Aylmer Express 1960 – 1964

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Aylmer Express newspaper,
Aylmer, Ontario, Canada
1960 – 1964

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Surviving Issues

There are several missing issues and portions of missing issues in the 1960’s period. The surviving issues are listed below:


January 7 – March 24


April 21

May 5 – 26

June 23

July 14 – December 14



January 11 – 18

March 29 – April 19

May 10 – June 14

July 12 – 26

August 9

September 6 – November 1

December 27



January 3 – February 21

March 7 – April 18

May 2 – Dec. 27



January 16 – February 6

March 20 – March 27

June 19

July 17 – Dec. 30



January 8 – 29

March 4 – December 28, 1964


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SurnameNameEventIssue,PageColumn,Additional Info

Abbott,Blanche,A,20 Jun 62,3,5,Priddle; 60th

Abbott,Edwin,P,21 Sep 60,1,7,Johnson

Abbott,Nordica,W,13 Jun 62,14,6,Biekx

Abell,Dorothy Elaine,E,28 Sep 60,6,4,8 Oct; Meyer

Abell,Dorothy Elaine,M,19 Oct 60,9,6,Meyer

Abell,Gerald,M,15 Sep 60,4,1,Wieler

Abell,Julie Anna,B

Abell,Mabel Ellen,D,24 Jan 62,8,3,Crawford

Abell,Marion,W,25 Oct 61,19,2,Appleford

Abell,Sandra Diane,B

Abell,William Charles,M,11 Aug 60,4,3,Davis

Abell,William,A,28 Aug 63,1,3,50th

Acre,Ida May,W,19 Aug 64,8,4,Blashill

Aitken,Margaret,W,25 Feb 60,9,4,Cromarty

Aitken,Mina,D,19 Jun 63,3,4,78th year

Albee,William,D,18 Oct 61,1,3,age 31

Albrant,Judith Elizabeth,M,12 Jul 61,7,6,Durkee

Alevizos,Georgia,M,28 Mar 62,7,3,Kiriakopolous

Alexander,Audrey,P,13 Jun 62,14,6,Biekx

Alexander,Helen K.,M,14 Aug 63,3,7,5 Aug; Richards

Alexander,Lionel Ross,E,26 Jun 60,6,7,16 Jul; Niblock

Alexander,Ross,M,28 Jul 60,9,5,Niblock

Alexander,Todd Ross,B,18 Dec 62,6,5,10 Dec

Alexander,William J.,M,17 Jul 63,10,1,Cameron

Allan,Florence Mae,W,1 Apr 64,3,4,Charlton

Allen,Amelia,D,7 Dec 60,15,4,

Allen,John W., Mrs.,D,30 Nov 60,10,3,age 86

Allen,Matilda,P,8 Jan 64,8,4,Fuller

Allen,Norma,W,7 Nov 62,9,4,Dance

Allen,Tracey Lynne,B

Allender,Gwyneth,M,30 Jan 63,2,3,Jackson

Allum,Edward,D,11 Jan 61,8,2,92nd year

Allward,Julia,P,19 Apr 61,8,3,Brown

Alton,Albert, Mrs.,D,20 Sep 61,8,4,91st year

Alward,Albert, Mrs.,D,12 Sep 62,8,6,age 89

Alward,Violet,D,15 Sep 60,10,3,Davidson

Anderson,Brian Douglas,B

Anderson,Brian Douglas,B

Anderson,Carol Marie,B

Anderson,Farel Hugh,E,1 Aug 62,6,5,1 Sep; Griffin

Anderson,Farel,M,12 Sep 62,5,1,1 Sep; Griffin

Anderson,Gordon,D,7 Feb 62,1,4,age 55

Anderson,Henry,M,22 Jul 64,4,5,bride illegible

Anderson,James,IM,25 Feb 60,6,7,d 26 Feb 1958

Anderson,James Robert,IM,21 Feb 62,6,4,d 26 Feb 1958

Anderson,Laura Ann,B,2 May 62,6,8,24 Apr

Anderson,Margaret M.,D,23 Dec 63,8,1,Ellis

Anderson,Mary Jane,P,10 May 61,11,4,Goodhand

Anderson,Robert,M,8 Jan 64,2,3,4 Jan; Moore

Andeweg,Marjorie,W,20 May 64,4,3,VanLiere

Andrew,Eva,W,9 Aug 61,8,3,Dafoe

Andrews,William E., Mrs.,D,14 Jun 61,10,4,2 Jun; age 50

Anger,Austin,A,17 Jul 63,1,5,14 Jul; 50th

Anger,Carol Mildred,M,6 Nov 63,3,5,26 Oct; Buck

Anger,Charles,D,18 Aug 60,12,1,

Anger,Charles M.,D,11 Aug 60,10,3,age 81

Anger,Eugene Matthew,D,9 May 62,5,2,age 52

Anger,Harry,D,24 Oct 62,1,6,age 53

Anger,William Clifford,D,12 Dec 62,4,4,age 57

Annable,James, Mrs.,D,21 Oct 64,10,5,14 Oct; age 57

Annen,Henry,E,11 Sep 63,6,5,5 Oct; Kuik

Annen,Henry,M,9 Oct 63,11,4,5 Oct; Kuik

Anseeuw,Alice,M,21 Feb 62,8,3,DeCoutere

Anseeuw,Roger,M,7 Dec 60,10,1,24 Nov; Doolidge

Anseuw,Valentin J.,D,19 Jul 61,3,3,age 62

Ansley,Elizabeth,P,16 Nov 60,16,4,Turrill

Antonissen,Ricky Paul,B

Antonissen,Tammy Marie,B

Appleford,Donald James,B

Appleford,Marjorie,M,21 Oct 64,11,3,17 Oct; Hoffer

Appleford,Marjorie Elaine,E,16 Sep 64,6,5,17 Oct; Hoffer

Appleford,McIver Darius,D,25 Oct 61,19,2,age 53

Appleford,Minnie,W,28 Jul 60,4,1,Ferguson

Appleyard,Edith,W,4 Aug 60,1,4,Munn

Archer,Norman Edward,M,4 Jul 62,3,6,30 Jun; Legg

Argyle,Eleanor,P,11 Aug 60,10,3,Anger

Arkell,Edith Marjorie,D,8 Apr 64,13,3,

Arkell,Helen,W,2 Sep 64,5,2,Low

Arkell,Helen,BD,15 Jul 64,1,6,95th

Armbrust,Elmer G.,D,25 Sep 63,7,2,age 59

Armstrong,Carolyn Kathleen,E,18 Jul 62,7,1,4 Aug; Pawluk

Armstrong,Clara,W,8 Jul 64,2,2,Webb

Armstrong,Ethel,W,11 Jan 61,6,6,Burnham

Armstrong,Mary,P,9 Dec 64,6,8,Bearss

Armstrong,Patricia Ann,E,2 Dec 64,9,5,19 Dec; Passmore

Armstrong,Patricia Ann,M,21 Dec 64,9,4,Passmore

Armstrong,Patricia Ann,M,28 Dec 64,4,3,19 Dec; Passmore

Arn,Theodore,A,5 May 60,12,4,50th; photo

Arnold,Katherine,D,19 Apr 61,8,4,

Arnold,Katherine,D,12 Apr 61,3,5,age 73

Arthur,Jean Ann,E,18 Jul 62,7,1,11 Aug; Walker

Arthur,Joan Ann,M,15 Aug 62,3,1,11 Aug; Walker

Arthur,Joan Marie,M,18 Jul 62,4,3,Bearss

Arthur,Joan Marie,E,6 Jun 62,6,6,7 Jul; Bearss

Arthur,Joan Ann,M,15 Aug 62,10,4,Walker

Arthurs,Frances,D,14 Dec 60,1,5,Leslie

Ashford,Walter Shepley,D,11 Jan 61,8,1, age 66

Ashton,Mary,W,9 Sep 64,8,3,Bradford

Ashton,Morris,D,24 Oct 62,1,6,age 33

Atkinson,Alice,W,25 Feb 60,3,5,Perry

Atkinson,Elmer E.,D,16 Dec 64,12,3,

Atkinson,Elmer E.,D,9 Dec 64,6,7,age 79

Atkinson,Emily,W,19 May 60,1,6,Brownlee

Atkinson,George Albert,D,17 May 61,11,6,

Atkinson,Howard, Dr.,D,17 Jun 64,8,5,age 81

Atkinson,Maude,P,11 Dec 63,10,5,Wells

Atkinson,Richard,M,8 Apr 64,10,5,bride illegible

Austin,Carmen,P,23 May 62,6,3,Bardawill

Aveard,Barbara E.,P,28 Jul 60,4,4,Koyle

Aviss,Robert,E,10 Mar 60,6,6,2 Apr; Burr

Axelson,Peter W.,M,2 Dec 64,9,1,28 Nov; Ward

Axelson,Peter Wayne,E,4 Nov 64,6,4,28 Nov; Ward

Axford,Donald Earl,M,9 Aug 61,7,3,Wallis

Axford,Earl,A,19 Oct 60,9,2,12 Oct; 25th

Babcock,Marjorie Adele,E,20 Mar 63,6,4,6 Apr; Crawford

Babcock,Orvis, Mrs.,IM,4 Jul 62,6,7,d 5 Jul 1933

Babcock,Robert James,D,20 Jun 62,1,3,age 18 mos

Bachmann,Anna,D,19 Jun 63,3,3,70th year

Bachner,Christina,D,23 Oct 63,15,4,Lang

Backus,J. William,D,18 Nov 64,12,3,12 Nov; age 84

Bacz,Joseph,D,18 Nov 64,1,7,7 Nov; age 34

Baer,Nancy M.,B

Baerg,Eleanor,M,17 Jul 63,9,1,Wall

Bagnall,Lena,D,28 Jul 60,4,3,age 53

Bagnall,Lena,IM,19 Jul 61,6,5,d 22 Jul 1960

Bagnall,Nellie Elizabeth,D,22 Jan 64,3,3,age 67

Bagnall,Ross,M,25 Oct 61,11,1,14 Oct; Brown

Bailey,Earl, Mrs.,D,23 May 62,10,3,age 42

Bain,Catherine,D,19 Sep 62,8,5,Wright

Baker,Ami,P,23 Oct 63,15,3,Norton

Baker,Coral,W,16 Sep 64,8,5,Stephens

Baker,Elsie,M,5 Oct 60,13,3,Wall

Baker,Freda,W,19 Jul 61,3,3,Charlton

Baker,Judson,P,14 Jul 60,3,5,Widner

Baker,Loa,W,19 Oct 60,2,4,Knott

Baker,Minnie,P,16 Nov 60,16,5,Zavitz

Baker,Myrtle,D,21 Feb 62,7,4,

Baker,Myrtle L.,D,14 Feb 62,8,5,age 85

Bakker,Adriana,D,4 Jul 62,1,8,age 80

Balazs,Alexander J.,M,14 Oct 64,10,3,10 Oct; Ferguson

Balazs,Alexander John,E,16 Sep 64,7,3,10 Oct; Ferguson


Balbach,Augusta,D,16 Oct 63,3,7,

Balbach,Martha,W,11 Nov 64,9,3,Neukamm

Balcom,Alicia,W,14 Jan 60,1,8,Peters

Balcomb,Emma,D,29 Mar 61,9,6,Underhill

Balcomb,Henry,A,23 Jan 63,1,4,13 Jan; 50th

Balderston,Kathleen,W,7 Jun61,9,1,Wells

Baldwin,Beatrice,D,24 May 61,4,4,Baughman

Bale,Mary,P,12 Aug 64,6,5,Kuipers

Bale,Wynne,P,28 Jul 60,6,7,Bates

Ball,Fred L.,D,20 Sep 61,9,3,age 70

Ball,June Marlene,M,19 Jun 63,4,3,15 Jun; Carter

Balthes,Anna,W,13 Nov 63,2,4,Hartell

Balthes,John,D,29 Apr 64,11,4,age 80

Baltzer,Mary Lynn,B,28 Jan 60,6,6,b 17 Jan

Banman,daughter,B,21 Oct 64,6,4,11 Oct

Barber,Wallace,D,11 Jul 62,8,4,age 62

Bardawill,George N.,D,20 May 64,4,4,age 90

Bardawill,Tammy Lee,B

Barendregt,Klaas,D,14 Oct 64,10,5,age 63

Barham,A. Bruce,E,20 Jun 62,6,4,14 Jul; Laur

Barham,Bonnie,M,17 Jul 63,3,5,13 Jun; Gibbons

Barham,Bruce,M,18 Jul 62,8,4,14 Jul; Laur

Barker,Lily Belle,D,6 Nov 63,4,4,

Barker,William, Mrs.,D,30 Oct 63,4,4,age 77

Barley,Della,W,8 Jul 64,8,3,Hillman

Barlow,William G.,E,19 Sep 62,8,7,6 Oct; Owen

Barlow,William,M,17 Oct 62,12,1,6 Oct; Owen

Barlow,William G.,E,19 Sep 62,6,8,6 Oct; Owen

Barnecott,Frances,D,12 May 60,4,3,Gaylord

Barnecott,William, Mrs.,D,1 Aug 62,9,5,

Barned,Francis Arthur,D,18 Dec 62,16,5,age 64

Barnes,Mary Elizabeth,W,25 Nov 64,16,6,Partlow

Barnes,Stephen Anthony,B,11 Nov 64,6,4,4 Nov

Barnum,Barbara Annette,E,28 Mar 62,1,5,23 Apr; Hoecht

Barnum,Barbara Annette,M,2 May 62,11,1,23 Apr; Hoecht

Barnum,Cathie,P,31 Jan 62,6,7,Currin

Barnum,Mary Margaret,M,8 Sep 60,8,1,Hennen

Barons,Brenda Jean,B

Barons,Elmer,A,19 Apr 61,12,2,40th

Barons,Wendy Sue,B

Barr,Allan J.,D,4 Oct 61,8,5,27 Sep; age 79

Barr,Evelyn,W,9 Sep 64,9,8,Zimmer

Barr,Geraldine Agnes,M,9 Dec 64,11,2,28 Nov; Johnston

Barrett,Judith Ann,M,19 Jul 61,10,3,10 Jul; Smit

Barrett,Mary,P,1 Apr 64,3,4,Charlton

Barrett,Verna Marie,D,25 Nov 64,16,6,Ferris

Bartlett,Donald R.,D,2 Nov 60,9,4,67th year

Bartlett,Ellis,D,12 Dec 62,10,4,4 Dec; age 71

Bartlett,Lois,A,18 Sep 63,1,8,Soper

Bartley,Robert,D,21 Jan 60,8,4,76th year

Barton,Patricia Ann,M,18 Aug 60,15,5,30 Jul; Orrell

Barton,Patricia,P,31 May 61,6,5,Ornell

Bates,Beverley Anne,B,28 Jul 60,6,7,24 Jul

Bates,Marjorie,D,23 Oct 63,15,3,

Bates,William F., Mrs.,D,16 Oct 63,3,7,

Bates,William Charles,B,19 Jun 63,6,5,13 Jun

Battenberg,Lucy ,W,4 Feb 60,10,1,Learn

Baugham,Dora,IM,23 Jan 63,6,5,d 25 Jan 1962

Baughman,Beatrice,D,31 May 61,7,5,

Baughman,Betty Lynne,B

Baughman,Bruce, Mrs.,D,31 Jan 62,7,3,age 70

Baughman,Carl, Mrs.,D,24 May 61,4,4,age 36

Baughman,Charlotte,IM,11 Mar 64,6,7,d 8 Mar 1962

Baughman,David,M,1 Nov 61,4,1,Hodgson

Baughman,David Donald,B

Baughman,Donald Morris,M,20 Sep 61,4,4,Hodgson

Baughman,Eleatha Pearl,D,21 Oct 64,10,5,Annable

Baughman,Iva Jane,E,24 May 61,6,6,10 Jun; Charlton

Baughman,Shirley Ann,M,14 Aug 63,10,6,2 Aug; Scott

Baughman,Shirley Anne,E,24 Jul 63,6,6,2 Aug; Scott

Baughman,Solon, Mrs.,D,14 Mar 62,12,1,age 78

Baughman,Steven Douglas,B,24 Jan 62,6,7,14 Jan

Baxter,Barbara Ruth,M,4 Feb 60,12,1,16 Jan

Baxter,Barbara,P,7 Jun 61,6,7,McQuiggan

Baxter,Lowell,D,7 Dec 60,15,2,age 74

Baxter,Lowell,IM,6 Dec 61,6,6,d 5 Dec 1960

Baxter,Marjorie Ruth,M,29 Jul 64,6,7,20 Jul; Webber

Baxter,Maude,W,16 Nov 60,16,4,Tracey

Baxter,Robert George,M,7 Jan 60,7,4,26 Dec; Horton

Baxter,William John,M,27 Dec 62,2,4,Fitches

Baxter,William John,E,5 Dec 62,12,3,22 Dec; Fitches

Bayes,Morris,D,9 Oct 63,7,3,

Bayes,Morris,D,2 Oct 63,13,1,age 55

Beach,Arthur, Mrs.,D,10 Jan 62,5,4,age 67

Beach,Arthur,M,28 Aug 63,9,4,20 Aug; Miller

Bearss,Carl Harry,M,18 Jul 62,4,3,Arthur

Bearss,Carl Harry,E,6 Jun 62,6,6,7 Jul; Arthur

Bearss,Darrin Arthur,B

Bearss,Diane,M,30 Sep 64,13,6,26 Sep; Robinson

Bearss,Flossie,W,4 Dec 63,3,3,Boughner

Bearss,Helen,D,9 Dec 64,6,8,age 83

Bearss,Helen,D,16 Dec 64,12,5,

Bearss,James Ross,B

Bearss,Lorelei Anne,B

Bearss,Mary Joan,E,11 Aug 60,6,6,3 Sep; Townsend

Bearss,Mary Joan,M,15 Sep 60,3,2,Townsend

Beattie,Alma,W,21 Dec 64,9,2,Gorvett

Beattie,Patricia Eleanor,M,3 Oct 62,12,5,21 Sep; Hawkins

Beattie,Sarah Ann,P,21 Mar 62,5,1,Pressey

Beckett,Frances,D,18 Jan 61,7,3,age 73

Beckett,Helen,D,9 Dec 64,6,8,Bearss

Bee,Marilyn Anne,E,1 Sep 60,6,8,8 Oct; Lakatos

Bee,Marilyn,M,19 Oct 60,5,3,8 Oct; Lakatos

Beech,baby,D,7 Feb 62,7,3,dau of Harry

Beech,son of Harry,D,31 Jul 63,10,4,infant

Beechey,Robert Frank,D,28 Dec 64,7,4,age 50

Beecroft,Robert,A,17 Oct 62,1,8,11 Sep; 25th

Beemer,Cecil Lyle,D,18 Jan 61,7,3,age 56

Beer,Muriel Irene,M,20 May 64,9,1,2 May; Starkey

Beer,Muriel Irene,E,29 Apr 64,6,4,2 May; Starkey

Beggs,Ruth Anne,M,30 Jan 63,2,3,Jenkins

Belding,Ella,D,11 Nov 64,9,4,Swackhammer

Bell,Roy,M,28 Sep 60,5,2,Colborne

Bell,Roy,D,30 Jan 63,1,7,

Bellsmith,W. W. , Rev.,D,18 Dec 63,12,6,

Bellsmith,Wentworth, Rev,D,11 Dec 63,1,6,age 48

Belore,Alec Dale,E,18 Jan 61,6,7,28 Jan; Mitchell

Belore,Alex,D,6 Sep 61,5,4,

Benjamin,Bertha Juliette,W,3 Jun 64,3,5,Funk

Benner,Catherine,IM,7 Dec 60,6,3,d 7 Dec 1954

Benner,Earl A., Mrs.,D,26 Oct 60,7,3,age 63

Benner,Mable,D,11 Mar 64,5,3,age 77

Benner,Mable,D,18 Mar 64,11,1,

Benner,Violet,D,27 Dec 62,7,1,

Benner,Walter F.,IM,18 Jul 62,6,6,d 20 Jul 1958

Benner,Willard,IM,14 Jan 60,6,6,d 15 Jan 1959

Bennett,Charline,P,19 Apr 61,6,7,Charlton

Bennett,Frank,D,27 Dec 62,7,1,14 Dec

Bennett,Frank,D,18 Dec 62,16,5,age 75

Bennett,George Mark,B

Bennett,Hazel Mildred,D,23 Jan 63,11,4,Evert

Bennett,Robert John,M,14 Jul 60,4,1,1 Jul; Copeman

Bentley,Sheldon Wesley,D,4 Jul 62,4,7,age 74

Bentley,Virtue,D,4 Aug 60,3,2,age 74

Berdan,Cecelia,P,15 Sep 60,10,3,Davidson

Berdan,Myrtle,D,11 Jan 61,5,5,Hodgson

Berdan,Ruth,P,25 Feb 60,3,5,Perry

Berendt,Maria,M,28 Oct 64,9,3,17 Oct; Jukes

Bernardo,Timothy Paul,B,2 May 62,6,8,28 Apr

Berry,Sandra Eileen,M,5 Sep 62,7,3,25 Aug; Clark

Bertleff,Anne,E,15 Sep 60,3,3,Verell

Bertleff,Anne Marie,M,19 Oct 60,7,1,Verrell

Bertleff,Edward H.,E,27 Sep 61,6,6,30 Sep; Rank

Bertleff,Edward H.,M,4 Oct 61,3,1,30 Sep; Rank

Bertleff,Rosina,W,1 Apr 64,3,3,Toth

Best,Ian,IM,7 Jun 61,6,6,d 6 Jun 60

Betts,Thomas,D,18 Nov 64,1,7,7 Nov; age 20

Beveridge,Fiona Marion,B

Biddle,Louisa,D,19 Apr 61,8,5,age 93

Biekx,Odiel,D,13 Jun 62,14,6,age 43

Binder,John,M,5 May 60,8,1,23 Apr; photo

Binding,Samuel, Mrs.,D,14 Oct 64,10,5,age 76

Binding,Samuel, Mrs.,D,21 Oct 64,10,5,

Bingham,Herbert, Dr.,D,29 Apr 64,11,4,age 71

Bingham,J. W.,A,5 Aug 64,1,5,60th

Birch,Alice,D,9 May 62,11,6,Page

Birch,Jennie,D,12 Dec 62,4,5,Powers

Bird,Flossie,A,3 Mar 60,1,7,50th; Bowen

Bird,George F.,D,1 Nov 61,8,5,91st year

Bird,Thomas,D,23 Jan 63,11,5,age 87

Bird,Thomas,D,30 Jan 63,3,5,

Bishop,Ellen,W,19 Oct 60,2,3,MacNamara

Black,Alexander Noble,D,31 May 61,7,6,age 85

Black,Alexander Noble,D,7 Jun 61,9,2,

Black,John A.,D,11 Apr 62,11,6,

Blackmere,Dorothy Anne,M,21 Oct 64,5,1,10 Oct; Crouse

Blackmere,Dorothy Anne,E,9 Sep 64,6,3,10 Oct; Crouse

Blain,Robert Larry,M,16 Dec 64,13,4,27 Nov; Doonan

Blain,Robert Larry,E,21 Oct 64,6,6,27 Nov; Doonan

Blake,Morris T. C.,D,17 May 61,7,4,

Blakely,Edan,W,21 Jan 60,3,1,Ostrander

Blanchard,Nina,IM,17 Jun 64,6,6,d 20 Jun 1963

Blankenship,Allen,A,3 Mar 60,1,8,25th

Blashill,Charlotte,D,14 Mar 62,12,1,Baughman

Blashill,Herbert,D,19 Aug 64,8,4,age 82

Blashill,Herbert,D,26 Aug 64,8,6,

Bleyendaal,William Peter,M,4 Aug 60,5,1,12 Jul

Bobbett,May,D,26 Oct 60,7,3,Brice

Bodkin,Charles E., Dr.,D,6 May 64,3,1,age 48

Bodkin,Leon F.,D,11 Mar 64,1,6,age 50

Bodkin,Leon F.,D,18 Mar 64,11,3,

Bodkin,William Kerr,D,23 Nov 60,3,7,age 51

Boehm,Sharon Dianne,B

Boettinger,Harold H.,D,18 Jan 61,7,3,age 66

Bolton,Audrey,P,4 Mar 64,6,6,Post

Bolton,nee,P,16 Nov 60,6,8,Post

Bond,Annie Marion,D,22 Apr 64,4,4,Miles

Borremans,George,A,10 Oct 62,1,8,35th

Bossy,Rene, Mrs.,D,20 Mar 63,10,4,age 65

Botte,Etienne,D,17 May 61,1,7,age 23

Bottrill,Beatrice,W,9 Sep 64,8,3,Sears

Boudreau,Cecelia Marie,E,3 Jun 64,11,3,20 Jun; Rakoschy

Boudreau,Cecelia,M,24 Jun 64,12,2,Rakoschi

Boughner,Shirley Helen,M,15 Jul 64,4,4,4 Jul; Paget

Boughner,Shirley Helen,E,3 Jun 64,6,4,4 Jul; Paget

Boughner,Wallace,D,4 Dec 63,3,3,age 72

Bouma,Elizabeth,E,4 Apr 62,10,2,28 Apr; Thoonen

Bouma,Elizabeth E.,M,9 May 62,3,2,26 Apr; Thoonen

Bourhis,Eustelle Marie,D,8 Sep 60,10,1,age 68

Bouthoorn,Bastiaan,M,19 May 60,12,7,7 May; Kyle

Bouthoorn,Corrie,E,2 Oct 63,6,6,26 Oct; Klooster

Bouthoorn,Corrie,M,6 Nov 63,2,5,26 Oct; Klooster

Bouthoorn,Jilles,A,14 Oct 64,1,8,25th

Bowen,Dell,A,3 Mar 60,1,7,50th; 23 Feb

Bowen,Margaret,P,24 Jan 62,8,3,Crawford

Bowen,Todd Eugene,B

Bowery,Pearl,W,21 Oct 64,10,6,Vickers

Bowins,Pearl,IM,7 Mar 62,6,6,d 24 Apr 1959

Bowins,Walter H.,D,17 Mar 60,4,2,

Bowins,Walter H.,D,10 Mar 60,1,3,60th year

Bowins,Walter H.,IM,7 Mar 62,6,6,d 8 Mar 1960

Boyce,Mary Ann,P,2 Nov 60,9,4,Bartlett

Boyd,Laura Mildred,D,1 Aug 62,9,4,Lowry

Boyd,Mary Elizabeth,W,14 Jul 60,9,3,Johnston

Boyd,Sewell A.,D,16 Nov 60,16,4,d 11 Nov; 60th yr

Brabant,Margaret May,D,20 May 64,4,4,age 97

Brackenbury,Bruce Curtis,D,2 May 62,11,3,70th year

Brackenbury,Deborah,D,9 Sep 64,8,4,infant

Brackenbury,Debrah Ann,B,22 Jul 64,11,8,17 Jul

Brackenbury,Denise Darlene,B,30 Nov 60,6,6,

Brackenbury,Diane,P,16 Dec 64,6,6,Anderson

Brackenbury,Grace,W,26 Aug 64,8,5,Herries

Brackenbury,Shaun Carey,B

Brackenbury,Shirley Anne,E,6 Jun 62,6,6,McQuiggan

Brackenbury,Shirley,M,11 Jul 62,5,3,McQuiggan

Bradford,Albert E.,D,9 Sep 64,8,3,age 55

Bradford,Alice Mary,M,22 Nov 61,2,1,Brown

Bradford,Rhoxinae G.,M,14 Jun 61,5,3,10 Jun; O’Brien

Bradley,Arthur,A,14 Jan 60,1,7,50th, Jan 19

Bradley,Beatrice E.,D,30 May 62,4,3,McCallum

Bradley,Bertha,D,26 Aug 64,8,3,89th year

Bradley,Douglas Stephen,B

Bradley,Ernest Arthur,D,21 Sep 60,4,7,age 76

Bradley,Julia Jane,M,31 Jan 62,7,1,27 Jan; Rowe

Bradley,Pearl,W,22 Apr 64,4,3,Smith

Bradshaw,Beatrice,D,27 May 64,11,1,Hill

Bradt,Audrey Carol,M,28 Jan 60,3,5,16 Jan; Roloson

Bradt,illegible,B,26 Aug 64,6,5,

Bradt,Irving,A,23 Sep 64,1,5,7 Oct; 40th

Bradt,Mary Alfretta,D,11 Nov 64,9,3,Scott

Brady,Leigh Ellen,B,1 Apr 64,6,7,13 Mar

Brandon,Gertie,W,11 Aug 60,10,3,Anger

Brandow,Ada V.,W,8 Apr 64,13,3,Jones

Brandow,Deborah Ellen,B,23 Jun 60,6,7,b 11 Jun

Brandow,William O.,D,23 Sep 64,3,2,15 Sep; age 91

Brant,George G.,D,4 Oct 61,8,3,79th year

Bray,Alma E.,D,28 Mar 62,2,3,

Bray,Alma E.,D,21 Mar 62,5,4,

Breens,Crissie,D,3 Oct 62,4,5,

Breens,Crissie Anna,D,24 Sep 62,6,6,88th year

Brewster,Mildred,D,1 Apr 64,1,8,

Brice,J. Norman, Mrs.,D,26 Oct 60,7,3,age 76

Bridges,Martha Jane,W,17 Oct 62,3,6,Sprague

Briest,Wm. Frederick,D,27 Dec 61,7,4,age 79

Bright,Jennie Pearl,D,8 Sep 60,10,1,Shields

Brinn,John,P,23 Jan 63,1,4,Balcomb

Brisbin,Dorothy Evelyn,M,14 Oct 64,11,7,11 Sep; Segui

Brisbin,Dorothy Evelyn,E,12 Aug 64,6,4,11 Sep; Segui

Brisbois,Edith,A,12 Sep 62,8,3,Reasbeck

Brisseau,Beverley Anne,B

Brisseau,Lorne Lee Roy,M,12 Jul 61,4,3,Herman

Brisseau,Lorne Lee Roy,E,14 Jun 61,11,1,8 Jul; Herman

Britton,Earl James,M,13 Dec 61,3,3,Chalk

Broer,Edith,M,12 Sep 62,2,3,Gritter

Broer,Edward,M,27 Nov 63,10,1,bride illegible

Broer,Mathilda,M,26 May 60,3,3,Stafford

Broer,Mathilda,P,12 Apr 61,6,4,Stafford

Brook,Annie M.,D,6 Sep 61,5,3,Purdy

Brook,Margaret,D,19 Aug 64,1,1,9 Aug; on 90th BD

Brooke,J. Harold, Rev.,IM,5 Apr 61,6,5,d 6 Apr 1954

Brooke,J. Harold, Rev.,IM,4 Apr 62,6,6,d 6 Apr 1954

Brooke,J. Harold, Rev.,IM,1 Apr 64,6,5,d 6 Apr 1954

Brooks,Clarence W.,D,28 Oct 64,11,6,age 55

Brooks,David Lee,M,30 Sep 64,5,1,12 Sep; Pettibone

Brooks,David Rae,M,12 Aug 64,6,4,Pettibone

Brooks,Goldie I,M,7 Jan 60,5,1,26 Dec; photo

Brooks,Grant,IM,26 May 60,6,7,d 28 May 1959

Brooks,Grant E.,IM,24 May 61,6,5,d 28 May 1959

Brooks,Grant,IM,30 May 62,6,4,d 28 May 1959

Brooks,Lulu,D,14 Mar 62,5,6,McClintock

Brooks,Orville,D,1 Sep 60,7,5,

Brooks,Orville,D,25 Aug 60,8,6,age 49

Brooks,Orville,IM,22 Aug 62,6,7,d 23 Aug 1960

Brooks,Robert Grant,E,31 May 61,6,8,17 Jun; Fredin

Brooks,Wayne Howey,E,26 Oct 60,6,6,12 Nov; Scratch

Brooks,Wayne Howey,M,14 Dec 60,8,1,Scratch

Brower,Jacqueline Ann,B

Brower,John,M,24 Jan 62,9,5,Lang

Brower,John William,E,17 Jan 62,6,5,20 Jan; Lang

Brower,Teresa Louise,B

Brown,Ada,D,19 Apr 61,8,3,93rd year

Brown,Ada,IM,11 Apr 62,6,8,d 12 Apr 1961

Brown,Ada G.,IM,8 Apr 64,6,4,d 12 Apr 1961

Brown,Arnold C.,D,12 Jul 61,7,5,

Brown,Arnold,IM,27 Jun 62,6,7,d 1 Jul 1961

Brown,Beverley L.,M,11 Aug 60,5,5,30 Jul; Ferris

Brown,Beverley L.,E,21 Jul 60,6,8,30 Jul; Ferris

Brown,Cora Mima,D,27 Sep 61,10,4,Chase

Brown,Donald Gordon,M,7 Nov 62,5,6,Lefort

Brown,Douglas James,B,5 Apr 61,6,8,26 Mar

Brown,Duncan A.,D,16 Dec 64,12,4,age 65

Brown,Elizabeth,M,25 Oct 61,11,1,14 Oct; Bagnall

Brown,Ella,P,31 Jul 63,10,3,Finch

Brown,Flora,W,19 Apr 61,8,4,Tisdale

Brown,Georgina,D,16 Nov 60,16,6,age 85

Brown,Harold Robert,M,22 Nov 61,2,1,Bradford

Brown,Harvey W.,D,1 Nov 61,8,3,age 57

Brown,Hilda,W,29 Jul 64,7,4,Putnam

Brown,John,D,28 Dec 64,7,3,age 83

Brown,Lewis J.,D,25 Feb 60,12,2,83rd year

Brown,Lillian Ray,D,6 Dec 61,7,3,Cosens

Brown,Marilyn Doreen,E,20 Sep 61,6,6,17 Oct; Ward

Brown,Marilyn Doreen,M,18 Oct 61,12,3,7 Oct; Ward

Brown,Melvin, Mrs.,D,27 Jun 62,3,4,age 73

Brown,Robert Edward,B

Brown,Sharon Kathleen,M,26 Aug 64,7,3,22 Aug; Tuff

Brown,Sharon Kathleen,E,29 Jul 64,6,7,22 Aug; Tuff

Brown,Viola Mae,W,25 Mar 64,11,5,Harp

Brownlee,Archie Hamilton,D,19 May 60,1,6,age 74

Brownlee,Pearl,W,9 Dec 64,6,7,Atkinson

Brubacher,Charles Laverne,M,23 May 62,5,4,19 May

Brubacher,Charles Laverne,E,18 Apr 62,6,5,19 May

Brumwell,Mabel,W,21 Sep 60,4,6,White

Brunette,Susan Mary C.,B,15 Aug 62,6,3,26 Jul

Brunsdon,Albert,IM,18 Dec 62,6,4,d 25 Dec 1960

Brunsdon,Albert,IM,16 Dec 64,6,6,d 25 Dec 1960

Brunsdon,Kathy Lynn,B,1 Aug 62,6,2,25 Jul

Brunskill,Stephen,D,1 Sep 60,3,1,81st year

Bryce,Hazel,W,15 Aug 62,10,4,Moore

Bryce,Margaret,P,24 Oct 62,11,3,Roberts

Bryden,Mary,P,18 Jan 61,7,4,Hughes

Buchner,Gerald Alfred,E,8 Apr 64,6,3,Vanvelzer

Buchner,Herbert Chester,IM,22 Apr 64,6,3,d 24 Apr 1963

Buchner,Silas,A,3 Jan 62,1,3,60th

Buchner,Silas M.,D,15 Jan 64,9,2,age 89

Buck,Dora Helena,D,31 Jan 62,7,3,Baughman

Buck,Joyce Helen,M,20 Sep 61,4,3,18 Aug; Greer

Buck,Larry E.,M,6 Nov 63,3,5,26 Oct; Anger

Buck,Morley,A,20 Sep 61,1,5,13 Sep; photo

Buck,Morley,A,6 Sep 61,1,8,50th

Buck,Ruth Pearl,D,28 Jan 60,10,2,

Buck,Ruth Pearl,D,21 Jan 60,8,3,age 68

Budai,Rose,D,20 May 64,4,5,age 77

Budai,Rose,D,27 May 64,11,2,19 May

Budd,Cynthia,P,15 Jan 64,9,3,Dunkin

Budd,Mabel,W,29 Jan 64,8,3,Sharpe

Buis,Judy Jannette,B

Buis,Mark Andrew,B

Buis,Nicholas,D,21 Feb 62,7,3,age 64

Bunker,Alex,D,28 Jan 60,1,8,age 93

Bunker,Alex,D,4 Feb 60,11,7,

Burdick,Mildred Ferne,D,1 Apr 64,3,5,age 66

Burdick,Norman,D,3 Jan 62,1,6,26 Dec 1961

Burdick,Robert Morley,D,23 Nov 60,14,5,age 86

Burdick,Velma Alberta,D,5 May 60,1,6,age 77; Quick

