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August 29, 1907

Page 1

c4 Died – Mrs. Stephen H. DAVIS, Watertown, Dakota, Aug. 15

c5 Born – son to George ONEIL, London

Died – George CHUTE, Springfield, 66th year

Page 2

c2 Died – father of Bruce GRIFFIN, at Griffin Mills

Page 6

c1 Canadian Condensed Milk Co. – new industry for Aylmer

c3 Sale – William GLOIN, lot 7 con. 2, Malahide

Page 8

c4 Notice to creditors – Hannah Marilla CORMAN, Vienna, died July 12, 1907

Page 12

c3 Born – dau. to Samuel SMITH, August 24

Died – Rev. David MILLER, Toronto, first pastor of Knox Church, Aylmer

Married – Rev. McCONACHIE, Aylmer, to Miss COOK, Stratford

Died – Mrs. Loder DAVIS, Talbot St., 83rd year


September 5, 1907

Page 1

c2 Married – Ernest WILLISON to Elizabeth UNDERHILL

Died – Mrs. Elizabeth HILLIS, about 80, widow of John

c5 Harvey ELWOOD, Yarmouth, 70th birthday

Cornerstone laid for Methodist Church in N. Bayham, Aug. 30

Page 12

c3 Junius BRADLEY, Aylmer, hosts Bradley family reunion


September 12, 1907

Page 1

c5 Died – Alex MCKENZIE, Aylmer, 67th year

c6 Died – William CONDON, son Thomas, Invermay, Saskatchewan

Page 6

c2 Died – William E. MISNER, 57th year

c3 Married – Maude Alene CHARLTON, dau. of John, to Harry Adelbert CLOES,

September 4


September 19. 1907

Page 1

c1 Married – J.A. GILLETT to Countess WALDRON, Woodstock

c2 Louis MAHLER opens new fruit evaporator in Belmont

Married – Clarence G. DRESSER to Katharine VAN DYKE, both of Salt Lake City,

Utah, September 11

Contract let for construction of Condensed Milk Factory to Jos. DAVIS and Thomas


c3 Born – son to Lewis CLARKE, September 18

c4 Born – Doris Lenore, dau. of Dr. J.L. HUFFMAN, Arkona, Aug. 20.

Married – Bert SHEPHERD to Ruby HOLMES

c5 Died – Mrs. John B. SWEET, Watertown, Dakota, 84th year

Died – Mrs. Susannah CLUNAS, Caledonia, New York, 76th year, August 31


September 26, 1907

Page 1

c2 Hebert WESTOVER, Olympia, Washington visits mother, Mrs. George WESTOVER,


c3 Mr. F. GRENDON opens shoe repair shop

Born – son to Norman BURDICK

c6 Married – Countess Amelia WALDRON, Woodstock to Arthur James GILLETT,Aylmer

Page 2

Visit of Rt Rev. Arthur WINNINGTON-INGRAM, Bishop of London

Page 7

c1 Married – James Henry DALEY, Bayham to Florence WINTERMUTE,Bayham,

September 11

Married – Timothy WINEGARDEN, Malahide to Lela LINGORISH, St. Thomas,

September 13

c3 Died – George BRUNDELL, Bayham


October 3, 1907

Page 1

c1 Married – Ernest T. BROWN to Fanny ELDRIDGE, September 26

c6 Mount Salem cider mill moved to farm of S. MAGINNIS

Married – James Ross McLACHLAN, Clifford, Ont. to Annie L. RUSSELL, dau. of


Page 2

c2 Died – John DUNHAM, Winnipeg, former Corinth resident


October 10, 1907

Page 1

c4 Born – dau. to Comely WIDDIFIELD Jr.

Died – Mrs. Charles STRINGER, Orwell

Page 2

c3 Died – Thomas MARSHALL, Sparta

c4 Notice to Creditors – Donald WEIR, S. Dorchester, died August 8, 1907

Page 7

c4 Died – infant dau. of H.F. WOODRY, age 5 weeks, 2 days

Married – William J. ZINN, Blantford, to Ida GRESE, Waterloo, October 3


October 17, 1907

Page 1

c5 Born – son to Melville SHEPHERD, Southwold, October 10

Page 2

c2 Sale – Warner GARNER, lot 29 Con 2, Malahide

Sale – Jas. BROWN, lot 21 con 12, S. Dorchester

Sale – H.B. POLLOCK, 127 Talbot St. E.

Sale – Robert WINTERMUTE, lot 17, con 9, Malahide

Sale – Mrs. George MITTS, lot 30, Con. 6, Malahide

Page 7

c3 Married – Melissa CLOES, New Sarum to Walter KUNE, Harrietsville

Died – Mrs. DENNIS, Michigan, mother of John CRANE, Corinth

Page 13

c3 Sale – Andrew HARVEY, lot 28, con 7, Malahide

Sale – G.W. YOUNG, lot 6, con 7, Malahide

Sale – R. ALLEN, lot 9, con 12, S. Dorchester

Notice to Creditors – James Nelson VANAMBURGH, Bayham, died November 1, 1898


October 24, 1907

Page 1

c5 Married – Melissa CLOES, dau. of L.D., New Sarum to Walter KUNTZ

Dr. MARLATT sells practice to Dr. John LEESON

c6 John E. RICHARDS sells drug store to Ray LEMON, and his son, A.E. RICHARDS

Page 2

c2 Sale – A.P. SMITH

Sale – Stephen PIERCE, Aylmer

Born – dau. to D. MILLARD, Fairview


October 24, 1907

Page 7

c3 Born – son to Frank LAUR

c4 Married – Melissa CLOES, New Sarum to Walter KUNZ, Harrietsville

Page 12

c3 Married – Norma SHERK, dau. of J.C., to Hugh C. McKILLOP, West Lorne


October 31, 1907

Page 1

c3 Died – infant dau. of N. COWLING, 9 months

c6 W. BUCHANAN opens harness business

Died – Mrs. A.A. HARVEY, St. Cloud, Michigan, October 9, aunt of Miss BACKUS, Aylmer

Page 2

c2 Born – son to J. DENNIS, Corinth

Sale – Gordon CARTWRIGHT, lot 24, con 6, Malahide

Sale – J.W. TODD, lot 117, con 8, Bayham

c4 Notice to Creditors – Stephen PIERCE, Aylmer, insolvent

Notice to Creditors – Aylmer Cheese & Butter Factory,insolvent

Page 7

c4 Sale – John E. LINDSAY, Springfield

Sale – F. BAMBRICK, Springfield

Sale – Stephen PIERCE


November 7, 1907

Page 1

c2 Married – Myrtle E. FERGUSON, dau. of Donald, Harrietsville, to Charles SMITH,

October 30

c4 Died – brother of Mrs. T. F. YOUNG, in Cleveland

Page 2

c2 Born – dau. to Mr. KENNEDY, Straffordville

Sale – Edward POWERS, lot 3, con 4, Malahide

c3 Orwell school house soon ready for use

Died – Mr. MELESH, Corinth

Page 9

c2 Died – William E. MARTIN, S. Dorchester, 65th year


November 14, 1907

Page 1

c1 Died – Jabel ROBINSON, ex MP for West Elgin

c2 Born – dau. to Frank POWERS

c3 Died – Mrs. Olivia VANPATTER, widow of Warren, St. Thomas, 72nd year

Married – John BACKUS, St. Thomas to Flossie FINCH, dau. of Henry, August 8

c5 Died – Mrs. William, Talbotville

c6 Molson Bank moving to corner of Talbot and John Streets

Page 2

c2 Sale – J. CROSBY, lot 4, con 3, Malahide

Sale – George G. McINTYRE, lot 22, con 2, Malahide

Sale – Virgil GILLILAND, lot 12, con 4, Bayham

Born – son to B. BEARSS

Page 6

c2 Died – Edward C. COPELAND, Courtright, son of E. COPELAND, Aylmer

c3 Married – John F. LAMB, Springfield to Eva Maud MOORE, Malahide, November 6


November 21, 1907

Page 1

c3 Married – Horace LEE, Yarmouth to Carrie ASHFORD, Malahide, November 13

Died – Miss Sarah A. WIDNER, Mapleton, 70th year

c4 Married – James ORTON to Miss FERO

c5 Fire destorys confectionery store of J.W. MILLARD, Detroit, former Aylmer resident

c6 Died – Miss Olive FEAR, age 20

Married – G. Oscar HONSINGER, Aylmer, son of Peter, to Eliza LEARMONTH,

Port Perry, October 31


Page 2

c3 New rural telephone line installed west of Dunboyne in homes of John LITTLE, Edward


Sale – G. NUTT, Calton

Sale – D.M. HOSSACK, lot 34, con 5, Malahide

Page 6

c1 Died – Capt. Charles E. COPELAND, Courtright, November 11, son of Edmund, Aylmer

c2 Died – Edward GEEN, about 80

Page 12

c3 Notice to Creditors – George Wallace STIRTON, Malahide, died July 20, 1907

Notice to Creditors – Susannah STRINGER, Malahide, died October 2, 1907


November 28, 1907

Page 1

c4 86th birthday of David DAVIS, November 21

Representatives of Heinz Co. of Pittsburg, PA in Aylmer to discuss opening of

pickle factory here

c6 Born – son to Vincent HUNT, Buffalo

Married – Kirk PERRY to Effie WALL, both of Aylmer, Nov. 26

Page 2

c2 Sale – John W. JOHNSON, lot 11, con 7, Bayham

Sale – Frank & George GARRETT, lot 123, con 7 Bayham

Sale – E.V. LEARN, lot 20, con 4, Malahide

Sale – L.B. & E.S. HANEY, lot 18, North Gore, Malahide

c4 Died – Sarah Ann WIDNER, Mapleton, November 15

Page 7

c4 Dissolution of Partnership – Thomas J. BRADY and John E. BRADY, furniture dealers

& undertakers, Port Burwell


December 5, 1907 –

Page 1

c3 70th birthday of George F. HOUSE, Malahide, November 25

Died – Mrs. Lydia A. COOPER, Cambridge, Mass, 80th year, dau. of Squire TEEPLE, first

husb. James F. WATERBURY

c4 Married – Charles MANN, Aylmer, to Nora ELLSWORTH, Malahide

c6 Died – Catharine MATTHEWS, wife of Harvey, Sparta, age 67


Page 2

c2 Sale – W.H. SMITH, lot 20, con 9, S. Dorchester

c3 Died – Mrs. Ralph HUMPHREY, Straffordville, age 72


Page 6

c2 Sale – Dennis LEESON, lot 7, con 2, Malahide

Sale – Mrs. M. WOODWARD, Belmont


Page 9

Historical Account of Aylmer: articles feature R. CAUGHEY, Aylmer Canning Co, L.J.

GUNDRY, The Draper Co.

Photos of: Talbot St. looking east, Collegiate Institute, Electric Light & Waterworks Plant, Can.

Telegraph & Business College


Page 10

Historical Account of Aylmer: articles feature H. RENBOLD, J.W. HUTCHINSON,

Geo. M. SMITH, Frank LAUR, J. Wellington YOUNG, Enoch MILLS & Co.,

Aylmer Packing Co., H.Z. BALCOM, WHITE Bros., WRIGHT & ALLEN,

William DEO, C.L. SAXTON, J.E. RICHARDS Drug Store, ROWE Piano &

Organ Factory


December 5, 1907

Page 10

Photos of: Aylmer Town Hall, Aylmer Packing Co., J.E. RICHARDS Drug Store,

W. RENBOLD Studio, HUTCHINSON Marble Works, SMITH Planing Mills, Mr. &

Mrs. Frank LAUR, Wellington YOUNG, WRIGHT & ALLEN Hardware Store


Page 11

Five photos of FARTHING’S Dry Goods Store


Page 12

Historical Account of Aylmer: articles feature YOUELL & WRONG, The Trader`s Bank,

Aylmer Roller Rick, S.A. MANN, Aylmer Ironworks, A. POUSTIE, A.A. LESLIE,

Conn`s Fair, Molson Bank, George TRIM, Central Hotel, J.H. WALKER, J. H.

