Bayham – Dobbie

 Dobbie Cemetery

Bayham Township, Elgin County, Ontario, Canada

56139 Green Line, Tillsonburg, ON N4G 4G8, Canada

Gravestone Inscriptions & Burials without Monuments
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The following was taken form an article written by Louisa Hatch. In turn, it was taken from the Tweedsmuir History of Corinth and North Bayham.
“If one would discover the fairest locations of our countryside, he could do no better than follow the trail of the pioneer cemeteries. Invariably our beauty starved ancestors selected the sunniest and sweetest spots in which to lay their lost ones for the long sleep, until the glad trump of the resurrection should rouse them.

One of these pleasant burial sites is Dobbie cemetery of North Bayham. Rising high and dry above a semi-border of open woodland, it is delightfully estial and sunny on a bright March day. It is small, but full of handsome monuments, introducing to the old families of the district, Livingston’s, Crossett’s, Haley’s, Elliott’s, etc.

Conspicuous among the stones is the monument of George William Best and the spires of the twin obelisks of Andrew and George Dobbie, ancestors of one of the most influential families of North Bayham. In fact, it was from the estate of Colonel Andrew Dobbie that the plot for the cemetery was given, and there are so many odd things that one runs across in connection with cemeteries, this burial plot was, and still is Anglican, although the surrounding community during the memory of modern man has always been Methodist.
The place must have been considered a centre of population at one time. For not only did the North Bayham Methodists erect their first church on a knoll across the field, but before that, the Anglicans planned to build a church there. It was for this purpose that Colonel Andrew Dobbie’s grant included five acres, the west part reverting to the estate when the edifice did not materialize.
Most of the woodland that surrounded the Dobbie cemetery has now disappeared since Miss Hatch wrote the above article, but it is still a pleasant spot. It is more neatly kept than many country cemeteries due to the fact that a perpetual care fund was established some years ago, started by the late George Elliott, whose earthly remains now rest in this same cemetery. The fund now amounts to $3,000 and is administered by a Cemetery Board, of which James Elliott is secretary-treasurer.
[written in 1982]

1. Grey marble headstone with clasped motif.
Farewell/ Martha/ BENSTEAD/ wife of/ John H. CROSSETT/ died/ Oct. 28,1883/ aged/ 50 years

2. White marble headstone, double willow and hand holding open book.
In/ memory of/ Eliza M./ wife of/ Joseph ANDREW/ died/ Jan. 21, 1874/ AE 20 yrs. & 5 mos.

3. White marble slab, broken.

4. White marble headstone, broken, only one piece left.
___ NNI ___.

5. White marble slab, broken off.
Mary Louesia/ dau. of/ Joseph & Eliza /ANDREWS/ died/ Oct. 7, 1874/ aged 9 mos. & 12 ds.

6. White marble, probably top to #5, lamb motif.
In memory of/.

7. White marble slab.
In memory of/ Lovina Ann/ dau. of/ Cameron R. & Mary M./ CROSSETT/ who died/ Nov. 11, 1886/ aged/4 years 1 month/ & 17 days.

8. White marble slab.
In memory of/ Archie Wm./ son of/ Cameron R./ & Mary M./ CROSSETT/ who died/ Aug. 4, 1887/ [ rest of stone broken and buried.]

9. White marble slab in ground.
Penelope/ died Apr. 10, 1853/ aged 15 yrs. 2 mos./& 5 days/ And yet why mourn that deep repose/ Shall never more be broke by pain/ Those lips no more in sighs unclosed/ Those eyes shall never weep again.

10. Grey granite.
Guy Livingstone/ BAKER 1896-1931.

11. Grey marble, open gates motif.
(W)-Frances ARMSTRONG/ 1852 – 1918/ Henry ARMSTRONG/ 1866 – 1898.
(E)-AT rest/ Edward ARMSTRONG/ 1810-1873/ Elizabeth R. ARMSTRONG/ 1825- 1905.

12. White marble headstone with lamb and pointing finger.
Henry W./ son of/ William & Alice/ MULNYX/ died/ Nov. 11, 1865/ AE 4m & 1d./ Beautiful, lovely/ He was but given/ A bud to earth/ to blossom in Heaven.

13. Grey marble pillar with missing urn.
(S)-Mary Ann/ LIVINGSTON/ wife of/ Rev. Wm./ BOTHWELL/ born/Mar. 7, 1824/ died/ Feb. 2, 1911/ in her 87th year/ Trust in Jesus.
(N)-In memory of/ Rev. Wm. BOTHWELL/ who was born/ in Co. Tyrone/ Ireland/ Aug. 23, 1821/ And having served his generation/ For 15 years/ in the Methodist/ Ministry/ was called to his/ reward/ Sept. 8, 1882/ Blessed are the dead who die/ in the Lord – from hence/ forth yea saith the spirit/ that they may rest from their labors and their/ works do follow them.

14. White marble headstone, column with urn.
(E)-Sarah/ wife of/ Sam’l LIVINGSTON/ died/ Dec. 9, 1867/ AE 77 yrs. 11 ms/ & 3 ds.
(W)-……..which come out great/ tribulation and wasted there/ robes and made them white in/ the blood of the lamb.
(N)-In/ memory of/ Samuel LIVINGSTON/ died/ Jan. 16, 1872/ AE 81 ys. 10 ms./ & 28 ds.

