Bayham – Guysboro

Guysboro Cemetery

Bayham Township, Elgin County, Ontario, Canada

57446-57838 Heritage Line, Straffordville, ON N0J 1Y0, Canada

Gravestone Inscriptions and Burials without Monuments


PROOF READING: Marg. Daugharty.

November 1994.

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1. White marble rectangular stone, lamb motif.
In/ memory of/ Charles/ son of/ Dangie & Sarah/ LUCAS/ died Oct. 18, 1875/ aged/ 13 yrs 2 mo & 2 days/ Weep not for me my parents dear/ I am not dead by sleeping here / I was not yours but God’s alone/ He loved me best and took me home.

2. White marble rectangular stone, weeping willow motif.
In/ memory of/ John AXFORD/ died/ May 30, 1871 [or 1874] /in his 47 year/ . . . / Be ye also ready for ye know/ not the day or hour the son of man/ cometh.

3. Gray granite, ground stone.
William H./ WESTEN/ 1827-1908

4. White marble rectangular stone, weeping willow.
In/ memory of/ Martha/ wife of/ Louis CRANDELL/ died/Dec. 10, 1872/ aged 32 years/ Earthly home adieu! adieu!/ Earthly friends farewell to you/ Softly breath your last good-bye/ Jesus calls me, let me die.

5. White marble rectangular stone, two weeping willows & obelisk motif.
Maryette/ wife of/ Lewis CRANDEL/ died Novr. 12, 1865/ aged/ 22 yrs 11 mos 8 ds/ She was lovely she was fair/ And for a while was given/ An angel came and claimed his own/ and bore her home to heaven.

6. White marble rectangular stone, two weeping willows & obelisk motif.
Catharine C./ wife of/ James HOUSE/ died Jan. 19, 1865/ aged 66 yrs 2 mos &12 ds/ She was a tender mother here/ And in her life the Lord did fear/ God grant her offspring may be blest/ And meet her in eternal rest.

7. White marble rectangular stone, lamb, finger pointing motif.
Robert Henry/ son of Isaac & Martha/ HOUSE/ died/ June 10, 1864 [or 1861] / AE 10 ms & 11 ds Beautiful lovely/H e was but given/ A fair bud on earth/t o blossom in Heaven.

8. White marble rectangular stone, lamb motif.
Andrew W./son of/ Lewis & Cordelia/ HOUSE/ died June 30, 1864 [or 1844] /aged 2 yrs 1 mo 14 d.

9. White marble rectangular stone, two weeping willows, open book motif.[lying on ground in 1999]
In memory of/ John HOTCHKISS/ died/ May 30, 1897/ aged 79 yrs/ & 24 dys.

10. White marble rectangular stone, two weeping willows, open book motif.
In memory of/ Catherine/ wife of/ John HOTCHKISS/ who died/ Dec. 7, 1880/ aged 48 yrs 3 mos.

11. Grey marble, weeping willow motif.
Susanna/ wife of/ George HOSNER/ died/ July 22, 1888/ aged 21 years/ 5 mos & 10 days/ Pearl/ daughter of/ George & Susanna/ HOSNER/ died Feb. 19, 1889/ age 1 yr 11 mos/ & 17 days/ Sleep on thou loved one, sleep/ Sleep till thy mother comes/ to join thee in thy joys above/ In Heaven our happy home.

12. Grey granite cross vault obelisk.
(SW) Mercy Lovina/ wife of/ James M./ FLEWELLING/ died/ Dec. 23, 1891/ in her/ 64th year/ Asleep in Jesus

13. Grey granite obelisk.
(NE) Mary E. HOUSE/ died/ Sept. 14, 1895/ aged/ 69 yrs 2 mos/8 ds.
(SE) John S. HOUSE/ died/ Dec. 12, 1884/ aged/ 60 years/ & 1 month/ While on earth/ I did remain/ I suffered much grief and pain/ But when the Lord He thought it best/ He took me to this heavenly rest.

14. Grey marble column.
(SE) Charles W./ HAINER/ died/ Jan. 19, 1905/ in his/ 53rd year/ HAINER
(SW) Cora D. /died/ Oct. 25, 1888/ in her/ 3rd year/ James W./ died/Sept. 27, 1888/ in his 5th year/ children of/ C. & B. HAINER/ Nip’t in the bud to/ blossom in heaven.
(NW) Merty E./ died Sept. 15, 1888/ in her/ 10th year/ Margaret C./ died/ Sept. 9, 1888/ in her 8th year/ children of C. & B. HAINER/ Weep not: they are/ not dead but sleeping.

15. White marble & granite stone.
Phebe/ dau. of/ J. & M. MABEE/ died Jan. 4, 1906/ in her 13th year/ Our loved one/ MABEE

16. White marble rectangular stone, lamb motif.
Olive/ dau. of/ J. & M. MABEE / died/ Dec. 3, 1888/ aged 1 yr & 14 d’ys/ We loved our little tender one/ And would have wished her stayed/ But let our Father’s will be done/ She shines in endless day.

17. Grey granite cross vault obelisk, city motif.
(NW) W. P. MABEE/ born/ July 31, 1830/ died/Sept. 7, 1913.
(NE) In thy father’s house there are many mansions/ Mary/ wife of/ W. P. MABEE/ died June 13, 1898/ in her/ 66th year/ There is rest in heaven/ MABEE

18. White marble rectangular stone.
Farewell/ In memory of/ Cecelia/ wife of/ Mathew D. ALWARD/ who died/ June 9, 1886/ AE 44 ys 10 ms & 10 ds/ Annie/ dau. of the above/ died/Aug. 22, 1869/ aged 21 days/ A loving friend, a companion dear/ A tender parent lieth here/ Great is the loss we here sustain/ But hope in heaven to meet again.

19. Grey granite column, open book on top.
(SE) Matthew D. ALWARD/ died/ May 19, 1899 /in his/ 57th year/ Gone home/ ALWARD

20. Grey marble obelisk.
(SE) Truman/ died/Jan. 17, 1892/ age 4 ms/ & 5 ds/ children of/ Edgar L. &/ Margaret A./ HARTWICK
(NE) Clarence/ died/ Apr. 22, 1894/ age 4 mos
(NW) Pearl/ Violet/ died/ Nov. 7, 1895/ AE 5 ms/ 14 ds
(SW) Evie/ died/ Dec. 29, 1890/ age 1 yr/ 9 ms & 9 ds.

21. Grey marble obelisk, bible, Holy Bible, gates opening under archway.
At Rest/ M. A. E.HORTWICK/ died June 23, 1908/ aged 37 years/HORTWICK/ Hutchinson Aylmer

(NOTE:  Surname is spelled HARTWICK – CVH August 2015)

22. Grey marble cross vault obelisk, concrete base.
(NW) In memory of/ William/ HOUSE/ 1862-1938/ Ethel HOUSE/ 1887-1951
(NE) In memory of/ Isaac/ HOUSE/ born/ Nov. 14, 1831/ died/Dec. 18, 1906/ Martha/ wife of the above/ born/Sep. 17, 1834/ died/Jan. 12, 1907/

23. Grey marble rectangular stone, wreath, hand holding book.
Gone Before/ Enoch DICKHOUT/ died/ Oct. 22, 1889/ aged/ 43 yrs 1 mo/ & 3 dys/ A faithful friend a husband dear/ A tender parent lieth here/ Great is the loss we here sustain/ But hope in heaven to meet again.

24. Grey marble column.
(SE) MalvaKILLMER/ wife of TrumanDAVIS/ died/ July 25, 1913/ aged/ 67 yrs 8 mos/ & 7 days/
(NE) Jonas KILLMER/ died/ Mar. 2, 1889/ aged 44 yrs/ 3 mos/ & 7 days/Here . . Christians … memory … / Or why should we in silence weep/ They are not dead but gone before/ KILLMER
(NW) Philip KILLMER/ died/ Aug. 21, 1883/ aged 79 yrs/ 4 mos & 15 ds/ Hannah/ wife of the above/ died Nov. 30, 1887/ aged 77 yrs/ 7 mos & 25 ds/ Too good for earth, God called them home.

