St. Thomas – Elmdale Section A

Elmdale Memorial Park Cemetery

Section A

St. Thomas, Ontario, Canada

190 Wilson Ave, St. Thomas, ON N5R 3R3

Gravestone Inscriptions

RECORDED BY: Mary & Glen Ormerod

Elgin County, OGS, June 1988


PROOF READING BY: Barbara Ferguson

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In 1929 a group of men from Sarnia decided to establish a cemetery in St. Thomas. This was to be a different concept from the other local cemeteries as it was to be called a park lawn cemetery and have flat markers in it.
The property they chose was approximately 19 acres on the west half of Yarwood Farm. This land was bordered on the north by Elm Street, on the east by the London & Port Stanley railroad, and the on the west by Wilson Avenue.
Prior to becoming a cemetery, this property was owned by James H. Still who had a logging operation around 1898 – 1920. The barns used to house the horses is now the workshop for the cemetery. In 1903 the south end of the property was sold to St. Thomas and became the Southern County Fairgrounds. It is said that both Buffalo Bill and Annie Oakely performed at the circus around 1919. The original racetrack is still in the ground and is now used as the roadway throughout the cemetery.

    The cemetery was established as the Elgin Cemetery Company operating Elmdale Memorial Park. In the possession of the current owners is a pamphlet that was used to encourage people to buy lots, and also lists the Officers and Directors for the company.

    In 1953 the cemetery came under new management and ownership. It was to be converted from a parklawn cemetery into a modern garden cemetery. The area was broken down into a series of individual gardens, beautifully landscaped and planted, where there would be family burial estates. This idea was never really completed. At this time, the name of the company was changed to Elmdale Cemetery Company from Elgin Cemetery Company. The president was William Edward Mills of Sarnia, Blair Campbell Moore, vice president, and Frank Vincent, manager. They felt that the garden cemetery would increase the beauty of the cemetery even though it would take more work to maintain. There now are 50 flower beds and one hundred species of trees. A couple of the trees were marked as heritage trees by the Parks Department a few years ago. There are also several flower beds donated by family members in memory of a loved one, as well as several trees.

    The unique stone wall that is on the west and north sides of the property was created by Dayton Mills and his assistants. The stone was brought from Kettle Creek in winter by sleighs and horses. The Shrine of the Good Shepherd was dedicated on June 26, 1955 and a Masonic Altar was erected in A Section in 1957. The first  Columbarium was built in 1989 with the next three at the south end of the property in 1998.

    Elmdale has always been privately owned. In was owned from 1961 – 1978 by Harold Stafford, and from 1978 – 1985 by Joseph Artibello of Mississauga, and from 1985 to the present by Frank & Patricia Artibello. They are the first owners to be involved in the day to day operation of the cemetery.
The original office for the cemetery was at 374 Talbot Street and at this time there were several salesmen employed by the cemetery. It then moved to 140 Wilson Avenue and the present office was built in 1984. There is presently one full time office person plus two outside workers all year, and a third outside worker from May to October.

    The first burial took place on September 21, 1933, of Benjamin Clifford Honsinger, who had drowned the year before and had been entombed in the St. Thomas Cemetery Mausoleum.

    The cemetery is divided into ten sections plus the columbariums. “A” section starts at the northeast side of the cemetery and follows a horseshow type pattern to Section “H” on the northwest side of the cemetery. There are also two sections in the middle of the cemetery at the north: the north oval; and in the south, the south oval. Further to being divided in sections, each lot is numbered with a round cement marker with the number of each grave on it.
The cemetery staff have kept fairly detailed information on each person buried in the cemetery: most of the obituary notices from the last 70 years and at one time a family history was also taken. The staff are in the process of putting this information into a computer.

    At the present time, there is no charge for looking up family history.
The office address is: Elmdale Memorial Park Cemetery, 190 Wilson Avenue, St. Thomas, Ontario, Canada, N4R 3R3



Section A is in the north-east corner of the Cemetery bordering on Elm Street. Lots are numbered from the North to South with 01 in the north-east corner. The lot number marker is at the north-east corner of each lot. Within each lot the burial plots are lettered from South to North so that when walking down a row from the north, the first plot encountered will be “D”. When the numbering on a row ends, it is carried on at the north end of the next row.

    Unless indicated all of the markers of burials are bronze plaques. If more than one burial is recorded on a plaque, there is more than one letter in the Plot number code. In order to allow for updating, if there is no plaque on the lot, the number is NOT used.

