St. Thomas – Elmdale Section B

Elmdale Memorial Park Cemetery

Section B

St. Thomas, Ontario, Canada

Gravestone Inscriptions

RECORDED BY: Mary & Glen Ormerod

Elgin County, OGS, June 1988


PROOF READING BY: Barbara Ferguson

Revised and formatted for the Internet 7 December 2002 by Bruce C. Johnson Jr.

Latest Revision 18 April 2008 by Carol VanHarn

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See Section A for a history of this Cemetery


    Section B is located to the south of Section A. Lots are numbered from the north east corner beginning with 01 and continuing to the south. Numbering is continued at the north end of the next row. Burial plots are lettered alphabetically from the south to the north and are typed in that order.

    Some lots contain Cremations. The burials in these are indicated by a decimal number following the plot number (ie: B 440.09).

B 69DC

(Holy Bible) BERRY (Holy Bible)/1923 Donald W.( )/1919 Dorothy L. ( )

B 69BA

Charles (Bud)/1913-1974/Together/Forever/Doris L./1914-( )/ Crossed Anchors) MILLER (Holy Bible)

B 73BA

Glenn O./1904-( )/Gladys I./1911-1986/Together Forever/ (B.R.T Crest) TANNER (Clasped Hands)

B 76BA

William(1906-( )/Ivorine (Midge)/1912-1984/(Book of Life)/ Together Forever/SWANSON (Book of Life)

B 78BA


B 86BA

Oliver B./Feb. 17, 1902/Sept. 14, 1977/Audrey I./Oct. 3, 1913/Jan. 27, 1979/Together Forever/(Heart) WHITE (Holy Bible)/ The Lord is my Shepherd, I shall not want

B 87BA

William J./June 20, 1921/May 11, 1981/( )/Together Forever/(Legion Crest) SALMON (Dove)

B 88ED

( )/( )/Together/Forever/Married/9-18-48/(Dove) HIRTH (Dove)

B 88CB

Raymond R./1927-( )/Harriet J./1929-( )/(Tolmie)/Together Forever/(Emblem) CLAYTON (Dove)

B 88A

Nancy Lynn/CLAYTON  R. N. B. A./1953-1985/Beloved daughter/of Harriet/and Raymond/Dear sister of/Jeff & Jim/To know her/was to love her

B 89C

In Loving Memory/Harold A. GAHAN/1918 (Clasped Hands) 1971

B 90DC

Harold (Bob)/Aug. 9, 1916/Oct. 10, 1979/( )/Together Forever/(Horse) MARTIN (Dove/Though I walk through the Valley of the Shadow of Death I will fear no evil. 23rd Psalm

B 91DC

Marinus/1912-1979/Together Forever/( )/(Holy Bible) DIELEMAN (Holy Bible)

B 92E

In Loving Memory/of our dear son/Raymond R. SKILTON/1920 (Wings) 1968/Interment at Oakville/Trafalgar Lawn Cemetery

B 92DC

Robert N./1901-1965/Violet E.A./1900-1965/Together Forever/ (B.L.F.& E. Emblem) WISE

B 92BA

Reginald A./1898-1976/Emily E./1897-1963/Together Forever/ (R.C.A. Crest) (Legion Crest) SKILTON (Legion Crest) (Salvation Army Crest)

B 94BA

Thomas L./1904-1971/Matilda/1908-1983/MARACLE

B 97C

Lillian (MANSELLSCHIECK/1930 (Holy Bible) 1977

B 97B

Ada (Stevenson) MANSELL/1886-1972

B 97A

Henry MANSELL/1883-1959

B 98BA

Robert A./1919-( )/Wilma P./1927-( ) /(Wigfield)/ Together/ Forever/(Legion Emblem) MILLS (Dove)

B 99BA

Arnold Roy/March 2, 1926/July 4, 1986/( )/(Wagner)/Together Forever/Married 6-23-49/(Train) STAFFORD (Holy Bible)/The Lord is my Shepherd, I shall not want

B 112A

Roderick J. MURRAY/1892 (Ship) 1969

B 117C

In Loving Memory/C. Howard PATRIQUIN/1934-1987

B 118BA

Leslie M./1909-1977/In/Loving/Memory/Elva MUSTILL/1908-( )/ (Holy Bible TINLIN (Holy Bible/Everlasting Life through Christ

B 119A

Antoniette (Toni) Michele BOYES/Beloved daughter of/Fred and June/sister of Gary Shelley/1962-1979/If you can only remember me with tears/and sadness, then you don’t remember me at all

B 120A

Ivan MORLEY/1912-1954/Till we meet again

B 121B

Louisa M. PARKINS/1882 wife of Wm. L. 1958

B 121A

William L. PARKINS/1884-1960

B 122DC

R. W. K. “Sonnie”/1914-1969/Together Forever/Lila C./1917- ( )/(Legion Crest) (C.I.O. Crest) GAGEN (Holy Bible)

B 122BA

John F./1911-1969/Thelma L./1913-1987/Together Forever/ (Cross) HILL (Cross)

B 123DC

( )/Together/Forever/Amy/1905-1978/(Cross) COOPER (Cross)

B 123BA

( )/Clara M./1914-1981/(2 United Church Crests) CHUTE

B 124B

Mary E. KING/Beloved wife of/Samuel King/1890-1973

B 124A

(Cross) Samuel KING/Driver/Royal Field Arty/8 Aug. 1959 age 69

B 125DC

J. William/1890-1970/S. May/1893-1983/GRICE/

B 125BA

Albert E./1907-1976/Together Forever/Greta L./1912-1977/ (Holy Bible) FARREN (Dove)/The Lord is my Shepherd, I shall not want

B 145BA

H. Wallace/Jan. 30, 1911/Mar. 3, 1985/In/Loving/Memory/( )/ (Dove) ALLEN (Dove)

B 146BA

Jacob/Dec. 8, 1917/Jan. 7, 1985/Together/Forever/Married/


( ) (Fehr)/(Holy Bible) REIMER (Holy Bible)

B 147DC

( )/(Taylor)/Together Forever/William (Jake)/1911-1982/ (Clasped Hands) ROSE (Clasped Hands)

B 149D

JONES/Foster L./May 4, 1922/June 8, 1985/( )/(Medema)/ Forever in our Hearts

B 149C

Ronald Walter STRESMAN/Beloved son of/Walter & Florence/1934 1971

B 149BA

Walter A./1912-( )/Together/Forever/Florence E. H./



B 150BA

Jacob F./Nov. 9, 1903/Nov. 4, 1985/Together Forever/( )/ (Cross on Bible) MEDEMA (Cross on Bible)

B 151BA

Kenneth/1921-1975/Margaret/1922-( )/SUMMERS

B 152D

Elizabeth W. MILLER/1925-1972/

B 152C

Gwendolyn M. SQUIRES/Beloved sister of/Evelyn (Squires) Low/1902-1968

B 152BA

Malcolm D./1902-1979/Together Forever/Evelyn L./1902-( )/ (Thistle) LOW (Thistle)

B 153D

Vera E. LAZENBY/1909-1968

B 153C

Wilfred LAZENBY/1905-1980

B 154D

In Loving Memory/Helen (Nell) CARTER/1899 (Holy Bible) 1970

B 154BA

Colin A./1912-1986/Helen V./1914-1975/MacNAUGHT/Loving Memories last forever

B 155B

Beryl PICKARD/1891 (Holy Bible) 1958

B 155A

Edgar PICKARD/1892 (3-link chain) 1983

B 156BA

GRICE/W. Reid/1922-( )/F. Kathryn/1923-( )/(Speers)