Burgar,Percival,D,19 Apr 61,4,3,age 71

Burgess,Alice,W,23 Jun 60,7,2,Page

Burgess,David,D,7 Dec 60,1,8,

Burke,William Orman,D,17 Jun 64,8,4,age 71

Burks,Charles E.,D,27 Nov 63,5,3,age 76

Burks,Edward,M,28 Sep 60,4,3,16 Sep; Noels

Burnham,John E.,D,11 Jan 61,6,6,age 60

Burr,Dorothy,E,10 Mar 60,6,6,2 Apr; Aviss

Burrill,Mary Margaret,W,15 Jul 64,11,3,Learn

Burston,Sylvia Elaine,M,29 Jul 64,9,4,Corless

Burwell,Kenneth Howard,B

Butler,Beulah,W,23 Nov 60,3,7,Bodkin

Butler,James,D,6 Feb 63,3,5,75th year

Byrne,James,D,17 Oct 62,3,4,94th year

Cady,Clara,IM,23 Jan 63,6,5,d 1955

Cameron,Donna,M,17 Jul 63,10,1,Alexander

Cameron,Frances S,D,4 Feb 60,11,2,McDermand

Cameron,Frances Susan,W,9 Aug 61,1,6,McDermand

Campbell,A. Gordon,D,7 Aug 63,3,3,age 57

Campbell,Agnes,P,18 Nov 64,12,3,Backus

Campbell,Daniel Edward,E,25 Jul 62,6,4,18 Aug; Knowles


Campbell,Gladys,D,18 Nov 64,12,4,11 Nov

Campbell,J. J., Mrs.,D,9 May 62,5,1,

Campbell,J. J., Mrs.,D,2 May 62,11,3,age 66

Campbell,Joan Carole,E,6 Sep 61,6,5,30 Sep; Jibson

Campbell,Joan Carole,M,25 Oct 61,5,2,30 Sep; Jibson

Campbell,Karen Marie,M,5 Aug 64,4,7,Knott

Campbell,Laura Idella,D,24 Jul 63,7,2,age 92

Campbell,Lorne Duncan,M,16 Sep 64,4,3,5 Sep; Wyatt

Campbell,Lorne Duncan,M,30 Sep 64,12,1,Wyatt

Campbell,Mae,W,4 Oct 61,8,6,Coulter

Campbell,Margo Lucille,E,7 Dec 60,6,6,31 Dec; Laughton

Campbell,Mark John,B,5 Apr 61,6,8,25 Mar

Campbell,Marvena,M,31 May 61,4,4,20 May; Garlick

Campbell,Melitha,P,27 Dec 62,7,2,Haney

Campbell,son,B,17 Jul 63,6,4,15 Jul

Campbell,Viola,IM,5 Sep 62,6,6,d 1 Sep 1959

Candy,George Ira,D,22 Jul 64,11,2,age 73

Canning,Blanche,W,17 May 61,7,4,Blake

Canning,Susan Pearl,D,29 Mar 61,9,5,Charlton

Capern,Charles James,D,21 Aug 63,9,4,54th year

Cappelle,Tony,E,15 Apr 64,6,3,25 Apr; Smith

Caron,Hazel,A,24 Sep 62,1,4,Haggan

Caron,Hazel,W,9 Oct 63,8,3,Haggan

Carr,Eva,W,31 May 61,7,6,Black

Carrel,Robert Thomas,B

Carroll,Barbara Linley,B,

Carroll,Betty Lou,B

Carroll,Madeline Irene,E,19 Sep 62,6,8,20 Oct; Sobry

Carroll,Madeline,M,24 Oct 62,7,3,20 Oct; Sobry

Carroll,Madeline,P,18 Sep 63,6,4,Sobry

Carrothers,George Harold,D,6 Nov 63,10,7,22 Oct; age 43

Carruthers,Pearl,A,7 Aug 63,1,6,Hepburn

Carscallen,Peter,E,21 Oct 64,6,6,Valiquette

Carscallen,Peter,M,18 Nov 64,11,1,Valiquette

Carson,Allie May,D,2 Sep 64,5,2,Hutchinson

Carter,Calvin Donald,M,7 Oct 64,4,1,19 Sep; Flagel

Carter,Calvin D.,E,19 Aug 64,14,5,19 Sep; Flegel

Carter,Everitt,IM,24 Jan 62,6,6,d 29 Jan 1961

Carter,Everitt L.,IM,23 Jan 63,6,5,d 2 Jan 1961

Carter,Everitt,IM,29 Jan 64,6,4,d 29 Jan 1961

Carter,George,A,4 Nov 64,1,3,18 Nov; 50th

Carter,Irene,W,18 Jan 61,7,1,Smith

Carter,Kevin Robert,D,12 Aug 64,8,5,age 2 days

Carter,Ralph E.,M,19 Jun 63,4,3,15 Jun; Ball

Carter,Ruby,W,21 Aug 63,8,6,Honsinger

Carter,William G., Mrs.,D,1 Apr 64,3,6,age 78

Carthy,Irene,W,26 Aug 64,8,5,West

Cartwright,Frances Marlene,M,9 Aug 61,4,3,5 Aug; Hustler

Cartwright,Frances,P,29 Jul 64,6,7,Hustler

Cartwright,James Andrew,E,31 Jan 62,6,6,24 Feb; Kilgour

Cartwright,James Andrew,M,21 Mar 62,3,2,Kilgour

Cartwright,Kenneth E.,D,5 Apr 61,3,4,age 47

Cartwright,Kenneth E.,D,12 Apr 61,3,4,

Cartwright,Kenneth,IM,4 Apr 62,6,6,d 3 Apr 1961

Case,Florence Mary,D,7 Jan 60,2,6,Hare

Case,Minnie,D,15 Aug 62,12,4,7 Aug

Case,Minnie,D,15 Aug 62,6,3,7 Aug

Cassis,Phillip,E,24 Oct 62,6,6,17 Nov; Odanski



Cathers,Emily,IM,12 Jul 61,6,8,d 14 Jul 1957

Cathers,Evelyn,IM,14 Jul 60,6,6,d 15 Jul 1957

Cathers,Evelyn,IM,11 Jul 62,6,7,d 15 Jul 1957

Cathers,Fred E.,E,8 Jul 64,1,5,25 Jul; VanAcker

Cathers,Royden William,M,7 Jan 60,4,7,6 Dec; Spriggs

Cathers,William Royden,M,3 Mar 60,3,3,27 Feb; Crawford

Catherwood,George,M,27 Nov 63,11,3,23 Nov; Miners

Catherwood,George James,E,6 Nov 63,6,3,23 Nov; Miners

Catt,Graham Douglas,B

Catt,Harold Ernest,E,19 Oct 60,6,7,19 Nov; Inglis

Catt,Harold Ernest,M,14 Dec 60,8,4,Inglis

Catt,Mabel,IM,21 Jul 60,6,8,d 24 Nov 1959

Catt,Mabel,IM,18 Apr 62,6,7,d 24 Nov 1959

Catt,Mabel,IM,18 Apr 62,6,7,d 24 Apr 1961

Catt,Mary Margaret,B,30 Oct 63,12,5,20 Oct

Catt,Sydney,IM,21 Jul 60,6,8,d 26 Jul 1955

Catt,Sydney,IM,18 Apr 62,6,7,d 26 Jul 1955

Caughell,Helen,W,13 Jun 62,12,5,Rindfleisch

Caulfield,Samuel, Mrs.,D,24 Sep 62,1,8,

Cave,William Roy,D,2 Sep 64,5,3,age 70

Caverly,Arthur Linden,D,11 Aug 60,10,5,86th year

Caverly,Arthur L.,D,11 Aug 60,6,8,

Caverly,Roy William,B,27 Jun 62,6,8,31 May

Caverly,Selma Marie,D,7 Nov 62,11,6,86th year

Chadwick,Alice Maud,D,17 May 61,7,4,Manary

Chadwick,Ruby,E,14 Nov 62,6,6,Shackleton

Chaleyssin,Jean Pierre,D,24 Oct 62,11,3,age 63

Chalk,Florence,A,28 Aug 63,1,3,Abell

Chalk,Frances Helen,M,13 Dec 61,3,3,Britton

Chalk,Norman,A,21 Dec 64,1,3,23 Dec

Chalk,Norman,A,16 Dec 64,1,8,50th

Chambers,Dorothy,P,12 Apr 61,6,4,Underhill

Chambers,Elva,P,16 Nov 60,6,8,Pressey

Chambers,Elva,P,18 Sep 63,6,4,Pressey

Chambers,Elva,P,23 Sep 64,6,6,Pressey

Chambers,George R.,D,4 Apr 62,12,6,age 62

Chambers,George R.,D,18 Apr 62,7,1,

Chambers,George Roscoe,IM,27 Mar 63,6,7,d 1 Apr 1962

Chambers,George Roscoe,IM,1 Apr 64,6,4,d 1 Apr 1964

Chambers,James Alfred,E,19 Sep 62,6,8,6 Oct; Quick

Chambers,James,M,7 Nov 62,12,3,Quick

Chambers,James Darrin,B

Chambers,Laura Jean,B

Chandler,Virginia,P,13 May 64,6,6,Woodcroft

Chapman,Judith Ann,M,18 Apr 62,2,5,7 Apr; Hull

Chapman,Mabel M.,W,14 Dec 60,10,4,Osborne

Charlton,Austin Eugene,D,1 Apr 64,3,4,age 90

Charlton,Clara,P,9 May 62,5,2,Anger

Charlton,Constance M.,B

Charlton,Harry, Mrs.,D,29 Mar 61,9,5,age 68

Charlton,Harry, Mrs.,D,5 Apr 61,3,3,

Charlton,John Kevin,B

Charlton,John,A,7 Oct 64,11,7,45th

Charlton,Lulu,D,18 Nov 64,12,3,Lindsay

Charlton,Marilyn Marie,E,29 Jul 64,6,7,22 Aug; McLain

Charlton,Marilyn Marie,M,2 Sep 64,7,1,22 Aug; McLain

Charlton,Marilyn Marie,M,16 Sep 64,11,3,McLain

Charlton,Nora,W,21 Apr 60,1,7,Martin

Charlton,Norah,D,12 Dec 62,4,4,Martin

Charlton,Norah,D,18 Dec 62,3,6,Martin

Charlton,Peter Wayne,E,24 May 61,6,6,Baughman

Charlton,Ray Edison,D,8 Sep 60,1,7,28 Aug; age 53

Charlton,Ruth Eleanor,E,19 Jul 61,6,8,12 Aug; Clarke

Charlton,Shelly Anne,B,23 Jan 63,6,7,20 Jan

Charlton,Wallace Bruce,IM,17 Mar 60,6,6,d 17 Mar 1950

Charlton,Warren Glen,D,19 Jul 61,3,3, age 60

Charlton,William Miles,D,15 Jan 64,9,1,age 57

Chase,Oscar, Mrs.,D,27 Sep 61,10,4,age 92

Chase,Oscar, Mrs.,D,27 Sep 61,12,4,

Chattington,Reginald Clark,D,11 Aug 60,9,7,age 20

Chattoe,Lyn,W,19 Aug 64,8,3,Pinnegar

Cheeseman,Mary,W,21 Aug 63,9,4,Capern

Cheesman,Clare,D,3 Jan 62,2,2,76th year

Cherry,Eva May,M,20 Jun 62,10,5,2 Jun; Phillimore

Chilcott,Debbie,D,8 Jan 64,1,8,age 5 mos

Chilcott,Sandra Irene,M,21 Jan 60,8,2,12 Dec 59; Locke

Childs,Josephine,W,15 Jul 64,11,4,Riley

Chinnery,Douglas Terrence,B

Chinnery,William Terence,E,17 May 61,6,4,3 Jun; Heslop

Chinnery,William Terence,M,7 Jun 61,3,7,3 Jun; Heslop

Chipchase,Albert E.,IM,3 Oct 62,6,5,d 2 Oct 1943

Chipchase,Henry J.,IM,3 Oct 62,6,5,d 31 Oct 1961

Chipchase,Henry J., Pte.,IM,3 Oct 62,6,5,missing in action

Chipchase,Joseph,D,1 Nov 61,8,3,age 74

Chivers,Mary,D,7 Nov 62,12,2,83rd year

Chiverton,Charles William,IM,21 Jan 60,6,6,d 21 Jan 1943

Chiverton,Edith May,D,30 May 62,7,1,Hammond

Chiverton,Elizabeth,D,14 Jul 60,3,6,5 Jul; age 79

Chiverton,William,IM,18 Jan 61,6,5,d 21 Jan 1943

Chiverton,William,IM,24 Jan 62,6,6,d 21 Jan 1943

Chiverton,William Charles,IM,23 Jan 63,6,5,d 21 Jan 1943

Chiverton,William,IM,22 Jan 64,6,6,d 24 Jan 1943

Christie,Alfretta,D,23 Jun 60,4,4,

Christie,Elizabeth,W,17 Mar 60,12,8,Harp

Christopher,Lynona Emily,E,24 Jul 63,1,5,23 Aug; Heidt

Christopher,Lynora,M,4 Sep 63,5,3,23 Aug; Heidt

Church,Joseph Garnet,D,6 Sep 61,5,3,age 12

Chute,Araminta,P,1 Apr 64,3,5,Burdick

Chute,Clarence,M,2 Oct 63,4,4,Underwood

Chute,Clarence,M,9 Oct 63,2,5,Underwood

Chute,Clarence Lee,E,4 Sep 63,6,3,Underwood

Chute,Dale Chrystelle,E,16 May 62,6,2,2 Jul; Trottier

Chute,Dale Chrystelle,M,11 Jul 62,10,7,2 Jul; Trottier

Chute,Elgin, Mrs,IM,14 Jan 60,6,6,d 14 Jan 1958

Chute,Lillian,A,5 Aug 64,1,5,Bingham

Chute,Nora,D,24 Jul 63,7,2,age 82

Chute,Pearl,IM,17 Jan 62,6,5,d 14 Jan 1958

Chute,Pearl,IM,11 Jan 61,6,2,d 14 Jan 1958

Chute,Pearl,IM,15 Jan 64,6,7,d 14 Jan 1958

Chute,Raymond,IM,5 Oct 60,6,8,d 9 Oct 1942

Chute,Raymond,IM,17 Oct 62,6,5,d 19 Oct 1942

Chute,Raymond,IM,16 Oct 63,6,7,d 19 Oct 1942

Civiero,Gino,M,17 Oct 62,7,3,Rosenberger

Clark,Barbara Ann,E,11 Aug 60,6,6,3 Sep; Tuff

Clark,Byron Douglas,M,5 Sep 62,7,3,25 Aug; Berry

Clark,Mary,P,18 Feb 60,8,8,Rankin

Clark,Pearl,D,8 Jan 64,1,8,3 Jan; age 62

Clarke,Arthur Nelson,E,19 Jul 61,6,8,12 Aug; Charlton

Clarke,Bruce,M,13 Jun 62,12,3,McNeill

Clarke,Bruce Douglas,E,9 May 62,7,1,2 Jun; McNeill

Clarke,Bruce Douglas,M,6 Jun 62,4,3,2 Jun; McNeill

Clarke,Craig McNeill,B

Clarke,Emma,P,17 Jun 64,8,5,Snelgrove

Clarke,Mary T.,BD,25 Mar 64,1,4,21 Mar; 90th

Clarke,Olive Jean,M,26 Aug 64,8,1,Kennedy

Clarke,Olive Jean,M,19 Aug 64,17,4,Kennedy

Claus,Melvin A.,D,16 Jan 63,9,1,

Cleaver,Elsie,W,4 Mar 64,4,5,Falkins

Clemens,Laura Idella,D,24 Jul 63,7,2,Campbell

Clement,Rose,W,29 Nov 61,12,5,Goble

Cline,Maude,W,28 Jan 60,9,7,Craig

Cline,Robert Patrick,M,11 Dec 63,4,3,22 Nov; Sokyrka

Clinton,Janis Carole,E,8 Apr 64,6,3,18 Apr; Murphy

Clinton,Janis Carole,M,29 Apr 64,15,3,18 Apr; Murphy

Clinton,Minnie May,D,21 Mar 62,5,2,81st year

Cloes,Margaret,D,16 Oct 63,3,7,Bates

Cloes,Robert Norman,M,18 Aug 60,16,1,photo

Cloes,Robert Norman,M,18 Aug 60,5,1,30 Jul; Mansell

Clunas,Camby,IM,25 Feb 60,6,6,d 28 Feb 1953

Clunas,Camby, Mrs.,D,14 Mar 62,12,1,age 79

Clunas,Elizabeth,D,21 Mar 62,5,4,

Clunas,Fred,IM,5 Oct 60,6,8,d 2 Oct 1959

Clunas,Jack E.,M,16 Oct 63,7,2,5 Oct; Taylor

Coates,Susan,D,25 Feb 60,10,5,Low

Colborne,Elinor,M,28 Sep 60,5,2,Bell

Colcie,Myrna,M,10 Oct 62,8,1,Pearce

Cole,Caroline Anne,E,13 Nov 63,6,7,23 Nov; Funk

Cole,Charles J.,D,2 Oct 63,13,1,25 Sep; age 65

Cole,Ethel,D,25 Feb 60,3,5,age 78

Cole,Leslie Edwin,D,10 May 61,11,3,age 76

Cole,Susan,P,20 Nov 63,13,5,Kelley

Coleman,Carl Dunn,D,14 Jul 60,3,6,age 24

Coleman,Caroline Anne,M,4 Dec 63,13,4,23 Nov; Funk


Coleman,Helen Flossie,M,9 Aug 61,8,1,5 Aug; Jeffery

Coleman,Peggy,M,24 Oct 62,8,1,Grass

Coleman,Phyllis,W,28 Jan 60,1,3,Minor

Coleman,Sandra Lee,D,8 Apr 64,13,2,infant

Collard,Kenneth,M,17 Jun 64,10,4,Muma

Collings,John,A,11 Sep 63,8,3,9 Sep; 60th

Collinson,Sadie Elizabeth,W,21 Mar 62,5,3,Rokeby

Compton,Irene,W,16 Sep 64,8,4,Niblock

Compton,Lillian,D,18 Apr 62,7,1,Ostrander

Condon,Bessie,BD,18 Dec 63,11,7,90th

Condon,John W.,D,14 Aug 63,7,5,age 63

Conklin,Elizabeth,D,20 May 64,4,5,age 84

Connolly,Mary Ellen,A,22 Jan 64,1,6,Prendergast

Connor,Jack,IM,7 Jan 60,6,4,d 30 Dec 1955

Connor,Jack,IM,27 Dec 62,6,3,d 30 Dec 1955

Connor,son,IM,27 Dec 61,6,2,d 30 Dec 1955

Conway,Louisa,W,28 Aug 63,9,7,Garnham

Cook,Albert,D,18 Jul 62,3,3,64th year

Cook,Ida,D,14 Aug 63,7,5,95th year

Cook,Marjorie Marie,M,19 Jul 61,2,3,8 Jul; Hilliker

Cook,Mary Edna,D,23 Dec 63,8,2,Ker

Cook,nee,P,16 May 62,6,2,Hilliker

Cook,Sarah E.,P,6 Sep 61,1,3,Truman

Cookson,Flossie,P,26 Aug 64,8,3,Bradley

Coomber,Zelma Victoria,D,14 Dec 60,10,4,85th year

Coombs,Alice,W,15 Aug 62,14,5,Lindsay

Copeland,Bertha,P,16 Sep 64,8,5,Graham

Copeman,Marilyn Jean,M,14 Jul 60,4,1,1 Jul; Bennett

Corbett,Harry Louis,D,14 Oct 64,10,6,57th year

Corbett,Judith Carolyn,E,25 Oct 61,16,4,4 Nov; Gillow

Corless,Charles Eugene,M,29 Jul 64,9,4,Burston

Corless,James A., Mrs.,D,18 Mar 64,11,3,age 87

Corless,James,A,23 Dec 63,1,7,25 Dec; 56th

Corless,Margaret,D,25 Mar 64,11,6,

Corliss,Hazel,W,19 Oct 60,2,3,Whitcroft

Cornell,Eva,D,31 May 61,7,5,age 70


Cornish,Carol Ruth,B

Cornish,Harold,D,18 Sep 63,8,3,

Cornwall,Sisley,D,20 Nov 63,13,4,13 Nov; 88th year

Corporon,Nancy,P,3 Jan 62,2,2,Mann

Corrigan,John,M,7 Oct 64,7,7,30 Sep; Kostendt

Cosens,C.W.D., Mrs.,D,6 Dec 61,7,3, age 70

Cosens,Marguerite, Rev.,D,13 Sep 61,9,5,age 35

Coulter,George H.,D,4 Oct 61,8,6,age 80

Coulter,Walter P,M,7 Jan 60,5,1,26 Dec; photo

Courtney,Arthur, Mrs.,D,18 Mar 64,11,2,age 74

Cousins,Jemima,W,25 Jul 62,9,3,Roberts

Coussement,Germaine,D,3 Mar 60,4,6,d 21 Feb

Coussement,Germaine,D,25 Feb 60,1,3,

Cowan,Barbara Anne,M,17 Mar 60,3,1,5 Mar

Cox,Clarence Edward,D,28 Jan 60,10,7,age 69

Cox,Clarence E.,IM,22 Jan 64,6,6,d 24 Jan 1960

Cox,Lawrence H.,E,31 Jan 62,6,6,17 Feb; Smith

Cox,Lawrence,M,21 Feb 62,7,1,Smith

Cox,Mark L,P,14 Jan 60,1,8,Powers

Cox,Pearl,W,28 Oct 64,11,4,Potts

Coyle,Mary Clare,D,4 Sep 63,3,4,74th

Coysman,Marcel Maurice,E,8 Jan 64,6,3,McCallum

Craig,Louis,D,28 Jan 60,9,7,age 75

Craig,Mary Anne,P,28 Mar 62,2,4,Wereley

Craig,Thomas G,M,7 Jan 60,7,4,19 Dec; photo

Cram,Betty,P,25 Feb 60,6,8,Cornish

Cramp,Emma,P,31 May 61,7,5,Lloyd

Crane,Betty,M,26 Jul 61,10,2,1 Jul; Kapogines

Crane,Gertrude E.,W,10 May 61,1,5,McConnell

Crane,James D.,D,28 Jul 60,4,2,31st year

Craven,Hilda,A,19 Sep 62,5,1,McDowell

Craven,Hilda,W,9 Dec 64,6,8,McDowell

Crawford,Carmen Gwendol.,M,3 Mar 60,3,3,27 Feb; Cathers

Crawford,Ernest Gordon,E,20 Mar 63,6,4,6 Apr; Babcock

Crawford,Mabel Ellen,D,24 Jan 62,8,3,age 75

Crawford,Mary,P,26 Oct 60,7,3,McCourt

Crawford,Patricia Margaret,M,20 Nov 63,10,3,15 Nov; Martin

Crawford,William Bruce,D,8 Apr 64,13,2,age 57

Creces,Joseph,M,5 May 60,4,5,23 Apr; photo

Creed,John Derrick,E,14 Dec 60,6,6,14 Jan; Willison

Crevits,Bernadette,BD,13 Nov 63,1,8,65th

Crevits,Brian,D,25 Sep 63,8,4,age 5

Crevits,Theophiel, Mrs.,D,21 Feb 62,7,3,age 60

Crocker,Beatrice,A,18 Nov 64,1,5,Taylor

Croft,John Michael,B

Cromarty,Andrew,D,25 Feb 60,9,4,age 66

Cronin,Fern,D,22 Jan 64,3,5,72nd year

Cronk,Lulu,W,15 Sep 60,10,1,Snelgrove

Crosby,Gladys,W,3 Jan 62,2,1,Whitcroft

Crosby,Jean Marie,E,30 Sep 64,6,6,9 Oct; Makeiff

Crosby,Jean Marie,M,11 Nov 64,10,4,9 Oct; Makeiff

Crosley,Clarence Russell,M,16 Sep 64,9,4,5 Sep; Raven

Cross,Kevin Wayne,B,12 Jul 61,6,7,24 Jun

Crossman,Celia,W,29 Jul 64,7,4,Spurrell

Crouse,Eric,M,21 Oct 64,5,1,Blackmere

Crouse,Eric Arthur,E,9 Sep 64,6,3,Blackmere

Crozier,Marilla,P,26 Jul 61,7,4,Smith

Cudney,Ella May,W,27 Dec 62,7,2, Williams

Culp,Zelma Victoria,D,14 Dec 60,10,4,Coomber

Cummings,William Richard,M,19 Oct 60,4,4,Johnston

Cunningham,Shirley Isabelle,E,18 Jul 62,7,1,21 Jul; Haight

Currin,Alexandra Lee,B

Currin,Carlie Ann,B

Currin ,Elizabeth,M,19 Jun 63,9,4,1 Jun; Elgie

Curtis,Anna,P,2 May 62,11,3,Brackenbury

Cushman,Linda Lou,M,25 Mar 64,4,1,Stover

Cuthbert,Ellen,W,28 Dec 64,7,3,Brown

D’Hondt,Alice,D,8 Apr 64,13,2,age 85


Dadson,William A.,D,6 May 64,3,3,50th year

Dafoe,John C.,D,9 Aug 61,8,3,age 74

Dakins,Mary Louise,D,30 Oct 63,4,5,infant d/o Ronald

Dakins,Robert Francis,D,13 Sep 61,8,5,infant

Dakins,Robert Francis,D,20 Sep 61,8,6,infant

Dalby,Ruth Pearl,D,21 Jan 60,8,3,age 68, Buck

Dale,Brian Leslie,M,4 Oct 61,10,5,23 Sep; Franklin

Dalley,Melvin L.,D,25 Aug 60,1,6,

Danbrook,Carolyn,P,3 Oct 62,6,5,Holmes

Dance,J. Carlton,D,7 Nov 62,9,4,age 66

Dancey,Ernest,D,21 Jan 60,9,4,d 11 Jan; age 92

Dandurand,Lynda Lee,B,25 Oct 61,16,4,9 Oct

Daniel,Charles E.,IM,11 Mar 64,6,7,d 12 Mar 1963

Daniel,Charles E.,D,20 Mar 63,10,5,

Daniel,Wealtha C.,E,4 Apr 62,10,2,28 Apr; Martin

Daniel,Wealtha C.,M,16 May 62,3,4,28 Apr; Martin

Danko,Helen,W,18 Nov 64,12,3,Polgar

Darland,Richard Francis,M,26 Aug 64,4,2,8 Aug; Love

Darlington,Frances,A,21 Oct 64,1,4,Glover

Davenport,Lily Belle,D,30 Oct 63,4,4,Barker

Davenport,Pearl,P,28 Jul 60,4,2,Crane

David,Morley,M,4 Aug 60,4,1,23 Jul; Johnson

Davidson,Eliza,D,17 Jul 63,7,4,Roberts

Davidson,Hugh Kenneth,D,23 Jan 63,11,5,

Davidson,Ida M.,D,16 Jan 63,5,4,

Davidson,Violet,D,15 Sep 60,10,3,86th year

Davies,Paul Douglas,B

Davies,Paul Douglas,B

Davis,Anna M.,D,24 May 61,4,3,age 92

Davis,Bernice Grace,M,11 Aug 60,4,3,Abell

Davis,Bernice,P,4 Apr 62,10,8,Abell

Davis,Bruce LaVerne,M,25 Nov 64,7,3,McCutcheon

Davis,George T.,D,19 Sep 62,1,4,age 82

Davis,Herbert J.,D,27 Sep 61,16,8,

Davis,Herbert J.,D,20 Sep 61,9,4,age 66

Davis,Herbert,IM,12 Sep 62,6,6,d 18 Sep 1961

Davis,Herbert,IM,11 Sep 63,6,6,d 18 Sep 1961

Davis,Mary Jane,D,11 Jan 61,8,1,Rogers

Davis,Matilda,D,4 Sep 63,7,5,age 92

Dawson,Eva L.,D,15 Apr 64,12,4,9 Apr; age 84

Dean,Ira, Mrs.,D,10 Mar 60,1,6,d 5 Mar

Dean,Nellie Winnifred,D,13 Dec 61,11,3,Dunn

deBakker,Coleta,W,31 Jan 62,7,5,deRyk

DeBruyne,Marinum,M,24 Jan 62,9,2,17 Jan; Smit


DeCoene,Lyne Marie,B

DeCoutere,Raymond,M,21 Feb 62,8,3,8 Feb; Anseeuw

Deener,Lamberdina,D,27 Jun 62,3,3,Mezenberg

DeGroat,Luella Maxine,M,19 Sep 62,4,1,Johnson

DeGroot,John C.,M,21 Oct 64,10,3,9 Oct; Westerterp

DeKeyzer,Martin,M,3 Mar 60,12,8,27 Feb; Gray

DeKraker,Corrie,M,27 Mar 63,3,3,22 Mar; Hulst

DeLeenans,Constant,D,11 Mar 64,1,8,age 44

Dell,Elizabeth,IM,28 Sep 60,6,7,d 1 Oct 1954

Dell,Elizabeth M.,IM,27 Sep 61,6,7,d 1 Oct 1954

Dell,Elizabeth,IM,9 May 62,6,7,d 1 Oct 1954

Dell,Elizabeth,IM,30 Sep 64,6,7,d 1 Oct 1954

Delodder,Willy,M,7 Mar 62,3,1,10 Feb; Mermuys

DeMaere,Adolf,A,18 Dec 62,1,4,50th

Demetrulias,Demetra,M,8 Apr 64,4,3,Mechas

den Hollander,Aletta,M,24 Sep 62,8,2,Hochstenbach

DenHarder,John,M,7 Oct 64,10,3,2 Oct; Wiebenga

DenHarder,Maria,M,3 Oct 62,13,1,26 Sep; Mantel

Denhartog,Nicholas,M,2 Sep 64,8,4,29 Aug; Hulst

Dennis,Nancy Jane,W,22 Nov 61,10,2,Smithson

Denton,Laura,A,5 May 60,1,3,50th; Moore

Denton,Laura,A,21 Apr 60,1,1,50th; Moore

Deo,Ethel,D,2 Dec 64,14,4,Grass

deRyk,Erna Mary,M,12 Apr 61,10,1,Maracle

deRyk,Petrus,D,7 Feb 62,7,4,

deRyk,Petrus,D,31 Jan 62,7,5,age 59

DeRyk,Anne-Marie,D,4 Nov 64,3,1,

DeRyk,Anne-Marie G.,D,28 Oct 64,11,7,age 6 weeks

DeRyk,Paul,M,23 Jun 60,7,3,Schaap; photo

DeSchampheleer,Irene,M,29 Nov 61,5,1,Vanderhaeghe

DeSylva,Marie Theresa,M,2 Dec 64,9,7,Hochstenbach



Devine,Deborah Ann,B

Devine,Jeannine,P,15 Aug 62,6,3,Brunette

Devine,Terrance Raymond,E,5 Aug 64,6,4,5 Sep; White

Devine,Terrence R.,M,16 Sep 64,5,2,White

Devolon,Ellen,P,20 Sep 61,9,3,Hobson

DeVries,Hilda,M,9 Oct 63,10,3,4 Oct; Kok

Dickerson,Gary Robert,B

Dickerson,Michael Edward,B

Dickson,Gary M.,M,4 Dec 63,5,3,29 Nov; Smith

Dickson,Gary Michael,E,13 Nov 63,6,7,27 Nov; Smith

Dickson,Patricia,D,25 Jul 62,9,2,age 15

Disbrowe,Edna M.,D,13 Nov 63,2,3,age 52

Disher,Lottie,W,11 Jul 62,8,4,Barber

Dixon,Arthur R.,D,11 Aug 60,3,3,age 66

Doan,Cyril,A,24 Jun 64,12,3,50th

Doan,Nancy,P,28 Jul 60,4,2, Crane

Doan,Rochelle,M,7 Jan 60,7,4,19 Dec; photo

Dobbie,Mary Margaret,M,1 Aug 62,7,3,28 Jul; Gubesch

Dobbie,Mary Margaret,E,18 Jul 62,7,1,28 Jul; Gubesch

Dobson,Jane,P,2 Dec 64,14,4,Lorch

Does,Peter John,M,2 Sep 64,4,3,Hansebout

Dohnt,Edward S.,E,11 Aug 60,6,6,20 Aug; Horton

Dohnt,Edward S.,M,21 Sep 60,7,5,Horton

Dohnt,Reine Richard,M,17 Jun 64,3,2,15 May; Gault

Dohnt,Reine Richard,E,6 May 64,6,8,15 May; Gault

Donaldson,Electa Mae,D,4 Aug 60,3,2,age 76, Taylor

Donkers,Helena,E,25 Mar 64,6,4,Mezenberg

Donkers,Helena,M,13 May 64,18,3,Mezenberg

Doolidge,Shirley,M,7 Dec 60,10,1,24 Nov; Anseeuw

Doolittle,Mary,P,27 Dec 62,7,2,Williams

Doolittle,Sarah Jane,D,18 Oct 61,10,4,Parker

Doolittle,Thomas,D,12 Apr 61,3,4,age 88

Doonan,Bonnie Lee,E,21 Oct 64,6,6,27 Nov; Blain

Doonan,Bonnie Lee,M,16 Dec 64,13,4,27 Nov; Blain

Dopp,John Christopher,B

Dougherty,Muriel,W,14 Jun61,10,1,Philips

Douglas,Isabella,D,6 Jun 62,10,1,Laidlaw

Douglas,Sarah,D,15 Jan 64,9,2,Marlatt

Dowler,Jonathan, Mrs.,D,14 Jul 60,1,8,age 81

Doyle,James A.,D,20 Mar 63,7,3,age 68

Drake,Donna,P,10 May 61,6,5,Skoreiko

Drenth,Christey Ann,B,31 Oct 62,6,4,26 Oct

Driessen,Geraldine G.,D,13 Nov 63,2,3,age 9 weeks

Drummond,Carl Douglas,B,11 Nov 64,6,4,5 Nov

Drummond,Douglas,M,19 Jun 63,3,1,15 Jun; Welter

Dryer,Robert Bruce,B,4 Aug 60,6,4,22 Jul

Duff,Alexander,D,11 Mar 64,5,3,82nd year

Duff,Andrew,D,24 Jun 64,3,6,age 66

Duff,Robert Leonard ,M,15 Jul 64,7,5,4 Jul; Land

Dumez,Janice Anne,B,9 May 62,8,4,3 May

Dumez,Janice Anne,B,16 May 62,6,2,3 May

Duncan,Elizabeth,W,28 Aug 63,9,6,Pope

Dundas,Mary Elizabeth,D,18 Dec 62,16,5,Morris

Dunkin,Harry William,D,15 Jan 64,9,3,age 65

Dunlop,Eileen,D,31 Jul 63,10,3,Ruttan

Dunlop,Marjorie,W,7 Dec 60,15,3,Thompson

Dunlop,R. Torrance,D,6 May 64,3,2,age 77

Dunn,Bertha,W,12 May 60,1,4,Westover

Dunn,Ernest Jas Edwin,E,2 May 62,6,5,25 May; Gray

Dunn,Harriet,P,9 Aug 61,8,4,Fishleigh

Dunn,Mr. [not given],IM,25 Jul 62,6,7,d 29 Jul 1961

Dunn,Nellie Winnifred,D,13 Dec 61,11,3,age 84

Dunn,Ralph,IM,24 Jul 63,6,3,d 29 Jul 1961

Dunn,Ralph,IM,22 Jul 64,6,4,d 29 Jul 1961

Dunn,Ralph,IM,5 Aug 64,6,3,d 29 Jul 1961

Dunning,Olive,W,14 Jun 61,10,3,McKinney

Durdin,Charles,D,4 Aug 60,3,2,

Durdle,Loretta,D,11 Apr 62,11,4,age 85

Durkee,Donald,M,12 Jul 61,7,6,Albrant

Durkee,Henry Myron,D,25 Jul 62,9,1,90th year


Dykstra,Cecil,E,12 Apr 61,6,8,29 Apr; Howey

Dykstra,Cecil,M,10 May 61,2,1,29 Apr; Howey

Dykstra,Dorothy Anne,M,11 Nov 64,4,4,10 Oct; Reymer

Dykstra,Durk,E,20 Sep 61,6,6,14 Oct; Howey

Dykstra,Durk A.,M,25 Oct 61,11,5,14 Oct; Howey

Dykxhoorn,Corry [?],M,14 Aug 63,12,1,Vannoord

Eagen,Anne May,W,13 Dec 61,11,3,Widner

Earl,May,A,14 Mar 62,6,5,60th ;Travis

Eastabrook,Thurza,P,8 Sep 60,3,2,Taylor

Eastman,Frances,P,27 Sep 61,6,8,Reeves

Ebben,Mary,M,18 Oct 61,2,3,7 Oct; Versteegen

Edison,Carolyn,P,13 May 64,6,6,Niblock

Edison,Harriet L.,D,30 Dec 63,2,3,24 Dec; age 88

Edmonds,Elizabeth,W,23 Sep 64,3,2,Gibson

Edmonds,Kathryn L.,M,15 Aug 62,4,7,6 Aug; Ward

Edmonds,Rachel,A,1 Nov 61,9,4,Smith

Elgie,Carol,P,8Jul 64,6,3,Bradley

Elgie,Robert,M,19 Jun 63,9,4,1 Jun; Currin

Elgie,Solon H., Mrs.,D,11 Nov 64,9,4,age 69

Elison,Catherine,P,14 Mar 62,12,1,Baughman

Elley,Richard, Mrs.,D,14 Jun 61,10,3,7 Jun; 68th year

