St. Thomas – Elmdale Section F

Elmdale Memorial Park Cemetery

Section F

St. Thomas, Ontario, Canada

RECORDED BY: Mary & Glen Ormerod

Elgin County, OGS, July 1988


PROOF READING BY: Barbara Ferguson

Revised and formatted for the Internet 7 December 2002 by Bruce C. Johnson Jr.

Latest Revision 24 November 2012 by Carol VanHarn

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See Section A for a History of this Cemetery

Section F is located to the west of the South Oval. Lots are numbered from the north-east corner beginning with 01 (which is about in the mid-point of the straight part of the road) and continuing to the south. Numbering is continued at the north end of the next row. Burial plots are lettered alphabetically from the south to the north but are typed in the order in which they occur. The plaques used are bronze unless indicated otherwise.
A block of 48 lots, numbered 523 to 570 have been added to the original group to the north-west.
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Section F

F 02D Pink granite.

Charlotte/wife of/Chas. H. WILLSON/1879-1948

F 02C Pink granite.

Ivy Jarvis RAMSAY/1887-1976

F 02B Pink granite.

Edward JARVIS/Beloved husband of/Ivy/1885- 1949

F 02A Pink granite.

Mary A. F. HAMILTON/of/St. Marys Ont./1948

F 05BA

Lancelot W./1904-1976/Thelma M./1907-1983/Together Forever/ (B. of R.E. crest) HOWARD (B. of L.S.&E. crest)

F 06B Pink granite.

Florence Emma/Beloved wife of/Wm. POOLE/1884- 1952

F 06A Pink granite.

William POOLE/Beloved husband of/Florence/ 1884-1963

F 07D Pink granite.

Douglas Earl SMELTZER/ Dearly beloved son of / W. H. & G. W. SMELTZER/ 1941-1972

F 07C Pink granite.

Bonnie Lynn/Dear little daughter of/ W. H. & G. W. SMELTZER/1946-1950

F 07A Pink granite.

Walter Henry SMELTZER/Beloved husband of/ Georgina W. Burke /1903-1981

F 08DC

Charles E./July 11, 1918/Oct. 14, 1985/( )/(Percy)/ Together Forever/Married 5-15-48/(Dove) CONNOR (Dove)

F 10DC

( )/Leona Mae/May 3, 1925/Nov. 5, 1987/(Mills)/ Together/Forever/Married 9-11-47/(Praying Hands) LINDSAY (Praying Hands)

F 10BA

James R./1884-1964/Ethel P./1887-1965/Together Forever/ (Crest) GUNNING

F 11DC

(United Church crest) BAKER (United Church crest)/( ) Together Forever ( )

F 15D Pink granite.

Mary Elizabeth/LAIDLAW/1870-1942

F 15C Pink granite.

James BANNATYNE/son of/M. & J. BANNATYNE/ 1899-1942

F 15B Pink granite.

Jane BUCHAN/wife of/Moses BANNATYNE/1875-1950

F 15A Pink granite.

Moses BANNATYNE/husband of/Jane/1872-1951

F 16D

Lillian Mae FARLEY/Beloved wife of (Eastern Star) James FARLEY/July 8, 1879 – August 11, 1947/”Peace, perfect peace”

F 16C

FARLEY/James FARLEY/Beloved husband of/(Eastern Star) Lillian FARLEY/(Masonic crest)/July 7, 1874/November 23, 1939/”He giveth his beloved sleep”

F 16B Pink granite.

Mary Ann BAYLEY/1856-1943

F 16A

DALZIEL/Margaret Jean/1919-1939

F 17E

Ella Kathleen BELBIN/Sept. 11, 1894 – June 30. 1977/wife of/ W. G. ROBBINS/1920-1940/C. T. Rutter/1969-1977

F 17D

Karen/Marie/PAUL/April 1,/1949

F 17C

William George ROBBINS/Beloved husband of/Ella BELBIN/ (Shriners crest) Nov. 6, 1884 – Nov. 23, 1940

F 17B

Sarah MARSH/Beloved wife of/William S. ROBBINS/Nov. 25, 1856 – Oct. 8, 1940

F 17A

William S. ROBBINS/Beloved husband of/Sarah ROBBINS/May 10, 1850 – Feb. 27, 1935

F 18D Pink granite.

Esther/Beloved wife of/W. A. WINTERMUTE/1873- 1951

F 18C Pink granite.

Walker A./Beloved husband of/Esther W. WINTERMUTE/1879-1962

F 19D

Alice HENDERSON/(PATRICK)/January 9, 1907 (Holy Bible)  September 26, 1984


Jean M./1907-1977/( )/( )/(Holy Bible) PATRICK (Holy Bible)

F 20DC

Harry E./1902-1980/In/Loving/Memory/( )/(Holy Bible) PATRICK (Bible)

F 20B

PATRICK/Lizzie UPTON PATRICK/Beloved wife of/Edgar L. PATRICK/April 4, 1873/May 19, 1939/”Under His wings”

F 20A

Edgar L. PATRICK/March 9, 1874/Sept. 24, 1950

F 21D

In Loving Memory/Annie WARNER/1884-1961

F 21BA

J. Charles/1886-1980/E. Winnifred/1891-1951/(B. of L.E. crest) DONALDSON (B. of L.S. & E. crest)

F 22DC (Holy Bible)

DONALDSON (Holy Bible)/1906 Clifford G. R. 1981/1904 Kathleen M. 1978

F 22B

Minnie Iona BEARSS/Beloved wife of/Robert G. DONALDSON/ May 7, 1884/April 2, 1941/(L.A. to B. of L.E. & E. crest)

F 22A

Robert G. DONALDSON/Beloved husband of/Minnie BEARSS/ (L.B.C. crest) November 18, 1881/May 8, 1939

F 23D Pink granite.

Margaret LAMB/1873-1968

F 23C Pink granite.

David J. LAMB/1867-1949

F 23B Pink granite.

Rachel/Beloved wife of/Wm G. PATRICK/1880- 1950

F 23A Pink granite.

Wm. G./beloved husband of/Rachel PATRICK/ 1880-1968

F 24ED

T. Victor/1884-1975/Frances (FEARMAN)/1885-1967/(United Church crest/MARTYN (United Church crest)

F 24C Pink granite.

Myrtle A. WHITE/Beloved wife of/J. Gordon TURNBULL/1886-1958

F 24B

Ralph Franklin/TURNBULL/Beloved father/of/Bonnie Lyn/1922- 1985

F 24A Pink granite.

J. Gordon TURNBULL/1883-1952/Beloved husband of/Myrtle A. WHITE

F 25DC

Alfred L./1914-1974/Shirley L./1931-( )/Together Forever/ (B.R.C.A. crest) LARSON (Cross on Bible)

F 25BA

James E./Oct. 13, 1933/Mar. 5, 1983/( )/Together Forever/ (Hockey sticks) JOHNSON (Dove)

F 26D Grey granite, bronze letters.

Rosanna SMITH/1881-1955

F 26CB

( )/Martha M./Oct.11, 1913/Mar. 24, 1985/Together Forever/ (Holy Bible) SMITH (Holy Bible)

F 27A

Reatta C. DONALDSON/Beloved wife of/George E. MEYER/Dec. 30, 1901 (Dove) May 27, 1982

F 31C Pink granite.

Frank COSAN/Beloved husband of/Ella/1890-1950

F 31B Pink granite.

Bessie Sage BAKER/Beloved mother of/Jere and Joan/1887-1941

F 31A Pink granite.

Clifford W. BAKER/Beloved husband of/Theresa/ 1892-1959

F 32D

MITZI/1958-1973/(A dog’s remembrance plaque)

F 32CB

Mark/1893-1983/Elva CHAPLOW/1902-1968/(Masonic crest) McCORVIE (Eastern Star)

F 32A Pink granite.

Effie McCORVIE/Mark’s mother/1856-1939

F 33DC Pink granite.

Isobella May/1925-1925/Wm A. RIDDELL/1927- 1939

F 33B Pink granite.

A. May RIDDELL/Beloved wife of/William/ July 14, 1900-Aug. 8, 1965

F 33A Pink granite.

Wm. W. RIDDELL/1897-1944

F 34D Pink granite.

Edith M. PARKER/Aug. 10, 1880/Oct. 30, 1947

F 34C Pink granite.

Henry B. PARKER/Jan. 8, 1873/Oct. 31, 1951

F 34B

Vivian L. JONES/May 4, 1903/May 3, 1983

F 34A

Thomas E. JONES/August 3, 1898/January 18, 1937

F 35C Pink granite.

Wm. W. WHISTLECRAFT/Nov. 30, 1886/March 11, 1952

F 35B Pink granite.

Alena M. WHISTLECRAFT/Sept. 23, 1901/July 31, 1954

F 35C Pink granite.

Donald W. WHISTLECRAFT/Beloved husband of/ Pauline BUTCHER/Aug. 23, 1921 (Masonic emblem) Oct. 30, 1978

F 36D Pink granite.

In Loving Memory/Leonard J. GROSE/C.N.I.B./ 1935-1987

F 36C Pink granite.

Edward C. NEWMAN/Beloved husband of/Helen COPEMAN/1884 (Masonic emblem) 1939

F 36B

Andrews/Mary Ann ANDREWS/Beloved wife of/Ernest T. ANDREWS/ May 23, 1873/July 14, 1939

F 36A

Andrews/Ernest T. ANDREWS/Beloved husband of/Mary Ann ANDREWS/July 24, 1882/May 31, 1939/(Pioneers crest)

F 37D

Margaret A. SMALL/Beloved wife of Geo. H. SMALL/1874-1955

F 37C

Ellen ROBINSON/wife of/Joseph ROBINSON/February 28, 1852/ January 21, 1940/At Rest

F 37B

Ella ROBINSON/wife of/A. D. McEACHREN/Nov. 9, 1885 – Feb 28, 1950

F 37A

Archibald D. McEACHREN/Beloved husband of/Ella ROBINSON/July 21, 1880/June 2, 1938

F 38BA

George A./1891-1974/Edna M./1894-1967/Together Forever/ PROWSE

F 39DC

Harold L./Oct.2, 1920/Apr. 15, 1981/( )/In Loving Memory/ (Holy Bible) NAURUSKAT (Holy Bible)

F 39BA

Lillian M./1896-1978/( )/(R.N. crest) McGAW (Bell System crest)

F 40C

Calvin W. WATSON/Beloved husband of/M. Jean BAKER/1917-1977/ Forever in our hearts

F 40B

Bernice F. (WHITEBAKER/Beloved wife of/Roy M. BAKER/1893- 1971

F 40A

Roy M. BAKER/Beloved husband of/Bernice WHITE/1884-1961

F 41D Grey granite.

Mother/1881-1961/Nellie E. PRESSEY

F 41C Grey granite.

Father/1879-1962/William H. PRESSEY

F 41B Pink granite.

Elizabeth DENNIS/Beloved wife of/James R./ 1910-1963

F 42C

John LIVINGSTON/Beloved husband of/Eliza HUDSON/June 23, 1896 (Holy Bible) March 5, 1965

F 42B

Elizabeth ALEXANDER/Beloved wife of Alex/Apr. 25, 1887 – Dec. 5, 1958

F 42A

Alex B. ALEXANDER/Beloved husband of Bessie/Sept. 22, 1882 – Sept. 27, 1953

F 43D Pink granite.

Aggie MOYER/Beloved wife of/Julius/1885-1963

F 43C Pink granite.

Julius G. MOYER/Beloved husband of/Aggie/ 1881-1963

F 44DC

( )/Carl E./1914-1975/Together Forever/(Eastern Star) LOGAN (Holy Bible)

F 44BA

F. Ross/1908-1975/( )/Together Forever/DEMARAY

F 47D

Marshall T. STEVENS/April 18, 1920 – June 12, 1962/( )

F 47C Pink granite.

In Loving Memory of/Edwin G. SUMMERS/1916- 1952/Dear husband of/Beatrice

F 47B Pink granite.

Hannah/Dear wife of/W. A. McDOUGALL/1885-1947

F 47A

McDOUGALL/William Alexander/July 4, 1879/Dec. 31, 1932

F 48D

Mary Lucy METCALF/wife of/William METCALF/November 4, 1871/ July 2, 1934

F 48C

Frederick A. McCULLY/September 10, 1878 (Masonic emblem) February 15, 1935

F 48B

Mary E. BEALES/June 7, 1862 – Oct. 11, 1946

F 48A

Cockerton T. BEALES/February 21, 1859/February 11, 1934

F 49B

Jennie May RUNCHEY/Beloved wife of L. Ward HUNTER/ 1883 (Rebecca crest) 1957

F 49A L.

Ward HUNTER/Beloved husband of Jennie RUNCHEY/1879-1963

F 50B

Martha Laura/wife of/Cleve STINCHCOMBE/Entered into rest/ April 5, 1951

F 50A (I.O.O.F emblem)

Cleve STINCHCOMBE/Entered into rest/March 10, 1936

F 51B

Myrtle BISSETT/Beloved wife of Roy/1896 (Holy Bible) 1971

F 51A

Roy BISSETT/Beloved husband of Myrtle/1886 (Masonic emblem) 1955

F 52DC

RICHARDSON/George H./1890-1987/Myrtle F./1888-1981

F 52B

Sarah Jane THOMPSON/Beloved wife of/W. H. RICHARDSON/Oct. 25, 1866 – Mar. 24, 1936

F 52A Pink granite.

Wm. H. RICHARDSON/Beloved husband of/Sarah/ 1862-1945

F 53DC Pink granite.

OLIVER/William L./1901-( )/Doris K./1904- 1966

F 53B Pink granite.

Mary Selina/Beloved wife of/John A. LOGAN/ 1875-1949

F 53A Pink granite.

John A. LOGAN/Beloved husband of/Mary Selina/ 1872-1960

F 54D

In Loving Memory/Mildred J. VANKOUGHNETT/1907 (Dove) ( )

F 54C Pink granite.

Robert J. CARROLL/1921-1965/Beloved son of/ George and Mary

F 54B Pink granite.

Mary/Beloved wife of/George E. CARROLL/1900- 1952

F 54A Pink granite.

George E. CARROLL/Beloved husband of Mary/ 1886-1950

F 55D

Morley T. BEALES/March 19, 1915/May 28, 1963

F 55C

Irene V. RICHARDSON/July 19, 1888 – Jan 10, 1904

F 55B

W. Stirling RICHARDSON/Feb. 11, 1888 – Feb. 7, 1985

F 55A Grey granite. (Cross)/

Harold W. MURPHY/L.A.C./R.C.A.F./24 May 1954 age 35

F 56D Pink granite, bronze letters.

