,Stanley Albert,M,30 Jul 69,8,3,Woodworth

JOnes,Connie Agnes,M,30 Apr 69,3,5,12 Apr;Kestleloot

Joosse,Lena,M,21 Aug 68,9,4,10 Aug; Pasma

Jordan,Deanna Kay,M,4 Aug 65,10,3,24 Jul; Smith

Jordan,Deanna Kay,E,7 Jul 65,6,8,24 Jul; Smith

Jordan,Gavin Matthew,B

Jordan,Lloyd,A,23 Mar 66,16,5,22 Mar; 25th

Jordan,Stephanie Susan,B

Jukes,Lavina,IM,21 Apr 65,6,8,d 21 Apr 1961

Jukes,Levina,IM,19 Apr 67,6,4,d 21 Apr 1961

Jukes,Marlene,B,27 Dec 67,6,3,Lattanzio

Jukes,Nicole Amber,B,20 Nov 68,8,4,18 Nov

Jukes,Nicole Amber,D,15 Jan 69,5,5,infant

Jukes,Norma,P,13 Dec 67,8,4,Horeth

Kadel,Ernest P.,M,21 Jul 65,10,4,24 May; Scott

Kadel,Ernest Payson,E,12 May 65,13,3,24 May; Scott

Kaiser,Fred,A ,9 Mar 66,1,6,60th

Kaiser,Fred,D,19 Jun 68,2,3,age 87

Kaiser,Fred,A,13 Mar 68,1,7,5 Mar; 62nd year

Kaiser,Fred,IM,18 Jun 69,8,8,d 17 Jun 1968

Kaiser,Frederick,D,26 Jun 68,20,1,17 Jun

Kalman,Joseph,M,25 May 66,5,3,7 May; Chalk

Kapogines,Peter Michael Robt,B,18 Dec 68,8,4,15 Dec

Karl,Anna Marie,M,3 Nov 65,5,3,9 Oct; Wilson

Karl,Frank,A,16 Feb 66,9,3,25th

Karl,Frank,A,3 Dec 69,2,2,24 Nov; 50th

Kasza,Steve,M,12 May 65,9,7,8 May; Iller

Kaufman,Ruth E.,W,1 Dec 65,10,6,Pigram

Kay,Ronald Edward,E,24 May 67,6,6,18 May; Kilmer

Kay,son,B,25 Jun 69,8,6,13 Jun

Kazman,Larry Jerome,B,1 Oct 69,8,8,25 Sep; twin

Kazman,Leslie Joseph,B

Keane,Shirley,W,14 Feb 68,16,2,Stewart

Kearney,Douglas,D,22 Mar 67,1,8,age 41

Keating,E. A., Mrs.,D,26 Jan 66,4,6,

Kebbel,Robert Herbert,B

Keene,Mark Charles,M,2 Mar 66,11,3,26 Feb; Mann

Keene,Mark Charles,E,26 Jan 66,8,4,26 Feb; Mann

Keillor,Becky Lynne,B

Keillor,Jeffery Wayne,B

Keillor,Kelly Dianne,B

Keillor,Ruth,W,7 Jun 67,13,3,Austin

Kelly,Anna,D,24 Apr 67,7,4,Hargrave

Kelly,Stephen Thomas,B

Kenn,David James,B

Kenn,Tracey,D,25 Jun 69,14,4,age 3 months

Kennedy,Carl E.,E,7 Sep 66,6,6,1 Oct; Parsons

Kennedy,Carl E.,M,5 Oct 66,9,5,1 Oct; Parsons

Kennedy,Charles Madison,D,10 Jan 68,13,1,age 82

Kennedy,dau of John,A,20 Mar 68,1,3,McKibbin



Kennedy,David L.,D,31 Aug 66,10,7,

Kennedy,David,D,24 Aug 66,5,3,age 67

Kennedy,Eliza,P,12 Mar 69,3,6,Woolley

Kennedy,Frederick,D,21 May 69,7,7,age 89

Kennedy,Helen Clunas,D,24 Apr 68,14,5,Charlton

Kennedy,Ina,D,12 Jan 66,7,4,McKibbin

Kennedy,J. Baxter,D,29 Mar 67,3,2,age 71

Kennedy,John,BD,8 Dec 65,1,4,100th; photo

Kennedy,John,D,6 Jul 66,8,5,

Kennedy,John,D,29 Jun 66,4,3,age 101

Kennedy,Mary Margaret,M,4 Jan 67,8,1,5 Nov; Beattie

Kennedy,Mary,P,16 Jul 69,8,7,Beattie

Kennedy,Morgan Arthur,M,1 Nov 67,3,6,7 Oct; VanHorne

Kennedy,Thomas,E,8 Feb 67,3,3,25 Mar; Scott

Kennedy,Thomas,M,31 May 67,15,3,Scott

Kennedy,Traci Elizabeth,B,28 Sep 66,8,4,19 Sep

Kennedy,Wilma Jean,E,30 Aug 67,8,6,30 Sep; Magee

Kennedy,Wilma Jean,M,18 Oct 67,11,7,30 Sep; Magee

Kenny,David Joseph,M,15 Sep 65,11,5,Beale

Kenny,Mary Jane,P,8 Oct 69,14,4,Dunn

Kenny,Sarah Ruth,B,17 Dec 69,6,2,13 Dec

Kent,Harry F.,D,1 Feb 67,11,5,age 74

Kenty,Harvey Lloyd,D,20 Aug 69,12,7,1 Aug; age 47

Ker,Judith Ann,D,18 Jan 67,8,7,age 15

Ker,Judith Ann,D,25 Jan 67,10,7,

Ker,Mary Edna,IM,19 Dec 67,8,7,d 22 Dec 1963


Kerr,Ellen,W,12 Mar 69,3,5,Phillips

Kers,Henry,M,29 Sep 65,11,4,23 Sep; Bremer

Kestleloot,Christine,M,3 Mar 65,10,7,13 Feb; VanBree

Kestleloot,Luke Silveer,E,5 Mar 69,2,6,12 Apr; Jones

Kestleloot,Luke Silvere,M,30 Apr 69,3,5,12 Apr; Jones

Ketchabaw,Alma,E,10 Mar 65,6,5,27 Mar; Rice

Ketchabaw,Angela Phyllis,B

Ketchabaw,James Grover,M,27 Apr 66,8,3,16 Apr; Devine

Ketchabaw,James Grover,E,16 Mar 66,6,4,16 Apr; Devine

Ketchabaw,Roy, Mrs.,D,25 Aug 65,8,8,23 Aug; 49th year

Kicksee,Albert,IM,28 Jul 65,6,3,d 28 Jul 1961

Kicksee,Albert,IM,20 Jul 66,6,5,d 25 Jul 1961

Kicksee,Albert,IM,19 Jul 67,6,8,d 25 Jul 1961

Kicksee,Albert,IM,23 Jul 69,12,3,d 25 Jul 1961

Kicksee,Betty Lou,M,24 Nov 65,4,4,13 Nov; Panasiuk

Kicksee,Betty Lou,E,10 Nov 65,6,4,Panasiuk

Kicksee,Nellie, Mrs.,M,7 Jul 65,9,5,24 Jun; Sage

Kidder,Charles Arthur,D,18 Jun 69,14,3,age 60

Kidder,Penny Suzanne,M,31 Jul 68,14,1,20 Jul; Gibbons

Kilgour,Alvin,D,12 Apr 67,12,2,

Kilgour,Alvin,D,5 Apr 67,10,2,age 48

Kilgour,Angela Mae,B,27 Aug 69,8,6,23 Aug

Kilgour,Barbara Elizabeth,E,6 Sep 67,8,6,30 Sep; Gibson

Kilgour,Barbara Elizabeth,M,18 Oct 67,13,4,30 Sep; Gibson

Kilgour,John A.,D,4 Aug 65,11,4,83rd year

Kilgour,William Arthur,E,10 Apr 68,9,4,18 May; Lang

Kilgour,William Arthur,M,22 May 68,4,1,18 May; Lang

Killingsworth,Robert Stewart,M,18 Jan 67,8,6,12 Jan; McConnell

Killough,Krista Lou,B,14 Feb 68,6,6,3 Feb

Killough,Laura,P,20 Dec 66,3,3,Kenn

Killough,Laura Mae,P,25 Jun 69,14,4,Kenn

Kilmer,Clarence,D,8 May 68,16,1,age 82

Kilmer,Edith,W,3 Dec 69,7,8,Walker

Kilmer,Ella,IM,6 Dec 67,6,8,d 7 Dec 1965

Kilmer,Elva,D,15 Dec 65,11,5,

Kilmer,Gordon,A,5 Nov 69,1,6,12 Nov; 50th

Kilmer,Ida Gertrude,D,28 Jul 65,8,5,age 85

Kilmer,James, Mrs.,D,8 Dec 65,13,5,age 81

Kilmer,James,D,15 May 68,15,4,7 May

Kilmer,Janice Doreen,E,24 May 67,6,6,18 May; Kay

Kilmer,Janice,P,25 Jun 69,8,6,Kay

Kilmer,Kelley,P,16 Jun 65,6,5,Ethelston

Kilmer,Leonard,D,24 Feb 65,2,5,86th year

Kilmer,Leonard,D,17 Feb 65,13,1,age 85

Kilmer,Lucille Marlene,E,8 Nov 67,8,7,25 Nov; Howe

Kilmer,Lucille Marlene,M,13 Dec 67,2,1,25 Nov; Howe

Kilmer,Shelley,P,9 Jun 65,6,5,Ethelston

Kilpatrick,Dorothy,W,23 Dec 68,1,7,Cline

Kilpatrick,E. L.,A,8 Sep 65,1,8,15 Sep; 50th

Kilpatrick,Lee Emerson,D,2 Feb 66,11,1,78th year

Kimmel,Mary,D,28 Aug 68,9,2,Fath

Kincaid,Gordon,D,3 Aug 66,11,6,age 72

King,Charles, Mrs.,D,18 Jan 67,5,6,age 79

King,Charles, Mrs.,D,25 Jan 67,10,5,15 Jan

King,Charles, Mrs.,IM,15 Jan 69,8,5,d 15 Jan 1967

King,Daniel Scott,B

King,David Ross,B

King,Edna Lillian,E,26 Mar 69,6,6,26 Apr; Morris

King,Florence,IM,24 Jan 68,8,6,d 15 Jan 1967

King,Fred D.,IM,3 Feb 65,6,6,d 5 Feb 1958

King,Fred D.,IM,2 Feb 66,6,3,d 5 Feb 1958

King,Janet Suzanne,M,23 Feb 66,3,7,19 Feb; Niville

King,Leon,BD,28 Jun 67,1,8,80th

King,Lilly,D,10 Apr 68,12,5,Wiley

King,Pat,P,6 Aug 69,8,3,Carroll

King,Patricia Anne,E,7 Jul 65,11,6,31 Jul; Carroll

Kingwell,Arnold Philip,D,20 Nov 68,2,4,age 76

Kinman,Verna,D,10 Jan 68,11,5,Sager

Kinsey,Derrick Sydney,B

Kinsey,Jean,D,11 Jan 67,10,4,age 77

Kinsey,Kathryn Audrey,E,21 May 69,2,7,21 Jun; Crowe

Kinsey,Kathryn,M,9 Jul 69,13,7,21 Jun; Crowe

Kinsey,Stephen Barry,B,2 Mar 66,6,5,22 Feb

Kinsey,Tammy Lynn,B,8 Oct 69,6,6,24 Sep

Kinsey,Wayne,M,31 May 67,2,1,26 May; Glover

Kipp,Roger John Franklin,B,9 Oct 68,6,3,27 Sep

Kipp,Teresa Ann Gladys,B,11 Oct 67,8,4,27 Sep

Kipp,Terry Alexander,B,27 Oct 65,6,6,17 Oct

Kirk,Beth Ann,D,13 Apr 66,8,2,age 6

Kirk,Beth Ann,IM,10 Apr 68,6,6,10 Apr 1966, age 6

Kish,Joseph,D,5 Jun 68,14,3,30 May; 71st year

Kish,Steve,D,20 Jan 65,1,8,

Kiss,Margaret Pearl,M,11 Dec 68,14,1,30 Nov; Barnes

Klachan,Steve Paul,D,13 Jul 66,11,1,age 63

Klassen,John,B,9 Mar 66,6,8,22 Feb

Klassen,son,B,26 Jul 67,8,6,10 Jul

Klassen,son,B,3 Jan 68,8,4,16 Dec

Klemen,Mary,IM,26 Feb 69,8,7,d 25 Feb 1968

Klitzke,Carol Arlene,M,5 May 65,3,7,6 Mar; Orris

Klitzke,Carole Arlene,E,10 Feb 65,6,3,6 Mar; Orris

Knight,Patrick Russel,B,24 Sep 69,6,5,adopted

Knight,Thomas Wesley,E,10 Jul 68,15,7,6 Aug; Young

Knott,Bertha,W,7 Feb 68,2,7,Godwin

Knott,Elizabeth,D,6 Jan 65,11,4,Orton

Knott,Wilmer,A,23 Jun 65,4,2,9 Jun; 50th

Knowles,Joyce Marie,E,8 Nov 67,8,7,2 Dec; Brown

Knowles,Joyce,P,19 Jun 68,8,8,Brown

Knowles,Joyce Marie,M,6 Dec 67,9,5,2 Dec; Brown

Kolodziejczk,Justina,W,30 Aug 67,5,4,Glinksi

Koopmans,Hendrikje,D,19 Oct 66,12,6,Miedema

Korkonen,Kaino,M,26 Jan 66,4,4,Miller, Lucille

Kostendt,Thomas George,E,18 Jun 69,8,8,4 Jul; Frisch

Kostendt,Thomas George,M,16 Jul 69,12,3,4 Jul; Frisch

Koster,Elizabeth J.,M,9 Jun 65,10,4,5 Jun; Debeyer

Koster,Janneke,P,3 Jul 68,12,5,VanDixhoorn

Kosynski,Victoria Mary,W,14 Jul 65,11,3,VandeWiele

Koteles,Ernest Benjamin,M,28 Sep 66,14,5,McCrae

Kovacs,Alex,D,24 Feb 65,2,3,age 74

Kovacs,Mary,E,18 Oct 67,14,1,18 Nov; Yule

Koyle,Marvin H.,D,24 Mar 65,8,4,age 87; 19 Mar

Koyle,Oscar, Mrs.,D,17 May 67,13,3,8 May; 87th year

Kramer,John,D,9 Mar 66,2,3,27 Feb

Kramer,John,D,2 Mar 66,9,6,age 77

Kraus,Mary,W,24 Jul 68,16,4,Huber

Kreuzer,Clarence, Mrs.,D,9 Jun 65,10,2,age 74

Kristers,Lambert,M,28 Jun 67,12,3,17 Jun; Lamers

Kroeker,Dwight Jonathan,B

Krug,Elaine,P,28 Dec 66,6,2,Murphy

Krug,Margaret Elaine,M,18 May 66,9,1,14 May; Murphy

Krug,Theresa Maud,D,11 Jan 67,4,5,1 Jan; age 78

Krygsman,Cory,P,27 Apr 66,10,3,Hilliker

Kuch,Katherina,W,10 May 67,9,1,Stickel

Kuchma,Patric,M,24 May 67,9,3,20 May; Scott

Kueskelly,Mary,P,23 Apr 69,9,6,Ferguson

Kuipers,Eleanor Darlene,B


Kulp,Ambrose A.,D,24 Mar 65,3,8,age 91

Kunz,Brenda Ann,M,9 Nov 66,4,5,29 Oct; Jenereaul

Kunz,Brenda Ann,M,16 Nov 66,10,5,Jenereaul, Wm.