25. White marble column
(NE) Margaret/ wife of/ Miles HOTCHKISS/ died Apr. 4, 1892/ AE 66 yrs 11 mos/ & 9 dys/ Gone to the better land.
(SE) Miles HOTCHKISS/ died/ Mar. 2, 1888/ aged/ 73 yrs/ Rest from thy labours/
(SW) Sarah/ dau. of Robert and Margaret/ CASEMENT/ died/ Oct. 16, 1883/ aged 17 yrs/ 5 ms & 11 ds/ Dearest . . gone ahead/ Thine is an early tomb/ But Jesus./ Thy saviour called thee home/ CASEMENT

26. Red granite on white granite base.
McCONKEY / Hugh E./ 1894-1968/ Ila P./1900- 1990/ . M & M Monuments Aylmer.

27. Footstones:
Leonard, Stanley, Clarence [goes with stone #29]

28. Footstones:
Theron, Bruce [goes with stone#29]

29. Black granite, white granite on concrete base.
(W) HOUSE/ James C. HOUSE / 1854-1926/ His wife/ Maggie SCOTT /1872-1939/
(E) Sons/ Theron 1898-1932/ Bruce 1903-1942/ Leonard/ 1894-1965/ Stanley 1905-1975/ Clarence 1911- /
FS: Leonard, Stanley, Clarence, Theron, Bruce.

30. Grey granite.
Minnie J./ wife of/ W. H. HOLLINGSWORTH/ died May 17, 1896/ in her 28th year / In life beloved, in death lamented.

31. Grey granite.
Mother/ Cora wife of/ Thomas E./ DICKHOUT/ 1877-1941

32. Concrete.
Geo. P. ALWARD/ 1851-1931/ At rest.

33. White marble rectangular stone, flower motif.
Farewell/ In memory of /Geo. ALWARD/ who died/ June 30, 1881/ AE 78 ys 1 mo/ & 15 ds/ Wm H. ALWARD/ died/Dec. 28, 1880/ AE 32 ys 1 mo/ & 4 ds/ Farewell my wife and children all/ From you a father Christ has called/ mourn not for me it is in vain/To call me to your sight again.

34. Grey marble cross vault obelisk on concrete base.
(SW) Michael/ died/ Sep. 5, 1868/ in his 2d yr/ Mary/ died/ Apr. 5, 1888/ age 1 mo/ children/ of Daniel & Mary W./BERDAN
(SE) Daniel/BERDAN/ who died/ Feb. 2, 1912/ in his/ 85th year/ BERDAN
(NE) Mary W./ BERDAN/ 1851-1941/ David/ BERDAN /buried in/ Iowa/ U.S.A./ Hutchison Aylmer.
FS: Father, Mary, Michael.

35. Red granite ground stone, flower motif.
Michael RIVETT/ 1955-1962/ Jesus came to gather flowers/ And on his way he gathered ours.

36. White marble rectangular stone, flower motif.[broken and lying on ground in 1999]
Susannah/ wife of/ John WARNER /died/Sept. 18, 1892/ aged/ 104 yrs 11 mos/ & 21 dys/ She loved the Lord and bit/ this world goodbye.

37. Grey marble, flower motif.
Elizabeth WARNER/wife of/John H. BERDAN/died/June 15, 1898/aged 68 yrs 3 mos/& 27 days/Here lies a parent dear/not dead but sleeping here/but God He loved her best/And called her home to rest.

38. Red granite on white granite base, flower motif.
Susannah Elizabeth/ SOPER/June 12, 1865/January 31, 1948/SOPER

39. Grey marble.
Sallie Anne/wife of/George H. FAVEL/died/Feb. 22, 1895/aged 78 yrs/She’s gone to dwell with saints above/And rest in God’s eternal love. /J. R. Bradford.

40. Grey marble, concrete base, flower motif.
Died in peace/In memory of/George H. FAVEL/who died/Jan. 29, 1891/ aged/73 yrs & 7 ms

41. Grey marble, rose motif.
Thomas H./FAVEL/died Aug. 14, 1908/aged 64 years/FAVELL  /Atkinson

42. White marble:
F. M. F.[possible footstones for Favell plot]

42.1 Red granite.
Gothic “S”/George STRATTON/Mar. 18, 1841-Jan. 1, 1922/Margaret STRATTON/ Feb. 3, 1844/Sept. 5, 1914/STRATTON

43. Red granite.
At Rest/Thomas STRATTON/1842-1914/Annie SWEET/his wife/1844-1933/Orpha J./dau. of the above/1872-1886/STRATTON/
FS: Mother, Father, Orpha J.

43.1 White marble:
W. A. S.

44. Concrete, gates opening under archway.
(W) At Rest/Deborah, wife of/Willis REECE/died Nov. 5, 1889/aged 31 ys 4 mos/&15 days/In life beloved in death lamented/REECE/
(E) Willis REECE/1856-1931

45. Grey granite ground stone.
PALMER / (left) Adah A./1886-1973/ Oron/1889-1964

46. Grey marble.
John E. WALTERS/1854-1913/Margaret A./wife of the above/1846-1914. Hutchinson Aylmer.

47. White marble rectangular, weeping willow motif.
In memory of/Lydia CLARK/who died Aug. 1, 1864/ [broken and in ground in 1999]

48. Red granite on white granite base.
NOWELL / (left) son Philip/1912-1963 / his wife Rose / 1918 – 1995 / (right)Walter/1890-1967/his wife Iola/1893-1975 FS: Philip, Mother, Father, Rose

49 Red granite on white granite base.
ROLOSON /Alta/June 12, 1897 / May 28, 1977 Ideal Monuments London

50. White marble, finger pointing motif.
Gone Home/In memory/of/John GRAYDON/who died Jan. 31,/1861/aged 54 years/Weep not for me children dear/I am not dead but sleeping here/I was not yours but God’s alone/When he thought it fit he called me home.

51. White granite on marble base.
Ruben W. son of/J. & C. GRAYDON/died/Oct. 30, 1893/aged 8 yrs 8 mos & 5 dys/We loved this tender little one/and would have wished him stay/But let our father’s will be done/He shines in endless day.

52. White marble, hand held open book.
In memory of/Nancy/wife of/Henry DELL/who died/Feb. 23, 1878/aged/60 yrs 1 mo/& 20 days.

53. White marble, rose motif.
Gone but not forgotten/Anna M./dau of/John B. & Marg’t/ FULKERSON / died/May 11, 1877/aged 5 years/10 mos & 3 days/verse illegible.

54. White marble obelisk, two weeping willows motif.
John WESTON/died/Dec. 25, 1883/aged/84 years/The winter of trouble is past/The stones of affliction o’er/His struggles are ended at last/And sorrow and death are no/more

55. White marble, dove motif.
Sacred to the memory/of/Joanna/wife of/John WESTON/and daut’r of/Willm. & HannhDELL/who died Jany. 22, 1861/ae 62 yrs 6 ms/She sleeps with Jesus and is blest/How sweet her slumbers are/From every toil and sin released/And all encumbering care.