Ellington,Eva Alice,D,23 Dec 63,8,1,age 78

Ellington,John W.,M,20 Sep 61,11,4,McDonald

Ellis,Edwin Bruce,M,21 Jul 60,5,4,9 Jul; Smith

Ellis,Margaret M.,D,23 Dec 63,8,1,age 75

Ellsworth,Aylmer,D,21 Dec 64,9,1,age 84

Ellsworth,Aylmer,D,28 Dec 64,7,3,

Ellsworth,Grace,D,4 Jul 62,4,6,Marr

Ellsworth,Margaret Jane,E,19 Aug 64,14,5,19 Sep; Schmitz

Ellsworth,Margaret Jane,M,30 Sep 64,9,3,19 Sep; Schmitz

Ellsworth,Nora,D,3 Jan 62,2,2,Mann

Emmett,Robert Timothy,B

Empey,Evelyn Averna,W,2 May 62,11,3,Brackenbury

Empey,Jack C.,E,12 Dec 62,6,5,Vermeersch

Empey,Margaret Eliz’th,D,14 Oct 64,10,5,Binding

Empey,Maude,D,18 Jan 61,7,3,Ruckle

Engelhardt,Kimberly Ann M,B

England,Donna,M,24 Jun 64,13,4,Irwin

England,Sandra Lynn,B

English,Annie,D,19 Oct 60,2,5,Millard

Ens,Emma,IM,28 Jan 60,6,5,d 26 Jan 1948

Ens,Emma,IM,17 Jan 62,6,5,d 26 Jan 1948

Ens,Emma,IM,23 Jan 63,6,5,d 26 Jan 1948

Ens,Emma,IM,22 Jan 64,6,6,d 26 Jan 1948

Ens,Josephine,M,21 Mar 62,8,5,17 Mar; Fehr

Ens,nee,P,6 Dec 61,6,5,Strickland

Esseltine,Charles, Mrs.,D,17 Jun 64,8,4,age 65

Esseltine,Frances,P,1 Aug 62,9,4,Johnston

Esseltine,Orlie Ruth,M,2 Dec 64,4,5,Vandenbrink

Ethelston,Betty Jane,E,16 Sep 64,6,7,10 Oct; Norman

Ethelston,Betty Jane,M,21 Oct 64,9,3,10 Oct; Norman

Ethelstone,Susan Marie,B,17 May 61,6,8,

Eus,Angelo,M,16 Nov 60,4,4,Mozigemba

Evans,Mary Ellen,P,28 Dec 64,7,4,Beechey

Everitt,Alma,A,18 Mar 64,1,5,Locker

Everitt,Louise,D,6 Feb 63,3,5,29 Jan; age 82

Everitt,Mary Abigail,W,20 Sep 61,8,4,Kennedy

Evert,Flossie,A,18 Jan 61,1,5,50th; Phillimore

Evert,Harley, Mrs.,D,23 Jan 63,11,4,age 71

Evert,Mary,P,27 Dec 61,7,4,Briest

Evert,Mary,P,9 May 62,8,5,Moore

Ewin,Winnie,W,14 Aug 63,7,5,Secord

Fabi,Martin,M,18 Jul 62,5,3,7 Jul; Mergler

Fabian,David Michael,D,30 Dec 63,2,2,24 Dec; infant

Fabian,Michael Edmund,M,9 Nov 60,8,1,Irwin

Fabian,Stephen Michael,B

Faclaris,Peter,M,3 Mar 60,5,2,7 Feb; Gettas

Fairbairn,Elliott,D,24 Jun 64,3,6,age 70

Falkins,Eula Mae,M,5 May 60,9,5,30 Apr; Tuff

Falkins,Eula Mae,M,12 May 60,11,3,Tuff; photo

Falkins,Eula,P,17 May 61,6,8,Tuff

Falkins,Frederick,D,10 Mar 60,1,8,age 58

Falkins,John William,D,4 Mar 64,4,5,62nd year

Fallowfield,George,D,7 Aug 63,1,1,age 69

Fallowfield,son,B,25 Mar 64,6,4,

Fanning,Amy,W,12 Dec 62,4,6,Tisdall

Fanshaw,Katherine Dorothy,W,20 May 64,4,5,Wright

Faragher,Paul,M,7 Jan 60,8,1,26 Dec; photo

Farr,Mary Jane,P,6 Sep 61,5,4,Gillett

Farrow,Edith Anita,E,26 May 60,6,6,11 Jun Swartman

Farrow,Edith Anita,M,23 Jun 60,5,7,Swartman

Farrow,Sarah Jane,D,14 Jul 60,3,5,Kilgour

Farrow,Vernon, Mrs.,D,30 Jan 63,3,6,84th year

Fathergill,Nancy Bell,D,12 Aug 64,8,5,Jones

Faw,Michael Kenneth,B

Faw,Murray Eugene,M,26 May 60,8,3,14 May; Toombs

Fear,William,D,31 Jan 62,1,4,age 83

Feddema,Jean,M,19 Jul 61,5,3,8 Jul; Roszell

Feen,Matilda,D,29 Mar 61,9,5,age 87

Fehr,Jake,M,21 Mar 62,8,5,17 Mar; Ens


Fellows,Joseph,D,28 Nov 62,4,3,age 64

Fenn,Matilda A.,D,5 Apr 61,3,3,

Fentie,Mabel,W,27 Mar 63,8,3,Haycock

Fenton,Eleanor Eunice,M,2 Dec 64,14,5,Rath

Ferguson,Alice,D,21 Apr 60,11,2,age 70

Ferguson,daughter,B,4 Apr 62,10,8,3 Apr

Ferguson,Dora,D,15 Jan 64,9,1,Willison

Ferguson,Enid Claire,E,14 Dec 60,6,6,Smale

Ferguson,Hazel,W,6 Feb 63,3,5,McCallum

Ferguson,John L.,D,26 May 60,5,4,

Ferguson,John L.,D,12 May 60,6,8,78th year

Ferguson,John Garfield,B,20 Sep 61,6,6,6 Sep

Ferguson,Mark Russell M.,B,19 Sep 62,6,7,7 Sep

Ferguson,Mary,P,17 Oct 62,3,4,Wingrove

Ferguson,Maxine Roberta,E,16 Sep 64,7,3,10 Oct; Balazs

Ferguson,Maxine Roberta,M,14 Oct 64,10,3,10 Oct; Balazs

Ferguson,Noble,A,18 Sep 63,3,1,60th

Ferguson,O. A.,D,1 Nov 61,9,3,

Ferguson,Robert J.,D,28 Jul 60,4,1,age 81

Ferguson,[Mr. – not given] ,IM,21 Feb 62,6,4,d 23 Feb 1961

Fern,Cecilia,D,4 Mar 64,4,5,Taylor

Ferris,Arthur, Mrs.,D,19 Apr 61,8,5,age 64


Ferris,Shirley Marie,E,21 Jul 60,6,8,30 Jul; Brown

Ferris,Shirley Marie,M,11 Aug 60,5,5,30 Jul; Brown

Ferris,William, Mrs.,D,25 Nov 64,16,6,age 49

Ferris,William, Mrs.,D,2 Dec 64,14,3,

Fewster,Robert S,D,11 Feb 60,3,4,74th year

Fick,Arthur, Mrs.,D,16 Nov 60,16,5,age 65

Fick,Elizabeth,W,18 Apr 62,13,6,Rickwood

Fick,Gerald R.,D,20 Mar 63,7,4,infant

Fick,Leamon,D,16 May 62,10,3,age 84

Fick,Maggie Jane,W,27 Jun 62,3,3,Hazen

Filby,William A.,D,30 Dec 63,2,4,23 Dec; 61st year

Filer,Samuel Alfred,IM,4 Feb 60,6,5,d 3 Feb 1959

Filer,Samuel A.,IM,31 Jan 62,6,6,d 3 Feb 1958

Finch,Earl,D,31 Jul 63,10,3,age 54

Finch,Evert,D,17 Jan 62,1,8,29 Dec; age 84

Firby,Edith,D,11 Jul 62,8,4,age 88

Firby,Julia,M,6 Dec 61,8,1,25 Nov; Wall

Firby,Mildred,W,18 Dec 63,12,6,Smith

Firby,Pearl Elizabeth,W,31 Jan 62,7,4,Holtby

Firlotte,Peter,D,11 Mar 64,1,8,age 73

Fischer,Sylvia Diane,M,18 Oct 61,7,4,30 Sep; Wittet

Fischer,Sylvia,P,13 Nov 63,6,3,Wittet

Fishback,William Harold,M,7 Oct 64,4,7,Stover

Fisher,Louis F.,M,10 Jan 62,2,4,McIntyre

Fishleigh,Albert,D,9 Aug 61,8,4,80th year

Fitch,Emma,A,14 Feb 62,2,3,Porter

Fitches,Carol Elizabeth,E,5 Dec 62,12,3,22 Dec; Baxter

Fitches,Carol Elizabeth,M,27 Dec 62,2,4,Baxter

Fitzpatrick,Bertha,D,14 Feb 62,8,4,

Fitzpatrick,Bertha,D,7 Feb 62,6,7,age 80

Flagel,Irene,M,7 Oct 64,4,1,19 Sep; Carter

Flagg,Elva,D,1 Aug 62,6,7,Porter

Flagg,Eva,W,28 Jul 60,4,2,Porter

Flagg,George,A,6 Dec 61,1,8,40th

Flagg,George,A,29 Nov 61,12,3,40th

Flagg,Stanley,IM,10 Jun 64,6,5,d 13 Jun 1959

Fleck,John Robert,M,8 Jul 64,7,2,Taylor

Fleck,John Robert,M,15 Jul 64,8,3,Taylor

Fleck,John Robert,E,27 May 64,6,5,27 Jun; Taylor

Flegel,Irene Anne,E,19 Aug 64,14,5,19 Sep; Carter

Fleming,Andrew,D,24 Jun 64,3,1,age 63

Fleming,Andrew,D,17 Jun 64,1,7,

Fleming,Clara,D,10 May 61,11,4,Zavitz

Fleming,Fred,A,2 Nov 60,9,5,45th

Fleming,Mabel,W,7 Nov 62,12,1,Wye

Fleming,Robert,M,4 Nov 64,12,2,31 Oct; Player

Fletcher,Daniel Richard,B

Flueling,Louisa,A,20 Sep 61,1,5,Buck

Follick,Joyce,P,19 Jul 61,3,5,Killough

Folweiler,Katherine,W,4 Dec 63,3,3,Rohman

Forbes,Daisy Rosetta,D,7 Feb 62,1,2,age 73

Ford,Elmer, Rev.,A,21 Aug 63,2,3,14 Aug; 50th

Ford,Robert J.,D,18 Mar 64,11,1,age 65

Ford,Velma,D,11 Jul 62,8,5,77th year; 7 Jul

Foreman,Mary Ann,D,6 Sep 61,5,5,Taylor

Forsel,Rosina,D,5 May 60,3,3,

Foster,Dorothy,W,9 Dec 64,6,7,Atkinson

Foster,Ed,A,22 Apr 64,10,4,55th

Foster,Thomas Herbert,D,3 Oct 62,4,4,age 67

Foucault,Carol Ann,M,25 Oct 61,20,1,14 Oct; Hodgson

Fowler,Bruce,D,19 Sep 62,1,3,age 21

Fowler,Charles, Mrs.,D,29 Mar 61,9,4,58th year

Fowler,Lee,D,19 Sep 62,1,3,age 23

Fox,James Peter,M,13 Nov 63,7,3,Harper

Fox,James Peter,E,23 Oct 63,14,6,9 Nov; Summers

Franck,Maureen,E,16 Sep 64,6,7,26 Sep; Scott

Frank,Vivian,W,13 Jun 62,14,3,McGill

Franklin,Eva May,IM,6 Sep 61,6,5,d 5 Sep 1957

Franklin,Eva May,IM,5 Sep 62,6,6,d 5 Sep 1957

Franklin,Margaret,D,2 May 62,10,4,age 42

Franklin,Paul LeRoy,M,18 Apr 62,3,3,7 Apr; Norris

Franklin,Ronald George,M,26 Jul 61,8,1,8 Jul; Wackley

Franklin,Shirley Anne,M,4 Oct 61,10,5,23 Sep; Dale

Frayne,Percy R.,M,6 Feb 63,6,7,2 Feb; Garnham

Frederickson,Mildred,W,14 Aug 63,7,5,Condon

Fredin,Marion Louise,E,31 May 61,6,8,17 Jun; Brooks

Freeman,Herbert, Mrs.,D,5 Apr 61,3,4,age 92

French,Hattie,D,16 Dec 64,12,3,Meeuse

Frew,James M.,M,28 Nov 62,5,3,17 Nov; Jukes

Frew,James M.,E,7 Nov 62,6,5,Jukes

Friesen,Susan,D,15 Jul 64,11,3,infant, b 30 Jun

Fugard,Frank E.,D,17 May 61,7,5,

Fugard,Ronald William,E,29 Jun 64,6,4,25 Jul; Young

Fugard,Ronald William,M,12 Aug 64,5,1,25 Jul; Young

Fulcher,Janet,D,12 May 60,10,4,age 76

Fuller,Flossie,D,8 Jan 64,8,4,86th year

Funk,Herman W.,E,13 Nov 63,6,7,23 Nov; Cole

Funk,Herman H.,M,4 Dec 63,13,4,23 Nov; Coleman

Funk,Peter H. J.,D,3 Jun 64,3,5,age 60

Furse,Audrey,W,13 Sep 61,8,5,Lindsay

Gable,Elizabeth,D,20 May 64,4,5,Conklin

Gable,Mary Josephine,D,27 Sep 61,6,8,Reeves

Gagen,Annie,W,17 Jul 63,7,4,Olsen

Gallagher,John A.,D,4 Nov 64,3,2,age 66

Gardner,Patricia Nan,M,5 Apr 61,5,6,Shaw

Gardner,Patricia Nan,M,12 Apr 61,8,3,1 Apr; Shaw

Garlick,Alvin,M,31 May 61,4,4,Campbell

Garlick,Donald Kevin,B

Garner,Carrie,W,20 Sep 61,9,3,Ball

Garner,Harry Donald,M,31 May 61,4,3,Pulley

Garner,Harry,M,24 May 61,9,6,Pulley

Garner,Velma,D,11 Aug 60,10,3,age 94; White

Garnham,George S.,D,28 Aug 63,9,7,age 90

Garnham,Ida,M,6 Feb 63,6,7,2 Feb; Frayne

Garnham,Lewis,D,15 Aug 62,12,6,age 76

Garnham,Mary Clare,D,4 Sep 63,3,4,Coyle

Garton,Edward D.,A,10 Mar 60,10,3,68th

Garvey,Ethel,W,25 Feb 60,12,2,Brown

Gaudette,Heather Marie,B,23 Jun 60,6,7,b 9 Jun

Gaul,Myron Raymond,E,24 Jun 64,13,4,11 Jul; Keillor

Gault,Carolyn Louise,M,17 Jun 64,3,2,15 May; Dohnt

Gault,Carolyn Louise,E,6 May 64,6,8,15 May; Dohnt

Gaulton,Violet,W,6 May 64,3,3,Dadson

Gavey,Danny Edward,B,21 Feb 62,6,7,10 Feb

Gavey,Debra Eileen,B

Gavey,Raymond,M,13 Sep 61,8,3,19 Aug; Ostland

Gavey,Raymond N.,E,19 Jul 61,6,8,19 Aug; Ostland

Gaylord,Frances,D,19 May 60,9,3,

Gaylord,Frances,D,12 May 60,4,3,

Gehring,Elizabeth,P,13 Nov 63,2,3,Hiepleh

Geldhof,Sonia,M,14 Nov 62,3,4,10 Nov; Oslach


George,Peter Andrew,B

Georgeff,Lynn Ruth,B

Gettas,Vula,M,3 Mar 60,5,2,7 Feb; Faclaris

Gibbons,Evelyn Rose M.,M,25 Sep 63,7,4,21 Sep; Poulton

Gibbons,James,M,17 Jul 63,3,5,13 Jun; Barham

Gibbons,Linda Joanne,M,24 Sep 62,10,7,Whitcroft

Gibbons,Lynda Joanne,E,5 Sep 62,6,6,Whitcroft

Gibbons,Muriel,P,23 Jun 60,6,7,Brandow

Gibson,Esther A.,D,18 Dec 62,3,6,age 75

Gibson,Herbert,D,23 Sep 64,3,2,79th year

Gibson,Sydney,D,2 Nov 60,9,4,age 65

Gibson,Sydney,D,9 Nov 60,7,3,

Gibson,Sydney,IM,25 Oct 61,6,6,d 30 Oct 1960

Gibson,Sydney,IM,24 Oct 62,6,5,d 30 Oct 1960

Gibson,Sydney,IM,30 Oct 63,12,4,d 30 Oct 1960

Gielen,Cornelius,D,29 Jul 64,7,3,

Giesbrecht,illegible,B,2 Sep 64,6,4,30 Aug

Gilbert,Kenneth,M,21 Sep 60,7,5,Henderson

Gilbert,Kenneth Ross,E,1 Sep 60,6,8,Henderson

Gilchrist,Patsy,W,26 Jul 61,1,1,Herman

Gildhof,Roger,M,13 Jun 62,8,3,9 Jun; Lamers

Gillard,Hazel,W,29 Jan 64,8,4,McQuiggan

Gillett,Ada,D,4 Dec 63,3,1,age 86

Gillett,Adelia,P,22 Jan 64,3,5,

Gillett,Cora,IM,3 Mar 60,6,5,d 6 Mar 1958

Gillett,Cora,IM,7 Mar 62,6,6,d 6 Mar 1958

Gillett,Cora Adell,IM,4 Mar 64,6,6,d 6 Mar 1958

Gillett,Debbie Lynn,B

Gillett,Harley M.,D,13 Sep 61,9,6,

Gillett,Harley Mansfield,D,6 Sep 61,5,4,age 81

Gillett,Jack,A,10 Jan 62,6,6,25th

Gillett,John,IM,7 Mar 62,6,6,d 1 Aug 1952

Gillett,John Wilson,IM,4 Mar 64,6,6,d 1 Aug 1952

Gillow,Gordon Douglas,E,25 Oct 61,16,4,4 Nov; Corbett

Gilmour,Gladys,W,9 May 62,11,6,Stanton

Gladdish,Lucy,D,20 Mar 63,10,5,age 89

Glashill [Blashill?],Charlotte,D,14 Mar 62,12,1,Baughman

Glenister,Bonita Marlene,E,4 Sep 63,6,3,21 Sep; Nunn

Glenister,Bonita,M,25 Sep 63,10,1,Nunn

Glenister,Douglas,M,24 Sep 62,9,1,Rice

Glenister,Gordon,A,2 Dec 64,1,8,25th

Glennister,Loni Deneen,B,25 Nov 64,6,5,3 Nov

Glover,Alice Marilyn,E,9 May 62,6,8,26 May; Ruckle

Glover,Alice Marilyn,M,13 Jun 62,11,1,26 May; Ruckle

Glover,Alice Marilyn,M,6 Jun 62,7,4,26 May; Ruckle

Glover,James,A,21 Oct 64,1,4,28 Oct; 50th

Goble,David Grant,E,29 Jul 64,6,7,29 Aug; Learn

Goble,David Grant,M,2 Sep 64,8,6,Learn

Goble,Harvey,D,6 Dec 61,7,3,

Goble,Harvey,D,29 Nov 61,12,5,age 66

Godby,Oliver Hardy,D,27 Dec 61,7,3,81st year

Goethals,Arthur,M,23 Oct 63,4,4,bride illegible

Goodhand,Edgar,D,10 May 61,11,4,86th year

Goossens,Edna M.,M,30 May 62,3,5,Van Loy

Gordon,Rose,D,25 Oct 61,17,1,age 99

Gorvett,Harvey,D,21 Dec 64,9,2,age 76

Gower,Gertrude Arena,IM,25 Aug 60,6,4,d 31 Aug 1958

Gower,James, Mrs.,D,28 Nov 62,8,7,age 80

Graham,Allan Neil,E,10 Mar 60,6,6,2 Apr; Jones

Graham,Edith,D,16 Sep 64,8,5,87th year

Graham,Elizabeth,P,18 Apr 62,7,1,Wheaton

Graham,Mary Louisa,D,8 Apr 64,13,3,age 90

Grainger,George,D,12 Dec 62,4,6,age 62

Grainger,John,D,17 Mar 60,14,5,age 50

Grandy,Lorne H.,D,8 Apr 64,13,2,age 63

Grandy,Lorne H.,D,15 Apr 64,12,4,

Grant,David Winston,M,29 Jul 64,11,7,Shaver

Grant,Lloyd D.,D,21 Apr 60,1,6,

Grass,Donald William,M,24 Oct 62,8,1,Coleman

Grass,Ethel,D,2 Dec 64,14,4,age 88

Grass,Lucy Estelle,D,9 Nov 60,7,3,Lefler

Grass,Marjorie,M,28 Oct 64,12,3,8 Oct; Lauwerier

Grass,Peggy Diana,B

Graves,W. Harold,D,7 Nov 62,12,1,age 61

Grawburg,Darius Clarence,D,19 Aug 64,8,3,age 63

Gray,Deanna,M,3 Mar 60,12,8,27 Feb; DeKeyzer

Gray,Larry Eugene,M,6 Feb 63,2,7,23 Dec 62; Hull

Gray,Mary Jane,E,2 May 62,6,5,25 May; Dunn

Green,Alma Jane,M,16 Nov 60,5,4,Griffith

Green,Edna J.,D,26 Aug 64,8,4,Stansell

Green,Frederick John,D,26 Jul 61,7,3,age 53

Green,Karen Gail,E,11 Mar 64,6,4,4 Apr; Kinsey

Greenwood,Brenda Lee,D,12 Sep 62,8,5,infant

Greer,Albert Edward,D,16 Nov 60,16,5,5 Nov

Greer,Ross Clarence,M,20 Sep 61,4,3,18 Aug; Buck

Gregg,S. Harley,D,12 Jul 61,7,4,

Gregory,Francis R.,D,12 May 60,1,1,age 79

Griffin,Claude,D,11 Nov 64,9,3,1 Nov

Griffin,Claude,D,4 Nov 64,3,2,age 81

Griffin,Edith,D,23 Oct 63,8,3,age 94

Griffin,Eleanor L.,M,12 Sep 62,5,1,1 Sep; Anderson

Griffin,Eleanor Lydia,E,1 Aug 62,6,5,1 Sep; Anderson

Griffith,Ronald Terry,M,16 Nov 60,5,4,Green

Griggs,Clarence,D,13 May 64,19,3,

Griggs,Clarence,D,6 May 64,6,6,age 53

Grinnell,Gertrude,D,23 May 62,3,4,North

Grinsted,Charlotte,D,15 Jul 64,11,2,90th year

Grinsted,Harry,IM,17 Jan 62,6,5,d 16 Jan 1948

Grinsted,Harry,IM,11 Jan 61,6,2,d 16 Jan 1948

Grinsted,Mr [not given],IM,14 Jan 60,6,6,d 15 Jan 1948

Gritter,James,M,12 Sep 62,2,3,Broer

Groat,Cheryl,M,15 Jul 64,7,1,1 Jul; Wilson

Gross,Margaret Louise,W,21 Feb 62,7,4,Youngs

Groves,twin sons,B,17 Oct 62,6,4,16 Oct

Gubesch,John,E,18 Jul 62,7,1,28 Jul; Dobbie

Gubesch,John,M,1 Aug 62,7,3,28 Jul; Dobbie

Gubesch,John,D,22 Apr 64,4,3,age 60

Guest,Roy Ashley,D,12 Jul 61,7,5,age 68

Gunn,John McKay,M,23 Jun 60,2,7,Millard

Gunstone,Edith B.,D,29 Jan 64,8,3,87th year

Gurr,Marlene Lois,B

Guthrie,Mary,P,7 Mar 62,9,1,McLachlin

Gutovsky,Gustav,D,16 Jan 63,9,1,

Guy,Mattie,D,20 Mar 63,7,3,age 87

Guy,Mattie,D,27 Mar 63,8,4,

Guy,Noel H.,D,18 Oct 61,10,4,

Gyorty,Margaret,W,21 Oct 64,10,5,Revesz

Gyuricza,Kataline,D,17 Jan 62,8,4,age 88

Gyuricza,Kataline,D,24 Jan 62,8,4,

Haak,F. W., Rev.,A,4 Jul 62,1,3,25th

Haas,Helen,D,29 Mar 61,9,5,Kristoff

Habkirk,Betty Joan,M,5 Oct 60,7,1,Holden

Hagell,Betty,P,27 May 64,6,4,Lindsay

Hagen,Clara,D,12 Jul 61,7,4,Stevenson

Haggan,Adelaide,D,1 Nov 61,8,4,Hankinson

Haggan,Fred,A,24 Sep 62,1,4,26 Sep; 50th

Haggan,Fred,D,9 Oct 63,8,3,age 72

Hague,Horace, Mrs.,D,3 Jun 64,3,5,66th year

Haight,Carmon Edward,E,18 Jul 62,7,1,Cunningham


Hainer,Victoria E.,M,31 Jul 63,3,3,Pendreigh

Haines,Hannah,P,4 Feb 60,11,2,McDermand

Haines,Peter,M,22 Jul 64,4,1,bride illegible

Hale,Harry,D,7 Jun 61,9,2,

Halewick,Katherine,W,4 Dec 63,3,2,Lysko

Hall,Elizabeth,P,2 Dec 64,14,5,VanPatter

Halpenny,D. M., Mrs.,D,21 Aug 63,9,4,age 72

Halpin,Betty Lou,E,27 May 64,6,5,13 Jun; Heslop

Hambly,Amy,D,7 Dec 60,15,3,

Hambly,Milton, Mrs.,D,30 Nov 60,10,3,age 72

Hamilton,Doreen,W,19 Aug 64,8,4,White

Hammond,Albert, Mrs.,D,6 Jun 62,10,3,

Hammond,Albert, Mrs.,D,30 May 62,7,1,age 49

Hammond,Carolyn Elaine,B,22 Jan 64,6,4,8 Jan

Haney,Derinda,D,27 Dec 62,7,2,

Hankinson,Adelaide,D,1 Nov 61,8,4,age 94

Hankinson,Ella,D,29 Jun 64,5,2,19 Jun; age 91

Hankinson,Mary Jane,P,12 Sep 62,8,6,McConkey

Hanna,Thomas,D,27 May 64,11,2,age 87

Hannigan,David Robert,B

Hansebout,Adrianna,D,18 Jul 62,1,8,Verhoeve

Hansebout,Loretta Roberta,M,2 Sep 64,4,3,29 Aug; Does


Hardy,Ethel,D,29 Mar 61,1,5,

Hare,W. H., Mrs,D,7 Jan 60,2,6,26 Dec, 79th yr

Harkes,Joseph B.,IM,10 Mar 60,6,5,d 8 Mar 1949

Harkes,Joseph Bell,IM,21 Mar 62,6,6,d 8 Mar 1949

Harkes,Joseph B.,IM,11 Mar 64,6,8,d 8 Mar 1949

Harkes,Joseph Bell,IM,27 Mar 63,6,6,d 8 Mar 1949

Harkes,Mr. [not given],IM,7 Mar 62,6,6,d 8 Mar 1949

Harp,Charles E.,D,17 Mar 60,12,8,age 79

Harp,James A.,D,25 Mar 64,11,5,age 76

Harp,Lois,P,17 Jan 62,8,3,Haskett

Harper,Bruce,A,30 Sep 64,8,4,55th

Harper,Ethel,W,30 May 62,4,4,Parker

Harper,Janet Noreen,M,13 Nov 63,7,3,Fox

Harper,Marilyn Agnes,E,3 Oct 62,6,6,3 Nov; Seburn

Harrett,Florence,D,7 Mar 62,9,1,

Harrington,Muriel W.,D,9 May 62,8,5,Spicer

Harris,Alberta,A,6 Sep 61,1,5,Small

Harris,Flora Elizabeth,D,12 May 60,11,3,age 76

Harris,Mac,A,3 Jun 64,1,5,30th

Harris,Marcia Jean,B

Harris,Tracy Ann,B

Harrison,Donald George,M,27 May 64,7,1,16 May; Milne




Hartell,Andy,D,13 Nov 63,2,4,74th year

Hartemisk,Dinny,P,15 Jul 64,6,6,Hiemstra

Hartig,John,M,18 Sep 63,5,1,Nurenberg


Hartman,Gerald Keith,M,20 Sep 61,10,1,12 Sep; Holmes

Harvey,Emma H.,P,12 May 60,1,4,Westover

Harvey,Harry,D,1 Sep 60,7,5,26 Aug

Harvey,James,D,28 Sep 60,3,6,78th year

Harvey,James Albert,M,29 Mar 61,10,3,18 Mar; McKie

Harvey,Olive Catherine,D,28 Nov 62,13,3,age 72

Harvey,Olive C.,D,5 Dec 62,14,1,

Harvie,Audrey Marilyn,M,16 Nov 60,5,5,Payne

Harvie,Audrey,P,25 Sep 63,6,6,Payne

Haskett,Michael, Mrs.,D,17 Jan 62,8,3,age 75

Hastings,Jane,W,12 Sep 62,8,5,Lowry

Hatch,Kenneth M.,D,9 Sep 64,8,3,age 65

Hatch,Larry,M,22 Jul 64,2,3,11 Jul; Jans

Hatch,Maria,P,9 Dec 64,6,8,McDowell

Haun,Clarissa,P,7 Jun 61,9,3,Miller

Hawkins,Gary David,M,3 Oct 62,12,5,21 Sep; Beattie

Hawley,Elna,D,25 Oct 61,17,2,Thompson

Hawley,Eva,D,31 May 61,7,5,Cornell

Hawley,Marilyn Louise,E,8 Jan 64,6,3,8 Feb; McNames

Hawley,Mary,P,26 Jun 60,5,6,White

Hawley,Meloia J.,D,27 Mar 63,8,3,McKnight

Haycock,George M.,D,27 Mar 63,8,3,age 76

Hayden,Lulu,W,11 Sep 63,9,4,King

Hayes,Patricia Ann,M,4 Feb 60,8,3,Yeck

Hayman,Frances Elaine,E,6 Nov 63,6,3,30 Nov; Stanat

Hayman,Frances,M,4 Dec 63,12,3,Stanat

Hayman,Frederick L.,D,1 Apr 64,3,3,age 74

Hayter,Daisy,W,28 Oct 64,11,5,Potts

Hayward,Earl, Mrs.,D,25 Aug 60,8,4,age 43

Hayward,Ira Wray,D,4 Sep 63,7,4,65th year

Haywood,Minnie,P,13 Nov 63,2,3,Disbrowe

Hazel,Ethel May,D,26 Oct 60,7,3,McCourt

Hazen,Ethel,W,12 Dec 62,10,4,McCourt

Hazen,Jasper Ferguson,D,27 Jun 62,3,3,age 88

Hazen,Jasper F.,D,4 Jul 62,4,8,

Heath,Esley Owen,M,1 Sep 60,5,3,30 Jul; Lamb

Heath,Owen,E,14 Jul 60,6,5,30 Jul; Lamb

Heffelfinger,G. G., Rev.,D,10 Jun 64,6,7,

Heffren,James W.,D,9 Sep 64,8,2,age 63

Heffren,William Carl,B

Hegler,Elva,W,18 Nov 64,12,3,Backus

Heidt,Ivan Albert,E,19 Jul 61,6,8,12 Aug; Mason

Heidt,Paul,M,4 Sep 63,5,3,Christopher

Heidt,Paul A.,E,24 Jul 63,1,5,Christopher

Heipleh,Ivan Gordon,M,4 Sep 63,3,5,Simmons

Heipleh,Lynda Joanne,B,28 Oct 64,6,5,26 Oct

Held,Lorrie,W,12 Dec 62,10,4,Bartlett

Helder,Wilhelmina,M,12 Dec 62,8,4,Hiemstra

Helder,Wilhelmina J.,E,14 Nov 62,6,6,30 Nov; Hiemstra

Helka,John,A,7 Dec 60,1,8,50th

Helps,Ellen Maureen,B,7 Jan 60,6,5,b 24 Dec 1959

Hemstreet,Tambre Leighn,B,15 Aug 62,6,3,9 Aug

Hemsworth,William,IM,26 Oct 60,6,5,d 28 Oct 1938

Hemsworth,William,IM,25 Oct 61,6,6,d 28 Oct 1938

Hemsworth,William,IM,24 Oct 62,6,5,d 28 Oct 1938

Hendel,Martin,D,27 Nov 63,5,3,age 75

Hendel,Rose,M,26 May 60,4,4,Peter; photo

Henderson,Carol N.,M,21 Sep 60,7,5,10 Sep; Gilbert

Henderson,Carol Norma,E,1 Sep 60,6,8,10 Sep; Gilbert

Henderson,Jessie,P,21 Feb 62,7,4,Youngs

Henderson,John Brian,B

Henderson,Patricia Mae,E,4 Mar 64,6,6,28 Mar; Laur

Henderson,Patricia Mae,M,15 Apr 64,12,1,28 Mar; Laur

Henderson,Raymond Roy,B

Henderson,Ronald Richard,B

Hennen,Brian Kenneth E,M,8 Sep 60,8,1,Barnum

Hepburn,Albert,A,7 Aug 63,1,6,31 Jul; 50th

Hepburn,George W. C.,D,21 Mar 62,5,1,age 80

Herbert,Eva,W,28 Jan 60,10,7,Cox

Herbert,Kevin,D,2 May 62,11,5,infant

Herman,Beverly,D,26 Jul 61,1,1,age 25

Herman,Beverly,IM,18 Jul 62,6,6,d 19 Jul 1961

Herman,Marilyn Marg’t,E,14 Jun 61,11,1,8 Jul; Brisseau

Herman,Marilyn Marg’t,M,12 Jul 61,4,3,Brisseau

Hermann,Edith,M,10 Jun 64,10,3,Mathers

Hermans,Maria,M,30 Oct 63,3,5,26 Oct; Vander

Herries,Gordon M.,D,26 Aug 64,8,5,age 72

Herries,Mary Adelia,D,11 Mar 64,5,3,age 90

Herrington,Wilfred,P,6 Feb 63,3,6, Wonnacott

Hertner,Charles L.,M,14 Mar 62,5,8,3 Mar; McGlynn

Hertner,Thomas Ronald,M,24 Jul 63,3,3,13 Jul; Teeple

Hesch,John,D,25 Feb 60,10,6,

Hesch,John,D,18 Feb 60,1,8,age 60

Hesch,Maria,P,27 Nov 63,5,3,Hendel

Heslop,Brian Paul,E,27 May 64,6,5,13 Jun; Halpin

Heslop,Marilyn Jean,M,7 Jun 61,3,7,3 Jun; Chinnery

Heslop,Marilyn Jean,E,17 May 61,6,4,3 Jun; Chinnery

Hess,Mary,P,24 Jul 63,7,2,Campbell

Hetherington,Leo Bert,M,14 Oct 64,12,1,10 Oct; Learn

Hetherington,Leo Bert,E,23 Sep 64,6,7,Learn

Hewbank,Karyn Louise,B

Hewbank,Kimberly Isabel,B

Hewitt,nee,P,19 Apr 61,6,7,Baer

Heyden,Lulu,D,15 Jul 64,11,1,King

Hickey,Warren J.,D,7 Oct 64,11,3,30 Sep; age 66

Hiemstra,Albert,M,12 Dec 62,8,4,Helder

Hiemstra,Andrew,E,14 Nov 62,6,6,30 Nov; Helder

Hiemstra,Andrew John,B,15 Jul 64,6,6,11 Jul

Hiemstra,Auke,D,25 Feb 60,1,7,age 57

Hiemstra,Auke,D,3 Mar 60,9,3,

Hiemstra,Wilfred Andrew,B,30 Dec 63,6,1,28 Dec

Hiepleh,Clifford,D,13 Nov 63,2,3,age 72

Hiepleh,Ivan Gordon,E,21 Aug 63,6,3,4 Aug; Simmons

Higgs,Alice M.,D,29Jun 64,5,2,age 81

High,Florence,A,15 Apr 64,1,6,Kennedy

Hilborn,Clifford, Mrs.,D,7 Jun 61,8,3,age 73

Hilborn,Clifford, Mrs.,D,14 Jun61,10,4,6 Jun

Hill,Arthur Joseph,B,21 Jul 60,6,3,b 6 Jul

Hill,Arthur Frederick,IM,20 Nov 63,6,5,d 18 Nov 1961

Hill,Christine Rose,B

Hill,Ethel,W,1 Sep 60,7,5,Tribe

Hill,Gerena,D,20 Mar 63,10,6,Kennedy

Hill,Rowland, Mrs.,D,27 May 64,11,1,87th year

Hillier,Judith Anne,M,9 Sep 64,9,3,29 Aug; Tinnes

Hillier,Judith Anne,E,19 Aug 64,14,5,29 Aug; Tinnes

Hilliker,Don Joseph,M,19 Jul 61,2,3,9 Jul; Cook

Hilliker,Frederick John,E,11 Sep 63,6,5,5 Oct; Krygsman

Hilliker,Frederick J.,M,9 Oct 63,10,5,5 Oct; Krygsman

Hilliker,Julia,W,21 Sep 60,4,7,Bradley

Hilliker,Julia Jane,M,31 Jan 62,7,1,27 Jan; Rowe

Hilliker,Julie,A,14 Jan 60,1,7,50th; Bradley

Hilliker,Karen Joy,B,16 May 62,6,2,2 May

Hilliker,Kimberley,D,24 Jun 64,3,1,infant

Hilliker,Lillie,IM,12 Oct 60,6,7,d 17 Oct 1957

Hilliker,Lillie,IM,18 Oct 61,6,8,d 17 Oct 1957