15. Grey marble pillar, draped urn.
(NE)-Sarah/ wife of/ Samuel LIVINGSTON/ born/ in the Co. of Meath/ Ireland/ Dec. 20, 1817/ died/Feb. 11, 1899.
(SW)-Eliza L./ beloved wife of/ G. W. BAKER/ Aug. 20, 1853/ Mar. 7, 1925.
(NW)-Capt. Samuel LIVINGSTON/ born/ in the County of/ Monaghan, Ireland/ Nov. 14, 1812.
[NOTE: the Aylmer Express gives that Capt. Samuel LIVINGSTON died 21 Jan 1904]

16. White marble headstone.

Edward A./ son of/ Sam’l Jr. & Sarah/ LIVINGSTON/ died May 15,/ 1847/ aged 4 y’s 7 mo./& 28 days.

17. White marble headstone, flora motif, broken stone.
Fell asleep in Jesus/ April 1, 1873/ aged 27 yrs/ …/ daughter of/ Samuel & Sarah/ LIVINGSTON/ And … … thou deep repose/ Shall never …be …… by pain/ Those lips no more in sight enclose/ Those eyes shall never weep again

18. Red granite stone.
(E)-Sarah H./ died/ Mar. 19, 1851 Age 1 mo./ infant dau./ died/Mar. 21, 1870, age 1 mo./ children of Edward & Eliza J./ LIVINGSTON/ Sarah Jane LIVINGSTON/ wife of/ Merton W. HATCH/ Jan. 28, 1863 – June 4, 1938/ Geo. W. BAKER/ June 25, 1847 – Mar. 11, 1933/ his wife/ Eliza LIVINGSTON/ Aug. 21, 1853 – Mar. 7, 1925.
(W)-Eliza Jane/ wife of/ Edward LIVINGSTON/ died June 6, 1903/ aged 74 y’s 8 m’s 7 d’s/ Edward LIVINGSTON/ died Jan, 14, 1910/ aged 83 y’s 25 d’s/ LIVINGSTON.

19. White marble headstone.
Infant dau. of/ John & Malinda/ LIVINGSTON.

20. White marble headstone, broken.
In/ memory of/ Halena A./ dau. of/ … & Elizabeth/ CROSSETT/ died July 27, 1877/ aged 19 yrs 2 mo.

21. White marble headstone, hand holding open book, double willow.
Asleep/ In/Jesus/ In memory of/ Mary/ wife of/ ……/ BENSTEAD/……

22. White marble headstone, willow motif, broken but braced.
In memory/ of/ Robert Christie/ son of/ Robert & Mary/ CAMPBELL/ who departed this life/ July 5, 1858 /aged 5 yrs. 7 m.

23. White marble headstone, willow motif.
Gregray/ son of Thomas/ & Mary BENSTEAD/ died/ Oct. 4, 1847/ aged 1 yr./& 9m

24. Marble scroll top obelisk, gates and arch obelisk, broken.
(TOP)-He loved her/ yes we loved her/ But Jesus loved her more/ and he has sweetly/ called her/ To yonder shining/ shore.
(W)-At rest/ Melissa J. OTIS/ wife of/ John BENSTEAD/ Fell asleep in Jesus/ Oct. 8, 1908/ aged 59 years/ John BENSTEAD/ died Sept. 18, 1917/ Aged 76 yrs/ BENSTEAD.
(S) Thos BENSTEAD/ died/ Feb. 21, 1887/ aged 81 yrs./ 2 mos./ Mary wife of the above/ died/ July 10, 1877/ aged 69 yrs.

25. Grey granite ground stone.
Annie E. BENSTEAD/ 1870-1934.

26. Red granite cross vault column with urn.
(NE)-In/ memory of/ Charlotte/ beloved wife of/ James CURTIS/ who died/ Jan. 26, 1891/ aged 52 years/ dau. of Geo. & Sarah J./ BEST/ But one short week and she was gone/ Gone where no sickness ever dwells/ There ne’er is heard the wail of woe/ Tolling of the funeral bell/ CURTIS. (SW) James CURTIS / In / Memory of / James CURTIS / who Died / Nov. 20, 1911 / In his / 76th yr.

27. White granite peaked top obelisk with pillars, double base.
BEST /wife/ Alice Ann DOBBIE/ wife of G. W. BEST/ 1843-1912/ husband/ George W. BEST/ 1841-1915 /father/ George BEST/ 1803-1899/ mother/ Sarah J. TUPPER/ wife of George BEST /1814-1875/ Sarah/ Sarah Ann BEST/ 1835-1942/ Mary/ Mary E. BEST/ wife of/ Joseph WALLACE/ 1848-1870. FS: Black granite.

[NOTE:  Alice Ann DOBBIE BEST died in Tillsonburg October 7 1913 – CVH April 2007]

27.1 White marble headstone, willow motif.
In memory of/ John/ infant son of/John & Charlotte/ SCOTT/ who died/ July 16, 1856/ AE 4 mo. & 2 ds.

28. White marble headstone, willow & dove motif on concrete.
Humbly we . . ./ Yet but we hoped . . / They mourn not for us, for thee Livy/
In/memory of .os Gordon BR . . / who died/ May 4, . .

29. White marble headstone, willow motif.
In/ memory of/ Mary Jane/ beloved wife of/ Macauley BOYCE/ who died/ Jan. 20, 1855/ aged 21 yrs/ 4 m. & 3 d.

30. White marble headstone, willow motif.
In/ memory of/ Hannah/ daughter of John &/ Martha MALCOLM/ died Sep. 10,1848/ aged 11 yrs./ also/Sarah Ann/ died Sep. 16, 1848/ aged 8 yrs

31. Red granite column, 15 ft.
(NW) George DOBBIE/ died/ Aug. 11, 1880/ AE 85 yrs. & 11 days/ also/ Ann Maria/ his wife/ died Mar. 1, 1891/ aged 82 years/ DOBBIE
(SE) Charles T. DOBBIE/ died Mar. 19, 1911/ in his 73rd year.
FS: C. DOBBIE, A. DOBBIE, Charles, W. D., L. D.

