St. Thomas – Elmdale Section G

Elmdale Memorial Park Cemetery

Section G

St. Thomas, Ontario, Canada

RECORDED BY: Mary & Glen Ormerod

Elgin County, OGS, July 1988


PROOF READING BY: Barbara Ferguson

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See Section A for a History of Elmdale Cemetery, St. Thomas 

Section G is located to the west and south of the North Oval. Lots are numbered beginning with 01 at the extreme south end of the North Oval where the road straightens out and continues to the south. When the end of a row is reached numbering is continued at the north end of the next row. Burial plots are lettered alphabetically from the south to the north and are typed in the order in which the plots occur in the row.

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Section GG 02C

(Cross) Marjorie Patricia ROSS/May 3, 1915 (Holy Bible) Dec. 24, 1976/ Gone but not forgotten

G 02B Grey granite.

Mother/Edith M. BURNS/1880 (Cross) 1960

G 03E

Elsie JORDAN/Nov. 26, 1904/Jan. 5, 1983

G 03A Pink granite.

Margaret Ann/Beloved daughter of/Burn & Irene/FORSYTH/ 1936-1947

G 04E

(Cross) Jesse K. MARLATT/Private/A. & S. H. of Cda. (PL)/9 July 1984- age 58

G 04D

William T. MARLATT/Beloved husband of Jean/1922-1957

G 04B

Mamie G. MARLATT/In loving memory of Mother/1899-1972

G 05D

Charlotte A. STEEL/Wife of Thomas A. OFFORD/1862-1947

G 05C

Thomas A. OFFORD/Husband of/Charlotte A. STEEL/1874-1967

G 05B Pink granite.

Grace VERNON/WILKINS/1871-1953

G 05A Pink granite.

Wm. J. WILKINS/Husband of/Grace FUKE/1871-1946

G 06D Pink granite.

Margaret T. HOLT/Wife of/Wm. SPEIGHT/1880-1944

G 06C Pink granite.

William SPEIGHT/1875-1953

G 06BA

Avvil E./1894-1946/Florence M./1893-( )/Together Forever/(Masonic emblem) SMITH (Eastern Star)

G 07D Pink granite.

Agnes/wife of/Sam EISLER/1867-1947

G 07C Pink granite.

Kenneth DARLINGTON/Beloved son of/Frank & Hazel/1921-1946

G 07B Pink granite.

Hazel B. DARLINGTON/Beloved wife of Frank/1894-1983

G 07A Pink granite.

Frank M. DARLINGTON/Beloved husband of Hazel/1893-1984

G 08E

Emilie K. HAUCK/1908 (Dove) 1964

G 09F

Cora M. BENJAFIELD/July 31, 1909 – March 13, 1967

G 09E

John F. BENJAFIELD/July 20, 1908 – April 27, 1962

G 09B Pink granite.

Mary GRANT/wife of/John BENJAFIELD/1875-1953

G 09A Pink granite.

John BENJAFIELD/(Woodsmen of the World crest) Husband of/ Mary GRANT/1877-1945

G 10C Pink granite.

Robert A. G. WILLIS/son of/Grover & Etta/1920-1947

G 10BA

Grover I./1885-1967/Etta M./1889-1967/WILLIS

G 11D Pink granite.

Cora B. SHARP/Beloved wife of/N. Willard SMITH/1877-1947

G 11C Pink granite.

Norman Willard SMITH/1875-1956

G 11B Pink granite.

Ann Marie RAY/1901-1948

G 11A Pink granite.

Martha/Beloved wife of/Samuel THOMPSON/1864-1953

G 12F

John/Jan. 1, 1920/Nov. 21, 1984/Together Forever/( )/(ION)/Married/ 8-29-41/(Dove) DUCKWORTH (Dove)

G 12E

Jack Nelles SMITH/Beloved son of//John and Rosa SMITH/1908-1966

G 12D Pink granite.

Rosa Ann NELLES/Beloved wife of/John S. SMITH/1879-1955

G 12C Pink granite.

John S. SMITH/Beloved husband of/Rosa/1869-1947

G 12B Pink granite.

Isabella/Beloved wife of/Arthur DUCKWORTH/1879-1947/ Forever with the Lord

G 12A Pink granite.

Arthur/Beloved husband of/Isabella DUCKWORTH/1880-1963/ Forever with the Lord

G 13D Pink granite.

Margaret/Beloved wife of/Chas. E. NEWMAN/1912-1948/ At rest till Jesus comes

G 13C

Charles E. NEWMAN/1905-1955

G 13B Pink granite.

Edith/Beloved wife of/Frank TREHERNE/1882-1948/At rest

G 13A Pink granite.

Frank TREHERNE/Beloved husband of Edith/1877-1962

G 14BA

Elvin C./1907-1970/Florence M./1908-( )/Together Forever/(United Church crest) (Masonic emblem) WISSON (United Church crest)

G 16D Pink granite.

In loving memory/Charles W. DELL/1891-1968

G 16C Pink granite.

Mary/Beloved wife of/Leonard DELL/1865-1942

G 16B Pink granite.

Annie/Beloved wife of/James TANNER/1872-1945

G 16A Pink granite.

James TANNER/1870-1944

G 17C Pink granite.

Wm. Earl SOPER/Beloved husband of/Bessie/1895-1950

G 17B Pink granite.

C. Mary ROBINSON/Beloved wife of/Edward/1885-1964

G 17A Pink granite.

Edward S. ROBINSON/Beloved husband of/Mary/1888-1951

G 18BA

Albert J./1897-1985/In Loving Memory/Agnes L./1903-1967/(Moose Lodge  crest) JORDAN (Eastern Star)

G 19DC (Masonic emblem)

THOMAS She/is just/away/1909 Alfred D. 1959/( )/ Together Forever

G 19B

Saunders/Ellen Rose SAUNDERS/Beloved wife of/Edgar SAUNDERS/ November 3, 1879/November 29, 1940/(Clasped hands)/(D.O.E. in wreath)

G 19A

Edgar SAUNDERS/March 2, 1879/July 8, 1947

G 20C Pink granite.

Robert CARPENTER/husband of Frances/father of Sandra Jane 1915-1942

G 20B Pink granite.

Evilena/wife of/Benjamin BRODIE/1877-1942

G 20A Pink granite.

Benjamin BRODIE/husband of Evilena/1873-1956

G 22C

George E. DISBROWE/Beloved husband of/Edith P. Martin/Oct. 20, 1889/ Oct. 1, 1979

G 22B

DISBROWE/Walter E. C. DISBROWE/Beloved son of/(R.C.A.F. crest)/Geo. Eric & Edith DISBROWE/January 1, 1924/October 30, 1941

G 22A

Edith P. MARTIN/Beloved wife of/George E. DISBROWE/March 2, 1896/ Nov. 6, 1970

G 24C

Sybel K. MATTHEWS/July 10, 1895 (Cross & Staff crest) Nov. 20, 1985

G 24B

Harold Brock MATTHEWS/May 21, 1883 ((Inverted triangle crest with S) Sept. 1, 1960

G 24A (Eastern Star)

Erie H. SEBURN/wife of/Harold B. MATTHEWS/Nov. 14, 1890 – Jan. 6, 1935

G 25A Pink granite.

John P. CROZIER/Beloved husband of/Alma/1881-1964

G 27D Pink granite.

Mabel SANDERS/Beloved wife of/Frank HOLCOMBE/1881-1972

G 27C Pink granite.

Frank HOLCOMBE/Beloved husband of/Mabel SANDERS/1892-1951

G 27B Pink granite.

In loving memory of/Vyla SANDERS/1894-1980

G 27A Pink granite.

In loving memory of/F. Glover SANDERS/1894-1947

G 28D Pink granite.

Elizabeth M. ALLAN/Dec. 18, 1879/Mar. 3, 1959

G 28C Pink granite.

John ALLAN/Nov. 10, 1878/Nov. 25, 1947

G 28B Pink granite.

In loving memory/Mother/Agnes Japp HUTTON/March 22, 1880- June 6, 1954

G 28A Pink granite.

In loving memory/Father/George Taylor HUTTON/May 16, 1871 -September 24, 1947

G 29DC

Roy S./1890-1977/Bertha/1893-1976/Together Forever/(I.O.O.F.) FILLMORE (R Dove crest)

G 29BA

( )/Marjorie/1903-1984/Together Forever/YEANDLE

G 30BA (Cross)

WILKIE (Cross)/Charles B./May 14, 1950/Together Forever/ Lillian A./April 28, 1963

G 31DC

Maurice B./1900-1984/Together Forever/Edna J./1899-1974/McDOWELL

G 31B

Minnie A. NELSON/Beloved wife of/James E. NELSON/8 Sept. 1898- 5 Jan. 1969

G 31A

James Eugene NELSON/Beloved husband of/Minnie A. WILKIE/Aug. 2, 1901 (Masonic emblem) Dec. 19, 1961

G 33C Pink granite.

E. Lorne FLINT/1907-1968

G 33B Pink granite.

Louise M. BARRETT/1884-1966

G 33A Pink granite. (Woodsmen of the World crest)

Frank N./BARRETT/1884-1958


George E./1896-1979/Victoria/1897-1974/Patricia Ann/1938-1942/(Masonic emblem) (Legion Crest) TANNER (Cross)

G 35C Pink granite.

Chester R. EVANS/Beloved husband of/Bertha/1919-1953

G 35B Pink granite.

Ada CANTELO/Beloved wife of/Chas. H. EVANS/1887-1952

G 35A Pink granite.

Charles Havelock/EVANS/1896-1979

G 36D Pink granite.

Beulah (MARLATTEVERT wife of/Robert B. ELGIE/1890-1981

G 36C Pink granite.

Robert B. ELGIE/Beloved husband of/Beulah MARLATT/ 1890-1942

G 36B Pink granite.

Fannie A. DECOW/wife of/John DECOW/1874-1943

G 36A Pink granite.

John DECOW/1874-1943

G 37D Pink granite.

In loving memory/Mary A. TRUEMAN/beloved daughter of/ William E. & Rachel J./TRUEMAN/1920-1978

G 37C Pink granite.

L.A.C. TRUEMAN S. G./R.C.A.F./1924-1943

G 37B Pink granite.

Rachel J. TRUEMAN/wife of William E./1884-1969

G 37A Pink granite.

William E. TRUEMAN/husband of Rachel J./1895-1964

G 38D Pink granite.

Flora THOMAS MacDONALD/beloved wife of/Albert H./ 1885-1957

G 38C Pink granite.

Albert H. MacDONALD/husband of/Flora THOMAS/1884-1942

G 38B Pink granite.

Hattie S. FUKE/wife of/Walter O’LOANE/1879-1942

G 38A Pink granite.

Walter O’LOANE/husband of/Hattie/1874-1952

G 39D Pink granite.

Sheila Elizabeth/COOK/Jan. 2, 1931/Nov. 17, 1950

G 39C Pink granite.

Pilot Officer/Wm. E. COOK/R.C.A.F./1924-1943

G 39BA

Charles/Nov. 19, 1897/Nov. 12, 1983/In/Loving/Memory/( )/(McGAW)/ (Masonic emblem/ COOK (Legion emblem)

G 41C Pink granite.

Cameron E. WATSON/son of/Wm. & Margaret/1924-1942

G 41B Pink granite.

Margaret WATSON/beloved wife of/Wm. Watson/1895-1955

G 41A Pink granite.

William WATSON/beloved husband of/Margaret/1891-1970

G 42D Pink granite.


G 42C

James WISE/Beloved husband of/Chrystal REAVELY/Dec. 3, 1878 –  Nov. 15, 1936

G 42B

Annie WHITWORTH/beloved wife of/Gladstone WHITWORTH/Dec. 21, 1876 – Oct. 30, 1936

G 42A

Gladstone WHITWORTH/beloved husband of/Annie/Aug. 20, 1877-Aug. 1, 1947

G 43D Pink granite.

