St. Thomas – West Avenue Section C

 St. Thomas Cemetery

West Avenue

Section C

St. Thomas, Elgin County, Ontario, Canada

Gravestone Inscriptions

Transcribed O. G. S. Elgin Branch
July 1987 by Mary and Glen Ormerod
Data Entry Max Doan
Proof Reading Margaret Daugharty

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CS0001 Grey marble on concrete.

MOODY/Cuthbert MOODY/1902-1976//MOODY/Sophia V. MORRIS/ wife of/ Charles MOODY/died Dec. 1, 1909/aged 57 years/Charles MOODY/ died Oct. 18, 1935/ aged 89 years//William H. MOODY/1874-1943/ his wife/ Victoria EVANS/ 1879-1950

CS0002 White marble on white marble on concrete base.
James ELLWOOD/1861-1944/Janet SUTTON/his wife/1867-1947/ELLWOOD
2a Concrete marker.

Katharine SUTTON/passed on/Oct. 13, 1942

CS0003 Red granite on grey granite.

FS: Father, Mother, Oneleen

HANCOCK /William Frederick/1883-1958/his wife/Fenlonise BEAUGRAND/ 1890-1978/Their dau./Phyllis Oneleen/1912-1916/ /Blake  /Floyd DELBERTON/ 1907-( )/beloved husband of Maxine HANCOCK /1913-( )

CS0004 Red granite on grey granite.

FS: Arleigh

Caleb R. WHITE/1860-1922/Mary Edith WHITE/1858-1922/L. Arleigh WHITE/ 1884-1936/WHITE

CS0005 Tall grey granite column on double grey granite bases on concrete.

FS: Carrie, Inez, John R., Doris M., Maurice R., Eleanor, Mother, Father

Inez Alicia/dau of John M./ & Inez A. GREEN/and wife of/Roland H. HILL/ born July 22, 1882/died July 9, 1911/Carrie GRAHAM/beloved dau. of/John M. & Inez A./ GREEN/born Feb. 7, 1891/died Apr. 4, 1922/John Ronald GREEN /born Feb. 9, 1879/died Oct. 16, 1942/Eleanor Anne/ GREEN/1877-1959 //MGJ Doris Marguerite/died Feb. 24m 1896/aged 10 y’rs 1 mo/Maurice Russell/ died Aug. 29, 1896/aged 12 y’rs 5 mo’s/children of/J. M. & Inez GREEN /GREEN //Inez Amelia/wife of/J. M. GREEN /born Feb. 27, 1851/ died April 26, 1891/ She was a tender mother here/and in her life the Lord did fear/ We trust our loss will be her gain/For with Christ she’s gone to reign/John McNab GREEN/born June 24, 1844/died Feb. 19, 1904/ //Winnifred Frances /GREEN/1887-1964

CS0006 Black granite on grey granite.

Charles ROE/1827-1904/Zebee Mary ROE/1835-1914/Mary K. ROE/1861-1894/ Charles W. ROE/1876-1880/Isabella ABBOTT ROE/1869-1941/ Henry ROE/1865- 1942/His wife/Ethel Elizabeth/1878-1951

CS0007 Pink granite, slanted face.

John A. KAINS/1837-1911/ Emma E KAINS/1846-1911

CS0008 Grey granite block.

William R. JACKSON/1860-1930

CS0009 Grey granite block.

Jennie R. JACKSON/1866-1916

CS0010 Red granite on grey granite base.

COLE/Thomas COLE/1843-1911/Julia HENDERSON/his wife/1849-1889/ Lizzie COLE WALLACE/1866-1902/Our loved ones.

CS0011 Red granite cylinder on grey marble block on double concrete bases.

FS: Newton.

Thomas WHALLS/born Aug. 12, 1851/died Jan. 17. 1915/ Sarah H. wife of/Thomas WHALLS/born Dec. 10, 18565/died Aug. 14, 1929/ WHALLS

CS0012 Grey granite marker.

HENRY/George W./1917-( )/Helen M./1918-1972

CS0013 Pink granite on grey granite base.

CURTIS/James Davis CURTIS M.D./1868-1967/His wife/Dora FERGUSON/ 1871-1963//John F. CURTIS M.D./1906-1971

CS0014 Tall grey granite column on grey granite base on double concrete.

(Crown)/Annie/wife of/Jas. HASLAM/died/Apr. 7, 1881/aged 34 y’rs/We miss thee from/our home dear mother/we miss thee from/thy place/A shadow o’er our/life is cast/ We miss the sunshine/of thy face/HASLAM/ //(B.E.L. emblem)/James HASLAM /died/June 3, 1922/aged/82 years/ //(3 links, F.L.T.)/John H./son of/Ja’s & Annie/ HASLAM/died/ Jan. 29, 1891/aged 25 y’rs/3 m’s & 21 d’s/Just as the morning of his life/ was opening into day/his young and lovely/spirit passed/from earth and/grief away/ FS: Johnie

CS0015 Grey marble column on grey marble on double concrete bases.

In/loving/ memory of/Emily/who died/Dec. 25, 1872/aged/2 ys. 4 ms 13 ds/ Andrew/who died/ Oct. 27, 1880/aged/17 ys/ 9 ms/27 days/Children of/ Chas & Jane/ MEADOWSMEADOWS// In loving/memory of/Charles MEADOWS/who died/Apr. 7, 1885/aged/55 years/7 months/17 days/ illegible verse/ //In/Loving/memory of/Jane/wife of/Charles/MEADOWS/died/Feb. 2, 1925/ aged 91 years

CS0016 Red granite on grey granite base.

FS: Wife, Mother

Alice Maud WOODRUFF/1889-1935/WOODRUFF//John P. BLAIR/1868-1961/ Edith MAY BLAIR/1859-1930/BLAIR

CS0017 Small white sandstone slab.

In memory of/Charles W./son of/Charles ROE/died/May 26, 1880/AE 4 y’s 2 mo/For such is the Kingdom of/Heaven

CS0018 7-piece red granite column on double concrete base.

FS: Mother, Father, Annie, Isabella, Marvine, Grandma, Thomas

WILSON/Thomas WILSON/1881-1949//Thomas WILSON/died May 26, 1891/aged 50 year/While he lived he tried to do his/duty and when he died, he died in /the fullest assurance of his salv-/ation through faith in Christ/ Isabella/wife of/Thomas WILSON/ died June 9, 1926/aged 81 years Dr. WILSON//Annie HUBERT WILSON/ born May 3, 1868/died July 19, 1868/ Isabella HUBERT WILSON/born Aug. 27, 1870/ died May 22, 1871/Marvene CARPENTER WILSON/born July 11, 1874/ died Oct. 12, 1874/Annie HUBERT WILSON/died Oct. 15, 1875/aged 74 years/

CS0019 Low grey marble on concrete base.
FATHER (on top)/Charles ELLWOOD/ died/May 1, 1901/in his/58th year/Ila Mae 1884-1965/Fair Haven N.Y./ DEWITT 1891-1968/Houston Texas/Enna 1895-( )/Strathroy Ont.
19a Grey marble ground stone set in concrete.


19b Concrete ground stone.

Alberta  ELLWOOD/1862-1907/Mother(leaves on branch

CS0020 Two-piece marble squares on double concrete base. (Engine & tender)

Fred S. DEWEY/died/Aug. 15, 1898/ in his 67 year/Mary A DEWEY/died/ Mar. 7, 1922/aged 80 yrs/In/Memory of/Frederick CHILCOTT/who died/May 30 1880/aged/44 yrs 1 mo /28 dys/Father thou art gone to rest/We will not weep for thee/for thou art now where oft on earth/thy spirit longed to be/CHILCOTT (Cripps & Doggett/St. Thomas)

CS0021 Red granite on grey granite base.

F/Daniel FERGUSON/born Feb. 21st 1845/died Feb. 4th 1940/Emily PHILIPS wife of/Daniel FERGUSON/born Jan. 26th 1852/died Nov. 23rd 1921/Helen M. FERGUSON dau./born May 10th 1876/died Jan 7th 1922/FERGUSON

CS0022 3-piece marble column, double concrete base, top missing.

FS: Ethel

Ethel/died/Sept. 26, 1880/aged 20 d’s/Leila Adelia/died/July 15, 1888/ aged 1 yr/7 mo’s & 4 d’s/Children of/Cha’s J. & Ida A. NEW//Ida Adelia/ beloved wife of/Cha’s J. NEW/died/Dec. 15, 1888/aged 29 yrs 9 mos/& 10 days/At Rest//In/Memory/of/Cha’s. J. NEW/1855-1904/NEW/(F. Doggett)

CS0023 3-piece marble on double concrete base, urn on top of book.

Gone Home/(open bible)/Annie/ROBINSON/1891-1936/A loving friend a husband dear/ a tender parent lieth here/great is the loss we here sustain/and hope in Heaven to meet again/ROBINSON//(three links)/ Jas. ROBINSON/Dec. 11, 1891/aged 39 y’rs 1 mo/ & 14 days/Edith M./dau of Jas. & Sarah J./ROBINSON/died Feb. 28, 1886/aged 1 yr & 11 mo’s/Sarah Jane/wife of/W. T. COLLINS/died/Nov. 15, 1897/aged 39 y’rs 1 mo &/ 8 days/Ida May/wife of/W. D. THOMPSON /1888-1918//(Dark bronze inset) He died for freedom & honour, lion, pronged spear, figure holding wheat Clarence Earl COLLINSClarence E./COLLINS/killed in action /Oct. 5, 1916 aged 21 y’rs/William T. COLLINS/1861-1930/ Maria COLLINSHOLDEN/ 1874-1940

CS0024 Small red granite set in concrete.

FS: Mother, Father

In/Memory of/WALTER P./beloved son of/W. & E. M. McCLELLAN/who died/ July 17, 1880/aged/2 yr’s 7 mo’s 8 d’s

CS0025 Brown granite on grey granite base.

William McCLELLAN/1843-1934/his  wife/Eliza Maria TRULL/1847-1935/Lucille McCLELLAN/ 1873-1971/McCLELLAN

CS0026 Red granite set in concrete.

TRULL/Father/Clarence C./1884-1964/Mother Edith F. ( )

CS0027 Red granite on grey granite base.

FS: Father, Mother

COULTER/William A. COULTER/1870-1954/beloved husband of/Ellen WALMSLEY/ 1873-1955//WALMSLEY/Richard WALMSLELY/1840-1881/beloved husband of/  Ellen BULLON/1836-1900/Their children/William 1861-1881/Richard 1867- 1900/John 1869-1945/Mary A. 1871-1940

CS0028 Black granite ground stone set in concrete.

In loving memory/Jack M. SALMON/1923-1977

CS0029 2-piece pink granite on grey granite base.

Charles DAKE/1868-1903/Archibald DAKE/1867-1892/Colburn DAKE/ 1873-1914/ Edna Louise/1880-1881/Pearl Marguerite/1886-1903/ dau. of Charles DAKE //William H. DAKE/1882-1924/DAKE

CS0030 Pink granite, slanted front, sunk in ground.

In Loving Memory/of/Susanna HEARD/1862-1922

CS0031 Grey marble, slanted front.

SALMON/Peter SALMON/1877-1954/His wife/Janet E./1888-1962

CS0032 Large white marble slab in concrete base. (Leaning) (Flowers/Clasped Hands)/

In Memory of/John P./son of/John & Maria / SUTTON/died/Sept. 19, 1880/aged 27 y’rs & 9 mo’s/(verse illegible)

CS0033 Small pink granite on concrete base.

(On top) In memory of/Maria T. MOSLEY/wife of/Col. J. C. TRULL/who died/ July 7, 1888/aged/77 years 7 mo’s/& 13 days/Blessed are the dead/who die in the(Lord)

CS0034 Large pink granite on grey granite base.

Joseph THOMAS/1845-1927/Elizabeth DICKERSON/THOMAS/1851-1930/THOMAS/ Charles W. THOMAS/1875-1882/Wilbert S. MacDONALD/1901-1913

CS0035 2-tiered grey marble on concrete base.

In/Memory of Byron MANN/who died/Nov. 8, 1910/aged 58 years/MANN/In Memory of/Lyman MANN/who died/Feb. 7, 1902/aged 6 years

CS0036 Round tall granite pillar on circular bases on octagonal base.

In/loving/memory/of/Lydia HIGH/wife of Isaac/KINGSWOOD/who died/Dec. 31, 1909/ aged 71 yrs/In/ loving/ memory of/Edith/KINGSWOOD/wife of/W. MILLER Oct. 4, 1872/ Jan. 13, 1953/In /loving /memory of/William F. MILLER/July 31 1866 /June 9, 1939/ KINGSWOOD /(verse) /In/loving /memory of/Isaac KINGSWOOD/ who died/ Oct. 3, 1887/aged 46 years

CS0037 Grey granite pillows.

In loving remembrance of/Mary G. McCRONE/wife of Henry THORNTON/ born 1834-died 1882

CS0038 Grey granite pillows. In loving remembrance of/

Henry THORNTON/Native of Yorkshire/born 1835-died 1910

CS0039 Grey granite ground stone.

In loving remembrance of/Matilda M. THORNTON/1869-1948

CS0040 3-tiered grey marble on base.

CALVERT /In/loving/memory/of/Robert H. CALVERT/born/May 11, 1851/ died/ Aug. 4, 1916/ In/loving/memory/of/Alma J./wife of/R. H. CALVERT/ died June 13, 1881/ aged 19 yrs 1 m & 13 dys/In/loving/memory/of/Edward Franklin/son of R. H. & Almey J. CALVERT/who died/Nov. 13, 1882/aged  7 y’rs 5 mo’s & 3 days

CS0041 2-piece pink granite on grey granite base.

R/Maria, wife of/David ROLLING/died Feb. 6, 1906/in her 83 year/At Rest David ROLLING/ died March 16, 1919/aged 87 year/ROLLING//Alice H./ daughter of/ Geo. & Emma ROLLING/died Dec. 18, 1918/aged 23 years/Gone but/sadly missed// R/Mary Ann born Apr. 28, 1883/died Feb. 15, 1884/David born July 29, 1884/ died Sept. 27, 1887/Wm. H. born Feb. 8, 1905/died Sept. 23, 1905/ children of/Geo. & Emma ROLLING/Pte. Albert C. 505997/ son of Geo. & Emma ROLLING/ killed in action in France/August 8, 1918/ aged 26 years.//Pte. George A./son of/Geo. & Emma/ROLLING/killed while/ training with/the 16th Battery/ 4th Brigade C.E.F./Mar. 1, 1915/aged 27 years

CS0042 3-piece pink granite on double concrete base, top missing.  (F. Doggett)

William H./PIM/born/Jan. 26, 1834/died/July 18, 1921/Gone but not/ forgotten/Susan wife of/W. H. PIM/born Dec. 26, 1833/died Sept. 3, 1892/ W. H. PIM//Ambrose E./ LITTLE/ 186501940/Celia PIM/wife of/Ambrose LITTLE/ 1860-1937/LITTLE

CS0043 2-piece grey marble on double concrete base.