Nellie P. MURPHY/1888-1956

F 56A

Lorne R. CLOES/Oct. 22, 1919 – Jan. 1, 1956/In Loving Memory – Ruth and Bobby

F 57DC

Arthur J./1892-1972/Reta M./1907-1973/(B.R.G.A. crest) BEALES (Holy Bible)

F 57B Grey granite.

Charles A. CARTER/Beloved husband of Hazel S. /Sept. 11, 1893/June 17, 1958

F 57A Grey granite.

Hazel “CARTER” DAVY/Beloved wife of/Samuel H. /Jan. 11, 1904 – Aug. 5, 1985

F 59DC

( )/Margaret J./(Peggy)/1919-1973/Together/Forever/ (Cross) BISSETT (Cross)

F 60C

Peggy D./JONES/April 18, 1959/4 1/2 months

F 60BA

John E./1914-1976/Ila (Buck)/1925-( )/Together Forever/ (Truck) JONES (Holy Bible)/To live in the hearts of those we love is never to die

F 61DC

Oliver M./1962/Together Forever/Isabel L./1963/(Cross) FREDERICKSON (Cross)

F 62C

Leslie SMITH/1916 (Dove) ( )

F 63D

Susan MARCH WEBB/wife of/Samuel WEBB/1864-1938

F 63C

Samuel WEBB/Husband of/Susan MARSH WEBB/1863-1935

F 63B

Elizabeth MARSHALL/Beloved wife of/Robert A. Ray/May 28, 1881- Oct. 24, 1947

F 63A

RAY/Robert Albert/Nov. 28, 1877/Dec. 19, 1933

F 64D

DEWAR/Sybil Loreen RAY/Beloved wife of/Harold E. DEWAR/Feb. 3, 1915- March 5, 1941/and infant daughter/A great love goes here

F 64C

Robert A. LARSON/1908-1972/”I’ll be seeing you”

F 64B Pink granite.

Bertha/Beloved wife of B. A. LARSON/1884-1942

F 64A Pink granite.

Brother Alaric LARSON/Beloved husband of/ Bertha/1878-1951

F 65C Pink granite.

Ann WAKEFIELD/1878-1946

F 65B

Alice WAKEFIELD POWERS/Beloved wife of/Hiram Benjamin POWERS/September 25, 1880/September 14, 1981

F 65A

POWERS/Hiram Benjamin POWERS/Beloved husband of/Alice W. POWERS/January 13, 1870/October 27, 1940

F 67D

Martha (Mattie) POLLOCK/Beloved wife of/James A. POLLOCK/ Aug. 4,1881 (Eastern Star) Nov. 25, 1972

F 67C

James A. POLLOCK/Beloved husband of/Mattie PARKINSON/Feb. 25, 1878 (Mocha Temple crest) Dec. 10, 1935

F 67B

Caroline WEBBER/Beloved wife of/Rev. James Albert SNELL/ 1865-1950

F 67A

Rev. James Albert SNELL/Beloved husband of/Caroline WEBBER/ 1864-1925/He giveth his beloved sleep

F 68F

Elizabeth PASSMORE/Beloved wife of/Herbert James LITTLE/ 1875-1953


Jerrold James – 1927/Robert James – 1929/John Beverly – 1935/sons of/Dr. J.W. & M SNELL

F 68B

Marguerite LITTLE/Beloved wife of Dr. Jerold W. SNELL/1897- 1958/Humanitarian

F 68A

Jerrold Webber SNELL M.B./”Mr. Hospital”/1898-1963

F 69D Pink granite.

Ida COPEMAN/1892-1968

F 69C Pink granite.

Clifford COPEMAN/1883-1942

F 70D

Delilah OSTRANDER/Beloved wife of/John WILLISON/1850-1939

F 70C

Emma DECLUTE/wife of/Peter J. FOX/February 16, 1863/December 29, 1934

F 70BA

Wm. Henry/1874-1963/Maude M./1872-1962/Together Forever/ PEARCE

F 71D Pink granite.

Helen (EMSLIEMONTGOMERY/wife of/Harold V. MONTGOMERY/1896-1987

F 71C Pink granite.

Harold V./MONTGOMERY/1894-1969

F 71B

Mary Edith STEWART/1888-1969

F 72BA

David R./Aug. 28, 1917/Apr. 17, 1982/( )/Together Forever/ (B.R.C.A.crest) LARSON (Girl Guide crest)

F 73B Grey granite.

Ida May/Beloved wife of Samuel H. DAVY/Jan. 24, 1894 – Mar. 16, 1958

F 73A Grey granite.

Samuel H. DAVY/Beloved husband of Hazel/Mar. 16, 1892 – Feb. 27, 1964

F 75BA

Gordon C./1902-1969/Jean D./1907-1981/Together Forever/ (Legion crest) LOVEDAY (R.N. crest)

F 76DC Pink granite.

FINCH/Together Forever/Reginald R./1894-1987/ Husband/Olive B./1907-1985/Wife

F 76B Pink granite.

Margaret/Beloved wife of/John BENTLEY/1890- 1954

F 76A Pink granite.

John/Beloved husband of/Margaret BENTLEY/ 1890-1971

F 77DC

John W.(Jack)/April 2, 1917/Oct. 26, 1983/Together Forever/ Margaret J./Aug. 25, 1917/Mar. 6, 1979/(Cat) DAVIS (Cat)

F 77B

Violet May MURPHY/Dearly beloved wife of/Fred MURPHY/March 27, 1913 (Holy Bible) February 14, 1968

F 77A

Douglas Frederick MURPHY/May 19, 1918 (Legion crest) June 27, 1974

F 78DC

Robert O./1921-1987/J. Isabelle/1929-1982/Together/Forever/ (Rifles) FREEMAN (Legion crest)

F 78BA

Stanley/1894-1980/Together/Forever/Dorothy/1894-( )/ (United Church crest) SHONE (United Church crest)

F 80D

Marjorie Benton RAND/Beloved daughter of/Nellie and Silas WASS/Jan. 24, 1911/Jan. 24, 1974

F 80C

Hopper/Ruth Evelyn WASS/Beloved wife of/Charles H. HOPPER/ May 4, 1908/October 27, 1941

F 80B

Nellie Selina IRISH/Beloved wife of/Silas B. WASS/April 7, 1877/Oct. 25, 1963

F 80A

Silas B. WASS/Beloved husband of/Nellie Selina IRISH/July 11, 1880/May 21, 1966

F 81C

Stevenson/Ralph B. STEVENSON/Beloved son of/Ralph & Lavina STEVENSON/June 11, 1924 – November 2, 1940/(S.T.C.I. crest)

F 81B

Lavina BRUNK/Beloved wife of/Ralph W. STEVENSON/Sept. 16, 1893 – April 25, 1975

F 81A

Ralph W. STEVENSON/Beloved husband of/Lavina STEVENSON/April 7, 1888 – March 26, 1973

F 82DC

Leslie W./1909-1967/Frances M./1914-( )/VARNEY

F 82B

Sarah E. VARNEY/Beloved wife of/George VARNEY/June 13, 1871  – June 4, 1952/At Rest

F 82A

VARNEY/George VARNEY/Beloved husband of/Sarah E. VARNEY/ December 8, 1873 /February 1, 1940/Have Thine Own way, Lord

F 83DC

George E. MACKIE/born 1863 – died 1934/Ethel May MACKIE/born 1879 – died 1954/(Their pictures together)/She was so highly regarded that although/childless she was/everywhere known/as “Mother Mackie”/Mackie

F 83B

1910 (R.C.A.F. crest) 1948/S/L Stanley BROADBENT/Beloved husband of Margaret

F 83A

Samuel BROADBENT/(Masonic crest) January 22, 1873/May 28, 1936

F 84D

Mary Frances BLACK/wife of/Roger S. BLACK/June 27, 1879/ January 11, 1935

F 84C Pink granite.

Roger S. BLACK/1877-1942

F 84B

Mildred H. BLACK/wife of/Jack S. BLACK/August 30, 1912/ December 4, 1934

F 85DC (Holy Bible)

STAFFORD (Moon over Eastern Star emblem) Emerson C./1891-1939/Together Forever/Margaret A./(HUTCHISON)/ 1889-1981

F 85B

Gertrude E. HOWELL/wife of/Walter G. BARRETT/(Legion crest)/ January 25, 1895/November 27, 1934/(Legion Auxiliary Branch 41

F 85A

Walter G. BARRETT/June 3, 1891/November 24, 1935 Legion (crest)

F 86D

Emma LAINCHBURY/Beloved wife of/Thomas SATCHELL/March 16, 1856/July 10, 1937

F 86C Pink granite.

Lucy A. OSBORNE/Beloved wife of/Artley/1882- 1961

F 86B Pink granite.

Artley OSBORNE/Beloved husband of/Lucy/1876- 1948

F 87D

Alice PRIOR/Beloved wife of/Robert Bruce DOHERTY/Sept. 13, 1882 – Dec. 7, 1970

F 87C

Robert Bruce DOHERTY/Beloved husband of/Alice PRIOR/June 27, 1881 – July 7, 1947

F 87B

Sarah Jane DOHERTY/Beloved wife of/Alfred DOHERTY/October 7, 1858 – April 10, 1939

F 87A

Alfred DOHERTY/January 16, 1857/February 14, 1934

F 88D

In Loving Memory/Catherine S. CALDER/Dec. 24, 1892 (Legion crest) March 6, 1976

F 88C

In Loving Memory/William C. CALDER/Sept. 5, 1889 (Legion crest) March 13, 1958

F 89D

Nellie (Ellen) EARLEY/Beloved wife of Jack EARLEY/18th Oct. 1903 – 24th Jan. 1971

F 89CB

George W./1894-1971/Louisa J./1897-( )/Together Forever/ HOOPER

F 90D Pink granite.

Bessie/Beloved wife of/Wm. BUDD/1892-1953

F 90C Pink granite.

William/Beloved husband of/Bessie GOUGH/1887- 1986

F 90B

ATTWOOD/William A./1896-1987/Ivy/1896-1986

F 91D

Jack G. GREENFIELD/1918-1964

F 91CB

Alfred J./1891-1965Together Forever/Catherine/1890-1963/ CALDER

F 91A

Annie R. (CALDERLAZENBY/Beloved wife of/Richard H./1916 (Dove) 1987

F 92DC

Percival A./Aug. 28, 1921/June 28, 1975/( )/Together Forever/(Legion crest) TOWNSEND (Holy Bible)

F 92B

Inez HARRISON/Beloved wife of/Lawrence WOODMAN/1912 (Holy Bible) 1974

F 92A

Lawrence H. WOODMAN/Beloved husband of/Inez HARRISON/1908 (Holy Bible) 1986

F 93DC

Earl R./Feb. 12, 1916/Mar. 28, 1981/Edna W./Sept. 23, 1920/ June 5, 1984/Together Forever/(Train) HARTSELL (Praying hands)

F 93BA

Harry R. (Pete)/1908-1962/( )/Together Forever/(Masonic crest) ANGER

F 94D Pink granite.

Mary YEANDLE/Beloved wife of/John BREWER/ 1878-1972

F 94C Pink granite.

John BREWER/Beloved husband of/Mary YEANDLE/ 1875-1951

F 94B

Mary M. FREEMAN/Beloved wife of/Clarence/(Eastern Star) 1909-1962/-(Rebekah crest)

F 94A

Clarence L. FREEMAN/Beloved husband of/Mary/1906-1974/(3- link chain)

F 95C

Wynken, Blynken and Nod one night/sailed off/in a wooden shoe/Robert Earl HOLT/Nov. 24, 1965 – Our darling son – Nov. 10, 1967

F 95BA

Robert A./1936-( )/Marylin A./1938-( )/HOLT

F 96BA

Morris F. (Mort)/1937-1986/Betty Ann/1942-( )/(FOWLER)/ Together Forever/(Praying hands) JONES (2 hearts inscribed:) Roni/Derryl/Ryan/Deb/Renee/Lynda/Gina

F 98B

Lillian J. TAYLOR/1899-1957

F 98A

Howard L. TAYLOR/(Masonic emblem) (B.L.F. & E. crest) 1899- 1963

F 99D

Mary Cole RAMEY/Beloved wife of/John Gordon RAMEY/May 27, 1872 – October 15, 1962

F 99C

John Gordon RAMEY/Beloved husband of/Mary Cole RAMEY/Feb. 25, 1872 – March 27, 1935

F 99B

Elsie Catherine WHITE/Beloved wife of/Charles WHITE/March 25, 1869 – May 22, 1940

F 99A

Charles WHITE/Beloved husband of/Elsie C. WHITE/(Masonic emblem/September 25, 1859/March 4, 1935

F 100D Pink granite.

Louisa E./Beloved wife of/Henry G. MADELEY/ 1866-1943

F 100C

Henry G. MADELEY/Beloved husband of/Louisa E. MADELEY/Sept. 24, 1864 – Jan. 23, 1936

F 100B

In Loving Memory/Walter STEELS/1876-1953

F 101D

Hazel WEIR OLSON/Beloved daughter of/Mrs. Ida WEIR/Aug. 10, 1913 – Sept. 15, 1935

F 101C Pink granite.

Beverley Anne/Beloved daughter of/Geo. and Clara SMALE/Aug. 28, 1937 – Sept. 10, 1951

F 101B

Sarah A. BURKE/Beloved wife of/Edward G. BURKE/July 29, 1858 – October 28, 1936

F 101A

Edward G. BURKE/February 7, 1861 (3-link chain) January 10, 1936

F 102D Pink granite.

Maud/Beloved wife of/Ed. WILTON/1872-1952

F 102C

H. Edward WILTON/Beloved husband of/Maud WILTON/Feb. 29, 1872 – Aug. 19, 1936

F 102B

Janet CALDER/Beloved wife of/William CALDER/Sept. 5, 1864- Aug. 25, 1936

F 102A

William CALDER/Beloved husband of/Janet CALDER/March 7, 1862 – Sept. 1, 1937

F 103C

Avis Aileen HAMBLETON/Beloved daughter of/Ella & Herman HAMBLETON/Nov. 22, 1913/Aug. 11, 1934

F 104D

Hannah E. FELLOWS/Beloved wife of/Charles FELLOWS/Oct. 16, 1876 – May 14, 1937

F 104C

Charles FELLOWS/Beloved husband of/Hannah E. FELLOWS/Dec. 16, 1872 – Dec. 2, 1954

F 104BA

Frank R./1886-1940/At Rest/(Cross)/Pearl A./1886-1975/At Rest/BLOYE

F 105B Pink granite.