John M. DUCKWORTH/beloved husband of/Helen M. DUCKWORTH/ 1916-1983

G 43C Pink granite.

Helen M. DUCKWORTH/beloved daughter of/Earnest & Clara BOYER/1914-1979

G 43B Pink granite.

Clara R. BOYER/beloved wife of/Earnest/1887-1970

G 43A Pink granite.

Earnest BOYER/beloved husband of/Clara/1889-1945

G 44C Pink granite.

Sgt. W. C. COLWILL/beloved son of/Mervin & Gladys/ 1919-1942/Lost over enemy territory

G 44B Pink granite.

Gladys LACEY/beloved wife of/Mervin COLWILL/1887-1975

G 44A Pink granite.

Mervin COLWILL/beloved husband of/Gladys/1879-1953

G 45E

Baby/Stephen/C.K. WOODS/July 10, 1965 – March 5, 1966

G 45DC

George H./Aug. 8, 1907/Feb. 10, 1986/In/Loving/Memory/( )/(LINDSAY)/ (Dove) DOAN (Dove)

G 45B Pink granite.

Mary I. DUNSFORD/wife of/L.A. DOAN/April 17, 1871/ Aug. 25, 1944

G 45A Pink granite.

Lewis Allan DOAN/July 11, 1864/Jan. 6, 1945

G 46D

Wilfred H. ARMITAGE/beloved husband of/Erie/Oct. 8, 1909 – Feb. 6, 1964

G 46C

Erie O. ARMITAGE/beloved wife of Wilfred/July 8, 1910 – July 7, 1957

G 46B Pink granite.

Sarah MAYNARD/beloved wife of/B. E. ZAVITZ/May 12, 1876/ June 29, 1950

G 46A

Brookfield E. ZAVITZ/beloved husband of/Sarah MAYNARD/Feb. 7,1870 – April 3, 1937

G 47ED

Gordon J./1916-( )/Together Forever/Martha L./1902-1988/(Holy Bible) WALL (Holy Bible)

G 47CB

Grace McNULTY/1876-1959/William McNULTY Jr./1912 son 1980

G 47A

William McNULTY/1885-1951


( )/Our darling son/Gerald L./1939-1941/( )/Together/Forever/ (Masonic emblem) BROWN (Holy Bible)

G 49BA

Herbert L./1885-1972/Margaret M./1890-1963/Together Forever/(Masonic emblem) SWANTON

G 51B

Mary PARSONS/Beloved wife of John FLEMING/1887-1946

G 51A Pink granite.

John FLEMING/Beloved husband of/Mary PARSONS/1887-1958

G 52D Pink granite.

Ivan Leslie STIMERS/brother of/Mrs. E. FLINT/1907-1962

G 52C Pink granite.

D. I. Nadyne FLINT/wife of/Harold L. HILL/1925-1954

G 52B Pink granite.

Flossie C. STIMERS/wife of/Elmer E. FLINT/1888-1951

G 52A Pink granite.

Elmer E. FLINT/husband of/Flossie STIMERS/1887-1950

G 53B Pink granite.

Grace GOSS/Beloved wife of/George LAY/1866-1954

G 53A Pink granite.

Geo. A. LAY/Beloved husband of/Grace/1864-1952

G 54D Pink granite.

James G. AXFORD/1907-1965

G 54C Pink granite.

Margaret AXFORD/1900-1942

G 54B Pink granite.

Annie/Beloved wife of/John H. McINTYRE/Mother of F. Lewis COLLINGNON/1866-1948

G 54A Pink granite.

John McINTYRE/Beloved husband of/Annie/1878-1949

G 55D Pink granite.

Jess MARLATT/Beloved husband of/Fanny MARLATT/1873-1945

G 55C Pink granite.

Fanny MARLATT/Beloved wife of/Jess MARLATT/1873 (Eastern Star) 1957

G 55B

McPHAIL/Jane THOMPSON/McPHAIL/1870-1917/Mother/(Eastern Star emblem)

G 55A

McPHAIL/Alexander McPHAIL/1871-1941/Father/Shriner emblem)

G 56D Pink granite.

Annie CAVANAGH/Beloved wife of/Cecil/1888-1971

G 56C Pink granite.

Cecil CAVANAGH/1891-1941

G 56B

Edith PULLEN/Beloved wife of/James PULLEN/Sept. 4, 1879/Dec. 18, 1968/ (Eastern Star)

G 56A

James PULLEN/Beloved husband of/Edith PULLEN/July 25, 1877/May 30, 1941

G 57D Grey granite.

Diana W. LAING/1879-1971

G 57C Grey granite.

Alexander W. LAING/1879 (Masonic emblem) 1957

G 57BA


G 58ED

Helen McLEAN WILSON/Nov. 13, 1892 – Apr. 30, 1977/wife of/William L.  HAGERMAN/1929-1937/Harry LeCOURTOIS/1947-1949

G 58C

William L. HAGERMAN/Beloved husband of/Nellie WILSON/June 19, 1885 – March 7, 1937

G 58B Pink granite.

Helen/Beloved wife of/Geo. WILSON/1861-1942

G 58A

George WILSON/Beloved husband of/Helen McLEAN/Mar. 29, 1861 – Feb. 24, 1935

G 59D

Amy Alice/Beloved wife of/Joseph CLARKE/August 25, 1871-July 12, 1952/ At Rest

G 59C

Clarke/Joseph CLARKE/Beloved husband of/Amy CLARKE/March 13, 1875 – February 4, 1940/At Rest

G 59B

Brewer/Florence E. BREWER/Beloved wife of/Thomas BREWER/October 29, 1868 /September 27, 1939/At rest

G 59A

Thomas BREWER/Beloved husband of/Florence BREWER/September 3, 1868/ May 2, 1966/At rest

G 60D

WILLIAMS/Elizabeth M. WILLIAMS/Mother of/Charles & George/Born in England July 30, 1862/Died September 3, 1940/At rest

G 60C

June Iris ROSE/Beloved daughter of/Ward H. & Charlotte D. ROSE/ May 27, 1924/Sept. 6, 1936

G 60BA

Ward H./1887-1963/( )/ROSE

G 61D

Maggie CUTHBERT/wife of/(Eastern Star) Andrew MEIKLEHAM/January 31, 1886 /May 13, 1936

G 61B

Margery STAINTON/wife of/John F. MEREDITH/June 30, 1884/January 17, 1935

G 61A

John F. MEREDITH/husband of/Margery STAINTON/April 15, 1884/ January 27, 1945

G 62D Pink granite.

Maude WATSON/Beloved wife of/William/1888-1967

G 62C Pink granite.

Ruby FOSTER/Beloved daughter of/Roland and Flossie/ 1905-( )

G 62B Pink granite.

Flossie FOSTER/Beloved wife of/(Eastern Star) Roland/ 1884-1963

G 62A Pink granite.

Roland FOSTER/Beloved husband of/(Shriner emblem) Flossie 1881-1952

G 63D

Louisa Blanche COLE/Beloved wife of/Alfred DINES/Born May 12, 1868/ Died Dec. 22, 1937

G 63C

Alfred DINES/Born February 8, 1867/Died July 14, 1936/Beloved husband/ of/Louisa B. DINES

G 63B

Charlotte BURKE/Beloved wife of/John BURKE/1863-1939

G 63A

John BURKE/April 8, 1858/April 8, 1947

G 64D

Florence S. STEWART/GRAM/1877-1960

G 64C

Henry A. GRAM/1881-1961

G 64B

Louise E. BARKER/wife of/Henry A. GRAM/December 16, 1881/April 10, 1934

G 65C Pink granite.

Isabella/wife of/James FERGIE/1864-1947

G 65BA

George A./1888-1964/Nellie A./1888-1980/Together/Forever/WILLIAMS

G 66C Pink granite.

William E. ROWE/1894 (Masonic emblem) 1964

G 66B Pink granite.

Eva Irene/Beloved wife of/Wm. E. ROWE/1895-1947

G 67C

Mary FERGUSON/Beloved wife of/Fergus FERGUSON/August 29, 1863/ April 19, 1939

G 67B Pink granite.

Fergus FERGUSON/Feb. 14, 1854/Sept. 24, 1945

G 67A

NOBLE/Frederick J. NOBLE/Beloved husband of/Ethel G. NOBLE/July 16, 1883 /March 31, 1939/ Peace Perfect Peace

G 68D Pink granite.

Pearl/Beloved wife of/Chas. J. VICARY/1888-1953

G 68C Pink granite.

Chas. J. VICARY/Beloved husband of/Pearl KERMATH/ 1885-1945

G 68B Pink granite.

Elizabeth J. PARR/Beloved wife of/Wm. KERMATH/1863-1946

G 68A

KERMATH/William H. KERMATH/Beloved husband of/Elizabeth PARR/ October 18, 1858/ February 7, 1939//At rest

G 70D Pink granite.

Donna Mary WALDIE/Beloved wife of/Thomas C./1908-1986

G 70C Pink granite.

Thomas C. WALDIE/Beloved husband of/Donna/1904-1956

G 70B Pink granite.

Agnes C.(MacARTHURWEIR/Beloved wife of/George C./ 1887-1969

G 70A Pink granite.

James MacARTHUR/Beloved husband of/Agnes/1885-1952

G 71D Pink granite.

Mary G. RODGER/Beloved wife of/Wm. B. AFFLECK/1866-1944

G 71B Pink granite.

Margaret E. MARTAN/Beloved wife of/Francis G. HILL/ 1875-1949

G 71A Pink granite.

Francis G. HILL/Beloved husband of/Margaret HILL/ 1866-1944

G 72D

Alice Pansy PURSER/Beloved wife of/Ira W. FERGUSON/Aug. 15, 1878 – Jan. 15, 1937

G 72C Pink granite.

Ira W. FERGUSON/Sept. 17, 1875/Jan. 25, 1945

G 72B

Gertrude E. JAGOE/Beloved husband of/Omar E. JENNINGS/Feb. 26, 1891 – Nov. 26, 1936/ D.D.P.G. Edna Rebekah

G 73C

Raymond J. FOLLAND/Beloved husband of/Mae E. (BLACKWELLFOLLAND/ July 29, 1907/ Sept. 7, 1982/(Cross)

G 73A

William J. FOLLAND/Beloved husband of/Florence E. FOLLAND/ September 1, 1878/ November 16, 1940/(Shriner emblem)

G 74C Pink granite.

William J. FOLLAND/Beloved son of/Frank & Daisy/1919-1960

G 74B Pink granite.

Daisy M. RUSSELL/Beloved wife of/Frank R. FOLLAND/ 1885-1966

G 74A Pink granite.

Frank R. FOLLAND/Beloved husband of/Daisy/1888-1954

G 75ED

Wm. R./1887-1957/Together Forever/Edith C./1889-1983/(Masonic emblem) KELLY (Eastern Star emblem)

G 75C

KELLY/Margaret I. PETTIGREW/Beloved wife of/William R. KELLY/ March 7, 1892/ December 23, 1938/(Eastern Star)

G 75BA

COCHRANE/1915 William Thomas ( )/1915 Edith Aletha 1985/(Holy Bible)

G 76DC

Donald W./1916-1985/Madalene J./1921-( )/(BOGART)/(Together Forever /Married 9-30-39/(Masonic emblem) SAXON (Eastern Star)

G 76BA

William G./1889-1967/Perca L./1891-1981/Together Forever/(Masonic emblem SAXON (Eastern Star)

G 77D

Thomas O. SMALLDON/Beloved husband of/Annie SMALLDON/Jan. 15, 1890 (B.L.E. crest) Feb. 8, 1973

G 77C

Bertrand R. WATSON/Beloved husband of/Amy SPEIGHT/July 28, 1904/ February 18, 1937 /”With the Lord”

G 77B

Susan E. MOYSE/Beloved wife of William MOYSE/June 2, 1878 –  March 19, 1957

G 77A

William MOYSE/Beloved husband of/Susan E. MOYSE/Feb. 7, 1863 – Sept. 23, 1936

G 78D Pink granite.

