Bayham – Light Cemetery

Light Cemetery

Bayham Township, Elgin County, Ontario, Canada

55236 Light Line, Vienna, Bayham, ON, Canada

Gravestone Inscriptions and Burials without Monuments

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Plaque on gates of cemetery:

 A Gift/from the estate of/Wm. & Louise/MacDonald/1991/

1. Grey marble with raised top
Top: William L.
S: Son of/J. W. & E./LIGHT/died/May 3, 1906/Aged/ 4 mo’s & 12 dy’s/ Our darling

2. Black granite with raised top
Joseph W. LIGHT/1864-1939/his wife/Ellen LIGHT/1876-1959

3. Red granite ground stone
LIGHT/Norman W./1917-1974/Wilma K./1916.
FS: Eileen

3.1 Red granite
In loving memory/Alma M. GIBBONS/1903-1983

3.2 Black granite on grey granite base
In loving memory/
FS: Father

4. Cement column with raised top with bible open; open gate motif
(East): Lillie May/wife of/Wm. BALL/died Nov. 27, 1904/in her 21st year /BALL
(North): Wm. W./BALL/1868-1949/his wife/Clara/ HANEY/1886-1939/ June BALL /19301930/
FS: June, Mother, Father

4.1 Red granite ground stone
BALL/Ruth E. A./SANDHAM/1917-/Wallace W./ BALL/1914-/ Loving wife & husband

5. Cement stone on cement base
Isaac HANEY/1854-1933/his wife/ Nehushta HANEY/ 1855-1931/
cornerstone: M

5.1 Red granite ground stone
HERRON/E. Lloyd/HERRON/1905-1986/Husband/In loving memory/Annie May BALL/1908-1986/wife

6. Red granite on white granite base; cross and praying hands motif
CHUTE/Wilfred S./1907-1982/his wife/Enid F./MacDONALD/1915-1991

6.1 Red granite flat on grey
left – Ralph L. (Bud)/1905-1985 /
right – Millie/
MILLARD/1907- /
bottom – The Lord is my Shepherd

7. Red granite on white granite base
SCHUSTER/John/1908-1977. By Ideal Monument Company, London

8. Red granite ground stone
MacDONALD/In loving memory/Jack T./1919-1969/Father/H. Erie/1922-/ Mother

9. Red and black granite
Wallace GRASS/1860-1943

10. Red granite on white granite base
MacDONALD/William H./1896-1972/his wife/A. Louise/ 1898-1990/The Lord is my Shepherd

11. Red granite on white granite base
James F. GRASS/1858-1947/his wife/Clemma T. LIGHT/1867-1940/GRASS

12. Grey granite ground stone
James TOWNSEND/1828-1883

13. Grey marble double headstone with clasped hands motif with four corner posts.
Eliza/wife of/Jas. LIGHT/died/Oct. 19, 1914/aged/95 y’rs/2 ms./& 29 dys./ James LIGHT/died/Dec. 27, 1892/aged/74 yrs. 3 ms./& 11 days/ In death’s cold arms lies sleeping here/A tender parent a companion dear/ In love he lived, in grace he died/ His life was asked but was denied

14. Grey marble rectangular headstone
At Rest/Henry LIGHT/died/Oct. 15, 1897/aged/73 y’s 9 m’s/& 13 days/ Jesus has called the father home/His flesh lies mouldering in the tomb/God grant his offspring now be blest/ And meet him in eternal rest.

15. Grey marble rectangular headstone with finger pointing motif
Sarah E./wife of/Henry LIGHT /died April 9, 1915/in her 85th year/

(portion of stone is now in ground)

16. Grey marble on grey marble on a cement base with anchor motif
In memory of/George O./LIGHT/died/April 5, 1917/in his/56th year/At Rest/ LIGHT

17. Grey marble on cement base
LIGHT/Samuel S. H./ LIGHT/1853-1922

18. Red granite with cross motif
Cecelia LIGHT/MILES/1858-1927/Emanuel C. MILES/ 1859-1944

19. Grey granite with maple leaf and cross motif
189852 Private/ Joseph C. MILES/ 91st Battn. C.E.F./ 11th June 1916/Asleep in Jesus

20. White marble scroll sytled stone on a cement base
Joseph Carl/son of/ E. & C. MILES/died/ June 11, 1916/aged/ 18 years.