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A 64D

Freda (Shephard) SMITH /Beloved wife of/Chester/1919-( )

A 64C
 Sgt. Chester P. SMITH /Beloved husband of/Freda/Sept. 3, 1922/(Masonic & Shriner Symbols) June 15, 1964

A 65BA
Gertrude A./1920-1981/Stanley W./1916-( )/ WOOD /In loving memory/(Masonic Symbol)

A 67BA
(Masonic Emblem) CAIRNS (Eastern Star)/1901 Robert J. 1964/1905 Norma M. 1983

A 77BA
Harold W./Nov. 23, 1906/Oct. 30, 1977/In Loving/Memory/( /(Emblem) COLMAN (Emblem)

A 78DC
Duncan L./1912-1974/( )/(Emblem) McCARTNEY (Emblem)

A 120DC

John A./1901-1983/(Robie)/Dorothy L./1899-1987/(Edwards)/ ROBINSON /(Mocha Temple Symbol)

A 121DC
Jack S./1914-( )/Violet M./1913-( )/Together Forever/ REID / (Mocha Temple & Eastern Star Symbols)

A 121BA
Robert L./1898-1977/Together/Forever/Edith M./1915-( )/ (Symbol) SOUTHERN (Holy Bible)

A 122D
In loving memory/Elizabeth T. HAMMOND /Beloved mother of/ Claire STANKEVICH /Nov. 25, 1906/May 20, 1980

A 122C
Son/Ronald D. COX /(Bicycle) 1959-1977

A 123BA
Arthur W./Nov. 13, 1913/June 26, 1980/Together Forever/ (Masonic Symbol) SHAW (Dove)/Loving memories last forever

A 124DC
Harris C./1914-( )/Mary L./1927-1984/(Rowe)/Together/ Forever/Married3-2-46/(Shriners Emblem) BABCOCK (Dove)

A 124BA
( )/In/Loving/Memory/Norma P./Apr. 3, 1919/Jan. 21, 1984/ (Masonic Emblem) MEDLYN (Dove)

A 144BA
STEWART /George H./1898-1988/Frances E. V./1901-1982/(Emblems Masonic, Legion, Eastern Star & other)

A 145BA
FERGUSON /Currie/1911-1983/M. Ruth/1913-( )/(Masonic Emblem)/Together Forever

A 146D
James A. DONALDSON /Beloved son of/John D. & Elizabeth/ June 23, 1931/Dec. 4, 1978

A 146BA
DONALDSON /Together Forever/(Symbols Masonic, Legion, United Church & Eastern Star)/John D./1900-1974/Elizabeth/1903-()

A 147BA
BROADBENT /Together Forever/Albert/1898-1986/Annie E./ (Nancy)/1900-1966

A 148BA
ROBINSON /(2 Legion symbols)/Stanley/Mar. 30, 1897/Dec. 21, 1977/Pauline (Soper)/Oct. 21, 1902/May 1, 1981

A 149DC
SMALE /(Masonic & RN symbols)/Together Forever/John H./1901- 1988/Gladys/1906-1981

A 149BA
WELSH /In Loving Memory/(Masonic & Eastern Star symbols)/ D. Edwin/1916-1976/( )

A 150DC
WATSON /Together Forever/Masonic & Eastern Star symbols)/ John J./1922-1979/Jean K./1922-( )

A 151DC
ROBERTS /In Loving Memory/(Masonic & Bowling symbols)/ Melvin R./1932-( )/Lenore S./1934-( )/(ROCK)

A 151BA
CLARK /Together Forever/Masonic symbol, Open Bible)/Douglas E./1899-1980/( )

A 152BA
TAYLOR /Together Forever/(Masonic & Eastern Star Emblems)/ Alvin W./1899-1967/Barbara/1908-1961

A 153DC
DONALDSON /(Masonic & Music emblems)/Robert J./1915-1980/ A. Margaret/1917-1970

A 154DC

DORANS /Together Forever/(2 Scotch Thistles)/James A./1913 ( )/Annie M./1912-( )

A 155DC
MOORE /Together Forever/(Symbols RN, Masonic & other)/Leonard A./1898-1967/( )

A 157D
In Loving Memory/Mabel B. THOROGOOD /1904 (Holy Bible) ( )

A 157C
In Loving Memory/Charles V. THOROGOOD /1904 (Holy Bible) 1968

A 157BA
OSBORNE /Together Forever/(2 United Church symbols)/J Leslie/ 1907-1981/Beatrice M./1907-1980

A 161BA
(2 Open Bibles)/ ANKERSMIT SR./In Loving Memory/John/1891- 1973

A 162BA
James H./Jan. 8, 1907/Apr. 5, 1976/In/Loving/Memory/Agnes G./ Feb. 16, 1907/Sept. 23, 1973/(BRT symbol) FLETCHER (Open Bible)

A 168DC
Jonathan/1916-( )/(Lodge symbol)/Antonetta/1920-( )/ (DeCORTE)/Together Forever/THOMPSON/Peace perfect peace
A 168BA
Arthur N./1904-1979/Rhea I./1906-1978/(Lodge symbol) Together Forever/ MARTIN

A 169DC
Bert M./1909-1979/Dorothy (Graham)/1911-( )/Together Forever/ ALLAN /(Lodge symbol) (LA to BRT 1889)

A 170DC
Clarence R./1922-1982/L. Kathleen/1928-( )/Together/in harmony/ BRUCE /(Mocha Lodge) (Eastern Star)

A 171DC
William A./1913-1983/Helen Irene/1913-( )/(Masonic, Mocha, BRT Emblems) Together Forever/ HAMMERSLEY /(Eastern Star)