Atlanta J. PADDON/Jan. 20, 1868/May 25, 1937

G 78C Pink granite.

William F. PADDON/Nov. 16, 1866/Sept. 3, 1941

G 78B Pink granite.

Martha Jane/wife of/W. J. STEWART/1862-1948

G 78A Pink granite.

W. J. STEWART/Beloved husband of/Martha J. STEWART/ Oct. 31, 1856 – Sept. 4, 1936/ At Rest

G 79D

Annie Letitia LESSARD/Beloved wife of/Thomas O. SMALLDON/ September 6, 1891 /September 12, 1937

G 79C Pink granite.

Dora A. WILSON/wife of/John LEE/1919-1943

G 79B

Dinah HOARE/wife of/William WOODS/Oct. 3, 1865 – Aug. 14, 1936/Absent  from the body/ Present with the Lord

G 79A

William WOODS/Beloved husband of/Dinah/December 5, 1867 –  January 13, 1947/Asleep in Jesus

G 80D Pink granite.

Mary GAY/Mother of/Don, Jim & Helen/1877-1943

G 80C

William H. WALL/Sept. 1, 1888 (Legion crest) Aug. 10, 1965

G 80B

Elizabeth E. WALL/Beloved wife of John/May 7, 1879/November 20, 1969

G 80A

John WALL/July 27, 1876/July 13, 1936/(Legion emblem)

G 81D Pink granite.

Olive I. EASTMAN/Beloved daughter of/Wm. R. & Emma EASTMAN/Aug. 8, 1891 – May 20, 1937

G 81C Pink granite.

Emma EASTMAN/wife of/William R. EASTMAN/August 15, 1855/ December 13, 1938/At Rest

G 81B Pink granite.

Minnie SHIPWAY/Beloved wife of/John E. SHIPWAY/1878-1963

G 81A Pink granite.

John SHIPWAY/Dear husband of/Minnie/1878-1941

G 82B

Cora V. FOX/Beloved wife of/Otto FOX/Aug. 2, 1884 – March 12, 1936

G 83D Pink granite.

Christine RODTKA/Mother of/Pearl McNEA/1884-1943

G 84DC

SHAFER/Frederick A./Feb. 27, 1899/Dec. 5, 1978/Lillie M./July 27, 1890/ Feb. 26, 1976

G 84B Pink granite, bronze letters.

Emma BUNN/1869 (ROSE) 1957

G 84A Pink granite.

Alex BUNN/Dear husband of/Emma/1862-1941

G 85C Pink granite, bronze letters.

Alice Ethel BECKER/1892 (Holy Bible) 1956

G 85B Pink granite.

Mary Jane/Beloved wife of/J. Harry MODELAND/1873-1949

G 85A

J. Harry MODELAND/Beloved husband of/Mary MODELAND/Dec. 13, 1870 (Shriners emblem) Nov. 12, 1936

G 86DC

Bruce A./1906-( )/Hazel M./1909-( )/Together Forever/(I.O.O.F.  emblem) LEESON (R Dove crest)

G 86BA

Walter B./1892-1979/Mary Jane/1891-1971/Together Forever/PLASTOW

G 87DC

Pierce M./1889-1964/Fern L./1889-1978/(Masonic emblem) NEWKIRK (Eastern Star emblem)

G 87B

Susanah Belle BECKER/Beloved wife of/Clarence A. BECKER/Aug. 12, 1885/ April 3, 1936

G 87A

Clarence A. BECKER/Beloved husband of/Susanah Belle BECKER/Nov. 11, 1886 /Aug. 30, 1973

G 88C

Carl Lester TUFF/Beloved husband of/M. Ruth HONSINGER/1904 (Masonic emblem) 1977

G 88B

Norma HONSINGER/SYMONS/Sept. 4, 1886 – Sept. 13, 1937

G 88A

HONSINGER/Benjamin Clifford/February 1, 1888/August 7, 1932

G 89CB

STEPHENS/1907 Ralph 1979/1908 Reta M. 1977/In Loving Memory

G 89A Pink granite.

Maud WILSON/wife of J.M./Beloved mother of/J. Morris WILSON/1884-1948

G 90D

Mabel A. DABBS/1897-1969

G 90A Pink granite.

Sergt. Pilot/Dougald A. CAMPBELL/R.C.A.F./1905-1941

G 91E

Clare B./VAUGHAN/Beloved husband of/Audrey BROOKS/Feb. 1, 1912/ Jan. 23, 1980

G 91D Pink granite.

David/Beloved son of/Clare & Audrey VAUGHAN/1938-1947

G 91C

George C./VAUGHAN/Beloved husband of/Alice PATRICK/August 3, 1910/ August 10, 1981

G 91B Pink granite.

Lulu LAND/Beloved wife of/Clarence L. VAUGHAN/1884-1957

G 91A

Clarence L. VAUGHAN/Beloved husband of Lulu LAND VAUGHAN/April 20, 1880 (I.O.O.F. emblem) Feb. 18, 1937

G 92D

Alfred M. HUBLING/Beloved husband of/Caroline HUBLING/Age 86 years

G 92C Pink granite.

Caroline/wife of/Alfred HUBLING/1855-1947

G 92B

Alice HUBLING/Beloved wife of/Peter F. HAGGART/December 16, 1887/ April 26, 1935

G 92A Pink granite.

Peter F. HAGGART/Nov. 1873/March 1941

G 93C Pink granite.

Geraldine GOODEY/wife of/Richard ANDERSON/1920-1943

G 93B

Lizzie Fannie E. GOODEY/wife of/William H. GOODEY/August 23, 1866/ November 30, 1935

G 93A

William H. GOODEY/Sept. 30, 1867 – Oct. 23, 1959

G 94DC

Harry/1881-1959/Together Forever/Alma/1887-1963/(I.O.O.F. emblem) CORNFOOT (R Dove emblem)

G 94BA

George C./1875-1963/Ada/1875-1961/Together/Forever/MARSHALL

G 95B

Mabel/Beloved wife of/Wm. T. CARTER/1879-1951

G 95A

William T. CARTER/Beloved husband of/Mabel CARTER/Oct. 15, 1876 – Dec. 25, 1938/Father of/William, Mabel & Myrtle

G 96D

Martha MILLS/14 Nov. 1889 – 4 Feb. 1969

G 96C

Thomas A. BROWN/Beloved husband of/Clara O. BROWN/Aug. 13, 1877 (Shriners emblem) Dec. 4, 1936

G 96B

Agnes Sarah DODSON/Beloved wife of/John DODSON (Eastern Star emblem)/ July 22, 1870/January 24, 1937

G 96A

John W. DODSON/Beloved husband of/Agnes DODSON (Shriner emblem)/ December 5, 1868/August 30, 1941

G 97D

John KULESHEWICH/1892-1976

G 97C Pink granite.

Percy L. LAND/Beloved husband of/Pearl ANGER/1884-1951

G 97B Pink granite.

Z. Pearl LAND/Beloved wife of/Percy L. LAND/1893-1987

G 97A

LAND/Percy Stanley LAND/Beloved husband of/Mary LAND /Father of Jo-Ann Marie LAND/June 2, 1913/February 20, 1940

G 98B

Lola E. LYTLE/Beloved wife of/William E. ADAMS/April 24, 1880 – March 7, 1971

G 98A

William E. ADAMS/Beloved husband of/Lola E. ADAMS/April 16, 1890 – Nov. 2, 1936

G 99D Pink granite.

Mary STEWART/wife of/John J. ALEXANDER/1884-1988

G 99C Pink granite.

John J. ALEXANDER/husband of/Mary STEWART/1874-1948

G 99B

Abigail A. BUSTON/Beloved wife of/J. Franklin BUSTON/April 2, 1869/ Oct. 20, 1936

G 100D

Lila AXFORD PRESSEY/Beloved wife of/William L. PRESSEY/July 31, 1888 (Holy Bible) Sept. 17, 1975

G 100C

William L. PRESSEY/Beloved husband of/Lila AXFORD PRESSEY/Oct. 7, 1884 (Masonic emblem) Sept. 5, 1936

G 100B Pink granite.

James W. STEVENSON/Died March 2, 1944

G 100A

Lily CREWE/Oct. 31, 1878/June 8, 1959/Beloved wife of Robt. CREWE

G 101E

Robert CREWE/Born Jan. 27, 1880/Died Aug. 3, 1934/Beloved husband/of/ Lily CREWE

G 101DC

Edward HARDY/Sept. 22, 1892 – Feb. 11, 1934/Violet (HARDYGIBSON/ Oct. 23, 1896 – Apr. 20, 1978

G 101B

Addie A. BAMBRICK/Beloved wife of Frederick/1876-1957

G 101A

Frederick BAMBRICK/Beloved husband of/Addie BAMBRICK/April 5, 1873/ June 25, 1937

G 102C

Alfred W. STONE/Beloved husband of/Alice STONE/September 10, 1888/ May 6, 1939

G 102B Pink granite.

Doris M. PEARCE/wife of/Sidney FORD/1903-1944

G 102A

Minnie E. KELLY/Beloved wife of/William Henry LANKIN/February 8, 1911/ February 24, 1983

G 103D

William Henry LANKIN/Beloved husband of/Minnie E. KELLY/May 16, 1910/ January 22, 1939

G 103C

Phyllis L. RICHARDS/Beloved daughter of/Philip & Louise RICHARDS/ May 5, 1921/November 24, 1936

G 103B

Louise C. RICHARDS/1903 (Dove) ( )

G 103A

Phillip B. RICHARDS/1898-1956

G 104D Pink granite.

Sarah BARNES/Beloved wife of/Frank/1885-1960/At rest

G 104C Pink granite.

Frank R. BARNES/Beloved husband of/Sarah/1881-1947/ At rest

G 104B Pink granite.

Elizabeth PHILLIPS BARNES/wife of Herbert L./Born – Ronciau, North Wales/1887-1980/The Lord is my Shepherd

G 104A Pink granite.

Herbert L. BARNES/Husband of Elizabeth/1883-1944/Gone but not forgotten

G 105C Pink granite.

Joan McLEOD/Beloved baby of/Frank & Beatrice/1942

G 105BA

Frank E./1904-1979/Beatrice E./1899-1959/Together Forever/(Masonic emblem) McLEOD

G 106E

Elizabeth JOLLIFFE/Beloved wife of/(FLT 3 chain links) Samuel JOLLIFFE/ February 9, 1881/July 23, 1938

G 106D

Samuel JOLLIFFE/Beloved husband of/(FLT 3 chain links) Elizabeth JOLLIFFE/March 15, 1874/July 26, 1954

G 106CBA

Irving/1886-1954/Elizabeth/1875-1963/YOUNG/Samuel P.O. R.C.A.F. killed Holland 1944 {check the 1875}

G 107BA

Charles L./1901-1967/Irene M./1904-( )/ANTHONY

G 108D Pink granite.

Wm. EDWARDS/May 11, 1890/June 29, 1950

G 108C Pink granite.

Henry STRINGFELLOW/Beloved husband of/Pauline SMITH/ 1887-1942

G 108B Pink granite.

Isabella/wife of/Ben. HOUSEMAN/1874-1947

G 108A Pink granite.

Benjamin HOUSEMAN/1863-1946

G 109C Pink granite.

