Bayham – Claus Cemetery

Clause Cemetery

Con. 5, Lot 21

Bayham Township, Elgin County, Ontario, Canada

57084 Calton Line, Vienna, Bayham, ON, Canada

Gravestone Inscriptions and Burials without Monuments

Originally transcribed: August 1983
Summer Canada Project
Revised: 1996

James L. McCallum, Max Doan

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1. White marble headstone, buried.
Mary Jane /wife of/ Joseph BAILEY/ born May 22, 1815/ departed this life/ Dec. 11, 1866/ Blessed are the dead that/ die in the Lord, for they/ shall have part in the first/ resurrection.

2. Round top white marble.
In/ memory of/ George/ son of/ Isaac & Mary/ LANG/ died Jan. 10, 1869/ Ae 7 mos. & 28 days. (Part buried)

3. White marble headstone.
Jessie J./ son of/ David & Eliza’th/ TERRY/ died Apr. 7, 1867/ Ae 1 yr. & 7 ms.

4. White marble headstone.
George E./ son of/ David & Elizabeth/ TERRY/ died 15 Sept. 1871/ Aged 2 mo. 15 ds./ O: I’m not dead but sleeping here/ Since He sleeping in the tomb/ While his lovely friends are weeping/ Home is full of bitter gloom.

5. White marble headstone with dove motif.
Frankie W./ son of/ David and Elizabeth/ TERRY/ died 1 July 1872/ Aged 11 days/ See the bright and beauteous flower/ Fades away in one bright hour/ for all our comforts quickly fly/ and pleasures only bloom to die.

6. White marble headstone with willow motif.
In/ Memory of/ Esther/ wife of/ William B. GILBERT/ died/ June 17, 1871/ Ae 26 yrs. 7 ms. 10 dys./ Kind angels watch this sleeping dust/ Till Jesus come to claim the just/ Then shall awake in sweet surprise/ To meet her Saviour in the skies.

7. White marble headstone.
Wm. Edward/ son of/ William & Esther/ GILBERT/
. . . [illegible]

8. White marble headstone, broken.
In/ Memory of/ Isaac H. GILBERT/ … [illegible]

9. White marble headstone buried.
Sussana A./ beloved wife of/ Isaac H. GILBERT/ died/ Nov. 24, 1880/ Aged 70 yrs./ 5 ms. & 5 ds.

10. White marble headstone with clasped hands motif.
Lucinda/ beloved wife of/ Nelson CAMPELL/ died/ Sept. 29, 1875/ aged/ 36 yrs. 10 mos./ … illegible

11. Grey marble obelisk with floral motif.
(east) At Rest/ Nelson/ CAMPBELL/ died/ April 10, 1911/ in his/ 81st year/ CAMPBELL/
(south) Lucinda/ wife of/ Nelson/ CAMPBELL/ died/ Sept. 29, 1875/ in her 37th year/
(north) Catharine/ 2nd wife of/ Nelson CAMPBELL/ died/ April 4, 1897/ in her/ 68th year.

12. Grey marble on concrete base with gateway and floral motif.
In memory of/ Arthur HILTS/ died Oct. 1, 1906/ in his 88th year/ Charity HILTS/ died May 22, 1906/ in her 89th year.

13. Grey marble on concrete base.
Bertha H/ dau. of/ Geo. & Edith/ WILLIAMS/ died Oct. 15, 1910/ Age 6 ms. 15 ds.

14. Grey marble on concrete base.
(east) Iva M./ died/ Apr. 10, 1892/ aged 1 yr. & 3 ds./ Arthur/ died/ Jan. 26, 1897/ aged 13 ds/ Our loved ones.
(west) Dau. & son of/ G. A. & Edith/ WILLIAMS.

15. White marble headstone on concrete base with dove motif.
Alonzo/ son of/ Robert & Catherine/ WILLIAMS/ died Dec. 2, 1881/ aged/ 10 yrs & 3 days/ Oh sacred grave what preceeds dust/ is here committed to the grave/ but oh the soul has fled on high/ To them forever in the sky.

16. White marble headstone with sleeping lamb and floral motif.
Margt. H/ dau of/ Hiram & Mary/ WILLIAMS/ died/ Sep. 9, 1865/ ae 2 ys. 6 mo./ Beautiful lovely/ She was but given/ A fair bud on earth/ To blossom in Heaven.