Minnie M. DENNIS/Beloved wife of/Joseph W. GRAINGER/ 1889-1967

F 105A Pink granite.

Joseph W. GRAINGER/Beloved husband of/Minnie DENNIS/1881-1953

F 106D

Elizabeth Taylor WHITE/1902 (Rebecca crest) 1980

F 106C

Percy E. TAYLOR/Beloved husband of/Elizabeth FELLOWS/1902- 1950

F 106A

Kenneth R. MILLER/1915 (Masonic crest) 1958

F 107D

In Loving Memory/Mary (SANDERSBROADBENT/Feb. 16, 1909 (Holy Bible) Sept. 21, 1983

F 107C

In Loving Memory/Charles H. BROADBENT/Feb. 2, 1908 (Shriners crest) July 4, 1961

F 107BA

John T./1907-1964/Ruth I./1913-1987/(Masonic crest) THOMAS (Holy Bible)

F 108CB

( )/Frederick W./1913-1976/Together Forever/FOWLER/Gone but not forgotten

F 108A

In Loving Memory/of our beloved mother/Maud SCHNEKENBURGER/ Dec. 21, 1885 (Cross) May 6, 1965

F 109CB (

Holy Bible) TUFF (Holy Bible)/Sarah (Nel)/1905-1963/ Together Forever/Clifford O./1909-1969

F 110DC

Lloyd D./1919-1964/In/Loving/Memory/Marion M./1922-( )/ Holy Bible/FRANK (Holy Bible)

F 110BA

Charles W./1901-1973/( )/Together Forever/(Crest) PETTIT (Orange Assoc. crest)

F 111DC

T. Arthur/1910-1983/Margaret (Babe)/1912-1969/Together Forever/(Legion crest) JENNINGS (Legion crest)

F 112DC

Walter H./1910-1969/Together Forever/Victoria/1910-1968/ AUSTIN

F 112BA

John L./1896-1983/Together Forever/Isabella L./1899-1975/ (Masonic crest) PETRIE (Holy Bible)

F 113DC

Donald A./Jan.14, 1916/May 25, 1985/( )/McDOUGALL

F 114D

Airplane) (Train)/John G. M. JAY/1968 (Drum) 1973

F 115DC

Frank/Feb.24, 1896/Aug. 8, 1981/In/Loving/Memory/( )/ (Praying hands) WHITCHURCH (Praying hands)

F 115BA

MacDONALD/1901 Duncan H. G. 1976/1901 Lillian (ROGERS) 1985

F 117D

In Loving Memory/Flora ALGAR/Dearly beloved wife of/T. Joseph ALGAR/March 24, 1876 – September 12, 1962

F 117C

In Loving Memory/T. Joseph ALGAR/Dearly beloved husband of/ (Shriners crest)/Flora ALGAR/June 27, 1874 – August 18, 1938

F 117B

Lydia GADSBY/Beloved wife of/F. N. GADSBY/Dec. 9, 1861 – May 18, 1937

F 117A

Frederick N. GADSBY/Husband of/Lydia MITCHELL/August 31, 1863 – April 22, 1936

F 118D

Mary W. LINCOLN/Beloved wife of/John W. BALCARRAS/November 14, 1888/June 10, 1936

F 118C

John Watson BALCARRAS/Beloved husband of/Mary W. LINCOLN/ (Masonic emblem) March 27, 1884/October 8, 1940

F 118B

Margaret LINDSAY/Beloved wife of/David ALLEN/April 5, 1870 – April 25, 1936

F 118A

David ALLEN/March 15, 1869 (Legion crest) July 27, 1944

F 119D Pink granite.

Bertha F. WOOD/Beloved grandmother of/ Dorothy, Peter and Jerry/1881-1950

F 119C

James L. HEARD/March 9, 1879/August 6, 1936

F 119B

(Shriners crest) BABCOCK (Dove)/( )/Ivy M./(JARVIS)/Sept. 25, 1912/Sept. 4, 1985

F 119A

Bertha M. MacDONALD/Daughter of/Alfred & Maria FRASER/July 28, 1905 – August 15, 1936/”Asleep in Jesus”

F 120D Pink granite.

Maria Jane/wife of/Alfred FRASER/1975

F 120C Pink granite.

Alfred FRASER/Husband of/Maria/1947

F 120A

E. John MADELEY/Beloved husband of/Ada MARSH/August 14, 1894 – October 7, 1936

F 121D

In Loving Memory/of our mother/Marilyn JOHNSTONE/Aug. 17, 1934/July 2, 1980/(Praying hands)

F 121C

Thomas S. WALKER/Beloved husband of/Fanny M. WALKER/June 21, 1871 – Aug. 14, 1937

F 121B

Jennie M. BALDWIN/Beloved wife of Francis H./Jan. 18, 1879 – Aug. 26, 1956

F 121A

Francis H. BALDWIN/Beloved husband of/Jennie M. BALDWIN/ (Masonic crest) April 5, 1876 – Oct. 18, 1936

F 122BA

Henry J./1883-1961/Together Forever/Elizabeth R./1881-1964/ YOKOM

F 123C Pink granite.

Geo. ROURKE/Beloved husband of/Maggie CASKEY/ 1871-1935

F 123B

Mary Jane/Beloved wife of/Frederick J. COOMBS/Dec. 23, 1873  – Feb. 19, 1947

F 123A

Frederick J. COOMBS/Beloved husband of/Mary J. COOMBS/ January 1, 1875/May 26, 1935

F 124D Pink granite.

Annie MITCHELL/Beloved wife of/George E. GRAINGER/1886-1984

F 124C Pink granite.

George E. GRAINGER/Beloved husband of/Annie MITCHELL/1879-1941

F 124B

In Loving Memory/Alice M. SAUNDERS/Feb. 22, 1877 – Aug. 31, 1959

F 124A

In Loving Memory/James SAUNDERS/Oct. 30, 1876 – June 23, 1959

F 125ED
MILLER/1934 Ronald Bruce 1972/Together Forever/1897 Eva May 1976

[Note: St Thomas Times Journal, 31 May 1976, Page 16, c1 – Mrs Eva May MILLER, nee COOMBS died May 30 1976, wife of Wilfred B. MILLER; mother of late Ronald Bruce MILLER.  JJ & CVH September 2006]

F 125C

Wilfred B. MILLER/Beloved husband of Eva May/1896 (Masonic crest) 1954

F 125B

Ida Jane MILLER/(Eastern Star) 1896-1970 (B. of L.S.&E. crest)

F 125A

Harold MILLER/(Steel Workers crest) 1893-1958 (Masonic crest)

F 126BA

Corry S./1885-1975/Olive E./1883-1966/(F.C.B. crest) MacFARLANE (Holy Bible)

F 127D

John H. LAING/son of Peter and/Martha LAING/1919 (Fishing Pole) 1983

F 127CBA

( )/( )/Annie R. WALKER/1884-1968/DADSON

F 128DC

D. Marshall/1906-1969/Phoebe ALLEN/1908-1978/Together Forever/HARTSELL

F 128B

In Loving Memory/Edith G. BRITTON/Beloved wife of/Thomas BRITTON/Sept. 28, 1888 – Sept 24, 1983

F 128A

In Loving Memory/Thomas BRITTON/Dec. 5, 1887 – Mar. 19, 1954

F 129DC

Thomas H./1912-1978/Edith M./1913-( )Together Forever/ (Clasped hands) HARRIS (Clasped hands)

F 129BA

Percy E./1910-1987/Evelyn/1909-( )/(BRANTON)/Together Forever/(Dove) HARRIS (Dove)

F 130C

In Loving Memory/Joseph C. RYCKMAN/Oct. 10, 1906/Nov. 26, 1969

F 130B Pink granite.

Lyla P. JOHNSON/1889-1965

F 130A Pink granite.

Angus W. JOHNSON/1884-1951

F 131DC

Thomas/March 17, 1902/March 19, 1970/Helen C./Sept. 3, 1908/ March 19, 1976/BELL

F 131BA

William F./Oct. 13, 1884/Feb. 26, 1964/Charlotte M./Apr. 12, 1884/Feb. 3, 1972/CORSON

F 132DC

G. Ralph/Oct. 30, 1908/June 28, 1975/( )/(Kiwanis crest) FOSTER (United Church crest)

F 132B

Hattie M. REGAN/Aug. 4, 1882 – Sept. 28, 1967

F 132A

(Soldier & Lion) Hannah/wife of/Thomas FROOME/1875-1967

F 133DC

Elmer/1888-1970/Together Forever/Mary/1895-1986/HARRIS

F 134DC

Joseph Vernal/1910-1977/In/Loving/Memory/Roberta Ruth/1910- ( )/(United Church crest) CLARKE (Praying hands)/Blessed are the pure in heart, for they shall see God)

F 137D

Ada RAMSAY/wife of/Herbert RAMSAY/January 29, 1936

F 137C Pink granite.

Herbert RAMSAY/1884 (Masonic crest) 1965

F 137B

Harriet WOOD/Beloved wife of/Arthur E. WOOD M.D./April 7, 1876 – Nov. 22, 1957

F 137A

Arthur Elliot WOOD M.D./Beloved husband of/Harriet WOOD/July 15, 1881 – February 4, 1936

F 138B F.

Muriel WALLACE/Born Port Arthur, Ontario/February 2, 1892/Died May 26, 1980

F 138A

John A. R. WALLACE/Born Edinburgh, Scotland/October 9, 1892/Died August 11, 1937

F 139DC

Alfred J./1890-1965/Beloved/Doris B./1911-( )/Beloved/ (Cross) CHAUDET (Cross)

F 139B

Larry WALLACE/Beloved son of/Helen FERGUSON/and/husband of/Ruth WALLACE/1936 – 1962

F 139A

Helen L. FERGUSON/Beloved mother of/Larry WALLACE/1908 (I.O.D.E. crest) 1987

F 140D Pink granite.

In Memoriam/Lavina Hepburn RORKE/1844-1910

F 140C Pink granite.

Ralph R. MILLMAN/Beloved son of/Isaac & Ida MILLMAN/1902 – 1943

F 140B

Ida RORKE MILLMAN/Beloved wife and mother/1871-1946

F 140A

Millman/Isaac R. MILLMAN/Beloved husband of/Ida RORKE MILLMAN/April 9, 1871/April 4, 1940

F 141DC

Lloyd G./1920-1980/In/Loving/Memory/Rita (Judge)/1921-1986/ (Holy Bible) FYLE (Holy Bible)

F 141B

Fyle/Irene FYLE/Beloved wife of/(F.L.T. emblem) Lloyd FYLE / (L.A. to B.L.& E. crest)/December 17, 1891/April 12, 1939

F 141A

Lloyd M. FYLE/Sept. 4, 1889 (B.L.E. crest) June 4, 1962

F 142D

In Loving Memory/Erwin KEYES/Dearly beloved father of/Helen KEYES/(3-link chain)/March 10, 1865/November 27, 1940

F 142C

In loving memory/Kenneth H. McKAY D.D.S./Beloved husband of/ Rosalind M. CONLEY /May 25, 1904/January 23, 1940

F 142B Pink granite.

Emma McINTYRE/Beloved wife of/Alex/1888-1965

F 142A Pink granite.

Alex McINTYRE/(Masonic crest)/Beloved husband of/Emma/1889-1952

F 143C Pink granite.

Donald SPITLER/Beloved husband of/Alma GALL/ 1923-1953

F 143A

Clarence R. SOUTHERN/Beloved husband of/Eva/May 6, 1893 – March 3, 1951/Charter Member and Officer of/St. Thomas Camp of Gideon

F 144DC

W. Harry/1906-( )/Together Forever/B. Elinor/1922-( )/ (Cross on Bible) CLARKE (Cross on Bible)

F 144B Pink granite.

Emmaline/wife of/Joseph TAYLOR/1867-1945

F 144A Pink granite.

Joseph TAYLOR/Beloved husband of/Emmaline/ 1867-1955

F 145C Pink granite.

William Edward LITTLE/May 23, 1891/Aug. 30, 1950

F 145BA

(United Church crest) GALL (United Church crest)/James B./ 1885-1968/Together Forever/Vera M./1900-1968

F 146C

Gary E. CARNEGIE/1939-1967/In Loving Memory – Paula

F 146BA

Earl/1919-( )/Marion/1920-1975/Together Forever/(United Church crest) CARNEGIE (United Church crest)

F 147DC

Peter/March 10, 1882/May 31, 1954/Martha S./Sept, 6, 1885/ June 5, 1985/(HUME)/Together Forever/LAING

F 147B

Robert J./MILLS/Dec.28, 1968

F 147A Pink granite.

Robert Hume LAING/Beloved husband of/Dorothy/ 1905-1963

F 149C Pink granite.

Donald F. MUDDLE/(Cross) Husband of (Cross)/ E. Ruth HARE 1925-1986

F 149B Pink granite.

Eunice G. HARE/(Cross) Wife of (Cross)/Sidney F./1901-1987

F 149A Pink granite.

Sidney F. HARE/(Cross) Husband of (Cross)/ Eunice/1898-1966

F 150DC

Robert N./1882-1979/Thea M./1904-1959/Together Forever/ PETTUS

F 150B

In Loving Memory/George E. RAND/Our dear father/Dec. 11, 1900 (United Church crest) Apr. 26, 1965

F 152DC

( )/Helen M./1921-1981/In Loving Memory/(R.N. crest) WIGHTMAN (R.C.A.F. crest)

F 152B Pink granite.

Marion E. McAFFER/Beloved wife of/Archie/ 1904-1985

F 152A Pink granite.

Archie McAFFER/Beloved husband of/Marion/ 1898-1952

F 153DC

Bevan F./April 6, 1910/Jan. 25, 1983/Dorothy K./March 30, 1919/May 21, 1983/(WERELEY) /(Dove) PADDON (Dove)

F 155BA

George J./1920-( )/Jean H./1921-1971/Together Forever/ CONNOY (United Church crest)

F 158D Pink granite.

Esther Maye DIXON/Beloved wife of/Thomas R. ERWIN/1892-1986

F 158C Pink granite.