Hilliker,Pansy,M,4 Aug 60,2,1,16 Jul; Learn

Hillman,Pearl,D,24 Jul 63,7,1,age 85

Hillman,William H.,D,8 Jul 64,8,3,

Hils,Lillian,W,20 Mar 63,7,3,Doyle

Hilts,Fred,D,7 Dec 60,15,3,age 42

Hipperson,Elizabeth Mary,D,2 May 62,3,2,Whitehead

Hoare,Frances,P,12 Dec 62,4,6,Tisdall

Hobgood,Bernard R.,M,17 Jun 64,9,3,6 Jun; Marchant

Hobgood,Bernard Ralph,E,6 May 64,6,8,6 Jun; Marchant

Hobgood,Bernard,M,10 Jun 64,7,1,6 Jun; Marchant

Hobson,Henry C.,D,20 Sep 61,9,3,age 84

Hochstenbach,Arnold,M,24 Sep 62,8,2,15 Sep

Hochstenbach,Joseph,M,2 Dec 64,9,7,28 Nov; DeSylva

Hochstenbach,Maria,D,28 Oct 64,11,5,age 20

Hodges,Elizabeth,P,20 Mar 63,10,5,Gladdish

Hodgkin,Edith May,IM,27 Dec 62,6,3,d 28 Dec 1949

Hodgkin,Fanny,D,27 Mar 63,8,3,

Hodgkin,Wilfred, Mrs.,D,20 Mar 63,10,5,age 67

Hodgson,Doris Kathleen,M,20 Sep 61,4,4,Baughman

Hodgson,Frederick,P,1 Nov 61,4,1,Baughman

Hodgson,Gerald,M,25 Oct 61,20 ,1,14 Oct; Foucault

Hodgson,John, Mrs.,D,11 Jan 61,5,5,70th year

Hodgson,Mary,A,21 Feb 62,5,3,Littlefair

Hodgson,Myrtle,IM,3 Jan 62,6,5,d 5 Jan 1951

Hodson,Gladys,W,18 Aug 60,12,2,Summers

Hoecht,Edward Michael,M,2 May 62,11,1,23 Apr; Barnum

Hoecht,Edward Michael,E,28 Mar 62,1,5,23 Apr; Barnum

Hoefnagels,Anthony,M,5 May 60,4,1,23 Apr; photo

Hoefnagels,Marinus,M,5 May 60,4,1,23 Apr; photo

Hoevenaars,Josepha,M,6 Dec 61,8,4,VanRoestel

Hoffer,Harold Johannes,B

Hoffer,John,M,21 Oct 64,11,3,Appleford

Hoffer,John,E,16 Sep 64,6,5,Appleford

Holcombe,Betty,M,15 Jul 64,7,3,Irvine

Holden,Edward,M,5 Oct 60,7,1,Habkirk

Holditch,Donald,M,10 May 61,2,1,29 Apr; Killough

Holditch,Margaret Ann,P,5 Apr 61,6,8,Wye

Holditch,Muriel,P,24 May 61,6,6,Dickerson

Holditch,Todd Michael,B

Hollands,Harry,D,16 May 62,10,3,age 76

Hollands,Thomas Ralph,M,15 Jul 64,9,3,Merrick

Hollands,Thomas Ralph,E,27 May 64,11,7,27 Jun; Merrick

Hollands,Thomas Ralph,M,8 Jul 64,7,1,Merrick

Hollingshead,Margaret,W,17 Jun 64,8,5,Snelgrove

Holloway,Alice,D,7 Aug 63,4,2,age 94

Holmes,Ed,P,9 May 62,8,5,Moore

Holmes,Florence,W,14 Jan 60,1,5,Laidlaw

Holmes,Ida E.,D,23 May 62,10,3,Moore

Holmes,John,BD,12 Sep 62,1,8,84th

Holmes,John David,B,3 Oct 62,6,5,28 Sep

Holmes,John R.,D,20 Mar 63,7,4,85th year

Holmes,Karen Darlene,B,21 Oct 64,6,4,13 Oct

Holmes,Robert Miles,M,3 Jun 64,5,3,Summers

Holmes,Sandra Jean,M,20 Sep 61,10,1,12 Sep; Hartman

Holmes,Sarah,P,14 Jan 60,1,8,Powers

Holmes,Susan Diane,B

Holmes,William,A,31 Jul 63,1,8,25th

Holtby,Elizabeth,D,21 Feb 62,7,5,Walker

Holtby,John,D,31 Jan 62,7,4,age 82

Holtby,Lavina,D,15 Apr 64,12,3,age 79

Honey,Jane,P,25 Feb 60,1,5,Lemon

Honeywood,William,A,13 Sep 61,7,3,25th

Honsberger,Emma J.,D,19 May 60,10,4,age 84; Scott

Honsinger,Norman Leslie,D,21 Aug 63,8,6,19 Aug; age 73

Honsinger,Norman,IM,19 Aug 64,14,6,d 19 Aug 1963

Hood,Alice,W,11 Aug 60,10,1,McTaggart

Hood,John G.,D,15 Jan 64,11,8,


Hooghiem,John,M,21 Mar 62,9,3,16 Mar

Hoogsteen,Wilma,M,6 Jun 62,5,4,Van Lingen

Hoover,Albert S.,P,18 Mar 64,11,2,Courtney

Hoover,Albert Carman,D,18 Dec 63,12,4,age 66

Hoover,Donald Eugene,M,19 Apr 61,5,1,8 Apr; Murphy

Hopkins,Hester,P,5 Apr 61,3,3,Phelps

Hopper,Dorean Anne,M,12 Oct 60,9,4,Jones

Horeth,Martin,M,7 Mar 62,5,1,Jukes

Horkay,Alexander,D,29 Jul 64,7,3,age 76

Horton,Marjorie Helen ,M,7 Jan 60,7,4,26 Dec; Baxter

Horton,Maureen J.,E,11 Aug 60,6,6,20 Aug; Dohnt

Horton,Maureen J.,M,21 Sep 60,7,5,Dohnt

Horton,Pat,P,15 Jan 64,6,8,Phillips

Horton,Patricia,M,11 Jul 62,3,4,23 Jun; Phillips

Horton,Patricia Graham,E,23 May 62,6,4,23 Jun; Phillips

Horton,Robert Glen,E,14 Jun 61,11,2,24 Jun; Ziler


Hoshal,Norma Jean,M,14 Jun 61,4,3,3 Jun; Whimsett

Hosie,Charles Robert,B,27 Dec 62,6,6,18 Dec

Hosie,Jean,P,5 Dec 62,14,1,Sims

Hosie,Robert A.,E,7 Feb 62,6,4,3 Mar; Sturgis

Hosie,Robert A.,M,7 Mar 62,10,1,Sturgis

Hosie,William,D,27 Jun 62,1,8,

Hotchkiss,Chester,D,12 Jul 61,7,4,

Hotchkiss,Elizabeth G.,E,19 Oct 60,6,7,19 Nov; Johnson

Hotchkiss,Elizabeth G.,M,7 Dec 60,14,1,Johnson

Hotchkiss,Elizabeth G.,M,30 Nov 60,4,4,Johnson

Hotchkiss,George F.,D,28 Jul 60,4,2,age 45

Hotchkiss,Morley,D,24 Mar 60,10,3,d 15 Mar; age 72


Houghton,Evelyn,D,11 Nov 64,9,4,Elgie

Houghton,Irene,W,20 Jun 62,7,1,Mills

House,Carl,D,5 May 60,5,5,d 22 Apr

Hovius,Theresa,M,28 Sep 60,3,4,23 Sep; Poortinga

Hovius,Theresa,P,18 Dec 62,6,5,Poortinga

How,George,D,8 Jan 64,8,4,age 68

Howe,Cora,D,31 Jan 62,7,4,age 64

Howe,Thomas Gordon,B,5 Apr 61,6,8,26 Mar

Howes,Richard Thomas,B,4 Sep 63,6,5,23 Aug; twin

Howes,Robert Todd,B,4 Sep 63,6,5,23 Aug; twin

Howey,Georgina Joyce,E,18 Sep 63,6,3,12 Oct; Terpstra

Howey,Georgina Joyce,M,16 Oct 63,2,1,12 Oct; Terpstra

Howey,John,D,2 Sep 64,5,2,age 86

Howey,Joyce,P,2 Sep 64,6,4,Terpstra

Howey,Margaret Irene,E,20 Sep 61,6,6,14 Oct; Dykstra

Howey,Margaret Irene,M,25 Oct 61,11,5,14 Oct; Dykstra

Howey,Martha Joan,E,12 Apr 61,6,8,29 Apr; Dykstra

Howey,Martha Joan,M,10 May 61,2,1,29 Apr; Dykstra

Howey ,Mary Jane,P,12 Dec 62,4,4,Martin

Howey,Sarah Wilhelmina,BD,28 Jan 60,1,6,95th

Howse,Alice,P,14 Nov 62,11,5,Stafford

Howse,Edith,W,2 Dec 64,14,5,VanPatter

Howse,Frances P.,D,9 Sep 64,8,4,Miller

Howse,Helen Louise,D,11 Jan 61,5,5,MacDonald

Howse,Melodie Louise,B

Huffman,Delos,P,7 Jun 61,8,3,Hilborn

Hughes,Alfred, Mrs.,D,18 Jan 61,7,4,age 76

Hughes,Marlene,P,12 May 60,6,8,Pinnegar

Hughes,Mary,P,22 Apr 64,4,3,Smith

Hughson,Mary Louisa,D,8 Apr 64,13,3,Graham

Hull,Mary Louise,M,6 Feb 63,2,7,23 Dec 62; Gray

Hull,Robert Roy,M,18 Apr 62,2,5,7 Apr; Chapman

Hulst,Harmine,M,2 Sep 64,8,4,Denhartog

Hulst,Robert,M,27 Mar 63,3,3,DeKraker

Humphrey,Alice,D,21 Jan 60,7,7,d 7 Jan; age 77

Humphrey,Caroline Anne,E,11 Dec 63,6,8,20 Dec; Phelps

Humphrey,Minnie Madeline,D,8 Sep 60,10,1,age 56

Humphreys,Maria,P,12 Apr 61,3,4,Doolittle

Hunt,Adelia,D,28 Nov 62,4,3,age 79

Hunt,Albert Allen,M,12 Dec 62,4,7,Ward

Hunt,Donald Wayne,B,19 May 60,6,8,b 10 May

Hunt,James,D,9 Sep 64,8,2,age 69

Hunt,Lois,P,17 May 61,6,8,Gurr

Hunt,Mary,W,20 Mar 63,7,3,Scott

Hunter,Allen Barry,M,5 Oct 60,5,7,Pogue

Hunter,Cecil,D,14 Mar 62,12,2,age 59

Hunter,Patricia Diane,M,9 Oct 63,9,3,McLellan

Hurford,Dorothy Mary,W,6 Nov 63,10,7,Carrothers

Hustler,Kimberley Anne,B

Hustler,Paul Albert C.,M,9 Aug 61,4,3,Cartwright

Hutcheson,Margaret M.,W,27 Nov 63,5,3,Burks

Hutchings,Frederick J.,IM,25 Aug 60,6,4,d 1959

Hutchinson,Allie May,D,2 Sep 64,5,2,69th year

Hutchinson,Mabel,W,8 Jul 64,8,4,Peckham

Hutchison,Carman,M,1 Apr 64,9,4,Pottelberg; 28 Mar

Hyder,Frederick J.,D,27 Mar 63,8,4,infant

Hyndman,Marilyn J.,M,11 Jul 62,3,6,30 Jun; Ward

Iller,Adam,D,22 Jul 64,11,1,age 79

Inger,Gust Martin,D,23 Nov 60,14,6,age 74

Inglis,Susan Mary,E,19 Oct 60,6,7,19 Nov; Catt

Inglis,Suzanne Mary,M,14 Dec 60,8,4,Catt

Ingram,Charles W.,IM,29 Apr 64,6,8,d 3 May 1958

Ingram,Fred W.,D,7 Nov 62,12,2,

Ingram,Fred H.,D,31 Oct 62,5,5,78th year

Ingram,Timothy Mark,B

Ingram,Vera,W,9 Sep 64,8,3,Hatch

Irish,Beverley Joan,E,20 Jun 62,6,4,21 Jul; Jones

Irish,Beverley Joan,M,25 Jul 62,5,3,21 Jul; Jones

Irvine,Ronald Paul,M,15 Jul 64,7,3,Holcombe

Irwin,Carol Mary,D,9 Nov 60,8,1,Fabian

Irwin,Carol,P,9 May 62,8,4,Fabian

Irwin,James,M,24 Jun 64,13,4,England

Izatt,Lenore,P,15 Aug 62,6,3,Hemstreet

Jack,Catherine,D,14 Aug 63,6,4,Terpstra

Jackson,Alice M.,D,29 Jun 64,5,2,Higgs

Jackson,Carl,A,8 Apr 64,1,3,15 Apr; 50th

Jackson,Carl,A,22 Apr 64,10,4,15 Apr; 50th

Jackson,Charles,D,6 Dec 61,7,4,age 63

Jackson,Dorothy Ann,M,16 Nov 60,17,1,12 Nov; Moore

Jackson,Grace,W,25 Sep 63,7,3,Shackelton

Jackson,Jane Anne,P,15 Sep 60,10,3,McEown

Jackson,Linda Lee,E,15 Apr 64,6,3,23 May; Sullivan

Jackson,Mabel Sarah,D,6 Dec 61,13,1,Rawlings

Jackson,Mabel,A,21 Aug 63,2,3,Ford

Jackson,Mark Allen,B

Jackson,Martha,D,20 Sep 61,8,4,Alton

Jackson,Maude,A,11 Sep 63,8,3,Collings

Jackson,Ruth,M,6 Dec 61,14,7,Rideout

Jackson,Sam,M,30 Jan 63,2,3,Allender

Jackson,Wheeler,A,10 Oct 62,7,1,2 Oct

Jackson,Wheeler,A,3 Oct 62,1,8,2 Oct; 50th

Jacques,Beverly A.,IM,15 Apr 64,6,7,d 17 Apr 1963

Jacques,Clarence,IM,23 Nov 60,6,6,d 28 Nov 1953

Jacques,Clarence,IM,29 Nov 61,6,6,d 28 Nov 1953

Jacques,Clarence,IM,28 Nov 62,6,5,d 28 Nov 1953

Jacques,Edith,D,17 Mar 60,13,5,79th year

Jaeger,Lynne Suzanne,B,7 Aug 63,6,4,adopted

James,Gertrude,D,29 Jul 64,1,8,

Jans,Donny,B,29 Apr 64,6,7,10 Apr

Jans,Harry,M,12 May 60,5,3,30 Apr; Lamers

Jans,Laurie Jane,B,8 Sep 60,6,6,31 Aug

Jans,Mary,M,22 Jul 64,2,3,11 Jul; Hatch

Jans,Mary Jo,B

Jans,Michael Henry,B

Janssens,Marleen Francine,E,8 Apr 64,6,3,VanOverberghe

Janssens,Marleen,M,6 May 64,4,3,VanOverberghe

Jarvis,Gertrude,P,18 Apr 62,13,6,Reed

Jasper,William Leroy,E,17 Jun 64,6,6,18 Jul; Jibson

Jasper,William Leroy,M,29 Jul 64,2,3,18 Jul; Jibson

Jeffery,Edward,P,9 Nov 60,1,3,Willsey

Jeffery,Emma,D,14 Feb 62,8,4,Jenkins

Jeffery,Eunice,P,26 May 60,3,4,Smith

Jeffery,Murray Gordon,M,9 Aug 61,8,1,5 Aug; Coleman

Jenereaul,Clarence,A,11 Dec 63,11,5,10 Dec; 25th

Jenereaul,Clarence,A,8 Jan 64,10,2,

Jenkens,Lorraine,P,2 Oct 63,6,6,Cornish

Jenkins,Debra Anne,B,31 Jul 63,6,6,23 Jul

Jenkins,Emma,D,14 Feb 62,8,4,age 68

Jenkins,Emma,IM,6 Feb 63,6,5,d 8 Feb 1962

Jenkins,Jack,M,30 Jan 63,2,3,Beggs

Jenkins,Kathy Ruth,B

Jenney,William,D,10 Oct 62,7,4,age 74

Jibson,Donna Marie,M,19 Oct 60,2,1,Lossing

Jibson,Donna Marie,E,28 Sep 60,5,3,15 Oct; Lossing

Jibson,Marion Irene,M,29 Jul 64,2,3,18 Jul; Jasper

Jibson,Marion Irene,E,17 Jun 64,6,6,18 Jul; Jasper

Jibson,Percy,A,17 Jul 63,1,8,25th

Jibson,Ronald William,M,25 Oct 61,5,2,30 Sep; Campbell

Jibson,Ronald William,E,6 Sep 61,6,5,30 Sep; Campbell

Jibson,Ronald Duane,B

Johnson,Barbara Lynn,B

Johnson,Bonny Jean,B

Johnson,Christine,D,17 Jun 64,8,4,

Johnson,Elgin,M,3 Mar 60,12,4,Scmeltz

Johnson,Estella M.,D,1 Sep 60,7,5,age 79

Johnson,Ezra,A,21 Sep 60,1,7,14 Sep; 50th

Johnson,George,M,19 Sep 62,4,1,DeGroat

Johnson,Georgina,D,16 Nov 60,16,6,Brown

Johnson,Gertrude,D,29 Jul 64,1,8,James

Johnson,Hilton Ross,D,14 Mar 62,12,1,age 50

Johnson,Lynda Marlene,D,4 Dec 63,1,3,age 17

Johnson,Lynda,IM,25 Nov 64,6,6,d 1 Dec 1963

Johnson,Peggy,M,4 Aug 60,4,1,23 Jul; David

Johnson,Robert Elgin,M,30 Nov 60,4,4,Hotchkiss

Johnson,Robert Elgin,E,19 Oct 60,6,7,Hotchkiss

Johnson,Robert Elgin,M,7 Dec 60,14,1,Hotchkiss

Johnson,Rose,D,25 Oct 61,17,1,Gordon

Johnston,Albert H.,D,21 Jul 60,7,3,d 9 Jul; age 68

Johnston,Albert H.,D,14 Jul 60,9,3,age 68

Johnston,Barbara Alice,M,19 Oct 60,4,4,Cummings

Johnston,Barbara,D,22 Jan 64,3,3,age 81

Johnston,Cynthia J.,D,28 Jul 60,4,4,Koyle

Johnston,Earl Coyle,D,20 Mar 63,7,3,age 41

Johnston,George Omar,D,18 Mar 64,11,4,age 82

Johnston,Ila,M,3 Jan 62,6,6,1 Jan; Learn

Johnston,Neville C.,M,9 Dec 64,11,2,28 Nov; Barr

Johnston,Norman, Mrs.,D,8 Aug 62,4,3,

Johnston,Norman, Mrs.,D,1 Aug 62,9,4,87th year

Johnston,Norman,D,22 Jul 64,11,3,age 81

Johnston,Norman,D,29 Jul 64,7,3,

Johnston,Sylvia,IM,31 Jul 63,6,7,d 31 Jul 1962

Johnstone,Deborah Lee,B,16 Nov 60,6,8,27 Oct

Johrendt,Michael,D,9 Oct 63,8,4,age 69

Jones,Aubrey R., Rev.,D,10 Jan 62,1,8,

Jones,Crissie Anna,D,24 Sep 62,6,6,Breens

Jones,Doris Irene,E,10 Mar 60,6,6,2 Apr; Graham

Jones,Gordon S.,A,29 Mar 61,1,8,24th

Jones,Henry, Mrs.,D,12 Aug 64,8,5,9 Aug; 88th

Jones,Homer L.,M,25 Jul 62,5,3,21 Jul; Irish

Jones,J. Stewart,D,13 Dec 61,1,5,age 19

Jones,J. Edward,D,15 Apr 64,12,3,

Jones,J. Edward,D,8 Apr 64,13,3,age 65

Jones,John Evan,M,12 Oct 60,9,4,Hopper

Jones,Lloyd H.,E,20 Jun 62,6,4,21 Jul; Irish

Jones,Mabel,W,20 Nov 63,13,5,Kelley

Jones,Priscilla,A,10 Jan 62,4,3,Reid

Jones,Ronald,D,7 Jan 60,10,3,age 4

Jukes,George,A,1 Sep 60,1,7,50th

Jukes,George,D,3 Jun 64,3,7,age 74

Jukes,Larry,M,28 Oct 64,9,3,17 Oct; Berendt

Jukes,Levenia,IM,18 Apr 62,6,7,d 21 Apr 1961

Jukes,Marlene Joy,E,18 Jul 62,7,1,18 Aug; Lattanzio

Jukes,Mary E.,M,28 Nov 62,5,3,17 Nov; Frew

Jukes,Mary Elizabeth,E,7 Nov 62,6,5,Frew

Jukes,Norma Jean,M,7 Mar 62,5,1,Horeth

Jung,David John,D,6 Dec 61,7,4,infant

Kaar,Maggie,P,26 Aug 64,8,3,Watts

Kamps,Leslie Jane,B

Kapogines,Michael Peter,M,26 Jul 61,10,2,1 Jul; Crane

Karn,Harriett Ann,D,14 Jul 60,3,5,6 Jul; age 82

Kaufman,Vera,W,15 Jan 64,9,3,Dunkin

Kebbel,Lynn Elaine,B,14 Nov 62,6,4,14 Nov

Keillor,Lauralee Ann,E,24 Jun 64,13,4,11 Jul; Gaul

Kelley,Henry,D,27 Nov 63,5,2,18 Nov; age 82

Kelley,Henry,D,20 Nov 63,13,5,age 82

Kelley,Ronald Hugh,M,4 Feb 60,8,1,23 Jan; Osterhout

Kelley,Ronald Bryan,B,19 Jun 63,6,5,11 Jun

Kelley,Sherry Lynn,B,1 Sep 60,6,5,23 Aug

Kelly,Doreen,W,21 Sep 60,4,8,Stubbs

Kelly,Thomas,A,22 Jan 64,12,1,50th

Kenn,John,D,6 May 64,3,3,4 May; age 93

Kenn,Kevin James,D,9 Sep 64,8,3,age 3

Kennedy,A. N.,IM,24 Sep 62,6,8,d 13 Sep 1961

Kennedy,A. N., Mrs.,IM,24 Sep 62,6,8,d 3 Oct 1961

Kennedy,A. N., Mrs.,IM,9 Oct 63,6,7,d 3 Oct 1961

Kennedy,A. N.,IM,9 Oct 63,6,7,d 13 Sep 1961

Kennedy,Alvin N.,D,20 Sep 61,8,4,78th year

Kennedy,Bruce,A,13 May 64,1,3,50th

Kennedy,David Leon,M,26 Aug 64,8,1,Clarke

Kennedy,David Leon,M,19 Aug 64,17,4,Clarke

Kennedy,Fred,A,15 Apr 64,1,6,50th

Kennedy,Gerena,D,20 Mar 63,10,6,age 64

Kennedy,Gerena,D,27 Mar 63,8,4,

Kennedy,John,BD,27 Dec 62,1,8,10 Dec; 97th

Kennedy,John,BD,18 Dec 63,5,7,98th

Kennedy,John,BD,16 Dec 64,1,7,99th

Kenny,Maud,P,1 Apr 64,3,6,Carter

Kent,June,P,19 May 60,6,8,Howse

Kent,Margaret Eliz’th,D,27 Mar 63,8,5,age 67

Ker,Stanley L., Mrs.,D,30 Dec 63,2,2,

Ker,Stanley L., Mrs.,D,23 Dec 63,8,2,age 57

Ker,Stanley, Mrs.,IM,21 Dec 64,6,5,d 22 Dec 1963

Kerford,Margaret,D,20 Mar 63,10,5,age 88

Kers,Hendrik,D,18 Aug 60,16,2,

Kers,Hendrik J.,D,11 Aug 60,1,1,age 46

Kicksee,Albert W.,D,26 Jul 61,7,3,age 75

Kicksee,Albert,IM,25 Jul 62,6,7,d 25 Jul 1961

Kicksee,Albert,IM,24 Jul 63,6,3,d 25 Jul 1961

Kicksee,Albert,IM,22 Jul 64,6,4,d 25 Jul 1961

Kidder,Edward Louis,M,18 Jul 62,7,3,Rombough

Kidder,Louis Earl,D,27 May 64,11,1,age 79

Kilbourne,George W.,D,3 Mar 60,6,7,77th year

Kilgour,Elizabeth,D,30 Jan 63,3,6,Farrow

Kilgour,Marilyn Faye,E,31 Jan 62,6,6,Cartwright

Kilgour,Marilyn Faye,M,21 Mar 62,3,2,Cartwright

Kilgour,Milton Alvin,D,25 Sep 63,7,3,age 45

Kilgour,Sarah Jane,D,21 Jul 60,7,3,

Kilgour,Sarah Jane,D,14 Jul 60,3,5,84th year

Killough,Carol,M,10 May 61,2,1,29 Apr; Holditch

Killough,Larry Thomas,B

Killough,Ruth,M,24 Sep 62,5,1,15 Sep; Stewart

Killough,Ruth Lucille,M,22 Aug 62,6,7,15 Sep; Stewart

Kilmer,Ethel,W,11 Mar 64,5,3,Duff

Kilmer,James E.,A,28 Aug 63,1,8,60th

Kilmer,James E.,A,4 Sep 63,1,,9 Sep; 60th

Kilmer,Laura Edith,D,23 Jan 63,11,4,Lightfoot

Kilmer,Tina,M,14 Oct 64,4,6,10 Oct; Phillips

Kimball,Charles Lewis,M,1 Sep 60,5,5,Moore

Kimmel,Theresa,M,9 Nov 60,9,1,29 Oct; Kurcz

Kindree,Walter P.,D,14 Oct 64,10,5,age 77

Kindree,Walter P.,D,21 Oct 64,10,6,

King,Eliza Jane,D,30 May 62,4,3,West

King,Eliza Jane,W,21 Aug 63,9,5,West

King,Fred D,IM,4 Feb 60,6,5,d 5 Feb 1958

King,Fred D.,IM,7 Feb 62,6,4,d 5 Feb 1958

King,Frederick D.,IM,30 Jan 63,6,3,d 2 Feb 1958

King,Lulu,D,15 Jul 64,11,1,

King,Mary Jane,M,11 Aug 60,8,2,Saxton

King,Percy T.,D,18 Sep 63,11,4,

King,Percy T.,D,11 Sep 63,9,4,age 80

Kingwell,Estelle,W,2 Sep 64,5,3,Cave

Kingwell,James S.,D,4 Oct 61,1,6,age 80

Kinnee,Margaret Eliz’th,D,27 Mar 63,8,5,Kent

Kinsey,Barry,M,11 Jul 62,2,1,McQuiggan

Kinsey,Michael William,B

Kinsey,Nancy J,P,14 Jan 60,1,5,Laidlaw

Kinsey,Richard Stuart,E,11 Mar 64,6,4,4 Apr; Green

Kinsey,William Barry,E,13 Jun 62,6,4,McQuiggan

Kintrea,William,D,7 Nov 62,12,3,age 94

Kircham,Stanley William,M,30 Oct 63,9,3,26 Oct; Scott

Kirchgatter,Detley,M,7 Jan 60,3,1,26 Dec

Kirchgatter,Detley,M,14 Jan 60,9,1,Wilkinson

Kirchgatter,Herbert,D,23 Dec 63,8,2,age 64

Kirchgatter,Herbert,D,30 Dec 63,2,4,

Kiriakopolous,Nick,M,28 Mar 62,7,3,11 Mar; Alevizos

Kirk,Joel,D,16 Dec 64,12,5,age 90

Kirk,Joel,D,21 Dec 64,12,2,

Kirkpatrick,Daniel William,B,13 Sep 61,6,8,10 Sep

Kitching,Carl H.,M,19 Aug 64,17,4,McConnell

Klachan,Margaret Eliz’th,E,9 Aug 61,6,4,16 Sep; Moylan

Klachan,Margaret Eliz’th,M,20 Sep 61,11,1,Moylan


Klachan,Steve, Sr.,A,30 May 62,1,8,35th


Kloepfer,Barbara Ann,B

Klooster,John,E,2 Oct 63,6,6,Bouthoorn

Klooster,John,M,6 Nov 63,2,5,Bouthoorn

Knight,Anna,P,25 Nov 64,16,6,Partlow

Knopp,Elizabeth,D,21 Jan 60,8,3,age 71

Knott,Edward,D,19 Oct 60,2,4,age 85

Knott,Ethel Marguerite,M,5 Oct 60,4,3,1 Oct; Shackelton

Knott,Mabel,D,19 May 60,12,7,Lucas

Knott,Roland George,M,5 Aug 64,4,7,Campbell

Knowles,Heather Louise,B

Knowles,Sheila Patricia,E,25 Jul 62,6,4,Campbell

Kok,Ronald,M,9 Oct 63,10,3,4 Oct; DeVries

Kokhurst,Gerrit,M,16 May 62,5,3,VanLingen

Koscik,Diane Elizabeth,D,10 May 61,11,3,age 3

Kostendt,Elsie K.,M,7 Oct 64,7,7,30 Sep; Corrigan

Koster,Carolyn J.,M,24 Sep 62,10,1,Wouters

Koyle,Cynthia J.,D,28 Jul 60,4,4,age 73

Kozar,Willie,M,23 Nov 60,9,1,Patkus

Kozar,Willie,M,2 Nov 60,4,1,15 Oct; Patkus

Kozma,Frank Anthony,M,10 Mar 60,3,1,photo; Potts

Krautner,Maria,M,17 Jul 63,4,4,Pfingstraef

Kristoff,Max, Mrs.,D,29 Mar 61,9,5,age 55

Kristoff,Max, Mrs.,D,5 Apr 61,3,3,28 Mar

Krygsman,Cory,M,9 Oct 63,10,5,5 Oct; Hilliker

Krygsman,Cory,E,11 Sep 63,6,5,5 Oct; Hilliker

Krygsman,Irene,E,16 Sep 64,6,7,3 Oct; Westrick

Kuik,Anne,M,9 Oct 63,11,4,5 Oct; Annen

Kuik,Anne,E,11 Sep 63,6,5,5 Oct; Annen


Kuipers,Joseph Willard,IM,16 Nov 60,6,7,d 19 Nov 1959

Kuipers,Kenneth Wayne,B

Kuipers,Nancy Dianne,B

Kuipers,son,B,11 Jan 61,6,3,3 Jan; stillborn


Kuipers,stillborn dau,B

Kuipers,Sylvia A.,D,24 Jul 63,5,7,Scriver

Kulp,Harriett M.,D,24 Jan 62,8,3,Strong

Kurchina,Emil,M,3 Mar 60,3,4,photo; article c7

Kurchina,Mary Susan D.,B

Kurchina,Michael Emil,B

Kurchina,Paul Stanley,B,12 Oct 60,6,8,5 Oct

Kurcz,Matthew,M,9 Nov 60,9,1,29 Oct; Kimmel

Kyle,Myrtle Elizabeth,M,19 May 60,12,7,7 May; Bouthoorn

Labadie,Elaine,P,22 Jan 64,6,4,McLay

Ladd,Chauncey,D,7 Aug 63,3,3,

Lahr,Glenn, Dr.,D,5 Apr 61,1,8,

Laidlaw,Elgin Keith,M,28 Jul 60,3,3,White

Laidlaw,Isabella,D,6 Jun 62,10,1,age 76

Laidlaw,Kenneth W.,M,2 Oct 63,7,1,Stafford

Laidlaw,Lloyd,D,14 Jan 60,1,5,age 66

Laidlaw,Minnie E.,D,16 May 62,10,3,Simon

Laidlaw,Murray L.,M,23 Jan 63,3,1,5 Jan; White

Laidlaw,Murray,E,12 Dec 62,6,5,5 Jan 63; White

Lakatos,John,M,19 Oct 60,5,3,8 Oct; Bee

Lakatos,John,E,1 Sep 60,6,8,8 Oct; Bee

Lale,Linda,P,2 Sep 64,6,4,Giesbrecht

Lamb,Charlie,A,22 Jan 64,9,2,25th

Lamb,Mary Helen,E,14 Jul 60,6,5,30 Jul; Heath

Lamb,Mary Helen,M,1 Sep 60,5,3,30 Jul; Heath

Lambert,Eva L.,D,15 Apr 64,12,4,Dawson

Lamers,Anna Anthonia,M,12 Apr 61,9,3,8 Apr; Vanceck

Lamers,Antoinette,M,12 May 60,5,3,30 Apr; Jans

Lamers,Catherine,M,5 May 60,4,1,23 Apr; photo

Lamers,Johanna,D,31 Jan 62,8,5,VanDyk

Lamers,Johanna,W,30 Oct 63,4,4,VanDyk

Lamers,John,M,7 Aug 63,8,1,Learn

Lamers,Katherine,M,15 Apr 64,12,5,Verhoeven

Lamers,Marie B.,M,8 Apr 64,8,1,4 Apr; Moerman

Lamers,Nelly,M,13 Jun 62,8,3,9 Jun; Gildhof


Lamers,Wilhelmina,M,5 May 60,4,1,23 Apr; photo

Land,Pamela Nadine,M,15 Jul 64,7,5,4 Jul; Duff

Landon,Charles,A,15 Sep 60,1,6,40th; 8 Jul

Lang,Christina,D,23 Oct 63,15,4,age 89

Lang,Marion Frances,E,17 Jan 62,6,5,20 Jan; Brower

Lang,Marion,M,24 Jan 62,9,5,Brower

Lange,Lucie,W,23 Dec 63,8,2,Kirchgatter

Langfield,Dianne Jeanette,M,19 Aug 64,10,1,Young

Langfield,Dianne Jeanette,M,12 Aug 64,10,3,1 Aug; Young

Lattanzio,Ettore Angelo,E,18 Jul 62,7,1,18 Aug; Jukes

Laughton,Harvey,E,7 Dec 60,6,6,Campbell

Laur,Ella Delphine,D,29 Apr 64,11,5,Ogilivie

Laur,Ethel May,D,14 Nov 62,11,5,Morgison

Laur,Flossie,A,4 Nov 64,1,3,Carter

Laur,Katherine,D,17 May 61,11,6,Pierce

Laur,Laura,P,28 Jul 60,4,4,Thompson

Laur,Michael Wayne,B

Laur,Myrna Marlene,M,18 Jul 62,8,4,14 Jul; Barham

Laur,Myrna Marlene,E,20 Jun 62,6,4,14 Jul; Barham

Laur,Myrtle M.,D,26 Aug 64,8,3,Watts

Laur,Ralph W.,M,15 Apr 64,12,1,Henderson

Laur,Ralph Wayne,E,4 Mar 64,6,6,Henderson

Lauterbach,Freida,M,26 Jul 61,2,5,15 Jul; Straub

Lauwerier,Robert,M,28 Oct 64,12,3,8 Oct; Grass

Lauzon,Marie Pamela D,M,5 May 60,9,3,photo; Plaquet

Lawr,Alice Pamelia,D,14 Jun 61,10,2,age 77

Lawrence,Anne,P,25 Oct 61,16,4,Henderson

Lawton,Elizabeth,P,30 May 62,7,1,Hammond

Laylor,Mabel,W,10 Jan 62,5,5,Murphy

Leacock,William,D,1 Nov 61,10,2,age 88

Leaman,dau,B,9 Oct 63,6,5,5 Oct

Learn,Basil,A,8 Sep 60,1,8,25th

Learn,Basil,IM,13 Jun 62,6,7,d 17 Jun 1961

Learn,Clinton T,D,4 Feb 60,10,1,age 67

Learn,Clinton T.,IM,24 Jan 62,6,6,d 28 Jan 1960

Learn,Cora Ella,P,1 Aug 62,9,4,Lowry

Learn,Dennis,D,22 Jul 64,11,1,

Learn,Dennis F.,D,15 Jul 64,11,3,

Learn,Earl,M,3 Jan 62,6,6,1 Jan; Johnston

Learn,Etta Pearl,W,20 Mar 63,7,4,Holmes

Learn,Ilene Marian,E,23 Sep 64,6,7,Hetherington

Learn,Ilene Marian,M,14 Oct 64,12,1,Hetherington

Learn,infant daughter,D,31 May 61,1,8,

Learn,Lozora Irene,M,7 Aug 63,8,1,Lamers

Learn,Marilyn Carol,E,17 May 61,6,4,3 Jun; Mitchell

Learn,Marilyn Carol,M,14 Jun 61,4,5,3 Jun; Mitchell

Learn,Penni Lynn,B

Learn,Rosemary Louise,E,29 Jul 64,6,7,29 Aug; Goble

Learn,Rosemary Louise,M,2 Sep 64,8,6,Goble

Learn,Ross,M,4 Aug 60,2,1,16 Jul; Hilliker

Learn,Terry Robert,B,11 Feb 60,6,3,b 2 Feb

Learn,Vera,W,3 Oct 62,4,4,Foster

LeBlanc,Lillian,M,4 Aug 60,9,7,Maloney

Lee,Mabel Ann,D,21 Mar 62,5,1,Pressey

Lee,Sarah Ann,D,18 Oct 61,10,5,10 Oct; age 80

Lefler,Lucy Estelle,D,9 Nov 60,7,3,age 65

Lefort,Lorraine Eliz’th,M,7 Nov 62,5,6,Brown

Legg,Bonnie Mae,M,4 Jul 62,3,6,30 Jun; Archer

Legg,Gordon,A,10 Oct 62,1,8,45th

Legg,Mabel A.,D,5 Dec 62,6,7,age 65

Legg,Murray C.,IM,18 Apr 62,6,7,d 15 Apr 1954

Legg,Roy,A,9 Dec 64,9,7,2 Dec; 50th

Legg,S. W.,A,27 Dec 62,1,8,50th

Lehman,Percy G., Rev.,D,16 May 62,1,4,age 59

Lemon,A. Ray,D,25 Feb 60,1,5,age 77

Lengacher,Sarah,D,9 Oct 63,8,5,Wagler

Leslie,Frances,BD,8 Sep 60,6,8,87th