17. White marble headstone on concrete base with floral motif.
Robert H./ WILLIAMS/ died/ Feb. 12, 1896/ Aged 64 years/ 10 mos. & 12 dys./ Yea though I walk through the valley of the/ shadow of death I will fear no evil/ For thou art with me. Thy rod and thy staff/ they comfort me. Ps. XXIII.4

18. Grey marble on concrete with floral motif.
Catharine/wife of/ R. H. WILLIAMS/ 1833-1920

19. White marble headstone with floral and willow motif.
In/ memory of/ Isaac WILLIAMS/ who departed this life/ Mar. 19, 1868/ AE 65 yrs./ & 10 mos./ Blessed are the dead that die in the Lord./ Even so saith the spirit for they rest from/ their labours.

20. White marble headstone on concrete base with clasped hands and floral motif.
Nearer my God to Thee/ In memory of/ Mary/ wife of/ Isaac WILLIAMS/ who died/ May 19, 1879/ aged 73 years/ Friends and physicians could not save/ the mortal body from the grave/ Nor can the grave confine it here/ When Christ our Saviour doth appear. Atkinson Ingersoll

21. Grey marble headstone, pulpit, floral motif.
Blessed are the/ dead who die in the Lord/ Henceforth for/ saith the Spirit/ that they may/ rest from their/ labours and/ their works do/ follow them./
(west) In memory of/ Henry KING/ who died/ May 15, 1881/ aged 61 ys. 7 ms./ and 22 ds./ His wife/ Marion CARRUTHERS/ 1823- 1896/
(north) T. A. KING/ dau. of/ Ben’n &/ Margaret/ KING/ 1894-1896

22. Concrete cross vault obelisk on double concrete base.
(east) Frankie E./ wife of/ Thos. KINDREE/ died/July 17, 1894/ aged/ 31 yrs. 3ms./ & 1 day/ Also an infant/ child/ A loved one has gone from our circle/ on earth we will meet her no more/ She has gone to her home in heaven/ And all her afflictions are o’er.

23. Red granite on red granite on concrete with floral motif.
(east) CAMPBELL/
(left) Harold/ 1900-1902/
(center) Lillian/ 1878-1900/
(right) Erie/ 1898-1988/
(west) Ideal Monument Company.

24. White marble in ground.
(left) In/ memory of/ Jane/ wife of/ H. HARVEY/ died/July 21, 1897/ aged 78 years/
(right) In/ memory of/ Henry HARVEY/ who died Dec. 15, 1880/ aged/ 71 years/ & 7 mos.

25. White marble in ground.
Ella/ dau of/ Henry & Jane/ HARVEY/ died/(broken)2…/ …/ aged/ …/ …/ of the Lord.

26. Red granite on concrete.
Florence A./ WEBBER/ 1869-1908.

27. White marble with dove motif.
Harry Gordon/ son of/ G. R. & H. E. HOWLAND/ died/ Sep. 22, 1881/ aged 4 mos & 23 dys.

28. White marble with willow motif.
Andrew/ son of/ Robert & . ./ HOWLAND/ died/ …1877/ aged …30 …/

29. White marble in ground.
Jane/ beloved wife of/ Andrew DAVIDSON/ died/ Mar. 18, 1870/ aged … .y’rs/ I heard my great redeemer/ Come unto me and rest/ Lie down thou weary one lie down/ thy heart upon thy breast/ Atkinson Simcoe.

30. White marble in ground.
In memory of/ David/…/ aged/ … & 3 mos/ I am not dead but sleeping here/ . . ./ Till the last trumpet/ and meet my Saviour in the sky.

[NOTE: Thomas SIMS had a son David Percival SIMS born Sept 15 1859 and died Dec 28 1877 – NS & CVH April 2006]

31. White marble, 2 feet, with lamb motif.
Emma L./ dau of/ Thomas & Sarah/ SIMS/ died/ Feb. 28, 1872/ aged/1 yr 8 m’s 15 d’s/ Poor child her days/ On earth were few/ She passed away/ like morning dew.

32. White marble with willow motif.
Gone but not forgotten/ In/ memory of/ Ruth Emma/ daughter of/ Thomas & Sarah/ SIMS/ died/ May 18, 1869/ [illegible]

33. White marble with lamb motif.
In/ memory of/ Alonzo/ son of/ Thos. & Sarah Ann/ SIMS/ died/ May 12, 1867/ Ae 15 ms & 16 ds/ Beautiful lovely/ He was but given/ A fair bud to earth/ To blossom in heaven. (part in ground)

34. White marble double willow motif, open Bible.
In/ memory of/ Thomas SIMS/ died June 18, 1877/ aged/ 56 y’rs 3 mo’s/ & 6 days/ A faithful friend a husband dear/ A tender parent lieth here/ Great is the loss that we sustain/ But hope in heaven to meet again. (Broken into two pieces, in ground)

