St. Thomas – West Avenue Strangers and Baby

St. Thomas Cemetery

West Avenue

Strangers & Baby

St. Thomas, Elgin County, Ontario, Canada

Monument and Gravestone Inscriptions


25 AUGUST 1987


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See the index for the burial dates of some of the monuments at the end of the transcriptions below.

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Strangers Section

SB0001 Red granite marker.

At Rest/CARSON W. NOBLE/born Dec. 18, 1851/ Died Apr. 21, 1930

SB0002 Grey stone marker.
DORIS V. SIMS/1919-1929

SB0003 Black granite marker.
Husband/FREDERICK J./BENFORD/1875-1932

SB0004 Black granite marker.
Father/ARTHUR RAY/1867-1931

SB0005 Grey stone slab, upright.
Mommy/PEER/born/May 2, 1954/died Jan 31, 1974

SB0006 Red granite, slanted face.
ELLEN LILLIAN/PEER/1867-1948/wife of WM. H. PEER/1872-1969

SB0007 Grey marble block on grey concrete base.
BERTIE MAY (on top)/beloved dau. of/Stephen & Emma/HALLIDAY/died Jan. 24, 2913/aged 23 y’s 17 d’s/ Gone but not forgotten. FS: Daughter

7a Grey marble marker broken on ground. 1912

7b Grey marble marker on ground. 1913

SB0008 Grey marble marker.
SB0009 White marble, scroll face, lamb on top.
JOHN ALEX/son of/Alex & Jennie/WEIR/born May 21, 1896/died June 26, 1913/Gone but not forgotten

SB0010 White sandstone slab, broken on ground. (Lamb at top)/
In Memory of/JOHN/son of/John & Ann/ARMSTRONG/died July 30, 1863

SB0011 White sandstone slab, on ground broken. (Tree at top)
/In Memory of/ JAMES ROBERTSON/died/ . . .

SB0012 Grey granite block on grey stone base.

SB0013 Grey marble slab, upright. (Flower)/
Our Darling/MABEL C./dau of/ F. J. & M. C. SHORES/died Sept. 26, 1906/aged 4 mos/Sleep on sweet babe/ and take thy rest God.

SB0014 White sandstone slab on ground. (Thistle)/
MAY/dau. of/Frank & Elizabeth/BARLING/died/June 13, 1880/AE 15 d’ys

SB0015 Grey marble slab, upright.
THEA DORIS/(on top)/dau. of/H. & R. SHIPP/Nov. 25, 1916/April 3, 1917

SB0016 White marble marker. 