Kunz,Brenda,P,4 Jun 69,8,5,Jenereaul

Kunz,Douglas,D,21 Dec 65,7,5,age 52

Kunz,Sandra Lynn,M,13 Oct 65,11,4,8 Oct; Edwards

Kutyla,Joseph,D,3 Jan 68,4,2,age 65

Kyte,Grace,D,21 Feb 68,2,3,Nicholson

Kyte,Tamson,D,28 Feb 68,14,3,Fisher

Labodi,Kathleen,W,21 Apr 65,11,1,DeRyk

Lacey,Heather Ann,B,10 Jul 68,6,7,5 Jul

Lacey,Peter Ray,E,19 Jul 67,8,5,5 Aug; Doan

Lacey,Peter R.,M,16 Aug 67,12,4,Doan

Lacey,Robert,IM,14 Sep 66,6,5,d 17 Sep 1965

Laemers,Edwin,A,9 Aug 67,8,7,25th

LaForge,Alice,W,8 Sep 65,9,4,Porter

LaForge,James Franklin,M,18 Jun 69,5,4,14 Jun; Nesbitt

LaForge,Rachel N.,D,1 Sep 65,8,4,age 85

LaForge,Samuel,D,25 Aug 65,7,6,age 81

Laframboyse,daughter,B,25 Sep 68,6,5,24 Sep

Laframbroise,Michael,M,21 Dec 65,13,1,27 Nov; Doucet

Laidlaw,Elgin,A,21 Feb 68,1,4,27 Feb; 50th

Laidlaw,Elgin,A,28 Feb 68,1,6,50th

Laidlaw,Keith, Mrs.,D,27 Sep 67,3,6,age 29

Laidlaw,Robert Andrew,D,27 Sep 67,3,6,age 2

Lale,Frank,D,14 Jul 65,11,3,age 56

Lale,Frank,D,21 Jul 65,13,3,

Lale,Linda,P,9 Jul 69,8,7,Giesbrecht

Lale,Lulu,W,20 Dec 66,2,5,Firby

Lamb,Barbara Doreen,M,11 Sep 68,11,4,27 Aug; Jinkerson

Lamb,Barbara Doreen,E,24 Jul 68,2,7,27 Aug; Jinkerson

Lamb,Byron,D,18 Aug 65,1,8,

Lamb,Clifford,D,19 Nov 69,2,1,

Lamb,Eva Elizabeth,M,26 May 65,9,4,Roberts

Lamb,Eva Elizabeth,M,19 May 65,7,5,Roberts

Lambrecht,Frank, Mrs.,D,28 May 69,14,4,43rd year

Lamers,Aleida,M,28 Jun 67,12,3,17 Jun; Goris

Lamers,Cornelia,M,28 Jun 67,12,3,17 Jun; Kristers

Lamers,Jean,M,23 Jul 69,5,4,5 Jul; DeRidder

Lamers,John H.,M,19 Jul 67,12,3,24 Jun; Louis

Lamers,John,M,28 Aug 68,11,3,Caris

Lamers,Martin,A,30 Jul 69,1,1,1 Aug; 40th


Lammens,Joseph,D,28 Dec 66,3,3,22 Dec; age 71

Lamond,Nancy Jean,E,5 Oct 66,4,3,McWhinnie

Lamond,Nancy Jean,M,16 Nov 66,13,1,McWhinnie

Lamond,Nancy,P,19 Jun 68,8,8,McWhinnie

Lamond,R. D.,A,12 Nov 69,1,8,1 Nov; 30th

Lamond,Ray,M,9 Jun 65,10,6,bride illegible

Lamond,Roy Gordon,E,5 May 65,3,7,McMahon

Lampman,Daisy Maude,D,27 Apr 66,8,5,age 77

Land,Margaret,P,11 Jun 69,14,4,Howie

Landon,Larry,M,21 Sep 66,15,4,17 Sep; Samson

Lang,Catherine Iris,M,8 Nov 67,5,7,7 Oct; Versteegen

Lang,Donna Louise,E,5 Jun 68,9,7,6 Jul; Crocker

Lang,Donna Louise,M,7 Aug 68,12,1,6 Jul; Crocker

Lang,Dorothy Mae,M,22 May 68,4,1,18 May; Kilgour

Lang,Dorothy Mae,E,10 Apr 68,9,4,18 May; Kilgour

Lang,Dorothy,P,27 Aug 69,8,6,Kilgour

Lang,Edward David,E,9 Aug 67,8,5,Bodkin

Lang,Roy,A,17 Mar 65,1,3,50th

Lang,Roy M.,D,2 Mar 66,9,7,age 70

Lang,Roy,IM,1 Mar 67,8,8,d 26 Feb 1966

Lang,Roy,IM,28 Feb 68,6,8,d 26 Feb 1966

Lang,Roy, Mrs.,D,28 Feb 68,2,4,age 70

Lang,Roy, Mrs.,D,4 Mar 68,2,3,27 Feb

Lang,Roy, Mrs.,IM,26 Feb 69,8,7,d 27 Feb 1968

Lang,Roy,IM,26 Feb 69,8,7,d 26 Feb 1966

Lang,William Murray,E,21 Feb 68,8,6,23 Mar; Sloat

Lang,William Murray,M,27 Mar 68,9,7,23 Mar; Sloat

Langfield,Florence,IM,19 Dec 67,8,7,d 24 Dec 1966

Langford,Florence,W,11 Oct 67,4,3,McCallum

Langford,Lily,W,20 Apr 66,4,8,Stanyer

Lapham,Ann,A,13 Mar 68,13,1,Fyfe

Lapham,Martha Mae,D,24 Nov 65,11,1,Campbell

Latam,Ellen Louise,D,25 Aug 65,7,7,age 88

Latham,Jennie,W,27 Dec 68,2,5,Herrington

Latimer,Douglas Earl,D,6 Dec 67,2,3,29 Nov; 21st year

Latimer,Douglas,IM,27 Nov 68,6,8,d 29 Nov 1967

Latimer,Richard Douglas,B

Latimer,Wilbur,IM,6 Nov 68,8,7,d 6 Nov 1963


Lattanzio,Kent Jeffrey,B

Laur,Christine,P,21 Aug 68,15,5,Sparkman

Laur,Cora Laura,D,30 Jul 69,7,5,Benner

Laur,Dennis,A,23 Mar 66,16,4,29 Mar; 50th

Laur,Everett,D,13 Sep 67,2,6,age 79

Laur,Everett,D,20 Sep 67,22,5,

Laur,Frederick Solon,E,30 Apr 69,6,4,10 May; Blinn

Laur,Lisa Anne,B,30 Aug 67,8,6,20 Aug

Laur,Lynda Louise,E,1 Jun 66,6,6,15 Jun; Sykes

Laur,Lynda Louise,M,6 Jul 66,11,7,25 Jun; Sykes

Laur,Rosanna,P,25 Sep 68,2,6,Summers

Laur,Velma J.,D,17 Feb 65,13,2,Pearson

Lauszus,Mr. [not given],IM,30 Jul 69,6,7,d 31 Jul 1968

Lauszus,Otto,D,31 Jul 68,1,4,

Lauszus,Otto,D,7 Aug 68,13,3,age 64

Lauterbach,Elizabeth,M,3 May 67,9,1,29 Apr; Geromine

Lavac,Yvon Paul,M,11 Dec 68,5,1,Perry

Lavoie,Juliette,W,9 Oct 68,14,4,Groulx

Lawr,Sherman,D,16 Feb 66,9,4,

Lawrence,Alfred Charles,E,7 Jun 67,6,5,Matheusick

Lawrence,Donna Marie,M,18 Oct 67,9,4,14 Oct; Moerman

Lawrence,Frederick Clarence,B,17 Jul 68,6,3,26 Jun

Lawrence,Jo Anne,E,18 Sep 68,6,6,12 Oct; Brown

Lawrence,Mae,D,20 Sep 67,22,5,Dreyer

Lawrence,William, Mrs.,D,2 Aug 67,1,8,age 78

Lawson,Donna Lucille,M,19 Jun 68,14,1,11 May; Jolliffe

Lawson,Eliz’th Ewining,W,27 Apr 66,8,6,Farr

Lawton,Amy,W,26 Feb 69,13,4,Hindley

Layman,Florence,D,28 Dec 66,3,1,Longfield

Learn,Catherine Ann,E,22 Mar 67,8,3,15 Apr; McCaw

Learn,Catherine Anne,M,19 Apr 67,10,3,15 Apr; McCaw

Learn,Cora,P,19 Nov 69,2,2,Mercer

Learn,Fred,A,12 Feb 69,1,5,25th

Learn,Gordon, Mrs.,BD,22 Nov 67,8,3,85th

Learn,Lawrence Earl Philip,M,19 Apr 67,9,4,15 Apr; Bull

Learn,Linda Rose,M,9 Jul 69,14,3,14 Jun; Lewis

Learn,Rosemary,P,28 Jun 67,8,4,Goble

Learn,Rosemary,P,22 May 68,8,4,Goble

Learn,Roy, Mrs.,D,30 Nov 66,9,2,age 73

Learn,Stella,D,7 Dec 66,5,3,

Learn,Stella,W,18 Oct 67,9,6,Harper

Learn,Stella,IM,22 Nov 67,6,7,d 26 Nov 1966

Leathorn,Florence May,D,16 Nov 66,9,4,Baer

Leclair,Emile, Mrs.,D,10 Apr 68,12,4,age 68

Leclair,Irma,D,17 Apr 68,10,6,9 Apr

Lee,Gladys F.,D,9 Jun 65,10,1,age 66

Leermakers,John Joseph,B

Leermakers,William Anthony,B

Leeson,Ada,W,26 Feb 69,13,3,Miller

Leeson,dau of Francis,A,10 May 67,1,5,Miller

Leeson,Ella,W,7 Apr 65,11,3,Arnup

Leeson,Ella Maud,D,29 Jun 66,7,1,Arnup

Leeson,Frank E., Mrs.,D,8 Nov 67,13,4,1 Nov

Leeson,Learn H.,D,22 Mar 67,10,2,age 69

Leeson,Luella,D,18 Jun 69,14,4,Hill

Leeson,Roy Melvin,D,16 Oct 68,1,8,age 89

Leeson,Tyler,D,10 Nov 65,5,4,84th year

Leeson,Tyler,A,8 Sep 65,1,4,59th

Leetham,John E.,E,20 Aug 69,12,5,20 Sep; Stevens

Leetham,John E.,M,1 Oct 69,2,3,20 Sep; Stevens

Legg,Donald James,B

Legg,Eva,P,28May 69,14,5,Abell

Legg,Evelyn,A,10 Sep 69,3,5,Scanlan

Legg,Gordon,A,13 Sep 67,1,3,19 Sep; 50th

Legg,Helen,IM,4 Jan 67,6,7,d 7 Jan 1966

Legg,Helen,IM,10 Jan 68,8,5,d 7 Jan 1966

Legg,Helen,IM,8 Jan 69,8,6,d 7 Jan 1966

Legg,Laraine Ann,E,17 Nov 65,6,5,4 Dec; Minnema

Legg,Marjorie,D,2 Apr 69,17,5,Robins

Legg,S. W.,A,3 Jan 68,3,5,30 Dec; 55th

Legg,Thurman, Mrs.,D,12 Jan 66,7,3,50th year

Lehman,Mary Esther,M,23 Jul 69,4,7,19 Jul; Boultbee

Lehr,Loretta Loraine,M,6 Sep 67,2,3,26 Aug; Turgeon

Leitch,Kate,W,24 Jan 68,3,4,Carter

Lemche,Tony, Mrs.,D,7 Aug 68,13,2,age 75

Lemon,Marvin,E,1 Dec 65,6,4,4 Dec; Voakes

Leonard,John Francis,M,25 Sep 68,8,1,4 Sep; Bartlett

Leslie,Joan Elizabeth,E,25 May 66,6,8,18 Jun; Bogart

Leslie,Joan Elizabeth,M,29 Jun 66,4,1,18 Jun; Bogart

Leslie,John Harvey,D,12 Apr 67,12,2,age 83

Lester,dau of Blake,M,2 Aug 67,13,3,Vanpuyenbroeck

Levac,Yvon Paul,E,17 Jul 68,6,4,28 Sep; Perry

Levas,Yvon Paul,M,4 Dec 68,12,3,28 Sep; Perry

Levnis,Myrian,M,1 May 68,10,1,16 Apr; DeBruyn

Lewis,Charlie Edgar,E,20 Sep 67,8,8,28 Oct; Morse

Lewis,Charlie Edgar,M,15 Nov 67,10,5,28 Oct; Morse

Lewis,Donald R.,D,2 Jun 65,10,4,age 61

Lewis,Edna,D,11 May 66,13,7,age 69

Lewis,Karen Lee,B

Lewis,Martin Louise,M,28 Aug 68,3,7,3 Aug; Gauthier

Lewis,Russel Charles,E,4 Mar 68,8,6,9 Mar; Holden

Lewis,Russell,A,23 Mar 66,16,5,25th

Lewis,Russell C., Mrs.,D,2 Jul 69,2,1,

Lewis,Russell Sr., Mrs.,D,2 Jul 69,2,1,age 51

Lewis,Wayne Richard,M,9 Jul 69,14,3,14 Jun; Learn

Liddle,Betty Barbara,M,4 Aug 65,8,5,31 Jul; Pake

Liddle,Betty,P,30 Oct 68,8,6,Pake

Liddle,Edith,W,1 Mar 67,10,3,Grawburg

Liddle,Ethel,D,7 Aug 68,13,3,Grawburg

Liddle,Florence Christie,D,9 Nov 66,9,4,Chalk

Liddle,Oliver,D,22 Jan 69,2,1,78th year

Liddle,Orville,D,24 Jan 68,3,5,age 54

Liddle,Rodney Stuart,B

Liddle,Rosemary Ann,E,29 May 68,6,7,29 Jun; White

Liddle,Rosemary Anne,M,10 Jul 68,10,3,29 Jun; White

Liddle,Stuart Orville,E,8 May 68,6,4,22 Jun; Scanlan

Liddle,Stuart Orville,M,26 Jun 68,19,3,22 Jun; Scanlan

Light,Fern,W,10 May 67,9,1,Bottrill

Light,William Douglas,B,27 Apr 66,10,3,4 Apr

Lightfoot,Claire,W,9 Feb 66,11,7,Brackenbury

Lightfoot,Ed,IM,29 Sep 65,6,7,d 3 Oct 1964

Lileikis,Tony Paul,E,12 Oct 66,6,4,29 Oct; Pierce

Lindert,Michael,E,2 Oct 68,11,5,19 Oct; Schlecht

Lindert,Michael,M,30 Oct 68,2,3,19 Oct; Schlecht

Lindsay,Cora,A,6 Jan 65,1,1,Marshall

Lindsay,Cora,A,13 Jan 65,1,4,Marshall

Lindsay,Edythe,D,3 Sep 69,9,4,25 Aug

Lindsay,Eric, Mrs.,D,28 Aug 68,9,2,age 85

Lindsay,Linda,P,28 Apr 65,6,8,Millard

Lindsay,Robert Larry,D,16 Oct 68,1,7,age 18

Lindsay,Shirley,P,30 Mar 66,6,4,Davis

Lindsay,Victor, Mrs.,D,27 Aug 69,13,6,

Linton,Richard Henry,D,17 Aug 66,7,2,age 89

Liptak,Elizabeth,M,19 Dec 67,4,3,9 Dec; Robinson

Lister,Harriet,P,11 Jan 67,10,4,Ritchie


Lloyd,Richard, Mrs.,D,13 Apr 66,8,1,7 Apr; 91st year

Locey,Maude,IM,17 Nov 65,6,5,d 18Nov 1964

Locey,Maude,IM,16 Nov 66,6,7,d 18 Nov 1964

Locke,Paula L.,M,15 Sep 65,8,1,11 Sep; Freeman

Locker,Jennie,A,16 Apr 69,1,8,Underhill

Locker,Phoebe Jane,A,23 Apr 69,1,5,Underhill

Lockey,Annie,D,21 Jul 65,13,1,Shepherd

Lockey,Carol Ruth,M,26 May 65,3,1,15 May; Diemert

Lockey,Donald Edwin,E,17 Apr 68,9,8,25 May; Hainer

Lockey,Donald Edwin,M,26 Jun 68,13,3,25 May; Hainer

Lockhart,Frederick Ramsey,D,24 Nov 65,8,5,72nd year

Lockwood,Brenda Leigh,B,19 Jan 66,6,5,13 Jan

Lockwood,Brian Robt James,B,11 Oct 67,8,4,1 Oct

Lockwood,Charles Darrin,B,24 Feb 65,6,2,12 Feb

Lockwood,Harry,D,15 Mar 67,2,2,age 86

Lockwood,son,B,12 Oct 66,6,8,4 Oct

Lodato,Innocenzio (Joe),D,11 Jan 67,10,4,8 Jan; 80th year

Loft,John M.,D,15 Dec 65,11,3,11 Dec; age 61

Logan,John Stewart,D,17 Jan 68,10,3,10 Jan; age 74

Logan,Mary,W,1 Nov 67,2,3,Purdy

Long,George, Mrs.,D,31 Jul 68,10,3,age 77

Long,Martha Ellen,W,25 Aug 65,7,6,LaForge

Long,Myrtle,D,31 May 67,12,1,age 59

Longfield,David, Mrs.,D,28 Dec 66,3,1,age 77

Longphee,Allan Joseph,M,12 Apr 67,3,4,25 Mar; O’Bryan

Longworth,Mayme,W,22 Sep 65,22,3,Ray

Loomans,Cathy W.,M,8 May 68,7,1,6 Apr; Vanrooy

Loop,Vera,A,13 Dec 67,1,4,Garrod

Lorch,Brian Mitchell,M,25 Oct 67,3,5,7 Oct; Jenereaul

Lorch,Brian Mitchell,E,6 Sep 67,8,6,7 Oct; Jenereaul

Lorch,Charles Robert,M,21 Dec 65,19,3,Turnbull

Lorch,James Adolph,M,8 Feb 67,13,5,28 Jan; Whidden

Lorch,Jon Francis,M,11 Aug 65,11,2,Parachoniak

Lorch,Jon Francis,E,2 Jun 65,6,5,Paraconiak

Lorch,Jon William,B

Lorch,Steven Charles,B

Lorenson,Anna Katrine,D,26 Jan 66,6,7,Purdy

Louch,Berdie C.,D,25 Jun 69,2,3,21 Jun; 75th year

Louch,Frances,D,28 Jun 67,11,3,Baxter

Louch,Richard Harvey,D,15 Nov 67,3,3,10 Nov; age 71

Loucks,Dorothy,W,29 Mar 67,3,1,Firby

Loucks,Samuel Bruce,D,7 Aug 68,13,4,age 81

Lougheed,George,A,19 Jan 66,1,4,50th

Louis,Rose Mary,M,19 Jul 67,12,3,24 Jun; Lamers

Love,Edith May,D,30 Nov 66,9,1,age 89

Loveday,Christopher Paul,B,24 Jan 68,8,5,19 Jan

Loveday,George Harold,D,19 Dec 67,22,5,65th year

Lucas,Louise,D,22 Jan 69,2,1,Staniforth

Lucas,Lousie May,D,29 Jan 69,10,4,Staniforth

Lucas,Mayna,D,15 Jun 66,3,1,55th year

Luki,Anne Ida,M,7 Dec 66,11,3,29 Oct; Balint

Lundy,Christopher James,B,6 Apr 66,6,4,23 Mar; adopted

Lunn,Victoria Ruth,M,7 Apr 65,18,3,20 Feb; Baxter

Lunn,Victoria Ruth,M,21 Apr 65,9,4,Baxter

Luscher,Ross Edward,B,21 Jun 67,8,6,19 Jun

Lyle,Helen C.,W,13 Apr 66,8,3,Fearnley

Lynch,Linda Isabelle,E,10 Sep 69,8,4,4 Oct; Caers

Lyons,Angus,D,20 Nov 68,2,3,57th year

Lyons,Daniel James,B,23 Mar 66,6,3,11 Aug/65;adopted

Lyons,Marilyn Jean,M,11 Aug 65,11,5,Moore

Lysko,daughter,D,11 Dec 68,6,5,3 Dec

Lyster,Gillian,E,6 Aug 69,8,5,16 Aug; Stephens

MacDonald,Bertha,W,24 Jan 68,3,4,Shearer

MacDonald,David Joseph,B

MacDonald,Elva,D,10 Feb 65,7,5,age 52

MacDonald,Jack,D,22 Dec 69,9,4,51st year

MacDonald,Mary,P,16 Oct 68,10,5,Putnam

MacDonald,Phoebe,D,6 Aug 69,2,1,Crooker

MacDonell,Norman,D,8 Oct 69,14,3,26 Sep

MacGregor,Jean,W,4 Mar 68,2,2,Culham

MacGregor,Jean,W,23 Apr 69,9,6,Ferguson

MacGregor,Stella,D,30 Nov 66,9,2,Learn

MacIntosh,John,A,26 Feb 69,13,8,50th

MacIntyre,Allan,A,3 Jan 68,5,6,25th

MacIntyre,Janet,D,8 Sep 65,9,5,age 100

MacIntyre,Tracy Lee,B

MacIntyre,William Charles,E,31 May 67,6,8,1 Jul; Young

MacIntyre,William Charles,M,12 Jul 67,11,3,1 Jul; Young

Mackenzie,Robert Laurence,E,29 Jan 69,8,7,Anderson

Mackenzie,Robert Lawrence,M,11 Jun 69,8,3,Anderson

MacLeod,Catherine,D,13 Jan 65,13,4,Archer

MacLeod,Daniel Alexander,B,9 Apr 69,6,7,28 Mar

MacLeod,Rachel Bethune,D,2 Mar 66,11,5,Precoor

MacPherson,Archie,A,29 Sep 65,1,8,25th

MacPherson,John Archibald,E,13 Sep 67,6,6,14 Oct; Pryce

MacPherson,John A.,M,1 Nov 67,11,1,14 Oct; Pryce

MacPherson,Louise Anna,W,12 Jun 68,4,5,Gould

MacPherson,Lucy,A,22 Jun 66,1,6,Gould

Macquire,Mary Estella,W,19 Dec 67,22,5,Johnson

MacVicar,Len Patrick,E,16 Jul 69,5,3,9 Aug; Hodgson

MacVicar,Len Patrick,M,13 Aug 69,3,3,9 Aug; Hodgson

Madacsi,Martin, Mrs.,D,20 Aug 69,12,6,age 53

Maddock,Mary Isabel,D,20 Jan 65,11,1,Putnam

Maddock,Mary,W,16 Jul 69,12,5,Putnam

Maddock,Minnie Jane,D,13 Sep 67,2,5,Cathers

Madill,Marie,W,25 Oct 67,3,1,Mitchell

Maegerman,Eliza,W,3 Apr 68,2,2,VanDerHoeven

Maenhaut,Dolores,M,6 Nov 68,14,3,VanSeveren

Maertens,son,B,10 Mar 65,6,4,3 Mar

Maes,Alphonsine,W,8 May 68,16,2,VanGoethem

Magee,Douglas Murray,M,18 Oct 67,11,7,30 Sep; Kennedy

Magee,Douglas Murray,E,30 Aug 67,8,6,30 Sep; Kennedy

Magee,Herbert John Arthur,E,24 Mar 65,6,7,17 Apr; Millard

Magee,Hubert John D’Arcy,B

Magee,Janet Elaine,E,3 Jul 68,8,6,26 Jul; Bartlett

Magee,Janet Elaine,M,7 Aug 68,12,3,26 Jul; Bartlett

Magee,John,M,21 Apr 65,11,5,17 Apr; Millard

Magee,Sharon Elaine,E,7 Apr 65,8,8,24 Apr; VanDyk

Magee,Sharon Eileen,M,5 May 65,4,3,24 Apr; VanDyk

Maginnis,L. Aquila, Mrs.,D,20 Mar 68,2,3,87th year


Mahar,Annie,D,12 Jan 66,4,4,age 85

Major,Douglas Roy,B

Makeiff,Dawn Lesia,B

Maltezo,Brenda,P,23 Aug 67,6,3,Bowen

Maltezo,Shannon Vaughan,B

Mann,Beth Adella,E,26 Jan 66,8,4,26 Feb; Keene

Mann,Beth Adella,M,2 Mar 66,11,3,26 Feb; Keene

Mann,Ellen Baxter,D,2 Jun 65,10,5,age 91

Mann,Fred, Mrs.,D,13 Aug 69,9,6,

Mann,Kathleen,D,5 Jun 68,14,6,Richardson

Mann,Mary Virginia,M,18 Aug 65,14,4,14 Aug; Chato

Mann,Mary Virginia,E,28 Jul 65,4,4,14 Aug; Chato

Mann,Morley D.,D,17 Sep 69,16,5,14 Sep; 74th year

Mann,Virginia,P,3 Dec 69,6,7,Chato

Manning,Marvin G.,D,13 Apr 66,11,5,6 Apr; age 75

Mansell,Mary Jane,W,10 Jul 68,2,4,Ethelston

Mansion,Eva,D,26 Jun 68,20,1,Shepherd

Mansion,Tena,W,13 Apr 65,2,2,Scott

Maracle,Glenn Joseph,IM,19 Jul 67,6,8,

Maracle,Janet Susan,E,27 Nov 68,3,1,4 Jan 69; Zimmer

Maracle,Kenneth,D,28 Jun 67,11,4,

Maracle,Kenneth,IM,19 Jun 68,8,7,d 22 Jun 1967

Maracle,Kenny,IM,18 Jun 69,8,8,d 22 Jun 1967

Maracle,Lynda,E,3 Apr 68,3,1,8 Jun; Booy

Maracle,Lynda Jean,M,19 Jun 68,2,1,8 Jun; Booy

Maracle,[illegible],M,5 Feb 69,14,3,4 Jan; Zimmer

Marchant,Fred,A,25 Sep 68,1,5,25th

Marchant,Lesley,P,16 Aug 67,6,4,Hobgood

Marcil,Lise,M,14 Jul 65,2,5,Calhoun

Marczenko,Stan Gerald,M,22 Jan 69,2,5,17 Jan; Clover

Marissen,Trena,M,27 Mar 68,10,1,Volmerhausen

Markle,Valerie Carol,M,6 Nov 68,10,5,19 Oct; Nagy

Markle,Valerie Carol,E,9 Oct 68,11,7,19 Oct; Nagy

Marko,Mary,W,27 Mar 68,3,6,Germuska

Marlatt,Ethel,W,21 Jun 67,2,5,Schram

Marlatt,Hazel,D,9 Jul 69,3,3,McDonald

Marlatt,Verne,D,9 Jul 69,3,2,60th year

Marlatt,Verne, Mrs.,D,12 Mar 69,3,6,3 Mar; age 63


Marr,Harvey,A,12 May 65,1,8,40th

Marr,James,A,2 Feb 66,1,7,9 Feb; 25th

Marr,William Clark,D,24 Aug 66,5,4,17 Aug; age 80

Marsh,Hiram Edward,D,28 May 69,14,4,73rd year

Marshall,Ethel Lewis,D,16 Jul 69,12,6,McKnight

Marshall,George L.,D,20 Mar 68,2,3,77th year

Marshall,Mary M.,P,10 Feb 65,7,5,Rice

Marshall,Mary,P,10 Feb 65,7,7,Chute

Marshall,Richard Peter,M,19 Jun 68,12,4,1 Jun; Sadler

Marshall,Rosemary Louise,B

Marshall,Wesley O.,A,13 Jan 65,1,4,50th

Marshall,Wesley O.,A,6 Jan 65,1,1,6 Jan; 50th

Martens,David,D,11 Dec 68,11,1,5 Dec; age 29

Martens,Isaac,B,6 Nov 68,8,8,25 Oct

Martens,Jacob H.,D,27 Nov 68,3,6,age 36

Martin,Ada,D,5 Nov 69,16,3,100th year

Martin,Anne Marie,M,12 Jun 68,3,3,18 May; Horton

Martin,Barry,M,1 Feb 67,2,7,28 Jan; Purdy

Martin,Barry Walter,E,25 Jan 67,8,6,28 Jan; Purdy

Martin,Benjamin,D,8 Jan 69,5,1,28 Dec; age 74

Martin,Cornelis, Mrs.,D,28 Jun 65,8,5,25 Jun

Martin,David R.,E,10 Sep 69,9,7,27 Sep; Church

Martin,David Ross,M,22 Oct 69,9,4,27 Sep; Church

Martin,Emma Agnes,D,13 Aug 69,9,6,7 Aug

Martin,Ethel May,D,18 May 66,10,3,Helka

Martin,Ethel,W,20 Mar 68,2,4,Helka

Martin,Fred W.,D,26 May 65,8,1,67th year

Martin,Fred W.,D,2 Jun 65,10,4,

Martin,Fred,IM,18 May 66,6,5,d 25 May 1965

Martin,Fred,IM,24 May 67,6,5,d 25 May 1965

Martin,Fred,IM,22 May 68,8,8,d 25 May 1965

Martin,George N.,D,19 Jun 68,2,4,age 69

Martin,Marilyn Ruth,B,17 Feb 65,6,4,13 Feb

Martin,Marlene Lilly,M,21 Aug 68,9,1,Winegarden

Martin,Mildred Kathryn,M,15 Jan 69,4,1,21 Dec; Bugg

Martin,Mildred Kathryn,E,20 Nov 68,8,6,21 Dec; Brigg

Martin,R. B., Mrs.,D,27 Apr 66,8,6,

Martin,Ray,A,24 Jan 68,4,5,16 Jan; 25th

Martin,Vivian Leone,D,8 Nov 67,13,4,Leeson

Martin,Wesley,IM,14 Dec 66,6,4,d 13 Dec 1964

Martin,Wesley,IM,13 Dec 67,8,8,d 13 Dec 1964

Martin,Wesley,IM,11 Dec 68,6,7,d 13 Dec 1964

Martindale,Dorothy,M,16 Feb 66,4,5,29 Jan; Ralf

Martindale,J. Harvey,D,9 Feb 66,7,4,age 82

Martyn,T. Victor, Mrs.,D,1 Mar 67,10,4,24 Feb; age 81

Maruk,Annie,W,5 Jun 68,2,5,Pocs

Marynissen,Nancy Jean,B

Masecar,Robert, Mrs.,D,25 Jan 67,10,5,age 74

Masfrankc,Modest,D,26 Mar 69,4,2,age 65

Mason,Mary Kathleen,W,31 Mar 65,7,3,Robertson

Masschaele,Alida,D,17 Sep 69,16,5,6 Sep

Masschaele,Alida,D,10 Sep 69,9,2,6 Sep; age 70

Masterson,twin boy & girl,B

Mather,Cheryl Lynn,B,16 Oct 68,8,8,15 Oct

Mather,Leanne Denise,B,1 Mar 67,8,6,18 Feb

Matheusick,Renate,E,7 Jun 67,6,5,15 Jul; Lawrence

Mathews,Constance Marie,E,3 Sep 69,5,5,27 Sep; Foster

Matlack,John Kenneth,E,18 Dec 68,8,5,7 Feb; McEown

Matlack,John Kenneth,M,19 Feb 69,10,1,7 Feb; McEown

Matthews,Clarke Whitfield,D,10 Dec 69,2,7,3 Dec; age 56

Matthews,Dellas,D,21 Feb 68,2,2,Esseltine

Matthews,Gladys,W,29 May 68,11,5,Babcock

Matthews,Hazel,D,25 Jun 69,2,3,Walker

Matthews,Laura,W,7 Jun 67,13,3,Gorvett

Matthews,Marjorie Gail,D,26 Jan 66,4,5,22 Jan

Matthews,Maud,D,13 Apr 66,11,5,age 71

Matthews,Percy,D,18 Jun 69,14,2,8 Jun

Matthews,Percy,D,11 Jun 69,14,3,age 74

Matthews,Sadie,A,16 Feb 66,1,5,Whaley

Matthews,Sharon Elaine,M,19 Dec 67,9,4,8 Dec; Vallas

Matthews,Sharon Elaine,E,29 Nov 67,6,8,8 Dec; Valas

Matthews,son,B,28 Dec 66,6,2,23 Nov

Matthews,Verlie,D,17 Jul 68,16,1,Sawyer

Matthews,Walter A., Mrs.,D,17 Jul 68,16,1,age 81

Matthys,Germaine,W,18 Sep 68,2,2,VanOverloop

Matthys,Lilian Maria,M,7 Aug 68,10,7,17 Jul; Donck

Mayberry,Robert,D,28 May 69,14,3,age 52

Mayberry,Robert,D,4 Jun 69,5,7,25 May

McAllister,Ella,D,6 Jul 66,8,6,

McAllister,Melvin, Mrs.,D,29 Jun 66,4,3,78th year

McAndrew,Mary Ann,P,11 Jan 67,4,6,Davidson

McBain,Sarah,P,19 Jan 66,10,2,Chivers

McBeth,William Lloyd,D,30 Aug 67,5,4,21 Aug

McBeth,William Lloyd,D,23 Aug 67,16,5,age 86

McBride,Lila,A,16 Oct 68,3,6,Buchner

McBride,Marian Ruth,E,7 Aug 68,6,4,31 Aug; Perkins

McBrien,Stewart Patrick,E,5 Nov 69,9,1,30 Dec; Higgins

McCabe,Eliz’th Kathleen,M,27 Apr 66,6,3,23 Apr; Johnson

McCabe,Eliz’th Kathleen,E,30 Mar 66,6,3,23 Apr; Johnson

McCabe,Irene,E,1 Dec 65,6,4,22 Dec; Murray

McCabe,John David,E,12 Jun 68,6,5,6 Jul; Robinson

McCabe,John David,M,31 Jul 68,12,7,6 Jul; Hilliker

McCabe,Richard Michael,B

McCall,Kathryn,D,20 Jan 65,11,2,Hodgkins

McCallum,Clayton,D,11 Oct 67,4,3,age 62

McCallum,Jean,D,24 Aug 66,11,3,Craik

McCallum,Margaret,P,4 Oct 67,13,1,Braddon

McCallum,Mary,D,19 Jan 66,10,2,Chivers

McCallum,Sarah Isabel,E,16 Jun 65,6,6,10 Jul; Burns

McCarthy,Fenwick,IM,28 Jul 65,6,3,d 29 Jul 1961

McCaulley,Clare,D,20 Mar 68,2,4,age 73

McCaw,Donald Robert,E,22 Mar 67,8,3,15 Apr; Learn

McCaw,Donald Robert,M,19 Apr 67,10,3,15 Apr; Learn

McClelland,son,B,8 Dec 65,6,7,26 Nov

McClintock,Dawn JoAnne,B,1 Nov 67,8,6,26 Oct

McClintock,Peg,M,13 Aug 69,11,5,14 Jun; Bradford

McClure,Mary Ilene,E,29 Sep 65,6,3,16 Oct; Ingram

McClure,Mary Ilene,M,10 Nov 65,9,1,Winnington-Ingram

McConkey,George,D,24 Jan 68,4,6,age 62

McConkey,James,BD,19 Jan 66,11,3,90th

McConkey,James William,D,24 Jul 68,16,1,age 92

McConkey,James William,D,31 Jul 68,10,3,17 Jul; age 92

McConnell,David Nelson,E,1 Sep 65,6,6,25 Sep; Charlton

McConnell,David Nelson,M,13 Oct 65,8,4,25 Sep; Charlton

McConnell,David Jas Wesley,E,19 Jun 68,12,7,20 Jul; Miners

McConnell,David James,M,7 Aug 68,2,2,20 Jul; Miners

McConnell,Elisabeth Caroline,B,31 May 67,6,5,21 May

McConnell,H. Cleve,D,17 Aug 66,7,3,age 66

McConnell,Harry,D,28 Dec 65,5,3,

McConnell,Janet L.,E,11 Dec 68,6,4,Duckworth

McConnell,Janet Lynne,M,15 Jan 69,2,1,11 Jan; Duckworth


McConnell,Lyell Gordon,D,28 Apr 65,13,1,age 79

McConnell,R. J. (Jack),E,9 Oct 68,2,1,12 Oct; Nagy

McConnell,Robert,P,12 Jan 66,7,3,McGuigen

McConnell,Robert John,M,23 Oct 68,12,5,Nagy

McConnell,Ruby,D,3 Apr 68,2,2,Millard

McConnell,Sharon Lee,M,13 Jul 66,5,3,Sharpe

McConnell,Sharon L.,E,8 Jun 66,11,3,9 Jul; Sharpe

McConnell,Susan,D,3 Nov 65,11,2,Vincent

McConnell,Susan Elizabeth,M,18 Jan 67,8,6,Killingsworth

McCormack,Mary,P,10 Jul 68,2,3,Scidmore

McCrae,Patricia Jane,M,28 Sep 66,14,5,Koteles

McCullagh,Janie,W,24 Feb 65,2,3,Turnbull

McCulloch,Belinda Ann,B

McCulloch,Kyle Alexander,B

