St. Thomas – Elmdale Section H

Elmdale Memorial Park Cemetery

Section H

St. Thomas, Ontario, Canada

RECORDED BY: Mary & Glen Ormerod

Elgin County, OGS, July 1988


PROOF READING BY: Barbara Ferguson

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See Section A for a History of Elmdale Cemetery, St. Thomas

Section H is located at the north-west corner of the Cemetery at Elm street. Lots are numbered from the north-east corner beginning with 01 and continuing to the south. Numbering is continued at the north end of the next row. Burial plots are lettered alphabetically from the south to the north and are typed in the order in which they occur in the row. Plots 263, 264 & 265 are divided into rows within the plot. The first letter in the code ‘W’. ‘M’ or ‘E’ means West, Middle and East.

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Section H
H 07DC

Duncan O./1907-( )/Ethel I./1904-1978/Together Forever/ (I.O.O.F. symbol) CAMPBELL (Praying hands)/Loving memories last forever

H 09D

Melinda J. KNOWLES /Beloved daughter of/John and Linda/July 6, 1979 – Apr. 25, 1988/To know her was to love her


( )/Mildred G./1922-1985/( )/(Earhart)/(Clasped hands) FOSTER /(Clasped hands)

H 10DC

Roy E./1918-2007/Edythe A./1918-( )/( BOUSSEY )/Together/ Forever/Married 2-23-46/(Fire Dept. crest) BURFORD (Dove)

H 19BA

Calvin W. E./1913-( )Margaret F. R./1918-( )/Together Forever/(Legion emblem) (R.C.A.F. crest) EGLEY (Legion emblem)

H 20DC

Arthur L./1907-1981/In/Loving/Memory/Velma A./1907- 1988/ DUBBER /Just away

H 20BA

George W./1922-1982/Together/Forever/Audrey J./1926-( )/ (Praying hands) LAMPMAN (Holy Bible) Blessed is the man, that maketh the Lord his trust

H 21DC

( )/Dorothy Bell/Feb. 11, 1916/July 14, 1984/(Cross & Bible) GARRAWAY (Praying hands) Too well loved to ever be forgotten

H 24DC

( )/In/Loving/Memory/W. Bayward L./Aug. 22, 1916/Nov. 10, 1977/(Dove) VanHORNE /(Crest)/The kiss of the sun for pardon, the song of the birds for mirth. One’s nearer God’s heart in a garden, than anywhere else on earth

H 26BA

( )/Violet I./1915-1984/(Shearing)/Together Forever/ Married 10-29-59/(Praying hands) SEABROOKE (Praying hands)

H 27DC

L. Alfonso/May 10, 1915/Aug. 25, 1977/(In/Loving/Memory/( )/ (Holy Bible)/Miles BEAR

H 27BA

Charles E./1893-1973/In/Loving/Memory/L. Pearl/1894-( )/ (Holy Bible) RYCKMAN (Holy Bible)

H 28DC

F. Lorne/1905-1986/Bertha/1903-( )/(Rieger)/Together Forever/Married 8-9-24/(Praying hands) RYERSEE (Praying hands)

H 28BA

In/Loving/Memory/(Lions crest)/ JORGENSEN (Dove)/( )/ Evelyn M./Oct. 28, 1919/Feb. 28, 1988/(Tazzman)

H 29BA

Harold J./Feb. 17, 1925/June 3, 1987/(Lefty)/( )/ (Sudders)/Together Forever/Married/7-25-49/(Dove) HARRIS (Presbyterian crest)/Always in our hearts

H 30DC

John/1916-1974/Mark/ DELEEBEEK /1962-1986/ CRESSWELL

H 30B

Ronald A. ABBOTT /Aug. 1, 1914/July 28, 1987/(2 Hearts inscribed) Now comes rest/ Idella/ Renie

H 30A

Idella May HORTON /”Dearie”/May 2, 1910/Sept. 26, 1975/We all love you

H 31C

In loving memory/Matthew John MOROZ /Mar. 19, 1973 (Dove) Mar. 1, 1979

H 31BA

Harry Edmond/Jan. 4, 1922/May 9, 1986/Eva (Waller)/Oct. 24, 1913/May 2, 1980/Together forever/(Praying hands) LINDSAY (Holy Bible)

H 32A

Ronald Frederick WHITE /1926 (Praying hands) 1976/Beside us you shall always be

H 33DC

Stanley J./July 17, 1907/Oct. 22, 1985/Ruby L./Sept. 30, 1905/Mar. 10, 1984/ (CURTIS)/ Together Forever/Married 11-6-29/(Dove) YOUNG (Dove)/The Lord is my Shepherd. I shall not want. 23rd Psalm

H 37BA

Harvey R./1935-( )/Anna/1939-1978/Together/Always/(Holy Bible)/ MacKENZIE (Holy Bible) Asleep until the Resurrection under God’s Kingdom

H 38DC

Alexander L./1909-( )/Julia M./1907-( )/Together/ Forever/Married 2-9-37/(Masonic crest) MacDONALD (R. dove crest)

H 39DC

Harold E./1923-1979/Audrey A./1924-( )/Together Forever/ (Legion crest) OUIMETTE (Latter Day Saints crest)

H 39BA

Earl K./1915-1979/Norma M./1910-( )/Together always/(Dove) PREVIL (Dove)

H 40B (Cross)/

Kenneth R. BOLT /Trooper/Elgin Regiment/2 Oct. 1979 – age 63

H 40A

Richard James HARRIS /Beloved son of/Harold & Gladys/1953 (Hockey sticks) 1974

H 41CB

Keith G./1928-1979/N. Joyce/1926-( )/Together Forever/ (Dove) HUME (Dove)

H 41A

Brian C. HUME /Precious son of/Keith & Joyce/1958-1975/ (C.E.C.I. crest)

H 42DC (Legion emblem)

DINNING (Praying hands)/Donald G./1915- 1983/Mary H./1911-1988

H 42B

Norman J. RUSSELL/1929-1981

H 42A

Donald ROSS /1922-1976

H 43FE

GLOVER /Claude G./1893-1971/Alice E./1902-1982

H 43DC

HAYES /1911 Lloyd C. 1982/1911 Maud S. 1987

H 43BA

Gary W./Aug. 9, 1936/Feb. 5, 1984/( )/(Hewitt)/ Together/Forever/Married/2-25-60/(Guitar) YOUNG (Music symbol)/Until we meet again