Thomas R. ERWIN/Beloved husband of/Maye DIXON/1893-1944

F 158B

Kate YOUNG/Aug. 18, 1892 – Feb. 18, 1975

F 158A

Harold J. YOUNG/Mar. 21, 1892 – Mar. 9, 1929

F 159DC

Grace/Nov. 5, 1888/Jan. 15, 1982/Florence/Nov. 22, 1887/ Sept. 19, 1984/In Loving/Memory/(United Church crest) PADDON (United Church crest)

F 159B Pink granite.

Annie/Beloved wife of/James H. PADDON/1861- 1916

F 159A Pink granite.

James Hutty PADDON/1860-1942

F 160D Pink granite.

Erline PADDON/Beloved wife of/Albert G. TYRA/1903-1944

F 160C

Michael WOOD/Beloved son of/Lucille & Harry/1959-1984

F 160B Pink granite.

Bess M. PADDON/Beloved wife of/R. W. MacDONALD/1886-1944

F 160A Pink granite.

R. W. MacDONALD/Beloved husband of/Bess M. PADDON/1889-1963

F 161D

Elsie STODDERN/1912-1971

F 161C

Martha STODDERN/1866-1942

F 161B

Ada V. STODDERN/1884-1981

F 161A

James H. STODDERN/1886-1970

F 162D Pink granite.

Edith Irene SMITH/1902-1961

F 162C Pink granite.

Roy R. BREBNER/1889 (Shriner crest) 1958

F 162B Pink granite.

Bella/wife of/Charles BREBNER/1870-1942

F 162A Pink granite.

Charles BREBNER/Husband of/Bella/1867-1953

F 163DC

Robert W./1881-1965/Maude M./1888-1973/Together Forever/ (United Church crest) HUTCHISON (United Church crest)

F 163B Pink granite.

Alice COX/Beloved wife of/William COX/1876- 1944

F 163A

Cox/William COX/Beloved husband of/Alice COX/1876-1941/At Rest

F 164D

Jane PAUL/Beloved wife of/George W. FARR/October 28, 1855 (Cross) May 7, 1938/A native of Dorset, England

F 164C

Charles James HEARSON/February 19, 1869/December 16, 1935

F 164B

Elizabeth HARRISON/Wife of Horace E. FARR/1881-1940

F 164A

Horace E. FARR/Husband of/Elizabeth HARRISON/1894 (Legion crest) 1956/Native of Guernsey Island

F 165D Pink granite.

Mary PIERCE/Beloved wife of/James STIRLING/ 1882-1944

F 165C

James B. STIRLING/December 18, 1880 (F.L.T. emblem) November 12, 1935

F 165B

Annis A. HOWARD/Wife of/Adolphus IRWIN/October 30, 1879/May 27, 1934

F 165A Pink granite.

Adolphus IRWIN/March 10, 1877/June 19, 1950

F 166D

Isabel WRATHELL IRWIN/1889-1962

F 166C Pink granite.

Harry M. SHERMAN/Beloved husband of/Laura HENDERSON/1880-1949

F 166B

Elizabeth PIERCE/1873-1952/Beloved wife of/John LAUGHLIN

F 166A

In Loving Memory/Frances May MICKS/Mar. 16, 1878 (Cross on Bible) Nov. 3, 1954

F 167A

Daniel B. SPRAGUE/Dearly loved/husband of Edith/1916 (Holy Bible) 1974

F 168D

Everil HOLT/Beloved wife of William/Mother of David/1910 (Holy Bible) 1980

F 169BA

George A./1902-1968/In Loving Memory/Claire I./1907-2006/ (Masonic crest (3-link chain) HUBERT (Holy Bible)

F 170BA

George F./1915-( )/(Tip)/Alice/1915-1985/(HUNT)/Together Forever/Married 6-21-36/(Praying Hands) GARDNER (Holy Bible)

F 171D

Samuel EISLER/March 14, 1868 – March 24, 1954

F 171C

Winnifred HALLIDAY/Sister of/Evelyn CALLOWHILL/1891-1957

F 171B

Evelyn CALLOWHILL/Beloved wife of/Harry C./1893-1969

F 171A

Harry C. CALLOWHILL/Beloved husband of/Evelyn/1887-1976

F 172DC

Charles V./1883-1973/Minnie V./1887-1981/Together Forever/ (United Church crest) CLARKE (United Church crest)

F 173DC

Walter/1894-1963/( )In Loving Memory/ROLLING

F 173BA

Russell C./1891-1964/In/Loving/Memory/( )/PADDON

F 174D Pink granite.

Alice RICKMAN/Beloved wife of/Joseph/1880- 1970

F 174C Pink granite.

Joseph RICKMAN/Beloved husband of/Alice/1882- 1950

F 174A

In Loving Memory/John F. LeCOURTOIS/Feb. 5, 1902/(Latter Day Saints crest) Jan. 21, 1961

F 175DE

Joseph R./1898-1980/together Forever/Margaret/1894-1965/ (2 Latter Day Saints crests) SKELDING

F 175CBA

Dr. Frederick E./1880-1954/F. Hillis/1907-1934/Margaretta/ 1873-1962/LUMLEY

F 176DC

Kenneth M./1913-1987/( )/In Loving Memory/(Praying Hands) McCALLUM (Praying Hands)

F 176BA

Joseph E./1903-1969/Jessie A./1913-( )/Together/Forever/ (Masonic crest BARBOUR (Eastern Star)

F 177BA

George N./1914-1979/( )/In Loving Memory/(Sun) COLLEDGE (Sun)

F 178DC

H. James/1906-1976/Adele I./1913-1987/SUTHERLAND

F 179D

In Loving Memory of/Mary Jane (McArthur) HOPPER/Beloved wife of Robert/1882-1971

F 179C

In Loving Memory of/Robert J. HOPPER/Beloved husband of/Mary Jane/1879-1954

F 179B Pink granite.

Lily M. McARTHUR/wife of/Frank E. BAKER/1885- 1951

F 179A Pink granite.

Frank E. BAKER/Husband of/Lily M. McARTHUR/ 1881-1959

F 180DC

Clayton R./1915-1985/( )/Shriner crest) MILLMAN (United Church crest)

F 181C

Rose M. CONLEY/July 5, 1905 – Oct. 4, 1983/wife of/Dr. Kenneth McKAY/Richard C. COCHRILL/1977

F 181B

Hazel O. COCHRILL/Beloved wife of/Richard C. COCHRILL/June 13, 1901/Sept. 21, 1935

F 181A

Richard C. COCHRILL/May 8, 1899- May 12, 1977/Husband of/ Hazel O. CULBERT/1924-1935/Rosalind Conley/1942-1977

F 182D Pink granite.

Harold PADDON/Beloved husband of/Leila PADDON/1898-1968

F 182C Pink granite.

(A.V.V.S. Honour crest) Ron/Beloved son of/Harold & Leila/PADDON/1927-1945

F 182B Pink granite.

Leila (BERRYPADDON/Beloved wife of/Harold PADDON/1901-1985

F 183D

Joseph M. WOOD/Beloved husband of/Jeanne M. ROWE/1924 (B. of L.E. crest) 1967

F 183C Pink granite.

Vera M. HOLMES/wife of Ernest PADDON/1901- 1956

F 183B

Sandra Darlene/Beloved daughter of/Jack and Betty BROWN/ 1951-1954

F 183A Pink granite.

Ernest PADDON/Husband of/Vera HOLMES/1893- 1949

F 184D Pink granite.

Mary JACQUES/wife of/John J. JACQUES/ 1901-( )

F 184C Pink granite.

John J. JACQUES/Husband of/Mary JACQUES/1891- 1943

F 184B Pink granite.

Florence/Beloved wife of/Thomas J. FARR/1885- 1950

F 184A Pink granite.

Thomas J. FARR/Beloved husband of/Florence/ 1885-1963

F 185D Pink granite.

Pauline MANN/1869-1950/At Rest

F 185C

James S. CONROY/1915-1969

F 185B

Anna B. McCANCE/Beloved wife of Wm. James/Aug. 10, 1879 – Nov. 22, 1963

F 185A

William James McCANCE/September 3, 1869/July 1, 1941

F 186D Pink granite.

Martha COSAN/wife of/Charles S. COSAN/1865- 1941

F 186C

M. June WESTERTERP/(GROSE)/1922 (Dove) 1982

F 186B

Gertrude SMALE/Beloved wife of/Wm. Harley GROSE &/Daughter June/May 19, 1897 – Dec. 3, 1981/At Rest

F 186A

Wm. Harley GROSE/Beloved husband of/Gertrude SMALE/(Masonic emblem)/February 18, 1890/July 5, 1939/At Rest

F 187DC

Harold (Harry) C./1913-1983/In/Loving/Memory/Margaret I./ 1916-( )/(UNDERHILL) /HUBERT

F 187BA

Joseph/1877-1975/In/Loving/Memory/Annie E./1894-1974/ (Masonic crest) UNDERHILL (Eastern Star)

F 188D

Ellen HATCHER/Beloved wife of/James B. HATCHER/March 28, 1875 – May 27, 1952

F 188C

James B. HATCHER/Beloved husband of/Ellen HATCHER/Dec. 23, 1866 – Mar. 24, 1935

F 188B

Mabel Craik HATCHER/Beloved wife of/Charles A. HATCHER/March 20, 1902 – May 5, 1987

F 188A

Charles A. HATCHER/Beloved husband of/Mabel CRAIK HATCHER/ June 6, 1898 – June 13, 1934

F 189D

In Loving Memory/Cora P. HATCHER/June 20, 1896 – June 23, 1984

F 189C

In Loving Memory/Fred. T. HATCHER/Jan. 31, 1894 (Shriner crest) Jan. 30, 1962

F 189A

Albert E. LONG/Beloved husband of W. Nita/Nov. 1, 1898 (Masonic crest)Apr. 18, 1958

F 190BA

Donald E./1918-1984/( )/(SWANSON)/Together Forever/ Married 6-17-50/(Holy Bible) SMITH (Holy Bible)

F 191C

Claire ARNOLD/1919 (Legion crest) 1954

F 191B

(Cross on Bible) Dorothy ARNOLD/1920-1984

F 191A


F 192D

Elijah/1896-1976/(Crest) ARNOLD

F 193DC

John H./1879-1955/Emma/1882-1955/Together Forever/(Masonic crest) SPRY (Eastern Star)

F 194D

Harriet TULLY/Beloved mother of/Alex, Sam & Betty/1890-1965

F 194C

Samuel D. B. TULLY/Sept. 19, 1920 (Optimist crest) Sept. 18, 1956/In Loving Memory, Gwenn, Robin, Dean

F 195A Pink granite.

1889 Margaret SORENSEN 1958

F 196D

Orpha E. UPFOLD/1900 (Eastern Star) 1967

F 196C

Charles L. UPFOLD/1898 (Masonic crest) 1962)

F 196A

Percy WAKELING/Beloved husband of Ruth/1908-1963

F 197B Pink granite.

Lilian Ethel/Beloved wife of/James M. MURRAY/ Feb. 10, 1889 – Dec. 4, 1952

F 197A Pink granite.

James M. MURRAY/Beloved husband of/Lilian Ethel/Dec. 3, 1889 – Sept. 29, 1970

F 198D

Janet E. McLACHLAN/1878-1964

F 198C Pink granite.

A. D. McLACHLAN V.S./Beloved husband of/ Janet/1870-1952

F 198B Pink granite.

Ethel Pearl ROBERTS/Sept. 28, 1885/Dec. 6, 1970

F 198A Pink granite.

Alfred Edwin ROBERTS/Nov. 3, 1878/Oct. 27, 1950

F 199D

Florence L. WATLING/Beloved wife of/Ernest H. WHITTINGHAM/ May 21, 1906/(Holy Bible) ( ) (Holy Bible)

F 199C

Ernest H. WHITTINGHAM/August 22, 1900/January 2, 1954

F 199A Pink granite.

G. Hall GREGORY/Beloved husband of/Ellen MacKENZIE/1912-1950/Lead us to God

F 200D Pink granite.

Amy RACE/Beloved wife of/Thomas/1881-1962/At Rest

F 200C Pink granite.

Thomas W. RACE/Beloved husband of/Amy/1878- 1950/At Rest

F 200BA

Charles/1885-1977/Ellen/1886-1965/In Loving/Memory/ (I.O.O.F.) WATLING (Holy Bible)

F 201D

In Loving Memory/Joseph L. McCARTHY/May 26, 1932 (Cross) Apr. 20, 1959

F 201C Pink granite.

James L. THOMPSON/1872-1967

F 201B Pink granite.

Grace THOMPSON/ORR/1887-1957

F 201A Pink granite.

Walter D. THOMPSON/Husband of/Ida/1877-1950

F 202D

Donald James THOMPSON/1914 (Masonic crest) 1982

F 202C

Nora Mae WHITTINGHAM/1895-1961

F 202B Pink granite.

Jean WHITTINGHAM/Beloved wife of/Edwin/1898- 1988

F 202A Pink granite.

Edwin WHITTINGHAM/Beloved husband of/ Jean/1898-1950

F 203D

M. Trent PULLEN/Beloved son of/June & Tom PULLEN/July 25, 1955 (Presbyterian crest) Jan. 22, 1972

F 203C

June M. PULLEN/Beloved wife of/Tom PULLEN/Feb. 22, 1925 (Presbyterian crest) Jan. 16, 1982

F 204DC

Neil D./1902-1980/Bessie A./1902-1976/Together Forever/(Dog) CAMPBELL (Cat)/Loving memories last forever

F 208C Pink granite.

Albert D. WOOD/Beloved husband of/ Elizabeth/1879-1945

F 208B Pink granite.

Winifred A. PARKES/wife of/Robert V. SMITH/ 1894-1976

F 208A Pink granite.

Robert V. SMITH/husband of/Winifred/1868-1945

F 209D

Elizabeth A. YOUNG/Sept. 14, 1888 (Legion crest) May 23, 1986

F 209C

Sidney W. YOUNG/Mar. 31, 1891 (Legion crest) Jan. 12, 1960

F 209BA

Elmer W./1916-( )/In/Loving/Memory/Etoile A./1901-1980/ (Cross) LOCKE (Cross)

F 210D Pink granite.

Evelyn L. CONNELL/wife of/Verne E./1902-1979

F 210C Pink granite.

Verne E. CONNELL/husband of/Evelyn/1899-1951

F 210B Pink granite.