STRACHAN, Fred GRENDON, J.E. SCOTT, W.S. CASE, The Big Store, Red Star

Grocery, J.W. HARRIS, Arthur GILLETT

Photos of: Molson’s Bank, Aylmer Fairgrounds, Aylmer Iron Works, Methodist Church


Page 13

Historical Account of Aylmer: articles feature The Mero House, T.B. NAIRN,

A.J. ANDERSON, Mansion House, Empire Planing Mill, H.B. HODGKINS,


Photos of: Trinity Church, Baptist Church, Mennonite Church, Knox Church


Page 14

Historical Account of Aylmer: articles feature Brandon Shoe Co., David MARSHALL, M.P.

Photos of: Aylmer Fairgrounds, four Aylmer homes, public school, and kindergarten

room, Talbot street in 1873, David MARSHALL, M.P., Brandon Shoe Co.

Factory, view from standpipe, four Aylmer homes, public school playground


Page 15

Historical Account of Aylmer: articles feature Aylmer Condensed Milk Co., Mayor KILMER,


Photos of: H.W. KNIGHT, Aylmer Fairgrounds, A.E. MUMA, V.S., Disciples Church, Mayor



Page 16

Historical Account of Aylmer: photos of David MARSHALL, M.P., and his residence,

Hamilton Branch of Aylmer Canning Co., partial view of Aylmer Canning Co., Aylmer

Condensed Milk Co.


December 12, 1907

Page 1

c2 Married – Bertha Mae YOUNGS, dau. of John, Aylmer, to A. SNELGROVE, Orwell

c3 Died – S.W. LAND, Aylmer, 80th year

c5 Died – Richard SNOOKS, Aylmer, age 55

c6 Died – Samuel B. HATHAWAY, Yarmouth, age 74


Page 2

c2 Sale – Mrs. M. WOODWARD, lot 21, con 9, S. Dorchester

c3 Sale – Susannah STRINGER, lot 1, con 7, Malahide

Died – Andrew MURRAY, Sparta, age 82


December 19, 1907

Page 1

c2 Fire destroys stave and heading mill of D.R. McGARVIN, Springfield

c3 Married – Claude STEVENS, London, to Edna HOLMES, Aylmer, December 7

Married – George PRICE, Aylmer, to Etta BERDAN, Paynes Mills, December 18

c4 60th anniversary of Mr. & Mrs. George GORDON, Aylmer

Page 2

c3 Sale – the Misses HALL, con 9, Malahide


Page 6

c3 Sale – George A. EMMETT, lot 26, con 2, Yarmouth

Page 7

c2 64th anniversary of Ephraim T. MARTIN and Mary C. SPARE, Straffordville


December 26, 1907

Page 1

c1 Married – Annie B. BURNS, Aylmer to Ernest STEWART, St. Thomas, December 18

c2 Married – Luella E. POWERS, dau. of Leonard, Aylmer to T. RATRAY, Killam,

Alberta, December 2

c3 Died – Elijah N. DRAPER, Aylmer, 48th year

Married – May HONSBURGER, dau. of Isaac, Aylmer to Charles VANSICKLE,

Norwich, December 25

c4 Died – John COSTICK, Aylmer, age 80, December 19

c6 Died – Jane LITTLE, Kingsmill, widow of William

70th birthday of John H. HARP, Aylmer


January 2, 1908

Page 1

c1 Married – Myrtle WARDEN to W. HOTCHKISS, Springfield, December 23

Married – Alice MARSHALL to Percy ADLINGTON, both of Corinth, December 25

Married – Grace DRAPER, Aylmer to Fred ANGUISH, Black Rock

Married – Marguerite SINCLAIR, dau. of John, Copenhagen, to James CORLESS, Avon,

December 25

c2 Died – Mr. C. THORNWAITE, Vienna

Family reunion of Mr. and Mrs. Oliver BAKER, Aylmer

Page 2

c2 50th anniversary of Mr. & Mrs. I. TURRELL, Sparta, Dec. 23

Paqe 6

c1 Condensed Milk Factory begins operation

c3 Sale – Mrs. Katherine KNIGHT, John St.

Sale – T. W. BENNER, lot 32, Con. 6, Malahide

Sale – Leonard POWERS, lot 3, con 3

50th anniversary of Mr. & Mrs. Charles BROOKS, Springfield

Page 12

c3 Sale – Edwin GEEN, lot 15, con 2, Malahide

Notice to Creditors – Edwin GEEN, died Nov. 19, 1907


January 9,1908

Page 1

c2 Died – Mildrid, infant dau. of Wilbert DOAN

c3 Family reunion of Mr. & Mrs. Eugene GUNN, Sparta

c5 Died – Mrs. Grace HATHAWAY, Yarmouth, age 83

c4 Married – Martha SUMMERS, dau. of Francis, Bayham to Russell HATTRICK, Galt,

December 31

Page 2

c2 Died – infant dau. of Charles KENNEDY, Bayham

Page 6

c2 Samuel HARPER, early blacksmith in Aylmer, article

Born – son to John Herbert GLOVER, Aylmer, Dec. 31

Died – son of John Herbert GLOVER, Aylmer, Dec. 31


January 16, 1908

Page 1

c2 John PORTER, 84, article

Married – Frank MAGINNIS to Edith CHARLTON, dau. of Amos, Aylmer, January 15

Died – Vanetta, dau. of Henry MILLER, January 9, age 1 yr. 4 mos.

Died – Miss Betsy CURRIE, Yarmouth, age 72

c3 Died – Thomas Floyd, son of G.H. TEEPLE, Cobalt, age 1 yr. 5 mos. 9 days.

Died – Ganes PRICHARD, Luton, January 12, age 85

c4 Died – James J. TEEPLE, age 87, January 15

c5 Dr. R. W. SHAW, Springfield, sells practice, moves to New York City

Died – Margaret NEWELL, wife of Joseph, Springfield, age 58

Article about Enos SCOTT, age 84, Philadelphia, former resident

c6 Married – Henry PERRY, St. Thomas, to Alma POWERS, Aylmer, January 9

40th anniversary of Mr. & Mrs. George WEGG, St. Thomas

Page 6

c3 Notice to Creditors – John NICHOL, Port Bruce


January 23, 1908

Page 1

c2 Died – Jennie SUMMERS, 17, dau. of Francis, Bayham.

Fire destroys storage building of J.B. HAMBIDGE, and NEWELL & HOWSE buggy and

implement dealers

c3 Married – Florence Jessie HODGES to Joseph BENSON

c5 Died – George BUTTERWICK, Aylmer, age 53

c6 Died – James TEEPLE

Died – Jacob STIMERS, Corinth, age 87

Page 2

c2 Died – Thomas, of Colorado, brother of Mrs. William YEANDLE, Bayham

76th birthday of Henry KILMER, Jaffa

c3 Died – Mrs. John HUFFMAN, St. Thomas, Jan. 14, 44th year

Married – C. E. AMOS, Corinth, to Flossie McFARLANE, Toronto, January 13

Died – Mrs. Henry LITTLE, Verschoyle, age 57

Sale – STIRTON & YORK, lot 24, con 9, Malahide

Sale – J.G. CLARKE, lot 23, con 3, Malahide

c4 Sale – W.J. WRIGHT, lot 18, con 8, S. Dorchester

Page 6

c3 Married – Edward TURNER to Theresa M., dau. of E.T. MARTIN


January 30, 1908

Page 1

c2 Died – Mrs. Almeda ANDERSON, Cairo, Michigan

c3 Married – Ernest JONES to Carrie WILLIAMS, Mapleton

Married – Sarah MILLER, Aylmer to John GLENN, London, July 2, 1907 at

Mt.Clemens, Michigan

James BROWN, Kingsmill, moving to Alberta

c5 Died – infant son of T.J. KILEY, London, age 6 mos.

Married – Shirley, dau. of Harry FISHER, Aylmer, to W.H. CHUTE, Aylmer, January 22

Died – Ephraim HARRIS, Aylmer, age 79, January 22

c6 Died – Dr. O.W. KENNEDY, Aylmer, 60th year

Died – Mr. HALL, Calton, January 19

Page 2

c2 Sale – J.J. TEEPLE, Kingsmill

Sale – Allan SMITH, lot 21, con 6, Malahide

c4 Notice to Creditors – James J. TEEPLE, Yarmouth, died January 15, 1908

Page 6

c3 Notice to Creditors – Isaac ATKIN, Aylmer, implement agent, insolvent

Sale – Eber BUCK, lot 18, con 2, Malahide


February 6, 1908

Page 1

c2 Died – brother of Rev. Joseph PHILLIP, in Toronto

c3 Died – Minerva CARTER, Aylmer, dau. of Nicholas, February 5, 63rd year

Married – Dr. Frederic C. FREEMANTEL, Philadelphia, to Eleanor B. ROBINSON,

dau. of Jacob, January 22

c5 Fire at cider mill of CAUGHELL & GILLETT, Aylmer

Died – Martha WARD, wife of James, Kingsmill, January 29, 23rd year, dau. of Thomas


Died – Mrs. Thomas MATTHEWS, Kinglake, sister of late Thomas KENNEDY, Aylmer

Engagement – Albert BRADFORD to Mary J. COTT, both of Aylmer

c6 Died – Mrs. COLBORN, Tillsonburg, age 90

Died – William Harvey CHUTE, Calton, age 55

Died – Richard C. WRIGHT, Aylmer, January 29, age 85

Page 2

c2 Sale – J.D. POUND, lot 30, con 8, Malahide

Sale – Thomas W. BROWN, lot 12, con 10, Bayham


Page 6

c3 Notice to Creditors – SCANLAN & ATKIN, Aylmer, machine agents, insolvent

Notice to Creditors – Virgil SCANLAN, Aylmer, insolvent


February 12, 1908

Page 1

c2 Died – Daniel VANWAGGONER, Aylmer, age 48

c3 Died – James Arthur McNEIL, S. Dorchester, 89th year

c4 Died – David CROPP, Aylmer, age 66

c5 Died – William MARSHALL, age 45

c6 Aylmer Condensed Milk Co., plant opens next Tuesday

Page 2

c2 Sale – Fred H. BENNER, lot 27, con 5, Malahide

Sale – Charles A. PARKER, lot 25, con 4, Malahide

Sale – Omer CHALK, lot 1 & 2, con 8, Bayham

Sale – Aleck CONNOR, lot 28, con 9, Malahide

Sale – E. W. KILMER, lot 25, con 3 & 4, Malahide


February 20, 1908

Page 1

c1 Married – Maude McINTOSH, dau. of William to John W. WILSON, Muskegon,

Michigan, February 4

c2 Died – Samuel POUND, Glencolin, age 72

Died – Mrs. S. J. MOORE, Vienna, age 65

c3 Died – Mrs. Fred SARGOTZ, Marlette, Michigan, nee Mabel WINTERS

c6 Died – William F. Douglas FANSHER, son of Fenton & Eva, age 1 year, 3 months

Page 2

c2 Sale – H.F. WISMER, lot 21, con 12, S. Dorchester

Sale – W.A. MITCHELL, lot 118, con 7, Bayham

Sale – Isaac ATKIN, Aylmer

Sale – W. H. RALPH, lot 6, con 6, Malahide

Official opening of Aylmer Condensed Milk Factory


February 27, 1908

Page 1

c3 Died – Harry CASCADDEN, London, age 20

c3 Married – Mamie WINTER, dau. of G. Winter, Aylmer to William ANDERSON, Moore

Twp., February 19

c5 Married – Berkley J. HOWIE to Maggie Jane LAND, both of Aylmer, February 19

Died – Mrs. Hannah HONEYWELL, age 74

Died – Nelson CLINE, Lyons, 84th year

c6 Died – Arthur HARRIS, Aylmer, February 25, age 42

Page 2

c2 Sale – Ed POWERS, lot 3, con 4, Malahide

Sale – WILLIAMS & PIERCE, Aylmer

c3 Died – Elmore CLINE, Toronto, February 17, age 74

Page 6

c3 Died – Mr. T. WILLIAMS, Essex, brother of Mrs. C. TANSLEY, Sparta


March 5, 1908

Page 1

c2 Article on invention of Charles HERENDEN, Chicago, former resident

Died – Ella OBRIEN, wife of Alva, age 23, dau. of M.E. MATTHEWS

c3 Died – Margaret Jane TANSLEY, wife of Wm., Yarmouth, age 53

c4 Married – Wilson ROCKEY to Ethel May HOLMES, Aylmer, February 26

c6 Died – Ann YORKE, widow of Stephen, Aylmer, February 27, age 72

Page 2

c2 Sale – Alex DOUGLAS, lot 17, con 8, Yarmouth

Sale – Heman RUSLING, lot 6, con 5, Bayham

Sale – Harry JOHNSON, lot 14, con 9, Malahide

Sale – David STIRTON, Springfield

Sale – Wilson POUND, lot 28, con 5, Malahide

Sale – J. M. CLINE

Page 6

c3 Sale – A.D. BOWEN, lot 12, con 9, S. Dorchester


March 12, 1908 – Page 1

c2 Married – Laura Lenentine WHITE, dau. of D. White, Mapleton, to Paul R. LEATHERS,