Elsie May/Beloved daughter of/Leonard & Mary OWEN/ 1901-1949

G 109B Pink granite.

Mary/Beloved wife of/Leonard Charles OWEN/January 6, 1877 /September 8, 1951

G 109A

In loving memory of/Leonard Charles OWEN/February 26, 1874/ March 11, 1936

G 110A

Florence S. FRAZER/1882-1957

G 111D

Janet E. FLEMING/1895 (R Dove crest) 1977

G 111C

Joseph FLEMING/1894 (Shriners emblem) 1985

G 111B

Ida May ARNOLD/Beloved wife of/Joseph FLEMING/June 4, 1899/May 31, 1939/ (R Dove crest)

G 111A

Mary E. MARTIN/1895 (United Church emblem) 1967

G 112B Pink granite.

Thelma LUNN/Beloved wife of/Freeman PARKER/1912-1945

G 113D Pink granite.

Rosanna TAYLOR/Beloved wife of/Thomas CLEMENS/1872-1955

G 113C Pink granite.

Thomas CLEMENS/Beloved husband of/Rosanna TAYLOR/ 1873-1945

G 113B

In loving memory/Nellie (CASKEYHUGHES/1874-1965

G 113A Pink granite.

Amos H. HUGHES/Beloved husband of/Nellie CASKEY/1880-1945

G 114DC R.

Virtue/April 13, 1908/Oct. 16, 1985/(MORGAN)/In/Loving/Memory/Harry (Red)/Nov. 23, 1907/June 29, 1987/(Presbyterian emblem) MARTIN (Shriners emblem)

G 114B Pink granite.

Ida NEIL/wife of/Harry MARTIN/1878-1947

G 114A Pink granite.

Harry MARTIN/husband of/Ida NEIL/1878-1943

G 115B

Doris Kathleen KETCHUM/wife of/Hugh G. WHITE/February 5, 1900/ February 10, 1938

G 115A Pink granite.

Catherine Neil/KETCHUM/1874-1944

G 116DC Pink granite.

DEARNLEY/John/1863-1942 (Cross) Edith/1876-1945

G 116B Pink granite.

Edith M. LEIGHTON/GILBERT/1880-1952

G 116A Pink granite.

Ray GILBERT/1878-1938

G 117A

Ernest C. SYMONDS/Beloved husband of/Vera HILL SYMONDS/Sept. 2, 1901 – June 21, 1937

G 118D Pink granite.

In memory of/Sarah J. LEWIS/Beloved wife of/R. C. SYMONDS /died Jan. 25, 1953

G 118C Pink granite.

(F.L.T. 3-link chain) In Memory of/Robert C. SYMONDS/ Beloved husband of Sarah J. LEWIS/died April 3, 1960

G 118BA

Harold C./March 23, 1963/( )/Together Forever/(Crest) TOLMIE (Cross)

G 120E

Helen J. WELDON/1887-1972

G 120D

James D./FRANKIS/Sept. 14, 1889/Jan. 2, 1981/(Holy Bible)

G 120C

Mary Mann BLOUGH/March 1, 1871/November 24, 1937

G 120B Pink granite.

Elva MANN/Beloved wife of/Harry G. FOLLICK/1892-1953

G 120A Pink granite.

Harry G. FOLLICK/Beloved husband of/Elva MANN/1888-1960

G 122C

Walter Robert WINTER/1902 (Holy Bible) 1981

G 122B

Lydia WINTER/Beloved mother of/Walter/1872-1955

G 122A

George Allen WINTER/Beloved husband of/Lydia WINTER/April 25, 1872 – April 1, 1937/At rest

G 123C Grey granite. (Cross)/

Henry A. PEARCE/Private/114 Battn. C.E.F./ 8 Nov. 1953. Age 86

G 123B

Susan Ann RAYNER/Beloved wife of/J. W. RAYNER/April 25, 1877/ January 10, 1940/Auxiliary, Branch 41

G 123A

John W. RAYNER/1872 (Legion emblem) 1957

G 124C

POUNTNEY/Charles Cecil/January 6, 1914/February 27, 1950

G 124B

POUNTNEY/Valleria Beatrice/February 6, 1887/November 18, 1968

G 124A

POUNTNEY/Walter Edwin/November 13, 1889/September 25, 1933

G 125B Pink granite.

Minnie Eva CAMPBELL/wife of/Charles Wm./1893-1966

G 125A Pink granite.

Charles Wm. CAMPBELL/husband of/Minnie Eva LOCK/ 1890-1950

G 126B Pink granite.

Janet W. LAING/wife of/Edwin ESSELTINE/1910-1944

G 127D Pink granite.

Herbert BARNES/Beloved son of/Sarah and Frank/1908-1963

G 127C Pink granite.

Harriet/1867-1953/wife of/John MILLER London, Eng./ At rest

G 127BA Red granite.

MILLER/James/1893-1971/Edith E./1894-1982

G 128C

Gladys E. DICKSON/Beloved daughter of/Sarah and Arthur DICKSON/1900-1980

G 128B

Frederick W. DICKSON/Beloved son of/Sarah and Arthur DICKSON/1897-1971

G 128A

Sarah DICKSON GRANTHAM/August 23, 1874/May 25, 1937

G 129D Pink granite.

James D. (Jamie) CHAMBERS/Beloved son of/Donald and Margaret (NEWMANCHAMBERS/May 30, 1960 – Sept. 23, 1984

G 129C

Marion F. WHITE/Beloved daughter of/Harold O. & Edna WHITE/April 3, 1917 – May 6, 1934

G 129B Pink granite.

Edna M. BROUGHTON/wife of/Harold O. WHITE/1890-1954

G 129A Pink granite.

Harold O. WHITE/May 2, 1889/Feb. 28, 1948

G 130DC

(Masonic crest) GREENWOOD (Eastern Star)/William/1901-1963/( )

G 130B

Hannah GREENWOOD/Daughter of Ann and Isaac/May 19, 1895/October 4, 1958/ At rest

G 130A

GREENWOOD/Ann GREENWOOD/Beloved husband of/Isaac GREENWOOD/ December 8, 1861/January 5, 1941/At rest

G 131DC

John E./Oct. 1, 1914/Dec. 29, 1977/(Jack)/Together Forever/Hazel M./ Mar. 22, 1920/( )/(PITT)/(Dog) TURNER (Guns)/Too well loved to ever be forgotten

G 131B

Florence PITT/wife of/Walter M. PITT/Dec. 28, 1893 – July 9, 1934

G 131A Pink granite.

Walter M. PITT/R.C.R./1894-1941

G 132D Pink granite.

Alice HEYS/At rest/1898-1971

G 132C Pink granite.

Jane/wife of/John HEYS/1865-1952

G 132B Pink granite.

John HEYS/husband of/Jane HEYS/September 17, 1864/ August 1, 1934

G 132A Pink granite.

Geo. BLACKWELL/husband of/Mary MURPHY/1881-1943

G 134C

Florence M. ROBERTS/wife of/John R. CAMPBELL/1901-1984

G 136C Pink granite.

Buelah Vivian/CHRISTMAS/wife of/Wayon E. PALMER/ Jan. 24, 1895 – Apr. 27, 1969

G 136B Pink granite.

Wayon E. PALMER/1894-1943

G 136A

Eva E. HART/wife of/Wayon E. PALMER/Sept. 17, 1895 – May 23, 1938/ Mother of/Earle, Archie, Wilfred, Clifford, William/Maxwell, Mitchell

G 137DC

Lyle E./May 22, 1903/Feb. 9, 1988/( )/(CARTER)/Together Forever/Married/1-28-25/(Horse & cart) BOGART (United Church emblem)

G 137BA

Earle K./Aug. 17, 1913/Sept. 22, 1985/In/Loving/Memory/( )/(CARTER)/ (Masonic emblem) PALMER (Eastern Star emblem)

G 139C

FERGUSON/Raymond Carson FERGUSON/Beloved son of/John J. and Ruby P. FERGUSON/June 10, 1933/April 25, 1940

G 140DC

MATTHEWS/1909 D. Lanore 1969/1911 N. Phyllis 1988

G 140B

Cora Caskey MATTHEWS/Beloved wife of/Wm. H. MATTHEWS/October 21, 1883/ December 20, 1937

G 140A

William Henry MATTHEWS/Beloved husband of/Cora Caskey MATTHEWS/ May 23, 1881 – Aug. 23, 1947

G 141D

Lydia Jane/Beloved wife of/Herbert B. TABOR/July 3, 1867-March 27, 1950

G 141C

Herbert B. TABOR/Beloved husband of/Lydia TABOR/March 15, 1863/ May 7, 1938

G 141B Pink granite.

Elizabeth PATTON/Beloved wife of E. J. NEVING/1870-1947

G 141A Pink granite.

Edward J. NEVING/1860-1937

G 142C

Octavia BOYER/Beloved daughter of/Herbert & Gertrude/EDGEWORTH/1912-( ) /At rest

G 142B

Gertrude M. EDGEWORTH/died March 22, 1961/Aged 68 years/At rest

G 142A

EDGEWORTH/Herbert G. EDGEWORTH/died November 17, 1941/Aged 51 years/ At rest/Masonic emblem

G 143DC

Gordon D./1914-( )/Margaret M./1918-( )/(FILLMORE)/Together/Forever /(Holy Bible) GRAHAM (Praying hands)

G 143B

Margaret C. GRAHAM/Beloved wife of/Duncan GRAHAM/January 9, 1890/ February 26, 1978

G 143A

GRAHAM/Duncan GRAHAM/Beloved husband of/Margaret C. GRAHAM/ March 11, 1887/October 2, 1941

G 144DC

Clarence B./1904-1978/Together/Forever/Violet (OFFORD)/1906-( )/ (Masonic emblem) McGENNIS (Eastern Star)

G 144A

Kenneth B. SANGUINE/1926-1968

G 145D Pink granite.

Mary Ann/wife of/John J. SPROULE/1881-1944

G 145C Pink granite.

John J. SPROULE/husband of/Mary Ann/1864-1952

G 145B Pink granite.

Viola E. BROWN/beloved wife of Harry/1886-1965

G 145A Pink granite.

Harry A. BROWN/beloved husband of/Viola BROWN/1880-1943

G 146C

Ina M. BAIRD/1928-1955

G 146BA

Irene/1901-1974/John/1896-1965/ORR (Trainmens crest)

G 147D

In loving memory/Amy (MANNWALLACE/1888 (Holy Bible) 1969

G 147B

Margaret M. SMITH/beloved wife of/James WALLACE/January 6, 1899/ June 15, 1938

G 147A

In loving memory/James WALLACE/1898-1981

G 148ED

Albert F./1894-1969/Iva L./1894-1986/(Masonic crest) LACEY  (Eastern Star)

G 148C

Walter B. MILLS/beloved husband of/Vine ALEXANDER/1898-1983

G 148B Pink granite.

Ida D. MILLS/April 28, 1870/October 4, 1959

G 148A Pink granite.

Charles A. MILLS/July 2, 1862/Nov. 23, 1947

G 149DC

George R./1880-1945/Together Forever/Mary J. (ARGO)/1885-1979/(United Church crest) LANGDON (United Church crest)

G 149B Pink granite.

Beatrice A. SMITH/beloved wife of/James/1877-1970

G 149A Pink granite.

James H. SMITH/beloved husband of/Beatrice/1865-1949

G 150DC

Henry A./Nov. 3, 1879/July 13, 1939/In/Loving/Memory/Janetta E./ Mar. 22, 1891/May 18, 1982/(Masonic emblem) BALCH (Holy Bible)

G 150B

Bertha C. LONG/Beloved wife of/Wilbur T. JAGOE/March 21, 1911/ June 22, 1940

G 150A

Wilbur T. JAGOE/March 5, 1909/February 28, 1970

G 151DC

Basil R./1892-1980/Jean I./1896-1973/Together Forever/(Holy Bible) SANGUINE (Holy Bible)

G 151BA

R. Harold G./1896-( )/In/Loving/Memory/Julia E./1897-1981/(Masonic emblem) WILLIS (United Church crest)

G 152D Pink granite.