H 44DC

Ernst/1920-1983/Alla/1912-1987/Together forever/(Praying hands) PARTEL (Praying hands)

H 49DC

( )/June D./May 31, 1938/Feb. 4, 1986/(Morning)/ Together/Forever/(Dove) NORTH (Dove)

H 50DC

Wilfred (Duke)/1918-1981/Dorothy B./1921-( )/(Shelley)/ Together forever/(Legion crest) DAWDY (Praying hands)

H 50BA

E. R. (Mickey)/1927-( )/Lena/(1914-( )/Together forever/ (Dove) WATTS (Dove)

H 51DC

Verne W./1902-1980/( )/Together forever/(Dove) HODGINS (Dove)

H 51A

Lilian (TURNERKOYLE/Dec. 14 1897/Feb. 19, 1985/(Holy Bible)

H 52BA

(Dove) JUDSON (Dove)/( )/1905 Alice 1981

H 53DC

Norman C./1914-1981/Charity M./1919-( )/Together forever/ (Train) LEWIS (Clasped hands)

H 53BA Pink granite.

ERSKINE /E. L. (Sam)/1921-1982/Father/( )

H 54C

Floyd Lynton QUIPP /Beloved husband of/Wilma (HILLISQUIPP /3/29/36/(Dove) 12/10/81/Too well loved to ever be forgotten

H 54BA

Raymond J./1905-1978/Together/In/Memory/( )/(Praying hands) EBERTS

H 55D Pink granite.

BENOIT /Thomas Wm./Beloved father/1922-1984/ Rest in Peace

H 55C

Barbara M. Fulgona/ SMITH /Apr. 3, 1907 – Dec. 20, 1982/Loved by her children

H 57DC

Arthur/1894-1971/Together forever/Olive/1894-1973/(Legion crest) COOPER (Holy Bible)

H 62B

In loving memory/Carol LeCOURTOIS /(MORSE)/Beloved wife & mother/Aug. 24, 1941 (Legion emblem) Aug. 14, 1987

H 63BA (Triangle emblem)

SMITH (Eastern Star)/1937 Earl S. ( )/ 1937 Myrna J. ( )

H 64D

Hilda Florence (WILKINSON)/ SMITH /Dec. 1, 1907 (Holy Bible) Sept. 26, 1975/Though I walk through the Valley of the Shadow of Death, I/will fear no evil. 23rd Psalm

H 64C

Millie Dawson GNUS /1911 (Holy Bible) 1974

H 64BA

Richard C./1901-1987/Together/Forever/Ruby E./1909-1978/ (Masonic emblem) FORBES (Eastern Star)

H 65DC

Walter C./May 16, 1911/Nov. 13, 1977/( )/Together/ Forever/(R.Dove crest) LeCOURTOIS (R.Dove crest)/Loving memories last forever

H 65BA

Donald (Mickey)/1906-1976/Together/Forever/Viola/(BROWN)/ 1912-( )/(Car) McMASTER (Civil Service crest)/Too well loved to ever be forgotten

H 66C

Howard K. GRAVES/1915-1975

H 66BA

Ford R. J./Nov. 13, 1936/Jan. 7, 1978/( )/Together/ Forever/(Golfer) KINSMAN (Bowling pins & ball)/Too well loved to ever be forgotten

H 67DC

Emil/July 18, 1898/Oct. 22, 1982/Married 2-10-22/( )/ (Cross & Bible) SHOLTANUK (Cross & Bible)

H 68DC

R. Douglas/Aug. 19, 1915/Nov. 9, 1982/In/Loving/Memory/Pansy Jean/Mar. 19, 1914/Aug. 16, 1983/(R.C.A.F. crest) WRIGHT (Dove)

H 69DC

John/Nov. 4, 1906/Nov. 10, 1979/Mabel/Aug. 18, 1906/Oct. 30, 1977/Together/Forever/(Holy Bible) KIRKWOOD (Holy Bible)/Always in our hearts

H 69BA

Donald H. COAKLEY /Beloved husband of/Donna L. M. LONGHURST / Nov. 25, 1938 (Dove) Nov. 3, 1980

H 70DC

HALL /William J./1902-1976/Together/Forever/Ethel K./1902- 1970

H 70BA

Charles R./1909-( )/Lillian G./1913-1987/Together forever/ (Dove) PAGE (Dove)

H 77D

In loving memory/Sarah (CALDWELLMcLAREN /1907-( )

H 77C

Irene Frances BUXTON /1939-1978/Enter into His gates with Thanksgiving

H 77BA

James C./Apr. 29, 1908/Feb. 28, 1983/In/Loving/Memory/( )/ (Dove) CURTIS (Dove)

H 79BA

Floyd H./1906-1982/Together/Forever/Rhoda L./1910-1981/ (Dove) MILLER (R. Dove crest)

H 80C

William P. CHAPMAN /July 23, 1925 – March 13, 1972

H 81B

In loving memory/Jennie RAMSEY /1898-( )/Beloved wife of/ Thomas RAMSEY

H 81A

O. Albert HOLMES /1914 R.A.F. 1981/In loving memory

H 82DC

Jeffrey E./1895-1979/Edna May/1900-1977/Together forever/ (Legion emblem) McCARTHY (R. Dove crest)/In loving memory

H 82BA

Leslie R./1917-1973/Marjorie M./1922-( )/Together forever/(United Church crest) SAWYER (United Church crest)

H 83C

In loving memory/Arthur E. TOZER /Dec. 23, 1932 (Horse shoe) Aug. 4, 1980

H 83BA

( )/Marion M./1929-1978/Together forever/(Dove) DELL (Dove)/Too well loved to ever forgotten

H 84BA

Alvin 1901-( )/Ruth/1902-( )/Together forever/(Train) MILLS (Holy Bible) Though I walk through the Valley of the Shadow of Death, I will fear no evil 23rd Psalm

H 85BA

William (John)/1916-1978/Together/Forever/Ula J./1920-( )/(Masonic crest) MURRAY (Holy Bible)

H 86DC

Norman (Dewy)/1922-1981/C. Agnes/1923-( )/Together forever/(Legion emblem) BROWN (United Church crest)

H 86A

Robert C. CULBERTSON /1910 (Trainmen crest) 1979

H 91BA

Beryl W./June 12, 1925/Jan. 2, 1986/( )/(Ball)/Together/Forever/ Married 1-19-52.(Clasped hands) CUMMINGS (Clasped hands)

