Bayham – Best Cemetery

Best Cemetery

Bayham Township, Elgin County, Ontario, Canada

54536 Best Line, Aylmer, ON N5H 2R3, Canada

Gravestone Inscriptions and Burials without Monuments

Cemetery Review: Jim McCallum
Summer 1994
Data Entry: Jim McCallum
Index: Max Doan
Proof Reading: Margaret Daugharty

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1. red granite ground stone with flower motif.
SINDEN/George A/1896-1973/Hilda/1897- /Archie/1920/infant

2. black granite on white granite on concrete base with flower motif.
Cecil B. BEEMER/1872-1960/Lillie E. MILMINE/His beloved wife/1881-1940/ BEEMER
FS. Father, Mother

3. grey marble on concrete base.
MILMINE/Isaac B. MILMINE/1848-1920/Emily J./his wife/1859-1920/ Donald/infant son of/Ira & Jessie/MILMINE/died 1922 aged 8 days.

4. black granite on white granite with flower motif.
(west) NEFF/Thomas O. NEFF/1863-1920/His wife Sarah L./1864-1930/Their daughter/Viola/1890-1930/(east) NEFF/Ura NEFF/1884-1955/His wife Salome/1881-1962.
FS. Mother, Father, Viola, Ura

5. red granite on white granite with flower motif.
(west) BEARD/George E. BEARD/1899-1955/His wife/Violet L. GOWERS/ 1898-1967/dau Mary, age 11 mos.
east/Anderson, Aylmer

6. grey marble stone on concrete base with flower and open gate motif.
At Rest/James R. TURNBULL/1853-1917/His wife/Hannah Jane/1866-1941/ TURNBULL.
FS: Mother

7. black granite on concrete base with flower motif.
Robert DONALDSON/1844-1912/Minerva O. his wife/1847-1919/Janet DONALDSON/1872-1939/DONALDSON
FS: Mother, Father, Berton

8. grey marble stone on concrete with flower and open gate motif.
Gone Home/ William Dill FOSTER/Feb. 3, 1851/Jan. 18, 1914/Elizabeth his wife /Nov. 28, 1854/Mar. 9, 1919.
FS: Father, Mother

9. white marble stone on white marble with flower motif.
William H. FOSTER/1880-1946/his beloved wife/May CRANE/1883-1969/FOSTER.
FS: Mother

10. red granite stone on white granite with flower motif.
(west) CONNOR/Isaac M. W. CONNOR/1858-1923/Martha J. CONNOR/1855-1943/ Percy E. CONNOR/1890-1934/C/
(east) Mary wife of/Isaac CONNOR Sr./1807-1899.
FS: Mother CS. C (4)

11. white marble slab.
In/Memory of/Lurintha/wife of David NICKERSON/who died Oct. 26, 1884/Aged/75 y’rs/(Verse illegible)

12. white marble slab with clasped hands motif.
In/Memory of/Mary/wife of/Moses PRICE/who died/Sep. 5, 1899/Aged 80 years/ At rest. by Hutchinson & Miller, Aylmer

13. white marble slab.
In memory of/Moses PRICE/who died/Aug. 17, 1884/Aged 70 years 3 m’s/& 7 days

14. grey marble column on double concrete with flower motif. In Memory of/
(north east) Mirian/wife of/Nathan HOWELL/died/April 30, 1898/aged 72 y’rs 2 m’s/& 9 d’s Atkinson Co., Simcoe
(south east) In/Memory of/Nathan HOWELL/died/Aug. 27, 1884/aged 72 y’rs 3 m’s/& 15 d’s/
(south west) HOWELL

15. red granite on concrete with “H” and flower motif.
(west) HOFFMAN/Sarah E. BEST/wife of/J. A. Hoffman/1863-1928/James A. HOFFMAN /1861-1944/
east/Ernest A. HOFFMAN/1886-1888/Erwin M. HOFFMAN/1889-1889/ P.O. Austin Simcoe

16. red granite on concrete with flower motif.
Eliza/wife of David McNABB/died May 5, 1904/in her 64th year/McNABB

17. concrete stone on concrete.
David McNABB/died/Sep. 21, 1889/aged/61 years/Thy will be done

18. grey marble on grey marble on concrete base, Holy Bible motif.
Christ is our hope/Clifford C. son of/Edson & Ida/PRECOOR/1892-1914/Tell Father and Mother/I am all right/Edison E. PRECOOR/1869-1938/His wife/Ida L. KILMER/1870-1950/PRECOOR

19. grey marble on concrete, on top/Mother
In loving memory of/Amelia COMPTON/died/July 4, 1900/aged/54 years/ Rest in Peace.

20. grey marble stone with willow motif. In memory of/
Nancy M./daughter of/Benjamin & Sarah/ELSWORTH/died Mar. 19, 1854/aged 1 yr & 11 m./Weep not for me O parents dear/I am not dead by sleeping here/I was not yours but God’s alone/He loved me best and took me home.