SB0017 Grey marble marker.
J. O. SULLIVAN/died/Jan. 7, 1894/aged 64 years
SB0018 Grey marble, scroll face.
THO’S ISAAC/NOURY/died/Jan. 27, 1896/aged 27 y’rs/8 mo’s & 12 d’s./A native of Guernsey/None knew thee/but to love thee
SB0019 Large grey stone. ”THE HOME’/Ladies B. & T. Society, 1876
SB0020 Grey marble slab.
DAVIS (on top)/JOSIE/age 3 mos 6 dys/ MYRTLE/age 3 yrs 7 mos
SB0021 Grey marble marker.
fs: Father
SB0022 Marble marker.
SB0023 White sandstone slab, upright. (Tree)/
In Memory of/THOS. M. LOWE/ July 11, 1883/aged/3 yrs & 9 mo/Only sleeping
SB0024 Grey granite slab, upright.
E. BERNARD (on top)/son of/ James & Edith/PULLEN/died Nov. 17, 1919/aged 3 yrs & 9 mos
SB0025 White marble block.
VOADEN (on top)/V/RICHARD VOADEN/ May 21, 1820/Aug. 1, 1916
SB0026 Grey marble marker.
SB0027 Concrete base only.
SB0028 Grey granite marker.
LOUISA/BATISTE/died/Sept. 6, 1896/ age 11 years/8 m’s & 7 d’s
SB0029 Grey marble marker, broken.
SB0030 Grey granite marker.
EMMA WEBB/1840-1933
SB0031 Red granite, slanted face.
GEORGE D. BALDWIN/born/Nov. 23, 1859/died Dec. 5, 1913/WINNIFRED E. BALDWIN/born Sept. 10, 1888/died May 20, 1912
SB0032 Grey marble cylinder on concrete base.
JENNIE E. SMITH/died/Dec. 2, 1897/aged 25 years
SB0033 Grey marble cylinder on concrete base.
SB0034 Small grey granite slab, upright.
GORDON A. (on top)/infant son of/ Arlon & Frances HAMILTON/died Sep. 5, 1889/aged 5 mo’s & 10 d’ys/ Shetered and safe from/sorrow is our darling in/his angel home
SB0035 Grey marble, slanted face on concrete base.
GEO. KELLY/died/Feb. 18, 1886/aged 52 years/CATHERINE KELLY/died/Mar. 13, 1908/aged 70 years
SB0036 Grey granite slab, upright.
My Wife/In Memory of/ELIZABETH/wife of/ George HOFFMAN/who died/Feb.8, 1885/aged/23 y’s & 8 m’s/illegible verse
SB0037 Grey marble block.
MARY ANN MANN/entered into rest/Mar 28, 1916/ in her 40th year
SB0038 Small grey marble on concrete base.
R (at top)/HORACE REED/1875-1924/ his wife/AMELIA S./1878-1943
SB0039 Small grey granite marker.
IDA M./MORICE/June 15, 1919
SB0040 Grey marble, slanted face.
MURIEL IRENE/dau of/F. B. & H. A. TAYLOR/ Feb. 12, 1916/Dec. 6, 1920
SB0041 White sandstone slab, upright.
ELIZA/gone to sleep
SB0042 Grey granite slab, upright. (Clasped Hands)/
In/Loving Memory of/ LOTTIE COUCHMAN/died Dec. 26, 1917/aged 38 years/Gone but not forgotten
SB0043 Red granite, slanted face.
ARCHIBALD/Our Mother/and Baby
SB0044 Grey marble slab. On sleeping/(lamb)/
In Memory of/EUNICE M./ dau. of/Wesley & Mary/PAULIN/died/Nov. 6, 1882
SB0045 Bronze marker, flowers at corners.
PASSFIELD/ROBERT E./1863-1917/ MARK A./1964-1964/MARGARET E./1899-1979
SB0046 Grey marble.
CHARLES H./son of/Geo. & Cordelia/HOUSE/died/ July 30, 1884/aged 1 yr’s 11 m’s & 14 d’s
SB0047 Grey marble slab.
Mother (on top/SARAH ANN GRAVES/died/Oct. 9, 1897/ in her 50th year
SB0048 Grey granite on concrete base.
Nurse (on top)/MARY McLEAN/died/ Feb. 21, 1899/in her 92nd year/A native of/Mount Mellick/Ireland/Well done, good and faithful/servant. Enter thou into the joy of the Lord
SB0049 Grey marble on concrete.
EMILY J./dau of/Chas Lucy DIBERT/died May 29, 1898/aged 7 yrs.
SB0050 Grey marble slab.
BUCKINGHAM/ALBERT J./died/Sept. 14, 1896/ aged/11 mo’s
SB0051 White sandstone slab, on ground.
ARTHUR W./SEABURN/died/Oct. 28, 1918/ aged 25 years
SB0052 Grey marble slab. (Flowers on left side)/At Rest/
ANTHONY/son of/A. & M. TURNBULL/Dec. 20, 1909/Oct. 9, 1913
SB0053 White marble slab on grey base.
ADAM WALKER/died/Oct. 11, 1918/ aged 7 years/Gone but not forgotten
SB0054 Grey granite cross on concrete base.
MARK HAINES/born Aug. 9, 1859/ died Feb. 1, 1921/Rest
SB0055 Grey granite.
Baby (on top)
SB0056 Grey marble slab broken on ground. (Lamb on top)/
WILLIE A./son of/Annie PIDGEON/died Oct. 23, 1883
SB0057 Grey marble slanted face.
A stranger in a strange land/ S.G.T. TOOMER/born in Kent England/died in St. Thomas/aged 48 years/ A devoted husband/a loving father
SB0058 Grey marble slab. (Dove at top)/
In Memory of/GEO. ERNEST/son of/ Geo. & M. PAYTON/died Dec. 8, 1896/aged 4 yrs/8 mos 3 dys/A mother/s hope, a father’s joy/Death’s hand hath here laid low./God gave and took our darling boy/To His command we bow
SB0059 Grey marble slab.
Mother (on top)/ROSETTA HARRISON/1867-1902/At Rest
SB0060 White marble slab on ground. (Flowers at top)/
CHARLES BUSBY/died/Aug. 9, 1902/in his 71st year
SB0061 Grey granite slanted face.
WESLEY PETTIT/born/Aug. 25, 1861/died/ Dec. 22, 1886/At Rest/WM. ROY PETTIT/born/Nov. 11, 1892/died/ May 17, 1899/At Rest/PETTIT//In memory of/SARAH A. PETTIT/1866-1929
SB0062 White marble, carved top on concrete base.
GRACE P. dau. of/ Jas. & Hannah/SHELTON/died/Nov. 30, 1904/aged 4 yrs & 13 dys/ Gone but not forgotten
SB0063 Grey stone slab.
In/Memory/of/GEORGE TODD/died/Feb. 7th 1921/aged 75
SB0064 Grey granite cylinder on concrete base.
CYNTHIA WILSON/ born May 15, 1829/died July 6, 1920/May her soul rest in peace
SB0065 Grey granite marker.
JAMES YARWOOD/Jan. 4, 1921/aged 30 years
SB0066 Grey marble.
Mother (on top)/ELIZABth EDEN/died/Apr. 29, 1884/ aged 39 y’rs/In the grave alo-/ne there is peace
SB0067 Red granite, slanted face.
ALLAN KLEIN/1864-1938
SB0068 Grey stone, cross on top
SB0069 Grey marble marker.
SB0070 Grey granite marker.
SB0071 Grey marble slab.
LAZAR (on top)/GRABEFF/from Macedonia/ SE. GAVATO/died/June 21, 1925/aged 26 yrs
SB0072 Pink granite, slanted face, on grey granite base.
JOHN HUME/1882-( )/his wife/ISABELLA TODD/1873-1943
SB0073 Pink granite, slanted face, on grey granite base.
ROBERT HUME/1862-1943/his wife/ANNIE McINTYRE/1864-1944
SB0074 Grey marble slab.
Mother (on top)/CAROLINE WILSON/1834-1905
SB0075 Grey marble slab.
Mother (on top)/ELIZABETH WEBB/born May 5, 1826/ died Oct. 25, 1909/
SB0076A Grey marble cylinder on concrete.
SB0076B 2-piece large grey granite on concrete base.
BARRETT/ SAMUEL/1873-1909/Mother/ELLEN/1876-1948/Sister/ EDITH GERTRUDE/1900-1951/Lives well lived
SB0077 Red granite on grey granite base.
FS: Mother, Father.
BEEMER/EMERSON B. BEEMER/born Oct. 28, 1844/died Feb. 27, 1908/At rest/ C. ELIZABETH BEEMER/born Oct. 1, 1849/died Feb. 2, 1923
SB0078 White marble, scroll face. (Flower at top)/
Mother/ ELIZABETH/JANE BAKER/wife of B. J. COVELL/died May 25, 1908/aged 700 years/To good for earth, God called her home.
SB0079 Dark grey granite marker.
Mom/MAE BRANDEAU/1903-1982
SB0080 Small marble marker.
ALVN/son of/J. & A. MORRY
SB0081 Large red granite on grey granite base. G/
In Loving Memory of/ ELEANOR ROSETTA GALLAGHER/born Sept. 10, 1862/died Aug. 25, 1911/ Gone but not forgotten/GALLAGHER
SB0082 Black granite marker.
SB0083 Grey marble on concrete.
Father/WM. MATTHEWS/died April 6, 1911/ 61 years
SB0084 Grey marble on concrete.
EVELEENE S. J./died Mar. 22, 1911/aged 7 yrs & 7 mos/CLARENCE F./died Dec. 15, 1910/aged 3 mos/children of/ W. & Mary METCALF
SB0085 Grey granite slab.
Father (at top)/ GEORGE HOUGHTON/died/Mar. 12, 1911/aged 52 yrs/At Rest
SB0086 Grey marble, slanted top.
HENRY HAYES/died Aug. 27, 1910/aged 79 yrs/ ELIZABETH/wife of/Henry HAYES/died Apr. 17, 1914/aged 81 yrs/ //WILLIAM HAYES/died/Sept. 4, 1939/aged 70 yrs
SB0087 White marble, scroll faced.
Arthur W. PETTIT / died / Jan. 12, 1891 / aged 22 year / With life and name / sustained, the good / man died