H 92DC

Clarence R./1922-( )/Grace L./1928-( )/(Hambleton)/Together forever/(Legion emblem) CUMMINGS (Dove)/Forever in our hearts

H 94DC

In/Loving/Memory/(Dove) CHAPMAN (Dove)/Lawrence A./1937-( )/Theresa J. /1937-1983

H 94B

Irene ARNOLD /Beloved wife of/George/1915-1986/Loving mother and grandmother

H 96DC

( )/Bessie F./Nov. 7, 1900/Feb. 23, 1986/(THURBER)/Together Forever/ Married/6-11-29/(Masonic emblem) SALT (Holy Bible)

H 96BA

J. William/Feb. 20, 1888/July 28, 1981/Ellen/Jan. 31, 1888/ Aug. 21, 1984/Together forever/(Dove) DENNEY (Dove)

H 97DC

Grey granite. BURMAN /Cyril W./1900-1981/( )

H 97BA

Frederick/1897-1978/Hilda L./1902-( )/(Masonic emblem) WISE  (Holy Bible)

H 98DC

Cornelis/1898-1972/Martha/1897-1975/ SCHUILING /Though I walk through the Valley of the Shadow of Death,/I will fear no Evil 23rd Psalm

H 98BA

Ritske/1907-1985/Elsiena/1907-( )/(Mekkes)/ HOOGSTRA /Blessed are they that mourn, for they shall be comforted/Matthew 5.4

H 99C

Thelma M. VAIL R.N./Beloved daughter of/William & Edith/(R.N. crest)/ Aug. 14, 1910-( )

H 99BA

(B.L.E. crest) VAIL (Crest)/William E./Feb. 1888 – July 1973/Together Forever/Edith M./July 1889 – June 1967

H 100DC

WAITE /Lloyd W./1899-1970/Coral E./1901-1968

H 100BA (Cross)

MILLER (Cross)/William M./1887-1963/Together/Forever/Clara E./ 1886-1980

H 101D

Mary Belle WOOD /Beloved wife of/John Goodman/Feb. 24, 1924 – Jan. 11, 1987

H 101C Pink granite.

Robert Lee WOOD /Beloved son of/Minnie & Clarence/ April 9, 1926 – Aug. 6, 1972

H 102DC

HOWARD /Victor J./1916-1986/Wilma I./1920-1971

H 107DC

P. Howard/1904-( )/In/Loving/Memory/Girlie P./1906-( )/(VAIL)/ (United Church crest) INCE (Thistle)

H 107BA

( )/Grace M./1928-1986/(McCRACKEN)/Together/Forever/Married 9-2-50/ (Dove) FREE (Dove)

H 108BA

Alfred E./July 16, 1919/June 18, 1984/( )/(Goodhue)/In loving memory / CUMMINGS

H 110DC

Ivor L./1899-1976/In/Loving/Memory/Annie C./1900-1973/(Holy Bible) PUGH (Holy Bible)

H 110BA

Stefan/1904-( )/Susanna/1912-1978/Together forever/(Holy Bible) KRAUTNER (Holy Bible)/Everlasting life through Christ

H 112DC

Martin/1929-( )/Maria/1935-( )/(Cross)/ PFINGSTGRAEF /Everlasting life through Christ

H 112BA

( )/May (LAUR)/1925-1980/In loving memory/(Civil Service crest) DONALDSON (Legion crest)

H 113DC

George E./1909-1982/( )/(TURNER)/Together forever/(Praying hands)/ GARNHAM (Praying hands)

H 114DC

Jack B./1910-( )/Agnes/1925-( )/Together forever/(Clasped hands) WORLEY (Praying hands)

H 114BA

Bryce M./1911-1986/In loving memory/Mary W./1923-( )/(Crane)/(Train) JEFFERY (Dove)

H 115D (Cross)/

Ethel M. WATSON /Beloved wife of/Thomas A. MILLS /1895-1977

H 115C (Cross)/

Thomas A. MILLS M.M./Sergeant/Royal Sussex Regt/27 Jan. 1960 – age 64

H 115BA

Frank E./1894-1972/Olive L./1902-1983/(I.O.O.F. crest) HALEY (Holy Bible

H 116BA

Thomas H./1887-1968/Flossie M./1887-1985/ HAYMAN

H 117DC Pink granite.

WOOD /Clarence Lee/1897-1958/Minnie/1900-1983

H 117BA

Edward S./1907-( )/In/Loving/Memory/Dorothy G./1908-1970/(Cross & Bible) RANDALL (Cross & Bible)

H 118BA

Sidney H./1907-( )/In/Loving/Memory/Winnifred R./1916-1975/ RITCHIE

H 119DC

Mary (Tracey)/Nov. 27, 1939/May 24, 1982/( )/Together/Forever/Married 1-9-60/(Praying hands) BOWES (Legion crest)

H 119A Pink granite, bronze letters.

Tracy Lee WOOD /Our little girl/July 12, 1954 – Oct. 12, 1955

H 120DC

Sherwood M./1914-1982/In/Loving/Memory/Muriel B./1914-1986/(Guns) TANSLEY (Holy Bible)

H 125BA

Norman M./1933-1987/Carol M./1935-( )/In loving/Memory/ NICHOLS

H 126A (Cross)/

James E. CHAPMAN /Trooper/Elgin Regiment/15 Oct. 1977 – age 68

H 128A

George KRAUTNER /Beloved son of/Stefan and Susanna/1943 (Dove) 1981

H 129DC

Andrew (Sr.)/1902-1986/( )/Together forever/(Holy Bible) KRAUS (Holy Bible)/Everlasting life through Christ

H 129BA

Walter R./1913-( )/Ruth E./1917-1980/Together forever/(Car) HALLIDAY (Dove)

H 130DC

Wesley T./1916-1987/(Chee)/Marion H./1923-( )/(PERRY)/Together Forever /Married 1-31-42/(Train) McMILLIN (Dove) Loving memories last forever

H 131DC

( )/Margaret J./May 18, 1926/Mar. 29, 1982/(STEVENSON)/Together/ Forever/Married 11-1-1941/(Legion Emblem) WOODFORD (Dove)

H 132C

In loving memory/Johnnie DUNNE /1933-1983/Too well loved to ever be forgotten

H 132BA

Gerald B./1900-1972/Elizabeth/1904-( )/Together Forever/(Legion crest) GREEN (Holy Bible)

H 133B

Florrie S. RAYNER/Beloved wife of/Henry F. LeCOURTOIS /Aug. 20, 1898/ Oct. 15, 1980

H 133A

Henry F. LeCOURTOIS /Beloved husband of Florrie/Feb. 18, 1894/April 5, 1965

H 134D Pink granite.

