Yarmouth – William Luton

William Luton Burying Ground

Lot 65, Concession 8

Lat. N 42º 46.26′
Long. W 081º 05.05′

Yarmouth Township, Elgin County, Ontario, CanadaGravestone Inscriptions

YA 816
OGS 6204

Elgin County Branch OGS

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Lore Bailey, Ken Bailey, Tony Hofstee, Shawn Hofstee
September 1984

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This graveyard is enclosed by a wrought iron fence and is situated on top of a hill surrounded by trees. The hill is about one half mile south of Highway 3. It is not easily found unless you know its exact location.

You must ask permission to cross on private land to visit the graveyard.

White marble slab with open book and willows. Inscribed on book is “Entered Into Rest”.
In / memory of / William LUTON / who died / Jan. 16, 1875 / aged 96 years / & 6 m’s /

Information taken from cemetery transcriptions done by and acquired by Ida Louisa Haggan:
Mary LUTON , wife of William, left England 1809, died Oct. 7, 1858

Daniel (Dobbie) LUTON, son of Daniel & Emma LUTON, died May 6, 1872, AE 4 yr 9 m 8 d; natives of Gloucestershire

Mary LUTON, daughter of William & Mary, died 3 July 1832 AE 3 yr 5 d

Thomas William LUTON, youngest son of Thomas & [rest unknown]