Leslie,J. Harvey, Mrs.,D,14 Dec 60,1,5,14 Dec; age 86

Lewis,Catherine B.,D,4 Dec 63,1,8,age 83

Lewis,Ellen,D,27 Nov 63,5,1,McKin

Lewis,Gary L.,M,18 Jul 62,9,3,7 Jul; Liddle

Lewis,Mary,D,18 Aug 60,7,3,Taylor

Lichty,Gennys,W,28 Dec 64,7,4,Beechey

Liddle,Clark W.,D,19 Jul 61,3,3,age 73

Liddle,Florence,A,21 Dec 64,1,3,Chalk

Liddle,Harvey, Mrs.,D,11 Apr 62,11,5,

Liddle,Harvey, Mrs.,D,18 Apr 62,7,1,

Liddle,Robert,D,17 Jul 63,7,4,age 94

Liddle,Vivian A.,M,18 Jul 62,9,3,7 Jul; Lewis

Lightfoot,Edith,IM,15 Jan 64,6,7,d 16 Jan 1963

Lightfoot,Edward, Mrs.,D,23 Jan 63,11,4,age 79

Lightfoot,Edward,D,7 Oct 64,11,3,age 78

Lightfoot,Elizabeth,P,11 Jan 61,8,1,Rogers

Lightfoot,Elizabeth,P,24 May 61,4,3,Davis

Lightfoot,George,IM,26 May 60,6,7,d 31 May 1958

Lightfoot,George,IM,31 May 61,6,6,d 31 May 1958

Lightfoot,Julia,P,21 Jan 60,9,4,Dancey

Lincoln,Laura,W,17 Jan 62,1,8,Finch

Lindsay,Donald Michael,B

Lindsay,Earl H.,D,14 Dec 60,10,4,8 Dec; age 75

Lindsay,Flossie,D,8 Jan 64,8,4,Fuller

Lindsay,Frank,P,23 Sep 64,6,7,Learn

Lindsay,George G.,D,15 Aug 62,14,5,age 49

Lindsay,Kenneth Arnold,M,16 Sep 64,2,5,5 Sep; Pearson

Lindsay,Linda Susan,B,21 Feb 62,6,7,6 Feb

Lindsay,Lulu,D,18 Nov 64,12,3,age 64

Lindsay,Lynda Ann,M,13 Nov 63,10,3,26 Oct; Millard

Lindsay,Lynda Ann,E,9 Oct 63,6,6,26 Oct; Millard

Lindsay,Max A.,D,13 Sep 61,8,5,age 44

Linnerth,Michael,D,23 Oct 63,15,3,

Linnerth,Michael,D,16 Oct 63,3,7,age 72

Lint,Kerry Ross,B,16 Oct 63,6,6,10 Oct

Linton,Mary,P,25 Feb 60,10,5,Low

Litavniks,Andris Edgar,B,17 Jun 64,6,6,6 Jun

Little,Ray Richard,M,21 Aug 63,5,3,3 Aug; Roberts

Littlefair,John,A,21 Feb 62,5,3,60th; 15 Feb

Livermore,Ernest Samuel,D,21 Aug 63,8,6,62nd year

Livermore,James Albert,D,27 Nov 63,1,8,age 83

Livingstone,Darlene A.,B

Livingstone,Ellen,P,23 Nov 60,14,5,Martyn

Lloyd,Edwin, Mrs.,D,7 Jun61,9,1,

Lloyd,Edwin, Mrs.,D,31 May 61,7,5,age 80

Lloyd,Edwin,D,29 Jan 64,8,4,age 83

Locke,Curtise Lee,M,21 Jan 60,8,2,Chilcott

Locke,Violet,W,1 Apr 64,3,3,Hayman

Locker,Charles,A,18 Mar 64,1,5,25 Mar; 50th

Locker,Ethel,D,3 Jan 62,2,3,McConnell

Locker,Jennie,A,15 Apr 64,1,3,Underhill

Lockwood,Charles A.,E,6 Feb 63,6,6,Vandewyngaerde

Lokhurst,Gerrit,M,16 May 62,5,3,VanLingen

Long,Nellie,W,16 May 62,10,3,Fick

Long,Olive May,D,8 Jan 64,8,4,McNeilly

Longfield,David Nelson,E,18 Jul 62,7,1,18 Aug; Taylor

Longfield,Lorraine,M,2 Nov 60,3,5,22 Oct; Smibert

Longfield,Lorraine M.,M,26 Oct 60,4,1,Smibert

Longfield,Lorraine M.,E,21 Sep 60,6,7,22 Oct; Smibert

Longfield,Mary Kathleen,M,4 Aug 60,2,5,23 Jul; Row

Longfield,Mary Kathleen,M,28 Jul 60,5,4,23 Jul; Row

Longfield,Robert Alene,E,18 Apr 62,6,5,Brubacher

Longfield,Roberta Alene,M,23 May 62,5,4,Brubacher

Look,Alma,M,5 Dec 62,8,1,Segui

Loop,Nora,D,24 Jul 63,7,2,Chute

Lorch,Adolph Geo, Mrs,D,4 Sep 63,1,8,

Lorch,Charles, Mrs.,D,2 Dec 64,14,4,

Lossing,Harry,M,19 Oct 60,2,1,Jibson

Lossing,Harry Armstrong,E,28 Sep 60,5,3,15 Oct; Jibson

Louglin,Margaret May,D,20 May 64,4,4,Brabant

Lounsberry,Elma,W,3 Mar 60,6,7,Kilbourne

Lounsberry,Pearl Lillian,D,1 Sep 60,7,6,Moore

Love,C. Grace,D,9 Sep 64,8,5,5 Sep

Love,Jean Louise,M,26 Aug 64,4,2,8 Aug; Darland

Low,George E. P.,D,2 Sep 64,5,2,

Low,Susan,D,25 Feb 60,10,5,age 96

Lowry,Charles,D,12 Sep 62,8,5,

Lowry,Norman, Mrs.,D,1 Aug 62,9,4,age 51

Lucas,Jane,P,29 Mar 61,9,6,Underhill

Lucas,Roy, Mrs.,D,19 May 60,12,7,


Lueftenegger,Balthasar,D,29 Jan 64,8,3,age 36

Lynch,James,D,22 Jan 64,3,5,age 85

Lysko,Michael,D,4 Dec 63,3,2,age 65

Lysko,Michael,IM,25 Nov 64,6,6,d 27Nov 1963

Mabee,Larry,D,27 Sep 61,11,6,age 10

MacAulay,Beverley Joan,M,21 Oct 64,11,1,3 Oct; Snelgrove

Macdonald,Mary Lena,M,31 May 61,10,3,24 May; Morse

MacDonald,Ralph, Mrs.,D,11 Jan 61,5,5,1 Jan; age 35

MacDougall,Isabel,P,31 May 61,7,6,Black

MacDowell,Burnette,M,3 Oct 62,10,5,Reynaert

Machmer,son,B,10 Jun 64,6,3,29 May

MacIntyre,Eva,D,18 Dec 62,3,4,66th year

MacIntyre,James Ivan,D,27 Jun 62,3,3,66th year

MacIntyre,Margaret,P,12 Dec 62,4,5,Powers

MacKellar,Ivan Eakins,D,26 Aug 64,8,4,17 Aug

MacLeod,Evelyn F.,M,28 Oct 64,12,1,McMaster

MacNamara,Walter H.,D,19 Oct 60,2,3,76th year

MacTavish,Ethel Helena,W,8 Jul 64,8,4,Thomson

Madsen,Allan Armand,D,20 Sep 61,5,4,age 3 weeks

Magee,Bertha,W,26 Aug 64,8,3,McKnight

Main,James,H,6 Feb 63,3,5,Everitt

Main,Pamela Joanne,B

Makeiff,Michael Fred’k,E,30 Sep 64,6,6,9 Oct; Crosby

Makeiff,Michael Fred’k,M,11 Nov 64,10,4,9 Oct; Crosby

Malcolm,Rachel Irene,M,5 Sep 62,5,3,Schell

Malloy,Norman, Mrs.,D,29 Jul 64,1,8,age 47

Maloney,Leo James,M,4 Aug 60,9,7,LeBlanc

Malskaitis,Waite,M,5 May 60,2,5,23 Apr; photo

Manary,Alice Maud,D,17 May 61,7,4,

Mangelsen,John,IM,7 Mar 62,6,6,d 7 Mar 1961

Mann,Barrett,D,24 May 61,1,8,age 33

Mann,John H.,D,19 Sep 62,8,5,91st year

Mann,Nora,D,3 Jan 62,2,2,

Mann,Nora Ellsworth,IM,18 Dec 62,6,4,d 27 Dec 1961

Manning,James Cameron,B,11 Mar 64,6,4,28 Feb

Mansell,Bonnie Jean,M,18 Aug 60,5,1,30 Jul; Cloes

Mansell,Bonnie Jean,M,18 Aug 60,16,1,photo

Mansell,Thomas,D,30 May 62,7,1,age 6 mos

Mantel,Peter,M,3 Oct 62,13,1,DenHarder

Mantel,Trudy,M,9 May 62,9,1,28 Apr; Wiebinga

Maracle,Joseph,IM,3 Mar 60,6,5,d 3 Mar 1956

Maracle,Lionel Genere,M,12 Apr 61,10,1,deRyk

Marchant,Marian Lesley,M,17 Jun 64,9,3,6 Jun; Hobgood

Marchant,Marion Lesley,E,6 May 64,6,8,6 Jun; Hobgood

Marchant,Marion Lesley,M,10 Jun 64,7,1,6 Jun; Hobgood

Marchent,Edith,D,23 Nov 60,14,7,80th year

Marlatt,Edna,D,9 Oct 63,8,3,age 27

Marlatt,Sarah,D,15 Jan 64,9,2,age 90

Marlatt,Sylvia A.,D,24 Jul 63,5,7,Scriver

Marr,Grace,D,4 Jul 62,4,6,age 86

Marr,Larry,M,30 May 62,2,5,Thompson

Marr,Marshall,D,19 Oct 60,2,4,3 Oct

Marsden,Rachel,W,7 Jun 61,9,1,Wells

Marsh,Carol Evelyn,M,6 Nov 63,8,2,Nicol

Marsh,Edith,D,16 Sep 64,8,5,Graham

Marshall,Charles Edward,E,19 Jun 63,6,6,27 Jul; Perrin

Marshall,Lloyd,M,10 May 61,1,8,Trent

Marshall,Thirza,W,12 Dec 62,4,4,Anger


Martin,Alice Pamelia,D,14 Jun 61,10,2,Lawr

Martin,Arthur Edward,D,4 Jul 62,1,8,age 65

Martin,Charles Elmore,E,4 Apr 62,10,2,28 Apr; Daniel

Martin,Charles Elmore,M,16 May 62,3,4,28 Apr; Daniel

Martin,E. Wesley,D,16 Dec 64,12,3,age 40

Martin,E. Wesley,D,21 Dec 64,9,2,

Martin,Gordon E.,M,20 Nov 63,10,3,Crawford

Martin,Hannah,P,14 Feb 62,8,4,Jenkins

Martin,James,D,21 Apr 60,1,7,age 87

Martin,James W., Mrs.,D,12 Dec 62,4,4,age 84

Martin ,James S.,D,1 Aug 62,1,8,age 28

Martin,James W., Mrs.,D,18 Dec 62,3,6,9 Dec

Martin,Lois Margaret,M,1 Aug 62,3,3,28 Jul; Orr

Martin,Lois Margaret,E,4 Jul 62,6,7,28 Jul; Orr

Martin,Nellie,D,17 Jul 63,6,5,age 75

Martin,Nellie,D,24 Jul 63,7,1,

Martin,Stephen George,B

Martin,Wallace F.,D,8 Jul 64,8,2,age 78

Martin,Wallace E.,D,15 Jul 64,11,1,

Martin,Winnifred,W,5 Apr 61,3,4,Cartwright

Martindale,Betty Jean,M,14 Dec 60,3,1,Shaw; photo

Martindale,Betty Jean,M,7 Dec 60,9,5,2 Dec; Shaw

Martindale,Betty Jean,E,2 Nov 60,6,7,2 Dec; Shaw


Martindale,Jean,P,24 May 61,6,6,Georgeff

Martindale,Margaret M.,D,31 Jan 62,7,5,age 70

Martyn,Arthur L.,D,23 Nov 60,14,5,age 78

Marynissen,Janet F.,D,16 May 62,3,3,age 3

Mason,Lois Marilyn,E,19 Jul 61,6,8,12 Aug; Heidt

Mather,Paul Raymond,B

Mathers,Spencer Bruce,M,10 Jun 64,10,3,Hermann

Mathison,Archie Earl,D,2 Dec 64,14,3,24 Nov

Mathison,Kathleen Verna,IM,14 Jan 60,6,6,d 11 Jan 1959

Mattheus,Richard,D,18 Mar 64,11,2,age 50

Matthewman,Dora,D,4 Jul 62,1,1,

Matthews,Alice,P,16 Nov 60,16,6,Brown

Matthews,Charlotte,D,15 Jul 64,11,2,Grinsted

Matthews,daughter,B,15 Apr 64,6,7,28 Mar

Matthews,Donald Albert,M,4 Nov 64,4,1,3 Oct; Shortt

Matthews,Frank,D,27 Nov 63,5,4,20 Nov; 92nd year

Matthews,Grace,W,4 Nov 64,3,2,Griffin

Matthews,John Robert,M,26 Jul 61,3,3,15 Jul; Porter

Matthews,Mary,W,23 Jun 60,7,2,Page

Maw,Minnie G.,D,7 Jun 61,9,3,Miller

Mayhew,Francis A.,D,7 Aug 63,4,1,age 64

Mayos,Frederick Chas.,E,11 Sep 63,6,5,12 Oct; Ostrosser

Mayos,Frederick C.,M,16 Oct 63,8,3,12 Oct; Ostrosser

McAlister,Mabel Lee,W,22 Jul 64,11,2,Candy

McAllister,Ethel,W,31 Oct 62,5,5,Ingram

McArthur,Sarah,P,15 Jan 64,9,2,Marlatt

McAuley,Verna,W,29 Nov 61,1,7,Salmon

McBride,Sarah,P,14 Jun 61,10,3,McKinney

McBrien,Catherine Ann,E,8 Aug 62,6,3,Schrader

McBurney,Harold H.,D,11 Jan 61,8,2,62nd year

McCabe,Marilyn Sarah,M,7 Dec 60,8,3,26 Nov; White

McCabe,Marilyn,E,19 Oct 60,6,7,26 Nov; White

McCabe,Rebecca Marie,B

McCallum,Annie,D,27 Jun 62,3,4,age94

McCallum,Beatrice E.,D,30 May 62,4,3,age 69

McCallum,Beatrice,D,6 Jun 62,10,1,

McCallum,Charles Gordon,B,1 Sep 60,6,5,9 Aug

McCallum,James Leon,B,23 Jun 60,6,7,b 9 Jun

McCallum,James,IM,25 Sep 63,6,4,d 24 Sep 1956

McCallum,Lorne,D,6 Feb 63,3,5,age 60

McCallum,Louis H.,D,3 Jan 62,2,1,

McCallum,Norma Elaine,E,8 Jan 64,6,3,15 Feb; Coysman

McCallum,Sarah,W,14 Jul 60,3,6,Smith

McCarthy,Fenwick,IM,1 Aug 62,6,7,d 29 Jul 1961

McCarthy,Fenwick,IM,31 Jul 63,6,7,d 29 Jul 1961

McCarthy,Fenwick,IM,22 Jul 64,6,4,d 29 Jul 1961

McCarthy,Michael Robert,M,2 Nov 60,2,5,22 Oct

McCarthy,Robert,E,12 Oct 60,6,7,22 Oct

McCaulley,Ellwood,D,24 Oct 62,11,2,79th year

McClintock,Byron,D,24 Oct 62,11,4,18 Oct; 76th year

McClintock,Donald,M,8 Jul 64,5,1,27 Jun; Smith

McClintock,Donald Ross,E,27 May 64,6,5,27 Jun; Smith

McClintock,Roy, Mrs.,D,14 Mar 62,5,6,age 63

McClure,Winnie,W,9 Sep 64,8,2,Heffren

McConkey,Neil, Mrs.,D,12 Sep 62,8,6,71st year

McConnell,Abigail,P,29 Jun 64,5,2,Hankinson

McConnell,Brian Dale,B

McConnell,Cynthia Anne,B

McConnell,Dora,D,7 Jan 60,1,3,Smith

McConnell,Gary Bruce,D,13 Jun 62,1,4,age 18

McConnell,Gertrude, Mrs.,M,19 Aug 64,17,4,15 Aug; Kitching

McConnell,Harry Lorne,D,10 Oct 62,7,4,age 84

McConnell,Jane,P,1 Nov 61,8,4,Hankinson

McConnell,Mary,P,22 Jan 64,3,3,Bagnall

McConnell,Nora C.,W,1 Nov 61,8,3,Chipchase

McConnell,Ross, Mrs.,D, 3 Jan 62,2,3,age 80

McConnell,Susan Lynn,B,5 Dec 62,6,6,2 Dec

McConnell,Yorke,D,17 May 61,7,3,

McConnell,Yorke,D,10 May 61,1,5,age 73

McCormick,Frank,M,18 Oct 61,9,4,30 Sep

McCormick,Frank,E,13 Sep 61,6,6,Stonehouse

McCormick,Mary Ann,B,28 Mar 62,6,6,24 Mar

McCourt,Hugh L., Mrs.,D,26 Oct 60,7,3,age 69

McCourt,Hugh A.,D,18 Dec 62,3,4,

McCourt,Hugh A.,D,12 Dec 62,10,4,age 80

McCrimmon,Margaret Anne,M,5 Aug 64,4,1,25 Jul; Webber

McCrory,Shirley Marie,M,12 May 60,4,1,7 May McFayden

McCutcheon,Marion Elaine,M,25 Nov 64,7,3,3 Oct; Davis

McDermand,Frances S,D,4 Feb 60,11,2,age 94

McDermand,Margaret,W,23 Jan 63,11,5,Davidson

McDermand,Sydney,D,9 Aug 61,1,6,age 92

McDonald,Joan Marie,M,20 Sep 61,11,4,Ellington


McDougall,Le Ola,M,21 Sep 60,3,5,10 Sep

McDowell,Russell,A,19 Sep 62,5,1,8 Sep; 65th

McDowell,Russell,D,9 Dec 64,6,8,age 90


McEown,Leaman L.,D,19 Jul 61,3,4,11 Jul; age 90

McEown,Leaman L.,D,12 Jul 61,7,5,age 90

McEown,Leamon, Mrs.,D,15 Sep 60,10,3,age 90

McEwen,Beatrice,W,25 Aug 60,8,6,Brooks

McFadden,Albert P.,D,7 Dec 60,15,4,age 59

McFadden,Della,W,24 Jun 64,3,1,Fleming

McFayden,Harvie,M,12 May 60,4,1,7 May; McCrory

McGill,Shirley Jane,M,3 Mar 60,3, 4,Kurchina

McGill,Shirley,P,25 Jul 62,6,6,Kurchina

McGill,Stanley M.,D,13 Jun 62,14,3,age 50

McGill,Stanley,D,20 Jun 62,7,2,8 Jun

McGlynn,June,M,14 Mar 62,5,8,3 Mar; Hertner

McGregor,D. N.,D,12 Jul 61,1,7,

McGregor,Eva,A,23 Jun 60,1,7,50th; Nuttle

McGregor,Marilyn Gail,M,20 May 64,2,5,15 May; Roszell

McGregor,Mary,D,6 Jun 62,10,1,

McGregor,Roy,A,16 Dec 64,9,5,10 Dec; 45th

McGregor,William C.,M,6 Nov 63,9,3,12 Oct; Pearson

McIntosh,Pearl,D,26 Jul 61,7,4,Rockey

McIntyre,Allan, Mrs,D,7 Jan 60,1,1,age 80; Detroit

McIntyre,Bruce Gayphen,M,29 Nov 61,13,4,Ratcliffe

McIntyre,Donna,M,10 Jan 62,2,4,30 Dec 61; Fisher

McIntyre,June,D,19 Aug 64,1,8,age 21

McIver,Sarah Jeannette,D,2 Oct 63,10,5,Tapsell

McKee,Mary Ann,P,20 Sep 61,8,5,Miller

McKenney,Harry Lee,D,18 Nov 64,12,4,age 70

McKenney,Harry Lee,D,25 Nov 64,16,5,

McKenney,Louise,W,18 Aug 60,12,3,VanPatter

McKenney,R. Burnice,D,19 May 60,11,4,

McKenney,R. Burnice,D,12 May 60,8,1,age 76

McKenzie,Eric Melvin,M,27 May 64,9,7,Shackelton

McKenzie,Jack,A,21 Jul 60,1,8,20th

McKenzie,John Brent,B

McKenzie,Maud,W,4 Mar 64,4,6,Poole

McKenzie,Maude,A,18 Jul 62,9,8,Poole

McKibbin,James Lee,M,29 Apr 64,8,3,Roloson

McKibbin,James Lee,E,6 May 64,9,3,Roloson

McKibbin,Norman S.,D,31 Oct 62,5,4,22 Oct

McKibbin,Stanley,IM,21 Mar 62,6,6,d 27 Mar 1960

McKibbon,Ida,W,30 Dec 63,1,8,Pollard

McKie,Robert J. R.,D,23 Jan 63,11,4,

McKie,Robert J. R.,D,16 Jan 63,5,4,4th year

McKie,Shirley Maude,M,29 Mar 61,10,3,18 Mar; Harvey

McKin,Ellen,D,27 Nov 63,5,1,84th year

McKinney,Edward,D,14 Jun 61,10,3,93rd year

McKinnon,Linda Ann,B,19 May 60,6,8,b 4 May

McKinnon,Marianne,B,27 Dec 61,6,4,25 Dec

McKnight,Alexander,D,26 Aug 64,8,3,age 56

McKnight,Jean,D,18 Sep 63,11,4,

McKnight,Jean A.,D,25 Sep 63,7,2,

McKnight,Joan Bertha,E,17 Oct 62,6,5,21 Nov; Suto

McKnight,Meloia J.,D,27 Mar 63,8,3,age 88

McLachlin,Annie,D,14 Mar 62,12,1,

McLachlin,Annie,D,7 Mar 62,9,1,age 81

McLain,Frances,P,25 Feb 60,6,5,Shelley

McLain,Malcolm,M,16 Sep 64,11,3,Charlton

McLain,Malcolm,E,29 Jul 64,6,7,22 Aug; Charlton

McLain,Malcolm Donald,M,2 Sep 64,7,1,22 Aug; Charlton

McLay,David John,B


McLelan,Doris,W,23 Sep 64,3,3,Ready

McLellan,Carl John,M,9 Oct 63,9,3,21 Sep; Hunter

McLellan,Doris Jean,M,4 Sep 63,5,5,10 Aug; Ready

McMahon,Janice,P,11 Feb 60,6,3,Learn

McMaster,James,M,28 Oct 64,12,1,MacLeod

McMaster,William J.,D,14 Feb 62,8,5,age 81

McMurran,George,M,21 Sep 60,3,5,10 Sep

McNames,William James,E,8 Jan 64,6,3,8 Feb; Hawley

McNeil,Laurie Anne,B,5 Apr 61,6,8,23 Mar

McNeil,Oleta,W,14 Nov 62,11,5,Stafford

McNeill,Marilyn Yvonne,E,9 May 62,7,1,2 Jun; Clarke

McNeill,Marilyn Yvonne,M,6 Jun 62,4,3,2 Jun; Clarke

McNeill,Marilyn,M,13 Jun 62,12,3,Clarke

McNeill,Marilyn,P,4 Dec 63,6,8,Clarke

McNeill,Murdock,D,4 Aug 60,4,4,age 88

McNeilly,William, Mrs.,D,8 Jan 64,8,4,age 72

McNutt,Frank R.,M,3 Jun 64,3,3,Small

McPhail,John Duncan,D,7 Jan 60,10,3,age 45

McPhail,Zelma Grace,M,23 Sep 64,8,4,12 Sep; Pearson

McPherson,Mary Belle,W,18 Mar 64,11,4,Johnston

McQuiggan,Charlie,IM,30 Nov 60,6,6,d 6 Dec 1949

McQuiggan,Charlie,IM,6 Dec 61,6,6,d 14 Jan 1950

McQuiggan,Dwayne Edwin,B

McQuiggan,Grace,IM,30 Nov 60,6,6,d 14 Jan 1950

McQuiggan,James Oswald,E,6 Jun 62,6,6,30 Jun

McQuiggan,James,M,11 Jul 62,5,3,Brackenbury

McQuiggan,John W.,D,29 Jan 64,8,4,age 79

McQuiggan,June,M,11 Jul 62,2,1,30 Jun; Kinsey

McQuiggan,June,P,8 Jan 64,6,8,Kinsey

McQuiggan,Lloyd George,M,4 Feb 60,12 ,1,16 Jan; Baxter

McQuiggan,Mary Lou,P,22 Jan 64,6,4,Snively

McQuiggan,Mary Lou,E,20 Mar 63,6,4,13 Apr; Snively

McQuiggan,Timothy Lloyd,B,7 Jun 61,6,7,3 Jun

McQuiggan,Wanda June,E,13 Jun 62,6,4,30 Jun; Kinsey

McRae,Jeanette,W,27 Sep 61,12,4,Roberton

McTaggart,Alice,D,30 May 62,7,1,age 82

McTaggart,Alice,D,6 Jun 62,10,3,

McTaggart,Clara,IM,4 Feb 60,6,5,d 3 Feb 1959

McTaggart,Iva,W,6 Sep 61,1,3,Truman

McTaggart,John A.,D,11 Aug 60,10,1,age 86

McTaggart,Karen Louise,B

McTavish,Ethel Helena,D,21 Feb 62,7,4,Thomson

McTavish,Linda Joan,B

McWalter,Georgina,D,5 Dec 62,14,1,Sims

Mechas,Michael John,M,8 Apr 64,4,3,Demetrulias

Meen,Hazel,D,5 Aug 64,1,8,

Meeuse,John, Mrs.,D,16 Dec 64,12,3,age 77

Meharg,Mary Lou,M,4 Mar 64,8,1,24 Feb; Spooner

Melton,Jean,M,30 Oct 63,14,4,25 Oct; Perrin

Merchant,Alice,D,27 Dec 61,7,3,Phillips

Merchant,Mabel Walker,D,31 May 61,7,5,Lloyd

Mergler,Katherine,M,18 Jul 62,5,3,7 Jul; Fabi

Mergler,Mary,D,10 Jan 62,5,3,age 91

Mermuys,Eva,M,7 Mar 62,3,1,Vandenberghe

Mermuys,Jeanny,M,7 Mar 62,3,1,10 Feb; Delodder

Merrick,Catherine Anne,E,27 May 64,11,7,27 Jun; Hollands

Merrick,Catherine Anne,M,8 Jul 64,7,1,Hollands

Merrick,Catherine Anne,M,15 Jul 64,9,3,Hollands

Mervis,Ronny,B,17 May 61,6,8,1 May


Meyer,Warren,M,19 Oct 60,9,6,Abell

Meyer,Warren,E,28 Sep 60,6,4,8 Oct; Abell

Mezenberg,J. H., Mrs.,D,27 Jun 62,3,3,age 50

Mezenberg,J., Mrs.,D,4 Jul 62,4,6,

Mezenberg,John,E,25 Mar 64,6,4,9 May; Donkers

Mezenberg,John,M,13 May 64,18,3,9 May; Donkers

Mikita,George,E,18 Jul 62,7,1,28 Jul; Wolfe

Miles,nee,D,16 Nov 60,16,6,Wood

Miles,Richard, Mrs.,D,22 Apr 64,4,4,age 84

Millard,Alice,D,4 Aug 60,3,3,age 76

Millard,Catherine Elaine,B

Millard,Flossie,W,31 Jan 62,7,3,Walker

Millard,John L., Mrs.,D,19 Oct 60,2,5,

Millard,Louisa,P,11 Mar 64,5,3,Herries

Millard,Mary,D,11 Jul 62,1,6,Secord

Millard,Meta Belle,D,1 Sep 60,1,5,VanVelzer

Millard,Rhoxinae G.,M,14 Jun 61,5,3,10 Jun; O’Brien

Millard,Wanda Rosemary,M,23 Jun 60,2,7,Gunn

Millard,William, Mrs.,D,28 Jul 60,1,5,age 77

Millard,William Paul,E,9 Oct 63,6,6,26 Oct; Lindsay

Millard,William Paul,M,13 Nov 63,10,3,26 Oct; Lindsay

Miller,Della Pearl,D,18 Aug 60,12,3,Vickes

Miller,Della Pearl,W,24 May 61,4,3,Vickers

Miller,Edward, Mrs.,D,20 Sep 61,8,5,age 83

Miller,Elizabeth,P,4 Oct 61,1,6,Kingwell

Miller,Frances P.,D,9 Sep 64,8,4,

Miller,Harriet,M,28 Aug 63,9,4,20 Aug; Beach

Miller,Minnie,D,14 Jun 61,10,2,

Miller,Minnie G.,D,7 Jun 61,9,3,age 91

Miller,Robert Murray,E,6 Sep 61,6,5,27 Sep; Quinlan

Miller,Robert Scott,B

Miller,Ruth,D,29 Mar 61,9,4,Fowler

Miller,Theresa,D,19 Jun 63,3,3,

Milliken,Kilmeny, Mrs.,D,18 Sep 63,11,5,

Milliken,Thomas, Mrs.,D,11 Sep 63,8,4,

Mills,Aleta,D,24 Jun 64,12,5,age 62

Mills,Clarence,D,20 Jun 62,7,1,

Mills,Frederick James,D,12 May 60,7,4,age 85

Mills,Harriet,W,28 Sep 60,3,6,Harvey

Mills,Keith Roland,M,11 Mar 64,4,4,Smith

Mills,Lorna,B,24 Mar 60,6,7,b 1 Mar

Mills,Lorraine,B,24 Mar 60,6,7,b 1 Mar

Mills,Ronald L.,M,10 Jun 64,2,3,Thomson

Mills,Ronald Lloyd,E,29 Apr 64,6,4,Thomson

Milmine,Merle,D,24 Jul 63,7,1,age 78

Milne,Jurith Marion,M,27 May 64,7,1,16 May; Harrison

Mimma,Olive Catherine,D,28 Nov 62,13,3,Harvey

Miners,Carole Anne,M,27 Nov 63,11,3,Catherwood

Miners,Carole Anne,E,6 Nov 63,6,3,Catherwood

Miners,Norma,M,5 May 60,2,5,23 Apr; photo

Minor,Clayton,D,28 Jan 60,1,3,age 48

Minor,Harvey, Mrs.,D,17 Jul 63,7,4,79th year

Minshall,Etta,P,30 May 62,7,1,Woolley

Mison,Audrey,W,19 Aug 64,8,3,Richardson

Mitchell,Alberta,D,31 Jul 63,10,4,age 84

Mitchell,Ethel,W,30 Dec 63,2,4,Filby

Mitchell,Georgina M.,D,11 Aug 60,10 ,2,80th year; Yates

Mitchell,Harvey Verne,A,5 Dec 62,11,6,27 Nov; 50th

Mitchell,Linda Ann,B

Mitchell,Marlene Anne,E,7 Dec 60,6,6,17 Dec; Wilson

Mitchell,Myrna Lucille,D,15 Aug 62,12,5,8 Aug; infant

Mitchell,Ronald Rene,E,17 May 61,6,4,3 Jun; Learn

Mitchell,Ronald,M,14 Jun 61,4,5,3 Jun; Learn

Mitchell,Sheila Pearl,E,18 Jan 61,6,7,28 Jan; Belore

Mitchell,Vern Wayne,E,13 Nov 63,6,7,30 Nov; Williams

Mitchell,Wayne,M,11 Dec 63,5,3,30 Nov; Williams

Mitz,Minta,D,14 Jul 60,7,7,Staley

Mizon,Conne,P,31 May 61,6,5,Vandierendonck

Mizon,Deborah Lyn,D,25 Oct 61,17,3,age 6

Mizon,Ina,W,14 Oct 64,10,5,Kindree

Mizon,Roryanne,B,16 Dec 64,6,6,5 Dec

Mock,Erika Maria,M,28 Jan 60,7,3,16 Jan; Nief

Moederzon,John,M,2 Nov 60,4,4,22 Oct; Rauke

Moerman,Louis,D,15 Jul 64,11,4,

Moerman,Roger G.,M,8 Apr 64,8,1,4 Apr; Lamers

Moir,James Beattie,B

Moir,Sandra Gail,M,23 Oct 63,3,3,12 Oct; Schaap

Moir,Sandra Gail,E,18 Sep 63,6,3,12 Oct; Schaap

Moir,Sandra,P,21 Oct 64,12,5,Schaap

Monck,Bernice,A,4 Dec 63,13,5,Taylor

Monton,Leona Marie,D,21 Feb 62,7,3,Crevits

Moore,Ann,P,6 Sep 61,5,3,Purdy

Moore,Benjamin S., Mrs,D,1 Sep 60,7,6,age 66

Moore,Christine,M,8 Jan 64,2,3,4 Jan; Anderson

Moore,Edith Maude,D,15 Aug 62,12,4,Vincent

Moore,Edna,D,28 Jul 60,4,4,89th year

Moore,Edwy Dee,D,4 Apr 62,12,6,

Moore,Edwy Dee,D,28 Mar 62,2,3,

Moore,Elgin,A,16 Jan 63,4,4,25th

Moore,Eva M.,D,15 Jan 64,9,3,

Moore,Eva,D,22 Jan 64,3,6,

Moore,Garfield,D,15 Aug 62,10,4,age 67

Moore,H. Beatrice,D,30 Oct 63,4,4,Wolfe

Moore,Harold Wilbur,M,16 Nov 60,17,1,12 Nov; Jackson

Moore,Irvin,A,21 Apr 60,1,1,50th

Moore,Irvin,A,5 May 60,1,3,50th

Moore,James A., Mrs.,D,23 May 62,10,3,9 May

Moore,James A., Mrs.,D,16 May 62,3,2,

Moore,James A., Mrs.,D,9 May 62,8,5,age 69

Moore,Margaret Ann,M,1 Sep 60,5,5,Kimball

Moore,Marvin R.,M,22 Nov 61,8,3,4 Nov; Williams

Moore,Mary,P,13 Jun 62,14,3,Slaght

Moore,Mattie,D,20 Mar 63,7,3,Guy

Moore,Mildred,W,11 Mar 64,1,6,Bodkin

Moore,Teresa,W,15 Apr 64,12,3,Porter

Moore,Theopolis,D,20 Sep 61,8,6,age 58

Moore,Theopolis,D,27 Sep 61,16,8,

Moore,William Bruce,B

Moorman,Doris,D,14 Dec 60,1,7,age 52

Moorman,James,D,7 Aug 63,4,2,58th year

Morgan,Albert,IM,18 Apr 62,6,7,d 19 Apr 1953

Morgan,David,D,24 Jan 62,1,8,age 50

Morgison,John, Mrs.,D,14 Nov 62,11,5,age 80

Morris,Moulton, Mrs.,D,18 Dec 62,16,5,age 75

Morris,Roy,A,21 Dec 64,1,6,1 Jan; 45th

Morrish,Bonnie Jean,M,13 Sep 61,2,3,Smith

Morrison,Gerald Wayne,E,21 Aug 63,6,3,24 Aug; Tillotson

Morrison,Gerald,M,28 Aug 63,4,1,Tillotson

Morse,Steven Edgar,M,31 May 61,10,3,Macdonald

Mossey,Elmer,A,12 Dec 62,11,2,40th

Moylan,John Hugo,E,9 Aug 61,6,4,16 Sep; Klachan

Moylan,John Hugh,M,20 Sep 61,11,1,Klachan

Mozigemba,Helga Maria,M,16 Nov 60,4,4,Eus

Muddle,Thomas J.,A,27 Mar 63,1,5,50th

Mulder,Nelda,M,14 Jun 61,4,1,2 Jun; Tenhoor

Mulholland,Mary Elizabeth,D,10 Mar 60,5,3,100th year

Muma,Beverly David,M,9 Dec 64,11,2,10 Oct; Russel

Muma,Iris Beryl,M,17 Jun 64,10,4,Collard

Munn,Clarence B.,D,11 Aug 60,10,3,

Munn,Clarence B.,D,4 Aug 60,1,4,age 55

Munro,Bessie,P,25 Nov 64,16,6,Ferris

Murphy,Bette Irene,M,19 Apr 61,5,1,8 Apr; Hoover

Murphy,Dwain Edward,E,8 Apr 64,6,3,18 Apr; Clinton

Murphy,Dwain Edward,M,29 Apr 64,15,3,18 Apr; Clinton

Murphy,Ethel,D,25 Feb 60,3,5,Cole

Murphy,Gordon William,D,10 Jan 62,5,5,age 61

Murphy,John,D,13 Sep 61,9,6,age 78

Murphy,Mary,P,8 Jan 64,8,4,McNeilly

Murphy,Mary,D,27 Nov 63,5,3,79th year

Murray,John Gladwin,E,8 Aug 62,5,1,Wooley

Murray,John Gladwyn,M,12 Sep 62,7,3,8 Sep; Woolley

Murray,Margaret,D,20 Sep 61,8,5,Miller

Myles,Marie,D,2 Nov 60,1,6,

