St. Thomas – Elmdale Section E

Elmdale Memorial Park Cemetery

Section E

St. Thomas, Ontario, Canada

RECORDED BY: Mary & Glen Ormerod

Elgin County, OGS, July 1988


PROOF READING BY: Barbara Ferguson

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See Section A for a History of this Cemetery

Section E is located to the west of Section D in the south-west corner of the cemetery. Lots are numbered from the north-east corner beginning with 01 and continuing to the south. Numbering is continued at the north end of the next row. Burial plots (usually A to D) are lettered alphabetically from the south to the north and but are typed in the order D to A.
Plaques are bronze unless indicated otherwise. A set of open brackets

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E 12E

Sarah E. WHITTINGHAM/Beloved wife of Jack Greer/1904 (Open Bible) 1987


Until we meet again/(Praying hands)/( )/Garry DANIEL/ (1954-1976/( )

E 13DC

Stephen/1908-( )/Ada B./1924-( )/Together Forever/(Dove) COOK (Dove)

E 14ED

Kenneth (Flash)/1917-1979/Ida Isabel/1922-( )/Together Forever/(Holy Bible) FORBES (Praying hands)/Until we meet again

E 14A

Michael Adrian/SMITH/May 25, 1983/son of Nancy and Adrian/ Always in our hearts

E 15E

Our precious little/”Toot”/Rebecca A.M.B./KANTOR/June 17, 1984/March 1, 1985

E 15BA

( )/Alice E./May 10, 1937/Dec. 23, 1987/(Saxby)/ Together/Forever/Married/10-16-67/(Cross) KUENZ (Cross)

E 19A Pink granite.

Jan A. GROLMAN/Sept. 13, 1920/Sept. 12, 1974/

E 22A

Lindsay Marie/SPRINGER/Beloved daughter of/Wayne & Sheree/ Feb. 10, 1986

E 23A

In Loving Memory/Kathleen C. ROBERTS/1920 (Dove) 1987/Dear Mother

E 26BA

William J./Nov. 29, 1925/Nov. 2, 1986/( )/(Weaver)/ Together Forever/Married/5-14-49/(Bowling balls DEMO (Dove)/The song is ended but the melody lingers on

E 27A

Richard P. VANDENBURG/Beloved son and brother/1963-1987

E 28DC

(Dove) MEREDITH (Dove)/Lyle Amos/1905-1985/( )/(Spackman)

E 28BA

( )/Irene/Dec. 17, 1921/Mar. 14, 1986/(Webster)/Together Forever (Legion crest) WISE (Holy Bible)

E 29D

In Loving Memory/Wm. L. (Bill) NICOLLE/Aug. 18, 1931/June 26, 1985/(Dove

E 29A

Robert L. WILKINSON/Beloved husband of/Miriam D. FISHBACH/ 1927-1985

E 35BA

Everett G./1920-1987/Ellen Jean (FARNAN)/1924-( )/ Together Forever/Married/9-10-48/(3-link chain) WORTH (Holy Bible)/My peace I give to you. John 14: 27

E 36A

In Loving Memory/ROBINSON/Charles Richard/1950 (Holy Bible) 1987/Blessed are the pure in heart/for they shall see God

E 37BA

Donald A./Mar. 23, 1963/Apr. 10, 1986/Son)/( )/Mother/ Together Forever/(Dog) FULTON (Dove)/Ours for a little while, with Jesus forever

E 38A

In Loving Memory/D. Bruce GALLOWAY/Sept. 25, 1920 (Navy emblem) Sept. 1, 1976

E 39DC

Everett M./1909-1978/( )/HILL

E 39BA

James E./1919-1980/( )/McLACHLIN

E 40DC

George/1911-1984/In/Loving/Memory/( )/(Navy emblem) SCOTT (Bible)

E 44BA

Thomas G./May 21, 1940/Feb. 26, 1986/( )/(STEWART)/ Together/Forever/(Praying hands) ANGER (Cross on Bible)

E 45BA

Stanley G./Apr. 1, 1928/Mar. 3, 1988/( )/(WARDLE)/ Together/Forever/(Korean Veteran Assoc. Crest/FROHMAN (Rose)