B 157DC

Conrad/1902-1982/Together/Forever/Lena/1912-1984/(Cross) TAUS (Cross)

B 157BA

(Cross) PRYCE-JONES (Cross)/(Masonic Symbol) Meredith/1880- 1965/(Templar Symbol)/Ethel/1879-1959/(Rebecca Symbol)

B 158D

Gwendolyn PARKER/1892-1955

B 158C

James M. PARKER/1875-1956

B 175DC

Debbie/Matthew/Kevin/Kimberly/( )/Beverley J./July 13, 1942/Oct. 23, 1984/(Jennings)/(Thistle) JOHNSTON (Rose)/Too well loved to ever be forgotten

B 175A

L. David JONES/Beloved husband of/Patricia Jones/1948 (Clasped Hands) 1986/(Two hearts) We/love/you/Ken/and/Dawn

B 176BA

Leonard E./1912-( )/Margaret E./1920-( )/CLARIDGE

B 177DC

Douglas A./1926-1979/Helena M./1930-( )/Together Forever/(Clasped Hands) DREWITT (Clasped Hands)

B 177BA

Merritt W./1912-1975/In/Loving/Memory/Ellen A./1916-1975/ (Holy Bible) POLLARD (Holy Bible)

B 178B

Carolyn M. RUGGIER/Beloved daughter of/Anthony & Rosemary/ sister of Julia & Yvonne/1965-1977/(Butterfly) Loving Memories last forever (Dog)

B 179DC

HIGGINBOTTOM/(Holy Bible)/Edward J./1920-1986/Together Forever/( ) married 6/6/42/(Providenti)

B 179BA

HIGGINBOTTOM/Ernest G./1891-1976/Together Forever/ Lettie/1886-1965

B 180A

Annie WALTERS/1887 (Holy Bible) 1971

B 182BA

Carl G./1918-1974/Together Forever/( )/(Legion Crest) PALMER (Figure)

B 183DC

Cornelius L./(Neil)/Dec. 22, 1925/Dec. 24, 1982/Together Forever/( )(Tasker)/Married 2-18-55/(2 United Church Emblems) NEFF

B 183BA

Thomas E./1890-1972/E. Claretta/1890-1968/(Emblems: Legion, United Church, 3-link chain TASKER/(Rebecca, United Church, Legion)

B 185BA

Harry E./1917-1977/( )/Together Forever/(3-link chain) JOHNSTONE (Holy Bible)

B 186DC

Herbert H. W./1902-1976/Frederick L./1914-( )/Vincit omnia veritas/(United Church Symbol) EATON (A.F. of M. symbol)

B 186BA

Herbert W./1872-1963/Elizabeth A./1874-1957/EATON

B 187BA

Elmer C./1916-1983/( )/Together Forever/(Car) COLE (Dove)

B 188BA

Walter R./Feb. 23, 1903/Sept. 22, 1965/Together Forever/ Sarah Ann/Dec. 12, 1904/July 14, 1982/(Emblem) SHAW (Ladies Orange Benev. Soc)

B 189BA

Martin R./1886-1969/Together Forever/Margaret A./1899- 1979/(Masonic Emblem) (B.R.T. Emblem) FRASER (Holy Bible)

B 190DC

Aubry C./1890-1962/Lena O./1891-1974/(Masonic Emblem) HAYES

B 190BA

(Dove) BALL (Dove)/R. T. (Mick)/Sept. 27, 1911/Dec. 11, 1987/N. Juanita/Sept. 15, 1909/July 7, 1987/(Mann)

B 191D

In Loving Memory/Joyce Mary HADDOW/Born London, England/Dec. 29, 1923 – Dec. 4, 1979

B 191B

Beatrice BARR/Beloved wife of/Norman and/Mother of John/ (Eastern Star) (No dates)

B 191A

Norman BARR/Beloved husband of/Beatrice and/Father of John/1914 (Wings) 1980

B 195D

n Loving Memory/of our dear son and brother/Ivan Donald BAILEY/1953-1975/(Legion Emblem)/(2 Hearts) Lyn, Ivan

B 197DC

Melvin H./1918-1985/Together in Memory/Patricia W./ 1925-( )//Edgeworth)/SMITH/(Mocha Shrine Emblem) (United Church Emblem)

B 197BA

Frederick S./1893-1971/Together Forever/Norma V./1900-( )/ (B. L. E.) EDGEWORTH (Holy Bible)

B 198CD

( )/(Price)/Leamon B./1909-1987/In/Loving/Memory/ EDGEWORTH/

B 198BA

(Civil Service Association of Ontario)/Francis S./1920- 1978/Together Forever/Evelyne Mae/1918-1977/CLARKE/Too well loved to ever be forgotten

B 200B

Marion SMITH/Beloved wife of/Wilfred O. Smith/Jan. 5, 1894/ June 18, 1980

B 200A

(Cross)/Wilfred O. SMITH/Private/2 C.M.R. C.E.F./9 April 1967 – age 68

B 202DC

Maurice A./1921-1986/Together Forever/Married 5-3-47/ Elsie/1921-( )/(Sobry) SAP

B 202A

Lillian E. VAN ALLEN/1903-1974

B 204A

Eileen L. HAINES/June 19, 1923/Aug. 10, 1981/

B 207DC

William (Bud)/Sept. 14, 1914/May 8, 1984/Together Forever/ ( )/(Stover) JENNINGS

B 207BA

(United Church Emblem)/Albert E./Sept. 23, 1906/Aug. 20, 1978/Together Forever/CARLESS

B 208BA

JOHNSON/Leo Dee/1937-1974/Our beloved son/Stephen D./1959- 1974/

B 209BA

B. Warren/1911-1973/( )/ALLEN

B 211C

David (Dave) W. GARDNER/Beloved son of/Joan and Bill/1954- 1972

B 213B

In Loving Memory/Mother/Elveras FOX/Sept. 3, 1916/Feb. 18, 1958

B 213A

In Loving Memory/Father/Chester B. FOX/April 5, 1906/Feb. 25, 1973

B 214BA

H. Stuart/1903-1975/Inez L./(1910-( )/RICHARDSON

B 215DC

W. Garnet/1921-1979/Together Forever/Vera F./1919-1985/ SQUIRE

B 215BA

(Anchor)/Gordon A./1914-1972/( )/Together Forever/GOODMAN (Bible)

B 216D

Geraldine MATHESON/1897-1965

B 216C

Dora Yorke HARDY/1899-1959

B 217BA

TELLE/Walter H./1903-1979/Together Forever/( )

B 220DC

RICK/John/1906-1973/Together Forever/( )

B 221BA

(B.R.T. emblem) (L.A. to B.R.T.)/GOODWILL/1906 Leslie G. 1986/1913 Jessie M. 1974

B 222B

In Loving Memory/Elizabeth IDESON/1908 (Holy Bible) 1965

B 222A

In Loving Memory/Harry IDESON/1908 (Maltese Cross) 1959

B 223C

Kelvin Douglas JACKLIN/Born Mar. 1, 1958/Died Dec. 12, 1979/ Beloved son of/Edna and Emerson/Dear brother of/(2 hearts inscribed) Ken/Bill/Bob/&Deanna/Sharon/Sandra/God be with you till we meet again