Nagy,Brian, Dr.,M,19 Jun 63,5,3,Wilson

Naismith,Mary,D,6 Jun 62,10,1,McGregor

Nakesch,Maria,W,9 Oct 63,8,4,Johrendt

Naswetter,Rosina,M,12 May 60,2,5,30 Apr; Ungar

Neathway,Steven,D,4 Jul 62,4,6,6 wks; b 10 May

Neff,Salome,D,18 Apr 62,7,1,age 81

Nelles,Lee,E,25 Mar 64,6,4,4 Apr; Walker

Nelles,Maurice Lee,M,8 Apr 64,13,4,Walker

Nelson,Eleanor Jane,P,11 Aug 60,10,5,Caverly

Nelson,Margaret,P,1 Sep 60,6,5,Cassis

Nelson,Mary Katherine,B

Nelson,Nellie,P,16 May 62,6,2,Wolfe

Nemett,Lois,W,27 Dec 61,1,4,Pettit

Nennett,Lois Jean,E,24 Mar 60,6,8,21 May; Pettit

Nesbitt,Bonita Carol,E,14 Jun 61,11,1,22 Jul; Smith

Nesbitt,Donna,M,7 Nov 62,10,3,27 Oct; O’Brien

Nesbitt,Donna Carolyn,E,10 Oct 62,6,8,27 Oct; O’Brien

Nesbitt,Donna,P,6 May 64,6,7,O’Brien

Nesbitt,Joseph,H,27 Sep 61,12,6,Snyder

Neston,Louisa,D,19 Apr 61,8,5,Biddle

Neukamm,Edward,D,11 Nov 64,9,3,age 65


Newcombe,Amelia,D,30 Nov 60,10,3,Allen

Newell,Florence,W,29 Apr 64,11,4,Bingham

Newell,George F.,D,12 Dec 62,4,5,83rd year

Newell,Margaret Rose,E,22 Jul 64,10,8,22 Aug; Reid

Newell,Margaret Rose,M,16 Sep 64,4,5,22 Aug; Reid

Newman,William Laverne,D,14 Feb 62,8,4,age 38

Newton,Gertrude,W,4 Aug 60,3,2,Durdin

Niblock,Shirley Marie,M,28 Jul 60,9,5,Alexander

Niblock,Shirley Marie,E,26 Jun 60,6,7,16 Jul; Alexander

Niblock,Shirley,P,18 Dec 62,6,5,Alexander

Niblock,Stephen Lyle,B,13 May 64,6,6,7 May

Niblock,William Thomas,D,16 Sep 64,8,4,54th year

Nicol,Geo Alexander,M,6 Nov 63,8,2,Marash

Niebergall,George E.,D,30 May 62,7,1,age 81

Nief,Martin M,M,28 Jan 60,7,3,16 Jan; Mock

Nigh,Harvey,A,2 Sep 64,1,8,2 Sep; 50th

Nigh,son,B,28 Dec 64,6,3,15 Dec

Nikolaus,Rose,W,18 Feb 60,1,8,Hesch

Nixon,Mary Jane,P,21 Apr 60,1,7,Martin

Nixon,Mary Jane,P,14 Jun 61,10,2,Lawr

Noels,Dora,M,28 Sep 60,4,3,16 Sep; Burks

Noiles,Colleen,D,21 Oct 64,1,8,19Oct; 17th year

Noorenberghe,Janet Marie,B

Norman,Kenneth,M,21 Oct 64,9,3,10 Oct; Ethelston

Norman,Kenneth William,E,16 Sep 64,6,7,10 Oct; Ethelston

Norris,Sheila Lorraine,M,18 Apr 62,3,3,7 Apr; Franklin

North,John, Mrs.,D,23 May 62,3,4,

Norton,James Asahel,D,23 Oct 63,15,3,age 61

Noxell,Eleta,W,19 Aug 64,8,3,Grawburg

Nunn,Margaret Essie,A,3 Jan 62,1,3,Buchner

Nunn,Margaret,W,15 Jan 64,9,2,Buchner

Nunn,Robert,M,25 Sep 63,10,1,Glenister

Nunn,Robert,E,4 Sep 63,6,3,21 Sep; Glenister

Nurenberg,Anne,M,18 Sep 63,5,1,Hartig

Nuttle,Charles H.,A,23 Jun 60,1,7,50th

O’Brien,Bernard Paul,B,28 Nov 62,6,6,20 Nov

O’Brien,Clarence Edward,M,14 Jun 61,5,3,10 Jun; Millard

O’Brien,David George,B,25 Nov 64,6,5,18 Nov

O’Brien,James Austin,B,24 Oct 62,6,6,20 Oct

O’Brien,Mark William,B

O’Brien,Robert,M,7 Nov 62,10,3,27 Oct; Nesbitt

O’Brien,Robert Francis,E,10 Oct 62,6,8,27 Oct; Nesbitt

O’Brien,Terry Patrick,B,6 May 64,6,7,28 Apr; Nesbitt

O’Brien,William,A,20 Jun 62,1,8,40th

O’Bryan,Claude,D,29 Jul 64,8,4,age 67

O’Bryan,Clyde,D,5 Aug 64,5,3,

O’Donnell,Hilda,W,4 Nov 64,3,2,Gallagher

O’Neil,Hattie,IM,25 Mar 64,6,5,d 29 Mar 1963

O’Reilly,Kimberley Anne,B

O’Reilly,Thomas Michael,B

Oatman,Neoma,D,23 May 62,10,3,Bailey

Obar,Louis,M,26 May 60,3,6,14 May; Zylstra

Odanski,Rosalie Anne,E,24 Oct 62,6,6,17 Nov; Cassis

Ogden,Lilias,W,14 Oct 64,10,6,Corbett

Ogilvie,John B., Mrs.,D,29 Apr 64,11,5,25 Apr

Olde,Vivian,D,11 Apr 62,11,5,Liddle

Oliver,Ellen,D,4 Nov 64,3,1,79th year

Olmstead,Elizabeth,P,25 Jul 62,6,6,Stephens

Olmstead,Mary Elizabeth,M,18 Aug 60,5,6,Stephens

Olmstead,Mary Elizabeth,E,14 Jul 60,3,5,6 Aug; Stephens

Olmstead,Mary Elizabeth,M,18 Aug 60,9,3,photo

Olsen,Theophelus,D,17 Jul 63,7,4,80th year

Ornell,Robert Bruce,B,31 May 61,6,5,23 May

Orr,Edith M.,D,18 Dec 62,3,3, age 71

Orr,Minnie May,D,21 Mar 62,5,2,Clinton

Orr,Ronald N.,M,1 Aug 62,3,3,28 Jul; Martin

Orr,Ronald N.,E,4 Jul 62,6,7,28 Jul; Martin

Orrell,Daniel Sewter,M,18 Aug 60,15,5,30 Jul; Barton

Orton,Ada,W,23 Oct 63,15,3,Norton

Orton,Herbert,A,9 Sep 64,8,5,8 Sep; 50th

Osborne,C. Cecil,D,14 Dec 60,10,4,age 59

Osborne,Ellen,P,21 Jan 60,3,1,Ostrander

Oslach,Arthur,M,14 Nov 62,3,4,10 Nov; Geldhof

Osterhout,Rosemarie,M,4 Feb 60,8,1,23 Jan; Kelley

Ostland,Constance,M,13 Sep 61,8,3,19 Aug; Gavey

Ostland,Constance Ruth,E,19 Jul 61,6,8,19 Aug; Gavey

Ostrander,Chloe Ann,P,20 Sep 61,9,3,Ball

Ostrander,Don, Mrs.,D,30 Dec 63,2,3,age 44

Ostrander,Dorothy,IM,21 Dec 64,6,5,d 25 Dec 1963

Ostrander,Lillian,D,18 Apr 62,7,1,80th year

Ostrander,Osman E,D,21 Jan 60,3,1,age 71

Ostrander,Robin April,B

Ostrosser,Lois Evangeline,E,11 Sep 63,6,5,12 Oct; Mayos

Ostrosser,Lois Evangeline,M,16 Oct 63,8,3,12 Oct; Mayos

Oughterson,Annie,P,16 May 62,10,3,Simon


Owen ,Bruce Frederick,B

Owen,Sandra Carole,M,17 Oct 62,12,1,6 Oct; Barlow

Owen ,Sandra Carole,E,19 Sep 62,6,8,6 Oct; Barlow

Owen,Sandra Carole,E,19 Sep 62,8,7,6 Oct; Barlow

Oxford,Rebecca,W,28 Nov 62,4,3,Fellows

Page,Alice,D,9 May 62,11,6,84th year

Page,Ernest,D,25 Sep 63,8,3,

Page,John,D,23 Jun 60,7,2,age 79

Page,John,D,4 Dec 63,1,7,age 48

Page,Lulu,W,11 Jul 62,8,5,Woodley

Page,Pearl,D,24 Jul 63,7,1,Hillman

Paget,Ada,D,27 Dec 62,7,1,15 Dec

Paget,Ada,D,18 Dec 62,3,8,age 86

Paget,Carl Ross,M,15 Jul 64,4,4,4 Jul; Boughner

Paget,Carl Ross,E,3 Jun 64,6,4,4 Jul; Boughner

Paget,Joseph,IM,25 Feb 60,6,7,d 26 Feb 1953

Paget,Lora Ellen,B,4 Mar 64,6,6,25 Feb

Palmer,Annie Jane,A,22 Jan 64,12,1,Ryan

Palmer,David,D,28 Nov 62,8,7,



Parker,Annie Belle,P,14 Feb 62,8,4,Newman

Parker,Carol Marion,B

Parker,Clara,W,10 May 61,11,4,Goodhand

Parker,Dianna Joy,B

Parker,Elizabeth,D,16 Oct 63,3,7,age 88

Parker,Elizabeth,D,23 Oct 63,15,3,

Parker,Elva E.,P,4 Apr 62,12,6,Chambers

Parker,George Roy,D,30 May 62,4,4,age 69

Parker,George,IM,20 May 64,6,8,d 25 May 1962

Parker,Gerald William,B

Parker,Herman, Mrs.,D,18 Oct 61,10,4,23 Sep; age 79

Parker,Mary,W,6 Sep 61,5,3,Simms

Parsons,Elizabeth,D,20 Nov 63,13,5,Robinson

Partlow,Claude Harley,D,25 Nov 64,16,6,age 83

Partlow,Claude Harley,D,2 Dec 64,14,3,

Partlow,Hilda,D,20 Jun 62,7,1,age 64

Passmore,Kenneth Gerald,M,28 Dec 64,4,3,Armstrong

Passmore,Kenneth Gerald,M,21 Dec 64,9,4,Armstrong

Passmore,Kenneth G.,E,2 Dec 64,9,5,Armstrong

Patkus,Albyna Mary A,M,2 Nov 60,4,1,15 Oct; Kozar

Patkus,Albyna,M,23 Nov 60,9,1,Kozar

Patkus,Algie,M,25 Jul 62,8,6,21 Jul; Reid

Patkus,Elgie D.,E,27 Jun 62,6,5,21 Jul; Reid

Patkus,James Robert,B,12 Aug 64,6,5,11 Jul

Patterson,Evelyn,W,7 Dec 60,15,4,McFadden

Patterson,Mary,P,18 Aug 60,7,3,Taylor

Pauline,George Coville,D,10 May 61,1,8,

Paupst,Harry,A,5 Sep 62,1,5,

Pawluk,Norman,E,18 Jul 62,7,1,Armstrong

Payne,John Edward,M,16 Nov 60,5,5,Harvie

Payne,William John,B

Pearce,Harold,M,10 Oct 62,8,1,Colcie

Pearce,Lawrence Floyd,B

Pearson,Kelly Christine,B

Pearson,Marguerite,M,6 Nov 63,9,3,McGregor

Pearson,Sandra Marlene,M,16 Sep 64,2,5,5 Sep; Lindsay

Pearson,William H.,D,5 Dec 62,14,1,

Pearson,William H.,D,28 Nov 62,4,4,age 82

Pearson,William,IM,27 Nov 63,6,6,d 27 Nov 1962

Pearson,William Murray,M,23 Sep 64,8,4,12 Sep; McPhail

Peckham,William A.,D,8 Jul 64,8,4,age 93

Pegg,Matilda Georgia,W,20 Sep 61,9,4,Davis

Pendreigh,William,M,31 Jul 63,3,3,Hainer

Penhale,Kenneth Russell,D,23 Nov 60,14,6,age 22

Pepper,Fidella May,D,28 Sep 60,3,6,Sales

Percy,Kelly Dawn,B,11 Mar 64,6,4,27 Feb

Percy ,Mary Jane,W,19 Sep 62,8,6,Welter

Percy,Sherry Lee,B,3 Mar 60,6,7,b 22 Feb

Perrin,Bonnie,E,19 Jun 63,6,6,27 Jul; Marshall

Perrin,Dennis,M,30 Oct 63,14,4,25 Oct; Melton

Perry ,Harley E.,D,25 Feb 60,3,5,age 65

Perry,Harry,IM,4 Feb 60,6,5,d 2 Feb 1958

Perry,Harry,IM,31 Jan 62,6,6,d 2 Feb 1958

Perry,Harry,IM,29 Jan 64,6,4,d 2 Feb 1958

Peter,Joseph,M,26 May 60,4,4,Hendel; photo


Peters,Shirley, Mr,D,14 Jan 60,1,8,age 66

Pettibone,Mary Gay,M,30 Sep 64,5,1,12 Sep; Brooks

Pettibone,Mary Gay,M,12 Aug 64,6,4,12 Sep; Brooks

Pettit,Beverly Anne,B

Pettit,David,P,17 Jan 62,8,3,Haskett

Pettit,Florence,W,9 May 62,5,2,Anger

Pettit,Philip Beverly,E,24 Mar 60,6,8,21 May; Nennett

Pettit,Philip B.,D,27 Dec 61,1,4,age 41

Pettit,Philip,D,3 Jan 62,2,3,

Pettit,Suzanna,P,14 Dec 60,10,4,Coomber

Pfingstraef,Martin,M,17 Jul 63,4,4,Krautner

Pfingstraef,Michael,M,5 May 60,3,5,23 Apr; photo

Pfingstraef,Michael Scott,B,6 Jun 62,6,5,2 Jun

Pfingstraef,Michele Ann,B,7 Jun 61,6,7,31 May

Phelps,Jennie May,D,5 Apr 61,3,3, age 87

Phelps,John Charles,E,11 Dec 63,6,8,Humphrey

Phelps,Susan,P,12 Oct 60,10,3,Pound

Phelps,Susan,P,28 Jul 60,4,3,Pound

Philips,D. Gordon,D,14 Jun 61,10,1,age 32

Phillimore,Eliza Ann,D,15 Jan 63,9,1,Pressey

Phillimore,John Wayne,M,20 Jun 62,10,5,2 Jun; Cherry

Phillimore,York,A,18 Jan 61,1,5,50th

Phillips,David, Mrs.,D,27 Dec 61,7,3,age 78

Phillips,David,D,11 Nov 64,11,3,age 75

Phillips,Edith Gertrude,D,11 Aug 60,10,4,Stratton

Phillips,Graham Charles,B

Phillips,Harold,M,11 Jul 62,3,4,23 Jun; Horton

Phillips,Harold George,E,23 May 62,6,4,23 Jun; Horton

Phillips,Michael,M,14 Oct 64,4,6,10 Oct; Kilmer


Philpott,Gordon,A,30 May 62,8,3,50th

Phoenix,Maud,D,13 Jun 62,14,4,79th year

Pierce,Katherine,D,17 May 61,11,6,age 95

Pierce,Rae Anne,M,28 Oct 64,11,3,10 Oct; Widner

Pilkington,Larry Allan,B,21 Oct 64,6,4,12 Oct

Pilkington,William,M,3 Oct 62,3,1,Wilkins

Pinch,Cynthia Joanne,B,20 Mar 63,6,8,15 Mar

Pinch,Stephen Terry,B,27 Sep 61,6,7,20 Sep

Pineo,Ada May,W,7 Dec 60,15,2,Baxter

Pineo,Clara May,D,13 Nov 63,2,3,

Pinnegar,Leonard,D,19 Aug 64,8,3,34th year

Pinnegar,Mark Angus,B,12 May 60,6,8,

Pipher,Kathy Wray,D,22 Jul 64,11,3,infant

Plain,Mary Ann,W,16 Dec 64,12,5,Kirk

Plaquet,Robert Peter,M,5 May 60,9,3,photo; Lauzon

Plaquet,son,B,14 Dec 60,6,6,8 Dec

Player,Keith Lee,M,30 Sep 64,4,3,23 Sep; Teeple

Player,Keith Lee,E,26 Aug 64,8,5,26 Sep; Teeple

Player,Lillian Isabel,M,4 Nov 64,12,2,31 Oct; Fleming

Player,Sylvia Beatrice,M,18 Aug 60,15,3,6 Aug; Smith

Pogue,Freda Helen,M,5 Oct 60,5,7,Hunter

Pole,Stefanny,P,27 May 64,11,1,Hill

Polgar,Joseph,D,18 Nov 64,12,3,56th year

Pollard,John S.,D,30 Dec 63,1,8,age 64

Pollen,Margaret M.,W,28 Oct 64,11,6,Smith

Pollock,Morley,D,12 Aug 64,8,5,age 63

Poole,Fred,A,18 Jul 62,9,8,50th

Poole,Frederick,D,4 Mar 64,4,6,87th year

Poortinga,Darlene Ann,B

Poortinga,John,M,28 Sep 60,3,4,23 Sep; Hovius

Pope,Walter E.,D,28 Aug 63,9,6,age 68

Pope,Walter,D,4 Sep 63,7,4,

Popelas,Gregory Francis,B,8 Sep 60,6,6,31 Aug

Porter,Anna Elizabeth E,M,26 Jul 61,3,3,15 Jul; Matthews

Porter,Charles,D,28 Jul 60,4,2,d 20 Jul; age 86

Porter,Charles,IM,19 Jul 61,6,5,d 20 Jul 1960

Porter,Charles, Mrs.,D,8 Aug 62,4,3,

Porter,Charles, Mrs.,D,1 Aug 62,6,7,age 73

Porter,Francis,A,14 Feb 62,2,3,50th; 7 Feb

Porter,Frank,A,31 Jan 62,1,7,50th; 7 Feb

Porter,James,M,20 Jun 62,5,4,16 Jun; Stringle

Porter,James Douglas ,E,23 May 62,6,4,16 Jun; Stringle

Porter,Michelle Marie,B,29 Jan 64,6,6,23 Jan

Porter,Ray,D,15 Apr 64,12,3,7 Apr; 64th year

Portsmouth,Lily,W,2 Nov 60,9,4,Gibson

Post,Pamela Bolton,B

Post,Phillip William,B

Potenza,Donald Murray,B

Pottelberg,Jean,M,1 Apr 64,9,4,Hutchison

Potter,C. A., Mrs.,D,27 Sep 61,12,5,

Potts,Barbara Florence,M,10 Mar 60,3,1,photo; Kozma

Potts,Mahlon L.,D,28 Oct 64,11,5,age 70

Poulton,Frederick G. H.,M,25 Sep 63,7,4,21 Sep; Gibbons

Pound,Clara May,D,15 Aug 62,12,5,Pressey

Pound,Eliza,P,27 Dec 62,7,1,Benner

Pound,Minnie B.,D,12 Oct 60,10,3,91st year

Pound,Rhoda A.,P,7 Dec 60,15,2,Baxter

Pound,William F.,D,28 Jul 60,4,3,93rd year

Powell,Mary C.,W,12 Jul 61,7,4,Gregg

Powell,Mary,W,26 Aug 64,8,4,MacKellar

Powers,Evelyn,D,14 Jan 60,1,8,age 61

Powers,Evelyn,D,21 Jan 60,9,5,d 12 Jan

Powers,Jennie,D,18 Dec 62,3,4,

Powers,Jennie,D,12 Dec 62,4,5,age 87

Powers,Willoughby,D,11 Jan 61,8,2,

Poyner,Marie,D,24 Sep 62,1,8,Caulfield

Pratt,Carrie,W,21 Aug 63,8,6,Livermore

Precoor,Erie,W,4 Apr 62,12,6,Chambers

Prendergast,Catharine Louise,D,7 Jan 60,1,5,23 Dec, 3rd yr

Prendergast,Catherine,P,1 Apr 64,6,7,Walzak

Prendergast,William,A,22 Jan 64,1,6,20 Jan

Prentice,Libby,P,3 Oct 62,4,4,Foster

Pressey,Clara,D,22 Aug 62,4,6,

Pressey,Clifton, Mrs.,D,21 Mar 62,5,1,age 62

Pressey,Coral M,D,21 Jan 60,7,3,Raymer


Pressey,Eliza,IM,8 Jan 64,6,7,d 11 Jan 1963

Pressey,Elva,A,4 Sep 63,1,,Kilmer

Pressey,H. Clair,D,9 Oct 63,8,4,age 62

Pressey,H. Clair,IM,30 Sep 64,6,7,d 5 Oct 1963

Pressey,Mary Adelia,D,11 Mar 64,5,3,Herries

Pressey,Philip, Mrs.,D,16 Jan 63,9,1,age 87

Pressey,son,B,18 Sep 63,6,4,17 Sep

Pressey,son,B,23 Sep 64,6,6,10 Sep

Pressey,Wheeler, Mrs.,D,15 Aug 62,12,5,age 68

Preston,Matilda,D,29 Mar 61,9,5,Feen

Price,Grace,W,27 Dec 61,7,3,Godby

Price,Jeanette,D,16 May 62,10,3,age 70

Prickett,Pansy,W,28 Jul 60,4,2,Hotchkiss

Priddle,George,A,20 Jun 62,3,4,60th

Priest,Lucy,D,20 Mar 63,10,5,Gladdish

Privette,Eva Alice,D,23 Dec 63,8,1,Ellington

Procunier,George A.,D,20 Nov 63,13,4,age 79

Procunier,George A.,D,27 Nov 63,5,4,

Procunier,Shirley Jean,B

Prong,Betty Lou,W,26 Jul 61,1,1,Tillotson

Prong,Betty Lou,M,3 Jun 64,5,3,Ternyik

Prong,John F.,D,14 Jul 60,2,3,


Prouse,Constance Jane,M,11 Jul 62,5,7,Van Parys

Pulley,Carolyn Joyce,M,24 May 61,9,6,Garner

Pulley,Carolyn Joyce,M,31 May 61,4,3,Garner

Purdy,Annie M.,D,6 Sep 61,5,3,age 82

Purdy,Charles A.,A,19 Oct 60,1,3,25th

Purdy,L. O., Mrs.,D,13 Sep 61,9,4,

Purdy,Lena,D,28 Jul 60,4,3,Bagnall

Putnam,Morley Peter,D,29 Jul 64,7,4,22 Jul; age 66

Putnam,Stanley Earl,B,12 Oct 60,6,8,29 Sep

Pyman,Ona,W,28 Oct 64,11,6,Brooks

Quick,Barbara Elaine,D,22 Jul 64,11,3,infant

Quick,Byrd C.,D,25 Feb 60,12,2,age 59

Quick,George, Mrs.,D,5 May 60,1,6,age 77

Quick,Norma Jean,E,19 Sep 62,6,8,6 Oct; Chambers

Quick,Norma Jean,M,7 Nov 62,12,3,Chambers

Quick,Velma,D,12 May 60,9,5,

Quinlan,Mary Ellen,E,6 Sep 61,6,5,27 Sep; Miller

Quittenden,Fred W.,D,25 Aug 60,8,5,

Quittenden,Fred W.,D,18 Aug 60,12,3,age 58

Rabbets,Beverley D.,M,13 Nov 63,3,3,26 Oct; Wallace

Rabbets,Beverley Doug.,E,2 Oct 63,6,6,26 Oct; Wallace

Radcliffe,Winnifred,W,9 Sep 64,8,2,Hunt

Rakoschi,John,M,24 Jun 64,12,2,Boudreau

Rakoschy,John,E,3 Jun 64,11,3,20 Jun; Boudreau

Ralf,baby,D,4 Aug 60,8,4,d 1 Aug

Ralf,Barbara,M,10 Mar 60,2,7,Scanlan

Ralph,Amy,D,30 Nov 60,10,3,Hambly

Rand,Emma,BD,16 Nov 60,17,8,91st

Rand,Emma,BD,14 Nov 62,1,6,11 Nov; 93rd

Rand,Emma,BD,2 Dec 64,2,4,95th

Rand,Emma,BD,18 Nov 64,3,4,11 Nov; 95th

Randall,Dorothy Evelyn,E,15 Jul 64,6,6,8 Aug; Stirling

Randall,Dorothy Evelyn,M,12 Aug 64,3,5,8 Aug; Stirling

Randall,Evelyn,M,19 Aug 64,3,4,8 Aug; Stirling

Rank,Muchsia C.,D,3 Jan 62,2,2,

Rank,Ruth Susanna,E,27 Sep 61,6,6,30 Sep; Bertleff

Rank,Ruth Susannah,M,4 Oct 61,3,1,30 Sep; Bertleff

Rankin,Rebecca Anne,B

Ratcliffe,Verna Jean,M,29 Nov 61,13,4,McIntyre

Rath,Harley George,M,2 Dec 64,14,5,Fenton

Rauke,Marjory,M,2 Nov 60,4,4,22 Oct

Raven,Jean,M,16 Sep 64,9,4,5 Sep; Crosley

Rawlings,Mabel Sarah,D,6 Dec 61,13,1,age 81

Rawlins,Mabel Sarah,D,13 Dec 61,11,3,

Ray,Emma,W,24 Oct 62,11,3,Roberts

Raymer,Coral M,D,21 Jan 60,7,3,age 63

Raymond,Charles Jack,E,18 Nov 64,6,6,12 Dec; Willsey

Raymond,Jacques,M,16 Dec 64,8,4,12 Dec; Willsey

Rayner,C. Robert,D,28 Nov 62,8,7,age 40

Read,Charles J.,D,2 Oct 63,12,4,age 85

Read,Charles J.,D,9 Oct 63,7,3,

Ready,Alan John,M,4 Sep 63,5,5,McLellan

Ready,Alan,D,23 Sep 64,3,3,age 24

Reasbeck,William,A,12 Sep 62,8,3,50th

Reavely,Alice Maude,P,14 Mar 62,12,1,Johnson

Redman,Bruce John,M,2 Sep 64,9,5,Smith

Reed,Lillian Gertrude,D,14 Jun 61,10,3,Elley

Reed,Robert,D,18 Apr 62,13,6,age 58

Reeves,Mary Josephine,D,27 Sep 61,6,8,age 76

Reid,Gary Leslie,M,16 Sep 64,4,5,22 Aug; Newell

Reid,Gary Leslie,E,22 Jul 64,10,8,22 Aug; Newell

Reid,Jean Marie,E,27 Jun 62,6,5,21 Jul; Patkus

Reid,Jean Marie,M,25 Jul 62,8,6,21 Jul; Patkus

Reid,John Ernest,B

Reid,Wilmot,A,10 Jan 62,4,3,50th; 20 Dec 1961

Rempel,Jacob William,D,1 Nov 61,9,3,26 Oct; age 65


Revesz,Joseph,D,28 Oct 64,11,8,

Revesz,Joseph,D,21 Oct 64,10,5,age 67

Reymer,Everhardus J.,M,11 Nov 64,4,4,10 Oct; Dykstra

Reynaert,David Paul,B,15 Apr 64,6,7,10 Apr

Reynaert,Robert,M,3 Oct 62,10,5,MacDowell

Rice,Effie Idona,D,5 Apr 61,3,4,Freeman

Rice,Flossey,W,11 Jan 61,8,1,Ashford

Rice,Harmon E.,D,18 Jul 62,1,8,age 87

Rice,Harmon Edward,BD,30 Sep 64,10,5,6 Oct; 90th

Rice,Winnifred Joan,M,24 Sep 62,9,1,Glenister

Richards,Lorne,M,14 Aug 63,3,7,5 Aug; Alexander

Richards,Mary,P,4 Mar 64,4,5,Falkins

Richardson,Goldie,D,2 Nov 60,8,5,age 77

Richardson,Goldie,D,9 Nov 60,7,3,

Richardson,John D.,D,19 Aug 64,8,3,age 61

Rickwood,Gilbert,D,18 Apr 62,13,6,age 77

Rideout,William J.,M,6 Dec 61,14,7,Jackson

Riley,Frederick J.,D,15 Jul 64,11,4,

Rindfleisch,Campbell,D,13 Jun 62,12,5,age 61

Ritchie,Jennie,D,28 Sep 60,3,6,Shaw

Ritchie,Jennie,W,15 Apr 64,12,3,Shaw

Rivett,Michael Philip,D,23 May 62,7,4,5 May; age 6

Robbins,Pearl,W,13 Jun 62,14,5,Weaver

Roberton,George Dixon,D,27 Sep 61,12,4,

Roberts,David, Mrs.,D,14 Dec 60,1,8,

Roberts,David M.,D,25 Jul 62,9,3,14 Jul; 77th year

Roberts,Eliza,D,17 Jul 63,7,4,age 91

Roberts,Marjorie Jean,E,4 Sep 63,6,3,5 Oct; Sackrider

Roberts,Marjorie,M,9 Oct 63,8,1,Sackrider

Roberts,Mary Avonne,M,21 Aug 63,5,3,3 Aug; Little

Roberts,Mattie,W,29 Jul 64,8,4,O’Bryan

Roberts,Wm. Franklin,D,24 Oct 62,11,3,11 Oct; age 79

Robertson,Virginia Grace,B

Robins,George W.,D,6 Jun 62,10,2,

Robinson,Cynthia Louise,B



Robinson,Dorothy,W,1 Nov 61,1,8,Ward

Robinson,Dorothy,W,9 Sep 64,8,2,Hunt

Robinson,Edith,W,6 May 64,3,1,Bodkin

Robinson,Elizabeth,D,20 Nov 63,13,5,age 84

Robinson,Larry R.,M,30 Sep 64,13,6,26 Sep; Bearss

Robinson,Lucinda,W,23 Sep 64,3,2,Brandow

Robinson,Robert F.,M,22 Apr 64,8,1,bride illegible

Rochus,Gertrude,P,12 Apr 61,6,4,Croft

Rock,Irene,P,9 Sep 64,8,4,Brackenbury

Rockey,Pearl,D,26 Jul 61,7,4,80th year

Rockfellow,Fanny,D,20 Mar 63 ,10,5,Hodgkin

Roger,Lois,W,4 Sep 63,7,4,Hayward

Rogers,Mary Jane,D,11 Jan 61,8,1,age 89

Rohman,Jacob,D,4 Dec 63,3,3,age 68

Rohman,Jacob,IM,25 Nov 64,6,6,d 27Nov 1963

Rohrer,Elsie Verna,D,7 Aug 63,3,3,Silverthorne

Rokeby,Conrad,D,21 Mar 62,5,3,age 73

Rolland,Michelle Dianne,B

Roloson,G. N.,A,3 Oct 62,9,3,25 Sep; 40th

Roloson,John,M,28 Jan 60,3,5,16 Jan; Bradt

Roloson,Shirley Rose,M,29 Apr 64,8,3,McKibbin

Roloson,Shirley Rose,E,6 May 64,9,3,McKibbin

Rombough,Audrey,M,18 Mar 64,4,4,Stephenson

Rombough,Helen Joanne,M,18 Jul 62,7,3,Kidder

Roos,John Edwin,D,16 Nov 60,16,4,71st year

Roos,John Edwin,D,23 Nov 60,14,8,

Roose,Maurice,M,9 Nov 60,5,3,Staels

Rose,Marjorie,W,3 Jun 64,3,7,Treleaven

Rosenberger,Anna,D,19 Jun 63,3,3,Bachmann

Rosenberger,Theresa,M,17 Oct 62,7,3,13 Oct; Civiero

Ross,Ettie,W,8 Jul 64,8,2,Martin

Ross,James R.,D,27 Nov 63,5,4,age 85

Ross,James,IM,18 Nov 64,6,8,d 21 Nov 1963

Ross,Peter, Mrs.,D,22 Jan 64,3,3,age 68

Ross,Sadie,W,18 Dec 62,16,5,Bennett

Roszell,Jack Douglas,M,19 Jul 61,5,3,8 Jul; Feddema

Roszell,Jacqueline Anne,B

Roszell,Larry Wayne,M,20 May 64,2,5,McGregor

Roth,Theresa,W,22 Jul 64,11,1,Iller

Roussen,Theodphiel,D,19 Apr 61,8,4,72nd year

Routly,Matthew, Mrs.,D,21 Sep 60,4,6,age 82


Row,Harold Earl,M,28 Jul 60,5,4,23 Jul; Longfield

Row,Harold Earl,M,4 Aug 60,2,5,23 Jul; Longfield

Rowe,Charles,D,25 Sep 63,1,8,9 Sep

Rowe,Edith,D,29 Mar 61,1,5,Hardy

Rowe,Walter Arthur,M,31 Jan 62,7,1,27 Jan; Bradley

Roy,Blake, Mrs.,IM,2 Sep 64,6,2,d 1 Sep 1952

Ruckle,Catherine,W,2 Oct 63,13,1,Bayes

Ruckle,Gordon,D,21 Dec 64,18,3,age 53

Ruckle,Larry Burton,M,6 Jun 62,7,4,26 May; Glover

Ruckle,Larry Burton,E,9 May 62,6,8,26 May; Glover

Ruckle,Larry Burton,M,13 Jun 62,11,1,26 May; Glover

Ruckle,Maude,D,18 Jan 61,7,3,11 Jan; age 81

Ruff,Edna Grace,D,26 Oct 60,7,3,Benner

Russel,Diane Norma,M,9 Dec 64,11,2,10 Oct; Muma

Russell,Annie,D,7 Mar 62,9,1,McLachlin

Rutherford,Annie,W,17 Jun 64,8,5,Atkinson

Ruttan,Eileen,D,31 Jul 63,10,3,

Rutter,Arthur,IM,22 Jan 64,6,6,d 28 Jan 1954

Ryan,Merton,A,22 Jan 64,12,1,20 Jan; 60th

Ryckman,Minnie,P,7 Dec 60,15,3,Thompson

Sackrider,Denise Michele,B

Sackrider,Robert,M,9 Oct 63,8,1,Roberts

Sackrider,Robert Donald,E,4 Sep 63,6,3,5 Oct; Roberts

Sadler,Arthur,D,30 Nov 60,10,3,79th year

Sadler,Arthur,D,7 Dec 60,15,4,


Sadler,Stanley, Mrs.,D,24 Jul 63,7,3,

Sales,Roy, Mrs.,D,28 Sep 60,3,6,age 70

Salmon,Ralph Weir,D,29 Nov 61,1,7,age 47

Sansum,Albert,D,14 Mar 62,5,6,69th year

Savage,Ralph W.,D,18 Dec 63,12,4,4 Dec

Saxton,Agnes Marie,D,16 Nov 60,16,4,Turrill

Saxton,Douglas Allan,B,27 Jun 62,6,8,19 Jun

Saxton,John M.,M,11 Aug 60,8,2,King

Scandrett,Mary Margaret,E,14 Jul 60,6,5,6 Aug; Sinclair

Scandrett,Mary Margaret,M,18 Aug 60,9,7,Sinclair

Scanlan,Allen Leroy,M,10 Mar 60,2,7,Ralf

Schaap,Arnold Charles,E,18 Sep 63,6,3,12 Oct; Moir

Schaap,Arnold Charles,M,23 Oct 63,3,3,12 Oct; Moir

Schaap,Cardine Mary,M,23 Jun 60,7,3,DeRyk; photo

Schaap,Henrieka T.,M,17 Jul 63,3,1,13 Jul; Walters

Schaap,Kevin Charles,B,21 Oct 64,12,5,14 Oct


Schell,Charles,M,5 Sep 62,5,3,Malcolm

Schlecht,Maria,M,7 Nov 62,5,3,27 Oct; Weber

Schmitz,John Wayne,M,30 Sep 64,9,3,19 Sep; Ellsworth

Schmitz,Wayne,E,19 Aug 64,14,5,19 Sep; Ellsworth

Schned,Ernest Alexander,B

Schrader,John Daniel,E,8 Aug 62,6,3,25 Aug; McBrien

Schram,Bert,A,14 Jan 60,1,5,50th; Jan 5, photo

Schuster,John J.,D,19 Oct 60,2,4,

Schuster,John,D,12 Oct 60,10,3,56th year

Schuster,Susana,M,5 May 60,8,1,23 Apr; photo

Schvit,Adriana,M,10 May 61,4,1,29 Apr; VanOyen

Scmeltz,Treva,M,3 Mar 60,12,4,20 Feb; Johnson

Scott,Emma J.,D,19 May 60,10,4,age 84

Scott,Lawrence,E,24 Jul 63,6,6,Baughman

Scott,Lawrence,M,14 Aug 63,10,6,Baughman

Scott,Lettie,D,10 Oct 62,3,5,

Scott,Lettie,D,3 Oct 62,8,4,1 Oct; 78th year

Scott,Lindsay,D,20 Mar 63,7,3,age 57

Scott,Marilyn Frances,M,30 Oct 63,9,3,26 Oct; Kircham

Scott,Minerva,D,28 Jan 60,8,7,age 64

Scott,Patricia,M,5 May 60,3,5,23 Apr; photo

Scott,Patricia,P,7 Jun 61,6,7,Pfingstraef

Scott,Robert,M,8 Apr 64,10,1,bride illegible