Died – George GORDON, Aylmer, 84th year

c3 Married – Lorne MURRAY, Alberta, to Miss FREELAND

Died – mother of Mrs. Harry GOOSTRY, Feb. 9, in England

34th anniversary of Mr. & Mrs. John HAMBLY, Grovesend


Page 2

c2 Sale – Daniel MILLARD, lot 30, con 5, Malahide

Sale – E. A. SMITH, Sparta

c3 Sale – Alex FULLER, lot 19, con 9, Malahide

Page 6

c2 Spingfield – Postmaster CHANDLER moves into new post office building

c3 Sale – Frank HEFFER, lot 32, con 3, Malahide

Sale – William HEWBANK, lot 5, con 1, Malahide

Mortgage sale- Aylmer Iron Works Co. Ltd, Aylmer

Notice to creditors – George BUTTERWICK, d. Jan 19, 1908

Sale – George BUTTERWICK


March 19, 1908

Page 1

c2 Died – William TILLEY, Toronto

Died – Cora Myrtle BURDICK, dau. of C.H. Burdick, 26th yr

c3 Married – Humphrey JOHNSON to Mrs. E. A. NEVILLS, Springfield, March 11

Died – Mrs. S.J. HAMILTON, Toronto, nee Clara HUTCHINSON

Page 2

c2 Sale – BEEMER homestead, Talbot St.

Sale – MEYER Bros. lot 9, con 1, Bayham

Sale – GABLE Bros, lot 19, S. Edgeware Rd., Yarmouth

Page 7

c1 Notice to creditors – Ephraim Meachem HARRIS, d. Jan 2, 1908


March 26, 1908

Page 1

c1 Married – Maude McCURDY, Conora, Sask., to John GILLESPIE

c2 Married – Elma LOUNSBERRY, dau. of Adam, Mt. Salem, to George W. McKIBBON, London

c3 Post Office established in Fairview; named Malahide; postmaster is John DAVIS

Post Office opened west of Belmont named Adrian, postmaster is John H. PORTER

c4 Aylmer Pump & Scale Co. commences operation

Married – Ethelene TISDALE, Aylmer to Harry Claude HILL, son of E.B., Luton

c5 Born – dau. to D. LIDDLE

Died – Gilbert TAYLOR, Yarmouth, age 73

c6 Died – John McCONNELL, Grovesend, 74th year

Gospel Mission Building sold to Idle Hour Co. of Dunnville; will enlarge and open with moving



Page 6

c3 Notice to creditors – Arthur HARRIS, Malahide, died Feb. 25, 1908


Page 7

c1 Notice to creditors – Nelson CLINE, S. Dorchester, died February 26, 1908


Page 8

c2 Sale – Mrs. M. A. SIMPSON, lot 2, con 6, Malahide

Sale – Nelson BINGHAM, lots 2 & 3, con 5, Bayham

Sale – Wilson H. MILLS, lot 22, con 5, Yarmouth


April 2, 1908

Page 1

c2 Married – Charles RUSSELL to Edyth ROFFEY, Aylmer,Mar. 25

c3 Died – Peter David BENDT, Corinth, age 40

c5 Mr. W. JONES opens blacksmith shop at Summers Corners

c6 Disappearance of Benjamin DANCEY – court ruling


Page 2

c1 Sale – Thomas RAMSAY

Sale – W. H. MILLS, lot 21, con 5, Yarmouth

Sale – Jas. CORNELL, lot 22, con 3, Bayham

c2 E. McTAGGART’s sawmill nearing completion – Copenhagen

Born – dau. to Fred SAUNDERS, Carberry, Manitoba, Mar. 24

c3 New school at Sparta to be built

c4 Died – Agnes LAIDLAW, widow of John, Sparta, March 25, age 73, dau. of Archibald


c5 Dissolution of partnership – BAKER & WAGONER, Aylmer

April 9, 1908

Page 1

c2 Died – Mrs. HUNTER, St. Thomas, 78th year

Born – dau. to Charles GORE, Buffalo, April 1, nee Eva BAXTER, Aylmer

Died – Bishop FOWLER, New York, cousin of Mrs. FARTHINGS, Aylmer

c4 Married – Alice Maud MOORE, Bayham to W. H. McPHERSON, Winnipeg

c6 Married – Evalene E. FERGUSON, Harrietsville to Lee R. CHARLTON, Springfield


Page 2

c2 Sale – William FRANCIS, 167 Talbot St., E., Aylmer

c5 Dissolution of Partnership – George H. CAUGHELL, Southwold and Cecil H. CAUGHELL


Page 6

c1 Died – Mr. T.W. DOBBIE, Tillsonburg, April 1, 79th year

Died – Mary Eveyln BRYCE, dau. of James, age 6 months

c3 Notice to creditors – Martha BOWEN, Malahide, died February 27, 1908

Married – Walter R. LAND, Aylmer, to Agnes DALLEN, Aylmer, April 6

Married – John CHUTE, Aylmer to Edith SHAKLETON, Aylmer, April 3

c2 Died – Florence Herendeen COLLETT, wife of George R., St. Louis, Missourie, March 30, dau.

of Charles HERENDEEN, Chicago


April 16, 1908

Page 1

c2 Married – John FOTHERGILL to Annie FULKERSON, March 26

c3 Died – Mrs. S.W. LAND, Aylmer, 84th year

c4 Died – Mrs. Fred GARNER, 44th year

c5 Died – Leslie REID, age 20

Fire at Iroquois Hotel, Port Burwell


Page 2

c2 Sale – F. W. FAY, Port Burwell

Sale – J.W. TODD, Corinth

c4 Died – Mrs. Robert REDDING, March 26, aunt of Mrs. Randall CLINE, Mapleton; article about

apparent murder


Page 7

c1 Born – dau. to Newton LEACH

c4 Sale – John B. CUDNEY, estate

Died – Mrs. Robert SHEPHERD, Aylmer, 58th year


April 23, 1908

Page 1

c6 Died – Frank MORRISON, Ypsilanti, Michigan

c3 Mr. M.C. KETCHAM opens dry cleaning business in Charlton Block


Page 2

c3 Married – Bertha KNOTT, dau. of Robert, Bayham to Harry GODWIN, Bayham, April 15

Article about death of late Mrs. REDDING


Page 6

c2 Died – John E. BLACK, Detroit, age 55


April 30, 1908

Page 1

c2 Married – Ross H. LINDSAY, Carberry, Manitoba, to Bessie EATON, dau. of Dr. J. M.,

April 22

c5 Grand opening planned for Lyric Theatre, former roller rink


Page 2

c2 Died – Mrs. Rebecca McLAIN, widow of John, Cherry Valley, 87th year

c4 W.R. JOHNSON opens grocery store in old post office, Springfield


Page 6

c3 Died – Isaac BLISS, 54th year


May 7, 1908

Page 1

c1 Died – Edward McCRONE, St. Thomas, 81st year

c3 Died – Egbert OWEN, Delhi, 64th year, wife is dau. of Mrs. CULVER, Aylmer

c5 Died – George BRADY, Tillsonburg, 83rd year

Died – Mrs. William McDONALD, Tillsonburg, 86th year


Page 2

c2 Died – James BIRD, Corinth

Married – Hattie MILLS to James HARVEY, Sparta

Died – Henry MOORE, Sparta, 76th year

Died – Frank MORRISON, Ypsilanti, Mich. April 19, age 50


Page 6

c1 Editorial about possibility of new Post Office for Aylmer


Page 7

c4 Died – Mrs. O. CALDWELL, Tillsonburg, niece of Mrs. John A. MATTHEWS


May 14, 1908

Page 1

c2 Died – Mrs. William KNIGHT, Aylmer, 30th year

c3 Mr. & Mrs. Ed POTTS leave to reside in Calgary

c5 Married – Charles J. ELLIOTT, son of A.J., Aylmer, to Tillie MANLEY, dau. of Samuel,

formerly of Aylmer, at Toledo, Ohio

c6 Died – Stephen POUND, 68th year


Page 7

c4 Sale – Jas. A. McCAULLEY, Kingsmill


May 21, 1908

Page 1

c2 Born – dau. to E. H. SMITH

c5 Born – son to Mrs. W. H. MEEK, Port Rowan

c6 Born – son to C. W. FOULGER, Niagara Falls


Page 7

c3 60th anniversary of Mr. & Mrs. O. THOMPSON, Toronto, parents of Mrs. A. E. HAINES,

Aylmer, May 9

Died – Miss Jennie GIBSON, niece of Capt. THOMPSON, Port Bruce


May 28, 1908

Page 1

c3 Married – Effie MARSHALL, dau. of D. Marshall, M.P. to John DEWAR, Toronto, June 9

c4 Mr. Norman BURDICK moves to Chippewa

c5 Died – infant dau. of J. M. BORBRIDGE, St. Thomas

Died – Alexander SUMMERS, 81st year

c6 Died – Mrs. Samuel WESTOVER, Bayham, 83rd year


June 4, 1908

Page 1

c2 75th birthday of Mrs. U. BARBER, Kenwood, California, Feb. 16

c4 Mr. L. F. CLARK purchases photograph gallery from H. RENHOLD

c4 Died – William Andrus DAVIS, Minneapolis, Minn., 58th year, May 28, son of Warren

c5 Died – Gertrude ADCOCK, dau. of George

Engagement – Pearl Grayce HUNT, dau. of Henry E., Buffalo, to Martyn H. BAHR, Chicago

Fire at DRAPER and McCREADIE barber shop

c6 Died – brother of Mr. DALEY, in Brown City,Michigan


Page 7

c1 Born – son to T. KELLY, Copenhagen

Married – Julia HOWSE, Copenhagen to D. SQUIRES, St. Thomas


June 11, 1908 –

Page 1

c2 74th birthday of James WISEMAN, Mt. Salem, June 2

Married – Neva COOK, St. Thomas, to Frederick FAIRBROTHER, Traverse City, Michigan

c3 Clifford LAMB, former resident, opens barber shop in Dana, Saskatchewan

Married – Lulu B. HAYDEN, dau. of Henry, Aylmer, to Percival T. KING, Aylmer, June 10

c5 Died – Robert GILLESPIE, Toronto, 94th year

Married – dau. of John MOORE, Richmond, to Mr. McPHERSON, Winnipeg


Page 2

c2 Born – dau. to Mr. FYFE, Orwell


Page 6

c3 Died – Asa VANBUSKIRK, Toronto

Married – Francis MOORE, Swanscombe, England to Frederic WILSON, Gravesend, England,

in Aylmer

Married – Myrtle Eva SWALES, dau. of B., Aylmer, to Dave McLEAN, June 10

Married – Alice DOWNS, dau. of Mrs. S., Aylmer, to John A. SPOONER


Page 12

c3 Married – Effie A. MARSHALL, dau. of David, M.P., to John G. DEWAR


June 18, 1908

Page 1

c1 Died – Samuel YOUNG, Glencolin, 81st year

Died – J. BROWN, Tillsonburg

c2 Died – Mrs. Olive Wood STURGES, London, June 16, wife of Chester, dau. of Nathan WOOD

& Catherine McINTYRE, born Feb. 20,1838

c3 Married – Jimmie MANN, son of Samuel, Aylmer, to Miss STEVENSON, Red Deer

c4 Died – Harry LUPTON, drowned in Lake Whittaker

c6 Married – Bessie WOOSTER, dau. of Thomas, Aylmer, to Fred MORSE, Hagersville, June 11


Page 2

c3 Born – son to Jerry LINTOLT, Sparta


Page 6

c4 Notice to Creditors – Sarah Ann WIDNER, Aylmer, died November 15, 1907


June 25, 1908

Page 1

c2 Died – William SMITH, S. Dorchester, 89th year

c3 Born – dau. to W. A. MILLARD

c6 Died – Percy YOUNG, son of George, Port Bruce, drowned


Page 6

c2 Married – Bernard H. WIDDIFIELD, Williamson, West Virginia, son of Hiram, Aylmer to


CARSON, dau. of W. E.

