Southwold – Burwell

Burwell Private Burying Grounds

Lot 12
North Side Talbot Road East

Southwold Township, Elgin County, Ontario, Canada

SW 705
OGS 5908

Submitted by
Elgin County Branch, OGS
June 10, 1983

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    This cemetery has not existed for about the past 35 years. However, two stones were located on the farm of Mr. Larry Knott, R. R. #1 Fingal (lot 12, North Talbot Road East).

From A Pioneer History of Elgin County
page 118

David Watson settled on Lot 9 (South Talbot Road East) and died a few years after he came. James Burwell settled on Lot 13 (North Talbot Road East) in 1812 and died there. Charles Benedict settled on Lot 12 (North Talbot Road East) and lived there twenty years and then moved to Kent County.

page 124
James Burwell and his wife were buried on their own farm. Timothy Burwell, David Watson, and his wife and Charles Benedict’s wife were also buried there.
    From correspondence from Helen (Burwell) Smith, San Jose, CA to Jim Thomas, March 2006.She spoke of a stone with Burdick on it in the Knott farm yard.  Found this comment“James Burwell and his wife were buried on their own farm. Timothy Burwell, David Watson and his wife, and Charles Benedict’s wife were also buried there.” 

Also she commented, about the David & Sarah Watson stone and:“(broken) Mary? Benedict (proved below) July 19 1834 Aged 38y 9mos 13das / Wife of Charles Benedict  (possibly my Great Aunt Mary Burwell) (broken) …mes …of Charles & Mary Benedict died May 10, 1856 age 29ys 18das

No stones for James & wife Hannah Frazee, Timothy (his son) nor Charles B have been found to date.”Submitted by Jim Thomas, March 20061. Grey square pillarDavid WATSON / died / Aug. 2, 1825 / aged 49 yrs / Sarah / wife of / David WATSON / died / Jan. 15, 1836 / aged 50 yrs / Gone but not / forgotten /

2. Broken stone, grey slab______ry [?] / ______e of Charles / BENEDICT / died / July 19, 1834 / aged 38 yrs / 9 ms & 13 d’s /(This is possibly Mary BURWELL, daughter of James and wife of Charles BENEDICT)