21. Cement stone
George LIGHT/died/Nov. 21, 1901/In his 75th year/Eliza LIGHT /1833-1931/ LIGHT

22. White marble headstone with single willow motif
In/Memory of/George LIGHT/died/Mar. 12, 1864/Aged/81 years/ My children dear- assembled here/Their father’s grave to see/ Must not forget that they must yet/ Each one soon follow me.

23. White marble headstone with willow motif
In/Memory of/Mary/wife of/George LIGHT/died/Sep. 12, 1871/ AE 81 ys., 8 ms. & 17 ds./ In deaths cold arms lies sleeping here/ A tender parent a companion dear/ In love she lived, in love she died/ Her life was asked but was denied.

24. Grey marble stone with two rounded tops with anchor and floral motif
Lazarus/LIGHT/1830-1906/Asleep in Jesus/Rhoda Abby/ LIGHT/1831-1920/At Rest /LIGHT
FS: Mother
Marker: LIGHT/Eva/BEECROFT/1880-1945

(Plot enclosed in cement fence in ground)

25. Red granite
Edward MURPHY/1856-1931/Thirza Anne MURPHY/1863-1930

26. Grey marble stone with white marble lamb sculpture all on cement base
Florence Edna/died Oct. 10, 1905 aged 3 years/Mary Elizabeth/ died Feb. 23, 1895 aged 1 mo. & 21 d’ys/Children of/Edward & Annie MURPHY

27. Red granite
At Rest/Isaac M. RYCKMAN/1866-1938/His Wife/Olive L. SMYTH/ 1876-1960

28. Black granite with floral motif
WOOTON/George S./1897-1965/Husband of Nora/ 1898-1983.
FS: Baby

29. Red granite ground stone
MacDONALD/Rena May/1888-1952/John A./1889-1958

30. Brass plate
William J./1876-1945/Ida May/1878-1955/PARTLOW

31. Black granite on grey granite base- (Lions International logo)/(wedding rings) Feb. 22, 1945/(Lioness International logo – Lioness Club/Legion Associate symbol)
SEGHERS/Jerry SEGHERS/Dec. 16, 1921//Gwendolyn Georgina/May (WOOTON)/Nov. 28, 1921 – Oct. 25, 1991/parents of Sally & Sandra/Grandparents of Richard II /Remember us for the smiles/and laughter as that is how/we will remember you. FS: Mother/Grandmother

32. Black granite ground stone
LAUR/Leona I./LOOMIS/1910/Peter W./LAUR/1910-1989/In God’s care/

Burials without Monuments

LIGHTCharles, 73 years, July 15 1927.  Buried July 18 1927 in Light Cemetery.  No monument found – JM & CVH November 2009

MacDONALD – St Thomas Times Journal, 5 May 1925, Page 6, c1 – Died – Mrs Gordon MacDONALD May 3, daughter of Mr & Mrs TURVILLE; survived by husband and 3 little children, not named; sister of Mrs John MacDONALD and George  TURVILLE.   Funeral May 6 to Light Cemetery.  No monument found – CVH April 2006

PARTLOW, James J., 68 years, April 20 1898.  Buried 20 April 1898 in Light Cemetery.  No monument found – JM & CVH November 2009

WALE – St Thomas Journal, 14 July 1917, Page 6, c7 – Funeral – Mrs WALE, nee Ruby PARTLO of Detroit buried in Light Cemetery.  Survived by husband, two small children (one a baby, 7 weeks old).  No monument found – CVH August 2005