Bertha/wife of/William FOOTE/1882-1944

F 210A

In Loving Memory/Cortlan PARKER/June 16, 1902 (Holy Bible) July 27, 1957

F 211GF

Edwin A./1925-1986/Betty W./1926-( )/WHITTINGHAM/In Loving Memory

F 211E

Arthur/Dec. 7,/1923

F 211DCB

John M./1889-1954/Anna E./1891-1981/S. Catherine/1911-1986/(I.O.O.F crest) (B.L.F.&E. crest) MINAHAN (B.L.F.& E. crest) (Rebekah crest)

F 211A

Kathleen/Sept. 2,/1917

F 212D Pink granite.

Margaret/Beloved wife of/James C. SMITH/1878-1947

F 212C

James C. SMITH/Beloved husband of/Margaret H. SMITH/July 28, 1869 – Feb. 7, 1937

F 212B

Ethel ORRELL/wife of/Daniel ORRELL/August 12, 1888/December 14, 1934

F 212A (Cross)

Daniel ORRELL/Private/70 Batt’n C.E.F./9 Mar. 1966 age 76

F 213D

Ella Alberta/Beloved wife of/Wm. A. ADAMS/September 2, 1863/ February 24, 1936

F 213C

William A. ADAMS/May 8, 1857/January 5, 1935/(Pensioner Pioneer Assoc. crest)

F 214D Pink granite.

Wes/Beloved son of/Albert & Elizabeth/WOOD

F 214C

Louisa TAILBY/1879-1957

F 214B Pink granite.

Lillian FAIRWEATHER/Beloved wife of/Arthur G. BARNES/ 1896-1982

F 214A Pink granite.

Arthur G. BARNES/Beloved husband of/Lillian/1888-1951

F 215D Pink granite.

Freda Smith MAYNE/Beloved wife of/Reginald F/1904-1974

F 215C

Reginald F. MAYNE/Sept. 21, 1890 (Legion crest) July 30, 1974

F 216D Pink granite.

In Loving Memory of/Mary Olivia COCHRANE/1889-1970

F 216C Pink granite.

In Loving Memory of/Wm. I. COCHRANE/1883-1953

F 216BA

(Masonic crest) LYNES (Rebekah crest)/Albert E./1884-1963/Alice S./ 1884-1954

F 217DC

Herbert/1903-1984/Together Forever/Wilhelmen/1912-1972/(Cross) TONKIN (United Church crest)

F 217BA

TONKIN/In Loving Memory of/R. Thomas/1902-1953/Lena/1902-1954

F 218BA

William J./1893-1968/In/Loving/Memory/Alice M./1901-1974/(Holy Bible) BOWES (Holy Bible)

F 219D Pink granite.

Lottie MEDLYN/Beloved wife of/James E./1894-( )

F 219C Pink granite.

James E. HULSE/Beloved husband of/Lottie/1888 (Masonic crest) 1953

F 219B Pink granite.

Edith GRAY/Beloved wife of/William Stephens/1885-1981

F 219A Pink granite.

Wm. E. STEPHENS/Beloved husband of/Edith/1890-1952

F 220C Pink granite.

Edward Lee Roy SMITH/Husband of Margaret/Father of Catherine & Florence/1894-1951

F 220B Pink granite.

Birdie A. HEMBRUFF/Beloved wife of/Herbert/1902-1982

F 220A Pink granite.

Herbert HEMBRUFF/Beloved husband of/Birdie/1901-1952

F 221D

Ethel L. SOMMERS/Beloved wife of Roy L./Dec. 5, 1881 – July 18, 1965

F 221C

Roy L. SOMMERS/1888-1951

F 221B Pink granite.

Iva A. JACKSON/Beloved wife of/George E./1897-1971

F 221A Pink granite.

George E. JACKSON/Beloved husband of/Iva ROBINS/1890-1950

F 222D Pink granite.

Sarah FRYER/Beloved daughter of/Laura & Isaac/1916-1978

F 222C Pink granite.

Laura/Beloved wife of/Isaac FRYER/1891-1951

F 222B Pink granite.

Isaac FRYER/Beloved husband of/Laura/1881-1962

F 222A Pink granite.

Margaret F. RODGER/Beloved wife of/John/1863-1950

F 223D Pink granite.

Fredricka WATSON/wife of/John A. McKENZIE/Oct.27, 1891- July 13, 1977

F 223C Pink granite.

John A. McKENZIE/Oct. 22, 1884/March 23, 1950

F 223B Pink granite.

Jennie I. MATTHEWS/Beloved wife of/Walter G.1899-1960

F 223A Pink granite.

Walter G. MATTHEWS/Beloved husband of Jennie FERGUSON/ 1893-1949

F 224D Pink granite.

Margaret M. THOMAS/Mother/1867-1954

F 224C Pink granite.

Robert B. THOMAS/Father/1868-1968

F 224BA

William/1893-( )/In/Loving/Memory/Clara J./1891-1978/(Holy Bible) CAVANAUGH (Presbyterian crest) Rest in Peace

F 225D Pink granite.

Margaret M. BAUGHMAN/A loving mother/1893-1951

F 225C Pink granite.

Jack BOCKING/June 7, 1920/July 25, 1948

F 225BA

BOCKING/W. Reginald/1887-1974/(Cross)/( )

F 226DC Pink granite.

ALLEN/John E./1875-1949/Florence/1890-1987

F 226B Pink granite.

Agnes CLAYDON/Beloved wife of/Walter PAYNE/1883-1956

F 226A Pink granite.

Walter PAYNE/Beloved husband of/Agnes CLAYDON/1876-1950

F 227D

In Loving Memory/Helen E. DAKINS/Beloved wife of Timothy DAKINS/ 1923-1964

F 228DC

SHARP/Herbert A./1888-1964/(Cross)/( )

F 228BA

BURWELL/Herbert L./1885-1960/( )

F 229DC

Wallace K./1915-1987/(Wally)/Neva P./1920-1986/(STINSON)/(Together Forever/(Holy Bible) HUTCHISON (Holy Bible)

F 229BA

( )/( )/Together Forever/(Legion crest) LAWRENCE (Holy Bible)

F 230D

Emily JOHNSTON/Beloved wife of James/1876-1957

F 230C

James JOHNSTON/Beloved husband of Emily/1871-1955

F 230BA

William H./1905-1985/(Harry)/In/Loving/Memory/( )/(SMITHSON)/ (Cross on Bible) JOHNSTON (Cross on Bible)

F 234DC

Jessie F./1904-( )/(PLANT)/Frederick W./1903-( )/Together Forever/ Married 9-4-24/(Eastern Star) TOWERS (Shriners crest)Loving memories last forever

F 234B

Elizabeth M. TOWERS/Wife of/Frank GARVEY/1898 (Holy Bible) 1986/God’s greatest gift, returned/To God – Our mother and sister

F 235BA

( )/Rhoda E. M./1914-1985/(PAFFORD)/Together Forever/Married 6-16-33 (Masonic crest) TOWERS (Eastern Star)/Too well loved to ever be forgotten

F 236D

William O. PAFFORD/1880-1958

F 236C

In Loving Memory/Jessie URQUART/1895 (Holy Bible) ( )

F 236B Pink granite.

Alex McCAW/Husband of/Elizabeth/1880-1950

F 236A

Robin H. STEVENS R.C.A.F./of Vancouver B.C./Beloved son of/Kathleen STEVENS/June 20, 1941/Aged 21 years/He is not here but is risen

F 237D Pink granite.

Elizabeth BARNES/wife of/James H. BARNES/1867-1943

F 237C

James H. BARNES/Beloved husband of/Elizabeth BARNES/June. 2, 1860 – Oct. 16, 1937

F 237B

Hulda M. Ojanen AUTIO/July 17, 1877 – Jan. 7, 1941

F 237A

Hilda WATTS/Beloved wife of/Ernest W. WATTS/July 27, 1891 – Feb. 26, 1938

F 238D

Elizabeth BURGESS/Beloved wife of Henry John/July 8, 1872 – April 17, 1958

F 238C

Henry John BURGESS/Beloved husband of/Elizabeth BURGESS/Oct. 12, 1873 – July 12, 1937

F 238B

Edith S. HOWSON/1879-1961

F 238A

George Albert HOWSON/1885-1936

F 239DC

Alfred M./1878-1959/Together Forever/Alice A./1877-1962/(I.O.O.F.) GAGG

F 239BA

Norman G./1878-1965/Stella M./1884-1970/Together Forever/(United Church crest) FORD (United Church crest)

F 240D Pink granite.

Eva McCALLUM/Wife of/John/1870-1949

F 240C Pink granite.

John McCALLUM/Husband of/Eva/1865-1946

F 240B

ARTHUR/Alice JACKSON/Beloved wife of/John A. ARTHUR/Died  December 21, 1939

F 240A

John A. ARTHUR/Beloved husband of/Alice JACKSON/1867-1948

F 241C

LETSON/Albert W. LETSON/Beloved son of/Albert E. & Estella M./LETSON/ May 30, 1906/(Crest: D. Star, Moon, M.) August 7, 1934

F 241BA

Albert E./1880-1962/Estella M./1883-1982/(Shriner crest) (B.ofL.E. crest LETSON (L.O.S.of M.A. crest) (Eastern Star)

F 242C

Harry KITCHENHAM/July 14, 1909/Sept. 16, 1957

F 243D Pink granite.

Mary Isabella/Beloved wife of/Charles E. WYNN/ March 1, 1878/July 24, 1949

F 243A Pink granite.

W. Lorne HARTSELL/(Masonic crest) Aug. 21, 1895/ April 17, 1951

F 244D Pink granite.

Olive Isabell BENN/Wife of/Bruce J. WARD/1892-1955

F 244C Pink granite.

Bruce J. WARD/Husband of/Olive I. BENN/1890-1949

F 244B Pink granite.

Ruby G. SCOYNE/Beloved wife of/Thos. H. MORGAN/1882-1963

F 244A Pink granite.

Thos. H. MORGAN/Beloved husband of Ruby/1882-1949

F 245D Pink granite.

John A. STIRLING/Oct. 24, 1889/Aug. 13, 1950

F 245C At rest/

Catherine V. WILSON/1887 (Holy Bible) 1958

F 245B At rest/

George WILSON/1886 (Holy Bible) 1968

F 245A At rest/

Helen F. WILSON/Beloved daughter of/George & Catherine/1919 (Holy Bible) 1976

F 246C Pink granite.

Chas. BELL/Beloved husband of/Flossie/1894-1950

F 246B Pink granite.

Margaret B. CAMPBELL/Beloved wife of/John WRIGHT/1876- 1949/The Lord is my Shepherd

F 247DC

Wm. Roy/1894-1975/E. Pearl/1895-( )/Together Forever/B.L. of E.F. crest) CHAPMAN (United Church crest)

F 247B Pink granite.

Alice A. COOK/Beloved wife of/Samuel/1882-1966

F 247A Pink granite.

Samuel W. COOK/Beloved husband of/Alice/1883-1950

F 248D Pink granite.

Elizabeth H. STIMPSON/Beloved wife of/James WRIGHT/ 1885-1981

F 248C Pink granite.

James WRIGHT/Beloved husband of/Elizabeth STIMPSON/ 1879-1949

F 248B Pink granite.

Eva L. NORMAN/Beloved wife of/Walter OKE/1892-1986

F 248A Pink granite.

Walter C. OKE/Beloved husband of/Eva NORMAN/1889-1949

F 249D Pink granite.

Mabel C. CAMERON/1880-1971

F 249C Pink granite.

Aldis W. CAMERON/1870-1950

F 249A Pink granite.

Firman D. TUFFORD/March 28, 1899/Dec. 15, 1949

F 250D Pink granite.

Elizabeth May STILL/Beloved wife of Sanford HALL/ May 12, 1892 – July 16, 1959

F 250C Pink granite.

Sanford HALL/April 25, 1889 – Sept. 13, 1956

F 250B Pink granite.

Myrtle Gertrude HARRIS/Beloved wife of/Arnold HALL/ 1899-1949

F 250A Pink granite.

Arnold HALL/Aug. 8, 1893/Dec. 18, 1951

F 251D Pink granite.

Lillian FLANDERS/1900-1965

F 251C Pink granite.

Harold S. FLANDERS/1894-1944

F 251B Pink granite.

Maude BAYLISS/Beloved wife of/Leonard/1882-1985

F 251A Pink granite.

Leonard BAYLISS/Beloved husband of/Maude/1881-1949

F 252D Pink granite.

Elizabeth/Beloved wife of/Wm. S. GILLICK/1881-1948

F 252C Pink granite.

William S./Beloved husband of Elizabeth GILLICK/1880-1953

F 252B Pink granite.

Louisa/Beloved wife of/William SWIFT/1875-1953

F 252A Pink granite.

William J. SWIFT/Beloved husband of/Louisa/1872-1948

F 253DC

Kurven S./1899-1975/Marian A./1905-1980/Together Forever/(Masonic emblem WOODWARD (Eastern Star)

F 253B

Woodward/Mary SHIRTON WOODWARD/Beloved wife of/Robert B. WOODWARD/ May 12, 1871/May 25, 1938

F 253A

Robert B. WOODWARD/I.O.O.F. F.L.T. emblem) Beloved husband of/Mary SHIRTON WOODWARD/May 23, 1869 – March 1, 1935

F 254D Pink granite.

Clara/Beloved wife of/Duncan B. TOPE/1895-1950

F 254C Pink granite.

Annie M. MARSHALL/Daughter of/Henry & Annie MARSHALL/ 1888-1976

F 254B Pink granite.

Janet HEPBURN/Beloved wife of/John BURTON/1874-1949

F 254A Pink granite.

John A. BURTON/Beloved husband of Janet HEPBURN/1877-1961

F 255DC

Emerson A. NILES/Aug. 6, 1901 – Dec 14, 1949/ ( )

F 255B Pink granite.

Nora Kathleen/MOSHER/Nov. 17, 1883/Dec. 16, 1966

F 255A Pink granite.

Leonard H. MOSHER/Dec. 26, 1877/Jan. 18, 1949

F 256D Pink granite.

Deborah Dessie FYLE/Beloved wife of/A. J. WILSON/1902- 1948

F 256C Pink granite.

Albert J. WILSON/1898 (Shriner crest) 1958

F 256B Pink granite.

Eva V. COX/Aug. 8, 1887/June 12, 1979

F 256A Pink granite.