35. Red granite obelisk.
(north) George WEBBER/ died/ Jan. 30, 1924/ aged/72 y’rs 7 mos/ 22 days/ Joseph O. WEBBER/ 1853-1933/
(south) In/ memory of/ Philetus WEBBER/ died/ Oct. 30, 1893/ aged/ 81 yrs 5 mos/ & 18 days/ Martha WEBBER/ 1843-1915/ Dear Father we love thee more than tongue can tell/ God alone knows how well/
(east) In memory of/ Emaline S./ wife of/ Philetus WEBBER/ who died/ March 7, 1886/ aged/62 yrs 9 mos/ & 27 days/ We miss you darling mother/ From our home great is the/ loss we sustain but/ hope to meet in heaven again/ WEBBER/
(west) In memory of/ Lorenzo F. WEBBER/ who died/ Feb. 18, 1911/ age 53 ys 1 mo/ &23 ds/ Asleep in Jesus/ Mary WEBBER/ 1855 – 1929/ Artemisa M. WEBBER/ 1860-1940/
FS: Artemisa, Joseph, Martha, Mother, Father, Brother, Mary, Webber, George

36. Red granite raised top.
George {Ryerson} CLAUS/ 1854-1941/ Amina, his wife/ 1865-1932

37. White marble with pointing finger.
Maria/ dau of Levi & Phebe J./ CLAUS/ died/ Oct. 5, 1864/ Ae 7 yrs 9 mos 11 ds.

38. Grey marble in ground.
In memory of/ Phoebe Jane/ CLAUS/ who died/ Dec. 31, 1885/ aged 51 yrs 8 ms/ & 2 dys/ Behold a tender mother’s gone/ A much loved partner’s fled/ She’s gone to her eternal home/ to number with the dead.

39. White marble in ground.
In memory of/ Levi CLAUS/ died/ Mar. 11, 1872/ Ae 43 yrs.

40. Grey marble.
William (on top) Willie/ son of/ Arthur & Nellie/ SHAPLEY/ died Sept. 17, 1905/ aged/ 1 yr & 8 mos.

41. Black granite on white granite on concrete.
John EICHENBERG Sr./ June 18, 1785 / Dec. 26, 1868/ Ae 88 yrs, 6 mos/ & 9 days/ John EICHENBERG/ Mar. 19, 1825/ in his 75th yr/ His beloved wife/ Maria MATHEWS/ Sept. 11, 1828/ July 3, 1882/ Our darling baby/ Jan. 30, 1868.
FS: Maria, John Sr., Baby

42. Grey marble on Grey marble on concrete, open gates.
(top) In memoriam/ James A. ANDERSON/ born 1849 died 1922/ his wife/ Athelia ANDERSON/ 1859-1927/ ANDERSON/(south) W. Bruce/ ANDERSON/ born 1876/ died 1901

43. White granite on white granite.
/ FS: Alex KOYL/ 1828-1902/ Mary KOYL/ 1830-1916.(Tipped over)


44. Grey marble on grey marble on concrete with Holy Bible motif.
Geo. A. F./ BALL/ 1816-1902/ Frances C./ his wife/ 1832-1915/ BALL

45. Red granite on red granite on concrete.
(west) Jennett, wife of/ Thomas FORSYTH/ 1932-1904/ Waiting till he come/ Thomas FORSYTH/ 1826-1919/ Home at last/
(east) James CAMERON/ 1818-1894/ FORSYTH Atkinson Co. Simcoe

46. White marble.
Mary/ wife of/ Isaac PALMER/ died/ June 26, 1882/ aged/ 56 yrs & 9 ms/ Friends or physician could not save/ This mortal body from the gr-ave/ Nor can the grave confine it here/ When Christ our Saviour shall/ appear

47. Red granite on concrete.
(east) Joseph CARRUTHERS/ 1843-1904/ Margaret CARRUTHERS/ 1843-1920/
(west) CARRUTHERS/ William CARRUTHERS/ 1834-1897/ Isabel, his wife/ 1841-1883/ Charles F. a son/ 1880-1905.

48. Red granite on concrete, flower motif.
Nelson/ COCHRAN/ 1835-1909/- / /COCHRAN

49. Black granite on white granite.
(west) In memory of /
(left)/Walter/ 1877- 1882/ Margaret/ 1879-1882/ S. Norwich/ Clarence/ 1884-1956/ Chatham/
(right)/ Frank Lee/1893-1970/ Hawaii/ James Clifton/ 1902-19__/ Tillsonburg/ sons of/ James D. & Ida/
(east) EICHENBERG/James D. /1854-1933/
(left) his wife/ Mary McKAY /1857- 1890/ his wife/ Ida BOUGHNER/ 1860-1932/
(right)/ Mary/ 1882-1887/ Gertrude/ 1890-1967/ daughters of/ James D. & Mary.
FS: Ida B., Gertrude, James

50. White marble with lamb motif.
In/ memory of/ Alma/ dau. of Jas. & Harriet/ LOUNSBERRY/ died/ Feb. 7, 1868/ Ae 2 yrs/ & 6 ms

51. White marble with rose motif.
In Memory of/ Emelissa/ dau. of/ James & Harriet/ LOUNSBERRY/ Mar. 4, 1873/ aged 7 mo’s.

