Bayham – Otter Valley

Otter Valley Cemetery

also known as 

McCurdy Cemetery

Bayham Township, Elgin County, Ontario, Canada

Gravestone Inscriptions

Bayham Twp., Elgin, Ontario –   (Road between Con. 2 and Con. 3.

56651 Tunnel Line, Vienna, Bayham, ON, Canada

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In May 1938 H. H. McCurdy, trustee of Otter Valley Church. once known as McCurdy Church began demolition of the old church building. George McConnell of Lakeview was trustee before Mr McCurdy. The church was first built as a Baptist church when Jesse Corless, the owner of the farm when the church was built gave the land for the Baptist Church about 1838.  Jesse Corless died in 1874 and was buried beside the church. A deed produced in 1938 declared the owner of the 62 acres of land where the church and cemetery are located is Mrs E. B. Hoshal who is the third wife of E. B. Hoshal and who has been paying the taxes on the land for years.  The first Mrs Hoshal before her marriage was Nancy Corless, daughter of Jesse Corless.  The building was put up just like a barn.  It was of solid frame construction throughout, the hand cut timbers and old fashioned bench seats fastened to the floor made from pine boards planed by hand.  It was large enough to seat from 100 to 120 people and at the front had a pulpit and a foot pedal organ.  In one corner there were seats for a choir. The cemetery is on both sides of the church.  There had been no service in the church for the past 3 years and funding was from the Home Mission Board of the Baptist Church, Toronto.  Some residents of the small community are protesting the demolition. A news story and photo of the church and cemetery appear in the St Thomas Times Journal, 13 May 1938, Page 8, c3.

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1. Double headstone, white marble, floral motif.
Mariam J./ died/Mar. 20, 1874/ aged/ 1 year 10 mo’s/ Cora C./ died/April 30, 1881/ aged/ 1 yr 6ms 4 ds/ Albert F./ died April 28, 1881/ aged 6 years 11 months & 16 days/ children of Albert & Sarah TIBBITS/ A bud on earth to bloom in Heaven/ Hutchinson & Miller Aylmer

2. White marble.
Lloyd Wm./ son of/ G. H. & M. SCANLAN/ died Nov. 6,1900/ in his/ 2nd year/ Thy will be done.

3. White marble.
(Top) – in concrete./ son of/ Geo. & Myrtle/SCANLAN/ died/Nov. 22, 1906/ aged/ 20 days

4. White marble.
Margaret MOODY/ wife of Geo. FRANCIS/ died/ Sept. 7, 1912/ in her/62nd year.

(note: “Francis” may be a surname, but it is not obvious on the stone)

5. White marble, pointing finger.
She is at rest/ Bridget/ wife of/ Abijah DUNNING/ died 13 Dec/ 1856/ aged 44 years/ Dear husband will thou steal away/ To where the willows wave/ And think of her whose faithful heart/ Lies in the lonely grave.

6. White marble, pointing finger, floral motif.
Gone home/ Charles MOODY /died/ Feb. 4, 1887/ aged 70 years/My race is run and yours is running/ Prepare for your judgement day is coming.

7. White marble, floral motif.
In/ memory of/ Edith M./ died Dec. 4, 1881/ aged 3 yrs./ & 13 ds./ Dau. of Jas. I. & Ida
C./ HUTCHINSON/ Sleep on dear Edith and/ take thy rest in Jesus/ arms forever blest.

8. White marble.
Archie E./ died/Nov. 17, 1905/ aged 8 months/ Freddie/ died July 9, 1902/ aged 21 days./ children of/ Geo. & Sarah/ WILLIAMS

9. White marble, floral motif.
In/ memory of/ Mabel/ died Mar. 19, 1882/ AE 2 yrs 4 mos/ 16 ds/ daughter of/ J. W. & Francis J./ SOPER/ Budded on earth/ to bloom in Heaven.