21. grey marble on concrete base.
BEST/Henry BEST/1840-1922/Jane his wife/1852-1882

22. white marble in ground and broken with hand holding Holy Bible motif.
In memory of/Eliza Jane/wife of/Henry BEST/who died/May 8, 1882/ae 30 ys 3 ms & 28 ds/[verse illegible][Illegible in 1994]

23. grey granite on concrete base.
In loving memory/Roy Lowrie/GREEN/1905-[Feb. 26,] 1981/his wife Lena Olive/ BEST/1904-1989/At Rest by Bradfield, Simcoe

24. grey marble on concrete base.
BEST/Cornelius H. BEST/1872-1924/his wife/Elizabeth MINERS/1876-1939

25. red granite peak topped obelisk on white granite base, “C”/
Julia, wife of/ W. B. CRANE/1847-1910/Wm Benjamin CRANE/1845-1926/CRANE

26. red granite peaked top obelisk on double concrete base, “H”/
Anna Crane/wife of L. V. HOGAN/born Aug. 13, 1850/died Apr. 20, 1905/L. V. HOGAN. born 1843, died 1907/HOGAN. by H & T Aylmer

27. white marble on concrete base.
In/memory of/William CRANE/who died/Apr. 23, 1883/aged/67 years/Sarah Ann CRANE/died/Sept. 29, 1890/in the 67th year/ of her age/The pains of death are past/Labour and sorrow ceased/Life’s long warfare closed at last/His soul is found in peace. by Hutchinson & Miller Aylmer

28. red granite cross vault obelisk with urn on double concrete base. (
(north west) In/memory of/Kate/died Dec. 11, 1895/aged 22 years/8 m’s 7d’s/William Alex/died July 4, 1879/age 1 year/1 month & 25 d’s/Children of/Francis & Jane/SUMMERS/
(south east)/In/memory of/Jane/wife of/Frank SUMMERS/died June 15, 1912/in her 69th year/Francis H./SUMMERS/died Oct. 11, 1920 in his 85th year/
(south west)/In/memory/of/Jennie/dau of/Francis & Jane/SUMMERS/died Jan. 19, 1908/in her 18th year/SUMMERS
FS: Mother, Jennie, Father, Kate, Wm. Alexander

29. white marble in ground with lamb motif.
Samuel? Alex?/son of/Francis & Jane/SUMMERS/died/July 4, 1879/aged 1 yr. 1 m & 25 ds/verse illegible

29.1 Black granite ground stone. KETCHABAW/
Luke Travis/KETCHABAW/Jan. 5, 1984-Jan. 6, 1984/son of Wilfred & Karen.

29.2 Black granite on grey granite base. KETCHABAW/
Wilfred Lee/July 4, 1921-June 12, 1990/husband of/Helen Travis/ Mar. 2, 1927/_____.

30. red granite stone on white granite base.
(east) H. Spencer COOK/1874-1939/ Anna V. SUMMERS/beloved wife of/H. Spencer COOK/1875-1935/COOK / by Hutchinson Aylmer.
(west) Mildred Irene dau of/Earle & Mildred TRAVIS/1925-1933/Robert Earle TRAVIS/1900-1968/Mildred TRAVIS/1903-1983/TRAVIS
FS: Father

31. grey marble obelisk with urn and flower motif on double concrete base.
(south east) Leslie E./COOK/died/Apr. 7, 1927/aged/72 yrs 10 ms/(
south west) COOK/
(north west) In/loving/memory of/Mary/wife of/Leslie E./COOK died/Mar. 19, 1907/aged/48/years/5 m’s 11 d’s/
(north east) George H./son of/L. E. & Mary/COOK/died/Feb. 5,1884/age 1 year/ 4 m’s 28 d’s. FS: Father, Mother, George, Glenn/1930-1933

32. grey marble with flower and anchor motif.
In/memory of/Chas. COULBECK /who died/July 3, 1885/aged/53 y’s & 17 ds/born Ashby Cum Fenby/Lincolnshire/ England

33. grey granite stone.
Mary Ann CAULBECK/died/Oct. 5, 1888/aged/55 yrs 8 mos/& 27 ds/Stop stranger stop as you pass by/As you are now so once was I/As I am so you must be/ Prepare for death to follow me. Barnecott & Wooley/Tilsonburg

34. white marble broken in ground, with willow motif.
In/memory of/Lambert JONES/died/Dec. 19, 1876/aged 71 yrs/7 ms & 25 ds/[verse illegible]

35. white marble in ground with clasped hands motif.
In/memory of/Hannah/beloved wife of/Lambert JONES/(broken)who died/June 21, 1886/aged/77 y’rs 9 mos/&10 ds/God my redeemer lives/And ever from the skies /Looks down and watches o’er/Till he shall bid it rise.

