St. Thomas – Elmdale Sections C and D

Elmdale Memorial Park Cemetery

Section C and D

St. Thomas, Ontario, Canada

Gravestone Inscriptions

RECORDED BY: Mary & Glen Ormerod

Elgin County, OGS, July 1988


PROOF READING BY: Barbara Ferguson

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Section C

Section C is located to the south of Section B. Lots are numbered from the north-east corner beginning with 01 and continuing to the south. Numbering is continued at the north end of the next row. Burial plots are lettered alphabetically from the south to the north and are typed in the order that they would be encountered in the row.

C 27H

Harry/John/BOER/Aug. 4, – Nov. 5, 1963

C 27F

Yvonne VOERMAN/The Lord called/our daughter Home/Nov. 1960/May 1961

C 27E Grey granite.

Harmen F. BUMA/Born in Holland/April 1, 1950/Received up into Glory/Septmeber 28, 1956

C 27D

Baby/SCHEPERS/Sept. 4, 1958

C 27C

Thomas/Jacob/SMIT/Oct. 10 – Oct. 13,/1964

C 27B

Michael C./GELEYNSE/Feb. 8 – 24/1961

C 27A

Florence M./VANDERVEEN/1 Aug./1966

C 28D

Little Angel/William Raymond/(Billy) Van der LINDE/Jan. 12, 1971/Aug. 4, 1977/Safe in the arms of Jesus

C 35DC

( )/Frances M./1910-1961/Together Forever/(Holy Bible) GALES (Holy Bible)

C 36A

Kiutario YOSHINA/1878-1958

C 37D

Albert H. WEHUS/1939-1963/In Loving Memory

C 37CB

Knut H./1888-1971/together Forever/Winnifred A./1909-1984/ WEHUS

C 37A

Harry E. REYNOLDS/1900-1978

C 39DC

( )/Together/Forever/( )/JOHNSTONE

C 39BA

Mildred M./Oct. 3, 1892/Sept. 6, 1981/In/Loving/Memory/()/ (R.N. emblem) HASLETT All things work together for good to them that love God

C 40DC

Ernest B./Sept. 25, 1948/Aug. 12, 1979/( )/Together Forever/Married/4-2-77/ MacINTYRE

C 45A

In Loving Memory/Terrence Richard McCAW/1936-1980/

C 46BA (Masonic Emblem) (B.L.E. emblem)

McCAW/Alexander/1891-1958/ Together Forever/Margaret E./1898-1975

C 47DC

( )/Vivian L./1935-1983/(McCAW)/In Loving Memory/ (Shamrock) WILCOX (United Church emblem)

C 49DC

Maurice A./Aug. 14, 1923/Mar. 26, 1988/Rose/( )/(Dove) HURLEY (Dove)

C 59C

In Loving Memory/Gerald Martin/VAN DEEL PIEPERS/May 25, 1960 – May 6, 1986/Matthew 18: 1-5

C 59BA

Gerard C./1913-1988/(George)/In/Loving/Memory/Tine/1921-()/ (Van de Meeberg)/BUMA/Psalm 89 – How blessed, Lord/are they who know the joyful sound

C 60B

Wilma A. BOKHORST/1956-1972/All things work together for good to them that love God. Roman 8: 28

C 60A

Hermanus Van MEPPELEN/SHEPPINK/1952-1972/Come unto Me, all ye that labor and are heavy laden. Matthew 11: 28

C 61D

Jannie S. BAKKER/April 9, 1938/October 27, 1968/All things work together for good to them that love God

C 62A

he Lord is my Shepherd. David EIZENGA/1893 (Holy Bible) 1966

C 63BA

Tammo J./1902-1979/( )/Together Forever/(Cross on Bible)/ SMIT/(Cross on Bible)/And I shall dwell in the house of the Lord forever

C 64DC

Sikko/Jan. 13, 1911/Oct. 10, 1974/In/Loving/Memory/( )/ (Cross on Bible) OEGEMA (Cross on Bible)

C 67C

Frank YEO/June 18, 1919 Aug. 18, 1964

C 67BA

Rev. John F. W./1918-1973/In/Loving/Memory/( )/(Cross & Crown) SCHARRER (Cross)

C 68C

Kano Kathleen TSUDA/Beloved Mother and Grandmother/ 1897 (Holy Bible) 1975

C 68BA

( )/( )/Together Forever/TAKAYESU

C 69D

In Loving Memory/Mother/Kahoru TAKAYESU/1881 (Cross on Bible) 1959/Beloved wife of Taru TAKAYESU(Lost 1945

C 70DC

Edwin A./1903-1973/In/Loving/Memory/Bernice M./1914-( )/ (Holy Bible) CHAMBERS (Holy Bible)

C 71C

Edwin W. J. /TAKAYESU/Beloved father/Feb. 23, 1907/May 9, 1986

C 71BA

  1. A. Gilbert/Dec. 9, 1931/Aug. 25, 1984/(Pete)/( )/ (Finch)/Together Forever/Married/10-30-54/(Wheat)PETTIT(Dove)

C 72D

Marguerite I. MacINTYRE/1914-1978

C 72C

Neil A. MacINTYRE/1913-1981

C 72BA

  1. Larry/1915-1986/Catherine/1916-( )/(Crosthwaite)/ Together/Forever/(B.E.L. emblem)MACHAN(Cross on Bible)

C 73BA

Earl J./1907-1987/Helen L./1913-( )/(MARKELL)/Together/ Forever/Married/9-19-36/SOMERVILLE

C 74DC

Aart/Feb. 18, 1933/June 2, 1976/( )/In Loving Memory/ (Holy Bible) POL Not my will, but Thine be done

C 74BA

Aart/1906-1985/Neeltje/1910-1982/(Holy Bible) POL (Holy Bible)/My soul thirsteth for God: When shall I appear before God

C 75DC

George R./1901-1972/Isabella E./1896-1984/Together Forever/ (Masonic Emblem) TRUEMAN (Dove)

C 75BA

Reginald E./1907-1982/( )/(Jacques)/(Tree) WALDEN (Tree)

C 89BA

Reinder/May 1, 1902/Oct.23, 1983/( )/(Hof)/Together Forever/Married 5-13-27/(Holy Bible) DE VRIES (Holy Bible)/That whosoever believeth in Him should not/perish but have everlasting life. St. John 3: 15

C 90D

Our precious daughter/Jodie Annette DE VRIES/1973- 1978/Suffer the little children to come unto Me

C 90C

Benjamin T. AFMAN/Beloved son of/Theo and Betty/June 24, 1977/April 18, 1985/They will soar on wings/like eagles, they will run/and not grow weary. Isaiah 40: 31

C 92C

Jacob Van MEPPELEN SCHEPPINK/1929-1983/Blessed is the man that maketh the Lord his trust/Psalms 40: 4

C 93DC

Berend/Dec. 25, 1896/Apr. 25, 1985/In/Loving/Memory/( )/ (Holy Bible) BAKKER (Cross on Bible)/I am the resurrection and the life: He that believeth on me, though he were dead, yet shall he live. John 11:25

C 94DC

Jacob/June 29, 1917/June 1, 1985/In/Loving/Memory/( )/ (Dekker)/ (Cross on Bible) TENSEN (Cross on Bible) Out of suffering into Glory

C 94B

Willemina HEYERMAN/1890 (Holy Bible) 1979/But the mercy of the Lord is from everlasting/to everlasting upon them that fear Him and His righteousness “unto children’s children”/Psalm 103 vers. 17

C 94A

Jan W. HEYERMAN/1887 (Holy Bible) 1966/I am the resurrection and the life: He that believeth on me, though he were dead yet shall he live

C 95A

Adam JONGSMA/May 31, 1927-Nov. 1, 1967/Being justified by faith, we have peace with God/through our Lord Jesus Christ. Romans 5: 1