10. White marble, floral motif.
Lewis SAFFORD/ who died/ Nov. 17, 1859/ AE 24 yrs.

11. White marble, hand holding open book, floral motif.In/ memory of/ Mary Amelia/ dau. of/ M. L. & Sarah J. SAFFORD/ who died/Feb. 16, 1877/ aged 13 yrs 10 mos/ & 8 ds/ Dearest child thou hath left us/ And thy loss we deeply feel/ To _________ he hath bereft us.

12. White marble, double willow motif, hand holding open book. Matt XIX 14
/ In memory of/ Milow L./ son of/ M. L. & Sarah J. SAFFORD/ who died/ Jany 8, 1879/ aged 8 yrs 1 mo.

13. FS: G. O. A.

14. White marble, double willow motif, hand holding open book. 2 Samuel/ XXIII 5
/ In memory of/ Sarah J./ wife of/ Milow L. SAFFORD/ who died/ Jany 1, 1878/ aged/ 38 yrs 1 mo & 4 ds

15. White marble, pointing finger.
In/ memory of/ Milow L. SAFFORD/ died/ June 9, 1891/ aged/ 62 years/ & 2 months

16. White marble, willow and lamb motif.
In memory of/ Sarah/ wife of/ Tyler PRICE/ died/ June 4th, 1874/ aged 36 y’rs

17. Small block.
Grand/ Father/ Frank/ LANYON

18. White marble, hand holding open book, willow motif, broken
In memory of/ Chester (PRE_?__illegible)/ died/Feb. 26, 1879/ aged 67 y’s/ 11 ms & 25 ds/ So when this corruptible shall have/ put on uncorruption, and this mortal/ shall have put on immortality/ Death is swallowed up in victory.

19. White marble, hand holding open book.
Robert SAXTON /died/ Oct. 19, 1880/ aged 70 yrs. 9 mo’s/ & 4 dys/ A light from our household is gone/ A voice we loved is stilled/ A place is vacant in our home/ That never can be filled.

20. White marble.
Solomon BARNUM/ born in/ Lincoln ‘r England/ died June 22/ 1855 AE 24 y (sic age needs to be confirmed)/ No friend nor kindred dear & near/ To listen to my mournful rights/ But Jesus Christ was sweetly near/ And raised my soul above the skies.

21. White marble.
Wm. H. SITZER/ son of/ Henry & Maryann/ SITZER/ who was accidentally drowned June 14/ 1855 AE 21 yrs/ Alone I went. Alone I fell/A lone I met the dreadful foe/ yet not alone. No all is well/ For Christ sustained the dreadful blow.

22. FS: Father

23. White marble, floral motif.
Sarah G./ dau. of/ James & Jane/ ALLISON(?)/ died/ May () 1875/ aged 24 years24. White marble, wreath of flowers.
John ALLISON/ died/ June 6th 1870/ aged/ 76 years/ In death’s cold arms.

25. White marble, bird motif.
In memory of/ Eugene M. son of/ Wm. F. & Martha J. BALDWIN/ who died/ Nov. 11, 1881/ aged/ 22 years & 6 mos/ I’ve safely passed the billeus roar/ upon life’s stormy sea/ but here upon the shining shore/ I’m waiting now for thee.

26. White marble, clasped hands, wreath of flowers.
In memory of/ Mary J./ wife of/ Charles PATTEN/ who died/ June 17, 1881/ aged/ 39 yrs 10 ms & 12 ds

27. White marble, double willow, hand holding open book.
Entered into rest/ In memory of/ Charlotte/ wife of Charles MOODY/ who died/ Feb. 28, 1873/ aged 50 yr

28. White marble, lamb motif.
Enos/ son of/ John H. & Lucy J./ WILLIAMS/ died July 2, 1871/ AE 10 days/ We loved this ________ little one/ And _____?

29. White marble, lamb motif.
Sarah Ann/ dau. of/ John H. & Lucy J./ WILLIAMS/ died Sept. 20, 1877/ AE 2 yrs 3 mos/ & 2 days

30. White marble, pointing finger, floral motif.
Gone but not forgotten/ In memory of/ James D. son of/ Charles & Charlotte/ MOODY/ killed on the C.W.R/ Feb. 28, 1878/ AE 19 ys 6 mos/ Farewell dear parents & friends so/ dear/ I am not dead but sleeping here/ I was not yours but God’s alone/ He loved me best and took me home.