Baby Section

The boundary between Stranger and Baby sections is unclear from cemetery records. When there is no monument, the index shows the lot number for the baby section.

SB0088 Bronze marker.
Baby/NICHOLAS GEORGE/KHOURY/Sept. 7, 1926 Sept. 16. 1926

SB0089 Red granite slanted face.
HAROLD W. JEWELL/ died/Feb. 8, 1925/aged 6 yrs & 10 mos

SB0090 Grey marble slab.
PARKER (on top)/MEREDYTH/son of/ James & Gwendolyn/PARKER/Feb. 11, 1920/Nov. 12, 1923
SB0091 Red granite marker.
Margaret (Bennett)
SB0092 Light grey marble cross.
Eleanor Rose / HORNBY / 1924 – 1928 /
SB0093 Light grey marble cross.
Marjorie MOYES / age 3 weeks /
SB0094 Red granite marker.
Robert MOORE / son of / May & Stanley / July 19, 1932 /
SB0095 Grey marble on concrete base .
Ralph C. / son of / Chas. E. & Edith / ELLIS / 1924 – 1928 / For such is the Kingdom of Heaven /
SB0096 Grey marble, slanted face.
Robert W. / MILLER / 1925 – 1932 /
SB0097 Grey granite marker.
Duncan (McArty)
SB0098 Grey marker.
Wesley (Kinsman)
SB0099 Small bronze marker.
FREDERICK JACKSON/Oct. 13, 1936/MARVIN JOHN/ Feb. 21, 1941
SB0100 Small grey marble marker.
SB0101 Grey marker.
Gloria Jean / Oct. 1, 1940 / June 18,1941 / (BUCKE)
SB0102 Grey marble block.
Larry Douglas / infant son of / Wm. & Jean SMITH / July 14, 1950 / Sept. 17, 1950
SB0103 Grey granite marker.
SB0104 Grey granite marker.
Henry W. BATES / Nov. 17, 1949 /
SB0105 Grey granite marker.
Rita E. PAVEY / Feb. 29, 1948 / Nov. 13, 1949 /
SB0106 Grey granite marker.
Phyllis / JONES / 1943 – 1944
SB0107 Grey marble marker.
Nancy Joy / HALL / Sept. 3, 1944 /
SB0108 Small grey granite marker.
Infant dau. / Linda / (PLAYER)
SB0109 Grey granite marker.
Naomi Jennie / RICE / Oct. 24, 1948 / 3 mo /
SB0110 White marble block, lamb on top.
FREE/infant son of/William H. & Grace FREE/stillborn/May 10, 1959
SB0111 Bronze marker, heart shape, flowers each side.
LINDA M./LOVELOCK/May 17, 1963
SB0112 Small red granite on concrete base.
Paul Andrew / VERKEST / son of / Cheryl & Andy / Brothers / Randy & Bob /
SB0113 Grey granite marker.
KATHY LYNN/loving daughter of/Lynn & Wayne/ LALONDE/Jan 18, 1974 5 dys
SB0114 2-piece white marble, lamb at top.
SHEILA MAY/Jan. 3, 1952/ Apr. 17, 1952/beloved daughter of/Stanley & Mary/BRADT/Rest in peace
SB0115 Grey granite marker.
AMY NICHOL/Jan. – June 1981
SB0116 Grey marble marker.
LISA HOOGSTEEN/January 20, 1966
SB0117 Bronze marker, heart shape, flowers each side.
BOBBY J. ROSE/May 25, 1979
SB0118 Grey granite on grey granite base.
JENNIFER PULLIN/July 25, 1978/ Oct. 6, 1878

