1866 Fenian Raid Bounty Applications

Elgin County, Ontario, Canada

1866 Fenian Raid Bounty Applications on Ancestry for Elgin County (subscription required) – Example

Canada General Service Medal – For duties related to the Fenian raids between 1866 and 1871

James Henry Coyne8 Mar 1866 – London, Port Stanley, Sarnia and Thorold, Ontario

John Edgecombe10 Mar 1866 – Port Stanley, Ontario

Archie C Graham1866 – Iona and St Thomas, Ontario

William GrantSpring 1866 – Scotch Hill and Lyons Brook

Jeremiah F HooverJun 1866 – St Thomas, Ontario

Catherine McIntoshSpring 1866 – The Garden of Eden

Sgt Neil McLean – St Thomas Port Talbot Tyrconnel Eagle and Port Glasgow J Had Moved Away

Allan McLeodSpring 1866 – New Campbellton

John McQuarrieMar 1866 – Big Brus D’or (New Campbellton)

Daniel C RoseSpring 1866 –New Glasgow

Rev John B Silcox1865 – Port Bruce’ 66 and Windsor’ 70, Ontario