C 96D

“Forever safe with Jesus”/Geertruida W. VAN BOVEN/Aug. 24, 1914-June 8, 1978

C 96C

“Till we meet at Jesus feet”/Anthonie C. VAN BOVEN/1914-1962

C 96A

Edward VANDERMEER/1923 (Holy Bible) 1961

C 97C

James L. SCHRADER/1931-1961

C 97BA

  1. Ross/1899-1988/Susannah L./1905-1980/SCHRADER

C 98C

Myra M. MURPHY/Beloved mother of/Margaret, Lawrence/Jack and Bill/1900 (Holy Bible) 1982

C 98BA

Harvey S./1900-1984/( )/McDOUGALL

C 99DC

Roy/1895-1968/( )/Together Forever/(Legion emblem) JEWELL

C 99BA

William H. (Bill)/1906-1972/In/Loving/Memory/Dorothy A./ 1912-( )/(Holy Bible) PROCTOR (Holy Bible)

C 100BA

Joseph/1892-1986/Ivy/1899-1984/Together/Forever/(Holy Bible) BASSETT (Holy Bible)

C 101DC

Bert A./1910-1963/Audrey/1911-1985/Together Forever/CORNWELL

C 101BA

Margaret A. BAGOT/1884-1968/William H. BAGOT/1886-1978

C 102DCB

Alfred/1879-1971/Sarah Ann/1879-1975/( )/PILKINGTON

C 103DC

Clifton B./1910-1961/( )/Together Forever/(Masonic Emblem) SOMERVILLE

C 103BA

Garnet R./June 4, 1912/June 4, 1976/Elma A./Sept. 19, 1914/ Mar. 18, 1985/Together Forever/(Holy Bible) WILLEY (Holy Bible) Rest is thine, sweet memory, ours

C 104B

Ellen K. LAVERY/1882-1967

C 104A

Arthur LAVERY/1884-1970

C 105BA

Roy W./1890-1959/( )/Together Forever/(Holy Bible) OKE (Holy Bible)

C 106D

Louisa B. HOWARD/Beloved mother of/Shirley & Eileen/ Feb. 1, 1897-Aug. 5, 1978

C 106B

Laura E. STIRLING/1883-1964

C 106A

Robert E. STIRLING/1873-1961

C 107DC

Adam/1899-1974/Together Forever/Susanna/1897-1985/(Cross) KEILER (Cross)

C 108C

In Loving Memory/Gordon C. CURTIS/Sept. 22, 1926 (Bible) Oct. 14, 1977

C 108BA

George F./1929-( )/Together/in/Memory/G. Jean/1941-( )/ (Barker) CURTIS

C 110BA

George L./1912-1988/(Joe)/In/Loving/Memory/( )/(Meyer- Loucks)/(Train) WILLIAMS (Dove)

C 111C

Dorothy M. MOSHER/(Harnett)/1902-( )

C 111BA

Harry V./1903-( )/Bessie G./1913-( )/Together Forever/ Married/8-7-30/(Legion emblem) HARNETT (Dove)/Sleep on now, and take your rest

C 112BA

Capt. Harry L. C.D./1931-1981/Dedicated soldier/Devoted husband/(Navy emblem) HARNETT (Dove)/L. Jean/1933-( )/Undying love/Together forever

C 113CD

Franklin/June 11, 1917/Nov. 23, 1982/In/Loving/Memory/ Catherine M./Aug. 12, 1910/Sept. 2, 1979/POTTICARY

C 113BA

John/1905-1982/Vera H./1919-( )/Together Forever/(Praying hands) McWILLIAMS (Praying Hands)

C 114C

Jeremy Michael/LUMLEY/21 Feb. 1977/3 May 1977/Our/Angel

C 120BA

( )/Antonia/1908-1981/BROBBEL

C 121C

Anna J. C. HILDERING/Beloved wife of/Pieter Cornelis/June 25, 1894 (Holy Bible Sept. 4, 1979/safe in the arms of Jesus/ Veilig in Jezus’ armen

C 123DC

Ben/1916-1981/In/Loving/Memory/( )/(Holy/Bible) AFMAN (Praying hands) The Lord is my Shepherd I shall not want

C 123BA

Ryk/Dec. 12,, 1908/Feb. 11, 1978/( )/SNETSELAAR

C 124DC

( )/Wietske/Sept. 22, 1914/Oct. 14, 1976/In Loving Memory/(Holy Bible) WYMENGA (Holy Bible)/The Lord is my Shepherd I shall not want

C 124B

Hielkje TADEMA/Beloved wife of Hielke/1908 (Holy Bible) 1971/ The Lord is my Shepherd Ps. 23

C 124A
Hielke TADEMA/Beloved husband of Hielkje/1906 (Holy Bible) 1976/ The Lord is our refuge and strength. Psalm 46

[Note: St Thomas Times Journal, 29 May 1976, Page 19, c1 – Hielke TADEMA died May 28 1976, wife predeceased.  JJ & CVH September 2006]

C 125DC

Hendirk/May 17, 1900/Oct. 30, 1978/(Holy Bible) Psalm 42/ Geeske/Aug. 19, 1905/Nov. 3, 1978/KIELSTRA

C 126DC

( )/Maaike/May 3, 1926/Apr. 29, 1988/(Dewit)/(Praying Hands)/KIELSTRA (Praying Hands)/Amos 5 verse 6-Seek the Lord and Live

C 126B

In Loving Memory/Theresa VISSER/Beloved wife of Dirk/1905- 1965

C 127D

Ann H. HAMMINGA/Beloved wife of Evert/23 Jan. 1929 (emblem) 23 Nov. 1967/Until we meet again

C 127BA D.

Harvey/1919-1987/In/Loving/Memory/R. Beatrice/1921-( )/ (Holy Bible CHIVERTON (Holy Bible)/Loving memories last forever

C 128C

Johannes NUSSELDER/(Cross on Bible) 1893-1963

C 130D

William A. SMITH/Beloved husband of/Doreen CROMARTY / 1922 (Optimist Crest) 1982

C 130C

Doreen CROMARTY/Beloved wife of/William A. Smith/1923-1973

C 130B

Michael Brian SMITH/1946 (Boy Scout Emblem) 1957

C 130A

Mary Ann SMITH/1894 (Holy Bible) 1971

C 131DC

Wilfred T./1909-1964/( )/(Masonic Emblem) RACE (United Church Emblem)

C 131BA

( )/( )/Together Forever/(Masonic Emblem) NORTH (Eastern Star)

C 132B

Gertrude LEWIS/Beloved mother of/Dennis & Frederick/1891- 1968

C 134DC

PADGETT/Herbert A./1899-1973/Together Forever/( )

C 136D

Edna E. ASHBURY/Beloved wife of/Etheridge N. STYLES /1890- 1963

C 136C

Etheridge N. STYLES/Beloved husband of/Edna E. ASHBURY / 1886 (Masonic emblem) 1970

C 136A

Donald F. STYLES/1912-( )/(Emblems: Masonic, 3-link chain, Eastern Star, R. & dove)

C 137BA


C 138DC

Charles F./1896-1968/( )/Together Forever/NORTH

C 138BA

Arthur/1909-1985/Hannah (RANKIN )/1910-1978/Together/ Forever/(Masonic emblem) PLOWRIGHT (Eastern Star)

C 139D

Penny J. RICK/Beloved daughter of/George and Geraldine/June 30, 1946/July 14, 1964

C 140DC

  1. Douglas/1925-1982/Joyce M./1926-( )/Together Forever/ (I.O.O.F. emblem)SURGENT(Presbyterian emblem)

C 140BA

Walter T./1899-1971/In/Loving/Memory/Hazel M./1898-1974/ SURGENT

C 141B

Mary (Nichol) CURTIS/Beloved wife of/Charles F. CURTIS/1899 (Holy Bible) 1973

C 141A (Cross)

Charles F. CURTIS/Corporal/R.C.A.S.C./1 May 1962 – age 61

C 142DC

Edmund/1891-1964/Alma G./1892-1978/Together Forever/ BUTTERWORTH

C 143DC

John A./Aug. 14, 1904/Aug. 28, 1980/Mabel/Mar. 24, 1913/ July 18, 1980/Together Forever/(Holy Bible) HILL (Praying hands)/ Home with God which is far better