A 172BA
Charles E./1903-1986/Edith F./1905-( )/(Masonic Emblem) CASBOURNE (Eastern Star)

A 173D
(Legion Emblem) Together Forever/ SMITH / Harold F./1921-1983/ (Clasped hands)
A 173C
(Small heart) P. Ryan/Joseph/ SMITH /1982
A 173BA
(Masonic Emblem) GODKIN (Eastern Star/Arthur/1880- 1958/Harriet M./1874-1964
A 174DC
Norman J./1901-1970/C Marguerite/1904-1977/Together Forever/(Shriner emblem) BROWN (United Church emblem)
A 174B
Hayden G. BRYNE /Beloved husband of/Beatrice V. WILSON / 1890 (Holy Bible) 1978
A 174A
Edward J. POOK /1904 (Masonic Emblem) 1963
A 175E
Jessica Baker/ RUNGE /Beloved daughter of/Ken & Lynn/June 10, 1979/July 4, 1979
A 175BA
Charles R./1898-1964/Tina E./1901-1981/(Masonic Emblem) WATERMAN
A 176BA
John A./1908-1976/(United Church Emblem) McVEIGH (United Church emblem)
A 177DC
(Masonic emblem) STOKES (BRT emblem)/Victor E./1909-1967/ Together Forever/( )
A 177BA
F. Roy/1884-1964/F. Mabel/1887-1970/Together Forever/ (Masonic emblem)/ SMITH (Eastern Star)
A 178C
(RCAF symbol)/In loving memory/Norm S. BABCOCK /Jan. 12, 1921/May 2, 1983
A 178BA
John H./1913-1968/ BABCOCK /( )
A 179D
In loving memory/Muriel L. McLEAN /Beloved daughter of/James and Louise/1928 (Holy Bible) 1983
A 179A
(Golfer emblem) Robert E. BABCOCK /Beloved husband of/ Marjorie/1917-1961
A 180C
James H. McCORMICK /1917 (Masonic Emblem) 1970
A 180BA
Charles T./1890-1964/(Masonic emblem)/Janet C./1891-1970/ Together Forever/ TOWNSEND
A 181B
Aleta M. JONES/ Beloved wife of/ Ingman J. DALSHAUG /1914 (Holy Bible) 1973
A 182ED
Glen/1899-1985/Together Forever/married/7-2-26/Helen/1905- ( )/(McLean) (Masonic emblem) GORTON (Dove)
A 182A
John W./ CARRINGTON /Beloved husband/of Catherine/1901-1987
A 188B
Bessie M. KERR /1888-1973
A 188A
(Masonic Emblem) Charles A./ KERR /1895-1983
A 189BA
Talmage/1889-1968/Blanche/1890-1979/ HUGHES
A 196C
Isabella TAYLOR /Aug. 28, 1896-Oct. 3, 1977/She gave so much and demanded so little
A 198DC
Douglas A./1904-1977/( )/(IOOF) LEITH/Always loving; always loved
A 198B
In Loving Memory/Verna W. STEWART /Sept. 28, 1899-Jan. 28, 1966
A 198A
In Loving Memory/(Masonic emblem) William J. STEWART /Nov. 10, 1899-Mar. 22, 1965
A 199DC
Morley (Pat)/1920-( )/Margaret L./1920-( )/(Masonic emblem) HARRIS (Legion emblem)
A 200DC
John/1909-( )/H. Dorothy/1912-1966/Together/Forever/ (Masonic emblem) WALLACE (Eastern Star)
A 200BA
William/1889-1965/Janet McL/1894-1970/(Masonic Emblem) CUNNINGHAM (Eastern Star)
A 201DC
Albert J./1901-1982/E. Hazel/1902-1982/Together Forever/ (Emblem) GODDARD
A 202BA
Carl F. H./1903-1972/( )/Together Forever/(Masonic emblem) DAUGHARTY (Eastern Star)
A 203BA
Roy D./16 Oct. 1891-16 June 1967/Agnes H./24 Feb. 1891-16 Oct. 1962/Together/Forever/(Masonic emblem) PATTERSON (Eastern Star)
A 204D
Olive SINGLETON /Beloved mother of Roy/1902-( )/(St. John’s Ambulance)
A 205BA
Arthur W./1908-1970/Jane/1911-( )/ GALLOWAY
A 206DC
Clifford N./1914-1960/Neva J./1915-1969/Together/Forever/ (Masonic Emblem) HEMPHILL
A 206BA
(Cross on Bible) MacKENZIE (Cross on Bible)/Donald G./1918- 1968/( )
A 207C
Stanley W. WOOD/1927 (Masonic Emblem) 1969
A 208DC
Allan/1893-1974/Bertha M./1894-1956/(2 emblems) MELLOR (Emblem)
A 209DC
Charles C./1904-1965/Ruby A./1901-1976/Together/Forever/ (Emblems) KNAPP (Emblems)
A 209A
John E. BOLTON./1907-(Bell system)-1959
A 210C