Maude P. SANKEY /Beloved wife of/J. Murray WRIGHT / 1900-1984

H 134C Pink granite.

J. Murray WRIGHT /Beloved husband of/Maude/1894-1951

H 134BA

(Bill) John W./1903-1972/Edna R./1914-1974/Together/Forever/(Shriner’s emblem) HARRIMAN (Cross, Star & Staff emblem)

H 135F

Muriel J. CLIBBORN /Beloved/daughter of/Daniel & Mary/1920-1987

H 135E

Leslie CLIBBORN /Beloved son of/Daniel & Mary/1919-1981

H 135D Pink granite/

Mary/Beloved wife of/Daniel CLIBBORN /1890-1953

H 135C Pink granite/

Daniel/Beloved husband of/Mary CLIBBORN /1886-1964

H 135BA

William H. J./1884-1955/Bertha C./1880-1957/ ARMSTRONG

H 136D

Mom/Florence E. HOLMES /Apr. 9, 1883 – Aug. 13, 1969

H 136C

Dad/Robert M. HOLMES /Jan. 4, 1886 – Apr. 19, 1975

H 136B Pink granite.

Anne HUSSON / Beloved wife of/Charles RITCHIE  /1881-1971

H 136A Pink granite.

Charles H. RITCHIE / Beloved husband of/Anne/1881-1967

H 137DC

John/ 1884-1971 /Beatrice M./1890-1977 Together/ Forever/ (Masonic emblem) WELBOURN (Holy Bible)

H 137BA (Masonic emblem)

WELBOURN (Dove)/1913 Leslie G. 1980/( )

H 138DC (Legion crest)

CLELFORD (Praying hands)/Harry G./1916-1986/( )/ (LESSARD)

H 138B Pink granite.

Joanne Darlene/Beloved daughter of/Eileen & Harry/ CLELFORD / 1938-1955

H 138A

Kimberley Ann LAFRANCE /Beloved daughter of/Gerald & Mary/Sept. 20, 1964 (Dove) Aug. 26, 1978

H 139A Pink granite.

Margaret “Abdey” ROSE /Aug. 20, 1943 – Nov. 23, 1968

H 140DC

William A./1898-1978/Together/Forever/Dorothy G./1903-1978/(Holy Bible) GROGAN (Holy Bible) Home with God, which is far better

H 140BA

Alfred R./1886-1968/Muriel I./1905- 1982/ DONE

H 146BA

Donald SOPER /Nov. 3, 1907 – Mar 11, 1979/( )

H 147A (Cross)/

Andrew JANOSKA /Private/Winnipeg Grenadiers/7 Jan 1977 – Age 53

H 148DC

Floyd E./1906-( )/Marguerite/1903-1988/ CAKE

H 148BA

Waclaw (Bill)/Jan. 15, 1905/May 3, 1987/In/Loving/Memory/( )/(Dove) BOHDZIEWICZ (Dove)

H 149D

Paul A. SNOWSELL /Beloved son of/Margie & Ralph/1962-1979

H 149A

Christopher/Lee WARDEN /Feb. 16, 1972/Our love for you/will bond us forever

H 150C

Arend J. DEWEGER /Beloved husband of/Nellie SCHUILING /April 13, 1929/ June 28, 1985/Praying Hands/All the way his Saviour led him

H 150DC

Andrew A./1924-( )/Lillian (DAVIS) 1925-( )/Together forever/ (Legion crest) ALLEN (Legion crest)

H 152BA

Walter E./1934-1972/Marilyn G./1937-( )/Together forever/ DAVIS

H 153DC

John/1878-1973/Winnifred/1892-1975/ BILLINGTON

H 153BA

Ernest A./1913-1966/Lillian V./1922-1981/(Crest) McGUGAN (Cross)

H 154DC

J. Harry/May 15, 1895/Feb. 2, 1976/Edna May/Jan. 3, 1898/Oct. 15, 1987/ Together forever/(Masonic emblem) BYWAY (Cross, Staff & Star)/Though I walk through the Valley of the Shadow of Death, I will fear no evil. 23rd Psalm

H 154B

In loving memory/Edith Laura BURGESS /Beloved wife of/Harry SADLER/ April 14, 1882 – July 2, 1974

H 154A

In loving memory/Harry SADLER /June 16, 1881 – June 14, 1953

H 155B Pink granite.

Emily/Beloved wife of/Martin L. BEALES /1889-1951

H 155A Pink granite.

Martin L. BEALES /Beloved husband of/Emily/1890-1954

H 156DC Pink granite.

PATTERSON /Father/Alexander/1882-1969/Mother/Bessie/ 1883-1975

H 156B Pink granite.

Jessie DENNEE /Beloved wife of/Roy SUTHERLAND /1886-1952

H 156A Pink granite.

Roy SUTHERLAND /Beloved husband of/Jessie DENNEE /1884-1963

H 157D Pink granite.

Betty V. McCALLUM /Beloved wife of/William McCALLUM /1912- 1960

H 157C Pink granite.

Wm. D. McCALLUM /Beloved husband of/Betty/1894-1953

H 157BA

Percy C./1892-1977/Isabel/1896-1982/Together forever/ BAKER

H 158C Pink granite.

Merton Williams MORLEY /May 30, 1897/July 21, 1952

H 158A

In loving Memory/Mother/Martha S. HYNDMAN /1900 (Bible) 1959

H 159C Pink granite.

David DAVIS /Husband of/Agnes/1890-1950

H 159B Pink granite.

Agnes (DAVISTEMPLE /Sept. 26, 1905 – May 20, 1971

H 159A Pink granite.

Charles S. TEMPLE /Dec. 1, 1900 – Feb. 6, 1969

H 160BA

Alfred J./1909-1972/Muriel A./1912-( )/Together forever/(B.L.E. crest COATES (Holy Bible)

H 161DC

( )/( )/(Mitchell)/Together/Forever/Married 6-8-32/(Legion crest) BURTON (Thistle)

H 161BA

( )/( )/(Presbyterian crest) BLOYE (Presbyterian crest)

H 162D Pink granite.