31. White marble, willow motif.
Hannah CORLESS/ died/ April 30, 1889/ aged/ 71 yrs 5 mos/ & 26 days

32. White marble, willow motif.
In/ memory of/ Jesse CORLESS/ who died/ Mar. 26, 1874/ aged 59 yrs 8 ms/ & 2 days

33. White marble, clasped hands.
Farewell/ Catharine A./ beloved wife of/ Henry HOSHAL/ died/ Dec. 19, 1882/ aged 74 years/ A loved one has from our circle gone/ On earth we will meet her no more/ She has gone to her home in Heaven/ And all her afflictions are o’er.

34. White marble headstone, clasped hands. (broken)
Farewell/ Tilda/ wife of/ Emerson B./ HOSHAL/ died/ __________ 12, 189_/ aged 32 yrs./ & 9 mos/ aged in the opening bloom of youth/ with scarce a moments warning given/ _______ early from this earth/ _______ with smiles the ____.

35. White marble headstone, floral motif.
Jessie A./ dau. of/ Emerson B. & Nancy M./ HOSHAL/ died/ Dec. 29, 1881/ aged 8 yrs/ This lovely flower to us a while was given/ Transplanted now/ it brightly blooms in Heaven.

36. White marble headstone, floral motif, clasped hands.
She’s at rest/ Nancy M./ beloved wife of/ Emerson B. HOSHAL/ died/Aug. 1, 1887/ aged 46 yrs/ 10 mos & 6 days.

37. White marble, floral motif, clasped hands.
Entered his rest/ In/ memory of/ Ambrose G. CARPENTER/ who died/ Jan. 6, 1875/ age 63 years

38. Grey marble, lamb motif.
(north) – Cora Pearl/ dau. of/ Rd. & E. HORLEY/ died/ Feb. 12, 1891/aged 7 ms & 12 ds
(south) – Suffer little children to come/ with me and forbid them not/ For of such is the kingdom/ of God/ St. Mark X 14

39. Small white marble.
(north) – Clarence/ son of/ Frank & Emma/ MATTHEWS/ died/ Jan. 3, 1904/ aged 1 yr/ 2 mos & 13 dys
(south) – Atkinson Co. Simcoe

40. Concrete.
Henry T. ELGIE/ died/ Dec. 5, 1914/ aged/ 68 years/ At rest/ ELGIE

41. Red granite on concrete base.
Henry CHIVERS/ 1844-1929/ Eliza C. his wife/ 1848-1928/ Viola M./ 1874-1875/ Charles CHIVERS/ 1825-1907

42. Concrete, oval at top, rising sun.
John E. REED/ born in Digby Co. N. S./ June 15, 1833/ died May 24, 1906/ Mary Jane/ wife of/ John E. REED/ died Feb. 12, 1904/ aged 66 years/ God knows best.

43. Grey granite on concrete base.
(north) – Francis McCURDY/ 1849-1911/ Hannah S. wife of/ Francis McCURDY/ 1845-1922/ McCURDY
(south) – Cora J. dau. of/ Francis & Hannah McCURDY/ 1873-1888/ Sarah M. McCURDY/ 1870-1925

44. Concrete on concrete base.
(north) – In/ memory of/ Archibald/ McLEAN/ died/ June 26, 1917/ aged 96 yrs 3 mos & 1 dy / also his wife/ Margaret/ died/ Feb’y 6th 1905/ aged 77 y’rs 5 mo’s/ McLEAN
(south) – In/ memory of/ Jennie RAWLINGS/ died/ February 11, 1904/ age 27 years/ Mary/ died Feb. 10, 1903/ age 10 months

45. Red granite on concrete base.
(north) – BALDWIN/ O. K. BALDWIN/ 1854-1926/ W. F. BALDWIN/ 1820-1903/ Martha J./ his wife/ 1827-1886
(south) – Eugene/ Clotilda Elizabeth/ children of/ W. F. & Martha J. BALDWIN