56. White marble.
Joseph WESTON/died/Oct. 15, 1871/AE 63 yrs/A native of Tipperary, Ireland/let me die the death of righteous/and let my . . . (rest illegible)

57. Concrete.
Margaret CARNES/Aunt Peggy/wife of/Joseph WESTON/1816-1897/WESTON.

58. Grey marble column.
(SE) dau of/John & Elizabeth/RICHARDSON/died Nov. 24, 1885/aged 4 ms 11 ds/This little one but/tasted the cup of pain and . . ./And then away she/hastened where joys/unceasing flow.
(E) Elizabeth/wife of/J. RICHARDSON/died Mar. 19, 1893/aged 47 yrs/As in Adam all die/Even so in Christ shall/All be made alive.
(W) Martha Jane/dau. of/John & Elizabeth RICHARDSON/died/Apr. 6, 1886/ aged 1 yr 10 ms/Oh cease dear parents/Cease your weeping/Above the spot where/I am sleeping/My time was short/But blessed be he/That called me to eternity RICHARDSON

58.1 Grey granite column [new stone]
(E) John / Alexander / RICHARDSON / Dec. 21, 1830 / Dec. 19, 1905 / Here lies the / body of / John A. / He lived and / died a Tory / His body rests / beneath the / earth but his / sprit went / to glory / husband of / Elizabeth E. / KETCHABAW / Mar. 6, 1846 / Mar. 19, 1893 / As in Adam all / died even so in / Christ shall / all be made / alive /
(S) Sophia / Elizabeth / died / Nov. 24, 1885 / AE 4 mo. 11 ds / dau of / John & / Elizabeth / This little / one but tasted / the cup of / pain and woe / and then away / she hastened / where joys / unceasing / flow /
(W) Martha / Jane / died / Apr. 6, 1886 / AE 1 yr. 10 mo / dau of / John & / Elizabeth / Oh cease dear / parents cease / your weeping / above the spot / where I am / sleeping. My / time is short / but blessed / be he that / called me to / eternity /
(N) Abigail / VINCENT / died / May 28, 1881 / AE 51 yrs / 11 mo 15 ds / Yea thou I / walk through / the valley of / the shadow of / death I will / fear no evil / for thou art / with me thy / rod and thy / staff they / comfort me / Melissa LOVETT / McDONALD / c 1836 – / Feb. 27, 1900 / 1st & 3rd wives / of John A. / RICHARDSON /

59. Grey marble.
In memory of/Abigal/wife of/John A. RICHARDSON/who died/May 28, 1881/ aged/51 yrs 11 mos 7 15 ds/Yea though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death. I will fear/no evil for thou art with me thy/rod and thy staff they comfort me

60. White marble, dove motif.
In/memory of/Edway/son of/Absalom & Mary/TRAVIS/died Oct. 22, 1871/AE 2 yrs 3 m/Weep not for me my parents dear/I am not dead but sleeping here/I was not your’s but God’s alone/He loved me best and took me home. J. Stewart Ingersoll

61. White marble rectangular stone, rose motif.
Mary Elizabeth/dau of/Absalom & Mary/TRAVIS/departed this life/Nov. 16, 1871/aged 7 yrs 1 mo/& 6 days/Nip’d in the bud to blossom in Heaven.

62. Concrete.
William A./son of/ Revd Wilm. & Angea./RAMMAGE/died Octbr. 17/1867/AE 27 [or 29] yrs.

63. White marble rectangular stone.
Sacred/to the/memory of/Angeline/wife of/Revd. Wm RAMAGE/who was born/ August 11, 1815/and died/August 11, 1870/Not dead but gone before/ Blessed are the dead which/die in the Lord.

64. Concrete scroll on log.
Jane PRITCHARD/ wife of/Robert/CUCHMAN/died/Feb. 16, 1899/in her 82nd year.

65. Red granite on concrete base.
“S”/Jesse P. SOPER/Dec. 26, 1839/July 12, 1919/Mary SOPER/Sept. 15, 1848/June 4, 1933/SOPER

66. Grey marble obelisk on concrete base.
Gates opening under archway. In memory of/William C. WESTON/died Apr. 26, 1912/aged 71 ys 3 ms 20 ds/Cordelia/his wife/died Apr. 4, 1923/aged 76 yrs & 1 dy/WESTON

67. White rectangular marble on concrete base, roses motif.
Christina/wife of/W. C. WESTON/and daughter of/Charles & Caroline BALL/died Jan. 12, 1874/aged 19 yrs 5 ms/& 29 days/She passed in beauty, like a rose/bloom from its parent stem/She passed in beauty, like a pear/Drapped from some shadow/She passed in beauty, like the snow/on flowers dissolved away/She passed in beauty like the star/Lost on the brow of day.

68. White marble rectangular stone, weeping willow motif.
In memory/of/John/son of/Charles and Caroline BALL/who died Dec. 28, 1859/aged 23 years/And when ye lay my body down/Low in the grave to rest/Weep not, but think of me home/At home on Jesus’ breast.

69. White marble rectangular stone, weeping willow motif.
In memory of/William/son of/Charles & Caroline BALL/died Sept. 14, 1861/aged 19 years 5 mos & 4 ds/Thou art gone to the grave, we will not/deplore thee/Though sorrows and darkness encompass/the tomb/The saviour has passed through its por-/tals before thee/And the lamp of his love is thy guide/through the gloom.

70. Red granite on concrete base.
BALL/Charles BALL/1802-1898/Caroline SERPELL/his wife/1814-1894. Read Co. Ingersoll

71. Grey marble rectangular stone, flower and finger pointing motif.
Gone/but not forgotten/In memory of/Thomas SERPELL/died/Feb. 8, 1889/aged 81 years/6 ms & 4 ds/For we know that if our earthly house of this/tabernacle were dissolved we have a/building of God an house not made with/hands eternal in the heavens. II Cor 5.1 J. Heath Simcoe

72. Grey marble, concrete base, flower motif.
(W) In memory of/Jonas STONER/died July 21, 1902/in his 56th year/Sophia BALL/wife of the above/died Jan. 22, 1912/in her 61st year/STONER/
(E) Charlie C./died Jan. 13, 1884/in his 7th year/George E./died Dec. 23, 1897/in his 17th year/children of/Jonas & Sophia STONER/Nettie STONER/wife of/Christopher COOPER/died Mar. 7, 1906/in her 32nd year.

73. Grey marble.
Leota V./infant dau. of/Roy & Olive/BRINN/died/July 6, 1911/age 1 mo/& 11 days

74. White marble rectangular stone, flower & finger pointing motif.
In memory of/James BRINN/died Feb’y 17, 1865/in his 41st year/Jesse A./son of J. & C. I. BRINN/died Dec. 31st 1859/aged 2 mo 18 ds/Hark: angels whisper me away/my partner dear adieu/in the sweet realms of endless day /Our love we will renew.

75. Red granite on concrete base, flower motif.
ALWARD/James R. ALWARD/1854-1927/his wife/Julia E. DICKHOUT/1862-1949.
FS: Mother, Father.

76. Grey granite, gates opening under archway.
(W) Gone/but not/forgotten/Ellen Caroline/died June 7, 1902 in her 17th year/Mary/died Jan. 16, 1893 in her 5th year/children of Thomas & Isabella BALL/
(E) Thomas BALL 1857-1932/his wife/Isabell FRENCH/1865-1946.
FS: Father, Mother, 4 cornerstones.

77. Red granite on concrete base.

78. Red granite on concrete base.
James/BAKER/1872-1934/a native of/Tilbury Docks/England.

79. Red granite on white granite on concrete base, flower motif.
(W) BALL/Robert S. BALL/July 27, 1846/Mar. 7, 1918/his wife/Chloe Ann OSTRANDER/June 12, 1858/Sept. 30, 1941/William C. BALL/1881-1945/ at rest.
(E) Mabel Mae / wife of / William BALL / buried in / Lingelbach cemetery /

80. Grey marble, white marble lamb, concrete base.
(W) Lloyd R./son of/Geo. L. & Ida S. BALL/born May 3, 1910/died June 28, 1910.
(S) A.M. & G. Co. Simcoe.

81. Marble.
George L. BALL/1879-1929.

82. White marble rectangular stone, roses, weeping willow motif.
“Gone But Not Forgotten”/Robert E./son of/Jesse & Mary A./BRINN/died June 19,/1865/AE 23 years/5 mos & 17 ds.

83. White marble rectangular stone, lamb.
Mary Ann/daughter of/William & Ann/BRINN/died Jan. 5, 1863/AE 9 ys/2 ms & 16 ds/The departed, the departed/They visit us in dreams/And they glide above our memories/Like shadows over streams. B. Couiser Tillsonburg.

84. Column, urn gone, double base.
(NW) Ann/wife of/Wm BRINN/died/Feb. 21, 1909/in her 79th yr/At rest.
(SW) In/memory of/Wm BRINN/who died/June 29, 1882/aged/52 yrs 9 ms 1 dy/Father thou art gone to rest/We will not weep for thee/For thou art now where oft on/earth Thy spirit longed to be./BRINN

85. White marble rectangular stone.
Beulah/ dau. of/J. & E. BRINN/died/Mar. 19, 1907/aged 2 mos/also an infant.

86. Red granite on white granite base.
John N. BRINN/1857-1938/Emaline OSTRANDER/his wife/1864-1945/Gordon D. BRINN/1908-1958/BRINN Hutchinson Aylmer.