Married – William J. WERELEY to Clara Ethel KYTE, Summers Corners, June 24

Married – Kathleen ELLSWORTH, dau. of Abram, Malahide to George E. TOPPING, London

c3 Visit of Hon. George WOOD, Great Falls, Montana, former resident


Page 7

c4 Sale – J. A. LEARN, lot 23, con 12, S. Dorchester


July 2, 1908

Page 1

c3 Mr. A. J. ANDERSON buys stock of W. S. CASE bankrupt clothing store

c4 Married – Fredda Josephine HOWSE, dau. of Frederick R., Jaffa to Joseph ELGIE, Chatham,

June 30

c5 Died – Henry E. BONSER, Malahide, 79th year

c6 Died – Mary A. SKINNER, wife of John C., Malahide, 76th year, nee HAYDEN


Page 6

c1 Married – Edna CASCADDEN, dau. of Charles, to Harry MATTHEWS, June 24

c2 Married – Mary Isabelle VEALE, dau. of Rev. J., Kirkton, to Rev. W. L. HILES, Bayfield

Benjamin E. DANCEY who disappeard 9 years ago, declared dead

c3 Married – Thurzia Maud PRESSEY, dau. of George W., Fairview, to Roland E. MILLS, Aylmer,

June 30


July 9, 1908

Page 1

c4 Married – Maude McKENNEY, dau. of A., to Charles MINER, Detroit

c6 Angus MOORE hosts Moore family reunion, Springfield


Page 2

c2 Married – Isabell S. GRAHAM to John C. DAVEY, both Aylmer


Page 7

c1 Married – Charles A. HARP, Malahide, to Lizzie CHRISTIE, Sandwich, Burra Isle, Shetland


July 16, 1908

Page 1

c2 87th birthday of Oliver BAKER


Page 2

c2 Mr. H. BENNETT opens blacksmith shop at Copenhagen


Page 7

c2 Notice to Creditors – Frederick William ARKELL, St. Thomas, died May 21, 1908


July 23, 1908

Page 1

c3 Married Lyola S. BAXTER, dau. of W.H., Malahide, to Thomas E. SMITH, Moosejaw,



Page 2

c2 Born – son to George LIGHTFOOT, Mt. Salem

c4 Died – Mrs. William BOWS, Straffordville, age 87


Page 6

c4 Sale – estate of Tillman WEBBER


July 30, 1908

Page 1

c1 Born – dau. to Ernest G. BROWN, Lakeview, July 23

c4 Died – Mrs. Amelia Richmond THOMAS, Chattanooga, Tenn., July 20, mother of Mrs. Alex. S.


Died – Victor ROSS, son of William, St. Thomas, age 15

80th birthday for both Mr. & Mrs. John H. BROWN, Vienna

c6 Married – James MANN, Red Deer, to Helen STEPHENSON, Red Deer


Page 12

c3 Notice to Creditors – Andrew SHERK, Aylmer, died Mar.16,1907

Notice to Creditors – Henry Emerson BONSER, Malahide, died June 28, 1908


August 6, 1908


c3 Died – Calvin M. LYONS, Port Burwell, 75th year

Died – Frank TREADWELL, Earlton, Florida, July 19

c6 Died – Mrs. Edwin MORTON, Port Rowan, cousin of D.H. PRICE


Page 6

c4 81st birthday of Andrew MURRAY

c7 20th anniversary of Mr. & Mrs. Henry LAIDLAW, Kingsmill


August 13, 1908

Page 1

c2 Died – Mrs. Parmelia MAW, Aylmer, 70th year

Married – John WILSON to Jennie PECKHAM, Springfield

c3 Died – Isaac H. CHASE, Sparta, 89th year

Died – Mr. T. H. METCRAFT, Yarmouth

c4 Married – Gordon NEWELL, Springfield, to Louise CADY, Watford

c5 Died – Thomas Creighton McNAB, uncle of Mrs. Robert McGARVIN, Springfield

c6 Married – Charles G. HUNTER to Maud BOYD, London


Page 6

c2 Married – Florence INGRAM, dau. of John, to Owen S. CUTLER, Bayham

c3 Married – Elizabeth M. WRIGHT, dau. of H.H., to Rev. Clark TIMPANY


Page 8

c2 Married – Leota CLOES, dau. of Lorenzo, to Dr. G. SMITH, West Salem, July 29


Page 12

c3 Died – Sarah Jane DOOLITTLE, Luton, 88th year

Died – Ralph FEAR, Aylmer, 21st year


August 20, 1908

Page 1

c3 Mr. VARDEN erecting a grocery store on John St. N.

c4 Born – dau. to W. M. LOGAN, Hamilton, August 8

c6 Born – son to Dr. McARTHUR, Stayner, August 11


Page 2

c2 Died – Thomas MEDCRAFT, Sparta

Died – Isaac U. CHASE, Sparta


Page 6

c3 Died – Charles DAVENPORT, 64th year


August 27, 1908

Page 1

c2 Married – Frank MARLATT, Moose Jaw, to Jennet NICOL, Moose Jaw

c3 Died – Mrs. William BRASHER, Vienna, 74th year

c4 Married – Mary LAMB to John HODGES, Saskatoon, Sept. 1


Page 2

c3 Died – John LEARN, Fairview

Died – Jane MILLARD, wife of John FERGUSON, age 74

Married – Eva TILLSON, dau. of T.B., to Robert BAIRD, Tillsonburg


Page 6

c2 Died – Nathaniel COHOON, Malahide, August 19, age 90

c3 Died – Isabella COPELAND, widow of William, Aylmer, age 95, nee McDONALD

c3 Died – Sarah Jane DOOLITTLE, Malahide, August 11, age 88, nee WESTOVER

c3 Died – Sarah Ann CARTER, Malahide


Page 7

c4 Sale – Arthur BALDERSON, lot 24, con 9, Malahide

Sale – Edward POWERS, lot 7, con 4, Malahide

Notice to Creditors – Edward POWERS, Malahide, insolvent

Notice to Creditors – Franklin LAUR, Aylmer, confectioner, insolvent

Notice to creditors – Pamelia A. MAW, Aylmer, died Aug. 5, 1908


September 2, 1908

Page 1

c3 Died – Annie DAY, Port Burwell

c6 Born – Jean Elizabeth LEWIS, dau. of F., Buffalo, NY Aug 23

Married – Willa L. HUNTER, dau. of James, to Edward W. HOAG, Mackay, Idaho, August 23


Page 2

c3 Died – Frank HUNTER, Dorchester

c3 Died – Charles L. FOSTER, Tillsonburg, August 23


Page 6

c1 Married – Beecher MANN, Swift Current, to Gertrude MATTHEWS

c2 Married – Ella POUND, Malahide, to J. W. HOLCOMB, Sept 1

Married – Iva May TISDALE, dau. of Ephraim, Carholm, to Reginald C. FEEMAN, Caledonia


September 10, 1908

Page 1

c1 Married – Ossman LINDSAY, Springfield, to Susie RICKWOOD, Corinth, September 2

c2 Died – Sylvia LESTER, dau. of Alex, Eden, age 10

c4 Married – Edith Mildred HARDY, dau. of Joseph, Aylmer to John E. FERGUSON, Thornbury,

August 26

Died – Mrs. McKenney SMITH, Ridgetown, age 60, sister of Mrs. Marwood ASHTON

c5 Married – Kate TAYLOR, dau. of John, S. Dorchester, to Daniel CURRIE


Page 6

c1 Married – Edna Gunelda BARBER, Corinth, to Alexander DUFF, of Dobbinton, September 2

c3 Married – M. Lenentine WHITE, dau. of D.O., Mapleton, to Robert R. WOLFER, Jamestown,


Married – Charles William PECKHAM to Lalah Veda BROWN, both of St. Thomas


September 17, 1908

Page 1

c1 Married – Emma CORLESS, dau. of Lyman, S. Dorchester, to Lorne SHAIN, Belmont,

September 2

c2 Died – Mrs. Charles BROOKS, Aylmer

Married – Harry FLOWERS, Aylmer, to C. MYERS, Stratford

c3 Aylmer Feather & Mattress Cleaning Co. locates in Aylmer

c4 Died – Mr. W. H. GOFF, London, September 8

c5 Died – Mrs. Mahlon D. CARTER, 74th year, nee MARTIN

Died – Homer A., infant son of Arthur LAIDLAW

c6 Married – Margaret Pearl JAMIESON, dau. of W.H., Brantford, to Ernest HARPER, Brantford


Page 2

c3 Died – Mrs. Eliza Ann PHILLIPS, Yarmouth, 74th year

Married – Ethel RAMMAGE to George O. HUBBARD, Tillsonburg

Fire destroys grist mill of C.A. WILSON, Union


Page 6

c3 Sale – John DENTON, lot 20, con 8, Malahide

Sale – Lisgard KOYLE, lot 2, con 12, S. Dorchester


September 24, 1908

Page 1

c4 Born – dau. to William ROY

c5 Married – Clara E. STIRTON, granddaughter of Mrs. Joseph NESBITT, Springfield, to Clinton