Charles E. COX/Feb. 18, 1887/Nov. 24, 1946

F 257BA
A. Douglas/1896-1968/Essie M.1898-1975/Together Forever/LAWRENCE
F 258E
B. Irene PHETTEPLACE/Sept. 24, 1906/Dec. 26, 1986
F 258D
Gordon L. PHETTEPLACE/June 19, 1890/Feb. 16, 1963
F 258BC
(O.P.P. crest) BALL/Blake R./1913-( )/Jessie D./1912-( )/BREMNER)
F 258A
In Loving Memory/Ronald C. ANDERSON/1917-1986/Beloved father of/Tom, Marilyn & Elizabeth
F 259B
In Loving Memory/Mary E. ROSE/Nov. 8, 1881 (Eastern Star) Feb. 14, 1959
F 259A I
n Loving Memory/Charles ROSE/Aug. 4, 1881 (Masonic crest) July 12, 1959
F 265DC
Chris G./1896-1964/Together Forever/Pearl V./1896-1975/BELL
F 265B
Pink granite. Agnes/wife of/Arthur SIMMONS/1888-1954
F 265A
Arthur F. SIMMONS/1884 (B.R.C.A. crest) 1977
F 266DC
Ralph G./1913-1963/Together Forever/( )/(Masonic crest) WATT (Eastern star)
F 266B
In Loving Memory/Martha E. MORGAN/1905-1964
F 266A (Legion crest)

William MORGAN/1900-1954

F 267D

In Loving Memory/Jeanne STIRLING SHARPE/Beloved wife of/Jack M. SHARPE/ 1922 (Holy Bible) 1975

F 267C

In Loving Memory/Donald E. STIRLING/1917 (A. of M. crest) 1970/Father of John and Donald

F 267B

Berneice STIRLING/April 17, 1895 – Dec. 31, 1956

F 267A

William A. STIRLING/Dec. 5, 1892 – May 17, 1981

F 268B

May Louisa MANN/Beloved wife of Frank/1895 (Cross) 1965

F 268A

Frank Bruce MANN/Beloved husband of May/1890 (Masonic crest) 1974

F 269DC

COOK/Harry W./1877-1954/Anna/1879-1965

F 269BA (Masonic crest)

COOK (R.N. crest) Rev. Milton/1905-1981/(United Church crest) Isobel/1908-1980

F 270D Pink granite.

Marjorie M. DALTON/March 3, 1878/June 28, 1967

F 270C Pink granite.

Chris Dan DALTON/Sept. 18, 1871/Oct. 13, 1946

F 270B Pink granite.

Geraldine ARMSTRONG/wife of/Omer GRAY/1900-1945

F 270A Pink granite.

Omer GRAY/March 14, 1891/Nov. 20, 1949

F 271C Pink granite.

Annabelle Barbara/Beloved daughter of/Bruce & Gwen/ CHARLTON/1942-1948

F 271B Pink granite.

Florence B. SCHOOLEY/wife of/Maynard CHARLTON/1884-1946

F 271A Pink granite.

Maynard CHARLTON/husband of/Florence/1879-1959

F 272D

Mother/Mary Elizabeth SMITH/1872-1954

F 272B

In Loving Memory/Eva L./NIXON/24 March 1904 – 28 June 1968

F 272A (Cross)

Thomas H. NIXON/Private/142 Battn. C.E.F./16 Dec. 1953 age 58

F 273D Pink granite.

Leila Merle FREELE/Beloved wife of/Alex M. MARSHALL/ 1895-1967

F 273C Pink granite.

Alex M. MARSHALL/1883-1953

F 273B

Lucy C. GOODWIN/1913-1984

F 273A

S. Lionel GOODWIN/1916-1974

F 274DC

Mahlon G./1886-1974/In/Loving/Memory/Edna Mae/1890-1984/(United Church crest) MOORE (United Church crest)

F 274B

Edna M. MARTIN/Oct. 19, 1899 – Feb. 25, 1988

F 274A

John H. MARTIN/Aug. 17, 1906 – Aug. 22, 1957

F 275DCB

Frank. T./1885-1962/Laura L./1886-1963/Marion DAVEY PALMER/1911-1953/ (I.O.O.F. crest) DAVEY (Rebekah crest)

F 276C

In Loving Memory/Myna (BAUGHMANZAVISLAK/A most beautiful lady/ 1920 (Rose) 1986

F 277B

Vivian P. J. CARTER/1926 (Legion crest) 1955/She died as she lived, trusting God

F 278DC

William G./1885-1970/Iva G./1886-1964/Together Forever/(Masonic emblem) CARTER (Holy Bible)

F 279D Pink granite.

Jessie E. WAGLAND/Beloved wife of/Frederick/1875-1953

F 279C Pink granite.

Frederick E. WAGLAND/Beloved husband of/Jessie/1873-1951

F 279B

In loving memory of our mother/Nellie M. BUTCHER/Apr. 2, 1883 –  Oct. 31, 1954

F 279A

Walter J. BUTCHER/Feb. 8, 1880/Oct.7, 1953

F 280DC

Percy H./1903-1962/Helen L./1905-1987/Together Forever/BUTCHER

F 280BA

Carl Edwin/1901-1975/In/Loving/Memory/Elsie Irene/1906-( )/(Masonic crest) BUTCHER (Holy Bible)

F 281D

Mary Jane DAKE/In loving memory/1884-1957

F 281C

In loving memory/Margaret R. VINE/1908-1979

F 281B

Jean V. CLIBBORN/Beloved daughter of/James & Jennie CLIBBORN/ Feb. 28, 1914/Nov. 22, 1986

F 281A

In loving memory/Roger A. STEWART/1935-1983

F 282D

In loving memory/Albert E. BABCOCK/May 15, 1909 (Electrical crest) May 29, 1954

F 282C

In loving memory/Gordon S. BABCOCK/Mar. 27, 1928 (Firemens’ crest) Aug. 12, 1955

F 284DC

John A./1881-1965/Annie F./1887-1970/In loving memory/(Cross) MAY (Cross

F 284B

Florence M. GABLE/February 12, 1884/December 29, 1968

F 284A

Walter GABLE/February 1, 1884/March 13, 1954

F 285D Pink granite.

Betty M. LEONARD/Beloved wife of/Martin LEONARD/1925-1987 /At Rest

F 287D

Ronald I. STEWART/Beloved husband of Altta/1911-1961

F 287CB

John J. I./1883-1962/Lillian/1880-1967/Together/Forever/(Masonic emblem) STEWART (Holy Bible)

F 287A

Norman F./STEWART/Beloved husband of/Lenore LUNEY/1908-1979

F 288D

Walter R. TOWERS/Oct. 19, 1899-Mar. 26, 1963/Lovingly remembered

F 289DC

Dr. Robert J./1906-1978/( )/(Medical crest) BRISTOW (R.N. crest)

F 289BA

James/1873-1955/Nellie E. 1875-1982/(Masonic emblem) BRISTOW

F 290D Pink granite.

Elva May WING/Feb. 25, 1879-Mar. 21, 1982

F 290C Pink granite.

Henry WING/Nov. 20, 1874-Aug. 18, 1956

F 290BA

Kenneth G./1909-1984/In loving/Memory/Marguerite J./1910-( )/WILSONWATT

F 291C

Charles T. LANG/1900 (Masonic emblem) 1957

F 291A (Cross)

Arthur ASHBROOKHILLS/Pte. R.C.O.C./2 July 1967 – age 71

F 293BA

Kenneth D./1918-1965/( )/McGUGAN

F 294D

In loving memory/Jack W. WATTERS/1916-1987

F 294C (Cross)

Robert J. BEAR/Private/75 Battn. C.E.F./14 Jan. 1959 – age 67

F 294BA

COBURN/Alex/1892-1963/Ethel L./1893-1980

F 295D Pink granite.

Edith TOPFNER/Beloved wife of/Josef/1906 (Crest) 1972

F 295C Pink granite.

Josef TOPFNER/Beloved husband of/Edith/1903 (Crest) 1967

F 295BA

Albert C./1906-1986/Kathleen/1909-( )/Together Forever/MICKS

F 296D

Rosetta F. SIMMONS/1907-1988

F 296B

In loving memory/Troy David VAUGHAN/A loving son and brother/

1976 (Truck)

1982/Troy Boy shared his love/and warmth with everyone

F 297DC

John C./1908-( )/Thelma I./1908-( )/(Davey)/Together Forever/ (Masonic emblem) ACHESON (Eastern Star)

F 299B

Mary S. HAMILTON/Beloved wife of/Thos. V. TYRELL/Jan. 27, 1894 (G.I. A. to B.L.E. star crest) Apr. 17, 1978

F 299A

Thomas Vincent TYRELL/June 29, 1886-Dec. 29, 1953

F 300DC

( )/( )/(GOLDSMITH)/Together Forever/Married 6-28-52/(Praying hands) SHEPHERD (Praying hands)

F 301D

Louisa GOUGH/Beloved wife/of Arthur BARRETT/July 9, 1883 – May 5, 1969

F 301C

Arthur BARRETT/Beloved husband/of Louisa/Jan. 19, 1881 – Oct. 20, 1953

F 301BA

Leslie B./1898-1963/Florence M./1899-1974/Together Forever/CORNELL

F 302BA

Ivan G./1921-1973/Jessie E./1921-( )/Together/Forever/(Holy Bible) CORNELL (Holy Bible)

F 303C

Adrian W. DAKE/June 27, 1909-February 3, 1955/May he rest in peace

F 303B

In Loving Memory/Daughter/Bernice E. BEAN/Sept. 10, 1923 Nee/Gates  Sept. 24, 1952/At Rest

F 303A

In Loving Memory/Tennyson C. BEAN/Dec. 10, 1923-Sept. 5, 1986/At Rest

F 304DC

Clark D./1894-1958/At rest/Beatrice C. G./1896-1979/Together/Forever/ (Trainmen crest) GATES (Rebecca crest)

F 304B Pink granite.

Lulu J. HILLMAN/wife of/Percy A. GORMLEY/1896-1951

F 304A Pink granite.

Percy A. GORMLEY/Husband of/Lulu J. HILLMAN/ 1894-Nov. 8, 1966

F 305DC

David/1900-1974/Florence/1901-1982/Together Forever/WOOD

F 306D Pink granite.

Alice NORTH/Beloved wife of/Oliver T. BURROWS/1903-1947

F 306B Pink granite.

Rosina/Beloved wife of/Robert KAY/1875-1948

F 306A Pink granite.

Robert KAY/Beloved husband of/Rosina/1870-1947

F 307D Pink granite.

Rosina E. GROVES/Beloved wife of George/1895-1969

F 307C Pink granite.

George Thomas GROVES/Beloved husband of Rosina/1894-1959

F 307B Pink granite.

George R. GROVES Jr./Beloved son of/George T. and Rosina E./1917-1981

F 309DC

Fred/1902-1983/Zeda V./1905-1973/Together Forever/MARSHALL

F 309BA (Holy Bible)

ROCK (Dog)/1909 Harold L. 1977/1915 Hazel 1977

F 310D

Grace E. HOPKINS VAUGHAN/1903-1968/In loving memory

F 310C

Patricia Grace VALK/Beloved daughter of/Harry & Doris VALK/1938 (Holy Bible) 1972

F 310BA

Harry T./1910-1972/Doris V. HOPKINS/1914-1987/Together Forever/(Holy Bible) VALK (Holy Bible)

F 311DC

SWICK/William H./1883-1957/Together Forever/Jessie H./1889-1970

F 311BA

Ross A./1903-1959/( )/SNYDER

F 312C

Danielle/Yvette/DEGRAW/May 6, 1976-July 5, 1976

F 313C Pink granite.

Pearl LANG/Beloved wife of Earl KING/1896-1960

F 313B Pink granite.

Earl KING/Beloved husband of/Pearl LANG/1895-1968

F 314DC

Norman E./1899-1979/In/Loving/Memory/Elizabeth V./1898-1976/(B. of F. crest) ROSS (Legion crest) Rest in peace

F 314BA

O. Roy/1894-1984/( )/Together Forever/(Masonic crest) WEBB (Cross)

F 315DC


F 315BA

Edwin C./1885-1968/Together Forever/Emma/1890-1976/(Holy Bible) COTTLE (Holy Bible)

F 316DC

Alfred C./1897-1964/Margaret M./1896-1979/Together Forever/(Cross) GROVES (Cross)

F 316A

Albert MYCROFT/April 15, 1909/May 31, 1983/Too well loved to ever be forgotten

F 317D

Wanda MYCROFT/1914-1957 (Cross)

F 317BA

George/1907-1982/Mary Edith/1906-1965/Together Forever/(Cross) MYCROFT (Cross)

F 318DC

Gordon J./1913-1964/( )/Together Forever/(Masonic crest) RICHARDSON

F 318BA

Jesse C./1890-1980/Marguerite L./1907-( )/Together Forever/(Holy Bible) LEGG (Holy Bible)

F 319B

Viola C. KENNEDY/Beloved wife of/Les LOCKWOOD/1914-1968

F 391A

Leslie E. LOCKWOOD/Beloved husband of/Viola C. KENNEDY/1910-1968

F 320DC Pink granite.

McINTYRE/In loving memory/Not my will but Thine be done /Doug/1889-1969/(Holy Bible) Annie/1888-1970

F 320B

Hazel M. HEAL/Aug. 10, 1903 – Oct. 22, 1973

F 320A

Harold V. HEAL/Apr. 17, 1897 – Aug. 18, 1963

F 321D

(Granny) Ellen YOUNG/1866 (Holy Bible) 1960

F 322BA

George A./1914-( )/Florence E./1914-( )/Together Forever/(Masonic crest) ALLEN (United Church crest) The song is ended, but the melody lingers on

F 323CB

Ben L./1894-1971/E. Pearl/1895-1979/Together Forever/WHITE

F 323A

Henry M. DIXON/May 22, 1916/May 21, 1979

F 324DC

Peter/1903-( )/Annie E./1906-( )/Together Forever/(Cross) (Masonic crest) LAING (Rebecca crest) (Cross)

F 324BA

Stanley C./1900-1968/Muriel K./1904-1973/Together Forever/(Trainman crest) CARTER (Holy Bible)

F 325D Pink granite.

Emily M. ROBERTSON/Wife of/Thomas HODGES/1881-1953

F 325C Pink granite.

Thomas HODGES/March 31, 1874 (Masonic crest) Jan. 31, 1953

F 325B Pink granite.

