Malahide – McKeown

McKeown Private Burying Ground

South part Lot 14

Concession 8
Malahide Township Elgin County
MA 425

OGS 6034
Transcribed by Jim Kenny
Elgin County Branch OGS

April 1984

    This burying ground consists of two stones which were used as steps in a terrace until 1983 when the terrace was torn up. The stones were built into the brick wall of a garage located on Lot 14. Mr. Kenny believes these stones were originally part of a small burying ground located on the road near the McKeown property on Lot 15. The Grants and Smiths were located near the McKeown property.

The garage is now located on property owned by Mr. Carroll but was originally owned by Mr. Kenny’s grandfather who had bought it from a Mr. A. McLeish.

1. Stone
In memory of Alex GRANT / late of Inverness Shire / Scotland / who died / Feb. 4th 1849 / 84 yrs. / Erected by his son Peter GRANT. / Peter GRANT died Apr. 4, 1870 / age 55 yrs.

2. Stone
In loving / memory of / Lillie M. / wife of / Enoch SMITH / who died / May 6, 1888 / aged 51 yrs.