In Memory of/Joseph AINLEY/who died/Sept. 27, 1887/aged 85 years/Native of Yorkshire England/J. Ainley//In Memory of/Harriet/wife of/Jos. AINLEY /& dau. of Wm. & E. SELLS/died Jan. 4, 1902/in her 70th year

CS0044 Pink granite on grey granite base.

FS: Mother

Mary Ann/wife of/William FARR/1822-1883//Isaac THOMPSON/1836-1925/ Isabella FARR/his wife/1857-1947/Robert B. THOMPSON/their son/1890-1926/ THOMPSON/

CS0045 Very tall red granite column, double concrete base, urn on top.

FS: Hannah, Edmond, Emily, Father, Mother

In Memory of/Hannah/beloved wife of/D. J. LEWIS/and only daughter of/ Edmond & Emily WESTLAKE born Dec. 11, 1854/died Dec. 2, 1883/David James LEWIS/born May 20, 1851/died Apr. 5, 1941/A loved one has gone from our circle/On earth we will meet her no more/She has goen to her home in Heaven and all her afflictions are o’er/LEWIS//In memory of Edmond WESTLAKE / died Oct. 24, 1896/aged 74 y’rs 5 mo’s/& 24 days/A native of Jacobstow/Devonshire England/ Emily/ wife of the above/died May 5, 1907/ aged 83 y’rs 10 mo’s & 2 days/One precious to our hearts has gone/The voice we loved is stilled/The place made vacant in our home/can never more be filled/WESTLAKE//In memory of/Simon WESTLAKE/died Sept. 17, 1875/aged 82 yrs & 4 mos/ Hannah/wife of the above/died Jan. 4, 1888/aged 86 yrs/Blessed are the dead who die in the Lord//Percy Lynn NEWCOMBE/ March 14, 1879/March 1, 1945/Ada Louise NEWCOMBE/ March 19, 1879/April 30, 1961

CS0046 Grey marble on concrete. (Open Book)/

Thos. C. DUNTON/born Nov. 1, 1881/died Apr. 3, 1905

CS0047 Bronze marker.

Mary THORNTON FICK/1867-1964

CS0048 Grey granite block.

In Loving Remembrance of/ Isabella K. McCRONE/Native of Glasgow /born 1822-died 1908

CS0049 Grey granite slab.

Charles/son of/(on top) Isaac & Lydia/KINGSWOOD/died Oct. 1887/age/6 months

CS0050 Grey granite marker, cross at top.

William CARTER/Private/5 C.M.R. C.E.F./30 May 1969 – age 74

CS0051 Red granite marker.

WISLEY/ Euphemia/Sept. 18, 1896/July 27, 1980/Mary/Nov. 2, 1892/Feb. 11, 1967/ Margaret/Jan. 18, 1895/( )

CS0052 Concrete tree trunk on concrete base.

Helen/BRUCE/REID/wife of/Richard/WISELY/died/Aug. 1, 1920/Richard S. WISELY/died/Feb. 26, 1932/John WISELY/died/Apr. 15, 1944/

CS0053 Large red granite on grey granite base.

H/In Memory of/Ettie/beloved wife of/Morgan B. HATCH/died Aug. 31, 1893/ aged 25 years/& 5 mo’s/HATCH/Morley W. JONES/1876-1964/HATCH//J/(Three links F.L.T.)/In Memory of/Lenord JONES/died Apr. 18, 1898/in his 58th year of his age/Rachel wife of/Lenord JONES/died Jan. 17,, 1913/ aged 71 years/JONES

CS0054 Grey marble slab.

LAING (On top)/ Walter LAING/born/Dec. 16, 1838/died/Sep. 7, 1917/Maria LAING/born July 12, 1843/died/Jan. 16, 1898/Gone but not forgotten

CS0055 Grey marble on grey marble on concrete base.
(Flower)/William STONER/1844-1916/Mary A. SMALLER/his wife/1843-1908/ Charles H. STONER/1882-1894/Harry STONER/1876-1914/Martha STONER
55a Small grey marker.

Charles F./died/Jan. 31, 1891/aged 11 y’rs 10 m’s/16 days/We miss thee

55b Red granite, slanted face.

Martha STONER/1884-1962/wife of/Fred RIPLEY

55c White marble, slanted face.

Grace/BOWERS/wife of/Geo. STONER// died/Apr. 1, 1912/in her 37th year/Asleep

CS0056 Red granite, slanted face.

Tom RIPLEY/1873-1944/Fred RIPLEY/1878- 1945/At Rest/

CS0057 Red granite cylinder on double concrete base.

Ellen/wife of/Leonard PRANGLEN/died/Jan. 14, 1894/aged 63 years/Gone but not/ forgotten/ Leonard PRANGLEN/died/Feb. 18, 1905/aged 84 years//Sarah Helen/ PRANGLEN/passed away/Jan. 3, 1936/Leonard James PRANGLEN/ died/Apr. 27, 1930/William Fitzgerald/PRANGLEN/passed away Sept. 9, 1933/ PRANGLEN

CS0058 Grey granite on grey granite on concrete.

FS: Mabel, Hazel, Mother, Father.

K/Mabel Irene/born June 6th 1886/died Oct. 9th 1886/ Hazel Jean/born Sept. 14, 1888/ died Jan. 10th 1894/daughter of/Wm. H. & Jeannie Ann KENNEDY//K/Wm. H. KENNEDY/1862-1933/Jeannie Ann KENNEDY/ 1863-1929/KENNEDY

CS0059 Red granite column on red granite on double concrete bases, urn on top.

Sarah Jane/died Sep. 7, 1876/aged 3 y’rs 1 mo/Mary Catherine/died June 11, 1880/aged 12 yrs 4 ms/Jessie I./died Feb. 4, 1885/aged 19 y’rs 9 dys children of/ N. M. & Jane/ CAMBPELL//Margaret Annie/beloved wife of/F. L. SHILLINGTON /born Oct. 14, 1876/died Sept.. 19, 1908/At Rest//N. M. CAMPBELL/ born Dec. 18, 1838/ died Oct. 2, 1899/Faithful to the end/ Jane MURRAY/ Relict of the late/N. M. CAMPBELL/ born Aug. 19,, 1836/died Apr. 20, 1903/ Asleep in Jesus

CS0060 3-piece pink granite pillar on double concrete base. (J. Doggett)

John W./SKELDING/died/Aug. 24, 1893/aged 52 yrs/& 8 mo’s/Dearly loved one/ we have laid thee/in the peaceful/graves embrace/but thy memory/will be cherished/ till we see thy/Heavenly face.//Geo. W./.SKELDING/died/July 7, 1889/in his 82 year/ Sarah ANNIS/relict of the above/died/Oct. 8, 1900 /in her 92 year/One by one earths ties are broken/as we see our love decay/and the hopes so fondly cherished/ brighten but to pass away/ SKELDING

CS0061 Black granite on grey granite base.

FS: Jack, Lilly, Leola, Ida, Beatrice, Mother, Father

Thomas HARKNESS/1832-1907/Martha his wife/1844-1927/Henry HARKNESS/1868- 1954/His wife/Maude BUCHANAN/1884-1939/HARKNESS//Beatrice K./HARKNESS/ 1909-1960//Ida C. HARKNESS/1871-1893/Leola M. HARKNESS/wife of/Lawson CARROTHERS/1907-1927/Jack HARKNESS/1869-1967/His wife/Lilly COUSINS/ 1876-1940/

CS0062 Large pink granite on double concrete bases. (Hutchinson, Aylmer)

Neil CAMPBELL/died May 24, 2872/aged 39 y’rs 8 mo’s 12 d’ys/Margaret/ wife of the above/died April 9, 1893/aged 55 y’rs 8 mo’s 18 d’ys/ //In Memory of/Harry Doty HULBERT/died Aug. 2, 1908/aged 60 y’rs 6 mo’s 2 d’ys/Corinne HULBERT /died Sept. 3, 1893/aged 7 mo’s 11 d’ys/HULBERT

CS0063 Large pink granite on grey granite base.

P/Daniel PARISH/born Oct. 10, 1851/died Oct. 28, 1913/PARISH/ //Gordon D. PARISH /born Nov. 22, 1878/died April 6, 1893/Thomas D. PARISH/born May 27, 1888/ died Oct. 21, 1904

CS0064 Pink granite on grey granite base.

GRAY/William J. GRAY/born July 31, 1868/died Jan. 2, 1914/His wife/ Marietta BAKER/ 1872-1948//Edward PUDDICOMBE/died Oct. 7, 1941/Minnie COX his wife ( )

CS0065 Grey marble pillar on 2-piece concrete base.

SMITH/ James SMITH/died/Feb. 28, 1894/in the 46/year of/his age/Let our Fathers/will be done// Thomas O./born/Nov. 16, 1873/died/Dec. 22, 1873/ Charles D./born/May 1, 1875/ died/Aug. 20, 1875/ children of/Ja’s & Alice SMITH

CS0066 3-piece grey concrete, scroll around N.

Maggie/wife of/John NUNN/died June 24, 1898/aged 31 y’s 3 m’s/ Kate/wife of/ John NUNN/died Apr. 13, 1894/aged 30 yr 1 mo/NUNN

CS0067 Pink granite ground stone.


CS0068 3-piece grey granite.

Richard H. MAUNDER/born Dec. 25, 1869/died Sept. 9, 1915/Wife/Emma TURNER/born Feb. 27, 1871/died Mar. 12, 1935/MAUNDER

CS0069 2-piece grey marble on double concrete on concrete base, top missing.

At Rest/Mary/wife of John B. TURNER/died/Jan. 18, 1903/AE 58 yrs & 3 mos /She was so long with pain oppres/sed that bore/her strength/away and made/her long for/endless rest which never can/delay//John B. TURNER/ died Oct. 27, 1925/aged/84 years/Frederick/TURNER/died/Apr. 1, 1939/aged 55 years/TURNER//Mary J./dau. of John B. & Mary/TURNER/died/at Wildwood/ East River Conn./Sept. 11, 1894/AE 27 y’s & 6 m’s/Friends or Physicians/ could not save/her mortal body/from the grave/nor can the grave/confine it here/when Christ our Saviour/doth appear//Bella A./dau of John – Mary TURNER/died Jan. 2, 1904/aged 32 years/Minnie S. TURNER/died/ Mar. 31, 1937

CS0070 Tall 7-piece grey granite column on double concrete base. (F. Doggett)

FS: Estelle, Baby, Ella, Louie, Henry, Mother, Father, Samuel, Charles Leslie, Harry

Ella F. JACKSON/wife of/Henry FULTON/died Mar. 31, 1895/in the 30th year of her age/This lovely bud so young and fair/called hence by early doom/ just came to show how sweet a flower/in paradise could bloom/Ella/ daughter of/Ella F. & Henry FULTON/died Apr. 8, 1895/aged 13 days/The little crib is empty now/the little clothes laid by/A mother’s hope, a father’s joy/in Jesus’ arms doth lie/Louie JACKSON/wife of Henry FULTON/ died April 2, 1914/in her 40th year/Henry FULTON/died March 8th 1918/ //Henry J. FULTON/died Oct. 18, 1931/1903-1931/William JACKSON/1857-1938 /Eliza M LIVINGSTON/his wife/1863-1942//Samuel E. JACKSON/died Dec. 30, 1906/ in his 38th year/Charles F. JACKSON/died Aug. 26, 1923/in his 57th year/Leslie H. FULTON/ died Mar. 24, 2972/in his 71st year/M. Estelle FULTON/ wife of Evan E. NUGENT/Sept. 4, 1909-Nov. 30, 1975//Thomas FULTON/ died May 3, 1894/in the 65th year/of his age/A native of County Wicklow/ Ireland/Blessed is the man that trusteth in/the Lord and whose hope the Lord is/Jeremiah XVII & 7/Harriett/wife of/Thomas JACKSON/died Feb. 16. 1902/in the 70th year of her age/JACKSON

CS0071 6-section tall granite pillar.

COURTNEY/At Rest/In/Memory of/Margaret O./beloved wife of/John W. COURTNEY/who died/Oct. 13, 1894/in the/51st year/of her age//In/Memory of/ J. W. COURTNEY/who died/Oct. 17, 1909/in the/67thyear of his age/ Emily J./DOW/wife of/J. W. COURTNEY/1854-1940/Lena BOWLBY/1886-1935/ Only sleeping

CS0072 Sandstone tree trunk, Bible on top, ornate carving.

Thos. JORDAN/died/Sept. 2, 1894/in the 25th year/of his age/Eliza JORDAN 1867-1951/(illegible verse)

CS0073 White marble on white marble base, lamb on top.

PRINGLE/Our darling/in memory of/Cicel Brian/infant son of/Cicel & Ethel PRINGLE/Sept. 17, 1949/Oct. 18, 1949

CS0074 Medium red granite on grey granite base.

PRINGLE/In memory of/a loving wife & mother/Ethel May PRINGLE/who passed away/Feb. 28, 1954/aged 27 years/Peacefully sleeping

CS0075 Large red granite on grey granite base. (Woodmen of the World emblem)

William Francis MARTIN/Nov. 2, 1838-Mar. 13, 1913/Evaline McLEAN MARTIN/ his beloved wife/Nov. 9, 1838-Nov. 16, 1930/Mary Evy MARTIN/wife of Charles P. CLARKE/June 20, 1869-Aug. 10, 1894/William Warren MARTIN/ Oct. 4, 1863-June 19, 1911/Elsie Maude MARTIN/Feb. 28, 1876- June 18, 1960/MARTIN//Mable Francis MARTIN/1867-1953/His beloved wife/ Annie Maria WIGZELL/1868-1936/MARTIN

CS0076 Pink granite on grey granite base.

FS: Cosie, Albert, Floyd

Albert George STACEY/1868-1949/Zelpha his wife/1861-1951//Albert J. 1892-1893/Cosie H. 1894-1894/Floyd H/1896-1896/children of A. G. & Z. STACEY/STACEY

CS0077 Large light grey granite on grey granite base.
PRICE/(Woodmen of the World emblem//PRICE
77a Grey granite marker.

Robert Norman/PRICE/1588-1927

77b Grey granite marker.

Marion FERGUSON/PRICE/1863-1945

CS0078 Grey marble column, on grey marble on double concrete bases.