52. White marble in ground with person on a bed.
Emeranda/ wife of/ William HARVEY/ daughter of/ James & Harriet/ LOUNSBERRY/ died/ May 18, 1879/ aged/ 23 y’s 2 mo’s & 23 d’s/ Also an infant son/ Jesus can … bed/ Feel … [illegible]

53. Grey marble obelisk without urn on white marble on concrete base with finger pointing.
(west) George W./ son of/ John & Jane/ SCRIVENS/ died/Aug. 12, 1883/ aged 18 y’s/ 4 m’s & 14 d’s/ Brother thou art gone to rest/ Thine is an early tomb/ But Jesus summoned thee away/ Thy Saviour called thee home./ SCRIVENS

54. Grey granite obelisk with urn on double concrete base.
(north west) In/ memory of/ Mary ROBERTS/ died/ Dec. 1, 1886/ aged/ 46 y’rs/ In the silent grave we leave thee/ till the morn when Christ appears/ Then with joy we hope to greet thee/ far beyond this vale of tears/
(south west) FORSYTH

55. Cross vault obelisk with double concrete base.
(south) Robert/ DINWOODIE/died/ Apr. 6, 1903/ in his 58th year/

56. Grey granite obelisk on concrete base.
(west) gates opening under archway and city./ Gone home/ Clark MOORE/ 1870-1927/ his wife/ Ellen McQUIGGAN/ 1873-1920/ MOORE/
(north) Clarence L./ son of/ Clark & Ellen/ MOORE/ died/ Jan. 5,1915/ aged/ 17 y’rs 2 mo’s/ & 12 d’s

57. Grey granite cross vault obelisk on concrete base.
Emeline/ wife of/ Abner STRINGER/ died/ Sept. 15, 1892/ aged/ 50 yrs 1 mo/ & 19 ds/ God in his wisdom/ hath recalled/ The precious boon/ his love had given/ had thought the casket/ moulder’s here/ The gem is sparkling in heaven/ STRINGER

58. Red granite on concrete base.
M/ David McALLISTER/ 1856-1931/ Sarah E. McALLISTER / 1861-1919/ Job XXXIII-24/ Albertia M. McALLISTER/ 1878-1897/ Luke X-42/ Marguery B. McALLISTER/ 1910-1926/ McALLISTER

59. Black granite on double concrete base.
S/ Frances Emma/ wife of/ William SMITH/ 1847-1903/ I hope to see my pilot face to face/ when I have crossed the bar/ William SMITH/ 1838-1908/ SMITH. Atkinson Co. Simcoe

60. Grey marble scroll on rock pile with dove sculpture on concrete base.
Ruby/ infant dau. of/ J.W. & Annie/ COCHRAN/ died Mar. 19, 1908/ age 11 ms 9 ds

61. Grey granite with broken urn.
Nora G./ daughter of/ Geo. N. & Ellen E. COCHRAN/ died/ Aug. 6, 1888/ aged 1 y’s 3 m’s/ & 21 days.

62. Grey granite.
Bruce S. WILLIAMS/ 1892 son of 1978/ George & Edith/ WILLIAMS /M & G Co.

63. Concrete.
(left) Constance B./ died/May 13, 1904/ aged/5 mo’s & 14 d’s/
(right) Albert P./ died/ Mar. 11, 1895/ aged/ 9 mo’s & 6 dys/ Children of/ George & Kate/ HAMILTON

64. Grey granite cross vault obelisk, urn broken on double concrete base.
(south east) In/ memory of/ Albert M./ WILLIAMS/ died/ Jan. 2, 1896/ in his/ 50th year/
(north east) In/ memory of/ Annie/ wife of/ A.M. WILLIAMS/ died/ Oct. 27, 1896/ in her/ 62nd year/ We loved him yes, no tongue can tell/ how much we loved him and how well/ God lov’d him too and he thought best/ to take him home with Him to rest./
(south west) In/ memory of/ Robert M./ son of/ Albert & Annie/ WILLIAMS/ who died/ Feb. 26, 1890/ aged 20 yrs/ &14 ds/ WILLIAMS