36. concrete scroll on rocks.
In memory of/Wm Albert JONES/born/July 12, 1843/died June 15, 1880. Hutchison Aylmer

37. grey marble obelisk on concrete.
(west) Michael/JONES/1837-1912/Phoebe/his wife/1838-1919/Eugenia/their dau/ 1862-1879/JONES/
FS: Eugenia

38. broken red granite obelisk on concrete base.
(north) In memory of/Rachel/dau of/Hiram & Alice/BEST/who died/July 14, 1888/aged/18 ys 2 ms 15 ds/
(east) William/THOMAS/1832-1906/Philippa/wife of the above/ 1821-1907 /
(south) /Hiram BEST/1830-1904/Alice THOMAS/his wife/1853-1936.
(west) In memory of/Agnes G./wife of/Hiram BEST/who died Mar. 10, 1873/aged 34 years/BEST/
FS: Alice, Hiram, Agnes, Rachel, Mother, Father. CS. four white corner posts.

39. white marbel scroll.
Emma Elizabeth/. . . ./William & Addie/MOORE/died/Sep. 8, 1875/aged 9 mos/& 14 days

40. white mabel slab and flower motif.
Our dear/Willie Langrell/son of/ J.& A. AMOSS/died Apr. 26, 1879/aged 1 yr 3 mos 24 ds/[verse illegible]

41. grey granite ground stone.
In loving memory of/Erie Vining AMOSS/1889-1932

42. red granite on concrete base.
(west) AMOSS/James AMOSS/1843-1922/Annie AMOSS/ his wife/1848-1940/
(east) Willie Langrell AMOSS/1878-1879/Erie Vining AMOSS/1889-1932.

43. red granite on white granite.
John SINDEN/1854-1938/his wife/Mary J. SINDEN/1862-1955/SINDEN
FS: Father, Mother

44. black granite ground stone.
(left) DUNN/William L./1875-1949/ (right) Philla K./1888-1969

45. grey marble stone.
Elizabeth M./wife of W. G. LINDSAY/died/Nov. 2, 1903/aged/60 years

46. grey marble ground stone.
At Rest/In memory of/Casper BEST/who died/Dec. 28, 1885/aged 43 years/& 6 mos/There is no parting in Heaven.

47. concrete stone.
George W. WINTERMUTE/died/Sept. 9, 1903/In his 40th year/WINTERMUTE

48. grey marble tilt top with open gates motif.
In memory of/At rest/Thomas/WINTERMUTE/died Feb. 19, 1911/Aged 75 years/ Mary A./his wife/born 1843/died 1924/WINTERMUTE

49. concrete stone.
William C./died Aug. 21 1877/aged 44 dys/Margaret E./died/31 Aug/1877/in the. . ./John W./died/24 Mar/1879/aged. mos/children of. . .& Sarah/BEST/
(east)/William H. BEST/died/Sept. 15, 1900/in his 63rd year/Sarah, his wife/ 1842-1920

50. white marble ground stone.
In memory of/. . . ./wife of/Casper BEST/died March 29, 1864/ae 50 ys 4 ms/& 17 ds/We cannot tell who next may fall/Beneath thy chastening rod/One must be first so let us all/Prepare to meet our God.

51. white marble in ground and broken with clasped hands and roses motif.
In/Memory of/Casper BEST/died/Sep. 9, 1871/Ae 75 yrs/& 8 ms/Blessed are the dead which die in the Lord.

52. grey granite obelisk with no urn on double concrete base.
(north west) In/memory of/Elizabeth/wife of/Frederick BEST/who died Jan. 1, 1888/aged 74 yrs 1 mo/&21 ds/
(south west/In memory of/Frederick BEST/who died/Feb. 18, 1854/aged/54 yrs 3 mos/& 3 ds/BEST

53. double white marble with clasped hands motif.
(left) /Coonrod BEST/died Nov. 1861/aged/62 years/ (right) Catherine BEST/died/July 9, 1880/aged 79 years/7 mos & 19 dys/Behold the pilgrim as he lies/with glory in his view/To Heaven he lifts his longing /eyes/and bids the work adieu/This weary some head is at rest/It’s achings and throbing are/o’er/This quiet immorable breast/is beared by afflictions no/more.

(Some records give him as Conrad Best. Our thanks to Joyce Johnson for a 1941 photograph which confirms that he was indicated as “Coonrod” on his gravestone.)