32. Grey marble scroll, clasped hands motif.
In remembrance of/ Wm. A. DOBBIE/ who died/ May 5, 1891/ aged 59 yrs & 10 ms/ Gone but not forgotten.

33. Grey marble scroll, clasped hands motif.
In memory of/ Louisa/ wife of/ Wm. A. DOBBIE/ who died/ Oct. 15, 1892/ aged/ 61 yrs & 6 mo’s/ Rest in peace.

34. Grey granite headstone.
F/ In/ memory of/ Edith M./ wife of/ G. S. FIRBY/ died Dec. 8, 1905/ aged 45 yrs/FIRBY

35. White marble headstone, willow and floral motif.
In/ memory of/ Selah HALEY/ died/ Apr. 26, 1872/ in his 75th year/ Friends nor physicians could not save/ This mortal body from the grave/ Nor can the grave confine it here/ When Christ shall bid it to appear. B. Courser, London

36. White marble headstone, broken, willow and floral motif.
In/ memory of/ Mariah./ wife of/ Selah HALEY/ who died/ Oct. 24, 1872/a ged 67 yrs/ verse illegible.

37. Grey marble headstone, floral motif.
In/ memory of/ John HALEY/ who died/ Jan. 5, 1884/ aged/60 y’s 11 m’s/ & 24 days/ A loving friend a companion dear/ A tender parent lieth here/ Great is the loss that we sustain/ but hope in Heaven to meet again. Hutchison Aylmer

38. Red granite headstone.
John BELL/ 1850-1913/ Absent from the body/ present with the Lord/ BELL

39. White marble headstone, hand holding open book.
In memory of/ Idona A./ wife of/ John BELL/ died June 21, 1895/ aged 41 yrs 5 ms & 11 days.

40. Grey marble scroll on base.
Gone but not forgotten/ In memory of/ Nettie/ dau. of/ John & Idonia BELL/ died/ July 24, 1887/ aged 3 ys. & 22 ds/ He shall gather the lambs/ with his arms and carry them/ in his bosom. Isiah XLII

41. White marble headstone, open book, broken.
Alice ? &/ John BELL/ . . . .

42. White marble headstone, lamb motif.
Lilly Maud/ dau. of/ John & Alma/ BELL/ died July 22, 1881/ aged 4 years

43. White marble headstone, willow motif.  [No to . . . before/ ]
In/ memory of/ William son of Wm. & Christy/ BELL/ died Jan. 18, 1871 /AE 19 yrs./ There remains therefore rest for the/ people of God.

44. White marble headstone, willow motif.
Jane/ daughter of/ Alexander &/ Catharine/ KELSO/ died Aug. 9, 1853/ aged 2 ms

45. White marble headstone, willow motif.
In/ memory of/ Eliz’th Wood/ dau. of H. & Ann/ BELL/ died Aug. 5, 1856/ AE 7 mos/verse illegible.

46. 5 ft. column on concrete base.
(SW) Lieut. Col. Andrew DOBBIE /born/ 8th October 1790/ At Linlithgow, Scotland/ died 3rd July/ 1871/ Martha Ann/ wife of the above/ died/Mar. 11, 1888/ aged/ 84 y’rs 5 m’s & 12 d’s
(NW) Andrew W. A. DOBBIE/ died/ 10th April, 1857/ aged 24 years 4 months and 20 days/ Mary Ann/ wife of Lieut. Col. A. DOBBIE/ died/ 1st July 1824/ aged 21 years.
(NE) In loving memory/ Thomas William/ DOBBIE/ died/ 1st April, 1908/ aged 78 ys. 4 ms./ At rest/ Susan Margaret/ wife of T. W. DOBBIE/ born 23rd January, 1839 /died 18th December 1873/ S. M. Jones/ DOBBIE
(SE) Mary H. DOBBIE/ born 1861/ died 1960
FS: A.A.D., Martha A., Lt. Col. Dobbie, A.A. Dobbie, T.W.D., Susan

47. White marble headstone, floral motif, broken. No visible transcription.

48. Grey marble obelisk, vault top with urn.
(SE) In memory of/ James G. BENTLEY/ died/Dec. 11, 1881/ aged/ 80 yr. 1 m. & 5 ds./ Elsie/ wife of/ the above/ died/ Nov. 17, 1893/ aged 84 yrs/ & 5 ms.
(SE) In memory of/ Sarah/ wife of/ James G. BENTLEY/ died/Sept. 21, 1836/ aged 31 yrs. & 7 ms./ Benjamin/ son of/ J. G. & S. BENTLEY/ died/ Aug. 10, 1842/ aged 16 y’rs/ James/ son of/ J. G. & E./ BENTLEY/ died/ Aug. 17, 1842/ aged 3 yr & 3 ms.
(NW) In memory of/ Freeman S. BENTLEY/ died/ Sept. 6, 1858/ aged/ 14 yrs & 10 m’s/ Hiram/ son of/ J. G. & E. BENTLEY/ died Nov. 26, 1848/ aged 1 year/ BENTLEY

49. Broken white marble headstone
. . . . ./ who died Feb. 21, 1887/. . .

50. Red granite obelisk, 8 ft.
(West) In memory of/ Richard MULNYX/ died/ June 30, 1879/ AE 69 yrs. 1 mo & 15 days/ Mary Ann/ his wife /died Aug. 25, 1849/ AE 41 yrs /Also their dau./ Mary/ died Apr. 10, 1850/ AE 9 yrs & 11 mos/ MULNYX

51. White marble headstone.
Sarah LIVINGSTONE/ widow of/ Henry BOYCE/ died/ April 14, 1873/ aged/ 77 years/ Though I walk through the valley of the/ shadow of death I will fear no evil/ For thou art with me/ Thy rod and staff comfort me.