B 225D

Mary F. HALPIN/1889 (Holy Bible) 1959

B 227D

L. Viola POTTS/Beloved wife of/William P. WILCOX/1900-1971

B 227D

William P. WILCOX/Beloved husband of/L. Viola POTTS/1902- 1982

B 227BA

Percy John/1927-( )/Together Forever/Marion/1928-( )/WILCOX

B 228D

Jessie (WHITEDOAN/1887-1970/

B 228C

Agnes Emma PADDON/June 12, 1893/June 25, 1973

B 228BA

Frederick G./1915-1979/Helen (LAY)/1912-( )/In Loving Memory/BOLT

B 229DC

(Masonic Emblem) ELSE (Dove with stars)/1889 Nelson 1964/ 1896 Mary H. 1965

B 229BA

Joseph W./July 27, 1916/May 30, 1979/( )/HODGINS/Too well loved to ever be forgotten/(Iris & 2 Doves)

B 231DC

Shirley (Mac)/1908-1973/In Loving Memory/Helen R./1904- 1976/McDONNELL/(Holy Bible)

B 232A

(Cross)/Morris B. KELLY/Private/R.C.A.S.C./4 Sept. 1974 – age 51

B 233C

(Cross)/F. Harry JOHNSTON/Trooper/Elgin Regiment/9 August 1985 – age 67

B 233BA

Harry T./1900-1973/Together Forever/Doris I./1900-1973/ FALLS/(United Church Emblem)

B 234BA

(Roses) William H. J./1894-1973/In Loving Memory/Bernice/ 1893-1982/(Holy Bible) HAINES (Holy Bible)

B 236DC

Reginald J./1914-1983/Alice E./1912-1976/PRONGER/Too well loved to ever be forgotten/(Lions Club life member) (Praying Hands)

B 237BA

Chester E./1911-1984/In/Loving/Memory/Mary B./1910-1976/ (Holy Bible) VOADEN (Holy Bible)

B 239DC

Harold E. Sr./Nov. 15, 1904/Feb. 25, 1977/( )/Together Forever/PAYSON/Too well loved to ever be forgotten/(A. of M. emblem) United Church emblem)

B 239BA

R. Stewart/Jan. 1, 1917/Nov. 30, 1977/Together Forever/ Marion I./Oct. 25, 1913/Sept. 17, 1983/(R.C.A.F. emblem) McGREGOR

B 240C

Beatrice I. HILL/Beloved wife of/Clarance P. STOVER/Feb. 6, 1896/(Bird in flight) Jan. 15, 1979

B 241DC

Thomas C./1916-1963/( )/Together Forever/SATCHELL

B 241B

George H. COLEMAN/1897-1988

B 241A

William J. COLEMAN/1927-1958/(Civil Service emblem)

B 242C

Frederick J. HENRY/1907-1985/In Loving Memory/(Bible)

B 242BA

R. L. (Laurie)/1896-1974/In/Loving/Memory/( )/DAVEY/ (2 Presbyterian emblems)

B 243DC

James D./1921-1973/( )/Together Forever/McARTHUR/(Legion emblem) (Bible)

B 243BA

Thomas L./1925-1978/Marion T./1931-( )/From your loved ones/HILL/The song is ended but the melody lingers on/(Praying hands)

B 244BA

Norman D./Feb. 11, 1913/May 11, 1976/( )/Together Forever/GARDNER

B 245E

Alice May CLAYPOLE R.N./Beloved daughter of/Harry and Leatha CLAYPOLE/Mar. 5, 1912/Apr. 2, 1982/(R.N. Emblem)

B 245DC

( )/Rosalie M./1919-1983/HENDERSON

B 245BA

John L./1900-1970/Edith R./1905-1971/Together/Forever/ HARRIES

B 246D

(Cross)/Clayton L. GOODMAN/Trooper/1 Hussars/8 Dec. 1981 – Age 59

B 246C

Charles E. MEADOWS/1903-1967

B 246BA

Norman S./1909-1970/Violet D./1897-1986/Together Forever/ CLAYPOLE

B 248D

Jean C. SVENDSEN/1922-1967

B 248BA

William F./1886-1974/Mabel B./1887-1979/Together Forever/ WATSON

B 249DC

CUYLER/( )/1913 Margaret E. 1965/(Emblems: Masonic, (Inverse V), R.N., I.O.D.E.)

B 250BA

John P./Oct.7, 1893/Mar. 11, 1983/Frances S./(BAILEY)June 17, 1894/Oct. 25, 1982/Together Forever/Married 9-4-12/GOLDEN/ (Masonic Emblem) (Eastern Star)

B 251D

David W. ROSS/Sept. 23, 1900/(Cross)April 10, 1962

B 251CBA

TRAVERS/Wm. Melvin/1907-1962/Marie Elaine/Darling Daughter/ 1942-1948/( )

B 252DC

Roderick A./1894-1962/Eva/1893-1985/MOORE (Marker in poor condition)

B 252B

Edith I. GREEN/Beloved wife of Kenneth/1901-1975/(United Church Emblem)

B 252A

Kenneth Erle GREEN/Beloved husband of Edith/1902-1956

B 253DC

Cecil L./1895-1957/Laura E./FREEMAN/1892-1981/(Masonic Emblem) (B.R.T.) SLOAN (Eastern Star)

B 253BA

Robert C./1924-1977/SOPER

B 260DC

William A./1889-1969/Eva E./1888-1983/(Holy Bible) LAY (Holy Bible)

B 260BA

Harold L./1903-1973/Allie M./1902-1972/Together Forever/ BROOKS

B 262E

Myrtle (Davidson) MORRISS/June 29, 1895 (Dove) Feb. 15, 1983

B 262D

E. Maxwell MORRISS/Dec. 5, 1891 (Legion Crest) Feb. 4, 1986

B 262BA

( )/Betty K./(DUSTOW)/Nov. 24, 1931/Nov. 17, 1987/ Together Forever/Married/10-22-49/Baby June L. – Aug. 20, 1963/ (Horn) STOKES (2 hearts) Rob & Rick/Kathy & Bonnie

B 263DC

Floyd M./1901-1980/Together Forever/( )/(United Church crest) DRAPER (United Church crest)

B 263BA

Fritz E./1895-1967/Thea M./1898-1980/(Together Forever/PROHL

B 264C

Albert James SMITH/Sept. 25, 1917 – Dec. 3, 1961

B 264BA

Nick/1893-1970/Ellen/1906-1988/Together Forever/(Cross) HANSEN (Cross)

B 266D

Helen B. BARNHARDT/Beloved wife of/Frank HAKIN/Aug. 20, 1921 (Holy Bible July 28, 1986

B 266B

Ruth Caroline MAY/1883-1970

B 266A

In Loving Memory/Raymond E. SHEPHARD/1918-1963

B 267C

Stanley J. HOLSTEAD/1919-1973/Dear father of/Beverley Deanne HOLSTEAD

B 268BA

Harold N./1920-1974/Florence E./1918-( )/Together Forever/ (Presbyterian Crest) SIMMONS (Holy Bible)

B 269D

Jean M. ABERCROMBY/Beloved wife of Douglas/March 21, 1912- May 28, 1963

B 270D

Maude A. WEDDERBURN/1909-1968

B 270C

Mary Frances BONE/1894-1976/Forever in our hearts

B 270BA

David/1911-1974/In/Loving/Memory/Eileen A./1917-( )/ (Legion Emblem) WOTHERSPOON (Bible)

B 271A

In Loving Memory/Don A. DUNCANSON M.D./1919 (R.C.A.F. Crest) 1969

B 272DC

Paul/1894-1971/Evelyn/1902-( )/Together Forever/(AHEPA Crest) MOSHONAS/(Monas) (Cross)

B 272BA

William G./1926-1971/Rosina M./1926-( )/Together Forever/ (B.R.T. Crest) (Legion Crest) HERBERT (Holy Bible)

B 273DC

Alfred G./1878-1973/E. Rosalind (Rose)/1876-1957/Together Forever/(Cross on Star) (Masonic Crest) WILSON (Eastern Star) (Cross on Star)