McCulloch,William,M,10 Feb 65,4,4,6 Feb; Cline

McCullough,Wm. Alexander,E,13 Jan 65,6,6,6 Feb; Cline

McCully,Myrl,D,26 Oct 66,10,1,age 68

McCurdy,Beverly,W,26 Mar 69,2,1,Wall

McCurdy,Everett A.,D,7 Jul 65,7,3,age 67

McCurdy,Lois,W,12 Jan 66,4,3,Godby

McCurdy,Lois J.,D,29 May 68,11,4,Godby

McCutcheon,Bessie,W,13 Sep 67,2,6,Laur

McDonald,Dora,D,6 Jan 65,11,5,Harris

McDonald,Hazel,D,9 Jul 69,3,3,age 53

McDonald,James Winston,E,19 May 65,6,4,3 Jul; Wilson

McDonald,James Winston,M,14 Jul 65,11,5,Wilson

McDonald,Phoebe,W,22 Jan 69,2,3,Crooker

McDonald,Sharon Dorothy,M,27 Sep 67,3,1,23 Sep; Herbert

McDonald,Sharon Dorothy,E,30 Aug 67,8,6,23 Sep; Herbert

McDougall,Mary Peer,W,17 Apr 68,10,7,Rohrer

McDowell,Anna Christina,W,23 Feb 66,13,3,Roloson

McDowell,Ross Brian,E,3 Jul 68,8,7,3 Aug; Cline

McDowell,Ross Brian,M,21 Aug 68,15,3,3 Aug; Cline

McEown,Bertha Jean,E,18 Dec 68,8,5,7 Feb; Matlack

McEown,Bertha Jean,M,19 Feb 69,10,1,7 Feb; Matlack

McEown,Earl,M,10 Aug 66,11,4,30 Jul; Williams

McEown,Kenneth Seymour,B,18 Jan 67,8,7,8 Jan

McEown,Murray,M,9 Feb 66,10,7,21 Jan; Hilliker

McEown,Murray John,E,15 Dec 65,6,5,21 Jan; Hilliker

McEown,Tammy Sue,B

McEown,twins (boy & girl),B

McEown,Vincent Craig,B

McEwen,Walter G.,D,11 Dec 68,11,1,2 Dec

McEwen,Walter,D,4 Dec 68,2,1,age 45

McFarlane,Marjorie Ruth,M,2 Aug 67,11,3,22 Jul; Silverthorn

McFarlane,Marjorie Ruth,E,21 Jun 67,8,4,22 Jul; Silverthorn

McGill,Mr. [not given],IM,12 Jun 68,6,8,d 8 Jun 1962

McGregor,Catherine,P,31 Mar 65,4,5,Currie

McGregor,Edna Belle,D,5 Oct 66,13,3,Smith

McGregor,Odber, Mrs.,D,24 Aug 66,5,4,age 74

McGregor,Rose,W,26 Oct 66,10,1,Hughes

McGregor,Roy,A,3 Dec 69,1,8,10 Dec; 50th

McGregor,Shelton J.,D,21 Apr 65,13,3,age 51

McGuigen,Albert, Mrs.,D,12 Jan 66,7,3,age 87

McGuire,Catherine,P,23 Apr 69,9,5,Page

McIntosh,Ruth A.,D,29 Nov 67,17,1,50th year

McIntyre,Bessie,D,20 Jan 65,11,1,Plato

McIntyre,Frank,A,1 Mar 67,1,7,60th

McIntyre,Frank, Mrs.,D,18 Sep 68,2,5,8 Sep; age 85

McIntyre,John Colin,M,31 Aug 66,11,2,20 Aug; Drenth

McIntyre,Sara Hester,D,27 Dec 68,2,4,Thomson

McIver,Edna,W,22 Feb 67,14,2,Williamson

McKenney,Louise,D,30 Oct 68,12,4,VanPatter

McKenney,Rosamond,P,8 Oct 69,14,3,Sweet

McKenney,Theresa,W,25 Aug 65,7,5,Dickhout

McKenzie,Vera,W,1 Jun 66,10,4,Davis

McKibbin,Clayton,A,15 Sep 65,1,6,40th

McKibbin,Ina,D,12 Jan 66,7,4,age 69

McKibbin,Nellie May,D,24 Nov 65,1,8,age 89

McKibbin,Russel,A,20 Mar 68,1,3,20 Mar; 50th

McKibbin,William, Mrs.,IM,4 Jan 67,6,7,d 7 Jan 1966

McKibbon,Clayton,A,8 Sep 65,1,8,40th

McKibbon,Pearl,W,13 Aug 69,9,6,Belore

McKie,Shirley,P,15 Oct 69,8,5,Harvey

McKim,Alvin,D,8 Dec 65,8,7,age 49

McKinney,Edward, Mrs.,D,12 Jun 68,9,6,age 84

McKnight,Ethel Lewis,D,16 Jul 69,12,6,

McKnight,John,M,8 Nov 67,4,3,21 Oct; Heyndrickx

McKnight,John,E,4 Oct 67,14,1,Heyndrickx

McLain,Anna Belle,W,27 Aug 69,13,6,Cartwright

McLain,Brenda Marie,B

McLain,Darlene Lillian,B

McLain,Donald Ralph,B

McLain,Robert Edward,E,12 Mar 69,9,6,Mozewsky

McLain,Sharon Louise,E,29 May 68,6,7,15 Jun; Woolley

McLain,William,D,15 Oct 69,3,6,age69

McLarty,Carl,A,21 Feb 68,12,3,40th

McLay,Grace D.,D,20 Apr 66,4,5,Miller

McLay,Maud Mary,D,1 Jun 66,8,1,

McLean,Shirley Dianne,M,30 Jul 69,11,3,Faulds

McLeod,Angus, Mrs.,D,26 Jul 67,13,5,22 Jul; 42nd year

McLeod,Pauline,D,2 Aug 67,13,1,22 Jul

McMahon,Karen Marie,E,5 May 65,3,7,29 May; Lamond

McMaster,Sarah,A,4 Oct 67,1,5,Nash

McMillan,Isabelle,W,22 Oct 69,7,6,VanPatter

McMullen,Donna Marie,B,27 Dec 67,6,3,28 Nov

McMullin,Priscilla,P,20 Sep 67,22,5,Reid

McMurray,Marie,M,21 Sep 66,12,7,Silverthorne

McNamara,Claude C.,D,2 Jun 65,10,3,age 58

McNames,Sheri Lee,B,7 Aug 68,6,8,2 Aug

McNaughton,Margaret,W,15 Dec 65,11,3,Loft

McNeil,Barbara Joan,M,24 Apr 67,12,1,22 Apr; More

McNeil,Hugh,A,8 Nov 67,1,8,50th

McNeil,Mary Jane,M,9 Oct 68,9,4,27 Sep; Stover

McNiece,daughter,B,2 Feb 66,6,7,30 Jan

McNiece,Duncan Brent,B,22 Nov 67,6,6,11 Nov

McPhail,Edith Maude,D,25 Oct 67,3,2,Rohrer

McPhail,Kirsty Kathleen,B

McPherson,Donald Glenn,M,9 Oct 68,10,3,Campagnaro

McPherson,Frank,D,22 Feb 67,14,1,17 Feb; age 74

McPherson,Katherine,W,8 Sep 65,9,4,Taylor

McQuiggan,Christopher John,B

McQuiggan,Ila,W,23 Nov 66,9,2,Soper

McQuiggan,Mary Lou,P,9 Jun 65,6,5,Snively

McQuiggan,Mary Lou,P,5 Nov 69,6,5,Snively

McQuiggan,Marya Annette,B

McQuiggan,Pete,A,12 Feb 69,1,8,19 Feb; 50th

McQuiggan,Pete,A,19 Feb 69,12,3,19 Feb; 50th

McShane,Harry,A,15 Oct 69,1,7,40th

McShane,Harry,A,22 Oct 69,9,4,19 Oct; 40th

McTaggart,Roy Malcolm,H,13 Apr 65,2,2,Truman

McVicar,Ronald Arthur,M,16 Feb 66,9,2,28 Jan; White

McWhinnie,Craig,M,16 Nov 66,13,1,5 Nov; Lamond

McWhinnie,John Raymond,E,31 Jul 68,10,7,31 Aug; Facey

McWhinnie,Malcom Craig,E,5 Oct 66,4,3,5 Nov; Lamond

McWhinnie,Margaret Christa,B

McWilliam,Doris,W,28 Dec 66,3,1,Harrison

McWilliams,William, Mrs.,D,9 Apr 69,7,4,86th year

Mears,William R.,D,16 Aug 67,12,1,9 Aug; 45th

Mechas,John Michael,B,24 Mar 65,6,7,9 Mar

Medema,Jayne,M,2 Jun 65,7,3,Hoogsteen

Meek,Patricia Bernice,M,22 Sep 65,21,5,18 Sep; Nichols

Meeuse,John,D,28 Sep 66,12,5,

Meeuse,John,D,21 Sep 66,5,4,age 80

Megyesi,Sandra Marie,M,5 Nov 69,9,1,13 Oct; Wilson

Megyesi,Sandra Marie,E,17 Sep 69,7,4,13 Oct; Wilson

Meharg,Ethel,W,24 Feb 65,2,5,Claus

Meikle,Margaret,BD,27 Dec 68,7,1,6 Nov; 90th

Melchior,nee,P,4 Jan 67,6,4,Biro

Melchoir,Rennie,M,1 Nov 67,12,3,13 Oct; Dennis

Mennill,Clara,D,23 Feb 66,5,3,age 78

Mennill,Velma May,D,15 May 68,15,4,Foster

Mercer,Heather,P,15 Mar 67,8,7,Stafford

Mercer,John F., Mrs.,D,19 Nov 69,2,2,58th year

Merkle,Edith,D,5 Mar 69,7,1,age 84

Merkle,Edith,D,12 Mar 69,3,7,4 Mar

Merrick,Tracey Lee,B,1 Jun 66,6,8,27 May

Mervis,Peter J.,D,11 Jun 69,14,4,2 Jun

Mervis,Peter,D,4 Jun 69,5,8,age 74

Meulemeester,Maurice August,E,28 May 69,9,7,VandeMaele

Meyer,Henry J.,M,17 Sep 69,14,3,13 Sep; Vellinga

Meyer,Henry,E,13 Aug 69,6,6,13 Sep; Vellinga

Meyers,John, Mrs.,D,2 Feb 66,2,6,age 27

Mezenberg,Christine,M,15 Nov 67,14,3,28 Oct; Opstineen

Mezenberg,John Cornell,B

Mezenberg,Tony,M,3 May 67,9,7,29 Apr; Moerman

Miatello,Donald John,M,31 May 67,11,4,Gibbons

Miedema,Hendrikje,D,19 Oct 66,12,6,age 79

Miedema,Miele,D,23 Oct 68,13,1,age 81

Mielion,Anna Louise,B

Miess,Katharina,D,23 Feb 66,5,5,

Miess,Katharina,D,16 Feb 66,9,6,

Miess,Katharine,IM,15 Feb 67,8,6,d 14 Feb 1966

Millar,Edna M.,D,5 May 65,8,2,Gordon

Millard,Aggie,W,11 Aug 65,7,1,Wall

Millard,Jack,A,24 May 67,1,4,7 May; 25th

Millard,Kenneth Paul,B

Millard,Mattie,W,17 Aug 66,7,1,Collinson

Millard,nee,P,30 Apr 69,6,7,Magee

Millard,Rosa,A,10 Sep 69,1,6,Gray

Millard,Ruby,D,3 Apr 68,2,2,age 73

Millard,Sandra Ann,E,24 Mar 65,6,7,17 Apr; Magee

Millard,Sandra Ann,M,21 Apr 65,11,5,17 Apr; Magee

Millard,Susan,D,2 Feb 66,11,1,Froggett

Millbourn,Cecil,D,17 Apr 68,10,6,age 66

Miller,A. Lee,D,5 Mar 69,7,2,26 Feb

Miller,A. Lee,D,26 Feb 69,13,3,age 74

Miller,Carolynn,M,13 Oct 65,3,1,Griegoschewski

Miller,Carolynn,E,8 Sep 65,5,3,Griegoschewski

Miller,dau,B,13 Apr 65,6,5,29 Mar

Miller,Edward, Mrs.,D,9 Nov 66,9,4,age 68

Miller,Geoffrey Lee,D,15 Sep 65,8,4,age 6

Miller,Geoffrey Lee,IM,7 Sep 66,6,7,d 9 Sep 1965

Miller,Geoffrey Lee,IM,6 Sep 67,8,6,

Miller,George M., Mrs.,D,15 Jun 66,8,4,89th year

Miller,Grace D.,D,20 Apr 66,4,5,

Miller,Lee,A,17 May 67,14,5,50th; photo

Miller,Lee,A,10 May 67,1,5,8 May; 50th

Miller,Lucille,M,26 Jan 66,4,4,Korkonen, Kaino

Miller,Lynn,P,26 Jul 67,8,6,Griegoschewski

Miller,Roger Angus,E,14 Dec 66,9,1,24 Dec; Roszell

Miller,Roxy,D,10 Feb 65,7,4,age 90

Miller,Ruth A.,D,29 Nov 67,17,1,McIntosh

Miller,son,B,17 Nov 65,6,5,4 Nov

Miller,William Russell,D,6 Jan 65,2,6,age 54

Millman,Maria,P,8 Mar 67,9,4,Denniss

Mills,Aramentha,P,1 Feb 67,11,7,Brown

Mills,Aramintha,P,22 Dec 69,9,4,Brown

Mills,Bert, Mrs.,D,30 Oct 68,12,3,25 Oct;a ge 63

Mills,Brian Gregory,B

Mills,Emma,D,15 Mar 67,2,7,Newell

Mills,James,H,1 Jun 66,10,4,Haney

Mills,Jeffrey Keith,B,11 Jun 69,6,8,1 Jun

Mills,John A.,M,6 Oct 65,9,1,25 Sep; White

Mills,Mamie,IM,22 Oct 69,6,7,d 25 Oct 1968

Mills,Martha,D,12 Feb 69,11,2,80th year

Mills,Paul Jeffery,B

Mills,Stanley,M,28 Apr 65,10,6,22 Apr; Flegel

Mills,Stanley Clinton,D,1 Feb 67,11,6,

Milmine,Carl Oliver,M,4 Jun 69,11,3,24 May; Skellett

Milmine,Carole Ann,E,16 Jun 65,6,6,26 Jun; Grass

Milmine,Rodger Blake,M,15 Jan 69,10,1,28 Dec; Cambridge

Milmine,Sharon,M,22 Oct 69,16,3,11 Oct; Sawlor

Milmine,William,D,14 Dec 66,15,5,age 76

Miners,Chester,A,29 Jan 69,4,3,14 Jan; 50th

Miners,Linda,E,19 Jun 68,12,7,20 Jul; McConnell

Miners,Linda Darlene,M,7 Aug 68,2,2,20 Jul; McConnell

Minnema,Rein,M,28 Dec 65,4,3,4 Dec; Corbett

Minnema,Rein Boniface,E,17 Nov 65,6,5,4 Dec; Legg

Miskelly,Sharon Ann,E,12 Feb 69,4,1,1 Mar; Barbier

Miskelly,Sharon Ann,M,26 Mar 69,2,3,1 Mar; Barbier

Mitchell,Arlie,W,5 Jun 68,14,3,Crawford

Mitchell,Bonnie Dianne,E,20 Nov 68,5,1,21 Dec; deRyk

Mitchell,Bonnie,P,11 Jun 69,6,8,DeRyk

Mitchell,Clarence, Mrs.,D,5 May 65,8,1,age 45

Mitchell,Clark,A,22 Jun 66,1,8,35th

Mitchell,Clark,D,21 Aug 68,15,5,age 61

Mitchell,Clark C.,D,28 Aug 68,9,2,19 Aug

Mitchell,Clark,IM,13 Aug 69,8,3,d 19 Aug 1968

Mitchell,Dorriene Verne,D,25 Oct 67,3,1,10 Oct; 53rd year

Mitchell,Edith Elizabeth,W,2 Mar 66,9,6,Hopper

Mitchell,Gary Wayne,B

Mitchell,George, Mrs.,BD,23 Apr 69,2,8,80th

Mitchell,Grant M.,D,31 May 67,12,3,age 74

Mitchell,Ira,A,19 Dec 67,1,8,60th

Mitchell,Ira,A,3 Jan 68,3,1,31 Dec; 60th

Mitchell,Janet,D,8 Sep 65,9,5,MacIntyre

Mitchell,Lily,D,12 May 65,12,5,5 May

Mitchell,Lily,IM,4 May 66,6,3,d 25 May 1965

Mitchell,Margaret,D,17 Aug 66,7,1,age 83

Mitchell,Sharon Lynn,E,18 Sep 68,9,1,18 Oct; Nickerson

Mitchell,Sharon Lynn,M,23 Oct 68,12,5,18 Oct; Nickerson



Mitchell,Verne Jasper,D,22 May 68,2,3,age 58

Mizon,Donald Gordon,M,17 Apr 68,12,3,13 Apr; Stubbs

Mizon,Donald Alexander,B

Mizon,Eva Lorraine,B

Mizon,Lois Kathleen,B

Mizon,Mark Percy

Mizon,Tina Marie,B,15 Jan 69,8,7,adopted

Moerman,Andrew Maurice,M,18 Oct 67,9,4,14 Oct; Lawrence

Moerman,Margaret,M,3 May 67,9,7,29 Apr; Mezenberg

Montgomery,Joseph F.,D,24 Mar 65,3,8,

Moody,Ruth,P,19 Oct 66,6,7,16 Oct; Moore

Moore,Albert,A,5 Jan 66,8,6,50th

Moore,Andrew George,B,19 Oct 66,6,7,16 Oct; Moody

Moore,Bessie,W,13 Aug 69,9,8,Finch

Moore,Brian Wayne,D,1 May 68,9,4,age 7

Moore,Bruce,A,12 Feb 69,2,1,19 Feb; 50th

Moore,Clara,D,14 Sep 66,8,4,Ferris

Moore,daughter,B,23 Nov 66,6,5,22 Nov

Moore,daughter,B,16 Oct 68,8,8,28 Sep

Moore,Eva,W,3 Jan 68,2,3,Floto

Moore,Eva,D,19 Mar 69,11,3,Floto

Moore,Evelyn Ruth,B,27 Mar 68,6,5,1 Mar

Moore,George Russel,B,7 May 69,6,7,30 Apr

Moore,Irvin E.,D,8 Jun 66,2,2,age 77

Moore,Irvin E.,D,15 Jun 66,3,1,

Moore,Irwin,IM,5 Jun 68,6,7,d 6 Jun 1966

Moore,James Russel,E,23 Aug 67,6,3,16 Sep; Roberts

Moore,James Russel,M,27 Sep 67,4,3,Roberts

Moore,James,D,23 Oct 68,13,3,age 78

Moore,James,D,30 Oct 68,12,3,21 Oct

Moore,James Maxwell,B

Moore,John Charles,M,20 Sep 67,2,5,Burgess

Moore,Kenneth,D,26 Jan 66,4,6,age 67

Moore,Mabel,D,9 Mar 66,2,4,age 96

Moore,Mabel,D,9 Mar 66,10,4,

Moore,Maynard, Mrs.,D,17 Mar 65,1,8,14 Feb

Moore,Michael Elgin,B

Moore,Nina,D,25 Aug 65,8,8,Ketchabaw

Moore,Olive,D,30 Oct 68,12,3,22 Oct; 87th year

Moore,Peter W. C.,M,11 Aug 65,11,5,Lyons

Moore,Rosa,D,1 Dec 65,8,3,Mortimer

Moore,Ruth Ann,M,1 Jun 66,9,1,14 May; Whaley

Moore,Wilson, Mrs.,D,7 Dec 66,5,3,2 Dec; 83rd year


Mooseberger,Edward,D,8 Jun 66,11,5,age 37

Mooseberger,John Andrew,M,25 Oct 67,10,1,23 Sep; Phillips

More,Alex Frank,E,2 Oct 68,8,8,1 Nov; VanLent

More,Alex Frank,M,8 Jan 69,5,4,1 Nov; VanLent

More,James Kenneth,M,24 Apr 67,12,1,22 Apr; McNeil

More,Juliama,W,5 Jun 68,14,3,Kish

More,Linda Jolan,E,17 May 67,9,4,6 Jul; Chanyi

Morgan,Albert,IM,17 Apr 68,8,8,d 19 Apr 1953

Morgan,Albert,IM,16 Apr 69,6,6,d 17 Apr 1953

Morgan,Louise,BD,22 Nov 67,1,8,90th

Morley,Mary Elizabeth,W,7 Dec 66,13,4,Sadler

Moroughan,Irene,E,1 Dec 65,6,4,22 Dec; Murray

Morphy,Jean Mae,W,28 Dec 66,3,2,Augustine

Morris,Cletta,W,23 Aug 67,16,5,McBeth

Morris,David,M,26 Jul 67,14,3,22 Jul; Sagala

Morris,John Moulton,D,10 Nov 65,5,4,3 Nov; age 84

Morris,Joseph, Mrs.,D,1 Nov 67,2,1,22 Oct; 70th year

Morris,Robert James,E,26 Mar 69,6,6,26 Apr; King

Morris,Roy,A,29 Dec 69,1,8,1 Jan; 50th

Morris,Violet,W,1 Feb 67,11,7,Brown

Morse,Bruce,A,22 Oct 69,1,3,28 Oct; 50th

Morse,Eva May,D,12 Mar 69,3,6,Woolley

Morse,John,A,4 Aug 65,1,3,10 Aug; 50th

Morse,Judy Diane,E,20 Sep 67,8,8,28 Oct; Lewis

Morse,Judy Diane,M,15 Nov 67,10,5,28 Oct; Lewis

Morse,Linda Eileen,E,10 Apr 68,6,3,4 May; Holmes

Morse,Linda Eileen,M,8 May 68,7,4,4 May; Holmes

Morse,Lori Crystal,D,29 May 68,11,7,infant

Mortier,Jeannette Marie,E,4 Jun 69,5,3,21 Jun; Bradford

Mortier,Jeannette Marie,M,9 Jul 69,2,3,21 Jun; Bradford

Mortier,Valentyn,D,16 Oct 68,10,6,age 61

Mortier,Valentyn,D,23 Oct 68,13,1,10 Oct

Mortier,Valentyn,IM,8 Oct 69,6,6,d 10 Oct 1968

Mortimer,Rosa,D,8 Dec 65,13,5,

Mortimer,Rosa,D,1 Dec 65,8,3,79th year

Morton,Anne,W,11 Jun 69,14,3,West

Moser,Martin, Mrs.,D,13 Apr 65,2,4,age 88

Mossey,Elmer John,D,20 Oct 65,3,1,14 Oct; age 69

Mossey,Olive Irene,D,1 May 68,15,6,Jones

Mouland,Fred,D,20 Mar 68,2,6,

Mouland,Fred W.,D,27 Mar 68,3,6,

Moulton,Charlotte Elizabeth,B

Mountain,Eleanor Ruth,M,10 Feb 65,9,5,6 Feb; Hickson

Moyer,Bernice,P,10 Nov 65,5,4,Jacques

Mozewsky,Alexandria Maria,E,12 Mar 69,9,6,10 May; McLain

Muddle,J.,A,27 Mar 68,11,3,55th

Mulholland,Vera,W,6 Oct 65,9,3,Neath

Mullree,William,H,15 Mar 67,2,7,Newell

Munn,Robert Barr,E,14 Jun 67,6,7,29 Jun; Gustafson

Murphy,Ada Elizabeth,D,3 Mar 65,10,1,age 73

Murphy,Ada,IM,23 Feb 66,13,4,d 24 Feb 1965

Murphy,Deborah Elaine,B,28 Dec 66,6,2,14 Dec

Murphy,Delbert N.,D,7 Sep 66,6,8,age 78

Murphy,Delia,W,8 Feb 67,3,5,Bardawill

Murphy,Gary Bruce,M,18 May 66,9,1,14 May; Krug

Murphy,Lisa Bernadette,B,14 Dec 66,6,3,30 Nov

Murray,Hazel Margaret,D,29 Dec 69,9,5,Hayes

Murray,Susan Lynn,B,20 Jul 66,6,8,2 Jul

Murray,Theresa,W,4 Jun 69,5,6,Grant

Murray,William,E,1 Dec 65,6,4,22 Dec; McCabe

Myers,Jon Leslie,E,3 Aug 66,6,5,23 Aug; Roberton

Myers,Jon Leslie,M,7 Sep 66,2,3,23 Aug; Roberton

Nagy,Caroline Mary,M,23 Oct 68,12,5,McConnell

Nagy,Caroline Mary,E,9 Oct 68,2,1,McConnell

Nagy,Mary,M,4 Mar 68,3,7,Christie, Kenneth

Nagy,Sophia,W,12 Feb 69,11,3,Nyilas

Nagy,Stephen John,E,9 Oct 68,11,7,19 Oct; Markle

Nagy,Stephen John,M,6 Nov 68,10,5,19 Oct; Markle

Nagy,Steve,A,30 Apr 69,9,4,17 Apr; 50th

Nairn,Mary Margaret,D,6 Jan 65,11,1,Brown

Nancekivell,Terry Lewis,B

Nash,Wilfred,A,4 Oct 67,1,5,40th

Naujokat,Emma,D,20 Aug 69,1,7,Jennerich

Neath,Arthur,D,6 Oct 65,9,3,

Neath,Arthur,D,13 Oct 65,11,3,

Neath,Nina Victoria,E,19 Jun 68,8,4,20 Jul; Destounis

Neff,Olive M.,W,10 Feb 65,7,5,Rice

Neill,Daniel,D,16 Oct 68,1,8,age 72

Nelles,Deborah Ann,B

Nelles,Mahlon,D,17 Apr 68,10,6,age 79

Nelson,Barry Joseph,M,29 Sep 65,8,3,25 Sep; Daroci

Nelson,Dorothy Elwinda,E,29 Jun 66,6,4,16 Jul; Howe

Nelson,Russell, Mrs.,D,3 Dec 69,19,2,28 Nov; 63rd year

Nemeth,Leslie Wayne,E,29 Jan 69,8,7,8 Mar; Scratch

Nesbitt,Ada,A,21 Feb 68,1,4,Laidlaw

Nesbitt,Donna,P,8 Feb 67,8,3,O’Brien

Nesbitt,Donna,P,18 Jun 69,8,8,O’Brien

Nesbitt,Harvey,A,21 Dec 65,1,4,19 Dec; 50th

Nesbitt,Linda Ruth,M,18 Jun 69,5,4,14 Jun; LaForge

Nesbitt,Lorne, Mrs.,D,5 Jan 66,7,3,age 65

Nesbitt,Lorne, Mrs.,IM,28 Dec 66,6,5,d 31 Dec 1965

Nesbitt,Lorne,D,2 Jul 69,2,1,78th year

Nesbitt,Pearl,W,19 Feb 69,3,3,Simons

Nesbitt,Ronald Graham,B,4 May 66,6,8,16 Apr

Nesbitt,Sam,A,21 Feb 68,1,8,25th

Netley,John, Mrs.,D,11 Jun 69,6,8,83rd year

Netley,John, Mrs.,D,18 Jun 69,14,3,

Neudorf,Katharena,D,6 Aug 69,2,1,Friesen

Neufeglise,Peter, Mrs.,D,28 Jul 65,8,5,

Neukamm,Edward,IM,3 Nov 65,6,6,d 5 Nov 1964

Neusfeld,son,B,4 May 66,6,8,22 Apr

Nevil,Eliza Jane,P,17 Feb 65,13,1,Kilmer

Nevill,Annie,D,10 Jul 68,2,3,Scidmore

Nevill,Douglas Basil,M,25 May 66,9,5,Steevendaal

Nevill,Elmer,D,8 Sep 65,8,2,

Nevill,Erie,W,22 Dec 69,9,4,MacDonald

Nevill,James,M,30 Nov 66,11,3,25 Nov; Boussen

Nevill,James Ross,E,2 Nov 66,6,8,25 Nov; Boussen

Nevill,Janet,M,29 Nov 67,11,3,Johnstone

Nevill,Janet Elaine,E,6 Aug 69,9,7,6 Sep; DeKeyzer

Nevill,Janet Elaine,M,24 Sep 69,9,1,6 Sep; DeKeyzer


Nevill,William,BD,12 Jun 68,1,8,80th

Nevill,William,D,19 Feb 69,3,4,age 80

Nevill,[not given],W,30 Oct 68,12,3,Player

Neving,Albert, Mrs.,D,3 Apr 68,9,7,age 68

Newell,Emma,D,15 Mar 67,3,7,age 91

Newell,Emma,D,22 Mar 67,10,1,

Newell,James A., Mrs.,D,10 Jan 68,13,2,age 88

Newell,John Gordon,M,27 Aug 69,14,1,9 Aug; Yeck

Newell,Lena,D,14 Aug 68,11,7,Ellsworth

Newell,Mabel,D,9 Mar 66,2,4,Moore

Newell,Mabel,P,26 Jan 66,4,6,Moore

Newell,Robert James,E,3 Aug 66,6,5,27 Aug; Smith

Newkirk,Elizabeth,P,10 Apr 68,12,5,Wiley

Newkirk,Grace,A,15 Nov 67,1,4,Hawley

Newman,Lily,D,30 Mar 66,9,1,Pearson

Newman,Muriel Victoria,D,24 Apr 68,13,3,Brown

Newsome,Charles,D,22 Oct 69,5,1,age 17

Nichols,Charles Gordon,M,22 Sep 65,21,5,18 Sep; Meek

Nicholson,Frank, Mrs.,D,8 Mar 67,9,4,age 87

Nicholson,James, Mrs.,D,21 Feb 68,2,3,age 86

Nicholson,John William,D,23 Oct 68,1,8,60th year

Nicholson,Robert Leslie,E,25 Jun 69,12,6,26 Jul; Rodgers

Nicholson,Robert Leslie,M,13 Aug 69,4,1,26 Jul; Rodgers

Nickerson,Neil Garfield,E,18 Sep 68,9,1,18 Oct; Mitchell

Nickerson,Neil Garfield,M,23 Oct 68,12,5,18 Oct; Mitchell

Niville,Frank,M,23 Feb 66,3,7,19 Feb; King

Nobbs,Ada,W,6 Sep 67,11,4,Ryder

Nobbs,Ada,D,28 Feb 68,14,5,Ryder

Nobbs,Ada,W,21 Feb 68,2,3,Ryder

Nobes,James Fred’k Lorch,E,12 Jun 68,3,6,24 Aug; Risdill

Noels,Mona Marie,E,22 Jun 66,6,6,16 Jul; deRyk

Noels,Mona,P,17 May 67,6,7,DeRyk

Noordham,Henk,M,12 Oct 66,4,1,1 Oct; DenHarder

Nooren,John,E,23 Jun 65,6,5,17 Jul; Bouma

Norman,Devin Russell,B

Norrie,James Laird,B

Northey,Susan Dianne,B

Norton,Isabel,P,30 Oct 68,12,4,VanPatter

Nunn,J. Harvey,D,6 Jan 65,2,5,24 Dec; 80th yr

Nunn,Katherine Colleen,B

Nunn,Michael Anthony,B

Nuyen,Ini Maria,E,11 Sep 68,10,1,Blankenship

Nyilas,Nicholas,D,12 Feb 69,11,3,age 65

O’Brien,dau of George,M,19 Feb 69,11,5,14 Feb; Wye

O’Brien,Jeffrey Edward,B,14 Dec 66,6,3,28 Nov

O’Brien,Michael Todd,B,8 Feb 67,8,3,27 Jan

O’Brien,Stella,D,24 Nov 65,8,4,

O’Brien,Timothy Robert,B,18 Jun 69,8,8,17 Jun

O’Brien,William, Mrs.,D,17 Nov 65,10,3,age 71

O’Brien,William P.,D,9 Nov 66,9,4,

O’Brien,William Patrick,D,2 Nov 66,7,2,age 77

O’Bryan,Catherine Elizabeth,M,12 Apr 67,3,4,25 Mar; Longphee

O’Connor,Gregory Thomas,B,13 Mar 68,6,4,12 Mar

O’Connor,Rose Winnifred,D,7 Jul 65,6,5,

O’Keefe,Isaac,D,16 Jun 65,2,5,age 54

O’Keefe,Isaac,D,23 Jun 65,8,5,15 Jun

O’Neil,David,D,17 Dec 69,14,1,age 66

O’Neil,Donna Marie,W,17 Mar 65,11,1,Ingram

O’Shea,Lynn,W,12 Jul 67,8,5,Grisenthwaite

Oatman,James R.,D,18 Sep 68,2,6,6 Sep; 68th year

Oatman,Randy Lee,B,28 Apr 65,6,8,12 Apr

Oatman,Ronnie William,B,18 Jan 67,8,7,29 Dec 1966

Oatman,Sharon Pauline,M,16 Mar 66,10,4,Bale

Oatman,Sharon,P,5 Oct 66,6,5,Bale

Odanski,Michael, Mrs.,D,24 Sep 69,16,1,19 Sep

Odanski,Ronald Michael,M,12 Jun 68,2,5,1 Jun; Shakleton

Odanski,Ronald Michael,E,24 Apr 68,15,4,1 Jun; Shackleton

Odorjan,Lorraine,M,16 Aug 67,11,4,22 Jul; Rush

Oille,Emma,D,5 Mar 69,7,3,

Oldewening,Annie,E,14 Jul 65,10,6,21 Aug; Glaser

Oldewening,Annie,M,25 Aug 65,8,3,21 Aug; Glaser

Olsen,Annie,D,17 Jan 68,10,5,14 Jan; 82nd year

Olsen,Annie,D,24 Jan 68,3,4,

Olsen,Catherine,D,22 Mar 67,10,1,Palmer

Oosters,Annie,W,8 Sep 65,9,5,VanHam

Opstineen,Corniles,M,15 Nov 67,14,3,28 Oct; Mezenberg

Ormsby,Kenneth Gordon,M,16 Jun 65,5,7,Doan

Orris,George Francis,M,5 May 65,3,7,6 Mar; Klitzke

Orris,George Francis,E,10 Feb 65,6,3,6 Mar; Klitzke

Orton,Ada,IM,3 Jan 68,8,3,d 31 Dec 1966

Orton,Ada,IM,8 Jan 69,8,6,d 31 Dec 1966

Orton,Bertha,W,25 Oct 67,3,1,Berdan

Orton,dau of George W.,A,21 May 69,1,3,Brown

Orton,Herbert D., Mrs.,D,4 Jan 67,7,3,age 73

Orton,William, Mrs.,D,6 Jan 65,11,4,age 79

Osborne,Elizabeth,D,24 May 67,9,5,age 61

Ostrander,Betty Ann,E,8 Nov 67,8,7,2 Dec; Bobier

Ostrander,Emiline,P,30 Apr 69,2,3,Balcomb

Ostrander,Frank,D,28 Jul 65,11,7,age 71

Ostrander,Gary Wayne,M,13 Mar 68,9,1,24 Feb; Decoster

Ostrander,John,D,14 Jul 65,11,1,age 6


Ostrander,John,IM,5 Jul 67,8,6,d 11 Jul 1965

Ostrander,Kimberly Ann,B

Ostrander,O. E., Mrs.,BD,20 Dec 66,11,6,85th

Oszlacs,Steve,D,16 Apr 69,3,5,age 69

Overduin,Wanda Johanna,B

Overdurn,Henry,E,18 Aug 65,6,5,13 Sep; Bilks

Owen,Linda,D,13 Jan 65,13,5,

Owen,Linda,D,6 Jan 65,2,6,5 Jan; age 81

Owen,Linda,IM,5 Jan 66,6,3,d 5 Jan 1965

Owen,Linda,IM,4 Jan 67,6,7,d 5 Jan 1965

Owen,Sandra,P,23 Aug 67,6,3,Barlow

Owen,Sandra,P,26 Feb 69,8,8,Barlow

Owers,Lydia C.,D,16 Apr 69,3,3,Booast

Page,Patrick,D,23 Apr 69,9,5,age 54

Paget,Beverly Harold,M,18 Dec 68,26,5,14 Dec; Firby

Paget,Debbie Louise,B,15 Nov 67,6,8,31 Oct

Paget,Gary Carl,B,26 May 65,6,6,9 May

Paget,James,A,27 Aug 69,13,1,50th

Painchaud,John Edward,E,30 Jul 69,6,5,16 Aug; Brown

Pake,Denise Barbara,B,30 Oct 68,8,6,17 Oct

Pake,Walter J.,M,4 Aug 65,8,5,31 Jul; Liddle

Palmer,Adeline,D,16 Jun 65,2,4,Stanley

Palmer,Florence,D,14 Jun 67,7,5,Davis

Palmer,Mabel,W,5 Jul 67,8,7,Archibald

Palmer,Mary,W,29 Mar 67,3,2,Kennedy

Palmer,Ola,W,16 Jun 65,2,3,Gibbons

Palmer,Samuel, Mrs.,D,22 Mar 67,10,1,age 96 [?]