65. White marble in ground, willow motif.
William WATSON/ died/ June 2, 1869/ aged 58 yrs 2 mos/ & 5 days/ Friends nor physicians could not save. This mortal body from the grave/ Nor could the grave confine it here/ When Christ our Saviour shall appear. (broken)

66. Cross vault obelisk on concrete base.
Ellen Jane/ wife of/ George N./ COCHRAN/ died/ Jan. 3, 1894/ aged/ 29 years/ 4 mo’s & 22 ds/ COCHRAN

67. Grey marble on concrete base.
/ Laura Pearl/ wife of/ E. J. GIBBONS/ 1890-1921

68. White marble with wreath and hand holding book, lodge symbol.
John B. TYRRELL/ died/ May 22, 1874/ aged/ 59 yrs 11 m/ The winter of life is past/ The storms of afflictions are ore/ The struggles are ceased at last/ And sorrows and death are not more/ Kelly & Day(Note: John Burwell TYRRELL participated in the 1837-1838 Upper Canada Rebellion, was captured and sent to Van Dieman’s Land in Australia – then escaped and returned to Elgin Co.)

69. Grey marble with concrete base.
Edward A./ son of/ Cha’s & Cora/ BROWN/ died/ Jan. 11, 1907/ aged/ 3 mo’s & 19 d’s/ Gone so soon

70. Grey marble on concrete base.
Clara/ dau. of/ D. & S. GRIGG/ died Mar. 30, 1888/ aged 11 months/ Asleep in Jesus

71. Concrete scroll on concrete base.
William/ GRIGG/ died/ April 10, 1912/ in his 67th year

72. Grey marble on concrete with flower motif.
(east) William GRIGG/ born/ Nov. 5, 1810/ died Nov. 3, 1892/ Caroline/ wife of the above/ born/ Aug. 18, 1820/ died/June 13, 1890/ And I heard a voice from heaven saying unto me / yea blessed are the dead which die in the/ Lord from henceforth: Yea saith the spirit/ that they may rest from the labours and/ their works do follow them/ Rev. XIV. 13
(north) Atkinson, Simcoe

73. Grey marble on concrete with willow and lamb motifs.
Morley M./ son of/ Michael & Elizabeth/ WOLF/ died Dec. 19, 1884/ aged 4 yrs & 3 ms/ Also an infant/ Sleep on sweet child and take thy rest/ God called thee home he thought it best.

74. White marble with flower motif and sleeping lamb.
Gordon/ infant son of/ Robt. & Ellen/ McALLISTER/ died Feb. 21, 1894/ aged 8 mo’s & 10 d’ys/ A tender bud with beauty rare/ To cheer our hearts was given/ but God has now with tender care/ Transplanted it in Heaven. J.R. Atkinson & Co.

75. Black granite on concrete, flower motif.
/ Annie wife of/ Percy A. WOLFF/ 1888-1919/ – / Maggie RAYMOND/ 1882-1909/ Robert McALLISTER/ 1859-1933/ His wife/ Ellen MOONEY/ 1862-1948

76. White marble on concrete with open book and flower motif.
Catherine/ wife of/ John P. WEAVER/ died/ Jan. 17, 1911/ aged 83 yrs/ 7 mos & 28 ds/ There is a bright region above/ We long to reach its shore/ To join with the dear … we love/ Not lost but gone before. Hutchison Aylmer

77. White marble on concrete with open book and flower motif.
John P. WEAVER/ died/ Jan. 31, 1874/ aged 52 yrs 8 ms/ & 16 dys

78. Grey granite obelisk on double concrete base.
(north east) In/ memory of / Frances E./ ROBERTS/ who died/ Apr. 16, 1873/ aged/ 19/ years/
(south east Jemima/ ROBERTS/ died/ Nov. 15, 1908/ aged/ 80 ys 10 ms/ & 6 ds/ I leave the world without a tear/ Save for the friends I hold so dear/ To heal their sorrows Lord descend/And to the friendless prove a friend/ ROBERTS/
(south west) In/ memory of/ Wm ROBERTS/ who died/ June 5, 1887/ aged/ 64 years

79. White marble in ground with double willow, hand holding, open book and shield motifs.
Mary Ann/ wife of/ Jermiah JOHNSON/ died April 14, 1889/ age 73 yrs/ verse [illegible]

80. White marble with lamb and flower motif
Gone Home/ In/ memory of/ Sarah A./ dau of Sam & Martha/ FEIGHTNER/ died/Sep. 11, 1868/ Ae 2 ys 2 ms/ & 2 ds

81. Grey marble, slanted at top with Holy Bible closed.
(west) Samuel/ FEIGHTNER/ 1822-1914/ Martha/ his wife/ 1824-1875/ FEIGHTNER/
(east) John FEIGHTNER/ 1860-1910.