54. grey granite obelisk with double concrete base.
(south) BEST/Murphy H. BEST died/Feb. 10, 1900/in his/49th year/At rest/ Martha BEST/1840-1922/
(east) Dorothy Ann/wife of/John FURSMAN/1833-1910/At rest. by Atkinson Co. Simcoe
FS: Murphy, Martha, Mother

55. grey granite obelisk with double concrete base.
(south east) John BEST/died Dec. 26, 1905/in his 75th year/There is but a step between/me and death/BEST/
(north west/city motif/In my Father’s house are/many mansions/Isabella/wife of/John BEST/died/Sept. 5, 1898/in her/62nd year/Zachariah XIV. 7

56. grey granite obelisk with double concrete base.
(west) George F./BEST/died/Dec. 10, 1931/aged/71 years/
(north) open gates under arch way/Mother/Elizabeth F./wife of/Geo. F. BEST/ died/Mar. 8, 1898/in her 29th year/In life beloved/In death lamented/
(east) Clara C./RICE/died/May 7, 1920/aged/28 years/BEST/
(south) Sarah C./wife of/Geo. F./BEST/died/Nov. 20, 1901/in her 26th year/ At Rest.
FS: Mother

57. white marble obelisk without urn.
(south west) In/memory of/Martha A./dau of/John & Isabella/BEST/died/
July 12, 1869/Ae 7 m’s & 15 d’s/south east/In memory of/Fredric A./son of/John & Isabella/BEST/died/Mar. 4, 1864/Ae 5 ys & 6 ms/
(north west) Sleep on sweet babe/and take thy rest/God call’d thee home/ He thought it best/
(north east) Dearest Fredric thou/hast left us/Here thy loss we/deeply feel/But tis God that hath/bereft us/He can all our sorrows heal

58. Grey marble stone with concrete base.
At Rest/Joseph PEARSON/died/March 17, 1898/in his/80th year

59. white marble slab in ground and broken with open book motif.
In/memory of/Janet/wife of/Joseph PEARSON/who died/Oct. , 1885/aged 60 years/1 month & 11 days. Verse illegible [Nearly illegible in 1994]

60. white marble broken slab in ground with obelisk and double willow motif.
In memory of/Joseph N./son of/Joseph & Janetta PEARSON /died/May 22, 1877 /Aged/20 y’rs 8 m’s 7 d’s

61. white marble slab in ground with double willow & obelisk. [Illegible]

62. white marble slab in ground. [Illegible]

63. white marble slab in ground, double willow and obelisk motifs.
In memory of . . . . ./Jan. 6, 1874/Aged 19 yrs 3 mos/& 3 days

64. white marble slab with flower motif.
Omar/son of/Robert & Edith LAUR/ died Nov. 15, 1896/aged/6 yrs 8 mos/& 26 dys/We loved this tender little one/And would have wished him stay/But . . ./He shines in endless day .

65. white marble slab with dove motif.
Samuel Ervin/ son of/Thomas & Hannah BEARSS/died Sep. 9, 1875/Aged 1 yr 6 mos/1 day.

66. white marble slab with dove motif.
In Memory of/Thomas Arthur/son of/Thomas and Hannah/BEARSS/died July 2, 1880/aged 11 mo’s & 18 d’s/Go to thy rest fair child/Go to thy dreamless bed/While yet so gentle undefiled/with blessing on thy head/verse illegible

67. white marble slab, double willow and obelisk motifs.
In memory of/Anna S./dau of/Christopher and Rebecca/PEARSON/who died/Sept. 26, 1880/aged 4 yrs 7ms/& 12 days. [bottom in ground in 1994]

68. grey marble slab.
Mary Jennettie/wife of/Robert A. MOORE/died/Dec. 20, 1889/aged 21 ys 11 ms & 26 ds/Affections tribute here I raise/’Tis all that I can do/Till death shall close my earthly days/Our friendship to renew.

69. red granite on double concrete base, obelisk, 10 ft. with draped urn.
west/Thomas S./BEARSS/1845-1902/his wife/Hannah/PEARSON/1847-1926/BEARSS/ north/C. Mahlon/BEARSS/1867-1941/
FS: Mother, Father

70. white marble slab in ground with double willow and obelisk motifs,
broken and illegible.

71. grey marble slab.
In/memory of/Ephraim ELSWORTH/who died/Aug. 19, 1892/aged 75 years.

72. grey marble slab flower motif.
In/memory/of/Margaret/wife of/Harden ELSWORTH/who died/Sept. 23, 1885/aged 81 years/8 ms & 23 ds.

73. concrete stone, flower motif.
Lucinda/ wife of/Isaac BROWN/died/May 15, 1903/in her 75th year/At Rest/BROWN

74. white marble slab with lamb and flower motif.
Mary C./dau of/John W. / Sophia/BORBRIDGE/died/Nov. 14, 1864/Ae 5 ms. By J.W. Smyth, London.