Mable Jane MANCHEN /June 25, 1891 (Bible) Jan. 2, 1974/Gone but not forgotten
A 214BA
G. Nyal/1899-1984/E. Larue/1900-1976/Together Forever/ TALLMAN
A 216BA
Robert B./1909-1966/( )/Together Forever/(Emblem) DAVIE (Emblem)
A 221DC
( )/Audrey L./1919-1974/Together Forever/(United Church Emblem) (Masonic Emblem)/HARMER (U C Emblem)/Cross on Bible)
A 221B
Edna WHARRY/1975 (Mountain Scene)
A 221A
Lucy MOSELEYWILLIAMS/1986 (Mountain Scene)
A 223BA
William L./1906-1971/Hettie B./1915-( )/(Shrine symbol)/ GRAHAM /(Eastern Star)
A 223DC
(Masonic symbol) COLEMAN/(Open Bible) William G./1907-1978/ Together Forever/( )
A 224BA
F. Leonard/1907-1985/Together Forever/Phyllis L./1906- 1986/(Masonic Emblem) BARNES (Cross)
A 225BA
Franklyn O./1901-1973/( )Together Forever/(Masonic Emblem)/ FISHER /(Eastern Star)
A 226DC
( )/Dora May/1909-1975/Together Forever/(Master Mason) O’CONNOR /(Eastern Star)
A 226BA
Wendell J./June 12, 1905/May 28, 1982/Vera M./Mar. 30, 1905/May 2, 1984/(Terry)/Together/Forever/Married/ 6-16-26/(Dog) SMITH (Dove)
A 227D
In Loving Memory/Marjory E. PRIOR /Sept. 26/1887/(Eastern Star) Sept. 29/1980
A 227C
In Loving Memory/Herbert D. PRIOR /Jan. 11, 1885 (Master Mason) Feb. 2, 1963
A 227BA
I. Milton/1910-1967/( )/Together/Forever/(Master Mason) AXFORD (Emblem)
A 228C
In Loving Memory/Margaret OSWALD/1911-1986/
A 228B
In Loving Memory/F. Beatrice OSWALD/1885 (Eastern Star) 1964
A 228A
In Loving Memory/John OSWALD/1885 (Master Mason) 1958
A 229DC
Alfred/June 7, 1893/Jan. 5, 1977/In/Loving/Memory/Amy/ July 15, 1906/Dec. 29, 1980/(Master Mason) YEATES (Cross)
A 229BA
Augustus R./1904-1967/Isabell/1908-1967/Together Forever/ (Master Mason)(Eastern Star) (BRT) COVILLE (LA to BRT) (Eastern Star)
A 230D
(Presbyterian emblem) Margaret COLQUHOUN/Beloved wife of/ William JACK/1896-1975
A 230C
(Cross)/William JACK/Sergeant/3 Battn. C.E.F./8 Jan 1964 age 71/(Shriners Emblem)
A 230BA
James/1878-1957/Mary/1881-1961/(Master Mason) GILLICK (Eastern Star)
A 231DC
William/1885-1983/Together/Forever/Elizabeth J./1883-1958/ (Shriner Emblem) NELSON
A 231BA
J. Roy/1895-1981/Mildred L./1897-1982/Together Forever/ (Shriner Emblem) KNIGHT
A 232DC
Isaac/1883-1959/Bertha/1892-1954/(Master Mason) CARNES (Eastern Star)
A 232BA
George/1890-1965/( )/(United Church symbol) (Master Mason) KAPLANIS (Eastern Star)
A 233BA
William K./1909-1960/( )/Together Forever/(Master Mason) BODKIN (Eastern Star)
A 234D
In loving memory/William R. CUMMING/1896 (Master Mason) 1960
A 234C
In loving memory/McDonald J. STUART/1910 (Master Mason) 1957
A 234BA
Ernest Wm./1896-1985/Olive/1902-1965/Together Forever)/ (Master Mason) ROBERTS (Cross)
A 235BA
Earl G./1909-1963/( )/(Master Mason) ASHTON (Eastern Star)
A 236B
Eva L./COOKE/1895-1959/At Rest
A 237DC
Arthur W./1902-1982/In/Loving/Memory/Martha M./1905-1986/ McDOWELL
A 237BA
J. A. (John)/1918-1981/Together Forever/(Symbol) MacFARLANE (Clasped Hands)
A 238D
Axel STEFFENSEN/In Loving Memory/Dec. 31, 1895 Dec. 17,1957
A 238C
Sandra Lynne SLUTE/Beloved daughter of/Walter & Violet/1947 (Cross) 1964
A 238BA
Walter H./1917-1983/Violet M./1921-( )/Together Forever/ (Masonic Emblem) SLUTE (Cross)
A 242BA
Frederick J./1906-1979/M. Irene/1909-( )/Together Forever/ (Symbol) LUSCOMBE (Holy bible)
A 247DC Flat metal plaque
(Masonic and Engineers emblems) Charles A. / 1891-1955 / Erie M. / 1891-1962 / Together Forever / GORDON