“Lt” refers to Cemetery Records Lot number in the SB Section
“dbd” refers to date buried (from cemetery records)
. . . . Marnie Elizabeth Lt506 dbd Mar 11 1952
. . . . Susan Nicolle Lt527 dbd May 28 1955
. . . . baby Lt537 dbd Apr 22 1957
. . . . baby Lt476 dbd May 17 1947
. . . . stillborn Lt059 dbd Apr 25 1928
. . . . stillborn Lt042 dbd Nov 9 1926
. . . .unknown baby found 12/01/34 Lt103 dbd June 2 1934
Allen Gerald Robert Lt235 dbd Dec 16 1941
Armstrong John SBO010 s/o John & Ann Armstrong
Atkinson Norma Ruth LtO16 dbd Aug 31 1926
Bagnall Michael David Tooley Lt630 dbd Aug 23 1986
Baker Elizabeth Jane SBO078 w/o B J Covel
Baldwin George C SBO031
Baldwin Michael Raymond Lt518 dbd Apr 15 1954
Baldwin Winnifred E SBO031
Banks Kenneth Robert Lt592 dbd Dec. 17, 1969
Barling May SBO014 dau of Frank & Elizabeth
Barnes Herbert R Lt105 dbd Jan 3, 1935
Barrett Edith Gertrude SBO076B
Barrett Ellen SBO076B w/o Samuel Barrett
Barrett John (Baby) Lt447 dbd Sept 16 1943
Barrett Merton Samuel Lt449 dbd Dec 24 1943
Barrett Samuel SBO076B also SBO076A
Barton Babies (Twins) Lt551 dbd Apr 21 1961
Bates Baby LtOl0 dbd Feb 23 1925
Bates Baby SB0104 Lt492 dbd Nov 18 1949
Bates Henry W SB0104
Batiste Louisa SBO028
Bayes Baby LtS96 dbd Oct 20 1970
Beckett Mr. SBOO08
Beechey Dana Lynn Lt578 dbd Aug 9 1966
Beemer C Elizabeth SBO077
Beemer Emerson B SBO077
Bell Baby Lt561 dbd Feb 1 1963
Benford Frederick J SBOO03
Bennett Baby Lt113 dbd May 1 1937
Bennett Florence Lt087 dbd Oct 21 1931
Bennett Lawrence Lt230 dbd Apr 13 1941
Bennett Margaret I SBO091 Lt101 dbd Sept 8 1933
Birch Baby Lt525 dbd Apr 23 1955
Birdsey SBOO16
BOLT  Baby Lt234 dbd Nov. 15, 1941
[NOTE: St. Thomas Times-Journal, Nov. 15, 1941, Page 18, c2, – Died Baby Alice May BOLT, Nov. 14, 1941, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Roy BOLT, nee WALKER, granddaughter of Nelson WALKER and William BOLT. Buried at the St. Thomas Cemetery, Nov. 15, 1941 by Rev. R. M. T. Bulteel of Port Stanley. – CVH February 2004]
Booker Baby LtS31 dbd July 4, 1956
Bor Ponsier Lt477 dbd July 14, 1947
Bostwick Baby Lt597 dbd Jan. 8, 1971
Bradt Sheila May SB0114 Lt507; dbd Apr. 19, 1952
Bradt Sheila May SB0114 dau of Stanley & Mary Bradt
Brady Rhoda Mary Ann Lt106 dbd Aug. 27, 1935
Bramley Jennitte SB0026
[NOTE: St Thomas Daily Times, 5 March 1915, Page 1, c4 – Died – Mrs Jeanette BRAMLEY, Mar 5, wife of Henry BRAMLEY; mother of Mrs J. PIANOWSKI; grandmother of Jeanette and Lily; sister of William John, Alex and Ross and Mrs Robert CAMERON.  Burial March 7 to St Thomas Cemetery.  CVH September 2008]
Brandeau Mae SB0079
Brann Thomas W Lt080 dbd Aug. 4, 1930
Brindley Ruth SB0021
Broome Thomas J Lt226 dbd Oct. 14, 1940
Brown Baby Lt541 dbd Oct. 11, 1958
Brown Baby Lt055 dbd Mar. 26, 1928
Brown Billie Reginald (Baby) Lt072 dbd Oct. 18, 1929
Brown Elizabeth A Lt117 dbd Feb. 13, 1939
Brown Pamela Dawn Lt611 dbd Nov. 29, 1976
Brown Patricia Lynn Lt563 dbd Feb. 4, 1963
Bucke Gloria Jean SB0101 Lt231 dbd June 20, 1941
Buckingham Albert J SB0050
Burgin Baby Lt604 dbd May 31, 1974
Busby Charles SB0060
Caldwell Jean I Lt102 dbd Feb 24, 1926
Campbell Baby Lt445 dbd Aug. 31, 1943
Campbell Margaret L Lt063 dbd Aug. 4, 1928
Campbell Ruth E Lt071 dbd Apr. 2, 1930
Carty Jeffery Daniel Lt620 dbd July 28, 1983
Cathecole Robert Lt488 dbd Sept. 19, 1949
Christie Elizabeth Lt074 dbd Nov. 18, 1929
Churchill John Wesley R Lt619 dbd Nov. 27, 1982
Clark William James Lt503 dbd June 29, 1951
Clayton Babies (Twins) Lt470 dbd Apr. 17, 1946
Clunas Baby Lt599 dbd Mar. 26, 1971
Colley James Lt564 dbd Mar. 20, 1963
Colley Kenneth Stewart Lt553 dbd Oct. 30, 1961
Comwell George Lt067 dbd Mar. 27, 1929
Connery Marion Lt003 dbd Feb. 16, 1924
Corbett Yvonne Elaine Lt523 dbd Nov. 6, 1954
Couchman Lottie SB0042
Coulson Lexie Leah Lt593 dbd Apr. 4, 1970
Covel Elizabeth Jane (Baker) SB0078 w/o B. J. Covel
Cox Baby Lt532 dbd July 9, 1956
Crabe Baby Lt528 dbd June 29, 1955
Crawder Baby Lt029 dbd Sept. 6, 1923
Cree Roberta Lt073 dbd Oct. 26, 1929
Creelman Charles Eugene Lt567 dbd July 3, 1963
Crocker Baby Lt539 dbd Oct. 18, 1957
Crondell John Wilfred Lt104 dbd Nov. 27, 1934
Crossett Jamie MacDonald Lt600 dbd Feb. 10, 1972
Curtis Baby Lt461 dbd June 29, 1945