Wm. MACHAN /Beloved husband of/Hilda/1892-1950

H 162B

Esther JEFFERSON /Beloved wife of/Norman LEWIS /Jan. 27, 1921 – June 28, 1949

H 163D Pink granite.

Harry F. COOK /July 4, 1888/Dec. 13, 1948

H 163C

Earl CALDWELL /Beloved husband of/Effie CALDWELL /Sept. 26, 1901 (Dove) July 18, 1950

H 164D

Gordon WESTECOTT /1886-1966

H 171DC

Allan F./1905-1985/Gladys I./1905-( )/(HARDY)/Together/Forever/ Married/3-28-29/(Presbyterian crest) GILLIES (Presbyterian crest0

H 171BA

Harold M./1915-1984/( )/Together/Forever/Married 5-29-39/(Dove)  PRICE (Dove)

H 172DC

William D./1911-( )/Clara M. A./1905-1985/(Portlock)/Together forever /(Legion crest) GARRAWAY (Praying hands)

H 173DC

Wayon W./1912-1988/Together/Forever/Thelma C./1915-( )/(Cross on Bible) QUICK (Cross on Bible)

H 174C

Josephine J. GALLAGHER /(MASON)/Beloved mother of/Tim, Dan, Patty and Steve/June 18, 1927 (Cross) April 27, 1985

H 174B

Minnie (Mary) BURTON /(Mason)/Beloved wife of/Edward A. BURTON / July 1, 1920 (Cross) Nov. 19, 1984

H 175E

Betty Brenda/ GOSWELL /1942-1984 (Dove)/In loving memory

H 175D

Charles J./ ROBSON /1914-1986/In loving memory/of my dear husband

H 175C

Mary Ann BENNETT /1892-1974/Beloved mother of/James, Norman, & William

H 175BA

Norman/1913-1935/In/Loving/Memory/( )/(Dove) BENNETT (Dove)

H 176DC

George F./1901-1968/Mabel M./1906-( )/(Army crest) LANGLEY (Praying Hands)

H 177D

Mary Ann WATSON /Beloved wife of John P./1878-1968/(With the Lord)

H 177C

John P. WATSON /Beloved husband of Mary Ann/1870-1958/(With the Lord)

H 177BA Grey granite.

HOLLINGSHEAD /In loving memory/Wesley/1889-1963/Father/ Mabel/1892-1956/Mother

H 178D

F. Monteath HALL /1904 (Masonic crest) 1969

H 178C

Grace M. HALL /1906-1966

H 178B Pink granite.

Ruth THOMPSON /Beloved wife of/Wm. R. McCARTNEY /1882-1962

H 178A Pink granite.

Wm. R. McCARTNEY /A native of Scotland/1866-1952

H 179DC

Thomas W./1891-1971/Elmira/1896-1970/Together forever/(Holy Bible) LESTER (Holy Bible)

H 179B Pink granite.

Ina F./Beloved wife of/Wm. J. SMALLDON /1878-1952

H 179A Pink granite.

John W. SMALLDON /Beloved husband of/Ina F./1875-1967

H 180C

Grace E. DUNCAN /1919 (Crest) ( )

H 180B Pink granite.

Isabel M. MURRAY /Beloved wife of Alexander E. WHITE / 1878-1958

H 180A Pink granite.

Alexander E. WHITE /Beloved husband of/Isabel MURRAY / 1871-1950

H 181D Pink granite.

Ruth E. COUSE /Beloved wife of/Albert/1892-1966

H 181C Pink granite.

Wm. A. COUSE /Beloved husband of/Ruth/1893-1953

H 181B Pink granite.

Jennie (LUNNSHONE /Aug. 12, 1888/Sept. 29, 1973

H 181A Pink granite.

Harry SHONE /Sept. 29, 1888/Jan. 21, 1952

H 182D Pink granite.

Daisy GROVES /Beloved wife of/Ben. LESSARD /1893-1951

H 182C Pink granite.

Joseph “Ben” LESSARD /Beloved husband of/Daisy GROVES / 1889-1956

H 182B

Mabel Wilma/wife of Morley FAULDS /1894-1983

H 182A

A. W. Morley FAULDS /Beloved husband of Mabel/Dec. 15, 1889 –  Aug. 21, 1953

H 183B Pink granite.

Alice Mary McGILLARY /Beloved wife of/Wm. J. DUNCAN / 1889-1969

H 183A Pink granite.

Wm. J. DUNCAN /Beloved husband of/Alice/1877-1951

H 184DC

Rev. Harry/1879-1958/Together/Forever/Myra B./1877-1964/(Cross & Bible) ROYLE

H 184B Pink granite.

Alice Maud NEWTON /March 9, 1887/May 31, 1953

H 184A Pink granite.

Robert Joyes NEWTON /Dec. 10, 1863/Nov. 20, 1951

H 185DC

WORTHINGTON /Frank E./1902-1980/Together forever/( )

H 186E

Christopher P./Beloved son of/Phil & Vicki/ JONES /March 27, 1977/ Age 2 days

H 186D

Stephen R./Beloved son of/Madelynne & Bob/ JONES /Dec. 1, 1964/ Age 2 months

H 186C

Benny PALMER /Beloved husband of/Ivy/1911-1949

H 186BA

Samuel G./1901-1969/Vera L./1902-1978/Together/Forever/(Steel Workers’ crest) NEAVE (Holy Bible)

H 187C Pink granite.

Melvin (Pat) CALDWELL /Beloved husband of/Audra/1913-1949

H 187B Pink granite.

Frances HUTCHISON /Beloved wife of/Robert/1895-1978

H 187A Pink granite.

Robert WILLIAMSON /Beloved husband of/Frances/1888-1950

H 188D Pink granite.

Inez MacGIBBON /1901-1984

H 188C Pink granite.

Rev. H. MacGIBBON /Beloved husband of/Inez/1902-1949

H 188BA

Arthur/1895-1949/Frances E./1894-1984/ FINNEY

H 189D Pink granite.

Freda BAKER /Beloved wife of/ Armond MILLS /1880-1949

H 189C Pink granite.

Armond MILLS /Beloved husband of/Freda BAKER /1877-1962

H 189BA Grey granite.

GROGAN /Alfred G./1868-1950/Georgina/1876-1949

H 190D Pink granite.

Tula KERHOULAS /Beloved wife of/Peter/1899-1985

H 190C Pink granite.