Scott,Robert I., Mrs.,D,11 Nov 64,9,3,age 80

Scott,Ronald,E,16 Sep 64,6,7,26 Sep; Franck

Scoyne,Mark Charles,B

Scratch,Shirley Jean,E,26 Oct 60,6,6,12 Nov; Brooks

Scratch,Shirley,M,14 Dec 60,8,1,Brooks

Scriver,E. Ray, Mrs.,D,24 Jul 63,5,7,age 48

Scriver,Frank Lorne,D,17 May 61,7,4,72nd year

Sears,Huron S.,D,16 Sep 64,8,4,

Sears,Huron S.,D,9 Sep 64,8,3,age 70

Seburn,Annie,W,27 Dec 61,7,4,Briest

Seburn,Steven James,E,3 Oct 62,6,6,3 Nov; Harper

Secord,Charles,A,18 Sep 63,8,4,25th

Secord,Mary,D,11 Jul 62,1,6,age 81

Secord,May,D,18 Jul 62,3,4,

Secord,Robert E.,D,21 Aug 63,9,4,

Secord,Robert Elmer,D,14 Aug 63,7,5,age 79

Seers,Nellie,D,5 Aug 64,5,3,Smith

Segui,Louis,M,5 Dec 62,8,1,Look

Segui,Paul E.,E,12 Aug 64,6,4,11 Sep; Brisbin

Segui,Paul E.,M,14 Oct 64,11,7,11 Sep; Brisbin

Sells,Ada C.,W,6 Sep 61,5,4,Gillett

Seys,Lilane,M,24 Jul 63,5,5,VanHoucke

Shackelton,Carl Laura Anne,M,21 Sep 60,4,3,17 Sep; Sheils

Shackelton,Clifford Maurice,M,5 Oct 60,4,3,1 Oct; Knott

Shackelton,Darlene,M,27 May 64,9,7,McKenzie

Shackelton,Gary Kenneth,B

Shackelton,infant daughter,D,2 Oct 63,1,5,dau of Ronald

Shackelton,Mary,D,27 Nov 63,5,3,Murphy

Shackelton,Maurice Raymond,IM,10 Mar 60,6,5,d 13 Mar 1959

Shackelton,Maurice R.,IM,7 Mar 62,6,6,d 13 Mar 1959

Shackelton,Maurice Raymond,IM,11 Mar 64,6,8,d 13 Mar 1959

Shackelton,Stewart Lorne,D,25 Sep 63,7,3,age 55

Shackleton,Deborah Ann,B

Shackleton,Ivan Richard,E,14 Nov 62,6,6,31 Dec

Shackleton,Ronald Ross,M,25 Oct 61,3,3,Williams

Shackleton,Ronald Ross,E,27 Sep 61,6,6,21 Oct

Shackleton,Ruth,P,8 Jul 64,6,3,Hewbank

Shain,Kathleen,W,31 Jul 63,10,3,Finch

Shain,Lorne,A,11 Sep 63,1,5,2 Sep; 55th

Shairp,Alice I.,D,14 Jul 60,7,2,

Shamess,John Wallace,B,6 Dec 61,6,5,30 Nov

Shantz,Herbert, Rev.,D,7 Feb 62,1,6,

Sharpe,Byron H.,D,29 Jan 64,8,3,age 58

Shaver,Evelyn Theresa,M,29 Jul 64,11,7,Grant

Shaver,John,D,20 Mar 63,10,7,

Shaver,John,D,27 Mar 63,8,4,

Shaw,Duncan W.,M,5 Apr 61,5,6,Gardner

Shaw,Duncan Weld,M,12 Apr 61,8,3,1 Apr; Gardner

Shaw,Ethel May,D,16 Jan 63,9,2,

Shaw,George Lawrence,M,14 Dec 60,3,1,Martindale; photo

Shaw,George Lawrence,M,7 Dec 60,9,5,Martindale

Shaw,George Lawrence,E,2 Nov 60,6,7,Martindale

Shaw,Jennie,D,28 Sep 60,3,6,84th year

Shaw,Jennie,D,5 Oct 60,13,2,

Shaw,Thomas,D,15 Apr 64,12,3,age 90

Shearer,Elizabeth,W,26 May 60,1,4,Willison

Shearing,Irene,,6 Dec 61,7,4,Jackson

Sheils,Robert James,M,21 Sep 60,4,3,17 Sep

Shelley,Mary Caroline,B

Shepherd,Carrie,P,27 May 64,11,1,Kidder

Shepherd,Melville,H,30 Dec 63,2,3,Edison

Sheppard,Edgar,H,27 Dec 61,7,3,Phillips

Sheret,Isabella,W,27 Nov 63,5,4,Ross

Sherk,Hannah,P,17 May 61,7,4,Blake

Shields,George A., Mrs.,D,8 Sep 60,10,1,57th year

Shillington,Cherly Leone,B,27 Dec 61,6,4,17 Dec

Shipman,Mable,D,11 Mar 64,5,3,Benner

Shively,Ada,D,19 Apr 61,8,3,Brown

Shively,Maude,W,13 Nov 63,2,3,Hiepleh

Shortt,Marjorie Joyce,M,4 Nov 64,4,1,3 Oct; Matthews

Silverthorn,Arthur,A,18 Mar 64,1,8,25 Mar; 50th

Silverthorn,Arthur,A,1 Apr 64,1,5,25 Mar; 50th

Silverthorn,Chester,A,3 Oct 62,3,5,16 Oct; 25th

Silverthorn,Elizabeth,D,16 Oct 63,3,7,Parker

Silverthorn,Elsie Verna,IM,21 Apr 60,6,7,d 21 Apr 1959

Silverthorne,Hartley,D,7 Aug 63,3,3,age 60

Silverthorne,Hartley,D,14 Aug 63,6,4,

Simmons,Carl Christopher,D,8 Aug 62,4,7,

Simmons,Edna,W,17 Mar 60,14,5,Grainger

Simmons,Louise,P,28 Oct 64,6,5,Heipleh

Simmons,Rose Louise,M,4 Sep 63,3,5,31 Aug; Heipleh

Simmons,Rose Louise,E,21 Aug 63,6,3,4 Aug; Hiepleh

Simmons,Sisley,D,20 Nov 63,13,4,Cornwall

Simms,Leo Weston,D,6 Sep 61,5,3,age 63

Simon,Minnie E.,D,23 May 62,10,3,14 May

Simon,Minnie E.,D,16 May 62,10,3,age 68

Simons,Judy Lyne,B

Simons,Leo Weston,D,13 Sep 61,9,4,

Simpson,Aleta May,D,24 Jun 64,12,5,Mills

Simpson,Emma Jane,D,15 Sep 60,10,3,McEown

Simpson,Emma Jane,W,12 Jul 61,7,5,McEown

Simpson,Hazel,W,1 Nov 61,8,3,Brown

Simpson,Mary L.,W,14 Mar 62,5,6,Sansum

Simpson,Rose Marie,D,25 Jul 62,9,2,infant, b. 15 Jul

Sims,Georgina,D,5 Dec 62,14,1,age 79

Sims,Melissa,P,28 Sep 60,3,6,Harvey

Sinclair,Duncan Wilfred,E,14 Jul 60,6,5,6 Aug; Scandrett

Sinclair,Duncan Wilfred,M,18 Aug 60,9,7,Scandrett

Sinclair,Laurene,A,23 Dec 63,1,7,Corless

Sinclair,Mack R.,D,4 Oct 61,8,4,23 Sep; age 61

Sinclair,Margaret Laurene,D,18 Mar 64,11,3,Corless

Siverns,Deborah Anne,D,16 Jan 63,9,2,

Skagen,Lillian,W,25 Aug 60,1,6,Dalley

Skinner,Sarah Elizabeth,D,14 Mar 62,12,1,Clunas


Skuce,Mary Ellen E.,B

Slaght,George Albert,D,13 Jun 62,14,3,age 58

Slaght,George,IM,10 Jun 64,6,5,d 8 Jun 1962

Slipak,Stella,W,18 Mar 64,11,1,Ford

Smale,Cora,W,21 Dec 64,9,1,Ellsworth

Smale,Isma B.,D,25 Sep 63,7,1,

Smale,Kenneth George,E,14 Dec 60,6,6,Ferguson

Small,Susan Annette,M,3 Jun 64,3,3,McNutt

Small,W. A.,A,6 Sep 61,1,5,25th

Smibert,Norman Wilfred,M,26 Oct 60,4,1,Longfield

Smibert,Norman Wilfred,E,21 Sep 60,6,7,22 Oct; Longfield

Smibert,Norman,M,2 Nov 60,3,5,22 Oct; Longfield

Smit,Connie,M,24 Jan 62,9,2,17 Jan; DeBruyne

Smit,Isaak,M,19 Jul 61,10,3,10 Jul; Barrett

Smith,Agnes,W,14 Mar 62,12,2,Hunter

Smith,Alice Joan,M,8 Jul 64,5,1,McClintock

Smith,Alice Joan,E,27 May 64,6,5,McClintock

Smith,Allen,D,22 Apr 64,4,3,age 74

Smith,Angus,D,9 Oct 63,7,3,

Smith,Angus W.,D,2 Oct 63,10,5,age 79

Smith,Anne,P,26 Jul 61,6,4,O’Reilly

Smith,baby,D,31 Jan 62,7,4,son of Harold

Smith,Brenda Diane,E,31 Jan 62,6,6,17 Feb; Cox

Smith,Bruce,D,26 Jul 61,7,4,age 75

Smith,Carol Anne,E,15 Apr 64,6,3,25 Apr; Cappelle

Smith,Carrie,P,4 Sep 63,7,4,Hayward

Smith,Charlotte,P,11 Jul 62,1,6,Secord

Smith,Diana,M,21 Feb 62,7,1,Cox

Smith,Donald Eugene,M,13 Sep 61,2,3,Morrish

Smith,Elaine Ruth,M,21 Jul 60,5,4,9 Jul; Ellis

Smith,Elizabeth,D,28 Nov 62,1,6, age 64

Smith,Frank C.,D,28 Oct 64,11,6,age 80

Smith,Frank C.,D,4 Nov 64,3,1,

Smith,George James,D,25 Feb 60,3,6,age 62

Smith,Gwendolyn Alice,E,30 May 62,6,8,5 Jul; Westover

Smith,Ida Eleanor,D,28 Nov 62,8,7,Gower

Smith,Jane,P,17 Jun 64,8,4,Johnson

Smith,Jane,P,29 Jul 64,1,8,James

Smith,John Frederick D,IM,30 Nov 60,6,6,d 1 Dec 1959

Smith,Kathleen Marlin,B

Smith,Kerr,D,30 May 62,4,3,age 60

Smith,Leslie A.,D,18 Dec 63,12,6,13 Dec; age 54

Smith,Linda Rose Marie,B

Smith,Lloyd F.,D,30 Dec 63,2,2,24 Dec; age 70

Smith,Marilyn,D,14 Nov 62,11,5,age 28

Smith,Marlene Gladys,E,18 Aug 60,6,4,17 Sep; Watson

Smith,Minnie,W,9 Aug 61,8,4,Fishleigh

Smith,Murray L, Mrs,D,7 Jan 60,1,3,1 Jan, age 54

Smith,Nancy,P,12 Jul 61,7,5,McEown

Smith,Nancy Louise,M,11 Mar 64,4,4,Mills

Smith,Nellie M.,W,26 Jul 61,7,3,Kicksee

Smith,Nellie,D,5 Aug 64,5,3,age 89

Smith,Nellie,D,12 Aug 64,8,5,

Smith,Reg,A,22 Apr 64,9,3,40th

Smith,Ronald Henry,E,14 Jun 61,11,1,22 Jul; Nesbitt

Smith,Ruby Marlene,M,4 Dec 63,5,3,29 Nov; Dickson

Smith,Ruby Marlene,E,13 Nov 63,6,7,27 Nov; Dickson

Smith,Sarah,D,26 May 60,8,1,102nd year

Smith,Sheila Margaret,M,2 Sep 64,9,5,Redman

Smith,Sherman A.,D,18 Jan 61,7,1,age 58

Smith,Shirley,W,25 Sep 63,7,3,Kilgour


Smith,Vernon,D,14 Jul 60,3,6,7 Jul; age 83

Smith,Wilfred Stewart,M,18 Aug 60,15,3,6 Aug; Player

Smith,William H.,A,1 Nov 61,9,4,28 Oct; 58th

Smithson,Nellie,W,20 Nov 63,13,5,Kelley

Smithson,Rebecca,P,7 Jun61,8,3,Hilborn

Smithson,Vera G.,D,19 Apr 61,8,5,Ferris

Smithson,Wm. Martland,D,22 Nov 61,10,2, age 81

Smyth,Lucy Mae,W,2 Oct 63,12,4,Read

Snelgrove,Clarke Edward,D,17 Jun 64,8,5,age 51

Snelgrove,Clarke Edward,D,24 Jun 64,3,2,

Snelgrove,Delbert Roger,D,21 Sep 60,4,6,

Snelgrove,Delbert Roger,D,15 Sep 60,10,1,age 69

Snelgrove,Milton Clark,M,21 Oct 64,11,1,3 Oct; MacAulay

Snively,Donald Geo Hugh,B,22 Jan 64,6,4,21 Jan

Snively,Gary Don,E,20 Mar 63,6,4,McQuiggan

Snyder,Edith,D,27 Sep 61,12,6,age 85

Sobry,Deborah Ann,B

Sobry,Robert,M,24 Oct 62,7,3,20 Oct; Carroll

Sobry,Ronald Andrew,E,19 Sep 62,6,8,20 Oct; Carroll

Socholotiuk,William,M,17 Mar 60,3,1,5 Mar; Cowan

Sokyrka,Anne,M,11 Dec 63,4,3,22 Nov; Cline

Somersal,Violet,W,20 Sep 61,9,3,Hobson

Somerville,Patricia Irene,E,12 Oct 60,6,7,22 Oct

Somerville,Patricia Irene,M,2 Nov 60,2,5,McCarthy

Somerville,Roy, Mrs.,D,20 Sep 61,8,5,age 78

Soper,Ray,A,18 Sep 63,1,8,24 Sep; 50th


Spackman,Susan,M,17 Jul 63,8,3,Summers


Spence,Sylvia,D,1 Aug 62,9,4,Johnston

Spence,Sylvia,W,22 Jul 64,11,3,Johnston

Spencer,Edith E.,D,16 Nov 60,16,5,Fick

Spicer,Mervin, Mrs.,D,9 May 62,8,5,age 43

Spicer,Muriel W.,D,16 May 62,3,3,

Spooner,Raymond,M,4 Mar 64,8,1,24 Feb; Meharg

Sprague,Ira,D,17 Oct 62,3,6,79th year

Spriggs,Trena Ellen J,M,7 Jan 60,4,7,5 Dec, Cathers

Spring,Lavina,D,15 Apr 64,12,3,Holtby

Sproul,Donald Russell,B,27 Jun 62,6,8,24 Jun

Spurrell,David ,M,11 Apr 62,4,3,

Spurrell,Henry,D,5 Aug 64,5,3,

Spurrell,Henry,D,29 Jul 64,7,4,age 78

St. Clair,Andrew, Mrs.,D,31 May 61,7,6,28 May; 62nd year

Stacey,Addie,D,8 Sep 60,10,1,age 94

Stackhouse,Lena,W,30 May 62,4,3,Smith

Staels,Janet Joy,M,9 Nov 60,5,3,Roose

Stafford,Donald,M,26 May 60,3,3,Broer

Stafford,Frederick Burton,D,14 Nov 62,11,5,age 67

Stafford,Ida,M,2 Oct 63,7,1,Laidlaw

Stafford,Karen Lynn,B

Stafford,Timothy Lindley,B

Staley,Annie,D,20 Sep 61,9,3,Voekel

Staley,Claudia,D,31 May 61,7,6,St. Clair

Staley,Homer,D,19 Jul 61,3,5,age 72

Staley,Minta,D,21 Jul 60,7,3,d 9 Jul; age 80

Staley,Minta,D,14 Jul 60,7,7,age 80

Staley,Minta,IM,12 Jul 61,6,8,d 9 Jul 1960

Staley,Minta,IM,4 Jul 62,6,7,d 5 Jul 1960

Stanat,Waldemar,E,6 Nov 63,6,3,30 Nov; Hayman

Stanat,Waltimer,M,4 Dec 63,12,3,Hayman

Stansell,Edna J.,D,26 Aug 64,8,4,age 75

Stansell,Edna,D,2 Sep 64,5,2,

Stanton,Gordon,IM,29 Apr 64,6,8,d 3 May 1962

Stanton,J. Gordon,D,9 May 62,11,6,age 32

Stanton,Jack,IM,24 Mar 60,6,3,d 26 Mar 1947

Stanton,Jack,IM,28 Mar 62,6,6,d 26 Mar 1947

Stanton,Jack,IM,25 Mar 64,6,5,d 26 Mar 1947

Stanton,Jack,IM,20 Mar 63,6,6,d 26 Mar 1947

Stanton,Lillian,W,15 Jan 64,9,1,Wood

Stanton,stillborn dau,B,30 May 62,6,6,26 May

Starkey,Elizabeth,M,25 Oct 61,11,1,14 Oct; Bagnall

Starkey,Fred William,E,29 Apr 64,6,4,2 May; Beer

Starkey,Fred W.,M,20 May 64,9,1,2 May; Beer




Stephens,Earlen L.,D,16 Sep 64,8,5,age 75

Stephens,John Ronald,M,18 Aug 60,5,6,Olmstead

Stephens,John Ronald,E,14 Jul 60,3,5,6 Aug; Olmstead

Stephens,John Ronald,M,18 Aug 60,9,3,photo

Stephens,John Bentley,B

Stephens,Margaret Alice,M,12 Jul 61,10,1,Sullivan

Stephenson,Lorne,M,18 Mar 64,4,4,6 Mar; Rombough

Stevenson,Edna,W,28 Jul 60,4,4,Thompson

Stevenson,Edna,D,18 Jul 62,3,3,Thompson

Stevenson,Edna,P,26 Aug 64,8,4,Thompson

Stevenson,Virginia,A,21 Dec 64,1,6,Morris

Stevenson,William, Mrs.,D,19 Jul 61,3,4,10 Jul; 88th year

Stevenson,William, Mrs.,D,12 Jul 61,7,4,88th year

Stewart,Alice,P,6 Sep 61,5,5,Taylor

Stewart,Gordon Paul,M,22 Aug 62,6,7,15 Sep; Killough

Stewart,Gordon Paul,M,24 Sep 62,5,1,15 Sep; Killough

Stewart,Martha,W,20 Nov 63,13,4,Procunier

Stewart,Mary,P,16 Dec 64,12,4,Brown

Stewart,Wallace Edward,D,3 Mar 60,12,3,

Stilwell,Rachel A.,D,16 Nov 60,16,5,Zavitz

Stirling,Donald William,M,12 Aug 64,3,5,8 Aug; Randall

Stirling,Donald William,E,15 Jul 64,6,6,8 Aug; Randall

Stirling,Donald William,M,19 Aug 64,3,4,8 Aug; Randall

Stirton,Mabel,W,28 Mar 62,2,3,Moore

Stokes,Olive Frances,D,26 Aug 64,1,7,19 Aug; 83rd year

Stoll,Mary A,W,11 Aug 60,10,1,Yoder

Stonehouse,Alfred Gordon,D,23 Jun 60,2,3,

Stonehouse,Eleanor Joan,M,18 Oct 61,9,4,McCormick

Stonehouse,Eleanor Joan,E,13 Sep 61,6,6,McCormick

Stonehouse,Eleanor,P,28 Mar 62,6,6,McCormick

Stonehouse,Gordon,IM,7 Jun 61,6,6,d 13 Jun 1960

Stonehouse,Gordon,IM,13 Jun 62,6,7,d 13 Jun 1960

Stoop,Octaaf,D,11 Apr 62,11,5,age 64

Stout,Thomas Clifford,M,8 Sep 60,4,1,Williamson

Stover,Dorothy Ella,M,7 Oct 64,4,7,Fishback

Stover,Eleanor Jean,E,30 Jan 63,6,3,16 Feb; Stover

Stover,Ronald Ross,M,25 Mar 64,4,1,Cushman

Stover,Stanley David,E,30 Jan 63,6,3,16 Feb; Stover

Strachan,Lillian,D,2 Dec 64,14,4,Lorch

Stratton,Edith G.,D,18 Aug 60,12,1,

Stratton,Edna,W,15 Aug 62,12,6,Garnham

Stratton,Henry L., Mrs.,D,11 Aug 60,10,4,

Straub,Johan,M,26 Jul 61,2,5,15 Jul

Streib,Kurt Allan,B

Strickland,Valerie Colleen,B

Stringle,Carolyn N.,M,20 Jun 62,5,4,16 Jun; Porter

Stringle,Carolyn Norma,E,23 May 62,6,4,16 Jun; Porter

Stroger,Iva G.,D,1 Apr 64,3,6,Carter

Strong,George,M,15 Sep 60,2,5,Will

Strong,Harriet,D,31 Jan 62,7,3,

Strong,Harriett M.,D,24 Jan 62,8,3, age 94

Strong,Irene,W,16 Dec 64,12,3,Martin

Struke,Clarence William,D,3 Mar 60,1,4,40th year

Stuart,Myrtle,W,24 Oct 62,11,4,McClintock

Stubbs,Percy,D,21 Sep 60,4,8,age 54

Sturgis,Carol Ann,E,7 Feb 62,6,4,3 Mar; Hosie

Sturgis,Carol Ann,P,27 Dec 62,6,6,Hosie

Sturgis,Carol Ann,M,7 Mar 62,10,1,Hosie

Sturgis,Charles,A,30 Nov 60,1,8,25th

Sullivan,Dennis Wilfred,E,15 Apr 64,6,3,23 May; Jackson

Sullivan,Larry T.,M,12 Jul 61,10,1,Stephens

Summers,Donald G.,M,17 Jul 63,8,3,Spackman

Summers,Janet,E,23 Oct 63,14,6,9 Nov; Fox

Summers,Joyce Margaret,M,3 Jun 64,5,3,Holmes

Summers,Kenneth,D,18 Aug 60,12,2,age 54

Summers,Kenneth,IM,9 Aug 61,6,4,d 11 Aug 1960

Summers,Marian,P,8 Jan 64,6,8,Millard

Sundell,Selma Marie,W,11 Aug 60,10,5,Caverly

Sundell,Selma Marie,D,7 Nov 62,11,5,Caverly

Suto,Julius,D,1 Nov 61,9,3,69th year

Suto,Steve,E,17 Oct 62,6,5,McKnight

Suto,Steve (Rick),D,31 Oct 62,5,4,age 26

Swackhammer,Ella,D,11 Nov 64,9,4,age 80

Swaenepoel,Deborah Jane,B

Swaenepoel,Noel,M,15 Jul 64,3,1,Wilson

Swartman,Robert Harold,M,23 Jun 60,5,7,Farrow

Swartman,Robert Harold,E,26 May 60,6,6,11 Jun; Farrow

Sweet,Eugene L.,A,2 Sep 64,1,6,18 Aug; 50th

Sweet,John, Mrs.,BD,14 Dec 60,1,3,97th; photo

Sweet,Rosamond,D,17 Oct 62,3,5,age 99

Symons,Cora,W,2 Oct 63,10,5,Smith

Szasinski,John,D,20 Nov 63,13,5,58th year

Tait,son,B,25 Oct 61,16,4,2 Oct

Tallman,Goldie,D,2 Nov 60,8,5,Richardson

Tanner,Clarence Martin,D,22 Jul 64,5,3,age 60

Tapsell,Anna,W,4 Oct 61,1,6,Kingwell

Tapsell,Sarah,D,9 Oct 63,7,3,

Tapsell,Sarah Jeannette,D,2 Oct 63,10,5,

Tate,Vera,W,20 Mar 63,10,7,Shaver

Taylor,Alex,H,24 Jul 63,7,2,Campbell

Taylor,Cecilia,D,4 Mar 64,4,5,age 87

Taylor,Clara,D,27 Jun 62,3,4,Brown

Taylor,Electa Mae,D,4 Aug 60,3,2,age 76

Taylor,Ella Pearl,D,2 May 62,11,3,Campbell

Taylor,Eva Margaret,W,27 Jun 62,3,3,MacIntyre

Taylor,Eva,D,18 Dec 62,3,4,MacIntyre

Taylor,Herbert G.,D,15 Sep 60,10,2,5 Sep

Taylor,Herbert G.,D,8 Sep 60,3,2,77th year

Taylor,John,IM,13 Dec 61,6,6,d 17 Dec 1960

Taylor,Kathleen Reeta,E,18 Jul 62,7,1,Longfield

Taylor,Mary,D,18 Aug 60,7,3,age 58

Taylor,Mary Ann,D,6 Sep 61,5,5,age 76

Taylor,Norma Isabel,E,27 May 64,6,5,27 Jun; Fleck

Taylor,Norma Isobel,M,15 Jul 64,8,3,Fleck

Taylor,Norma Isabel,M,8 Jul 64,7,2,Fleck

Taylor,Norman,A,4 Dec 63,13,5,22 Nov; 40th

Taylor,Sharon Marie,M,16 Oct 63,7,2,5 Oct; Clunas

Taylor,W. H.,A,11 Nov 64,12,3,60th

Taylor,W. H.,A,18 Nov 64,1,5,15 Nov; 50th

Teaffe,Jack,D,30 Dec 63,1,8,

Teeple,Carol Elaine,E,26 Aug 64,8,5,26 Sep; Player

Teeple,Carol Elaine,M,30 Sep 64,4,3,23 Sep; Player

Teeple,Eric,A,17 Jul 63,1,4,25th

Teeple,Judith Ann,M,24 Jul 63,3,3,13 Jul; Hertner


Temple,Ray,D,13 Sep 61,9,3,

Temple,Ray,D,6 Sep 61,3,3,age 54

Tenhoor,Luke,M,14 Jun 61,4,1,2 Jun; Mulder

Ternyik,James,M,3 Jun 64,5,3,Tillotston

Terpstra,Cornelius A.,E,18 Sep 63,6,3,12 Oct; Howey

Terpstra,Cornelius A.,M,16 Oct 63,2,1,12 Oct; Howey

Terpstra,Harry Anthony,B,2 Sep 64,6,4,26 Aug

Terpstra,Ida,M,22 Apr 64,7,3,11 Apr; Vanrooy

Terpstra,Thomas, Mrs.,D,14 Aug 63,6,4,52nd year

Terryberry,Gertrude,W,27 May 64,11,1,Kidder

Thayer,son,B,26 May 60,3,4,b 19 May

Thayer,son,B,7 Dec 60,6,3,1 Dec

Theiss,Rosena,W,22 Apr 64,4,3,Gubesch

Thomas,Laverne J.,D,11 Dec 63,10,6,22 Nov

Thomas,Michael,D,19 Jun 63,3,3,88th year

Thomas,Nellie May,D,6 Jun 62,4,3,Webber

Thome,Sofia,W,29 Apr 64,11,4,Balthes

Thompson,C. Boyd,D,7 Dec 60,15,3,age 66

Thompson,Charles Boyd,IM,29 Nov 61,6,6,d 1 Dec 1960

Thompson,Charles Boyd,IM,28 Nov 62,6,5,d 1 Dec 1960

Thompson,Charles Boyd,IM,27 Nov 63,6,6,d 1 Dec 1960

Thompson,Charles Boyd,IM,2 Dec 64,6,6,d 1 Dec 1960

Thompson,Clarence,D,14 Jul 60,3,4,5 Jul; age 65

Thompson,Clarence,IM,8 Jul 64,6,7,d 5 Jul 1960

Thompson,Edna,D,18 Jul 62,3,3,age 71

Thompson,Eleanor,M,30 May 62,2,5,Marr

Thompson,Elna,D,1 Nov 61,9,3,81st year

Thompson,Elna,D,25 Oct 61,17,2,81st year

Thompson,Emerson,IM,28 Jan 60,6,5,d 27 Jan 1957

Thompson,George,D,11 Aug 60,9,4,

Thompson,George,D,28 Jul 60,4,4,76th year

Thompson,Harold,D,26 Aug 64,8,4,

Thomson,Claudia Jean,M,10 Jun 64,2,3,Mills

Thomson,Claudia Jean,E,29 Apr 64,6,4,23 May; Mills

Thomson,Fred, Mrs.,D,21 Feb 62,7,4,

Thomson,Frederick,D,15 Jul 64,11,3,

Thomson,Frederick,D,8 Jul 64,8,4,age 78

Thoonen,Gerardus,M,9 May62,3,2,26 Apr; Bouma

Thoonen,Gerry,E,4 Apr 62,10,2,28 Apr; Bouma

Thornborough,Jane,P,20 May 64,4,4,Brabant

Tibbet,Edith,D,27 Sep 61,12,6,Snyder

Tilkington,Linda Marlene,B

Tillotson,Betty Lou,M,3 Jun 64,5,3,Ternyik

Tillotson,Bill F.,IM,18 Jul 62,6,6,d 19 Jul 1961

Tillotson,Brian Stewart,B,11 Feb 60,6,3,b 2 Feb

Tillotson,Helen Lee,D,19 Oct 60,2,3,age 39

Tillotson,Sandra,M,28 Aug 63,4,1,Morrison

Tillotson,Sandra Lee,E,21 Aug 63,6,3,24 Aug; Morrison

Tillotson,William F.,D,26 Jul 61,1,1,age 35

Timmermans,Johanna,W,29 Jul 64,7,3,Gielen

Timpany,Gene Glenn,B,31 Jan 62,6,7,29 Jan

Timpany,Penny Lynn,B,29 Jan 64,6,6,24 Jan

Tinlin,Mary Anne,P,21 Mar 62,5,4,Bray

Tinnes,John,M,9 Sep 64,9,3,29 Aug; Hillier

Tinnes,John,E,19 Aug 64,14,5,29 Aug; Hillier

Tisdale,Agnes,D,18 Feb 60,1,5,89th year

Tisdale,Agnes,D,25 Feb 60,8,5,

Tisdale,John F.,D,19 Apr 61,8,4,age 77

Tisdall,Charles P.,D,12 Dec 62,4,6,age 75

Todd,Edith,W,24 Mar 60,10,3,Hotchkiss

Todd,Madge,W,11 Apr 62,11,6,Black

Toombs,Theresa Claudine,M,26 May 60,8,3,14 May; Faw

Toombs,Theresa,P,20 Sep 61,6,6,Faw

Toth,Rose,D,24 Oct 62,11,4,70th year

Toth,Samuel,D,1 Apr 64,3,3,age 72

Town,Edith,D,17 Mar 60,13,5,Jacques

Townsend,Elton Robert,E,11 Aug 60,6,6,3 Sep; Bearss

Townsend,Elton Robert,M,15 Sep 60,3,2,Bearss

Tracey,Lloyd A.,D,16 Nov 60,16,4,age 67

Travis,Camby C.,A,14 Mar 62,6,5,60th year; 1 Mar

Treleaven,John D.,D,3 Jun 64,3,7,age 58

Trent,Irene,M,10 May 61,1,8,Marshall

Tribe,David Frederick,D,25 Nov 64,16,5,age 7 months

Tribe,Ethel,W,12 Aug 64,8,5,Pollock

Tribe,Gordon,D,1 Sep 60,7,5,72nd year

Tribe,Gordon,IM,22 Aug 62,6,7,d 27 Aug 1960

Trickett,Eula Marie,W,18 Jul 62,3,3,Cook

Trim,Kathleen E.,D,11 Apr 62,11,4,age 49

Trottier,Jules Joseph,E,16 May 62,6,2,2 Jul; Chute

Trottier,Jules,M,11 Jul 62,10,7,2 Jul; Chute

Truman,Catherine,P,10 Oct 62,7,4,McConnell

Truman,Edward,D,24 Mar 60,5,5,age 68

Truman,Frank L.,D,6 Sep 61,1,3,69; photo

Truman,Frank L.,D,13 Sep 61,9,3,

Truman,Frank L.,IM,5 Sep 62,6,6,d 5 Sep 1961

Truman,George,P,2 Oct 63,1,5,VanVelzer

Truman,Linda Marie,B,28 Sep 60,6,7,

Tuff,Alan Keith,M,5 May 60,9,5,30 Apr; Falkins

Tuff,Alan,M,12 May 60,11,3,Falkins; photo

Tuff,Dennis Larry,E,29 Jul 64,6,7,22 Aug; Brown

Tuff,Dennis Larry,M,26 Aug 64,7,3,22 Aug; Brown

Tuff,John Kenneth,E,11 Aug 60,6,6,3 Sep; Clark

Tuff,Scott Alan,B


Tuff,Thomas Paul,B

Tuff,Thomas Larry,B

Tufford,Jennie,P,2 Nov 60,8,5,Richardson

Tufford,Martha Catherine,P,9 Aug 61,1,6,McDermand

Tully,Gwen,E,30 May 62,6,8,5 Jul; Westover

Tune,Florence,W,17 May 61,7,4,Scriver

Turnbull,Charles,BP,28 Jan 60,9,6,96th, 16 Jan

Turnbull,Charles W.,D,15 Jan 64,9,2,100th year

Turner,Jennie May,D,5 Apr 61,3,3,Phelps

Turner,Kenneth George,E,19 Jul 61,6,8,5 Aug; Wallis

Turrill,Agnes Marie,D,16 Nov 60,16,4,85th year

Turrill,Cora May,D,12 May 60,7,2,72nd year

Underhill,daughter,B,12 Apr 61,6,4,8 Apr

Underhill,Emma Jane,IM,21 Mar 62,6,6,d 25 Mar 1961

Underhill,Emma Jane,IM,27 Mar 63,6,7,d 24 Mar 1961

Underhill,Emma Jane,IM,25 Mar 64,6,5,d 24 Mar 1961

Underhill,Kim Joseph,B,16 Oct 63,6,6,28 Sep

Underhill,Peter, Mrs.,D,29 Mar 61,9,6,age 61

Underhill,Verne,A,15 Apr 64,1,3,22 Apr; 65th

Underwood,Sharon Lee,M,2 Oct 63,4,4,28 Sep; Chute

Underwood,Sharon Lee,E,4 Sep 63,6,3,28 Sep; Chute

Underwood,Sharon Lee,M,9 Oct 63,2,5,Chute

Ungar,John, Jr.,M,12 May 60,2,5,30 Apr Naswetter

Ungar,John William,B

Ungar,Lisa Marie,B

Urhn,Ellan,P,21 Aug 63,8,6,Honsinger

Vail,Nellie,D,17 Jul 63,6,5,Martin

Valiquette,Veronica,M,18 Nov 64,11,1,Carscallen

Valiquette,Veronica Eliz’th,E,21 Oct 64,6,6,Carscallen

Van Roestel,Anthony J.,M,28 Jul 60,1,4,Van Lammeran

Van Roestel,Anthony J.,M,28 Jul 60,5,7,16 Jul

Van Decappelle,Cecilia,P,11 Feb 60,6,3,Antonissen

Van Helvoort,Francyna,W,21 Feb 62,7,3,Buis

Van Parys,Frederick Chas.,M,11 Jul 62,5,7,Prouse

Van Dixhoorn,Ina,M,21 Mar 62,9,3,Hooghiem

Van Lierop,Laureen W,B,21 Jan 60,6,8,b 8 Jan

Van Loy,Leo V.,M,30 May 62,3,5,Goossens

Van Lammeran,Margaret,M,28 Jul 60,1,4,Van Roestel

Van Lammeren,Margaret Helen,M,28 Jul 60,5,7,16 Jul

Van Lingen,Melvin,M,6 Jun 62,5,4,25 May

Van Hende,Rene,A,28 Mar 62,1,5,50th

Vanacker,Karel,D,2 May 62,11,3,

VanAcker,Vera,E,8 Jul 64,1,5,25 Jul; Cathers

Vandecappelle,Alice,P,25 Oct 61,16,4,DeCoene

Vandecappelle,Cecelia,P,6 Jun 62,6,5,Antonissen


Vandenberghe,Marcel,M,7 Mar 62,3,1,10 Feb; Mermuys


Vandenbrink,Joseph,M,2 Dec 64,4,5,Esseltine

VanDeneeck,Elaine,W,18 Mar 64,11,2,Mattheus

Vandengaerde,Diane,M,30 Sep 64,2,3,19 Sep; Wood

Vander,John,M,30 Oct 63,3,5,26 Oct; Hermans

Vanderhaeghe,Maurice,M,29 Nov 61,5,1,DeSchampheleer

Vanderheide,John,D,27 Dec 62,7,1,age 75

VanderHoeven,Eliza,D,16 Dec 64,12,3,81st year

VanderWeijden,Job,D,2 May 62,11,4,23 Apr

Vanderwyst,Gerry,M,6 May 64,11,3,VanGorp

Vanderwyst,Gerry H.,M,29 Apr 64,3,4,25 Apr; VanGorp

Vanderwyst,Mark P.,D,28 Dec 64,7,3,25 Dec; infant

Vandewyngaerde,Emiel E.,D,8 Jul 64,8,3,

Vandewyngaerde,Emiel,E,29 Jun 64,5,1,65th year

Vandewyngaerde,JoAnn,E,6 Feb 63,6,6,9 Mar; Lockwood

Vandierendonck,Beverly,B,31 May 61,6,5,16 May

Vandierendonck,son,B,4 Dec 63,6,8,4 Dec