Curtis Baby Lt471 dbd June 3, 1946
Davies Robert Michael Lt536 dbd Jan. 26, 1957
Davis Darrin Lee Lt542 dbd Nov. 6, 1958
Davis Josie SB0020
Davis Myrtle SB0020
DeLaPenotiere Baby Lt562 dbd Feb. 7,1963
Defauu Michael Emery Lt587 dbd Jan. 22, 1969
Dennis Eleanor SB0070
Dennis Kevin Lewis Lt582 dbd Oct. 23, 1967
Deragon Baby Lt229 dbd Mar. 24, 1941
Derrough Baby Lt557 dbd June 30, 1962
Dibert Emily J SB0049 dau of Chas & Lucy Dibert
Dicker Baby Lt487 dbd July 12, 1949
Dingwall Baby Lt228 dbd Jan. 3, 1941
Doan Baby Lt462 dbd Aug. 17, 1945
Earhart Baby Lt496 dbd July 10, 1950
Earhart Baby Lt479 dbd Nov. 19, 1947
Earhart Baby Lt453 dbd May 28, 1947
Earhart Baby Lt119 dbd Mar. 27, 1940
Earhart Florence Lt237 dbd July 25, 1942
Earhart Karen Lt454 dbd Sept. 12, 1944
Eden Elizabeth SB0066
Edminston Baby Lt579 dbd Nov. 4, 1966
Ellis Debbie Elaine Lt585 dbd Oct. 15, 1968
Ellis Penny May L Lt581 dbd June 13, 1967
Ellis Ralph SB0095 Lt068 dbd Apr. 21, 1928
Ellis Ralph C SB0095 son of Chas E & Edith Ellis
Farley Baby Lt020 dbd Aug or Sept. 14, 1925
Farrington Baby Lt492.5 dbd Nov. 5, 1949
Field Baby Lt449 dbd Mar. 6, 1944
Fletcher Robert Lt014 dbd June 28, 1926
Flood Baby Lt467 dbd Dec. 20, 1945
[FLOOD – St. Thomas Times Journal, 20 December 1945, Page 16, c1    –    Died –   Infant daughter of Charles FLOOD of 325 Wellington St, St Thomas, Dec 19. Funeral Thursday Dec 20 1945 from Sifton Funeral Home to St Thomas Cemetery. CVH October 2008]
Forbes Baby Lt570 dbd Feb. 1, 1964
Ford Francis M Lt102 dbd Apr. 10, 1934
Ford Murray William Lt569 dbd Sept. 24, 1963
Foster Melissa Lt595 dbd June 1, 1970
Funstin Joline Lee Lt623 dbd Oct. 24, 1986
Fowler Baby Lt517 dbd Feb. 22, 1954
Free (baby) SB0110 son of William & Grace Free
Free Baby SB0110 Lt544 dbd May 12, 1959
Gallagher Eleanor Rosetta SB0081
Gardner Charles Wm Lt478 dbd Oct. 12, 1947
Gardner Margaret E Lt060 dbd June 11, 1928
Garrett Earl F Lt007 dbd Aug. 7, 1924
Garrison Baby Lt233 dbd Nov. 5, 1941
Gasper Manuel Lt605 dbd June 5, 1974
Gebbie John Lt550 dbd Jan. 30, 1961
Gellatly Janice Beatrice Lt501 dbd Jan. 5, 1951
Genoff Rosie Gladys Lt454 dbd Sept. 20, 1944
Gilbert Baby Lt465 dbd Oct. 13, 1945
Gilbert Baby Lt091 dbd Jan. 18, 1933
Gilbert Baby Lt535 dbd Dec. 19, 1956
Gilbert Linda Lt521 dbd Sept. 28, 1954
Giles Garth & Gloria Lt032 dbd Apr. 30, 1926
Goudy Dianne Elizabeth Lt515 dbd Feb. 11, 1953
Goudy Richard Lt526 dbd May 9, 1955
Grabeff Lazar SB0071
Grammage Baby Lt225 dbd Sept. 4, 1940
Graves Sarah Ann SB0047
Gray Baby Lt456 dbd Jan. 17, 1945
Green Baby Lt486 dbd Feb. 12, 1949
Greig Elizabeth Lt560 dbd Dec. 22, 1962
Grogan John Earl Lt077 dbd June 18, 1930
Haines Mark SB0054
Hall Brett Alan Lt545 dbd May 27,1959
Hall Nancy Joy SB0107 Lt453 dbd Sep. 4, 1944
Halliday Bertie May SB0007 dau of Stephen & Emily Halliday
Hambleton Baby Lt499 dbd Nov. 7, 1950
Hamilton Gordon A SB0034 son of Arlon & Frances Hamilton
Hannah Becky Louise Lt590 dbd May 24, 1969
Harmes Baby Lt459 dbd May 7, 1945
Harris Baby Lt474 dbd Feb. 25, 1947
Harrison Dorrine C Lt081 dbd Oct. 13, 1930
Harrison Rosetta SB0059
Harrison Winnifred Lt081 dbd Aug. 13, 1931
Hartsell Baby Lt444 dbd Aug. 2, 1943
Haun Karen Louise Lt546 dbd Oct. 16, 1959
Hayes Elizabeth SB0086 wife of Henry Hayes
Hayes Glen Summer Lt468 dbd Apr. 7, 1946
Hayes Henry SB0086
Hayes Jeanneth Lt026 dbd July 21, 1924
Hayes William SB0086
Heckman Wesley Lt064 dbd Oct. 22, 1928
Hewitt Baby Lt481 dbd Dec. 4, 1947
Hoffman Elizabeth SB0036 wife of George Hoffman
Hoogsteen Lisa Jayne SB116 Lt577 dbd Jan. 25, 1966
Hornby Eleanor Rose SB0092
Houghton George SB0085
House Charles H SB0046 son of Geo & Crodelia House
Howard Elizabeth Catherine Lt443 dbd July 23, 1943
Hume Annie (McIntyre) SB0073 wife of Robert Hume
Hume Isabella (Todd) SB0072 wife of John Hume
Hume John SB0072
Hume Robert SB0073
Hunt Violet Lt050 dbd July 11, 1927
Hyndman Ivan Allen Lt086 dbd Mar. 7, 1931
Hyndman Paul Lt086 dbd Oct. 8, 1937
Jackson Frederick SB0099 Lt109 dbd Oct. 13, 1936
Jackson Marvin John SB0099 Lt109 dbd Feb. 21, 1941
Jamami Baby Lt609 dbd Aug. 6, 1976
Jamani Vayleen Lt608 dbd Mar. 19,1975
Jewell Harold W SB0089 Lt036 d. Feb. 8, 1925
Johns Maura Evans Lt601 dbd oct. 23, 1973