B 273BA

(R.C.N.V.R. Crest) WILSON (N.S.F.D. Crest)/( )/Lorna M./ 1924-1987/(MAHER)

B 274DC

Wallis A./1902-1980/Emma J./1911-( )/Together Forever/ (Carpenter Crest) CARTER (Dove)

B 275E

In Loving Memory/Brian D. SIM/Beloved husband of/Anne/Father & Son/Oct. 5, 1946-Dec. 6, 1981/(2 Hearts) We/love/you/Dad/ David/&/Daniel

B 275DCB

David R./1911-( )/Grace D./1921-( )/(ABBOTT)/Sandra Doreen SIM/Sept. 13, 1953/(Dove) SIM (Dove)

B 275A

A. Gertrude COOMBS/1903-1983

B 276DC

Tommie I./1885-1959/Together Forever/Maud/1887-1977/HILL

B 276BA

William E./1912-1973/Leila M./1914-1981/Together Forever/(3- link chain) HILL (Dove) (L.A. to B.R.T Crest)

B 278BA

William J./1902-1982/Doris M./1920-( )/(FLT crest) CARTER (Cross & Bible/

B 279DC

Francis S./1916-( )/Leila A./1922-( )/Together Forever/ Married 9-22-48/(Tanner/(R.C.A.F. Crest) ELLIOTT (Holy Bible)

B 279BA

Wm. Frank/1904-1970/Together Forever/W. Pearl/1903-( )/ (B.R.T. Crest) WARREN (L.A. to B.R.T Crest)

B 280BA

James/1911-1982/(Elgin Regiment Crest/Matilda/1912-( )/ Together Forever/(Legion Crest) BOWIE (Praying Hands)

B 282E

Beatrice ROBBINS/Beloved wife of/William A. ROBBINS/1912 (Dove) 1983

B 282CBA

LUNN/Steven Allen/1953-1962/( )/( )

B 283DC

Benjamin J./Feb. 14, 1895/June 22, 1963/Together Forever/ ( )/(Dove) PARISH (Dove)

B 283BA

William/1906-1967/Ann C./1907-1970/Together Forever/BLACK (Dove)

B 284E

Sara A. TRIGGER/1883 Mother 1956

B 284DC

Grant M./1902-1986/E. Wilhelmine/(1911-( )/Together Forever/(Horse) HARRIS (Dove)

B 284BA

W. Ernest/1894-1986/Ethel B./1890-1963/In Loving Memory/ (Legion Crest) MITCHELL (Legion Crest)

B 285DC

Leo/1897-1951/Together Forever/Clara E./1897-1974/SPANG

B 285BA

( )/( )/Together Forever/(Holy Bible) DAWDY (Holy Bible)

B 286BA

C. Earle/1913-1976/( )/Together Forever/(Holy Bible) HOWEY (Holy Bible/Loving Memories last forever

B 287CB

Adolph G./1897-1974/Audrey V./1904-1963/Together Forever/ LORCH

B 287A

Clifford R. SHIBLEY/May 21, 1892-May 18, 1968

B 294C

In Loving Memory/Ella Marie NICHOL/Daughter of Ross and Ruby STOKES/1931-1959

B 294BA

W. J. Ross/1905-1976/Together Forever/Ruby M./1907-1977/ (Train) STOKES (piano)

B 298BC

Lloyd C./1912-1972/Together Forever/( )/(Holy Bible) CAMPBELL (Bible)

B 299E

(Photo at left)/”We will meet again/Sweetheart”/Jean PELL/ 1931-1962

B 299CB

Thomas J./1902-1976/Together Forever/( )/(3-link chain) (Mocha Temple emblem) GILMOUR (Dove) (Moon)

B 299A

Small granite marker. Tammy Lynne/GILMOUR/Nov. 18, 1977/ Dec. 20, 1977

B 300DC

Bertie/1900-1970/Together Forever/Anne L./1900-1967/(Masonic Emblem) PELL (Moose in heart)

B 300BA

D. Borden/1911-1982/Together Forever/Dorothy A./1914- 1985/(CUPPLES)/Married 6-21-29/(Crossed rifles) SMITH (Holy Bible)/Absent from the body/Present with the Lord

B 301DC

Reginald J./1896-( )/Together Forever/Winnifred L./1895- 1978/(Holy Bible) PYNE (Holy Bible)

B 303D

(Legion crest) ROBERTS (Cat)/1922 Yvonne 1981

B 303C

In Loving Memory/Agnes M. ROWE/1884-1967

B 303BA

Kenneth R./1911-1972/Mary J./1916-( )/MUNROE

B 304DC

William L./1902-1981/Together Forever/Anna N./1901- 1978/(Triangle divided into 3 with symbols, organized 1873) (B.L.E.) HART (Dove) (Bible

B 307D

Muriel I. DREWITT/1909-1957/(Holy Bible)

B 307C

Arthur G. DREWITT/1908-1957/(Friendship Unity and Brotherly Love emblem)

B 307A

Edwin G. BURNS/1911 (U. S. Navy Emblem) 1972

B 308D

Ida Bell NESBITT/Feb. 24, 1886/June 26, 1980

B 310D

Howard REEVES/1909 (Mocha Temple Emblem) 1985

B 310C

E. Dorothy BERDAN/1895-1964

B 311D

Aaron Joseph//LAY/Nov. 5, 1971/Jan. 31, 1972

B 311C

Pte. Trevor S. LAY/Very Special Person/July 21, 1967/June 1, 1986

B 311A

Marion Jean WINTER/Mother of Michael & Dale/1934-1981

B 312DC

WINTER/Forever our beloved sons/1957 Michael B. 1965/1959 Dale B. 1965

B 312BA

William E./1899-1967/Together Forever/( )/(3-link chain) BOWLBY (Holy Bible)

B 315BA

T Roy/1917-( )/In Loving Memory/U. Jean/1917-( )/ (Pettit)/TRIGGER

B 316DC

Charles H./1895-1965/Together Forever/Dorothy M./1899- 1986/FELLOWES/ (Crown & Sword over 3 rings) (Eastern Star)

B 316BA

LANGMAID/Richard S./1868-1955/Together Forever/Emily/1873- 1959

B 317B

Agnes T. STICKEL/(Cross)/1890-1985

B 317A

Mary H. BANCROFT/(Holy Bible)/( )

B 318B

Frank L. PARKER/Sept. 2, 1912 – Dec. 18, 1957

B 318A

John E. BROOKS/Beloved husband of/Helen M. Jones/May 3, 1916/Sept. 28, 1980

B 319DC

Percy E./1887-1960/Together Forever/Ethel J./1893-1982/ BOOSE/(Dove)

B 319BA

Charles H./1907-1980/Together Forever/STOCKER/( )/(B.L.E.) B. of L. F.) (E.S.L.)