Catherine/Beloved wife of/Ralph FRANKIS/1856-1945

G 152CB

John G./1877-1958/Elizabeth/1888-1958/PALMER

G 152A

Marion Eileen/Beloved daughter of/J. G. & Elizabeth PALMER/ March 28, 1920/June 7, 1936

G 154BA

Richard E./1900-1970/Bessie B./1903-( )/(I.O.O.F. emblem) LANGLEY (Holy Bible)

G 155BA

Richard H./1896-1968/Helen A./1896-1964/Together Forever/(United Church crest) RILEY (United Church crest)

G 156DC (Masonic emblem)

SPOONER (Cross)/Richard/1889-1979/Leila M./1889-1981

G 156B

SPOONER /Ruth Ann BEST/Beloved wife of/Robert B. SPOONER/May 13, 1870/ August 20, 1939/At rest

G 156A

Robert B. SPOONER/Sept. 9, 1885 (Masonic emblem) March 7, 1962

G 157D Pink granite.

Irene MAILING/Beloved wife of Norman/1892 (Eastern Star) 1957

G 157C Pink granite.

Norman MAILING/Beloved husband of/(Masonic emblem)/Irene TABOR/1885-1953

G 157B Pink granite.

Clara Louise/wife of/Charles H. TABOR/died July 19, 1956

G 157A Pink granite.

Charles H. TABOR/husband of/Clara Louise/died  Nov. 15, 1977

G 160C Pink granite.

Harold E. STYLES/Feb. 10, 1910/Jan. 1, 1948

G 160B Pink granite.

Mabel GILBERT/wife of/Fred. J. MEARS/1892-1942

G 160A Pink granite.

Frederick J. MEARS/Beloved husband of Mabel/April 3, 1881 – May 3, 1963

G 161BA

Edwin/1886-1981/Edith/1886-1975/Together Forever/(Holy Bible) ALLEN (Holy Bible)

G 162C Pink granite.

David Hugh/Beloved son of/Roy & Jean ALWARD/1942-1948

G 163B Pink granite.

Lecty E. McLELLAN/Beloved wife of/Henry W. PRESSEY/ 1898-( )

G 163A Pink granite.

Henry W. PRESSEY/Beloved husband of/Lecty E. McLELLAN/ 1889-1947

G 164D

Glenn A. HUNTER/Beloved husband of/Gladys A. DAUGHARTY/1911 (Masonic emblem) 1977

G 164C

Gladys A. DAUGHARTY/Beloved wife of/Glenn A. HUNTER/1912 (Harp) ( )

G 164B Pink granite.

Minnie E. DAUGHARTY/Beloved wife of/Frank/1880-1953

G 164A Pink granite.

Frank A. DAUGHARTY/Beloved husband of/Minnie/1879-1952

G 165D

Ida M. SMITH/1889 (Legion emblem) 1977

G 165C

William J. SMITH/1888 (Masonic emblem) 1959

G 165B

Edith A. WAKEFIELD/January 25, 1875/September 14, 1966

G 165A

Frederick G. WAKEFIELD/September 6, 1878 – October 29, 1954/Till we meet again

G 166C Pink granite.

Lillian M./wife of/Arlie B. MARSHALL/died Aug. 22, 1943

G 166B Pink granite.

Stella L. MARSHALL/Nov. 22, 1890/Jan. 17, 1978

G 166A Pink granite.

Arlie B. MARSHALL/Jan. 13, 1890/Apr. 19, 1977

G 167D Pink granite.

Charlotte/wife of/Robert W. FOWLER/died June 30, 1945

G 167C Pink granite.

L. Carl/beloved son of/Robt. & Norma COTTRELL/1900-1948

G 167B Pink granite.

Norma/Beloved wife of/Robert J. COTTRELL/1869-1955

G 167A

Robert J. COTTRELL/Beloved husband of/K. of P (Masonic emblem) Norma COTTRELL/June 10, 1871/July 30, 1941

G 168A Pink granite.

Roy VANIDOUR/Beloved husband of/Leah/1894-1949

G 169D Pink granite.

Irene DAUGHARTY/Beloved wife of/Merrill OSBORN/1909-1950

G 169BA

Henry Angus/1884-1966/Minnie SATCHELL/1885-1972/Together forever/ (B.R.T. crest) OSBORN (L.A. to B.R.T crest)

G 170D

Beatrice PORTER/1901-1968

G 170C

Norman S. HILL/1908-1970

G 170BA

Thomas/1887-1964/Annie E./1880-1964/HILL

G 171BA

C. Melvin/1907-1968/( )/(Crest) BIRDSEY (Holy Bible)

G 172D

Eliza Jane/Beloved wife of/Joseph Cooper HUDSON/July 28, 1883/ Nov. 16, 1955

G 172C

HUDSON/Joseph Cooper HUDSON/Beloved husband of/Eliza J. HUDSON/ January 8, 1883/April 26, 1941

G 172B Pink granite.

E. Maud BUSBY/Beloved wife of/John F. OKE/1881-1946/ “Asleep in Jesus”

G 172A

John Francis OKE/Beloved husband of/Maud BUSBY OKE/1872-1941/Faithful unto death

G 173A

Howard T. CLARK/Beloved husband of/Betty CHEESEBOROUGH/1915-1968

G 174D

Annie Jean CAMPBELL/Beloved wife of/John W. CLAYTON/May 8, 1876/ May 5, 1937

G 175C Pink granite.

James CLARK/Beloved husband of/Gladys/1886-1951

G 175A Pink granite. George W. WINTER/Beloved husband of/Kathleen/1904-1952
G 176DC

William E./1884-1966/Bessie E./1885-1963/Together Forever/(Masonic emblem) WINTER (Eastern Star)

G 176BA

Alvin “Bus”/1907-1967/(Masonic Emblem)/( )/LOUCKS

G 177DC

Ernest W./1884-1943/Estella M./1886-1972/Together Forever/BANCROFT

G 177B Pink granite.

Sarah Olive/Beloved wife of/Burton W. BEARSS/ died Aug. 10, 1947

G 177A Pink granite.

Burton W. BEARSS/husband of/Olive/1869-1950

G 178DC (

 )/( )/(BEARSS)/Together Forever/(Masonic emblem)HEWSON (Holy Bible)

G 179D Pink granite.

Agnes/Beloved wife of/W. H. KEW/June 7, 1870/ July 17, 1945

G 179B Pink granite.

Florence Agnes/ESSELTINE/Beloved wife of/Charles/ 1895-1961

G 179A Pink granite.

Charles H. ESSELTINE/Beloved husband of/Agnes/1894-1954

G 180DC

Fred. J. C./1915-1981/In/Loving/Memory/Grace W./1908-1980/(Clasped  hands) DREWITT (Clasped hands)

G 180BA Pink granite.

FOSTER/John R./1911-1983/Husband (Cross) ( )/Wife/ Together forever/

G 181D Pink granite.

Moses WIGHTMAN/June 21, 1878/July 10, 1946

G 181C Pink granite.

Jack H. WIGHTMAN/Beloved husband of/Frances/1914-1963

G 181B Pink granite.

Mary E. WIGHTMAN/Beloved wife of/Charles/1894-1968

G 181A Pink granite.

Charles H. WIGHTMAN/Beloved husband of/Mary/1890-1949

G 182DC

Glenn L./1897-1985/Leda B./(FERGUSON)/1903-1985/Together/Forever/ Married/9-14-29/(Praying hands) SCARLETT (Praying hands)

G 182BA

G. Claude/1912-1968/In Loving/Memory/Lillian A./1915-( )/(Holy Bible) SMITH (Holy Bible)

G 183D

Susan McMASTER THOMAS/wife of/Alexander THOMAS/December 16, 1873/ January 12, 1967

G 183C Pink granite.

Clarence D. FARLEY/Beloved son of/Herbert Nellie/ 1907-1965

G 183B Pink granite.

Nellie BUTCHER/wife of/Herbert FARLEY/1880-1975

G 183A Pink granite.

Herbert FARLEY/husband of/Nellie BUTCHER/1882-1945

G 184B Pink granite.

Melitta Jane/wife of/Robert A. LOWE/1874-1945

G 184A Pink granite.

Robt. A. LOWE/husband of/Melitta Jane/1873-1966

G 185DC Pink granite.

Thos. W. STEINHOFF/1875-1944/his wife/Lillian/1882-1918

G 185BA (2 Presbyterian crests)

KENNY (Holy Bible)/Wm. Ernie/1906-1970/Together Forever/A. Ruby/1900-1976


Cecil R./1926-1973/EDWARDS/Rees/1897-1974/Mary M. Dawn/1925-1943/( ) Together/Forever

G 186C Pink granite.

Mary G. HERTZ/daughter of/Walter & Hattie/McPHERSON/died October 19, 1974

G 186B Pink granite.

Hattie L./wife of/Walter H. MacPHERSON/died Aug. 27, 1943

G 186A Pink granite.

Walter H./husband of/Hattie L. MacPHERSON/died  Jan. 19, 1969

G 187DC

Fred. W/1909-1988/Helen R./1915-1975/(Fishing Pole) POUND (Dog)

G 187B Pink granite.

Maud SUMMERS/Beloved wife of/Geo. W./1896-1974

G 187A Pink granite.

Geo. W. SUMMERS/Beloved husband of/Maudie/1892-1947

G 188D Pink granite.

Annie/wife of/John JACOBS/1867-1943

G 188C Pink granite.

John JACOBS/June 8, 1869/Oct. 12, 1945

G 188B Pink granite.

Esther H. WATT/Beloved wife of/Roy J. WATT/1887-1966

G 188A Pink granite.

Roy J. WATT/1887-1942

G 189D Pink granite.

Annie Louise/BRADSHAW/1890-1967

G 189C Pink granite.

William Bennett/BRADSHAW/1883-1975

G 189BA

Alfred W./1884-1983/Pearl V./1890-1982/(I.O.O.F. crest) BLOYE (R. Dove crest)

G 190D Pink granite.

Nellie/Beloved wife of/Percy J. DEER/1886-1948

G 190C Pink granite.

Percy/Beloved husband of/Nellie DEER/1888-1972

G 190B Pink granite.

Vera BARRETT/Sept. 10, 1894/Feb. 27, 1948

G 190A

Roy MERRILL/(Masonic crest)/1895-1947/(crest)

G 192D Pink granite.

Gladys/Beloved wife of/John KING/1891-1947

G 192A Pink granite.

Arthur W. JAMES/Beloved husband of/Jean WAGNER/1926-1947

G 193D

Rosalind BYERS/Beloved wife of/James E. BYERS/9 December 1916/ 16 February 1968

G 194D Pink granite.

Verna/Beloved wife of/Donald SOPER/Oct. 9, 1903/ July 13, 1967

G 194C

Lawrence H. WILLETT/Dec. 15, 1894 (Holy Bible) Oct. 29, 1979

G 194B

Joseph/1907-1971/Ellen L./1911-( )/Together/Forever/THOMPSON

G 195D Pink granite.

Edith A. METCALFE/Beloved wife of Alfred/1880-1984

G 195C Pink granite.

Alfred METCALFE/Beloved husband of/Edith/1875-1960

G 195B Pink granite.

Marion KEILLOR/Beloved wife of/Samuel HUNTER/1915-1945

G 196D

Albert R. McQUIGGAN/Beloved husband of/Mary McQUIGGAN/Dec. 3, 1913 (Legion emblem) Oct. 1, 1979

G 196C Pink granite.