Lucille PEARCE/Beloved wife of/Chas. BEAN/1897-1952

F 326DC

(C.R.A.B. crest) SMALLDON (Holy Bible)/George E./1911-1964/Together Forever/( )

F 327BA

Andrew/1906-( )/Gertrude/1910-( )/Together Forever/(Praying hands) TOLMIE (Praying hands)

F 328DCB

TAYLOR/Chester J./1899-1946/Mark C. Von/WISTINGHAUSEN/May 16, 1959/( )

F 328A Pink granite.

J. Wallace SMITH M.D./Dec. 27, 1895/July 28, 1946

F 329A Pink granite.

William F. GROVES/Beloved son of/George & Rosina/ 1930-1984

F 331BA

James E./1907-1972/Mary J./1902-( )/(Shriners crest) JORDAN (Holy Bible)

F 332C

Elizabeth A. F. ORRELL/wife of Daniel/1903 (Legion crest) 1979

F 332B

Miss Emily ST.JOHN/1894 (Latter Day Saints crest) 1967

F 332A

Franklin (Bud) ROCK/1907 (Fish) 1964

F 333D

Ethel ROCK/1914-1961

F 333B

Mabel Elsie SMELTZER/1908 (Latter Day Saints crest) 1978

F 333A

Frank A. SMELTZER/1900 (B. of L.E. crest) 1960

F 334DC

Walter H./1882-1964/Together Forever/Eliza W./1885-1961/(Legion crest) OAKES (Cross)

F 336BA

John E./1905-( )/Elsie/1905-( )/Together Forever/(Holy Bible) GROVES (Holy Bible)

F 337D Pink granite.

Grace WINFIELD/Beloved wife of Bruce/December 20, 1894/ December 25, 1978

F 337C Pink granite.

J. Bruce. WINFIELD/November 14, 1892/July 13, 1956

F 337A Pink granite. (Masonic crest)

A. Eric SPEARMAN/Aug. 25, 1914/ Apr. 21, 1956

F 338BA

Larry/1893-1977/( )/Together Forever/(Holy Bible) DIMMICK (Holy Bible

F 340C

In Loving Memory/Colin D. MacPHERSON/1912 (Holy Bible) 1963/At Rest

F 340B

Edna P. BRINKLOW/1899-1958

F 340A

Frederick J. BRINKLOW/1887-1963

F 341DCB

( )/Sherry Lee/1955-1959/( )/Together Forever/COOK

F 342BA

Robert E./Sept. 4, 1911/April 26, 1987/Marjorie J./June 3, 1916/Dec. 18, 1983/DEER/(Civil Service crest)/BATTY (United Church crest)

F 343C

In Loving Memory/John D. COUSE/Jan. 15, 1921 – June 1, 1957

F 344BA

( )/Agnes KENNEDY/1974/Together Forever/(Masonic emblem) BERRY (Holy Bible)

F 345D

Alice BATTY/1892 (Salvation Army crest) 1976/Sweeping thru the gates of the new Jerusalem/washed in the blood of the Lamb

F 345C

William BATTY/1866-1960

F 346D Pink granite.

Sarah/beloved wife of/Alexander R. SUTHERLAND/1896-1951

F 346C Pink granite.

Alexander R. SUTHERLAND/beloved husband of/Sarah (DALESUTHERLAND/1888-1974

F 346B

Annie K. (TAYLOR)/ANGEL/June 28, 1892 – June 1, 1953

F 346A

Alec R./ANGEL/June 8, 1906 – Nov. 4, 1970

F 347D (Cross)/

Henry R. GROVES/Sergeant/Elgin Regiment/2 Nov. 1973 – age 61

F 347C

Mark D. GROVES/beloved father of/Catherine & Douglas/Nov. 27, 1955/ Aug. 31, 1984/Now he has wings

F 347BA (Cross)

HARRIS (Cross)/Ronald S./1919-1965/Together Forever/( )

F 349C

Herman E. BROWN/1909-1963

F 349B

In Loving Memory of/Mary Anne WALKER/1880-1954/By her loving husband/ Alexander IMRIE

F 349A

Alexander IMRIE/May 31, 1883 – Dec. 5, 1957

F 350D

Eva Leila/beloved wife of/Leo N. LANE/Died Sept. 10, 1972

F 350C

Leo Nelson LANE/beloved husband of/Elva L. HOWSE/Died August 14, 1973

F 350B
Hannah Elizabeth/beloved wife of/F. C. HOWSE/Died March 20, 1936/Asleep in Jesus
F 350A

Pink granite. Fred C. HOWSE/Nov. 1, 1866/March 21, 1949

F 351D

In Loving Memory/John (Lefty) GRAY/1908 (Bats & ball) 1976

F 352A

Dora M. NEIL/mother of Carolynn/wife of Orval MINIELLY/ 1916 (R.N. crest) ( )

F 353BA

Crothers B./1911-1980/( )/Together Forever/(Masonic crest) NEIL (Holy Bible)/Loving memories last forever

F 354DC

Leonard/Oct. 6, 1909/June 5, 1984/In/Loving/Memory/( )/(ALLEN)/O.P.P. crest) NEIL (Praying hands)/Until we meet again

F 355C Pink granite.

Frederick L. MORFEE/Beloved husband of/Dorothy/1903-1974

F 356DC

Stuart S./1922-( )/Ella L./1924-( )/(STEVENSON)/Married 7-20-47/(Cross) (I. of L.B.C. crest) PARKER (R.N. crest) (Cross)/Ours for a little while, with Jesus forever

F 356A (Cross)/

Raymond W. GAUTHIER/Husband of Elsie/Father of Robert/1915 (Masonic crest) 1980

F 357B

Flora L. SMITH/1881-1956

F 357A

Bertram L. SMITH/1880-1961

F 358A Pink granite.

Harold Glen KELLY/Beloved husband of/Marjorie TEMPLE/ 1926-1973

F 359BA Grey granite.

Father/Peter WISNOSKI/1895-1959/Mother/Sarah WISNOSKI/ 1897-1976

F 360DC

Russell B./1910-1979/Maud (Groves) 1910-( )/Together Forever/(Legion crest HARRIS (Holy Bible)

F 360BA

SCOTT/Gerald R./1932-1985/(Holy Bible)/Maudie E./1919-( )/(Groves)

F 361B Pink granite.

Martha SCHUTTER/1897 Mother 1959/Born in Holland

F 362CB (Cross)

SAUNDERS (Cross)/Albert/1908-1987/Together Forever/Florence/ 1910-1970

F 362A

In Loving Memory/Emily BUSHELL/(Legion crest) 1884-1962 (Rebekah crest)

F 363C

In Loving Memory/R.N. Lavis MURRAY/1926 (United Church crest) 1965

F 363BA

Laurence W./1906-1974/( )/Together Forever/(Cross on Bible) BOGART Cross on Bible)

F 364C

Murray G. COLLINS/1934-1973

F 364BA

Hubert G./1908-( )/Martha S./1911-( )/Together Forever/(Cross) COLLINS (Cross)

F 365C

Gary W. LEVERTON/March 12, 1952/December 1, 1978

F 365B (Cross)/

Jean R. METCALF/Beloved wife of/Joseph COUNINEAU/1905-1985

F 365A (Cross)/

Joseph COUSINEAU/Flight Sergeant/R.C.A.F./25 Jan. 1965 – age 64

F 366D

Margaret Worthy ARMITAGE/March 5, 1879 (Cross) Nov. 7, 1968

F 366C

Alice McCAIN/1895-1986

F 366B

Dorothea STEWART/1896-1963

F 366A

Ranton W. ANKENMAN/Nov. 29, 1907 – Mar. 5, 1957

F 368C Pink granite.

Milton J. FARLEY/Beloved husband of/Ivy McCAIN/1900-1951

F 368BA

McCAIN/( ) (Cross) ( )

F 369D

Sophie Demers ELLIOTT/Sept. 26, 1882/July 22, 1964

F 369C

Ernest E. ELLIOTT/May 27, 1884/April 21, 1953

F 369BA

Frederick/1894-1962/Rosanna/1895-1969/Together Forever/(Legion crest) BRIDGE (Legion crest)

F 370D Pink granite.

Carrie H. SMITH/Beloved wife of/Charles/1898-1972

F 370C Pink granite.

Charles J. SMITH/Beloved husband of/Carrie/1897-1951

F 370A

W. P. BILLINGHURST/June 1905 December 1951

F 371DC

( )/(Bud)/Beatrice O./July 15, 1916/Nov. 14, 1987/(KELLAR)/Together in Memory/(Fishing pole) TAYLOR (Fish)/Always in our hearts

F 371BA

George/1912-1987/Lela E./1913-( )/(Masonic crest) RANKIN (In loving memory

F 372C Pink granite.

Kenneth W. MATTIS/Beloved husband of/Mina/1909-1946

F 372B Pink granite.

Ila Mary DEMCIE/wife of/Alex J. DEMCIE/1898-1966

F 372A Pink granite.

In loving memory of/Mary Theresa SMITH/Beloved mother of/ Ila M. DEMCIE/1874-1950

F 373D Pink granite.

In loving memory/George V. DENEFF/1898-1963/At rest

F 373CB

Stefania/MAKROPOULOU/1903-1973/In/Loving/Memory/Risto George POPOF/ 1904-1964/(2 Cross on Bible)

F 376DC

George (Hank)/1915-1975/( )/(Masonic crest) WATSON (Eastern Star)

F 378DC (Legion crest)

LINDSAY (Holy Bible)/1896 Ralph Wm. 1982/1903 Gladys F. 1956

F 380EDC

David/1905-1971/In/Loving/Memory/James C./April 6, 1973/Ruth V./1907- 1976/(Holy Bible) ALLEN (Holy Bible)

F 380BA

Frank D./June 5, 1927/Aug. 4, 1980/( )/Together Forever/(Truck) ALLEN (Clasped hands)

F 381BA

Edward P./1896-1961/Elizabeth/1896-1977/Together Forever/VERRELL

F 382C Grey granite. (Cross)/

Eugene L. FRANK/Private/Royal Cdn. Regt./ 13 Aug. 1981 – age 66

F 383DC

( )/( )/Together Forever/MOORHOUSE

F 383B

In loving memory/Ada KEARSLEY/Oct. 21, 1898 (Holy Bible) Nov. 26, 1957

F 383A

WING/A. Ryerson/1907-1985/( )

F 384DC

Jesse C./1906-( )/(Carl)/Mildred E./1917-( )/(Lindsay)/Together Forever/Married 7-29-38/(United Church crest) WOOLLEY (Orange Benevolent Crest)

F 384A

In loving memory/Robert L. BOOTHMAN/son of John and Lucille/1937-1970

F 385DC

In loving memory/W. John BOOTHMAN/Beloved husband of Lucille/ Aug. 15, 1913/(Army G.S. crest) Jan. 18, 1965

F 385B

Emma ROW/Beloved wife of Roscoe BOOTHMAN/1880-1956

F 385A

Roscoe BOOTHMAN/Beloved husband of Emma/1879-1954

F 386C

Grace (CONNERSNICHOLLS/Beloved wife of/Bill NICHOLLS/Oct. 23, 1901/ June 7, 1983 (Legion crest)

F 386BA

James H./Feb. 26, 1931/Oct.27, 1986/( )/(NICHOLLS)/In loving memory/(Dove) COLLINS (Dove)

F 388DC

McCARTHY/(I.O.O.F. emblem) Lurillan/1885-1972/Ruby A./1889-1978/(Cross)

F 388BA

Owen C. L./Apr. 3, 1908/Mar. 28, 1980/In/Loving/Memory/( )/McCARTHY (Dove)

F 389DC

Fred Wm./1900-1978/Together Forever/( )/(W.O.W. crest) MATTICE (Holy Bible)

F 389A

Myrtle M. KIMBEL/Beloved mother of/Virginia FLEXEN/1884-1964

F 390DC
Charles E./1906-1959/Husband of Virginia/M. Virginia/1906-1988/Together/

Forever/(Shriners crest) (Trainmen crest) FLEXEN (Eastern Star)

F 390B Pink granite.

Mary Elizabeth/Beloved wife of/Thos. FLEXEN/1882-1951

F 390A Pink granite.

Thomas C. FLEXEN/Beloved husband of/Mary Elizabeth/ 1884-1952

F 391D

In loving memory of/Our mother/Margaret L. PERRIS/1875-1953

F 391C Pink granite.

Shirley Mae SMITH/Beloved daughter of/ Winifred & Frederick/Jan. 1940 – July 1952

F 391B Pink granite.

Alice HILLIER/Beloved wife of/Wm. H. BLUNT/1892-1975

F 391A Pink granite.

Wm. H. BLUNT/Beloved husband of Alice/1896-1952

F 392DC

Russell G./1921-( )/(2 Doves)/Isabel C./1930-1988/(DIXON)/(Masonic crest) STURGEON (I.O.D.E. crest)

F 392BA (Masonic crest)

REAVELY (Cross & crown/Clyde/1887-1966/Together Forever/ Della/1892-1957

F 393BA

Skelton W./1893-1983/( )/Together Forever/(2 1/2 crest) ARMSTRONG

F 394B Pink granite.

Alice/wife of/Clarence KNIGHT/1893-1985

F 394A Pink granite.

Clarence KNIGHT/Husband of/Alice/1887-1946

F 395DC

Glen A./Oct. 15, 1908/Feb. 10, 1982/In/Loving/Memory/Verna G./ Nov. 29, 1921/Nov. 13, 1971/(Dove) KNIGHT (Dove)

F 395BA

Ruth (Pat) THOMSON/1919-1974/Together forever/Diane L./BUDREO/1944-1974

F 402BA

Roberta (Bobbie)/1919-1983/Together Forever/Married 12-2-42/W. J. (Jack) 1918-( )/(United Church crest) NOBLE (Masonic emblem)

F 403CBA

Mary Jane/1870-1958/William H./1895-1962/( )/Together Forever/ (Masonic emblem) (Eastern Star) NOBLE

F 406BA

Elmer John/1916-1981/Margaret/1925-( )/(GALLAGHER)/(Trainmen crest) WEISS (Dove)

F 407BA

William J./1912-1987/Donna P./1914-( )/Together Forever/(Holy Bible) LEASON (Holy Bible)

F 408DC

Lawrence H./1927-1988/Vesta (Betty)/1925-( )/(CLARK)/Together Forever /Married 10-11-50/(Praying hands) PETERS (Praying hands)

F 411DC

IRONMONGER/(R.C.A.F. crest)(Dove)/Clifford A./Oct. 28, 1934/ June 11, 1983/( )/(Jackson)

F 411BA

Junior W./1926-1981/In/Loving/Memory/Rebecca J./1902-1987/(Dove) MONTGOMERY (Dove)

F 412C

Mary E. WATSON/1872/1964

F 413DC

Frederick C./1914-1960/Together Forever/( )/SMITH

F 413B Pink granite.