46. Concrete, heart-shaped.
Mary L./ wife of/ W. T. ARTHURS/ 1873-1902/ Asleep in Jesus/ ARTHURS

47. Red granite on concrete base.
(north) – Richard HORLEY/ 1850-1937/ Elizabeth HORLEY/ 1866-1955/ HORLEY
(south) – Ruth A. HORLEY/ 1886-1903/ Rachel E. HORLEY/ 1885-1922

48. Grey marble on concrete base.
Edna Pearl/ dau. of/ J. A. & M. E./ OLSEN died July 19, 1903/ aged 2 yrs 8 mos & 14 dys/ At home with Jesus/ Atkinson Co. Simcoe

49. Grey marble on concrete base.
Telford/ son of A. & E. E./ GRIGG/ died Nov. 6, 1908/ aged 7 mos

50. Red granite on concrete base.
Site of the former/ Otter Valley Baptist/ Church/ 1834-1934/ and resting place of some/ of Elgin County Pioneers

51. Grey marble.
PATTEN/ Harry PATTEN/ 1869-1916

52. Cross vault obelisk, urn broken off, concrete base.
In/ memory of/ Alexander B./ HUTCHINSON/ died/ Dec. 28, 1885/ aged 69 yrs 5 mo/ & 17 days/ I have fought a good fight. I have finished my course/ I have kept the faith. Henceforth there is laid up for/ me a crown of righteousness which the Lord, the righteous judge shall give me at that day and/ not to me only but unto all them also that/ love his appearing. Hutchinson

53. Cross vault obelisk, fern motif.
(north)- Richard/ HORLEY Sr./ died/Mar. 12, 1887/ aged/83 yrs 6 mos/ In my father’s/ house are/ many man/sions.

(west) – Ann/ wife of/ Rd. HORLEY/ died/ Sept. 5, 1893/ aged/ 71 yrs 4 mos/ buried at Algonac Mich./ Walter/ youngest son of/ Rd. & Ann HORLEY/ died/May 18, 1894/ aged/ 26 years/ At rest

54. Concrete, closed book, stars. open gates under an archway
Gone/ but not forgotten/ at rest/ J. W. HOSHAL/ died Jan. 28, 1913/ aged 80 ys 8 ms 11 ds/ Mary/wife of J. W. HOSHAL/ died Aug. 11, 1898/ aged 53 yrs 1 mo 21 ds/ HOSHAL

55. Cross vault obelisk on concrete base.
(north) – Samuel D. McCURDY/ died/ May 5, 1905/ aged 58 yrs 11 mos/ & 26 dys/ Gone before/ McCURDY
(west) – Ruth A. McCURDY/ 1885-1913/ Elsie A. wife of/ Samuel D. McCURDY / 1843-1924.
(east) – William A./ son of/ S. D. & Elsie A./ McCURDY/ died/Nov. 3, 1895/ aged/ 24 yrs 3 mos/ & 14 days/ Yet again we hope/ to meet thee.
(south) – Ada, dau. of/ R. H. & A./ McCURDY/ 1904-1905

56. Grey granite, open book, open gates under an archway.
(north) – Blessed are/ the dead/ that die in/ the Lord/ Say go to/ right-/ous that it shall ____/_____t’would not live always/ David ANDERSON/ died/ Aug. 15 1895/ in his/ 85th year.
(east) Janet/ wife of/ David ANDERSON/ died/ Aug. 10, 1895/ in her 80th year.
(west) Judson/ ANDERSON/ 1844-1905/ James ANDERSON/ 1881-1906.
(south) Carol O./ ANDERSON/ died/ Nov. 5, 1872/i n his/ 36th year

57. White marble, closed Bible, open gates under an archway. Holy Bible/
At rest/ Mary Ann wife of/ William HOSHAL/ 1855-1907/William HOSHAL/ 1846-1919

58. Cross vault obelisk, city motif.
(north) – In my fathers house are/ many mansions/ Frank OLSEN/ died/ Jan 26, 1902/ in his /33rd year/ OLSEN.
(east) – Elwin F./ son of/ F. & E. OLSEN/ died/ July 6, 1901/ in his 2nd year

59. Grey marble on concrete base.
Jane/ wife of/ Jacob MATTHEWS/ died/ May 20, 1896/ aged 78 years/ 7 mos & 6 dys/ A faithful friend a companion dear/ A tender parent lieth here/ Great is the loss that we sustain/ But hope in Heaven to meet again.