E 46A

Krista Audrey JENSEN/Dearly loved daughter and sister/ June 14, 1967/April 30, 1986/Christ has taught me how to fly/- and now my heart is flying free

E 47D

Jeanne GERSTER/July 17, 1905 (Cross) Oct. 30, 1986

E 48A

In Loving Memory/C. Gordon RAWLINGS/Beloved husband & father/1922 (Masonic emblem) 1987

E 49DC

Ray D./1924-1984/( )/Together Forever/Married 3-26-63/ (Holy Bible) PHIBBS (Holy Bible)

E 49BA

William J./Sept. 20, 1915/Sept. 9, 1986/( )/(McDOUGALL)/ IRVINE

E 50DC

  1. Allan/1908-1972/( )/Together Forever/(Holy Bible)STINSON(Holy Bible)

E 50B

In Loving Memory/Louella BOWMAN/Beloved Mom of/June & Jacqueline/Dec. 21, 1917 – Mar. 2, 1980

E 51C

In Loving Memory/Gladys V. RYCKMAN/Beloved sister of/Violet MERRITT/Nov.23, 1907 (Holy Bible) Mar. 15, 1980

E 54DC

( )/V. M. Marie/1926-1985/(ATKINSON)/Together/Forever/ Married 6-21-47/(Clasped hands) BARBER (Clasped hands)

E 56A

Lloyd HEASLIP/Beloved husband and friend of/Sandra (PHIPPENHEASLIP/(Cross on Bible) Dec. 18, 1942/Mar. 27, 1982/Amazing grace/(Inscribed in two hearts:) Hugs &/Kisses/Daddy/OOXX/Love/  Melissa

E 57D

459573234 Cpl./Hugh E. O. WILSON/Canadian Forces/Feb. 21, 1959 (Bats & Balls) Jan. 4, 1982

E 57BA

BOLT/Douglas/Kitchener/Nov. 12, 1984/( )/Too well loved to ever be forgotten

E 58D

Janet BROWN/Beloved wife of/Archie OAKES Sr./Born in Scotland/April 30, 1913 – Nov. 18, 1975

E 58C (Emblem)

Archie OAKES Sr./Beloved husband of/Janet BROWN/ Born in Scotland/June 30, 1914 – April 27, 1988

E 58BA

Austin G./1916-( )/Sarah E./1915–1979/Together Forever/ (Masonic emblem) BORKWOOD (Presbyterian emblem)/Rest is thine, sweet memory ours

E 59E

William A./EDWARDS/Sadly missed/Loved always/Dorothy, Diane/ and family/(Dove) 1930-1987

E 59DC

Omer S./1910-( )/Myrtle I./1920-1983/Together Forever/ (Legion emblem) BECHARD (Legion emblem)

E 59BA

( )/In Loving/Memory/Bertha M./1982/(2 United Church emblems) GLOIN

E 61A

(Cross) Wm. J. BALKWILL E.D./Major/General List/11 May 1962 – age 55

E 62DC

John KERR/1907-1976/In/Loving/Memory/Alice/1908-( )/ (I.O.O.F.) McALLISTER (R. Dove) (Moon)

E 62A Pink granite.

Joseph H. WALTON/Beloved husband of/Doris STEPHENSON/1904-1973

E 63C J.

Scott MEDCALF/1945-1977

E 63B

Alfred E. MEDCALF/1906-1957

E 63A

Alice M. MEDCALF/wife of/Alfred E. MEDCALF/1880-1950

E 68D

Helen Marie POTTS/1925-1984

E 69DC

Together Forever/(Holy Bible) STINSON (Clasped hands)/1922 Hal (Harold) 1978/1919 Hazel (JACKSON) ( )

E 69BA

(Holy Bible) JACKSON (Holy Bible)/1876 Wheeler 1970/1893 Cynthia S. 1984/Together Forever

E 70DC

William H./Mar. 13, 1912/Oct. 27, 1986/Annabell (Addy)/May 10, 1910/ Dec. 10, 1978/Together Forever/(Holy Bible) FLETCHER (United Church crest.)