FS: Wife

In/Memory of/Ann/beloved wife of/Benjamin/AXFORD/who died/Dec. 14, 1894/ in the 69th/year of her age/Benjamin E. AXFORD/1904-1939//In/Memory of/ Benjamin AXFORD/born/Apr. 3, 1820/died/Dec. 20, 1912/AXFORD//In/Memory of/Joseph B./AXFORD/died/Apr. 24, 1947/aged/76 years//In/Memory of/ Lillian/GARTON/wife of/Joseph B./AXFORD/1878-1942/

CS0079 Red granite on grey granite base.
Red granite markers

Gifford G./1888-1895

Isaac W./1887-1896


William C./1883-1953

Thirza J./1850-1928


William H./1852-1933

CS0080 Red granite on grey granite base.
FS: Duncan, Catharine, Mother, Father, Dan, John

M/Alexander G. McBAIN/born Nov. 2nd 1839/died Sept. 3rd 1905/Isabella McBAIN/born June 4th 1844/died Apr. 13, 1923/Dorothy B. SCIDMORE/wife of James McBAIN/1916-1939//Daniel F./son of/Alex & Isabella/McBAIN/born/ Mar. 21, 1875/died/Mar. 2, 1895/Florence M. NORTH/wife of/James McBAIN/ 1921-1982//John A. McBAIN/born 1866-died 1916/Sarah M. BINGHAM/his wife/ born 1868-died 1935/McBAIN//Catharine L./dau. of/Alex & Isabella/McBAIN /born/Sept. 19, 1868/died/Oct. 14, 1925/Duncan McBAIN/born Mar. 24, 1871 /died Oct. 20, 1929

CS0081 Grey granite column on grey granite on double white marble bases.

Samson/TOOVEY/1863-1944/At Rest//Our Flossie M./TOOVEY/died/Mar. 10, 1895/aged/6 m’s 17 d’ys/This lovely bud so/young and fair, called/hence by early doom/just came to shew h-/ow sweet a flower in/paradise could bloom//James/TOOVEY/born 1847/died/Mar. 30, 1928//Harriet/TOOVEY/ 1852-1936

CS0082 Grey marble column on grey marble on concrete base.

Percy BLEWETT/died/June 23, 1909/aged 25 y’rs//George BLEWETT/died/Feb. 21, 1896//William BLEWETT/died/Mar. 29, 1895/aged 55 y’rs/Mary BAKER/ wife/of Wm. BLEWETT/died/Nov. 29, 1912/in her/73rd year

CS0083 Grey marble column on grey marble on double white marble base.

Emma L/JEWELL/dau. of Wm. & Mary/Nov. 1, 1907/in her 29th year/Native of/Devonshire Eng.//Grace/wife of/Fred JEWELL/died/Apr. 10, 1914/aged 31 years//Wm. JEWELL/died/Mar. 4, 1900/in his 53 year/A native of/Devon- shire Eng./In deaths cold arms lies sleeping here/a tender parent a companion dear/In love he lived, in peace he died/His life was asked, but was denied//Mary Ann/wife of/Wm. JEWELL/died/Apr. 8, 1895/aged 45 years/The humble token of respect/to thy loved memory we erect/The mouldering here, the body lies/We livst to meet thee in the skies/JEWELL

CS0084 Red granite, 3 sided, on red granite on concrete base.

In Memory of/H/Effie J./wife of/A. HOWE/who died/Feb. 20, 1895/aged/ 28 years

CS0085 Grey marble on concrete.

FS: Doris, Fred

In loving memory/Fred Howard DAVIS/1901-1979/His wife/Doris ROBINSON/ 1904 -1986//Alice Maria/wife of/Fred H. H. DAVIS/died Jan. 23, 1923/in Her 44th year/ In loving memory/Fred H. H. DAVIS/died July 25, 1942/DAVIS

CS0086 Large grey marble, on grey marble on concrete base.

In memory of/James LAMSON/born in/Poughkeepsie N.Y./July 3 rd 1830/died in St. Thomas/Nov. 3rd 1894

CS0087 Red granite slanted face on red granite base.

PAYSON/ John R. PAYSON/1857-1933/Mary A. LACEY/his wife/1858-1922

CS0088 Grey granite slab in concrete.

In/memory of/Thos. BURNHAM/died/Apr. 2, 1887/from injuries received/ at collision near/Springfield, Ont./on C. S. Div. M.C.R.R./aged 22 years

CS0089 Black granite on grey granite.

FS: Mother, Father

HEWITT/Earl Grant/1910-( )/His wife/Phyllis F. SCOTT/1913-1985/ //SCOTT/Kenneth F. SCOTT/1888-1951/His wife/Kate A. FRASER/1884-1972

CS0090 Pink granite on grey granite base.

FS: Father, Mother

  1. DonaldCLARKE/1900-1971/Vera Evelyn May/CLARKE/1903-1979/ //Thomas A. CLARKE/1875-1946/M. Ethel CLARKE/1876-1955/CLARKE

CS0091 Small marble slab.

FERNS/Susan GILLING/1853-1914/Annie/McDONALD/also/Maggie OLIVER

CS0092 Red granite, slanted face.
Harry HEARD/Jan. 12, 1869/Dec. 5, 1944 Lewis HEARD/Apr. 4, 1867/Sept. 9, 1960
92a Red granite marker.

Nellie HEARD/RIVARD/1876-1950

92b Red granite marker.

  1. GordonHEARD/1883-1964

CS0093 Large red granite, slanted face on red granite base.

RICHARDSON/George E./1887-1969/Gertrude 1886-1936/Phyllis E. 1907-1920

CS0094 White marble column, angel leaning on stump with scroll, white marble base on grey granite base.

Wheatha/dau. of/Geo. & Annie/WARNEY /born/Mar. 2, 1894/died/Sept. 4, 1895/An angel in Heaven/WARNEY/ //Leo WARNEY/1903-19676/Reta MORRIS/1896-1979//George WARNEY/1867-1935/ His wife Annie/1866-1943/George J. WARNEY/1867-1935/Annie S. WATSON/ his wife/1866-1943

CS0095 Small red granite slanted face.
BROWN/Lena R./1874-1958/wife of/William H./1876-1960
95a Large red granite marker.

BROWN John E./1904-1982/Margaret/ 1903-1977

95b Red granite marker.

Jamie Richard/beloved son of/James & Faye/ BROWN/1965-1968

CS0096 Grey concrete in ground slab.


CS0097 Small grey marble slab on concrete.

William WHITING/1848-1911/Elizabeth/his wife/1845-1895

CS0098 Red granite on double concrete base.

Victor Hugo/SCHRECK/1877-1895/Rose SCHRECK/REEVES/1882-1950/SCHRECK/ //Eliza Jane/SCHRECK/1849-1914/Simon SCHRECK/Nov. 23, 1849/May 15, 1935

CS0099 Pink granite on grey granite.

FS: Mother

Mary Ann HOLMES/1813-1895/Melva I. HOLMES/beloved wife of/Merritt S. FLINT/1895-1931/HOLMES//Lavina HOLMES/beloved wife of/Henry HOLMES/ 1868-1927/Henry HOLMES/1859-1934

CS0100 Grey granite slab in concrete.

(Maple Leaf)/3311140 Sapper/Norman P. ROBERTS/C. E. C.E.F./5th Oct. 1918/(Cross)/He sleeps in peace

CS0101 Grey marble column, on grey marble on concrete base.

FS: Mother

Charles S./died Aug. 30, 1895/aged 7 months/& 3 days/James H./died Oct. 24, 1909/ aged 9 years/ & 10 months/sons of Frank &/Mary ROBERTS/ROBERTS //At Rest/ Mary H./ ROBERTS/ born Feb. 23, 1870/died July 9, 1923/Frank ROBERTS/ 1872-1954//(Masonic Emblem)/ Norman F./died/while in/training/at St. Johns/ Quebec/Oct. 5, 1918/aged 22 ys.

CS0102 Red granite on grey granite base.

BATES/Bella/born Oct. 16, 1855/died Aug. 12, 1895/wife of/Benjamin BATES/born June 28m 1853/died Nov. 10, 1933

CS0103 Large red granite on grey granite base.

FS: Mother

George COSENS/1865-1946/Josephine his wife/1867-1946/COSENS//Roy C. COSENS/1893-1975/Viola L. COSENS/beloved wife of/Roy C. COSENS/ 1894-1938/COSENS

CS0104 Grey marble column on grey marble on concrete.

FS: Mother, Father

(Open book on top)/Our Grace/Grace E./born Aug. 28, 1888/died July 12, 1895/Dear Mary/Mary E./born Dec. 1, 1893/died Aug. 17, 1895/DENNEE/ //Noble Orin/DENNEE/Oct. 30, 1898/June 20, 1932//Orra D./DENNEE/Dec. 18 1856/Dec. 30, 1926//Sarah/COULTER/DENNEE/Oct. 2, 1865/May 24, 1926

CS0105 Light grey granite on light grey granite on concrete.

FS: Maggie

M/Maggie McPHERSON/died Jan. 11, 1896/aged 44 years/D. A. McPHERSON/ died Aug. 6, 1895/aged 1 y’r 9 m’s 2 d’s/McPHERSON//M/Allan McPHERSON/ died May 27, 1895/aged 83 years/Catharine McPHERSON/died Nov. 27, 1897/ aged 80 y’rs 3 m’s 23 d’s

CS0106 White granite slab in concrete. (Cross)/

George C. WALLER/Private/Elgin Regiment/20 October 1986/age 76

CS0107 Grey marble on concrete.

Mattie/SMITH/(on top)

CS0108 Grey marble on concrete, Log & Open Book on top.

Joanna wife of/Claude TINLIN/died Jan. 15, 1917/aged 36 years/ //Entered into rest/In Memory of/Edgar B. TINLIN/who died/Jan. 8, 1897/ aged 43 y’rs/TINLIN//Mary E. wife of/A. E. HAMILTON/died/Dec. 15, 1900/ aged 42 years

CS0109 Grey granite on double grey granite on concrete.

Wm. Alvin/SMITH/died/Jan. 18, 1897/aged/25 y’rs & 10 m’s/Farewell my wife/and children all/From you a father/Christ doth call/SMITH

CS0110 Grey granite marker.

SMITH/ Earl C.1894-1965/Father/S/Beatrice G./1894-1977/Mother

CS0111 Black granite marker.

ANDERSON/ Mother/Lily Elizabeth/1875-1960/Father/William/1875-1960

CS0112 Black granite marker.

Gladys L. ANDERSON/wife of/Edwin C. THIEL/1904- 1938

CS0113 Red granite on grey granite base.

FS: Mother

David PICKERING/1865-1954/His beloved wife/Euphemia PICKERING/died May 19, 1933/in her 68th year/Her beloved husband/died Apr. 12,/in his 90th year/PICKERING//John PEACOCK/died June 22, 1897/aged 63 yrs/ His wife Janet/died Dec. 6, 1907/aged 61 yrs/In loving memory by/her grandson Ross PICKERING
113a Grey marble slanted face marker.

John PEACOCK/died/June 22, 1897/ aged 63 years

CS0114 Grey granite marker.
JOHNSON/ Ben/1897/Annie/1929/Robert/1916/Mary A./1937
114a Grey marble marker,

Father(on top)/Benjamin JOHNSON/born May 17, 1819/died Apr. 29, 1897

CS0115 Red granite on red granite on grey granite base.

FS: Hazel M.

Hazel M./HENDERSHOTT/wife of/Edgar LEAEY /1898-1936//Mc/Agnes J. SQUIRES/wife of/John McNERNIE/died/Apr. 16, 1897/aged 25 years/McNERNIE

CS0116 Grey marble column on double grey marble on concrete.

FS: Eathan

Eathan J. M./son of/T. J. & S. E. CLARRIDGE/died/ Mar. 13, 1906/aged 11 years/4 ms 8 days//Ettie CLARRIDGE/1865-1960//Thomas J. CLARRIDGE/ Aug. 12, 1863/Jan. 10, 1943//Sarah E./wife of/T. J. CLARRIDGE/died/June 28, 1897/aged 33 yrs/CLARRIDGE
116a Bronze casket-shaped monument.

  1. E.CLARRIDGE/born/Nov./24th/ 1864/died/June/28th/1897/She sleeps in peace

CS0117 Red granite on grey granite.

FS: Daisy, Hugh, Mother

At Rest/Elizabeth A. HANSLEY/wife of/John W. HUNTER/died Jan. 27, 1927/ in her 61st year//At Rest/Robert HANSLEY/died Dec. 10, 1921/in his 81st year/His wife/Sarah A. BRECKENBROUGH/died July 13, 1902/in her 60th year Daisy & Hugh/infant children of/J. & E. HUNTER/HUNTER

CS0118 Pink granite, slanted face on pink granite.

FS: Father, Mother

Lillian WRIGHT/Apr. 5,1897/Nov. 8, 1968/Irene WRIGHT/Feb. 7, 1892/ Feb. 18, 1977// WRIGHT/ Fanny BOYLAND/WRIGHT/Jan. 20, 1853/Feb. 18, 1936/ David Lenox/ WRIGHT /July 22, 1850/Feb. 10, 1936

CS0119 Grey marble column on grey marble on double concrete base.

Isabella/wife of/R. H. SMITH/died/Sept. 9, 1897/aged 49 y’rs/Gone but not/ forgotten/ SMITH

CS0120 Grey marble block on marble on concrete base.

Betsy B. McCRIMMON/wife of/Charles STINSON/1876-1923/Margaret A./ McDONALD/ wife of/Edward McCRIMMON/186301941//Gordon A./STINSON/ died/ June 8, 1908/aged 7 yrs/& 5 mos//(Anchor with a shield A.O.U.W./ Masonic Emblem/ (Gates Ajar)/At rest/In Memory of/Edward A./ McCRIMMON/died Aug. 8, 1897/aged 43 y’rs 9 m’s 9 d’s/Gone but not forgotten/ McCRIMMON// Annie L./McCRIMMON/died Mar. 16, 1913/aged 35 yrs/& 11 mos.

CS0121 Grey marble marker.

FS: Louisa. Father

(on top)/James BENTLEY/ born/Dec. 16, 1823/died Mar. 29, 1897/Gone but not forgotten

CS0122 Grey marble column on grey marble on concrete.

FS: Father

Walter/ HOOK/June 12, 1870/Dec. 2, 1950/Emily/wife of/John HOOK/died/ Jan. 20, 1898/ aged 92 y’s/HOOK

CS0123 Concrete base only
CS0124 Grey marble with scroll face

Julia, wife of/Fred‘k HAMILTON/born Dec. 7, 1863/died Jan. 30, 1899/ Blessed are the pure /in heart for they/shall see God/Frederick A. HAMILTON/died/Mar. 20 1919/ aged 65 yrs

CS0125 Tall grey granite, column scroll top with book, grey granite base on concrete base.

FS: Abram

Precious/in the sight/of the Lord/is the death/of his Saints. Psalms 116.15 (Arch)/At Rest/Dove over open gates/A native of Cornwall Eng./ Ann/beloved wife of/John EDES/born May 25, 1818/died Jan 9, 1899/ //Abram/BOND/born/Jan. 11, 1838/died/July 17, 1906/Happy in the/Lord/ John EDES/born Dec. 12, 1819/died Aug. 24, 1902/Asleep in Jesus/ //(Ivy)/Elizabeth / Ann/wife of/Abram BOND/born/July 14, 1846/died/ Oct. 4, 1914

CS0126 Grey granite.

OKE (on top)/Thomas OKE/born Feb. 5, 1819/died Feb. 14, 1908/Ann/wife of above/died Dec. 17, 1898/aged 72 yrs

CS0127 Red granite cylinder on red granite on grey granite base.