87. Red granite on concrete base.
BRINN/David BRINN/1864-1920/Amelia STRATTON/his wife/1867-1926/Alda Irene BRINN/1903-1926/Anna Kathleen BRINN/1906-1926. Hutchinson Aylmer

88. Obelisk, open book, Holy Bible.
Justus L./RAYSON 1854-1905/Hannah M./his wife/1849-1919/RAYSON

89. White marble, wreath.
Cornelia J./dau. of/Edward & Jane WEEKS/died . . . (stone broken, rest set in concrete.)

90. White marble rectangular stone, roses, hands clasped motif.
In/memory of/Edwd. T. WEEKS/died/Nov. 4, 1871/AE 65 yrs/Come unto me all ye that are weary and heavy/laden and I will give you rest.

91. Grey marble on concrete base, scroll and flower motif.
A devoted/mother /Jane EVANS/died/June 27, 1911/in the 35th of her age/EVANS.
(N) Mary E./Weeks/WILSON /1859-1934.

92. Grey marble on white marble on concrete base, pulpit style, gates opening under archway, Holy Bible.
(W) At rest/Rebecca/wife of/Andrew OSTRANDER/died May 21, 1905/in her 67th year./OSTRANDER.
(E) Andrew OSTRANDER/died Feb. 21, 1917/in his 89th year.

93. Red granite ground stone.
Elmer OSTRANDER/1869-1933

94. Red granite ground stone.
Annie E. OSTRANDER/1873-1934

95. Red granite ground stone.
Myrtle M. OSTRANDER/1901-1917

96. Grey marble obelisk, flower motif.
Infant babe/son of/Elmer & Annie/OSTRANDER/died/July 20, 1891/Sleep on sweet little one/take thy rest God called/thee home he thought it best/ OSTRANDER

97. Grey marble on concrete base, flower motif.
“B”/David BERDAN/1850-1923

98. Double headed white marble slab, flower & weeping willow motif.
(Left) Elizabeth/wife of/David BURDAN/died/Sep. 7, 1867/AE 66 ys/2 ms & 3 ds/ /
(Right) David BURDAN/died/Dec. 25, 1872/AE 73 ys/3 mos & __ ds.

99. Grey marble, pulpit style, gates opening under archway.
(W) Albert E. BERDAN/died April 15, 1903/in his 76th year/Also his wife Bridget/died March 31, 1906/in her 70th year/BERDAN.
(E) Annie L. BERDAN/died July 22, 1905/in her 35th year.

100. White marble rectangular stone, lamb.
David/son of/Albert & Bridget/BERDAN/died/May 19, 1856/AE 8 months 2 ds/This lovely flower/to us awhile was given/transplanted now/it brightly blooms in Heaven

101. Black granite on grey granite base.
(W) Family of Robert S. BALL/ (Left) Judson BALL/1887-1959/Grace Shepherd BALL/1885-1969/Frederick L. BALL/1891-1961/Carrie Garner BALL/1897- 1989 . (Right) George L. BALL/1879-1929/Ida Capling BALL/1880-1965/Carmon BALL/1882-1964/Alberta McKim BALL/1883-1961.
(E) Samuel C. BALL/1893-1955/Charlotte Sanders BALL/1889-1958/buried in Los Angeles Calif.
FS: Carmon, Alberta, Judson, Grace, Frederick, Carrie.

102. White marble.
Thomas BERDAN/1872-1950/Eunice his wife/1855-1943/BERDAN

102.1 Black granite
The family of / Carmon BALL / & / Alberta (McKIM) / J. Mack / 1924 / his wife / Helen / (BUCHNER ) / 1923 / their children / Terry C. / Randall M. /  Cecil M. / 1915 / his wife / Margaret / (ROBERTSON) / 1916 / their children / Sharon M. / Shelley M. / Gordon C. /  Robert C. / 1911- 1987 / his wife / Alta / (GREEN) / 1915 / their children / J. Marlene / Arthur C./
footstones: Alta, Robert C.

103. Grey granite obelisk.
(N) Elijah/VINCENT/1837-1924/Melissa/VINCENT/1862-1953.
(W) Alonzo VINCENT/1871-1936/In death’s cold arms lies/sleeping here, a tender parent/a companion dear: In love he/lived in peace she died. Her life/was asked but was denied.
(S) Elizana/wife of/Elijah/VINCENT/died Mar. 28, 1894/51 yrs 7 ms/& 22 ds/Gone home.
(E) Thomas G./son of/E. & E./VINCENT/died/Jan. 10, 1884/aged 8 ms & 10ds

104. White marble.
Nearer/my God/to thee/In/memory of/Margaret A./wife of/Elijah PETTIT/ died Sep. 24, 1881/aged 60 yrs 3 mos/& 3 days/Not in my innocence I trust/I bow before thee in the dust/And through the Saviour’s blood alone/I took for mercy at thy throne/I have the world without a tear/ Save for the friends. I hold so dear/To heal their sorrows Lord descend/ And to the friendless prove a friend.

105. Grey marble.
In/memory of/Elijah/PETTIT/who died/Jan. 31, 1890/aged 67 yrs/& 6 mos/Servant of God well done/Rest from thy loved employ/The battle fought, the victory won/Enter thy master’s joy.

106. White marble, lamb.
Malvina Alberta/dau. of/Peter & Susanna/CULP/died Aug. 27, 1876/aged 4 yrs 10 mo/& 23 days/Best little Mellie in happiness rest/_________ with angels/We know thou art blessed/far from the trials/That tempt us to stray/And in His mercy has called thee

107. Red granite on white granite base, gates opening under archway.
CULP/In memory of/Peter CULP/Apr. 1, 1844-Apr. 7, 1932/Susanna PETTIT/ wife of Peter CULP/Sept. 24, 1848-June 29, 1926.

108. Concrete. Gates opening under archway.
Gone but not forgotten/Samuel KINDY/died Nov. 3, 1890/aged 55 yr 1 mo & 4 ds.

109. Grey marble.
Harriett B./wife of/Chas. A. RAYSON/died/July 31, 1906/aged 27 yrs & 24 ds.

110. Red granite.
Euretta J. RAYSON/wife of George YOUNG/1902-1969.

111. White marble on concrete base.
James H. DAY/died/Aug. 7, 1899/in his/30th year/Gone to be with Christ/which is far better/DAY

112. Grey marble on concrete base.
Father/William EVANS/died/May 9, 1910/in his/81st year/EVANS

113. Grey marble scroll style on concrete base.
Eliza A./wife of/Nicolas FULLER/died/May 1, 1898/in her 35th year/In life beloved/In death lamented/FULLER.

114. Red granite on white granite base.
MIDDLETON /James G./1893-1976/his wife/Ruth GARNHAM/1895-1969. Ideal Monuments, London

115. Red granite on white granite base.
Henry H. GARNHAM/1865-1946/Jennie GARNHAM/1874-1939/GARNHAM

116. Grey marble.
Infant/died Jan. 15, 1899/Oscar N./died March 11, 1899/aged 2 yrs 10 ms/& 7 days/children of/H.H. & Jennie/GARNHAM.

117. Grey marble, concrete arch.
(W) Nellie/beloved wife of/David JEFFERSON/died/July 30, 1890/aged 33 years/David JEFFERSON/died/July 28, 1916/aged 70 yrs 6 mos/28 dys/ JEFFERSON.
(E) In/memory of/Wm JEFFERSON/died/May 15, 1864/aged 73 years/also/ Ann/his beloved wife/died/Dec. 26, 1855/aged 56 years/Granny JEFFERSON/ died/Feb. 24, 1889/aged 100 years/& 19 days.