Palmer,Scott Wayne,B,3 Aug 66,6,3,20 Jul

Palmer,Stacey Lynn,B,15 May 68,6,4,1 May

Palmer,Winona,D,11 Jan 67,10,4,Ritchie

Panasiuk,Johann,M,24 Nov 65,4,4,13 Nov; Kicksee

Panasiuk,Johann,E,10 Nov 65,6,4,13 Nov; Kicksee

Papiernik,Jennifer Lea,B

Paquette,Lewis, Dr.,D,29 Jan 69,10,4,19 Jan

Paquette,Louis, Dr.,D,22 Jan 69,8,8,age 92

Parachoniak,Nick,D,8 Dec 65,6,6,

Parachoniak,Rudolph,D,24 Feb 65,2,4,age 41

Parachoniak,Shirley Jean,M,11 Aug 65,11,2,31 Jul; Lorch

Paraconiak,Shirley Jean,E,2 Jun 65,6,5,31 Jul; Lorch

Parker,George,IM,29 May 68 ,6,4,d 25 May 1962

Parker,Glen,A,11 Jan 67,1,6,45th

Parker,Mary,D,11 Jun 69,14,3,Simms

Parker,Nattalie,D,4 Oct 67,13,4,infant

Parker,Violet,A,6 Jan 65,1,1,Branion

Parlow,Elizabeth,P,8 Jun 66,11,6,Hughes

Parlto,Bessie,W,21 Apr 65,7,4,Wood

Parolin,Pauline,D,3 Jan 68,2,2,Ward

Parsell,Evelyn,W,21 Aug 68,15,5,Mitchell

Parsons,Ernest,A,1 May 68,11,6,25th

Parsons,Frederick,D,26 May 65,8,3,age 78

Parsons,Mary Jane,E,25 Aug 65,10,1,25 Sep; DeWitter

Parsons,Mary Jean,M,5 Oct 66,9,5,1 Oct; Kennedy

Parsons,Mary Jean,E,7 Sep 66,6,6,1 Oct; Kennedy

Parsons,Mary,P,12 Jun 68,6,3,Kennedy

Parsons,Nellie,D,25 May 66,9,2,Firby

Parsons,Robert Wayne,M,23 Apr 69,9,3,Richardson

Partlo,William,P,26 Jun 68,20,2,Wood

Partlow,Mary Lynn,E,10 Nov 65,6,4,4 Dec; Gielen

Partlow,Mary Lynn,M,21 Dec 65,20,3,4 Dec; Gielen

Partlow,Roger,A,1 Sep 65,1,8,25th

Pasma,John,M,21 Aug 68,9,4,10 Aug; Joosse

Pasma,Tena,M,14 Jul 65,9,1,30 Jun; Poortinga

Passmore,Kenneth, Mrs.,D,9 Mar 66,10,4,age 22

Passmore,Patricia,IM,8 Mar 67,8,8,d 4 Mar 1966

Passmore,Robert Mitchell,M,19 Jun 68,11,1,8 Jun; Disbrowe

Paterson,Donald L., Mrs.,D,13 Sep 67,1,4,age 39

Paterson,Donald L.,D,13 Sep 67,1,4,age 40

Paterson,Jill,E,8 Nov 67,10,1,9 Dec; Sager

Paterson,Jill,M,19 Dec 67,22,3,9 Dec; Sagar


Paton,Jane Anne,E,18 Jun 69,3,7,12 Jul; Hawley

Paton,Jane Ann,M,30 Jul 69,7,3,12 Jul; Hawley

Patterson,Margaret,P,22 Jan 69,2,1,Wiggins

Pattesron,Veda,A,19 Jan 66,1,4,Lougheed

Pattinson,Reginald Lancaster,D,29 Dec 69,1,1,28 Dec; age 95

Paul,Irene,IM,3 Mar 65,6,2,d 3 Mar 1964

Paupst,Lloyd,D,6 Apr 66,10,3,4 Apr; 71st year

Paupst,Rita,W,19 Jan 66,5,4,Elliott

Payne,William Lloyd,M,23 Jul 69,13,1,Clarke

Pearl,Helen,M,2 Mar 66,10,4,VanLingen

Pearson,Carlton,D,30 Mar 66,9,1,23 Mar; age 74

Pearson,Edith,D,11 May 66,13,8,

Pearson,Ellis, Mrs.,D,26 Feb 69,13,3,age 78

Pearson,Velma J.,D,17 Feb 65,13,2,age 84

Pearson,Viola,W,6 Dec 67,2,4,Boyd

Pearson,Violet,D,5 Mar 69,7,2,25 Feb

Pearson,William,D,5 Feb 69,13,7,age 49

Pearson,William,D,12 Feb 69,11,1,3 Feb

Pelkey,Lorne James,D,3 Dec 69,19,3,25 Nov

Peltz,Theresia,D,11 Sep 68,8,7,Rosenberger

Penhale,Ora,W,9 Nov 66,8,4,Breens

Penner,Susana,W,16 Oct 68,10,5,Thiessen

Pennington,Emma,D,13 Apr 66,8,1,Lloyd

Percy,Alice,P,19 Jun 68,2,3,Kaiser

Percy,Cecil,D,4 Mar 68,2,2,age 68

Percy,Versa,W,20 Mar 68,2,3,Taylor

Percy,Violet,W,24 Jan 68,3,5,Liddle

Perkins,Branford Lee,E,7 Aug 68,6,4,31 Aug; McBride

Perrin,Lloyd John,B

Perry,Beatrice,W,21 Jun 67,3,4,Garton

Perry,Clifford E.,D,20 Aug 69,12,7,age 49

Perry,Effie,D,17 Jan 68,13,6,10 Jan

Perry,Effie,D,10 Jan 68,11,5,age 83

Perry,Elmore Hubert,D,10 Sep 69,9,3,2 Sep

Perry,Elmore,D,3 Sep 69,8,5,age 48

Perry,Linda jane,M,11 Dec 68,5,1,Lavac

Perry,Linda Jane,E,17 Jul 68,6,4,28 Sep; Levac

Perry,Linda Jane,M,4 Dec 68,12,3,28 Sep; Levas

Perry,Lulu Pearl,D,4 Aug 65,11,4,Tribe

Perry,Raymond William,E,18 May 66,6,5,4 Jun; Jacques

Perry,Raymond,M,15 Jun 66,11,3,4 Jun; Jacques

Perry,Verne A.,D,15 Jun 66,8,4,age 49

Person,Ada Katherine,D,24 Feb 65,2,4,Howden

Peskett,Dorothy Anne,E,3 Jul 68,8,6,27 Jul; Streets

Peters,Anna,M,3 Jan 68,2,4,30 Dec; Sawatzky

Peters,Ben,M,13 Dec 67,4,5,2 Dec; Wiebe

Peters,Cindy Helen,B,13 Oct 65,6,8,4 Oct

Peters,daughter,B,24 Apr 68,7,1,30 Mar

Peters,David,M,15 Feb 67,11,5,11 Feb; Wiebe

Peters,Helen,P,8 Nov 67,8,4,Enns

Peters,Henry,M,21 Jun 67,3,1,17 Jun; Ferguson

Peters,Henry,E,10 May 67,14,7,17 Jun; Ferguson

Peters,Howard,A,3 Dec 69,1,8,25th

Peters,James, Mrs.,D,14 Jun 67,7,6,age 37

Peters,Jean,E,9 Feb 66,6,5,12 Feb; Therrien

Peters,Jean,P,9 Jul 69,8,7,Therrien

Peters,Joanne Darlene,M,3 Nov 65,11,1,age 4 months

Peters,Margaret Ann,M,16 Jun 65,7,3,Gurr

Peters,Margaret Ann,E,28 Apr 65,6,8,22 May; Gurr

Peters,Margaret Ann,M,2 Jun 65,10,1,22 May; Gurr

Peters,Mark Wayne,B

Peters,Viola,D,21 Jun 67,3,3,11 Jun

Petersen,Sondra Marie,D,18 Jun 69,14,2,Carter

Petipas,Dorothy,W,18 Sep 68,18,5,Yates

Pettibone,Sarah Esther,D,26 Jun 68,20,2,18 Jul

Pettibone,Sarah Esther,D,19 Jun 68,2,3,age 65

Pettit,Adeline,P,21 Aug 68,15,5,Mitchell

Pettit,Daniel Gordon,B

Pettit,Doderick Clive,M,8 Jun 66,2,1,4 Jun; Smith

Pettit,Eleanor,W,21 Dec 65,7,5,Kunz


Pettman,Thomas Wilbert,M,12 Apr 67,8,7,1 Apr; Wiebe

Phelps,Laura,P,10 Jan 68,13,1,Kennedy

Phillimore,John,D,18 Sep 68,2,5,age 87

Phillimore,Lois Anne,M,27 Apr 66,3,1,7 Apr; Cline

Phillimore,Lois Anne,E,16 Mar 66,6,4,7 Apr; Cline

Phillimore,Lois,P,9 Jul 69,8,7,Cline

Phillimore,Mary Lynn,E,26 Jun 68,2,1,VanDerHoeven

Phillimore,Mary Lynn,M,31 Jul 68,12,3,VanDerHoeven

Phillimore,Paul York,M,13 Nov 68,3,1,25 Oct; Gammage

Phillimore,Paul York,E,2 Oct 68,12,1,25 Oct; Gammage

Phillips,Ann Michelle,B,20 Mar 68,8,6,7 Mar

Phillips,Cecil David,E,11 Sep 68,10,5,5 Oct; Barr

Phillips,Cecil David,M,16 Oct 68,3,4,Barr

Phillips,Emma,P,8 Nov 67,13,4,Leeson

Phillips,James Richard,D,12 Mar 69,3,5,age 64

Phillips,James Richard,D,19 Mar 69,11,3,10 Mar

Phillips,Joanne Marlene,M,25 Oct 67,10,1,Mooseberger

Phillips,Muriel C.,M,14 Feb 65,15,5,Belan

Phillips,Muriel Caroline,E,13 Jan 65,6,6,Belan

Phillips,Robert G.,M,28 Sep 66,14,3,VanDyk

Phillips,Robert,E,14 Sep 66,6,6,24 Sep; VanDyk

Phillips,son of Melvin,D,28 Apr 65,13,1,24 Apr; infant

Philpott,Gordon,A,24 Apr 67,1,6,55th

Phiskevius,Elizabeth,D,18 Sep 68,2,4,age 65

Phoenix,Stuart,A,8 Feb 67,1,8,25th

Picard,Charles Edward,D,11 Aug 65,7,3,10 Aug; age 59

Picard,Charles E.,D,18 Aug 65,13,3,

Pierce,Ben, Mrs.,IM,1 Mar 67,8,8,d 7 Mar 1966

Pierce,Benjamin, Mrs.,D,9 Mar 66,10,4,74th year

Pierce,Sharon Myrina Violet,E,12 Oct 66,6,4,29 Oct; Lileikis

Pierce,Violet,D,16 Mar 66,10,7,

Pierce,William D.,D,18 May 66,10,1,

Pierce,William,D,25 May 66,9,1,15 May

Pigram,James,D,1 Dec 65,10,6,age 21

Pigram,Linda Joan,M,28 Apr 65,8,5,Elgie


Piktuizis,Ingas, Mrs.,D,6 Sep 67,11,6,age 43

Pinch,Ronald James,E,18 Aug 65,6,5,14 Sep; Dark

Pinch,Ronald James,M,13 Oct 65,7,3,11 Sep; Dark


Pineo,Elmer,D,31 Jul 68,10,3,80th year

Pinnegar,Patricia Maxine,B

Pinnegar,Richard, Mrs.,D,14 Jul 65,11,4,age 63

Pinner,George,D,22 Sep 65,22,5,age 6 weeks

Pirie,Susan Joanne,E,21 Apr 65,6,8,15 May; Jakob

Pirie,Susan Joanne,M,19 May 65,12,7,15 May; Jakob

Pirrie,Bonnie Hazel Kathleen,E,21 Sep 66,6,3,15 Oct; Boughner

Pirrie,Bonnie,P,28 May 69,6,7,Boughner

Pitcher,Annie M.,D,16 Aug 67,12,3,Bushell

Pitcher,Nettie,W,19 Jul 67,9,5,Hemingway

Pittam,Roderick Mason,M,27 Aug 69,13,4,16 Aug; Wounch

Pittam,Roderick Mason,E,30 Jul 69,6,5,16 Aug; Wounch

Pizzey,Olive,W,24 May 67,9,5,Burch

Planske,Clina,W,17 May 67,13,3,Quintyn

Plaquet,Clemense,D,22 Mar 67,5,7,Hageniers

Plaquet,Elizabeth,W,4 Jun 69,5,8,Mervis

Plato,Elmer Gordon,D,24 Sep 69,16,2,20 Sep; 61st year

Plato,Willard, Mrs.,D,20 Jan 65,11,1,65th year

Plato,Willard, Mrs.,D,27 Jan 65,9,3,

Platteeuw,Cyriel,A,1 May 68,1,5,50th

Player,Charles F.,D,30 Oct 68,12,3,age 66

Player,Donald E.,D,3 Sep 69,9,5,age 58

Player,Julie Ann,B,19 Dec 67,8,3,13 Dec

Player,Marilyn,P,15 Feb 67,8,6,Fisher

Player,Michael Eric,B,27 Apr 66,10,3,22 Apr

Player,Myrna Jean,E,12 Jul 67,8,6,5 Aug; Anderson

Player,Myrna,M,9 Aug 67,12,1,5 Aug; Anderson

Player,Sylvia,P,1 Mar 67,8,6,Smith

Plester,Louise Marguerite Florence,E,3 May 67,6,7,17 Jun; Elley

Plester,Louise,M,2 Aug 67,10,4,17 Jun; Elley

Plester,nee,P,25 Jun 69,8,6,Elley

Plust,Frank L., Mrs.,D,19 Jan 66,10,1,

Pocs,Frank,D,5 Jun 68,2,5,age 78

Pofflemire,Carrie,A,3 Jan 68,3,1,Mitchell

Polci,Daniel Orvil,M,16 Jul 69,3,7,27 Jun; Chute

Polgar,Agnes,M,30 Aug 67,11,3,White

Polgar,Agnes,P,10 Sep 69,8,4,White

Polgar,Eleanor,P,1 Oct 69,8,8,Kazman

Polgar,Helen,D,22 Jan 69,2,2,18 Jan; age 54

Pond,Patricia Lucille Rose,M,25 Jun 69,9,1,Charleau

Ponting,Jennie Beatrice,W,6 Jan 65,2,5,Nunn

Poole,Edna L.,D,2 Nov 66,7,2,Ferris

Poortinga,Ernest Wilfred,B

Poortinga,Jan Allan,M,24 Apr 68,2,4,19 Apr; Vleeming

Poortinga,Richard,M,14 Jul 65,9,1,30 Jun; Pasma

Pope,Walter E.,IM,25 Aug 65,6,4,d 25 Aug 1963

Popp,James Francis,M,23 Jul 69,9,3,27 Jun; Samoy

Poppe,Frederick,M,3 Mar 65,2,5,Vanhoucke

Porter,John,D,8 Sep 65,9,4,age 91

Porter,John,D,15 Sep 65,8,5,

Porter,Karen Yvonne,B,5 May 65,6,5,27 Apr

Porter,Susan Elizabeth,B,3 Apr 68,6,8,26 Mar

Poschner,John,D,21 Apr 65,7,3,age 62

Poschner,John,IM,13 Apr 66,6,7,d 14 Apr 1965

Poschner,John,IM,12 Apr 67,6,6,d 14 Apr 1965

Posthumus,Patricia Susanne,B,15 Jan 69,14,6,25 Dec

Potenza,Albertina,D,13 Aug 69,9,7,age 76

Pottelberg,Jean,P,20 Jan 65,6,7,Hutchison

Pottelberg,Jean,P,14 Jun 67,6,4,Hutchison

Pottelberg,Lena,W,14 Sep 66,8,3,Vandeoorselaer

Potts,Alice Cartwright,W,2 Jul 69,2,1,Nesbitt

Potts,Lloyd D.,A,19 Feb 69,1,1,12 Feb; 50th

Poulton,Donald John,E,5 Jul 67,9,4,29 Jul; Rath

Poulton,Donald John,M,16 Aug 67,3,6,29 Jul; Rath

Pound,Ella,D,17 Nov 65,8,7,Schooley

Pountney,Valleria,D,27 Nov 68,3,1,18 Nov

Pountney,Valleria Beatrice,IM,19 Nov 69,7,2,d 18 Nov 1968

Pountney,Walter, Mrs.,D,20 Nov 68,2,3,age 82

Pourchex,Michel,E,29 Oct 69,8,4,29 Nov; Church

Powell,WilliamL.,D,19 Apr 67,1,8,

Powers,Herbert,D,23 Aug 67,16,5,age 71

Powers,John,D,8 Nov 67,1,8,age 64

Pratt,John W.,D,28 Dec 65,5,2,age 70

Precoor,Clarence, Mrs.,D,2 Mar 66,11,5,age 57

Precoor,Rachel,D,9 Mar 66,2,4,

Precoor,Rachel,IM,1 Mar 67,8,8,d 2 Mar 1966

Preksaitis,George,D,15 Mar 67,2,3,

Prendergast,Leo,M,1 Feb 67,4,1,21 Jan; Bryne

Prendergast,William,D,22 Jun 66,5,4,age 80

Prendergast,William,D,29 Jun 66,7,2,

Pressey,Claire,IM,4 Oct 67,8,8,d 5 Oct 1963

Pressey,Darcy Phillip,B


Pressey,Edna,W,24 Apr 68,14,4,Vyse

Pressey,Edrie,W,13 Mar 68,2,5,Smith

Pressey,Eliza,IM,6 Jan 65,6,4,d 11 Jan 1963

Pressey,Eliza,IM,12 Jan 66,6,8,d 11 Jan 1963

Pressey,Eliza,IM,11 Jan 67,6,5,d 11 Jan 1963

Pressey,Ella L.,D,20 Sep 67,22,5,12 Sep

Pressey,Ella,IM,11 Sep 68,8,5,d 12 Sep 1967

Pressey,Elva,D,8 Dec 65,13,5,Kilmer

Pressey,Elva,W,8 May 68,16,1,Kilmer

Pressey,George,H,16 Nov 66,9,4,Baer

Pressey,H. Clair,IM,29 Sep 65,6,7,d 5 Oct 1963

Pressey,H. Clair,IM,5 Oct 66,6,8,d 5 Oct 1963

Pressey,Harry, Mrs.,D,13 Sep 67,2,6,age 88

Pressey,Larry Winfred,M,22 Oct 69,4,3,27 Sep; Procunier

Pressey,Leslie, Mrs.,D,5 Nov 69,15,1,68th year

Preston,Florence,D,8 Mar 67,9,4,Nicholson

Price,Edward B.,D,10 May 67,15,3,age 68

Prichard,Myrtle,P,16 Jun 65,2,5,O’Keefe

Prickett,Olive,W,6 Sep 67,11,5,Woolley

Priddle,Emily,P,14 Dec 66,15,5,Milmine

Priddle,Esther,P,9 Aug 67,10,4,Stansell

Priddle,George,D,19 Jan 66,5,5,6 Jan; 88th year

Prier,Vera,W,17 Dec 69,9,1,Carrothers

Pritchard,Florence May,D,2 Aug 67,1,8,Lawrence

Pritchard,Leila,D,28 Dec 65,5,2,20 Dec; age 81

Pritchard,Lillis,P,3 Aug 66,10,1,Davidson

Procenko,Alice,E,17 Sep 69,20,4,18 Oct; Howe

Proctor,Thomas Bradley,E,11 Dec 68,6,4,4 Jan; Shepherd

Proctor,Thomas Bradly,M,22 Jan 69,11,7,4 Jan; Shepherd

Procunier,Frank,D,5 Mar 69,7,3,22 Feb

Procunier,Frank,D,26 Feb 69,13,4,84th year

Procunier,Gail,M,22 Oct 69,4,3,27 Sep; Pressey

Prong,Lynda Mae,M,17 Sep 69,15,4,9 Aug; Jenner

Prong,Lynda-Mae,E,9 Jul 69,8,6,9 Aug; Jenner

Prouse,Brenda Lurene,M,21 Jul 65,13,6,Smith

Prouse,Brenda Lurene,M,21 Jul 65,4,1,19 Jun; Smith

Provoost,Fred Jack,M,13 Nov 68,13,1,Vandendriessche

Pryce,Joy Dawn,E,13 Sep 67,6,6,MacPherson

Pryce,Joy Dawn,M,1 Nov 67,11,1,MacPherson


Pugsley,Iva,W,3 Jan 68,2,1,Fisher

Pullen,R. Wayne,M,19 Apr 67,13,3,1 Apr; Donkers

Pulley,Gordon,D,19 Oct 66,12,5,age 55

Purdy,Annie,D,12 May 65,9,6,Berdan

Purdy,C. M., Mrs.,D,26 Jan 66,6,7,23 Jan; 80th year

Purdy,Cecil W.,D,8 Jun 66,2,2,64th year

Purdy,Maude,D,14 Jun 67,7,2,Campbell

Purdy,Maudie Elizabeth,E,25 Jan 67,8,6,28 Jan; Martin

Purdy,Maudie,M,1 Feb 67,2,7,28 Jan; Martin

Purdy,William B.,D,1 Nov 67,2,3,age 65

Purton,Rosetta,D,6 Jan 65,2,5,Harkes

Putnam,Irvin George,D,16 Jul 69,12,5,11 Jul;age 75

Putnam,Irvine, Mrs.,D,20 Jan 65,11,1,63rd year

Putnam,Lee,A,7 Jul 65,1,8,35th

Putnam,Lee Stanley,D,23 Oct 68,13,2,15 Oct

Putnam,Lee,D,16 Oct 68,10,5,age 75

Putnam,Lee Stanley,IM,15 Oct 69,8,4,d 15 Oct 1968

Putnam,Valerie Jean,B,18 Aug 65,6,6,14 Jul

Pyatt,Richard,D,21 Jun 67,2,4,age 24

Quackenbush,Ella,W,10 Feb 65,7,4,Graves

Quick,Mildred,A,17 Mar 65,1,3,Lang

Quick,Mildred,W,2 Mar 66,9,7,Lang

Quick,Mildred,D,28 Feb 68,2,4,Lang

Quick,nee,P,10 Mar 65,6,4,Fallowfield

Quigley,Susan Frances,E,8 Oct 69,9,3,8 Nov; Humphrey

Quigley,Susan Frances,M,17 Dec 69,14,3,8 Nov; Humphrey

Quintyn,Alberic Cyriel,D,17 May 67,13,3,5 May; age 82

Quittenden,Ronald M.,E,23 Oct 68,4,1,30 Nov; Simone

Quittenden,Ronald Merle,M,12 Feb 69,10,2,Simone

Rabbets,Andrew Albert,B

Rabbets,Tracy Lynn,B

Rabbetts,Douglas,A,10 Dec 69,1,4,40th

Race,Gracema,IM,6 Dec 67,6,8,d 6 Dec 1966

Race,Gracena,IM,4 Dec 68,6,6,d 6 Dec 1966

Race,James, Mrs.,D,14 Dec 66,15,4,age 54

Rae,Cecil Alex’r, Dr.,D,22 Jun 66,1,8,

Rainford,Dorothy,P,11 Dec 68,6,5,Harris

Rakoschi,Christina Maria Anne,M,6 Nov 68,10,2,2 Nov; Greensides

Rakoschi,Christina Marian Anna,E,9 Oct 68,11,1,2 Nov; Greensides

Rakoschy,John Dennis,B

Ralf,Andy,M,16 Feb 66,4,5,Martindale

Ralf,Clifford Ward, Mrs,D,24 Jan 68 ,1,7,age 34

Ralf,George Frederick,B

Ralf,Herman Roy,D,13 Apr 65,2,3,age 69

Ralf,Linda Dianne,D,29 Jun 66,4,3,age 14

Ralf,Maxine,D,31 Jan 68,10,3,21 Jan

Rand,Emma,BD,19 Nov 69,3,1,11 Nov

Randall,Evelyn,P,13 Dec 67,8,4,Stirling

Rapelje,Linda Ellen,E,7 Jun 67,6,5,8 Jul; Shepherd

Ratch,son,B,10 Feb 65,6,3,23 Jan

Ratcliffe,Stanley Lewis,B,29 May 68,7,4,23 May

Ratcliffe,William,M,19 Oct 66,3,3,8 Oct; VanPatter

Ratcliffe,Wm. James Stanley,E,14 Sep 66,6,6,8 Oct; VanPatter

Rath,Elaine Helen,M,16 Aug 67,3,6,29 Jul; Poulton

Rath,Elaine Helen,E,5 Jul 67,9,4,29 Jul; Poulton

Raven,Charles Edward,E,17 Sep 69,14,1,11 Oct; Fischer

Rawlins,Donald Orson,M,25 Jan 67,13,2,10 Dec 66; Arthur

Rawlins,Donald,E,9 Nov 66,6,5,10 Dec; Arthur

Rawlins,Robert James, Mrs.,D,10 Jan 68,11,6,16 Dec 1967

Rawlins,Robert James,D,10 Jan 68,11,6,16 Dec 1967

Rawlins,William Clair,M,26 Oct 66,8,3,15 Oct; Cummings

Rawlins,William Clair,M,9 Nov 66,4,3,15 Oct; Cummings

Ray,Bea,P,2 Jul 69,8,3,White

Ray,Fred William,D,22 Sep 65,22,3,age 80

Raymond,Jane,D,7 Jul 65,7,4,Hoshal

Raymond,Pearl,W,25 Oct 67,5,3,Chute

Raynham,Rowland Brent,B,29 Jan 69,8,5,23 Jan

Read,Lucy Mae,D,16 Feb 66,2,7,age 77

Read,Lucy Mae,D,23 Feb 66,5,4,13 Feb

Reasbeck,Christina Marie,M,1 Nov 67,2,4,14 Oct; Heslop

Reasbeck,Christine Marie,E,13 Sep 67,6,6,14 Oct; Heslop

Reasbeck,Tina,P,5 Nov 69,6,5,Heslop


Redman,Maureen Elizabeth,B

Redmand,Olive,D,14 Jul 65,11,4,Pinnegar

Regan,Emmett,D,17 Feb 65,13,1,age 59

Rehmer,Maria,W,21 Apr 65,7,2,Eberth

Rehner,Maria,D,6 Apr 66,10,5,Eberth

Reid,Albert Travis,B

Reid,Daniel Bruce,B

Reid,Ervin, Mrs.,D,23 Apr 69,5,5,age 59

Reid,Ezra,D,20 Sep 67,22,5,age 79

Reid,Geraldine A.,M,10 Apr 68,2,5,1 Apr; Brisebois

Reid,Robert Terrance,M,18 Jun 69,5,1,14 Jun; Foy

Reimer,Judy,M,9 Jul 69,5,5,28 Jun; Harms

Reimer,Mary,W,11 Dec 68,11,1,Martens

Reinbach,Maria,D,5 Jan 66,7,3,age 79

Reiter,Michael,E,18 Sep 68,20,1,12 Oct; Frisch

Reiter,Michael Francis,M,23 Oct 68,11,1,12 Oct; Frisch

Renaud,Evelyn,W,10 Jan 68,13,2,Irwin

Renneboog,Cyril, Mrs.,D,29 Mar 67,3,3,age 74

Rennie,Elizabeth,W,7 Jul 65,7,3,Beacham

Ribble,Cora May,D,4 Jan 67,9,2,Hollywood

Ribble,Elizabeth,P,19 Mar 69,11,3,Floto

Ribble,Marion,D,5 Jan 66,7,3,Alton

Rice,Garfield,E,10 Mar 65,6,5,Ketchabaw

Rice,George W.,D,10 Feb 65,7,5,age 54

Rice,Harmon F.,D,24 Apr 67,1,8,age 93

Rice,Henry,P,17 Jan 68,10,3,Brooks

Rice,Paul H.,D,2 Feb 66,2,6,age 65

Richards,Alta,W,10 Jul 68,2,5,Grigg

Richardson,Agnes Marie,M,23 Apr 69,9,3,Parsons

Richardson,Alta May,D,12 Jun 68,9,6,Wilson

Richardson,Arthur, Mrs.,D,5 Jun 68,14,6,age 68

Richardson,Jason David,B,7 Dec 66,6,4,27 Nov

Richardson,Marion,W,22 Jun 66,1,8,Rae

Richardson,Norman,D,23 Aug 67,16,6,age 51

Riches,Charles S. R.,D,12 Jan 66,4,3,age 73

Riddell,Richard Allen,M,22 Oct 69,15,3,27 Sep; Herbert

Riddell,Richard Allen,E,10 Sep 69,9,5,27 Sep; Herbert

Riddick,Wendy Jane,M,13 Aug 69,2,3,2 Aug; Clinton

Riddick,Wendy Jane,E,25 Jun 69,8,5,2 Aug; Clinton

Riding,Joan,D,23 Oct 68,1,8,12 Oct; age 45

Riley,Harold Russel,M,26 Jul 67,5,2,8 Jul; Franklin

Rinkel,Helena,W,22 Oct 69,15,1,Hoffer

Rioux,Gilbert Claude,M,21 Aug 68,9,7,3 Aug; Hoffer

Risdill,Mary Elizabeth,E,12 Jun 68,3,6,24 Aug; Nobes

Ritchie,Christie,M,19 Apr 67,7,4,Griffin

Ritchie,Jacqueline Elizabeth,E,10 Dec 69,13,1,Dickenson

Ritchie,John, Mrs.,D,11 Jan 67,10,4,age 62

Robb,Faith Altonia,B,22 Mar 67,8,6,13 Mar

Robb,Sean William Geo.,B,17 Feb 65,6,4,7 Feb

Robbins,Georgia,W,7 Aug 68,13,4,Loucks

Robbins,Grace,D,20 Sep 67,22,5,15 Sep

Robbins,Hattie May,D,20 Apr 66,10,5,Slaght

Robert,Maurice,M,19 May 65,7,5,Lamb

Roberton,Sandra Lois,M,7 Sep 66,2,3,23 Aug; Myers

Roberton,Sandra Lois,E,3 Aug 66,6,5,23 Aug; Myers

Roberts,Annie,W,24 Jan 68,3,4,Stokes

Roberts,Avora E.,D,21 Apr 65,7,5,8 Apr

Roberts,dau of Charles,A,25 Jun 69,2,6,Drake

Roberts,Emma,IM,23 Aug 67,6,8,d 24 Aug 1966

Roberts,Fred, Mrs.,D,31 Aug 66,2,4,age 92

Roberts,Mabel,D,18 May 66,10,2,age 84

Roberts,Marjorie,P,19 Mar 69,6,8,Sackrider

Roberts,Maurice,M,26 May 65,9,4,Lamb

Roberts,Vivian Ruth,E,23 Aug 67,6,3,16 Sep; Moore

Roberts,Vivian Ruth,M,27 Sep 67,4,3,Moore

Roberts,Vivian,P,27 Mar 68,6,5,Moore

Roberts,Vivian,P,7 May 69,6,7,Moore

Roberts,Wilfred Frederick,M,14 Sep 66,1,7,7 Sep; Blake

Robertson,Barbara Elizabeth,M,22 May 68,2,1,11 May; Carter

Robertson,Barbara Elizabeth,E,24 Apr 68,15,4,11 May; Carter

Robertson,John J.,D,7 Apr 65,17,3,

Robertson,John J.,D,31 Mar 65,7,3,age 62

Robertson,Stephen Alexander,M,2 Aug 67,2,3,Harrison

Robertson,Stephen Alexander,E,10 May 67,6,5,17 Jun; Harrison

Robertson,Stewart,D,13 Oct 65,11,1,

Robida,John Jeffery,B,29 May 68,7,4,22 May

Robins,Alice,D,17 Jan 68,10,4,Alward

Robins,Constance Amelia,E,17 Apr 68,9,8,1 May; Grant

Robins,Constance Amelia,M,15 May 68,3,1,1 May; Grant

Robins,Mabel,D,28 Sep 66,12,5,age 80

Robins,Mable,D,5 Oct 66,8,3,

Robins,McDonald, Mrs.,D,2 Apr 69,17,5,28 Mar

Robinson,Ada Elizabeth,D,3 Mar 65,10,1,Murphy

Robinson,Ada Elizabeth,W,7 Sep 66,6,8,Murphy

Robinson,Annie,P,7 May 69,3,1,Tripp

Robinson,Connie Loreen,E,12 Jun 68,6,5,6 Jul; McCabe

Robinson,David Donald ,M,10 Dec 69,9,3,15 Nov; Barr

Robinson,Kathleen Marie,B

Robinson,Lanny,M,19 Dec 67,4,3,9 Dec; Liptak

Robinson,Raymond B

Robinson,Todd Russell,B

Robinson,Tracy Lynn,B

Rochus,Kimberley Andrew,B

Rochus,Martin, Mrs.,D,8 Jan 69,5,3,age 54

Rochus,Michael,A,16 Aug 67,12,2,6 Aug

Rochus,Michael Andre,D,9 Aug 67,10,3,age 20

Rock,John Henry,E,20 Mar 68,4,3,18 May; Davies

Rock,John Henry,M,29 May 68,9,7,18 May; Davies

Rocket,Rosabelle,D,21 Sep 66,5,4,Durston

Rockfellow,Fanny,W,21 Aug 68,15,6,Hodgkin

Rodgers,Irene,D,10 Jul 68,1,8,age 66

Rodgers,Isaac,A,10 Dec 69,1,3,15 Dec; 60th

Rodgers,Jean Viola,M,13 Aug 69,4,1,26 Jul; Nicholson

Rodgers,Jean Viola,E,25 Jun 69,12,6,26 Jul; Nicholson

Rodgers,nee,P,18 Oct 67,8,5,Brown

Roelans,Theodorus,M,19 Jan 66,9,2,11 Jan; Burgess

Rogers,Donna Jean,M,4 Oct 67,2,3,23 Sep; DeVries

Rogers,Gordon,A,5 Mar 69,9,1,26 Feb; 50th

Rogers,Mae,D,11 Jan 67,4,7,

Rogers,Sarah May,D,7 Jul 65,1,8,28 Jun; age 91

Rohman,Jack,IM,24 Nov 65,6,7,d 27 Nov 1963

Rohman,Jack,IM,23 Nov 66,6,6,d 27 Nov 1963

Rohman,Jacob,IM,27 Nov 68,6,8,d 27 Nov 1963

Rohrer,Bruce,D,17 Apr 68,10,7,age 83

Rohrer,Leslie,D,1 Nov 67,2,2,17 Oct; age 85

Rohrer,Pearl,W,17 Feb 65,13,3,Wiley

Rohrer,Ross, Mrs.,D,25 Oct 67,3,2,age 64