Eileen McQUIGGAN/June 2, 1916/May 13, 1946

G 196B Pink granite.

Coral Fern McQUIGGAN/Aug. 1888 – Dec. 1967

G 196A Pink granite.

George W. McQUIGGAN/1888-1944

G 197B Pink granite.

Mary A. MILLIGAN/Beloved wife of Duncan/1875-1960

G 197A Pink granite.

Duncan MILLIGAN/Beloved husband of/Mary/1879-1944

G 198DC

Damon D./1868-1951/Emma P./1877-1944/CRITTENDEN

G 198B Pink granite.

Florence/wife of/Percy WELLS/1900-1944

G 198A Pink granite.

Frederick E. SCHRAM/father of/Harley L./1877-1951

G 199DC

Oral R./1909-( )/Rosie H./1910-( )/Together forever/(Holy Bible) WILSON (Holy Bible)

G 199BA

Alex R./1889-1959/Charlotte W./1891-1972/Together/Forever/(I.O.O.F. emblem) NEISH (R. Dove crest)

G 200D

In loving memory/Sarah W. HORNBY/1905 (Holy Bible) 1942

G 200C Pink granite.

Elizabeth LANGFORD R.N./Nov. 9, 1888/Mar. 5, 1976

G 200B Pink granite.

Agnes F. COATES/1875-1954

G 200A Pink granite.

Alfred J. COATES/1880-1942

G 201BA

Wilfred W./1897-1976/Gladys A./1901-1969/Together/Forever/(Crest) TAYLOR (Holy Bible)

G 202DC

Arlie E./1907-1958/Together/Forever/( )/MASSENGILL

G 202BA Pink granite.

CHATER/Together forever/William B./1878-1946/ Eva/1893-1982

G 203DC

Clarence C./1898-1972/Eileen/1916-( )/(Triangle crest) CLARK (Eastern Star emblem)

G 203BA Grey granite.

CLARK/Joseph H./1856-1939/Father/Annie E./1866-1958/ Mother

G 204D Pink granite.

Lizzie/wife of/Frank PEACHEY/1891-1942

G 204C Pink granite.

Frank C. PEACHEY/Husband of Lizzie/1890-1967

G 204B Pink granite.

Mary E. DAVY/Beloved wife of H. C. BINKS/1886-1957

G 204A Pink granite.

Hubert C. BINKS/Beloved husband of/Mary E. DAVY/ June 19, 1942

G 205D Pink granite.

Clara RANDALL/Beloved wife of/John SQUANCE/1885-1978

G 205C Pink granite.

John SQUANCE/1882-1943

G 205B Pink granite.

Mary T. PRESSEY/wife of John A./1863-1957

G 205A Pink granite.

John A. PRESSEY/husband of/Mary/1862-1943

G 206D Pink granite.

Frances Helen WHITING/Oct. 23, 1902/Dec. 5, 1973

G 206C Pink granite.

Stanley WHITING/Sept. 24, 1893/Nov. 21, 1949

G 206B Pink granite.

Laura CARRUTHERS/1870-1954

G 206A Pink granite.

Geo. CARRUTHERS/March 23, 1865/Dec. 29, 1949

G 207D

Sadie McVEY WARNER/Dec. 13, 1905/( )

G 207C

George B. WARNER/March 29, 1910 – Dec. 3, 1944

G 207B Red granite.

Viola HOPKINS/wife of John E./1887-1959

G 207A Pink granite.

John E. HOPKINS/husband of/Viola/1881-1944

G 208D (Cross)/

John DAVIES/Private/33 Battn C.E.F./11 Oct. 1960 Age 89

G 208C Pink granite.

Martha DAVIES/wife of/John DAVIES/1869-1953

G 208A

AUSTIN/Arthur Edward AUSTIN/Beloved husband of/Nellie DAVIES (I.O.O.F. emblem FLT) September 24, 1905/September 13, 1941

G 209C Pink granite.

Martha/wife of/Henry WILLETT/1858-1949

G 209BA Pink granite.

CORMACK/Benjamen Charles/1887-1974/Ida/1888-1958/Together Forever

G 210B

Etta May WILTON/Dec. 8, 1890 – Mar. 31, 1960

G 210A

Richard L. WILTON/Nov. 22, 1893 – Jan. 3, 1957

G 211D Pink granite.

Marian J. DONAGHY/Beloved wife of/Harold J. FILLMORE/ 1908-1948

G 211C Pink granite.

Harold J. FILLMORE/Beloved husband of/Marian FILLMORE/ 1904-1947

G 211B Pink granite.

Martha FILLMORE/Beloved wife of/St. Claire FILLMORE/ 1883-1968

G 211A Pink granite.

St. Clair FILLMORE/Beloved husband of/Martha FILLMORE/ 1880-1942

G 213DC

Alvin B./1901-1976/Together/Forever/Katherine E./1902-1947/(Masonic emblem) HOWARD (Eastern Star)

G 213A Pink granite.

BettyAnn/daughter of/Albert & Ann SIMS/1928-1944

G 214D Pink granite.

Harriet/wife of/Oscar H. SMITH/1885-1947

G 214C Pink granite.

Oscar H. SMITH/husband of/Harriet/1874-1943

G 214BA (Dove)

SLATER (Dove)/1903 John M. 1942/( )

G 215D Pink granite.

Margaret I. (McINTYRE)/HOSHAL/June 17, 1902/ April 23, 1987

G 215C Pink granite.

Malcolm J. McINTYRE/Sept. 29, 1901/Aug. 24, 1946

G 215B Pink granite.

Estella R. WATERS/1881-1954

G 215A Pink granite.

Albert V. WATERS/1884-1973

G 216D

Melvin GRAY/Beloved son of/Adeline GRAY/1889-1961

G 216C

Adeline Brown GRAY/Beloved wife of/Robert GRAY/October 16, 1857/ May 5, 1938

G 216B

Mary Ellen DRAKE/Beloved wife of/F. W. DRAKE/entered into rest/ Aug. 26, 1936/”Father in Thy gracious keeping/leave we now Thy servant sleeping”

G 216A

Frederick Wm. DRAKE/Beloved husband of/Mary Ellen DRAKE/entered into rest Feb. 11, 1951/He giveth His beloved sleep

G 217C

Christy HEARD/Feb. 21, 1953/Dec. 28, 1954

G 217B Pink granite.

Marion (LANGSHEARD/HUMPHREY/Beloved mother of/Harrison L. HEARD/1901-1986

G 217A Pink granite.

Leslie M. HEARD/Beloved husband of/Marion LANGS/1896-1950

G 218D

Mary Lillian FENN/1887-1971/In loving memory

G 218C

William Alfred FENN/1884-1961/In loving memory

G 218B Pink granite.

Maude WELDON/beloved wife of/H. F. HUNTLEY/1874-1948

G 218A Pink granite.

H. Franklin HUNTLEY/Beloved husband of/Maud WELDON/ 1868-1945

G 220D Pink granite.

Harriet/Beloved wife of/Sidney WIGMORE/1879-1945

G 220C Pink granite.

Sidney B. WIGMORE/1883-1964

G 220B Pink granite.

Jean/Beloved wife of/Wm. B. McCAIG/1883-1945

G 220A Pink granite.

Wm. B. McCAIG/husband of Jean/1873-1974

G 221CD

J. Carson/1914-1968/Marion M./1914-( )/SMITH

G 221B Pink granite.

Elizabeth/wife of/Alex MITCHELL/1884-1952

G 221A Pink granite.

Alex MITCHELL/husband of/Elizabeth/1883-1944

G 222C Pink granite.

Wilson A. MURPHY/Dec. 20, 1875/March 3, 1947

G 222B Pink granite.

Alice Jane BURMAN/wife of/William/1873-1963

G 222A Pink granite.

Wm. G. BURMAN/husband of/Alice/1875-1944

G 223B Pink granite.

Madeline CONNELL/Beloved wife of/George McMILLIN/ 1889-1973

G 223A Pink granite.

George McMILLIN/Beloved husband of/Madeline/1886-1945

G 224D Pink granite.

Elizabeth THOMPSON/Beloved wife of Joseph/1877-1959

G 224C Pink granite.

Joseph THOMPSON/Beloved husband of/Elizabeth/1876-1947

G 224B Pink granite.

Elsie E. BROWN/Beloved wife of/Wesley WAGNER/1896-1947

G 224A Pink granite.

Wesley WAGNER/Beloved husband of/Elsie BROWN/1897-1947

G 225D

Jane Elizabeth/(CHAPMANAXFORD/Nov. 28, 1877-June 4, 1960

G 225B Pink granite.

Lula THOMPSON/Beloved wife of/Frederick WINTER/1894-1978

G 225A Pink granite.

Frederick WINTER/Beloved husband of/Lula/1887-1944

G 226D Pink granite.

Margaret LILLICRAP/wife of/Harry/1889-1963

G 226C Pink granite.

Harry LILLICRAP/husband of/Margaret/1889-1945

G 226B Pink granite.

Florence/wife of James HILL/1885-1961

G 226A Pink granite.

James HILL/husband of Florence/1881-1945

G 227B Pink granite.

Lillian/Beloved wife of/James DARWEN/1945

G 227A Pink granite.

James/Beloved husband of/Lillian DARWEN/1973

G 228D Pink granite.

Emma HEPBURN/Beloved wife of/Thomas SOPER/1888-1945

G 228C Pink granite.

Thomas SOPER/June 19, 1883/April 1, 1947

G 228B Pink granite.

Louise Evelyn/Beloved wife of/J. A. McLEAN/1890-1946

G 228A Pink granite.

James A. McLEAN/1896-1958/Beloved husband of/Louise Evelyn

G 229DC

Harry/1893-1952/In/Loving/Memory/Florence/1898-1980/(I.O.O.F. emblem) HEARD (Holy Bible)

G 229A Pink granite.

Leslie BODKIN/Husband of/Elizabeth/1913-1946

G 230DC

William C./1909-1984/Leila A./1913-( )/(LUMLEY)/Together/Forever/ Married 5-2-34.(Dove) AUSTIN (Dove)

G 230B

May Hill LUMLEY/1890-1972

G 230A

HILL /Samuel L. HILL R.F.C./November 29, 1891/July 30, 1941/At Rest

G 231B

In loving memory/Ella ANDERSON LAIDLAW/March 26, 1885/November 24, 1971

G 231A

In loving memory/George H. LAIDLAW/March 18, 1867/July 7, 1939/(Masonic emblem)

G 232D Pink granite.

Ada/wife of/Henry WHITE/1870-1952

G 232C Pink granite.

Henry WHITE/husband of/Ada/1864-1941

G 232A

Lindsay W. WHITE/Beloved husband of/L. Jean WHITE/March 9, 1893/ September 9, 1941

G 233B Pink granite.

Marion/Beloved wife of/John McRAILD/1887-1952

G 233A Pink granite.

John/Beloved husband of/Marion McRAILD/1884-1957

G 234D Pink granite.

Vera RUSSELL/wife of/Ed. SCHRECKE/1913-1942

G 234CBA

William J./1889-1947/Mabel P./1891-1954/Billy H./1921-1970/(Shipbuilders crest) RUSSELL (United Church crest)/Though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil

G 235B Pink granite.

Eva May AUSTIN/Beloved wife of/William/1883-1965

G 235A Pink granite.

Wm. H. AUSTIN/Beloved husband of/Eva M. FARR/1882-1950

G 236D Pink granite.

Mary Ann GWALTER/Beloved wife of/Wm. COVENEY/1882-1947/ Safe in the arms of Jesus

G 236C Pink granite.

Wm. R. COVENEY/Beloved husband of/Mary/1886-1945/Thy will be done

G 236B Pink granite.