C 146DC

  1. Joseph/1908-( )/Jean M./1912-( )/(ABERNATHY)/ Together/Forever/Married/9-14-40/(R.C.A.F. crest)HOOEY (R.N. crest)

C 147A

Lyle Shaun HEPBURN/Beloved son of/Brian and Susan/1972 (Dove) 1986/His friends were his world/(In two hearts)- Your/loving/sister/Beckey

C 149DC

Charles W./1912-1987/In Loving/Memory/Anne L./1911-( )/ (MORGAN )/(Dove) BARROW (Holy Bible)

C 150BA

( )/(Holy Bible/Psalm 62)/Jane/June 21, 1908/Feb. 21, 1986 /SCHIPPER

C 151D

Nina E./KONING/Mar. 12, 1955

C 151C

The Lord is my Shepherd/Henry KONING/1932 (Cross on Bible) 1958

C 152A

Safe in the arms of Jesus/Jack Douglas/De KWAADSTENIET/ Nov. 7, 1977/June 4, 1979

C 153D

Bernhard VAN PELT/28 February 1945/17 November 1971/”I am the resurrection and the life/He that believeth in Me, though he were dead, yet shall he live”. John 11: 25

C 153CB

Huig/1907-1981/Sara/1910-1988/VAN PELT/Blessed is the man that maketh the Lord his trust

C 154D

In Loving Memory/Tventje HOEVE/Beloved wife of Eibert VANDERBOR /Dec. 29, 1902 – Sept. 11, 1955/”So teach us to number our days,/that we may apply our hearts unto wisdom”

C 154A

In Loving Memory/Cornelius M. NIEUWLAND/1921-1981

C 157DC

Robert/Dec. 28, 1911/May 6, 1979/In/Loving/Memory/( )/ (Holy Bible) KINGSWOOD (Holy Bible)/Psalm 123 verse 1, Unto Thee lift up mine eyes, O Thou that dwellest in the Heavens

C 157BA

METSELAAR/Gerrit/1912-1968/(Holy Bible) Jannetje/1921-1981

C 158DC

George/Feb. 15, 1903/May 2, 1980/Elisabeth/April 1, 1908/ April 9, 1978/VANDERKOOY

C 159A

Narcisse A. DAGENAIS/1912-1975

C 161C R.

Earl GRAHAM/Beloved husband of/Ruth/1905 (Train) 1987

C 162DC

Trevor S./1898-1975/In/Loving/Memory/Della K./1897-( )/ CAMPBELL

C 162B

Maude M. THORN/Beloved wife of/Alton D. THORN/1903 (Eastern Star) ( )

C 162A

Alton D. THORN/Beloved husband of Maude BROWN/1903 (Holy Bible) 1974

C 163DC

James W./1896-1966/Irene L./1900-1980/Together Forever/ PARKINS

C 163BA

Joseph/1895-1976/In/Loving/Memory/Florence/1898-( )/ (Masonic emblem) BARON (Eastern Star)

C 164DC

( )/Violet L./Mar. 20, 1926/Apr. 25, 1982/(BENNION )/ Together Forever/Married/2-3-42/(A. of M. crest) GROVES (Dove)

C 164BA

Cecil A./1901-1976/Edna May/1909-1966/Together Forever/ (Cross) PORTER (Cross)

C 165DC

PARRACK/Together Forever/Ural H./1908-1967/( )

C 165BA

  1. Howard/1913-( )/Together Forever/F. Fern/1920-1970/ (Church emblem) /(Masonic emblem)MOULE(Eastern Star)

C 166CBA

Together Forever/William/1885-1982/Martha Ann/1885-1962/ BILSON/Bertha A./1891-1977/HEYES/(3-link chain & Cross)

C 166A

In Loving Memory/Ernest A. ROSSER/1930 (Dove) )

C 167DC

Harold E./1903-1966/Together Always/( )/(Cross) WILLIAMS (Cross)

C 167BA

Isaac A./1882-1965/May A./1879-1970/Together Always/(Cross) PEARSON (Cross)

C 168BA (Masonic emblem)

KARN (Eastern Star)/Grant H./1905-1982/ ( )

C 170E

Edward C./(Ted) RICK/1903-1987/(Holy Bible)

C 170C

Dad/Gordon COOK/Loving husband of Blanche/1920-1958

C 170B

Gertrude WILLIAMS/1906 (Dove) 1964

C 171B

In Loving Memory/Son/Gary N. CUSHMAN/1940 (Y.M.C.A. crest) 1956

C 171A

In Loving Memory/Howard E. CUSHMAN/1911 (Holy Bible) 1973

C 172D

Ivan B./1908-1982/Dorothy I./1920-( )/In Loving Memory/ (Dove) CUSHMAN (Dove)

C 172CB (Salvation Army Crest)

MARSH (Salvation Army Crest)/Philip A./1923-( )Marjorie L./1921-1987/In Loving Memory

C 172A O.

  1. (Bill)/1924-1976/Wanda J./1926-1973/Together Forever/ (Holy Bible)BOOKER(Holy Bible)

C 173D

Christie DOUCET/Beloved daughter of/Carl and Toni/and sister of David/1982-1984

C 174DCB

( )/( )/Beloved son/1957 Brian 1979/(Cross) CESNIK (Cross)/Too well loved to ever be forgotten

C 175A

In Loving Memory of/J. Douglas LAWRENCE/Beloved husband of Carole/(B.R.T. Chessy System)/Dear father of Dean & Darryl/(Bugle Elgin Reg. Band)/1941-1975

C 176CBA

Robert C./1923-1988/( )/( )/(Navy Crest) FAWCETT (Cat)/ The song is ended, but the memory lingers on

C 177DC

Russell L./1895-1980/In/Loving/Memory/G. Muriel/1910-( )/ (Dove) WERELEY (Dove)

C 177A

James A./1915-1979/In Loving/Memory/( )/(Triangle emblem) McNIVEN (Clasped hands)

C 178D

Carol Ann FARTHING/Beloved wife of/Ronald A. PEITROBON/1946- 1977/She loved people and laughter

C 178CBA

PEARSON/(Together Forever/Gordon W./1926-( )/Joyce L./1932 -( )/Michael W./1960-1979

C 179DC

Ostoja/1926-1980/Bozica/1937-( )/(Cross)/(Clasped Hands) STOJKOVIC (Clasped Hands)

C 179BA

Murray K./1921-1986/Lorine M./1921-( )/(Lane)/Together Forever/(Dove) PELL (Dove)

C 181E

Timothy W./DUFFY/Feb. 19-21/1957

C 181DC

William A./1926-1971/( )/Together/Forever/DUFFY

C 181B

Florence M./DUFFY/August 3, 1905/September 15, 1960

C 183A

In Loving Memory/Jake DOELMAN/1919 (Cross on Bible) 1985

C 184DC

Robert D./1926-( )/Jean L./1927-( )/(Ross)/In Loving Memory/(Dove) KERR (Dove)


Pieter/ 1914-1984 /Margaretha /1917-1986/ Together/ Forever/ Married/ 8-14-46/He /is/ just/away /SARIS /She/is /just /away

C 187BA

John/Sept. 30, 1922/Feb. 27, 1982/In/Loving/Memory/( )/ ZYLSTRA/He that dwelleth in the secret place of the most high shall/ abide under the shadow of the Almighty. Ps. 91: 1

C 188B

Resting place/Tena MARISSEN/Sept. 17, 1909 – July 11, 1981/My help cometh from the Lord/which made Heaven and earth./ Ps. 121: 2

C 190C

Arie KINGSWOOD/ Beloved husband of/Gerrie VANDERKOOY /August 26, 1926/May 6, 1986/I will dwell in the house of the Lord forever

C 190BA

Cornelis B./1895-1974/(Holy Bible) /Pieternella M./1898-1978/ VAN LEEUWEN The Lord is my Shepherd, I shall not want. 23rd Psalm

C 191DC

John/1914-1977/Winnifred/1915-( )/Together Forever/ (Guitar) VANDERHEIDE (Guitar)/Until we meet again