75. white marble slab, obelisk and double willow motifs.
In memory of/Charles R./BORBRIDGE/. .27, . ./Ae 2 ms/& 18 ds/verse illegible
[nearly illegible in 1994]

76. white marble slab, broken with pointing finger motif.
James Edward/son of/John and Sophia/BORBRIDGE/died Feb 3, 1873/Ae 13 ys 1mo/. . . [nearly illegible in 1994]

77. grey marble with “B”
Albert W. BORBRIDGE/1865-1921/his wife/Martha E./PEARSON/1855-1941
FS: Wife

78. grey marble slab. top/Mother, Father.
left/Sophia/wife of/Capt. John W. BORBRIDGE/1826-1879/ Bottom/BORBRIDGE/right/Capt. John W. BORBRIDGE/1819-1904.

79. grey marble slab.
Entered/into/rest/In memory of/Sarah Ann/wife of/W. C. LINDSAY/who died/Sept.16, 1885/Aged 44 y’s 7 m’s/& 22 d’s/Gone but not forgotten.

80. concrete stone in ground. Mother
81. white granite on concrete with vault top, missing urn.
south east/Janettie/1868-1889/Annie V./1865-1880/daughters of/C/ & R. A. PEARSON/
south east/PEARSON/north east/Rebecca Ann/wife of/C. PEARSON/1828-1906 /Christopher/PEARSON/1827-1911.

82. concrete ground stone.

83. white marble with lamb motif.
Frances J./dau of/Wm V. & Eliz’th M./HUNTSMAN/died/Dec. 17 1863/Ae 5 ys 7 ms/& 23 days.

84. grey marble column on black granite base.
south west/In/memory of/Elizabeth/wife of/Rich’d PEARSON/who died/Aug. 19, 1886/Aged 27 yrs/How many hopes he buried here/PEARSON/
east/In/memory of/Richard PEARSON/who died/Oct. 29, 1885/aged 27 years.

85. white marble slab with willow motif.
In/memory of/Ann/wife of/Joseph PEARSON/died/May 14, 1889/aged 70 years/This humble token of respect/To thy loved memory we erect/Though mouldering here the body lies/We hope to meet thee in the skies.

86. white marble slab with hand with flower motif.
Harriet Jane/only daughter of/Leonard & Elizabeth/BROWN/born May 25, 1866/died June 25, 1866/From pain and sorrow thou/art free/Sweet be thy rest till I come/to thee.

87. white marble slab with willow motif.
In/memory of/Nancy/beloved wife of/B. P. BROWN/who died/May 5, 1844/aged 30 yrs/Also Clarinda their daughter/died July 9, 1844 aged 5 ms/Friends nor physicians could not save/This mortal body from the grave/Nor can the grave contain it here/When Christ our Saviour doth appear.

88. white marble with willow motif.
In/memory of/George C. SMITH/died/June 1, 1862/Ae 53 ys

89. grey marble scroll.
In memory of/Alfretta B. wife of/John D. NORTON/who died/Sep. 2, 1891/aged 24 yrs 2 ms & 8 ds/As a wife devoted/As a mother affectionate/As a friend kind and true.

90. white marble with hand clasped motif.
At Rest/In/memory of/Jonathan SILVERTHORN/who died/Mar. 20, 1891/aged/58 yrs 8 ms/& 11 days/This humble token of respect/To thy loved memory we erect/Though mouldering here the body lies/We trust to meet thee in the skies.

91. white marble slab.
John W. SILVERTHORNE/born Aug. 9, 1874/died Jan. 14, 1945 FS: John

92. grey granite cross vault obelisk with urn and double concrete base, city motif.
In my Father’s house/are many mansions/John E. SILVERTHORNE/died/May 28, 1901/in his/59th year/Praise ye the Lord!/that I’m freed from/all care.
(north west) /SILVERTHORNE. / Atkinson Co. Simcoe

93. red granite on white granite base.
JENKINS/William JENKINS/1839-1921/Catherine/his wife/1834-1903/Mary JENKINS/1868-1885

94. white marble cross vault obelisk with urn and double concrete base.
(south) Isabella ELLIS/wife of/Jas. Gilbert/RICKWOOD/died/Feb. 10, 1916/ aged 62 years/
(west) Jas. Gilbert/RICKWOOD/died/Mar. 23, 1932/aged/86 years/RICKWOOD/
(north) Azubah/wife of/J. RICKWOOD/died/Oct. 6, 1881/aged/31 yrs 5 m’s/& 7 days/Take me unto thy sleep O God/Thank thee it is over/
(east) /Rachel/died/ Sept. 7, 1876/aged/7 m’s & 7 d’s/Bertha/died/Jany 18, 1879/aged/5 m’s & 26 d’s/Children of/James & Azubah/RICKWOOD/Short pain short grief/Dear babes were thine/Nor joys eternal and divine.
FS: Azubah, Father, Mother, Bertha

95. grey granite obelisk with double concrete base.
“D” Hannah/wife of Leonard DENNIS/March 1843-June 1904/Leonard DENNIS/July 1835/March 1920/ DENNIS/
FS: Mother, Father.