Rohrer,Ross, Mrs.,D,1 Nov 67,2,3,23 Oct

Rokeby,Allan Denys,B

Rokeby,Allan C. C.,D,29 Jun 66,4,4,age 43

Rokeby,Sarah E.,D,11 Jun 69,14,6,4 Jun; 75th year

Rokeby,Sheila Rosemary,M,25 Aug 65,10,4,Beamer

Roloson,Brock,D,30 Jul 69,7,4,age 83

Roloson,Elmer,D,24 Apr 68,13,4,age 77

Roloson,Emma,D,13 Jul 66,7,4,Carter

Roloson,Essie J.,D,11 May 66,8,2,80th year

Roloson,Essie J.,D,18 May 66,10,1,

Roloson,Grant Harry,D,23 Feb 66,13,3,age 61

Roloson,Sandra Judy,M,9 Jul 69,5,1,14 Jun; Sandham

Roloson,Wendy Colleen,B

Rombout,Sylvia,D,29 Mar 67,3,3,Renneboog

Ronacher,Alvisia Theresia,E,21 May 69,2,7,28 Jun; Anderson

Ronacher,Alvisia Thersia,M,2 Jul 69,4,3,28 Jun; Anderson

Ronson,Laura May,D,20 Mar 68,2,3,Maginnis

Rooke,Charles,D,9 Jul 69,3,2,46th year

Rooke,Patricia,P,21 May 69,6,7,Aviss

Roose,Maurice,D,13 Nov 68,2,6,

Rosenberger,Theresia,D,18 Sep 68,2,2,

Rosenberger,Theresia,D,11 Sep 68,8,7,age 82

Ross,Gordon E.,M,7 Sep 66,8,3,2 Sep; Balfour

Ross,Gordon E.,E,17 Aug 66,10,6,2 Sep; Balfour

Ross,James,IM,17 Nov 65,6,5,d 21 Nov 1963

Ross,James,IM,23 Nov 66,6,6,d 21 Nov 1963

Ross,James,IM,22 Nov 67,6,7,d 21 Nov 1963

Ross,James,IM,20 Nov 68,8,8,d 21 Nov 1963

Ross,Lorna,W,7 May 69,3,1,Tripp

Rossiter,Charles Delmer,D,1 Nov 67,2,1,24 Oct; 71st year

Roszell,George,D,16 Apr 69,3,3,age 68

Roszell,George,D,23 Apr 69,9,5,14 Apr

Roszell,Marcia Jean,E,14 Dec 66,9,1,24 Dec; Miller

Roth,Katharina,W,12 Feb 69,11,2,Fabian

Roth,Mike, Mrs.,D,4 Mar 68,2,2,age 80

Roulston,Wilbert, Mrs.,D,14 Feb 65,9,1,48th year

Roulty,Frank H.,D,29 May 68,15,3,65th year

Row,James Clarence,D,31 May 67,12,2,25 May; age 76

Row,Leola Sheryl,E,17 Dec 69,6,6,10 Jan; Sadler

Rowden,William Clarence,M,10 Mar 65,4,4,Swaykoski

Rowe,Charles Thomas,D,14 Jul 65,11,2,age 76

Rowe,Cora,W,3 Sep 69,8,5,Perry

Rowe,Walter A., Mrs.,D,6 Sep 67,11,4,age 76

Ruckle,Jean,W,22 Oct 69,7,6,VanPatter

Ruckle,Lucy,W,2 Feb 66,11,1,Kilpatrick

Ruckle,Patricia Lynn,B

Ruckle,Sadie,W,13 Jul 66,11,2,Wright

Ruddick,Douglas James,M,30 Nov 66,15,3,5 Nov; Cornish

Ruddick,Sharon,D,15 Dec 65,11,3,age 23

Ruel,Ernest,D,16 Apr 69,1,8,age 76

Rule,Amy,D,14 Feb 65,9,1,Roulston

Rule,Sheila,P,3 Mar 65,6,4,Graham

Rush,Claire LaVerne,M,16 Aug 67,11,4,22 Jul; Odorjan

Rusling,Winnifred,W,28 Feb 68,1,8,Firby

Ruth,Rosemary,D,14 Feb 65,9,2,age 4 days

Rutherford,Aleta,W,9 Mar 66,10,5,Hevenor

Rutherford,Ethel M.,D,28 Aug 68,9,2,Lindsay

Rutherford,Florence,D,20 Apr 66,1,8,Dredge

Rutherford,Myrtle,D,31 May 67,12,1,Long

Rutherford,W. W.,P,29 Nov 67,16,5,Seed

Rutter,Clarence, Mrs.,D,29 Nov 67,17,1,age 75

Ryan,Martha (Minnie),D,4 Jan 67,9,2,West

Ryan,Sarah,P,6 Jan 65,2,5,Nunn

Ryckman,Ada,P,3 Dec 69,19,2,Snelgrove

Ryckman,Dianne,P,17 Mar 65,6,5,Keillor

Ryckman,Dianne,P,13 Sep 67,6,4,Keillor

Ryckman,Harry N., Mrs.,BD,31 Jan 68,1,3,31 Jan; 80th

Ryckman,Harry Lee,M,1 May 68,4,3,Shannon

Ryckman,Nora,W,26 May 65,8,3,Wootton

Ryder,George W.,D,6 Sep 67,11,4,age 74

Ryder,George, Mrs.,D,21 Feb 68,2,3,age 73

Ryder,George, Mrs.,D,28 Feb 68,14,5,18 Feb; age 73

Saarloos,Alec James,B

Saarloos,Amy Lee,B

Sackrider,Ada,D,4 Jan 67,7,3,Orton



Sackrider,Stephen Frederick,D,30 Nov 66,9,2,age 40 mos

Sadler,Clara,A,12 Apr 67,1,8,Ashford

Sadler,Elizabeth,D,27 Aug 69,13,6,83rd year

Sadler,Eugene,D,7 Dec 66,13,4,age 52

Sadler,Eugene Whitney,IM,29 Nov 67,6,7,d 30 Nov 1966

Sadler,Karen Elizabeth,M,19 Jun 68,12,4,1 Jun; Marshall

Sadler,Robert Warren,M,21 Jun 67,14,3,27 May; Bedggood

Sadler,Robert,E,24 Apr 67,6,4,27 May; Bedggood

Sadler,Robert Allen,E,17 Dec 69,6,6,10 Jan; Row

Sagala,Patricia Lynn,M,26 Jul 67,14,3,22 Jul; Morris

Sagar,John Leroy,M,19 Dec 67,22,3,9 Dec; Paterson

Sage,Clarence,M,7 Jul 65,9,5,24 Jun; Kicksee

Sager,Chane Michael John,B

Sager,John LeRoy,E,8 Nov 67,10,1,9 Dec; Paterson

Sager,Verna Alice,IM,22 May 68,8,8,d 5 Jan 1968

Sager,William, Mrs.,D,10 Jan 68,11,5,age 49

Sagi,Mary,W,18 Oct 67,9,6,Gara

Salembier,Mary,W,13 Aug 69,9,5,Verscheure

Sales,Ray A.,D,3 May 67,13,5,age 78

Salmon,Cheryl,D,25 Jun 69,1,8,

Salmon,Morley, Mrs.,D,25 Jun 69,1,8,

Saltzman,Edith Mary,E,8 Mar 67,8,4,8 Apr; Thompson

Saltzman,Edith Mary,M,12 Apr 67,11,4,8 Apr; Thompson

Samoy,Mary Jane,M,23 Jul 69,9,3,27 Jun; Popp

Samson,Sharon,M,21 Sep 66,15,4,17 Sep; Landon

Sandell,Alice,W,27 Dec 67,10,1,Humphrey

Sanders,Anna,P,1 Oct 69,9,2,Hale

Sanders,Elsie,W,25 Sep 68,2,6,Wilkes

Sanders,Stephanie Joanne,B,14 Jun 67,6,4,7 Jun

Sanderson,George Neal,M,13 Aug 69,4,6,9 Aug; Whitcroft

Sanderson,George Neil,E,9 Jul 69,12,7,9 Aug; Whitcroft

Sandham,J. W.,A,19 Apr 67,10,3,40th

Sandham,Ronson Carl,M,9 Jul 69,5,1,14 Jun; Roloson

Sawatzky,Neil,E,2 Jul 69,3,7,19 Jul; Freisen

Sawatzky,Peter,M,3 Jan 68,2,4,30 Dec; Peters

Sawlor,Norman D.,M,22 Oct 69,16,3,11 Oct; Milmine

Sawyer,Carol Ann,M,9 Oct 68,2,4,21 Sep; Giles

Sawyer,Carol Ann,E,21 Aug 68,6,6,21 Sep; Giles

Sawyer,Carol Ann,M,2 Oct 68,3,3,21 Sep; Giles

Sawyer,Harold, Mrs.,D,17 Jul 68,16,1,age 70

Sawyer,Robena,P,28 May 69,14,3,Smith

Sawyers,Jennifer Irene,B

Saxton,Kathleen,W,11 Jun 69,14,3,Matthews

Saxton,Margaret,W,26 Feb 69,13,4,Procunier

Saywell,Addie,D,3 Dec 69,19,2,Weller

Scandrett,Margaret,P,24 Mar 65,6,7,Sinclair

Scanlan,Evelyn Louise,E,8 May 68,6,4,22 Jun; Liddle

Scanlan,Evelyn Louise,M,26 Jun 68,19,3,22 Jun; Liddle

Scanlan,Lucille,E,9 Mar 66,6,8,9 Apr; Fenn

Scanlan,Lucille,P,15 Jan 69,14,6,Fenn

Scanlan,Opal Lucille,M,13 Apr 66,2,1,9 Apr; Fenn

Scanlan,Stuart,A,10 Sep 69,3,5,25th

Scates,Lizzie,W,19 Jun 68,2,3,Kaiser

Schaap,Herman William,M,24 Apr 68,9,1,20 Apr; Brant

Schaap,Herman William,E,20 Mar 68,4,3,20 Apr; Brant

Schaap,Marcy Dawn,B,22 Oct 69,6,3,18 Oct

Schenk,Matilda,D,9 Jun 65,10,2,Stafford

Schlecht,Sophie,E,2 Oct 68,11,5,19 Oct; Lindert

Schlecht,Sophie,M,30 Oct 68,2,3,19 Oct; Lindert

Schmitz,John Jeffery Laurence,B,10 May 67,6,8,6 May

Schmitz,Laurie Jane,B,6 Aug 69,8,3,20 Jul

Schmocker,Peter John,M,21 Jun 67,12,5,10 Jun; Barnum

Schmocker,Peter John,E,17 May 67,9,4,10 Jun; Barnum

Schneider,Anna,W,26 Jun 68,20,2,Englehardt

Schnekenburger,Maud,D,12 May 65,12,4,age 80

Schooley,Earl,D,31 Jan 68,10,3,79th year

Schooley,Ella,D,17 Nov 65,8,7,age 86

Schooley,Ella,D,24 Nov 65,8,5,

Schouppe,Augustine,D,11 Aug 65,7,2,age 74

Schouppe,Octaaf Francis,M,31 Jul 68,4,1,22 Jun; Harris


Schram,Aylmer,D,28 Jun 67,11,2,

Schram,Dorothy A.,D,12 Jun 68,9,8,3 Jun

Schram,Dorothy A.,D,5 Jun 68,14,5,69th year

Schram,Eliza,P,6 Jan 65,2,6,Miller

Schram,Elmer,D,21 Jun 67,2,5,age 87

Schram,James Oliver,D,10 Dec 69,2,5,6 Dec


Schram,Wilma,P,27 Sep 67,3,6,Barker

Schroeder,David George,E,30 Jul 69,2,1,23 Aug; Craik

Schroeder,David George,M,3 Sep 69,5,3,23 Aug; Craik

Schroeter,Hildegarde,D,6 Sep 67,11,6,Piktuizis

Schuitvlot,Cornelia,W,3 Jul 68,12,5,VanDixhoorn

Schultz,Ann,D,19 Apr 67,12,4,age 65

Schultz,Ann,D,24 Apr 67,3,4,

Schultz,Audrey Ann,E,23 Mar 66,6,8,9 Apr; Barker

Schultz,Audrey,P,9 Jul 69,8,7,Barker

Schultz,Carl,D,14 Jun 67,7,2,age 72

Schultz,Howard Raymond,E,1 Jun 66,6,6,25 Jun; Voakes

Schultz,John,D,8 Mar 67,9,6,

Schultz,John Andrew,D,1 Mar 67,10,5,65th year

Schuyler,David Ralph,E,20 Sep 67,8,8,30 Sep; Churchill

Schuyler,David Ralph,M,11 Oct 67,9,6,30 Sep; Churchill

Schuyler,William,D,13 Mar 68,2,6,age 18

Schweyer,Ralph E.,A,29 May 68,2,7,25th

Scidmore,Annie,D,10 Jul 68,2,3,age 85

Scott,Brenda ,E,8 Feb 67,3,3,25 Mar; Kennedy

Scott,Brenda,M,31 May 67,15,3,Kennedy

Scott,Brenda,P,14 Aug 68,8,5,Kennedy

Scott,Charlotte Colette,B,27 Jan 65,6,3,19 Jan

Scott,Darlene,M,21 Jul 65,10,4,24 May; Kadel

Scott,Darlene Sherilyn,E,12 May 65,13,3,24 May; Kadel

Scott,Donald James,E,21 Apr 65,6,8,DeRiviere

Scott,Donald,M,19 May 65,12,4,DeRiviere

Scott,Dora,D,22 Jun 66,9,7,Howe

Scott,Earnie,D,13 Apr 65,2,2,age 62

Scott,Earnie,D,21 Apr 65,7,3,

Scott,Elsie,W,1 Nov 67,2,1,Rossiter

Scott,Ertle,W,29 Jun 66,4,4,Benner

Scott,John Stephen,B

Scott,Kathryn Susanne,B

Scott,Kimberly Ann,B

Scott,Larry James,E,14 Sep 66,6,6,Vandewyngaerde

Scott,Larry James,M,9 Nov 66,3,3,Vandewyngaerde

Scott,Mae,W,4 Jan 67,5,4,Fishback

Scott,Margaret Elizabeth,E,5 Mar 69,6,8,29 Mar; Huber

Scott,Margaret Elizabeth,M,2 Apr 69,3,3,29 Mar; Huber

Scott,Milton,A,25 Sep 68,2,3,25th

Scott,Pauline,D,26 Jul 67,13,5,McLeod

Scott,Robert,M,2 Jul 69,4,7,13 Aug; Bischoff

Scott,Sean Gregory,B

Scott,Sheila,M,24 May 67,9,3,20 May; Kuchma

Scott,Teresa,D,17 Nov 65,8,6,Crosby

Scott,William,P,4 Aug 65,1,3,Morse

Scott,William,M,20 Oct 65,13,1,24 Sep; Stephens

Scott,William Aaron,B,7 Dec 66,6,4,2 Dec

Scott,William, Mrs.,D,24 Jan 68,3,4,87th year

Scoyne,Sally Irene,B,8 Dec 65,6,7,adopted

Scratch,Dianne Lynn,E,29 Jan 69,8,7,8 Mar; Nemeth

Scriver,Anita,W,17 Jul 68,16,1,Wiley

Scriver,Maude,D,12 Nov 69,9,4,75th year

Scruton,Clara,W,23 Apr 69,9,5,Thayer

Scruton,Ida,D,17 Jul 68,16,1,Matthews

Scruton,Joseph L.,D,26 Jul 67,1,8,age 67

Sealey,Clara May,D,24 Apr 67,3,4,

Sealey,Clara,D,19 Apr 67,12,3,age 87

Sealey,George,D,29 Dec 69,9,4,age 63

Sealy,Richard John Wesley,B,26 Mar 69,6,8,19 Mar

Searson,Lea Anne,M,21 Sep 66,4,3,10 Sep; Walker

Searson,Leigh Ann,E,24 Aug 66,6,6,10 Sep; Walker

Secord,Ross,D,24 Sep 69,16,1,9 Sep; 87th year

Secord,Ross,D,10 Sep 69,2,3,age 87

Seed,Robert M., Mrs.,D,29 Nov 67,16,5,

Seel,Rocky,D,9 Oct 68,1,5,age 21

Seers,Launa Ray,W,1 Mar 67,10,3,Baxter

Selig,son,B,24 Apr 68,7,1,11 Apr

Serrarens,Maria,M,6 Jul 66,4,3,4 Jun; VanGorp

Shackelton,Alma,D,11 Oct 67,4,4,Chambers

Shackelton,Edith Pearl,D,30 Mar 66,9,3,Chute

Shackelton,Jessica Darlene,M,9 Aug 67,10,1,Wilson

Shackelton,Linda Mae,E,5 Feb 69,8,3,8 Mar; Brower

Shackelton,Linda Mae,M,12 Mar 69,10,2,8 Mar; Brower

Shackelton,Maurice R.,IM,10 Mar 65,6,5,d 13 Mar 1959

Shackelton,Ruth,P,25 Jun 69,8,6,Hewbank

Shackelton,Terry William,B

Shackelton,Vera,A,20 Nov 68,1,4,Buck

Shackleton,Edna Lorraine,E,24 Apr 68,15,4,1 Jun; Odanksi

Shackleton,Harry O.,D,19 Feb 69,3,3,14 Feb; age 49

Shackleton,Jeffrey Ronald,B

Shain,Lorne Yorke,D,3 Dec 69,19,1,90th year

Shakleton,Edna Lorraine,M,12 Jun 68,2,5,1 Jun; Odanski

Shanks,Fraleigh (Joe),D,17 May 67,1,8,

Shanlin,Hilda,D,24 May 67,9,5,

Shanlin,Hilda,D,31 May 67,2,2,

Shannon,Michael Thomas,D,31 Jan 68,1,8,

Shannon,Victoria Aileen,M,1 May 68,4,3,Ryckman

Sharp,Donald Bruce,E,20 Jan 65,6,3,13 Feb; Coleman

Sharp,Donald Bruce,M,17 Feb 65,3,3,13 Feb; Coleman

Sharp,Janet,D,29 Sep 65,11,7,Harvey

Sharp,May B.,W,18 Dec 68,3,4,Stewart

Sharpe,Hugh,A,8 Jun 66,1,4,50th

Sharpe,Robert H.,E,8 Jun 66,1,3,McConnell

Sharpe,Ronald Hugh,M,13 Jul 66,5,3,McConnell

Shaw,Ann,D,11 Jun 69,14,5,Wryde

Shaw,Charles E.,D,6 Sep 67,11,4,age 72

Shaw,Hugh Gordon,D,7 Aug 68,13,4,age 69

Shaw,Janet Gail,E,19 Jun 68,14,1,13 Jul; Doyle

Shaw,Janet Gail,M,17 Jul 68,5,2,Doyle

Shaw,Jesse E.,A,8 May 68,1,6,Hawley

Shaw,Sandra,P,20 Sep 67,8,6,McPhail

Shaw,Sarah May,P,15 Jan 69,5,6,Jackson

Shearer,Judith Ann,D,13 Sep 67,2,3,Hand

Shearer,William, Mrs.,D,6 Oct 65,10,5,79th year

Shearer,William F.,D,24 Jan 68,3,4,age 78

Sheers,Celestine,W,13 Aug 69,2,3,Hoffer

Shellington,Violet,D,12 Mar 69,3,6,Marlatt

Shelly,John Charles,E,5 Apr 67,13,5,Chipchase; photo

Shelly,John Charles,M,17 May 67,15,3,6 May; Chipchase

Shelly,John Charles,E,5 Apr 67,8,8,6 May; Chipchase

Shelly,Jonni Lyn,B

Shelton,Joyce Frances,E,10 Aug 66,11,7,27 Aug; Fuller

Shelton,Joyce Frances,M,26 Oct 66,10,3,Fuller

Shelton,nee,P,11 Dec 68,6,5,Fuller

Shepherd,Annie,D,21 Jul 65,13,1,age 89

Shepherd,Arthur, Mrs.,D,26 Jun 68,20,1,67th year

Shepherd,Donald Andrew,E,7 Jun 67,6,5,8 Jul; Rapelje

Shepherd,Eva I.,W,22 Jan 69,2,3,Gallienne

Shepherd,Margaret,P,27 Dec 68,2,5,Herrington

Shepherd,Margaret,D,17 Dec 69,14,2,Herrington

Shepherd,Matilda,W,12 Apr 67,12,1,Chase

Shepherd,Nancy Ann,M,22 Jan 69,11,7,4 Jan; Proctor

Shepherd,Nancy Ann,E,11 Dec 68,6,4,4 Jan; Proctor

Sheppard,Daryl Gordon,B

Sheppard,Nellie,W,17 May 67,9,3,Baldwin

Sheppard,Robert,M,27 Oct 65,9,4,23 Oct; Grass

Sheppard,Robert Dean,B,4 May 66,6,8,20 Apr

Sheppard,Robert,E,22 Sep 65,6,4,23 Oct; Grass

Shilliday,Kathryn Ann,B,6 Sep 67,8,6,2 Sep

Shilliday,Michael Patrick,B,29 Jun 66,6,8,15 Jun

Shillington,Violet,W,9 Jul 69,3,2,Marlatt

Shilson,Lena,W,20 Sep 67,22,5,Reid

Shipley,June Elaine,E,19 May 65,10,1,12 Jun; Whitcroft

Shipley,June Elaine,M,23 Jun 65,11,2,Whitcroft

Shipley,June,P,26 Jun 68,6,5,Whitcroft

Shipp,Ernest Mark,D,19 Jun 68,2,4,10 Jun

Shipp,Ernest,D,12 Jun 68,9,5,age 72

Shively,Lillie C.,W,20 Sep 67,22,7,Derrough

Shook,Betty,D,12 May 65,1,8,

Shortt,David,A,19 Apr 67,11,2,4 Apr; 25th

Silcox,Edward,P,4 Oct 67,13,1,Braddon

Silverthorn,Edythe,D,27 Aug 69,13,6,Lindsay

Silverthorn,Emery Reuben,E,21 Jun 67,8,4,22 Jul; McFarlane

Silverthorn,Emery Reuben,M,2 Aug 67,11,3,22 Jul; McFarlane

Silverthorn,Karen Dianne,E,1 May 68,6,7,8 Jun; Bartley

Silverthorn,Madeline,W,8 Sep 65,8,2,Nevill

Silverthorne,Charles Wesley,M,21 Sep 66,12,7,McMurray

Simmons,Bruce,A,11 Sep 68,1,8,50th

Simmons,Bruce,A,2 Oct 68,1,3,25 Sep; 50th

Simmons,Erie,D,29 Jun 66,1,8,

Simms,Mary,D,11 Jun 69,14,3,age 70

Simon,Donald Ross,E,19 May 65,6,4,12 Jun; Church

Simone,Eva,M,12 Feb 69,10,2,Quittenden

Simone,Eva,E,23 Oct 68,4,1,Quittenden

Simons,Melvin,D,19 Feb 69,3,3,74th year

Simpleare,Julia,W,24 May 67,9,4,DeBlaire

Simpson,Aubrey,A,19 Apr 67,9,7,9 Apr; 40th

Simpson,Hazel,P,27 Apr 66,11,6,Brown

Simpson,Lulu,W,9 Aug 67,10,3,Crossett

Sims,Frederick Percival,D,17 Nov 65,8,6,8 Nov; age 67

Sinclair,Duncan Charles,B

Sinclair,Margaret Kathleen,B

Sinclair,Margaret,P,24 Nov 65,11,2,Elliot

Sinden,Albert,A,22 Nov 67,1,8,50th

Sinden,George Albert,A,6 Dec 67,9,2,28 Nov; 50th

Sinden,Katherine,D,8 Oct 69,14,4,Dunn

Sinden,William S.,D,13 Aug 69,9,6,73rd year

Sippel,Arthur, Mrs.,D,1 Nov 67,2,1,72nd year

Sitts,Harold Archibald,D,16 Feb 66,2,7,

Sitts,Harold Archibald,D,9 Feb 66,7,4,age 41

Sitts,Verna,W,28 May 69,14,3,Mayberry

Sivyer,Robert Louis,B,6 Apr 66,6,4,24 Mar

Skellett,Judy Diane,M,4 Jun 69,11,3,24 May; Milmine

Skuce,E. L.,A,6 Sep 67,1,4,35th

Slade,George Edward,D,12 Feb 69,11,3,10 Feb; age 87

Slade,Jane,W,1 Mar 67,10,3,Smith

Slaght,Ada,D,24 Nov 65,8,4,Fairbairn

Slaght,Frank,IM,6 Oct 65,6,8,d 10 Oct 1964

Slaght,Frank,IM,12 Oct 66,6,5,d 10 Oct 1964

Slaght,George,IM,2 Jun 65,6,6,d 8 Jun 62

Slaght,George,IM,8 Jun 66,6,8,d 8 Jun 1962

Slaght,George,IM,7 Jun 67,6,7,d 8 Jul 1962

Slaght,George,IM,5 Jun 68,6,7,d 8 Jun 1962

Slaght,Hattie M.,D,20 Apr 66,10,5,

Slaght,Jackie Morgan,B,8 Dec 65,6,7,2 Dec

Slater,Helen,W,24 Nov 65,8,5,Lockhart

Sloat,Dwight,M,19 May 65,3,1,Bouthoorn

Sloat,Dwight,E,28 Apr 65,6,8,Bouthoorn

Sloat,Gail Eileen,E,21 Feb 68,8,6,23 Mar; Lang

Sloat,Gail Eileen,M,27 Mar 68,9,7,23 Mar; Lang

Smale,Sarah,P,27 Jan 65,9,2,Stephens

Smale,Sarah,P,22 Jan 69,2,2,Stephens

Smallwood,Elsie,W,15 Dec 65,11,3,Hurford

Smith,Albert,D,17 Mar 65,11,2,age 64

Smith,Albert,D,24 Mar 65,8,3,16 Mar

Smith,Albert,IM,16 Mar 66,6,5,d 16 Mar 1965

Smith,Albert,IM,15 Mar 67,8,7,d 16 Mar 1965

Smith,Alice,W,3 Sep 69,9,5,Player

Smith,Alma,D,21 Apr 65,11,3,Hepburn

Smith,Andrew, Mrs.,D,6 Sep 67,11,5,age 85

Smith,Ann,W,1 Mar 67,10,5,Schultz

Smith,Ann,D,19 Apr 67,12,4,Schultz

Smith,Annie,D,12 Jan 66,4,4,Mahar

Smith,Austen Kenneth,IM,28 Feb 68,6,8,d 27 Feb 1967

Smith,Austen Kenneth,IM,26 Feb 69,8,7,d 27 Feb 1967

Smith,Austin Kenneth,D,8 Mar 67,9,5,

Smith,Austin K.,D,1 Mar 67,10,3,age 76

Smith,Bertha Louise,A,17 Sep 69,20,3,Brown

Smith,Carl,M,17 Mar 65,12,2,Wood

Smith,Charles Morrison,E,22 Jan 69,8,5,1 Feb; Howe

Smith,Charles Morrison,M,19 Feb 69,2,3,1 Feb; Howe

Smith,Charlotte,D,10 Nov 65,5,4,Jacques

Smith,Clara Edna,D,9 Aug 67,10,5,Underwood

Smith,Clara,W,20 Nov 68,2,4,Davis

Smith,David Edward,E,4 Mar 68,4,1,11 May; Allred

Smith,Donald,D,28 May 69,14,3,age 49

Smith,Donald,D,4 Jun 69,5,6,25 May

Smith,Dorian Lucille,E,21 Aug 68,6,6,21 Sep; Horlor

Smith,E. Donald,D,20 Jul 66,12,3,age 68

Smith,Edna Belle,D,5 Oct 66,13,3,age 84

Smith,Edward G. (Ted),D,11 May 66,13,7,age 46

Smith,Elsie,P,19 Dec 67,22,6,Benner

Smith,Emily,P,10 Dec 69,2,6,Fugard

Smith,Etta,P,18 Sep 68,2,6,Oatman

Smith,Frederick A.,E,13 Jan 65,6,6,29 Jan; Strong

Smith,Frederick Alvin,M,17 Feb 65,9,7,29 Jan; Strong

Smith,Gertrude,A,3 Sep 69,3,1,Wintour

Smith,Harold E.,D,29 Jan 69,10,3,age 60

Smith,Herbert, Mrs.,BD,14 Aug 68,1,4,4 Aug; 88th

Smith,James Douglas,B

Smith,James,A,3 Mar 65,9,6,24 Feb; 50th

Smith,James, Mrs.,D,9 Jun 65,7,2,age 68

Smith,James,D,17 May 67,9,3,

Smith,James,D,10 May 67,15,2,93rd year

Smith,James Bryden,D,7 Aug 68,13,5,age 70

Smith,Jennie,P,9 Feb 66,7,4,Martindale

Smith,Joan,P,1 Nov 67,8,6,McClintock

Smith,Judith Alice,M,8 Jun 66,2,1,4 Jun; Pettit

Smith,Judy,P,20 Jul 66,6,8,Pettit

Smith,Leslie,IM,13 Dec 67,8,8,d 13 Dec 1963

Smith,Lloyd W.,D,3 Feb 65,3,4,

Smith,Loran Walter,M,4 Aug 65,10,3,24 Jul; Jordan

Smith,Loran Walter,E,7 Jul 65,6,8,24 Jul; Jordan

Smith,Lori Ellen,B

Smith,Lucy Mae,D,16 Feb 66,2,7,Read

Smith,Mabel,W,21 Jul 65,13,3,Charlton

Smith,Marlene,P,3 Nov 65,6,4,Watson

Smith,Mary Jane,BD,31 Mar 65,4,5,Currie

Smith,Mary,P,8 Oct 69,14,4,Stilwell

Smith,Mildred,W,4 Jan 67,9,2,Chute

Smith,Nancy Jane,B,8 Sep 65,6,6,4 Sep

Smith,Nancy Carol,E,2 Jul 69,8,6,18 Jul; Greenwood

Smith,Nancy,P,11 Jun 69,6,8,Mills

Smith,Nellie,M,7 Jul 65,9,5,24 Jun; Sage

Smith,Pearl Hannah,M,1 Feb 67,2,4,29 Jan; Beattie

Smith,Robert Edward,M,21 Jul 65,13,6,Prouse

Smith,Robert Edward,M,21 Jul 65,4,1,19 Jun; Prouse

Smith,Sheila,P,4 Mar 68,8,6,Redman

Smith,Susannah Ellis,E,3 Aug 66,6,5,27 Aug; Newell

Smith,Tammy Mae,B,29 May 68,7,4,24 May

Smith,Teresa Ann,M,24 Jan 68,2,1,13 Jan; Flick

Smith,Theodore Clifford,M,2 Mar 66,11,5,19 Feb; Cormier

Smith,Thomas,BD,17 May 67,13,4,80th

Smith,Violet,D,26 Feb 69,13,3,Pearson

Smith,Vivian,W,22 Jan 69,2,1,Wiggins

Smith,Wilfred, Mrs.,D,17 Jan 68,13,7,age 58

Smith, William J.,D,13 Mar 68,2,5,age 66

Smith,Yula,D,16 Jun 65,2,4,

Smithson,Harriet,P,7 Jul 65,7,4,Buck

Smithson,Joseph Howard,D,16 Aug 67,12,1,age 53

Smits,Hendrika,D,13 Apr 66,11,6,Hermans

Smuck,Adaline,P,22 Jan 69,2,1,Liddle

Smuck,Ida,P,5 Nov 69,15,2,Stafford

Smyth,Marvin, Mrs.,D,11 Jan 67,10,5,age 33

Smyth,Vivian,W,13 Apr 66,11,5,Davis

Snelgrove,Albert, Mrs.,D,2 Feb 66,2,6,age 81

Snelgrove,Bertha Mae,D,3 Dec 69,19,2,age 82

Snell,Audrey Gene,M,13 Apr 66,10,3,19 Mar; Timpany

Snell,Audrey Gene,E,9 Mar 66,6,8,19 Mar; Timpany

Snively,Lou Ann Hazel Marie,B

Snively,Patricia Lynn,B

Snyder,Beatrice,D,13 Dec 67,3,4,Betterley


Somerville,Diana Louise,M,22 Oct 69,2,2,20 Sep; Arthur

Somerville,Diana Louise,E,27 Aug 69,13,4,20 Sep; Arthur

Somerville,Ronald,M,28 Aug 68,14,5,3 Aug; Jackson

Somerville,Ronald M.,E,24 Jul 68,6,4,3 Aug; Jackson

Sommers,Ethel L.,D,21 Jul 65,13,2,84th year

Sommerville,Lorna,W,10 Dec 69,2,7,Matthews

Songhurst,Kathleen,W,9 Apr 69,7,2,Barker

Soper,Clifford G., Mrs.,D,6 Oct 65,10,6,55th year

Soper,Clyde E.,D,23 Nov 66,9,2,age 61

Soper,Drusilla,P,17 Apr 68,10,7,Cartwright

Soper,Iva,W,24 Mar 65,8,4,Koyle

Sparkman,Llewellyn,D,21 Aug 68,15,5,14 Aug; age 96

Spence,nee,P,2 Nov 66,6,6,Branscombe

Spence,Perce,A,12 Oct 66,10,5,41st

Spencer,John B.,M,18 Jun 69,3,3,7 Jun; VanPatter

Spencer,John Barry,E,7 May 69,6,6,7 Jun; VanPatter

Spicer,Mervin,M,6 Jul 66,2,1,19 Jun; Chute

Spiece,Alice,D,1 Sep 65,8,4,Strong

Spinks,Emma,P,1 Feb 67,11,5,Groulx

Sprague,Todd Douglas,B,28 Jun 67,8,6,20 Jun

Spriet,Lutgarde Mary,M,6 Nov 68,3,5,8 Oct; DeBruyn

Springett,Catherine Margaret,E,27 Sep 67,8,6,21 Oct; Colquhoun

Springett,Catherine Margaret,M,6 Dec 67,2,1,21 Oct; Colquhoun

Squire,Ethel,D,11 Sep 68,10,7,Frey

Stafford,Bruce,E,23 Mar 66,6,8,23 Apr; Clinton

Stafford,Charles, Mrs.,D,9 Jun 65,10,2,

Stafford,Charles O.,D,5 Nov 69,15,2,26 Oct; age 79

Stafford,Claude,D,27 Mar 68,3,4,

Stafford,Colin,A,29 May 68,5,7,12 May; 40th

Stafford,David,M,1 Dec 65,11,2,Enns

Stafford,David W.,E,10 Nov 65,8,5,27 Nov; Enns

Stafford,Evelyn,D,12 Oct 66,10,6,Crowdis

Stafford,Karl,M,28 Sep 66,6,1,[bride illegible]