118. White marble rectangular stone, weeping willow motif.
In/memory of/Harriet Ann/wife of Simeon BRINN/died/June 23, 1861/AE 27 yrs/& 2 ms/The winter of trouble is past/The storms of afflication are o’er/Her struggles are ended at last/And sorrow & death are no more.

119. Black granite ground stone, white granite on concrete base.
(Left) Mom/L. Norma/1922-
(Right) Dad/H. Alf/1914-1981. Ideal Monuments, London

120. Grey granite, church motif.
(W) BRINN/James H. BRINN/1860-1938/His wife Lavina/1859-1939/Delbert BRINN/1883-1962.
(E) Levi Robert BRINN/1892-1962/William Eli BRINN/1894-1970.

121. White marble rectangular, flower and hands clasped motif.
Farewell/In memory of/Phebe Ann/wife of/T.W. McGREGORY/born/Feb. 29, 1824/died Sep. 17, 1863.

122. White marble rectangular, flower and lamb motif.
In memory of/Francis W./son of/Chancey & Margaret/HEADLEY/died/Sept. 2, 1864/aged/2 yr 5 ms 24 ds.

123. Grey granite on concrete base.
Ada V./dau. of G.R. & H.A./GARNHAM/died/Dec. 26, 1899/aged 6 ms & 18 dys/infant died/May 26, 1900

124. White marble rectangular, open book, Holy Bible motif.
In/memory of/Colin C. . . . .[broken: surname is COAN/who died Sep. 23, 1887.

125. Grey granite cross vault obelisk on double concrete base, flower motif.
(SW) In/memory of/Ida May/wife of/Samuel HARP/who died/Apr. 6, 1887/age 27/years/10 mos/& 23 ds/In labor and in love allied/in death they here sleep side by/died/Resting in peace the loving/twain til Christ shall raise them/up again/HARP.
(NW) In memory of/Eva/dau of/Isaac &/Lezeanea/WATTS/who died/Mar. 30, 1887/aged 21 years/& 10 ms/WATTS

126. No stone

127. Grey granite obelisk.
(SW) Not gone from memory/Not gone from love/But passed to our Father’s/home above.
(SE) Isaac WATTS/1830-1915.

(NW) In/memory of/Elizena/wife of/Isaac WATTS/died/Nov. 21, 1892/aged/58 yrs 10 mos & 4 days/WATTS

128. White marble rectangular stone on concrete base, open book, flower motif
In/memory of/Jas. S. GRIMES/ (broken buried in concrete)

129. White marble rectangular stone on concrete base.
Murray H./son of J. A. & M./GARNHAM/died/Dec. 4, 1898/aged 5 mos.

130. Red granite on white granite on concrete base, flower motif.
(left) Marion P./1865-1961/
(right) J. Ambrose/1859-1945/
(bottom) Mary Louise/1908-1975. Geard Cut Stone Ltd. London

130.1 Black granite
GARNHAM / Etta / GARNHAM / 1891 – 1988 / Lee / GARNHAM / 1893 – 1983 / Lewis / Rayson / 1933 – 1998 /

131. White marble rectangular stone.
William RAYSON/1873-1941/his wife/Cora HUSBAND/1896-1959/RAYSON
FS: Cecil, Mother, Father

131.1 Grey granite
RAYSON / Patricia / 1936 / William / 1927 – 1986 /

132. Red granite on concrete base.
(left) Anne M./1917-1987/wife.
(right) Clarence/1913-1982/Husband. Ideal Monuments London

133. Red granite on white granite on concrete base.
SWINN/Lloyd R. SWINN/1916-1985/his beloved wife/Verna REID/1918- /Their son/Albert William/1938-1965. Ideal Monuments London

133.1 Ostrander Funeral Home marker :
Tony MARTINKEVIOIUS 1925 – 1996

134. White marble rectangular stone, flower motif.
Comadore C./son of/C. C. & E. F. HITT/died/Apr. 20, 1854/AE 1 yr 9 mo & 6 ds

135. Grey marble obelisk on concrete base, gates opening under archway.
At rest/Mary Ann/beloved wife of/A. R. WANTY/died Nov. 15, 1912/aged 81 ys 10 ms/WANTY

136. Grey marble obelisk, concrete base, closed book, gates opening under archway, star.
Come Ye Blessed/Thomas SWINN/died/March 28, 1894/in his 65th year/At Rest/SWINN

137. White marble rectangular stone, double concrete base, rose motif.
Constance M./dau. of/Albert & Alice S./SWINN/born Aug. 4, 1887/died Dec. 1, 1889/This lovely bud so young and/Fair call’d hence by early doom/ Just came to show how sweet a/Flower in Paradise could bloom.

138. Red granite on concrete base.
(W) FISHER/Thaddeus G. FISHER/1862-1931/his wife/Ella SMITH/1864-1918.
(E) Andrew C. FISHER/1889-1957/Stanley B. FISHER/1908-1978.  P. D. Austin, Simcoe
FS: Andrew

139. Grey granite.
George W./son of/S. P. & M. E. CUNNINGHAM/died April 6, 1901/aged 6 mos & 24 dys/Our loved one.

140. Grey granite obelisk on concrete base, gates opening under archway, closed book. Come Ye Blessed/
Maria E./wife of/S. P. CUNNINGHAM/died/ April 10, 1899/in her/49th year/CUNNINGHAM.

141. White marble, weeping willow motif.
Frederick HERSHEY/died/June 8, 1860/in his 37th year/A faithful friend . who . loved dear/A tender parent lieth here/Great is the loss we here sustain/But hope in Heaven to meet again.

142. White marble.
Mary Ann Charlotte/wife of/David ROGERS/died/Feb. 14, 1857 /AE 57 [or 54] yrs 10 mo.

143. White marble, rose motif.
In memory of/George/son of W. D. & Alice/WADE/died July 14, 1861 [or 1864] /aged 1 yr 5 mo 9 ds/How . . . changed that lovely flow’r/Which bloomed and cheered our hearts/Fail fleeting comfort of an hour/How soon we’re called to part.

144. White marble, hand holding open book.
George McCLEAN/died Jan. 31, 1876 (Broken)

(Note: the Ontario Death Registration for George McLEAN gives that he died January 31, 1876 at age 75. He was born in Ireland – This stone was previously transcribed in error. A close inspection in June 2007 revealed that gravestone was correctly inscribed as Jan 31 (very stylized) and not Jan 10 as was previously reported. Some later descendants to Michigan use the surname McCLAIN – BCJ)

145. White marble, finger pointing.
Thy will be done/Delilah/wife of/Geo. McCLEAN/died 12 Apr. 1861/aged 62 yrs 2 m & 29 d./In death’s cold arms lies sleeping here/A tender parent, a companion dear/In love she lived, in peace she died/Her life was asked but was denied. Hard & Roberts

146. White marble, urn, two weeping willows.
Martha/wife of Matthew/McCLEAN died/June 14, 1853/AE 24 yrs 7 mo/& 9 ds/And I heard a voice from far away/Saying unto me . . . . Blessed are/the dead who die in the Lord. From/henceforth: yea saith the spirit that they may rest from their labours and/their works do go before them.

147. White marble, weeping willow.
Sacred/to the memory of/Margaret/wife of/Robert MORRIS/who departed this life/Oct. 29, 1850/AE 19 ys 11 ms 7 13 ds/Also in infant daughter.

148. White marble, weeping willow.
Sacred/to the memory of/George MORRIS/who died/May 8th 1850/aged 75 yrs.

149. White marble, weeping willow motif.
Sacred/to the memory of/Susannah/wife of George MORRIS/who died/Sept. 3, 1850/AE 56 yrs/ (Rest broken)

150. White marble, weeping willow motif.
In/memory of/Ruth/dau. of Wm & Nancy/WESTERN/died Mar. 18, 1857/AE 3 ys 2 ms/This lovely bud so young & fair/called home by early doom/Just came to show how sweet a flo’r/In Paradise could bloom.

151. White marble rectangular stone, finger pointing.
Weep not/Sarah Maria/daughter of/John & Emma J./SCRUTON/died July 4, 1861/aged 3 yrs 7 ms/& 12 ds.