Mary J. PREVIL/Beloved mother of/Ruby, Alvin, Earl/Albert Elman/1878-1955

G 236A Pink granite.

Albert PREVIL/Beloved husband of/Mary/1874-1944

G 237B Pink granite.

Margaret RICE/wife of/John A. OLSEN/1880-1946

G 237A Pink granite.

John Arthur OLSEN/husband of/Margaret E. RICE/1875-1961

G 238BA

Marwood M./1897-1980/Vera (OLSEN)/1917-( )/Together Forever/(Holy Bible) ASHTON (Holy Bible)

G 239DC

( )/Grace M./July 18, 1903/Jan. 13, 1988/Together Forever/(Trainman crest) (inverted triangle “S” crest) McLEOD (L.A. to B.R T. crest) (Cross & staff in star)

G 240D Pink granite.

Ellen Amelia/wife of/Wallis H. WHEELER/1877-1946

G 240B Pink granite.

Katherine PRIESTMAN/1872-1950

G 240A Pink granite.

Thomas S. PRIESTMAN/1868-1942

G 241DC Pink granite.

MacVICAR/Together Forever/Not my will but Thine be done/ (Crest) Lorne D./1908-1970 (Cross) M. Helen/1908-( )/(I.O.O.F. emblem (R. Dove crest)

G 241B Pink granite.

Myrtle McVICAR/Beloved wife of/Dougald/1892-1961

G 241A Pink granite.

Dougald McVICAR/1887-1943

G 242B Pink granite.

Elizabeth E. WARE/Beloved wife of/George/1874-1964

G 242A Pink granite.

George T. WARE/Beloved husband of/Elizabeth/1874-1948

G 243C Pink granite.

Ruth SPENDLOVE/Beloved daughter of/Ernest & Nellie SPENDLOVE/1919 (Bible) 1978

G 243B Pink granite.

Nellie SPENDLOVE/wife of/Ernest/1883-1980

G 243A Pink granite.

Ernest SPENDLOVE/husband of Nellie/1884-1953

G 244B Pink granite.

Velma E. FAIRS/Beloved wife of/Joseph FAIRS/1910-1971

G 244A Pink granite.

A. F. Joseph FAIRS/Beloved husband of/Velma/1904-1947

G 245DC Pink granite.

COMPTON/Addelene/(LINDSAY)/1908-1985/William F./1909-( )

G 245B Pink granite.

Annie Maria JONES/1879-1961/Beloved wife of/Richard LINDSAY

G 245A Pink granite.

Richard LINDSAY/April 16, 1878/June 23, 1945

G 246D Pink granite.

John GRANT/March 5, 1872/Oct. 14, 1946

G 246C Pink granite.

Dorothy BUTTERWORTH/1901-1971/Beloved wife of/Roy BOWEY/

G 246B Pink granite.

Ada/Beloved wife of/Jos. J. BUTTERWORTH/1876-1943

G 246A Pink granite.

Jos. J. BUTTERWORTH/Aug. 26, 1876/May 21, 1946

G 247D Pink granite.

Myrtle L. ION/1904-1987/daughter of/Michael and Elizabeth

G 247C Pink granite.

Clayton N. ION/husband of Caroline ION/1908-1964/In Peace

G 247B Pink granite.

Elizabeth ION/wife of Michael ION/1885-1962

G 247A Pink granite. (Woodmen of the World crest)

Michael ION/1867-1943

G 248D Pink granite.

Jessie/Beloved wife of/Alex KELMAN/1883-1950

G 248C Pink granite.

Alex KELMAN/husband of Jessie/1891-1944

G 248B Pink granite.

Laura M. OSBORN/Beloved wife of/Clark WILLISON/1892-1942

G 248A Pink granite.

Clark H. WILLISON/Beloved husband of/Laura M. OSBORN/ 1893-1957

G 249D

Sarah Ann BISHOP/Beloved wife of/William R. BISHOP/Oct. 24, 1877 –  Jan. 10, 1937/ O, Rest in peace/Wait patiently for him

G 249C Pink granite.

William R. BISHOP/Beloved husband of/Sarah Ann BISHOP/ Nov. 12, 1873 – Aug. 23, 1967

G 249B Pink granite.

Wallis H. WHEELER/Beloved husband of Ellen/1878-1958

G 249A

Kate BURT/wife of/Leonard G. KING/February 1, 1885/June 29, 1936

G 250D Pink granite.

Ada Berry ARIGAN/1880-1950

G 251C Pink granite.

Thomas Charles/1932-1944/Beloved son of/Geo. & Hazel MATTHEWS

G 251B Pink granite.

Hazel J. WALTERS/1894-1980/Beloved wife of/George H. MATTHEWS

G 251A Pink granite.

George H. MATTHEWS/Beloved husband of Hazel/1888-1955

G 252D Pink granite.

Annie Louisa/Beloved wife of/Chauncey GODFREY/1892-1944

G 252C Pink granite.

Rose M. WILLETT/August 6, 1892/November 10, 1966

G 252B Pink granite.

Hazel B. ROWE/Beloved wife of/Charles/Aug. 20, 1898/ Nov. 16, 1965

G 253C Red granite.

Herbert CARR/Brother of William/1879-1960

G 253B Pink granite.

Nina PALMER/wife of/William CARR/1873-1944

G 253A Pink granite.

William CARR/husband of/Nina PALMER/1876-1945

G 254DC

Thomas H./1888-1958/Ethel K./1890-1971/Together forever/McCOMACK

G 254B

A. C. (Bob) ANDREWS/Feb. 14, 1898-July 10, 1962

G 255C

VICKERMAN/( )/Vera/Sept. 17, 1936/Jan. 25, 1983

G 255B Pink granite.

Emma DEER/Beloved wife/Arthur C. SMITH/1875-1946

G 255A Pink granite.

Arthur C. SMITH/husband of/Emma/1873-1947

G 256D Pink granite.

Rosa/Beloved wife of/Neil MURRAY/1869-1956

G 256C Pink granite.

Neil MURRAY/Beloved husband of/Rosa/1866-1946

G 256B Pink granite.

Etta BOWERS/Beloved wife of/Ernest C. MANN/1880-1954

G 256A Pink granite.

Ernest C. MANN/Beloved husband of/Etta BOWERS/1875-1947

G 257C Pink granite.

Arthur D. DERROUGH/Beloved husband of/Eileen/1904-1946

G 257A Pink granite.

Frederick CLARK/Beloved husband of/Gertrude/1883-1946

G 258D Pink granite.

Mary STARK/Beloved wife of/William/1876-1953

G 258C Pink granite.

William STARK/Beloved husband of/Mary/1879-1947

G 258B Pink granite.

Lucy F. GREENWOOD/1883-1970/Servant of Christ well done/ Rest in thy Saviour’s joy

G 258A Pink granite.

Gilbert GREENWOOD/1872-1947/Until the day break and/the shadows flee away

G 259A Pink granite.

Donald Geo. MATHEWS/Beloved husband of/Margaret/1922-1947

G 260D Pink granite.

Jane LAING BOYLE/wife of William/1898-1958

G 260C Pink granite.

William BOYLE/husband of Jane/1894-1984

G 260B Pink granite.

Edith Anne WALKER/Beloved wife of/LeRoy/1892-1969

G 260A Pink granite.

David LeRoy WALKER/Beloved husband of/Edith/1886-1951

G 262D Pink granite.

Ada Estella PARKER/1885-1973/Beloved wife of Morley PARKER

G 262C Pink granite.

Morley PARKER/1885-1947/Beloved husband of/Ada FREEMAN

G 262B Pink granite.

Myrtle STRONG/1893-1983/Beloved wife of/Leslie F. PARKER

G 262A Pink granite.

Leslie F. PARKER/1891-1946/Beloved husband of/Myrtle STRONG

G 263D Pink granite.

Isabella/wife of/Henry JAMES/1885-1947

G 263C

Ethel C. BROWN/May 8, 1884/Aug. 23, 1947

G 263B

Rebecca Jane HENDERSON/January 11, 1882/January 26, 1971

G 263A

Ettie GREENWAY/October 24, 1886/November 17, 1966

G 264C Pink granite.

Gerald Frederick/Beloved son of/Bert & Mary CARR/ 1939-1947

G 264BA

Ethelbert/1892-1969/Mary E./1890-1973/Together/Forever/CARR

G 265D Pink granite.

Carrie Amelia/Beloved wife of/Basset BLEWETT/1878-1947

G 265C Pink granite.

Basset BLEWETT/1869-1958/Beloved husband of Carrie

G 265B

Elise M. ANDERSON/wife of Frederick/1896-1963

G 265A

Fredrick ANDERSON/Husband of/Elise/(I.O.O.F. emblem) 1899-1947

G 266D

Ejner Emil RASMUSSEN/Dec. 13, 1894 (Cross) Sept. 9, 1946

G 266C Pink granite.

Douglas/son of/E. R. & D. HAMILTON/1921-1924

G 266B Pink granite.

Dorothy/Beloved wife of/E. Reid HAMILTON/1896-1964

G 266A Pink granite.

E. Reid HAMILTON/March 29, 1891/March 6, 1946

G 267D Pink granite.

Elsie R. WHITE/Beloved wife of/John/1896-1960

G 267C Pink granite.

John S. WHITE/Beloved husband of/Elsie/1901-1948

G 268D Pink granite.

Kate MATHESON/Beloved wife of/James M. CAMPBELL/1881-1955

G 268C Pink granite.

James M. CAMPBELL/Sept. 8, 1879/March 18, 1948

G 268B Pink granite.

Annie P. JOHNSTON/1891-1954

G 268A Pink granite.

Harry F. JOHNSTON/1882-1947

G 269D

Harry McLEAN/Beloved husband of Dorothy/1915 (Masonic emblem) 1966

G 269C Pink granite.

Al. Douglas McLEAN/Beloved son of/Harry & Margaret/ 1921-1946

G 269BA

McLEAN/Harry/1890-1957/Together/Forever/Margaret B./1891-1974

G 270B Pink granite.

Jean GREIG/Beloved mother of/Cecil, Sandy & Bonnie/ 1912-1973

G 270A Pink granite.

Cecil GREIG/Beloved husband of/Jean/1908-1948

G 271D Pink granite.

Eleanor M. BENNETT/wife of/William/1889-1977

G 271C Pink granite.

Wm. H. BENNETT/husband of/Eleanor/1887-1946

G 271B

In Loving Memory/Mother/Lavina (BEALBLAKELY/1876-1959

G 271A

In Loving Memory/Father/Fallon BEAL/1873-1946

G 272D Pink granite.

Lily May/Beloved wife of/Samuel A. LYONS/1892-1948

G 272C Pink granite.

Samuel Albert/Beloved husband of/Lily May LYONS/1887-1966

G 272B Pink granite.

Alice E. LOVELL/Beloved wife of/Percy HAINES/1878-1948

G 272A (Cross)/

Percy HAINES/Private/227 Battn. C.E.F./9 Sept. 1973. Age 92

G 273A Pink granite.

Wm. T. R. PARIS/July 28, 1881/June 28, 1949

G 274B Pink granite.

Mina Mae OSBORN/wife of/Ernest HODGKINSON/1893-1942

G 275B

Jane DIXON/wife of/Albert E. OSBORN/Nov. 5, 1867-Oct. 25, 1933

G 275A

lbert E. OSBORN/Beloved husband of/Jane DIXON/Sept. 12, 1864- Aug. 24, 1958

G 276D

Pauline M. LALONDE/1913-1973

G 276C

Francis MAYNARD/1862-1948

G 276BA

Thomas E./Apr. 18, 1900/Sept. 27, 1976/In/Loving/Memory/Doris K./ Nov. 14, 1897/Oct. 7, 1965/(I.O.O.F. emblem) HOBBS (R. Dove crest)/ Come unto Me, all ye that labor and are heavy laden

G 277D Pink granite.