82. Grey marble with slant top with open Bible and open gates.
(south west) Thomas PALMER/ died/ Mar. 15, 1894/ in his/ 94th year/ Asleep in Jesus/ PALMER
(north west) Ann/ wife of/ Thos. PALMER/ died/ Sept. 18, 1887/ In her/ 85th year/ Thy will be done.

83. White marble in ground broken. (May not be there now, 1996)
In/ memory of/ Annie/ wife of/ John McALLISTER/ who died/  Feb. 15, 1875.

84. Black granite obelisk with vault top and urn.
(south west) Timothy Albert/ DOWNS/ 1847-1910/ Albert Edgar/ 1884-1887/ Chas. Elmer/ Apr. 1889-July 1889
(south east) Clarence Edgar/ DOWNS/ 1896-1977/ DOWNS/
(north west) Barneybus/ DOWNS/ 1801-1883/ Tacy SCHOOLEY/ his wife/ 1809-1888.
FS: Clarence

85. Red granite on White granite base.
(east) Charles/ 1884-1900/ Sarah/ 1891-1892/ children of/ James S. & Annie/ NEWKIRK/
(west) NEWKIRK/ John NEWKIRK/ 1822-1906/ his wife/ Matilda DEASE/ 1823-1897/ Amelia TYRELL/ 1861-1882/ wife of James S. NEWKIRK

86. Grey marble column with vault top.
(north) Emma {CLAUS}/ wife of/ J. H. LIGHT/ died/ Dec. 18, 1900/ age 44 y’s/
(west) house motif/ In my Father’s house are/ many mansions/ James N. CLAUS/ died/May 2, 1899/ In his 75th year/ Asleep in Jesus /
(south) Mary/ wife of James CLAUS/ died/Jan. 14, 1909/ in her 73rd year/
(east) CLAUS.

87. Double headed grey marble with rose motif.
(left) Nellie/ died Aug. 12, 1883/ aged/ 5 ys 3 ms & 16 ds/ (right) Minnie/ died Mar. 31, 1884/ aged 8 ys 7 ms & 5 ds/ children of James H. & Emma LIGHT/ These helpless lambs receive/ In mercy thy breast/ and let parental fondness leave/ them safely there to rest.

88. Black granite column with vault top and urn.
(south east) Alonzo R./ GIFFORD/ died/ Jan. 29, 1895/ In his 43rd year/ GIFFORD/
(south west) Willard C./ son of/ A.R. & R./ GIFFORD/ died/ Nov. 27, 1900/ in his 22nd year.
(north east) Rosa, wife of/ Alonzo/ GIFFORD/ died/ July 11, 1912/ in her/ 60th year.

89. Grey marble obelisk.
(south) Jacob/ THOMAS/ died/ July 2, 1907/ in his/72 year/
(west) Mary/ wife of J. THOMAS/ died/ Aug. 28, 1870/ in her 35th year/
(north) Jacob F./ son of/ J. & M./ THOMAS/ died/ Jan. 13, 1877/ in his/ 11th year.

90. Grey marble column with slant top and Bible open.
(north west)/open gates/ father-mother/ William BRIAN/ died/ Nov. 21, 1885/ in his/ 72nd year/ Thy will be done/
(south west) Ben’j BRIAN/ 1859-1939/ his wife/ Betsy Jane/ MARTIN/ 1854-1955/
(north east) Ellen/ wife of/ Wm. BRIAN/ died/ Dec. 26, 1864/ in her/ 28th year/ Asleep in Jesus/
(south east) BRIAN

91. Concrete, scroll top and open gates with Bible closed.
(east) At Rest/ In memory of/ Wesley CARTWRIGHT/ died July 27th 1896/ Aged 42 years/ CARTWRIGHT
(north) Dorothy M./ wife of/ Ezra/ CARTWRIGHT/ died/Mar. 1, 1890/ aged 77 yrs/ & 2 mos/
(south) Ezra/ CARTWRIGHT/ died/ Oct. 25, 1873/ aged/62 years/ & 6 mos.

92. Grey marble obelisk and column.
(north) George HALL/ died/ May 8, 1897/ in his 57th year/ He’s at rest/
(west) Martha/ wife of/ John HALL/ died/Feb 11, 1892/ in her 100th year/ She’s at rest/ HALL

93. White marble lamb motif and pointing finger.
Elizabeth D./ dau of/ John & Mary M./ HUNT/ died/Jan. 13, 1865/ Ae 7 ms & 7 ds/ Beautiful lovely/ she was but given/ a fair bud to earth/ to blossom in Heaven.