Peter KERHOULAS /Beloved husband of/Tula/1877-1949

H 190B Pink granite.

Hannah/Beloved wife of/Thos. W. LESTER /1868-1949

H 190A Pink granite.

Thos. W. LESTER /Beloved husband of/Hannah/1868-1951

H 191D

In loving memory/Catherine E. JEWELL /Beloved mother of/Patti, Marcy, David & Brent/1924 (R Dove crest) 1979

H 191B

In loving memory/Jessie M. WAGNER /1890 (Holy Bible) 1960

H 191A

In loving memory/Joseph H. WAGNER /1893 (Trainmen crest) 1958

H 192D Pink granite.

Laura E. EWANS /wife of/Thomas/1894-1964

H 192C Pink granite.

Thos. S. EWANS /husband of/Laura/1886-1949

H 192BA

Herbert/1878-1963/Annie N./1887-1960/Together forever/(Crown & Cross) HARRIS (Crown & Cross)

H 194B

Christine M./ LEY/ Beloved sister/Dec. 25, 1933 (Dove) Apr. 5, 1986

H 194A

Mother/Helen Jane GIBBS /1897-1980/(Holy Bible)/In loving memory

H 200AB

Elmer E./Feb. 27, 1911/Aug. 1, 1987/(Spike)/( )/(LeCOURTOIS)/In loving memory/ (Clasped hands) BOWEN (Clasped hands)

H 201DC

( )/( )/(Sharpe)/Together/Forever/Married 2-1-40/(Ball & Bats)/ WEBBER (Dove)

H 201BA

Robert J./1932-1986/Sheila Y/1935-( )/(BRISSEAU)/Together forever/ (Dove) HEWITT (Dove)

H 204A

In loving memory/Ernest C. HOLLINGSHEAD /1919 (Cross) 1969

H 205BA

Stanley N./Oct. 31, 1903/May 14, 1977/( )/Together forever/(Cross) BRISSEAU (R. Dove crest)

H 206DC

Robert W./1922-( )/Together/Forever/Betty L./1926-1979/(Cross & Bible) CHAPMAN (Praying hands)

H 207D

In loving memory/Mary “May” C. KEWLEY /May 20, 1925/Dec. 12, 1969

H 208DCB

DOBBIE /Clifford W./1899-1972/Janice M./1941-1963/Audrey M./1920-1986

H 208A Pink granite.

D. Roy MANN /Beloved father of/Leroy/1904-1955

H 209C

William C. K. CHATTERSON /Dec. 2, 1916 – Dec. 11, 1962

H 209A

Stanley V. LAMPMAN /June 19, 1912 – Jan. 28, 1952

H 210E

Stuart D. WALKER /1912 (Piano) 1976

H 210D Pink granite.

Esther Olivia/ WALKER /1878-1953

H 210C Pink granite.

Frank WALKER /Husband of/Esther/1870-1951

H 210A

George F. COOMBES /Beloved husband of Violet/1915-1956

H 211DC

Carson B./1887-1950/Martha/1891-1976/Together/Forever/(B.L.E. crest) ARNOLD (Eastern Star)

H 211B Pink granite.

Ada (SMITHGEDDES /Beloved wife of/James/1901-1987

H 211A Pink granite.

James E. GEDDES /Beloved husband of/Ada/1906-1952

H 212C (B. R. crest)

Stanley L. CALDWELL /1906-1953

H 212A Pink granite.

Isaac CASSIS /Beloved husband of/Catherine/1889-1950

H 213D Pink granite.

Mary Grace/Beloved wife of/Thomas R. JEFFERY /1877-1953

H 213C Pink granite.

Thomas R. JEFFERY /Beloved husband of/Mary/1866-1950

H 213B Pink granite.

Adeline/wife of/Alonzo JOHNSON /1877-1952

H 213A Pink granite.

Alonzo JOHNSON /Sept. 9, 1878/Nov. 16, 1948

H 214B Pink granite.

Annie E. PLASTOW /April 1881/Jan. 1948

H 214A Pink granite.

Mary E. PLASTOW /October 1876/February 1963

H 215D Pink granite.

Arthur W. PLASTOW /1874-1949

H 215C Pink granite.

William H. ROGERS /1874-1949

H 215BA Pink granite.

COOMBES /Not my will be done but Thine be done/ Frederick S./1889-1949/Leta E. J./ 1896-1969

H 216B Pink granite.

Mary Edith WADDLE /1877-1953

H 216A Pink granite.

Robert Ross WADDLE /1875-1948

H 217DC

John A./1877-1975/In/Loving/Memory/Lena M./1880-1954/(Masonic emblem) MacDONALD (Holy Bible)

H 218D Pink granite.

Arthur Bert STEEPER /Dec. 5, 1912/Feb. 5, 1951

H 218B Pink granite.

Rowena D. BINNS /Beloved wife of/George/1890-1971

H 218A Pink granite.

Wm. Geo. BINNS /Beloved husband of/Rowena/1882-1948

H 219C

Matthew Ewart EASTON Jr./1934-1974/At rest

H 219BA

Matthew E./1897-1964/( )/In Loving/Memory/(United Church crest) EASTON (United Church crest)

H 221DC

Tom/1927-( )/E. Betty/1933-( )/(PENNER)/(2 hearts inscribed:) Mother/&/Father/of/, Larry/Linda/Louise/,(Dove) HANAGAN (Dove)/Loving memories last forever/Married Jan. 21 – 50

H 221BA

Wm. Charles/1908-1977/( )/Together/Forever/(Holy Bible) MARTIN (Holy Bible)

H 222DC

Stanley G./1916-1971/( )/(Legion crest) BOLT (United Church crest)

H 222B

Stanley A. GARRAWAY/ (Legion crest) 1917 (Trainmen crest) 1974 (Service crest)

H 228BA

Robert H./Dec. 22, 1935/Aug. 21, 1986/In/Loving/Memory/( )/(ROOKE)/ (Legion crest) WAITSON (Clasped hands)

H 229DC

Harold D./1916-( )/Marguerite/1916-( )/(JEFFERSON)/Together/Forever /(Legion crest) ROSS (Dove) All things work together for good/to them that love God

H 229BA

Kenneth J./Dec. 25, 1930/May 12, 1981/( )/In loving memory/(Horse & sulky) BOGART (Horse & sulky) Ours for a little while, with Jesus forever

H 230DC

Gerald A./1919-1980/Phyllis M./1921-( )/ MILLS

H 230BA

James L./1923-( )/A. Marguerite/1925-1975/Together Forever/(Masonic emblem) BALLANTINE (Holy Bible)

H 231C

Charlotte LONG /1878-1967

H 231B Pink granite.