52. Grey marble, logs on top.
(West) William R./ died July 3, 1882 in his 3rd year/ Mary M./ died Feb. 6, 1898 in her 5th year/ Amy A./ died Feb. 24, 1898/ aged 10 years/ Ethel J./ died Feb. 17, 1900 in her 14th year/ children of Wm. & Rebecca MARSHALL
(East) William MARSHALL/ 1852-1927/ his wife/ Rebecca DICKIE/ 1856-1942

53. White marble headstone.
Alanson S. SMITH/ died/Mar. 29, 1855/ AE 63 y’rs 1 mo./ & 7 days.

54. White marble headstone, draped urn.
In/ memory of/ William SCOTT/ died/Apr. 26, 1865/ AE 50 yrs/ Boast not thyself of tomorrow.

55. Red granite headstone.
SCOTT/ William SCOTT/ 1815-1865/ Elizabeth SCOTT/ 1818-1885.

56. White marble headstone, hand holding open book.
In memory of/ John BELL/ who died/ Sept. 8, 1869/ aged 86 years.

56.1 Stone
William BELL/ died/ Aug. 16, 1856/ AE 36 yrs. God Giveth his beloved sleep.

56.2 Stone
Marion BELL/ aged 17 days.

57. White marble headstone, clasped hands motif.
Christiana/ beloved wife of/ William BELL/ died/ June 29, 1902/ aged 82 years/ 7 mo/ s & 18 d’ys/ To depart and to be with Christ/ which is far better. Phil 1: 23

58. Black granite, vault top.
(W) “S”/ Sarah L. wife of W. SCANLAN/ 1857-1925/ Winslow P./ SCANLAN, 1857-1935/ SCANLAN
(E) Mary Ann Wife of W. SCANLAN/ 1837-1915/ Fannie 1889-1907/ Thomas & Estella children of/ W. P. & S. L. SCANLAN/ E. A. NEVILLE 1847-1913

59. Grey marble headstone, open gates, slant top with closed Holy Bible.
(W) At rest/ gates ajar/ Thomas J. NEVILLE/ June 4, 1849/ Aug. 4, 1922/ Charlotte SCANLAN /his wife/ 1859-1929/ NEVILLE.
(N) Libbie S./ dau. of/ Thomas J./ & Charlotte/ NEVILLE/ died/July 1, 1903/ age/ 12 years/ 5 m’s, 25 d’s.

60. Red granite on concrete base.
(W) Mary Ann SCOTT/ 1850-1919/ Magdelena SCOTT/ 1852-1872.

61. White marble headstone, willow motif, broken.
In/ memory of/ John CROSSETT/ died/ Nov. 16, 1857/ AE 63 ys. & 8 ms.

62. White marble headstone, broken, willow motif.
In/ memory of/ Sarah/ wife of/ John CROSSETT/ died/Nov. 12, 1857/ AE 61 ys 2 ms/ & 28 ds/ Weep not for me my children dear/ I am not dead but sleeping here/ My fate you know, my grave you see/ Prepare for death and follow me.
FS: S. C.

63. White marble headstone.
Susannah/ daughter of/ John & Sarah/ CROSSETT/ born/July 10, 1824/ died/Nov. 1825

64. White marble headstone.
Eleanor/ daughter of/ John & Sarah/ CROSSETT/ born/Dec. 15, 1818/ died/ Nov. 1822.

65. White marble headstone, broken.
Daniel MALCOLM/ died/ June 16th, 1860/ aged 85 yrs.

66. White marble headstone, face up on ground.
Elizabeth/ wife of/ Daniel MALCOLM/ died/ 11 August 1871/ AE 86 yrs 4 mos/ & 11 days/ I know that my Redeemer lieth.

67. Marble on concrete base, wreath.
At rest/ In memory of/ Annie/ wife of/ Walter SMUCK/ who died/ Jan’y 23, 1892/ age 27 ys. 6 ms.

68. Grey cross vault obelisk with urn and tri-base.
(N) In/ memory of/ Robert DICKIE/ died/ Jan. 12, 1897/ aged 74 years/ & 4 mos./ DICKIE
(S) Rachel/ wife of/ Robt. DICKIE/ 1833-1923.

69. Marble scroll top obelisk, double base, closed book, gates.
(W) Holy/Bible/ In memory of/ Salathiel/ McQUIGGAN/ died Sep. 26, 1909/ In his 79th year/ Susan wife of the above/ died Mar. 14, 1909/ in her 72nd year/ McQUIGGAN
(E) In loving/ memory of/ Mary Ann/ THIRSTON /beloved wife of/Salathiel McQUIGGAN/ born Jan. 9, 1825/ died Nov. 2, 1859/ Mother thou art from/ us gone thou whom we/ Long to see again.
(N) Precious in the/ sight of the Lord/ is the death of his saints Ps. 116. 15.(S) Mark the perfect/ man and behold the/ upright for the/ end of that man/ is peace.

70. Red granite on concrete base.
“B”/ Alexander BELL/ 1853-1915/ To depart and be with Christ/ which is far better/ His wife Mary E./ 1863-1932/ BELL

71. Black granite on white granite base, vault top.
(W) Agnes wife of/ James GREEN/ 1866-1909/ James W. GREEN/ 1870-1939/GREEN
(E) J. William GREEN/ 1904-19. ./ his wife/ Mildred SCOTT/ 1905-1966.
FS: Mildred.

72. Red granite on white granite base.
GREEN/ Alfred Edward/ 1877-1965/ his wife /Maggie M. LOWRIE/ 1882-1971.

73. Grey marble, raised top, headstone.
(TOP) son of/ Alfred & Maggie GREEN/ died Jan. 11, 1908/ age 4 y’rs 1 mo 8 d’s/ Our darling/ Fred. H.