A 247BA  Flat metal plaque
Masonic, Engineers & Eastern Star emblems) / F. Hugh / 1916 – 1998 / Together Forever /Marion V. / 1922 – ( ) / GORDON
A 248BA
Alexander/1897-1972/Elsie A./1899-1982/Together/Forever/ (Emblem) ROSE (Emblem)
A 250DCB
( )/Elizabeth E./1891-1988/( )/(Masonic Crest) LOVER (Eastern Star
A 251DC
Charles D./1912-1980/Beatrice L./1916-1985/WILKINSON/ (Shriners Emblem)
A 251BA
J. Stanley/1896-1971/Together Forever/M. Florence/1896-1981/ (Masonic Emblem) McNABB (Eastern Star)
A 252DC
Wm. A. A./1906-1962/Clara E./1911-1971/COWIE (Masonic Emblem
A 252BA Gordon S./1892-1959/Together Forever/Ethel M./1893-1981/ (BRT) (Shriners Emblem) ELSE (Eastern Star)
A 253D
Jennie (Naab) McINTYRE/1887-1972
A 253C
Charles D. McINTYRE/1878-1955/(Masonic Emblem)
A 253BA
William H./1908-1978/Dorothy B./1909-1962/(Masonic Emblem) McINTYRE (Eastern Star)
A 254DC
Cyril E./1923-1982/K. Jean/1923-( )/(Pangborn)/Married June 21, 1947/(Mocha Temple) SMITH (Dove)
A 254BA
James H./1900-1955/Emily J./1901-1962/(Mocha Temple) SMITH (Eastern Star
A 256D
Norman E. ROLLING /1914 (Masonic Emblem) 1972
A 256BA
James A./1906-1967/Madeline L./1905-( )/Together Forever/(Holy Bible) MUNROE (Holy Bible)
A 257DC
William J./1894-1974/Veva M./1896-1985/Together/Forever/ (Masonic Emblem) BAKER (Holy Bible)
A 257B
Lillie B. GELLATLY /Beloved wife of Edwin/1883 (Eastern Star) 1956
A 257A
Edwin J. F. GELLATLY /Beloved husband of Lillie/1885 (Masonic Emblem 1957
A 258DC
Edwin C. (Ed)/1913-1978/Margaret I./1920-1979/Beloved daughter Janice 1951/(Cross) GELLATLY (Cross)
A 258BA
John H./1884-1958/Jean B./1887-1968/(Masonic Emblem) METCALFE
A 259DC
Hugh N./1889-1957/Kathleen/1902-1978/(Masonic Emblem) DONNELL (Eastern Star)
A 259BA
Wm. Blake/1902-1970/Christina F./1909-1977/Together Forever/(FIT) (Masonic Emblem) KENT (Eastern Star) (Cross)
A 260BA
W. Harry/1899-1967/In loving/memory/L. Leona/1902-1982/ WELCH /(Emblems: Masons, Eastern Star, BF & EL, B of LF, ELS
A 260C
Jack E. WILLIAMSON /1886-1957/(Masonic Emblem)
A 260D
In loving memory/Goldie M. WILLIAMSON /1888-1973
A 261DC
Charles D./1899-1964/E. Muriel/1901-1981/(Masonic Emblem) SMITH (United Church)
A 261A
In loving memory/A. John TREADAWAY /Beloved husband of/ Florence/10 Nov. 1899 (Masonic Emblem) 6 June 1965
A 265DC
Stanley C./1913-1976/In Loving Memory/Violet B./1914-( ) /(Masonic Crest) ELSE (Church crest)
A 266BA
( )/Dorothy J./1918-1978/(Shriner crest) ROBERTS /
[No numbers for 267 to 274]
A 275BA
Robert R./1911-1987/( )/(Skelly)/(Emblem) ROSS (Emblem)
A 277DC
Basil H./1896-1978/(Masonic Emblem)/Together Forever/Ethel M./1897-1980/(Holy Bible) WILLS
A 278DC
Harry W./1899-( )/Together Forever/ married 9-22-26/Gladys E./1897-( ) (Shriner Emblem) MATTHEWS (Dove)
A 279DC
James D./1906-1962/(Masonic Emblem) MELVILLE
A 279A
W. John JURY /Jan. 17,/1921/(Masonic Emblem) Oct. 10,/1959
A 280DC
John W./1902-1980/Together Forever/Hannah I./1901-1980/ (Masonic Emblem)/ STEWART (LA to BRT)
A 280BA
George/1901-1962/Together Forever/( )/(Masonic Emblem) RUTTER (Eastern Star)
A 281DC
( )/Together Forever/( )/ ROSS (BAINARD)/Married / 10-2-48/ (Mocha Temple) (Legion) (RN) (Eastern Star)
A 283E T
A 283B
Fletcher Stewart THOMAS /June 7,/1897/(Master Mason)/ Nov. 9,/1957
A 283A
Myrtle Irene THOMAS /May 28,/1903/(I.O.D.E.) Jan. 28,/1982
A 284BA