B 325CBA

Frank/1898-1968/Doreen/1930-1931/Doris M./1901-( )/ (2 Shriners Crests MASON (Cross on Bible)

B 329DC

LEE/Bryan C./1944-1975/Brenda J./1944-1946

B 329BA

DOKE/Alfred J./1875-1935/Alice M./1883-1966

B 330DC


B 330BA

Robert G./1892-1982/Mary Hood/1896-1960/(I.O.O.F.) RITCHIE

B 331BA

George Miller/1915-1971/Eva L./1914-( )/Together Forever/ BROOKS

B 332DC

William H./1901-1970/Isabelle/1908-( )/Together Forever/ PARTLO

B 333D

(Civil Service of Ontario crest)/NEAL (United Church crest)/( )Mary E./1908-1962

B 334C

Jack R. RENAUD/1931 (Cross) 1968

B 334B

In Loving Memory of/Lily PINDER/1876-1961/Beloved wife of Alfred

B 334A

In Loving Memory of/Alfred G. PINDER/1873-1953/Beloved husband of Lily Pinder

B 338DC

William J./Jan. 10, 1916/Feb. 6, 1979/( )/ Together/ Forever/(2 Presbyterian Crests) NEISH

B 339BA

Alex M./1916-1971/Edith E./1917- 2006/(Shriner Crest) (United Church Crest) FORSYTH (United Church crest)

B 340D

Dora E. ALLEN/1889-1958

B 341D

Loving memories last forever/Hellen SMITH/1888-1976

B 341C

John ISAAC/1902-1979

B 341BA

Hugh A./1911-1980/Teresa G./1913-( )/(B.R.T. Crest) CLARK (L.A. to B.R.T. Crest)

B 342BA

Allan/1896-1962/Esther L./1901-1980/Together Forever/ROSS

B 345DC

Douglas L./Dec. 20, 1914/Oct. 3, 1986/Together/In/Memory/ ( )/ (Clark)(3-link chain) HALLIDAY (Lamp emblem)

B 345BA

George J./1900-1983/Florence M./1909-1970/Together Forever/ WHISKEN

B 346A

Maurice B. JONES/1899-1984/Asleep in Christ Jesus

B 348BA

Edward F./1882-1954/Nettie/1891-1973/TAYLOR

B 349BA

George/1895-1962/SMITH/( )

B 355D

Lillian M. MARSHALL/Beloved wife of/Frederick/1905-1977

B 355C

Frederick J. MARSHALL/Beloved husband of/Lillian/1904-1963

B 355B

LEE/In loving memory of/Orra B./1915-1981

B 356BA

Wilfred G./1903-( )/Iva B./1903-1973/SCOTT

B 358D

Alexander ANDERSON/1913-1981

B 359D

In Loving Memory of/Robert D. LARK/Beloved son of/Robert & Jean LARK/1943-1980

B 359C

In Loving Memory/Son/Paul A. DAVIS/Oct. 1, 1934 – June 22, 1956

B 359A

In Loving Memory/Raymond DAVIS/1908-1973

B 360DC

David A./1926-( )/Winnifred/1930-1984/(Martin)/Together Forever/Married 10-2-48/CROSSETT

B 360BA

James O./1888-1969/Minnie/1889-1959/(2 Canadian Legion emblems) MARTIN

B 361DC

Frank M./Oct. 16, 1896/Mar. 19, 1980/N. M. Louise/Dec. 26, 1899/Feb. 15, 1981/(Fishing Rod) ROBERTS (Dove)

B 361BA

Norman W./Jan. 18, 1909/Sept. 10, 1984/( )/PRANCE/ (2 United Church Emblems)

B 363DC

Wilbert H./1880-1961/Annie/1882-1968/SCIDMORE

B 363BA

Henry E./1896-1958/Frederick/1891-1975/(Masonic Emblem) POULSON (Cross)

B 364D

Raymond D. JONES/Aug. 3, 1980 – Aug. 8, 1980

B 365ED

David J./1881-1966/J. Louise/1884-1966/(I.O.O.F.) JONES (Rebekah symbol)

B 365C

Ann L. GRUNDY/wife of Alfred/1887-1978

B 365B

(Flower Urn) Beloved husband of Ann

B 365A

(Cross)/Alfred W. GRUNDY/Sergeant/Can. Engrs. C.E.F./12 July 1956 age 72

B 366BA

( )/Kathleen M./1909-1988/WITHENSHAW/(A. F. of M.)

B 366DC

( )/( )/COLEMAN

B 366A

HOLLAND/Rev. E. J./1880-1962

B 368D

Cora FAIRBARN/(Doxtater)/1917-1982

B 368B

In Loving Memory/Elsie G. MEDLYN/1901-1977

B 368A

In Loving Memory/James MEDLYN/1898-1969

B 369BA

Cecil Ivan/1902-1973/Lillian (Harvey)/1904-1978/COSENS/(B. R. T.) (Star)

B 370A A.

Kenneth/1905-1981/(B.R.T.)/( )/MOYER

B 371A

PRATT/Frederick L./1899-1973/Dorothy CARTER / PRATT / 1901-1993

B 372D

In Loving Memory/Ada CURRIER/1878-1955

B 372C

In Loving Memory/Frank W. CURRIER/1880-1963/(Masonic Emblem)

B 372B

In Loving Memory/Edith MASDING/1887-1962

B 372A

In Loving Memory/Frank K. CURRIER/1913-( )

B 373D

In Loving Memory/Dorothy I. CURRIER/(Shepherd)/1924-( )

B 373C

In Loving Memory/Mary Jane SHEPHERD/Apr. 15, 1889 – Sept. 1, 1964

B 373B

John William SHEPHERD/June 27, 1896/Sept. 27, 1969

B 373A

Mother/Loretta HENDERSHOTT/April 14, 1894/Feb. 15, 1976

B 374C

David E. WEBSTER/Aug. 3, 1943/Feb. 24, 1961/(Hockey Sticks)

B 378D

Sydney Abbott BEDFORD/1892-1969

B 378C

Marie C. BEIRNES/1885 (Open Bible) 1978

B 378BA

R. Grant/1894-1974/Edna M./1894-1968/SAVAGE

B 380BA

Elburn (Mac)/1929-1983/( )/In Loving Memory/Clasped Hands) MacCASKILL

B 382A

(Masonic Symbol)/Percy W. COX/(3-link chain) 1882 (A.F. of M) 1969

B 383D

In Loving Memory/Jean LARK/1899 (Eastern Star) 1973

B 383C

In Loving Memory/Robert LARK/1905 (Shriners Emblem) 1969

B 384DC

CLARKE/J. Bevan/1906-1964/Together Forever/( )

B 384BA

James S./1892-1967/Mildred L./1897-1975/Together Forever/ (Legion Symbol) HEDDLE/

B 385DC

William/1902-1987/Together Forever/Bertha/1906- )/HOWARD

B 385B

Marion M. HOWARD/Beloved daughter of/William and Bertha/ 1929-( )

B 385A

In Loving Memory/Hilda Mary SHANLIN/1904-1967

B 386DC

Albert J.R./1918-1967/( )/MITCHELL

B 386BA

Brian E./1951-1978/( )/Together Forever/(Civil Service Association of Ontario emblem) RAWLINGS (United Church emblem)

B 387BA

Harold O./1907-1986/Gladys M./1909-1986/together Forever/ SMITH

B 388DC

Delbert/1904-( )/Orpha M./1908-1970/Together Forever/ (B.R.T.emblem) SCIDMORE (Girl Guide symbol)

B 388BA

Kenneth H./1908-1967/Emma M./1916-( )/MONTEITH

B 389BA

Glen/1903-1958/In Loving/Memory/Ethel 1907-1976/(B.L. F.&E.) CALDWELL

B 390D

Amy Lena BARKER/1891-1968

B 390C

M. Jean ALLEN/1915-( )

B 390B

Harry (Sonny) ALLEN/1917-( )/(Small Cross)

B 391DC

Herbert E./1884-1981/Florence B./1883-1976/VINT

B 391BA

Sherman W./1906-1966/Marjorie/1919-1966/Together Forever/ BENNER

B 392DC

Alexander D./1915-( )/Margaret H./1917-1987/Together Forever/Married 6-5-41/(Open Bible) LAY Rest in Peace