74. Red granite on white granite base.
(W) R. Seymour RONSON/ 1877-1930/ Hester Ann CRANDELL/ 1878-1940/ RONSON

75. Grey marble headstone, sleeping lamb.
In memory of/ John Russell/ son of/ R. S. & Annie RONSON/ died Oct. 20, 1907/ age 1 y’s 3 m’s & 29 d’s.

76. White marble headstone, clasped hands.
In memory of/ Jessie/ wife of/ Andrew SLATER/ who died/ Dec. 28, 1890/ aged 77 yrs & 4 mos/ O death where is thy sting/ O death where is thy victory.

77. White marble headstone, clasped hands.
In memory of/ Andrew SLATER Sr./ who died/ May 24, 1892/ aged 77 years/ 11 mos. & 14 d’s/ Thrust in the sickle, reap for the time is/ Come for thee to reap; for the harvest of the earth is ripe. Rev. XIV 15.

78. Red granite on concrete base, white granite vault top.
Andrew SLATER/ 1845-1914/ Mary E. SLATER/ 1848-1928/ SLATER.
FS: husband, wife

79. Concrete, low table stone, angel motif.
Frederick Andrew/ only son of/ Andrew & Mary SLATER/ died/ Dec. 6, 1881/ aged 7 y’s 1 mo. & 20 days/ We loved this little one/ And would have wished him to stay/ But let our father’s will be done/ He shines in endless day.

80. Red granite on concrete, pillar, vault top and urn.
(E) 1896/ In/ memory of/ Joshua Van Allen/ 4th son of/ J. D. & Mary/ FREEMAN/ who died/ Sept. 1st 1881/ aged/ 18 y’rs 11 mo’s and 2 dys/ FREEMAN
(N) In/ memory of/ James B./ FREEMAN/ 1857-1915/ Pte. Jas. VanAllen/ son of Jas. Bidwell/ & Grace M./ FREEMAN/ 1896-1926
(W) In/ memory of/ James D. FREEMAN/ died/ Jan. 3rd, 1908/ aged 81 years/ & 3 days
(S) In/ memory of/ Mary/ wife of/ J. D. FREEMAN/ born/ Dec. 10th, 1831/ died/ Oct. 15th, 1908/ aged 66 y’rs 10 mos. & 5 days.

81. Red granite on concrete.
Joshua VANALLEN/ born/25th May 1802/ died 8th Sept. 1880/ Louise/ His wife/ born 23rd Feb. 1800/ died/2 4th Feb. 1883.
FS: 2 red granite “V”

82. White marble headstone, clasped hands and floral motif, broken.
In/ memory of/ Jerusha L./ daughter of/ . . . .

83. Concrete headstone.
(E) Catherine BERRY/ wife of/Francis LILLY/ died March 18, 1902/in her 67th year/ Francis LILLY/ died Nov. 24, 1915/ in his 86th year.
(W) James Hall LILLY/ died/ June 7, 1887/ in his 84th year/ James H. LILLY/ died/May 4, 1926/ in his 68th year/ LILLY
FS: father, mother, James H., Grandpa

84. White marble headstone, double willow, double dove, clasped hands, obelisk motifs. Gone home/
In memory of/ Annie/ dau. of William and Amelia/ PLEWES/ Jan. 9, 1867/ AE 3 yrs 9 ms/ &25 ds.

85. White marble headstone, lamb motif.
James A./ infant son of/Robert & Minerva/ DONALDSON/ died May 8, 1871/ AE 2 mos. & 20 days/ verse illegible.

86. Red granite obelisk.
(N) Robert/ William/ TURNBULL/ born/ Sept. 12, 1857/ died/Feb. 10, 1861
(W) James/ TURNBULL/ born/ July 16, 1822/ died/ Oct. 25, 1887 /Native of/ Scotland/ Mary Jane/ McCLEAN/ wife of the above/ born/ Mar. 3, 1826/ died/ Apr. 21, 1887/ TURNBULL
(E) Margaret/ Agnes/ TURNBULL/ born/ June 1, 1855/ died/ Mar. 11, 1861
(S) Ruthvin Edward/ TURNBULL/ born/Mar. 26, 1849/ died/Sept. 25, 1863

87. White marble headstone.
Maria/ wife of/ Stephen HOOPER/ died/ Jan. 8, 1849/ AE 47 y’rs

88. White marble headstone.
Ste’ph HOOPER/ died/ Mar. 28, 1877/ AE 84 yrs 11 mo. & 8 ds.

89. White marble headstone.
Owen/ son of/ Stephen & Maria/ HOOPER/ died/ Aug. 29, 1856/ AE 20 yrs 2 mo./ & 2 ds.

90. White marble headstone, willow motif.
Infant children of/ Harriet & Clinton/ HOOPER/ died/June 22, 1866/ AE 11 ds.

91. White marble headstone, rose motif.
In memory of/ Ada Laura/ dau. of/ Hercules & Ada A./ BURWELL/ died/Dec. 19, 1875/ AE 3 y’s 11 m. 15 d./ There is a bright region above/ We long to reach its shore/ To join with the dear ones we . . / Not lost but gone before.