Archibald A./1923-1988/Clara May/1924-( )/(Kitchen)/ Together Forever/Married/9-14-46/(United Church)/ McCORMICK
A 285DC
George F./1919-1976/Phyllis V./1921-1972/In Loving/Memory/ (Master Mason) McCORMICK (Emblem) (RN)
A 285A
n Loving Memory/Orville BALSDON /1909-1958/(Master Mason) (BRT)
A 286BA
Walter L./1895-1986/Together Forever) Alma L. (WALLIS)/1901- 1980/(Master Mason) AUCKLAND (Emblem)
A 287D
Hattie SCHOONOVER /1895 (Bible) 1964
A 287C
Charles A. SCHOONOVER /1892 (Master Mason) 1959
A 287BA
Leeman L./1915-1967/Katherine M./1913-1973/(Master Mason) BALSDON
A 288D
In Loving Memory/Dorothy O. CUMMING /1909 (Emblem) 1973
A 288C
Muriel E. PORTER /(POOK) /Beloved wife of/Dr. Gordon PORTER/ 1916 (Bible) 1985
A 288BA
William J./1892-1972/Winnifred A./1883-1978/(Master Mason) POOK (Bible)
A 300BA
John M./1901-( )/Together Forever/Mary C./1901-1981/ (RCAMC) (General Service) JONES (2 Emblems)
A 301BA
Francis L./1902-1973/In Loving Memory/Lorene F./1904-1985/ (Masonic Emblem) HENRY (United Church of Canada)
A 302DC
Lorne N./1906-1969/Mabel E./1909( )/(Mocha Temple) McEWEN (Eastern Star)
A 302BA
Alex A./1977/Together Forever/Ann F./1985/(Masonic Emblem) MacDONALD (Holy Bible)
A 303BA
Gordon E./1892-1963/Jean C./1893-1977/(Masonic Emblem) (Three links) HUBERT (Dove) (Eastern Star)
A 304DC
Richard L. M./1893-( )/In Loving Memory/Alice M./1894- 1970/(Masonic Emblem) (Mocha Temple) DAVIES (Holy Bible) (Service, British Red Cross)
A 304BA
James A./1888-1970/Together Forever/( )/ POWERS
A 305DC
John S./1920-1967/(Masonic Emblem) BINGEMAN
A 305BA
Harold/1890-1975/His laugh is still!/His smile is gone and yet,/His memory lingers on./( )/I.B. of E.W) (Masonic Emblem) ASTLES (United Church)
A 306DC
Harvey C./1894-1976/H. Genevieve/1896-1978/(Masonic Emblem) PETTIT (Cross)
A 306BA
Louis B./1898-1964/Together Forever/Clara E./1900-1964/ (Masonic Emblem) POWERS (Holy Bible)
A 307BA
Richard T./1895-1986/In Loving Memory/( )/(Shrine symbol) GILBERT
A 308BA
Gordon A./1986-1975/Dorothy M./1901-1959/ BLACK
A 309D
Leota Emeline CUNNINGHAM /1898 (Holy Bible) 1971
A 309C
James M. CUNNINGHAM /1895 (Symbol) 1957 (Masonic Emblem)
A 309B
Charles Andrew FORD /1883 (Symbol) 1973 (Masonic Emblem)
A 310A
Mabel A. WARDEN /1893-1969/(Eastern Star) (L.A. to B.R.T.)
A 311C
E. Frederick ASTBURY /1911 (Emblem) 1959/ (Masonic Emblem)
A 311BA (
B.R.T.) CLARK (R.N.)/John H./1906-1981/Together Forever/ Eleanor V./1900-1985
A 312D
John H. DORLAND /1918-1968
A 312C
Small stone, shepherd with sheep. Our Precious Daughter/ Tracey Michele EDWARDS /Sept. 27, 1966/Nov. 28, 1966
A 312BA
Alexander E./1924 -1987/Kathleen J./1923 – 2003 / (TARGET)/ (R.A.F. Crest) (Masonic Emblem) CAMPBELL
A 321BA
JOHNSTON /Arnold 1911-1975(Baldy)/(Masonic Emblem)/( )/ (Eastern Star)
A 322BA
Wilfred H./1901-1960/( )/ CRIPPS
A 323C
James E./1903-1987/Gladys M./1906-1987/ DURDLE
A 323A
Clifford G. BURNS /1910-1957
A 324A
Wesley H./ TOBEY /Beloved husband of/Amy S. Bainbridge/1920- 1974/(Masonic Symbol)
A 325DC
Harold P./1904-1982/( )/(Shrine emblem) VIDLER (L.A. to B.R.T.)
A 325BA
( )/Edna C. 1906-1974/(Masonic Emblem) EVANS (Eastern Star)
A 326C
Morley B. BENTLEY/1903-1955/(Masonic Emblem) (B.R.T.)
A 326BA
Arthur J./1885-1961/Eula M./1896-1958/(Canadian Legion) (Masonic Emblem) (BLE) MILDREN (Eastern Star) (Legion)
A 327DC
Col. Richard Karl/1919 Son 1974/W. Marguerite/1896 Mother 1974/ BROESAMLE
A 327BA
