1828 Militia Rolls – Malahide Township

Malahide Township – 1828 Militia Rolls

The 155 men who were residents of Malahide Township in 1828 and enrolled in the 2nd Regiment Middlesex Militia are given in Men of Upper Canada, Militia Nominal Rolls, 1828-1829, edited and with an introduction by , Bruce S. Elliott, Dan Walker and Fawne Stratford-Devai, published by the Ontario Genealogical Society in 1995. The Malahide Men are given on pages 146 to 149 in the following 4 Companies of the 2nd Regiment Middlesex Militia:

2nd Company, William Saxton Captain 4th Company, Abraham Backhouse, Captain 7th Company, Henry Backhouse Captain 8th Company, William Summers Captain.

In addition several of the Regiment’s officers were Malahide residents. They are also included in the list below. The men enrolled are between the ages of 19 and 39. In the case of Malahide Township, ages are given for all the men in the four Malahide companies. The men are listed in order of household by neighborhood which is helpful in establishing other relationships such as a brother or wife’s brother etc. Bruce C. Johnson Jr. has gathered from other sources their birthplace and name of wife or wives.

Last Name First Name Birth Date Birth Place Wife / Wives
ABEL (ABELL) Jabez abt 1807   Charlotte TYRRELL
ADAMS Calvin Winslow D. abt 1806 New York Nancy Jane WIDNER
ADAMS David abt 1794   Elizabeth HOFFMAN
ADAMS William abt 1800 New York Eleanor, Mary DAVIS
BACKHOUSE Abraham, Capt., 4th Co. abt 1790 England Amelia ALWAY
BACKHOUSE Henry Moore, Capt., 7th Co. abt 1797 Walsingham, Norfolk, Upper Canada Hannah SMITH
BAKER Samuel C. 25 Mar 1797 New Brunswick Lydia MABEE
BEEMER Abraham 3 Mar 1800 Norfolk, Upper Canada Eleanor VANPETTEN


BEEMER John Wesley 1802 Upper Canada Mary McKENNEY
BENNER John 19 Nov 1789 New York Dorothy HOUSE
BOUGHNER Francis G. abt 1809 Upper Canada Mary Jane BOWEN
BOUGHNER Joseph abt 1789   Nancy MERRITT
BOWEN Cornelius abt 1793 Upper Canada Belinda BROOKS
BRADLEY Onisamus Gould abt 12 Jun 1796 Connecticut Elizabeth
BROOKS Benjamin abt 1791   Nancy Olive HARRIS
BROOKS John D. abt 1809 Lower Canada Polly CORLESS
BROWN Abraham 1794 USA 2nd wife was Hannah WILSON
BROWN Benj (May be Benajah) 1791    
BROWN Eli 18 Feb 1796 Upper Canada Estella BROWN
BROWN Hiram abt 1799    
BROWN John D. abt 1793 Ireland  
BROWN Moses 1798 Upper Canada Sarah TREADWELL
BROWN Walter 8 Apr 1791 New York Catherine LEARN, Jemima CARTER
BRUNDAGE Reuben abt 1797 New Jersey Sarah EDISON
CALL Hiram abt 1801    
CAREY William abt 1790    
CARTER Nicholas 1792 Bertie Twp., Welland, Upper Canada Elizabeth WEAVER
CARTER Silas 7 Apr 1799 Bertie Twp., Welland, Upper Canada Lois K. CHASE
CASCADDEN Alexander Jr. 16 Jun 1801 Germantown, Bucks, Pennsylvania Augustina and 2nd


CASCADDEN William Henry 12 Apr 1809 Willoughby Twp., Lincoln, Upper Canada Christiana BENNER
CLAYTON Peter 5 Nov 1807 New Jersey Margaret McKINNEY, Julia
CLUNAS John abt 1790 Scotland Catherine McLACHLIN
CRANE Isaac 15 Jul 1805 Bertie Twp., UC Sarah E. HERRICK
CRANE Jacob 3 Jun 1799 Bertie Twp. Mary Ann WINTER
CRANE James 22 Apr 1801 Bertie Twp., UC Lois PARTLOW
DAVIS Daniel abt 1792 New York Elizabeth LODER
DAVIS Simeon abt 1789 New York Margaret WILLSON
DAVIS William Hempstead Jan 1806 New York Hannah CRANE
DICKHOUT John 1796 Pennsylvania Sarah CLARK
ENSIGN James abt 1793   Maria BROWN
ESSELTINE Jacob abt 1806 Lower Canada Sarah GRIFFIN
FERGUSON Sewell abt 1809   Orille COLE
GILLETT Mansfield Caleb abt 1806 Upper Canada Louisa COLE
GRAHAM Daniel abt 1803    
GRIFFIN Edward abt 1808 New Brunswick Charlotte TIDD, Catherine
HAINES Alexander abt 1802 Nova Scotia Frances WILLIS
HAINES Benjamin 11 Mar 1805   Susannah EDISON
HAINES John Apr 1807 Nova Scotia Sarah
HANKINSON Thomas Hartshorn 6 Jun 1796 Nova Scotia Clarine HAINES
HARPER Samuel 6 May 1797 New York Almira HOY