92. Grey marble pillar with ball on top.
(N) In/ memory of/ Joseph Norton/ son of/ D. W. & Malissa J./ STILWELL/ died Apr. 5, 1882/ aged 2 years/ 3 mo’s & 20 d’s/ Gone but not forgotten.
(E) Rachel/ dau. of/ D. W. & M. J. STILWELL/ died Feb. 22, 1904/ aged 18 years
(S) In/ memory of/ Malissa Jane/ wife of/ D. W. STILLWELL/ died/ Oct. 31, 1898/ aged 51 years/ 6 mos. & 23 d’s/ Christ is my hope.
(W) In/ memory of/ Joseph NORTON/ died Jan. 4, 1895/ aged 77 years/ 8 mos. & 3 d’ys/ Mary/ beloved wife of the above/ died Sep. 10, 1886/ aged 61 years/ 8 mos. & 2 d’ys/ Parents thou art gone to rest/ We will not weep for thee/ For thou art now where oft on earth, thy spirit longed to be.

93. Grey marble headstone.
In memory of/ Mary/ wife of/ Joseph NORTON/ died/ Sept. 10, 1888/ aged 61 years 8 mo’s/ & 2 days.

94. Grey marble headstone, rose motif.
In/ memory of/ Joseph NORTON/ died/ Jan. 4, 1895/ aged 77 y’rs 8 mo’s/ & 3 days.

95. Grey marble headstone.
Samuel DAY/ 1881-1948/ Lucy DAY/ his wife/ 1880-1949.

96. Grey marble headstone, scroll top, open gate.
John C. WYLIE/ died Jan. 16, 1888/ aged 67 years/ A native of Scotland/ There cometh a rest/ for the people of God/ At rest/ Janet wife of Jno. D. WYLIE/ died June 9, 1896/ aged 73 y’s 9 m’s 27 d’s/ A native of Scotland/ Asleep in Jesus.
FS: Mother

97. Grey marble vault top headstone.
(N) In/ memory of/ Eleanor/ MARR/ wife of/ Peter/ BOUGHNER/ who died/ June 27, 1846/ aged 36 y’s/ 5 m’s & 17 d’s.
(S) In/ memory of/ Sarah/ HEALY/ wife of/ Peter BOUGHNER/ who died/ Sept. 8, 1908 / aged 81 y’s /3 ms 25 ds.
(W) In/ memory of/ Peter BOUGHNER/ who died/ Feb. 3, 1892/ aged/ 85 years/ 6 mos / & 8 d’ys.

98. White marble headstone, willow motif.
In memory of/ Eleanor MARR (rest broken off)

99. Black granite headstone.
In memory of/ Eleanor MARR/ wife of Peter BOUGHNER/ June 27, 1848/ Age 36 y’rs/ James BOUGHNER/ son of/ Peter & Sarah/ Dec. 9, 1867 /age 11 yrs.

100. White marble headstone, pointed finger, broken.
In/ memory of/ James . . / son of Peter & Sarah BOUGHNER/ died Dec. 9, 1867/ AE 11 y’s & 5 ms/ & 12 ds.

101. White marble headstone.
In memory of/ Weston STEPHENS/ who/ departed this life/ May 18, 1849/ aged 71 ys. 7 mos. & 4 ds./ A faithful friend a husband dear/ A tender father lieth here/ Great is the loss that we sustain/ But hope in Heaven to meet again.

102. Red granite on white granite base, floral design.
William D. ROBERTSON/ died Dec. 8, 1939/ in his 73rd year/ his wife/ Marion H. DOBBIE/ died Feb. 10, 1943/ in her 72nd year/ ROBERTSON.

103. Red granite on concrete, floral motif.
(E) George S. ELLIOTT/ 1884-1966/ Minnie Scott ELLIOTT/ 1886-1916/ Baby Jean SCOTT/ Pearl E. ELLIOTT/ 1890-1986/ ELLIOTT.
(W) James ELLIOTT/ 1842-1928/ Mary Agnes/ wife of James ELLIOTT/ 1848-1921/ ELLIOTT.

104. Black granite ground stone.
Charles S. SMITH/ 1855-1921.

105. White marble.
(E) Rachel Ann SMITH/ 1858-1888.
(W) Angels watch the sleeping dust/ Till Jesus comes to claim the just/ Who shall awaken sweet surprize/ To meet her saviour in the skies/ J. L. Stewart/ Ingersoll

106. Lamb on concrete.
Little Minnie/ dau. of/ C.S. & R. A. SMITH/ died/ Oct. 22, 1881/ AE 2 ys. & 5 ds

(Note: (parents are Charles Sheridan and Rachel Ann SMITH)

107. White marble slab, floral motif.
In memory of/ Elizabeth L./ adopted dau. of Chauncey & Phebe L./ SMITH/ died Apr. 10, 1871/ AE 22 yrs 7 mos/ Farewell dear friends my troubles are o’er/ my body here must rest/ my soul has entered in the vale/ with Christ I am ever blest./ J. L. Stewart, Ingersoll.

108. White marble headstone.
Harriet J./ daughter of/ Chauncey & Louisa/ SMITH/ Aug. 12, 1848/ aged 4 mo. &/4 d’s.

108.1 White marble headstone.
Maria Ann/ daughter of/ Chauncey & Louisa/ SMITH/ died Sep. 12, 1848/ aged 9 y’s 9 mo./ & 29 d’ys.

109. White marble.
Mary E./ daughter of/ Chauncey & Louisa/ SMITH/ died/ July 28, 1848/ aged 3 ys. 1 mo

110. Grey marble on double concrete base, floral motif.
In memory of ChaunceySMITH/ who died July 30, 1887 (sic)/ aged 77 yrs. 5 mo’s & 8 d’ys/ Also his wife Phoebe L.TUPPER/ who died Mar. 18, 1890/ aged 76 y’rs 3 mo’s & 25 d’ys./
(NOTE: Probate registration for Chauncey SMITH was 30 April 1887 and Delayed Death reg gives that Chauncey SMITH died 30 Jul 1886. AE bio also gives that he died 1886 – Inscription may be in error)

111. Marble peaked top obelisk. { DUPLICATED ENTRY of above??)

112. Red granite ground stone, crosses & flowers motif.
TUPPER / (Left) Anna May/ SMITH/ 1882-1969 (right) George/ BEST/ 1876-1963

112.1 Rock
Emery/TUPPER/ 1917-1932.

113. Marble headstone.
Archie Burton/ son of/ Henry L. & Bertha/ KER/ born Feb. 4, 1909/died Nov. 5, 1913/ Thy will be done.