OKE/Grace SQUANCE/beloved wife of/Francis OKE/born Sept. 6, 1852/died Nov. 28, 1908/Asleep in Jesus/Francis OKE/died Mar. 2, 1913/aged 67 yrs

CS0128 Red granite on grey granite base.

J/Robert M. JONES/died Dec. 7, 1900/aged 23 years/Henry W. JONES/1883- 1969/His wife/Nancy B. FATHERGILL/1877-1964/JONES//Robert JONES/died/ Feb. 15, 1921/aged 75 years/Mary MORRIS/his wife/died Apr. 2-, 1929/aged 80 years

CS0129 Double grey marble, carved top, on concrete base.

FS: Father, George

(Star & Flower)/Clarence W./COLLEDGE/Jan. 24th 1891/Nov. 7, 1908/Alley E. COLLEDGE/Oct. 29th 1894/Nov. 3rd 1908/Walter COLLEDGE/April 17th 1898 /Sept. 24th 1898/COLLEDGE//George COLLEDGE /Jan. 10th 1858/Nov. 27th 1908 /George E. L./COLLEDGE/Mar. 11th 1887/May 10th 1910/Rena L. McGUGAN/ wife of/George COLLEDGE/Nov. 9th 1866/Mar. 1st 1939/

CS0130 Large grey marble column, scroll on top, concrete base.

(Archway)/At Rest/(Open Gates)/WALTER/Elizabeth WALTER/died Aug. 23, 1898/ in her 83rd year//(Ivy vine)/Josiah/Holmes CAIN/born in/Morley N.L. /Yorkshire/ Eng./Mar. 2, 1855/died/Oct. 19, 1918/Gone Home//Albert J./ WALTER/ died/Jan. 19, 1918/aged 57 yrs/Gone to rest.

CS0131 Grey granite, cross on top, concrete base.

John M./ROBERTS/died/July 29, 1898/aged 5 mos.//Masonic Emblem/Henry H./ROBERTS/ 1893-1955/His wife/Astella C./ROBERTS/1894-1975//R/John W. ROBERTS/ 1862-1935/Mary/wife of/J. W. ROBERTS/1859-1900/ROBERTS

CS0131A Red granite slanted face, on concrete base.

William DIMBLEBY/1873-1943/His wife/Naomi DIMBLEBY/1871-1951

CS0132 Grey granite column on grey granite on double concrete base, urn at top
W. Archibald/MacDONALD/1869-1933/Esther A./WILSON/WILEY/his wife/ 1868- 1931/U.E.L./MacDONALD//Anchor & Shield A.O.U.W./John E. WILEY/ died/ Mar. 19, 1898/aged 41 y’s/WILEY//Daniel/WILSON/1820-1912/ Caroline GILLETT/ his wife/1832-1922/WILSON

[for more information on John E. WILEY

CS0133 Red granite on grey granite base.

FS: Lawrence, Mother, Father

Lawrence F. J. SMITH/died Feb. 28, 1898/aged 1 mo & 4 days/53651  Sergeant Chester P. SMITH/18th Battalion/killed on the Somme /Sept. 15 1916/aged 24 years/ Lulu 1900-1948/Perry 1921-1954/SMITH/ //John SMITH/died Oct. 7, 1922/ aged 67 years/Louise A. FOWLER/his wife/

died June 8, 1933/aged 68 years/At Rest/
133a Grey marble marker.

Perry LUMLEY/1922-1954

CS0134 Tall red granite column on red granite on double concrete base.

Catherine/McINTYRE/died/Sept. 27, 1930/aged/98 years//C.O.C.F./A./ (7 links)/(Masonic Emblem)/Alexander/McINTYRE/died/Feb. 23, 1898/aged 61 years/A faithful friend/companion dear, a/tender husband lieth/here. Great is the loss/that we sustain, but hope/in Heaven to meet again/ McINTYRE//(Masonic Emblem)/Hugh Alex/son of/Alex & Catherine/McINTYRE/died Jan. 10, 1903/aged 36 years/

CS0135 Red granite on grey granite base. (Flowers)/
William RICH/RICH//(Flowers)/James RICH/1863-1933/Earl RICH/1894-1924
135a Grey granite slab. (Cross)/

Private/Earl RICH/3rd Battn. C.E.F./3rd December 1924

CS0136 Pink granite, slanted face, on grey granite base.

GROSE/George H. GROSE/1887 (3 links) 1972/His wife/Pearl CROSS/1888 RD (Emblem) 1964/

136a Grey marble marker.

Mother/ Emma/wife of/Wm GROSE/born Jan. 9, 1852/died Mar. 3, 1904

CS0137 Large red granite on red granite, grey granite base.

FS: George, Mabel

W/Mabel born April 14, 1897/died Sept. 22, 1897/George born July 7, 1902 /died May 25, 1903/children of William G./& Emma WILSON/WILSON/ //W/William G. WILSON/born Dec. 29, 1871/died Nov. 26, 1914/At Rest/ William H. WILSON/1898-1979/His wife Rosabel/1901-1974/Margaret ANNETT/ 1930-1966/
137a Red granite marker.

Rosabel A./WILSON/1902-1974

137b Red granite marker.

William H./WILSON/1898-1979

CS0138 Red granite on grey granite base.

FS: Margaret, Father, Mother

Maggie DICKSON/died Sept. 14th 1897/aged 18 years/At rest//George DICKSON/May 11, 1853/July 7, 1931/Jenny FORD/wife of/George DICKSON/ 1852-1926/At rest/

CS0139 Pink granite column on pink granite on grey granite.

FS: Mother

Corp. James/McARTHUR/killed in France/at the battle of/Courselett/ Sept. 16, 1916 (memorial give Sept 14)/aged 33 years//Elizabeth/EVANS/wife of/James/EVANS/1855- 1949/EVANS//Woodmen of the World Emblem/James/EVANS/died/Feb. 27, 1910/ aged 56 years//John T./died/Nov. 1, 1904/in his/21st year/Frederick W./ died/Apr. 7, 1901/in his/16th year/sons of/J. & E. EVANS
139a Grey granite marker.

Norma ATKINS/1892-1967

CS0140 Large pink granite on grey granite base.
John FOLLAND Jr./1851-1930/Frances Ann HILL/wife of/John FOLLAND Jr./ 1859-1900/John FOLLAND Sr./1825-1889/Jane HEARD/his wife/1829-1907/Their children/Charles 1866-1875/George 1863-1882//George H.FOLLAND/May 17, 1883-Nov. 14, 1943/His wife/Catherine NICHOLS/Sept. 23, 1880-Sept. 15,  1959/John Frederick /FOLLAND/Aug. 15, 1904-Nov. 21, 1977/FOLLAND
140a Grey granite marker. (Cross)/

John F. FOLLAND/Corporal/R.C.A.S.C./ 21 Nov. 1977 aged 73

CS0141 Red granite on grey granite base.

FS: Margaret

Donald CAMPBELL/Mar. 3, 1861-May 14, 1936/Margaret wife of/Donald  CAMPBELL/Feb. 14, 1868-Feb. 22, 1936/Margaret Mildred /infant daughter/ Aug. 25, 1898-Jan 29, 1900/CAMPBELL

CS0142 Tall grey marble column on grey marble on concrete.

FS: Mary

Mary Elizabeth/wife of/Wm. H. AVERY/died/Sept. 22, 1899/aged 57 y’rs/ //Margaret E./wife of/Wm. H. AVERY/died/Feb. 25, 1903/aged 60 y’rs/ AVERY//Robert/BROWN/born/July 3, 1834/died Dec. 23, 1915/BROWN/ //Nancy/CHALMERS/wife of/Robert BROWN/Mar. 7, 1839/Nov. 10, 1927/At rest

CS0143 Grey marble, scroll front.
Mary M/wife of R. G. SMITH/died/Sept. 18, 1925/in her 85th yr./Agnes FAULDS/dau of/R. G. & M. SMITH/died/Feb. 9, 1922/in her 42nd yr//SMITH In Memory of/Thomas SMITH/who died/Aug. 23, 1899/aged 20 y’s 17 d’s/ Robert G. SMITH/born Sept. 5, 1842/died May 14, 1909/At Rest
143A Red granite marker.

Vera SMART/1909-1931

CS0144 Red granite on concrete base.

Charles W. CATON/born July 9, 1843/died Jan. 15, 1900

CS0145 Grey marble, scroll front, grey marble base.

FS: Edward

Edward G. SMITH/died/Jan. 16, 1900/in his 68th year/At rest/Elizabeth/ wife of/Edward G. SMITH/1836-1924

CS0146 2-piece grey marble column on double concrete base, urn on top.

FS: Bert.

Alberta/dau of/Geo. S & Elizth E./CHADBOURNE/died June 3, 1900/aged 18 y’rs/10 mo’s & 9 days/Here lies our/darling Bertie/as pure as a lily/as sweet as a rose/CHADBOURNE

CS0147 Red granite on grey granite base.

FS: Husband, Aaron

William ROWSON/1850-1900/William PICKLES/1875-1917/Aaron McALLISTER/ 1876-1934/PICKLES//George PICKLES/1850-1921/His wife/Elizabeth ROWSON/ 1854-1929/Pte. W. McALLISTER/C.A.S.F./1916-1940/McALLISTER

CS0148 Large red granite on grey granite base.

M/Emma May/wife/born April/26th 1851/died July/16th 1900/MacKENZIE/ //Woodmen of the World Emblem/In Memory of/our late Bro./John MacKENZIE/ born July 25, 1851/died June 9, 1910/Initiated into the /Order D.R.C./ June 19, 1885/acting as/Sect. & Treas./until his death/Ethel BUCK/wife/ Nov. 6th 1879/April 3rd 1969/MacKENZIE

CS0149 Red granite on grey granite base.

MOELLER (on top)/Kate A. McGREGOR/wife of/Henry MOELLER/born July 19,  1864/died Dec. 22, 1900

CS0150 Small red granite slanted face.

SURGENT/Otto O./1904-1953/Daniel J./1873-1930/His wife, Eliza A./ 1879-1941

CS0151 Grey marble, cross & lamb on top

Arthur/BILLINGS/died/Jan. 13, 1901/aged 2 y’rs/& 7 days/

CS0152 2-piece grey marble column on white marble.

Elizabeth/VALENTINE/BOTWRIGHT/1864-1941/wife of Charles BOTWRIGHT/ 1866-1957//At Rest/David C./VALENTINE/died/Feb. 8, 1902/aged 63 y’s/ VALENTINE//Omar L./VALENTINE/Feb. 16, 1899/Jan. 26, 1944

CS0153 Grey marble block.

FS: Hazel

SNYDER (on top)/ (Arch)/At Rest/(Open Gate)/Norman SNYDER/born Mar. 27, 1892/died Jan. 2, 1902//Emmett SNYDER/Mar. 18, 1863/Oct. 20, 1939/His wife/Carrie Bell HEWITT/Dec. 23, 1868/Dec. 10, 1925/Hazel P. SNYDER/Sept. 17, 1896/ Dec. 1, 1961
153a Grey granite marker.

Ethel ROBERTSON/1894-1983

CS0154 Large 3-piece red granite.

FS: Mable M., Ella-Laird, Mother, Father,

Jean W., William. OGILVIE-MALLOUGH/ //(Cross carved on each side)/WILLIAM OGILVIE/ born at Brechin Scotland March 4, 1842/died September 2,, 1921/Veteran of the Fenian Raid/ His wife Matilda RUSSELL WILD/born at Melbourne, Quebec Sept. 4, 1860/died at St. Thomas Ont. July 30, 1925/beloved mother of Jean W. OGILVIE MALLOUGH/died January 2, 1966 in her 78th year/ wife of William MALLOUGH/ died December 30, 1961 in his 73rd year/ Mabel M. daughter of Wm. &  Hannah OGILVIE/died April 22, 1901 in her 21st year
154a Red granite marker.

Mother/Chillotte GALLAGHER/1865-1903

CN0001 Pink granite.

Frank LOOMIS/1858-1936

CN0002 Pink granite.

Wm. Talbot/LITTLE/1851-1933

CN0003 Pink granite.

Thomas RATTRAY/1881-1967/Elizabeth RATTRAY/1896-1941/ David G. HENRY/ 1942-1945

CN0004 Concrete ground stone.

Father/Harley STAFFORD/Oct. 28, 1895/June 5, 1941/190138 91st Btn C.E.F.

CN0005 Pink granite on grey base.

Elizabeth THOMSON/wife of/James ANDREW/ 1872-1941/James ANDREW/ 1877-1945

CN0006 Pink granite on grey base.

Hugh WATSON/1902-1941/His wife/Sarah ACTON/1900-1973

CN0007 Red granite on grey granite base.

Henry W. BUCKPITT/1869-1951/ His wife/ Mary RIVARD/1872-1959/Annie W. BUCKPITT/ 1861-1941/BUCKPITT

CN0008 Pink granite on grey base.

Arthur WOOD/1873-1943/Flora CALDER/wife of/Arthur WOOD/1872-1942

CN0009 Red granite on grey base.

Wilfred WHALLEY/husband of/Gladys HOWLETT/Mar. 2, 1894/Oct. 29, 1940

CN0010 White marble on white marble base.

SMITH/Norman Wesley/1908-1943/dau. Shirley G. L./born 1937 Mar. 19

CN0011 Red granite on grey granite base.

HAMILTON/William/1872-1944/Father of/William Neil/1901-1987

CN0012 White marble.

Adam A. STEWART/1868-1950/His wife/Martha J. ALLEN/ 1866-1949

CN0013 Red granite on grey granite base.

Arthur MARTIN/1870-1944/Annie MARTIN/his wife/1866-1952

CN0014 Red granite on red granite base.

CROCKER/Edwin CROCKER/1866-1944/ His wife/Mary J. CROCKER/1867-1958

CN0015 Red granite set in concrete on ground.

William FOSTER/1890-1944/His wife/Mable JUDSON/1895-1962

CN0016 Red granite block.

Thomas J. BEATTIE/1861-1944

CN0017 Red granite ground stone.

Robert J. WARDLE/1874-1940

CN0018 Red granite ground stone.

Mary Jane WARDLE/1875-1955

CN0019 Red granite on red granite base.

WARDLE/In Loving Memory of/ John W. WARDLE/1897-1975/beloved husband of Nancy McINDOE/1899-1981

CN0020 Tall 12 ft., red granite with draped urn at top, on 3-step concrete base.
Gertrude/GALL/wife of/Lawrence A. SEARS/1899-1975/GALL//In Memory of/ Charles C./son of/Wm. & Emma/GALL/who died/Jan. 28, 1893/age/6 y’rs 3 mo’s/ & 25 d’ys/ Robert A. GALL/Dec. 2, 1890/May 8, 1901/Masonic Symbol/John GALL/ Dec. 1, 1882/Aug. 22, 1920//Edith M./died/Jan. 26, 1897/aged 3 yrs/ Arthur F./died/Feb. 1, 1897/aged 15 y’rs/children of/W. & E. GALL// William/ GALL/ Apr. 27, 1945/Dec.21, 1925/Emma G./his wife/ June 7, 1857/Mar. 21, 1939

FS: Gordie

CN0021 Black granite on grey granite base.