William H./1897-1962/Eliza Jane/1891-1962/(Shrine Emblem) TURVEY (Eastern Star)
A 329BA
SWIFT /1901 Earl J. 1978/In Loving Memory/1900 May V. 1980/ (Masonic Emblem) (Bible) (2 Presbyterian Emblems)
A 330DC
Gordon J./1886-1963/Maud E./1884-1957/(Masonic Emblem) DUNBAR (Eastern Star)
A 330A
E. Stewart DUNBAR /(Masonic Emblem)1912-1976
A 331DC
Shirley M./1929-1983/( )/ PRATT
A 331BA
Malcolm J./1891-1956/(Shrine Emblem)/Eve L./1889-1979/ (Eastern Star) McLELLAN
A 332DC
George H./1890-1969/Theresa M./1896-1973/(Masonic Emblem) (3 links) GRANT (Rebecca Emblem) (United Church Emblem)
A 339BA
John Robert/1912-1983/In/Loving/Memory/Norah Lillian/1913- ( )/(Masonic Emblem) WAGNER
A 340DC (
Master Mason) SOUTHERN (Eastern Star) /1895 Percy 1975/ 1900 Iva Jean 1986
A 340BA
H. Arthur/1910-1980/In/Loving/Memory/Anne T./1911-( )/ (Masonic Emblem)BAMBRICK (Holy Bible)
A 341D
Donald B. MacINTYRE /1908-1976/Too well loved to ever be forgotten
A 341C
James H. DURDLE /June 30, 1930-Dec. 21, 1967
A 341A
Donald A. SOMERVILLE /1934-1982/(2 hearts inscribed, Erie Don)/To know him was to love him
A 342D
Adelia M. McCOY /1885-1980
A 343DC
Gerald H./1908-1982/( )/Together/Forever/(Shriner Crest) SOMERVILLE (Eastern Star)
A 343B
Berva J. RANKIN /Beloved wife of George/1914 (Holy Bible) 1958
A 344DC
Donald E./1887-1963/Carrie Rea/1890-1963/(Prof. Eng. Crest) CARRIERE (R.N.)
A 344A
Loving Memory/Nelson P. DURST /April 18, 1892/June 3,1983/
A 345DC
Lorne R./1895-1974/Pearl I./1898-1969/ BEER
A 345BA
Clarence C./1893-1965/Eva Beatty/1896-1977/ Together/Forever/(2 United Church Emblems) (Masonic Emblem) JOLLEY (Eastern Star) (Star in Wreath)
A 346DC
Merrill W. T./1908-1983/Florence M./1910-1982/(Masonic Emblem) OSBORN (Eastern Star)
A 346BA
Harold N./1908-1969/D. Lenore/1914-( )/Together/Forever/ (Masonic Crest BUTLER (United Church Crest)
A 356BC
( )/William H./Aug. 28, 1901/Dec. 7, 1983/ Together/ Forever/(Holy Bible) TAILBY (Legion Crest)
A 356A
Mabel E. HARRIS /Beloved wife of Thomas/1884 (Holy Bible) 1972
A 358BA
Ernest/1893-1964/Constance M./1890-1973/In Loving/Memory/ (Shriners Emblem) (Master Mason) DICKERSON (Eastern Star) (Kinsmen Emblem)
A 359DC
Walter A. D./1897-1981/(Dove) Robert P. G./1894-1974/(Mocha Temple) (Master Mason) PATERSON (Holy Bible)
A 359BA
(Master Mason) PATTERSON (Eastern Star) William/1894-1973/ Together Forever/Gertrude/1884-1962
A 360D
( )/Margaret T./1920-1965/(Master Mason) HAYES (Canadian Girl Guide)
A 360BA
Foster H./1889-1960/Minnie M./1890-1965/(Master Mason) BECHTEL (Symbol)
A 361D
Nell DODSON /May 10, 1900-Dec. 9, 1976
A 361BA
Peter F./1882-1975/Louise C./1883-1964/(Master Mason) PATRICK (Bible)
A 362D
Frances DODSON /Beloved wife of Jack/1903-1986/(United Church Emblem)
A 362C
John R. DODSON /Beloved husband of Frances/1893-1956/ (Master Mason) (B.R.T.)
A 362BA
Thomas/1902-1982/M. Grace/1901-1968/(Master Mason) PULLEN (Eastern Star)
A 363B
Betty H. DORANS /1909 (Dove) ( )
A 363A
Anslem (Lem) DORANS /(Thistle) 1910 (Master Mason) 1967 (Thistle)
A 366A
Lydia I. WELCH /Mother/1896 (Legion Crest) 1970
A 367DC
Bruce A./1921-( )/Gladys L./1923-( )/Together Forever/ (Masonic Emblem) WELCH (Eastern Star)
A 370C
Donald Glen SMITH /Beloved son of/Jack and Pearl Smith/1933 (Flame) 1982
A 370BA
Jack E./1911-1985/( )/Married Jan. 19, 1932/(Masonic Emblem) SMITH (L.A. to B.R.T.)
A 371BA