Johnson Albert H Lt090 dbd Aug. 15, 1932
Johnson Baby Lt588 dbd Jan. 28, 1969
Jones Baby Lt497 dbd Sept. 11, 1950
Jones Karen Elaine Lt508 dbd May 5, 1952
Jones Phyllis SB0106 Lt451 dbd Mar. 30, 1944
Kamann David John Lt505 dbd Dec. 16, 1951
Kelly Catherine SB0035
Kelly Geo SB0035
Khoury Nicholas George SB0088
Kinsman Baby Lt107 dbd Oct. 24, 1935
Kinsman Wesley SB0098
Klein Allan SB0067
Knowles Blake W Lt006 dbd Aug. 9, 1924
Kokko Baby Lt574 dbd Mar. 4, 1965
Kostyria Catherine Susan Lt540 dbd Sept. 26, 1958
Laing Baby Lt513 dbd Nov. 8, 1952
Lalonde Kathy Lynn SB0113 Lt602 dbd Jan. 21, 1974
Lalonde Kathy Lynn SB0113 dau of Wayne & Lynn Lalonde
Lambert Billy & Bobby SB0069
Lambert William Alvin Lt446 dbd May 19, 1947
Lankin Baby Lt075 dbd Apr. 11, 1930
Lankin Baby Lt075 dbd Jan. 23, 1930
Larkins Arthur Frederick Lt239 dbd Nov. 7, 1942
Lasalle Thomas Alexander Lt580 dbd Nov. 8, 1966
Laurie Susan Lt603 dbd Feb. 11, 1974
Lawrence Geraldine Lt473 dbd Oct. 2, 1946
Lawrence Mary Margaret Lt473 dbd Feb. 2, 1961
Lay Baby Lt484 dbd Aug. 17, 1948
Lethbridge Steven William, Lt573 dbd Feb. 23, 1965
Liddle Baby Lt085 dbd Feb. 5, 1931
Livingston Patricia Ann Lt548 dbd Nov. 5, 1959
Lope Doris Pauline Lt051 dbd Oct. 17, 1927
Lovelock Lynda M (baby) SB0111 Lt565 dbd May 18, 1963
Lowe Thos M SB0023
MacCaskill Jennifer Lee Lt559 dbd Nov. 28, 1962
MacDonald Baby Lt606 dbd Sept. 16, 1974
MacPhederain Baby Lt511 dbd Sept. 23, 1952
Malott Baby Lt241 dbd Dec. 5, 1942
Mann Mary Ann SB0037
Marshall Baby Lt118 dbd Sept. 9, 1939
Martin Baby Lt556 dbd May 16, 1962
Matthews Wm SB0083
McAr(n)ty Duncan SB0097 Lt244 dbd July 8, 1943
McChain Frederick Bruce Lt469 dbd Apr. 12, 1946
McCutcheon Baby Lt466 dbd May 23, 1950
McCutcheon Baby Lt466 dbd Nov. 7, 1945
McDonald Heather Janice Lt457 dbd Feb. 16, 1945
McFee Baby Lt613 dbd Dec. 29, 1977
McGram Baby Lt464 dbd Sept. 29, 1945
McGuire Martha Irene SB0012
McIntyre Annie SB0073 wife of Robert Hume
McKay Lori Michael Lt591 dbd June 27, 1969
McKillop Alex Neil SB0103 Lt493 dbd Mar. 4, 1950
McLean Mary SB0048
McLean Olive Irene Lt098 dbd Aug. 20, 1932
McPherson Baby Lt120 dbd June 11, 1940
McPherson Baby Lt510 dbd June 14, 1952
Melville Jane (Baby) Lt112 dbd Dec. 18, 1936
Metcalf Clarence F SB0084 son of W & Mary Metcalf
Metcalf Eveleen S J SB0084 dau of W & Mary Metcalf
Midger Baby Lt446 dbd Sept. 1, 1943
Miller Robert W (T) SB0096 Lt097 dbd Jan. 19, 1932
Milligan Baby Lt522 dbd Oct. 28, 1954
Milling Keith T Lt056 dbd Mar. 30, 1928
Mitchell Alice Lt589 dbd Apr. 3, 1969
Monk Baby Lt586 dbd Nov. 16, 1968
Moore Baby Lt502 dbd Jan. 11, 1951
Moore Robert SB0094 son of Stanley & May Moore
Moore Robert SB0094 Lt089 dbd July 19, 1932
Morice Ida M SB0039
Morris Steven Lt516 dbd Feb. 19, 1953
Morrison Jean Lt108 dbd Oct. 5, 1936
Morry Alvn SB0080 son of J & A Morry
Moyes Marjorie May SB0093 Lt018 dbd June 17, 1926
Nethercott Baby Lt530 dbd Apr. 17, 1956
Nicol Amy Judith Lynn SB0115 Lt618 dbd June 5, 1981
Noble Carson W SB0001
Noury Thos Isaac SB0018
Olsen Baby Lt078 dbd June 26, 1930
Ough Amanda Lt558 dbd Nov. 10, 1962
Parker Meredyth SB0090 son of James & Gwendolyn
Parkinson Baby Lt236 dbd Apr. 9, 1942
Parkinson Ross W Lt052 dbd Oct. 17,1927
Parrick Irene B Lt076 dbd Feb. 11, 1930
Passfield Margaret E SB0045
Passfield Mark A SB0045
Passfield Robert E SB0045
Paulin Eunice M SB0044 dau of Wesley & Mary Paulin
Pavey Rita (E)Ileen SB0105 Lt491 dbd Nov. 14, 1949
Payton Geo Ernest SB0058 son of Geo & M. Payton
Peer Ellen Lillian SB0006 wife of Wm. H. Peer
Peer Mommy SB0005
Peer Wm H SB0006
Perfect Edward Lt002 dbd Aug. 24, 1923
Perry Baby Lt607 dbd Dec. 3, 1974
Pettit Arthur W SB0087
Pettit Sarah A SB0061
Pettit Wesley SB0061
Pettit Wm Roy SB0061
Player Linda SB0108 Lt456 d. Dec. 27, 1944
Potter Baby Lt584 dbd Aug. 14, 1968
Prescott Patrick Lt483 dbd June 26, 1948
Pridgeon Willie A SB0056 son of Annie Pridgeon
Prunes Raymond Albert Lt566 dbd May 28, 1963
Pullen E Bernard SB0024 son of James & Edith Pullen
Pullen Grace Lt069 dbd Aug. 10, 1929
Pullin Jennifer Gwen SB0118 Lt614 dbd Oct. 10, 1978
Quinn Phyllis Ray Arthur Lt610 dbd Aug. 16, 1976
Ray Arthur SB0004
Reed Amelia S SB0038 wife of Horace Reed
Reed Horace SB0038