PHILLIPS/ Thos. Allen/PHILLIPS/1846-1926/Emily ASHPLANT/his wife/1851-1926/ Nothing but memories as we journey on/longing for smiles from loved ones gone/None know the depths of our deep regret/but we remember when others forget.

CN0022 White bronze column, urn missing. Anchor with A.O.U.W. on crest.

In Memory of/Thomas/BROOKS/born/in Herefordshire Eng./August 20, 1836/ died/at Tilbury, Kent/County, Ont./July 10, 1893/Dear husband thou art gone to/rest and this shall be our prayer/that when we reach our journey’s/end thy glory may we share//In memory of/ Milbrough M./NANTAIS /born in Herefordshire, Eng./Oct 5th 1852/died at/St. Thomas Ont./ Nov. 4, 1911//1893 (White Bronze Co./St. Thomas Ont//BROOKS

CN0023 Red granite cathedral style on red granite base on concrete. Masonic crest.

James Angell FEWINGS/born March 7th 1834/died November 20th 1907/Jane FEWINGS his wife/born June 8th 1825/died April 10th 1919/ FEWINGS

CN0024 White marble on white marble base.

SCHOOLEY/Elyhue M./1824-1893/his wife/Catherine/1823-1918/Samuel J/ 1852-1918//Sophia TAYLOR/1878-1948/Martha TAYLOR/wife of/S. J. SCHOOLEY

CN0025 Grey marble on 3-level base, urn on top.

FS: Father

Fannie/PEARSE/wife of Samuel PIPER/died/Oct. 15, 1922/aged 53 years/She hath done/what she could//Frederick C./EWING/1862-1929/Jane PEARSE/ his wife/1865-1931/PEARSE//In Memory of/Geo. PEARSE/who died/June 2, 1898/aged 57 years/The pains of death are passed,/labor and sorrow ceased/and life’s long warfare closed at last. His soul’s found in peace / In/Memory of/Margaret/wife of/Geo. PEARSE/died/Aug. 24, 1921/in her 33rd year/At Rest

CN0026 White marble brick-like alter with open book on top.

FS: Father

Frank McKenzie/SHERMAN/born Oct. 8, 1864/killed at Springfield Ont./ by World’s Fair/Express/July 30, 1893/A loving husband and kind father/ has gone/Not my will but thine be done//Phoebe/SHERMAN/INGALLS/born/ Mar. 25, 1862/died/Nov. 19, 1924/only sleeping

CN0027 Red granite on grey base.

FS: Walter, Cora M.

Jane A. wife of/Henry SANDERS/died June 23, 1904/aged 42 y’rs/At Rest/ Cora E. SANDERS/ wife of/Neil T. MORGAN/1891-1927/Neil T. MORGAN/1883- 1943// Henry SANDERS/July 8, 1860-Feb. 16, 1948/His wife/Annie SANDERS/ Jan. 20, 1865-Oct. 27, 1949/Walter R. SANDERS/Sept. 29, 1895-Nov. 10, 1975/ His wife/ Cora M. SANDERS/Nov. 18, 1904-Apr. 22, 1982

CN0028 Small white marble. (W. E. Cox City)

William Henry/son of/Henry & Jane A./SANDERS/born Aug. 24, 1882/died July 28, 1893/ Gone so soon

CN0029 Grey marble column, 3-step base, urn missing.

Louise S./wife of/Wm. PHENIX/died/May 2, 1893/age 19 yrs/9 m’s & 18 d’s Twas hard to give/thee up but thy/will of God be done//PHENIX

CN0030 White marble column, 3-step base, urn on top.
Elizabeth Ann/beloved/wife of/George F./YOUNG/1867-1939//George/Frederick/ YOUNG/1871-1946 (See note below- he actually died 6 Dec 1945) /YOUNG//In/Memory of/John S./SHARON/ born/ Apr. 8, 1827/ died/Nov. 1, 1908/ Thomas/ Stanley/ SHARON/died/Oct. 10, 1936 / SHARON//In/Memory of/Sarah Jane/wife of/John S. SHARON/and dau of/ William & Elizabeth/ SELLS/born/May 8, 1834/died/Jan. 14, 1893/Watch therefore/for ye know not/ what hour your/Lord doth come/Matt. XXIV 42

(Note: YOUNG – St Thomas Times Journal, 7 December 1945, Page 9, c4  –      Died –   George F. YOUNG, 75 years, Dec 6; father of J. Fred YOUNG, Owen G. YOUNG, Bert YOUNG, Mrs P. J. SLATTERIE, Mrs W. I. FREEMAN, Kenneth T. YOUNG, Mrs Benjamin STANIFORTH. Funeral Dec 10 1945 from Williams Funeral Home to St Thomas Cemetery. NOTE: Inscription reads in error – CVH April 2004.)

CN0031 Red granite on red granite base.

FS: Father, Mother, ? Hattie

Annie/daughter of/John & Caroline/ORTTON/died June 14, 1904/ORTTON// In Loving Memory of/John ORTTON/born March 11, 1825/died Jan. 6, 1893/ After life’s fitful fever he sleeps well/Caroline ORTTON/his wife/born Feb. 15, 1825/died Apr. 28, 1908/At Rest

CN0032 Grey granite ground stone.

WOOD/Percy Arthur WOOD/1904-1960

CN0033 Tall red granite obelisk on 3-tier base.

FS: Maria

Maria/wife of/George BANKS/died Jan. 19, 1894/aged 35 y’rs 6 m’s & 7 d’ys/Asleep in Jesus O for me/may such a blissful refuge/be. Securely shall my/ashes lie waiting the/summons from on high/death has been here and bourne/away. A sister from our side/just in the morning of her life/ so young and yet she died/asleep in Jesus. Blessed sleep/from which now wake to weep/a calm and undisturbed repose/unbroken by the last of foes

CN0034 Red granite on grey granite base.

Joshua E. ABBOTT/1852-1928

CN0035 White marble on base.

Nellie/ dau of/Silas & Lizzie/PROSSER/ died Apr. 17, 1900/aged 27 y’rs/ The fairest flower on earth must/fade. The brightest hope on earth must/die

CN0036 Small grey sandstone.

In Loving Memory of/Christopher G./ DEGRAW/died Mar. 13, 1913/in his 47th/year

CN0037 Pink granite on concrete base.

FS: Frankie, Harry, Father, Mother

George P./BROWN/born May 28, 1848/died Jan. 14, 1923/Eliza M. BROWN/ born Mar. 2, 1858/ died Oct. 25, 1926/BROWN//Frankie/born Oct. 13, 1880/ died Apr. 26, 1881/ Harry/born Nov. 13, 1883/died Aug. 18, 1885/Children of George P./& Eliza M. BROWN/ Wilfred Ingram

CN0038 Grey marble.

Joseph/GAUDICHE/born/Apr. 9, 1848/died/Dec. 22, 1899/ Gone but not forgotten

CN0039 Grey marble.

Clester L./son of/T. L. & M. J. CARSON/died Aug. 9, 1885/aged/3 mos & 15 dys/Sleep on sweet babe and take thy rest/thy sufferings here are o’er/God called thee early to his arms/to bless thee evermore

CN0040 Grey marble scroll.

Clarence/son of/T. L. & M. J. CARSON/died/July 17, 1891/aged 16 mo’s/verse illegible

CN0041 Grey marble scroll on base.

FS: Mother

Sarah J. ABBOTT/born/June 1, 1832/died/Mar. 28, 1896

CN0042 Grey marble footstone.


CN0043A Small grey marble scroll.

Elihu M./SCHOOLEY/born Dec.17, 1824/ died/Aug. 30, 1893

CN0043B Grey marble marker.

Joseph/GOBEIL/June 9, 1942

CN0044 3-piece brown granite, draped urn, on 2-piece concrete base.

FS: John

Alfred BAKER/N.B.C./1893-1954/his wife/Hazel/ALLEN/1893-1977/ //Annie ALLENNETHERTON/ July 4, 1943/John/NETHERTON/Oct. 28, 1872/ Sept. 25, 1956// ALLEN// C.O.C.F./ A./F.(chain)P./R.O.Y.G.I.V./George / ALLEN/died/June 2, 1894/in the 27 year/of his age/I loved him dearly/ No tongue can tell/how much I loved/him, and how well/God loved him too /and He thought best/to take him home/with him to rest

CN0045 Red granite on grey granite.

MITCHELL/ Agnes TAYLOR-1911/Jennie HARRIS-1941/George L. – 1894/George – 1959/

CN0046 2-piece granite squares, top missing, on 2-piece grey granite base

Elizabeth/NORTH/born/Aug. 10th 1834/died/May 3rd 1906//In Memory of/ Almore NORTH/ who died/Dec. 18th 1948/aged 90 years/NORTH//In/Memory of/ Geo. NORTH/who died/Oct. 4th 1894/aged 62 years

CN0047 Grey marble shield on base.

A faded flower/Our/Evalene (illegible) (May be Annie THOMPSON/died Nov. 20, 1894/AE 1 yr 7 mo 18 d)

CN0048 Red granite on grey granite.

McKILLOP /Annie HOOPER/wife of/John McKILLOP/died Nov. 17, 1893/aged 38 years/ John McKILLOP/died Jan. 14, 1911/aged 62 years/They rest in peace

CN0049 2-piece grey marble on 2-piece concrete. (Hutchison & Miller, Aylmer)

Clarence/1889-1961/Jessie HAZEN/died Nov. 14, 1893/aged 1 year 9 ms/ //Annie Maud/died/Sep. 19, 1883/age 5 weeks/Harold Vincent/died/Sep/ 12, 1885/ age 7 mos//In Memory of/Lesley Raymond/who died/Oct. 17, 1885/age/ 2 yrs & 3 mos// THOMPSON//Richard THOMPSON/1859-1941/his wife/ Elizabeth/ 1858-1953/children of/Rich’d & Elizabeth/THOMPSON/

CN0050 Red granite ground stone, floral motif.

WOOD/Harold/1904-1969/Madelene/( )

CN0051 Large grey sandstone in form of chapel, grey marble plaque on front.
In Memory of/Belle/wife of/ThosRYCROFT/died Sept. 5, 1893/age 28 ys 1 mo 9 ds/Jesssie C./daughter of/Thos. & Belle/RYCROFT/died Sept. 30, 1893/age 1 mo 18 ds/ RYCROFT
51a Red granite marker.


51b Red granite marker.


CN0052 Red granite on grey granite.

William H. HURST/1861-1924/Annie HURST/wife of/Wm L. MCDERMAND / 1863-1927/ Louise HURST/LEWIS/1867-1939/HURST

CN0053 Grey concrete ground stone.

FS: Gussie Edith SPOONER/1894-1975

CN0054 Light brown granite on 2-piece concrete. (Doggett & Co)

David SUTHERLAND/born at West Caniby Scotland/Aug 23, 1808/died Dec.23, 1896/SUTHERLAND//Margaret/GIBSON/SUTHERLAND/born at Orwell/June 18, 1848/died/Dec. 12,1928//Mary Ellen/SUTHERLAND/born at/Orwell/May 7, 1846/died/Jan. 14, 1926//Ellen TEEPLE/wife of/D. SUTHERLAND/born at Orwell/Elgin Co./July 15, 1822/died/Feby. 3, 1893/

CN0055 Large red granite on grey granite base.

FS: Mother

Alfred/BOWEY/1859-1933/Emma wife of/Alfred BOWEY/1863-1896/Hazel Gay/ their daughter/1888-1888/BOWEY//Roger HORTOP/1825-1892/Elizabeth HORTOP/ born Apr. 13, 1833/died July 28, 1910/Mary E. wife of/T. HORTOP/1861- 1902/Tom HORTOP/born Aug.9, 1861/died Aug. 28, 1910/HORTOP

CN0056 4-piece grey granite in form of temple on 2-piece concrete.

In/Memory of/Thos. R. CALVER/died/July 25, 1886/aged 39 y’s 1 mo 16 ds/ /Twas in the prime of my life/that death was sent to me/For those that I have left behind ? //Mamby/son of/Thos. R. & Miriam/CALVER/died July 17, 1883/aged 7 ms 17 ds/(verse illegible)//Miriam/CALVERSTOCKTON/ 1856-1933/CALVER//Robert J. STIRLING/Sept 26, 1942-Apr. 11, 1945

CN0057 Pink granite, helmet motif.

1870 Robert McDONALD 1936/his wife/1879 Mary A. CALVER 1973

CN0058 Red granite on grey granite on concrete base, leaf motif.

SANDS/Arnold SANDS/1895-1958/husband of Elva May FALLIS

CN0059 Grey granite bible on log, leaf & flower motif.

  1. YOUNG/died Feb. 13, 1893/aged 48 years/4 m’s/25 ds/PSI I. 1, 2

CN0060 Grey marble ground stone.

ADA F. MITCHELL/1898-1920

CN0061 Low marble on concrete base.

Our Darling (on top)/In Memory of/Vera Alma/dau of/Wm. & Carrie LEE/May 30, 1903/aged 3 y’rs/& 6 mos

CN0062 Grey granite ground stone.

Mother/1819-1907 (office records inconclusive)

CN0063 Pink granite raised marker.

John THOMPSON/Mar. 1, 1854/Dec. 4, 1919

CN0064 Pink granite raised marker.

Harriett A. THOMPSON/Oct. 25, 1857/ June 4, 1920

CN0065 Pink granite on grey granite base.

MAY (on top)/ Carrie L. CLARK/wife of W. H. MAY/died Dec. 4, 1901/aged 50 yrs, 6 mos 10 ds/Carrie Blanche/died Mar. 19, 1895/aged 5 mos, 5 dys/The memory of the just is blessed//William H. MAY/Nov. 25, 1849/Jan. 13, 1945

CN0066 3-piece pink granite on double concrete base.

FS: Father, Mother,  Walter, Jennie, James, Grandma, James Lindsay

In Memory of/Alexander LINDSAY/born in Barrhead, Scotland/Oct. 3, 1840/ died in St. Thomas Apr. 22, 1895/in the 56th year of his age/Helen STEWART/wife of/ Alexander LINDSAY/born in Paisley Scot. May 31, 1843/ died in St. Thomas, April 23, 1925/ LINDSAY//Arch’d STEWART/born Oct 3, 1810/died Mar. 4, 1886/Helen RICHMOND/ wife of/Arch‘d STEWART/born Dec. 31, 1818/died May 12, 1872/JAs STEWART/ born May 11, 1845/died June 5, 1866//Walter S. &/ Jeanie/infant children of/Alex & Hellen/ LINDSAY

CN0067 Grey granite on concrete.