C. CHARLTON, S. Dorchester, September 16


Page 6

c1 Sale – Jacob HOFFMAN, lot 16, con 9, Malahide

Sale – Charles C. PETTIT, lot 26, Con J, Yarmouth

Sale – A. L. CAVERLY, lot 6, con 5, Malahide

Sale – Robert WRIGHT, lot 9, con 10, Bayham

Sale – Sarah Ann WIDNER, Forest St., Aylmer

Sale – L. STEVENS, lot 15, con 5, Bayham

Sale – D.D. YORK, lot 12, con 5, N. Dorchester

Sale – I. R. PRICHARD, Springfield

Sale – John HAWLEY, lot 22, con 2, Malahide

Sale – Hanvey CHUTE, lot 31, con 3, Malahiade

c2 50th anniversary of Mr. & Mrs. C. O. LEARN

c3 Notice to Creditors – William DICKIE, Malahide, insolvent


Page 7

c4 Married – Minnie C. CORNER, dau. of Freeman, Hamilton, to Samuel C. MAY, Barrie

c4 Partnership formed – Fred DRAPER and Mac McLEAN, barbershop


October 1, 1908

Page 6

c3 Sale – John CLOES, lot 21 & 22, con 8, Yarmouth

Sale – Dr. MILLER, Aylmer

Sale – D. S. APPLEFORD, lot 19, con 11, S. Dorchester

Sale – Lewis CRAIG, lot 22, con 9, S. Dorchester

Sale – Alex CRAWFORD, lot 18, con 7, S. Dorchester

Sale – J. BINGHAM, lot 30, con 5, Malahide

Sale – Mahlon BOUGHNER, lot 28, con 8, Yarmouth


October 8, 1908

Page 1

c2 Married – Mabel Benore CLARK, dau. of Dr. G.F., to Ralph BELLAMY, of Edmonton

Died – Frank HAIGHT, Tillsonburg

c4 Married – Jane HILLIKER, Luton, to William PROSSER, Aylmer

Died – William ROSE, Sparta

c6 Fire at Temperance Hotel, Orwell

Born – son to Joseph BENSON, Aylmer, September 20


Page 2

c2 Sale – John & James KINGWELL, lot 13, con 8, S. Dorchester


Page 7

c2 Notice to Creditors – Charles C. RIBBELL, Bayham, died September 18, 1908

c3 Sale – H. SAWYER, lot 14, con 10, Dereham

Sale – Wilfred ANGER, lot 35, con 8, Malahide

Sale – Dan CAMPBELL, Harrietsville


Page 12

c3 Sale – William DICKIE, lot 10, con 12, S. Dorchester

Sale – Mrs. Arthur HARRIS, Aylmer

Sale – Burley AITKEN, lot 7, con 3, Malahide

Sale – Horace LEE, lot 23, con 10, Yarmouth


October 15, 1908

Page 1

c3 Born – dau. to Melvin HUNTER

c4 J.W. YOUNG, undertaker & furniture, sells to Mr. BALL, of Listowel

c5 Dissolution of Partnership – CHARLTON & FLOWERS, tailors

c6 Died – John CAMP, Copenhagen, 85th year


Page 2

c3 Married – Carrie Maud CHIVERTON, dau. of A. A., Calton, to J. H. GRAY, St. Thomas,

September 23


Page 12

c3 Sale – Joseph C. WHITE, lot 2, con 2, Malahide

Sale – L. MARTIN, lot 2, Malahide-Bayham townline


October 22, 1908

Page 1

c2 Married – E. W. McCLENNAN, Orillia, to Hazel Irene CARSS, Orillia, October 21

c5 Married – Mrs. Elida PULLEN, Aylmer to Henry LITTLE, Verschoyle

c6 Died – James E. BRYCE, Aylmer, 28th year


Page 6

c2 75th birthday of Sewell BOYD, Malahide

c3 Married – Harry RAYMOND, Tillsonburg to Nellie PHAIR, Stratford, October 11

Married – George PARKER, Ohio to Hannah H. NEFF, Bayham, October 8

Notice to Creditors – John Wesley McCOLLOM, Aylmer, insolvent


Page 12

c3 Sale – William KNIGHT, Pine St. E., Aylmer

Sale – W. H. COOK, Corinth


October 29, 1908

Page 1

c2 Died – William BISHOP, New Hamburg, 47th year, former proprietor of Brown House, Aylmer

c3 Dr. O. J. NEWELL sets up practice at Jarvis

c5 Fire at Columbia Hotel Stables


Page 2

c2 Sale – KENNEDY & POUND, lot 9, con 7, Bayham

Sale – H. CLARK, Orwell

Sale – James E. KILMER, lot 34, con 8, Malahide

Sale – Martin L. SMITH, lot 21, con 4, Yarmouth

c4 Married – Ethel MOSS, dau. of D.A. to James D. CRAWFORD, Belmont, October 22

Died – Mrs. Catharine BARNES, wife of Jonas, St. Thomas


November 5, 1908

Page 1

c3 Married – Iva WOOLLEY, dau. of L.B., S. Dorchester, to Dugall FERGUSON, Harrietsville

c4 Died – Mrs. James CROSSETT, dau. of Noble KERR, Bayham, October 25, 33rd year

Married – Mabel Louise COLBURN, dau. of George, Tillsonburg, to Clarence L. THAYER, son

of G.E., Tillsonburg

c6 Died – Mrs. Mary Elizabeth TREDON, widow of John, Sparta, 70th year


Page 2

c2 Sale – Clarence DICKHOUT, lot 19, con 6, Malahide


Page 7

c4 Married – Atwood B. KIPP, Delmer, to Ada PRITCHARD, Newark


Page 12

c3 Guardianship notice for Flossie and Iva BIRD, infant children of James and Margaret BIRD,

Bayham, deceased


November 12, 1908

Page 1

c2 Fire destroys GTR Station at Corinth

c2 Died – Thelma Gertrude BACKUS, infant dau. of J. Backus

c3 Married – Cora Opal EDLINGTON to Albert A. BALL, Dereham

c3 85th birthday of Mrs. GRANT, mother of Mrs. Walter MITCHELL


c4 Died – William S. WAGGONER, Bayham


Page 2

c2 Sale – A. FOLLICK, lot 5, con 2, Malahide


November 12, 1908

Page 6

c1 Died – Joseph HARDY, Aylmer

c3 Died – infant child of Arthur GRIGGS

c3 Born – dau. to A. HOUSE

c4 William CHARLTON purchased tailoring business of Harry FLOWERS


Page 7

c3 Sale – Joseph VINCENT, lot 25 & 26, con 4, Yarmouth


November 19, 1908

Page 1

c4 Died – Mabel GRASS, dau. of Robert, Vienna, age 21

15th anniversary of Mr. & Mrs. Charles CRANE, New Sarum

HIGH family reunion

c5 Died – Jeremiah HUFFMAN, Aylmer, 66th year

c6 Died – Daniel G. BRADLEY, Aylmer, age 52


Page 2

c2 Sale – G. W. LINDSAY, lot 12, & 13, Con 8, Bayham

Sale – J. H. CHALK, Calton


Page 6

c1 Died – George HARRIS, 77th year, father of Stephen HARRIS, Bayham

Died – Mrs. Harriet ATKINSON, Malahide, Nov. 7, age 70

Died – Eliza BOSSETT, wife of John, Sparta, age 64

c2 Died – Mrs. R.C. WELLS, Carrol, Manitoba, November 15, nee Minnie LEESON

c3 Married – Anna D. TAPSELL, dau.of William, Lyons, to James S. KINGSWELL, Harrietsville,

November 11


Page 7

c1 Notice to Creditors – Eliza Ann PHILLIPS, Yarmouth, died September 13, 1908

c2 Born – son to H. NORTON, New Sarum

c4 Sale – Talmage BROOKS, lot 25, con 10, Malahide

c4 Sale – Mrs. C. H. ST. CLARE, John St. N., Aylmer


November 26, 1908

Page 1

c4 Born – dau. to J. L. CRAWFORD, Red Deer, Alberta, Oct. 26

Died – Dr. Argo RAYMOND, Aylmer, 40th year

Died – Mrs. Annie YOUNG, widow of Isaac, St. Thomas, 79th year

c5 Died – James O. NORMAN, St. Thomas

c6 Died – Mrs. Elizabeth VANSYCKLE, Union, age 70


Page 2

c2 Sale – Stephen HARRIS

Sale – W. CARTER & O. McKENNEY, Aylmer


Page 7

c2 Sale – R. D. STIRTON, lot 16, con 6, S. Dorchester


Page 12

c3 Died – Mrs. William KING, Sparta

Explosion destroys office of Port Burwell News


December 3, 1908

Page 1

c3 60th birthday of Mr. PHILMORE

c6 Died – Dr. J. B. LEESON, Brandon, Manitoba, brother of Mrs. J. C. DANCE


Page 2

c2 Sale – J. A. McKIBBON, Kingsmill

Died – Miss Caroline VANWICKLIN, Copenhagen, 64th year


Page 6

c3 Married – Clara HAMBLY, dau. of John, Grovesend, to John HARPER, Toronto, November 19


Page 12

c3 Died – John CLOES, Yarmouth, 75th year


December 10, 1908

Page 1

c3 Died – John WEESE, Detroit, November 30


Page 2

c3 Sale – Louis H. CLARK

Sale – Roualyn WOOD, Sparta


December 17, 1908

Page 1

c3 Mr. F. H. TRUMPER sells business to Mr. BUCKNELL, Sarnia

c4 Married – Sylvia Beatrice ANGER, dau. of Thomas, Corinth, to Lewis Edwin ABBOTT, son of

Phillip, Aylmer, December 9


Page 2

c2 Died – Mrs. Martha SHOTWELL, widow of William, Cushing, Oklahoma, dau. of Amos

CANBY, Sparta


Page 6

c3 Married – Clark LIDDLE, Dunboyne, to Pearl VANSLYKE, July 23

c3 20th anniversary of Mr. & Mrs. John O’BRIEN


Page 7

c4 Died – Mrs. Elizabeth MURRAY, 78th year, mother of Mrs. A. McCONNELL

Died – Mrs. Joshua DOTY, London, age 93


December 24, 1908

Page 1

c2 Died – Joseph MILLARD, Aylmer, 84th year

c3 65th anniversary of Mr. & Mrs. E. T. MARTIN, Straffordville

Died – George YOUNG, London

c4 Died – Alex LANE, Arkona, December 13, 86th year

c5 Died – Robert FERGUSON, Kingsmill, 82nd year

c6 Died – Jesse HOOVER, Kingsmill, 76th year


Page 6

c2 Born – dau. to Morley CAREW, Grand Rapids, Mich, Dec. 10

25th anniversary of Mr. & Mrs. D.D. FINCH, December 19

c3 Notcie to Creditors – Daniel BRADLEY, Malahide, died November 15, 1908

Died – Mrs. Robert LEACH, Bayham


December 31, 1908

Page 1

c2 Born – son to Harry GRAHAM, December 23

D. HOSSACK opens blacksmith shop, Talbot St. E., formerly occupied by Fred KING

Died – Stewart McCONNELL, son of Roger, Lakeview

c3 Died – John DAVIDSON, Union


January 7, 1909

Page 1

c3 Married – Alberta V. BALLAH, dau. of Albert, Harrietsville, to Gordon V. BARONS, N.

Dorchester, December 30

c5 Married – Arlie MITCHELL, dau.of John F., to Percy CRAWFORD, December 23

c6 Married – Mr. WAGNER to Mrs. McCRIMMON, January 1

c6 Married – Flossie May NESBITT, dau. of Joseph, to Albert WOODWORTH, Glencolin


Page 2

c2 Sale – Charles TIMPANY, Aylmer

Sale – Jas. A. GUNSTONE, Richmond


Page 6

c3 Died – Henry HONEY, 98th year


January 14, 1909

Page 1

c3 Died – James WALL, Aylmer, 89th year

c6 Married – Lottie DAVENPORT, Sparta, to Mr. McGUIRE, Saskatchewan


Page 2

c2 Died – Mrs. AVERY, brother of W. COLE, Sparta


Page 6

c2 Married – Mysta Belle PRICHARD, dau. of Erastus, Calton, to Robert E. HERRIES, Bayham,

January 6

c3 Born – son to H. T. BUCHLER, Gary, Indiana, January 6

Married – Clara PAUPST to Otto MARTIN, Vienna, Dec. 26

Died – Malcolm LEITCH, Dutton

Married – Mable LINDSAY, dau. of R.H., to Blake Scott EATON, son of Dr. Eaton, Carberry,

Manitoba, January 1


January 21, 1909

Page 1

c4 Married – Claude ORTON, in the west

c6 Engagement – Helen Kirby, dau. of John D. FERGUSON, Robson, BC, to Stuart S.