Electa BROWN

HARRIS George abt 1795   ?, Elizabeth TENNANT
HARRIS Henry abt 1807   Gerusha SPORBACK
HARRIS Samuel abt 1792 USA Olivia
HARRIS Silas abt 1803   Elizabeth JOHNSON, Elizabeth SNYDER
HARRIS Squire abt 1806 Nova Scotia Elizabeth Jane VANAMBURGH 
HARVEY Joseph abt 1806 Ireland Susan Celeste TEEPLE
HODGKINSON John Pember abt 1800 Upper Canada Belinda LOUCKS, Nancy MCINTYRE
HODGKINSON Thomas abt 1796 Upper Canada Rebecca NICKERSON, Mary NICKERSON
HUNT David abt 1797   Permilia HODGKINS
HUNT Isaac abt 1802 Upper Canada Amy BAKER
JEWEL (JEWELL) Jacob abt 1809   Jane
JOHNSTON (JOHNSON) Joseph 24 May 1808 Ireland Barbara KILMER
KEITH Thomas abt  1798/1807   Louisa
KENNEDY John R. (Ensign, commission 19 July 1826) 7 Aug 1791 New Brunswick Mary CASCADDEN
KENNEDY Reuben Judd (Qtr Master, Com. 14 July 1826) 1 Dec 1789 Upper Canada Susannah CASCADDEN
KENT Luke abt 1802   Jane Moore BACKHOUSE
KILMER George 18 Feb 1800 New York Elizabeth HUNT
KILMER Henry 15 Feb 1795 New York Mary DENNIS
KILMER John abt 1807 Upper Canada Deborah BEARSS
KILMER Philip 6 Jul 1791 New York Martha BEARSS
LAMB Reuben 1797   Ann HUFFMAN
LAUR George abt 1793 Upper Canada Jane MARSH
LAUR John abt 1795 Upper Canada Eliza LEARN
LAUR Peter 1790 Upper Canada Rosannah KILMER
LEARN Asa H. abt 1795 Bertie Twp., Welland, Upper Canada Mary, Margaret
LEWIS Asahel Bradley abt 1804 New York Alma HOPKINS
LOUCKS John abt 1805   Susan THOMSON
MALCOMB John abt 1804    
MATTHEWS Abraham abt 1798   Catherine TRUMAN
MATTHEWS Peter abt 1801 Upper Canada Margaret
McCARTER / McCARTHY Charles abt 1794    
McCAUSLAND Andrew abt 1795 Omagh, Tyrone, Ireland Catherine BAXTER, Margaret
McCAUSLAND James abt 1798 Ireland Maria WARD
McCREDIE James abt 1796   Hannah WILLSON
McINTIRE John abt 1809   Hannah EDISON
McINTOSH William 20 April 1795 Scotland Ellen MURRAY
McKENNEY Andrew 18 Mar 1798 New York never married


“Canute” [believe this may be Frederick Clute McKenney] 17 Jun 1806   Catherine CLUTE
McKENNEY Daniel 12 Jan 1790   Catherine HUTCHINSON
McKENNEY Hamilton A. abt 1807 New York Celia C. ALWAY
McKENNEY Henry B. abt 1809   Eusebia NASH
McKENNEY Jacob 24 Aug 1802   Mary McCALL
McKENNEY John 18 Dec 1796 Charlestown, Montgomery, New York Elizabeth
McKENNEY Matthew 28 April 1800 Upper Canada Phoebe BRADY
McKENNEY Nicholas 16 April 1790 New York never married
McKENNEY Peter 31 Mar 1788   Rhoda TICKNER and Betsey BATES
McKENNEY Richard C. 22 Aug 1797   Elizabeth HUTCHINSON
McLAUGHLIN Donald abt 1791 Argyleshire, Scotland Margaret STUART
McLAUGHLIN James A. abt 1797 Argyleshire, Scotland Elizabeth STUART
McMASTER William abt 1790 New York  
MILLARD Mathias Bouchner, Sr. abt 1798 Townsend Twp., Norfolk, Upper Canada Dorothy SCHOFFE
MILLER Gilbert abt 1797 New York Wilmot VANPATTEN