Reid Melvin Lt079 dbd July 29, 1930
Rice Baby Lt547 dbd Oct. 30, 1959
Rice Naomi Jennie SB0109 Lt485 dbd Oct. 26, 1948
Roberts Marilyn A Lt061 dbd June 25, 1928
Roberts Norman Lt056 dbd Mar. 28, 1928
Robertson James SB0011
Rose Robert James SB0117 Lt615 dbd May 28, 1979
Rose Sharon Diane Lt504 dbd July 23, 1951
Ryckwood Baby Lt115 dbd July 4, 1938
Sawyer Baby Lt583 dbd June 18, 1968
Schneider Babies (Twins) Lt538 dbd Aug. 14, 1957
Schram Cecil Murray Lt025 dbd Sept. 8, 1924
Scott Baby Lt524 dbd Jan. 14, 1955
Seaburn Arthur W SB0051
Shaw Kenneth Grant Lt475 dbd Mar. 29, 1947
Shelton Grace P SB0062 dau of Jas & Hannah Shelton
Sherry Lynne Lt460 dbd May 12, 1945
Shipp Thea Doris SB0015 dau of H & R Shipp
Shores Mabel C SB0013 dau of F. J. & M. C. Shores
Shutz Donna Mae Lt053 dbd Oct. 24, 1927
Simonds M Lt013 dbd July 10, 1926
Simpson Kenneth Marvin Lt616 dbd Feb. 20, 1980
Sims Doris V SB0002
Skelding Arthur Lt065 dbd Nov. 26, 1928
Skelding Bill Lt062 dbd July 17, 1928
Slaght Baby Lt500 dbd Dec. 28, 1950
Smaldon Baby Lt022 dbd Jan. 29, 1925
Smalldon Robert Douglas Lt489 dbd Sept. 28, 1949
Smith Baby Lt108 dbd Jan. 8, 1936
Smith Bertram Lt109 dbd Mar. 5, 1926
Smith Jean Victoria Lt031 dbd June 20, 1926
Smith Jennie E SB0032
Smith Larry D SB0102 Lt498 dbd Sept. 20, 1950
Smith Larry Douglas SB0102 son of Wm. & Jean Smith
Soloman Byron Gerald Lt572 dbd Nov. 17, 1964
Spendlove Marina Lt116 dbd Jan. 14, 1939
Squire Baby Lt529 dbd Jan. 23, 1956
Squire Marilyn Ann Lt450 dbd Mar. 27, 1944
Stackhouse Baby Lt554 dbd Dec. 18, 1961
Stafford Baby Lt083 dbd Nov. 19, 1930
Stanley Velma Jean Lt015 dbd July 28, 1926
Stefanchuk Mathew Luke Lt631 dbd Mar. 3, 1986
Sullivan J O SB0017
Summerhayes Lillian Lt472 dbd July 15, 1946
Summerhayes Raymond W Lt490 dbd Oct. 5, 1949
Summers Baby Lt543 dbd Nov. 22, 1958
Surgent Baby Lt495 dbd June 30, 1950
Swanson Baby Lt492.5 dbd Nov. 2, 1949
Tapsell Paul Stephen Lt575 dbd Apr. 27, 1965
Tapsell Robert Allen Lt568 dbd Aug. 26, 1963
Tavermer Baby Lt509 dbd May 14, 1952
Taylor Baby Lt232 dbd Oct. 17, 1941
Taylor Jeremy William Lt622 dbd Sept. 6, 1986
Taylor Muriel Irene SB0040 dau of F. B. & H. A. Taylor
Taylor Raphael Lt621 dbd Mar. 23, 1985
Thorpe Margaret P Lt096 dbd Nov. 14, 1931
Titchner Baby Lt473.5 dbd Feb. 3, 1947
Titchner Baby Lt463 dbd Sept. 24, 1945
Titchner Baby Lt455 dbd Oct. 21, 1944
Todd George SB0063
Todd Isabella SB0072 wife of John Hume
Toomer S G T SB0057
Topping Norma Ann Lt502 dbd June 19, 1951
Towers Baby Lt070 dbd Sept. 5, 1929
Travis Tanya Lee Lt624 dbd Apr. 30, 1987
Trumbley Christina (baby) Lt243 dbd Mar. 24, 1943
Trumbley Fay SB0100
Turnbull Anthony SB0052 son of A & M Turnbull
Tustin Baby Lt482 dbd Apr. 2, 1948
Underhill Baby Lt452 dbd Apr. 19, 1944
Valdemar Peter Kenneth Lt514 dbd Jan. 5, 1953
Veliou Baby Lt549 dbd Sept. 8, 1960
Verkest Paul Andrew SB0112 son of Andy & CherlyVerkest
Verkest Paul Andrew SB0112 Lt594 dbd Apr. 7, 1970
Voaden Richard SB0025
Walker Adam I SB0053
Walker Baby Lt555 dbd Apr. 16, 1962
Walker Baby Lt066 dbd Jan. 7, 1929
Walker Michael Anthony Lt598 dbd Mar. 5, 1971
Waller Ronald G Lt085.5 dbd Nov. 27, 1937
Walters Joanne Lt512 dbd Oct. 14,1952
Waters Pauline Louise Lt576 dbd Aug. 3, 1965
Watson Baby Lt227 dbd Dec. 21, 1940
Watson Baby Lt571 dbd Apr. 18, 1964
Webb Elizabeth SB0075
Webb Emma SB0030
Webb G H SB0029
Weir John Alex SB0009 son of Alex & Jennie Weir
Welbourn Donald (Holden) Lt494 dbd June 8, 1950
Welbourne Douglas L Lt494 dbd June 10, 1950
Wells Baby Lt121 dbd June 13, 1940
Whatmough Rachel Lt617 dbd Feb. 17, 1981
Whitcroft Carl B L Lt552 dbd Sept. 14, 1961
Wiley Baby Lt232 dbd July 24, 1944
Wiley Wm Daniel Lt242 dbd Feb. 22, 1943
Wilkinson Gladys Lt004 dbd June 24, 1924
Wilkinson Harry G Lt458 dbd Mar. 19, 1945
Willand Baby Lt519 dbd June 7, 1954
Williams Baby Lt534 dbd Sept. 12, 1956
Williamson Wilma Lt024 dbd Dec. 17, 1925
Wilson Caroline SB0074
Wilson Cynthia SB0064
Wilson David Wilson Lt480 dbd Dec. 2, 1947
Winkworth Baby Lt490 dbd Sept. 21, 1949
Wood Constance Lt084 dbd Dec. 22, 1930
Wright Baby Lt520 dbd Aug. 28, 1954
Yarwood James SB0065
Yokum Florence SB0082
Yokum William SB0082
Young Ethel May Lt082 dbd Oct. 29, 1930
Zlats James Lt023 dbd Jan. 30, 1925