E 71DC

Harvey D./1904-1987/Nona E./1913-1979/Together Forever/(2 Doves) HEHIR

E 71BA

Arthur W./1906-( )Muriel E./1912-1972/Together Forever/  BROOKS

E 72D

Douglas E. JOHNSTON/Loved son of/Elmer and Barbara/June 21, 1959/June 6, 1979

E 73BA

Roy T./1896-1976/Margaret M./1898-1982/(I.O.O.F. emblem) WALLIS (R & Dove)/Rest in Peace

E 75BA

Stanley G./1902-1973/Together Forever/Kathleen W./1907-1977/ BURNS

E 76ED Pink granite.

McGREGOR/Keith M./1972/Jean K./1972/To live in hearts we leave behind is not to die

E 76C

Beloved/great grandson/Richard Douglass/BRATKOWSKI/2 Nov. 1961/31 Jan 1962

E 76BA

Herbert Andrew/Beloved husband of/Agnes May WARD/1879-1946/ Agnes May WARD/Beloved wife of/Herbert Andrew/1883-1961/SHORT

E 81D

In Loving Memory/Linda KNOTT/Beloved wife of/Douglas KNOTT/ Beloved mother/1946-1987/(Inscribed in 2 hearts:) Judy/Trudy/Dawn

E 81BA

William J./1914-1986/Together/Forever/Married/12-2-39/ Beatrice M./1917-( )/(MARR)/(Train) LEWIS (Dove)

E 82C

Donald H. PLAYER/Beloved husband/Father & grandfather/1934- 1984/We’re anxiously waiting/Your resurrection John 5: 28, 29

E 82BA

Walter L./Oct. 19, 1916/Mar. 31, 1984/In/Loving/Memory/( )/ (Praying hands) KNOTT (Praying hands)

E 84BA Pink granite.

SMITH/Together Forever/Not my will but Thine be done/D. Carman/1908-( )/Mary M./1913-1973

E 86BA

William D./1905-1974/( )/Together Forever/(B.E.L. emblem) WALKER (Holy Bible)

E 87DC

Leslie J./1909-1973/( )/Together Forever/(Holy Bible) FUNNELL (Holy Bible)

E 87BA

Robert J./1911-( )/Eleanor M./1914-1982/Together Forever/ (B.E.L. emblem) ORTON (Cross on Bible)

E 88DC

Vincent E./Jan. 18, 1926/Oct. 20, 1985/In Loving/Memory/( )/ BRACKENBURY/BENNETT/Absent from the body, present with the Lord

E 88BA

Harold T. PINCOMBE/Oct. 9, 1898 – Jan. 28, 1979/( )

E 89B

Ruby E. PHIBBS/(Pilot emblem) 17 January 1962

E 90D

Inez VENNING/1898-1961

E 90C R.

Bruce VENNING/1899-1987

E 90B Pink granite/

Florence Merrick JONES/Wife of/Lewis Arthur JONES/1883-1972

E 90A Pink granite/

Lewis Arthur JONES/1885-1944

E 97DC

Frederick J./1902-1984/( )/ARMOUR

E 98BA

William J./1907-1981/Irene G./1909-1987/Together Forever/ (Dove) SPROULE (Dove)

E 99DC

Nicholas/May 2, 1910/May 8, 1987/(Nick)/( )/(HALEWICH)/ Together Forever/Married 10-28-34/(Emblem) SOCHOLOTIUK (Praying hands/Home with God, which is far better

E 101DC

May M./1974/( )STEWART

E 101B

In Loving Memory/Jessie E. COLLIS/1890 (Dove) 1968

E 101A

Air Commodore/Reginald COLLIS/1893 (R.C.A.F. crest) 1962

E 102BA

Thomas/1899-1981/Irene L./1900-1986/Whitwam/Together Forever /(Shamrock) CHRISTIE (F.C.B. in triangle emblem)

E 103DC

PINCOMBE/1896 Kenneth W. 1974/1898 Nila McLARTY 1985

E 103A Pink granite.