Stafford,Lindley,A,13 Dec 67,1,4,19 Dec; 50th

Stafford,Lindley Crowel,D,29 Dec 69,9,5,24 Dec; age 73

Stafford,Margaret Lynn,M,16 Nov 66,5,4,12 Nov; Vann

Stafford,Matthew John,B

Stafford,Morley Bruce,M,11 May 66,10,7,23 Apr; Clinton

Stafford,Morley Bruce,M,11 May 66,12,1,Clinton

Stafford,Ronald Mark,B

Stafford,Scott Patrick,B


Staib,Catherine,P,10 Dec 69,2,7,Matthews

Staib,Percy E.,D,2 Aug 67,13,1,27 Jul; 73rd year

Stainback,Mabel,W,27 Jan 65,9,2,Tillotson

Stainton,Warren Murray,E,10 Sep 69,12,7,11 Oct; Crocker

Stainton,Warren Murray,M,3 Dec 69,20,4,11 Oct; Crocker

Stanat,Alex,A,24 Sep 69,1,3,50th

Staniforth,Louise May,D,29 Jan 69,10,4,18 Jan; 72nd year

Staniforth,Louise,D,22 Jan 69,2,1,18 Jan; 72nd year

Stanley,Adeline,D,16 Jun 65,2,4,

Stanley,Adeline,D,23 Jun 65,8,5,

Stansell,John L., Mrs.,D,16 Aug 67,12,2,8 Aug

Stansell,John L., Mrs.,D,9 Aug 67,10,4,age 92

Stanton,Daisy,D,2 Jun 65,10,4,

Stanton,Daisy May,D,26 May 65,8,2,23 May

Stanton,Daisy,IM,11 May 66,6,5,d 23 May 1965

Stanton,Daisy M.,IM,17 May 67,6,5,d 23 May1965

Stanton,Gordon,IM,28 Apr 65,6,6,d 2 May 1962

Stanton,Gordon,IM,3 May 67,6,6,d 2 May 1962

Stanton,Jack,IM,23 Mar 66,6,6,d 26 Mar 1947

Stanyer,Fred,A,22 Sep 65,1,8,8 Sep; 68th

Stanyer,Frederick Charles,D,20 Apr 66,4,8,age 94

Starkey,Frances,D,21 Apr 65,11,2,93rd year

Starkey,Hilda,A,6 Dec 67,9,2,Sinden

Steenbergen,Brian Wayne,B

Steevendaal,Sophia Paulina,M,25 May 66,9,5,21 May; Nevill

Steinbacher,Janna Marie,B

Stephen,Hazel,P,9 Feb 66,7,4,Sitts

Stephens,Annie,D,17 Jan 68,10,5,Olsen

Stephens,Harry,D,22 Jan 69,2,2,age 62

Stephens,Harry,D,29 Jan 69,10,3,21 Jan

Stephens,Harry Paul,M,30 Jul 69,9,2,25 Jul; Bennion

Stephens,Ida,A,2 Oct 68,1,3,Simmons

Stephens,Lloyd E.,D,3 Feb 65,3,3,

Stephens,Lloyd Ervin,D,27 Jan 65,9,2,age 57

Stephens,Madeline,P,17 May 67,6,7,Jenkins

Stephens,Margaret Elizabeth,M,20 Oct 65,13,1,24 Sep; Scott

Stephens,Margaret,P,22 Jan 69,8,8,Paquette

Stephens,Robert George,E,6 Aug 69,8,5,16 Aug; Lyster

Stevens,Carol E.,M,1 Oct 69,2,3,20 Sep; Leetham

Stevens,Carol,E,20 Aug 69,12,5,20 Sep; Leetham

Stevens,Stuart Richard,E,19 Dec 67,8,5,27 Jan; Howey

Stevens,Stuart R.,M,31 Jan 68,4,1,27 Jan; Howey

Stevenson,Florence,W,12 Jul 67,3,4,Wellwood

Stewart,Lloyd Thomas,D,14 Feb 68,16,2,age 54

Stewart,Walter M.,D,18 Dec 68,3,4,88th year

Stewartson,Ann,P,21 Apr 65,7,4,Wood

Stickel,Konrad,D,10 May 67,9,1,age 66

Stickel,Konrad,D,17 May 67,9,4,

Stillwell,Sarah,P,2 Apr 69,17,6,Chute

Stilwell,Mary Ella,D,8 Oct 69,14,4,30 Sep age 80

Stirling,Wm. Robt. Edward,B,13 Dec 67,8,4,5 Dec

Stockford,Patricia Louise,E,2 Jul 69,2,7,19 Jul; Hoffer

Stodart,Marion,W,20 Jul 66,12,3,Smith

Stokes,William Charles,D,24 Jan 68,3,4,age 99

Stokes,William Charles,D,31 Jan 68,10,3,21 Jan

Stoll,Elizabeth Ann,B

Stoll,Fannie Mae,B

Stonehouse,Betty,P,22 Jan 69,8,5,Davies

Stover,Carl Leroy,M,9 Oct 68,9,4,27 Sep; McNeil

Stover,Francis (Frank),D,8 Feb 67,3,6,31 Jan

Stover,Francis (Frank),D,1 Feb 67,4,7,age 79

Stover,Harvey A.,M,2 Oct 68,4,4,14 Sep; Agar

Stover,Michael Stanley,B

Stover,Roger David,B

Stover,Ruth Ann,M,13 Sep 67,13,5,26 Aug; Haves

Stover,Ruth Ann,E,2 Aug 67,8,8,26 Aug; Haves

Strachan,Campbell C., Rev.,D,6 Apr 66,10,4,age 90

Strachan,Donald,D,15 Dec 65,11,5,age 53

Stratton,Bert W., Dr.,A,25 Sep 68,1,8,50th

Stratton,Elizabeth,D,9 Aug 67,10,5,Ball

Streets,Brian Walter,E,3 Jul 68,8,6,27 Jul; Peskett

Stringer,Ethel May,W,31 Jan 68,10,3,Schooley

Stringle,Alice,IM,19 Jun 68,8,7,d 19 Jun 1967

Stringle,Carolyn,P,3 Apr 68,6,8,Porter

Stringle,Cyril N., Mrs.,D,21 Jun 67,2,5,age 62

Stringle,Mildred Alice,IM,18 Jun 69,8,8,d 19 Jun 1967

Strobbe,Anton, Mrs.,D,22 Mar 67,10,3,age 84

Stronach,Jeanie M.,W,6 Sep 67,11,4,Stubbs

Stronach,Jeannie Marion,D,9 Oct 68,14,6,Stubbs

Strong,Alice,D,8 Sep 65,9,6,1 Aug

Strong,Alice,D,1 Sep 65,8,4,age 96

Strong,Linda Irene,E,13 Jan 65,6,6,29 Jan; Smith

Strong,Linda Irene,M,17 Feb 65,9,7,29 Jan; Smith

Stuart,Cecelia Ellen,D,20 Sep 67,7,3,Herman

Stubbs,Helen Isabel,M,17 Apr 68,12,3,13 Apr; Mizon

Stubbs,John,D,6 Sep 67,11,4,age 91

Stubbs,John, Mrs.,D,9 Oct 68,14,6,age 95

Sturdey,Edith,D,31 Jul 68,10,3,Long

Sturgiss,Carol,P,17 Jan 68,8,5,Hosie

Sullivan,Steven Dennis,B

Summerhayes,Clifford, Mrs.,D,21 May 69,7,7,

Summers,Claude,BD,15 Mar 67,1,8,80th

Summers,dau of William,P,6 Aug 69,3,1,Crosby

Summers,Frances,D,19 Mar 69,11,4,6 Mar

Summers,Ida,D,25 Sep 68,2,6,

Summers,James William,M,12 Jul 67,3,1,1 Jul; Chilton

Summers,James William,E,7 Jun 67,6,5,1 Jul; Chilton

Summers,Nancy,P,30 Jul 69,7,5,Benner

Sutherland,Anna,W,16 Feb 66,9,5,Brown

Sutherland,Bob, Mrs.,D,17 Nov 65,10,3,age 66

Sutherland,Eva,D,24 Nov 65,8,4,

Sutherland,Eva,IM,16 Nov 66,6,8,d 16 Nov 1965

Sutherland,Eva,IM,15 Nov 67,6,7,d 16 Nov 1965

Sutherland,Eva,IM,13 Nov 68,8,6,d 18 Nov 1963

Sutherland,John W.,D,4 Oct 67,13,3,age 39

Sutherland,Robert George,D,10 Jan 68,13,2,3 Jan

Sutherland,Robert G.,D,3 Jan 68,1,1,

Sutherland,Robert,IM,27 Dec 68,6,6,d 3 Jan 1968

Svikis,Andy, Mrs.,D,14 Jun 67,7,4,age 62

Svikis,Wanda,D,21 Jun 67,3,3,

Swaenepoel,Valere,D,27 Apr 66,8,5,

Swaenepoel,Valere,D,20 Apr 66,10,6,age 67

Swaenpoel,Daniel George,E,13 Sep 67,6,6,28 Oct; Janssens

Swaenpoel,Daniel,M,15 Nov 67,15,5,28 Oct; Janssens

Swaykoski,Diane Maria,M,10 Mar 65,4,4,27 Feb; Rowden

Sweet,Maude,D,8 Oct 69,14,3,

Sweetman,Alex Warren,E,29 Jan 69,8,7,22 Feb; Genttner

Sykes,Anna C.,D,9 Aug 67,10,4,29 Jul; 81st year

Sykes,Wayne Sheldon,E,1 Jun 66,6,6,15 Jun; Laur

Sykes,Wayne S.,M,6 Jul 66,11,7,25 Jun; Laur

Taelman,Florimond,D,8 Jan 69,5,3,23 Dec

Taggart,Alvin, Mrs.,D,5 Jun 68,14,6,age 80

Taggart,Scott Edward,B,20 Jan 65,6,7,12 Jan

Tait,Glenford,D,18 Sep 68,2,6,age 36

Tallman,Flormond,D,27 Dec 68,2,4,age 71

Tank,Detlef,M,23 Jul 69,9,7,14 Jun; Goddard

Tank,Detlef,E,21 May 69,6,5,14 Jun; Goddard

Taylor,Bernice,D,20 Nov 68,2,3,Lyons

Taylor,Bertha,W,11 Jun 69,14,3,Farquhar

Taylor,Charles Glen,D,20 Sep 67,22,6,14 Sep; age 55

Taylor,Daniel Gordon,D,20 Mar 68,2,3,age 76


Taylor,Elizabeth,D,14 Aug 68,11,7,Barr

Taylor,Ethel,D,6 Apr 66,10,3,84thyear

Taylor,Fred R.,D,5 Jan 66,7,4,age 77

Taylor,Gladys Mildred,D,24 Mar 65,7,3,Bradford

Taylor,Joseph Charles,M,6 Oct 65,13,1,2 Oct; Buchner

Taylor,Lela Grace,W,14 Jul 65,11,3,Lale

Taylor,Lorraine,W,6 Apr 66,10,4,Gibbons

Taylor,Norma,P,7 May 69,6,7,Fleck

Taylor,Phyllis Karen,E,2 Oct 68,12,1,Brackenbury

Taylor,Robert,D,8 Sep 65,9,4,age 80

Taylor,Robt Wm James,B,14 Aug 68,8,5,5 Aug

Taylor,W. T.,P,23 Feb 66,7,1,Farquhar

Taylor,William Harry,D,3 Jan 68,2,1,24 Dec 1967

Taylor,William Harry,D,27 Dec 67,10,2,age 82

Teall,Pearl A.,D,2 Feb 66,2,8,age 72

Teeple,Charles Edward,M,19 Jul 67,13,1,Hoyle

Teeple,Charles Edward,M,5 Jul 67,3,1,Hoyle

Teeple,Daniel James,E,8 Sep 65,8,1,2 Oct; Underhill

Teeple,Daniel James,M,6 Oct 65,10,3,2 Oct; Underhill

Teeple,Janet,W,4 Mar 68,2,1,Doan

Teeple,Laurie Ann,B,26 Jul 67,8,6,18 Jul

Teeple,nee,P,19 Dec 67,8,3,Hall

Teeple,nee,P,19 Dec 67,8,3,Player

Teeple,Sylvia Jean,M,27 Jan 65,9,7,Hall

Telford,Allison Dawn,B

Temple,Ada,D,3 Dec 69,19,1,25 Nov

TenHoor,Henry,M,30 Oct 68,12,1,12 Oct; Anderson

TenHoor,Henry,E,18 Sep 68,9,1,12 Oct; Anderson

Tenhor,Linda Rose,B

Terpstra,Anna Marie,B

Terpstra,Caroline A.,D,20 Apr 66,4,5,infant

Terpstra,Caroline Maria,B

Terpstra,Gertrude Maria,M,2 Apr 69,15,3,28 Mar; Cornelis

Terpstra,Leonardus,M,10 Nov 65,9,3,Vanderwyst

Terpstra,Maria Gerarda C.,M,22 Oct 69,2,5, Verhaeghe

Terpstra,Ronald Thomas,B

Terpstra,Thomas,D,17 Jan 68,13,6,

Terpstra,Thomas,D,24 Jan 68,3,5,15 Jan

Teskey,George,D,19 Jan 66,5,4,age 61

Thayer,Herbert,D,23 Apr 69,9,5,age 73

Thayer,Herbert,D,7 May 69,3,2,21 Apr

Therrien,Gilles,E,9 Feb 66,6,5,12 Feb; Peters

Therrien,Gilles Lucien,B

Thiessen,dau of Henry H.,M,10 Jul 68,11,3,7 Jul; Wall

Thiessen,Klaas,D,16 Oct 68,10,5,age 75

Thiessen,son,B,1 Feb 67,8,4,14 Jan

Thomas,Grace,W,4 Jan 67,9,3,Belore

Thompson,Charles Boyd,IM,1 Dec 65,6,6,d 1 Dec 1960

Thompson,Charles,D,11 May 66,1,8,

Thompson,Clarence,IM,7 Jul 65,6,7,d 5 Jul 1960

Thompson,Clarence,IM,6 Jul 66,6,7,d 5 Jul 1960

Thompson,James Richard,E,8 Mar 67,8,4,8 Apr; Saltzman

Thompson,James Richard,M,12 Apr 67,11,4,8 Apr; Saltzman

Thompson,Jane,P,22 Jan 69,8,7,Haines

Thompson,John Alexander,B,10 Mar 65,6,4,23 Feb

Thompson,Judy Marlene,E,24 Jan 68,8,5,Connor, John

Thompson,Lulu Mae,D,19 Apr 67,2,4,Buck

Thompson,Mary Elizabeth,B,24 Feb 65,6,2,19 Feb

Thompson,Patricia Diane,D,16 Jun 65,2,4,

Thompson,Patricia Dianne,D,9 Jun 65,7,4,age 11

Thompson,Patricia,IM,8 Jun 66,6,8,d 9 Jun 1965

Thompson,Patricia Dianne,IM,12 Jun 68,6,8,d 9 Jun1966

Thompson,Richard Emerson,B,4 Mar 68,8,6,3 Mar

Thompson,Vera,D,8 Jan 69,3,2,DeClute

Thomson,A.E.M.., Rev.,D,6 Jan 65,5,4,age 88

Thomson,Cameron,A,5 Oct 66,1,8,25th

Thomson,Herbert, Mrs.,D,27 Dec 68,2,4,67th year

Thomson,Mabel F.,A,12 Jun 68,4,7,Brown

Thomson,Mabel,W,22 Dec 69,9,4,Brown

Thomson,Warren Edward,M,14 Aug 68,4,6,19 Jul; Williams


Thorpe,Susan Margaret,M,12 Nov 69,19,3,5 Nov; DeBruyne

Thurston,Frederick Peter,M,27 Oct 65,5,1,23 Oct; Baird

Thurston,Ray, Mrs.,D,15 Mar 67,2,3,age 46

Tibbitts,Etta,D,22 Sep 65,1,8,

Tillion,Elizabeth,W,28 Apr 65,13,1,McConnell

Tillotson,Ruth Anne,E,7 Sep 66,6,6,24 Sep; Johns

Tillotson,William J.,D,27 Jan 65,9,2,age 67

Tillson,Victor, Mrs.,D,29 May 68,11,4,age 71

Timbeck,David Michael,E,15 Jan 69,8,7,Hochstenbach

Timpany,Edith,D,6 Nov 68,2,5,age 89

Timpany,Eric Blair,B

Timpany,James H.,M,13 Apr 66,10,3,19 Mar; Snell

Timpany,Jim,E,9 Mar 66,6,8,19 Mar; Snell

Timpany,John,E,10 Feb 65,6,3,27 Feb; Brown

Timpany,John,M,3 Mar 65,2,1,Brown

Timpany,John David,B

Timpany,Mary,D,9 Nov 66,9,3,Clarke

Timpany,Tammy Lee,B,19 Dec 67,8,3,9 Dec

Tinnes,George,D,5 Oct 66,13,4,age 14

Tinney,Mary,W,11 Oct 67,4,4,Fitch

Tisdale,Elizabeth,P,25 Oct 67,5,3,Chute

Tisdale,Olaf,D,17 Apr 68,10,8,25 Mar; age 70

Tisdall,Jeffrey Alan,B,23 Apr 69,6,6,18 Apr

Tisdall,Robt Arthur Chas,E,26 Jun 68,6,4,28 Jun; Cavell

Titherington,Eva May,W,28 Dec 66,3,2,Yates

Titmuss,Arthur J., Mrs.,D,20 Apr 66,4,6,14 Apr; age 53

Todd,Emma,W,25 Aug 65,7,5,Brown

Toles,Adelbert,D,19 Jun 68,2,4,11 Jun; age 66

Tomlinson,Catherine,W,12 Jul 67,3,4,Arn

Tomlinson,Catherine,W,19 Jul 67,9,5,Arn

Tompkins,Myrtle,W,24 Apr 68,13,4,Roloson

Toole,Carla Jan,M,29 Jan 69,11,4,Darbishire

Toombs,Alfred,E,5 Apr 67,8,8,14 Apr; Wieler

Toombs,Alfred,M,19 Apr 67,8,5,14 Apr; Wieler

Toombs,Theresa,P,6 Jan 65,6,3,Faw


Toth,George,P,18 Oct 67,14,1,Kovacs

Toth,Leslie,M,20 Apr 66,11,3,14 Apr; Barbier

Toth,Leslie,E,2 Mar 66,9,4,14 Apr; Barbier

Toth,Samuel,IM,10 Mar 65,6,5,d 28 Mar 1964

Tousignant,Jules,D,21 Feb 68,2,4,age 55

Tracey,Lloyd, Mrs.,D,14 Aug 68,11,8,79th year

Tracey,Valleria,D,20 Nov 68,2,3,Pountney

Trask,Vera,D,10 Feb 65,7,7,Chute

Travers,Agnes,P,25 Aug 65,8,8,Ketchabaw

Travis,Mabel E.,D,5 Nov 69,15,1,Pressey

Travis,Phoebe,D,15 Dec 65,11,4,Dancey

Travis,Robert Earl,D,24 Apr 68,13,3,68th year

Tremblay,Jacqueline,M,26 May 65,16,3,22 May; Gervais

Tremblett,Bonnie,D,11 Jan 67,10,5,Smyth

Tremblett,Jacqueline,P,10 Mar 65,6,4,Thompson

Trenka,Matilda,W,16 Apr 69,3,5,Oszlacs

Tribe,Harry W., Mrs.,D,4 Aug 65,11,4,age 60

Tribe,Junior Dwight,M,22 Oct 69,5,8,10 Oct; Werely

Tribe,Linda Pamela,E,17 Sep 69,7,4,4 Oct; Hoffer

Tribe,Lucille,D,11 Jun 69,14,5,3 Jun

Tribe,Lucille,D,4 Jun 69,8,8,age 36

Tribe,Nellie,W,21 Jun 67,2,5,Schram

Trim,Fred,D,12 Jun 68,9,7,4 Jun

Trim,Fred,D,5 Jun 68,14,5,age 84

Trip,Arend,A,28 Aug 68,1,8,11 Sep; 50th

Tripp,Victor Stanley,D,7 May 69,3,1,30 Apr; 76th year

Truman,Iva R.,D,13 Apr 65,2,2,age 76

Truman,Jean,D,11 Jan 67,10,4,Kinsey

Tuff,Clifford O.,D,24 Sep 69,16,3,60th year

Tuff,Constance,D,7 Jul 65,7,4,29 Jun; age 91


Tuff,Edna,W,2 Aug 67,13,1,27 Jul; Staib

Tuff,Florence,D,2 Jun 65,10,2,age 84

Tuff,Jennifer Ann,B

Tuff,Leanne Denise,B

Tuff,Lisa Lynn,B

Tufford,Catherine,D,3 Aug 66,10,1,Davidson

Turgeon,Edgar N.,M,6 Sep 67,2,3,26 Aug; Lehr

Turnbull,Bonnie Lynn,M,21 Dec 65,19,3,Lorch

Turnbull,Bonnie,P,17 May 67,6,7,Lorch

Turnbull,John A.,D,24 Feb 65,2,3,age 74

Turnbull,John A.,D,3 Mar 65,10,1,

Turnbull,John Alexander,IM,23 Feb 66,13,4,d 21 Feb 1965

Turnbull,John Alexander,IM,21 Feb 68,8,7,d 21 Feb 1965

Turrill,Flossie,P,22 Dec 69,9,4,MacDonald

Tuyl,Derek Peter,B,22 Sep 65,6,6,21 Sep

Twining,Arvilla June,M,9 Jul 69,14,1,21 Jun; Beckett

Twining,Arvilla June,E,28 May 69,9,7,21 Jun; Beckett

Udel,Glen Wilfred,D,12 Jul 67,11,5,

Udell,Glen,D,5 Jul 67,1,8,age 76

Underhill,Alison Doreen,B,4 Jan 67,6,4,15 Dec 1966

Underhill,Barbara Darlene,E,28 Dec 66,8,2,21 Jan; Armstrong

Underhill,Betty,W,11 Dec 68,11,1,Willison

Underhill,Donovan E.,D,15 Mar 67,2,3,age 65

Underhill,Doreen,P,6 Sep 67,8,6,Maltezo

Underhill,Ella Aleta,A,19 Feb 69,12,3,McQuiggan

Underhill,Emma Jane,IM,31 Mar 65,6,7,d 24 Mar 1961

Underhill,Emma Jane,IM,29 Mar 67,8,6,d 24 Mar 1961

Underhill,Maggie,A,5 Jan 66,8,6,Moore

Underhill,Tanya Jeannine,B,1 May 68,6,4,20 Apr

Underhill,Verne,BD,19 Mar 69,1,8,90th

Underhill,Verne,A,23 Apr 69,1,5,70th

Underhill,Verne,A,16 Apr 69,1,8,22 Apr; 70th

Underhill,Vivian Marie,M,23 Jun 65,10,1,Fricker

Underhill,Walter, Mrs.,D,5 Mar 69,7,2,74th year

Underhill,Wanda Gail,M,6 Oct 65,10,3,2 Oct; Teeple

Underhill,Wanda Gail,E,8 Sep 65,8,1,2 Oct; Teeple

Underhill,Wanda,P,26 Jul 67,8,6,Teeple

Underwood,Sharon,P,10 Mar 65,6,4,Chute

Underwood,William, Mrs.,D,9 Aug 67,10,5,age 80

Ungar,Anita Lorraine,B

Ungar,Johann,D,14 Dec 66,1,5,age 81

Ungar,John,IM,13 Dec 67,8,8,d 13 Dec 1966

Ungar,John,IM,11 Dec 68,6,7,d 13 Dec 1966

Unger,Johann,D,20 Dec 66,2,4,13 Dec

Untereiner,Caren Elizabeth,M,17 Feb 65,13,6,30 Jan; Doucet

Valas,Victor Gordon,E,29 Nov 67,6,8,8 Dec; Matthews

Vale,Sydney,D,28 Aug 68,9,1,age 77

Vallas,Victor Gordon,M,19 Dec 67,9,4,8 Dec; Matthews

Vanacker,Vera,P,17 Sep 69,6,4,Cathers

VanAcker,Larry,M,27 Nov 68,11,5,8 Nov; Barbier

VanAcker,Larry,E,23 Oct 68,3,7,8 Nov; Barbier

Vanatter,Ada,D,23 Mar 66,15,3,Jones

VanBree,Paul Martin,M,3 Mar 65,10,7,Kestleloot

VanDam,Becky,E,25 Oct 67,8,8,2 Dec; Austin

VanDam,dau of P.,M,19 Dec 67,4,1,2 Dec; Austin

Vandecappelle,A.,A,4 May 66,1,8,40th

VanDeLugt,Clazina,W,3 Sep 69,9,4,Dykxhoorn

VandeMaele,Jeanette Marie,E,28 May 69,9,7,Meulemeester

VanDeMaele,Jeanette,M,16 Jul 69,2,5,Demeulemeester

VandenBosch,Joanne,M,3 Mar 65,4,5,27 Feb; Donkers

VanDenBosch,Martina,M,28 Apr 65,7,3,VanKampen

Vandendriessche,dau,B,13 Apr 65,6,5,27 Mar

Vandendriessche,Nancy Jean,M,13 Nov 68,13,1,25 Oct; Provoost

VandenWyngaert,Mark Robert,D,16 Jun 65,2,3,age 7

Vandeoorselaer,Leon,D,14 Sep 66,8,3,age 61

Vanderheyden,Herman,D,3 Aug 66,11,6,8 Jul

Vanderheyden,Herman,IM,26 Jul 67,8,6,d 31 Jul 1966



VanDerHoeven,Emile,D,3 Apr 68,2,2,

VanDerHoeven,Gerald E.,E,26 Jun 68,2,1,26 Jul; Phillimore

VanDerHoeven,Gerard E.,M,31 Jul 68,12,3,26 Jul; Phillimore

Vandermarel,Catherine,D,17 Aug 66,7,1,age 56

VanDerstricht,Irma,W,28 Dec 66,3,3,Lammens

Vanderweegen,William,D,26 Jun 68,20,2,age 47

Vanderwyst,Ann Marie,B

Vanderwyst,Catharina W.,M,10 Nov 65,9,3,6 Nov; Terpstra

Vanderwyst,nee,M,17 Apr 68,9,7,8 Apr; Terspstra

Vanderwyst,nee,P,16 Jul 69,8,7,Terpstra

VandeWiele,Richard,D,14 Jul 65,11,3,age 72

Vandewyngaerde,Joanne,P,12 Oct 66,6,8,Lockwood

Vandewyngaerde,John Carl,E,19 Mar 69,2,1,19 Apr; Armstrong

Vandewyngaerde,John Carl,M,28 May 69,14,1,19 Apr; Armstrong

Vandewyngaerde,Veronica Norma,M,9 Nov 66,3,3,15 Oct; Scott