152. White marble rectangular stone, lamb sculpture.
Charles Wilmot/son of/Jeremiah & Catherine/SMITH/died Mar. 20, 1866/aged 4 yrs 8 ms/& 20 ds.

153. White marble rectangular stone, rose, finger pointing.
Gone Home/In/memory of/Irene/wife of/Cornelius ARMSTRONG/died/Feb. 7, 1872/AE 60 yrs & 13 ds/Farewell a little time and we/who knew the will and loved thee here/One after one shall follow thee/As pilgrims through the gate of tear/Which opens on eternity.

154. White marble rectangular stone, two weeping willows, hand holding book.
Frank B./son of/Jeremiah & Catherine/SMITH/died May 4, 1908/in the 34th year/of his age/Gone but not forgotten.

155. White marble rectangular stone, wreath, finger pointing.
Gone/Home/In memory of/Wm Arthur/son of/Jeremiah & Catharine/SMITH/died 17th Dec./1875/in his 19th year/. . . is he dead . . no he lives

156. White marble rectangular stone, weeping willow, rose.
Where will/you spend/eternity/George O./son of/Jeremiah & Catharine/ SMITH/died June 8, 1893/in his 31st year/We’ll know why clouds instead of sun/Were over many a cherished plan/Why song has ceased when scarce begun/’Tis there sometime, we’ll understand.

157. Red granite, concrete base.
(left) Mother/Catharine/wife of/Jeremiah/SMITH/1838-1909/
(right) Father/Jeremiah SMITH/1834-1917/
(bottom) Precious in the sight of the Lord is/the death of his saints/ SMITH
(NW) In/memory of//Elizabeth/wife of/John SUTTON/who died/Aug. 22, 1887/AE 78 y 2 m 12 d/She was a tender wife while/here. And in her life the Lord/did fear. We trust our loss/will be her gain. And that/with Christ she’s gone to/reign.

159. Red granite on white granite base.
William ALWARD/1888-1947/Mary BROWN/his wife/1888-1955/ALWARD.

160. Red granite ground stone.
HALL /In loving memory/ (left) Robert C./1867-1940/  (right) Alice A./1872-1952.

160.1 Black granite
HALL / Ream C. / 1911 – 1992 / Bertha A. / 1909 / together /

160.2 Black granite ground stone
Ansley / BROUGHTON / 1905 – 1984 /

160.3 Black granite
MARSHALL / son / Harry / 1914 / daughter / Clara / 1912 – 1986 / mother / Phoebe / 1874 – 1925 / father / George / 1865 – 1947 / Rest in peace /

161. Black granite on white granite on concrete base, flower motif.
(left) Mabel C./1888-1967/
(right) Roy P./1890-1948. Ideal Monuments, London

162. Red granite on concrete base, flower motif.
(W) “S” Alice S./TOMLINSON/beloved wife of/Albert SWINN/1864-1912 /Albert SWINN/1865-1937/also his wife/Clara Annie MARSHALL/1872-1961/SWINN. Hutchinson, Aylmer
(E) James E. SWINN/1871-1936/William A TOMLINSON/1874-1943.
FS: Mother, Father

163. Black granite on concrete base, flower motif.
(left) Victoria/1896-1978/Mother/
(center) In loving/memory/
(right) Charlie/1894-1973/Father.

164. White granite on concrete base.
Elizabeth/STEPHENS/ (Ball) 1859-1942.

165. Grey marble on concrete base.
(W) Thy will be done/Charles BALL /died May 14, 1907/aged 68 years/ BALL.
(E) Elizabeth BALL/1859-1942.
FS: Father, Mother. 4 cornerstones.

166. Grey marble on concrete base, flower motif.

167. Red granite on concrete base, flower motif.
HOBBS/Joseph HOBBS/1827-1920/Jane Ann [Hall – not on stone] HOBBS/1829-1864/ children/Mary Jane/1852-1854/George S. 1858-1861/John 1860-1861. Hutchinson, Aylmer.

168. Red granite on concrete base, flower motif.
“B” Lewis BATE/1819-1896/Mary BATE/1829-1874/Joanna BATE/1862-1864/Mary BATE/1868-1944/Joel BATE/1854-1948/BATE.

169. White marble rectangular stone, flower motif.
In/Memory of/Robert GARNHAM/died/Feb. 17, 1897/aged 78 years/Gone but not forgotten. Potts & Hill Brantford

170. White marble rectangular stone, flower motif.
In memory of/Elizabeth/wife of/Robert GARNHAM/who died/May 2, 1878/aged 60 yr. Verse illegible

171. Red granite on concrete base, 8 ft.
(SW) Robert/GARNHAM/died/June 18, 1881/aged/90 ys 6 ms/John XI.25/ GARNHAM/ (NE) Louisa M./GARNHAM/died/Jan. 8, 1911/aged 70 ys 7ds [sic] /& 16 ds/He that believe/th on the son/hath everlasti/ng life/and he that believeth/not/the sun sh/all not see li/fe but the wrath of God/abid/eth on him/
(NW) Maria/wife of/R. GARNHAM/died /Nov. 17, 1887/aged/86 ys 11 ms/& 17 ds/She hath done/what she could.

172. White marble rectangular stone, weeping willow motif.
Mary Ann/dau. of/Rob’t & Maria/GARNHAM/died/July 11, 1848/AE 11 yrs/& 4 mos/Weep not for me the glorious . . /of Heaven surrounds her now/The wreath of immortality /Is blooming on her brow.

173. White marble rectangular stone, weeping willow motif.
John Ambrose/BROWN/died/Oct. 8, 1851/AE 58 yrs.

174. White marble rectangular stone, weeping willow motif.
In/Memory of/Joseph THOMPSON/who died/July 17, 1857/aged 27 years/a native of/Mordal England/Farewell my friends as you are now so once was I/As I am now you must be/Prepare for death and follow me.

174.1 White marble:

175. Grey marble obelisk.
(SW) In/memory of/Priscilla/wife of/Reub’n KING/died/Oct. 30, 1883/ aged/27 ys 1 mo/& 18 days/ The pains of death are past/Labor and sorrow ceased /And life’s long warfare closed at/last/ Her soul is found in peace/KING.
(NE) Alice B./died/Jan. 11, 1884/aged 16 ys 10 ms/& 13 days/ Arthur/died/Mar. 17, 1870/aged 4 ms 14 ds/children of/Stephen G. & Catherine/ MARSHALL/ Alas they have left as their spirits has fled/Their spirits now/ slumber along with the dead: Their saviour has called them to Him they/ have gone. Be ye also ready to follow them soon.

176. Grey granite cross vault obelisk, urn, 8 ft, cross & crown motif.
(SW) In/memory of/Rosa M./wife of/Jas. H. KING /died/Apr. 6, 1887/ aged/32 yrs 9 mos /& 21 days/KING /As a wife devoted/As a mother affectionate/ As a friend ever tried and true.
(SE) James H./KING/died/Dec. 10, 1934/in his 83rd year.
FS: Mother

176.1 Grey granite
ALWARD / John T. ALWARD / 1914 – 1995 / his wife / Myrtis I. ALWARD / 1917 – 1992 /

177. Grey marble on concrete base, flower motif, doves, gates opening under archway.
Our parents/James H. HOUSE/died March 12, 1903/in his 65th year/ Catherine his wife/died July 26, 1905/in her 65th year.
3 cornerstones.

178. Grey marble on concrete base, pulpit style, gates open under archway, Holy Bible.
At Rest/Samuel CULP/1849-1908/Sarah his wife/1854-1926/CULP

179. Grey granite, concrete base, flower motif.
“H” Mary E. wife of/John HOTCHKISS/born 1868 – died 1909/John HOTCHKISS/ born 1858 – died 1950. Hotchkiss cornerstone.

180. Grey granite, flower motif.
(left) Carrie E./1887-1982/Ralph E./1916- 1996 /
(right) Morley R./1888-1960/Blake K./1921- 1990 .
FS: Mother, Father, Ralph, Blake.