VanDyk,Leo, Mrs.,D,31 Jan 62,8,5,57th year

VanDyk,Leo, Mrs.,D,7 Feb 62,7,3,

VanDyk,Leo,D,30 Oct 63,4,4,60th year

VanDyk,Leo,D,6 Nov 63,4,4,

Vaneck,Johannes W.,M,12 Apr 61,9,3,8 Apr; Lamers

Vaneck,Magdalena,M,5 May 60,4,5,23 Apr; photo

VanGorp,Elizabeth Joanne,M,29 Apr 64,3,4,Vanderwyst

VanGorp,Elizabeth Joanne,M,6 May 64,11,3,Vanderwyst

VanGorp,Joanna Maria C,M,4 Aug 60,5,1,12 Jul

VanHorne,Maria,W,19 Jul 61,3,3,Anseuw

VanHoucke,Gerald,M,24 Jul 63,5,5, Seys

VanHoutte,Leontine Marie,D,20 Mar 63,10,4,Bossy

VanLiere,Matthew,D,20 May 64,4,3,age 59

VanLingen,Edith,M,16 May 62,5,3,4 May; Kokhurst

VanLingen,Edith,M,16 May 62,5,3,4 May; Lokhurst

VanLingen,John,M,11 Sep 63,7,3,6 Sep; Vyn

Vannoord,Jack,M,14 Aug 63,12,1,Dykxhoorn

VanOverberghe,Marc Joseph,E,8 Apr 64,6,3,Janssens; 2 May

VanOverberghe,Marc,M,6 May 64,4,3,Janssens

VanOyen,Gerald,M,10 May 61,4,1,29 Apr; Schvit

Vanpatter,Irvabelle,E,14 Jun 61,11,2,24 Jun; Horton

Vanpatter,Temperance,P,3 Jan 62,2,3,McConnell

Vanpatter,Virginia,P,7 Aug 63,6,4,Jaeger

VanPatter,Everett,D,18 Aug 60,15,6,

VanPatter,Everett,D,18 Aug 60,12,3,age 82

VanPatter,R. Bruce,D,9 Dec 64,6,7,

VanPatter,R. Bruce,D,2 Dec 64,14,5,69th year

VanRoestel,Albert,D,28 Oct 64,11,5,age 20

VanRoestel,John,M,6 Dec 61,8,4,25 Nov

VanRoestel,Kenneth Albert,B

Vanrooy,John,M,22 Apr 64,7,3,11 Apr; Terpstra

VanSlyke,Pearl,W,19 Jul 61,3,3,Liddle

VanSlyke,Phoebe,P,19 Apr 61,8,5,Ferris

VanSnick,Alice,D,8 Apr 64,13,2,D’Hondt

Vanvelzer,Joan Marie,E,8 Apr 64,6,3,18 Apr; Buchner

VanVelzer,Ercelius,P,4 Oct 61,8,3,Wickware

VanVelzer,M. R., Mrs.,D,2 Oct 63,1,5,

VanVelzer,Meta Belle,D,1 Sep 60,1,5,9 Aug; age 76

Vaughan,Martha E.,W,15 Sep 60,10,2,Walters

Veale,Ellen,D,4 Nov 64,3,1,Oliver

Veitch,Frances,W,25 Feb 60,1,5,Lemon

Verdan,Eriebelle,P,24 Mar 60,6,7,Mills

Verell,Kenneth,E,15 Sep 60,3,3,Bertleff

Verfaille,Marie,D,29 Mar 61,9,6,age 69

Verhoeve,Jerome, Mrs.,D,18 Jul 62,1,8,age 57

Verhoeven,Matthew,M,15 Apr 64,12,5,11 Apr; Lamers

Vermeersch,Helen Patricia J.,E,12 Dec 62,6,5,22 Dec; Empey

Verrell,Kenneth Robert,M,19 Oct 60,7,1,Bertleff

Versnick,Eliza,D,21 Mar 62,5,4,

Versnick,Eliza,D,28 Mar 62,2,3,

Versteegen,Henry,M,18 Oct 61,2,3,7 Oct; Ebben

Vickers,Della Pearl,D,11 Aug 60,6,5,age 70

Vickers,E. M.,D,21 Oct 64,10,6,13 Oct; 55th year

Vickers,James,D,24 May 61,4,3,20 May

Vickes,James, Mrs.,D,18 Aug 60,12,3,10 Aug; age 70

Vincent,Alice,D,30 May 62,7,1,McTaggart

Vincent,Carl, Mrs.,D,15 Aug 62,12,4,4 Aug

Viscontas,Barbara Anne,B

Voekel,Annie,D,20 Sep 61,9,3,age 69

Voekel,Annie,D,27 Sep 61,16,8,

Volther,Marnie Marie,E,25 Oct 61,16,4,Zamzow

Vyn,Annie,M,11 Sep 63,7,3,6 Sep; VanLingen

Vyse,Grace,D,7 Jan 60,1,1,McIntyre

Vyse,William,D,18 Nov 64,1,7,7 Nov; age 22

Wackley,Jean Aileen,M,26 Jul 61,8,1,8 Jul; Franklin

Wade,James,D,4 Apr 62,10,6,age 15

Wagler,daughter,B,12 Aug 64,6,5,28 Jul

Wagler,Sarah,D,9 Oct 63,8,5,age 80

Wainsley,Jessie,D,12 Sep 62,8,6,Alward

Walcarius,Roberta Anne,B,27 Dec 61,6,4,16 Dec

Walker,Christine Marie,B,3 Jan 62,6,5,27 Dec 1961

Walker,Elizabeth,D,21 Feb 62,7,5,85th year

Walker,Heather Laurine,B,21 Jul 60,6,3,b 15 Jul

Walker,Helen,W,6 May 64,3,3,Kenn

Walker,Judith Lynn,B

Walker,Larry Evan,E,18 Jul 62,7,1,11 Aug; Arthur

Walker,Larry,M,15 Aug 62,3,1,11 Aug; Arthur

Walker,Larry,M,15 Aug 62,10,4,Arthur

Walker,Mary,W,1 Sep 60,7,5,Harvey

Walker,Mary,P,9 Sep 64,8,5,Love

Walker,Robert,IM,18 Aug 60,6,6,d 20 Aug 1954

Walker,Sharon Anne,M,8 Apr 64,13,4,Nelles

Walker,Sharon Anne,E,25 Mar 64,6,4,4 Apr; Nelles

Walker,William,M,14 Jan 60,11,4,Wilkins

Walker,William S.,D,31 Jan 62,7,3,20 Jan; age 69

Walker,William Bradley,B

Wall,Ada,A,18 Sep 63,3,1,Ferguson

Wall,Edith Emeline,D,17 Oct 62,3,4,Wingrove

Wall,Jacob,M,17 Jul 63,9,1,Baerg

Wall,John,M,5 Oct 60,13,3,Baker

Wall,Julie Ann Eliz’th,B,28 Jul 60,6,7,7 Jul

Wall,Leonard,M,6 Dec 61,8,1,25 Nov; Firby

Wall,Patrick Ivan,D,2 Nov 60,9,4,infant

Wall,Patrick Ivan,B,4 Aug 60,6,4,28 Jul

Wall,Patrick Ivan,IM,1 Nov 61,6,5,31 Oct; age 3 m’s

Wallace,Isa Allan,M,13 Nov 63,63,3,26 Oct; Rabbets

Wallace,Isa Allan,E,2 Oct 63,6,6,26 Oct; Rabbets

Wallace,Leslie,P,6 Dec 61,6,5,Shamess

Wallis,Homer,D,29 Jul 64,7,4,age 50

Wallis,Margaret Ruth,E,19 Jul 61,6,8,5 Aug; Turner

Wallis,Margaret Ruth,M,9 Aug 61,7,3,Axford

Walters,Bessie,D,17 Jul 63,7,4,Minor

Walters,Carl M.,M,17 Jul 63,3,1,13 Jul; Schaap

Walters,Martha,IM,18 Aug 60,6,6,d 19 Aug 1959

Walters,Thomas G.,D,15 Sep 60,10,2,81st year

Walters,William E.,IM,9 Aug 61,6,4,d 13 Aug 1960

Walters,William E.,IM,8 Aug 62,6,6,d 13 Aug 1960

Walters,William F.,IM,14 Aug 63,8,5,d 13 Aug 1960

Walters,William E.,IM,12 Aug 64,6,6,d 13 Aug 1960

Walther,Frederick W.,D,14 Feb 62,4,7,age 73

Walzak,Anne Ellen,B

Walzak,Patricia,M,24 Jul 63,9,4,13 Jul; Wounch

Ward,Arnold,M,11 Jul 62,3,6,30 Jun; Hyndman

Ward,Donald,M,15 Aug 62,4,7,6 Aug; Edmonds

Ward,James,M,18 Oct 61,12,3,7 Oct; Brown

Ward,Juanita,M,12 Dec 62,4,7,Hunt

Ward,Kenneth James,E,20 Sep 61,6,6,17 Oct; Brown

Ward,Linda Jean,E,4 Nov 64,6,4,28 Nov; Axelson

Ward,Linda Jean,M,2 Dec 64,9,1,28 Nov; Axelson

Ward,Nelson,P,3 Mar 60,12,4,Scmeltz

Ward,William,D,1 Nov 61,1,8,age 54

Warwick,Daniel Ralph,IM,6 May 64,6,4,d 6 may 1962

Warwick,Danny Ralph,D,16 May 62,3,1,5 May; age 46

Watson,Barbara Jean,E,26 Jul 61,6,4,19 Aug; Welch

Watson,Dennis Morley,E,18 Aug 60,6,4,17 Sep; Smith

Watson,Dorothy Irene,D,30 Dec 63,2,3,Ostrander

Watson,Robert P.,D,9 Aug 61,1,8,age 77

Watterworth,Douglas,D,27 Dec 61,7,4,age 49

Watts,Edith,D,23 Nov 60,14,7,Marchent

Watts,Myrtle M.,D,2 Sep 64,5,2,

Watts,Myrtle M.,D,26 Aug 64,8,3,age 86

Weam,Mathilda,W,11 Apr 62,11,5,Stoop

Weaver,Arthur R.,D,20 Jun 62,7,1,

Weaver,Arthur L.,D,13 Jun 62,14,5,age 86

Weaver,Donna,P,3 Mar 60,6,7,Emmett

Weaver,Karen Jean,M,14 Feb 62,4,5,3 Feb; Wilson

Webb,Leonard,D,8 Jul 64,2,2,

Webber,David C.,M,29 Jul 64,6,7,20 Jul; Baxter

Webber,James A.,M,5 Aug 64,4,1,McCrimmon

Webber,Lee Michael,B

Webber,Nellie May,D,6 Jun 62,4,3,83rd year

Weber,John,M,7 Nov 62,5,3,27 Oct; Schlecht

Weekes,Elizabeth,W,1 Sep 60,7,5,Harvey

Weidenfeller,Hilda,D,20 Jun 62,7,1,Partlow

Weir,Janet,W,19 May 60,6,8,Ferguson

Weisbrod,Charles,D,17 Jan 62,8,3,age 97

Welch,Alice,W,19 Jul 61,3,3,Charlton

Welch,Douglas Edward,E,26 Jul61,6,4,19 Aug; Watson

Wellar,Harry,IM,25 Aug 60,6,4,d 28 Aug 1959

Wells,Eleanor,D,18 Dec 63,12,3,

Wells,Hubert B., Mrs.,D,11 Dec 63,10,5,48th year

Wells,Stewart,D,7 Jun 61,9,1,

Welter,Arlo,D,19 Sep 62,8,6,age 71

Welter,Harry,IM,5 Apr 61,6,5,d 9 Apr 1958

Welter,Myrna,M,19 Jun 63,3,1,Drummond

Wereley,Ethel,IM,27 Dec 62,6,3,d 24 Dec 1960

Wereley,Ethel,IM,23 Dec 63,6,4,d 24 Dec 1960

Wereley,Ethel E.,IM,21 Dec 64,6,5,d 24 Dec 1960

Wereley,William J.,D,28 Mar 62,2,4,age 79

West,Harold F.,D,26 Aug 64,8,5,age 72

West,Harry,A,24 Mar 60,1,3,60th; photo

West,Harry,A,17 Mar 60,1,2,21 Mar; 60th

West,Harry, Mrs.,D,30 May 62,4,3,80th year

West,Harry,D,21 Aug 63,9,5,age 88

West,Harry,D,28 Aug 63,9,6,

West,Minnie,P,2 Sep 64,5,2,Hutchinson

Westerterp,Agnes Catrine,M,21 Oct 64,10,3,9 Oct; DeGroot

Westover,Caroline,P,19 Oct 60,2,4,Knott

Westover,Elizabeth,D,2 Oct 63,13,2,54th year

Westover,Harry,D,26 May 60,1,4,

Westover,Harry,D,19 May 60,1,4,77th year

Westover,Martha Jane,IM,19 Oct 60,6,7,d 26 Oct 1956

Westover,Martha Jane,IM,18 Oct 61,6,8,d 26 Oct 1956

Westover,William Robert,E,30 May 62,6,8,Smith; Tully

Westrick,John,E,16 Sep 64,6,7,Krygsman

Whaley,Alberta,D,3 Mar 60,12,6,95th year

Whaley,Alberta,D,3 Mar 60,2,8,d 23 Feb; 95th yr

Wheaton,Charles,M,25 Aug 60,1,3,83rd year

Wheaton,Harvey,D,18 Apr 62,7,1,age 56

Whetstone,Deborah Kathleen,B

Whetstone,H. John,D,18 Aug 60,12,2,age 76

Whidden,Will, Mrs.,D,15 Jan 64,1,8,19 Dec 1963

Whimsett,Robert Calvin,M,14 Jun 61,4,3,3 Jun; Hoshal

Whitcroft,Elmer Willis,D,3 Jan 62,2,1,

Whitcroft,Elmer Willis,D,10 Jan 62,5,4,

Whitcroft,Harry,D,19 Oct 60,2,3,age 61

Whitcroft,Harry,IM,10 Oct 62,6,6,d 14 Oct 1960

Whitcroft,Jeneen Michelle,B,22 Apr 64,6,6,12 Apr

Whitcroft,Kimberly Lee,B,15 Jul 64,6,6,24 Jun

Whitcroft,Robert,H,14 Jul 60,7,7,Staley

Whitcroft,Ronald Hugh,M,24 Sep 62,10,7,Gibbons

Whitcroft,Ronald Hugh,E,5 Sep 62,6,6,22 Sep; Gibbons

Whitcroft,Willis,IM,15 Jan 64,6,7,d 1 Jan 1962

White,Austin,E,19 Oct 60,6,7,26 Nov; McCabe

White,Frederick D.,D,16 May 62,3,2,

White,Frederick D.,D,9 May 62,10,5,88th year

White,Gordon Ira,D,3 Mar 60,1,3,age 83

White,Harriet,W,30 Dec 63,2,2,Smith

White,Hugh G.,D,19 Aug 64,8,4,age 62

White,Irene P.,M,23 Jan 63,3,1,5 Jan; Laidlaw

White,Irene,E,12 Dec 62,6,5,5 Jan 63; Laidlaw

White,J. T., Rev.,A,6 Jun 62,1,8,45th

White,J. T., Rev.,BD,12 Aug 64,1,5,80th

White,Joan,P,8 Sep 60,6,6,Popelas

White,Lee,D,26 Jun 60,5,6,d 16 Jun

White,Marilyn Irene,E,5 Aug 64,6,4,5 Sep; Devine

White,Marilyn Irene,M,16 Sep 64,5,2,Devine

White,Mary,P,19 Jul 61,3,3,Liddle

White,Patricia Gayle,M,28 Jul 60,3,3,Laidlaw

White,Seymour,D,21 Sep 60,4,6,age 74

White,Shirley Elizabeth,B


White,Stephen Paul,B

White,Theodore N.,IM,25 Feb 60,6,7,d 22 Feb 1959

White,Velma,D,11 Aug 60,10,3,age 94

White,Velma,D,18 Aug 60,12,1,

White,William Austin,M,7 Dec 60,8,3,23 Nov; McCabe

Whitehead,Elizabeth,D,9 May 62,5,1,

Whitehead,Elizabeth Mary,D,2 May 62,3,2,age 76

Whitesell,Kitty,P,13 Dec 61,11,3,Dunn

Whitmore,Mina,D,19 Jun 63,3,4,Aitken

Whitney,Donald Evan,B

Wickware,J. W., Mrs.,D,4 Oct 61,8,3,27 Sep

Widner,Frank,D,14 Jul 60,3,5,7 Jul; 80th year

Widner,John W.,D,13 Dec 61,11,3,age 79

Widner,Kenneth George,M,28 Oct 64,11,3,10 Oct; Pierce

Wiebe,daughter,B,9 Dec 64,6,4,29 Nov

Wiebenga,Sandra,M,7 Oct 64,10,3,2 Oct; DenHarder

Wiebinga,William,M,9 May 62,9,1,28 Apr; Mantel

Wieler,Ruth,M,15 Sep 60,4,1,Abell

Wignall,John,D,23 Nov 60,1,8,age 46

Wilcox,Walter,IM,27 Mar 63,6,7,d 29 Mar 1955

Wiley,Harriet,D,11 Dec 63,10,5,age 76

Wiley,Lily,BD,11 Nov 64,1,6,90th

Wiley,Loretta,D,11 Apr 62,11,4,Durdle

Wiley,Mary,P,15 Apr 64,12,3,Porter

Wilhelm,Harold William,M,21 Feb 62,4,5,Wright

Wilkins,Corey Scott,B

Wilkins,Jacqueline,M,14 Jan 60,11,4,Walker

Wilkins,Norene,M,3 Oct 62,3,1,Pilkington

Wilkins,Norene,P,21 Oct 64,6,4,Pilkington

Wilkins,Robert Paul,D,18 Feb 60,7,5,

Wilkins,Robert Paul,D,11 Feb 60,3,6,infant

Wilkinson,David,D,5 Aug 64,5,3,age 6 weeks

Wilkinson,Eloise Rose,M,14 Jan 60,9,1,Kirchgatter

Wilkinson,Eloise Rose,M,7 Jan 60,3,1,26 Dec

Will,Marty,M,15 Sep 60,2,5,Strong

Willaert,Marcel Maurice,B,27 May 64,6,4,30 Apr

Williams,Carol Ann,E,27 Sep 61,6,6,Shackleton

Williams,Carol Ann,M,25 Oct 61,3,3,Shackleton

Williams,Darlene Louise,M,11 Dec 63,5,3,30 Nov; Mitchell

Williams,Darlene Louise,E,13 Nov 63,6,7,30 Nov; Mitchell

Williams,Frances N.,M,22 Nov 61,8,3,4 Nov; Moore

Williams,Gary Frederick,D,4 Dec 63,1,3,age18

Williams,Gary,IM,2 Dec 64,6,6,d 1 Dec 1963

Williams,Margaret,P,27 Sep 61,10,4,Chase

Williams,Maude Helena,D,25 Aug 60,8,4,Hayward

Williams,Sheila,M,7 Jan 60,8,1,26 Dec; photo

Williams,Walter Lee Roy,D,27 Dec 62,7,2,age 82

Williams,Wayne Leroy,IM,18 Dec 63,6,3,d 25 Dec 1962

Williamson,Mary Edna,M,8 Sep 60,4,1,5 Sep; Stout

Willison,Aleta,W,6 Sep 61,3,3,Temple

Willison,Dora,D,22 Jan 64,3,5,age 90

Willison,Dora,D,15 Jan 64,9,1,age 90

Willison,Freda Mabel,E,14 Dec 60,6,6,14 Jan; Creed

Willison,William E.,D,26 May 60,1,4,75th year

Willsey,Alvin,A,9 Nov 60,1,3,27 Oct; 45th

Willsey,Stella,M,16 Dec 64,8,4,Raymond

Willsey,Stella,E,18 Nov 64,6,6,Raymond

Willsie,George A.,D,31 Jul 63,10,4,age 87

Wilson,Allan Eugene,M,14 Feb 62,4,5,3 Feb; Weaver

Wilson,Dianne Christine,B

Wilson,Ethel L.,D,22 Jan 64,3,3,Ross

Wilson,George,E,7 Dec 60,6,6,17 Dec; Mitchell

Wilson,Hazel,IM,12 Apr 61,6,8,d 13 Apr 1956

Wilson,Jay William,B

Wilson,Minnie,W,18 Dec 63,5,7,Kennedy

Wilson,Pattie Leigh,M,19 Jun 63,5,3,Nagy

Wilson,Roger,M,15 Jul 64,7,1,1 Jul; Groat

Wilson,Rosemary,M,15 Jul 64,3,1,Swaenepoel


Wiltsie,Delia,A,8 Apr 64,1,3,Jackson

Wingrove,Edith Emeline,D,17 Oct 62,3,4,age 84

Wingrove,Edith E.,D,24 Oct 62,11,3,

Winkler,Anne,D,12 Dec 62,4,5,Wood

Winnington-Ingram,Cheryl Lynn,B,28 Mar 62,6,6,26 Mar

Winter,Jennie,D,18 Jan 61,7,4,Hughes

Wintermute,Edith,D,11 Jul 62,8,4,Firby

Winters,Ethel,W,9 Oct 63,8,4,Pressey

Winters,Frank,IM,24 Jan 62,6,6,d 26 Jan 1961

Winters,Frank,IM,23 Jan 63,6,5,d 26 Jan 1961

Winters,Harry, Mrs.,D,23 Jan 63,11,6,age 57

Wismer,Emma,,6 Dec 61,7,4,Jackson

Wismer,Mabel A.,D,5 Dec 62,6,7,Legg

Wisson,Laura Jean,A,5 Dec 62,11,6,Mitchell

Wittet,William Allen,M,18 Oct 61,7,4,30 Sep; Fischer

Wittet,William Charles,B,13 Nov 63,6,3,6 Nov

Wodham,Elaine,P,31 May 61,6,5,Harris

Wolf,Brian Frank,B

Wolfe,Beatrice,IM,21 Oct 64,6,8,d 26 Oct 1963

Wolfe,H. Beatrice,D,30 Oct 63,4,4,age 78

Wolfe,Joyce Fay,E,18 Jul 62,7,1,28 Jul; Mikita


Wonnacott,Clifton,A,6 Feb 63,3,6,25th

Wood,Anne,D,12 Dec 62,4,5,age 90

Wood,Dressa,P,18 Dec 63,12,4,Hoover

Wood,Dressa,P,18 Mar 64,11,2,Courtney

Wood,Eleanor,P,27 Dec 61,7,3,Godby

Wood,Elmer H., Mrs.,D,16 Nov 60,16,6,age 76

Wood,Gladstone, Rev.,D,30 Jan 63,3,5,

Wood,Kent,M,30 Sep 64,2,3,Vandengaerde

Wood,Walter,D,22 Jan 64,3,4,

Wood,Walter,D,15 Jan 64,9,1,age 53

Woodcroft,Paulette Virginia,B,13 May 64,6,6,1 May

Woodley,John,D,11 Jul 62,8,5,81st year

Woods,Virtue,D,4 Aug 60,3,2,age 74; Bentley

Woods,Virtue,W,4 Jul 62,4,7,Bentley

Woodworth,Fern,D,22 Jan 64,3,5,Cronin

Wooley,Phyllis Irene,E,8 Aug 62,5,1,Murray

Woolley,Charles S.,D,30 May 62,7,1,age 57

Woolley,Eliza,W,3 Mar 60,1,3,White

Woolley,Eliza,P,19 Aug 64,8,4,White

Woolley,Frances June,P,18 Mar 64,11,3,Corless

Woolley,George A.,D,28 Aug 63,9,6,age 61

Woolley,Phyllis,M,12 Sep 62,7,3,8 Sep; Murray

Wooton,Maud,W,17 May 61,11,6,Atkinson

Wootton,George,A,10 Mar 60,2,4,40th

Wounch,Murray,M,24 Jul 63,9,4,13 Jul; Walzak

Wouters,Joseph,M,24 Sep 62,10,1,Koster

Wray,Bea,P,21 Oct 64,6,4,White

Wray,George Albert,D,29 Mar 61,2,3,age 76; inquest

Wray,Mary Anne,P,11 Apr 62,11,6,Campbell

Wright,Beatrice Jane,M,21 Feb 62,4,5,Wilhelm

Wright,Catherine,D,19 Sep 62,8,5,age 73

Wright,David, Mrs.,D,16 Dec 64,1,8,12 Dec

Wright,Edna,W,2 Oct 63,13,1,Cole

Wright,James,D,20 May 64,4,5,age 82

Wright,Merle,D,24 Jul 63,7,1,Milmine

Wright,Zelma,W,7 Jan 60,10,3,McPhail

Wright,Zelma Grace,M,23 Sep 64,8,4,McPhail

Wrightman,Ida,P,1 Nov 61,8,3,Brown

Wyatt,Gayle,M,16 Sep 64,4,3,5 Sep; Campbell

Wyatt,Gayle Anne,M,30 Sep 64,12,1,Campbell

Wyatt,W. H., Mrs.,BD,2 Dec 64,1,8,80th

Wye,Carmen Louise,B

Wye,Teresa Ann,B

Wye,William H.,D,7 Nov 62,12,1,age 60

Wye,William,IM,30 Oct 63,12,4,d 1 Nov 1962

Yates,Georgina M.,D,11 Aug 60,10,2,80th year

Yates,Sarah,P,12 Sep 62,8,6,Alward

Yeandle,Ina,D,10 Mar 60,1,6,Dean

Yeck,Russell Albert,M,4 Feb 60,8,3,Hayes

Yoder,Jacob,D,11 Aug 60,10,1,81st year

Yokom,Jessie M. Meek,D,16 Jan 63,1,8,

York,Eva,W,13 Jun 62,14,3,Slaght

York,Mabel,W,12 Dec 62,4,6,Grainger

Yorke,Mary Ann,P,10 May 61,1,5,McConnell

Youcke,Clinton,D,20 Nov 63,5,3,age 12

Youcke,Clinton Raymond,D,27 Nov 63,5,1,age 12

Youcke,Clinton,IM,18 Nov 64,6,8,d 18 Nov 1963

Young,Douglas Wayne,M,12 Aug 64,10,3,1 Aug; Langfield

Young,Douglas Wayne,M,19 Aug 64,10,1,Langfield

Young,Harold Andrew,B

Young,Mullan,D,21 Jul 60,1,6,

Young,Sandra Elizabeth,M,12 Aug 64,5,1,25 Jul; Fugard

Young,Sarah,D,26 May 60,8,1,102nd year; Smith

Young,Susan Elizabeth,E,29 Jun 64,6,4,25 Jul; Fugard

Young,William Henry,H,19 Apr 61,8,3,Brown

Youngs,Stanley F.,D,21 Feb 62,7,4,

Zamzow,Terry,E,25 Oct 61,16,4,Volther

Zavitz,Clara,D,10 May 61,11,4,age 84

Zavitz,Jeanine Ruth,B

Zavitz,Rachel A.,D,23 Nov 60,14,5,

Zavitz,Rachel A.,D,16 Nov 60,16,5,age 91; 15 Nov

Zegers,Catherine,D,5 Dec 62,14,1,infant

Ziler,Irvabelle,E,14 Jun 61,11,2,24 Jun; Horton

Zimmer,Peter,D,9 Sep 64,9,8,age 73

Zimmer,Peter,D,16 Sep 64,8,4,age 75

Zylstra,Mary,M,26 May 60,3,6,14 May; Obar





















Business & Industry


– Canadian Canners Ltd. close Aylmer Plant; 28 Jan 1960, page 1, col. 6


– Frederick R. Barnum appointed Magistrate of Elgin County; sells Aylmer practice; 24 Mar 1960, page 1


– New IGA market to be built on John Street; 5 May 1960, page 1, col. 7


– Pleasant Valley Golf & County club built; 1 Sep 1960, page 1


– building sold for new Imperial Bank of Commerce on corner of Talbot & King; 12 Oct 1960; page 1


– Gunstone’s shoe store re-opens following July 18 fire; 9 Nov 1960, page 5


– opening of new IGA food market; 16 Nov 1960, page 1 and page 13


– new C. A. Orser store opening, following July fire, 23 Nov 1960, page 3, col. 6


– Monteith Hardware re-opens following July fire, 7 Dec 1960, page 1, col. 6


– sketch of new Imperial Bank of Canada, to be erected on corner of Talbot & King; 12 Apr 1961, page 1


– new Bank of Montreal to be built on corner of John & Talbot; 1 Nov 1961


– Steinberg’s supermarket to close; 11 Apr 1962, page 1


– new Bank of Montreal to open, replacing one destroyed in July 1960 fire; 23 May 1962; page 1


– new Post office to be built at Springfield, 16 Jan 1963; page 8


– Dominion Store to build a food market next summer; 23 Oct 1963, page 1


– opening of new Routley & Phillips International Farm machinery building; 15 Jan 1964, page 3


– new headquarters for Aylmer & Malahide Telephone Company opened on Sydenham street; 13 May 1964, page 1; history of company, page 11; photos throughout issue


– 30th anniversary of Neil Sanderson’s Shell Service, 13 May 1964; page 2-3


– new clubhouse at Pleasant Valley Golf & Country Club opens, 24 Jun 1964; page 1


– construction of new Dominion Supermarket begun; 5 Aug 1964, page 9


– new Dominion Supermarket opened; 25 Nov 1964, page 1




– Sod turning for addition to Trinity Anglican Church, 21 April 1960, page 1


– land given on Caverly Road for Calvary Baptist Church, construction to begin spring 1961; 15 Sep 1960


– new building and improvements dedicated at Trinity Anglican church; 21 Sep 1960, page 1


– 100th Anniversary of Trinity Anglican Church; gives history; 24 May 1861, page 1


– 60th anniversary of Trinity United Church, Glencolin, 7 Jun 1961, page 1


– dedication of new Christian Education facility at St. Paul’s United Church; 20 Jun 1962, page 1


– new chapel and three Sunday School rooms at Aylmer Baptist dedicated; 11 Sep 1963, page 1


– home purchased by United Missionary Church dedicated, 11 Sep 1963, page 9


– sod turned for new Straffordville United Church; 15 Apr 1964, page 7, col. 2


– Trinity United Church at Glencolin sold to Old Colony Mennonite congregation; 6 May 1964, page 1, col. 4


– 100th anniversary of Guysboro United Church; 27 May 1964, page 9, col. 1


– Fairview United Church, built in 1870, moved for a Sunday School, 22 Jul 1964, page 5


– closing services at Crossley Hunter United Church; 16 Sep 1964, page 1, col. 6


– Calvary Baptist church reorganized as a member of Fellowship of Evangelical Baptist church in Canada; gives history of congregation in Aylmer since 1957; 7 Oct 1964, page 12, col. 3


– cornerstone placed for new Straffordville United Church, 28 Oct 1964, page 4, col. 5




– Fire at Aylmer, 21 Jul 1960; page 1


– Aylmer Packers Plant destroyed by fire; 31 Jan 1962, page 1




– article about RCAF property becoming Police College, 19 Apr 1961, page 1


– Ontario Police College site to be discussed, 10 May 1961, page 1


– buildings selected for Police College, 17 May 1961, page 1


– 40th Anniversary of Avalon Rebekah Lodge; 17 May 1961, page 1


– 40th Anniversary of Avalon Rebekah Lodge; 7 Jun 1961; page 12


– 60th anniversary of Aylmer Women’s Institute; 10 Jan 1961, page 1, col. 6


– 50th anniversary of East Elgin (Lakeview) Women’s Institute; 23 May 1962; page 1


– 50th anniversary of Belmont Women’s Institute; 13 Jun 1962, page 1


– 100th anniversary of Aylmer Cemetery; 21 Aug 1963, page 1


– Catfish Creek Conservation Authority purchases Springwater property, 11 Sep 1963, page 1


– old mill at Springwater likely to be removed; 27 Nov 1963, page 1


– Knights of Columbus hall opened; 18 Sep 1963, page 1


– new South Dorchester Municipal building to be opened; 29 Jul 1964, page 3 (opening in issue of 19 Aug 1964, page 1, col. 4)


– addition to Belmont Fire Hall under construction; 29 Jul 1964, page 3




– old one room school at Mount Salem to be replaced with new building; 19 Apr 1961, page 1


– new school opened at Eden; 7 Jun 1961, page 2


– new Summers Corners school to be opened Nov. 3; 1 Nov 1961 page 10


– Aylmer High School re-named East Elgin Secondary School; 7 Feb 1962, page 1


– new school at Mount Salem to be opened; 16 May 1962; age 8


– Centennial of Corinth School; 30 May 1962; page 1


– Harriestville school closes; 26 Aug 1964, page 1, col. 3


– Centennial of Corinth School; 1 Aug 1962, page 1


– addition to High School to be opened; 28 Aug 1963; page 1


– vocational wing at East Elgin Secondary School to be officially opened; 23 Oct 1963, page 1


– addition to EEHS officially opened; 30 Oct 1963, page 1


– history of Secondary School education in Aylmer, 30 Oct 1963, page 5





– historical plaque for Col. Mahlon Burwell unveiled at Port Burwell, 18 Aug 1960, age 5, col 3


– International Plowing Match at Springfield, 12 Oct 1960; page 1


– historical plaque for Hon. John Rolph and Talbot Road unveiled at Middlemarch, 19 Oct 1960, page 1


– restoration of Rogers Corners cemetery planned; 6 Sep 1961, page 1


– historical plaque commemorating the Sparta Settlement unveiled; 4 Oct 1961, page 9


– historical plaque commemorating the Edison family unveiled at Vienna; 4 Oct 1961, page 12


– two old photos of Aylmer; 30 May 1962, page 1


– Elm Street bridge and road opened; 9 Dec 1964, page 1