Vandewyngaerde,Veronica Norma,E,14 Sep 66,6,6,15 Oct; Scott

Vandewyngaerde,Veronica,P,7 Aug 68,6,8,Scott

Vandierendonck,David Grant,B,16 Jul 69,8,7,1 Jul

Vandierendonck,Richard Grant,E,28 Aug 68,6,7,21 Sep; Berberick

Vandierendonck,Richard G.,M,9 Oct 68,9,7,21 Sep; Berberick

VanDixhoorn,John,D,10 Jul 68,2,4,2 Jul; age 51

VanDixhoorn,John,D,3 Jul 68,12,5,age 51

Vandoorselaer,Leon,D,21 Sep 66,10,3,

VanDyck,Mathias,D,2 Jul 69,2,2,28 Jun; age 62

VanDyk,Akka,W,28 Aug 68,9,1,Flick

VanDyk,dau of Lambert,D,25 Aug 65,1,8,infant

VanDyk,Leo John,M,13 Dec 67,12,5,25 Nov; Visscher

VanDyk,Mary,M,28 Sep 66,14,3,Phillips

VanDyk,Mary Joanne,E,14 Sep 66,6,6,24 Sep; Phillips

VanDyk,Peter,E,7 Apr 65,8,8,24 Apr; Magee

VanDyk,Peter,M,5 May 65,4,3,24 Apr; Magee

VanEsch,Anthony, Mrs.,D,20 Dec 66,2,4,age 31

VanGoethem,Joseph,D,15 May 68,15,3,8 May

VanGoethem,Joseph,D,8 May 68,16,2,age 67

VanGorp,Cornelius,M,6 Jul 66,4,3,4 Jun; Serrarens

VanGorp,Cornelius,A,15 Jan 69,1,8,35th

VanGorp,Elizabeth,P,8 Dec 65,6,7,Vanderwyst

VanGulck,Boudwyne Karl,M,7 Aug 68,12,5,13 Jul; Wilson

VanGurp,Joyce Grace,B

VanGurp,Julie Ann,B

VanHam,Jozua (John),D,8 Sep 65,9,5,age 49

Vanhende,Rene,D,22 Dec 69,9,3,age 83

VanHende,Cyril,D,12 Apr 67,12,2,

VanHende,Mary,W,26 Oct 66,10,2,Weightman

VanHorne,Betty Anne Karen,M,1 Nov 67,3,6,7 Oct; Kennedy

Vanhoucke,Cyreil,M,13 Apr 66,4,4,2 Apr; Howe

Vanhoucke,Godelieve,M,3 Mar 65,2,5,27 Feb; Poppe

Vanhoucke,Raymond Cyriel,E,9 Mar 66,6,8,2 Apr; Howe

VanKampen,John,M,28 Apr 65,7,3,VanDenBosch

VanLent,Diane Mary,E,2 Oct 68,8,8,1 Nov; More

VanLent,Diane Mary,M,8 Jan 69,5,4,1 Nov; More

VanLiere,Addie,E,25 Oct 67,5,8,11 Nov; Vidler

VanLiere,Addie,M,19 Dec 67,10,2,Vidler

VanLiere,Maria,E,21 Jul 65,6,8,Wiebenga

VanLiere,Maria,P,6 Nov 68,8,8,Wiebenga

VanLiere,Marian,M,18 Aug 65,12,3,Wiebenga

VanLingen,Anna,M,28 Apr 65,10,2,23 Apr; Bergsma

VanLingen,John,M,2 Mar 66,10,4,26 Feb; Pearl

Vann,Harold Todd,B,18 Jun 69,8,8,4 Jun

Vann,Harry,M,16 Nov 66,5,4,12 Nov; Stafford

Vannatter,Carman, Mrs.,D,16 Apr 69,3,3,age 52

VanOverloop,Albert,D,25 Sep 68,2,5,

VanOverloop,Albert,D,18 Sep 68,2,2,age 61

Vanpatter,Virginia,P,10 Mar 65,6,4,Jaeger

VanPatter,Brian,M,24 Apr 67,9,5,21 Apr; James

VanPatter,Bryan Arthur,E,5 Apr 67,8,8,21 Apr; James

VanPatter,Delphine,P,6 Jan 65,11,1 ,Brown

VanPatter,Edna,W,1 Feb 67,11,5,Kent

VanPatter,George,D,22 Oct 69,7,6,age 78

VanPatter,George Milton,D,29 Oct 69,2,5,21 Oct

VanPatter,Geraldine Jean,E,7 May 69,6,6,7 Jun; Spencer

VanPatter,Geraldine Jean,M,18 Jun 69,3,3,7 Jun; Spencer

VanPatter,Hugh,D,8 Nov 67,13,5,75th year

VanPatter,Jesse,A,1 Sep 65,1,8,40th

VanPatter,John D.,E,9 Nov 66,6,5,3 Dec; Ferren

VanPatter,John Douglas,M,11 Jan 67,4,2,Ferren, Margaret

VanPatter,Judith Ann,M,19 Oct 66,3,3,8 Oct; Ratcliffe

VanPatter,Judith Ann,E,14 Sep 66,6,6,8 Oct; Ratcliffe

VanPatter,Judy,P,29 May 68,7,4,Ratcliffe

VanPatter,June Marilyn,E,29 May 68,2,1,Bignell

VanPatter,June Marilyn,M,26 Jun 68,5,1,22 Jun; Bignell

VanPatter,Louise,D,6 Nov 68,2,5,29 Oct

VanPatter,Louise,D,30 Oct 68,12,4,age 89

Vanpuyenbroeck,Leon,M,2 Aug 67,13,2,29 Jul; Lester

VanRaes,Denise Ann,E,10 Jul 68,4,1,2 Aug; Jennerich

VanRaes,Denise,M,7 Aug 68,12,1,2 Aug; Jennerich

VanRoestel,Adrian,M,29 Oct 69,3,1,18 Oct; Desutter

VanRoestel,Case,M,30 Apr 69,3,1,Devlaeminck

VanRoestel,Joanna Maria,M,12 Jul 67,5,3,Baertsoen

Vanrooy,Martin,M,8 May 68,7,1,6 Apr; Loomans

Vanrooy,Murt,P,16 Nov 66,11,1,Verhaeghe


VanSeveren,Irma,W,27 Dec 68,2,4,Tallman

VanSeveren,Larry,M,6 Nov 68,14,5,11 Oct; Maenhaut

VanVelzer,Edna,A,8 Nov 67,1,4,James

Varga,John,D,23 Jul 69,14,3,age 69

Varga,John,D,30 Jul 69,7,5,21 Jul

Varney,Charles Thomas,D,5 Feb 69,1,8,

Vaughan,Martha,P,14 Sep 66,8,3,Walters

Veit,George,D,18 Oct 67,9,6,age 86

Veitch,Caroline,D,11 Jan 67,4,4,3 Jan; 64th year

Velduizen,Jamela Joy,B

Vella,Joseph John,E,4 Aug 65,6,4,21 Aug; Webster

Vella,Joseph,M,6 Oct 65,13,3,Webster

Vellinga,Hilda,M,17 Sep 69,14,3,13 Sep; Meyer

Vellinga,Hilda,E,13 Aug 69,6,6,13 Sep; Meyer

Venning,Mary,P,10 Nov 65,5,4,Morris

VenWymeersch,Joseph,A,22 Jan 69,2,3,28 Dec; 50th

Verbuyst,Alan Gerard,D,28 Jul 65,8,4,age 12

Verdun,Harry,D,14 Dec 66,9,1,age 47

Verhaeghe,Andre Gentil,M,22 Oct 69,2,5,26 Sep; Terpstra

Verhaeghe,Andy, Mrs.,D,16 Nov 66,11,1,age 26

Verhaeghe,Debbie Anne,B,15 Dec 65,6,6,10 Dec

Verhaeghe,Dianne D.,D,9 Nov 66,9,3,infant; b 3 Nov

Verhaeghe,Emma,W,26 Jun 68,20,1,Anseeuw

Verheyden,Larry,E,28 Jun 67,12,7,15 Jun; Zavarella

Verheyden,Larry,M,26 Jul 67,4,3,15 Jul; Zavarella

Verheyden,Mark Arron,B,10 Jul 68,6,7,2 Jul

Vermeersch,Ivo,D,18 Dec 68,10,1,age 37

Vermeersch,Ivo,D,18 Dec 68,24,2,11 Dec; 38th year

Verscheure,Gerard,D,13 Aug 69,9,5,2 Aug; 66th year

Verscheure,Roger Albert,E,29 May 68,3,3,22 Jun; Antkiw

Verscheure,Roger Albert,M,11 Sep 68,4,3,22 Jun; Antkiw

Versteegen,Anthony,D,15 Mar 67,2,1,

Versteegen,Anthony J.,D,8 Mar 67,3,1,age 6

Versteegen,Anthony J.,M,8 Nov 67,5,7,7 Oct; Lang

Versteegen,Henrietta,P,12 Mar 69,8,5,Hochtenbach

Verstraeten,Guido,E,9 Jun 65,6,4,19 Jun; High

Verstraeten,Guido,M,23 Jun 65,11,7,19 Jun; High

Vidler,Jeffery Lynn,E,25 Oct 67,5,8,11 Nov; VanLiere

Vidler,Jeffery Lynn,M,19 Dec 67,10,2,VanLiere


Vincent,Susan,D,3 Nov 65,11,2,age 90

Vindasius,Algie,E,3 Jul 68,8,6,3 Aug; Bradt

Vindasius,Mindy,E,29 Jan 69,8,7,15 Feb; Halper

Vindasius,Mindy P.,M,19 Mar 69,7,3,15 Feb; Halper

Visaw,Lucille,W,18 Sep 68,2,6,Tait

Visaw,Maxine,D,24 Jan 68,1,7,Ralf

Viscontas,Robert James,B

Visscher,Diane,M,13 Dec 67,12,5,25 Nov; VanDyk

Vleeming,Ann,M,24 Apr 68,2,4,19 Apr; Poortinga

Vleeming,Herbert John,D,16 Jun 65,1,5,age 21

Voakes,Beverley June,E,1 Jun 66,6,6,25 Jun; Schultz

Voakes,Patricia,E,1 Dec 65,6,4,4 Dec; Lemon

Volmerhausen,Wilfred J.,M,27 Mar 68,10,1,15 Mar; Marissen

Vosburg,Dorothy A.,D,5 Jun 68,14,5,Schram

Votour,Marie,D,9 Jun 65,10,1,Almon

Vyse,Glenda,D,24 Jul 68,16,3,age 15

Vyse,Mabel,P,29 Jan 69,10,3,Smith

Vyse,William J.,D,24 Apr 68,14,4,age 71

Wade,Eliza,P,28 Dec 65,5,2,Pratt

Walcarius,Darren Edgar,B,17 Sep 69,6,4,7 Sep

Walcarius,Karen Leslie,B,2 Jun 65,6,6,18 May

Walden,Eric Stanley,M,20 Aug 69,11,1,19 Jul; Hosner

Walker,Alice,D,21 Sep 66,10,3,Honsinger

Walker,Charles,D,3 Dec 69,7,8,3 Dec; age 67

Walker,Gordon,D,15 Mar 67,2,2,

Walker,Gordon,IM,4 Mar 68,8,8,d 10 Mar 1967

Walker,Joan,P,16 Jun 65,6,5,Dieleman

Walker,Ronald Alfred,E,24 Aug 66,6,6,10 Sep; Searson

Walker,Ronald Alfred,M,21 Sep 66,4,3,10 Sep; Searson

Walker,Ruth,W,15 Oct 69,3,6,McLain

Walker,Sharon Arlene,E,26 May 65,16,5,19 Jun; Harris

Walker,Sharon Arlene,M,7 Jul 65,9,1,19 Jun; Harris

Walker,Sharon,P,22 Nov 67,6,6,Harris

Walker,Sharon,P,17 Jul 68,6,3,Nelles

Walker,Solon, Mrs.,D,25 Jun 69,2,3,age 73

Walker,Thel,W,9 Jul 69,3,2,Rooke

Walker,Wendy Ann,B

Wall,Betty,W,16 Jul 69,12,5,Brewer

Wall,Doris,M,10 Mar 65,8,5,6 Mar; Grass

Wall,Edward John,D,11 Aug 65,7,1,age 76

Wall,Effie,D,10 Jan 68,11,5,Perry

Wall,Essie J.,D,11 May 66,8,2,Roloson

Wall,George Albert,B

Wall,Gertrude,W,10 Feb 65,7,6,Janzen

Wall,Jacob,D,26 Mar 69,2,1,age 26

Wall,Jacob,D,2 Apr 69,17,5,23 Mar

Wall,John,P,3 Mar 65,10,2,Brewer

Wall,Patrick Ivan,IM,1 Nov 67,8,7,d 1 Nov 1960

Wall,Patrick Ivan,IM,30 Oct 68,8,7,d 1 Nov 1960

Wall,Peter,M,10 Jul 68,11,3,7 Jul; Thiessen


Wall,William,A,25 Aug 65,1,5,50th

Wall,William Henry,D,27 Mar 68,3,4,age 75

Wall,William H.,IM,19 Mar 69,6,7,d 23 Mar 1968

Wallace,Colette,P,11 Sep 68,8,7,Brown

Wallace,Dave,A,24 Nov 65,1,8,50th

Wallace,David A.,A,1 Dec 65,10,1,50th

Wallace,David, Mrs.,D,19 Mar 69,11,3,

Wallace,Isa,P,21 Sep 66,6,5,Rabbets

Walsh,M. Estella,W,31 Mar 65,7,2,Dewar

Walter,Mary,P,5 Jun 68,14,6,Richardson

Walters,Bessie Dancey,M,5 Jul 67,11,4,29 Jun; Cook

Walters,Carl G.,D,14 Sep 66,8,3,7 Sep; age 50

Walters,Clifford, Mrs.,D,30 Nov 66,9,1,age 47

Walters,Vera,D,7 Dec 66,5,2,27 Nov

Walters,William E.,IM,11 Aug 65,6,7,d 13 Aug 1960

Walters,William E.,IM,10 Aug 66,6,4,d 13 Aug 1960

Ward,Erie Elizabeth,A,12 Feb 69,2,1,Moore

Ward,Myrtle,D,21 Jul 65,13,1,Howey

Ward,Paul James,M,3 Dec 69,20,1,8 Nov; Carroll

Ward,Pauline Judy,E,1 Jun 66,6,6,25 Jun; Grey

Ward,Pauline Judy,M,29 Jun 66,11,1,25 Jun; Gray

Ward,Pauline,P,5 Jul 67,8,6,Gray

Ward,Pauline,D,3 Jan 68,2,2,88th year


Ward,Susan Nadine,B

Warde,Lucille F.,W,6 Jan 65,2,6,Miller

Warden,Myrtle May,D,7 Dec 66,5,2,Hotchkiss

Warden,Thomas, Mrs.,D,23 Apr 69,5,5,age 75

Warwick,Cilicia,W,19 Mar 69,11,3,White

Warwick,Danny,IM,11 May 66,6,5,d 5 May 1962

Warwick,Estella,A,30 Aug 67,1,4,White

Warwick,Jessie,D,6 Jan 65,2,4,age 80

Waterhouse,Hannah,P,19 Dec 67,22,5,Anthony

Watson,George,M,2 Jul 69,4,5,14 Jun; Boughner

Watson,Jeffery John,B

Watson,Margaret,D,24 Nov 65,11,2,Anderson

Watters,Harvey LeRoy,D,4 Aug 65,11,4,

Watters,Harvey,IM,31 Jul 68,8,3,d 31 Jul 1965

Watters,James Henry,D,27 Jan 65,9,1,age 56

Watters,James L., Mrs.,D,12 Mar 69,3,5,age 79

Watters,Jennifer Leigh,B

Watters,Margaret,W,19 Jan 66,5,4,Teskey

Watters,Nettie R.,D,19 Mar 69,11,4,10 Mar

Weaver,Hector,M,20 Dec 66,11,6,3 Dec; Dosser

Webb,Elizabeth,W,24 Aug 66,5,4,Marr

Webber,Paul Martin,B,31 Mar 65,6,4,23 Mar

Webber,Stephen Mark,B,3 Jan 68,8,4,2 Jan

Weber,Anna,P,18 Oct 67,8,5,Fowler

Weber,Katharina,D,16 Feb 66,9,6,Miess

Weber,Peter George,B,25 Oct 67,8,8,19 Oct

Weber,son,B,10 Feb 65,6,3,23 Jan

Webster,Lola Marie,E,4 Aug 65,6,4,21 Aug; Vella

Webster,Lola Marie,M,6 Oct 65,13,3,Vella

Weedge,Charles G.,D,11 May 66,8,1,age 79

Weedge,Ethel M.,D,2 Jun 65,10,4,29 May; age 80

Weightman,Douglas James,D,26 Oct 66,10,2,16 Oct

Weir,Ellen,W,5 Feb 69,13,7,Connor

Weir,Myrtle,W,26 May 65,8,3,Parsons

Weir,Sam,P,23 Mar 66,1,4,Connor

Weiss,Andrew Henry,D,7 Dec 66,1,8,

Weitzel,Carol Ann,M,13 Jul 66,8,6,9 Jul; Bartley

Weitzel,Carol Ann,E,8 Jun 66,11,3,9 Jul; Bartley

Weller,Roy, Mrs.,D,3 Dec 69,19,2,24 Nov

Wellman,Lila,W,18 Sep 68,2,6,Oatman

Wells,Patricia Helen,M,1 May 68,11,7,13 Apr; White

Wellsey,Joyce,W,22 Oct 69,15,2,Jenney

Wellwood,Christopher Robt,E,13 Sep 67,15,3,7 Oct; Caughey

Wellwood,Christopher Robert,M,8 Nov 67,11,3,7 Oct; Caughey

Wellwood,Elizabeth Shannon,B

Wellwood,Garnet C.,D,12 Jul 67,3,4,age 59

Wellwood,Reg,A,22 Nov 67,1,5,25th

Welten,Ina,M,6 Nov 68,3,1,Blankenship

Welter,Bud,D,28 Feb 68,2,3,Hodgkin

Welter,Edgar B.,D,16 Mar 66,5,1,age 74

Welter,Irene,A,6 Sep 67,1,4,Whitcroft

Welter,Roy,D,13 Jan 65,1,8,23 Dec 1964

Welter,Samantha,P,25 Oct 67,3,1,Gorvett

Welter,Samantha,P,15 Oct 69,3,5,Crosby

Wencel,Bonita L.,E,18 Oct 67,8,7,4 Nov; deKoster

Wencel,Bonita L.,M,15 Nov 67,16,1,4 Nov; DeKoster

Wenhardt,Erica Andrea,B

Wereley,George T.,D,9 Jun 65,9,1,age 80

Wereley,George, Mrs.,IM,21 Dec 65,6,6,d 24 Dec 1960

Wereley,George, Mrs.,IM,20 Dec 66,3,3,d 24 Dec 1960

Wereley,Marguerite,A,19 Apr 67,9,7,Simpson

Werely,Clare Margaret,M,3 Aug 66,7,3,22 Jul; Hales

Werely,Ruth Ann Delores,M,22 Oct 69,5,8,10 Oct; Tribe

West,Clifford R.,D,11 Jun 69,14,3,

West,Clifford Ralph,D,18 Jun 69,14,3,

West,Edith,W,5 Oct 66,13,3,Charlton

West,Elizabeth,P,21 Jul 65,13,1,Howey

West,Grace,D,16 Jul 69,12,6,80th year

West,Grace,D,23 Jul 69,14,3,14 Jul

West,Harry, Mrs.,IM,26 May 65,6,5,d 27 May 1962

West ,Harry,IM,18 Aug 65,6,8,d 19 Aug 1963

West,Harry, Mrs.,IM,25 May 66,6,6,d 27 May 1962

West,Harry,IM,17 Aug 66,6,6,d 19 Aug 1963

West,Harry,IM,23 Aug 67,6,8,d 19 Aug 1963

West,Harry, Mrs.,IM,24 May 67,6,5,d 27 May1962

West,Harry,IM,21 Aug 68,6,7,d 19 Aug 1963

West,Lavina Rena,W,17 Apr 68,10,6,Nelles

West,Martha (Minnie),D,4 Jan 67,9,2,24 Dec 66; 85th yr

West,Merritt,A,4 Oct 67,12,4,35th

West,Mrs. [not given],IM,29 May 68,6,4,d 27 May 1962

West,Violet,W,27 Dec 67,10,3,Fugard

West,William,BD,19 Jul 67,1,3,27 Jul; 90th

West,William George,D,23 Dec 68,1,7,age 91

West,William George,D,27 Dec 68,3,6,18 Dec

Westerhuis,Josina,W,14 Dec 66,9,1,Verdun

Westerterp,Bernhard Leopold,M,23 Oct 68,2,3,28 Sep; Farkas

Weston,Della,W,22 Feb 67,14,2,Williamson

Westover,Adrah May,D,30 Aug 67,5,4,age 90

Westover,Jennie,D,10 Jan 68,13,3,Wilson

Westover,W. Frederick,D,4 Aug 65,11,5,29 Jul

Wetzell,Caroline,D,5 Nov 69,15,2,

Whaley,Patrick Lon,M,1 Jun 66,9,1,14 May; Moore

Whaley,Robert,A,2 Mar 66,11,7,23 Feb

Whaley,Robert C.,A,16 Feb 66,1,5,23 Feb; 50th

Whaley,Wendy Blaire,E,15 Jan 69,11,4,15 Feb; Bachner

Whaley,Wendy,M,12 Mar 69,9,2,15 Feb; Bachner

Wheaton,Judith Ann,M,2 Nov 66,5,3,29 Oct; Cameron

Wheaton,Judith Ann,E,5 Oct 66,9,7,29 Oct; Cameron

Whidden,Doris Jean,M,8 Feb 67,13,5,28 Jan; Lorch

Whidden,W. H.,D,6 Jan 65,1,2,age 64; 5 Nov

Whitcroft,Audrey,W,5 Jun 68,14,5,Trim

Whitcroft,Charles,A,6 Sep 67,1,4,35th

Whitcroft,Charles,A,30 Aug 67,1,8,35th

Whitcroft,Duane Edward,M,23 Jun 65,11,2,Shipley

Whitcroft,Duane Edward,E,19 May 65,10,1,12 Jun; Shipley

Whitcroft,Jacqueline Susanne,B

Whitcroft,Jay Edward ,B

Whitcroft,Kelly Lynn,D,29 Mar 67,3,1,26 Mar; age 6 m’s

Whitcroft,Lori Dawn,B

Whitcroft,Mabel,W,4 Oct 67,13,5,Johnston

Whitcroft,Rebecca,BD,30 Aug 67,3,4,20 Aug; 78th

Whitcroft,Shirley Irene,M,13 Aug 69,4,6,9 Aug; Sanderson

Whitcroft,Shirley Irene,E,9 Jul 69,12,7,9 Aug; Sanderson

White,Albert Frederick,E,29 May 68,6,7,29 Jun; Liddle

White,Albert Frederick,M,10 Jul 68,10,3,29 Jun; Liddle

White,Arthur, Mrs.,D,25 Aug 65,8,8,age 85

White,Berdie C.,D,25 Jun 69,2,3,Louch

White,Darren James,B

White,Eliza,D,14 Jun 67,7,3,age 89

White,F. W. (Bill),D,1 Mar 67,10,4,57th year

White,Gertrude,W,24 Sep 69,16,2,Plato

White,Glen Gordon,M,1 May 68,11,7,13 Apr; Wells

White,Gordon B.,D,26 Mar 69,4,4,18 Mar

White,Gordon,D,19 Mar 69,11,3,age 72

White,Harold Edward,D,24 Apr 67,1,5,age 36

White,Harold Edward,D,3 May 67,13,4,

White,Hattie,D,3 Sep 69,9,6,Fick

White,J. T., Rev.,D,5 Jan 66,7,3,age81

White,James Douglas,M,10 Sep 69,3,1,1 Aug; Betterley

White,Jay Steven,B,2 Jul 69,8,3,21 Jun

White,John,D,16 Jun 65,2,5,66th year

White,John L.,A,12 Feb 69,13,1,4 Feb; 50th

White,Kenneth William,M,30 Aug 67,11,3,Polgar

White,Lorne,A,16 Aug 67,1,8,50th

White,Lorne,A,30 Aug 67,1,4,50th

White,Marilyn Jean,M,16 Feb 66,9,2,28 Jan; McVicar

White,Melanie,B,10 Sep 69,8,4,2 Sep

White,Michelle Darleen,B,10 Aug 66,6,5,2 Aug

White,Patricia Gayle,D,27 Sep 67,3,6,Laidlaw

White,Pearl,D,27 Aug 69,13,7,Eastman

White,Sarah,P,27 Aug 69,13,6,Cartwright

White,Shirley Anne,M,6 Oct 65,9,1,25 Sep; Mills

White,Susan Patricia,B

White,Teresa Marlene,D,9 Aug 67,10,5,age 33

White,William, Mrs.,D,24 Jul 68,16,2,age 67

Whiten,Alice M.,D,27 Dec 67,10,1,Armstrong

Whitesell,George Wayne,M,21 Apr 65,12,3,17 Apr; Ferguson

Whiteside,Mary Jane,P,13 Sep 67,2,6,Pressey

Whiting,Joan Margaret,E,31 Jul 68,8,4,24 Aug; Goble

Whitman,nee,P,27 Apr 66,10,3,Light

Widdifield,Carrie,BD,10 Jul 68,3,3,83rd

Widdifield,Clara,A,23 Mar 66,16,5,Lewis

Widdifield,Clara May,D,2 Jul 69,2,1,Lewis

Widner,Elizabeth,P,23 Oct 68,13,3,Moore

Widner,Mary Ruth,M,13 Apr 65,8,1,27 Mar; Hulst

Widner,Mary Ruth,E,17 Mar 65,6,3,27 Mar; Hulst

Widner,Mary Ruth,M,13 Apr 65,12,4,Hulst

Widner,Mary,P,17 Apr 68,9,7,Hulst

Wieb,Justina,M,4 Aug 65,2,7,Carter


Wiebe,Natte,M,13 Dec 67,4,5,2 Dec; Peters

Wiebe,Nettie,M,12 Apr 67,8,7,1 Apr; Pettman

Wiebe,Sara,M,15 Feb 67,11,5,11 Feb; Peters

Wiebenga,Janice,B,6 Nov 68,8,8,1 Nov

Wiebenga,John,E,21 Jul 65,6,8,14 Aug; VanLiere

Wiebenga,John,M,18 Aug 65,12,3,14 Aug; VanLiere

Wiebenga,Sam,M,6 Apr 66,3,3,DeKraker, 25 Mar

Wiebenga,Sandra,P,28 Jul 65,11,5,DenHarder