( )/( )/Together Forever/(BEC crest) (Masonic Crest) DAVIS (Eastern Star) (GIA to BLE)
A 372DC
Mary Ellen/1877-1960/Beloved mother/Harry J./1884-1960/ HAMMANG
A 372B
Margaret TAYLOR /In loving memory/1880 (Holy Bible) 1957
A 372A
Alexander TAYLOR /1881 (Shriner Crest) 1965
A 373DC
Arthur J./1915-1986/In/Loving/Memory/Gwen H./1916-( )/ (Smith)/(Masonic Emblem) LeCOURTOIS (Dove)
A 373BA
( )/E. June/June 20, 1927/Aug. 27, 1980/Together Forever/ (Masonic Emblem) MILDREN (Holy Bible)/Loving Memories last forever
A 374DC
Albert A./1910-1972/Marguerite S./1918-1979/Together Forever/ McINTYRE
A 374BA
Donald L./1911-1981/Dorothy M./1910-( )/(Masonic Emblem) CAMERON
A 376BA
Clark/1895-1977/May E./1894-( )/Together Forever/(Masonic Emblem) ROBERTS (Eastern Star)/Rest in Peace
A 377BA
Arthur B./1896-( )/Hazel L./1900-1968/(Masonic Emblem) FREEMAN (Holy Bible)
A 384BA
Kenneth O./1913-1979/( )/(Masonic Emblem) CROMWELL
A 385D
Wilbert D. LONG /1915-1976/(Masonic Emblem)
A 385BA
John W./1907-1980/( )/(Masonic Emblem) SWINDELLS (United Church Emblem/Though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil. 23rd Psalm
A 386DC
Elgin S./1902-( )/Kathleen M./1903-( )/(Masonic Emblem) CLARK (Eastern Star)
A 386BA
Arthur A./(1902-1974/Mary Lucinda/(1903-( )/ CASSELMAN
A 387BA
Walter S./1899-1976/Winnifred W./1892-1973/(Shriner Emblem) (Master Mason) McATEER / The Lord was my Shepherd
A 388DC
Herbert/1881-1971/D. Annie/1884-1970/(Master Mason) WORLEY (Bible)
A 388BA
John E./1903-1969/Together Forever/Dorothy M./1910-1982/ (Master Mason) SMITH (Holy Bible)
A 389DC
Kenneth W./1912-1978/Hazel C./1916-( )/(Shriner Emblem) CAMPBELL (Eastern Star)
A 389BA
Philip N./1901-1966/Thelma/1901-1975/(Shriner Emblem) HILLESHEIM (Eastern Star)
A 390DC
Harold T./1901-1966/Jean M./1902-( )/In Loving Memory/ LOCKWOOD (Shriner Emblem) (Eastern Star)
A 398DC
Charles S. G./1899-1980/Edna A. J./1907-1979/Together Forever/ (Shriner Crest) CAVES (Bible)
A 399BA
Clarence E./1903-( )/Together Forever/Marion M./1910- ( )/ (Master Mason) BLOUGH (Bible)
A 400DC
Frederick/1908-1983/Anna/1920-1983/(Dove) PATTERSON (Dove)
A 400BA
William A./1915-1975/Together Forever/( )/(Shriner Emblem) DURFEY (Train)
A 401B
Golden L. MEEKO /Beloved wife of Gordon/1908-1971
A 401A
Gordon H. (Smokey) MEEKO /1918 (Shriner Emblem) 1980/Gone But not forgotten
A 402BA
(Master Mason) VINCENT (I.O.D.E.)/Frank V./July 25, 1906/ Aug. 5, 1980 (St. Johns Ambulance)/Louise P./Feb. 15, 1915/ Feb. 17, 1984
A 403DC
Sydney T./1910-1972/Olive V./1913-( )/Together Forever/ (Master Mason) DAVIES (Eastern Star)
A 409BA
( )/Marjorie P./1921-1980/(Dove) LeCOURTOIS (Eastern Star)
A 410DC
Wilfred/1894-1976/Together Forever/Pirie A./1894-1987/ (Masonic Emblem) MARSLAND (Eastern Star)
A 410BA
Walter C./1895-1978/Catherine/1898-1978/Together Forever/ Masonic Emblem) LeCOURTOIS (Eastern Star)
A 411DC
Esmond C./1890-1974/Together Forever/Mary/1903-1974/(Masonic Emblem) (Legion) BEAMISH (Eastern Star) (Bible)
A 411BA
Thomas W. (Bill)/Oct. 13, 1903/Mar. 3, 1978/Together Forever /( ) (Masonic Emblem) CLEMENTS (Bible with Cross)
A 412C
Lloyd J. MOORE./Beloved husband of Gladys McNALLY / 1911 (Masonic Emblem) 1973

A 413DC
(Masonic Emblem) (2 Eagles)/ HARPER / John Kenneth/1912-1980/ Together Forever/Margaret/1917-( )

A 415DC
Lyle L./1901-1977/Together Forever/Belva M. J./1903-1981/ (Masonic Emblem) COOK (Holy Bible)