181. Grey marble scroll on tree stump, concrete base.
James LeMAIRE/born London Eng./Mar. 6th 1814/died/Dec. 28th 1894.

182. Grey granite scroll on tree stump, concrete base.
In/memory of/Robt. SPOONER/died/Oct. 15, 1897/aged/68 years/& 7 mos.

183. Red granite on concrete base.
FENN/Wm. FENN/died Jan. 2, 1902/aged 68 yrs/Maria Ann/wife of the above/ died Feb. 21, 1915/aged 81 yrs.

184. Red granite peaked top obelisk, concrete base.
“G” George GARNHAM/1834-1915/Mary Ann FENN/ his wife/1835-1917/ GARNHAM. Atkinson Simcoe

185. Red granite on concrete base.
“T” Mary L. GARNHAM/wife of/Rolph E. TREE /born Nov. 21, 1867/ born again Mar. 2, 1886/died Mar. 11, 1911/ With Christ which is far better.

186. Grey marble scroll on rocks, concrete base.
In/memory of/Harriett M./dau. of/Geo. & Mary/GARNHAM /who died/Mar. 2nd 1888/aged/22 ys 11 ms 19 ds/For the ways of sin/ is death but the will of/ God is eternal life thr-/ough Jesus Christ our/Lord Rom. VI.23

187. White marble rectangular stone, lamb sleeping.
In memory of/Ammy Louese /daughter of/George & Mary Ann/ GARNHAM/ died/ Sept. 24, 1864/ aged/1 yr 11 ms 2 ds.

188. Grey granite, concrete base.
GARNHAM /Sheriff K. GARNHAM /died Sept. 14, 1904/aged 83 years/ Ann, his wife/ died Feb. 14, 1890/ aged 56 years.
FS: Mother

189. White marble rectangular stone, finger pointing. Gone but not forgotten /
In/memory of/Mary/wife of/Lewis BATE /who died/Jan. 9, 1874/aged 45 yrs.

190. Concrete.
Matthew C. PHILLIPS/ died Nov. 14, 1904/aged/ 84 yrs 6 mos/& 4 dys /Our Father/ PHILLIPS

191. White marble rectangular stone, clasped hands.
Farewell/ Nicholas PHILIPS /died/July 6, 1862/ aged/78 years/4 mos & 24 ds.

192. Grey marble.
Agnes/ wife of/ Geo. ALWARD /died/Apr. 28, 1912/ aged 90 years. J. W. H. Aylmer.

193. White marble rectangular stone.
Agnes/died Aug. 20, 1831/AE 7 ys/ Lawrence/died Aug. 26, 1834/ AE 5 ys/ children of/G. & S. HUNTSBERGER

194. White marble rectangular stone.
David/son of/G. & S. HUNTSBERGER /died Aug. 18, 1834/AE 3 yrs.

195. White marble rectangular stone.
Agnes/wife of /C. HUNTSBERGER/ag’d 71.

196. White marble rectangular stone.
Christian HUNTSBERGER/ag’d 71.

197. Red granite column, vault, top urn.
(SW) Celesta A./CONWAY/wife of/John GARNHAM/ died/Oct. 11, 1932/ in her 76th year/ GARNHAM/
(SE) Miriam LEE/wife of/John GARNHAM/ June 14, 1834/ Mar. 14, 1891/
(NE) Maria Anne/GARNHAM/Feb.17, 1893/Mar. 1, 1982/
(NW) John GARNHAM/died/Nov. 25, 1899/in his/75th year/Blessed are the/ pure in heart, for/ they shall see God.
FS: Maria

198. Grey marble, scroll top.
Miriam/wife of/John GARNHAM /died/Mar. 14, 1891/aged 56 years /& 9 mos/ At Rest.

199. White marble rectangular stone, hands clasped.
In/Memory of/James FAVEL /died Dec. 11, 1871/AE 45 ys 4 ms & 28 ds/Albert FAVEL /died Jan. 11, 1860/ AE 2 ms. [Verse illegible.]

200. Red granite.
SPROUL/Rose Ann SPROUL/ former wife of/ James FAVEL/ 1841-1926.

201. Grey marble, scroll top.
(W) In memory of/Wm KENNEDY/died Mar. 11, 1892/aged 83 years/Martha wife of/Wm KENNEDY/died April 11, 1897/in her 75th year.
(S) a loving friend/A husband dear/A tender parent lieth here/Our Mother/ (Top) Father

202. Black granite.
William Smith/son of/ Samuel & Mary Jane/ KENNEDY/1897-1905/ Gone to a better land/ KENNEDY

203. Concrete.
(SW) In/memory of/Thomas/MAGUIRE /who/died/Apr. 12, 1901/ aged/86 yrs/& 9 ms/Mary Ann/wife of/the above/died/ July 11, 1909/AE 87 ys 1 m 6 d/ One precious to our hearts/has gone. The voice we loved is stilled. The place made vacant in our home can/never more be filled/
(SE) Elsie E. COLLINSON/ 1852-1934/
(NW) William S./MAGUIRE/who/ died/Feb. 21, 1903/ aged 58 yrs/
(NE) Emma E./dau of/A. E. & Rose/MAGUIRE/ 1906-1924

204. Red granite round column, urn, 12 ft. In/memory of/
(SW) Edwin A./GARNHAM/born May 5, 1843/died/Jan. 7, 1911/ At Rest/
(SE) GRANHAM/Susan/ GARNHAM/1866-1940.

205. Red granite on white granite base.
(left) Husband/ Robert E.W./1895-1974/
(right) Wife/Florence A./1904-1986/
(bottom)Patty/1934-1935/ Dumfries Monument, Cambridge.

206. Grey marble, top broken off.
Maurice W./son of/Albert & Joanna/BROWN/died Nov. 1, 1910/aged 9 mos 16 dys. Hutchinson, Aylmer

207. White marble.
In memory of/Lucretia/wife of/Samuel/SANGER/who died Feb. 15/1871/aged 44 years/10 months.

208. White marble rectangular stone, weeping willow.
Sarah/wife of/Henry HARDWICK/died/August 9, 1852/AE 22 ys 9 ms 6 ds.

209. White marble rectangular stone, weeping willow.
Cynthia Ann/daughter of/John & Anna/ SANGER/died Dec. 1, 1853/AE 10 ys 6 ms 14 ds.

210. White marble, finger pointing, dove.
(W) Gone/In/memory of/Annie/dau. of/E. & S. SANGER/who died/ 7th Apr. 1871/aged 2 years/& 2 months.
(E) Tersey SANGER /a sister of Annie /died /Nov. 10, 1869 /aged/ 4 yrs & 8 ms / buried/ in the town of/Eusly, Co. of Neiwago, Mich. U. S.

211. White marble rectangular stone, two weeping willows, hand holding book.
In God I trust/In memory of/John SANGERS/who died/Apr. 13, 1877/aged 77 yrs/5 ms & 10ds/a faithful friend a companion dear/A tender father lieth here/Great is the loss that we sustain/But hope in Heaven to meet again.

212. White marble rectangular stone, hands clasped.
Ann/wife of/John SANGER/died/Feb. 9, 1879/aged 74 ys 2 ms/&2 ds/Behold a tender mother’s gone./loved partner’s fled/She’s gone to her eternal rest/to number with the dead.

213. White marble rectangular stone, hands clasped.
In memory of/Sarah J./wife of/C. C. COAN/died/Mar. 14, 1866/aged 60 yrs/Dear children to your mother kind/May Jesus deign your souls to raise/To join and sing His lasting praise.

214. White marble rectangular stone, rose, hands clasped.
In/memory of/ Elizabeth A./wife of/J. A. FAVEL/ died Apr. 9, 1853/AE 22 ys/ We miss her welcome footsteps/ Her eye of love so light/And her smile of warm affection/ hath faded from our sight.

215. Grey granite obelisk, double concrete base.
(W) gates opening under archway, bible, Holy Bible/Mother/ N. Augusta/ wife of/James MARSHALL/died/July 18, 1896/in her/50th year/ Asleep in Jesus/ MARSHALL/
(N) James MARSHALL/ born/in England/1840/died/1920.
FS: Mother, father.