Lulu W. PAGE/Beloved wife of/Herbert F. NEWMAN/1897-1948

G 277C Pink granite.

Herbert F. NEWMAN/Beloved husband of/Lulu W. PAGE/ 1895-1976

G 277BA

WILLIAMSON/Alexander/1886-1972/Together Forever/Sarah May/1887-1968

G 278B Pink granite.

David B. CRAWFORD/husband of Muriel/father of Barbara/ 1914-1948

G 278A

Robert W. HOWOURTH/Beloved son of/Harriet WOOD/1905 (Dove) ( )

G 279D Pink granite.

Ada Ann KELLY/Beloved wife of/John/1881-1966

G 279C Pink granite.

John J. KELLY/Beloved husband of/Ada/1878-1948

G 279B Pink granite.

Grace Anna JEWELL/wife of/Russell D. THOMPSON/and Hugh W. RANKIN/1901-1968

G 279A Pink granite.

Russell D. THOMPSON/husband of/Grace/1885-1948

G 280D Pink granite.

Helen V. TERRACE/Beloved wife of/Alfred G. J. THOMAS/ 1884-1947

G 280C Pink granite.

Alfred G. J. THOMAS/Beloved husband of/Helen V. TERRACE/ 1880-1948

G 280B Pink granite.

Hazel CLUNAS/Beloved wife of/Wm. E. CRAIG /1897-1949

G 280A Pink granite.

Wm. E. CRAIG/April 13, 1870/June 27, 1947

G 281EDC

WILSON/Not my will but Thine be done/Charles/1907-1974/Christopher/1872- 1951/Flora/1878-1975

G 281B

Chas. L. WILSON/husband of/Mildred K. TOWERS/1907 (Holy Bible) 1974/God took him home, it was His will/but in our hearts he liveth still

G 281A

Mildred K. TOWERS/wife of/Chas. L. WILSON/1911 (Holy Bible) 1948/God took her home, it was His will/but in our hearts she liveth still

G 282D

Beatrice Alice/wife of/Andrew A. McNAMES/1874-1948

G 282C

Andrew A. McNAMES/(Masonic emblem) 1881-1964 (Inverted triangle ‘S’)

G 282B

Louisa SPRUCE/Beloved wife of/Noah SPRUCE/September 8, 1886/ March 18, 1936

G 282A

Spruce/Noah SPRUCE/Beloved husband of/Louisa SPRUCE/June 19, 1882/ October 13, 1939

G 283DC

Kenneth R./1923-1980/( )/Together Forever/BLACK

G 283BA

William C./1894-1974/Louise M./1894-1971/(A. of M. crest) BLACK (Crests: Legion, R. Dove, L.A. to B.R.T.)

G 284C

Susannah/Beloved wife of/Edward ROWE/Dec. 29, 1873 – Feb. 12, 1951

G 284B

Edward ROWE/(3-link chain F.L.T. emblem) October 20, 1871/March 17, 1936

G 284A Pink granite.

Eva Belle McKIM/Beloved daughter of/Edward & Susannah ROWE/Feb. 23, 1897 – Oct. 29, 1973

G 285A

Charles KAY/1873-1937

G 286D

CARTER/Sophia MAYES/Beloved wife of/Ernest E. CARTER/February 9, 1865/ April 7, 1939/At rest

G 286C

Ernest E. CARTER/1867-1944

G 286B

Elizabeth M. WEBBER/Beloved wife of/W. J. WEBBER/Sept. 23, 1868 –  Jan. 23, 1937

G 286A Pink granite.

Wm. J. WEBBER/March 18, 1867/Sept. 25, 1945

G 287D

Mary J. LIPPSETT CARMAN/Beloved wife of/Edgar M. CARMAN/1871-1954

G 287C

Edgar M. CARMAN/Beloved husband of/Mary J. CARMAN/Born June 1874/Died October 9, 1936/At rest

G 288D

Rosina ADAMS/Beloved wife of/John A. ADAMS/Oct. 27, 1856 – Jan. 29, 1937

G 288B Pink granite.

Caroline/Beloved wife of/Wm. SPAIN/1863-1940

G 288A

SPAIN/William H. SPAIN/Beloved husband of/Caroline SPAIN/ January 27, 1866/ January 22, 1939/(Crest)

G 289C

Donna Marie/Beloved daughter of/Harry & Olive GWALTER/November 16, 1924/ February 13, 1937

G 289BA

Harry S./1899-1982/Together forever/Olive E./1903-1986/(Crown & Cross)GWALTER (2 Salvation Army crests)

G 290DC

Gordon L./1900-1970/Margaret J./1894-1970/(Holy Bible) PRIOR (Holy Bible

G 290B

Mary E. CALDWELL/wife of/William White/Dec. 19, 1887-Jan 24, 1934

G 290A Pink granite.

William J. WHITE/1890-1944

G 291D

George A. LANGS/1875-1942

G 292D Pink granite.

Ethel M. BRITTON/Beloved wife of/Ernest A. COOK/1890-1976 /The word of the/Lord endureth/forever. 1 Peter 1-25

G 292C Pink granite.

The Lord is my shepherd/Ernest A. COOK/Beloved husband of/Ethel BRITTON/1878-1944

G 292A Pink granite.

Clarence T. GRIFFIN/July 24, 1888/July 15, 1941

G 294D Pink granite.

J. Douglas/McRAILD/1911-1957

G 294B

LOME/Hilda BODLEY LOME/Beloved wife of/Lieut. John B. LOME/Mother of Roger B. LOME/October 31, 1911/December 26, 1940

G 294A

Herbert T. WITHERS/Beloved husband of/Lily BRITTON WITHERS/May 11, 1893/ April 7, 1940/”Jesus is all I need”

G 295D

HENDERSON/Mary Jane LOCKE/Beloved wife of/J. N. HENDERSON/June 11, 1866/ October 19, 1939

G 295C

John N. HENDERSON/Beloved husband of Rebecca J./Oct. 3, 1866 (Holy Bible July 4, 1956

G 295B

Minnie BATES/Beloved wife of/Samuel G. BARRETT /January 3, 1888/ June 19, 1940

G 296D Pink granite.

Annie Gagen OLSEN/1886-1968

G 296C Pink granite.

Wellington GAGEN/1870-1939

G 296B

Binea Elizabeth VARY/1883-1939

G 297DC

John W./1891-1970/Emma M./1896-1978/(2 Salvation Army crests) BEBBINGTON

G 297B
Elizabeth AGAR/Beloved wife of/William AGAR/Feb. 18, 1874 – June 9, 1936 /Asleep in Jesus
G 297A

William J. AGAR/Beloved husband of Elizabeth/1874-1954

G 298D Pink granite, bronze letters.

Martha Ann GANT/1860-1940

G 298C Pink granite, bronze letters.

George W. GANT/1854-1948

G 299C

Wm. Merlin PARRACK/1904-1937

G 300C

Joseph JACK/October 31, 1894/March 27, 1937 (King Harem R.B.P. crest)

G 300B

Mary ANGUS/Beloved wife of/William JACK/November 2, 1862/May 4, 1938/ (Ladies Orange Benevolent Assoc. crest)

G 300A

William JACK/1860-1942

G 301B

Ellen DUNSHEATH/wife of/Foster C. DUNDAS/July 8, 1856 – May 26, 1935

G 301A Pink granite.

Foster C. DUNDAS/1862-1942

G 302ED

( )/Jean A./Sept. 7, 1919/April 30, 1936/In Loving Memory/(Airplane) (Bible) MILLS (Holy Bible/Mother of Fred, Gordon & Jean

G 302C

Gordon A./MILLS/Beloved husband of/Carlie I. MILLS/1916-1981

G 302B

William GOLD/Beloved husband of/Rosetta BRYANT GOLD/April 5, 1878/ February 14, 1939

G 302A

Rosetta BRYANT GOLD/Beloved wife of/William GOLD/Aug. 29, 1887 –  Aug. 27, 1984

G 303D Pink granite.

Ida Luella/wife of Geo. LALE/1872-1934

G 303C Pink granite.

George LALE/March 9, 1870/Dec. 24, 1945

G 303A

Edward J. WALSER/Beloved husband of/Ella DRAYCOTT/April 7, 1887 – March 7, 1937

G 304D

Emma/Beloved wife of/Arthur BRITTON/Jan. 3, 1863 – Jan. .13, 1949/ She had laid down the Cross/and taken up the Crown

G 304C

Arthur BRITTON/Beloved husband of/Emma BRITTON/(SOE) Dec. 13, 1859 – Nov. 19, 1940/He went about doing good

G 304B Pink granite.

Margaret MacNISH/Beloved wife of/John MacNISH/1862-1934

G 304A Pink granite.

Mary MacNISH/daughter of/John & Margaret/1895-1969

G 305DC Brown granite.

FREEMAN/Finlay B./1862-1942 (Cross) Martha/1862-1934

G 305B

Bertha M. PARKINS/Beloved wife of George/1888-1963

G 305A

George W. PARKINS/1886-1934

G 306D

Mercy R. DREWITT/Beloved wife of/George W. DREWITT/April 12, 1887 – Jan. 24, 1937/”Father in Thy gracious keeping/leave we now thy servant sleeping”

G 306C

George W. DREWITT/Beloved husband of Mercy R. DREWITT/April 23, 1884 –  Sept. 5, 1961/Whosoever believeth in Him should not perish/but have everlasting life

G 306B

Edith Eliza MALOTT/wife of/Nicholas TARR/Jan. 21, 1871/May 15, 1934

G 306A

Nicholas TARR/husband of Edith Eliza MALOTT/Nov. 16, 1868/June 20, 1958/ (Masonic emblem)

G 307DC

DINWOODIE/1876 William B. 1959/1886 Caroline 1978

G 307B Pink granite.

William MORGAN/1900-1936

G 309C

Edwin MORTON/1885-1966

G 309B

Frederick (Gad) GADSBY/Oct. 11, 1895 – May 31, 1942

G 309A Pink granite.

Elizabeth/wife of/Richard NEWMAN/1860-1943

G 310ED Pink granite.

Annie, wife of/Conrad HEINBECKER/1859-1945/ Albert/1887-1940

G 310C

Conrad HEINBECKER/August 3, 1860/September 22, 1934

G 310B Pink granite.

Rosetta/wife of/Thomas BRYANT/1866-1943

G 310A

Thomas BRYANT/August 1, 1853/November 15, 1933

G 311D Pink granite.

Mary A. Eleanor/Beloved wife of/John D. COURTOIS/ 1858-1945

G 311C Pink granite.

John D. COURTOIS/1865-1944

G 311BA

(Cross) (Crest) PEARSON (Cross on Bible)/Samuel E./1887-1967/E. Grace/ 1894-1980

G 312D

John Bryant GOLD/son of/William & Rosetta GOLD/March 28, 1915/ April 14, 1935

G 312CB

Caroline McLeod UNVERZAGT/1867-1934/and husband/Philip UNVERZAGT/ 1860-1938/At rest

G 312A

JOHNSTON/Nettie GRANT/May 1, 1805/Oct. 30, 1933

G 313C

Thomas ROY/October 15, 1863/August 1, 1935/(Masonic emblem)

G 313B

Mary WATSON/wife of/Arthur WHITCROFT/June 6, 1881 – May 27, 1935

G 313A

WHITCROFT/Arthur Reginald/March 17, 1877/June 1, 1929

G 314BA

Walter/1875-1933/Mary Ann/1875-1946/Together Forever/(ABDEY)/(Holy Bible) TOWERS (Holy Bible)/Loving memories last forever