Morris B. HOUSLEY/Beloved husband of/Bessie CUPPLES/1903-1950

E 104DC

SHERRY/Frederick L./1899-1962/Together Forever/( )

E 105C

William E. WOOLIVER/Beloved husband of Rita MACKIN/1902 (Open Bible)1958

E 105B

Margaret O. WOOLIVER/Beloved wife of/Walter W. WOOLIVER/1879 (Star) 1958

E 105A

Walter W. WOOLIVER/Beloved husband of/Margaret O. WOOLIVER/ 1879 (Eagle emblem) 1955

E 114BA

Jerrold E./1957-1983/(Jerry)/Nora D./1960-( )/(Jan)/ Together Forever/(Car) BAKER (Inscribed in 2 hearts:) Forever/in our/hearts/Sheryl/& Chrissy/He lives with us in memory and will for evermore

E 115BA

( )/Betty J./June 3, 1928/Apr. 29, 1980/WEIR)/Together Forever/(Holy Bible) BURGESS (Holy Bible)/Loving memories last forever

E 116DC

George E./May 20, 1910/Apr. 27, 1977/In/Loving/Memories/( )/ TURNER

E 117DC

( )/( )/AUCKLAND

E 117B Pink granite.

TAYLOR/In loving memory/Clara C./1912-1980/

E 118C

Ralph E. NUTTER/Sgt. U.S. Army/World War II/Apr. 24, 1911 (Cross) Feb. 8, 1988

E 118B Grey granite.

Frances Amelia LOGAN/Beloved wife of/Roy MATTHEWS/1882-1958

E 118A Grey granite.

Roy MATTHEWS/Beloved husband of/Frances Amelia LOGAN/1884-1966

E 119B Pink granite.

Addie Jane BALL/wife of/Leonard B. SIFTON/ 1895-1952

E 119A Pink granite.

Leonard B. SIFTON/Beloved husband of/Alma BARNES/1894-1955

E 120DC

Warren A./1881-1964/Nettie M./1881-1966/Lt. Col. John G. ANDREWS/Missing in action at Dieppe/Aug. 19, 1942/(Legion emblem) ANDREWS (I.O.D.E.crest)

E 120BA

Kenneth M./May 12, 1878/Jan. 21, 1973/Marjorie C./July 25, 1880/Sept. 3, 1966/Together/Forever/(Masonic emblem) WILLISON (Cross)

E 121A

John David DAWSON/Beloved son of/Harry and Doreen DAWSON/ 1941-1944

E 130DC

William L./1906-1983/Together Forever/Millicent/1906-( )/ WILSON

E 130BA

Harry W./1930-1985/( )/(Hicks)/Together Forever/(Holy Bible) KALFLEISH (Holy Bible)

E 131D

David John PAYNE/Dear son & brother/1960 (Hockey sticks) 1978/He loved people and laughter

E 131CBA

David Wm./1935-( )/Sally G./1938-( )/Together/Forever/ (Masonic emblem) PAYNE (Holy Bible)/Winnifred G. STAPLE/1914-1967

E 132DC

Ronald G./1928-1983/Together/Forever/Married/9-2-78/Jantina/ (1926-( )/(KAAP)/(Dove) CHAMBERS (Praying hands

E 132BA

Frank/Aug. 27, 1939/June 1, 1981/( )/In Loving Memory/ (Holy Bible) VANGORKUM (Holy Bible)

E 133BA

Frank L./1912-1981/( )/Together Forever/TEMPLE

E 134D

Minna SCHOENTHIER/Beloved mother of/Kurt & Gerda/1889 (Holy Bible) 1979

E 134B

Elsie (LAWSONSTUART/1902-1983

E 134A

Harold STUART/1900-1973

E 135DC

Lawrence D./(Larry)/1926-1980/( )Together Forever/ (Masonic emblem) BROWN (Eastern Star)/Too well loved to ever be forgotten

E 135BA

Frank M./1908-( )/Leona F./1909-( )/Together Forever/ (Dove) FROOME (L.A. to B.R.T.)/Entered into rest

E 136B Pink granite.

Alma Barnes SIFTON/1903-1981/Beloved wife of/ Harry B. BARNES – 1922-1950/Leonard B. SIFTON – 1953-1955

E 136A Pink granite.