Wiebenga,Sandra,P,5 Feb 69,8,5,DenHarder

Wieler,Anne,E,5 Apr 67,8,8,14 Apr; Toombs

Wieler,Anne,M,19 Apr 67,8,5,14 Apr; Toombs

Wieler,Mary,W,3 Dec 69,19,3,Fehr

Wieler,Richard,M,14 Jun 67,14,1,10 Jun; Friesen

Wiggins,Arthur L.,D,22 Jan 69,2,1,

Wigle,Ronald Bryan,M,2 Feb 66,2,1,Greenwood

Wigle,Ronald Bryan,E,15 Dec 65,6,5,Greenwood

Wikholm,Christine,M,21 Aug 68,10,5,3 Aug; Harding

Wilcox,Aura,A,16 Mar 66,10,3,Ashton

Wilcox,Donna,W,8 Oct 69,14,3,MacDonell

Wilcox,Eliza,D,15 Jan 69,5,8,13 Jan; age 91

Wilcox,Harriet,P,17 Apr 68,10,7,Rohrer

Wilcox,Kenneth,A,22 Jun 66,1,6,21 Jun; 25th

Wilcox,Roy,A,8 Nov 67,1,8,40th

Wilcox,Roy,A,29 Nov 67,10,5,40th

Wilcox,Walter,IM,31 Mar 65,6,7,d 29 Mar 1955

Wildman,Frances,D,21 Apr 65,11,2,Starkey

Wiley,Alfred,D,17 Jul 68,16,1,age 46

Wiley,Alfred,D,24 Jul 68,16,4,14 Jul

Wiley,Alfred,IM,16 Jul 69,8,4,d 14 Jul 1968

Wiley,Edwin J.,D,24 Feb 65,2,4,

Wiley,Edwin J.,D,17 Feb 65,13,3,age 82

Wiley,Margaret,D,17 Aug 66,7,1,Mitchell

Wiley,Wesley, Mrs.,D,10 Apr 68,12,5,age 93

Wilkes,Frank,A,27 Dec 67,1,3,30 Dec; 50th

Wilkes,Frank,D,25 Sep 68,2,6,19 Sep; age 72

Wilkes,Frank,IM,17 Sep 69,6,6,d 19 Sep 1968

Wilkie,Andrew,D,20 Apr 66,7,4,86th year

Wilkinson,Bruce,A,17 May 67,1,8,55th

Wilkinson,Karen Alexandria,B

Williams,Barbara,M,10 Aug 66,11,4,30 Jul; McEown

Williams,Bessie,W,24 Mar 65,3,8,Kulp

Williams,Carol,P,13 Jan 65,6,2,Shackleton

Williams,Carol,P,30 Aug 67,8,6,28 Aug

Williams,Carrie Ann,D,6 Sep 67,11,5,Smith

Williams,Daisy,D,22 Jun 66,5,3,

Williams,Darlene,P,9 Jun 65,6,5,Mitchell

Williams,Edith,D,24 Nov 65,8,4,

Williams,Edith,D,10 Nov 65,5,4,age 88

Williams,Eleanor,W,19 Feb 69,3,4,Heffren

Williams,Elizabeth Anne,M,14 Aug 68,4,6,19 Jul; Thomson

Williams,Ella,D,31 Mar 65,7,1,age 78

Williams,Ernest Reginald,D,8 Nov 67,13,5,age 55

Williams,Eva F. (Erie),D,18 Jan 67,5,5,Bogart

Williams,Frank Edward,D,14 Jul 65,11,1,age 81

Williams,Gary Frederick,IM,1 Dec 65,6,6,d 1 Dec 1963

Williams,Harold E.,D,16 Nov 66,11,3,age 62

Williams,Karen Marie,B,2 Feb 66,6,7,26 Jan

Williams,Lloyd, Mrs.,D,10 Jul 68,2,3,1 Jul; 71st year

Williams,Mary,P,30 Jul 69,7,4,Roloson

Williams,Maude,W,29 Oct 69,2,5,Hayward

Williams,Mildred,W,20 Oct 65,3,1,Mossey

Williams,Reginald,D,15 Nov 67,3,3,7 Nov

Williams,Sharon,P,14 Jun 67,6,4,Sanders

Williams,Timothy Lee,B

Williamson,David Robert,M,29 Jan 69,8,6,Gillies

Williamson,Harry G.,D,22 Feb 67,14,2,age 84

Willison,Ernest,D,11 Dec 68,11,1,

Willison,Mabel Helen,D,30 Jul 69,2,5,Cross

Willsey,Alvin,A,20 Oct 65,1,5,27 Oct; 50th

Willsey,Clarence,A,25 Sep 68,9,7,25th

Willsey,Jean Carolyn,M,10 Aug 66,8,3,23 Jul; Evert

Willsey,Jean Carolyn,E,13 Jul 66,6,7,23 Jul; Evert

Willsey,Joyce Elaine,E,7 Sep 66,6,6,1 Oct; Jenney

Willsey,Joyce Elaine,M,12 Oct 66,10,1,1 Oct; Jenney

Willsey,Joyce,P,11 Jun 69,6,8,Jenney

Willsey,Karie Lyn,B

Willsey,Marvin Clarence,M,3 Feb 65,9,3,16 Jan; Housego

Willsey,Shirley Marlene,M,5 Jan 66,8,4,18 Dec; Doyle

Willsey,Shirley Marlene,E,1 Dec 65,6,4,18 Dec; Doyle

Willsie,Ivan, Mrs.,D,15 May 68,15,4,age 70

Wilson,Almina,W,29 Jun 66,4,3,Kennedy

Wilson,Andrew Brent,B

Wilson,Annie,P,6 Oct 65,9,5,Jacobs

Wilson,Barbara,W,26 Mar 69,4,3,Heffren

Wilson,Beverley Wayne,M,9 Aug 67,10,1,Shackelton

Wilson,Claude,A,12 Jul 67,1,8,3 Jul; 60th

Wilson,Cora,W,15 Oct 69,3,5,Crosby

Wilson,daughter,B,9 Oct 68,6,3,7 Oct

Wilson,David H.,E,17 Sep 69,7,4,13 Oct; Megyesi

Wilson,David H.,M,5 Nov 69,9,1,13 Oct; Megyesi

Wilson,Donna Lucille,M,17 Aug 66,3,1,13 Aug; Haight

Wilson,Donna,P,19 Mar 69,6,8,Haight

Wilson,Douglas William,M,7 Jun 67,16,3,27 May; Cutten

Wilson,Douglas William,E,19 Apr 67,9,4,27 May; Cutten

Wilson,Douglas William,E,24 May 67,7,5,Cutten

Wilson,Florence Irene,W,17 Jan 68,10,3,Logan

Wilson,Flossie,D,23 Apr 69,5,5,Reid

Wilson,Grant Ross,M,3 Nov 65,5,3,9 Oct; Karl

Wilson,Helen,P,10 Aug 66,6,5,Horvath

Wilson,Hodgen, Mrs.,D,10 Jan 68,13,3,age 92

Wilson,John, Mrs.,D,12 Jun 68,9,6,76th year

Wilson,John Randall,E,11 Sep 68,11,7,12 Oct; Hunter

Wilson,John Randall,M,23 Oct 68,13,7,12 Oct; Hunter

Wilson,Judith Ellen,M,7 Aug 68,12,5,13 Jul; VanGulck

Wilson,Mary Jane,D,30 Aug 67,3,3,Franklin

Wilson,Minnie,W,8 Dec 65,1,4,Kennedy

Wilson,Muriel Eileen,E,19 May 65,6,4,3 Jul; McDonald

Wilson,Muriel Eileen,M,14 Jul 65,11,5,McDonald

Wilson,Muriel,W,19 Apr 67,2,5,Deardorf

Wilson,Olive,D,30 Oct 68,12,3,Moore

Wilson,Peter E.,D,18 Jun 69,14,3,97th year

Wimpory,John W.,A,14 Sep 66,1,8,50th

Wimpory,John W.,A,5 Oct 66,7,1,16 Sep; 50th

Winegarden,LeRoy Ervin,M,21 Aug 68,9,1,27 Jul; Martin

Winnington-Ingram,Carrie Leah,B

Winnington-Ingram,David Gary,M,10 Nov 65,9,1,16 Oct; McClure

Winnington-Ingram,Grant Alexander,E,6 Apr 66,6,4,7 May; Johnston

Winnington-Ingram,Grant Alexander,M,1 Jun 66,11,1,Johnston

Winnington-Ingram,Judith Suzanne,M,26 Jun 68,5,3,15 Jun; Jones

Winnington-Ingram,Sherri Lynn,B

Winter,Clara,W,8 May 68,16,1,Charlton

Winter,Jennie,W,8 Jun 66,11,6,Hughes

Wintermute,George,D,18 May 66,10,3,age 88

Wintermute,George,IM,17 Apr 68,8,8,d Apr 1966

Wintermute,Karen Jean,E,11 Jun 69,14,1,28 Jun; Geler

Winters,Fenella,P,14 Dec 66,6,3,Murphy

Winters,Fern Diane,E,10 Aug 66,6,6,3 Sep; Hillier

Winters,Fern,P,16 Aug 67,6,4,Hillier

Winters,Ferne Diane,M,14 Sep 66,10,5,3 Sep; Hillier

Winters,Frank,IM,26 Jan 66,6,8,d 26 Jan 1961

Wintour,George,A,3 Sep 69,3,1,26 Aug; 50th

Wise,Julie,W,9 Aug 67,10,3,Rochus

Witherow,Roy,E,25 Sep 68,6,6,28 Sep; Causier

Wittet,Michelle,B,15 Jan 69,14,6,29 Dec

Wodham,Clayton,D,3 Jul 68,12,6,age 73

Wodham,David Edward,D,9 Aug 67,10,4,age 36

Wodham,Mary,W,26 Mar 69,4,2,Boxall

Wolfe,Donald Moore,D,6 Jan 65,11,4,age 54; 28 Dec

Wolfe,Donald,IM,28 Dec 65,6,5,d 28 Dec 1964

Wolfe,Donald,IM,28 Dec 66,6,5,d 28 Dec 1964

Wolfe,Donald,IM,27 Dec 67,6,6,d 28 Dec 1964

Wolfe,Donald,IM,27 Dec 68,6,6,d 28 Dec 1964

Wolfe,Donna Jean,E,23 Feb 66,6,6,26 Mar; Bearss

Wolfe,nee,P,22 Mar 67,8,6,Bearss

Wolfe,Nora Selina,D,6 Oct 65,10,5,Shearer

Wolstenholme,Elizabeth Alice,D,9 Nov 66,9,4,Miller

Wood,Bonnie Marlaine,M,6 Nov 68,2,3,26 Oct; Dowson

Wood,Dresa,P,16 Aug 67,16,4,Hoover

Wood,Harold Frank,D,8 Oct 69,6,6,1 Oct; age 64

Wood,Harry L.,D,21 Apr 65,7,4,77th year; 10 Apr

Wood,Harry, Mrs.,D,26 Jun 68,20,2,age 69

Wood,Judy,M,17 Mar 65,12,2,Smith

Wood,Judy,P,8 Sep 65,6,6,Smith

Wood,Kathe,P,27 Dec 67,6,3,Dockhorn

Woodcock,Margaret Diane,E,8 Oct 69,9,3,Woodworth

Woodley,Gertrude,W,24 Sep 69,16,3,Tuff

Woods,Ruth,W,10 Aug 66,11,3,Ethelston

Woodward,Mildred,W,31 May 67,12,3,Mitchell

Woodworth,Karen Mable,M,30 Jul 69,8,3,28 Jun; Jones

Woodworth,Karen Mable,E,28 May 69,6,7,28 Jun; Jones

Woodworth,Kenneth Raymond,E,8 Oct 69,9,3,Woodcock

Woolcox,Robert Paul,D,8 Mar 67,9,7,2 Mar; 33rd year

Woolcox,Robert Paul,D,8 Mar 67,3,2,

Woolcox,Robert Paul,IM,4 Mar 68,8,8,d 2 Mar 1967

Woolley,Andrew,IM,1 Nov 67,8,7,d 18 Oct 1966

Woolley,Andrew,IM,23 Oct 68,8,8,d 18 Oct 1966

Woolley,Dale,E,29 May 68,6,7,15 Jun; McLain

Woolley,Eliza,D,14 Jun 67,7,3,White

Woolley,Eliza,P,27 Aug 69,13,7,Eastman

Woolley,Garnet, Mrs.,D,12 Mar 69,3,6,7 Mar; age 86

Woolley,Harvey,A,4 Oct 67,1,8,62nd

Woolley,James Andrew,D,19 Oct 66,1,1,age 81

Woolley,James Andrew,D,26 Oct 66,10,2,

Woolley,John,D,3 Aug 66,10,2,20 Jul

Woolley,John,IM,19 Jul 67,6,8,d 19 Jun 1966

Woolley,John,IM,17 Jul 68,6,8,d 19 Jul 1966

Woolley,John,IM,23 Jul 69,8,8,d 19 Jul 1966

Woolley,Mary,P,29 Jun 66,4,4,Benner

Woolley,Phyllis,P,20 Jul 66,6,8,Murray

Woolley,Violet,W,21 Apr 65,11,4,Harris

Woolley,W. Sanford,D,6 Sep 67,11,5,30 Aug; 84th year

Wooster,Edith May,D,30 Nov 66,9,1,Love

Wootton,George S.,D,26 May 65,8,3,

Wounch,Mary Kathleen,M,27 Aug 69,13,4,16 Aug; Pittam

Wounch,Mary Kathleen,E,30 Jul 69,6,5,16 Aug; Pittam

Wride,Anna,D,18 Jun 69,14,2,9 Jun

Wright,Arthur James,D,13 Jul 66,11,2,age 70

Wright,Barbara Elaine,M,9 Aug 67,14,3,Chowen

Wright,Barbara Elaine,E,28 Jun 67,8,6,29 Jul; Chowen

Wright,Beth,A,12 Apr 67,1,4,Cole

Wright,Caroline,P,19 Apr 67,12,3,Elgie

Wright,Elaine,P,22 Jan 69,8,5,Chowen

Wright,Horace H., Rev.,D,7 Sep 66,1,8,age 81

Wright,Pearl,W,24 Nov 65,11,2,Elliot

Wright,Zelma Grace,W,5 Feb 69,13,7,Pearson

Wryde,Ann,D,11 Jun 69,14,5,age 83

Wye,Gary David,M,19 Feb 69,11,5,14 Feb; O’Brien

Yake,Mildred A.,D,21 Jun 67,2,5,Stringle

Yates,Edward S.,D,18 Sep 68,18,5,age 57

Yates,John,D,4 Jan 67,9,4,

Yates,John,D,28 Dec 66,3,2,age 88

Yeandle,Bessie,D,16 Feb 66,9,4,Brown

Yeck,Marlene Louise,M,27 Aug 69,14,1,9 Aug; Newell

Yeoman,Mary Ann,M,16 Aug 67,13,7,29 Jul; Bogart

Yokum,Pearl,W,26 Jan 66,4,5,Charlton

Youcke,Clinton,IM,17 Nov 65,6,5,d 18Nov 1963

Youcke,Clinton,IM,16 Nov 66,6,7,d 18 Nov 1963

Young,Doris Jean,E,10 Jul 68,15,7,6 Aug; Knight

Young,Mamie,D,30 Oct 68,12,3,Mills

Young,Marguerite,W,2 Jun 65,10,3,McNamara

Young,Mary,P,31 Aug 66,6,3,Steinbacher

Young,Nellie May,D,13 Aug 69,9,6,Mann

Young,Norman Barry,B

Young,Sharon Lee,E,31 May 67,6,8,1 Jul; MacIntyre

Young,Sharon Lee,M,12 Jul 67,11,3,1 Jul; MacIntyre

Young,Sharon,P,22 Dec 69,8,5,MacIntyre

Young,Susan,P,28 May 69,6,7,Fugard

Young,Velma Jean,B

Young,Viletta L.,D,13 Apr 66,11,6,Grandy

Youngs,Bertha Mae,D,3 Dec 69,19,2,Snelgrove

Yule,James A.,E,18 Oct 67,14,1,18 Nov; Kovacs

Zaleski,Joanne Patricia Marie,M,21 Sep 66,15,3,3 Sep; Browning

Zavarella,Vanda,E,28 Jun 67,12,7,15 Jun; Verheyden

Zavarella,Vanda,M,26 Jul 67,4,3,15 Jul; Verheyden

Zavaretta,Vanda,P,10 Jul 68,6,7,Verheyden

Zavitz,Morley,BD,4 Jan 67,1,8,80th

Zedge,Bessie Laverne,W,8 Jun 66,11,5,Hall

Zimmer,Patrick James,M,5 Feb 69,14,3,4 Jan; Maracle

Zimmer,Patrick James,E,27 Nov 68,3,1,4 Jan 69; Maracle

Zimmer,Robert Joseph,E,11 Sep 68,10,3,12 Oct; Forbes

Zonneville,Johanna,W,17 Sep 69,16,4,Driesman

Zylen,Anthony, Mrs.,D,14 Jul 65,11,3,age 69


Business and Industry

– new Canadian Tire Store officially opened, 2 Jun 1965, page 1

– new Province of Ontario Savings office to be built; 15 Jun1966, page 1

– 50th anniversary of Carnation Company, 26 Oct 1966, page 13

– new Province of Ontario Savings Office to be officially opened, 4 Jan 1967, page 1, col. 7

– Herbert Kebbel buys Hughson Funeral Home, 2 May 1967, page 1

– Canadian Canners Ltd, sells Aylmer property; 20 Mar 1968, page 1

– new Royal Bank building planned, 19 Jun1968, page 1, col. 6

– John Street convent now nursing home; 28 Aug 1968, page 1, col. 1

– Canadian Canners building being demolished; 11 Sep 1968, photo page 3

– new Malahide Fire Hall to be opened, 2 Oct 1968, page 1, col. 6

– two new fire halls opened in Malahide; 9 Oct 1968, page 1, col. 3

– Stedman’s buy property on southwest corner of main intersection; plan modern store; 23 Oct 1968, page 1, col. 3

– Aylmer Dairy being built, 11 Dec 1968, page 1

– Strand Theatre closes, 3 Dec 1969, page 7


– Fairview Education centre at Richmond United Church dedicated; 5 May 1965, page 1; photo 12 May 1965, page 11

– 125th anniversary of Vienna United Church, June 20; 16 Jun 1965, page 1, col. 6

– 150th anniversary of Aylmer Baptist church, 12 Oct 1966, page 1

– St. Joseph’s Roman Catholic church, Port Burwell, to be blessed, 26 Oct 1966, page 13

– St. Joseph’s church blessed at Port Burwell, 9 Nov 1966, page 5

– tenders called for new Christian Reformed church, 28 Dec 1966, page 1; photo & article

– Glad Tidings Chapel (formerly United Church) in Straffordville destroyed by fire; 1 Mar 1967, page 8, col. 6

– 125th anniversary of Lakeview Baptist church, 27 Sep 1967, page 1, col. 6

– Kingdom Hall of Jehovah’s Witnesses destroyed by fire; 21 Feb 1968, page 10; photo

– dedication of new Christian Reformed Church to be held March 6; 28 Feb 1968, page 1, col.7

– Christian Reformed church dedicated, 13 May 1968, page 1, col. 4; photos page 3 and 9

– Jehovah’s Witnesses work on a new building south of Aylmer; 22 May 1968, page 1, col. 6

– photo of rebuilding of Kingdom Hall of Jehovah’s Witnesses, 12 Jun1968, page 1

– historic plaque to be unveiled t Trinity Church, Port Burwell; 17 Jul 1968, page 1, col. 6; photo 31 Jul 1968, page 3

– old Christian Reformed church demolished; 31 Jul 1968, page 1, col. 7

– Kingdom Hall to open Saturday; 7 May 1969, page 1, col. 7; photo page 2


– fire at Aylmer’s main intersection, 3 March 1965, page 1

– photos of Aylmer fire, 10 Mar 1965, page 12 and 13

– murals painted on fence fronting the fire-devastated Bardawill buildings on Talbot Street; 19 Apr 1967, photo page 1


– Vienna Community Hall opening set, 27 Jan 1965, page 1, col. 7

– cattle barn to be built at Fairgrounds, 16 Jun 1965, page 1, col. 6

– photo of Crystal Palace at Fairgrounds in 1900 which will be removed; 16 Jun 1965; page 11

– Oddfellows & Rebekahs buy former Al’s Dine & Dance on John Street North; 28 Jul 1965, page 1, col. 6

– Oddfellows & Rebekahs Lodge on John St. North dedicated, 18 May 1966, page 1, col. 3

– Police College being enlarged, 15 Feb 1967, page 1, col. 7

– 100th anniversary of Belmont Masonic Lodge, 10 May 1967, page 2, col. 5

– 50th anniversary of Verdun Chapter of the Order of the Eastern Star, 17 May 1967, page 7

– 60th anniversary of Springfield Women’s Institute, 25 Oct 1967, page 1

– 60th anniversary of Bayham Women’s Institute, 22 Nov 1967, page 3

– 60th anniversary of Lyons Women’s Institute, 19 Jun 1968, page 1, col. 1

– addition planned for Royal Canadian Legion, 2 Oct 1968, page 1, col. 3

– New Sarum Post Office closes; 22 Jan 1969, page 1, col. 5

– 50th anniversary of Lakeview Women’s Institute, 30 Jul 1969, page 1, col. 1


– six room addition to Summers Corners school planned; 9 Jun 1965, page 1, col. 6

– White School (SS # 22 Malahide), closed; 7 Jul 1965, page 1, col. 3

– six Malahide township public schools sold, 11 Aug 1965, page 1, col. 3

– five Malahide schools to be closed: Lakeview, Grovesend, Copenhagen, Glencolin & Kingsmill, 8 Jun 1966, page 1

– Kingsmill school closing, 17 Aug 1966, page 1, col. 5

– Lyons school closing, 24 Aug 1966, page 1, col. 5; photos page 5 & 11

– photo of former teachers at Kingsmill school reunion, 24 Aug 1966, page 2

– Martin’s School closing and reunion (S. S. #5 S. Dorchester), 24 Aug 1966, page 7

– closing and reunion of Yorke School (S. S. #10 S. Dorchester), 31 Aug 1966, page 1, col. 7; photos page 8 and 10

– Glencolin school reunion, 7 Sep 1966, page 1

– Mount Vernon school closing and reunion, 14 Sep 1966, page 1; photos page 11

– Summers Corners school to be officially opened; 5 Oct 1966; page 11

– Malahide Public School official opening, 12 Oct 1966, page 1

– S. Dorchester Public school to be officially opened, 26 Oct 1966; page 1; photo page 7

– 14 room addition planned for McGregor Public School, 28 Feb 1968, page 1, col. 4

– former Port Bruce school renovated into a home, 26 Jun1968, page 5, col. 5

– old school (built 1870) on John street south being demolished; 7 Aug 1968, photo page 14

– old McGregor School to be demolished; 15 Oct 1969; page 1, col. 3


– dial phone system to be in place on October 17; 17 Feb 1965, page 1

– Port Burwell west beach to become Provincial Park, 14 Jul 1965, page 1, col. 6

– photos of improvements on Talbot & John Streets, 22 Sep 1965, page 1 and 8

– picnic pavilion constructed at Port Bruce; 24 Nov 1965, page 1

– Georgia Jackson murder, 31 Aug 1966, page 5 (full page)

– article and photos about old Springwater mill, 21 Sep 1966, page 19

– article on early days of Bayham, 2 Nov 1966, page 2

– Edison cemetery refurbished and re dedicated; 28 Aug 1968, page 1, col. 3