60. Grey marble.
Erie A./ dau. of/ H. H. & E. A./ McCURDY/ died/ Aug. 23, 1898/ aged 3 months/ & 16 days/ Our loved one

61. Two stones together on concrete base, grey marble, sleeping lamb
(south) – Cora Esther/ dau. of/ J. A. & M. E. OLSEN/ died Oct. 15, 1902/ aged 8 mos./ Asleep in Jesus.
(north) – Olaf OLSEN/ died Apr. 13, 1886/ aged/ 9 yrs. & 7 days/ We loved this tender little one/ And would have wished him stay

62. White marble on concrete base with rose and dove motif.
Jacob/ MATTHEWS/ died/ Feb. 1, 1908/ in his 80th year/ Tho’ lost to sight/ To memory dear.

63. Grey marble on concrete base (twins).
Top of stone – Viva/ Vera (left) – Viva B./ CHIVERS/ Aug. 24, 1916/ Feb. 18, 1917 (right) – Vera M./ CHIVERS/ Aug. 24, 1916/ Mar. 14, 1917

63.1 Grey limestone on same base.
CHIVERS/ Leon E. CHIVERS/ 23 Feb. 1912/ Oct. 16, 1912/ Clifford G. CHIVERS/ May 11, 1913/ June 20, 1914

64. Concrete, gate opening under archway.
In memory of/ James OLSEN/ Sep. 24, 1837-Jan. 6, 1914/ Catherine, his wife/ Oct. 30, 1838-July 5, 1931/ OLSEN

65. Obelisk, granite.
(north) – In memory of/ Henry EDISON/ 1800-1883/ Caroline wife of the above/ 1808-1878/ EDISON
(west) – Mary/ dau. of/ Thomas BLAIN/ 1874-1916/
(east) – Carrie BLAIN/ wife of/ Dr. J. H. HOOVER/ 1872-1929
(south) – In memory of/ George BLAIN/ 1845-1912/ Rachel wife of the above/ 1846-1911/ Thomas BLAIN/ 1848-1932/ Debby Ann EDISON/ wife of/ Thomas BLAIN/ 1853-1928

[NOTE:  Mary BLAIN, 41 years died at Moosejaw Feb 22 1916, wife of Mr DRAPER.  Buried McCurdy Cemetery (Otter Valley) on 28 February 1916 – JM & CVH November 2009]

66. Concrete, oval top, rising sun.
(north) – Beulah/ adopted dau. of/ Geo. & Sarah ANTELL/ died Nov. 1897 / in her 7th year/ ANTELL

67. Black granite on grey base.
Ida Gertrude (HOSHAL)/ KILMER/ Born/ in Bayham Township/ May 7, 1880/ died July 23, 1965.

Burials without Monuments
ESSELTINE, Son, 22 ms, died 2 July 1916, infant son of William ESSELTINE.  Buried 4 July 1916 in Otter Valley Cemetery.  Death Registration – William ESSELTINE died July 2 1916 at lot 21, con 3 Bayham age 1 yr 10 ms 10 ds, son of William ESSELTINE of Vienna and S. LAMBERT –  No monument found – JM & CVH November 2009

PATTEN – St Thomas Daily Times, 19 March 1915, Page 6, c4 – Died – Charles PATTEN, 77th year, at Robbart, Saskatchewan; father of Jesse, Harry, William and George V. PATTEN and Mrs Ed STERNS; Funeral March 16 to McCurdy Cemetery [Otter Valley].  No monument found – CVH October 2008

PATTEN, William Leo, 4ms, died 10 September 1917 in Bayham, son of William PATTEN.  Buried Otter Valley Cemetery.  No monument found – JM & CVH November 2009