Bayham – Old Edison

Old Edison Cemetery

Bayham Township, Elgin County, Ontario, Canada

Lot 8, Concession 1 Bayham Township

GPS Coordinates

(near 54711 Nova Scotia Line, Bayham, ON)

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The Old Edison Cemetery no longer exists. Originally it was located on the first concession of Bayham Township. It is not known when some of the stones were removed to other cemeteries.

Bruce Johnson and Shirley and Dorothy Whitfield Berdan visited the site on 31 Oct 2006 and noted that some small pieces of possible gravestones were scattered along the access road to the Wind Mill just south of the site. It appears that the access road goes right over the cemetery.

These records were transcribed from the notes of Ida Louisa Haggan:

1. EDISON, Adonijah, died August 1825, AE 53 years.

2. Marcia, daughter of Adonijah [EDISON], died October 1832 AE 31.

3. HAINS, Caleb, died September 13, 1828, AE 62 years 4 months.

 [NOTE:  interred Old Edison Cemetery; stone moved to Estherville Cemetery CVH & AC April 2008]

4. HARRISON, Marcus, born June 23, 1806, died August 30, 1827.

[NOTE:  interred Old Edison Cemetery; stone moved to Estherville Cemetery CVH & AC April 2008]


Memorial No. 5826, recorded October 8, 1842:Moses Edison to William Peterson Three hundred acres, more or less, composed of lot 8 and the east half of lot 7 in the first concession of Bayham.  Commencing in front upon Lake Erie at the South East Angle of lot 8, North 100 chains, more or less to the allowance for road in front of the 2nd concession, north 72 degrees west, thirty one chains, 4 links and a half more or less to the centre of Lot 7, then south 100 chains, more or less to Lake Erie; then south easterly along the water’s edge to the place of the beginning. Reserving the privilege of the grave yard on the West side of lot 8, about 5 chains south of the road say 2 rods square” For reference, a surveyor’s chain is 66 feet long X 5 = 330 feet (100.5 meters)Rod – 16.5 feet X 2 = 33 feet.

The Elgin OGS is looking for any old photographs of this cemetery showing the placement of the early headstones. Please contact us if you have any information or photos regarding this cemetery.