94. White marble with clasped hands.
Mary M./ wife of/ George HALL/ died Feb. 22, 1904/ aged 75 years/ Blessed are the dead which / die in the Lord.

95. White marble open book and flower wreath.
In memory of/ John HUNT/ who died/ Jan. 21, 1880/ aged 56 years / & 13 days.

96. Grey marble slant top with open Bible and open gates.
(west) William H./ WEBBER/ 1842-1924/ Jemimah/ his {1st} wife/ 1850-1885/ WEBBER/
(east) Florence/  wife/ of W.H. WEBBER/ 1860-1893

97. White marble with rose motif.
He’s at rest/ Isaac N./ son of/ Grant J. & Frances C./ BALL/ died 1 May 1873/ aged 13 y’s 1 mo/ and 2 days/ verse [illegible]

98. Grey granite.
At Rest/ In memory of/ Sarah CATHCART/ who died/ June 1, 1886 / aged/ 21 y’rs/ 4 ms. (In ground).

99. Grey granite.
Welthy Catherine/ dau of/ Henry & Almeda/ PALMER/ died May 13, 1899/ in her 19th year/ Weep not she is not dead/ But sleepeth

100. Grey marble slant top with bible, dove and anchor.
Henry PALMER/ died/ May 14, 1906/ in his/ 77th year/ Almeda PALMER/ 1850-1933/ Henry PALMER Jr./ 1870-1951/ PALMER

101. Grey marble obelisk with concrete base, open gates, Bible.
At rest/ Simon G. REYNOLDS/1 812-1868/ Ellen his wife/ 1828-1909/ REYNOLDS

102. White marble with wreath.
My wife/ In/ memory of/ Sarah Jane/ wife of/ Stephen PETTIT/ died/ April 6, 1866/ aged/ 21 years 4 mo’s/ Weep not for her/ Though the last lie is riven/ we have loved her on earth/ we can meet her in Heaven.
FS: S. J. P.

103. White marble, hand holding open book.
In memory of/ Mary H./ dau of/ James & Mary CLAUS/ who died/ Jan. 11, 1886/ aged/ 16 years 1 mo/ & 6 days/ Weep not for me, my parents dear/ I am not dead by sleeping here/I was not yours but God’s alone/ He loved me best and took me home.

104. Grey marble with concrete base.
(left) Lucy A./ died/ Aug. 6, 1894/ aged 6 mo’s & 6 d’s/ (right) Levi Lewis/ died/ Sept. 13, 1894/ aged/ 7 mo’s & 13 d’s/ children of R. A. & Jean/ CLAUS

105. Grey marble cross vault obelisk with urn.
(south west) In memory of/ Rachel F./ beloved wife of/ Edwin WALLINGTON/ died/June 25, 1886/ aged 52 yrs/ & 9 days/ And I heard a voice from Heaven say/unto me that blessed are the dead/ Which die in the Lord. From henceforth yea/ saith the spirit that they rest from/ their labours and their works so follow them./
(north east) In memory of/ Eliza Ann/ beloved wife of/ Edwin/ WALLINGTON/ died/ Dec. 8, 1899/ ae 58 y’rs/ & 20 days/ The path that shineth/ more and more unto the perfect day. Prov IV.18/
(south east) WALLINGTON/
(north west) In memory of/ Edwin/ WALLINGTON/ died/ May 20, 1909/ Ae 84 y’rs/ 8 ms 26 ds/ I have fought a/ good fight. I have/ finished my course/ I have kept the faith/ Tim 2.4
FS: Eliza A., Rachel F.

106. Red granite on White granite base.
J. Ephraim SMITH/ 1864-1927/ Ellen FEIGHTNER / his wife/ 1864-1928/ SMITH

107. Grey granite.
Harry J./ son of/ J. E. & E. SMITH/ died Oct. 24, 1890/ in his 2nd year/ Our loved one.

108. White marble.
In memory/ of/ James SMITH/ who departed this life/ Jan. 6, 1859/ aged 83 years/ As it is written he that dispersed/ Abroad he hath given to the poor his righteousness remaineth forever/ II Cor IV.9 J. Madleson/ Woodstock.

109. Grey marble on concrete base.
(west) Benjamin WAGONER/ died Nov. 7, 1883/ aged 78 y’rs & 8 mo’s/ Elizabeth/ wife of the above/ died Sep. 13, 1881/ aged 77 y’rs & 4 mo’s/
(east) In memory of/ W.S. WAGONER/ died Nov. 2, 1908/ aged 69 y’rs 10 mo’s & 2 d’ys/ His wife Henrietta C./ WAGONER/ died Dec. 15, 1922/ aged 77 years / Frank WAGONER/ 1863-1932/ WAGONER

110. White marble.
(west) James M. BEAMAN/ 1858-1938/
(east) John A. BEAMAN/ died/ Dec. 24, 1902/ in his/ 88th year/ Dearest father thou hast left us/ Here thy loss we feel/ But ’tis God that hath bereft us/ he can all our sorrows heal. Atkinson Co. Simcoe

111. White marble on concrete with flower motif.
Elenor C./ dau of/ Henry & Mary/ CLAUS/ died Aug. 5, 1896/ aged 9 y’rs 3 mo’s/ & 1 day/ … spring’s first flower … and bloom … to flourish in a brighter world/ far beyond the tomb.