216. White marble rectangular stone.
In memory of/Barbara/dau. of/James & Augusta/MARSHALL/ died Mar. 21, 1879/ aged 9 mos/ In life beloved, in death lamented.

216.1 [see stone #223 – it has apparently been moved to this row ]

217. Grey marble. Barbara/CULP/wife of/Geo. K. PHILLIPS/1819-1914.

218. White marble rectangular stone, two weeping willows, hand holding bible
1 Kings /X III.30/ In memory of/George K. PHILLIPS/who died/ Mar. 3, 1879/ aged /61 yrs/ A faithful friend a husband dear/ A tender parent lieth here/ Great is the loss we here sustain/ But hope in Heaven to meet again

219. Red granite on concrete base.
“P” Joseph D. PHILLIPS/1840-1923/ Thursey DUNNING /his wife /1840-1924/ PHILLIPS/ Joanna Gertrude 1863-1864/ Isaac Lawrance 1869-1870

220. White marble rectangular stone.
Nancy/ wife of/Michael CULP/died/ Sept. 15, 1879/AE 60 yrs.

221. White marble rectangular stone, flower motif, hands clasped.
Farewell/In/memory of/Michael CULP/who died/March 7, 1877/ aged 77 yrs 5 mos /& 18 dys/ A loving friend a husband dear /A tender parent lieth here/ Great is the loss we here sustain/ But hope in Heaven to meet again.

221.1 Grey granite

[all it says]

222. Grey marble, open book on concrete stump.
Barbara Anne/wife of/John O. CABLE/born/Nov. 8, 1865/ died July 5, 1891/ 1st Thes. IV Chp 13 & 14 yrs./ Lloyd Phillips CABLE /June 3rd 1801-1892 . . . [verse illegible.]

[Lloyd Phillips CABLE, my grandfathers brother, born June 3 1891, died Nov 10 1892 – submitted January 2006 by Kate Vandijk]

223. White marble rectangular stone, flower and dove motif.
In/memory of/Joanna G./dautr. of Josph. D. & Thurza/PHILLIPS /died Nov. 1, 1864 /AE 1 yr & . . . (broken).
FS: Phillips

224. White marble rectangular stone, flower motif.
Too Good for Earth/God called him home/In/memory/of/Michael/son of /Isaac & Elizabeth/ CULP/died July 12, 1865/ aged 19 yrs 8 ms & 12 ds. Verse illegible.

225. Grey granite pulpit on concrete base, open book, gates opening under archway.
(SE) Father/Isaac CULP/ died/April 4, 1895/in his 73rd year/Thy will be done/ CULP.
(NE) Elizabeth/wife of/Isaac CULP/ died Nov. 13, 1896 /in her 73rd year/ She’s at rest.

226. White marble rectangular stone.
Caleb/son of/Eben’r & Susan/OSTRANDER / died/March 24, 1838/ aged 1 yr 9 mo 9 days.

227. White marble rectangular stone, weeping willow.
William A./son of/John & Mary S./ROBINS/died Aug. 26, 1857/ AE 10 years 2 mos.

228. White marble rectangular stone, flower motif.
In/memory of/Mary Jane/dau. of John & Samantha/ ROBINS . . . (illegible)

229. White marble rectangular stone, weeping willow.
In/memory of/John ROBINS /who died/Nov. 23, 1878/ aged 71 yrs 9 ms & 6 ds.

230. White marble rectangular stone, weeping willow, (broken)
In/memory of/ Cemantha M./wife of /John ROBINS /died Apr. 24, 1876/ aged 64 yrs & 29 ds

231. Red granite.
William FAVEL/1832-1899/Hannah A./his wife/1834-1908/Also their son/ Alonza/1858-1966/ FAVEL

232. White marble.
In memory of/Aunt Mary FAVEL /who died/April 14, 1896/aged 76 yrs 8 mos/ and 15 days /A loved one has gone from our circle/On earth we will meet her no more/ She has gone to her home in Heaven/ And all her afflictions are o’er

233. White marble double head stone, roses.
Thos FAVEL/died/Dec. 21st 1855/ aged 61 years/2 months/& 25 days/ Mary/wife of/ Thos. FAVEL/died June 23, 1859/aged 66 years/ 4 mos & 10 ds/ verse illegible.

234. Grey granite.
Farewell/Annie Maria/DREDGE /died/Feb. 16, 1885/aged/61 ys 10 mos & 12 ds/ Father I gave my spirit up /I trusted in thy hand/Thy dying flesh shall rest in hope/ And raise at thy command

235. White marble rectangular stone, weeping willow, urn.
Sophia Malvina/ wife of/George M. CLEMENT/died/Nov. 3, 1856/AE 42 yrs 11 mo/ & 21 ds/A faithful friend a companion dear/A tender mother lieth here/ Great is the loss that we sustain/ But hope in Heaven to meet again.

236. White marble rectangular stone.
Mary Malvina/dau. of/George H. & Sophia M./CLEMENT/ died/Apr. 14, 1857/ aged 5 mo 11 ds.

237. Red granite, bible open. He giveth His beloved sleep/
Henry W. GARNHAM/died April 20, 1905/in his 79th year/Mary A. BENSTEAD/ wife of the above/ born Dec. 25, 1837/died Dec. 23, 1913/ GARNHAM.

238. Grey marble, bible open, gates opening under archway.
(W) At Rest/Geo. Sheriff GARNHAM/ died Mar. 5, 1906/aged 49 years/ Rebecca his beloved wife/died May 27, 1936/aged 79 years/ GARNHAM/
(E) Nellie L. dau. of/ Geo. S. & Rebecca/ GARNHAM/died July 26, 1914/aged 17 years.

Notes: a plaque near the entrance to the cemetery contains a sketch of a church building and contains the following words:

 Guysboro United Church 1864 – 1971

In memory of Guysboro United Church which was the worship centre of many of the pioneers who are buried in this cemetery.
The original building was built of white pine of this region by the Wesleyan Methodist Church of the New Connexion.

The building stood on the south side of Talbot Road about one mile east of here.”

A plaque on the shed built in the cemetery grounds reads as follows:

Building erected using a donation from the estate of Etta & Lee Garnham in their memory, 1990

Burials without Monuments

CAREY – St Thomas Times Journal, 16 February 1953, Page 9, c6 – Died – Robert Cecil CAREY, husband of Mrs Cora CAREY, nee HUSBAND; step-father of James, William and Lewis RAYSON and Mrs Clarence BROWN.  Burial Guysboro Cemetery.  No monument found – CVH August 2011

CUNNINGHAM – St Thomas Evening Journal, 16 June 1906, Page 4, c2 – Funeral – Mrs S. CUNNINGHAM, June 12 to Guysboro Cemetery.  No monument found – CVH July 2008

DEAMUDE – St Thomas Times Journal, 29 February 1928, Page 8, c1 – Funeral – Mrs D. G. DEAMUDE.  Funeral 24 February 1928 from her residence to Guysboro Cemetery.  No monument found – CVH August 2004

FAVEL – St Thomas Times Journal, 7 March 1928, Page 6, c1 – Died – David FAVEL, 88th year, Mar 6, brother of Mrs Joseph CONWAY. Funeral March 9 to Guysboro Cemetery.  No monument found – CVH June 2006

HAINER, Isabella (LEACH) died 1 June 1920, at Bayham, born Houghton wife of Charles HAINER. Informant son, Murray HAINER – buried Guysboro. No monument found. Monument for husband Charles W. HAINER who died in 1905 and for 4 of her children who died in 1888.

MILLER – St Thomas Times Journal, 17 January 1924, Page 12, c5 – Died – Mrs MILLER, nee Eleta RAYSON, Jan 13, daughter of Charles RAYSON. Funeral January 17 to Guysboro Cemetery.  No monument found – CVH February 2006

MILLER – St Thomas Times Journal, 17 January 1924, Page 12, c5 – Died – Infant daughter of Mrs Eleta MILLER, nee RAYSON, 1 month, Jan 13.  Funeral January 17 to Guysboro Cemetery.  Buried in her mother’s arms.  No monument found – CVH February 2006