Lulu BRIDAL /Beloved wife of/Clifford/1896- 1963

H 232DC

Herbert J./1888-1986/Together Forever/Lillian/1899-( )/ JEFFERSON /and whosever liveth, and believeth in Me shall never die

H 233CBA

( )/Our loving daughter/Sharon Diane/1951-1964/( )/( ) /Together forever/(United Church crest) JEFFERSON (United Church crest

H 234D Pink granite.

Catherine/ Wife of/Wm. J. CRANER /1870-1948

H 234C Pink granite.

Wm. J. CRANER /Husband of/Catherine/1866-1953

H 234B Pink granite.

Lena M. KINSMAN /Beloved wife of/Wm. H. Lee/ 1902-1951

H 235A Pink granite.

Charles W. MATTHEWS /Beloved husband of/ Ethel/1903 – 1967

H 236D

Gertrude VARCOE /1891-1965

H 236B

In loving memory/Maxine Grace LEWIS /July 1, 1927/Nov. 16, 1970

H 237C

In loving memory/Marvin R. McCAIG /Oct. 15, 1936 (Cross) Jan. 17, 1959

H 238D

Stewart WILL /1886-1966

H 238C Pink granite.

Elsie MILLIGAN /Beloved wife of/John Stark/ 1904-1955

H 238B Pink granite.

Primrose WAITSON / COADE /May 27, 1808/Jan. 10, 1979

H 238A Pink granite.

Harry WAITSON /Dec. 25, 1902/Dec. 28, 1952

H 239D Pink granite.

Florence M. PALMER /Mother/1880-1973

H 239C

William L. BISHOP /July 5, 1881/Nov. 1, 1963

H 239A Pink granite.

Eugene RUAULT /Beloved husband of/ Clementine/1899-1950

H 240D Pink granite.

Catherine LINDSAY /Beloved wife of Fred/Nov. 21, 1915/( )

H 240C Pink granite.

Fred R. LINDSAY /Oct. 11, 1910/Feb. 23, 1949

H 241D Pink granite.

Beatrice BURKE /Beloved wife of/George M./ 1880-1949

H 241C Pink granite.

Geo. M. BURKE /Beloved husband of/ Beatrice/1876-1949

H 241B Pink granite.

Kate VICKERMAN /1876-1949/There is a calm beyond/life’s fitful fever

H 241A Pink granite.

John VICKERMAN /1885-1972/Rest in Peace

H 242D Pink granite.

Florence M. FARR /Beloved wife of/Walter/1888- 1969

H 242C Pink granite.

Walter P. FARR /Beloved husband of/ Florence/1890-1949

H 242A Pink granite.

Marion E. THAYER /Beloved mother of/Suzanne – Robert/1919-1964

H 243D Pink granite.

Rose BACHLEY /April 3, 1885/April 14, 1968

H 243C Pink granite.

Alfred BACHLEY /Aug. 15, 1883/Jan. 17, 1949

H 243B Pink granite.

Eulia LARUE /Beloved wife of/Albert E. BERRY / 1890-1954

H 243A Pink granite.

Albert E. BERRY /Beloved husband of/Eulia LARUE /1880-1950

H 244D

Iva M. CARPENTER /July 6, 1882/Feb. 18, 1949

H 244C

Charles W. CARPENTER /March 27, 1878/June 4, 1958

H 244B Pink granite.

John A. TAYLOR /Sept. 15, 1900/Jan. 16, 1975/ At Rest

H 244A Pink granite.

Jack E. TAYLOR /Nov. 21, 1924/June 2, 1949/At Rest

H 245D Pink granite.

Annie C. McKELLAR /Beloved wife of/Edward MULLEN /1878-1949

H 245C Pink granite.

Edward MULLEN /April 3, 1870/Sept. 27, 1950

H 245B Pink granite.

Mary PALMER /wife of/Thomas S. HEARD /1866-1949

H 256H

MARTIN / Joshua Stephen / Joseph Adam / Feb. 13,1989 / Feb. 14, 1989

H 256I

HAMMER / Justine Michael / Jan 2 – Jan 5 / 1994

H 256J

“Our Precious / son” / Cameron / Alexander / BERARD / May 8, 1994

H 256K

Our Daughter / Marianna Leila / DINES LUPOI / Nov. 22, 1991

H 256L

Emily May / HIDDINK / Beloved / Daughter of / Rich & Kathy / May 14, 1991

H 256M

Louise Jean / GARBUTT / Sept. 18, 1986 / Love Dad, Mom / and family

H 256N

Hope Alexandria / SHAHAN / Beloved Daughter / of / Mark & Narcia / Nov. 24, 1999 / Dec. 18, 1999

H 256P

Jenna Michelle / CLARK / Loved daughter of / Wayne & Christine / Oct. 21, 1993

H 256FQ

Kaila M./HAMMERSELY/Beloved daughter/of Robert &/ Laurraine/May 21, 1986

H 25U

Baby Boy / GREEN / With Love / Your parents / April 9, 1986

H 256V

Eric Wm. / VanDRIESTEN / Beloved son of / Peter & Cindy / Nov. 9, 1985

H 256W

Jenna Lynn / APFELBECK / Beloved daughter of / David & Diana / Sister of Aaron / March 20, 1985

H 256X

Jennifer E. WONG / Beloved daughter/of/Paul and Christine/ WONG  /Feb. 21, 1983/Mar. 14, 1983

H 257A

Olivia Kay LEARN / Beloved Daughter / of / Phil & Lisa / June 25, 2003

H 257B

Mariam Grace GORDON, Beloved Daughter of Chuck & Jamie, January 27, 2003

H 257C

Owen Michael / James WEARE / Infant son of  / Krista / Dec. 12, 2001 / Jan. 20, 2002