96. grey marble slab with dove motif.
In memory of/Walter E./son of/Leonard & Hannah/DENNIS/who died/Nov. 24, 1881/aged 17 y’rs/6 m’s & 21 d’s/A mother’s hope a father’s joy/Death’s hand hath here laid low./God gave and took our darling boy/To His command we bow/ Hutchison & Miller Aylmer

97. concrete scroll.
Erie Stella/dau of/Melvin & Sephronia/ DENNIS/died/Mar. 10, 1894/aged/1 mo & 18 d’s

98. grey marble on concrete base.
Louis J./son of/John & Minnie/WOLLSTEIN/1892-1910/The Lord is my shepherd/WOLLSTEIN.
[marker fallen, face down in 1994 review]

99. white marble slab in ground and broken in three pieces, with lodge symbol.
. . ./. . . the fleeting . . /. . /. . flower . . and/. .

100. grey marble obelisk with open book and concrete base, open gates under archway motif.
(east) John FRASER/died/June 10, 1898/in his/78th year/FRASER
(south) Laura B./FRASER/died/July 6, 1931/in her/97th year.

101. red granite ground stone.
M. Louise/RICKWOOD/1939-1968.

102. red granite ground stone.
Inez May/1915-1930. [grassed over in 1994]
[NOTE: Inez May RICKWOOD died in St Thomas September 8 1931 – CVH January 2009]

103. red granite ground stone.
(left) Father/James E./1885-1963/ (right) Mother/Theresa M./1889-1956.

104. grey marble.
In/memory of/Almeda/infant dau. of/Robert & Melitta/McANEANEY/ died Mar. 2, 1887/Aged 4 ys 3 ms 6 ds/[verse illegible].

105. grey marble with cross motif.
Our darling/Igusta/died/June 6, 1886/aged/ 2 mo’s & 28 ds/dau. of/Robert & Melitta/McANEANEY/verse illegible /Aylmer. [bottom in ground in 1994]

106. black granite with cross motif and flower motif on double concrete.
A/William N./ACRE/1836-1897/ACRE/
FS: Father, George

107. concrete scroll on base.
George/son of/Chas. H. & Eliza/COOK/died/Feb. 7, 1891/aged 4 yrs 6 mo’s & 3 ds.

108. concrete scroll on base.
Lillie M./dau. of/Wilson & Mary PEW/died/ Mar. 15, 1904/Aged 15 yrs/PEW

109. black granite with vault top.
west/Ambrose TYRRELL/1828-1883/Mary, his wife/1828-1904/LANDON/
east/Annie E. wife of/John LANDON/1858-1913/Also their children/Stephen A.1892-1916/Harry 1880-1903/Mary 1893-1912
FS: Harry, Mary, Mother, Grandma, Grandpa, Stephen

110. red granite on black granite on concrete base.
George COOK/1887-1891/ Oscar A. COOK/1883-1905/Charles H. COOK/1858-1918/Eliza COOK/1862-1929/COOK/
FS: Mother, Father

111. Grey marble column on white marble on concrete.
(south) In memory/of/Phoebe/ wife of/Wm. ACKER/who died/July 2, 1886/aged 74 years/Our parents here lie under ground/The dearest friends we ever found/We trust our loss will be their gain/And hope in Heaven to meet again.
(west) In memory/of/Wm. ACKER/who died/Oct. 12, 1891/aged/87 years.

112. white marble slab.
In/memory of/John H. VANWAGGONER/who died/Feb. 25, 1886/aged 62 years.

113. grey marble pile of stones with open book.
John VANWAGGONER/died Feb. 14, 1889/aged 52 yrs/Martha ACKER/his wife/died April 16, 1895/aged 48 yrs/VANWAGGONER.

114. white marble with lamb motif.
Minnie Irene COOK/born Sep. 24, 1874/died/ Aug. 24, 1879/Sweet Minnie unto earth . . ./A little while was given/She plumed her wings for flight/And sored away to Heaven.

115. white marble with finger pointing motif.
There’s Rest In Heaven. Thomas HAWLEY/Born/Oct. 11, 1847/died/May 21, 1884/All you that stop to read this stone/Consider how soon/was gone/Death does not at all times/ a warning give/Therefore be careful how you live.

116. black granite on concrete.
(left) Susan/wife of/James HAWLEY/1813-1905/ (right) James HAWLEY/1814-1907/bottom/HAWLEY

117. white marble in ground and broken.
. . ./Apr. 9, 1863/Ae 30 ys & 8 ms/That tear and kiss . . no more/That voice and . .fled/As in unearthly voices . ./rolled/It was my husband . . prayer/ Lived thou in hope. . blessed wife/For him deliverance . . at had/Where God shall . . thy soul away/To meet you in another land.