McDIARMID, Vancouver


Page 2

c2 Married – Lottie DAVENPORT, dau. of E.M. to S. W. McGUIRE, Windhorst, Saskatchewan


Page 6

c3 Died – A.F.H. JONES, Ottawa


Page 12

c4 Notice to Creditors – Jemima ROBERTS, Vienna, died November 15, 1908

Notice to Creditors – John GRANTHAM, Bridgeburg, Ontario, not responsible for debts of wife


January 28, 1909

Page 1

c2 Charles DAVEY opens blacksmith shop on Talbot St. W.

c3 Married – Dr. CHAMBERLAIN to Belle PIERCE

c4 Died – John FERGUSON, London

c5 Mr. W. BUCKNELL takes possession of tailoring business of Mr. F. TRUMPER

Died – Richard HEYDON, Yarmouth, 80th year


Page 2

c2 Died – Miss GREEN, Norval, former teacher at Richmond

c4 Married – Harry WILSON, in Saskatchewan, formerly Sparta

Married – George LEVERTON, formerly Sparta to Mary DYON, Antler, Sasakatchewan


Page 6

c2 Born – son to J. HOLMES, January 23

c3 Married – Mrs. Eli CAVERLY to Arthur COX

c3 Died – James F. BLASHILL, Woodstock, 84th year


February 4, 1909

Page 1

c2 Born – dau. to Rev. McCONACHIE

79th birthday of Charles STRONG

c3 Died – Clark ROZEL, Straffordville, sawmill accident

c4 Married – Sadie DONALDSON, dau. of A., Hammond, to John H. FISHER, Esterhazy,

December 23

c5 T. LESTER, late of Belleville will commence manufacture of Jenkins’ acetylene gas machines


c6 Died – Levi HAWN, Sherkston, January 26, 48th year


Page 6

c2 Married – Stuart Stanley McDIARMID, Vancouver to Helen Kirby FERGUSON

c3 Notice to Creditors – Henry HONEY, Aylmer, died January 2, 1909


February 11, 1909

Page 1

c2 Died – Miss Margaret TAYLOR, dau. of late Peter, age 50

c4 Died – Lorne L. HANKINSON, Grovesend, 25th year

c6 Married – Myrne KINGSWELL, dau. of Phillip, Harrietsville, to Robert A. CRAIK, Crampton,

February 3


Page 6

c2 Died – Mrs. Emily Jane SNOOKS, Aylmer, 53rd year, dau. of Lewis BRUSH

c3 Married – Myrtle CROSBY, dau. of John, to Charles LANYAN, Aylmer, February 4


Page 7

c2 Sale – R. CRAIG & Son

Sale – William & John HOLTBY, Corinth

Sale – James McNEIL, lot 14, con 12, S. Dorchester

Sale – Harry BATE, Aylmer

c3 Married – Myrle WRIGHT, dau. of Robert, Copenhagen, to Ray WILMINE, Bayham,

February 3


February 18, 1909

Page 1

c2 Died – William MARTIN, Chicago, brother of Mrs. Jas. WRIGHT

c6 Married – A.N. OSTRANDER, Aylmer, to Annie GRISWOLD, St. Thomas, February 9


Page 2

c3 Sale – Albert COHOON, Calton


Page 6

c1 Died – W.E. STEVENS, mayor of Aylmer


Page 7

c3 Sale – W.F. LUTON, lot 18, Yarmouth

Sale – James BRACKENBURY, Grovesend

Sale – Gable P. WINTER, Aylmer

Sale – Daniel BRADLEY

Married – Harry DAVIDSON, Richmond to _____ GUNSTONE, Feb.3


February 25, 1909

Page 1

c2 25th anniversary of Mr. & Mrs. Charles LEGG, Dorchester

c4 Died – Jack SILCOX, February 17, age 24

c5 Died – W.E. STEVENS, funeral

c6 52nd birthday of Thomas SNIDER

c6 Married – Birdie Eva TRIM, dau. of F.H., to Foster COOK, son of John, St. Thomas


Page 2

c2 Sale – Louis CRAIG, lot 15, con 9, S. Dorchester


Page 6

c1 Married – Helen Eliza DAVENPORT to Arthur Ray LEMON, son of George, February 18

c2 71st birthday of Mrs. Jas. W. SMITH, St. Thomas

c3 Died – James DICKIE, St. Thomas, age 50

Harold BARNUM of Dutton purchases law practice of late W.E. STEVENS


March 4, 1909

Page 1

c1 Married – A.J. LEWIS, S. Dorchester to May A. McKELVEY, Aylmer, February 20

c2 Born – dau. to John CARTER, Malahide, February 18

c3 Died – Miss BRIGGS, Bay City, Michigan

Died – John PENHALE, St. Thomas

c5 Married – Adam LAIDLAW, age 88, to Mrs. Martha MANN

c6 Died – George R. THOMSON, Aylmer, 60th year


Page 2

c4 Married – Martha Lorene WOODRY, Brownsville, to J. W. McKINLEY, Wataskwin, Alberta


Page 6

c1 79th birthday of John A. McCAUSLAND, Aylmer

c2 Died – Kenneth McLean CAMERON, 19, son of W.K. Cameron, K.C., St. Thomas

Died – Sergt. DONALDSON, of New Mounted Police, at Fullerton, Hudson Bay, formerly of


c3 Sale – Charles PINEO, lot 1, con 1, Malahide

Sale – George F. BEST, Griffin’s Corners


Page 12

c3 Notice to Creditors – Adonijah WILLIAMS, Bayham, died February 8, 1909

Notice to Creditors – Sarah Jane BRASHER, Bayham, died February 23, 1909


March 11, 1909

Page 1

c1 Died – Mrs. James LIGHT, Bay City, Michigan, February 28, nee Annie BRIGGS

c2 Died – Daniel GILLET, Sparta, age 64

c3 Died – Mrs. William MAY, London, March 8, 29th year, nee Ilma BRADLEY

c4 Married – William Thomas DAVENPORT, formerly Aylmer, to Annie Louise Mary

BURROUGHS, formerly Toronto, in St. Marys, Acton, England, February 3

c4 Died – Dr. A.E. LUTON, Grand Rapids, Michigan, age 58

c5 Died – Countess Amelia WALROND, wife of J. Arthur GILLETT, 25th year

W. J. DERBYSHIRE leases blacksmith shop at Jaffa, formerly M. DOHERTY’s

c6 Died – Mrs. Frederick A. THOMAS, Athenia, New Jersey, March 3, 30th year, nee Ada



Page 2

c4 Walter James BROWN, formerly Aylmer, appointed to command 9th Battery Cdn. Field




Page 6

c1 Community decides to rebuild Dunboyne Union Church

c2 Died – Richard MINHINNICK, St. Thomas, age 30


Page 7

c4 Married – Osbourne Charles STAFFORD to Mabel LEONARD, dau. of John, both Malahide

Died – Martha Ruth BIRDSELL, wife of Nicholas C. BROWN, Dunboyne, March 8


Page 12

c3 Sale – Emily J. SNOOKS, Aylmer

Sale – D.A. JAMES, lot 22, Con A, N. Dorchester

Sale – Stephen POUND & Wilson POUND, lot 25, con 7, Malahide

c3 Notice to Creditors – William E. STEVENS, Aylmer, died February 15, 1909


March 18, 1909

Page 1

c2 Died – Nelson LEARN, Glanworth, 86th year

Died – Jack LOGAN, son of W.W., age 14

c3 Died – Mrs. S-ORE, Cleveland, sister of Lee CASCADDEN

c5 Born – son to Bert STEVENS, Aultsville


Page 2

c3 Died – Daniel ENSLEY, Copenhagen, 61st year

c4 Born – son to L. CHIVERTON, Fairview


Page 6

c2 Sale – A. CONN, No. 66, Talbot St. W.


Page 7

c2 Died – Mrs. Albert TIFFANY, Delaware, age 88


March 25, 1909

Page 1

c1 Died – Mrs. Ira BENTLEY, Bentley, Michigan, age 66, nee Lorina WHITESELL

c2 Died – Mrs. H.M. WEAVER, St. Thomas, March 17, age 76

c2 Born – triplets (one dau., two sons) to Layfayette WILSON, Harrietsville

c2 Died – George G. McINTYRE, Lakeview

c3 Died – Mrs. Lucretia HOWE, wife of James, Malahide, 85th year

c6 Died – James LEE, Aylmer, 74th year


Page 2

c2 Sale – Jacob W. KEESLER, lot 9, con 9, S. Dorchester


Page 6

c1 Died – Mrs. William FRANCIS

Married – Belle Kate ELLIS, dau. of George, Aylmer, to Lorne KILMER, St. Thomas, March 24

c3 Tenders called for new Baptist church at Lakeview

Died – Robert MANN, Orwell, 36th year

c4 Notice to creditors – Martha R. BROWN, Malahide, died March 6, 1909

Notice to Creditors – George R. THOMSON, Aylmer, died February 28, 1909


April 1, 1909

Page 1

c1 Died – Bobby GIBSON, London

c2 Died – Margaret Jane CRONK, wife of John Henry, St. Thomas, March 29, 78th year

c3 20th anniversary of Mr. & Mrs. William GILBERT, Orwell

c4 Died – Manley JOHNSTON, Muskegon, Mich., March 21

Died – William HARVEY, Eden, age 93

c5 Died – Mrs. Jessie Morse HAZARD, wife of Earle, age 27

Died – Charlotte Lee BURTON, Sparta


Page 6

c3 Notice to creditors – Margaret Ann YORK, Aylmer, died March 22, 1909


Page 7

c4 Died – Margaret A. YORK, relict of Samuel, 82nd year, nee Margaret DAVIS


April 8, 1909

Page 1

c3 Died – Kate Amelia Hodges, wife of James V. BENTLEY, Dutton, 41st year

c5 Died – Enos MARLOW, Mayville, Mich., 59th year, father of Mrs. Charels EMMETT, Aylmer


Page 2

c3 Died – infant child of Mr. DALLEMORE, Maplegrove


Page 6

c2 Sale – George G. McINTYRE, lot 33, con 1, Malahide


April 15, 1909

Page 1

c2 Died – Mrs. Priscilla STRACHAN, Belmont, April 11, age 78


Page 2

c4 50th birthday of William GORVETT, Sparta


Page 7

c4 Died – Reuben KENNEDY, Toronto, 72nd year


Page 12

c3 Died – Gilbert VANWICKLIN, age 83, uncle of Mrs. R. VANSLYKE


April 22, 1909

Page 1

c3 Died – Mrs. Locie DENTON, North Hall, April 14, 85th year, nee Mary SUMMERS

c4 Died – Miss Alexandria McLeod McKINNON, Aylmer, April 18

c6 Died – George BARTON, Aylmer, age 82


Page 6

c3 Sale – W.E. HUGHES, lot 9, con 5, Malahide

Sale – C. A. SPARLING, Aylmer


Page 7

c4 Died – Nancy KENT, relict of B.R. BROWN, M.D., Cleveland, April 13

April 29, 1909

Page 1

c4 Died – H.S. PRIOR, Sparta, April 21, age 66

Married – Mrs. Hattie BOUGHNER to Alfred WILLIAMS, St. Thomas

c5 Died – Robert CRAIG, Copenhagen

Died – George FOLLICK, Jaffa, age 72

c6 Died – Miss Cecelia Elizabeth GREIG, Aylmer, April 23


Page 2

c2 Died – Capt. Alfred NICKERSON, age 84

c4 Born – son to J.H. MANNELL, Springfield, April 25

Died – Mr. J.C. LAUR, Avon

Died – adopted son of Mrs. Jos. PEARSON, Springfield, age 14


Page 6

c2 Post office at Seville re-opens May 1, Mrs. Martha PHELPS, postmistres

c3 Died – Samuel SULLIVAN, Niobrara, Nebraska, April 9, 78th year


Page 7

c4 Guardianship of Lou Gordon THOMSON, infant child of late George R. THOMSON and Louisa