B 392BA

Lillian E./1912-1965/( )/Together Forever/(Open Bible) LAY

B 394DC

Milton C./1889-1969/Laura (Smiley)/1886-1972/ZIMMERMAN

B 394BA

Murray G./1904-1969/Beulah I./1907-( )/Together Forever/ BAKER

B 395DC

John/1914-1960/( )/Together Forever/(Emblems: Rotary Club, Masons, United Church) WIGNALL

B 395BA

NEWSOME/Jesse/1894-1965/( )/Together/Forever

B 396A

Caroline E. SHAPCOTT/June 15, 1879/April 7, 1968

B 402D

A. Ruth MORRISON/1938-1972

B 403D

Kelly Ann/MILMINE/Nov. 19, 1966 – Aug. 9, 1968

B 404DC

Norman R./1917-1982/S. Beryl/1917-1964/In Loving/Memory/ (Kinsmen Crest) MALLOY (Holy Bible)

B 404A

O. Buryl POW/Beloved daughter of/Hedley & Margaret POW/1903 (R.N. Crest) 1981

B 405BA

Vermont/1902-1985/Katherine/1911-( )/Together/Forever/ (Shriner Crest) POW (Cross, Staff, & Star)

B 406D

In Loving Memory/Edward J. (Ted) COX / Aug. 11, 1943 – Nov. 7, 1965

B 406BA

Norman L./1894-1957/Flossie M./1896-1963/Together/Forever/ CANNING

B 407A

In Loving Memory/John G. ROBERTS/1885-1957/(Masonic Emblem) (B.R.T. Emblem)

B 408D

Thomas MacKAY/Beloved husband of/Christina DURAND/1882-1971

B 408CB

William/1903-1976/Jean C./1911-1977/Together Forever/BARDELL

B 408A

R. Joseph LOOMIS/1911-1970

B 409BA

( )/Vera M./1920-1960/SAUNDERS

B 410BA

(Holy Bible) THOMAS (Holy Bible)/( )/Together Forever/ Thelma R./ 1914-1967

B 411CBA

THOMAS/William/1880-1958/Elizabeth A./1883-1959/Hilda E./ 1917-1983/(Masonic Emblem) Together Forever (Eastern Star)

B 412DC

Lloyd W./1913-1973/Lois L./1920-1954/Together Forever/THOMAS

B 412B

Robert TASKER/Father of/Lois THOMAS/1879-1966

B 413DC

Jack A./1917-1974/In/Loving/Memory/( )/(Optimist Crest) STOLLERY (United Church Crest)

B 413BA

William N.D./1885-1983/(Cross I.H.S.) Winnie V.M./1893-1982/ (Dowd)/ROSS

B 414DC

John C./1890-1967/Together Forever/M. E. Mae/1902-1971/ (Cross) GILLAN (Holy Bible)

B 414B

Erna Marie MAIR/1894 (I.O.D.E.) 1986

B 414A

A. Kirk MAIR/1894 (United Church Crest) 1962

B 415DC

Charles R./1907-1987/In/Loving/Memory/E. Irene/1913-1986/ (Holy Bible) HUME (Holy Bible)

B 415B

Martha (Margaret) NOBLE/Dec. 2, 1890 (Dove) July 11, 1958

B 415A

John W. NOBLE/Mar. 31, 1885 (3-link chain) Feb. 19, 1959

B 416D

In Loving Memory/Etoile E. ERWIN/1902 (Dove) 1986/At Rest

B 416C

In Loving Memory/William J. ERWIN/1897 (B.R.T. crest) 1959/At Rest

B 416B

Verlyn PARKINS/Beloved wife of/Joseph GRINSTED/1913-1982

B 416A

Joseph GRINSTED/Beloved husband of/Verlyn/1906-1972

B 417ED

( )/Olive C./1888-1963/(2 United Church crests) STAGG

B 417CBA

Harry F./1894-1966/Nina B./1895-1980/Flt. Sgt Donald E./ 1922-1943/Missing in Action/(B. of R. crest) McFADDEN (Holy Bible)

B 418A

Randall H. BYTHELL/1912-1973

B 423DC

Harry V./1904-1974/In/Loving/Memory/Mary J./1903-1984/(Holy Bible) FAULKNER (Holy Bible)

B 425C

Doreen G. BURFORD/Beloved daughter of/Alfred & Mabel BURFORD/1927 (Dove & Stars) 1977

B 425BA

Alfred/1891-1979/Mabel/1900-1985/Together/Forever/(I.O.O.F.) BURFORD (Holy Bible)

B 428C

Thelma Ida ORR/Beloved daughter of/George and Ida ORR/1910 (Dove) 1983

B 428BA

George/1884-1960/Together Forever/Ida M./1885-1966/(B.R.T. crest) ORR (L.A. to B.R.T. crest)

B 429BA

Clarence R./1904-1977/Together/Forever/Mabel H./1901-1969/ CROSS

B 430E

Alberta DOLLERY/Beloved wife of/Norman MONTEITH/1911 (Dove) ( )

B 430DC

LEACK/Erie J./1919-( )/Judy/1922-1987/Until we meet again

B 430BA

George A./1901-1973/( )/(Cross) BROWN (Crown)

B 433DC

FLEWELLING/E. Earl/1913-1966/Gertrude A./1915-1976/Together Forever

B 434BA

( )/Together Forever/( )/(Master Mason) JONES (United Church Crest

B 435D

James DOXTATER/1892-1969

B 435C

Tony Carlo VALENTINO/Lovingly remembered by wife Dorothy/and family/Feb. 27, 1895 – Oct. 13, 1961

B 435BA

Harold T./Sept. 28, 1912/Sept. 23, 1979/( )/Together Forever/(Dog) BURGIN (Dog)

B 436BA

Oliver F. L./1903-1974/( )/Together/Forever/NASH

B 437DC

Gordon (Dinny)/1906-1982/( )/Together Forever/(Dove) HARRIS (Dove)

B 438BA

Norman R./1890-1955/Florence/1888-1972/MARTIN

B 440.01

William MOFFAT/1899-1982


Kenneth M. ROBERTSON/Beloved husband of/Edna BROWN/1906-1978


Martin DIXON/Beloved husband/father & son/1945-1978/ Memories/last forever


(Shrine emblem) In Loving Memory (Legion emblem)/James DIXON/ 1915-1985


Bessel (Ben) VanDenAKKER/Beloved husband of/Aartje DeGROOT/1912 (Open Bible) 1978


Helen M. JONES/Beloved wife of/John E. Brooks/Apr. 10, 1916 (Dove) Mar. 27, 1979


Donald L. B. WARD/1925-1978


Jeanie Wilson SHEARER/1909-1987


In Loving Memory/Jerrold W. HARRIS/Beloved husband of/Jackie/ Father & Son/Feb. 9, 1939/June 22, 1979/(2 Hearts containing:)/Jerry & Jackie/Leah & Toby


Helen S. HARCOURT/1907 (Open Bible) 1983

B 444D

Robert G./CRUICKSHANK/Beloved son of/David & Kimberley/ Apr. 30, 1978 (Cross) May 19, 1978

B 444C

John L./CRUICKSHANK/1938 (Holy Bible) 1975

B 445A

Richard G. BARDELL/Beloved son of/James & Agnes BARDELL/1917 1981/(Emblem: Boilermakers, Iron, Ship builders, Blacksmiths, Forgers and Helpers. Affiliated A.F.L. C.I.O.)