PATTERSON/James PATTERSON/1870-1894/Selina FLYNN/1848-1910/ //Ella PATTERSON DAVIS/1873-1949

CN0068 Pink granite on pink granite on concrete.

William H. J. MARSDEN/1886-1949/Constance M. JACKSON/wife of/William H. J. MARSDEN/1887-1946/Hazel M. MARSDEN/1889-1892/James D. F. MARSDEN/ 1898-1898/MARSDEN//George JACKSON/1863-1946/Jane COLES/wife of George JACKSON/1857-1934/JACKSON

CN0069 White granite column on 2-tier concrete base, urn missing.

Diana E./beloved wife of/Fred BAILEY/died Jan. 22, 1897/in her 39 year/ of her age/ We cannot but break/our hearts over the/graves which hide/ those precious forms/ from our sight but/ think of the blessed/communion which they/enjoy with the saints/ in glory//In /Memory/of/William E./ BAILEY/born/Dec. 13, 1885/died/Aug. 16 1928/ At Rest/ Gordon R./son of/F. & D. BAILEY/died Feb. 20, 1893/in the 3 year/of his age/ Frederick/ BAILEY/born/Apr. 25, 1854/died/Jan. 17, 1938/Only sleeping/ BAILEY

CN0070 Red granite on grey granite base.

FS: Mother, Father, Eva A., Father

MORROW/Milton MORROW/1877-1942/beloved husband of Annie MATTHEWS// Eva A. MORROW/born in St. Thomas/Feb. 26, 1894/died Apr. 28, 1895

CN0071 Grey granite on concrete base.

Elizabeth MORRIS/A’BARROW/1817-1903/Her daughter/Elizabeth A’BARROW/ 1856-1923/Psalm XXIII

CN0072 Black granite on concrete base.

FS: Father, Mother

SHERMAN (on top)/James A. SHERMAN/1846-1923/Ann A. wife of/James A. SHERMAN/1846-1920/John L. W. SHERMAN/1873-1896

CN0073 3-piece marble column on concrete.

Christine/ wife of/Sam WEBB/died/June 20, 1895/aged 38 years//Masonic symbol// Elizabeth(?)/ died Dec. 3, 1894/aged 3 yrs(?)/Roy/died/Apr. 9, 1896/aged 3 yrs/6 mos/ children of S. & C. WEBB/(verse illegible)

CN0074 Black granite on black granite on concrete.

FS: Elsie

R/Elsie Irene ROBERTS/Mar. 1, 1894-Sept. 24, 1894/ROBERTS//R/Albertt ROBERTS/ 1870-1937/His wife/Emma J. ROBERTS/1869-1919

CN0075 Pink granite on grey granite base, flower motif.

FS: Mother, Father

Samuel HAMILTON/born Mar. 16, 1867/died May 24, 1931/His wife/Susanna HYDE/July 5, 1867-Jan. 5, 1949/At Rest/HAMILTON

CN0076 2-piece grey marble column on double concrete base, top missing.

In/Memory of/Esther GREGORY/1860-1929//In/Memory of/Mary HOGBIN/died/ Sept. 1, 1896/ aged 68 yrs/2 mo’s//In/Memory of/George HOGBIN/who died/ Dec. 22, 1893/aged/36 years/ /In/Memory of/Joseph GREGORY/1851-1923/ (J. W. Hutchison, Aylmer)

CN0077 Pink granite.

Masonic symbol/William CLARK/1860-1947/His wife/Mary BUCHANAN/1877-1932

77a Grey granite marker.

Nancy Lynn/CLARK/Aug. 13, 1949

CN0078 2-piece grey marble pulpit style, open book on top, on 2 piece white marble base.
William HANDFORD/1854-1894/HANDFORD

Addendum: Also buried in this plot. Hugh HARE, d 6 Sept 1898, age 75 Jane McINTYRE his wife d 8 Mar 1904 age 70 parents of Mary HARE HANDFORD

CN0079 2-piece grey marble on white marble base.

FS: Father, Mother, Dad/Richard, Darling Dick (Doggett & Co.)

Thomas O./JOHNSTON/Apr. 22, 1948/Dec. 24, 1931/Diana SINKINS/His wife/ Feb. 14, 1848/Dec. 2, 1893/Richard T./KESSEL/1882-( )/Edna M./JOHNSTON /his wife/1883-1944/Diana/wife of/Thos. O. JOHNSTON/born Feb. 14, 1848/ died Dec. 2, 1892//I know that my Redeemer liveth/(Book)/At Rest/(Dove)/ (Gates Ajar)/Richard O. KESSEL/born Aug. 10, 1903/died June 4, 1915

CN0080 Small 2-piece marble pillar on concrete.

Daniel W./METLER/died/Jan. 10, 1901/in his 74 year//Phoebe C./beloved wife/of the above died/Nov. 29, 1893/in her 63 year/At Rest/Clarence Robb/METLER/1891-1956/his wife/Daisie/1883-1952//W. Walker/METLER/died Jan. 2, 1930/aged 73 yrs/Annie L. BOBIER/his wife/died/Mar. 4, 1936/ aged 72 yrs

CN0081 White marble slab.

In Memory of/Benjamin PARKS/killed on G.W.R./by No. 71 at London/ Mar. 22, 1884/aged 29 years/ Verse illegible

CN0082 4-sided grey granite on grey granite on double concrete.

FS: William, Father, Elizabeth.

Thomas GARDNER/Dec. 2, 1849/Apr. 17, 1939/Martha SELLERS/wife of/ Thomas/ GARDNER/ Dec. 11, 1849/Mar. 6, 1926//C.O.F./William GARDNER/ died/ Oct. 18, 1917/aged/40 years/ His wife/ Elizabeth/ GRANT/died/Mar. 11, 1961/ aged 83 years//J.B. (three links)/ C.O.O.F.M.U./John Albert/died/Dec. 12, 1893 /in his 15 year/of his age/Mary Jalina/May 2, 1881 /in the 10 year/of her age/ Children of/Tho’s & Martha/GARDNER/Dear children/their days on/ earth was few/They passed aw-/ay like morning/dew/GARDNER

CN0083 Pink granite on grey granite.

FS: Mother

W/John WILSON/born Jan. 27, 1868/died May 31, 1951/Agnes Ellen WATSON/ beloved wife of/John WILSON/born June 28m 1872/died Jan. 21, 1926/WILSON

CN0084 Red granite on grey granite.

FS: Gerald

Fred/died Mar. 5, 1895/aged 17 years/HEARD//Robert HEARD/died July 26, 1920/aged 86 years/Sarah E. BAKER/his wife/died Mar. 30, 1936/aged 90 years/Annie J. HEARD/1864-1949/HEARD

CN0085 Grey marble column on double concrete, urn on top.

FS: Husband

(Crown)/ Ephaphras H./BERDAN/born/Mar. 25, 1848/died/Jan. 22, 1913/ BERDAN //(Crown)/ Lury Ann/ wife of/Epaphras H./BERDAN/died/June 27, 1895 /aged 51 y’rs/& 2 mo’s/Precious one from/us has gone. A voice/we loved is still’d/A place is vacant at/our hearth which/never can be filled/ //(Crown)/William C./BERDAN/1870-1954

CN0086 Red granite on red granite on grey granite.

FS: Mother, Father

Eliza J. RINN/wife of/John EMERSON/died May 26, 1916/aged 55 years/ At rest/John EMERSON/ died June 20, 1925/aged 67 years/Resting in Peace //Joseph EMERSON/ died May 21, 1891/in his 20th year/(Masonic emblem & 3 links)/Joseph F. EMERSON/ born Jan. 5, 1897/died Nov. 16, 1923/only sleeping/EMERSON

CN0087 Grey marble stone on similar base.

CARR/Frederick/1866-1940/His wife/Mary BLOYE/1862-1950/Nellie/1900- 1928/ Arthur/1888-1897

CN0088 Double grey granite on double concrete base.

John R. LAWRENCE/died Oct. 20, 1919/aged 58 years/LAWRENCE//James MILLIGAN/ died Sept. 6, 1907/aged 76 year/Mary Jane wife of/James  MILLIGAN/ died March 17, 1897/aged 58 years/ 6 mo’s & 9 days/MILLIGAN

CN0089 Large red granite on grey granite.

FS; Father, Mother, Grandpa MILLAR

CN0090 Red granite on concrete.

ROBSON/Thomas ROBSON/1872-19–/His wife/Sarah Ann WOODHOUSE/ 1876-1920

CN0091 Small red granite.

Freddie/GILES/ died/Nov. 25, 1836/aged 1 y’r

CN0092 Large double grey granite on concrete base, 2 books on top.

At rest/ In Memory of/Ella/beloved wife of/Alem ROBINSON/died April 1st 1896/in the 41t year /of her age/ROBINSON

CN0093 Grey marble on grey marble, open book at top.

In Memory of/GEORGE A. LEE/died Jan. 14, 1898/aged 25 y’rs/(verse illegible)/MARY A. GASKIN/ died/June 4, 1899/aged 82 years

CN0094 Grey marble column on 3 grey marble bases.

At/Rest/Harvey GRAHAM/died/June 2, 1898/aged 84 y’rs/3 mo’s & 25 d’s/ Gone but not forgotten/ GRAHAM

CN0095 Grey marble cylinder on concrete.

Edward MILLARD/died Nov. 27, 1805/aged 26 years//Rosa Belle/dau. of James & Jennett MILLARD/ died Jan. 4th 1898/aged 16 years

CN0096 Small grey marble.

(Rose)/Catherine M. L./died/Aug. 16, 1883/aged/4 m’s & d ds/dau of Richard F. & Mary A./WILLIAMS/verse illegible

CN0097 Small grey marble.
(Dove)/Ida J./died/Sep. 20, 1884/aged 8 mo’s/ dau of R. F. & Mary A. WILLIAMS/ (verse mostly illegible) Thou art little / child of our love/from /a light missions above
97a Concrete tree stump.


CN0098 Grey marble on double grey marble base.

Effie May McGREGOR/died Jan. 8, 1893/aged 21 years/Henry W. McGREGOR/ died Nov. 7, 1906/aged 41 years//Open gates/Malcolm McGREGOR/died/ Aug. 1, 1907/ aged 73 years/McGREGOR

CN0099 Small red granite, slanted face, on grey granite base.

Sarah Jane/CUMMINGS/wife of/Henry T. ELGIE/1850-1931

CN0100 Small grey marble block. (on top)

Arthur H. W. SEALEY/1890-1930/ George T./SEALEY/1917-1937

CN0101 Grey granite marker.

Mother/Pearl C. FARRIS/1886-1942

CN0102 Red granite marker.

George M. CARR/1890-1961/His wife/Caroline CARROLL /1888-1965

CN0103 Grey granite slab. (Cross)/

Private/Joseph F. EMERSON/C.F.A. C.E.F./ 16th November 1923

CN0104 Grey granite marker.

Sarah E./(BALSDENWAGNER/1874-1964

CN0105 Grey granite marker.

Almon S. BALSDEN/1876-1913

CN0106 Red granite ground stone.

SATCHELL/Charles Kenneth /1924-1964

CN0107 Medium red granite on double concrete base, leaves at top.

SATCHELL/John SATCHELL/1892-1957/His wife/Mary Jane PAUL/1892-1969/ Their dau. Margaret/1921-1943

CN0108 Grey concrete on concrete base, scroll on top.

BRAZIER/In/Memory of/Gwendoline/dau. of Jesse & Edith/BRAZIER/died May 7, 1897/aged 5 mo’s

CN0109 Red granite cylinder on concrete base.

Phoebe wife of/Frederick SANDISON/1887-1924

CN0110 Flat red granite set in concrete.

Harold C. LAW/1900-1975

CN0111 Grey concrete block set on one edge in concrete.

Our darling/Rhyall PRITCHARD/died Nov. 22, 1897/in his 6th year

CN0112 Red granite on red granite on concrete, Bible on top.

FS: Father, Mother, Mary E., Emma

Holy Bible/William C. JONES/died Mar. 5, 1898/aged 56 yrs. & 10 mo’s/ One precious to our hearts has gone/The voice we loved is stilled/ The place made vacant in our home/Can never more be filled/ //Mary E. BERDINE/1873-1945//Emma C. JONES/daughter of Wm. & Maud JONES /died July 13, 1926/Safe home//Maud WALKER/wife of/William JONES/died June 30, 1920/Forever with the Lord.

CN0113 Red granite on grey granite base.

FS: Mother, Father

KINGSWOOD/ Abraham KINGSWOOD/died Feb. 27, 1899/aged 51 years/ Margaret FENN/his wife/died Feb. 22, 1932/aged 85 years//John KINGSWOOD/ died June 9, 1911/aged 35 years/ Mrs. Ellen TAYLOR/died Feb. 24, 1912/aged 74 years/

CN0114 Red granite on concrete base.

BOWLBY (on top)/Minnie E. BOWLBY/born Mar. 22, 1876/died Mar. 4, 1899/ Vesta BOWLBY/April 2, 1851/April 27, 1922//T. Russell E. STIDWELL/born Dec. 15, 1899/died Aug. 31, 1900/Florence Satira BOWLBY/beloved wife of/ Wm. H. STIDWELL/ born Aug. 28, 1872/died Jan. 12, 1915

CN0115 Red granite on red granite on concrete, Bible on top, open gates, dove.

John CURRIE/died in Courtright/Mar. 29, 1899/aged 55 y’rs/Native of Banffshire/Scotland

CN0116 Black granite on concrete.

(On top) VANPATTER/Harvey VANPATTER 1832-1909/Melissa VANPATTER  1844-1914

CN0117 Grey marble slab on concrete base.

Nina VANPATTER/wife of/John CORNOCK /died Aug. 26, 1900/aged 29 years

CN0118 Grey granite slab on concrete base.

Isaac ROBERTS/died Nov. 21, 1900/in his 86th year/Elizabeth/wife of Isaac ROBERTS /died Sept. 22, 1904/in her 80th year/Precious dust here lies thy casket/Till the last great trumpet sounds/Then thy glorious prisoned body/will unit with Christ to reign// Isaac ROBERTS 1865-1922

CN0119 Red granite pillar on red granite base on white marble base.

Clara F./wife of Geo. SKINNER/born Oct. 17, 1871/died Jan. 30, 1901/ also Baby

CN0120 Low grey/white marble scroll.

Velma WAGNER/Jan. 10, 1907/June 26, 1908

CN0121 Grey marble on grey marble base.

FS: (Bibles) Millie, Alda, Robert, Harriet, George

JOHNSTON/ Alda JOHNSTON/1880-1901/Millie (JOHNSTONHALL/1889-1976 // JOHNSTON/Robert JOHNSTON/1850-1904/His wife/Harriet GOWAN/1855-1950/ Son/George JOHNSTON/1883-1955

CN0122 Small concrete on concrete base.

Jessie M./dau of Peter/& Mary BRUCE/died Mar. 17, 1901/aged 3 yrs, 1 mo

CN0123 Grey marble on concrete.