C 191B

Anne Louise COLLINS/Beloved wife of/ John E. POUNTNEY /1938- 1975/Sweetie Pie

C 192D

Alberdina VANDERHEIDE/1893-1973

C 192C

John VANDERHEIDE/1887-1962

C 192A

Carl HARDING/Jan. 14, 1911/Jan. 5, 1985/Loving memories last forever

C 193DC

Richard W./1895-1963/( )/Together Forever/WALTHERS

C 193B

Jane W. HERBERT/Beloved wife of Edward/1886-1980

C 193A

Edward G. HERBERT/Beloved husband of Jane/1883-1966

C 194DC

John E./1939-( )/Marilyn L./1938-1988/(Merritt)/Together Forever/ married 10-29-60/(Car) POWERS (Bowling crest)

C 194A

In loving memory/Erie A. COTTON/1883-(Bible) 1958

C 195BA

Charles E./1915-2004/Ruby P./1912-2003/Together Forever/ (2 Church crests) WAITE

C 196C

In loving memory/Hazel G. OWLES/Feb. 15, 1916- (Bible) Sept. 5, 1968/At Rest

C 196B

In loving memory/Edna A. OWLES/July 30, 1935- (Bible) April 3, 1959/At Rest

C 197DC

MANN/( )/Together Forever/Mary E./1912-1963

C 197B

Alice ROWE/1904-1959

C 197A

Walter A. ROWE/1893-1973

C 198DC

William F./1885-1969/Daisy M./1890-1970/LANGDON

C 198BA

( )/Dorothy G./April 8, 1908/July 19, 1985/(Sage)/ Together Forever/Married/9-11-46/(Cross) BONNER (Cross)

C 200C

n Loving Memory/Raymond E. COTTON/Beloved husband and father/July 11, 1909/(Trainman crest) May 2, 1965

C 200BA

William P./1907-1977/Together Forever/Laurie E./1910-( )/ (Holy Bible) BROWNE (Holy Bible)

C 201C

Orpha May KEW/December 21, 1896 (Crest) January 28, 1988

C 201B

Charles John KEW/June 7, 1899/November 19, 1953

C 202BA

  1. Arthur/1893-1981/Hazel M./1897-1980/(3-link chain)BATE(Dove)

C 203DC

Raymond C./1920-( )/In/Loving/ Memory/Catherine F./1920- ( )/(SMITH) (Dove) WILLIAMS (Dove)

C 203A

In Loving Memory/Dennis J. WILLIAMS/1922 (Holy Bible) 1959

C 204D

In Loving Memory/Mother/Minnie Rose WILLIAMS/1884 (Holy Bible) 1974

C 204C

In Loving Memory/Elizabeth Ann PLANT/Sept. 6, 1881 (Praying Hands) May 25, 1975

C 204BA

( )/Edith (Toots)/Oct. 15, 1920/Nov.21, 1971/Together Forever/WEARE

C 205B

In Loving Memory/Esther L. COCKERTON/July 1, 1882 – April 13, 1961

C 205A

In Loving Memory/Ernest J. COCKERTON/Feb. 2, 1885 – July 1, 1967

C 206DC

William C./1921-1977/Lillian C./1919-( )/Together/Forever/ (Holy Bible MILLARD (Cross & Crown)

C 206B

Edith A. CULBERTSON/1920 (L.A. to B.R.T.) 1971

C 206A

In Loving Memory/Charles C. DADSON/Beloved son of/John & Catherine DADSON/1963 (Dove) 1979

C 207D

Kenneth G. NEVELS/Beloved son of Donald and Irene/Stepson of Leighton ROBINSON /Beloved brother of/Stephanie and Paula/1966 (Holy Bible) 1986

C 207C

Donald K. NEVELS/Beloved husband of Irene/Father of Stephanie, Paula & Kenneth/1923 (Holy Bible) 1974

C 207BA

( )/Doris/1916-1984/Together Forever/(Cross) LAWRENCE (Cross)

C 209DC

Harry John/Aug. 18, 1909/Dec. 2, 1977/In/Loving/Memory/ (Civil Service Ass’n crest) PRESTON (R & Dove crest)/Too well loved to be forgotten

C 210DC

John H./1901-1974/Together/Forever/Jessie A./1902-1982/(Holy Bible) WILSON (Holy Bible)

C 210BA

Edward C./1906-1970/Jane C./1921-( )/Together Forever/ (Holy Bible) SOAN (Holy Bible)

C 211DC

Thomas J./1912-1983/Zoe Mae/1908-1976/McCARDLE

C 212BA

Arley E./July 31, 1914/May 20, 1982/( )/In Loving Memory / (Dove) CALVERT (Dove)

C 217DC

Bastiaan/1904-1985/In Loving/Memory/Theuna/1900-1977/(Holy Bible)GROENEWEG (Holy Bible/We are resting here until He comes

C 217A

Baby FONDSE/Aug. 3, 1965

C 225BA

Arthur W./1905-1960/Winnifred B./1903-1959/Together/Forever/ (Crest) PETERSON (Legion Crest)

C 226DC

Bertha N./1927-1970/Fae L./1920-( )/MILLARD

C 226BA

Walter/1893-1964/(Rose)/1900-1973/Together Forever/(Civil Service Crest) MILLARD (United Church crest)

C 227CD

Easter Lillie FREEMAN/Beloved wife of Floyd/Mar. 30, 1902 (Legion Crest) Feb.21, 1971/ Floyd FREEMAN / Beloved husband of Lillie / Aug 23 1902 (Legion Crest) Aug 2 1995

C 227BA

Clarence/1925-( )/Patricia/1924-( )/Together Forever/ (Electrical crest) (3-link chain) WITHENSHAW (Boy Scout crest) (Holy Bible)

C 228D

Alice E. HAMBLETON/1897 (holy Bible) 1971

C 228CB

John W./1888-1969/Josephine/1890-1967/Together Forever/STOCKER

C 228A

In Loving Memory/Edith M. TOWERS/1899 (Legion emblem) 1973

C 229DC

Jacob M./1894-1985/Together/Forever/Dora/1893-1983/HOWSE

C 229BA

Charles H./1909-1972/Marion L./1907-1987/Together Forever/(3-link chain) HYDE (Holy Bible)

C 230BA

Frederick C./1901-1960/Cora A./1901-1972/FALKINS

C 231DC

Jack F./1921-1984/In/Loving/Memory/Dorothy E./1922-( )/ (STEVENSON) /(Praying Hands) PARKINS (Praying Hands)

C 232BA

Stewart (Tub)/1905-1976/Bessie M./1904-( )/Together Forever/(Masonic emblem) HUBERT (Presbyterian emblem)/In Loving Memory

C 233A

In Loving Memory/Alfred G. WAGHORN/Dec. 9, 1889 – June 7, 1964

C 234C C.

“Bud” SMALLDON/Beloved husband of/Blanche LAUR/1910 (Holy Bible) 1977 /O, Lord, I put him in Thy hands

C 234B

Elizabeth H. GILBERT/1917-1967

C 235DC

William/1914-1972/Ruby Joy/1918-1971/(Legion emblem) GREGORY (Legion emblem)

C 235BA

John E./1907-1970/Joyce W./1908-1987/Together Forever/(Bugle) (Salvatiion Army crest) ANDREWS (Salvation Army crest)

C 236C

n Loving Memory/Elmer R. PLANT/Husband of/Ellan May PLANT/ 1910 (Dove) 1981

C 236BA

George F./1906-1977/( )/(Masonic crest) THOMAS

C 237D

Beatrice M. SMART/(Cross) Sept. 19, 1912/April 24, 1977

C 237D

Leslie H. SMART/June 29, 1906/April 26, 1983

C 239BA

Jack H./1905-1966/Minnie/1908-1981/(Together Forever)/ (B.L.E. crest) (Cross) SHAW (Cross)

C 240D

  1. GeorginaSTREITH/1915 (Holy Bible) 1970

C 240C

David W. STREITH/1913 (Shriners crest) 1978

C 240B A.