May 6, 1909

Page 1

c3 Died – Darius APPLEFORD, S. Dorchester, 66th year

c4 Died – mother of Rev. PHILP, at Nestleton, April 28, age 89

c5 Born – son to Dr. BROWN, Alberta, mother nee DANCE


Page 2

c3 funeral of Mr. H.S. PRIOR


Page 6

c3 Died – Ira J. HAMBLETON, age 74

3 Burial in Aylmer of Mrs. J.H. ARKELL, who died 18 years ago, remains brought by son Fred,

of Great Falls, Montana


Page 7

c4 Sale – Joseph S. KING, lot 9, con 3, Malahide



Page 12

c3 Guardianship of infant children of Argo RAYMOND, deceased: Rhea Agnes, Cecil Andrew,

Lorain William and George

Notice to creditors – John WINTERMUTE, Bayham, died April 8, 1904


May 13, 1909

Page 1

c5 Died – Harry B. TRAVERSE, St. Thomas

Born – son to George GRASS


Page 6

c2 IOOF Lodge in Springfield to be inaugurated on June 2

Died – Mrs. Thomas CLUNAS, 78th year


May 20, 1909

Page 1

c4 Married – Mrs. Ella CORNELIUS to Alonzo BENNER, Aylmer

c5 Married – John MITCHELL to Lena DURDELL, Sparta

c6 Engagement – Kenneth Grey VANWAGONER, Walkerville, to Frances Maud NASH, dau. of

William, Sarnia, June 2

c6 Rural mail delivery at Mapleton, first in area


Page 7

c1 Notice to Creditors – John C. LAUR, S. Dorchester, died April 24, 1909

c2 Notice to Creditors – Jane GRIER, Yarmouth, died April 30, 1909

c3 Notice to Creditors – George Gillett MCINTYRE, Malahide, died March 17, 1909


May 27, 1909

Page 1

c5 R. KOYLE, of Garry, Indiana, formerly Aylmer, opens blacksmith shop at Kingsmill


Page 2

c4 Died – Mrs. Frank VAIL, Fairview, 47th year, May 23


June 3, 1909

Page 1

c1 telephone office for South Malahide Co. being built

Died – Mrs. Mary VALE, Fairview, age 46

c3 Married – Herbert BLASHILL to Mrs. WHITCROFT, both Aylmer

Married – Chester ALGER to Annie GRIFFIN, May 26

c5 Born – baby to Walter H. KNIGHT


Page 6

c2 Died – George LESLIE, 85th year

c3 Married – J.A. JONES to Susan A. HUNTER

Died – Daniel RICE, Aylmer, age 76


Page 12

c3 Notice to creditors – Robert CRAIG, Malahide, died April 24, 1909

Notice to creditors – Clark ROSZEL, Bayham, died January 28, 1909

Notice to creditors – Lewis J. GUNDRY, Aylmer, insolvent


June 10, 1909

Page 1

c1 Died – Dr. John R. BALLAH, Regina, Sask., brother of Mrs. Frank KENT, Dunboyne

c2 Died – Mrs. Elizabeth WINCHESTER, Yarmouth, age 84

c4 Died – Thomas WOOD, Aylmer, age 78

c6 Died – George SEERS, Aylmer, 76th year


Page 12

c3 Notice to creditors – John PEARSON Sr., Port Burwell, died June 2, 1909


June 17, 1909

Page 1

c2 78th birthday of William MONTEITH, Aylmer

c3 Born – son to Norman LAUR, June 14

c4 Married – Carrie LOOP, dau. of Samuel, to Joseph HOLMES, Toronto, June 16

c6 Married – C. Lorne LAING, Bayham, to Myrtle BAILEY, dau. of Edward, Yarmouth


Page 2

c2 Died – Joshua GUNN, Brown City, Michigan


Page 6

c2 Born – dau. to Fred WILSON


Page 7

c4 92nd birthday of Mrs. John HARPER, nee SAGER


June 24, 1909

Page 1

c2 Died – Willard RICE, Duluth, son of late Daniel Rice, Aylmer

c4 Died – Mary EATON, wife of James, Harrietsville, 71 yrs. 7 mos., June 18, nee MOORE

c5 Family picnic, descendents of Andrew MOORE, Burgessville

c6 Married – Grace Lillian TRELEAVEN, Hamilton, to Hugh MURRAY, Hamilton, June 10


Page 2

c4 Born – son to George PROCUNIER, Bayham, June 8

Married – Peter STALEY to Alice RUTLEDGE, Bayham


Page 6

c1 New steel bridge to be built on Myrtle Street


July 1, 1909

Page 1

c2 Married – Robert B. BURGER, St. Thomas, to Nettie HILLBORN, Copenhagen, June 29

c4 Married – Elizabeth CANN to T.R. TAYLOR, St. Thomas

c5 Married – Ethel HAINS, dau. of A.E., Aylmer, to Dr. Willis S. LEMON, La Grange, Illinois

c6 Dr. F.H. MILLER sells practice to Dr. L.R. GRAHAM of Toronto and leaves for Chicago


Page 2

c2 Married – Mary MILLARD, Sparta, to Mr. WILCOX, St. Thomas, June 23


Page 7

c3 Married – George LOUKS, St. Thomas, to Ethel GRAVES, St. Thomas, June 21


July 8, 1909

Page 1

c2 Married – Norman D. HALL, Aylmer to Mabel SANDERSON, Grand Valley, July 7

c4 Born – dau. to Charles KAISER, Elko, Nevada, June 28

Died – Willard RICE, Duluth, son of Daniel, June 17


July 15, 1909

Page 1

c3 Married – Mrs. Mary BEAMAN to Ernest WILLISON, both Aylmer

c5 Born – son to John DEWAR, Toronto, July 4

c6 Died – Mr. McNISH, Boston, brother-in-law of Mr. A.S. SAVAGE, Aylmer


Page 7

c3 Died – Mrs. Thomas McGUIRE, Houghton Center, grandmother of Mrs. A.R. CHRISTIE,



July 22, 1909

Page 1

c3 Doble KING hosts family reunion

c4 88th birthday of Oliver BAKER, July 12

c5 Died – dau. of George NEWBY, age 3


Page 6

c2 Article re History of Aylmer Baptist Church


July 29, 1909

Page 1

c3 Died – Stephen WESTOVER, Aylmer, 40th year

Died – son, age 12, and dau. age 14, of John MARLATT, drowned in Otter Creek at Vienna

c5 Married – Cornelia BRETT, Mattewan, NY, to Dr. Samuel Lyon WEISBROD, formerly Aylmer

c6 Died – Mrs. Catharine ACKARD, widow of William, Malahide, 91st year


Page 6

c2 Born – dau. to Rev. J.W. CLARK, July 21

Died – Miss Eliza E. CARTER, Talbot St., 70th year

c3 Notice to creditors – Frederick PRONG, Bayham, died June 11, 1909


August 5, 1909 –

Page 1

c2 Died – Charles MANN, St. Thomas, 85th year

c4 First birthday of twins Harold & Grace, children of Orlando CHARLTON

c5 Married – Effie Olevia TURRILL, dau. of M.F., Aylmer, to William Hutchins ESTANO,

Moncton, NB

c6 Died – Elizabeth THODY, widow of Elijah, Aylmer, 79th year


August 12, 1909

Page 1

c4 Died – Mary Ann THOMPSON, wife of Wellington LIGHTFOOT, Malahide, 65th year

c5 Died – Earl GILLETT, son of Orlando, Sparta, 25th year


August 19, 1909

Page 1

c6 Died – Mary Ann LIGHTFOOT, wife of Wellington, Malahide, August 8, age 65


Page 2

c4 Sale – Mrs. John B. McDIARMID, Aylmer

Sale – Joseph C. WHITE, lot 20, con 2, Malahide

Sale – Robert CRAIG, Copenhagen


Page 7

c3 Died – Edward RAYMOND, Mt. Salem, 72nd year

Married – Emma L. BARNECOTT, dau. of Thomas, Aylmer, to Frank SANDY, Peterborough,

August 17


August 26, 1909

Page 1

c5 25th anniversary of Mr.& Mrs. Phineas L. PRESSEY, Bayham, August 19

c6 Married – Coll Claude SINCLAIR, son of Dr. Sinclair, Aylmer to Edith BELLAMY, dau. of

Thomas, Edmonton, August 18

Married – Annie MORTON, B.C. to John TILTON, of Lula Island, B.C., August 9


Page 2

c5 Sale – Everett CROSBY, lot 20, con 5, Malahide

Sale – Mrs. A. BOYES, Aylmer


Page 6

c2 Married – Elsie M. RUSLING, dau. of Henry, to Walter SNIDER, Aylmer


Page 7

c4 Notice to creditors – Eliza E. CARTER, Malahide, died July 26, 1909

Notice to creditors – William McQUIGGAN, Bayham, died July 12, 1909


September 2, 1909

Page 1

c1 Died – Anne GRANT, widow of Alex, Straffordville, 85th yr

c5 Died – Lewis BRUSH, Aylmer, August 26, 81st year


Page 2

c2 Died – Mrs. William McCONNELL, Brooklyn, NY, age 84


September 9, 1909

Page 1

c2 Died -infant son of F.S. FANSHER, August 29

c3 Died – Sarah J. WILSON, wife of James, Malahide, September 2, 66th year

c4 Died – Max PROCUNIER, dau. of Rev. C.A., Revelstoke, BC, age 11, August 22

Died – Charles Duncombe OAKES, Yarmouth, 71st year

c5 Died – Mack ADAMS, son of W.L., Malahide, age 13

c6 Married – Thomas H. BALL to Leha M. HARVEY, both Port Stanley, September 1


Page 2

c3 Married – Agnes C. BUTCHART, dau. of John, Clinton, to H.C. LEGG, Lyons, Setpember 1


Page 7

c4 Notice to creditors – William Emery RAYMOND, Malahide, insolvent


September 16, 1909

Page 1

c3 Died – Mrs. Robert HAUGH, Guelph, nee Musie NEWELL

c4 Died – Isaac W. MATTHEWS, Aylmer, 68th year

c5 Died – Alexander LOVE, Aylmer, age 64


Page 2

c4 Married – Ethel May BROWN, dau. of J.L., Corinth, to Howard Carter ROBERTS, Morristown,


c3 Sale – Ed IRWIN, lot 21, con 1, Malahide

Sale – Rev. W.N. ARNOLD, Aylmer


Page 6

c2 Sale – Beecher NOELS, lot 7, con 8, Bayham


September 23, 1909

Page 1

c1 Died – Wilbur DOAN, Malahide, 44th year

c4 Died – Mrs. T. J. BURWELL, widow of Leonidas, Port Burwell, age 87, dau. of Gilbert


c5 Born – dau. to Otto MARTIN, Vienna

c6 Died – Mrs. Charles SHELIAS, Montreal, dau. of W.H. DRAPER


Page 2

c2 Sale – William STAFFORD, lot 28, con 6, Yarmouth

Sale – John K. POUND, lot 8, con 3, Malahide

Sale – Mrs. Thomas LESTER, Aylmer

c4 Married – Jennie SOWLER, dau. of Taylor, to A. Earl BURTON, Sparta

80th birthday of Henry CAULFIELD, New Sarum


Page 6

c1 Sale – H.M. BROWN, lot 22, con 12, S. Dorchester

c2 Married – Stella Alma LEARN, dau. of Philip, Malahide, to William Bruce HARPER, Malahide