Burials without Monuments in the St. Thomas West Cemetery

TARGET – St Thomas Times Journal, 25 April 1915, Page 4 – Died – Mrs Eliza Jane TARGET, 63 years, April 24, wife of Henry TARGET, mother of George TARGET,  William TARGET, Mrs Henry HARVEY, Mrs Arthur SEALEY; sister of 4 sisters and 3 brothers in England (not named).  Funeral from her residence 104 Manitoba Street 28 April 1915 to St Thomas Cemetery by Rev Mr Brownlee of St John’s Anglican Church.  No monument found – CVH March 2004. Cemetery records indicate burial was in Strangers Ground, no stone, no marker and unknown whereabouts. 

TARGET – St Thomas Daily Times, 18 June 1914, Page 1 – Died – Mrs Martha Helen TARGET, nee ROBERTS, 30th year, June 8, wife of George Henry TARGET; daughter of Mr & Mrs George ROBERTS of Ingersoll; mother of adopted daughter (not named); sister of 4 brothers and 1 sister (not named). Funeral from her residence 104 Manitoba Street 10 June 1914 to St Thomas Cemetery by Rev Mr Brownlee of St John’s Anglican Church. No monument found – CVH March 2004. Cemetery records indicate burial was in Strangers Ground, no stone, no marker, and unknown whereabouts. 

VANIDOUR – James VANIDOUR, born England, died 24 Nov 1914 in St. Thomas, buried 26 Nov 1914. Died of Gangrene. Source- St. Thomas burial records. (NOTE: per Robert Vanidour, James was born at Walpole Twp., Haldimand Co., Ontario not England. – Nov. 2003)

Martha Jane (NICKERSON) (WHITESELLMORRIS  born about 1844 died 28 December 1890. – St. Thomas burial records.
(Martha Jane was the daughter of Levi NICKERSON and Sarah GOFF of Malahide. First husband was bigamist John WHITESELL and second husband was Matthew MORRIS – BCJ)