John WINTER/Beloved son of/Allan & Kathleen/Nov. 25, 1956 – Dec. 12, 1976/Too well loved to ever be forgotten

C 241C (Cross)

Lyle E. TRETHEWEY/Lance Sergeant/ 1 Hussars/10 Apr. 1962 – age 40

C 241D

Olive Elizabeth Mildred ‘Betty’ TRETHEWEY / Sept 27 1925 – May 31 1989 / She gave us strength /

C 242C

George E. ROBINSON/Beloved husband of Annie/1900 (Legion crest) 1965

C 242BA

Everard F./1911-1983/Millicent/1909-1978/Together Forever/ (Holy Bible) GOSTICK (Holy Bible)

C 243DC (3-link chain)

BLEWETT (Holy Bible)/J. Morley/1911-1981)/( )

C 243BA

Peter/1926-1974/( )/(2 Prebyterian crests) PAUL

C 244C

Sydney T. J. TONGUE/Jan. 29, 1928 – Aug. 21, 1972

C 244BA

Thomas A./1898-1975/Lillian V./1897-1985/Together Forever/ (Holy Bible) TONGUE (Holy Bible)

C 245DC

Lawrence G./(Bus)/Sept. 6, 1922/Mar. 12, 1983/( )/(Towers)/Together Forever/(Clasped Hands) WILLIAMS) (Clasped Hands)

C 246BA

Cornelius/1918-1979/Maria/1927 – ( )/(Praying Hands) VANDYK (Praying Hands)/My children: Prayer changes life

C 251D

Eunice YOUNG/1867-1955

C 251C

James W. YOUNG/1868-1956

C 251BA

( )/Forever Together/Jean L./1905-1966/SMITH

C 252BA

( )/( )/Together/Forever/(Cross) FOSTER (Cross)

C 253BC (Masonic crest)

STOKES (Dove)/Albert F./1907-1985/( )

C 253A

Matthew K. KEILLOR/Beloved son of Ralph and Roz/ 1952 He/is just/away 1971

C 254DC

  1. Robert/1896-1961/Queenie I./1899-1977/Together/Forever/ Legion crestMOODIE(Legion crest)

C 255BA

William C./1923-( )/Bessie R./1928-( )/Together Forever/ (A. of M. crest) LANGDON (Civil Service crest)

C 256DC

Malcolm/1919-1972/Together/Forever/( )/(R.C.A.F. crest) HETHERINGTON (R.N. Crest)

C 256BA

Guy H. E./1909-1968/Together Forever/Kathleen M./1919-1967/ PAYNE

C 257DC

Floyd W./1905-1983/P. Irene/1904-1967/In Loving/Memory/NEWSON

C 257B

Jane WISHART/1877-1955

C 257A

James P. WISHART/1883-1968

C 258DC

Alfred/1889-1975/( )/Together Forever/(Holy Bible) BOE (Holy Bible)

C 259DC

Charles/1896-1982/In/Loving/Memory/Bertha W./1894-( )/ (Legion Emblem) ROWE (Legion Emblem)

C 260BA

Albert Roy/1896-1983/Eva Mabel/1907-( )/Together Forever/ (Legion emblem) FOGAL (Cross)

C 261C

Reginald E. WALTON/1916 (Lions crest) 1970

C 261BA

( )/( )/Together Forever/(Crest) THOMAS (Holy Bible)/ Until we meet again

C 265DC

  1. Glenn/1923-1984/( )/Together Forever/(2 United Church crests)MOTE

C 265B

Baby/LACKEY/Oct. 26, 1956

C 266DC

Reginald J./1904-1983/( )/Together Forever/(Masonic emblem) GAGG (Holy Bible)

C 266BA

Joseph Paul/March 22, 1971/( )/Charles James/April 10, 1970/( )/GAGG/Together Forever

C 267BA

BROWN/John D./1911-1963/Together Forever/( )

C 269DC

Arnold G./1906-1964/Mabel (Dickie)/1906-1982/(Cross) (3-link chain) STORMES (Cross) (R Dove)

C 269BA

Earl V./1907-1972/Lila/1908-1985/(Crest) METCALFE (Holy Bible)

C 270B

Midori MATSUMOTO/Beloved wife of/Shotaro Matsumoto/1904-1980

C 270A

Shotaro MATSUMOTO/1888-1963

C 275DC

( )/( )/Together Forever/CAMPBELL


WEBSTER/( )/( )/Asa Alexander/1874 1960/Susanna/1878- 1959

C 277CD

Edward R./1908-( )/Florence A./1911-( )/Together Forever/(3-link chain)/WARD (United Church crest)

C 278D

Flossie DEROO/Dec. 29, 1891 – Sept. 18, 1980

C 278C

Cyriel DEROO/March 4, 1895 – April 9, 1969

C 278BA

Fred/Nov. 23, 1909/Oct. 26, 1984/In/Loving/Memory/( )/ (Legion emblem NEAVE (Praying hands)

C 279DC

Wray L./1911-1974/Emily M./1909-1987/Together Forever/ (Masonic emblem) SMITH (Holy Bible)

C 279BA

Francis W./1879-1966/Fannie G./1883-1970/Together Forever/ (3-link chain) SMITH (Cross)

C 280D

Warren W. SMITH/(Legion emblem) 1905-1978

C 280CB

Charles Leroy/1894-1957/Edith Olive/1898-1982/(B.L.F. & E. crest) MILLER (L.A. to B.L.F. & E. crest)

C 281DC

Albert F./1913-1981/( )/Together Forever/)B.L.F. & E. crest) BOWLBY (L.A. to B.L.F. & E. crest)

C 281BA

Stanley W./1916-1974/Mary J./1904-1985/Together Forever/ (Holy Bible) COLLINS (Holy Bible) Tpr. Jack HAINES killed in action 1944/1923-1944

C 282C

In Loving memory/Clara E. LINEHAM/1907 (Holy Bible) ( )

C 282BA

 )/F. Roberta/1907-1971/(Book of Life) LINEHAM

C 283DC

William K./1886-1965/Jessie/1886-1965/Together Forever/ SHEPHARD

C 285DC

Edwin G./1903-1987/( )/(Gregg)/In Loving Memory/(Holy Bible) ELLIS (Holy Bible)

C 285BA

James E./1899-1965/Eva/1897-1955/Together Forever/ (B.L.F. & E. Crest)/RICE

C 286D

Edna M. BROOMER/Beloved wife of James Rice/1902 (Crest) 1956

C 286A

Lewis P. MITCHELL/6 November 1893/15 December 1967

C 290C

Willem VANDENBURG/1897-1964

C 290BA

John C./1900-1964/Mary A./1901-1977/In Loving/Memory/(Dove) BLACK (Cross on Bible)

C 291BA

REEB/Earl C./1914-1962/Together Forever/( )

C 294DC

Frederick J./1918-1985/Together Forever/Sadie I./1911-1983/ (Crysler)/ (Dog) DOBSON (Praying Hands)

C 294BA

Gibson H./1909-1986/E. Blanche/1912-( )/(KERR)/Together/ Forever/ Married/9-20-32/(R.C.A.F. crest) GEBBIE (Praying Hands)

C 297BA

  1. Stewart/1895-1979/C. Irene/1901-1983/Together/Forever/STIRTON(Emblems: B.E.L., Masonic, L.A. to B.E.L., Eastern Star, Dove)

C 298D

Agnes V. DEVERELL/Beloved wife of/Joseph/1916-1975

C 298BA

  1. James/1888-1966/Together Forever/Martha P./1898-1961/ (Holy Bible)SEE(Holy Bible)

C 299DC

Alexander/ 1898-1967/ (United Church crest) /Marion Mona/ 1902- 1983 / Together Forever /WHITE

C 299BA

John/1889-1971/(United Church crest)/E. May/1884-1972/ Together Forever/ MacKENZIE

C 300D

Mildred M. WHALLS/1891-1963

C 301DC

William J./1897-1985/ Together Forever/ ( )/(Shamrock) LEECH (Shamrock)

C 301BA

William R./1909-1974/( )/ Together Forever/(Masonic emblem) HODGES (L.A. to B.R.T. crest)

C 302B

June M. LITTLEJOHN /Beloved wife of Disney J./July 15, 1915 (Holy Bible) Dec. 17, 1969

C 302A

Disney J. LITTLEJOHN /Beloved husband of June/Oct. 4, 1900 (B.R.T. crest) June 3, 1956/(Eagle with ‘Pro Patria’ crest)