September 30 1909

Page 1

c2 Died – infant dau. of Frank LUCAS

c5 Died – Joseph H. RADFORD, Aylmer, age 34


Page 2

c3 Sale – Avery KILMER, lot 20, con 1, Malahide

Sale – Mrs. C. DODDS, lot 18, con 3, Malahide

c4 Born – dau. to Mr. OSTERHOUT, Bayham


Page 6

c3 Sale – William PORTER, lot 24, con 5, Yarmouth

Sale – Lorne L. MILLER, Aylmer


Page 12

c3 Notice to creditors – John ALEXANDER, Yarmouth, died September 7, 1909

Notice to creditors – Edward RAYMOND, Malahide, died August 19, 1909


October 7, 1909

Page 1

c2 Died – Merton WONNACOTT, Port Bruce

c3 Died – mother of William CLENDENNING, Aylmer, at Blenheim, age 84

Married – George B. BENTLEY, Yale, Mich., to Mary E. LUTON, Aylmer, October 5


Page 2

c2 Sale – John MITCHELL, con 9, Dereham

Sale – H.E. FREEMAN, Aylmer

c3 Sale – Alfred CHIVERS, lot 20, con 2, Bayham

Sale – John ALEXANDER, lot 27, con 4, Yarmouth

Sale – Neil SCOTT, lot 16, con 7, Malahide


Page 7

c3 Dissolution of Partnership – Charlotte E. WALKER and Fred. W. LOVE, of Walker & Love,

boot and shoe merchants

Sale – W.H. ODELL, lot 15, con 3, Malahide


Page 12

c3 Notice to creditors – Thomas WOOD, Aylmer, died June 4, 1909


October 14, 1909

Page 1

c3 Died – Jesse KINSEY, Aylmer, age 95

Page 2

c2 Sale – John E. MILLARD, lot 31, con 5, Malahide

Sale – J.C. DANCE


Page 6

c3 Died – Harry FISHER, in explosion of boiler at Electric Light Plant, Aylmer

Meeting re rebuilding of Dunboyne Union Church

c4 Notice to creditors – Thomas STEINHOOF, Bayham, died September 8, 1909


Page 12

c3 Sale – Mrs. B. BRANDON, Orwell


October 21, 1909

Page 1

c2 Married – Sarah DAVIS, to Arthur HARP, Lethbridge, Alberta, October 12

c3 Trustees of new Methodist church at Dunboyne decide to erect new church of red brick on

cement block foundation

c4 Died – Mrs. Mary FELKER, Rodney, widow of John

c5 Married – John M. ENNIS, Toronto, to Olive GERMAN, Aylmer, October 13

c6 Article on boiler fire at Electric Light Plant


Page 2

c2 Sale – John WALL, lot 25, con 4, Bayham

Sale – James L. MOORE, lot 35, con 8, Malahide

Sale – Sydney MOORE, lot 29, North Gore

Sale – J. HOFFMAN, lot 16, con 9, Malahide

c3 Sale – Thomas SILVERTHORN, lot 11, con 5, Bayham

Sale – R.A. JONES, V.S., lot 11, con 2, Bayham

Sale – Joseph WATTERSON, lot 11, con 3, Bayham

Sale – Cecil BEEMER, lot 9, con 10, Bayham

Sale – J.E. BAGNALL, lot 31, con 2, Malahide


Page 6

Picture of boiler explosion `’after the explosion”



c3 Sale – Miss N. HARRIS, Aylmer


Page 12

c3 Notice to creditors – Harry FISHER, Aylmer, died October 12, 1909


October 28, 1909

Page 1

c4 old Pork Factory sold to Aylmer Pump & Scale Co.

c5 Married – Violet KENNEDY, dau. of Mrs. A., Aylmer to C. RYCKMAN, St. Thomas,

October 25

c5 Died – Mrs. Robert LAIDLAW, Aylmer, 68th year

c6 Married – Adeline STEVENSON, dau. of William, Listowel, to Walter S. DOWNS, Clinton,

October 21


Page 2

c3 Sale – Thomas HARVEY, lot 28, con 1, Yarmouth

Sale – A.F. THOMAS, lot 27, con 8, Malahide


Page 6

c3 Sale – Thomas WOOD, Aylmer


Page 7

c2 Married – Meaford JOHNSON, Malahide to Bertha POLLICK, Bayham, October 20

c4 Died – Mrs. Hiram KETCHABAW, Bayham

Died – Gale ALEXANDER, Detroit, brother of Mrs. F.A. ASHBAUGH, Aylmer

Died – Mary Matilda MAGINNIS, widow of Thomas, Malahide, 76th year

Died – William Bird CHAMBERLAIN, Aylmer, 68th year


November 4, 1909

Page 1

c2 Died – Mrs. Duncan CAMPBELL, S. Dorchester, 40th year, nee MITCHELL

Married – Frank SMALE, Port Bruce, to Lizzie COCKERILL, Springfield

c3 15th anniversary of Mr. & Mrs. Hanford SHAW, New Sarum

c4 Died – Mrs. J. MOREWOOD, Alvinston, nee CASCADDEN

c5 Born – dau. to Grant SUMMERS, Talbot St.

William TAYLOR closes fruit store

Died – Mary Matilda MAGINNIS, widow of Thomas, October 22, 76th year


Page 2

c2 Sale – Stanley B. MITCHELL, lot 118, con 7, Bayham

Sale – James BUTTERWICK, Yarmouth

c4 Died – William HERRINGTON, Sparta, age 56


November 11, 1909

Page 1

c3 Born – dau. to Edward TURNER, Talbot St. W.

Born – son to Mr. EWENER, Walkertown

Married – Olive L. NEAL to Dr. J.F. SIMISON, Romney, Indiana, October 24; sister of Mrs. E.


c5 Married – Henry Romain WESTOVER, Silver Creek, NY, son of D. Westover, Calton, to Mable

EBLING, Silver Creek, NY, November 3

c6 Died – Erastus PRICHARD, Malahide, 68th year


Page 2

c2 Sale – George N. COCHRAN, con 2, Bayham

Sale – Fred GABLE, lot 16, con 12, S. Dorchester

Sale – T.S. HARE, Aylmer

Sale – Archie & Verne GUNSTONE, Bayham

Sale – W.J. HILL, lot 28, con 4, Malahide

Married – John Nelson STEPHEN to Ina Pearl SEBURN, Yarmouth


Page 6

c1 Trader’s Bank moves into new building, north side of Talbot facing King Street

c2 Born – dau. to John HILLIKER, Mt. Salem, November 5

c3 Died – dau. of Dr. Cecil LEARN, Clausholm, Alberta, age 3 mos.

Died – Mrs. Philip LEARN, Vassar, Michigan

Page 12

c1 Notice to creditors – Solomon MOORE, Bayham, died June 17, 1909

c2 Notice to creditors – Wesley C. WILEY, Malahide, insolvent


November 18, 1909

Page 1

c2 Died – Edmund CHANDLER, Springfield, age 69

c3 Died – Henry WILSON, Dunnville

c5 Died – Mrs. Ann HAWLEY, widow of Daniel, Yarmouth, November 11, 78th year

Died – Reuben THORLEY, Malahide, age 31


Page 2

c2 Sale – James WILSON, lot 13, con 1, Malahide

c3 Sale – Solomon MOORE, lot 35, con 7, Malahide

c3 Sale – Clark ROZELL, lot 9, con 4, Bayham

c2 Sale – Alexander RUSS, lot 20, con 6, Yarmouth

c2 Sale – Salem McKIBBON, Grovesend

c2 Sale – D.M. BENTLEY, lot 26, con 6, Yarmouth


Page 6

c1 Married – Grace Eleanor HOAG, dau. of W.C., to C. O. WILLIAMS, Norfolk, Nebraska

c2 Died – Mrs. Martha Jane SUMMERS, Malahide, 77th year

c3 Died – Mrs. Elizabeth BARRETT, Southwold, November 2, age 74


Page 7

c3 Sale – Harry BAGNALL, lot 30, con 2, Malahide


November 25, 1909

Page 1

c2 Died – G. W. BENTLEY, 60th year

c4 Married – Dr. Samuel L. WEISBROD, Milford, Michigan to Cornella B. DAVIS, Fishkill,


c5 77th birthday of Mr. E.V. LEARN

Died – John McINTYRE, Yarmouth, 70th year

c6 Married – Laura May HAGGAN, dau. of James C., to M.L. PETTIT, Belmont, November 10


Page 2

c2 Sale – R.R. JONES & L. McCONNELL, lot 15, con 1, Malahide


Page 6

c2 Brandon Shoe Co. leaving Aylmer


Page 7

c1 Married – Flora RUTHERFORD, dau. of W.W., to Thomas Harding DREDGE, son of T., Port


c2 Died – Milton BROWN, Tillsonburg, train accident


December 2, 1909

Page 1

c5 Died – Mrs. Lloyd UDELL, St. Thomas, nee Erie SHEPPARD, Aylmer, 23rd year


Page 2

c2 Sale – Oscar A. CHASE, lot 22, con 4, Yarmouth

c3 Married – Nina WHITE, dau. of Albert Edward, Dutton, to Arthur James MOORE, Hamilton


Page 7

c4 Died- Mrs. Emma FINCH, wife of G.C., Mapleton, 51st year, dau. of Andrew VENNING


Page 12

c3 Notice to creditors – William B. CHAMBERLAIN, died October 22, 1909


December 9, 1909

Page 1

c2 Died – John EVELY, Yarmouth, age 62

c4 Married – Francis Augusta KENNEDY, dau. of E.R., Aylmer to Herman E. TACCKER,

Watertown, South Dakota

c6 Married – Vona KENNEDY, dau. of Mrs. Amy, Aylmer to J.E. ADAMS

Died – George A. PEPPER, Malahide, December 4, 68th year


Page 2

c2 Sale – Leonard POWERS, lot 25, con 4, Yarmouth

Sale – C. BEEMER & W.G. LINDSAY, lot 9, con 10, Bayham

Sale – Geo. N. COCHRAN, lot 12, con 2, Bayham

Sale – H.A. BROWN, lot 33, con 5, Malahide


Page 7

c4 Sale – I.R. PRITCHARD, lot 7, con 12, S. Dorchester


December 16, 1909

Page 1

c1 Born – son to Ray LEMON

Died – John H. WILLISON, St. Thomas, age 68

Died – Harvey VANPATTER, St. Thomas, 78th year

c6 Died – Thomas WHITE, Sparta, sawmill accident


Page 2

c2 Sale – Clarke MARLATT

c3 Sale – H. F. WOODRY, Aylmer


Page 6

c4 Married – Roland PARKER, Dexter, to Rose SHEPHERD, Aylmer, December 4

c5 Married – Nellie MITTS, dau. of Benjamin, Aylmer to Walter C. CROWE, Aylmer


Page 7

c3 Died – Peter MARR, Walsingham, November 29

c4 Died – Edward HARVEY, son of Andrew, Aylmer, age 18


December 23, 1909

Page 1

c2 Died – Fred EDISON, son of Oscar, Vienna

c3 J.E. BAGNALL, Lakeview purchases Jeffrey farm at Copenhagen; intends to erect an evaporator

with Derwin G. HOUSE

c4 Died – Elgin PHILLIPS, Courtright, age 60

c5 Died – John R.H. PRITCHARD, London

c6 Died – George BETTERLEY, son of George, Mapleton, 21st year


Page 6

c5 F.L. WAGNER sells grocery business to Mr. FILBY, Woodstock


Page 7

c3 Picture of Edward HARVEY who went down with the Bessemer; body not recovered


Page 12

c3 Died – brother of Earl CAMPBELL, Fairview, at Orier, Michigan


December 30, 1909

Page 1

c4 Died – Mrs. William Nelson TYRELL, 73rd year

c6 Married – Agnes FRENCH, Tillsonburg, to Gordon Henry HILLIS, Middleton, December 23

15th anniversary of Mr. & Mrs. John ROBERT, Aylmer

Born – son to Wyn CHRISTIE, December 25

Married – Della Mae NEWELL, dau. of Andrew S., Springfield, to Dr. Leonard H. DOUGLAS


Page 2

c2 Sale – Horton DRAPER, Aylmer

c4 Died – Richard ROBINS, Sparta


Page 6

c3 Died – Squire William Thomas NUGENT, Belmont

Fire destroys cooper shop of John KAISER

c6 Married – Alma PRICE, dau. of Albert, to Earl Elwood HOSSACK, son of David, Aylmer,

December 29


Page 7

c2 Married – Leone KENNA, dau. of James, to Dr. Herbert WHITE, son of Albert, Springwater,

December 29