Harry Bruce BARNES/1898-1950/Beloved husband of/Alma CLARKE

E 137DC

William G./1901-1975/Gladys P./1904-1987/Together Forever/ (Masonic emblem) GARDNER (Praying hands)

E 137BA

Christopher H./1876 -1961/Together Forever/Ella M./1878- 1964/WILSON

E 138C

Edna C. POST/1901 (Cross) 1959

E 138B

Arthur R. POST M.D./1899 (Cross) 1974

E 151DC

Emil/1920-( )/Together/Forever/Amanda/(1917-( )/(Cdn. Infantry emblem) LEHR (Cross)

E 151BA

( )/Estella M./Sept. 3, 1916/June 9, 1984/(Horne)/ Together Forever/KEATING

E 152C

Alwyn C. KING/Gunner/5th Field Regiment/1919 (Legion emblem) ( )

E 153BA

Leroy (Lee)/Nov. 16, 1926/Oct. 18, 1978/( )/Together Forever/(Masonic emblem) BAKER (R Dove emblem)

E 154DC

( )/Dovilla/1925-1980/Together Forever/(Masonic emblem) DYMOCK (Dove)/Gone but not forgotten

E 155A Pink granite.

Arthur BEU/December 16, 1966

E 156C

Hugh B. BROADFOOT/Jan. 17, 1893/Sept. 30, 1966

E 156A Pink granite.

John E. SULLIVAN/Beloved husband of/Mona/Aug. 10, 1900 – Sept. 8, 1972

E 157D

Vivyan M. HEROLD/1899-1962

E 157C

William H. HEROLD/(A.V.S.S. emblem) 1897-1961 (P. Eng. emblem)

E 172DC

( )/Jean A./1917-1984/(Paine)/Together/Forever/Married 8-1-36/(Dove) TALES (Dove)

E 172B

Ada Lillian (STAFFORD)/COLLINS/Beloved mother of/Roy, Don, Neil & Wayne/(Christ figure) April 14, 1904 – March 31, 1986/She lives with us in memory and will for evermore

E 172A

Harley (Roy) STAFFORD/Beloved son of/Ada L. COLLINS/(Dog) Nov. 22, 1923 – May 19, 1984/Until we meet again

E 173D

Douglas Neil STAFFORD/Beloved son of/Neil and Eleanor/ (Motorcycle) Sept. 2, 1954 – April 4, 1981/Forever in our hearts

E 175D

In Loving Memory/Edrie E. CURTIS/Beloved daughter of/(Dog) Murray & Mary CURTIS/1965-1974/(Cat)

E 176DC

Charles J./1912-( )/Thelma G./1915-1976/Together Forever/ COWLARD

E 177A

Rory M. GALLOWAY/Oct. 5, 1953/Oct. 27, 1971/(Dog)

E 178D

Rita SYPERSMA DEINUM/Sept. 13, 1896 – Nov. 23, 1967

E 178C

Charles DEINUM/April 27, 1894 – Oct. 12, 1972

E 196C Pink granite.

(R.C.N.V.R.)/Tel. H. L. FREEMAN/1921-1985

E 197DC

Ivor A./June 28, 1923/April 30, 1981/In/Loving/Memory/( )/ (Violin) MacIVOR (Guitar)

E 197A

James N. BARR/1933-1977 (Horse)/Beloved husband of/Shirley SYMMS/& Family

E 198CB

( )/James/1909-1977/Together Forever/(United Church crest) SYMMS/(United Church crest)/ “Sweathearts” Rudheath Northwich England

E 198A Pink granite.

In Loving Memory/James SYMMS Jr./Jan. 4, 1933/Nov. 14, 1974

E 199BA

Vernon J./1909-( )/H. Adelaide/1914-1984/(Murray)/ Together Forever/Married/2-23-35/Holy Bible/ NEAL (Holy Bible)/ Jesus said, I am the resurrection and the life: He that/ believeth in me though he were dead yet shall he live/John 11: 25

E 200BA

Gordon F. C./1912-1967/( )/LEMON

E 201DC

Eleanor N./1913-1968/John A. K./1908-1968/Together Forever/ LEMON

E 201BA

Cletus/1914-1980/Verna/1917-( )/Together Forever/HOLBORN

E 202DC

Harold A./1917-( )/In/Loving/Memory/Margaret R./1921-( )/ (Holy Bible) GRIFFIN (Holy Bible)

E 202BA
George H.R./1906-1971/Sylvia/1902-( )/Together/Forever/ (Holy Bible BELL (Holy Bible)