C 303D

William W. HAINES/(Legion crest) 1900-1976

C 303CB

Harold W./1927-( ) /Inez A./1932-( )/Together Forever/ (Civil Service crest) BOE (United Church crest) Let not your heart be troubled. Ye believe in God, believe in Me

C 303A

Our baby/Margaret Irene BOE/July 18, 1953 – Jan. 17, 1954

C 304BA

  1. Morley/1904-1988/In/ Loving/Memory/Genevieve L./1913- ( )/(Holy Bible)FOX(Holy Bible)

C 304D

Margaret M. WRIGHT/Beloved wife of/Roy/1890-1964

C 305C

Roy TURNER/1889-1955

C 305BA

Charles R./1906-( )/ Lena/1905-( )/Together Forever/ (Holy Bible) BAINARD (Holy Bible)

C 306C

Sarah FREELE/1873-1956

C 306BA

William S./1892-1965/Lavella Z./1892-( )/Together Forever/(Masonic emblem) (B.L.F. & E. crest) BELL (Eastern Star) (L.A. to B.L.E. crest)

C 307DC

David E./1917-1970/Joy L./1927-( )/Together Forever/(Moose Lodge crest WINDSOR (United Church crest)

C 307BA

( )/In/Loving/Memory/Susie E./1908-1966/(U.C.T. crest) SMITH (Holy Bible)

C 308BA

Charles A./1906-1981/Mabel/1909-( )/In Loving Memory/ (Crest) MICHENER (Eastern Star)

C 309BA

McARTHUR/John F./1893-1963/Together Forever/Gertrude A./ 1893-1974

C 311D

Heather Heidi/Cherie HUNTER/May 14, 1970/The Lord is/my shepherd

C 311A

Baby/Grant EDISON/Nov. 9, 1953

C 312C

Annie (Foster) OSBORN/Beloved mother/Nov. 18, 1880/Sept. 3, 1956/(Dove)

C 312BA

( )/(Archibald)/Together in Memory/Thomas/July 20, 1901/ Sept. 13, 1987/(Dove) OSBORN (Dove)

C 313DE

Lloyd G./1909-1977/Dallas A./1907-1963/(Cross) SEARLE (Cross)

C 313C

Alvin R. CUSHMAN/Beloved husband of Ruth/1917-1971

C 313B

Debbie/ROBINSON/Aug. 13, 1958

C 313A

William “Bill” CUSHMAN/1946-1969

C 314D

Earl M. CRANDALL/Mar. 12, 1905 – Aug. 3, 1982

C 314C

John B. CRANDALL/Beloved son of/Milton and Margaret/July 19, 1962 – Nov. 27, 1981

C 315DC

Jack H./1925-1978/Ethel I./1923-( )/Together Forever/ (Legion crest) BRANTON (Clasped hands)

C 317DC

Larmour L./1901-1960/( )/Together Forever/(A.V.V.S. crest) POLLEY (Women’s Hospital Auxiliary)

C 318BA

Cyril J./1916-1979/( )/Together Forever/WYETT

C 319DC

Albert E./1901-1976/Beatrice I./1900-1968/Together Forever/ NEVING

C 320DC

Robert H./1884-1974/Together Forever/Alberta/1881- 1971/NEELAND

C 321DC

Allan G./1901-1978/( )/Together Forever/(Masonic emblem) LITTLEJOHN (Women’s Legion crest)

C 321BA

Jonathan/1891-1956/Marion H./1899-1982/Together Forever/ (Masonic emblem) WALKER (Eastern Star)

C 322C

Michael H. MURDOCK/Our little boy/March 17, 1958/April 11, 1961

C 322A

Donald E. CHAMBERS/Beloved son of/Bernice and Ted CHAMBERS/ Sept. 10, 1933/Dec. 26, 1982/(Korea Veterans crest)

C 323DC

Frederick R./1898-1988/Together Forever/( )/B.L.F.&E. crest) SHERIN (Holy Bible)

C 324D

Lyle M. HOOKER/January 16, 1935/February 14, 1958

C 324CB

( )/Together Forever/Cora R./1908-1983/HOOKER

C 324A

Helen A. KENN/1877-1960

C 325BA

Vernon R./1906-1982/Mabel R./1907-1984/Together Forever/ (Holy Bible) DENNIS (Holy Bible)

C 326BA

Archie G./July 18, 1905/July 3, 1981/( )/Together Forever/ (Dove) DOUGHERTY (Dove)

C 327BA

Orville W./1918-1970/Verlyn M./1922-( )/(Holy Bible) MARTIN (Bible)

C 328E

Gertrude SINCLAIR/1885-1975/Forever in our hearts

C 328DC

In Loving Memory/McLEAN/Hector/1904-1984/Noni/1912-( )

C 328BA

Cyril/1921-( )/Joan O./1920-( )/Together Forever/(Cross) TURLEY (I.H.S crest)

C 329DC

Robert/Dec. 25, 1899/Feb. 5, 1983/( )/(Semple)/Together/ Forever/Married/9-17-20/(Masonic emblem) NEILL (Eastern Star)

C 329BA

Daniel (B.E.M.)/1898-1968/Martha S./1901-1983/(2 Shamrocks) NEILL

C 331B

In Loving Memory/Hazel M. CHURCHILL/Beloved wife of/David E. REID/1903-1977

C 332DC

Dennis F. LEESON/1931-1961/Beloved husband of Joan E. GEBBIE.

C 332BA E.

Russell/1910-1987/Edna A./1907-1980/Together Forever/(Masonic Emblem) LEESON (Holy Bible)

C 333DC

Walter H./1905-1972/Annie M./1906-1970/Together Forever/ (Holy Bible) MATTHEWS (Holy Bible)

C 333BA

WILSON/Frank/1918-( )/Mary M./1923-1988/(Black)

C 334DC

Edward J./1922-1975/( )/WADLEY

C 334BA

Edward H./1901-1976/Edith A./1902-1982/Together Forever/ (Holy Bible) WADLEY (Holy Bible) One of the best

C 336D

Ellen E. WELFORD/Oct. 6, 1872 (Holy Bible) Oct. 9, 1955

C 336CB

Fordice W./1909-1973/Ruth Q./1907-1976/Together Forever/ (Holy Bible) PAUPST (R Dove)

C 337D

Holly M. CROCKER/August 21, 1954/December 3, 1954

C 337BA

William J./1894-1970/( )/Together Forever/(Legion crest) CROCKER (Church of Christ crest)

C 338DC

  1. Vernon/1900-1969/Minnie I./1895-1966/(Masonic emblem) (Tools 1873 crest)BROWN(Eastern Star) (R Dove)

C 338BA

Edward A./1900-1968/Together Forever/Dorothy G./1902-1981/ DUNLOP

C 339ED

Glen S./Jan. 9, 1914/Oct. 16, 1961/( )/(Corkill)/In Loving/Memory/(I.O.O.F. crest) VAN HORNE (R Dove)

C 339C

Grandson/Craig Stanley/KENNEDY/Nov. 15, 1969

C 339BA


C 340ED

(St. Johns Ambulance crest) BEALES (Praying hands)/ T. William/1913-1977/( )

C 340CB

FELLOWS/Joseph/1877-1973/Alice D./1889-1959

C 340A

George G./JONES/Beloved husband of/Josephine/Fellows/1914 (Masonic emblem) 1987

C 341D

(Army crest) James WALKER/1925-1957

C 341BA

William G./1911-1971/G. Etoile/1912-( )/Together Forever/(Holy Bible) STIRLING (Holy Bible)

C 342C (Masonic emblem)

Norman F. McGUGAN/Nov. 24, 1905 – Oct. 6, 1964/Beloved husband of/Christine DEWFLOTH MCGUGAN

C 342BA

Bruce V./1918-1987/( )/(Pettit)/Together Forever/(Dove) CLARK (Dove)

C 343BA

Gerald L./1918-1976/Mildred I./1921-( )/Together Forever/ (Holy Bible) ROE (Holy Bible)/The song is ended, but the melody lingers on

C 344D

Rhea M. LIGHT/Beloved wife of/T. Leonard BINNS/1903 (Cross on Bible) 1961

C 344C

  1. LeonardBINNS/Beloved husband of/Rhea M. Light/1898 (Cross on Bible) 1976

C 344B

Constance Mary RACKHAM/Aug. 19, 1888 – Jan. 21, 1973

C 344A

Henry R. RACKHAM/Oct. 29, 1883 – Jan. 28, 1954

C 345DC

Douglas/1906-1967/( )/Together Forever/(Civil Service crest) FINDLAY (Curling brooms & rock)

C 345BA

John Franklin/Jan. 1, 1907/Jan. 12, 1976/Ruth FULTON/Apr. 21, 1907/ Dec. 7, 1985/Together Forever/(Masonic Emblem) LIGHT (Crest)

C 346D

John J. HANCOCK/Aug. 21, 1926 (Bell Telephone crest) Apr. 28, 1978

C 346B

Harold W. RIDDELL/Beloved husband of/Grace CLARKE/1917 (Holy Bible) 1975

C 346A

Darling daughter/Barbara Ann RIDDELL/March 24, 1953/April 3, 1962

C 347DC E.