CUTLER/Tho’s Cha’s CUTLER/died Feb. 14, 1904/aged 45 y’rs/Percy Victor CUTLER/ died Sept. 21, 1916/aged 14 y’rs/Annie READ/beloved wife of George PARTIS/ born at Worchestershire Eng./1856-1928

CN0124 Grey marble on grey marble on concrete pad.

John C. CLARK/June 17, 1843/Aug. 10, 1901/Chloe O. his wife/Nov. 27, 1846/Jan. 8, 1942/Benjamin B. CLARK/Oct. 14, 1870/Feb. 16, 1929/CLARK/ //John F. CLARK/Jan. 8, 1897/Dec. 21, 1943

CN0125 Small grey marble, rounded top, on grey marble base.

Our darlings/Helen J. GARROW/Sept. 22, 1916-Sept. 25, 1916/George H. SANDERSON/Dec. 22, 1899-July 9, 1901

CN0126 Red granite on grey granite base on concrete slab.

William K. SANDERSON/1863-1938/Frances R. REEVES/beloved wife of William K. SANDERSON/1869-1935/L. T. SANDERSON/1891-1970/ SANDERSON// VANCE/ Allan L./1893-1970/His wife/Harriet R./1895-1977 /Elmer/1899-1966 George E. SMITH/1907-1970/His wife/Amy SANDERSON/1907-1985

CN0127 Grey granite ground stone.

Louisa (SEALEYRICHARDSON/1891-1962 [NOTE: Louisa Elizabeth TARGET, d/o Henry TARGET and Eliza Jane SEATON

CN0128 Small grey granite scroll on concrete base.

Joseph/NEWSOME/died/May 3, 1899/aged 34 y’rs/Gone but not forgotten

CN0129 Red granite ground stone.
Dorothy V./PRATT/1900-1977/Sister [NOTE: Dorothy PRATT, d/o Frederick William PRATT and Harriet Agnes FULCHER

[NOTE: According to Burial Records Alfred R. SAMMON also buried in this plot with no marker – CVH]

CN0130 Red granite ground stone.


CN0131 Red granite on grey granite base.

James LAW/1868-1948/His wife/Hattie LAW/1875-1960/Son/Conrad/1898-1953

CN0132 Red granite on concrete base.

John W. YOUNG/1883-1955/Ethel May/wife of John Wesley YOUNG/1889-1924

CN0133 Grey granite ground stone.

Margaret SATCHELL/1920-1942

CN0134 Concrete tree stump.

Alice/wife of/Curtis CLARK/died/Feb.21, 1891/in the 26 year of her age/Let our Father’s will be done/who shines in endless day//Curtis CLARK/1856-1919

CN0135 Grey granite slab, maple leaf.

FS to north: Bert

802508 Private/D. G. SUTHERLAND/135th Battn C.E.F./5 June 1920/(Cross) Death divides/but memories live forever

CN0136 Red granite.

FS: Father, Mother, Adolphus, Margaret, Edward, Clara

William WILTON/died Mar. 1901/Sarah WILTON/died June 1899/ Adolphus, their son/Mar. 26, 1864-Nov. 3, 1940/Margaret, his wife/Apr. 1, 1863- Sept. 25, 1949/WILTON//Edward E. LOWE/died Apr.. 26, 1954/Clara H LOWE/ died Mar. 13, 1952/LOWE

CN0137 White marble block on concrete.

Edith Ethel/REEVES/died/Jan 19th 1901/aged 14 years/& 7 mo’s//Edith  (MAY)/ TEMPLE/ born/ Feb. 21, 1914/died Aug. 18, 1914

CN0138 Grey marble pillar on 2-tier concrete base.

In Memory of/Watson J./son of/A. T. & Sarah/LOCK/died/Feb. 23, 1901/in his 23rd year / Asleep in Jesus// LOCK/Charles F. LOCK/1873-1943/His wife Blanche/ 1879-1958/ Frances/1907-1977//Sarah/wife of/Arscott/LOCK/died Jan. 20, 1921/aged 65 yrs/Gone but/ not forgotten//Arscott/LOCK/died Feb. 12, 1920/ aged 69 yrs/Asleep in Jesus

CN0139 Grey marble scroll on concrete.

In Memory of/Cora May/dau. of/Chas. B. & Ida/WOOD/died July 10, 1901/ age 16 y’rs/ 6 m’s & 29 d’s/Though lost to sight/to memory/WOOD

CN0140 Red granite on grey base.

FS: Edward, Father

John L. JONES/1843-1919/Edward C. JONES/1900-1901//John JONES/1874- 1951/ Ethel M. JONES/1879-1962/JONES

CN0141A Horizontal concrete cylinder on concrete base, OddFellows symbol.

John P. CONNELL died Nov. 28, 1912/aged 82 years

CN0141B Small white marble.

  1. O.B. PICKETT/died/June 24, 2902/aged 66 yrs

CN0142 White marble on white marble base.

In Loving Memory of/George T. HUGHES/died Nov. 3, 1923/aged 42 years/ A loving husband/a kind friend// William BARCLAY/died Oct. 17, 1902/aged44 years/Emma M. ARMSTRONG/ his wife/1865-1941/John R. BARCLAY/died/ Dec. 17, 1896/aged 3 y’rs 8 m’s/Mary A. BARCLAY/ died Oct. 28, 1902/aged 4 y’rs & 8 mo’s

CN0143 Red granite on concrete.

FRED W. PRATT/1859-1940/His wife/HARRIETT A. FULCHER/1861-1940

CN0144 White marble, drum top, on concrete.

FS: Father, Mother

OLIVER/Meriam/wife of/William OLIVER/died Feb. 19, 1903/aged 37 y’rs/ Also an infant child// William H. OLIVER/1867-1954/His wife/Ellen VEALE/ 1886-1964

CN0145 White marble on concrete.

FS: Jessie

Ida McKENZIE/died Feb. 5, 1903/aged 23 years/Jessie McKENZIE BOYLE/died October 28, 1974/aged 88 years//Andrew McKENZIE/died July 20, 1897/aged 55 years/ Dolinda McKENZIE/his wife/died June 12, 1938/aged 88 years/ McKENZIE

CN0146 Red marble on double base.

FS: Mother

Mary, wife of/Robert JOHNSTON/died Dec. 11, 1912/aged 58 years/At rest but not forgotten/ JOHNSTON//Herbert P. JOHNSTON/died Nov. 4, 1903/aged 22 yrs, 5 m’s, 5 d’s/In live beloved in death lamented

CN0147 White marble.

Lydia M. C./DICKSON/died Jan. 3, 1904/aged 18 years/ Gone but not/forgotten

CN0148 White marble detached from concrete base.

In/Loving Memory/of/Leo W. CRANDALL/died Dec. 26, 1910/aged 8 years/son

CN0149 White marble block.

FILLMORE (on top)/Stanley H./ son of/Henry & Eleanor/FILLMORE/died/June 16, 1904/aged/24 years

CN0150 White marble set in concrete ground stone.

Arthur NEWSOME/1898-1904

CN0151 Red granite on grey granite base. Erected by Woodmen of the World/

Wm. T. MILLARD/died Apr. 18, 1905/in his 45th year/Gone but nor for- gotten /Hazel E. MILLARD/died Mar. 31, 1907/in her 3rd year/Elizabeth Ann/ wife of/W. T. MILLARD/1870-1940

CN0152 Red granite ground stone.

Mary A NEWSOME/1862-1958

CN0153 Red granite ground stone.
Ambrose W. CRANDALL/1844-1896/

Mary A. CRANDALL/1848-1904

CN0154 Red granite ground stone.

Mother/Ida E. WOOD/1883-1943

CN0155 Red granite ground stone.

Father/Charles B. WOOD/1854-1933

CN0156 2-piece pink granite on grey granite.

FS: Father, Mother

Chester Franklin LINDSAY/died March 12th 1901/in his 26th year/James M. LINDSAY/1874-1948/His wife/Carrie LINDSAY/1878-1952/LINDSAY/(Doggett & Co)// Catherine/infant day of/J. M. & Carrie/LINDSAY/died/Nov. 23, 1910 //John R. LINDSAY/died March 27th 1901/in his 58th year/Harriett E. LINDSAY/ born May 12, 1846/died July 9, 1920

CN0157 3-piece concrete on base. In hope/of/eternal life/

In/Memory of/Albert/TILLER/died/Oct. 20, 1930/aged/87 years/Thine eyes sh-/all see the king/in his beauty/Isa 33.17//Gates Ajar/In/Memory of/ A. James/TILLER B.A./ beloved son of/Albert & Mary/TILLER/died Mar. 21,  1901/in his/28th year/My grace is suffic-/ient for Thee/for/my strength is/made perfect in/weakness. 2 Cor. 12.8/ TILLER// In hope/of/eternal life /Elizabeth BALL/wife of/Fred TEEPER/Nov. 19, 1832/ Dec. 12, 1922///Gates Ajar/In/Memory of/Mary/beloved wife of/Albert TILLER/ died Mar.13, 1902/ aged 64 y’rs/Asleep in Jesus/blessed sleep/from which none/ ever wake to weep/A calm and undi-/sturbed repose/unbroken by the/last of foes

CN0158 Pink granite on grey granite.

James L. BROWN/died June 20, 1919/aged 66 years/his wife/Jane LLOYD/died Dec. 19, 1932/aged 80 years/Frank A. HOLMES/their grandson/died Oct. 7, 1898/aged 7 months//BROWN/Maud BROWN/died Sept. 24, 1901/aged 20 years /Frank J. BROWN/died Nov. 24, 1906/aged 26 years/

CN0159 Sculpted concrete tree trunk, scroll on face.

Wm. R. WILSON/died/Feb. 23, 1902/aged 79 years/Father rest here/Lois WILSON/Oct. 9, 1891/July 8, 1908/In Heaven we’el meet

CN0160 Red granite on grey granite, Woodmen of the World emblem each side.

Sov. John L. CAMPBELL/died July 18, 1916/aged 62 years/Viola wife of/ John L. CAMPBELL/died Jan. 3, 1918/aged 59 years/R. E. Y. TRELEAVEN/ 1876-1929/His wife Grace A./1879-1955//Willoughby L. CAMPBELL/born June 30th 1883/died Nov. 16th 1909

CN0161 Grey marble cylinder on concrete base.

Burness 1899-1900/Howard 1901-1902/children of/B. & E. STEWART/Our pets

CN0162 3-piece grey marble on concrete.

BRISTOL/ Roy Edward/son of/A. & M./BRISTOL/died/Jan. 27, 1903/aged 2 y’rs/& 5 m’s /Weep not for my my paren/ts dear. I am not dead but sleeping here. I was not yo/urs but Gods alone. He lov/ed me best and took me/home/

CN0163 Black granite on grey granite.

FS: Father, Mother

SMALLDON/C. Roy 1882-1954/husband of Lilly Ann 1883-1978

CN0164 Red granite on grey granite.

FS: Father, Mother

Richard H./HEARD/Mar. 10, 1853/Feb. 19 1938/Grace STACEY/his wife/ Jan. 6, 1856/Jan. 15, 1946/HEARD

CN0165 Grey granite on grey granite.

JAMES/Ellen THODY/1881-1951 beloved wife of/Thomas E. JAMES/1879-1964/Rest in Peace

CN0166 Red granite on grey granite, church top.

FS: Sarah, Thomas,

  1. A.JAMESON, Frank, Ellen, Father, Mother (Lumley-Doan) ADAM F.JAMESON/1866-1930/Thomas ALLAN/1876-1954/Sarah Ann PAGE/wife of Thomas ALLAN/1876-1948//Ann DAVIS/wife of/Joshua PAGE/died June 21, 1910 /aged 66 years/Joshua PAGE/died Feb. 18, 1927/aged 85 years/Ellen/wife of/Adam F. JAMESON/1871-1928

CN0167 Small red marble set in concrete.

Father (on top)/Peter ALLAN/ 1846-1925/Stirlingshire/Gone but not forgotten

CN0168 Black granite on grey granite on concrete.

FS: Hazel, Father, Mother

Hazel GILLARD/McQUIGGAN/1895-1977//GILLARD/Joseph/1861-1939/his wife/ Louena BELL/1874-1963

CN0169 Grey marble on concrete.

Rebecca HARRISON/1865-1928/Isabella HARRISON/1874-1904/Wives of Geo. A. HARRISON/ Lena KELLER//George A. HARRISON/1865-1932/Emily A. WALTERS/ wife of Richard A. HARRISON/1885-1939

CN0170 Red granite, slanted front.

fs: Donald J. BOLT/1920-1942

CN0171 Red granite on grey granite.

FS: Irene E., Father, Mother

Irene E. dau of/F. C. & E. CLARK/1903-1905/CLARK//Woodmen of the World Memorial/ Frederick C. CLARK/1871-1929/his wife/Eva CLARK/1879-1969

CN0172 Red granite ground stone in concrete.

Mary E. PAGE/1882-1946

CN0173 Grey marble ground stone in concrete.

At Rest/John PAGE/1881-1960

CN0174 Grey granite ground stone.

Blanche ANDREWS/June 15, 1857/Aug. 25, 1927

CN0175 Grey granite ground stone.
Foster ANDREWS/Aug. 21, 1851/Dec. 29, 1943

(Note: from West Ave. Cemetery burial records – Troward Ernest BALDWIN died Jan. 13, 1963. C & Interred, April 11, 1963. He died in Calgary. His wife, Lola Montez (ANDREWSBALDWIN died June 14, 1966 – 88 years old – C & Interred Dec. 4, 1967. Died in Calgary. Their first born child, Irene BALDWIN was died 22 September 1904. Lola ANDREWS was the daughter of Foster and Blanche ANDREWS. No monuments found for Troward, Lola or Irene.- CB, Feb. 2004)

CN0176 Pink granite ground stone in concrete.

Frances RYAN GORDON/ 1886-1967/daughter of/Nathan & Frances RYAN

CN0177 Pink granite block on concrete.

Elizabeth MUSSON/1879-1946

CN0178 Pink granite, slanted front, on concrete.

HEARD/Thomas Stacey/ Oct. 16, 1877/Apr. 28, 1968

CN0179 Long red granite ground stone, floral motif.

FARLEY/ Husband/John FARLEY/1877-1968/Wife/Mary J. HEARD/1876-1960

CN0180 Concrete slab in ground.

Ethel J. (on top)/Infant dau. of/B. & M./ BRISTOL/died/Aug. 20, 1910/aged 8 mos.

CN0181 Concrete slab in ground. At Rest/

Albert John/GIBSON/1900-1926

CN0182 Red granite on grey granite.

FS: Mother, Father, Edwin

Edwin E. KNOWLES/1902-1927/George KNOWLES/1892-1917/killed in action/ sons of G. & H. KNOWLES/George KNOWLES/1853-1936/Hannah KNOWLES/ 1857- 1941/KNOWLES

CN0183 Narrow concrete, slanted front, on concrete.

Our Darling/Martha L. A. Stella/dau of/Wm. L. & Primrose/CAMPBELL/died May 28, 1902/aged 9 mo’s

CN0184 Grey granite on grey granite on concrete.