118. white marble with double willow and clasped hands motifs.
Gone but not forgotten/In memory of/Reuben A./son of Elisha & Debora/ANGER/ died/Feb. 16, 1865/Ae 11 yrs & 5 ms.

119. black granite pillar on double concrete base with urn on top.
(south) George HEARDMAN/died/July 1, 1898/in his/34th year/Tell Mother good bye/I am going home/Atkinson Co./Simcoe.
(east) Sarah J. HEARDMAN/born at/West Port, Nova Scotia/ died/in Malahide/ Dec. 14, 1904/aged 82 years/ north/Thomas L./son of/Thomas & Sarah H./HEARDMAN/died May 20, 1863/aged 2 months/
(west/Thomas HEARDMAN/died/April 9, 1863/in his/31st year/HEARDMAN
FS: Mother, Father, George, Thomas

120. stone
Francis E./wife of/Noble T. TYRRELL/died/ April 2, 1891/Aged/26 years 4 mo & 16 d’s/Sleep on sweet wife and/Take thy rest/God called thee home He/thought it best.

121. grey marble.
In memory of/Mary/daughter of/David & Maria/WARDEN/died Oct. 30, 1888/Ae 26 ys 2 ms 27 ds

122. grey marble stone broken and in ground.
In memory of/William/son of/David & Maria/WARDEN/died July 18, 1892/aged 17 yrs 9 mos/ & 8 days.

123. red granite cross vault obelisk with double base.
(west) “W”/John B. WALLACE/Dec. 24, 1836; Feb. 19, 1917/Mary Lovilla OATMAN/his wife/died Oct. 15, 1924/in her 80th year/WALLACE/
(north) J. Donald/WALLACE/1929-1930/ William Maurice/son of/E.M. & S./ WALLACE/died/May 6, 1903/age 9 mos & 6 dys/
(east) Edwin M. WALLACE/1865-1938.FS: Mother, Father

124. red granite cross vault obelisk with urn on triple base.
(south) In/memory of/Richard/Fullerton/son of/Rich’rd & Marg’et/EVANS/died Dec. 4,1913/aged/38 ys 6 ms/& 19 ds/
(west) In/memory of/Richard EVANS/who died/Dec. 18, 1893/ aged/49 y’s 8 m’s/& 25 d’s/EVANS/
(north) In/memory of/Margaret/FULLERTON/wife of/Richard Evans/who died/Dec. 19th 1904/aged/50 ys 1 mo/& 7 ds.
FS: Mother, Father.

125. grey obelisk with double base.
(west) Blanche B./wife of/G. W. STIMERS/1876-1925/George W./STIMERS/1864-1942/STIMERS/
(north) Jacob/STIMERS/1823-1908/Anna/his wife/1829-1902/Robert W./ STIMERS/1866-1910.
FS: Mother, Father, Robert

126. concrete scroll top obelisk with open book and gates and arch motif.
(west) In/memory/of/At Rest/Margaret/beloved wife of/James BIRD/died Apr. 20, 1901/age 44 ys 1 mo 19 ds/James BIRD/died May 2, 1908/age 62 yrs/BIRD/
(east) Byron BIRD/died/Jan. 20, 1936/aged 52 years.
FS: Mother, Father, Byron.

127. concrete block.
(top) In/sacred memory of/ (front/Elizabeth/beloved wife of/J. E. TEDFORD/died/Mar. 18, 1900/aged 39 yrs 6 m’s & 18 days/Phil 6 21

128. red granite, white granite base.
McKENZIE/George Alexander McKenzie/died Mar. 4, 1904/aged 59 yrs/his wife/ Almina Melissa McKENNEY/died Sept. 7, 1947/aged 94 years/their son/George Herbert/died Oct. 2, 1947/aged 63 years.

129. red granite.
BEST/Ian H./1900-1960/his wife/Laura I./1907-1991.

129.1 Black granite ground stone.
Clifford C./McCRIMMON/1914-1967.

130. Black granite with white granite base.
At Rest/ELSWORTH.FS: Wife/Hester ELSWORTH/died/Nov. 21, 1921/age 88 yrs.FS: Husband/Handford/ELSWORTH/died/April 2, 1915/in his 82 yr.

[both fs in ground, name only, showing, 1994]

131. 8 ft concrete vault top obelisk with mourning drape.
(north east) J. Hugh/McKENNEY/born 1878/died 1918/At Rest/
(south east) In/memory of/Harvey >McKENNEY/died/June 5, 1909/in his/61st year.
(south west) In/memory of/Emma/Beloved wife of/Harvey/McKENNEY/born 1846/ died 1902/McKENNEY
FS: Mother, Father

132. concrete scroll on base with flower motif.
John W./McKENNEY/1836-1900/McKENNEY.