Trueman/1910-( )/Virginia M./1926-1972/(Cross) MacLAUCHLAN (Cross)

C 347BA

Frank R./1918-( )/Bessie E./1921-( )/Together Forever/ (Masonic Emblem) ELSE (Eastern Star)

C 349DC

William D./1905-1969/Together Forever/( )/(Holy Bible) SYTSMA (Holy Bible)

C 349BA

Clarence J./1903-1982/( )/Together Forever/(Legion crest) DOAN (Holy Bible)

C 350DC

Lloyd M./1918-1975/In/Loving/Memory/( )/(Holy Bible) MacVICAR (Bible)

C 350BA

Ezra S./1887-1967/Together Forever/Lena B./1898-1962/ (Holy Bible) REID (Holy Bible)

C 354A

Catherine W. WALLACE/1896-1957/Beloved wife of/William C. (R.C.N. lost at sea 1942)

C 355DC

Edwin J./1888-1965/Mary L./1887-1975/Together Forever/ (2 Church of Christ emblems) JOHNSON

C 355BA

George B./1905-1956/( )/(Masonic emblem) DAVIS

C 357DC

George H./1884-1970/Emily E./1885-1977/Together Forever/ (Cross) CHILTON (Cross)

C 358D

In Loving Memory/Gladys M. RENNEY/Mother/1917 (Holy Bible) 1958

C 358C

Sheila M. NEWSON/Sept. 6, 1939 (Holy Bible) Mar. 3, 1962

C 358BA

ARTHURS/William/1870-1953/Mary L./1873-1909

C 359DC

LOOP/William A./1883-1964/Together Forever/Laura J./1882- 1971

C 359B

Pearl A. LOOP/Beloved wife of/Murdoch (Dick) MORTON/(Eastern Star) 1906-1960 (United Church crest)

C 359A

Murdoch (Dick) MORTON/1901 (Masonic crest) 1987/Beloved husband of/Pearl MORTON1924-1960/Jean MORTON1961-1987

C 360DC

William R./1926-1986/( )/(SPEBSQSA Crest) (Boy Scout crest) MORTON (United Church crest)

C 360B

Alexander TULLY/1891-1966

C 361DC

Roy C./1886-1955/Anna/1889-1981/(Hauser)/ARNOLD

C 361BA

Dr. Roy F./1915-1979/Hazel/1915-( )/Together Forever/(M.D. crest) JOLLIFFE (United Church crest)

C 362DC

Cecil G./1886-1970/Lena M./1891-( )/Together Forever/(Holy Bible) BADGLEY (Holy Bible)

C 362BA

Gordon M./1920-1965/( )/Together Forever/(Masonic emblem) FREELAND (Holy Bible)

C 363B

Charlotte G. CARR/Beloved wife of/Albert/1899 (Holy Bible) 1964

C 363A

Albert E. CARR/1894 (Legion crest) 1957

C 364D

Son/Danny Michael CALVERT/December 16, 1955/October 9, 1958/ At rest

C 365D

John I. TURNER/April 19, 1900 (I.O.O.F. crest) May 1, 1962

C 365C

Billy HANCOCK/Mar. 19, 1953/Sept. 18, 1959

C 365BA

Frederick T./Jan. 26, 1924/Jan. 31, 1985/( )/(Gregory)/ Together Forever/(Legion crest) HANCOCK (Legion crest)

C 366BA

Morley R./1903-1972/( )Together Forever/BAKER

C 367BA

Kenneth D./1906-1976/Reita M./1914-( )/Together Forever/ (B.R.T. emblem) DOAN (Holy Bible)

C 368DC

Lorne C./1917-( )/Edna B./1921-( )/(Smith)/Together Forever/Married 2-15-39/(Legion crest) MORSE (Dove)

C 368B

Douglas L. MORSE/Beloved son of/Lorne and Edna/1948 He/is just/away 1970

C 369BA

Frederick H./Nov. 14, 1899/Mar. 4, 1984/Elsie F./Mar. 5, 1901/Dec. 27, 1984/(Campbell)/Together/Forever/Married  8-13-21/(United Church crest) ARRAND (United Church crest)

C 372DC

Fred T./1889-1972/Together Forever/Nellie C./1886-1976/ (I.O.O.F. crest) MacLAUGHLAN (R Dove crest)

C 372BA

Sydney T./1882-1964/Together Forever/Margaretta/1885-1983/ JAMES

C 374D

George PETRACHUK/1894-1970

C 374A

Clarence L. JENNINGS/Beloved husband of/Lila E. SALINE/1905 (Dove) 1985

C 375BA

William T./1906-1969/G. Laverne/1904-1985/Together Forever/ CLEMENS

C 376D

Frederick A. COWIE/Son of/Sgt. William L. & Alice M./ Sept. 3, 1915/May 29, 1976/Forever in our Hearts

C 376C

Jean M. LOCKE/October 23, 1932 – August 29, 1953/Beloved daughter of/Esther HOUGH & Melvin LOCKE

C 376BA

William W./1924-( )/Esther A./1913-( )/(COWIE)/Together Forever/Married 3-25-48/(Masonic emblem) HOUGH (Dove)

C 377BA

(Civil Service emblem) (Masonic crest) SMITH (Cross)/Charles E./1911-1984/In Loving Memory/( )

C 378BA

  1. Carl/1906-1969/Marie F./1909-( )/(Milk Jug)SHAW (Milk Jug)

C 379ED

( )/( )/Together Forever/(Holy Bible) RICKWOOD (Holy Bible)

C 379CB

Albert F./1914-1982/Martha M./1912-( )/Together Forever/ (I.O.O.F crest (F.L.T. crest) MARSHALL

C 379A

Robert K./MARSHALL/Beloved grandson/of/Albert and Martha/ 1962 (Dove) 1983

C 380BA

Richard L./Feb. 18, 1907/June 3, 1976/( )/Together Forever/(B.L.E. crest) CUPPLES (R.N. crest)

C 381DC

Robert/1906-1960/( )/GRAHAM

C 381B

Helen M. THOMPSON/1882-1978/In Loving Memory

C 382DC

Lillian B./ 1897-( )/In /Loving /Memory / Harold E./ 1893- 1982/ (Holy Bible) THOMPSON (Masonic crest)

C 382B

Lynda Marie HOLT/August 11, 1955/December 2, 1956

C 383D

Augustus G. E. HOLT/Aug. 30, 1904/May 30, 1961

C 383B

The Lord is my Shepherd, I shall not want. 23rd Psalm/ Alberta HOEKSTRA/1904-1969

C 383A

God shall wipe away all tears/Ale (Al) HOEKSTRA/1906-1973

C 384BA

Thomas/1899-1979/Florence/1898-1987/Together Forever/(Train) GROVES (Dove)

C 385D

Harry Milton DOAN/1906-1984

C 385B

Mary S. LUSCOMBE/June 27, 1905 – July 20, 1986

C 388ED

( )/L. Jessie/1900-1984/Together Forever/PARDEY

C 388C

Margaret WOODS/Beloved daughter of/William and Dinah/July 18, 1902 – Dec. 28, 1974/Asleep in Jesus

C 388B

Alexina WOODS/Beloved wife of/Fredrick D. DOAN/Jan. 25, 1905 -Sept. 8, 1984

C 389DC

Thomas B./1917-( )/Margaret Jean/1916-1973/Together Forever/(Cross) BADGLEY (Cross)

C 389B

Sophia MORIARTEY/1884-1956

C 389A

Robert MORIARTEY/Aug. 17, 1889 (Masonic Crest) Nov. 19, 1953

C 390D

In Loving Memory/Jennie M. SELLS/May 17, 1879 – Aug. 21, 1967

C 390BA Grey granite with bronze plaque.