MILLER Jacob 24 Feb 1794 New York Jane SCHOOLEY
MILLER John Conrad 7 Jun 1798 New York Letitia SCHOOLEY
MOORE Francis Stephenson 6 Dec 1807 Pelham Twp., Welland, Upper Canada Elizabeth B. CASCADDEN
MOORE James abt 1808 Pelham Twp., Welland, Upper Canada Sarah KINSEY
NICHOL John abt 1790    
NICKERSON David Varien 14 Dec 1807 Hamilton Twp., Northumberland, Upper Canada Jane McKENNEY
NICKERSON Enos abt 1799 Hamilton Twp., Northumberland, Upper Canada Ann WESTOVER
NICKERSON Levi abt 1793 Palatine, Montgomery, New York Harriet MILLER, Sarah GOFF
NORTHRUP Jacob abt 1791 New York Abigail SAXTON
NORTHRUP William 24 Jan 1791 Nova Scotia  
OSTRANDER Isaac abt 1791 Lincoln, Upper Canada Sarah WILLSON
PARTLOW Orange 1 May 1809 Argyle, Lower Canada Susannah JOHNSTON
PENNINGTON Miles bp 13 Mar 1791 England  
PENNINGTON Thomas abt 1796 England Laura DEWEY
PHELPS Elijah 14 May 1798 Charleston, New York Asenath VAN VELZER
PHELPS Othneil 7 Apr 1794 Charleston, New York Sarah WEAVER
PONTINE William abt 1790 Denmark Eva BARR
POUND Elijah 7 Mar 1789 New Jersey Adelia WARD
POUND John 27 Apr 1791 Bertie Twp., Welland, Upper Canada Athelia WARD
PRICHARD Raphael abt 1803 Nova Scotia Margaret
PRICHARD Silas abt 1803 Lower Canada Phoebe VANVELZER
SAXTON Elijah 4 May 1807 Nova Scotia Margaret HAINES
SAXTON William, Capt., 2nd Co. 25 Apr 1789 Weymouth, Digby, Nova Scotia Margaret EDISON
SCEALEY Anthony abt 1794 Argyle, Shelbourne, Nova Scotia Eleanor SAXTON
SCHOOLEY Asa B. abt 1800   Catherine
SMITH Elijah R. (believe this Elisha Reves) abt 1800   Christina BRADT
SMITH Solomon abt 1798 Upper Canada Lydia CRANDALL
SMITH Xenophen abt 1802 New York Huldah
SOVEREIGN John abt 1797   Wife died in 1839
SOVEREIGN Morris abt 1794 USA Hannah WOOD
STILWELL Robert abt 1804   Catherine TROYER
SUMMERS William, Capt., 8th Co. 4 Nov 1778   Margaret, Adeline MOORE
SUMMERS John Rowan (Lieut. commission 23 Jan. 1824) 11 Feb 1787 USA Susan Ann HARPER
SUMMERS James (Lieut., com. 17 July 1826) 23 Oct 1791 Upper Canada Mary TREADWELL
SWAN Allanson abt 1800    
TEEPLE Oliver Mabee 16 May 1803 Charlotteville, Norfolk, Upper Canada Jerusha PARTLOW, Eleanor MCKENNEY
THOMAS Benjamin abt 1801 USA Hannah, Mary
THOMAS Jesse abt 1806 USA Margaret STROMBERLY
THURSTIN Francis abt 1798 New Hampshire Harriet TYRRELL
TISDALE Henry abt 1797 New Brunswick Phoebe TEEPLE dau. of Peter
TOZER Charles Gustavo Adolphus 1798 England Phoebe TEEPLE dau. of George
TREADWELL Daniel abt 1803   Sarah WILLIS
TREADWELL Tryon 5 May 1792 Charleston, Montgomery, New York Mary SMITH, Christiana (BRADT) (HUTCHINSON) SMITH

given as (TURREL)

George abt 1796 Upper Canada Catherine CLARK
VANVELZER John 1808 Nova Scotia Ann KOYLE, Mary Jane SAXTON


William B. (or is this actually Aaron G.? Brother-in-law Joseph HARVEY is next to him) abt 1803 (or 8 May 1805) (Rotterdam, Schenectady, New York) (Elizabeth HARVEY)
VANPATTER Cornelius 14 Apr 1803 Rotterdam, Schenectady, New York  


John 13 Nov 1790 Rotterdam, Schenectady, New York Esther DAVIS, Hannah DAVIS
VANPATTER Simon 20 Aug 1795 Rotterdam, Schenectady, New York Eleanor McDUFFIE
WARD Calvin abt 1809    
WARD Thomas abt 1807    
WARD Walter abt 1805 Vermont Sarah
WATT Alexander abt 1808   Rachel ARNOLD
WESTOVER Amasa 9 Sep 1807 Sutton, Lower Canada Cynthia Jewell SINCLAIR
WESTOVER Erastus abt 1799 Lower Canada Mary Ann JEWELL
WESTOVER Horace 1805 Lower Canada Catherine DENNIS
WESTOVER Samuel 22 May 1798 Quebec Phoebe JONES, Margaret KILMER
WESTOVER Samuel H. 24 Apr 1798 Upper Canada Esther
WESTOVER William abt 1803    
WHITESELL Daniel 19 Dec 1800 Pelham Twp., Welland, Upper Canada Elizabeth FELKER
WHITESELL David 26 May 1792 Pelham Twp., Welland, Upper Canada Margaret LONDON

(name given as Johnson in book)

abt 1808   Maria CASWELL
WOOLLEY Daniel 24 Oct 1790 Walsingham, Norfolk, Upper Canada Margaret
WRONG Gilbert (Lieut. commission 22 Jan 1824 abt 11 July 1792   Ann BRIDGEMAN