112. White marble with lamb and flower motifs.
In/ memory of/ George H./ son of Adolphus and Jane/ MOREHOUSE/ died/ May 6, 1865/ Ae 6 y’rs 1 mo/ & 9 ds

113. Grey marble scroll.
In memory of/ Calvin WEBBER/ 1845-1903/ his wife/ Mary Ann HARNER/ 1849-1913.

114. White marble in ground with flower motif.
In memory of/ Catherine A./ dau of/ Thomas & Mary MORRISON/ died May 14, 1878/ aged 5 ys 6 m & 5 ds/ verse [illegible.]

115. White marble, clasped hands motif.
Farewell/ In memory of/ Mary/ wife of Jacob THOMAS/ died Aug. 28, 1870/ aged 34 yrs/ A faithful friend, a mother dear/ A tender parent lieth here/ Great is the loss we here sustain/ And hope in Heaven to meet again.

116. Grey granite headstone, floral motif.
At rest/ William R. KIER/ died/ Sept. 15, 1898/ in his 61st year.

117. Grey granite on concrete, floral motif.
Simon VANBROCKLIN/ died/ Jan. 6, 1893/ in his 53rd year/ Gone home/ VANBROCKLIN

118. Grey marble, floral motif, gates open.
In memoriam/ At rest/ Ephriam T./ MARTIN/1820-1909/ Also his wife/ Mary C. SPORE/ 1825-1912/ MARTIN

119. White marble headstone, floral motif.
Infant/ dau. of/ Chas & Mary/ WALLINGTON/ died/ April 14, 1898

120. Grey marble, floral motif.
(west) CLAUS/ Robert A. CLAUS/ died Mar. 6, 1905/ in his 45th year/ Asleep in Jesus/ Jean his wife/ 1866-1915 by Atkinson Co., Simcoe

121. Red granite headstone.
(left) John/ 1883/ 1942/ (right) H. Amelia/ 1888/ 1981

122. White marble headstone in ground, dove motif, broken.
I/ was/ Eliz’th/ EVERETT/ I am the dearly beloved wife of/ John E. CLAUS/ I departed this life/ Feb. 24, 1863/ ae 59 ys & 3 ds/ Bloomed on the earth, I have passed in Heaven/ I died at my post–Blessed are the dead/ That die in the Lord even so sayeth the/ spirit for they rest from their labours

123. White marble headstone, clasped hands, broken.
Farewell/ In/ memory of/ John E. CLAUS/ who died/ July 14, 1891/ In the 91st year/ of his age/ In death’s cold arms has sleeping here/ A tender parent, a companion dear/ In love he lived, in peace he died/ His life was asked but/ was denied/ I know that if our earthly house of this/ tabernacle were dissolved we have a building of/ God, an house not made with hands eternal/ in the heavens.

124. Red granite on White granite base.
/ John I./ 1919-1963/ beloved husband of/ Emilia COMPARELLI/ 1923-1981/ Whosoever believeth in him/ Should not perish. John 3:16

124.1 Red granite on Grey granite base.
/ John/ 1883-1942/ H. Amelia/ 1888-1981.

125. (Stone NOT located, 1996) White marble headstone.
Lillie/ wife of/ Geo. CAMPBELL/ died/ Nov. 25, 1900 in her 23rd year. Atkinson Co. Aylmer

Burials without Monuments

McALLISTER – St Thomas Times Journal, 29 March 1924, Page 12, c4 – Died – Melvin McALLISTER Sr., Mar 27, husband of Mrs Emma McALLISTER, nee KOYLE the daughter of Alex KOYLE; brother of David, Robert, James, John and William McALLISER,  Mrs STRATTON, Mrs CAPPIER, Mrs R. FLEMING and Mrs ANDERSON.  Funeral March 30 to Claus Cemetery.  No monument found – CVH March 2006

McALLISTER – St Thomas Daily Times, 13 August 1913, Page 4, c1 – Died – Mrs McALLISTER, Dec 6 at the home of Frank ANDERSON, Vienna.  Funeral Aug 9 to Claus Cemetery.  No monument found – CVH April 2007