H 257D

Tory Magnus / D. B. COLLINS / Infant son of / Dan & Candy / 2/5/96 – 3/29/96

H 257E

Jocelyn LINDSAY /  Infant daughter of / David & Leann / Jan. 4, 1995

H 258C

Thomas E. MARTIN /1889-1963

H 259B

Wm. Wilmot WARDLE /Nov. 18, 1904 (Trainmen Crest) Dec. 26, 1965

H 259A

Violet V. WARDLE /Beloved wife of/Wilmot WARDLE /May 11, 1915 – Dec. 29, 1970

H 260BA

( )/Gladys A./Mar. 19, 1912/Feb. 11, 1988/(PALMER)/ Together/Forever/Married 7-15-40/(B. of R. crest) SAGE (L.A. to B.R.T. crest)

H 261DC

Dad/James M./Oct. 14, 1899/Sept. 25, 1984/Mom/Dorothy W./June 15, 1899/ Oct. 31, 1977/Together forever/(Praying hands) WILSON (Praying hands) Ours for a little while/With Jesus forever

H 263ED

Wynken, Blynken, and Nod one night, sailed off/in a wooden shoe/Jerrold Richard LEWIS /1960 Our Loving Son 1962

H 263EC

Our precious angel/Bobbie-Lynn BURDEN /July 19, 1966/Aug 5, 1970

H 263EB

Our precious angel/Kerri Lynn TWYNSTRA /March 7, 1971/April 26, 1972

H 263EA

Eleanor/Ruth/ DAVIE /1956/1959

H 263WA

(Rimmy) Mark Akmal MALL /Jan. 25, 1966-May 18, 1972/Beloved son of/Razzaq and Roseline/Precious grandson of/Rev. and Mrs. YAQOOB /and Rakhal G. MALL/  Jullundur City/ Punjab, India/”Ours for a little while,/with Jesus forever

H 264EF

Kevin N./ BLAIR /July 30, 1973

H 264EE

Daryl Wayne/ McINTYRE /son of/Wayne & Susan/May 30, 1973

H 264ED

Lyle Leslie/ OATMAN /June 14, 1972/Oct. 23, 1972

H 264EB

Baby Girl/ PAYNE /Oct. 5, 1972

H 264EA

Jill/ SKELDING /April 20,/1972

H 264MF

Kelly EDWARDS /Daughter of/Brian & Eileen/sister of David/June 2, 1978

H 264ME

Pamela MILLER /Infant daughter/of/Kelvin & Trudy/Mar. 18, 1978

H 264MD

Andrea/Lea/ CHRISTENSON /Mar. 15, 1978

H 264MC

Baby GARRETT /Infant daughter of/Dianne & Wayne/July 9, 1976

H 264MA

Tiffani Annabelle/ ROBERTS /Mar. 20, 1973/Apr. 19, 1973/Too good for earth/God bade her home

H 264WH

Rachel Sarah GRAY /Beloved daughter of/Chris and Donna/Sister of Melissa/Jan. 15, 1981/Apr. 17, 1981

H 264WG

Cathy/ JOHNSTON /Beloved daughter/of/Wayne & Nancy/Oct. 18, 1972

H 264WF

Adam B./ TAYLOR /son of/Rob and Luann/March 11, 1981

H 264WE

Shawn Andrew/ WOODHOUSE /Beloved son of/Ken & Diane/Oct. 13, 1980/Dec. 13, 1980

H 264WC

Baby GLOVER /Infant son of/Barry & Karen/Brother of Kyle/Nov. 2, 1979

H 264WB

Shawn Paul/Beloved son of/Edna WALKER /July 28, 1978/Sept. 27, 1978

H 264WA

Angela Faye/ BAUGHMAN /Oct. 19, 1973

H 265EG

Jeffery R./ HOPKINS /Jan. 12, 1972/Our Baby

H 265EF

Rick/ SKELDING /Oct. 16,/1970

H 265EE

Lisa Lynn/ GUSTAFSON /Feb. 17,/1970

H 265ED

Caroline/Anne BELAN /Nov. 16, 1965

H 265EC

Cynthia L./ POWERS /Aug. 12, 1962

H 265MG

Mickey/Aaron Michael PAUL /August 11, 1971/February 18, 1972

H 265MF

Wynken, Blynken/and Nod one night/sailed off/in a wooden shoe/Edward James BEZZO Jr./Jan. 15, 1970 Our Darling Son Aug. 2, 1970

H 265MD

Our Beloved daughter/Catherine Margaret PEARSON /Nov. 25, 1964

H 265MC

Lisa May/ KEWLEY /May 20, 1962

H 265MA

William C./ HILLIS /May 19, 1961

H 265WE

David C./ KITCHEN /Feb. 12, 1962/3 mo.

H 265WA

Leslie D./ GILCHRIST /Sept. 27, 1959

H 266A Pink granite.

Frank/Beloved son of/E. & C. RUAULT /1922-1951

H 267.08 Pink granite.

Baby/Donald H. WELLS /July – Dec. 1950

H 267.07 Pink granite.

Maureen Gail/ MARLATT /1950

H 267.06 Pink granite.

Baby/Larry BONNER /1949

H 267.04

John M./ ANDREW /July 27, 1949

H 267.03 Pink granite.

Barry PUTMAN /Aged 3 mos./1948

H 267.01 Pink granite.

Baby/Peter WIGMORE /1948

H 268.06 Pink granite.

Baby/Robert DREWITT /Nov. 28, 1952

H 268.05

Ronald M./ GUEST /June 6,/1953

H 268.03

Our Baby/Wm. Frederick GOWLING /Jan. 9, 1954 – Jan. 29, 1954

H 269D

Jerry G. DOAN /Infant son of/Gordon & Jean/April 3, 1953

H 269A Pink granite.

Vicki-Ann/ STROUD /1951-1952

H 270.07 Pink granite.

Baby/Paul CHARRON /1950

H 270.06 Pink granite.

Baby Maria/Lynn EWANICK /1950

H 270.04 Pink granite.

Baby/Blaine SMITH /1949

H 270.03 Pink granite.

Baby/Heather COX /1948-1949

H 270.02 Pink granite.

Baby/Rose EWANICK /1948

H 271A

Pink granite. Russell CHUTE /1894-1972

H 272D

Florence Annie LESTER /December 3, 1901/August 20, 1965

H 272C

Mary E. KAY /Beloved mother of James W./1881-1956

H 272B

James W. KAY /1917-1969

H 273D Pink granite.

Baby/Wm. CHARRON /July – 48

H 273C Pink granite.

Baby Susan/ HUTCHISON /1948

H 273B Pink granite.

Baby/Peter FORLER /July – 48

H 273A Pink granite.

Baby/Louise IRWIN /1947