B 447C

In loving memory/Gordon H. PETERS/1921-1962

B 447BA

Charles L./1896-1983/In/Loving/Memory/Minnie/1896-1987/ (UDELL)/(Praying Hands) LALE (Praying Hands)

B 448D

Archibald MONTEITH/1876-1957

B 448C

Emma DOLLERY/1879-1957

B 448B

Phillip W. MONTEITH/Beloved husband of/Diane and father of/ Christine and Dean/1945-1979

B 448A

Norman MONTIETH/Beloved husband of/Alberta MONTEITH/1907- 1985/ (locomotive)

B 449DC

Charles J./1891-1970/Lovie L./1891-1973/MARPLE/(Mocha Temple emblem)

B 449BA

Christian/1893-1973/Berniece/1900-( )/(Masonic emblem) FORBERG (Rose)

B 450DC

Alvin A./March 5, 1916/April 29, 1976/( )/McNEA/Forever in our hearts/(Legion Emblem) (Angel)

B 450BA

Thomas/1909-1975/In loving memory/Elsie J./1918-( )/ CAMPBELL/(2 United Church emblems)

B 452D

Edith E./ HANNAHSON/Daughter of J. GRACEY/Dec. 5, 1918/ June 11, 1963

B 452C

Larry E. M. KNIGHT/January 20, 1947/August 28, 1962/Y.M.C.A. & other emblem)

B 453D

Ivan SHARPE/Dec. 21, 1929/Jan. 1, 1977

B 453C

Mary Ellen POWERS/1887-1964

B 453BA

William C./1901-1971/Teresa M./1897-1979/SMITH

B 454DC

Melvin S./1926-( )/Doreen M./1931-1969/ESSELTINE/(Praying hands)

B 455DC

William J. C./1889-1967/(Masonic symbol)/Mabel I./1896-1978/ HEARD

B 455BA

Clarence G./Nov. 29, 1905/Apr. 14, 1975/Vera M./Aug. 16, 1906/Nov. 25, 1972/SMOKE

B 456D

In Loving Memory/Edith E. (Woolley)/DAVEY/Mar. 20, 1900/ Jan. 9, 1981

B 456C

In Loving Memory/William John DAVEY/July 16, 1881/May 25, 1963

B 457BA


B 458DC

Charles E./1879-1963/Ethel M./1885-1961/ALLWARD

B 458BA

Francis M./1886-1959/(Masonic Emblem)/Maud R./1891- 1967/(Eastern Star) BROWN

B 459.01

In Loving Memory/Thomas J. P. McDOUGALL/Beloved husband of/ Martina McADAM/May 30, 1914/May 3, 1980/Loving memories last forever/(Cross I.H.S.)

.04 In

Loving Memory/Chester LeBLANC/Beloved husband of/Loreta BARNES/Dec.25, 1911/May 6, 1980/(Cross I.H.S.)

.09 R.

Omar KILBURN/1900-1980


In Loving Memory/Cindy (Benn) GOOD/Beloved wife of Robert/A & sons Shawn, Shane, & Christopher/1947-1979/Cindy & Bob/We love you Mom/(In 2 hearts)


In Loving Memory/Gladys Mildred GREEN/Beloved wife of/ Clifford G. GREEN/May 25, 1895 (Open Bible) July 15, 1979


Karl SCHICK Sr./1887-1980

B 460.01

Eric R. JORGENSEN/Beloved husband of Lynn/1950-1972


Alice M. PARTRIDGE/Beloved wife, mother & grandmother/ April 6, 1901-Sept. 24, 1972


Walter ROCK/Beloved husband, father & grandfather/ April 13, 1916-Apr. 27, 1973

B 460.08
Dorothy (BOWRONATKINSON/Dear mother/1897-1969

Charles H. HILL/1885-1969


Eliza C. HILL/1892-1985


Charles S. UDELL/1907-1971


Hazel L. UDELL/1908-( )


Bernice BLADES/Beloved wife of/Victor L. NEWMAN/1918-1971


Susan B. POPHAM/1877-1972

.22 L.

Spencer KILMER/Beloved husband of/Mildred M. WEST/ 1905-1974


George A. ADAMS/Beloved husband of/Bette WRIGHT/ 1914 (R.C.A.F. Wings) 1973


Donald W. COLBOURNE/1905-1975


John D. W. FELLOWES/Beloved son and brother/1953-1974


Milton (Pick) PASCOE/1908-1973


Mary A. PASCOE/1908-1986


Herbert R. DICKEY/Beloved husband of/Christine MacDONALD/ 1901-1973


S. Louise BULLOCK/1908-1973

B 462DC

Henry A./1888-1981/Bessie L./1886-1982/Together Forever/ (F.L.T. crest) (Cross) COOK (Cross) (Salvation Army crest)

B 462A

In Loving Memory/Cecil R. LAWSON/Beloved husband of/Pauline (GAGEN) Lawson/Sept. 30, 1913 – July 4, 1978

B 463BA

Omar E./1888-1961/Together/Forever/Eva M./1889-1969/JENNINGS

B 464DC

William G./1893-1961/Florence E./1897-1980/Together Forever/ (Cross) MARSHALL (Cross)

B 466DC

HIND/1915 Harley R. 1979/1921 Constance N. ( )

B 466BA

C. Neil/1912-1987/In/Loving/Memories/Rachel B./1915-( )/ (Little)/SANDERSON

B 467DC

Peter M./1917-1976/In/Loving/Memory/William R./1919-1987/ COUSE/Loving memories last forever

B 467B

In Loving Memory/Mary L./JOHNSON/Sept. 26, 1916/March 25, 1981/(Holy Bible)

B 467A

(Masonic Emblem) Spencer J. CLAUS/1923-1966

B 470E

In Loving Memory/Larry H. RUDDOCK/July 5, 1939/May 29, 1959/Accidental

B 470DC

(Dove) RUDDOCK (Holy Bible)/Lester H./1906-1987/(Duke)/ Geneva A./1909-( )/(HIGGS)

B 470B

George G./HIGGS/Mar. 10, 1914/Apr. 9, 1984/(Dove)

B 470A

In Loving Memory/Alice M. HIGGS/1883 (Cross) 1964

B 471ED

George T./June 1, 1885/Oct. 3, 1976/Catherine E./Sept. 16, 1888/Dec. 23, 1965/Together Forever/COULTER

B 471CBA

SHARPE/George M./1902-1975/Virginia I./Age 3 mo./Lillie I./ 1899-1975

B 472DC

McKENZIE/Len/1904-1975/Elsie B./1904-1964

B 474DC

Able C./1897-1972/Sarah/1903-1981/Together Forever/CONRAD

B 474BA

George H./1873-1978/In Loving/Memory/Maud J./1885-1964/ ROBBINS

B 475DC

Charles R./1918-1973/In/Loving/Memory/( )/(Shriners Emblem/HAMMERSLEY (United Church crest)

B 475BA

HAMMERSLEY/William A./1879-1950/Bertha/1882-1950

B 476DC

Robert M./1894-1980/Jessie R./1893-1975/(Cross) HEPBURN (Cross)

B 476B

Dougald R. HEPBURN/April 4, 1932/(United Church crest) June 18, 1966

B 477.03

Thomas W. REID/Beloved husband of/Dora HILL/1909 (Masonic Emblem) 1985


In Loving Memory/Frederick G. SEABOURNE/Beloved husband of/ Blanche REH/1904 (Dove) 1980


In Loving Memory/Blanche SEABOURNE/Beloved wife of/ Frederick G./1906 (Dove) 1985


In Loving Memory/Irene M. BRAD/Beloved mother of/Allan, Ann and Karen/June 6, 1917/Aug. 5, 1984


Helen S. ANDERSON/Beloved wife of/F. Arthur MATTHEWS/1922- 1982


Wilbur (Bill) BERDAN/Beloved husband of/Joyce (ROWSON) Berdan/May 29, 1920/June 26, 1984