114. Red granite on concrete base.
KER/ Henry L. KER/ 1872-1922/ Bertha V./ his wife/ 1875-1923.

115. Red granite on white granite base.
(E) Everet W. WARDLE/ 1866-1938/ Violet Hyatt WARDLE/ 1869-1956/ WARDLE
(W) Charles C. DUNHAM/ 1905-1973/ Charlaine DUNHAM/ died 1936 aged 5 days/ DUNHAM.
FS: Charles C. DUNHAM/ 1905-1973.

116. Marble, concrete based headstone.
“E”/ Ethel Annie/ wife of/Walter EMERTON/ died Dec. 31, 1913/ aged 32 years/ At rest/ EMERTON.

117. Black granite on white granite base.
(E) SMITH/ Mary Florence GILBERT /died Feb. 17, 1899/ In her 28th year/ wife of/ Chauncey S. SMITH/ 1870-1953/ Martha E. GILBERT/ 1876-1965.
(W) Charlotte Louisa SMITH/ 1863-1881. Ideal Monuments.
FS: Martha, Chauncey, Mary.

118. Red granite peaked top obelisk with log.
SMITH/ Daniel Tupper SMITH/ 1834-1912/ Mary E. SMITH/ 1833-1913/ Emeline SMITH/ 1875-1882.

119. White marble headstone, wreath and clasped hands motif.
(E) Farewell/ Sarah SANDERS /wife of/ Daniel T. SMITH/ died/ Nov. 27, 1873/ aged 57 yrs./ 8 ms. & 27 ds./ Weep not my dear no more for me/ While I lay mouldering in the dust/ . . . .
(W) Sarah Elizabeth/ Sarah E. dau. of/ Daniel T. & Sarah SMITH/ died/ December 16, 1873/ aged 3 months & 16 days.

120. Grey obelisk with triple base.
Alexander MILLER/ died/ July 16, 1898/ aged 75 years/ MILLER

121. Grey granite column with missing urn.
(NE) Lucinda / infant daughter/ died May 20, 1868/ aged 3 weeks/ A light from our household gone/ A voice we loved is still’d/ A place is vacant in our hearth/ Which never can be filled.
(SW) Emma J./ dau of/ Joseph & Harriett/ EVERETT/ died/ Sept. 15, 1888/ aged/ 29 y’rs 6 mo’s/ &25 days.

122. Black granite ground stone.
In memory of/ Robert SCOTT/ who died June 21, 1901/ aged 85 years/ Jannet/ beloved wife of/ Robert SCOTT/ who died Dec. 24, 1896 /aged 80 years/ SCOTT

122.1 Black granite ground stone.
SCOTT (Left) Andrew L. SCOTT/ died Oct. 16, 1930/ aged 76 years. /(Right) His wife/ Jane BATE/ died/ Aug. 25, 1944/ aged 84 years.

122.2 Black granite ground stone.
John/ son of/ Robt. & Jannet/ SCOTT/ died/June 1843/ age 5 y’rs.

123. Grey marble scroll top, closed Bible, open gates.
At rest/ William T. BOUGHNER/ 1839-1909/ his wife/ Catherine/ 1841-1927/ BOUGHNER.

124. Grey marble headstone, open gates, gothic “K”.
(E) In memory of/ Clara Belle daughter of/ Noble L. & S. M. KER/ born May 9 1892/ died June 6, 1911/ Noble L. KER/ 1849-1919/ his wife Susanna M. BILOW/ 1851-1921 /KER
(W) In memory of/ . . .
FS: Father, Belle.

125. Red granite block.
William/ H. SCOTT/ 1854-1944/ Mary Jane/ his wife/ 1860-1947

126 Red granite block.
Annie Bell/ dau. of/ Wm. H. & Mary J./ SCOTT. 1900-1927/ Until the day break and/ the shadows flee away.

127. White marble headstone.
In/ memory of/ Joshua BROWN/ who departed this life/ July 8, 1867/ AE 77 ys./ 5 m’os & 23 days.

128. White marble headstone.
In/ memory of/ Nancy (or is this Mercy ?)/ wife of/ Joshua BROWN/ who departed this life/ Mar. 16, 1857/ AE 62 ys. 2 ms./ & 2 ds.

(This gs transcription needs to be rechecked – This may be Mercy BOUGHNER wife of Joshua who is residing with husband and children, Alfred, Mary Jane, Lirana, Albert and Edgar in 1851 census for Bayham.)

129 White marble headstone, willow motif.
Lucinda/ wife of/ Oliver WHEELOCK/ born/ April 14, 1794/ died/April 9, 1857/ The winter of trouble is past/ The storms of affliction are o’er/ The struggles are ended at last/ And sorrows and death no more.

130. Grey granite headstone.
In/ memory of/ Lizzie/ died Sept. 30, 1891/ aged 16 years/ 2 mo’s & 4 days/ Lilley Jane/ died Oct. 5, 1881/ aged 7 years/ 2 mo’s & 13 days/children of John A. & Mary MOFFET/ Tis sweet to visit how her grave/ and dwell on scenes long since gone by/ To treasure thoughts of one so dear/ And learn that all must die.