133. grey marble slope top with Holy Bible on concrete base, broken.
(west) At rest/open gate/Jeremiah/McKENNEY/1843-1920/His wife/Charlotte C./McKENNEY/1858-1931/McKENNEY/(east) John DAVY/1823-1905/Lydia A./his wife/1823-1910. [east side flat in ground in 1994]

134. grey marble slope top with open Bible and flower motifs, open gate motif.
Alexander DUFF/1882-1964/Edna Gunelda/wife of/Alex DUFF/1883-1927/Also infant/Eleanor Winnifred/DUFF/
FS: Mother, Father

135. white marble with flower motif.

136. white marble with flower motif.

137. white marble with flower motif.

138. grey marble on concrete with white marble lamb of top.
Edith L. dau. of/John & Florence/VINCENT/Sep. 5, 1902

139. grey marble slab with flower motif.
MELLISH/died Oct. 30, 1907/aged 53 years/We cannot Lord thy purpose see/Yet all is well since ruled by thee.
FS: L. J. M.

Burials without Monuments

BADGSLEY – St Thomas Daily Times, 7 February 1911, Page 4, c3 – Died – Mrs BADGSLEY, 84 years, Feb 4 at the home of Mrs PULLEN.  Burial February 6 in Best Cemetery.  No monument found – CVH February 2008

BEST – Angus Lorne BEST 1874 – 1934 (GN & JM – July 2005)

BORBRIDGE – St Thomas Journal, 27 December 1915, Page 8, c7 – Died – William Henry BORBRIDGE, 58 years, Dec 19, father of Dr Frank BORBRIDGE; brother of A. W. BORBRIDGE.  Funeral December 26 to Best Cemetery.  No monument found – CVH March 2010

DENNIS – St Thomas Daily Times, 15 October 1907, Page 4, c1 – Funeral – Mrs DENNIS, 85th year, Oct 8, mother of John CRANE.  Buried beside her first husband Mr Crane in Best Cemetery.  No monument found – CVH May 2008

DENNIS – St Thomas Times Journal, 15 February 1929, Page 6, c1 – Died – Melvin DENNIS, 67th year, son of Leonard DENNIS; father of Vern DENNIS; brother of Mrs S. FIRBY, Mrs V. BEARSS and Grant DENNIS.  Funeral February 17 to Best Cemetery.  No monument found – CVH June 2009

DONALDSON – St Thomas Times Journal, 17 December 1923, Page 6, c4 – Funeral – Infant daughter of B. DONALDSON, December 14 to Best Cemetery.  No monument found – CVH June 2009

FICKLE – St Thomas Times Journal, 7 January 1922, Page 6, c5 – Died – Mrs Frances ‘Fannie’ FICKLE, 86th year, Jan 7, widow of Christopher FICKLE; mother of Christopher, Alexander and Frank; sister of Mrs Ruth CLUNAS and Mrs Jane BEST.  Funeral January 9 to Bayham Cemetery.  No monument found – CVH February 2009

HUFFMAN – St Thomas Times Journal, 17 February 1928, Page 8, c1 – Died – Mrs James HUFFMAN, 66th year, February 16, mother of Bain, Carl and Bert HUFFMAN; sister of George BEST.  Funeral February 20 1928 from the home to Corinth Cemetery.  See monument # 15 – CVH Aug 2004

McKENNEY – St Thomas Times Journal, 25 April 1924, Page 9, c6 – Funeral – Mrs Lizana McKENNEY, April 24 to Corinth Cemetery.  No monument found – CVH March 2006

MELLISH – St Thomas Journal, 27 February 1918, Page 6, c2 – Died – Mrs Maria MELLISH, 56 years, widow of James MELLISH.  Burial Best Cemetery.  No monument found – CVH November 1918

PEARSON – St Thomas Daily Times, 6 April 1909, Page 4, c1 – Funeral – Infant son of Henry PEARSON.  Burial Best Cemetery.  No monument found – CVH December 2009

PRICE – St Thomas Daily Times, 4 October 1907, Page 8, c1 – Died – Leta May PRICE, Oct 4, daughter of Courtland M. PRICE.  Burial Corinth Cemetery.  No monument found – CVH May 2008

SILVERTHORN – St Thomas Daily Times, 17 March 1913, Page 6, c1 – Died – Mrs Mary Jane SILVERTHORN, Mar 16 at the House of Industry, widow of Jonathan SILVERTHORN.  Survived by 10 children, not named.  Funeral March 18 to Corinth.  No monument found – CVH March 2007

SIVYER – Ida Isabel SIVYER 1870 – 1943 (GN & JM – July 2005)

WARDEN – St Thomas Daily Times, 22 June 1907, Page 1, c2 – Died – Mrs Marie WARDEN, 60th year, June 21.  Funeral June 23.  No monument found – CVH May 2008