In Loving Memory/Ruth HESSEL/Aug. 12, 1925/Feb. 15, 1981


In Loving Memory/Kurt GRITZAN/Apr. 19, 1940/Apr. 13, 1984


Gladys (FLEMINGFULKERSON/March 7, 1922/May 12, 1983/(R.N. emblem)/She would rather give than receive


John J. GALLAGHER/Beloved husband of/E. Ruth LENENTINE/1918 (Bible) 1981


In Loving Memory/W. George CLARK/Beloved husband of/Muriel TAYLOR/1907 (Dove) 1981

B 478DC

Stephen H./1897-1979/In Loving/Memory/E. Bianca/1903-1986/ (Masonic Emblem) COHOON (Eastern Star)

B 478B

Harriet CHATER/Beloved wife of/Wm. A. SMITH/July 30, 1871/ May 12, 1938

B 478A

William A. SMITH/Beloved husband of/Harriet CHATER SMITH / May 26, 1870-January 27, 1940 (Masonic Emblem)

B 479A

Charles R. McDONALD/1936 (Holy Bible) 1983

B 480BA

D. Leslie/1916-1981/( )/(Legion crest) WAGNER (Holy Bible)

B 482BA

Elbern F./1908-1976/Helen C./(COTT)/1915-( )/Together Forever/(2 United Church crests) (Wheat) GUNNING (Dove)

B 483B Pink granite, bronze letters.

M. Maude ROSE/1886 (Cross) 1968

B 483A Pink granite, bronze letters.

J. Edward ROSE/1885 (B.T.R. crest) 1954

B 484BA

Louis R./Jan. 27, 1919/Feb. 13, 1987/( )/(WEBSTER)/ Together Forever Married 7-10-46/(Legion crest) BURNS (United Church crest)

B 485E

Olive M. HAZELL/Beloved wife of Thomas/1876-1962

B 485DC

(Dove) HOBDEN (Dove)/George R./Jan. 14, 1928/May 10, 1986/()

B 485BA

( )/Together Forever/( )/FREEMAN

B 487C

(Auntie)/Beatrice A. BAGLEY/Beloved sister of Frances & Richard/1886-1971

B 487BA

Richard E./1896-1965/Frances E./1895-1972/Together Forever/ WALTERS

B 488BA

William E./Sept. 7, 1910/March 28, 1970/Neva E./Oct. 21, 1907-( )/EDMONDS

B 490BA

Clifton S./1907-1986/( )/Together Forever/(Masonic emblem) YOUNG (4-H Club emblem)

B 491DC

AUCKLAND/George C./Aug. 29, 1929 – Aug. 2, 1977/( )/ Though I walk through the Valley of the Shadow of Death, I will fear no evil

B 491BA

FLETCHER/James/1903-1970/Helen (Hutchison) 1906-1987

B 493D

Alice M. LANGLEY/1880 (Legion emblem) 1955

B 493CB

Douglas C./1899-1963/Julia L./1903-1978/MARTIN

B 495.02

In Loving Memory/Faith C. Feely/BEASLEY/1896 (Cross) 1976


In Loving Memory of/George N. KEAST/Beloved husband of/Marie MANARY/1913 (Bible) 1976


In Loving Memory/”Queenie” Ruth HILLIS/Beloved wife of/Ley S. SMITH/1910 (R.N. emblem) 1977


Thomas Henry WOOD/Mar. 11, 1918/(Masonic emblem) Jan. 8, 1976


Janet WOOD/(Open Bible) Apr. 27, 1924/Nov. 6, 1977


Cecil A. BABCOCK/Beloved husband of/Dorothy DENCH/1896 (Fire Fighters emblem) 1974


Raymond A. MANN/Beloved husband of/Norma BABCOCK/1926 (Dove) 1986


Michael G. OXLEY/Beloved son of/Garnet & Monna/Brother of Patti/1949-1976


Lucius H. HOUSE/1890-1982


Anne E. HOUSE/1907-1976


Robert O. BURGESS/1916-1976


Robert Nelson BARRIE/July 10, 1932 (2 Anchors) Aug. 25, 1974


Gary WESTLAKE/Beloved son of/Frank and Irene/1941-1975

B 498DC

George E./1904-1973/In/Loving/Memory/Vina May/1904-1985/ (Bible) JOHNSON (Bible)

B 500DC

(Golfer) MUTCHLER/Charles W./1914-1986/(Bud)/Mildred A./ 1921-( )/(Mil) In Loving Memory

B 501A

Jolke LEENTJES/Beloved husband of/Joukje DEVRIES/1916 (Holy Bible) 1978

B 502DC

George T./Sept. 14, 1904/Mar. 12, 1984/( )/Together Forever/Married 6-7-27/(Dove) HOBDEN (Dove)

B 503B

Eliza Jane HEARD/1877-1949

B 503A

Thomas HEARD/1877-1956

B 508.03

Together Forever/Arthur HEAP/1908-1987/Lillian Ivy HEAP/ 1911-1981


Sharon L. WALKER/Beloved daughter of/George L. and Violet M. WALKER/1945 (Dove) ( )


George L. WALKER/Beloved husband of/Violet M. McCALLUM/1919 (Masonic Emblem) 1987


Violet M. McCALLUM/Beloved wife of/George L. WALKER/1917 (Eastern Star) ( )


Phyllis M. (ROBERTSON)/HAWKINS/Beloved wife of/Charles B. HAWKINS/1912 (Dove) 1987


George (Micky) McGUIRE/June 2, 1911/(Masonic Emblem)/Feb. 1, 1987


In Loving Memory of/James Arthur RYCKMAN/Born 1870/Died 1939


In Loving Memory of/Anna Mabel RYCKMAN/Born 1879/Died 1940


In Loving Memory of/Maxwell Bedford RYCKMAN M.D./Born 1910/Died 1982

B 509.01

Alfred G. WILD/Beloved husband of/Dorothy (JACQUES) Wild/ Nov. 8, 1916/Sept. 19, 1986/


David F. VANKOOTEN/1945 (Lions Club emblem) 1986


In Loving Memory/George H. BOWEN/1913 ( Dove) 1986


M. J. (Marnie) CAMPBELL/Beloved mother of/Jackie and Geri/ 1917 (Dove) 1986


Marjorie E. OLSEN/Beloved mother of/M. J. (Marnie) CAMPBELL/ 1895 (Dove) 1987


Robert S. MARSHALL/1942-1986


In Loving Memory/H. G. (Stormy) GALE/ 1918-1983


Eileen M. (BELLGALE/1920-1985


June HOWARTH/1933-1985/Dearly loved/sadly missed by/Dennis, Stephen, Michael


Leslie G. STUTTLE/Beloved husband of/Leta G. MOORE/1908 (Dove) 1987


Leta G. MOORE/Beloved wife of/Leslie G. STUTTLE/1913 (Dove) ( )


Agnes K. (Nan) FACKRELL/Beloved wife of/Hugh FACKRELL/ 1922 (Eastern Star) 1985


Jack B. WOOD/Beloved husband of/Audrey M. WOOD/Sept. 2, 1927/Feb. 27, 1985


Ernest MOSER/Beloved husband of/Dorothy ROTH/Father of/Joyce and Phyllis/1922-1984


Russel W. HALL/Beloved husband of/Frances LAUTEBACH/ 1932 (Horse Shoe) 1985


Garnet G. OXLEY/Beloved husband of/Monna OXLEY/Father of Patti and Michael/1916-1984/

Iris (Bicknell) SIMS/Beloved wife of William J. SIMS/June 20, 1918/Nov. 21, 1983