131. Marble scroll top, obelisk, open book, arch & gates.
Holy Bible/ John Alex MOFFET/ 1838-1907/ MOFFET

132. White marble headstone, lamb motif.
In memory of/ John/ son of Richard & Anna/ WEAVER/ died Jan. 15, 1870/ AE 5 ms. & 5 ds./ Beautiful, lovely/ He was but given/ A fair bud to earth/ To blossom in Heaven.

133. Red granite, double base.
(E) “S”/ James A. SCOTT/ 1851-1923/ Tamson Alvina/ his wife/ 1853-1922/ Robert SCOTT/ 1881-1954/ SCOTT
(W) “S”/ John SCOTT/ 1878-1942/ his wife/ Genevieve LOWRIE/ 1882-1944/ Lowrie James SCOTT/ 1909-1929/ Pearl Ruth SCOTT/ 1907- / SCOTT.
FS: Robert, Mother, Father, Father, Mother, Lowrie.

134. Marble footstone.
BEARD/ Sarah Ann/ 1862-1924.

134.1 Red granite ground stone.
Henry C. BROWN/ 1875-1954.

135. Red granite ground stone.
Margaret A. BROWN/ 1895-1958.

136. White marble headstone, broken, not on base.
“M”/ Georgie N./ son of/ James & Martha/ MARTIN/ died Oct. 1, 1914/ age 3 yrs 6 mos./ & 28 days/Asleep in Jesus.

137. Red granite on white granite and concrete base.
(E) TUPPERcoloured picture/ G. Warren TUPPER/ Feb. 15, 1914/ His wife/ Lela B. WILLIAMS/ Nov. 7, 1914/ Feb. 19, 1988.
(W) Hope is my strength/ TUPPER

138. Concrete peaked top stone.
(E) Maria M./ wife of Geo. HILL/ 1848-1923/ George HILL/ 1841-1926/ HILL
(W) children of Geo. & Maria/ HILL /(left) Baby / died Oct 4, 1891/ age 1 day/ Ernest G./ died Mar. 27, 1897/ age/ 8 ys. 2 ms. 27 ds./ At rest/ /(right) Johnnie/ died/ Oct. 6, 1880/ age 1 day/ Ethel May/ died Aug. 15, 1886/ age 1 day/ Only sleeping.
(N) Millie M./ wife of/ Alex/ MEHLENBACKER/ born/ Feb. 20, 1884/ died/Feb. 15, 1904/ Gone/but not forgotten.

139. Grey marble cross vault obelisk.
In/ memory of/ Jeanette/ wife of/ Albert/ OSTRANDER/ who died/ Dec. 29, 1911/ aged/ 57 years/ OSTRANDER

140. Broken stone, white marble, pointing finger.
Gone home/ In memory of Helen.

141. White marble slab.
Darling Leman/ infant son of/ Charles & Emma/ CROSSETT/ died Apr. 27, 1886/ age 7 mo’s & 2 d’s.

142. Concrete sloped top on ground, Holy Bible on top, open gates.
Thessie MARTIN/ wife of/ J.C. HEALY/ 1860-1922.

143. White marble headstone, lamb motif.
George/ son of/ C. & M. FRANCIS/ died/ Mar. 28, 1887/ aged 1 y. & 4 m./ God blesses in an early death/ And takes the infant to himself.. J. Waterhouse, Ingersoll.

144. White marble, clasped hands motif, broken.
Emma/ wife of/ James HALEY/ died Feb. 25, 1885/ aged 30 yrs.
FS: Rachel.

145. White marble headstone, lamb motif.
Frankie/ son of Joseph & Maria/ CROSSETT/ died Oct. 12, 1880/ Aged 4 mos & 1 day

146. White marble headstone.
FLEMING/ Solomon FLEMING/ died April 3, 1886/ aged 36 yrs & 4 mos./ Ann May FLEMING/ died 1886/ aged 1 year 11 mos.

Burials without Monuments

BAKER – Death Certificate # 027717-119. John Nelson BAKER, age 91 years 3 months, died Mary 2 1930, son of Jacob & Catherine BAKER, nee BENNETT; husband of Mary Catherine Frances BAKER, nee LIVINGSTON; father of A. L. BAKER. Burial Dobbie Cemetery. CVH & MJS February 2915

BAKER – Death Certificate #027945-346. Mary Catherine Frances BAKER, nee LIVINGSTON, age 80 years, 1 month, 4 days,died July 17 1930, daughter of Samuel & Sarah LIVINGSTON, nee BORBRIDGE; widow of John Nelson BAKER; mother of A. L. BAKER.  Burial Dobbie Cemetery.  CVH & MJS February 2015

BENARD – St Thomas Times Journal, 9 October 1959, Page 7, c3 – Died – Mrs Alva BENARD, nee OSTRANDER, 79th year, Oct 9, daughter of Allen & Janet OSTRANDER, nee DICKIE; cousin of Mrs Oliver GEORGE; niece of the late Mrs Jessie MONTEITH.  Funeral October 13 to Dobbie Cemetery.  No monument found – CVH May 2014

DICKIE – St Thomas Evening Journal, 22 February 1909, Page 1, c4 – Died – James DICKIE, 50 years, Feb 20, son of Robert DICKIE; father of Mrs Alfred BLACKMAN, Jessie, Bella and William DICKIE; brother of Allen, Robert, William and George DICKIE, Mrs A. OSTRANDER, Mrs W. MARSHALL and Mrs G. MONTEITH.  Funeral Feb 23 to Bayham Cemetery.  No monument found – CVH October 2007

KERR – St Thomas Times Journal, 17 April 1923, Page 4, c1 – Mrs Henry KERR, April 13, husband died 4 months ago; mother of Stanley KERR. Funeral April 15 to Dobbie Cemetery.  No monument found – CVH August 2006