( )/( )/O’BRIEN

C 391DC

John George/May 12, 1894/May 30, 1975/( )/Together Forever/(Cross) BUTTERFIELD (Cross)

C 391BA

Lorne E. A./1911-1973/Elsie L./1917-( )/In Loving/ Memory/WILKINSON

C 392BA

Gordon/1924-( )/Bernice L./1923-( )/MacFARLANE

C 393C

Harry A. PARKINS/1903-1967

C 393B

Stanley C. PARKINS/1895 (Legion emblem) 1970

C 393A

Douglas E. PARKINS/1923 (Legion emblem) 1982

C 394DC

Cyril E./1910-1979/Ruby L./1913-( )/Together Forever/ JACKSON

C 395C

John H. LAZENBY/Jan. 10, 1901 – Jan. 7, 1967

C 395BA

Friedrich/1910-1971/( )/KIENTOPP

C 396DC (Cross)/

HUNT/Robin F./1901-1975/Olive E./1909-1984

C 396BA (Dove)

HEXAMER (R Dove crest)/Marvin G./1915-1985/Inez M./ 1926-( )/(Painter)

C 397DC

Wampie PERLUS/1911-1971/Margaret M./1921-( )/Together Forever/(2 United Church crests) BINGEMAN

C 397BA

  1. Harold/1910-1977/Dorothy E./1911-( )/Together Forever/ (Holy Bible)PEARCE(Holy Bible) The Lord is my Shepherd, I shall not want

C 398DC

Frederick J./1878-1962/Florence/1886-1968/Together Forever/ (Holy Bible) PEARCE (Holy Bible)

C 399DC

Charles T./1907-1987/Together Forever/Helen I./1910-( )/ (Stokes)/(Holy Bible) HALL (Holy Bible)

C 400DC

John A./1912-1980/Orpha F./1914-( )/Together Forever/ (I.O.O.F. crest) MINOR (I.O.O.F. crest)

C 400BA

Donald L./Sept. 18, 1931/Dec. 17, 1987/( )/(Robinson)/ Together Forever/Married 5-9-53/(United Church crest) HOUSE (Praying hands)

C 401DC

William A./1908-1988/Mabel (Eva)/1910-1988/Together Forever/ DOAN

C 405DC

Charles (Cy)/1901-1983/In/Loving/Memory/Nellie/1907-( )/ (Masonic emblem) POOK (United Church crest)

C 406B

In Loving Memory of/Eva WALKER/1896-1975

C 406A

In Loving Memory of/Ernest S. WALKER/1894-1955

C 407DC

Howard E. W./1904-( )/Eva E./1908-1985/Together Forever/(Masonic emblem) (Eastern Star) HEATH (Holy Bible) (Eastern Star)

C 407BA

Gordon D./1892-1982/L. Olive/1905-( )/In Loving Memory/(Masonic emblem DENNIS (Eastern Star)/Not my will, but Thine be done

C 408D

In Loving Memory/David C. POOK/Beloved son of/Cy and Nell/July 8, 1942 (2 bats & ball) Aug. 14, 1981

C 408C

In Loving Memory/Jean PARKINS ROLOSON/1910 (Holy Bible) 1976

C 409D

Kay LITTLE/1904 (Holy Bible) 1975

C 409C

  1. J.LITTLE/1903 (Holy Bible) 1963

C 409BA

LANE/Cecil E./1907-1974/Together Forever/( )

C 410D

Violet (Autio) SHAKIR/Beloved wife of/Musa SHAKIR/1904-1987

C 410C

Musa SHAKIR/1895-1969

C 410B

In Loving Memory/Martha Ann (Bryce) MOORE/1903 (Holy Bible) ( )

C 410A

In Loving Memory/William J. BRYCE/1887 (Crest) 1956

C 411DC

( )/Hazel V./June 13, 1896/Feb. 7, 1979/Together Forever/(Praying Hands) NICOL (Praying Hands)

C 411BA

Ronson/1905-1980/In/Loving/Memory/E. Winnifred/1910-( )/ (2 United Church crests)/WILKINSON/Loving Memories last forever

C 412D

In Loving Memory/Josef NEVRLY/Aug. 10, 1925 (Maple leaf) Aug. 12, 1987

C 412CBA

Orland S. H./1894-1968/Florence A. E./1896-1982/William E./ 1923-1979/(A. of M. crest) OSBORNE (Moose Lodge crest)

C 413C

Friedhelm A. KIENTOPP/Beloved husband of/Deborah SPOONER/ 1951-1975/At Peace

C 414DC

Ivan L./1906-1978/Edythe T./1910-1975/Together Forever/ (Trainman crest) LEWIS (Crest)

C 414BA

(Cross & Crown) LEWIS/Charles E./1879-1961/Harriett H./1881- 1975

C 415DC

Leonard/1925-1986/Thelma L./1930-( )/(Welch)/Together Forever/Married 9-6-47/(Crown & 2 swords) GRAY (Dove)/Gone, but not forgotten

C 421E

In Loving Memory/Sarah E. A. GREGG/Beloved daughter of/ Charles and Irene/1971 (Dove) 1987/(2 hearts inscribed:) We/ love/you/ Treena/ Crystal/ Jeffrey/ Dawn

C 421BA

Harold E./June 13, 1899/May 13, 1977/( )Together Forever/(B.L.E. crest) HALL (United Church crest)/Loving Memories last forever

C 422DC

Donald W./1919-1982/Elsie M./1922-1984/(ALLMAN)/Together Forever/Married 4-8-38/ (Dove) BAILEY (Dove)

C 422BA

( )/E. Delores/Dec. 3, 1927/Oct. 6, 1984/REEVES

C 423BA

Larry R./1922-1984/( )/(Holy Bible) BEALES (Holy Bible)

C 426D

Sally Marie SHAKIR/1939-1979

C 426A

Kurt A. KARAFIL/1896-1980

C 427BA

Norman H./1904-1985/Mary Ann/1916-1987/(MEGGISON)/Together Forever/Married 10-21-39/(Dove) MARSHALL (Dove)

C 429E

Stacey Marie Lynn/HOLDEN/Precious daughter/Oct. 12, 1986

C 429BA

Norman (Slim)/Dec. 7, 1922/Dec. 14, 1980/( )/ Together Forever/ (Clasped Hands) HOLDEN (Clasped Hands)

C 430DC

Grant D./May 25, 1951 /Oct. 9, 1984/( ) /(Cook)/ Together Forever /Married 10-10-69/(2 hearts inscribed:) Love/Always/Eve/ Love/Rob & Robin STINSON (Dove)

C 431DC

Blanchard S./July 9, 1904/Mar. 31 1988/( )/(Neill)/ Together Forever (Masonic Emblem) FARRIS (Eastern Star)

Section D

When recorded this section contained two markers.

Section D is located to the south of Section C in the south-east corner of the cemetery. Lots are numbered from the north-east corner beginning with 01 and continuing to the south. Numbering is continued at the north end of the next row. Burial plots are lettered alphabetically from the south to the north and are typed in that order.

D 51C

Jason M. J. VAN WEERT/Beloved son of/Sheila and Martin/1971- 1986/Goodnight – God bless you/We love you/(Cross)

D 76D

Albert MOES/Beloved husband of/Hilda MOES/(Cross) Oct. 10, 1927/Nov. 20, 1981