Sadie/Beloved wife of/Harry L. ALLEN/1893-1953

F 413A Pink granite.

Harry L./Beloved husband of/Sadie ALLEN/1895-1974

F 414C Pink granite.

Alice/wife of/Frederick BOWER/1872-1952

F 414B

In loving memory of/Alice Ada MARSHALL/1884-1952/by her loving husband /Henry MARSHALL

F 414A

Henry MARSHALL/Beloved husband of Alice Ada/1882 (Legion crest) 1967

F 415D

Mary H. JACKSON/Beloved daughter of/Charles and Hannah/Sept. 4, 1925/ (Dove) June 21, 1981

F 415C

Pink granite. Percy/Beloved son of/Charles & Hannah JACKSON/1922-1951

F 415BA

J. Charles/Jan. 5, 1894/Nov. 7, 1977/In/Loving/Memory/( )/(Dove) JACKSON (Dove)

F 416D Pink granite.

Margaret/wife of/George HAYNES/1884-1952

F 416C Pink granite.

George HAYNES/husband of/Margaret/1886-1947

F 416B

Edith E. CAMPBELL/Died June 20, 1976/aged 99 years/At rest

F 416A

Daniel D. CAMPBELL/Died September 19, 1946/aged 69 years/At rest

F 417A Pink granite.

In loving memory/Elijah J. IRELAND/Nov. 25, 1913/ Sept. 27, 1984

F 425A

Doreen Holmes RODGERS/(WILSON)/1926 (Dove) 1984

F 426DC

Frederick P./1916-1975/Clara P./1919-( )/Together Forever/STIRLING

F 426BA

Leslie W./1929-( )/Margaret E./1930-1982/(CARR)/In Loving Memory/ (Holy Bible) GILES (Holy Bible)/The song is ended but the melody lingers on

F 427D

Jane M. HICKS/1887 (Rebekah crest) 1975

F 427C

Percy W. HICKS/1881-1963

F 427BA

Roy H./1897-1973/Anna L./1896-1984/Together Forever/ KEW (United Church crest)

F 430BA

Ralph G./1910-1987/Together Forever (in a cross)/Esther M./1923-( )/ (HUTCHINGS)/(Cross & Crown) TANSLEY (Dove)

F 436DC

Harvey J./1915-1961/( )/Together Forever/MARSHALL

F 436BA

Albert H./1887-1960/Together Forever/( )/(Trainmen crest) (Masonic crest) HERR (United Church crest)

F 437DC

William K./1918-1968/( )/(Clasped hands)/(Cross) SMALLDON (Cross)

F 437B Pink granite.

Marjorie FLEMING/(HAYNES)/1921-1972

F 437A Pink granite.

Richard M. BARCLAY/Husband of/Marjorie HAYNES/1916-1952

F 438D Pink granite.

Mary E. GRAHAM/Beloved wife of/Frank/1880-1975

F 438C Pink granite.

Frank GRAHAM/Beloved husband of/Mary/1892-1947

F 438B Pink granite.

Frederick JEWELL/Beloved husband of/Julia/1885-1948

F 438A Pink granite.

William W. LEE/Oct. 18, 1863/Aug. 2, 1947/At rest

F 440D

M. Lorraine CLERC/1936-1977/Always in our hearts

F 440C

A. Martha MacVICAR/1892 (Holy Bible) 1976

F 440B (Ball Player)/

Michael R. SMITH/Beloved son of/Robert D. SMITH/1965-1975/ Blossomed in earth to bloom in Heaven

F 440A

N. Lorraine SHAVER/FREER/Beloved mother of/Robert & Keith/Aug. 6, 1953 – May 23, 1974

F 441C

Mary Eva EDWARDS/1930-1976

F 441B

Olive P. WRIGHT/1909 (Holy Bible) ( )/Sweetly sleeping

F 441A

Mitchell NAGY/1957-1975/Loved by all

F 442D

In loving memory/Helen PENNER/July 22, 1912 – Feb. 14, 1980/(Praying  hands)

F 442C

In loving memory/Dad and Grandpa/Hendrick ODDING/Jan. 8, 1908 (Dove) Apr. 20, 1987

F 442A

George I. MALOTT/1911-1980

F 443D

Roland SCHNEIDER/In loving memory/of a/dear son & brother/1962-1978

F 443C

Hattie L. DENNIS/1908 (Holy Bible) 1978

F 443A

Carl L. LYTLE/1913 (Holy Bible) 1976

F 457A

Allan B. BYRNES/1950-1974

F 458D

Ivy MOYES/1896 (Heart) 1964

F 458C

Richard P. MOYES/1887 (Heart) 1955

F 459D Pink granite.

Jane/Beloved wife of/Thos. E. SIMPSON/1878-1951

F 459C Pink granite.

Thomas Edward SIMPSON/Beloved husband of/Jane SIMPSON/ 1874-1960

F 459B Pink granite.

Joyce SIMPSON/Beloved wife of/Ralph Henry CHAMBERS/ 1902-1963

F 459A Pink granite.

Albert A. BOWER/Beloved son of/Frederick & Alice BOWER/ 1911-1975

F 460DC

William H./1870-1954/Minnie M./1881-1954/KEW

F 460BA

( )/Florence B./Sept. 15, 1896/Nov. 3, 1974/Together Forever/(Masonic crest) DUNN (Holy Bible)/Beloved of the Lord

F 461DC

Charles G./1908-1982/M. Anna/1909-( )/Together Forever/(Navy crest) WOOLLEY (Praying hands)

F 462C

In loving memory/Mom/Vera E. J. GRIFFITHS/1922 (Cat) 1987

F 462A

Ada R. BARNES/1905-1974/At rest

F 463C Grey granite. (Cross)/

Ernest J. ABEL/Private/Royal Cdn. Regt./ 2 Sept. 1981 – age 67

F 463BA

( )/Lillian E./Aug. 31, 1919/Oct. 14, 1975/Together Forever/(Legion crest) BROWN (Angel)

F 464DC

(R.C.A.F. crest) MACHAN (R.N. crest)/Stanley H./1916-1984/( )

F 464B

Delmar (Jake) BOWMAN/(Trainmen crest) 1916-1984

F 465D

Audrey Beryl TYSON/Jan. 2, 1945 – Apr. 26, 1981/(R.N. crest)

F 465CB

Roy A./1913-1978/Gladys/1904-1987/CATO

F 466D

Christopher M. MURRAY/Beloved son of/Tom & Suzanne/1977-1985/ (2 hearts inscribed:) We/love/you/Trevor/and/Tiffany

F 479D Pink granite.

Hannah MacKENZIE SANDIFER/Beloved wife of/Frank/1892-1982

F 479C Pink granite.

Frank C. SANDIFER/Beloved husband of Hannah/1889-1951

F 479B Pink granite.

Alfred J. SANDIFER/Beloved son of/Frank and Hannah/ 1922-1984

F 481D

Our little angel/Michael G. ROBERTSON/1981-1986

F 481CB

Thomas E. Jr./Nov. 21, 1911/Oct.1, 1985/(Ted)/In/Loving/Memory/( )/ (HEWSON)/(General Services crest) SIMPSON (Dove)

F 484D Grey granite.

Charles McPHEE/1902-1986

F 484A

John SARANCHUK/1905-1985

F 523DC Grey granite.

WIGMORE/Percy F./1888-1958/Father/W/Sarah E./1888-1956/ Mother

F 523BA

C. Gerald/1910-1980/Lillie/1911-( )/HOWSON

F 524D

Ernest A. BARNES/Beloved husband of Mildred/(Masonic crest) 1898-1954

F 524C

Mildred BARNES/Beloved wife of/Ernest BARNES/1899-1982

F 525ED

Sydney L./1891-1970/Emily/1893-1977/Together Forever/(Legion crest) CHAMBERLAIN (Cross with ‘R’ crest)

F 525C

Beverley/CHAMBERLAIN/Beloved wife/of David/1943 (Dove) 1988

F 525B

Mark R./CHAMBERLAIN/Oct. 2, 1974/(2 mos.)

F 525A

In loving memory/Raymond H. CHAMBERLAIN/1915-1969

F 526D Pink granite.

Hazel A. MILLER/Beloved wife of/John E./1893-1985

F 526C Pink granite.

John E. MILLER/Beloved husband of/Hazel/1883-1968

F 526BA

Frederick W./Mar. 8, 1904/Nov. 6, 1979/In/Loving/Memory/( )/(Dove) KITCHENHAM (Dove)

F 527DC

Albert/1891-1963/( )/Together Forever/(Cross) WIGMORE (Cross)

F 527B

Ernest Walter WATTS/7 Jan. 1888 – 20 Feb. 1964

F 527A

n loving memory/Mary BURAK/Nov. 20, 1879 (Cross) Dec. 26, 1958/At rest

F 528D

In loving memory/Thomas F. BARNES/Nov. 9, 1910 (Masonic emblem) June 30, 1974/At rest

F 529DC

Bert A./1892-1970/Beloved husband of Ada/Ada/1891-1970/ELLIS

F 529A

In loving memory/William G. CHIVERTON/Beloved husband of Pauline/ May 28, 1918 (Cross) Oct. 12, 1964

F 531B

Kathleen B. BISHOP/Beloved mother/of/Terry, Mike, Patti/1925-1977/She lives with us in memory and will for evermore

F 531A

Gladys L. HAIGHT/Beloved mother of/Kay, Herb, Jack & Ruth/1902-( )/ Too well loved to ever be forgotten

F 532C

Christine (Kitten) Mary Lorrette/beloved wife of/John M. TURNER/ Oct. 15, 1955 (Cat) Dec. 10, 1981/Until we meet again

F 532BA

William V./1897-1983/Together forever/Lilly/1889-1967/(Artillery crest) PARSONS (United Church crest)

F 533DC (Legion crest)

HASKELL (Legion crest)/A. Garnett/1907-1983/Ethel L./ 1916-( )

F 533BA

Joseph/1903-1968/Elizabeth/1895-1966/DOWELL/The Elgin Regiment/1940-1945

F 534A

T. Larry WALLACE/Beloved husband of/Ruth/Aug. 4, 1936 – Jan. 7, 1962

F 536C

Florence Enid RUSSELL/Beloved Mother & Gramma of/Janice, Karen & Sylvia/ Connie, Cory & Eric/Jan. 28, 1922/July 31, 1982/(Dove)

F 536BA

MORRISON/In loving memory/Fredrick E./1908-1983/Neva M./1909-( )

F 537BA

Peter/1913-1986/Grace E./1920-( )/(CARR)/Together Forever/Married 6-29-40/(Thistle) RUSSELL (Thistle)

F 541DC

George W./1909-1979/In/Loving/Memory/Lillian M./1907-1984/(Legion crest) TAYLOR (Dove)

F 542C

Ada M. Hopkins BERRY/1901 (Holy Bible) 1981

F 542BA

Joseph E./1918-1986/Edith G./1920-( )/SIKORA

F 544A
Ronald Martin PITT / Feb 12 1921 – May 10 1994
F544 B

Lorraine Ruth PITT / May 26 1922 – July 1 2000 / Mary Katherine PITT / Feb 22 1952 – Sept 8 2004
F 555A

Irvin TINDALL/1928-1968

F 556D

In loving memory/Guy A. COX/1949-1968

F 557D

Richard M. ROWE/Father of Sandra/Brother of George, Helen and William/ 1926-1967

F 557C

In loving memory /Our beloved father/Murray W. WOOD/Apr. 2, 1903 – Jan. 18, 1967

F 557BA

Harry A./1915-1973/( )/(United Church crest) NORMAN (United Church crest)

F 558D

In loving memory/Albert E. PUTMAN/Father/June 25, 1889 – Jan. 14, 1970

F 558C

Earl C. PUTMAN/beloved son of/Albert E./Aug. 8, 1919 – June 21, 1966

F 558B Pink granite.

Marie Pearl BARRETT/Beloved wife of/Broer KLOOSTERMAN/ 1923-1966

F 559C

Donald W. JORDAN/1953-1968

F 560D Pink granite.

In loving memory/William H. PERSSON/1939-1969

F 560C

Sam ANTHONY/1904 (Eagle, Cross, AHEPA crest) 1969

F 560B Pink granite.

Albert V. SKERRITT/1887-1969/Safe in the arms of Jesus

F 560A

In loving memory/John D. JACK/1907-1969

F 562B

Edgar T. BURKE/Beloved husband of/Marie BURKE/Aug. 18, 1910 – July 25, 1972/Sweetly sleeping

F 562A

Joseph E. HUNTER/1904-1971

F 563BA

Son/Thomas Edward/1920-( )/In/Loving/Memory/Mother/Elizabeth F./1890-1975/(JOHNSON) (Holy Bible) ADDLEY (Holy Bible)

F 564A Pink granite.

Russell G. MINLER/Beloved husband of/Blanche/1904 (I.O.O.F) 1970

F 565D

Robina (WOODGROAT/1910-1975/Rest in peace

F 565C Pink granite.

Myrtle V. HOFFA/Gone but not forgotten/June 19, 1910 – Apr. 27, 1970

F 565A

In loving memory/Albert W. BIRDSEY/1903 (Holy Bible) 1969

F 566D Pink granite.

In loving memory/Mrs. Hazel E. (ALLENSPAHR/1910-1967

F 566C Pink granite.

Jessie (VANSTONEPATTERSON/Beloved daughter of/Frederick & Mary Jane/1882-1971

F 566B

Harry Cowburn RUTHVEN/Born in Manchester, England/19 July 1891/Died in St. Thomas, Ontario 14, February 1968

F 567C

John Arthur CUSHMAN/Beloved husband of/Shirley BAGNELL/Jan. 8, 1925 – Oct. 19, 1972 (Boy Scout crest)

F 568D

Angus (Gus) CHARLES/Beloved husband of/Clara (Phillips) CHARLES/Jan. 23, 1949 (Dove) Aug. 28, 1981

F 569A

Agnes WHITE/Sept. 18, 1881 (Cross) Feb. 1, 1973

F 570B
Mary Simons FISHER/1902-1971