FS: Marjorie, Harold

Marjorie FISHER/1901-1905/Roy METLER/1888-1933/Harold W. FISHER/1908- 1984// FISHER/ John George FISHER/1870-1938/His wife/Elizabeth Edna GREEN/ 1868-1945/Lillian FISHER/1893-1943
184a Grey marble marker.

Roy METLER/1888-1933

CN0185 Grey marble slab in concrete. Lamb/three links/

Florence/dau of/Peter & Annie/MORRISON/died/Sept. 5, 1905/aged 13 yrs./ 3 mos & 18 dys/Gone but not/forgotten//Peter MORRISON/1864-1936

CN0186 Low concrete slab in concrete.

Children of/J. W. & L. CRANDALL (on top)/Ambrose T./March 21, 1910/April 26, 1910/Beatrice I./March 5, 1911/ Feb. 17, 1912

CN0187 Red granite on grey granite.

James W. CRANDALL/died July 24, 1916/aged 34 years/Wife/Lottie REYNOLDS /1883-1979/CRANDALL//John REYNOLDS/died Sept. 28, 1950/aged 88 years

CN0188 Red granite ground stone.

Kathleen M./CHAPMAN/Mar. 26, 1910/ Mar. 2, 1933

CN0189 Grey marble scroll.

Alice M./dau of Joseph & Maud/NATTRAS/died/ Aug. 18, 1908/aged 1 year/2 mo’s 7 d’s/At Rest

CN0190 Pink granite in concrete.

BARRETT/Eugenie BEAR/1893-1958

CN0191 Double grey granite on concrete.

FS: Thelma, Norman, Maud, Mary

WILLSIE/George A./1876-1963/his wife Mary/1878-1918/Their children/ Thelma 1904-1905/Norman 1902-1905//Maud WILLSIE/1878-1957

CN0192a Three small grey marble blocks in one concrete base.

//At Rest/David SCHULTZ//Asleep in Jesus/Doris Lucile/SCHULTZ/ //Asleep/Minnie SMITH/Wife of/David SCHULTZ

CN0192b Grey marble marker.

Madge N. HARDY/beloved mother of June/1901-1962

CN0192c Grey marble marker.

Verda May/SCHULTZ/1897-1982

CN0193 2-piece grey marble, closed book, on double concrete base.

FS: Kathleen, Father, Mother. Sleep baby sleep/

Douglas/son of/Thos. E. & Emma/HITCH/died Jan. 1, 1908/aged 3 yrs & 7 mos//Kathleen/beloved dau of/Thos. & Emma/HITCH/wife of Howard TOWERS/ 1909-1928//Lloyd/beloved husband of/Christine MILNE/son of/Thomas &  Emma/HITCH/1902-1929/Emma SMITH/1877-1953/wife of/Thomas HITCH/1870- 1953/HITCH

CN0194 Pink granite on grey granite.

FS: Father, Mother, Ella

Annie V. E./dau of John/& Lydia JACKSON/1888-1909/(Circular bronze plaque inset) He died for freedom & honor/John E. HATCH/Ella B. HATCH /dau of John/& Lydia JACKSON/1890-1973// At Rest/ John H. R. JACKSON/ 1860-1930/Lydia E. MESSENDER/his wife/1872-1931/ JACKSON

(Plaque has crown, 2 fish, 3-pronged spear, wreath of wheat)

CN0195 Red granite, slanted front, on concrete.

Catharine GUEST/born/Mar. 12, 1833/died Dec. 2, 1906

CN0196 Pink granite, slanted front, on grey granite on concrete.

In Memory of/ Mother/Emma L. BARKER/died July 1, 1932/aged 80 years/ Peace, Perfect Peace

CN0197 Pink granite.

FELLOWS/(OddFellows Symbol)/Lenord FELLOWS/July 15, 1864/November 1, 1933/Elizabeth FELLOWS/1868-1947//Mary A. BATTYE/1848-1925/Moses A.  SEARS/1858-1906/Charles A. SEARS/1892-1923/William BATTYE/1873-1943/ 1895 Lawrence A. SEARS 1965/Husband of/Gertrude GALL

CN0198 Grey granite.

Henry GUEST/died Dec. 22, 1914 aged 33 years//John GUEST/died Feb. 17, 1906 aged 84 years/Anna GUEST Dec. 4, 1906 in her 64 year/GUEST

CN0199 Red granite.

FS: Father, Mother

Charles A. RIVERS/1874-1948/His wife/Leeura PRESSEY/1886-1964

CN0200 Grey marble marker.

Richard Carlton/RIVERS/1921-1940

CN0201 Red granite on grey granite base.

BARNES/Susan Elizabeth/1888-1923/Murray James/1917-1925/Leo Clarence/ 1912-1912//MURPHY/Charles MURPHY/1860-1931/His wife/Mary Jane1865-1932/ daughter/Alice Isabelle/1904-1906

CN0202 Grey marble column on grey marble on concrete bases.

Henrietta/wife of/Arthur/LEGG/1877-1919/John THOMAS/died/Nov. 8, 1905/ aged/81 years/Gone but not forgotten//Henrietta THOMAS/born 1848/died 1915//George THOMAS/1885-1950/Ada/his wife/1887-1952/THOMAS

CN0203 Red granite marker.

GARDNER/Gordon L./1907-( )/Blanche L./1921-1983

CN0204 Concrete scroll.

Charles P./NORTH/died/Nov. 30, 1915/aged 37 years/ At Rest

CN0205 Red granite marker.

WILSON/Frank L./1886-1959/Father/ Violet M./1916-1956/Mother

CN0206 Small white marble.

FILLMORE/Charles B./1853-1921/ His wife/Martha A./1858-1936

CN0207 Small grey marble, slanted front. Masonic Emblem/

Wm. H. TAYLOR R.N./died/June 30, 1910/aged 65 years

CN0208 Red granite marker.

Lea PARKER/1880-1942/His wife/Marguerite HANNA/1880-1950

CN0209 Grey marble on double grey marble base, open book at top.

Peace, perfect peace/Gates open/Elizabeth/beloved wife of/William TITCHNER/born Jan. 25, 1886/ died Dec. 30, 1908/ TITCHNER//Frederick/ son of W & E/TITCHNER/died Dec. 20, 1919/ aged 9 days

CN0210 Small grey marble block.

FS: Edward/COLLEDGE, Elizabeth/COLLEDGE, Grandfather, Grandmother.

Annie E/wife of/Edward COLLEDGE/1854-1925

CN0211 Large grey granite ground stone slab.

In loving memory of/ Florence LANE/beloved wife of/Sidney R. GOODMAN/died Mar. 17, 1914/ aged 37 years/late of Devonshire England/So he giveth/His beloved sleep

CN0212 Pink granite, rose on each side.

HARPER/Father/John/1883-1928/ Mother/ Ethel E./1887-1972/(Clasped hands)

CN0213 Red granite, slanted face, on concrete. Woodmen of the World Emblem/

FS: Mother, Father

Sov. William BEAR/died/Jan. 26, 1915/ aged 56 years/Olive WOODMEN/his s wife/1862-1937

CN0214 Black granite on grey granite base, roses on corners

RAWLINGS/Gone but not forgotten/Richard H./(Dick)/1919-1985/Cross & Clasped Hands/( )/Parents of Sandy, Mike, Penny, Jim & Steve

CN0215 Grey marble column on concrete, statue on top.

FS: Leslie

At Rest/Open Gates/GILLAN//Joseph W. G./GILLAN/died/Sept. 20, 1907/aged 5 mos/Leslie/born/Mar. 21, 1919/died Mar. 21, 1919// Joseph C./GILLAN/ 1883-1966/ Mabel/ wife of/Joseph/1885-1921

CN0216 Large red granite on grey granite base.

FS: Husband, Wife

In Memory of/Edward McGHEE/died July 17, 1912/aged 70 years/Jemima CAMERON /His wife/died July 2, 1927/aged 80 years/Gordon C. McGHEE/ born Aug. 1, 1906/died Feb. 5, 1907/McGHEE//Edward C. McGHEE/born Nov. 11, 1874/died Feb. 4, 1957/His wife/Georgeina Mae/born Nov. 16, 1881/ died June 24, 1964

CN0217 Red granite on grey granite base.

FS: Mother

Francis/1888-1966/His wife/Mary L. DOAN/1897-1974/BATISTE //At Rest/John BATISTE/Aug. 27, 1859-Jan 10, 1939/His wife/ Louisa C. M. LeCOURTOIS/May 10, 1961-June 9, 1946/BATISTE

CN0218 Double grey marble on concrete.

FS: Daddy

Open Gates/Charles NORRIS/died Sept. 11, 1906/aged 54 years/Caroline CLEMENT /LUSCOMBE/his wife/died Apr. 16, 1915/aged 70 years/NORRIS/ //Fred STACEY/ 1891-1941/His wife/Carrie NORRIS/1891-1923

CN0219 Grey granite marker.

Arthur PILGRIM/1879-1934

CN0220 Pink granite on grey granite base.

ROWLEY/Tom ROWLEY/1890-1982/his wife/Harriet/BELLINGHAM/1890-1972

CN0221 Pink granite, slanted front, on grey granite base.

Frederick SMITHSON/1874-1951/His wife Sarah/1876-1964/Their dau. Winnie 1905-1963

CN0222 Red granite, slanted front, on grey granite base.

Arthur W./TAYLOR/1874-1944/His wife/Ada Maud/1882-1969

CN0223 Large dark grey granite on double grey granite base on concrete

FS: Neil. In/Memory of/Robert HUBBARD/who died Nov. 14, 1906/in his 73rd year/At Rest. Elizabeth/wife of the above/died Oct.5, 1909/in her 75th year/John F. HUBBARD/1870-1943/Edwin McPHAIL/1896-1972/HUBBARD//Neil McINTYRE/1865-1933/Lizzie/HUBBARD/His wife/1867-1942/In Memory of/James McPHAIL/who died Apr. 13, 1907/in his 43rd year/Asleep in Jesus/Mary A. HUBBARD/His wife/1861-1946/McPHAIL

CN0224 Pink granite marker.

Mabel wife of/Clarence HALEY/1909-1950

CN0225 Red granite marker.

HARRIS/Lydia E. WEBB/1893-1973/wife of/ Frederick HARRIS

CN0226 Red granite marker.

HARRIS/Frederick J. HARRIS/1879-1962/husband of/ Lydia E. Webb

CN0227 Red granite marker.

BEAR/sister/Hilda A./1895-1964/ Brother/John W./1893-1978

CN0228 Red granite marker.

William R. BEAR/1889-1947

CN0229 Small red granite, slanted face.

In Memory of our/beloved mother/ Wilhelmina S. PATTERSON/died Oct. 26, 1929/aged 65 years

CN0230 Small pink granite, slanted face.

MEDLYN/Thomas J. MEDLYN/ 1887-1979/His wife/May F. GOODMAN/1890-1952

CN0231 Small pink granite, slanted face.

SCRASE/Sarah MORRISON/1890-1977/ Daughter/Florence MATTHEWS/ 1910-( )

CN0232 Small pink granite, slanted face.


CN0233 Grey marble on grey marble base.

FS: Neil Tafford

Margaret BISSETT/beloved wife of/Marinus RICHMOND/1854-1929/RICHMOND

CN0234 Small red granite, slanted face.

Thomas G. MANSELL/1880-1959/His wife/Charlotte E. ELDRIDGE/1876-1950/ Gladys E. MANSELL/1909-1911

CN0235 Tall grey marble pillar, double grey marble base, double concrete base

FS: Mother, Father, Frank

In Loving Memory/of/Alfred BROWN/died/June 18, 1931/aged 68 years/BROWN /In Loving memory/ of/Sarah Elizabeth/beloved wife of/Alfred BROWN/ died/Feb. 21, 1924/ aged 64 years/James A./BROWN/died/July 2, 1935/aged 45 years//In Loving Memory/ of/Alfred LEE/died/Mar. 23, 1911/aged 52 years/ Elizabeth/ LEE-BROWN/died/Oct. 22, 1937/aged 63 years//In Loving Memory/ of/ Frank R. BROWN/died/Aug. 17, 1916/aged 21 years/Weep not for me children and/ husband dear/I am not dead but sleeping here/I was not yours but God’s alone/He loved me best and took me/home/

CN0236 Grey granite slab in concrete, maple leaf, cross near bottom, R.I.P.

190235 Private/James Alfred BROWN/91st Battn C.E.F./2nd July 1935/ God is Good, He whispers/Hush you loved one is/not dead, he only sleeps

CN0237 Dark red granite on grey granite base, star, Masonic emblem.

MUNCE/Hattie L./1889-1969/George S./1884-1957

CN0238 Red granite marker.

Portia A. HINDS/wife of/George GADEN/1888-1940

CN0239 Red granite marker.

George GADEN/1877-1944

CN0240 Pink granite, slanted face, on grey granite base.

MOORE/John H. MOORE/1875-1959/His wife Agnes A./1876-1960/infant dau Velma /aged 8 mos/

CN0241 Brown granite on grey granite base.

MERRITT/ W. E. MERRITT/1869-1933/Sarah I. MERRITT/1879-1945

CN0242 Grey marble slab upright on similar base.

JOHNSON/Elizabeth/wife of/Chester R. JOHNSON/died/Apr. 28, 1921/aged 31 ys 6 ms/tho list to sight, to memory comes

CN0243 Dark grey granite on light grey granite base.

FS: Father, Mother

Alfred BAREHAM/August 2, 1871/March 16, 1922/Eliza C. SIZZY/his wife/ July 14, 1862/October 11, 1934/BAREHAM

CN0244 Large red granite on grey granite base.

FS: Twins, Dave, Kit, Annie, Father, Mother, Elizabeth

Annie GARRAWAY/1893-1909/Janet & John WAGNER/1942-1942/ Catherine R. DONE /1885-1964/William David GARRAWAY /1887-1962 // David GARRAWAY/1860-1923/ Rose his wife/1866-1937 /Elizabeth A. wife of/David GARRAWAY/1882-1946

CN0245 Red granite, slanted face.
Frank/PROCTOR/Sept. 21, 1926/Oct. 13, 1939


Documented Burials without monumentBuried at Sec. C, Plot 87 are
Martha Helen (or Ellen) DELACY ADAIR, wife of James Wesley ADAIR, born 1865, died January 8, 1914, buried January 10, 1914.

 (NOTE: James Wesley ADAIR is buried with his son, Harry Ernest ADAIR in McAfee Cemetery, Fort Erie, Ontario).

Also buried in Section C, Plot 87, St. Thomas West Avenue Cemetery are two infant children of Martha and Wesley ADAIR.

Percy Wolfenberger ADAIR died July 27, 1895 – aged 3 months 5 days
Winslow Scott ADAIR died August 30, 1898 – aged 2 months and 27 days.

(Above supplied by Bob and Marilyn Adair, Ottawa, based on St. Thomas Cemetery burial records.)